Johan Falk: Kodnamn Lisa (2013) Movie Script

... meet my mother.
Life imprisonment
One informant
Drop the gun!
One informant
Johan Falk
Frank, wake up.
There's someone at the door.
- What?
- There's someone at the door.
Did you hear it?
It's okay.
There is not any.
- Shut up, how did you make me afraid.
- What is it?
- What?
- How long have you had this?
A couple of days.
I will not go unarmed,
when I have the whole udbetaiingen with me.
Was that how you spoke to the broker?
No, honey. I spoke very nicely.
You should have heard my French.
My darling, no.
My name is Frank.
- My dear ...
- My ... darling.
Darling ...
Stay there.
Mother, come!
Help me down!
I want down!
- Marie!
- Mom, come on!
Now we play stilleleg, Calle
Calle, come on.
- Mother.
- Heard of it? Upstairs. We go up.
Put him in it.
Good. Come on.
It's okay, I got you.
- Look to the right and left.
- Balcony.
Where are they?
The police can come
anytime. We go.
Walk around the car with mom.
Oh no ...
Is it the neighbor's cat again?
- We have adjusted the alarm.
- Yes.
Entrance door CAMERA 1
What the hell?
Come in.
- What is it?
- No, no, no. These are some friends.
It is Heln.
Frank, Marie, Calle.
Come on.
- You want something to drink?
- Give me that.
- What happened?
- Someone tried to kill us.
- I shot back.
- Not now, Nina. Why?
I do not know. I believe him, I
shot, was Russian. He lies there.
- Death?
- Yes, I think so.
I can not stay here.
Are you three years? So do you like it here.
The I liked when I was little.
May I give you socks?
I have informed Patrik.
We provided a motel room.
- You must go to Marie's apartment.
- It's enough already blocked off.
- Besides, I'm not a cop anymore.
- What?
I have filed
my resignation.
I left a bag with all of our
money. Our future is in it.
- Can I talk to you?
- Johan ...
What is it?
It is urgent. What is it?
Helen, I have to do it.
I owe it to him.
Is it good?
Yes, little Felix ...
You came first.
I had always thought
that l would come first in goals.
But no.
Want one?
Then you get another one. But it is enough,
Eilers you are so damn loud.
There you go.
Hell, you gotta help me.
Up ... such.
No! What the hell?
Have I got your attention?
- Have you been drinking so much?
- Son of a bitch.
What a tough guy.
Your second in command,
Frank Wagner, a police informer.
Jas? Fuck you!
It is your responsibility to inform
all your contacts about -
- Frank is a police informer.
- You bastard.
- Son of a bitch.
Make sure he stays sober!
- Do I have your full attention now?
- Yes, you have my attention!
There is a price on Wagner's head.
Kill him, -
- Or get your contacts to it,
and you pay.
Why should I obey
a bastard like you?
Seth Rydell
personal number 660621-0150.
Ex-girlfriend Natascha Elmborg,
mother of your four year old child.
After your little brother's death
would probably not more forvikiinger.
Let know that Seth Rydell will pay
at least half a million to the -
- That kill Frank Wagner.
I'll fucking
see some evidence.
Police in Vstra Gtaland
- Dick.
- Would you do me a favor?
If you want to check which company has
camera at the ATM?
- Hello.
- What are you doing here?
I would like to look at the apartment.
- What have you to do with it?
- I'm helping a friend.
With buttoned jacket
and hands in pockets.
It should go quickly.
- Who is that?
- I have no idea.
- Get so it is gone.
- Of course.
- Is there seized something?
- No, nothing've been thrown touched.
- Hello.
- Hello. Jrgensson.
Yes ...
- Thank you, Dick.
- Who's that friend?
- What do you think?
- I do not know.
Discovered Seth, he would head
me, but do not hire some Russians.
And we have not had anything
with Russians making long.
If Johan is not a cop anymore,
you should not contact your family?
- They hate me.
- We need help.
They are traffic cops.
They can do nothing.
And if it turns out I'm not
revealed, then I'm in trouble.
- Thank you. And the bag?
- It was not there.
- Do you know who this is?
- That's him, I whacked.
What do you think?
I have been revealed, right?
Yes, if you have not
Another theory.
- What else would it be?
- I do not know.
But there is something that's not right.
- Hello?
- Do you write papers about our meetings?
Yes, we always do.
But I write do not your name.
I write the code name I gave you.
But your fucking papers
is about to get me killed.
- What happened?
- You must destroy the damn papers.
- You need to get a handle on this now.
- What are you talking about? What happened?
Check if someone has got hold of the
damn papers you have written about me.
Code Name or not, I do not care.
Just do as I say, look dyke.
- You need to get a handle on it now.
- I promise, I'll have to check it.
Profile. Do you hear what I'm saying?
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, baby.
- When should we Liseberg?
- Eiler to Universeum?
- We can do both.
- We'll see.
What many plans you have. Jump into.
I'm sending this to the medical mission.
Then some other kids play with it.
- Hello.
- Hello.
On Wednesday, the on school trip
so they must have sandwiches with.
Or pancakes.
I know it well.
How does it feel to put work
from it a long weekend?
I have ... never said sorry.
Sorry. I was a huge idiot.
I was a ...
... a turd.
Have a good weekend.
- Mother?
- What happened?
It's the police! Drop the gun!
Fuck! Get in the car, girls!
Mother ...
Send an ambulance.
A police officer is shot.
- Frank knows all about us.
- Do not be so defeatist.
This might explain why
we never came up in the next class.
- Do we have things we need to move?
- No.
Frank does not know the new locations.
Now what we do here.
We go out and talk to all
and ask them to spread the word.
The whole town must know that the person who
Wagner shoots, gets half a million.
- Where do you get the money from?
- It's my problem.
It is important that in explaining them,
that we clear our own shit up.
Whatever they say,
it is us who have suffered the most.
- Not too?
- Yes. We'll fix that. Come on.
Everything in me says, "Go your way.
Leave him power of now. "
- I understand.
- Do you?
My life does not
shit without you.
- Sorry, but you have to see this.
- What is it? I ...
It is from shooting
the apartment on Kungsgatan.
But it is not something
Your department should take care of?
It's too mtieligt.
Look here, and you'll understand it.
These are images from an ATM
on the other side of the street.
And that ... Frank Wagner.
Is not he suspected
of police murder in Gothia Towers?
Exactly. Look at his hand.
A corpse, an armed Frank Wagner.
Same time, near the crime scene.
This is due to the investigation.
But I still believe that you should
show this to your department.
No. Try to see here.
This is 70 minutes later. Without
a machine further up the street.
It's Falk.
Therefore, you have the right,
not my department.
You should also know that Falk said
to me that he helped a friend.
Now you see.
It's Frank Wagner.
I do not know, but ...
It's a little uncomfortable.
What the hell do we do now?
We do what we always do.
We do our job.
Send from witness protection. Tell
management who codename Lisa is.
We must act,
as if Frank has been revealed.
Drag your resignation back.
You are crucial as Franks contact.
No, it's not going to happen.
I is only responsible for Frank.
Send a witness protection
I send a text message with the address.
Do we know if he is revealed or can
it may be a criminal showdown?
It can Sophie find out.
- She has the day off.
- You must show that we are behind him now.
Yes, I talk to Sthlgren.
Just a minute, Johan.
Sophie's been shot.
She is alive but unconscious.
They say that it's serious.
- Where is she?
- At Sahlgrenska.
- Come on.
- I'll call you later.
A colleague from GSI has been shot.
It can not be a coincidence.
I must leave immediately.
Do not wait for witness protection.
Go ahead.
- How? We have no money.
- What is most important? Go ahead.
We do not know if I revealed.
If I have it, we must have money.
Okay. I need to check something.
I'll be back.
Well, keep me informed about everything.
- Hanging shot episodes together?
- We do not know.
It was Patrik Agrell from GSI.
Frank Wagner has worked for us
as infiltrator for six years.
Wagner is code named Lisa.
Johan Falk is his contact.
But Wagner's suspected of
having shot one of Falk's colleagues.
According to Agrell is it just a rumor
which GSI has created.
Falk and Wagner has developed something
which is more than purely professionally.
Hey, it's Sophie. I can not
pick up the phone but please leave a message.
Sophie, damn. Call now to me.
Dyke was said
with love and respect.
I need to know
what it says in the papers. Ring.
- How are you?
- Jo ...
The fucking stick!
Seth, your ok
the pimp.
Therefore, I will pay it as
necks him. How shit I'm on.
- You're going to be accountable.
- I is not accountable for anything.
But you were perhaps a little tentative
Values ??of Frank Wagner's head.
Or should I tell you will not?
What message would it send?
100,000 to that necks him.
- Yes?
- It's your contact Johan Falk.
Sophie's been shot.
Say a place where we can meet.
- Who has shot Sophie?
- Why chase the Wagner?
- He has given half of the city.
- It is you who is a police informer.
I have givetjer three fucking tip.
He has worked for you for several years.
- Drop it. How did Sophie it?
- How do you know?
You keep your mouth shut and listen to me.
She promised to dispose of
with the papers about me.
- But now you must do it.
- Stop it. You need me now.
Why do you know that Wagner
has worked for us for several years?
I've seen the papers. Not mine,
but those in've written about Wagner.
Sounds codename Lisa familiar?
With police stamp and all this shit.
So now you must leave me in peace.
And you dispose of
with my papers. Ready.
- It is Helen.
- Hey, it's me.
- I just wanted to ask if everything is okay.
- How are you?
I thought ...
Yes, I ...
I do not know anything.
- Only that it is critical.
- She is strong.
- She'll be fine.
- I know.
I know it's a bad time,
but can you give me a description?
Yes, he was wearing ...
... balaclava and dark clothing.
How some military pants.
With pockets on the legs.
You take care of the girls.
So we take care of the other.
How does that work?
Signal inertia is almost identical
with the body in the apartment.
If they are more,
it's a gang.
If it's a gang, then they should
vei be on your hate list?
Stop it.
Not if they are from Eastern Europe.
We must look at all cases
with Eastern Europeans.
Law Firm Fredrixon.
Hello. Fredrixon.
I have a time in the archive.
Just a moment please.
Lawyer Fredrixon are here.
Her condition is not stable.
They operated her as we drove.
- What about Roger and the kids?
- They are shocked.
But it is released.
It is 100% confirmed.
Seth Rydell read
our alerts.
- How the hell is that possible?
- Check the cases Lisa is involved in.
Who has read the papers
and downloaded them in the archive.
I am now convinced that Seth is not
is behind the shooting of Sophie.
He is the common denominator.
First head Frank -
- And his own contact
as a precaution.
But I do not think anymore.
- We must take our precautions.
- I have already done.
I inform the other
and check it with the archive.
- Hello. Fredrixon.
- Hello.
- You would pick up some documents?
- I have a copy of the decision here.
Yes. Feasibility studies
and its buzz.
- It's quite a few boxes.
- Yes.
It is marked secret,
but you have no bag with you.
Wait here, I'll get it.
Hanna Pansar,
I work in witness protection.
- Eva Sthlgren, criminal police chief.
- GSI is part of the police chief.
- I ensure that everything goes properly.
- Hello.
- Was it safe, you were revealed?
- It's safe now.
Okay. First I will review
all formalities -
- So we understand each other.
Witness protection is under contract
so I have two contracts with here.
Frank, read it here.
We choose a place to live for you.
We'll get new numbers and names.
Police cover all costs, but
there are some obligations.
i shall not have any contact with
family, friends or other acquaintances.
No access to a telephone or
Internet or through the media.
Crashing In the agreement, highlighted the contract.
So we protect you not.
Restricted freedom of movement ...
What the hell are you talking about?
It is to laugh. I've put my life
at stake, and so is your offer?
The contract corresponds to
being incapacitated.
I know it seems hard,
but it is a big transition.
It's fucking ridiculous.
What the hell?
Wait a minute. Listen.
All we need is
new identities and financial help.
- So we can just disappear.
- It is unfortunately not.
You can not just disappear.
You are suspected of murder.
If the do not go into the program,
then we arrest you.
The condo was self-defense.
- It is the investigators investigate.
- Those who stand outside waiting for?
What the hell are you doing?
You lie you into my source!
He has done more good than you have
done throughout your desk career.
If the arresting him now -
- He will be found hanged in
a cell or in jail. Are you in?
- Why did not you?
- He will be called.
Then we all Eastern European cases
including the Balkans and Finland. Departure.
- That's it. Thank you.
- Good luck.
Someone is going to head him.
It might as well be you.
Half of the organization
sitting inside because of him.
We necks him.
He is a living death.
Spread the word on your clubs.
Someone will squeal.
500,000 to the person who makes it.
It's damn much money.
- Maybe you should even fledgling little.
- I just need to accept it from above.
Greet Vijay and say that I regret.
But it can happen to even the best.
See you.
Now half of the city,
Frank is a st safety.
So the whole country it within one hour.
I never thought
I'd see the faces again.
- These are some heavy hitters.
- The harder they sweep on the ass.
Try to see.
What the hell?
Continue in. I need to talk
with our senior lawyer.
- Hey, Patrik.
- Hello.
- Do you ... Johan ...
- Yes?
- What is it?
- The car from the motel.
They hope we lead them to Frank.
So you have to keep
a professional dist ance to him.
Fine. So I know it.
St hlgren threatened to arrest Frank.
It's all gone to hell.
Frank ran. I'm being followed
of a car. Make sure to get it removed.
Department of coarse kriminalit a
just had a hold of me.
I must keep
a professional dist ance to you.
I protect a criminal?
Something like that.
You are minutes ter from being arrested.
Frank Wagner is wanted for murder.
What's worse, I have an idea,
how the information was leaked.
If correct,
so are all our informants at risk.
Call when you know more.
- Hello?
- I'm in the car.
Marie and Calle are with me.
How are you?
Inside the city. I have to raise money,
when the police will not help.
- I have to rob a bank or something.
- No, stay off the streets.
What the hell do I do?
- It was Lill-Tompa and timmes.
- So they you?
- I think not.
- Listen. You are called for.
The arrest me
to protect a criminal.
So I might as well
commit a bank robbery.
Your fucking snitch.
Take him!
Give it to me before I necks you.
- What is it?
- We were interrupted.
You have a lawyer access
gossip in GSI `s studies.
Quite Conformity to emmelse
with the law on secrecy stamping.
Without checking with us first?
- I do not check with you.
- You are the police's chief lawyer.
If you provide all damage you
police and those who work for us.
You've got it all.
Taxpayers pay us
to defend their interests.
You big fool. Now it's here
out in Gothenburg underworld.
There are not many taxpayers.
Our best infiltrator is revealed.
Your name is on the agreement.
You approved it. Why?
Have you heard about
public law?
Everyone has the right to read
it here. Up to and including lawyers.
But it is marked secret.
Have you taken over principle
right, foolish decisions?
Yes. Lawyer Fredrixon are here today
to undergo aII this ...
- Where's lawyer Fredrixon?
- He went a few minutes ago.
I understand why Johan protects
Wagner. I myself have worked in GSI.
Okay. Yes, that's fine.
Police Complaints Board decided.
Our boys need to take care of this.
We need to investigate
the shooting of a police officer -
- And then my boys
spend time on a bunch of crap ...
- I know it well.
- We are wasting time and resources on it.
Then call them.
- The Donald.
- Jrgensen. Following in the Falk?
Yes, and Wagner is not here.
We've got new orders. He suspected
to protect a criminal.
What the hell?
Okay. Wait until he stops here.
I'll call you.
- What do you do?
- Wait here.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Want something?
- We can talk there.
Is it necessary?
Can we talk here?
- Police Complaints want to talk to you.
- I have passengers in the car.
You may run with us.
Otherwise, you can put them off.
Okay, I just need to get my stuff.
What's he doing?
What the hell? Fuck!
What the hell is he doing?
Damn it to hell.
Satan shit!
What are you doing now?
The Estonian police have recognized body,
so we remove all the extraneous.
Russian iejemorder
residing in Estonia.
A very loyal friend. He
worked shown for Andrej Dudayev.
I begin to understand,
how this is related.
Lill-Gnistan and Annica, I must go now.
It's nothing personal,
but because of the civil servants. Go home.
Turn off the gps `s in all of our cars.
Start with Johan.
- Where is Marie and Calle?
- At Scandic Crown.
This time, we say it is not
to anyone. Forget it with money.
Listen ...
I have 9-10000 you can get.
Thank you, Johan.
It's perfect.
Then I can just pull me back
and perhaps open a hotel chain.
On the Riviera.
I also have a helicopter.
That's the plan. I must meet
Frank and Johan and brief them.
I will help them,
but it is illegal.
If you do not feel comfortable with it,
you should be here in the office.
- I had even done previously.
- I trust you, Patrik.
No, I will not be seeking it here.
I'll stay here in the office.
If police lawyers not
can protect our informants, -
- We might as well drop his pants
and bend us forward for the pigs.
So I'm on. I see.
I know what I must do.
I would have liked you,
but you do what is right.
Check how it goes with Sophie.
- What's this I hear about Frank?
- You're his uncle? Ove?
It's okay.
I have heard that Frank works for you.
Has he ever been delinquent?
And now I hear,
that the pigs will not help him now.
- Instead, he called for.
- You've heard almost right.
Management is not on his side, but we
working with him, helping him.
I understand you're angry.
I have kept silent about it for so long,
so why should I believe you?
You can ask him yourself.
Do you want to?
- And no file number?
- No, it is located in one of the boxes.
- Some of our old cases.
- Godfather.
A single note at 3-400 boxes.
- How many weeks in?
- Will you help us?
- No, my coffee gets cold.
- Yes, it may not happen. Come on.
I am looking for Agrell.
- He's out.
- Everyone is out.
You must help me.
Falk protect a suspected murderer.
I must get hold of Patrik,
otherwise it goes completely to hell.
- He's out.
- He's out?
That's all I know.
Thank you.
I'm sorry for all the crap
we have been saying all these years.
I probably said something worse.
- Thank you to have kept him alive.
- It is he very well though.
- What about Christian?
- I can not get hold of him.
Maybe he's at the station.
Our Estonian colleagues
Unrecognized body.
An assassin working for
the Estonian-Russian mafia, Karayan.
Over there is zero. Three years
since we shot a robber over there.
The assassin,
that you took care of this morning -
- Worked for Karayans ringleader,
Andrej Dudayev.
Big Brother Alex Dudayev, who
we shot. Head of Karayan in Sweden.
- The person who shot the boss's little brother ...
- It was Sophie.
Frank has done business with Alex
and informed us.
Can you reveal a infiltrator
like that?
No, but we've taken Heads
for Karayan in Sweden several times.
Then they will know
why we are so successful.
We have a receipt.
Signed by attorney Fredrixon, -
- Who has represented
some of Karayans men.
Fredrixon has ist gossip in all
feasibility studies, code named Lisa in.
- Gossip?
- The material is not presented.
As no one knows exists,
unless you go in the archive.
If you are a little clever,
that lawyers should be -
- You might figure out
who Lisa is.
- By going through it all.
- If he can just look at it?
Often found the informant's name
only on a paper in each case.
One must compare Cases
and find a common denominator.
By process of elimination you can
so find out who is Lisa.
But it is a huge puzzle.
You can not clear the archive.
He must have copied it.
- It is a breach of confidentiality.
- We can not prove.
What would Seth Rydell do?
He also read our papers.
He's probably gone with Karayan.
It serves he's probably good money.
Call Christian again.
Was Alex Dudayev not
former intelligence officer?
according to Estonian police consists
half of Karayan of the sort.
People who are not nationals and
lost the job when the Russians left.
Ove Wagner again. His maternal uncle.
Come on, uncle.
Andrej Dudayev has worked in the GRU,
Military Intelligence.
Is it not likely
to Fredrixon entrusted -
- Collecting material while
intelligence people through it.
You have called Christian.
Leave a message.
- Has he responded to your call?
- Yes, the first time.
- When?
- This morning.
- Does he generally does not respond?
- It is very strange.
- What are you doing?
- We drive.
- Mobile died.
- It is the battery.
It does not last as long,
when you're favoring a hidden line open.
Or they are not stupid.
Take my car to the hotel.
They may have been software
in your mobile via Christians mobile.
- But then they have the ...
- Taken Christian.
What do we do? It's his brother.
Maybe it's enough.
Al respect for your dead brother,
but a brother to a brother.
It's not enough. Should we signal
that we did not finish what we start?
No, we're going to complete
it all. At the masks.
Bye, Christian Wagner.
When I write reports,
user only code names, right?
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Have you found the notification yet?
We're closing. Have you found it?
It's hopeless.
- We'll fix it after the weekend.
- Okay.
Now you begin to think
like a real cop.
- Do you have it all?
- Yes, all our.
But all the other departments
're sitting ducks.
We can not win all the matches today.
I would like to talk about Sophie.
- Alone or do the girls?
- It's probably best for everyone attending.
We can talk in my office.
Falk from GSL.
- They are gone.
- How are you?
He must get away from here as soon as possible.
Can you go yourself?
There is still no
that follows.
- Just go.
- To the right of a precaution.
No ... Not a thing.
It is very strange.
It's their big chance.
- Did you check under the car?
- In the car, under the car, everywhere.
There is a legend.
Just drive me to Frank.
I need to speak with Frank now.
Did they tell you?
I know
that you work for the police.
I wish I had known three years
ago, so mother had been told.
- What have they done to you?
- I thought they would kill me.
They asked me to tell you something
They have mapped all of us.
You. They have everything.
They know where our children go to school,
where our wives are working.
If you do not appear,
they will get at you in other ways.
And they do not stop,
before they succeed.
They have emptied my apartment for
addresses, pictures, photo albums, camera.
Beware, mobile, everything. Even banknotes
with children's friends' phone numbers.
I called Liselotte.
She is so scared. She just cried.
They said,
they will start with my family.
Christian ...
I'll do it here.
Do you hear?
I'll do it here.
Frank, wait a minute.
- We'll fix it.
- What the hell do you fix?
What the hell do you fix?
Want to write a few more papers
that anyone can read?
You've ruined it all.
You have ruined my life.
You've ruined Marie's life.
You have destroyed Calles life.
It's all ruined.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
I'll Never on ever
see you again.
- How are you?
- One of the cars is seen. NI is coming.
Well, when I turn to?
They strike on 15 minutes. They know
that can be operated and civilians.
Think it's suicide.
Seth is the only connection
to Karayan.
We can not wait until it passes.
What will you do?
What would you say to him?
He'll kill you.
We are running away.
Sticks of ...
My family's here.
And we will never be able to relax.
We will never fie us safe,
so long as the pig is here.
If something happens to me now ...
No, listen.
Look at me.
If something happens to me now ...
... so should I just continue. Jo.
You just travel.
If you do not hear from me
within two hours, -
- Then you take Calle,
You will go.
I love you.
I love you so much.
We have a problem.
Why the hell have we not thought
on it? There is the backup of this.
There are backups of all these files in
the digital records. How stupid.
So lawyers can also
grab them that way?
As long as they file number.
I do not have access. Do you?
It is the design project managers
and investigators who have access.
Then try to do it,
we talked about, okay?
Mother ... Mother ...
Want to tell us something?
I might tell something ...
... who will do
when she gets home.
Will not you tell that it was you,
who saved her?
Right now, I think
she'll hear your voices.
Johan Falk live simply but nicely.
Get ready. We strike.
Moving on.
Roland similar admittedly
Skipper Snot Finger quite a bit.
"Take it easy," said the girl
with braids. Zan ...
You must ... If mom says it ...
Stick to mom all the time,
then it's all okay.
Are they okay?
I'm just going with these guys,
and then I'll come as fast as I can.
- Where is he?
- He's gone.
- When did he go?
- It's your fault. Go now.
Get out!
Frank has bolted. Ham Fredrixon
rolls around with our papers.
I put a stop
the fucking mafia lawyer.
The alarm has gone by the front door.
Someone has broken into.
- How are you?
- It is very uncomfortable.
It is NI.
The national task force.
- Kitchen guaranteed!
- Living proof!
- Why is Ni broken in with us?
- Has something happened?
They probably found the car, Frank came in.
It's probably been reported stolen.
Bill is with us now.
- We booked a room more.
- Good.
Police looking for Wagner.
So he's still out there.
He is still our top priority.
Thank you.
Yes, the villa was empty.
I told you.
Johan will of course not let his
family be involved in this.
What are we doing?
- I have already said no.
- But it all depends on you now.
I was not operated for
to delete public documents.
I'm on Johan's side, but he is
not even in service anymore.
- But you have been investigating.
- I know what you have going in.
It is not a game.
in breaking the law.
Sophie is in the hospital.
It's all just completely wrong.
Okay. Well, it's all
completely wrong.
The only thing going up in is Sophie.
I go up to the pigs shot her.
They shot her in the street
the eyes of her daughters.
Johan is out there
and need help.
We're just sitting here like idiots,
and you say that it's all wrong.
I do not understand
why you will not do anything.
You will not delete anything, Vidar.
You swap just about the record numbers.
We find a closed case and moves
all the digital documents over.
They do not disappear
and will not be deleted.
No one will only ever
could find them.
The shooting of Sophie North.
The phones keep ringing.
It's a bad time to go on.
We have no theories about
why she was shot.
Let Sthlgren handle it.
She says she is busy
to find the head of GSI.
No one knows where they are.
You are the only one
that can handle this.
The officer was shot several times.
The wounded officer's condition
would be serious.
We have no money for the restaurant.
We can not meet you.
I'm sorry. I'll call you back.
Despite the heavy
night and morning in Gothenburg -
- The police management
There are no comments.
But Police Chief
Lena Tornell -
- Holds a press conference
about the events.
Vijay approves 200,000.
- Have you heard anything?
- No, but anyone knows where he is.
- Sorry, it looks like a pigsty.
- Do you spend wisely.
So it is now.
What an ugly bag.
- There are more than 200,000.
- There are actually 500,000.
We clean up after yourself.
- I've messed up!
- It is you who have fucked you!
I salute the way from Vijay.
He got 10 years!
No, let it sit.
- Your fucking snitch.
- Yes, I'm a fucking snitch.
Come on.
Hold this. Wait here.
- They have several informants.
- Bye, Dad.
You can even see
in the new documents.
I send them over a secure line.
Well, and if I need to check
other cases ...
Can I call you back?
What are you doing here?
Do you know
why we tolerate your kind?
Because I just fit your work.
But you have gone too far.
Now there shall be no rules anymore.
I have not done anything.
Oh, damn it!
You can not prove anything
with a stolen mobile phone.
I give a shit about evidence.
What the hell are you doing?
- What the hell have you done?
- I have not been here.
You're crazy.
- You have to press hard.
- Fuck, man.
Share Russians.
- Tell the Russians.
- Why the hell would I do that?
Because it determines whether I'll drop you off
at a hospital or in a ditch.
There is a lot of money
in this case. A lot of money.
I do not take them.
I'll let you keep them.
Although I desperately need them.
Think of what it will mean to you.
I have never done anything
that has been directed at you.
Everything I've done has been
against your competitors.
You will aliigevel ... you will ...
never could find them.
Why not?
Because they drive around in a car.
- What kind of car?
- With sleeping bags and canned goods.
A black van.
A Chevrolet. An older model.
I do not fucking.
- How many are they?
- I do not know. Four or five pieces.
- That's me. Where are you?
- On the outskirts of the city.
- So you're alive.
- For several hours at least.
Russians run in a variety
Chevrolet van, an older model.
They have no fixed location,
so we must try to take them.
- Collect them you trust the most.
- It will not be many.
- No. Meet me at the concert hall.
- Okay, I'll brief the others.
I can only say that we methodically
work through the material.
We go from door to door in the area.
An extensive technical work.
The traditional policing
will determine what happened.
We will do everything
to get to the bottom of this.
Are you sure it's a coincidence?
There have been several shootings
and a murder in the city.
We exclude nothing.
I must go back. Further questions
answered by my press spokesman.
I did not ask,
if you exclude anything ...
This is way off track.
We will search for clues.
If it is now organized,
and there are shootings throughout the city -
- Have you a plan for
protecting offentiigheden?
We do not give us with speculations
but investigating this matter thoroughly.
You are Erik Berg, right?
Hello. I know you.
- I work in the law.
- Oh well. in section two?
During alderman Wallenberg.
I have read your articles
about police informants.
- Do you have time to talk a little?
- Yes.
Thank you for standing for.
Especially Lasse, who is old GSi `is.
We do not have approval from the management,
not even unofficially.
They find out,
we have spoken with Wagner or Johan -
- We get the Police Complaints Board on the neck.
Is this the work Elier what?
- No, I'm sick.
- I'm on my time off.
But if something happens,
as we enter immediately into service.
Frank'll never survive this.
We do like this.
STlLLE OF THE COUR Unlikely many reports
on a moped robbery I must say.
- We should just ...
- It's okay. Continue In just.
Do what you do best. If no
make a fuss, so please direct them to me.
What the hell was that about?
- Who is it?
- It's Niklas. He's good.
What I said earlier, it was ...
Are you sure about this?
If the bag is ...
... so give it to Marie.
- Do you want him to die?
- Who are you?
Lisa's boyfriend. It is our son.
Why do you help him?
- We must first know what has happened.
- At the expense of his life?
We only need new identities.
Give us a chance.
Murderers must serve their sentences.
Armed men
entered the apartment.
Frank defended us.
If he is innocent,
He has nothing to be afraid of.
Treats In all,
working for the police, how?
Have you wondered why
we live under a death threat?
Answer me! Is it our fault?
He works for you!
It is your responsibility!
Guess who I just saw.
Half a million on two legs.
A friend at Kungsgatan have seen Wagner.
He is heading for North Stan.
See now picking up speed.
- Wagner are Kungsportsplatsen.
- We must not let him get away from us.
Others are looking for the reward.
Two shots to the head should be enough.
He can not get away from us.
There is the informer!
I can see him. Yes.
Two shots to the head should be enough.
- Here they come.
- We necks him inside the toilet.
You bastard, Wagner.
Now necks we need you!
Stand still, Frank Wagner!
Moving on! Moving on!
Come on!
Hey! Back! Back!
Let him kill the pig!
Could not have
waited a little longer?
- Have you seen the Russians?
- I saw them on the other side.
- Shit!
- Beware!
Give me the gun!
Lasse van.
Turn on the laser.
There. Nak is a bitch.
Hands over your head!
Frank, I'm out on seven to eight years.
So I'll fry you and your family.
Connector of Frank. Connector of.
Connector of!
Connector of.
81-54, how long does
it take you to get there?
I can be there in four minutes.
Do you want to drive me home?
I think my car is stolen.
Is it really you?
Shall we go and bathe now?
After all these years ... and aile the pigs
I've had around me ...
... Should I lie here alone
with a cop.
How it ends
for most thugs.
Their only fixed point
is the cop who followed them.
What do you want?
I do not know.
Vstra Gtaland
for five years, I have worked
the police in Vstr a Gtaland, -
- See Annex 1 on signed and
tasks performed by the code name Lisa.
Now I am uncovered and live on the run
with a pr ice on my head.
Hvisjeg was revealed, I thought,
police management would help me.
Have you wondered why
we live under a death threat?
Answer me! Is it our fault?
He ar works for you!
It is your responsibility!
I thought I would get help
but that did not happen.
I have a closer look at the nemmelsen,
that police management would see me dead.
Despite the police's own lawyer
has exposed me to a lawyer.
- You must come with us to the station.
- What is it, Dad?
Sitting in and doing nothing it when there is still
are bandits out there? Getting Started.
As we live with our
old names and social security numbers, -
- We aging r ig come to
to live an ordinary life.
My son can not go to kindergarten should
or school. We are lawless.
The future disclosed civilians
recruited as police agents, not about.
The only thing that is important for us
is to be a normal family.
It's not about money.
It's about the police and the
politicians take responsibility.
They just give us
family, an honest chance.
It feels like living in a vacuum.
One can either proceed
or back.
It feels as if time stands still.
Police have given me the impression -
- That if I was exposed, or
when I had to pull me back -
- Then they would take care of me
and help in every way.
Which has not happened.
I think we have moved
17 or 19 times.
It is the seventh time
I change my identity.
It's hard not to interfere
them together and stupid.
That, for example, will
to write a different name.
And the big problem is,
that my son can not go to school -
- Or be patient with a doctor
and so on.
So one has to be suspicious
in respect of all the whole time.
And it's hard. The question is:
how long you can endure it.
One day I come to
that stupid me and reveal myself -
- And then there is someone
that takes me -
- And then I
hopefully shot.
The alternative seems more
painful than being shot.
In principle I try to live
as a witness-protection program.
You have to change all your habits.
You can not have any habits.
On an ordinary day
you stand up and eat breakfast.
Playing perhaps his son.
So you need to know
the playground you have to go on.
It's a little hard
to explain to a child -
- Why one should go by train
one day and by bus the next -
- Or by subway or car.
Man has always checked the car,
before starting it.
A child found
it's fun at first -
- But when you do it every day,
they begin to consider why.
Had I known it would end like this
here, I would have never made it.
To be honest, I was
I probably quite naive and young and stupid -
- For the price I pay is ...
... incredibly high.
Translation: Louise Munk Standard
Scandinavian Text Service 2013
But of Peter's story, so ...
What ... like ...
We talked about it earlier.
There is approximately 75-80%, which is true,
has happened, and 30% ...
I said to Joel,
that l had full confidence in him.
That what he does is good.
- It's only me who has to be you.
- Yes, actually.