John Day (2013) Movie Script

I never imagined you would come.
How did you manage? - Don't ask.
I made an excuse that it's
a college educational tour.
Yet, dad was reluctant.
But somehow I managed
to convince him.
Trust me. It's a really nice place.
Really? - Yeah.
Wow! It's beautiful.
Now do you see"
...why I was saying
no for Lonavla and Khandala?
Whose property is this?
Nikhil. - Who?
Saby's friend Nikhil.
It's his uncle's property.
They come here sometimes on a holiday.
The entire property?
No. Only up till here.
The property on the
other side of the fence..
"Belongs to someone else.
Some Casablanca.
By the way not a bad choice.
Sometimes dad's expectations scare me.
You know.
He was the best
footballer of his time.
He was the striker for Churchill Club.
When his dad passed away"
The family responsibility.
He had to leave everything.
...and take up a job in a bank.
But you should see
the glow on his face"
...when he sees me play.
Do you know,
I can do anything for papa.
I just want to see him happy.
I owe him that much.
If he hadn't adopted me..
I don't know where I would be.
Can I ask you something?
Just promise me you won't say no.
Will you please swim
with me in that lake?
I can't believe I lied at home,
put up a scene" come with a duffer like you.
I am done.
I'm super tired.
Come on. Don't be a spoil-span.
I'll see you inside, okay.
Come on.
Come back.
Come fast.
You will miss me.
Let us pray. Lord Jesus Christ.
The three days you laid in the tomb.
You made holy the graves
of all those who believed in you.
And even though their
bodies lay in the earth..
...they trust that they,
like you will rise again.
Given our sister Pearl
rests in this grave.
Until that you,
the resurrection and the life..
...will raise her up in glory.
There she may be in the light
of your presence, Lord Jesus.
And the kingdom where
you live forever and ever.
Since Almighty God
called our sister Pearl..
...from this life to himself.
We commit her body to the
earth from which it was made.
Christ was the first
to rise from the dead.
And we know that He will
raise up our mortal bodies" be like his in glory.
We commend our sister
Pearl to the Lord.
May the Lord receive
her into His peace"
...and raise up her body
from the last day.
Wouldn't this Christmas
tree look better..
...If we put up lights?
Yes, Prakash.
- Hi, John. How's it going?
Good. How are you?
As usual, cooking.
Cooking up stories. - Good morning.
I called to remind you..
- Hi, Prakash.
Remember about this evening? - What?
What about this evening?
It's my wedding anniversary,
you forgot again.
No, no, no..
I remember. I do.
I can tell that you do.
Look, John. No ditching this time.
You and Maria have to come.
- Yeah, we will try.
There's no trying.
Come on.
We haven't met for so long.
You guys are coming, sharp 8 o'clock.
That's it.
Some relations are so strange.
Can't believe they have survived
25 years with all their fights
Today's their anniversary.
They've invited us.
Maria, I think we should go.
I think we should go.
I really think we should go.
Maria, please.
Don't do this to yourself.
It's been two years,
you haven't stepped out of home.
You never meet anyone.
Come on, let's go over to Prakash's.
Maybe you will feel better.
I had a dream last night.
The same one again.
It was my fault.
It was my fault. - Come on.
I shouldn't have let her go.
- Come on.
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
How long are you going
to torture yourself like this?
It was not your fault.
It was not your fault.
It was God's will.
She's gone. But we're alive.
We should be grateful.
We're alive.
We should have faith in God.
Have faith in God and then
He treats you like sht. - No.
No, don't say that.
Listen, I've to go.
I'll be back by 6:30.
7 o'clock.
7 o'clock. We're leaving.
We're going that's final.
Put on a nice dress, okay.
Red colour or something.
Bye. Love you.
Good morning, ma'am.
Courier for Mr. John Day.
Thank you.
Excuse me, madam.
Can I get a glass of drinking water, please?
Mr. Ghosh, I am really sorry.
This is not possible.
Sir, everything's possible.
The market takes 2%, you can take 4%.
Mr. Ghosh!
You're an old customer of our bank.
You shouldn't be saying things like this.
Look, everything lies in your hands.
You can benefit from this too"
- Please leave.
Otherwise I will have to call the police.
And I don't want to do that.
And next time don't come to me..
...with such fraudulent,
disgusting proposals.
Yeah, Maria.
- Your wife's been tied on your bed.
She's in my captive.
Who the hell are you?
Who is speaking? - Osama Bin Laden.
Did that make a difference?
What do you want?
My accomplice will come see you. Sandy.
He'll tell you what you need to do.
Hello. Hello.
I want to talk to Maria, please.
Good afternoon, sir.
Hand me the JK Enterprises file.
Here, sir. - Thanks.
I think its me you are waiting for.
I am Sandy.
It's time for you to make the call.
Yes, you can all leave.
I'm busy with something. I'll lock up.
Mr. John Day. Shall we begin?
I'll have to do it, madam.
What to do?
You've seen my face.
How are you, ACP sir?
Why haven't you done Khan sir's job yet?
Look, sir.
You know... new mayor.
New members of the urban commission.
New risk.
So I want new payment as well.
I've a simple code.
Take bribe honestly.
And do your job honestly.
Anyway Khan sir isn't paying
from his own pocket.
Al hunain are very rich.
Don't feel bad.
I am a big man, with big hunger..
...and a bigger stomach.
Take my advice,
and grow your hunger as well.
You've a valid point.
How about some 'Biryani'?
What are you doing?
Aren't you eating? - I'm fasting today.
It's Thursday.
You're 50..
No, I..
Enough. I am full.
My stomach's full.
Sir. Did the 'Biryani'
make you change your mind?
Go on, eat it.
This is for you.
No, sir.
My stomach's full.
So soon?
You just said "Big man,
with a big stomach, bigger hunger".
This is for me. - Only for you.
Just two spoons. That's it.
Last two. - No, sir. I'm full.
I said...two more spoons.
Come on, finish it.
I'm not supposed to eat oily food.
Come on.
Let's have sweets. Of your choice.
Eat it.
Eat it..
Look, Gautam"
Water! Water!
Restrict yourself
to lentil and rice, Wagle.
'Biryani' doesn't suit you.
Situated in Mumbai city's Chembur area..
...Royal Citizen Cooperative Bank
was robbed last night.
No one knows how and when
the robbery was committed.
According to sources,
when the security personnel's..
...opened the bank in the morning..
"They found the bank manager..
...and the guard injured.
The police are conducting
their investigation.
"But they haven't found a clue yet.
It's clear that,
the hoodlums in the city..
...managed to give the police
and the administration the slip.
We discussed this matter..
...with the Joint Commissioner of Police"
"Semen Mishra and he said"
Please, sir. You cannot come inside.
This is the ICU. - I..
I'm her husband. -I understand.
I just want to see her.
What has happened to her?
- Please don't disturb her.
What has happened to her?
Brain's severely damaged.
She's in a state of coma.
The police said it was a minor injury.
Maria.. - Please don't touch her.
Don't disturb her.
- But..
She can hear, she can see"
"but she cannot respond.
She can hear me?
Please don't touch her.
Please don't disturb her. - Maria.
Please, sir.
Mr. John, please.
I just want to talk"
- Don't disturb her. Please, sir.
Come, sir. Please. Mr. John.
Maria. - Please, sir.
We're trying our best.
Maria, I'm here. - Sir, please.
Maria, I'm here.
Sir, please don't disturb her.
I'm very sorry, Mr. John.
I know this isn't the time"
"but I'll have to ask
you some routine questions.
Now? - I am sorry.
Did you see any of the robbers?
Anything that you remember?
Any mark on the face?
Any cut? Any mark?
Any evidence that
can help us nab them?
L.. - I am sorry, Mr.
John, but you can't go home.
Why? - It's a crime-scene"
...and it's not safe enough for you.
Okay, I...will stay here..
- You cannot stay here.
Mr. John, I am so sorry. Please.
- What am I supposed to do?
Why don't you check into a hotel?
I'll take you to my friend's hotel.
I'll ask you the rest of the questions there.
I am so sorry, Mr. John. Please.
Come. Please.
Do you have any clue what's going on?
What's going on?
You don't know because" always you're drunk.
How many times do I have to tell you?
Bch! Don't you get it?
I got a call from
the bank this morning.
They were saying something
about a bank-robbery.
I don't remember clearly.
I was way too drunk.
I wasn't in my senses.
If you want to live, stop drinking.
What's the point of staying alive?
To be scared every moment"
"that one day you will leave me,
like everyone else.
You will leave me, Gautam, right?
You're lying. You're lying.
Do you love me?
Don't start your crap"
Say you love me.
You love me, don't you?
J ust say it..
Bch! Why did I
save you from the drug scam?
I should've let you rot in jail.
You still haven't
answered my question.
Now listen to me clearly.
You have to go to the
bank day-after-tomorrow".
...and claim your belongings.
You know... how important.
"The Casablanca documents are for us.
Stay in your senses.
And get that treated.
All the phones and
surveillance cameras"
...were already destroyed, sir.
It was a good planning.
But I think they're novices.
They didn't touch some of the lockers.
They were in a hurry, Scoundrels.
The bank manager
doesn't know much, sir.
They tried to kill his wife..
"So that they can't
give a description.
Poor thing.
They made his life a mess.
He's already living
an unfortunate life.
Do you have any special interest" the bank robbery case, sir?
Nothing special.
When this bank was being built.. mom worked here as a labourer.
You sir...
Let it be, sir.
I get it.
Sir...will I take bribe from you?
Whores never work for free.
Keep it.
My father used to say,
"Money's a dirty thing".
So, every time I touch money,
I wash my hands.
'Here. Have juice.'
'She's not going on that tour.
That's it.'
'She's 19. She's grown-up.'
'She's not a child anymore.'
'Stop this... possessiveness.'
'Let her life her own way.'
'Come on, don't be selfish.
Come on.. - I..'
'Don't. You go cheer her up.'
'Pearl. You can go on your tour
or anywhere you want.'
'Dad, thank you, thank you.'
'Thank you, daddy.
I love you so much.'
Sir. Here's the address
to Mahalaxmi Corporation.
And the residence address"
"of its owner Mr. Framed Pathak.
By the way, sir, there
hasn't been any transaction.
...In their account
for the past one year.
We tried contacting them,
but no response.
You're aware, sir, that people often" this for saving income tax.
Sir, I think this
company has closed down.
He didn't pay his rent for six months.
Wonder where he disappeared to?
In the end,
I rented out his room to someone else.
And...his family? - What family?
He only had a wife.
But she left him because
of his habit of drinking.
Yes. He does have a drinking buddy.
Maybe he can tell you something.
Where can I find him?
He's always at Metro Bar.
When Krishnan comes here,
give this to him.
Ask him to call on this number.
Who are you, sir?
I'm his friend.
Old friend.
Who are you?
My name's Michael.
You've to think twice
before giving your name.
Go on. What do you want from me?
I went to see Pramod
Pathak this morning.
But he doesn't stay there any longer.
His landlord told me..
...only you can tell
me about his whereabouts.
What do you want from him?
I want to make a real-estate deal.
There are others in the queue.
They are looking for him.
Do you have 25,000?
I'll take you to him.
One minute.
25,000 for his whereabouts"
...and 25,000 for
not telling your name.
Do you accept?
Then come see me tomorrow.
"At Vashi subway with 50,000,
at 4 o'clock.
Krishnan? - Yes.
Did you get the money? - Yes.
Feels strange.
A deal between two
strangers is always strange.
Give it.
Is it all here?
Where is Framed Pathak?
He died three months ago.
Why ask me for money?
Are you concerned
about Pramod Pathak"
...or Mahalaxmi Corporation?
How do you know about
Mahalaxmi Corporation?
The only interesting thing
in Pramod's useless life..
"Was Mahalaxmi Corporation.
What do you know about
Mahalaxmi Corporation?
It was a - Bogus?
Think about it.
A drunk peon Pramod turns owner of..
...a company worth 80 million.
Wouldn't you call that bogus?
What? I didn't get it.
It's simple.
Someone else was behind
the dastardly acts..
...and used Mahalaxmi as front.
And who was the scapegoat?
The company closed overnight.
Who did the income-tax
and police came after?
One night he suddenly called me.
He said, "My life's in danger."
I said, "What can I do."
He said, "I want money."
"Lend me some money,
and I'll leave this city forever."
I said, "Okay."
I called him at Metro.
Metro Bar.
I waited.
But he didn't come.
He was run-over by a truck.
Who are behind Mahalaxmi Corporation?
I don't know, neither did Pramod.
But I can tell you that,
they are dangerous people.
Don't get yourself into this.
You see if they get a whiff..
"That you're inquiring
about their company" will be run-over by a truck too.
I told you, all I knew.
You paid me money, I don't
want anything bad for you.
I'm leaving.
We won't meet again, Michael.
I value my life, buddy.
You know what.
You're an animal.
The most dangerous animal
in the world are humans.
And I love this animal.
- Me too.
I mean the animal inside me.
My mom called up today.
What was she saying?
She was asking when am
I getting married, having a child.
So what did you say?
I said I'll ask you.
What should I say?
I share a strange relationship
with this world.
We both hate each other equally.
I don't know who my parents are.
I only knew...
Father Mathews from the orphanage.
I was 9 years old..
...when he called me to his room.
He said"
"Don't worry my child."
"It will not hurt."
I was small"
...weak, couldn't do anything.
Weakness is the worst disease
in this world.
After joining the police force,
I went to see the priest.
But he was dead.
I didn't get the answers to my questions.
How can I answer yours?
And I don't want
to give anything to this world.
Forgiveness or a child.
Gautam sir, Moosa was just here.
He was inquiring about
your business dealings..
...with Anees Pathan.
I didn't tell him anything.
But I sense somethings wrong.
What's wrong?
Somethings wrong.
Somethings wrong.
Surely God is good to the upright.
To those who are pure in heart.
But as for me, my feet almost stumbled.
I nearly lost my foothold.
For I was envious of the arrogant"
...when I saw them prosper
in their wickedness.
For they suffer no pain and they're strong" sound of body.
Free from troubles common to mortals.
They are not stricken by human ills.
That is why pride becomes their necklace..
...and violence the robe that covers them.
Malice flows out from their pampered fatness.
Evil oozes from their corrupt minds.
They scoff and speak with malice.
And in their arrogance
they threaten oppression.
They mouths claim heaven for themselves"
...and their tongues
take control of the earth.
People therefore look up to them..
...and lap up every word they utter.
How will God ever find out, they say.
Is everything known to the most High?
Such are the wicked, always carefree..
...while they rake in riches.
In vain, I've kept my heart clean"
...and washed my hands in innocence.
Good to see you, sir.
I thought we'll never meet again.
Drink? - No, thanks.
I know you don't like me too much.
But if you share a drink with me..
...I'll feel that you've forgiven me.
No, really. Thank you.
So, what brought you here?
Mr. Ghosh, actually. -Yes.
Go on.
Maybe I shouldn't have come here, I am sorry.
I guess I disturbed you.
I'll leave. - Mr. John.
Mr. Ghosh.
I accept your proposal.
But I want something in return.
Beautiful car.
How much for this car, Moosa?
Scoundrel. Untie me.
Do you ever dream Moosa?
Did you ever see a dream..
...where you're running and suddenly. cannot run anymore.
Gautam, this isn't right. - I see.
But don't worry, Moosa.
You won't see this dream again.
Because once I choose my target"
"then he can never dream again.
You will have to pay for betraying Khan sir.
Rascal! Even dogs stay loyal all their life.
But remember this betrayal"
Your blood's overflowing with loyalty.
A dog's always a dog,
no matter how loyal he is.
He never becomes the master.
Hello, Gautam sir.
Anees Pathan. From Dubai.
Get to the point.
That's exactly what I like about you.
The deal with AG Group is final.
And the money's ready.
Just handover the Casablanca documents.
Then Khan will be in my clutches"
...and Al Hunain will belong to AG Group.
And you will have Rs. 40 million.
No, 50.
The deal was for 40.
I am making the deal, not you.
Deal done.
What do you think?
Will the documents be at the bank?
I've done your job.
I hope you will do mine too.
You're forgetting the important thing.
Count it. - No.
It's one million.
Thank you. - And...don't worry.
This will stay between us.
Just get my job done. - It will be done.
Thank you.
You can go. Next.
Tabassum Habi bi.
Account no?
- 1114357070.
Locker no?
- 216.
What was in your locker?
Just some documents.
Property related.
They were kept in a file.
What was the colour of the file?
Was anything written on it?
Brown colour file.
Okay. Please go into
the reclaim room and collect it.
Ma'am, please sit here. I'll just check.
Check your belongings.
What? Do you have a problem?
Shinde. I want the Royal Citizen Bank robbers.
Yes, sir.
And, listen.
You have to do this unofficially.
You will get your price.
Just wait and see...Shinde's talent.
Gautam. We should get out
of this city as soon as we can.
Maybe, out of the country.
Let's leave.
Let's go to Dubai, Singapore..
Let's run away before Khan sir finds out.
We can live comfortably
with the money that we have.
How long can we run?
Understand this.
The file's intact,
only the papers are missing.
Someone wants to implicate me.
But who is this new enemy,
I want to find out.
Just remember one thing.
I can't see you die.
Yes, Shafiq.
Khan sir's calling you, Gautam.
He wants to talk to you.
Come home quickly.
I'm coming.
You think Khan sir
has come to know about it?
Don't you hear the chants?
You'll have to wait 10 minutes.
Why do you commit suicide
like this every Friday?
It's not suicide or torture,
I just embrace death.
I embrace the pains of life.
Pain and life have a deep relation.
And no one can escape this pain.
It is we who choose pain, Khan sir.
Gautam, remember the day"
...when you came to me seeking help?
As a suspended officer.
It's been years since that day.
But you're just as arrogant.
Since that day I've had a wish.
I want to see you shatter.
I want to see you cry, break-down.
I want to see tears in your eyes.
I want to see a glimpse
of humanity in these eyes.
Tears make humans weak, Khan sir.
Sometimes this tears and pain"
"gives us inner strength.
Brings us closer to God.
I don't believe in God.
You don't believe in Him,
you've to know Him.
I don't want to know
anyone other than myself.
I am my own Creator.
These days you've
been seeing Anees a lot.
It's business, Khan sir.
Anees's father and uncle..
...were the taint in our business.
They were traitors.
They couldn't kill me..
Instead, they killed my family.
I shed lots of blood.
I didn't spare anyone
except for women and children.
That rascaPs one of them.
And now he's been threatening. investors in Dubai.
They shouldn't face any problem.
They're doing business
because they trust me.
Its better that Anees understands this.
I've sworn not to shed anymore blood.
Put some sense into him.
I'll try, Khan sir.
My father used to say"
...if you want to burden someone"
...then entrust him
with all your faith.
I want to see the Casablanca
estates property documents.
Bring an application in writing.
Get it signed by the authorities.
Then you'll get it.
That's the procedure.
It will take two weeks. - Two weeks.
Maybe... can take four.
Suresh. I ordered tea.
Get it quickly.
I think... you dropped your envelope here.
I see.
I've been looking for it.
Casablanca Estate.
Casablanca Estate.
Casablanca Estate.
Here's Casablanca Estate.
Here's the file.
Hurry UP-
Our boss will be arriving any moment.
The car that they
used for the robbery"
"was found in Manori.
Through our inquiry, we found out..
"That it was a stolen vehicle.
We've finished interrogating"
"most of the people that
deal in stolen vehicles in Mumbai.
J ust two left.
As soon as we find them,
we'll get a lead.
Don't worry, sir.
My informers are at work.
What are their names?
- Yadav and Jameel.
One's from Byculla and
the other is from Malwani.
Are you okay? - Yeah.
Was Khan sir suspicious?
I want to see you now?
Not now.
I'll be late.
I see.
Do you know where I am?
On the terrace.
And everything appears
very tiny from here.
Then jump-
Not once, but twice.
Because the terrace is not too high.
Sir, I was saying"
- Shinde, hurry up.
You're working on bribe,
not salary.
Come on. Come in and sleep.
But I like it here.
Don't take my baby away.
Come on.
You left my child back there.
- It's okay.
Gautam, is it that
difficult to have a family?
It's quite late, get some sleep.
My mother had a dream
to have a family.
But her dream was never fulfilled.
It remained a dream.
She died.
But she passed on her dream to me.
And now, my dreams will
never be fulfilled too.
Hello, Gautam sir.
I told you not to come here.
What to do, Gautam sir?
I had to.
These days you don't
even answer my calls.
Make it quick.
Casablanca documents.
AG Group's ready with the money.
I swear your name will never be leaked.
Once I get my hands
on those documents"
"then Casablanca
project will be ours.
Just me and AG Group.
Al Hunain and Khan
sir will dance to my tunes.
And strip too.
I will kill Sikandar
Hayat Khan publicly.
It's all in your hands, Gautam sir.
You will get the documents.
In a week.
I can wait few days more.
I'll call again seven days later.
Not you, but Sikandar Hayat Khan.
Good bye.
Hello, uncle. - Hello.
Uncle, this is the estate
owner's phone number.
His name is Priyank Dubey.
And these days he stays in Pune.
Thank you.
Uncle.. - Enough.
Don't say anything.
I hate you, you know that.
Because she lied to me because of you.
And see what happened.
And I hate you because
she loved you more than me.
Sometimes I feel I didn't know her.
You didn't know her, uncle.
You think I've no
regrets about her death.
She meant everything to me.
And music... meant everything to her..
...not your bloody football.
She played for your happiness.
Because she wanted to fulfill your dreams"
...instead of hers.
And that's the truth, uncle.
I was selfish.
I didn't realise that
she was doing all this..
"Because she felt
that she owed me.
Now it's my time.
Now it's my time.
Everyone has to pay.
I'll make sure
everybody pays for this.
Shinde sir.
Wow! Great.
For the first time I realised"
"that silence is a beautiful thing.
What's wrong, Shinde sir?
All the way here.
What brings you here? - I had to.
You got to keep seeing good people.
And there aren't too
many good people left.
One's Baba Ramdev
and the other one is you.
Why don't you say everything clearly?
What do you know about"
"the Royal Citizen Bank robbery?
What robbery?
I don't know anything.
Look. Personally,
I don't have a problem with lies.
But he does.
Few people come to you
with a bank robbery plan.
But you refuse to go with them.
But you get them a stolen van..
...with the help of
your old accomplice Yadav.
You even lend them
your drilling machine.
You're right.
You' re right, Liyaqat.
You don't know anything.
I'll tell you, sir. I'll tell you.
O bi kwa.
O bi kwa, who?
I met him injail.
He's a small-time drug-peddler.
He asked me to help
him out in the robbery.
I did help him.
But I wasn't involved in the robbery.
I wasn't involved in the robbery.
I wasn't involved in the robbery.
I wasn't involved in the robbery.
I wasn't involved in the robbery.
Who's there?'s my son.
Keep an eye on him.
Sir...sir, please tell him.
It's my son.
He's just nine years old.
Sir. He helps me out in my work.
Sir. He's just a kid.
Sir. Please spare him.
Sir, he's my son.
Stop, sir.
Sir, please tell him.
Shinde sir, please explain to him.
Sir, listen to me..
Sir...he's just a kid.
I swear.
Rascal. Couldn't you say it earlier?
Who's going to tell
me about Obikwa's whereabouts?
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you. - Rascal"
You or your father?
Manori. Jayanagar.
Cottage no.72. Yes, sir.
Cottage no.72.
Liyaqat, when you went to jail..
...your wife was four months pregnant.
Where did you get
this nine year old kid?
Sir...Liyaqat has
the habits of the nobles.
That's why his wife
was having an affair..
...with someone else.
He's really fond of young kids.
No, sir.
What did you do, sir?
Don't be scared.
Everything5 over.
You leave, sir. I'll fix things here.
Look after the kid.
Khan sir wants to meet you.
Tell him I'll see him in the evening.
Khan sir wants to see you now.
- Moosa's home.
What is it?
I want stuff.
Stuff? - Yes.
I don't have any stuff.
Get lost.
I told you man I don't have any stuff.
Stop disturbing.
- Listen. Liyaqat sent me.
I've never seen you before?
Firsbmef? - Yeah.
Come in.
How's Liyaqat?
How much do you want? - 10 grams.
10 grams! That will cost you 40 Grand.
New timer, f'ing chicken St.
Go there.
There was a call from Al Hunain.
In the last month"
...AG Group has given
Anees large amounts.
In billions.
Threatening our investors.
Joining hands with the AG Group.
What does he want?
Al Hunain's business rival, AG Group.
And AG Group can have
just one interest in Mumbai.
And that is Casablanca project.
Moosa's death and Casablanca
are surely connected.
What do I answer Moosa's widow and children.
Find out. . .where's Anees.
The winds are going to change now.
Are you done?
Shell out the money.
Hurry UP-
What do you have there?
Who the are you?
The bank manager.
Royal Citizen Bank. - What?
What the do you want?
What do you want?
Who was in my house that day?
Who was in my house?
Who was that bad in my house?
It was Ranade.
Where is he?
Where is he?
He' room 113.
Saroja Lodge, Dahisar.
Please don't kill me.
I am sorry. I am sorry.
I am sorry. Please don't kill me.
Please don't do that.
I am sorry.
Shinde. Obikwa's dead.
I think they're killing
each other for the money.
The blood's still fresh.
Do one thing.
Setup check-posts all around Manori.
N ow!
What the"
Who is it?
I'm not done yet.
Who is it?
c h!
What's your wife's name?
Love marriage?
How long?
Five years.
How old is your kid?
Three years.
What's her name?
If I shoot you now..
"What will happen to them?
I don't have time, Mambo.
Either you or them.
There's a rundown factory at Dahisar.
That's where you will find them.
Everyone's not fortunate
enough to have a family.
Stop, stop.
Check them quickly.
Let them go.
Step out.
Show me your license.
It's okay.
Where are you coming
from at this hour?
There was a prayer meeting
at my friend's place.
Christmas season.
So late?
- Had to go.
Sir. There's nothing in the car.
Except for this Bible.
Sir, we've been waiting
here for so long.
I wonder what they must
be doing with the money.
Why did you join the
police force, Shinde?
It's a funny story.
In my childhood,
I saw Bachchan's 'Zanzeer'.
I really liked it.
That's when I decided I'll
be an honest police officer.
I never realised
when I turned corrupt.
And when I did..
...I thought this is best.
Life's really strange, sir.
A three-hour movie changed my life.
Sir, if you don't mind
can I ask why did you join?
My story's somewhat similar.
The only difference is..
...It took three hours
to change your life.
And three minutes to change mine.
It's a pretty bad situation, Prakash.
I should explain to
you from the beginning.
25 kilometres away from Lonavla,
about five years ago.
There was about 8000
acres of forest land..
...which the government reclassified"
...and classified
it as agricultural land.
Now as soon as this happened..
...a Dubai based real
estate firm called Al Hunain..
...with the help of
Sikander Hayat Khan and..
...ACP Gautam produced 70 fake farmers.
They took their signatures"
...and took possession of 6000 acres.
And renamed it Casablanca.
This thing was a bloody scam, Prakash.
There were no such farmers.
They only existed on papers.
But this bloody thing
gets even worse, Prakash.
Two years ago that place caught fire.
They called it a fire-accident"
...and the case was closed.
But the truth was that"
...Al Hunain had intentionally
set that place ablaze.
And these bads.
They didn't just claim
the insurance, but" soon as this place was included" urban development, they okayed..
...a petition for Casablanca Township.
Who ever questioned about
this fire-accident"
there mouths were shut.
Few were bribed.
Like Thomas Xavier,
fire department chief.
And few were threatened.
Like Mr. Priyank Dubey,
owner of the estates where pearl died.
And all these transactions were..
...carried out under the pretext"
...of a bogus company
called Mahalaxmi Realtors"
...which was setup by Al Hunain.
This is not just Al Hunain, Prakash.
The entire state machinery.
...and the entire disgraceful,
corrupt system" a part of this scam.
This file has the name and details"
...of all the people
connected to this scam.
Evidence to some legal
and mostly illegal transactions.
Why don't we take this to the police?
Because I don't want justice,
I want destruction.
Who else knows about it?
Me and.. special correspondent
Prakash Nair.
Give Joshi his account number.
We'll make Prakash happy.
By the way, what does John Day want?
I heard that he doesn't want justice,
but destruction.
John Day.
Obikwa and Ranade are dead.
Take your share
and get out of the city.
If one's caught we'll all get caught?
Did you find out who killed them?
Don't worry, we'll find out now.
We thought you killed them.
For their shares.
Where are the documents?
Documents? What documents?
Casablanca Estate!
What Casablanca documents?
Sir, is this the same Casablanca"
...where there was a
fire accident two years ago?
Where a girl died?
Yes. why?
Oh no! Sir.
She was his daughter.
The bank manager's.
John Day, sir.
You mean..
Rascal. Why didn't
you tell me earlier?
Sir, how would I know..
...which documents you were looking for?
I asked you before,
but you didn't say.
What could I do?
That scoundrel bank manager..
Got us all killed.
Wasn't that right, sir?
Put the money in the bag.
You people will never change.
You can't kill me with your service revolver.
There will be an enquiry.
I'm not a fool like you.. bring my service revolver here.
I'm looking for John Day.
He just went down
wearing a grey jacket.
Come on, uncle. First the documents,
then we'll go see Khan sir.
Come on.
Ratan, hurry up.
Get in.
Tabassum, listen to me carefully.
Wake up and listen to me very carefully.
Go to our Alibaugh bungalow tonight.
And don't tell anyone
where you're going.
And don't answer
anyone's call, please!
Do not drink. Please!
Tonight's the night.
We might have to
get out of here tonight.
Are you okay?
I don't know.
Stop here.
Why stop here?
The documents are with my friend.
He lives here.
Anwar, go along. - Okay.
Keep a lookout.
Hurry UP-
Hit him!
Speak up!
Where are the documents?
Speak up!
Speak up!
Come here.
Are you alone?
Here you go, sir.
your work is done.
Here are your tickets to Bangkok.
As soon as you get down at Bangkok.. man will give
you tickets to China.
And from China to Bahamas.
You can show this note there.
You'll get your money delivered.
Only you know where I am heading.
Don't worry.
You're lucky.
I found out.
John Day.
He overpowered Shafiq and his men.
He escaped.
Shafiq's in hospital.
I had to do it, John.
Otherwise they would've killed me.
L.. Sorry"
I had no choice.
Associate Editor's post...or death.
You say...what could I do?
All I want to know is..
...whom did you sell yourself to?
His name.
In the last five years,
you've received Rs. 12 billion..
...from an organization
called Al Hunain.
You were the mayor of the city then.
I've your bank account number..
...and all the details
of those transactions.
What do you want?
I want to meet your boss.
Call him.
And stop sweating like a pig.
No one's ever talked to me like this.
There's a first time for everything,
Call him.
Shall I remind you the name?
Si kander Hayat Khan.
Any specific reason to meet here?
The story should end where it started.
I deeply regret your daughter's death.
I committed a big crime.
I didn't know she
was there at that moment.
Yet you're responsible for her death.
Your daughter's death will
always be a burden on my soul.
Shall we get to the point?
When is your husband coming?
Does he love you?
If he really loves you..
"Then he will return my documents.
People do everything for love.
There's someone who
loves me just as much.
Her name is Tabassum.
She loves me like crazy.
And I do too.
But I can't tell her.
I'm afraid that" might make me weak.
But once I'm out of this mess.
Then even I'll have a family.
Just like you.
Hello. - Gautam, don't come here.
Who's there? - Me.
John Day. Manager, Royal Citizen Bank.
I've your Casablanca documents.
Don't hurt Tabassum.
I'm with your wife in the hospital.
I can do anything.
You cannot do anything
and you know that.
If you want to talk, come here.
He had a reason to do all this.
What about you?
What do you think I should do now?
If you're finally satisfied,
then leave.
Before anyone sees you.
The job's not done, Khan sir.
And you were never going
to get those documents.
I am surely at peace today
but looking at you
I feel disturbed, I pity you.
Go ahead shoot.
Free me from this burden.
But be ready to carry a
new burden on your soul.
Because today's my end..
...and your beginning.