Jock (2011) Movie Script

They came from the far
corners of the world:
Europe, Australia, America.
All drawn by the lure of
gold, discovered in the hills
of South Africa where big
game roamed in their thousands
and the wildest tales were true.
You get him, you get him champ!
Yes! Yes, you win!
Pull! Pull champ!
Into that world was
born a litter of puppies.
"Shorty you don't think you're gonna Shorty
you don't think you're gonna win do you?"
And one of these pups
stood out from the others,
not by size, because he was the
smallest, and not by beauty either,
because he was an odd
looking little fellow.
You're really silly.
He stood out because of his heart.
His was the biggest, the
bravest heart in all of Africa.
So young and you think
you've got all the answers!
If only life were that simple.
Before our time, man lived
in harmony with animals.
We could communicate and
understand one another.
But man wanted more; Man
wanted control.
You animals will pay the price.
I was on my own for the first time,
and I was in no way prepared for an
adventure such as this. But I was lucky.
I had as my driver
and guide Jim Makokel.
Jim was a proud Zulu warrior.
Come On. It's for us.
- Hey! Get away!
- It's him!
What do you mean? It's the
runt. We need the champion!
Don't look at the size! It's
what's in here... And here!
He was as brave and as
reckless as the day was long.
Jim's affection for the dog, puzzled me,
I didn't understand why because
he was the smallest of the litter.
The pup's mother shared a
special affnity with the
little fellow too.
What's a runt mom?
Oh, where did you hear that?
They were talking about me.
It just means you're small.
It's not how big you are on the
outside. It's how big you are in here.
Your father was the smallest. The
others teased him, called him the runt.
He became the bravest and best of all.
Just believe in yourself and
no one can make you feel small.
I'll try.
There's my big brave boy!
What is it?
You're going with Fitz and Jim.
What do you mean?
We talked about this. They're
leaving in the morning.
So I'm not going.
I don't want you to go,
but it's something we all have to do.
I left my mother and went with Baba,
now it's time for you to leave and
go with Fitz. It's all apart of life.
You just wanna get rid
of me cuz I'm small.
No! Baba chose you first overall
your brothers and sisters.
It's an honour. Pezulu is going too,
he'll watch out for you.
Yeah! I'll take care of you
little buddy. It'll be fun.
We'll see the world! Have
adventures! Get tattoos!
Oh, you're in good hands
puppy. Well actually,
they're wings. Well they kinda look
more like claws, but don't worry;
They don't hurt. They're just feathers!
In fact I can't really pick anything up with them
at all, I usually have to use my feet to grab things...
and ah... well I er... uhoh,
what were we talking about?
Take care of him Pezulu. He
doesn't understand man yet.
Oh well now don't you
worry none. He'll be fine.
Fitz is a good man. Trying to
find his way in the world...
Clumsy as a three legged
warthog, but he means well.
He'll need you.
Come on, I'll introduce
ya. He's gonna love you.
I wanna stay with you.
I'll always love you, but it's
time for you to live your life.
Besides I'll see you in a few months
at Baba's kraal in the mountains.
Now don't you worry! You're
going to see all sorts
of new things, it's gonna be fun.
Hey, you like hens?
It's hard to imagine what it must
of felt like for that little pup.
He was being forced to trade everything
he loved for something completely unknown.
- So you're taking the puppy?
- Yebo Baba
You have chosen well.
Baba has given you... the champion!
Thank you! Where is he?
This isn't the champion. It's the runt!
Awithandi. Baba sees it. I see it...
...and so will you.
Hey Pezulu! Look at me!
Hey! He's got the Puppy!
He's got the puppy! Puppy!
Ow! Hey!
Let me go!
I didn't see the point in chasing
after him. How could he survive?
Put me down!
They say that when an animal finds itself
in the clutches of a large predator...
they will give up and surrender.
I'm not scared of you!
This little puppy was different.
He didn't understand the meaning of
surrender and he was not going to give up.
Mom? Mom? Mom?
Whats that in your mouth you
dirty scavenger? Well never,
where'd you come from?
What are we gonna do with this Snarly?
Won't survive out here.
Might as well put him
out of his misery now.
Leave me alone! Get off!
Now what are you gonna do?
Savage dog!
Mad Zulu, where'd he come from?
Ha. Well that is amazing. We've
been searching for him everywhere!
How'd you get away from that eagle?
You've been running
around looking for this?
Yes. I'm Fitz.
Good to meet you Fritz.
How about a cuppa?
It'll knock your socks off.
Ah no, thanks. You're a hunter?
What's the fuss over this little Mutt?
This little fellow just
escaped a Martial Eagle!
Yeah? Is he your dog.
Jim was right. There was something
special about this little dog.
And I knew that he was meant for me.
Yes, he's my dog.
What is his name?
Jock. Little Jock.
I like it!
Come on! Haven't got all day.
Get off!
Don't eat anything that's
been dead more than three days.
Don't even talk about a rhinoceros
unless you're close to a tree.
Come on Jock! Let's go!
Ah, it was to bad for Jock, that
his first taste of civilization
was Crooks' Corner. It was a wildplace,
a refuge for those running from the law.
But for Jock, it was just new and exciting.
It's called "Crooks
Corner" for a reason!
It's full of bad people.
I promised your mother puppy and now you
have to promise me you'll stay out of trouble.
- Promise?
- Okay.
Crooks Corner, Crocodile river,
I'm just saying these names mean
something, baaak! Promise?
Come on! Haven't got all day.
I promise. I'll stay out of trouble.
Come boy, come on!
Come Jock.
Get away! Argh!
Are you okay, Jock?
- Get off, ya mangy thing!
- Jock, Jock come back here!
Crooks Corner had the
only supply store en route
to the goldfields. It was
run by a greedy and ruthless
trader named Seedling.
Get away! Away!
Huh? You'll get sick doing that.
The runt? Didn't think you'd survive.
You might wish you
hadn't. Come meet the boss.
George, the famous "fighting
baboon"of Crooks Corner.
George had toured with a
circus in his early years
and fought against dogs in wagered
battles. He never lost a fight.
That's better, keep up.
In all this time you get back
with a few skins and useless horns?
What are we gonna do with these?
Well I thought you may need them.
We need ivory! Alright?
This ain't a petshop.
What happened to you?
Get away from here!
Someone new in town George.
Hey hey! What are you doing with them?
None of your business, runt.
Why don't you pick on
someone your own size!
Careful Jock!
Hey wena, haisuga wena!
Hello, Fitzpatrick's the name...
My first encounter with Mr. Seedling
was neither warm or welcoming.
I... um... I brought this
crate up from the coast.
Ah yes, been expecting this.
I'd like a pan and shovel please...
...and a bag of salt.
You've got more chance
of HIM finding gold.
We're going to find gold boy.
Come see where we are going.
This is where I arrived
Jock, on a ship like this.
And that's where we met. Crooks'Corner.
This is Jim's Kraal,
where your mother lives.
We'll see her soon. And
this is where we're going.
Pilgrim's Rest, Gold by the ton!
That's where you are.
What's this?
Jock! He's my dog, cleverest
dog you'll ever meet!
Blow me down, it survived.
Well if he gets any bigger,
George can have a little sport.
Are you a missionary?
Not at all. I'm going to make my
fortune in gold. Pilgrims Rest!
The only way you'll find gold,
is if you pick it outta my teeth!
Stay close.
Ah, Miss Morris! How are you, luv?
Ewgh! I detest this place.
- I've come for my books.
- They're here!
Excuse me?
I mean, in the crate, we brought...
Just arrived from the coast,
they'll be with you
on our next delivery!
Hey, I'm Jock.
Who do you think you are?
Scruffy little thing? Humph!
So you come here often?
Nice place.
Get out of my way. Hey there, Pol!
Do not call me that! My name
is Polly. Miss Polly to you.
How long you in town darl... er... Polly?
Get away you vile dog!
Get away! Come on Polly.
Off you go! Don't want you
mixing with these mongrels.
Stay away from her.
Tell me the odds, Seedling!
Ah, Mr. Morris. The favorite is yellow.
Yellow! Awful colour! I'll take blue!
We just arrived recently,
we're looking for gold.
Been here long?
About half a day and still after these
races we're going to have to be heading back.
I can't wait.
Hello Polly! Where have you been?
I suggest you place your bet,
- and remove your dog.
- Father! Don't be rude.
This is Mr. Fitzpatrick.
He's here for the races.
- Pleased to make your acquaintance sir...
- Mr. Morris.
I'd like to place this on blue please.
Break the bank?
I'm sorry, it's all I have.
Don't worry boy, we're
going to make a fortune.
Here's to blue!
Blue! Blue! Blue!
So you've seen this before,
Jim, it all looks like fun.
We'll prepare to leave in the morning.
Pezulu, what's bothering you?
Everything. Everything
about this place bothers me.
Especially that baboon, you
know what he does don't you?
He fights dogs!
Hey George! Bet on me mate!
Keep an eye on things
here, I'll be right back.
Settle, George, settle!
There'll be champagne after this one.
Huh, what's he up to?
Whatever it is, it's got
nothing to do with us.
Stop worrying Pezulu, he's tied up!
Jock, I promised your mother...
This will be amazing!
- Hello Lillian!
- Oh hello!
Camptown ladies sing this
song! Doo-da, Doo-da, Doo-da!
Camptown racetracks come
along! Oh, de doo-da day!
Come on, it'll soon be over.
Don't worry! Be Happy!
Now that's Basil, now he used to be in the
circus with George, he's an entertainer.
A little rearranging of the colours.
Where's Wart?
What's he doing?
Let's make this a handicap race.
The thorn! Why did he do that?
That's the colour Fitz bet
on. He'll lose all his money.
What are you looking
at? Get away from here!
You look gorgeous, you look absolutely
gorgeous! Keep your colours on!
Keep your colours on! Get into
position, where the jockeys?
Look at them!
They race?
He's a bad man.
Seedling makes money anyway he can.
Oh man, I can't wait!
No, no, this is where you stand.
Keep your tails up boys!
Ah! Don't you do this to me, Wart!
Wart, what is your problem?
I'll do it.
What? No! No. He can't
run. No, he can't!
No! No!
Who are you?
Do what?
Come here boy, ah, ah, listen,
hold on. Hold on! He won't run!
Let me do it, Basil.
The pig can't race.
Seedling stuck a thorn in his foot!
A thorn? How do you know?
Is it bad?
Oh no! Oh no, no, no,
no. You'll be fine.
Here. Bite on this.
How's that, hmm? Can you run?
Basil! I'll run.
You can't!
Ah, someone's coming, someone's coming!
Oh Jock! Oh, we're gonna
get in trouble now.
Come on, Basil.
Oh you... Here.
S'truth! OK you messy bunch, get ready!
Ah, the runt, someone
for you to beat Snarly.
Hmmm, thanks.
One of the singular things about
distant outposts of civilization is the way that
the people there adapt to the local environment.
There were few horses to be had
then, but warthogs were plentiful
so they developed this
new form of racing.
The residents of Crooks Corner
took this derby quite seriously.
Ah. The thrill of racing.
Yes, it's a little different.
This is Africa, Mr.
Fitzpatrick, nothing is normal!
Take your seats!
Oh, wait till your
mother hears about this!
Relax, will you, Pezulu?!
She's gonna put me in the chicken soup,
I don't know what she's gonna do with
me, what am I gonna do with myself?
And we're walking and we're
walking and we're stopping.
- This is Julian.
- Hi!
Julian is your jockey.
You do not win. OK? OK?
Remember everybody: Blue does not win.
He's got no chance.
No runt wins anything!
Yeah right.
OK you lot, wait for the gun...
Drop the stick, Julian, hold on tight.
Hold on. Okay?
Coming through!
What are you doing?
So long, sucker!
- I don't see blue father
- What?
Oh wait, here he comes!
Ah! How's my pig doing?
It's a dog.
Eat my dust, Snarly!
I think it's your dog.
I don't think so
- Here we go!
- Go Jock, Go! Go!
Go, you dog! Good show!
He'd have won if wasn't
for that pig without a...
Don't get hot and bothered.
A pig without a Jockey is disqualified.
Ha, ha, ha, ha! Look at you!
Oh no.
Excuse me, sir!
This is the champion!
This is the winner!
Well done!
You're number one!
How did he get involved?
Cut it out, Seedling, pay your debts.
Oh apologies, Mr. Morris, but this dog
was not registered.
Registered? Ha ha ha! Since when has
anything been registered in this place?
Mr. Seedling, the dog did not break
the rules and wore your colours.
Mr. Fitzpatrick and I will
receive our money graciously.
Well done my boy!
Jock. Stay with me, stay with me now.
Jock, come on, boy, come on!
Nice race huh?
What happened?
Wart couldn't even stand,
the dog just forced his way in.
Get that runt, then wait for me below.
Now don't stay too long on this island,
terrible place. And you be careful with Seedling.
Oh. Hello Seedling.
Oh Seedling, do not
forget Mr. Fitzpatrick.
Help me up! Let's go, Lillian.
- Goodbye!
- Bye.
Come on, boy. Thanks for this.
See you back at the camp, Jim!
Pssst. Jockie! Come and
join us, come on boy.
Race party! It's in the
cellar, chips and dips!
- No. No we can't.
- Why not?
No. Because we gotta get out of here
before you get us into anymore trouble!
Come and join us, come on boy, the
winner has to be there, it's tradition.
Let's go.
What happened? It was your
job to stay at the baobab
and mind the animals.
How did that dog get in?
When I arrived at the tree,
the dog had the colours on,
Thought you did it!
How did that little mongrel do it?
Home sweet home.
Yes, Jockie, we have an underground
residence. It's an old mineshaft.
Brace yourself, it's partytime!
Ha ha! Look at them baby! Watch your step,
whoop whoop whoop whoop! Easy does it.
Now listen to this catchy song
my little chirpy canine chum.
They're pointing out
where you went wrong
and to join that race was dumb.
And worse than that
you had to go and win,
which was tactless and insane.
You so don't get the mess you're
in, as my chorus will explain.
You shouldn't have done it!
It was coming first that blew it!
And anyway it wasn't up to me.
Jockie, Jockie, Jockie, Jockie,
Jockie, George is going to throw a fit
I told ya, I warned ya,
You shouldn't have done it!
There was cheating going on.
You shouldn't have done it!
You shouldn't have run it!
- You shouldn't have done it!
- Come on, Jockie.
If you have plans to grow up son,
which right now I would doubt.
You'll learn what is and isn't
done and that interfering's out.
You should have listened
to my sound advice,
When you're on this island paradise.
Oooh I think
you'd best disappear!
I told you, I warned you,
you shouldn't have done it!
You OK?
Wart thought he'd missed the party.
What have you done to him?
He fell down the stairs, you saw.
What happened today, Basil hmm?
A stray dog joins the race, and wins?
Who said you could run?
The warthog couldn't race.
You were in charge.
It was my idea. Leave him alone.
Stop! Please stop. No no no.
Come here, runt!
What did you say!
I said bully.
Oh dear. Oh monkey.
- George?
- Hey, I've got an idea.
The beam?
It was a great relief to
leave Crooks Corner behind us,
but to do so we had to
cross the Crocodile River.
I was terrified. Jim, however, was just
delighted to have another opportunity
to display his reckless courage.
Go on. Careful. Wait.
Be careful Jim!
Masambeni! Donsa!
Baba had once told me that
our actions were as stones
dropped in a pond.
They create ripples that travel
through others in ways we can't control.
That's why it's so important
to listen to our hearts
because he said, that's how the
spirit who Sees All talks to us.
This is the life, eh? Couple of
guys on the road, free as birds.
Well, I am anyway. You're
more like, free as a rock.
Ha ha! Why the long face?
Come on.
I shouldn't have done it.
Well you shouldn't have,
but you did. It's over now.
Bad luck to keep worrying
about the past. Time to move on.
How can I? When I made things worse.
Well you win some, you lose some.
You helped Fitz. But you
put Basil in Hot Water.
He'll survive, probably.
Besides, we're going
to go see your mother!
And I know a couple a hens there who'll
be glad to see me, I'll tell you that.
Fitz, the drums.
Hey, there she is! Hey, there she is!
I've missed you, mom.
Well you certainly didn't tell
me did ya, this one's trouble.
So I've heard.
What are the drums for?
The leopard has killed a
little girl from the village.
If it's got a taste for
humans it'll kill again.
Stay calm.
Time for a quiz.
Right. Who did this?
Anyone else think this is funny?
Who did this?
I didn't say anything.
Try again, Snarly.
Well you see, you were
about to tear the runt apart,
when this old beam just fell
and hit you! It was crazy!
Oh tragic. Right well that's it,
have a good evening.
So you couldn't race?
I don't see any further use for you.
Now, where were we, Basil?
The beam fell on me and
you helped me off to bed?
The beam did this?
Oh dear.
I just wanted to help Fitz. He
was going to lose all his money.
So? That might have been just
the lesson he needed to learn.
Money is a human
matter, it's complicated.
Everyone makes mistakes. The
thing is to learn from them.
Here he comes!
What's going on?
What's going on? We're going
to hunt for the leopard!
We? Ha, this I gotta see.
Ow, my hip, oww, when did that happen?
Lead on, Pezulu
Oh, look at this place.
- Birds.
- Oh lucky dog,
someone up there likes you.
It's the voice of the ancestors,
a sign of change to come.
The little girl was bathing here.
It's the leopard's waterhole.
I hope he doesn't like chicken.
He could be watching us right now
Jock! Come boy. We're going in.
The leopard is out hunting.
Let's come back tomorrow.
We wait in the cave till he returns.
Really? In there? I don't know
if this is such a good idea.
- Psst, Pezulu!
- Look at this!
Ohh, careful, careful!
Haibo wena! You'll kill
us before the leopard!
No. These are thousands of years old.
So no new ones?
Stay close boy.
He won't come back. He knows we're here.
What was that?
We should stay!
Wait here.
Leave her alone!
Stay there, mom!
Don't! Don't shoot!
Jess? Oh no. Jess!
He's gone.
I'm here.
It's always said that dogs don't
"feel" things, not the way humans do.
Anyone who had seen Jock's sad eyes
would never say that.
His heart was broken.
Poor Jess. Oh Jock, I'm so sorry.
I'm so proud of you.
It's all my fault.
No, you...
you did everything you could.
You bear no blame.
Don't die. I need you.
You'll do fine. You're like your father.
Fighting for what you believe in.
I love you, I'll always be with you.
We travelled for months and
finally we were here, Pilgrims Rest.
The town I had dreamed of.
It had been 10 years since
the big strikes were made here,
but I was sure there was still
gold coming out of those hills,
and I aimed to find it.
Here we are.
See you at the wagon park, Jim!
I'll bring back pots of
gold boy! See you later.
Jock. You OK, son?
Sure, I'm just going
to keep an eye on Fitz.
Basopha! Basopha! Watch out!
Hello there!
I was blinded by my enthusiasm,
I didn't see how bleak things were,
I didn't see that it was too late.
Every piece of ground in the valley had
been claimed. Newcomers were not welcome.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
All the claims are taken. Move off.
Years of dreaming, months of journeying,
my life's savings...
gone. I had nothing.
And I didn't know what to do.
I think we're too late Jock.
All this way for nothing.
This is all I've got left. And
I've only got this because of you.
No. Not now.
Hey, come on! No! No!
Not now! Jock, stop it!
Stop it! Hey! Come on!
Mr. Fitzpatrick?
How nice to see you!
Well? Looks like you're
enjoying yourself.
- Any luck, Mr. Fitzpatrick?
- No.
Hard work, that's the ticket, my boy!
Oh we're not afraid of that,
Sir. It seems we are a bit late,
all the claims were taken. They
say Barberton is where the gold is!
I wish you luck.
Why don't you join us for tea?
Morning, morning. Oh George!
I preach the good news! Our
little dog has killed a leopard!
He's a local hero!
Well even you're afraid
of leopards, George...
Oh I am going to setup some fight!
Happy days are here again,
Leopard must have choked on him.
Jess died. Jock's an
inspiration to me though.
He's so clever and afraid of
nothing. He's taught me so much.
I couldn't have asked for a better dog.
Stay inside, Polly.
Let her go, father
Hey Polly.
Hello Jock. Are you hungry?
What? No, no I... I, I thought
I saw a cat in the alley.
I must have got a bit clumsy.
- Oh...
- Yeah.
Oh why don't you come in? You
couldn't look clumsy if you tried.
Jock I heard about your
mother, I'm so sorry.
Thanks. She was so brave.
She died because of me.
Oh, Jock.
I can't get used to her being gone.
Come in.
Healthy appetite, Mr. Fitzpatrick.
Is that the Brittanica? The full set?
Um... Yes.
So tell me, Mr. Fitzpatrick,
what are your plans?
I er... Um, I'm going to look
around for opportunities, sir.
Have you a wagon?
Yes sir.
Good. Start with what you've
got! Lillian has a piano.
Seedling's been saying for
weeks he's going to deliver it.
But, um, if you are up to it?
You can count on me, Sir!
If you get it here in mint condition,
I'll assist you in getting started.
Started with what father?
Transport riding!
Jock! Right! We've got a job to do boy!
No no, Jock. Not yet!
Save those for your
trip, I'll feed the dog.
Oh watch out for the rocks, George.
Oh George.
There's a healing power in Africa,
one that defies wealth.
It's a power that feeds the soul.
And through that power I realised
that I had found a richness
of a different kind.
I had found an incredibly
brave and loyal friend.
Hey, man's here with that dog.
Man's here with that dog. Says
he's coming to fetch the piano.
Oh George I can't stand
these hessian bags,
they drive my allergies
crazy, please, oh George.
Hello me lovelies.
You were doing so well till you
started taking orders
from the wrong guy.
Please, George, I'll
do anything for you,
remember the old days on the stage.
How about a song before you go.
Wind it up, Basil.
On the surface we may seem
an unlikely combination
but I see us
as a team, mutual appreciation
I can see beyond
the rough and ready outer you,
know my words are true, so hang
around and listen for a while, I'm
sure I'll raise a glimmer of a smile.
Well I woke up this morning
had some real bad news,
well I woke up this morning
had some real bad news,
there was darkness all around
me, I had the hessian blues.
Tickle them ivories, Georgie baby
There was darkness all around
me, I so had those hessian blues.
Well I woke up this
morning, all I saw was black,
and the man done told me
You've been sleeping in a sack.
And the man done told me that I have
been sleeping in a sack!
Hessian is so 1873,
but I seen the light,
I'm singing what I choose,
yeah I seen the light,
I got nothin' to lose,
I'm as happy as a sad boy,
don't use those hessian blues.
Take it away, Georgie,
tickle those ivories!
I'm as happy as a sad boy,
don't use those hessian blues.
So hang around and listen for a while,
I'm sure I'll raise
a glimmer of a smile.
Basil! Basil!
I'd hate to lose you,
and your good voice. Just remember,
you only take orders from me!
We're here to collect
the piano for Mr. Morris.
I've already loaded the piano.
The letter confirms cancelation of this.
Why don't you and your dog come inside?
I'm afraid we're in a hurry.
Take the piano off!
George! George!
Come on down here now! Get down here.
Gently, gently, put it, yes,
Come on, lift higher.
Careful with that! Easy!
What are you doing up
there? Get back inside!
We have a score to settle.
Go get him, George
Get back here, Jock!
Come boy!
Crack of dawn we leave for
Pilgrims Rest. I'm about
to lose a big client.
You bring the wagon, I'll ride
ahead. And George is coming.
Now careful, careful. We don't
want Polly's piano broken.
- There you are, perfect order.
- Oh ho wonderful!
Well let's see if it's still in tune.
- Ah! Good heavens!
- Ah! Hey hey, Basil!
What else is in there?
My apologies Sir! It's the
monkey from Crooks Corner.
Oh poor little lamb.
Calm down, Basil, what's wrong?
George was about to feed
me to the crocodiles.
- Because of me?
- Yes. I wish I'd never met you.
Sorry. I didn't want
you to get into trouble.
- What have you done to him?
- Nothing!
Come inside, Basil. Come on, this way.
I say Lillian! Are we
keeping this monkey?
Give him a banana, father!
Is it good?
Who could that be?
What in God's name are you doing here?
I... er... I need to talk to you, Sir.
It's Seedling!
What's the flower for?
Well sorry to trouble you, luv.
Oh please, here a... accept my flower?
Um... Come in.
I get you some tea.
Argh. Time for a walk.
Sir, sir, I need a moment
please. Well the piano...
You see I thought I did
all of your deliveries?
I'm giving this young fellow
a chance to prove himself.
Wo, hey, take it easy.
Ah, where's that brave dog of yours?
Jock, Jock, come back.
Ah, there you are.
Come on take it. Take it.
He'll only accept food from me.
Ah... Well trained.
Anyway it's wonderful to see you folk...
I have a proposition for you.
For who?
Oh Mr. Fitzpatrick. Your dog
has become the talk of the town.
I'd like to give him another
chance of proving himself.
Jock has nothing to prove, he won't
participate in any more of your races.
It's not the races, Mr. Fitzpatrick.
It's a challenge.
I mean your dog is itching for a fight.
Now ask yourself why he raced.
I meanm why he challenged
George? Bold as brass.
Well he's fedup with
being the runt, that's why.
He wants recognition.
- And it seems you want it too.
- Well no!
Oh, yeah, the whole
town's heard your stories.
He killed the man eating leopard!
Well looks like you've set
the challenge, Mr. Fitzpatrick.
Me? I did nothing of the sort!
Well if the challenge
is too big, maybe the
dog's too small and your
stories are too tall?
I think it's time you left.
Which is it, Mr. Fitzpatrick?
Will you stop that!?
Oh dear, that's a bad sign.
Relax, Basil.
Tell me again why we're
walking through the graveyard?
Is this your idea of how to calm
me down? Because it's not working!
You'll be safer out
here with Jim and Pezulu.
You're not gonna fight, are you?
Of course not, that
wouldn't solve anything.
Good. Because George is crazy.
He wasn't always that way,
but Seedling tied him up, beat him,
made him fight, it drove him mad!
Well there you are, lover boy!
How is she?
She's fine. -
Fine? - Yeah.
I don't wanna know about
fine, I want details! Details!
You know, what was she wearing?
Was she wearing perfume?
Was she wearing a collar?
Did she look at ya? Was she speaking
French? You know a little vous le vous?
What was that?
I hear that too.
Good evening, Basil.
Still taking orders from the wrong guy?
Which guy?
Let him go!
Run, Basil!
Oh no! Bad thing!
- Stop it!
- I should finish you off!
Oooh. What are you going
to do with that, Basil?
Leave him alone!!
Leave him alone! Stop
fooling around, George!
Time for your challenge,
Come on.
In you go. Come on! Go on, in!
Ah, get in there dog. Go on. Move, move!
Good dog.
Oh no!
They've taken Jock.
Who could that be?
It's very late. At this hour, hmm?
- Sorry to trouble you.
- What is it?
Seedling's taken Jock.
They've burnt my wagon.
Father, get the cart.
Don't worry, Polly. We'll find him.
People! People! This is the final
call, we gotta have an early start.
Are there any more bets out
there for the leopard slayer?
Haven't been much help
to your Fitzy, have you?
All you had to do was
stay out of our business.
Bad dog! Don't let me down tomorrow,
I want a good fight.
You stay with me.
Aah! Hey I can walk you know!
What is this? Buddy up?
Get away from here!
I've caused enough trouble.
Julian! Get away! Quick!
Time for business George.
Yes. What a beautiful day!
Hup hup, come on!
Where is he?
The little coward has run away!
He won't miss the fight.
You better hope not.
I need a curtain raiser. Your dog.
Seedling please! He stands no chance.
Find our challenger, and your dog lives.
Wind it up, Basil.
People people! Please please
please! May I have your attention.
If you'll be patient, we'll
have a little entertainment
before the main event.
George may be a little rusty,
it's been a while
since his last fight...
Treat this as a warm up!
That's not a warm up, that's Snarly!
Basil loved these.
No thanks.
Seedling's making Snarly fight
George. He's got no chance.
You are free, now it is time to choose.
How can I? Everything
I've done has gone wrong.
I lost my mother, made
everyone here suffer.
Fitz lost everything because
of me. And now Snarly...
Mistakes are the price
we pay for knowledge.
I can not beat him, Baba.
It is time. Your mother is with you.
Well here he is, folks,
all the way from Australia,
Snapping Snarly!
Where is the leopard slayer?
Jock! Come on, where are ya!
With teeth larger than
a lions, weighing in
at 9 stone, our one, our only George!
Let's hear it, folks, come on!
The Leopard Slayer!
All right, folks, this is it, come on!
I love a fight in the morning.
Hey! Runt! I have a
little surprise for you.
Recognize this?
I think it killed your mother?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I present the leopard slayer!
Go, Jock!
Gimme a fight runt!
That's it, Jock!
On me toes, on me toes! Yeah!
Don't be scared, come
on, I'll make it quick!
We don't have to do this,
George. We don't have to fight.
That's it, Jock!
I'm not your enemy!
Yes, you are!
I'm not the one who
chained you up, beat you
and made you fight!
Don't let him make a
monkey out of you, Jock!
Who's the monkey?
You're the one taking
orders from the wrong guy.
What are you? A weakling??
You're free. Now it's
your time to choose.
Get him, George! Come on!
What are you doing, George?
Come on, you worthless ape!
It's up to you.
See ya later, Seedling! Get outta town!
- Get him, George!
- Let's see him off, Basil!
Come back!
George, listen!
Hold on, Basil, I'm coming!
We made it, George.
George, come on, my friend.
- Come on my friend, ah!
- Stay there, Basil!
Stay where you are!
Enjoy your swim.
Oh boy.
- Help me.
- Oh come on down, Basil.
Keep coming, keep coming! Basil!
- Don't panic.
- Jock!
- Hold on, Basil!
- Careful, Basil!
- Hold on! I'll help you!
- Help, help!
Jock! Be careful! Jock!
I'll get ya. Hold on!
Ok there, shoot!
Swim Jock! Swim!
Hold on, Basil!
I'm holding on, I'm holding
on. Ah! Is that necessary?
Yes! Jock is our hero!
There goes George. I
hope he'll be alright.
At least he's free
to decide for himself.
We all can, thanks to you, Jock.
Come on, your fans are
waiting, take a bow.
...Did you see him? He was
amazing, did you see him?
Oh, mon dieu, quel courage, quel courage!
C' es tun chien axtraordinaire!
Can't believe it. Can't believe it.
Make way, make way! Here comes the hero.
Get outta the way here,
watch your feet there!
Well done, Jock! Good dog.
Well done, Jock. Well done,
boy! We're so proud of you!
Oh! Jock!
Go and see him, Polly!
Hamba Kahle.
Bravo, Jock. Se ete extraordinnaire.
Ahhh, that's nice.
That's, that's my boy.
Hey Polly! Got a sister?
Look at them, a fine pair.
I learned a lot over that
journey. I learned that the things
we want are not necessarily
the things we need.
And I learned to value friendship,
love, devotion and above all else,
I learned the importance of courage,
to stand up for what is right,
and to never, ever give up.
I was different when it
came to an end. I was a man.
And I owed it all
to a brave little dog named Jock.