Joe (2023) Movie Script

Who else hasn't arrived
from our school yet?
Tell me.
Who did not turn up?
- Who else?
- Santha!
Who else?
Say it!
Even if they turn up, they're trouble.
They shouldn't even enter the gate.
Ask them to leave right away.
Where are you guys?
He asked you not to enter the school.
Hey, who are you guys?
How dare you jump over
our school compound wall?
Get lost!
- Wait, I'll complain to the PT, sir.
- Get lost!
- I said, go ahead!
- Who are these jokers?
Where were you guys?
That man has been yelling continuously.
Let him yell.
Guys, look, girls are out there.
- I saw them first!
- Hey, dude, stop right there!
Sorry, I bumped by mistake.
- You will bump on purpose but apologize.
- I apologize!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Hey, that's enough!
How dare you beat me up
in my school?
Wait here.
I'll come back with my boys.
Hey, as it's Co-Ed, bring a few girls too.
- Get lost!
- Let's go.
- That's a nice one.
- I know!
- It may become an issue.
- I don't care!
I'm going to whack him
wherever I see him next.
We're next.
Get ready!
- Why should we get ready again?
- Hey!
- Where's Santha?
- I don't know.
Check for yourself.
Why would you ask me?
Awesome dude!
Buddy, where's Joe?
Hey, he went looking for you.
- He went looking for me?
- Yes!
I went to the restroom.
It's getting late.
Hey, Joe is beating up some guy.
Hey, let's go!
- Joe!
- Dude, please don't fight.
Stop fighting.
Hey, come on, lift them up.
- Step aside.
- Don't fight. Please hear me out.
Hey, Joe, let go of him.
Hey, hey, hey, let go of him!
What are you boys doing?
Stop fighting!
Why are you fighting?
- I said, stop fighting!
- Sir is here. Guys, run!
Come on, hurry up!
Go, go, go, go!
Come on.
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Hey! Hey!
Joe, come this way!
Dude, when it comes to life...
Please let me drink in peace.
Hey, they're over here.
Brother... Brother-in-law!
Hey, who is it?
- Brother-in-law.
- Hey...
Don't turn around right away.
An alone girl is standing behind
practising for the dance event.
- Don't turn around right away.
- What?
I knew it.
Hey, switch off the music.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Don't you recognize me?
So no one told you who I am.
- How does he not know me?
- No one told us!
Hey, shut up!
Don't you know who she is?
Who are you?
I'm the bride's sister!
Oh, you're the sister!
She's the sister!
- What is it?
- Hide it!
You can hide your glasses
but what about this?
I came to talk to you.
But you don't seem to talk.
Oh, sorry!
- Would you like to have a drink?
- Hey! Here, hold this!
Would you like some juice?
No thanks, I'm fine.
- Okay, then.
- I know I'm interrupting.
She understood!
We'll meet in the morning.
- Sure, we shall meet.
- Sure!
Bye, brother-in-law.
- She did not bid bye to me.
- Hey, maintain decency.
- Hello...
- Hello, Joe.
This is Shruthi speaking.
I don't know how to say this.
I'm not interested in this marriage.
Because of my father,
I agreed to this marriage.
I'm really sorry.
Please understand my situation.
Would you please find a way
to call off this wedding?
- This college is crowded like a market.
- Shut up!
- Hey, he's calling you.
- Come here.
- First day and he's done.
- How dare you tuck in on the first day?
- Why didn't you?
- It's a headache, sir.
- He's not coming to the class.
- How's it related to tucking in?
Kovai's winter
Or Cuckoo's sweet voice?
The Storm in Summer
Or a breath of fresh air?
The fragrance of the soil
When it rains?
She has captured my heart
Is the dancing peacock beautiful?
Or is she more beautiful
Even while crying?
Is this the unseen particle
That the breeze brings in?
Is she like a love story
What it brings?
My heart beats faster
The moment I see her
My heart longs to befriend her
When she walks closer to me,
I shiver
I am desperate to talk to her
- Enquire about her.
- Oh!
Buddy, move aside.
- That girl is Malayali.
- Malayali?
What's he talking about?
She's afraid as no other girl
in the class is a Malayali.
What is her name?
- I forgot to ask her. Let me check.
- Hey...
- I will check myself.
- Okay!
Do you really like her so much?
The Malayali girl?
He knows!
Why don't you speak?
Stop gaping and speak, you fool.
I'm curious if I like her...
But I felt weird when I saw her crying.
I concur you're not interested in her.
I can't say either that I'm not interested.
You're interested because she was crying.
Are you a sadist?
Why dude?
Men like him throw acid at girls
if they disagree.
You're incorrigible.
It is the beginning stage.
Let's go and eat.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Taste of your own medicine.
- What did I do?
- What is it?
- Who is Joe?
Joe... That is Joe.
Why do you ask?
- What is it?
- Wait, I'll be back.
- Hey!
- Why do you encourage him?
Are you Joe?
Look over there.
- Did he get into trouble?
- Look at his state now.
Why is he afraid of her?
Is he afraid of her?
What are you saying?
- Sir?
- Excuse me!
- Sir?
- Please explain.
You went, spoke, and you're back.
What is happening?
That is between the lovers!
I know, but what's happening
with you guys?
We were asked to type Bio-Data
at the computer lab.
Yeah, so what?
She was sitting in front of me.
After everyone left...
- You, too, left?
- No!
I went and sat at her system.
Did you note down her number?
Oh, I should have!
What else did you do?
On the Bio-Data...
her name was Suchitra S Nayar.
I changed it to Suchitra Joe.
What did she say?
Forget about it.
I'm happy that she knows
I'm checking her out.
- Oh, oh, oh, oh!
- Oh!
Our man has been busy.
Welcome to the club.
Why are you pulling my leg?
Feeling shy, it seems!
Is the dancing peacock beautiful?
Or is she more beautiful
Even while crying?
Is this the unseen particle
That the breeze brings in?
Is she like a love story
What it brings?
How come you both are wearing
the same colour dress?
Even today,
they're wearing the same colour.
How come every day they're able to
wear the same colour dress?
- It's a thing, dude!
- We want to know what thing?
How do you both manage
to wear the same colour?
I won't reveal.
Even today same colour!
What are you waiting for?
Propose to her.
Hey, they've been asking you for long!
I'll reveal.
Hey, I will reveal.
A girl accompanies her daily
to the college.
Yeah, she's my crush!
She's wearing blue today.
I check with her every day.
Hey, come over here!
- What's your native?
- Alappuzha!
He likes you.
You should like him back too.
You should like him back too.
It's tough to propose.
- How is it tough?
- Hey, pink kurta!
Love you! Go!
- That's all it takes.
- Both are not the same.
Hey, Suchi is here!
My dear friend, Ganesha!
That girl is crying.
Oh, no!
I'll enquire!
Why is she crying?
Nothing serious.
Hey, nothing is wrong.
It's okay.
You can tell me.
- The Kerala seniors proposed to her.
- Oh!
- What happened?
- Nothing is wrong.
Some Kerala seniors proposed to her.
And she's crying for it.
Silly girl.
So she cries if someone proposes to her.
Dude, show me your hand.
All the best!
She cries if someone proposes.
And this one cries even to propose.
Here you go!
Brother, please don't do it.
Please don't call me brother.
Hey, she cries every time
someone proposes to her.
Hey, when are you going to propose?
Hey, I will propose!
- Talk to her.
- I won't!
Hey, go and talk to her.
Go and talk to her.
Hey, where are you running off to?
- Hey, don't let him escape.
- Hey, chase him down!
- Hey, Joe, don't run!
- I caught him!
Dude, look, someone else is going to
propose to her.
You better propose to her today.
Swati, we have lab after lunch.
- Yes.
- Suchi...
- Same pinch!
- Same pinch?
- Same pinch?
- What's wrong with him?
- Hey!
- Joe!
One day you'll understand my true love.
Until then,
I'll be right here waiting for you.
Fine, tell me something.
When are you going to propose to her?
Dude, I got it!
Hey, guys, don't run!
Where's your lab coat?
You may leave immediately
if you don't have a lab coat.
Do as the professor said.
May I...
- Sir! Sir! Sir!
- I wrote some nonsense.
- I'm entrusting you.
- Okay, I'll ask her.
- Ask her.
- Are you guys from 1st batch?
May I borrow your lab coat?
Let's go!
Shall we go?
- Shall we go like this?
- Hey, don't!
She must be wearing Kerala Saree.
- I have yet to see her.
- Have patience.
- Let's go.
- I can't make right or left of it.
However, I managed to tie it.
Why are they looking at you
tying Veshti?
He's tying it all wrong, dude!
What else do you expect from them?
Ignore them.
Why are you in a hurry?
It's not like you're going to propose.
- I will definitely propose to her.
- You won't do squat!
- Hey, come on!
- Let's go!
Happy Ona... That's not right.
Onam Asha...
Say it!
Onam Ashamsakal
[Happy Onam]
Onam Ashamsakal!
Stop right there.
Are you pursuing Suchitra?
Are you in love with Suchitra?
Do we take your silence as a "yes"?
Hereafter you should not pursue her.
Get lost!
Hey, study holidays will start
from tomorrow.
Somehow propose to her.
If you don't propose to her today...
I hope you remember the Kerala seniors.
They will threaten and make her
fall for them.
Hey, Joe!
Suchi is arriving.
- I doubt he's going to propose.
- We will make him propose.
You're right. We have a lot to do
and get him married.
Move aside!
- Are you ready?
- So, are you going to propose today?
He's going to propose to her today.
Hey, why are you aspirating?
Please propose to her.
Hey, Suchi has arrived.
- Come on.
- Shall we?
- Buddy!
- Please wait.
Hey, wait.
Anand, you go.
- Shall I propose tomorrow?
- Tomorrow, my foot! Get up!
Hey, please wait.
I'm not ready.
- Come with me.
- Come on, get up.
Come on, let's sit in the next row.
- Hold on a minute.
- Go!
- Hey, hey, wait!
- He's incorrigible.
Hey, what's wrong with him?
Sleepyhead, come with me.
- Sit down!
- No!
Hey, I said, sit down.
Do it!
Hey, hey, hey!
Are you going to call her, or shall I?
Please understand!
- Another day...
- Suchi! Suchi!
Hey, shut up!
He's calling you.
Speak to her.
- I will speak to her.
- Go ahead!
Did he propose?
Hey, talk to her.
Will he propose or not?
He'll talk to her.
Hey, Suchi, look over here.
I'll talk to her.
- Didn't I say he won't speak?
- He's incorrigible!
Su... Su... Suchi!
I love you.
Hey, dude, where are you running off to?
- Joe, stop running.
- Hey, listen!
He loves you.
Buddy, Joe!
Hey, catch him!
Hey, did you run off without asking
Is it a yes or no?
- I'll whack you!
- Why are you beating him?
I'll beat you too.
We did it for you.
But you're cracking us.
Please listen when I say
stay away from love.
I was happy seeing her from afar.
Now you guys made me propose to her.
I don't know how she took it.
Oh, God, how would I face her now?
- Why did you do it?
- Don't blame us for it.
Think harder.
Did we do it?
Did we do it?
Did we do it?
- It's you who proposed to her.
- Bloody idiot!
Hey, Joe, look at me!
If the girl cries, then your love
won't work out.
If she does not cry, then it will work out.
Study holidays are around the corner.
- Prepare well for the exams.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Where were you during class hours?
- Sorry, ma'am.
- Come in.
- Hey!
- Look over there.
This is why I didn't want to do it.
Hey, Muthu, what happened to her?
She's crying!
- I'm going to apologize to her.
- Why is she crying about everything?
In the evening
I'm going to apologize to her.
Joe... concentrate on the class.
- Hey!
- Hey, Joe!
No one comes with me.
For God's sake, leave.
Hey, we're discussing something else.
- She might suit your height.
- Suchi!
- Why are we afraid?
- We are not afraid!
- Why are they following us?
- Hey, Muthu!
Ask her to give him a reply.
Hey, are you okay?
She said okay.
- She said okay.
- Dude, congratulations!
It's awesome, dude!
Dude, it's study holidays...
she's going to her native.
Go and talk to her.
- Stop gaping and talk to her.
- Joe, come on!
- Go ahead.
- Okay.
Hey, let him go.
You go!
What is it?
Get lost!
Oh, no!
Okay, okay.
All okay!
Come on.
She's my girlfriend now.
Hey, look who's here.
What is he doing over there?
Lovers may have a million things
to discuss.
Since when?
Didn't you show thumbs up
and said she was okay.
Idiots, I said okay as she stopped crying.
Hey, lower your hand.
It's all because of you.
- Hey, Joe!
- Shut up!
It's okay.
He's just going to talk to her.
What is it?
You see...
Muthu said you're okay with it.
- We're bound to get into trouble.
- I, too, think the same.
What is it?
I don't believe in made for each other.
It's beautiful to see you guys together.
Go next to her.
I'll take a picture of you both.
Look, guys.
He's got something for us.
Hey, how did you get it?
- Did you talk to her?
- I could not talk.
Thank goodness we are saved.
Get up.
Get up and leave!
- Who is it?
- I don't know.
- What do you want?
- Who the hell is he?
He's that Kerala senior.
The look she gave me...
said, " Why don't you sit next to me?"
Hey, let him go!
- What do you want?
- Get up!
What's your problem?
- Hey!
- Hey!
Don't forget that you still have
two years of college to complete?
Get lost!
I said you get lost!
Listen, let's not create a scene.
Let's go!
My heart has melted down,
My love
My thoughts have shrunk,
My love
In your absence
My sky would close down
You will be my love forever
My heart has melted down,
My love
My thoughts have shrunk,
My love
When you speak in your voice
sweet as honey...
Do I hear the sound of Yaazh
or Mooral?
Is your foot made of milk?
What are your feet adorned with?
The white foams that form
and disappear
In the banks of the sea
Are they telling us a story?
Rainbow seen at the arc
of your eyes
Are those colours speaking of love?
In your absence
My sky would close down
You will be my love forever
My heart has melted down,
My love
My thoughts have shrunk,
My love
My heart has melted down,
My love
My thoughts have shrunk,
My love
What is it?
Why did you come here?
Come back.
I know you're trying to do something.
But it's not going to happen.
How would you know
what I'm trying to do?
I know you're trying to kiss me.
What else?
Why are you here?
You come closer, I'll tell you.
Come closer.
Tell me.
I thought you weren't going to kiss me.
I have never been so close to a girl.
When you're so close to me...
I want your breath to graze my face.
WARDEN: Where are you coming from?
We went to get food.
We serve food at the hostel.
We wanted to have non-vegetarian.
Hey, we, too, serve non-vegetarian here.
Warden, lizards, and cockroaches
are non-vegetarian too.
But we don't eat them.
Thank you.
Let's scoot!
I did tell you...
- So sweet...
- Hey, get lost!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
You don't drink.
So no snacks.
Why are you smiling like an idiot?
You see...
I went to drop Suchi.
During that time...
...on the bus...
...she kissed me!
Did she kiss you?
That's super!
It's confirmed now.
As I mentioned.
It's time we change rooms.
You, too, change your room.
- Disgusting fellow!
- Dude, he hit me out of anger.
- Hey, I'm getting a call.
- Hey, where did this guy go?
Whenever he gets a call, he disappears.
You're high.
Don't blabber.
I need to tell you something important.
Give me the phone.
Hema, do you know something?
Joe and Suchi kissed.
- Joe and Suchi kissed?
- Yes dear.
- Are you serious?
- Ignore that.
- It seems they kissed.
- When are we going to kiss?
I've been begging you for six months.
How do you know?
I'm the one begging.
How would I not know?
- Hello.
- Did you tell anyone about our kiss?
I'm talking to you.
Answer me.
You see, it's like...
I was drinking with the boys
and just for the sake of fun...
Are you drunk?
So, you got drunk
and told them everything.
- Hey, no, I did not.
- Don't you know it's a private matter?
Do you have a basic sense not to
share personal things?
Why would you do this, Joe?
- Did you even think about me?
- Suchi...
- Please hear me out--
- Don't show me your face again.
You just had one drink,
yet you finished an entire pineapple.
Don't speak nonsense!
I want to recite a poem for you.
Would you like to listen?
Go ahead.
The porch may be outside the house
But my love has no bounds
Bloody, hang up the phone!
Don't speak like a moron!
Don't you call me names!
12 am comes after 11 pm...
When will you say okay to my Kanmani?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Won't you shut up?
Hang up the phone.
Don't you have anything to do?
Hey, that's my phone!
No matter how much we fight...
just a sorry, make everything right.
Sorry, Joe!
I was wrong.
I got angry for no reason...
No, I'm at mistake too.
What is it?
Do you want it?
When will I get it?
- I can give it to you right now.
- Stop kidding!
Watch me!
Joe, stop kidding.
What now?
Didn't you ask for it?
- No need...
- Come on!
What is this, Joe?
You asked for it, and you are afraid.
Don't keep it back.
Don't keep it back.
Tie it to me.
Are you trying to scare me now?
I have faith that we will get married.
- But...
- Why rush?
No, Joe, tie it to me right now.
- Suchi, stop blabbering.
- I'm serious.
You came close to tying it.
If you miss this moment,
you'll regret it lifelong.
Please tie it.
How did you do your exam?
- Did you write well or not?
- I wrote well.
Dude, today is the last day.
When are we going to meet again?
- We will meet tomorrow.
- Oh, yeah!
- Tonight party?
- I will throw you guys one.
Why does he not sound low?
One last time,
please take me piggyback.
Hey, get lost!
Get lost?
I will ride piggyback!
Get lost!
- How could you beat me?
- Your girlfriend is waiting with a card.
She looks pissed.
Go and talk to her.
- Did you book the tickets?
- I will book them.
Take him inside and book the tickets.
- What about liquor?
- I will buy it, damn it!
As it's the last day...
Suchi... Suchi, I'm not sure
when we will meet again.
Suchi look at me.
You go ahead.
Your folks want you to pursue M.E...
Do it!
I will pursue too.
We have two years.
After that, I'll come...
and take you with me.
I can't bear this.
Please take me with you.
I will miss you a lot.
No matter what, I will not lose you.
In the four years
we studied without backlogs.
We lurked around without getting caught.
We loved unconditionally.
During this one-and-a-half year,
we missed each other a lot.
But we fought more during this period.
The reason for fights when we are
a distance apart...
is the distance!
Distance makes a difference!
When I disconnect,
don't you understand that I'm busy?
I've been calling you for four days.
Were you busy on all four days?
I called you ten times,
yet no response.
Are you avoiding me?
When you were busy, I understood.
Similarly, you should understand
when I'm busy.
How come you picked up
at the first ring?
Am I torturing you, Joe?
Yes! You have been torturing me!
- You keep nagging me.
- Joe, that's enough!
For once, please hear me out.
I can't take this anymore.
I want to meet you.
Just once.
It's over Joe.
- You don't seem to change.
- Just hear me out once.
You hear me out!
Just hear me out!
Just hear me out!
Let's break up!
- What the hell break up--?
- Joe!
What kind of language is that?
It came out in anger...
Just because you're angry,
you can't run your mouth.
- Sorry, mom!
- Incorrigible!
Don't apologize to me.
Apologize to that girl.
We are done.
This is our last meeting.
Your last meeting, you say?
Why is there ego between you guys?
He does not want me.
Joe, ego should not be present
where there's love.
If there's ego, then it's not love.
This is not ego but anger.
She's not even letting me talk.
It ran its course!
She has changed.
He has changed.
Why are you crying?
I'm not crying.
You kept talking about breaking up.
Can you live without me?
When I said let's break up,
you did say okay too.
Yeah, I did say.
That is before meeting you.
I was angry when I arrived.
After seeing you, it all disappeared.
This is us, Suchi!
I agree I am.
What about you?
I don't get it.
I've been madly in love with you.
Nowadays, you don't even
talk to me properly.
How does talking help us?
Tell me, how does it help?
We will keep repeating the same
and end up fighting.
Why are you getting angry?
I'm not getting angry.
Okay, let me be frank with you.
Tell me the reasons why we fight.
What was the reason for our last fight?
To decide where to tonsure the baby's head.
You wanted to do it in your native,
and I wanted to in my native.
We fought over this for two days.
Why should we fight for an unborn child?
For two days,
we were fighting like fools.
That's right.
I'm a fool.
I always think about us
and love you unconditionally.
Correct, I'm a fool!
That's enough, Joe!
I need a minute with you.
I feel accused that I'm not like before.
Are you the same as before?
What has changed?
When you were in college, you said
you'd come with me at the drop of a hat.
After you go back home,
these two years...
You started to care about your father,
sister and relatives...
Where were the relatives before?
Only now does your father care
to invite all your relatives.
Your father is to blame!
- He's coddling you with love...
- Hey! Hey!
Don't you dare speak about my father?
That's enough, Joe.
Don't create a scene, Suchi.
It's not like you're the only one
who's in love.
I came for you.
Take your hands off!
You don't have to do any favours for me.
Don't behave like a jerk.
Go! Don't come back!
I don't want you in my life.
Please don't go, Joe.
It's frightening when you leave.
I know that I'm being very selfish.
But it's my situation.
Don't cry.
Don't cry!
Do you understand, Suchi?
We both are the same.
Whether it's love
or when we hurt each other.
We take turns!
Are you going to remain like this forever?
No Joe!
Let's behave like mature adults.
I don't get it.
We need a breathing space between us.
Breathing space?
What are you trying to say?
Let's not talk to each other.
It's not like you'll forget me
if we don't talk.
I won't forget you.
You want breathing space.
Take it!
Be my guest!
If we stopped talking for a while,
Things would improve.
I couldn't go more than ten days
without talking to her.
But after that, whatever she spoke...
I, too, stopped talking to her.
And six months passed by.
- What is it?
- Here, first, talk to Suchi.
I'll talk to her later.
There are thirty-two missed calls.
For God's sake, talk to her.
You're overdoing it!
Why have you been calling me continuously?
Didn't you keep asking me
for breathing space?
Can you come over here tomorrow?
- Why all of a sudden?
- As if you don't know.
Come and talk to my father.
Why are you getting angry?
I'm not getting angry, Joe.
Just tell me if you can come or not.
Okay, I'm coming.
I need to tell you something.
But only if you don't get angry.
Go ahead!
Tomorrow you don't come as yourself.
Your ego, attitude, and anger
leave it behind and come just for me.
I'm coming!
Just for you!
I love you.
- Suchi... where's she...?
- Listen,
Suchi is over here.
But we disapprove of your relationship.
We wanted to be clear about it.
That's why we wanted to meet you.
Sir, instead of just thinking about
the family,
please consider Suchi's choice too.
- She can't live without me--
- Stop it!
She can live without you.
Because of you, there are conflicts
in our family.
Suchi is not my only daughter.
I have another daughter too.
We have to consider her future too.
For God's sake, don't trouble us.
Please get out of her life.
Could you please talk slower?
Could you please...
talk slower?
You see, he can't even understand
what I spoke.
How does he expect us to like him?
Why are you wasting your time
speaking to him?
Hereafter, you should not disturb Suchi.
Get out!
Sir, I came to speak to you.
I need to speak to you
for five minutes.
Listen, I make the rules here.
It would be best if you left
before I lose my cool.
If not, I will beat and chase you away.
- Suchi!
- You don't go out now.
Stay put.
Please listen to us.
- Hey, I said, get out!
- Suchi!
Your ego, attitude, and anger
Leave it behind and come just for me.
I'm sorry.
Please don't go.
How dare you hold my hand?
- Hey, what the hell is this?
- Beat him to death!
Beat him to death!
- Oh, God, no!
- Hold him tight.
Let go of me, sister.
- Hold him tight.
- Joe!
- How dare you?
- Joe!
Joe, what are you doing?
Get away from him!
It's my father, Joe!
It's okay, dear.
I'm fine.
- Suchi, I did not do anything.
- That's enough!
You never change, do you?
It's my mistake that I called you.
- Don't worry. I'm good.
- Brother, you don't say anything!
You were praising and considering him
as your family.
He comes to our house
and raises his hand to me.
- Suchi, it was them--
- That's enough!
Are you going to say
that you were humiliated?
Even if you had to,
you should've born the beatings.
For me!
It's my father, Joe!
How could you put me in this situation?
You're not in my life anymore.
I swear it's enough!
Please leave!
Stop right there!
I'm telling you, let him go.
Son, please leave.
Get out of here.
- Hey!
- That's my beer!
- What the hell?
- Hey, idiot!
Hey, sit down!
Why are you drinking during the day?
She gave me a look.
Like she was disgusted with me.
I can't get that out of my head.
Her entire family played out a drama.
It was a realistic performance.
Let it go. You've been
rambling for two days now.
These fights are not new to you guys.
Suchi will come back to you.
Hey, I had it!
I don't want her.
If you don't want her,
why are you sulking?
Come on, let's go.
But I can't easily let go of her.
I can't let go of her.
Hey, Joe, please don't cry.
Dude, don't cry.
Don't cry.
- Why would you let him drink?
- What the hell?
Did you check Facebook?
- Come on, let's go home.
- Suchi...
- Suchi?
- Check your message.
Hey, keep it inside.
Keep it inside.
Come on, let's go home.
- What happened?
- Nothing, let's go home.
- Tell me what happened?
- He's going to find out.
Look, she's getting married tomorrow.
- What are you saying?
- Shut up!
It's all over!
If another guy is going to marry her,
...what about our marriage?
What is he saying?
What is it, Joe?
From the bottom of my heart.
This is your wedding chain.
After so much, how could she
get married to another guy?
Could you please shut up?
Come on, let's go!
- Hey, Joe!
- Hey, Joe!
- Hey, Joe!
- Hey, buddy!
Hey, let go of the bottle.
That's disgusting!
Here, hold him properly.
Dude, what's wrong with you?
- This wedding should not happen.
- Let's go!
Start the car, let's go.
- It's not like Kerala is nearby.
- Shut up!
Look, we have a car.
We can leave right away.
- Let's go.
- Has he gone crazy?
Buddy, hold on.
What happened?
- Hey, Joe, what happened?
- Lift him.
Hold his hand and lift him.
- Lift him.
- What's wrong with you?
Start the car.
I'll take him to my place.
Why would you take him
to your place?
He asked us to take him to Kerala.
He looked into my eyes
and asked for it.
Tomorrow if he asks,
do you have an answer?
You know about them very well.
What if Suchi is waiting for him?
What if Suchi comes with him?
What would you do?
- What are you saying?
- I am right!
What if he doesn't attempt,
and she gets married?
I can't live with the guilt of not trying.
I can't do it!
Buddy... Let's go!
- I'm going. Are you coming or not?
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
- He's a poor thing.
Please, let's take him over there.
Get inside the car.
- Watch his head.
- Hey, who is it?
I was high and unreasonable.
And you guys brought me here.
He looked into my eye.
Tomorrow, if he asks,
do you have an answer?
She must be wearing her wedding saree.
Hey, listen to me.
Let's go back.
Sure, we'll go back...
- Shall I go and see her one last time?
- Sure!
Ask him not to go.
You shut up.
You go ahead.
Don't listen to him.
You go ahead.
I won't create any problems.
I'll make sure that no one sees me.
- Hey!
- One last time.
One last time.
That's him.
That's the rascal!
Here he is.
It's all because of you!
Bloody dog!
You're the reason it all happened.
- Stop it.
- Don't hit him.
Everyone, I had enough!
If anyone dares,
lay your hands on him...
I'll kill them!
Citing the reason that he's from
a different State...
you all killed my daughter.
My dear daughter.
Son, please come over here.
Come with me...
Look at her.
Dear, look who's here to meet you.
Since childhood, one thing I loved
the most in the world is you.
Now I love Joe the same way.
I see you in him whatever he does.
That is the reason I'm not able to
get over him.
I promised him that I would
go with him whenever he calls.
By chance, if I go with him...
you'd eventually accept him for me.
I have faith in you, Dad.
But whenever you see him,
you'll be reminded that he beat you.
I don't want to put you through that pain.
For you, I'm rejecting him.
However, I don't want a life
without him in it.
I can't imagine living with anyone
other than him.
In a while, another man
is going to marry me.
When I have the wedding chain
that Joe tied to me...
I won't let anyone else
tie a wedding chain.
You used to inquire about the
black thread I wore it around my neck.
That's the wedding chain
Joe tied it to me.
Please send a text to him
from my phone.
Crazy fellow,
will come running to me.
Where are you, My dear?
Don't go, Joe.
I'm afraid if you leave.
I will miss you a lot!
Having come in search
Of the fire of love...
- No matter what, I won't lose you!
- ...I got hurt
I met you yesterday
And have lost today
With contradicting thoughts
I left you and came far away
My life, my life, my life!
A dream...
I saw a dream
The colour of darkness
I questioned it
But was not satisfied
My sadness stays with me
My mind is wandering
Do you hear the non-stop wail?
You are the reason
I saw a dream
The colour of darkness
I questioned it
But was not satisfied
I saw a dream
For how long do you intend to
destroy yourself?
Drinking all the time
and drawing fights with strangers.
Because of you, we're facing problems.
I've become a problem to you all.
- Buddy, don't bother.
- Hey, shut up!
Yes! You've become a problem!
- Stop pissing me off...
- You're right!
Perhaps I was a huge trouble to her...
You see...
I love you...
I miss you...
I would die without you in my life.
Like everyone makes promises...
I thought she made promises to me as well.
But she went to the extent...
In the end, she kept her promise!
When I saw her for the first time...
...she was crying.
She looked beautiful.
She was...
...crying when I met her for the last time.
But when I think about it
that I'm the reason for it... I can't...
Hey, why didn't her family
tell her the truth?
That you did not hurt her father.
First, stop blaming yourself
for everything--
I am the reason!
It was me!
You see...
I could've messaged her...
saying I did not hurt your father.
Why should I speak to her
when she did not understand me?
She could have called you too.
It's her ego that stopped her...
Let it go!
We are similar to each other,
whether it is to express love
or exhibit ego at each other.
- Hey, hey!
- Where are you going?
- Hey, hold him.
- Come with me.
- Shall we leave?
- Hey, Joe...
Let's go!
Dude, look at me.
- Have you gone mad?
- Step back.
- Hey!
- What the hell?
- Please calm down.
- You please step back.
- Wait... let's go.
- In love...
is she a bigger person or me?
- Please put him to sleep.
- In the end...
she became the bigger person.
Joe, please hear us out.
The ego is important to me!
But more than that, love is important.
Okay, let's go!
- Come with me.
- He's incorrigible.
Let's go.
- Hey, sorry, dude.
- Hey! What are you doing?
- Forgive me, friend.
- I forgave you. Please go!
- Let's go.
- Take him away.
Let's go!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hey, Joe!
Hey, Joe!
- He's frothing.
- Hey, wake up!
Hey, bring me some water. Joe!
- Get up, dude.
- Dude, he mixed something in his drink.
Come on, lift him!
So, you decided to end it all at once.
You were afraid when you were a child
and cried over little things.
But now you've become courageous enough
to commit suicide.
That's what I hear from your friends.
But you've become more cowardly
than the five-year-old child back then.
You decided to end it as you pleased.
But it did not happen.
That means something else
is waiting for you.
Take care.
Please rest!
Would you like to speak to Santha?
- Hey!
- Where is Santha?
Here, speak to him.
Why is he admitted to the hospital?
She could have called you too.
It's her ego that stopped her...
Fine, let it go!
Hey... I too...
Hey, Santha, are you wearing underwear?
This is an ICU ward.
- Don't make noise. Everyone get out.
- Please let them stay.
Where is Mom?
Ma, please don't hit him.
Ma, please wait.
- Let go.
- You don't interrupt.
Just because she left you...
you tried to make the same mistake.
When it comes down to love,
why do you guys lose balance?
If what she had for you was love...
What do you call the affection
we have for you?
Sorry... Sorry, mom!
What did you say it was?
Love at first sight, right?
When I held you for the first time
after you were born...
at that time when I looked at you...
...that is love at first sight.
Are you even aware that your dad
and I had a million dreams?
Only until you were born!
Since you were born...
we live for you more
than we lived for ourselves.
Have you thought about our feelings
for a second...
you wouldn't have made
this stupid mistake.
You wouldn't have!
You wouldn't have!
- You wouldn't have done it.
- Ma, please let it go!
Oh, God, help me!
Please don't repeat it.
You should not resort to it.
- I won't, Mom.
- You should not do it.
Time is killing me
I have become dumb
Can I see you in person?
I am about to die
Love gives pain in plenty
Why did you leave me?
Would you do anything for me?
Please come back to me
I will get married.
With you living in my thoughts
We are all happy that you agreed
to get married.
Bear this in mind another girl
is going to come into your life.
No matter what I do won't bring
much happiness to my parents...
Only if I get married...
Because my life is being tormented
The ocean has become a mirage
Love you, Mom!
I saw a dream
All this while, I never questioned
why you did not want to get married.
But I can't remain calm about it anymore.
The life I chose for you will be
a pleasant one.
Eventually, you will understand.
I'm not interested in this marriage.
Would you please find a way
to call off this wedding?
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, it's okay.
Please click a normal picture.
Please go ahead!
Where were you guys?
- We were sending off people--
- Hey!
Joe, last night Shruthi called your phone.
Why is no one talking?
Hey, what are you going to do?
Dude, who are you?
Who am I?
- It's a pineapple...
- Who is he?
No... he's the groom!
You should not speak over the phone.
It's a big mistake to speak
without attending the call.
I would've made a big mistake.
Not a bigger mistake than getting married.
I will rectify your mistake.
- Hello...
- Hello, Joe.
This is Shruthi speaking.
I need to speak to you about
something important.
I don't know how to say this.
I'm not interested in this marriage.
Because of my father,
I agreed to this marriage.
I'm really sorry.
Please understand my situation.
You need to call off the wedding.
In the morning, I'll call off the wedding.
Because even if I wanted, I can't stop now.
- Bloody, now you're telling me this.
- Joe, calm down.
Beating him won't solve anything.
Let's discuss this.
What do you want to discuss?
That girl gave me a look when I was
tying the wedding chain.
At that time, I did not understand.
But now I get it.
Hey! I feel disgusted about myself!
Listen, this was an accident.
Perhaps it was meant to be.
It was not in our control.
She asked to call off the wedding.
- But he got drunk and blabbered.
- Hey, hold on!
Did you even think about her plight?
Answer me, damn it!
If you had known,
what would you have done?
What do you mean?
I would've called off the wedding.
Don't make me cuss at you.
She would ask,
and you'd call off the wedding.
You'd never consider
how your parents would feel.
If she wanted, she could've
called off the wedding.
But she specifically
shifted the problem to you.
And you are ready to call off the wedding.
You're being very selfish and disgusting.
I care about you and your parents
but you call me selfish...
then what would you call her?
She could've spoken to her family
and called off the wedding.
Had she done it, one of her parents
would've had a stroke.
She was unequivocal and knew when it was
safe for her to call off the wedding...
and used you to call off the wedding!
Now tell me, who is selfish?
Your family just recovered
from a huge storm.
For God's sake, don't do anything stupid.
You're married, and this is your life now.
Go and live it.
You asked us many questions!
Ask her why did she want to
call off the wedding?
Guys, let's go!
Did you eat?
Please make yourself comfortable.
It's not a problem.
All okay?
Yeah, all okay!
- And...
- Why are you still awake?
Aren't you sleepy?
- No.
- If you aren't sleepy, shall we talk?
- I, too, want to talk...
- What is your qualification?
I concur you're educated!
You're educated, right?
You should have been frank and told me
you could not call off the wedding.
Instead, you have shamelessly married me
and now eagerly await
our wedding night.
- You see, I...
- Don't say anything.
It's irritating me.
Weren't you in love with a girl
in college?
I heard about it!
Why did you break up with her
and marry me?
Did you plan to settle down
because I'm rich?
Open your mouth and speak--
Hello, I'm speaking to you.
Where are you going?
Did you speak to her?
She never gave me a chance to speak.
She never let you speak?
She never let him speak?
Then there's no hope for other stuff.
Listen, we hid from you for your good.
Please understand.
Listen, you did not do it for my good.
It's not good for anyone.
Give me the phone!
Dude, hear me out.
A problem occurred...
- Now, find a way to solve it.
- It's a problem you created.
I'm sorry.
I was high and made a mistake.
Listen to me closely.
You have promised to quit drinking
after the bachelor party.
Don't make this an excuse,
and start drinking.
I will kill you!
My eyes are blinking
Please do not glare at me
My heart is shattered
Don't add more pain to it
Arrogance is at peak
It's best to calm down
When I come near
Don't look at me with disgust
You're an Angel with horns
I don't want to mess with you
Bear in mind I'm a rowdy too
Shut up! Wanna say that!
Brother, give me a beer.
She's not ready to hear me out.
I am still trying to figure out what to do.
I'm planning to speak with her father.
- Give her some time. At least a month...
- Shut up!
Try being in my shoes.
Then you'd know.
Dude, it takes time for things
to settle down.
Give her some time
things will get better.
- Why are you now--?
- Hang up the phone.
Sorry, sir.
Why are you taking away the keys?
You were riding speaking over the phone.
Come and meet the inspector.
Why did you take away the keys?
- Speak to the Inspector.
- What's happening?
Hey, why are you yelling?
No helmet, using a mobile phone
while riding, and you're drunk.
- When questioned, you're yelling!
- Drunk...?
I'm not drunk!
You can penalize me for not wearing
a helmet and using my mobile phone.
So, you will teach me
how to perform my duties.
- Constable, ask him to blow.
- Come on, blow.
Sir, he's drunk!
Sir, I'm not drunk.
You can check using a breathalyser.
You're drunk and arrogant!
Constable take him in custody.
Hey, park the bike
and get inside the Jeep.
Constable, look what he's doing.
-Hey, hey, what are you doing?
Now I am drunk.
What should I do?
- Sir, Vanakkam!
- Vanakkam.
Sir, did you complete the formalities?
- The vehicle is still in the impound.
- You can pick it up tomorrow.
- I will pick it up in the morning.
- Okay, sir.
Sir, I'll take my leave.
Please don't feel bad that I know
you drink alcohol.
No... I'm not feeling bad.
Are you both having marriage troubles?
No... we are not having any trouble.
First, your father helped me a lot
when I started my business.
I have great respect for him.
I hold the same respect for you too.
That is why I did not enquire about you.
I should have enquired about you.
If it's okay with you...
you can work in our college.
- College?
- Shruthi runs the college.
You have graduated M.E.
I'm not asking you to teach
or run the college.
Just a change of atmosphere.
That's it!
It will refresh your mind.
If you stay home, her being at college
will lead to a communication gap.
To achieve mutual understanding,
both of you should work together.
What do you say?
To men, marriage is a commitment.
They can accept it right away.
But for women, it's not the same.
It's another life.
It'll take some time to accept.
Please give my daughter some time.
What do you think of yourself?
You're coming from the Police station.
I don't care how you choose to live.
But don't humiliate my father
by bringing him to the Police station.
This marriage,
our living arrangement,
me letting you live in this house,
I'm doing it all for my father.
If he does not get the respect
he deserves...
I don't know what I will do to you.
I'm very sorry!
Just for a minute...
Come here and sit down.
I did not wish to marry you.
Oh, I'm happy to hear that.
I have a reason.
You need to hear me out!
I don't need any bloody reason.
I'm speaking to you!
Let go!
Hey, Shruthi!
Does she have any issues?
- Or is she not in favour of this marriage?
- No, you're wrong!
My sister was not interested
in this marriage.
But we believed everything
would be fine after the marriage.
For that to happen, you should be with her.
I understand.
She has to drop her ego.
Hey, please stop.
Where are you going?
- Correspondent...
- Where?
I'm here to meet the correspondent.
Oh, for that, you will need permission
and an appointment.
Where are you coming from?
I'm coming from the correspondent's house.
The correspondent's house, you say?
- Ganesh, man the booth.
- Sure, brother.
I'll take you over there.
What do you do
at the correspondent's house?
They called me to offer me a job.
I don't do any work.
That is why they asked you to come
to the college.
Here you go.
Wipe your hands.
- Okay.
- Please wipe your hands.
- What are you looking for?
- Dust bin!
- Don't bother. Throw it here.
- Why did you throw it down?
There's a person to clean.
Padma, clean that up.
The PA is not in the cabin.
Please sit over here.
- Once he arrives, he'll call you.
- Okay.
Please sit over there.
Padma, quickly tend to your work.
Yes, how can I help you?
Why are you here?
- Vivek! Vivek!
- Son, please welcome.
Sir, how can I help you?
Vivek, he's my son-in-law.
Shruthi's husband!
Hereafter he will be in charge too.
Please take him around the college.
Sit down, dear.
He'll take you around the college.
Please go ahead.
I have an important work to get to.
- Take care.
- Okay, sir.
- Please come with me.
- Sure!
It's okay.
Sir asked me to accompany you.
I'll go by myself and look around.
- Are you sure?
- Very sure!
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
They should throw the trash
in the dustbin.
- They throw it everywhere.
- Ma, I'm sorry.
I wanted to throw it in the dustbin,
but he asked me to...
I did not mean to, sir.
You, please go ahead.
I was yelling at him.
Please leave.
- Sorry...
- Please go ahead.
What is he doing out here
without attending the class?
Why aren't you in the class?
Go to the class!
I said, go to the class!
You can't see me...
Tell me. Why have you
been calling continuously?
Hey, I'm at Shruthi's college.
What's the matter?
In this college, wherever I see...
I only see you guys and Suchi.
Buddy, bear this in mind...
no matter where you look
you won't find Suchi.
You need to look for Suchi in Shruthi.
You will find her.
Hey, why are you still not in the class?
Where's your ID card?
Why the hell are you not wearing
the ID card?
Why do you have a beard?
Shave your beard when you come
to the college tomorrow...
If you don't...
What is that?
If you don't shave your beard,
I'll make you kneel.
Go to the class!
He does not know I'm dangerous!
But they say Shruthi Madam is strict.
Hey, stand up.
Do you not go to class?
Good morning.
Good morning!
- You've be summoned for a meeting.
- Meeting?
Not you.
They invited, sir.
Did he commit any mistake?
Why are you calling him for a meeting?
- Hey!
- Damn!
- Do you know who he is?
- Who?
Chairman's son-in-law!
There are many complaints filed
in the department.
- I'm Coach Arya!
- So...
Mechanical Department head...
Coach Arya means?
Coach Arya!
Your good name, sir?
Will he shake hands?
- Joe!
- Beautiful name, sir.
That is not my issue.
Please sit down.
- Ma'am!
- So...
Students are feeling stressed!
That is why there are so many complaints.
I, too, saw them.
Many letters were addressed to the staff,
and management rules.
In particular,
this letter was targeted at me.
They say it feels like a school
since I arrived.
And they're asking me to
leave this college.
I don't care about these letters.
I don't have any problem with it.
I will never change my ideas.
To me, discipline is important.
So, next month culturals
are going to start.
I'll decide who will head the culturals
and inform you all.
We will have another meeting after that.
About semesters, you are well aware...
that for the past five years
our performance is not up to the mark.
Specifically Mechanical, EEE, and Civil.
- Results are awful.
- Sir!
- Please take me along.
- How are you going to rectify it?
In two days, I want the
department heads to report to me.
- When I say in two days, I mean--
- Excuse me!
He's leaving me behind.
God help me!
I don't understand her, though.
Also, coming back to the
sports performances.
- What's wrong with the training?
- Coach Arya, your parents are here.
Why did they call my parents?
Anyway, semester exams are coming.
Kindly update all the students
about the timetable and everything.
Sir, where are my parents?
Hey, come with me.
So, you were lying.
Oh, God!
Sir, please don't feel bad because
your wife is receiving criticism.
Students have stated the truth.
Sir, the students did not
write the letter...
I wrote it.
So, did you target her in the letter?
Yes, it's me!
Please don't give me cold looks.
On top of it is a separate lunchtime
for boys and girls.
Next week the staff will have
different lunchtimes respectively.
Tell me one thing.
It is not fun sitting next to a man
during lunch.
At home,
do you stay in separate rooms?
I think I hurt him.
You lost in my eyes
And turned into tears
This wound won't heal soon
- Amma!
If you leave me too
I'll be broken
Chiding won't bring down the anger
No matter how much I apologize
It isn't enough
Don't you see me plead,
my dear?
In time, everything will fade
Time is nothing but a blooming flower
I spoke out of turn.
Let me do damage control.
Come over here.
How can I sit in front of you?
You should've thought about it
when you bullied me.
At least I introduced myself
as the PTE teacher.
But you never said you're the owner.
Even after you saw the message
do you think I'm the owner?
You're right, though.
No matter what, you're the owner.
I don't want to talk about it.
Tell me about your madam.
What do you mean?
How does she behave in college?
How is she running this college?
There's nothing wrong with madam.
- Are you a Malayali?
- Yes!
- Do you know Malayalam?
- I can manage.
You must know better, sir.
I know her personally.
But not professionally.
Madam is very professional.
- Vivek, carry on with your work.
- Okay, sir.
Are you enquiring about the management?
Only after she took over did students
and teachers behave decently.
The college is running on time!
Everything is functioning smoothly.
Only after she took over...
Tell me the truth!
She's not a human, sir.
She does not make a difference
between the staff and the students.
She tortures us all!
I heard the madam is very arrogant.
When you mentioned it,
my parents came down to see me.
I got scared thinking they were here
for my PTA meeting.
To be precise, she is...
What is it?
Head weight, sir!
I would say that's confidence.
She does not spare the staff...
- What is this?
- Nose cut, sir!
There must be a reason why she gets angry.
She does not respect men.
Ask me what this is.
She does not differentiate
between men and women.
No matter who it is, if they're wrong,
she'll straighten them up.
- I understood.
- Super, sir!
But it's not easy to understand her
like you understood this.
In simple words.
She's got a great attitude.
Hey, did you find any information?
Shruthi, we've been looking for him
for ten years now.
We have no idea where he went
and how he is.
You see, I meant to say...
The boy you are looking for
may have got married.
Or he must have a life of his own.
For God's sake, move on, Shruthi.
Why are you dancing?
Come on, sweep it well.
When you sweep,
the garbage should clear.
Instead, it keeps adding.
Don't you hear what I'm saying?
Why do you keep nagging that lady?
One day she's going to rip you apart.
Trust me.
She won't speak a word.
She won't speak to me.
You're being overconfident.
You get yelled at by your wife a lot.
I think you're reflecting on that
on this lady.
You're right!
Earlier, she used to fight and yell at me.
The whole community used to
observe the commotion.
She used to yell at me out of love.
But... nowadays she does not speak to me.
It's been years now!
It's been years?
I nag her every day, anticipating her
to yell at me.
Still, she does not speak to me.
What happened?
I killed my son!
After I finish my night duty...
I find it hard to sleep during the day.
So I take two pegs to sleep well.
My wife usually drops our son at school.
On that day, she was unwell.
She requested I drop him at school.
On my way to drop him off at school...
I... I was a little drunk...
I regained consciousness
after fifteen days.
They told me that my son had died
on the spot.
My son...
I killed my son!
Oh, God!
After that, I stopped drinking.
And she stopped talking to me.
I applied for work at the same place
as hers,
expecting her to talk one day.
But she ignores me all day.
Neither she speaks to me.
Twenty-two years have passed...
Don't cry, brother!
- She will talk to you.
- Do you think so?
When she talks to you,
you will jump with joy.
Hey, security!
Hey, what is it?
I called him.
Sir, he should be at the gate.
Sir, I'll take my leave.
Sorry, sir!
- Go to the gate.
- Okay, sir.
- What's wrong with you?
- He's supposed to be at the gate.
Sir, I've been looking for you everywhere,
and you're here smoking.
Sir, how can you smoke inside the college?
I'm stressed, so smoking!
Stress is making you smoke.
Do you smoke?
You see, earlier...
What is it?
I was a chain smoker!
What will do you
if you're tempted to smoke?
I have a remedy to overcome it.
I will take a deep breath!
If I do it, I won't feel like smoking.
Sir, why would you do that?
Sir, why would you do that?
It feels good!
Take another drag!
It's been a while since I smoked,
so feeling a bit dizzy.
I can make smoke rings!
- Shruthi madam is here.
- Are you serious?
Oh, God, no!
Did you speak to my sister?
Your sister yells at me
when I try to talk to her.
Only your sister knows
why she's being hostile to me.
But I know she's missing someone.
I don't think so.
I have a strong feeling about it.
What would you do
if she's missing someone?
If that is the case,
I will do whatever she wants.
I want to avoid unnecessary problems
during culturals.
I don't want girls and boys
to hang out together,
taking advantage of culturals.
Arya, I'm speaking to you.
- Coach Arya!
- Ma'am!
I don't want girls and boys
to hang out together,
taking advantage of culturals.
Sir, what's wrong with you?
She made it clear.
Stop talking!
- Coach Arya!
- Ma'am!
Oh, no, I spoke to a lady.
Here's a man.
So, I was saying...
Why can't boys and girls
speak to each other?
To avoid unnecessary problems.
What kind of problems?
I'm the deciding authority over here.
- What the hell is this?
- Sir, did not do anything.
- Sir, please don't beat me.
- People saw you.
- How dare you?
- Sir, please hear me out.
How dare you misbehave?
What happened?
Why are you beating him?
What would you do if a man entered
the ladies restroom?
Did you say he entered the
ladies restroom?
What nonsense?
This man has no other work.
Instead of staying at the gate,
he walks around the campus.
When we question him,
he runs away.
- Hold on! Stop beating him!
- What happened?
What happened?
Now I get why he was lurking
around the college.
But today, he got caught red-handed.
I was feeling dizzy, so I sat in a corner.
I was not able to work.
He must've done my work,
fearing I might lose the job.
Only if you say, we would know.
They won't let us speak.
If they don't like it, they mistreat them.
How do you expect them to speak?
You could have told them.
My Padma spoke to me!
Finally, Padma spoke to me.
- Padma spoke to me.
- Come on, let's go.
Son, Padma spoke to me.
Come on.
Let's go.
I did not do it on purpose.
No one believed me.
Padma spoke to me!
They don't let us speak.
If they don't like it, they mistreat them.
How do you expect them to speak?
- Ma...
- Ma'am, please come.
- Please sit down.
- It's okay. I will stand.
- I am sorry, Ma.
- Why are you apologizing?
- Please sit down.
- It's okay!
Please, I insist, sit down.
- I hope your husband is okay.
- He's doing well.
He'll return to work in two days.
Please don't ask me anything.
I will lean on your shoulder
for two minutes.
Let me tell you something
that you should know.
On that night, when you made the call,
Joe did not answer.
But his friend Santha attended the call.
You asked him to call off the wedding.
On that night,
he got sloshed during the party.
He had no clue what had happened
during the night.
He has been trying to talk to you about it.
But you have been avoiding him!
Boys and girls can dance together.
Don't invite your friends
from other colleges.
Listen, let's not do it.
Don't drink and enter college.
Let's drink!
It won't be nice if I drink
at my college.
Who said so? It's a good feeling
to drink at any college.
- Please forgive me.
- Shameless creature!
Do you remember the steps?
This is the main step.
Observe me!
During this step, lift your right leg.
During the next step, lift both your legs.
How's it?
How's it?
How's it?
How's it?
Look, Aishwarya Rai is going
to the office.
What are you doing over here?
Nothing, sir.
- Is Shruthi inside?
- Yes, sir.
What is the issue?
Shakthi and Renu were in love.
But now they have broken up.
When they were dating,
I think she sent him a private picture.
He's using it to black... mail...
Mom, I did not do it.
- Why did you come over here?
- Are you kidding me?
For God's sake, get out.
This does not concern you but Renu!
For God's sake, let me speak.
At first, you would've refused
to send a picture.
When it's a "No," it's a "No" all the way!
What made you trust him?
She had faith in him; hence she sent it.
Instead of questioning this lowlife
for blackmailing her...
Madam, mind your words!
How did you even trust him?
"We are going to get married."
"We are already husband and wife."
"This is common among couples."
Did he say these things
to get a picture?
When he asked you for
a compromising picture...
that explains he does not love you
but lusts you.
Can't you make a difference?
Mom, let's leave.
They're cornering me
as if I'm the only one at mistake.
As if she's innocent.
It's her who sent me the picture.
When a girl says she loves you
and trusts you.
You need to keep up the trust.
You should not take advantage.
How could I take advantage
without her giving me space?
Despite not being your fault,
you're afraid
is why he who committed the mistake
is at ease.
You should have taught what is wrong.
Give me your phone!
Give me your phone!
I said, give me your phone.
What's your password?
Give me your password!
What the hell have you done?
Why did you do it?
Why? Why?
Why are you crying?
Had you taught him to respect all women
like he respects his mother
this would've not happened.
Apologize to her!
Apologize to her!
Sorry, Renu!
Apologize to your mother.
Sorry mom!
Get out!
Ma'am, please take him away.
I'm sorry!
Stop crying!
Not just you...
your grandma, mother, even your sister
would've encountered men like him.
Do not let him turn you into
what he wanted you to be.
Take her away.
I need to talk to you.
I should have spoken to you long ago.
At least I should have let you speak.
- Sorry!
- Why are you apologizing?
- It's okay.
- No, it's not okay.
I insulted you without knowing
what happened.
Once I knew the truth,
I avoided a conversation with you.
I can no longer keep this from you.
There's another man in my life.
Don't say that you're going to
bring them together.
What else do you expect him to do?
He's being an idiot,
and you're supporting him.
Are you asking him to force a life
that she does not like?
- Please come.
- Come in.
This is for you.
Thank you, Ma!
Mom, where's Joe?
He was around.
Did you not see him?
- I did not.
- Ma!
- Hi, Ma!
- Where's Joe?
He's at the playground.
Shruthi, Joe asked me to bring you.
Do you know what became of the girl
that Joe loved?
Her family forced her to marry
another guy.
So she committed suicide.
It was a wrong decision.
Both you and Suchi were forced
to get married.
However, the way we deal
with the situation varies.
Suchi made a foolish decision.
Even now, when I think of it,
I get angry.
Initially, I was angry at you too.
Because you were stubborn,
and I was worried about Joe's plight.
Suchi hurt people who loved her dearly...
But your decision was far better than hers.
You do what you like.
Perhaps Joe wanted to give you
the life you desired.
I don't get it!
We can find the boy you're looking for.
Joe will find him!
Did Joe bring me here to find the boy?
When everyone around
could understand Joe...
Only Joe understood me!
But I never got Joe!
Do you recognize who it is?
It's him.
Go and speak to him.
No. I need to speak to you.
I understood.
We can talk later.
But first, go and meet him.
I, too, have faced a similar issue.
Do you love me?
Let go!
Slap him and come to me.
- Hey, tell me.
- Actually...
- Tell me how he is?
- I will tell you.
Please give me his name.
Come on.
Tell me!
Huh, Joe! Joe!
That's him!
A boy saved me!
- Hey, let go!
- Hey, what are you doing?
I love that boy, Joe!
Were you able to find him?
Any information on him?
Why did you not say anything?
If I had said it,
would you have believed me?
In your absence
My sky would close down
You will be my love forever
My heart has melted down,
My love
My thoughts have shrunk,
My love