John Q (2002) Movie Script

Come on.
PRESIDENT BUSH: The problem is,
our economy is slowing down.
You all know that
as well as anybody does.
I bet you've got friends
and maybe yourself understand
what it means
to have credit card debt.
When you couple that...
There are some people
beginning to feel pinched.
It makes sense.
To take control...
Honey, what's wrong?
Hey! Hey!
What are you doing?
That's my car.
That's not
what the bank says.
That's my car!
Come on!
Yeah, try paying
your bills.
What's going on?
I'm sorry. The bank promised
they'd work with me.
John, that was
two months ago.
I know, but we're down
to one last month's rent.
It's either the car
or the house, so I thought--
you thought.
You want them to throw us
out on the street?
I'm down to 20 hours
at the plant.
They're shipping jobs to Mexico.
What do you want me to do?
John, my car is gone.
I understand. I'm trying
to find a second job, baby.
You want me to say it's fine?
All right, it's fine.
The car is still ours.
I got to wait for my next check.
In two weeks,
we'll be fine.
Yeah! Ronnie Coleman.
Mr. Olympia
two year running.
Sit down, honey.
Eat some breakfast.
I am eating.
A doughnut
isn't breakfast.
It's the continental
We're not on a continent
right now.
Dad, what do you call
North America?
You're not going to school
till you eat, so eat.
Both of you.
I can't believe those jerks
took our car. Can you, mom?
No, I can't.
What are we going to do?
You're going to do something,
right, dad?
You know what I'd do?
I'd get so big and mad,
I'd just go crazy
and kick someone's butt.
Watch your language.
I would.
You been watching too much
of that ww wrestling.
Not wrestling, dad.
There's a big difference.
Get your books.
You're going to be late.
Mike. Pow!
Hurry up, baby.
Can I get a ride
to work?
All right,
I got a good one.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
No, it's...
Reddish stick.
It's "radio station."
Radio station. Okay.
That's a good one.
You got me. Uh...
Hundred dollars?
No, we talked about it
this morning.
Got you, right? Mom?
How about you, mom?
No. No.
Come on, baby.
You just laugh.
I don't like it.
I'm no good at it.
All right,
something in the car.
We won't laugh at you.
All right.
We can't know
what you're saying.
You got to say it
so we don't know.
What did you say?
I said...
Dashboard. Now.
Ha ha ha ha.
Hello. Come get
this woman, please.
What, it's no good?
Ha ha ha ha.
Come on, come on.
Come on, baby.
I'll thumb-wrestle you.
Ha ha ha. All right.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
She wins. Ding ding.
I am queen.
All right, I got one.
I got one for you.
You're going to school.
Get your lunch.
Hey, dad, I got $46
I saved from my allowance.
You can have it
if you want.
For our family. We got to
stick together, right?
That's right. But you earned
that money, so keep it, okay?
All right.
See you later.
All right.
Bye, Mike.
Not good-bye.
I hate good-bye.
"See you later."
All right,
see you later.
Flex Wheeler--
275 pounds, 2% body fat.
Yeah, baby.
John! You take
my grinding wheel?
You take
my grinding wheel?
I do, don't I?
You do?
Yeah, I have sex appeal.
No, it's not in my locker--
my grinding wheel.
Do you want mine?
Only two people know
the combination to my locker.
That's my grinder
and you know it.
John! John!
Smoke, all right?
All right.
What's with
the frigging tie?
Somebody die?
You like that?
That's the tie
I'm wearing to my funeral
if I don't get this job
at Otisville today.
There are no jobs.
I saw it in the classifieds.
They're hiring.
Forget about it.
I got to go.
Yeah? How come?
Denise will kill me.
They repo'd our car.
Oh, boy.
You want me
to go with you?
Fifty cents! This is
a frigging waste of time.
Four hundred people for one job?
One job? Give me a break.
Guaranteed somebody's son,
cousin, Uncle
already got this job
sewn up. Bye-bye.
Why put it in the paper
if they're not hiring?
It's a frigging runaround.
You mark my words.
It's either, "we'll keep
your application on file"
or they'll tell you,
"you're overqualified."
Either way,
they screw you.
I've been working
heavy machinery for 15 years.
I really want the job.
Anything you want,
I can do.
I see.
I can start today
if you need.
Well, your resum
is very impressive.
You've certainly got
the experience.
Frankly, you may be
We'll keep your application
on file.
Dad, the game starts
in 15 minutes.
We're going to be late.
Psst. Psst.
Whoo! Knock it out, baby!
Knock it out!
Come on! To the fence!
To the fence!
Come on, Tommy!
Whoo! Come on.
Ball four!
All right, Tommy!
Whoo! Whoo!
JOHN: Let's go, Mikey!
Let's go, Mikey,
let's go, baby.
Let's go, son.
Okay. All right.
Knock it out!
Knock it out!
JOHN: Keep your head
down on the ball, son.
DENISE: Knock it out
for your mama, baby.
Come on, Mikey.
Come on, Mikey.
Come on, Mikey.
Sometime today, pitcher.
GINA: Come on, Mikey!
Strike? What?
Are you blind?
Keep your head
down on the ball!
I hate this pitcher.
How old is he?
Twelve, my ass.
His beard grew an inch
between pitches.
Let's go, Mikey!
Put your elbow up, son.
Elbow up.
Go! Go, baby! Go!
There you go, baby!
Tie goes to the runner.
Go! Go!
Run! Run! Run! Run!
DENISE: Keep it going.
Let's go!
BOY: Second base!
Second base!
Second base!
Michael? Michael?
Mikey, baby.
Somebody call
an ambulance!
Mikey. Mikey.
JIMMY: Somebody call
a frigging ambulance!
Get the door!
GINA: Get the door,
Come on, let's go!
I got it.
Take him, baby.
Give him to me.
Mikey, Mikey.
Come on, baby, it's mama.
Come on, Mikey.
We got to get
out of here. Mikey! Go!
DENISE: Help us!
Please, somebody.
Calm down.
He's not breathing.
He's not breathing.
All right,
come with me.
He was just playing baseball,
running to second base.
I don't know
what happened.
I need a doctor
right away, please!
JOHN: No. Jesus.
DENISE: Mikey?
What happened?
He collapsed
playing baseball.
Let's get him
on some oxygen.
He's going to be
all right, isn't he?
Anything like this
ever happen before?
No, ma'am.
Any allergies?
Nothing. Nothing!
to medication?
No, he's fine.
His liver's enlarged.
Flip him.
He's going to be
all right, isn't he?
Pulse is 150, pulse Ox 78%.
B.P. 68 over 34.
What is the matter
with him?
Would you come with me?
There are procedures
we need to go over.
What procedures?
We're admitting your son.
You need to fill out
the proper forms.
Your son may need
a transfusion.
We'll need to test you both
for blood type.
Mikey, we're coming
right back, baby.
Wait a minute!
First name, Mr. Archibald.
Uh, John.
Middle initial?
Q. Quincy.
Name of your
insurance company?
JIMMY: John!
Where is he?
Is he okay?
We don't know yet.
They're running tests.
We're waiting
to find the results.
Anything we can do?
Your card,
Mr. Archibald.
Mikey's hat.
I'm sorry.
Your insurance card.
I'll need to make a copy
for our files.
It's okay.
You can go in now.
Hey, sweetheart.
How you doing, slugger?
I can't talk.
Don't worry about it.
Get your rest.
We're going to be
out of here in a while.
We love you, son.
I love you, too.
What is all this?
This? This is so we can
monitor Mike's vitals.
Respiratory rate,
pulse oximetry, heart rate.
And this one is blood pressure--
diastolic and systolic.
We'd like this top number
to stay above 90.
If his blood pressure drops,
we're going to have to
do something.
We can't have him going
below 70 again.
Why? What would that mean,
if he went below 70 again?
70 and below,
he's in heart failure.
If you need anything.
Thank you.
How's the company insurance?
He works part time.
She works
as a grocery store clerk.
Can we do anything?
I got to go.
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald.
Hello, I'm Rebecca Payne,
hospital director.
Hi, there.
It's nice to meet you.
This is Dr. Turner,
the head of cardiology
and Michael's doctor.
Oh. Okay.
How do you do?
Good. My wife.
How's our boy doing?
Please sit down.
This X-ray shows a normal
nine-year-old's heart.
This X-ray is that
of your son Michael.
There are septal defects
here, here, and here
which have induced myopathy,
resulting pulmonary edema,
and malignant
ventricular ectopy.
As you can see,
Michael's heart is approximately
three times larger
than normal size.
I'm sorry. Uh...
I didn't understand
what you said.
Could you put that
in layman terms for me?
there's not enough blood
being pumped
by Michael's heart,
so it backs up in the lungs
like a sponge getting wet.
His heart is trying,
but it's working too hard.
What, does he need
an operation, or...
Well, we're considerably
beyond corrective surgery,
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald.
Mike's heart is useless.
He's going to need a transplant
or he's going to die.
Wait a second.
There are other options.
What options?
To do nothing.
Medicate him. Make him feel
as comfortable as possible.
Start thinking
about quality of life now.
I don't understand.
We were just with him,
and he seemed fine.
He's going to seem fine,
but as his heart gets worse,
he will become
increasingly fatigued,
and he will sleep
more and more,
until one day
he will fall asleep,
and he won't wake up.
I know this is difficult,
but you have to face the fact
that your son
may not live much longer.
You might want to make it
a happy time, say good-bye.
is high-risk.
You could lose your son
on that table.
You might not want
to take that chance.
If you, you know, if he
doesn't have the surgery...
If he doesn't have the surgery,
how long would he live?
Not long.
Months, weeks.
Come on. All right.
All right. All right.
Come on, now.
I'm sorry. This--
this is a lot.
All right. Uh...
If he was your son,
what would you do?
I'd do the transplant,
Okay. Okay?
Okay, let's do that.
Let's do it.
Okay, first thing we've got
to do is get Mike's name
on the organ recipient list.
He's b-positive, so his name
should go right to the top.
It's not so simple.
There are
other considerations
before a prospective recipient
can be placed on a donor list.
Transplant surgery
is very expensive.
In most cases,
prohibitively so.
Oh, we got insurance,
major medical. He's covered.
We've already checked
with your carrier.
There are no provisions
in your policy
for a procedure
of this magnitude.
Oh, no, no, no,
that's a mistake.
Not that you're making
a mistake.
I'm just saying
that I'm insured.
My son's covered.
Mrs. Archibald,
do you have coverage?
No. I've only been
at the supermarket
a couple months, and you
don't get benefits until--
doesn't matter.
We got insurance.
Okay, I can see here that
you don't own your home.
You have no stocks,
no bonds, no investments.
You have a little over $1,000
in savings.
But we got insurance.
That may be.
Check with your carrier.
In the meantime,
we're going to have to
treat this as a cash account.
How much
does a transplant cost?
Let me take care--
how much does it cost?
Transplant surgery,
doctors' fees,
postoperative care,
immunosuppressant drugs--
you're looking
at a minimum of $250,000.
If you opt
for transplant surgery,
that is your choice,
but the hospital maintains
a very strict policy
with regard
to cash patients.
We require a down payment
before we put a patient's name
on a receivers' list.
How much?
To put my son's name
on a list.
Our son is dying, and all you
can do is talk about money?
It costs money
to provide health care.
It's expensive for you,
it's expensive for us.
I'm sorry. You're going to
have to guarantee payment
before I can put
your son's name on the list.
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald,
please wait!
If you people don't want
to treat our son,
we'll take him
over to county memorial.
You don't want to do that.
They have to treat him.
No. Heart transplantation
is always considered
an elective procedure.
in the right place.
What are we
supposed to do?
Talk to your
insurance company again.
Check with our
human resources department
for medical assistance.
There's money there.
There's children's
state services and medicaid.
You find a way
to keep him here.
You just don't take no
for an answer.
Your policy has changed,
Mr. Archibald.
Changed to what?
Yeah, we've recently
switched carriers
from a PPO to an HMO.
It's a less expensive
but unfortunately,
there are some restrictions.
What kind of restrictions?
Here's how it works.
Non-management part-time
employees such as yourself
only qualify for second-tier
catastrophic coverage.
No, no, I'm not part time,
I'm full time.
It's just slow right now.
Sure, but your coverage
is based on hours worked,
and like I said, you only
qualify for second tier,
and that has a maximum
payout limit of $20,000.
You have been taking money
out of my check every week.
I've been paying into
this policy for years.
That's why we're going to
cover you for the full $20,000.
You're kidding me, right?
I mean, come on.
Let me get this straight.
You have dropped me
from full time to part time.
You switched carriers.
Now you're telling me
I'm not fully covered
even though I got a policy
that says I am?
It doesn't seem right,
does it?
No, it doesn't.
My son is very sick.
If I'm not covered,
I got a serious problem.
I understand that,
but there's nothing I can do.
Look, you can file
an appeal.
Here you go.
That takes about seven
working days.
WOMAN: Says here you already
have medical insurance.
JOHN: Not enough.
What little we have
is already used up.
You on welfare?
You should be on welfare.
We both have jobs.
That's too bad.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
Try county medical.
Yes, ma'am, I need to speak
to somebody in financial aid.
No, I don't want to hold.
I've been holding 15 minutes.
I don't want to hold.
What? Should I get
another job?
I'm not yelling.
Yes, you're yelling
in here!
MAN: Next, please.
Oh, wrong line.
Window 15.
Window 15.
No what?
No, you don't qualify.
My son is dying,
I'm broke.
If I don't qualify,
who the hell does?
I'm sorry.
I don't need you to be sorry!
I need you to help me!
No, no, no,
this is an appeal.
An appeal is for
an already existing claim.
What you needed to file
was a grievance.
You filed
the wrong paperwork.
You're going to
have to resubmit.
It could take 30 days.
I don't have 30 days.
I know.
I'm getting sick
of the runaround.
What I need is my son's
name on that list.
Your account is
in excess of $30,000.
The hospital has bent over
backwards to help you out.
Is that right?
Yes, it is right.
But there is a limit
to our generosity.
Once and for all,
your insurance
does not cover this.
Take it.
Watch your step.
This thing is frigging heavy.
Get out of the way.
"You can't say that
you're not going to pitch.
"Bernie frowned,
puzzled by babe's answer..."
Let us pray.
God of mercy, into his hands
your son Jesus Christ
commended his spirit
at his last hour.
Into those same hands,
we commend your servant...
You know, you should try
that news guy
does all them special
investigative reports.
You know the one, the guy
with the frigging hair?
Pretty boy.
What's his name?
Tuck Lampley.
Hey, I'll give you $20
for the TV.
It's a color TV.
Twenty dollars.
Call him up, Jimmy.
You don't mind
if we walk and talk.
I'm up to here today.
Not at all.
What can I do you for?
My son Mike,
he fell into heart failure
at this little league game.
I got full insurance
from the job.
Now they're telling me
they won't pay.
What about the hospital?
Don't they have to cover it?
That's what I was saying.
They're telling me
I got to pay cash.
Otherwise I got to take
my son home and watch him die.
We was thinking you can do one
of them special interest pieces.
Send donations,
write your congressman.
Anything you can do,
Mr. Lampley, would help.
I think what's happening
to your son is outrageous.
I want to help, but I got to
run this by my producers.
I got bosses
like everybody else.
Leave your number
with Karen up front.
Thank you very much.
JOHN: Give me $100.
Give me $100.
Come on,
it's a diamond ring.
All right, $90.
Give me $90, then.
He's going to die.
They're releasing him.
Dr. Turner
just left here,
and they are releasing Mike
this morning.
Baby, hold on. They're not
going to send him home.
I gave them money yesterday.
It doesn't matter.
Listen to me.
They are releasing him.
Baby, I talked
to the hospital.
They said--
I'll take care of it.
John, you always
take care of everything,
but it's never enough,
is it?
You need to do something,
do you hear me?
Do something!
You're doing great.
You've gained what,
five pounds?
You're the only patient
I have
who eats the food
in this place.
Doc, let me
ask you something.
How long before I'm able
to play tennis?
You couldn't play
before you had a new heart.
Take up knitting.
I play tennis.
We don't care.
Would you please get back to work?
Thank you.
Make an appointment for us
to have dinner next week.
I'm going to cook.
No, and you're not
wearing lingerie
around him
the next month.
You're not in his will.
He told me.
Don't push your luck.
I gave the hospital
$6,000 yesterday.
Can I talk to you?
Yes, sure.
Take care of him.
Take care.
Thank you.
My wife Denise says you're
going to send Michael home.
Is that true?
I'm a physician.
I don't make policy decisions.
That's handled
by the board of trustees.
You're head of cardiac surgery.
You make a recommendation,
they're going to listen,
aren't they?
I make recommendations
all the time.
The final decision rests
with the board, not me.
That's it?
Send him home.
I'm afraid so.
Can we take a little walk?
It won't take long,
I promise you.
Fine. Fine.
So I'm looking
at the brochure last night.
It says this hospital does over
300 heart surgeries a year.
300 surgeries,
$250,000 a pop.
You know how much that is?
I did the math.
That's $75 million worth
of heart surgeries.
You're telling me you can't
do one for me in good faith?
I waived my fee
in your son's case.
Nobody asked you
to waive the fee.
I can raise the money.
I already
came up with $22,000,
and I swear to God
on my life I will pay for this
if you just give me
the opportunity.
I'm only getting 20 hours
on the job. I can do this.
I can pay. I swear to God,
I'll pay you the money back.
I don't know how,
but I promise I will.
Just trust me.
I give you my word
as a man. Please.
Could you take your hands
off me, please?
I've done everything I can.
I'm sorry.
Let's go inside
and talk about it.
I'm not asking anymore, doctor.
I'm telling you.
You are going to give my son
a new heart, you understand me?
Yes. Yes.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Don't even think about it.
Put your hands down.
Just put them down.
Mr. Archibald, I...
Shut up.
I know how upset you are.
This is not the way
to handle it.
You can't go through
this way.
Put your ha--
put your hands up.
Put 'em up.
Put 'em up.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Give me your gun.
I don't have a gun.
They're not armed.
Okay. All right,
all right.
Put your hands down.
Sit down. No, no, get up.
DR. TURNER: You fail
to realize the jeopardy...
Shut up!
Shut up. Don't move.
John, wait. Wait.
Just stop. Stop!
Stop. Stop! Just stop.
If you do this, you're on an
irreversible course of action.
Put on the brakes
and think about this.
We need to talk.
Mr. Archibald,
I hope--
back up, please.
Do as he says.
Would you please
back up?
What are you doing?
I'm not taking no
for an answer. Back up.
That guy's got a gun!
Hey! Hey!
Stay right there.
JOHN: Hey!
Hey, what are you doing?
Get back over there.
Sit on your hands.
Sit on your hands
over there!
Get over there!
Turner, everybody, get down!
Turner, get down!
Sit on your hands!
Put your hands
under your butt!
Don't anybody move.
JOHN: Hey,
what are you doing?
I'm bleeding. Trying to get
my finger sewn back on.
Mr. Archibald, these people
have nothing to do with this.
Let them go.
They need treatment.
This is a hospital.
You're a doctor.
Why don't you treat them?
Start with him.
What's the matter, doctor?
You want to see
his insurance card first?
I'll do it.
Okay, you do it.
Wait a minute.
I got a pregnant wife here.
Okay, all right.
Listen, all right, wait.
Listen, everybody.
Uh... All right.
Hey, the hospital's
under new management now.
From now on, free health care
for everybody. How's that?
Righteous, man.
Don't have to squeeze it like--
you crazy?
What's your name?
Max, you and Dr. Turner
come with me.
JOHN: You got keys
for that elevator?
Kill the power.
Turn it off.
Keep an eye on him, Max.
MAN: You got to sit still.
I can't do this
with you moving around.
MAN #2: You remind me
of doogie howser.
Hey, we were here
before the black guy.
going to get their turn.
We're not going anywhere.
Just sit tight.
You just relax, okay?
WOMAN: Hello, is this
hope memorial hospital?
Yeah, emergency room.
Could you give me directions?
I need to get over there.
No, ma'am. We're closed
for repairs right now.
You're going to
have to call--
this is an emergency!
I understand that it's
an emergency, ma'am.
Have you tried
mount angel?
That's too far.
I don't know how to get there.
My husband usually drives.
I'm going to need directions.
Which way
are you coming from?
Go down flower,
make a right,
go all the way
to the end, make a left.
I'm asking you
to do something.
You're welcome.
Miss, come from under there.
Hey. Hey!
Come from out of there.
Come on out.
WOMAN: What?
Go sit over there.
MAN: Unbelievable.
This place is a joke.
Good thing I'm not cut.
I'd bleed to death
in this joint, am I right?
Excuse me, brother man!
No. You need to do something,
Steve, all right?
You need
to get your butt up!
Steve, I want you
to get up and do something.
STEVE: Would you sit down?
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Hey! Whoa!
Wait a minute. Relax.
Don't have the baby yet.
When is it due?
Any minute.
Okay, don't have it.
I'm having it.
Not yet.
MAN: Brother.
She's having a baby.
Hang on a second.
Excuse me, brother man.
Can you hang on?!
The woman's having a baby!
When is she
going to see a doctor?
Sit down!
WOMAN: Seor!
Sit down.
That's cool, man.
Dr. Klein!
DR. KLEIN: I'll be there
in a minute.
You and me,
we got no problems.
That's right.
Just stay in your seat.
I don't understand
what you're saying, ma'am.
The ear? Ear infection?
Can you help her
with the ear infection?
JOHN: You.
I can't.
Why not?
I don't know anything.
It's my first day.
All right, everybody,
in the other room.
Everybody, in the other room
right now. In other room.
They're going to take
great care of you, I promise.
What? Open up!
Open up. We've got
a gunshot victim out here.
He's lost a lot of blood.
Let's go.
Go to another hospital.
Let's go. Open the door.
You know these guys?
You sure?
Yeah, they're here
all the time.
Open the door.
Take your jacket off.
Open it up.
Take it off.
Just put it on the ground.
Just walk away.
Just leave them
right there. Go. Go!
Just go.
What's wrong with him?
He got shot.
All right, come on.
JOHN: Hey, hey, hey,
wait a minute.
I want to see
what's in that bag.
MAN: What happened
to you, buddy?
MAN #2: I gave them
all the money in the register.
They shot me anyway.
Jesus Christ. He needs to go
into surgery right now.
Can I take him
to trauma one?
What do we got?
Gunshot wound
to the belly.
Anything from the EMTS?
No. Dr. Turner,
we're going to need your hand.
I just bought this suit.
Can you give me a hand?
On three,
two, one, lift.
Thank you.
Oh, no, I can't handle this.
This is a gut shot.
I'm a cardiac surgeon, not an
emergency room physician.
It's like
riding a bike, doctor.
Just pretend
you're getting paid.
No, this is apples
and oranges. I can't.
The man is dying.
Help him.
I haven't done this--
do it!
75 milligrams demerol I.V.,
Lidocaine 2% local.
I'll scrub now.
DR. KLEIN: I'm putting him
to sleep.
When I get out of here,
I'm suing your security company.
What makes you sure
you're getting out at all?
Right behind you!
Here we go.
You've got to stand
behind the line, sir.
Move this out of here for me,
please? Thank you very much.
we got a real problem here.
This guy's in for the long
haul--locked down the E.R.,
barricaded himself in,
killed power in the elevators.
We can bust down the door,
but this son of a bitch
might start killing people.
There's two pinpoint cameras
hidden in the E.R.
The hospital's
own surveillance.
We got a video tap
being set up.
Are you in charge
of security?
No. Wally Pitoniak.
It's his day off.
Not anymore, it ain't.
Get him down here.
All right, can you get me
a secure line?
Lieutenant, we've got
one of our guys inside.
He's got a walkie-talkie.
You might want to try this.
Put a clamp on all phone lines
to the emergency room.
If this guy picks up the phone,
I want him talking to me, okay?
Now, who's in charge here?
Rebecca Payne, sir.
It's her day off, too.
Jesus Christ, does anybody
work at this hospital?
It's Saturday, sir.
So what? People get sick
on Saturday, don't they?
Seor, seor, seor.
No cry. No cry.
Mr. Archibald, I need to do
an internal examination on her.
Where you
going to take her?
Examination room there.
Good. Go.
Come on, baby.
Ohh. Ohh!
Whew. Ohh, sh--
Just remember,
it ain't your fault.
Excuse me.
I think my fianc e
might have broken her arm.
I was wondering if we could
get somebody to look at her.
Yeah, sure.
What happened?
A drunk
ran a red light--
ran a red light.
He slammed into us. Right?
Yep. It was
an accident.
Yes, it was.
MAN: This is
the police department.
I'm speaking
to the man in charge.
Please pick up
the walkie-talkie.
The building is surrounded.
There's no way in or out.
If you hear me,
I advise you to respond.
Hello, is anyone there?
This is
Lieutenant Frank Grimes
of the Chicago
Police Department.
Are you the man in charge?
That's right.
Who am I speaking to?
All right, John Q.
Again, I'm Lieutenant Grimes,
but I want you to call me Frank.
Can you do that?
Sure, Frank.
I'll be
the hostage negotiator.
I've been a cop 35 years.
This is all I do.
I don't play games.
I don't fool around.
If I say something,
you can take it to the bank.
Let's get down to it.
Is anybody hurt?
It's an emergency room.
Everybody's hurt.
Oh, right.
They're fine.
As long as it stays that way,
we can keep talking.
What is it you want?
You find Rebecca Payne,
Hope Memorial's
administrative supervisor.
You find her.
Tell her I want my kid's name
on the donors' list.
You got that? My kid's name
on the donors' list.
Kid boy or girl?
A boy.
I got two boys myself, John.
Two girls and two boys.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
don't handle me, Frank.
I don't want to be handled.
It insults my intelligence
as a human being!
Take it easy. The idea
is not to get too excited.
I'm going to take it any way
I can get it, understand?
If I don't get it,
there's going to be
some dead bodies
on your hands in there.
You understand me?
I hear you loud and clear.
I'm going to jot that down.
Rebecca Payne, right?
All right.
Now, there's a lot of cops
out here, John.
Are you sure you want
to go through with this?
Yeah, I'm sure.
All right, sit tight.
You're in a tough spot,
John, a lot of trouble,
but if you work with me,
if you're reasonable,
we'll figure a way
out of this, okay?
We have to have a little faith
in one another.
Why is that, Frank?
Because that's what faith's
all about--
believing when you don't want
to believe.
Besides, what else
are you going to do?
I want my epidural.
Something for the pain.
She'll be fine.
First child?
Yeah. Yeah.
Just kind of nervous.
You know how it is.
Yeah, I was, too.
What do you want,
a boy or a girl?
Doesn't matter to me, man,
as long as my kid's healthy.
That's all I want.
Listen, I didn't mean
anything by that, man.
Who was driving?
The car--who was driving?
I was. What's that
got to do with anything?
Why is your girl
all banged up and you're not?
What do you call this?
Ha ha.
What are you laughing at?
Somebody get this fool
a band-aid.
I don't want you
to bleed to death.
Ha ha. Screw you, man.
That shit hurts.
His air bag went off
and mine didn't.
What kind of car
you drive?
Mercedes 500.
You drive a Mercedes 500?
What year?
1986. It's a classic.
Mercedes didn't make
passenger-side air bags
till 1988.
(CHUCKLES) Busted.
What's your point,
What's yours, Mitch?
You from
the slap-a-ho tribe.
You like to beat
on that young lady,
and everybody here
knows it.
I was drunk, all right?
Don't smoke in here.
Give me a break.
Work with me here.
I'm trying my best.
Mr. Q, could I get
some water?
And I need to tinkle.
I got missed-meal cramps.
I'm hungry. Let's get a bucket
of chicken or something.
In a minute, okay?
How's it going in there?
He's going to make it.
You have any idea how much
blood this guy lost?
It's incredible.
He saved this man's life.
What's that?
It's a diuretic
to help get rid of some
of the fluid buildup.
But it's
so he needs this one
to supplement.
And those?
for his blood pressure,
dig for his heart,
Gosh, it seems
like so much.
Yeah, it's a lot.
This is antibiotic.
What for?
It's prophylactic,
just in case.
And those?
These two?
They're for pain.
I don't feel so good.
This is going to
make you feel yucky
for a few minutes, buddy,
but I'm going to get you
some of those crunchy
ice chips that you want.
How does that sound?
Hey, Mike, by the way,
there was this guy,
he stopped by to see you.
He said he was
a friend of yours.
I got him right here.
I didn't know if I should
let him in or not.
What do you think?
Yeah, he's okay.
He's okay?
Said he wanted
to hang out with you.
He's okay.
That's great.
Thank you.
Oh, my baby!
Let me hold my baby!
Mom? Is dad coming?
Yeah, he's coming.
When? Where is he?
I don't know,
but he's coming.
What are you up to?
Never mind me.
You're worthless.
You should have zapped
the bastard
when you had the chance.
With what? Besides, I'm not
sticking my neck on the line.
Not for $8.50 an hour,
I'm not.
Pay dirt.
Are you nuts?
What the hell
are you doing?
Looking out
for number one.
You want to stay alive,
sit tight
and wait for the cavalry
to get here.
The cops
are coming in shooting.
They don't care
about his kid.
Once he realizes that,
we're all history.
If he catches you
with that scalpel,
you're the one
that's history, asshole.
Really? He doesn't look
so bad to me.
"Ethyl chloride."
Just like mace.
Listen, put that stuff back
before you get us in trouble.
No, you listen,
you stupid rent-a-cop.
I am not a slob, all right?
I have a life.
It means something to me.
I'm not going down
in this shithole. No, sir.
MAN: Back it up.
Behind the barricade.
Ho! Ho! Hey, hey.
How are you?
How you all doing?
Good, good. How are you?
How are you?
Hey, how are you,
MAN: Is it true the man inside
wants an operation for his son?
Hey, how you doing?
Everything good?
Good to see you.
MAN: Do you know
what kind of weapon he has?
I'll let you know
when I know, okay?
You'll be the first.
I'll let you know later.
How are you doing, Frank?
It's hot.
Yeah, it is.
A little early
for artillery, isn't it?
Well, maybe.
Maybe not.
You should tell me.
What's going on?
You're looking at it.
A very upset father inside.
We'll give him
a couple minutes to cool off.
Let's not give him
too much time.
Let's just end this
quick and quiet, okay?
That's the plan.
Good. In that case,
I'm just here
to lend my support
in any way that I can.
I don't need a babysitter
on this. It's under control.
Is it?
Yes, it is.
All right.
Can't have people
running around the street
using guns, Frank.
Makes it look
like the city's unsafe.
Besides, I got to be here.
Police chief
doesn't show up,
looks like he's asleep
at the wheel.
Just stay out of my way.
The TV cameras are over there.
They should make you feel
right at home.
Right. Why don't you
just relax?
Why don't you
just relax?
Why can't you relax?
I'm fine.
Why don't you
just do your job?
I'm doing my job.
We're both cops, right?
We're on the same side.
Right. Right.
It's good to see you.
Yes, Mr. Mayor.
I'll see you
in a little bit.
No, we got it.
Okay, I got it.
How are you? The old man,
looking for his depends.
He leave them here?
I don't understand why they
never found it, the doctors.
My son has had
clean checkups every year
since the day he was born.
How could the doctors
not pick it up?
He might not have been tested
thoroughly enough.
Why not?
You got an HMO, right?
There's your answer.
HMOs pay their doctors
not to test.
It's their way
of keeping costs down.
Say Mike did need
additional testing
and insurance says
they won't cover them.
The doctor keeps his mouth
shut, and come Christmas,
the hmo sends the doctor
a fat-ass bonus check.
Is that true?
Not likely,
but possible.
These doctors may have known
what was wrong with my son,
and they could have
treated him all along?
Who knows?
I don't know, John.
Don't take this
personal, doc.
You're a bunch of crooks.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
JULIE: What about
that thing you take?
The thing?
That promise.
It's called
the hippocratic oath.
More like
the hypocritical oath.
How's it go, doc?
"I solemnly swear to take care
of the sick and damn-near-dying,
unless they ain't got
major medical."
Something like that?
You've got it perfectly.
It's funny, but it's
not far from the truth.
This shit happens
all the time.
Paramedics bring in
some accident victim.
When the boys in accounting
find out they can't pay,
they send them packing.
Hospitals can't
turn people away.
Isn't there laws
against that?
There's also ways
around those laws.
We have to stabilize them.
After that, we're off the hook.
That's not how it works.
That's exactly
how it works.
Maybe not
on the fifth floor,
but in here
if you don't have money,
you get a band-aid,
a foot in the ass,
and you're out the door.
Enough already. I've heard
all the bitching and moaning
I can stand for one day.
Look, if you all
want to regard me
as some kind of blood-sucking
vampire, then fine.
I'll be the bad guy.
But who's holding
the fucking gun?
Sir? Lieutenant!
FRANK: Hello?
this is Frank Grimes.
The line is clipped.
You pick up the phone,
you get me, okay?
Now, what can I do
for you?
What's going on
with the list?
I'm working on it,
but I need some time.
Time I don't have, Frank.
Let's talk
about the hostages.
Let's talk about them.
What do you want to know?
What's going on in there?
How are they?
They're fine.
They're full.
We're eating candy bars
and discussing HMOs.
We're sitting here
waiting for you.
I want you
to let some of them go.
For what?
I do for you, you do for me.
Show some good faith.
A lot of nervous people
out here, John.
Make everybody breathe
a lot easier
if we saw some happy faces.
I'll do for you
when you start doing for me.
...kid's name on that list.
I'm not kidding around.
FRANK: Good faith.
JOHN: Good faith
only takes you so far...
What's the name?
...merit system. So far,
you haven't earned any points.
I need to talk to you.
This woman
is six centimeters dilated.
The baby is breeched.
I've medicated her,
but we have to move her
to maternity immediately.
FRANK: John?
Hang on, Frank.
Right down here.
What the hell
is going on?
Do you know this man?
John Archibald.
He has a son here in ICU.
Put people on the door.
Find the mother.
I need to talk to her.
JOHN: Are you there,
I'm here, John.
I'm here.
I changed my mind,
all right?
I'm going to let
some of the hostages go.
That's the right thing.
But when I do, the clock starts,
you understand?
It's 4:15.
You got one hour.
You got till 5:15,
you understand, Frank?
If my boy's
not on that list by 5:15,
somebody in here
is going to die.
Don't be stupid.
5:15, Frank. 5-1-5,
something happens for me!
Got it.
You're a cop.
Call the coroner.
This is bad, Frank.
This has just got to go away.
All right, Miriam...
And rosa.
Vamos. Let's go.
Mr. Archibald,
please let my husband
come with me.
I need you to get out of here.
I will be okay. Just go.
Shit, I'll go.
I'm free.
MIRIAM: Steve, baby,
no, please.
What kind of man are you?
Screw you, Tyrone.
What? Screw me, Tyrone?
Wait a second.
Screw me?
Wait a minute, all right?
Just relax.
Yeah, that's right,
tough guy.
Julie, baby,
get the gun! Come on!
Go over there
and pick up that gun.
Shoot him! Shoot him
right in the face, Julie!
Right in the face!
Get up! Get the gun!
There you go, baby.
What are you--are you crazy?
What are you doing?
Come on now! Aah!
Max, you got cuffs?
Oh, God!
You stupid bitch!
That's for beating
the shit out of me!
And that's
for being an asshole!
Heh heh ha ha.
And this, this is
for calling me a bitch!
I felt that one.
And I'm not going to be
your Barbie anymore!
Goddamn! All that ass
and muscles to go with it.
I knew damn well
you wasn't no blonde.
Give them to me.
MAN: Mitch!
Look at me!
Come here.
Let's go, both of you.
Whatever happens,
I want you to know
everything's going to be okay.
You understand me?
Don't worry. Don't worry
about anything.
I'll always be there
for you, baby.
Don't shoot!
I'm letting some hostages go!
Don't shoot!
All right, Steve. You, too.
Let's go, both of you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Muchas gracias, seor.
MIRIAM: Thank you,
Mr. Archibald.
That's right.
You, too.
Take care of his ear.
LAMPLEY: The gunman
has just freed several hostage,
who will immediately
be debriefed
by members
of the crisis team.
Will the man known as John Q
get a heart for his little boy?
Only time will tell.
From Hope Memorial hospital,
I'm Tuck Lampley.
Is it true an ambulance
dropped off a gunshot victim
after the gunman took over?
He unlocked the door
and he let him inside!
Can you comment?
The man
was critically injured.
If he hadn't let him in,
he would have died.
Ma'am, are you all right?
Oh, yeah, I feel good.
We're having a baby!
Ma'am, any comments
about the gunman?
John Q very good man.
The gunman?
Very good man!
They got a camera.
They're watching a video feed.
MAN: How do you know?
They're looking at something.
Can you get it?
Boss, if they got it,
I can get it.
You give in,
there's going to be guns
in every hospital
in the country.
You think Archibald's the only
one who has a sick child?
Have you checked the HIV ward?
There's a whole floor full.
People get sick. They die.
That's the way it goes.
I'm faced with
decisions like this every day.
There's a man threatening
to kill innocent people
because you refused
to help his son.
There are 50 million people
in this country
without medical insurance.
If you'd like to change it,
call your congressman.
Excuse me.
Why don't we just tell him
his son's name
is on the list?
Doesn't that make sense?
How's he going to know, anyway?
Sir? Pardon me.
Can you come
take a look at this?
Sarge, chief Monroe,
this is Wally pitoniak,
head of security.
Nice to meet you.
I got your spot.
Here's your sight.
That's going to be your perch.
The x there,
that's your phone.
Which phone?
Bring it up, Jeff.
The phone right there.
LAMPLEY: It is, Tom,
but Chief Monroe maintains
the police will do
whatever is necessary
to preserve the lives
and safety of these hostages.
TOM: Thanks.
This country.
Can't go anywhere anymore
without getting mugged
or murdered or stabbed.
Kids killing
their classmates, drive-bys.
I won't even go into
a post office anymore.
Shut up, Mitch.
You shut up.
I hate the little bastard,
but he's right.
You know how easy it is
to get a gun?
Five minutes.
Gun show. Boom.
MITCH: I understand
your kid is sick, John,
but what makes him
better than me?
I got a life, too.
But you got insurance.
So what, are you
going to shoot me?
That's what
you're telling the cops.
If your son doesn't get
the very first heart available,
we all die.
How's it going to end, John?
What's your move?
I got no moves, okay?
I don't know
what I'm going to do. I'm...
I'm waiting
on a miracle, okay?
I'm waiting
on an act of God.
Mrs. Archibald?
Could we have a word
with you, please?
This is all my fault.
When the hospital told me
they were releasing Mikey,
I called John,
and I yelled at him
and told him
to do something, anything.
But I never thought--
I understand. Is he
a violent man, Mrs. Archibald?
No, he's sweet and gentle.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
That's not what he's saying.
He's talking
about killing people.
Now, I may be fishing here,
but has he spent any time
in the military
or anything like that?
What is this?
Oh, I see
what's going on here.
You're trying to get me
to say something
that you can use
against my husband.
He's in a lot of trouble.
We're going to need you
to talk to him.
Let's get
something straight, mister.
You cannot use me to build
a case against my husband.
I support him
in everything that he does.
I'm on his side,
not yours.
Mrs. Archibald--
and you
don't talk to me!
I would tell you
what I think of you...
...but I'm a Christian woman.
Now you two
leave me alone.
I have a sick child
to look after.
I've decided
to put Michael's name
on the recipient list.
The hospital will pay
for everything.
Thank you.
Oh, God, thank you.
You're good.
Excuse me?
Quite the performance.
What are you
talking about?
Comforting embrace,
sincere look.
For a minute, I actually
believed you cared.
TOM: We go now
to hope memorial hospital,
live--Tuck Lampley.
As you can see,
the crowd in front
of hope memorial is growing.
The S.W.A.T. Team has arrived.
The situation is becoming tense.
Standing next to me
is James Palumbo,
friend of John Archibald.
Mr. Palumbo,
what can you tell us
about John Archibald?
You know, um,
I got to be honest, Tuck.
I mean, this whole thing, uh,
sucks, you know?
It all could have been avoided
so incredibly easy.
I mean, uh,
none of this had to happen
if John had been a millionaire
or if his last name
was Rockefeller,
but sometimes
John don't get it.
He don't understand
that what we hold sacred
in this country isn't values.
It's value that's important.
We got haves, we got have-nots.
We've got white collar,
blue collar, and no collar.
Inside there we got surgery,
outpatient surgery,
out-of-luck surgery.
There's a lot of people
out there
who don't got 250 grand
in their billfold.
To shame a man like that
and back him into a corner...
Seems to me that something is
out of whack, not someone.
But, hey, what do I know?
I'm--I'm a factory worker.
Well, I can see this is
making you very upset,
but if you could speak
to John Q right now,
what would you say to him?
I'm there with you,
and you take care.
That's one man's opinion.
Live at the crisis
at Hope Memorial,
this is Tuck Lampley.
What's going on?
Where's everybody?
We're sending one of our guys
in through the air duct.
Now, if we can get the target
to this phone,
we got a clear shot.
Is that right?
Yes, Lieutenant,
that is right.
When you're ready, chief.
My wife's calling.
MAN: Worse, chief.
It's father time.
Come over here!
Not one word, Frank.
I don't want to hear it.
You son of a bitch,
you're going behind my back!
What do you want?
Look at the clock!
Look at your watch!
At a quarter after,
he's going to start
killing people...
This is
so goddamned stupid!
Oh, really?
What's your great idea?
There are no great ideas,
especially this!
I got a shot at this guy.
I'm going to take it.
You know the drill.
Always take the open shot.
The wife has agreed
to speak to him.
Let her talk him down.
That's exactly
what I'm going to do.
You used the wife
to set him up?
I'm going to use
whatever works.
Let me paint
a picture for you.
We have a lose/lose.
This guy starts whacking
hostages, that's bad.
If we give into this asshole,
it's also bad.
Bad for who?
Me, you, everybody.
It's an election year.
However it goes down,
this guy's
not going to make it.
So you kill him,
that's a P.R. Bonanza?
I can live
with one dead bad guy.
What I can't live with is one
innocent person being hurt,
not one, not on my watch.
You know what, Frank?
You're out.
I'm out?
You're officially
relieved of duty.
I'm going to
handle this now.
Yeah, me.
You think it's my first time
around the dance floor?
How do you think I got these?
And watch it.
I got a lot of pressure on me.
There's a lot of eyes watching.
Someone's got to make
the call.
You're not
going to do it, are you?
I'll do it.
What about the hostages,
the human beings?
Better keep
their heads down.
What is it?
The air conditioning
just turned off.
I'm counting on you.
Don't let me down, okay?
I'll call you!
Right on.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Don't touch me! Excuse me.
Excuse me. Thank you.
Tuck Lampley, channel 8?
Right. You got it.
Thanks, officer!
Excuse me. Whoo!
Where's my picture?
I just got to unscramble
the police encryption.
Hurry. I got a contact
in cardiology.
The cops are going to
set up a call
between this guy
and his wife.
Are you with the wife?
All right,
let's patch it through.
This better be good,
God, baby.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
We're on the list.
Payne just left here.
Mikey's name is on the list.
Baby, you did it.
What? We're on the list?
Okay. Wow.
Ha ha ha ha.
Oh, wow.
This is great, baby.
Oh, we got sound.
Good, but where's
the video?
I need picture.
Hang on. I'm going to
make you really famous.
Wow, I'm just--
I'm, uh...
That's great, baby.
How's Mikey doing?
Not too good.
I think
he's going away.
They've done everything
they can for him,
but he keeps getting
worse and worse.
(SOBBING) Oh, God.
Our poor baby.
Are you praying for him, John?
Are you praying for our baby?
Yes, I'm praying, sweetheart.
You know I am.
Checkmate. This is
the white rook. Copy.
I copy, white rook.
(WHISPERING) It's going
to be all right, sweetheart.
Listen to me.
He's going to make it.
I swear on my life,
he's going to make it.
You understand me?
You just got to believe me,
you understand?
I believe.
Is he awake? Is Mikey awake?
Can I talk to him?
Hold on.
Oh, my God.
We got it! Boss!
The video's online.
You are a genius.
You are beautiful.
What are you doing
standing around?
Move your ass!
This is it!
Thank you.
Freddy, I swear to God--
Nigel, you're moving
like lava. Hustle.
How's my hair?
Never mind. Let's get this.
And three, two, one.
This is Tuck Lampley,
live at Hope Memorial hospital,
bringing you exclusive coverage
between a father and his son
he's fighting
most desperately to save.
It's your dad.
He's on the phone.
How's my boy, huh?
You hanging in there?
How are you?
Oh, I'm--
what do you mean, how am I?
I'm good.
don't worry about me.
I'm good.
How come
you're not here, dad?
Well, I'm, uh...
I'm tied up, Mikey.
I can't get away now.
But I'm close,
real close to you.
Mom says
I need a new heart.
Yeah, that's right,
champ. You do.
But what's wrong
with my heart?
There's nothing wrong.
There's nothing wrong.
It's just that you...
You just need a--
they're going to--
you need a strong--
you got to get a better heart
to be stronger, that's all.
They're giving you a new one
that's going to make you
real strong.
(WHISPERING) Hey, dad?
Am I going to die?
No, you're not going to die.
Of course not.
How do you know?
Hey, what--what good would
the world be without you?
Oh, my God.
This is the greatest thing
I've ever seen.
Without you
there is no world.
This is my White Bronco.
Hey, Mike.
Listen to me.
On your command.
You know I love you,
don't you?
You know how proud
I am of you?
Yeah, I just wanted
to make sure you know that.
I just wanted to tell you that
in case I forgot.
Take the shot.
It's not clear.
Hey, why don't you give me
one of those Chris Cormeirs?
Oh, yeah.
Chris Cormeir.
He's great.
He's great
and so are you, baby.
I love you, dad.
Okay, son.
I'll talk
to you later, okay?
With all my heart, son,
I love you.
I love you, too, dad.
Oh, shit!
You're on TV, man.
Channel 8.
MITCH: Somebody help me!
He's down. We got him.
He's down.
He's not down.
Goddamn it!
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
This is very bad, Gus.
Not now.
No, it's the mayor, sir.
We better kill this video feed.
The press
hacked into our signal.
This whole thing went out live
over national television.
Mikey's not
going to make it.
What about the list?
What list? They're shooting
at me, shooting at us.
They're not
going to help my son.
The sniper gained access to
the hospital through the venti--
you gonna bust me?
You just shot an innocent man
on prime-time TV.
WOMAN: We want
to see John!
Where's grimes?
Hang in there, man!
Where's Lieutenant Grimes?
All right.
All right what?
All right, let's go see
what he wants.
You've got to be kidding.
Don't start breaking my balls.
I screwed up.
I need you
to save my ass.
I really stepped in shit.
Please, Frank.
Come on,
I'll buy you a steak.
Peking duck.
Peking duck.
Yeah. Let's go.
You got it.
Yeah, yeah, I'm faxing you
all the stuff right now.
Come over here.
On this side.
Hold your fire!
Don't fire.
Turn them down.
There's a lot
of cameras.
I don't want anybody
doing anything.
Who's that with you?
Police Chief Monroe.
What's going on
here, John?
He's got no pants on!
You lied to me,
You said you were going to
call me back, but you didn't.
I gave you your hostages,
but you didn't
call me back. Why?
Because you
want me dead.
Nobody wants to kill you, John.
Nobody wants to kill you.
Nobody wants
to kill me?
None of these guys?
Not him?
Oh, okay.
What is this?
What is this?
What did you think
would happen?
You want truth?
Here's some truth.
This is going to end up
bad for you, John.
There's only two ways
out of here--
jail or dead.
My son is very sick
and he needs some help.
I understand. It's hard
to be a man these days,
hard to know
what the right thing is.
But put the gun down,
You're not hearing me,
My son is sick!
That's it!
There's nothing else.
End of story.
When people are sick,
they deserve a little help.
Sick, help.
I am not
going to bury my son!
My son
is going to bury me.
You think these people
give a shit about you?
They don't. You're just
the cause of the moment.
Nobody cares, John.
That's the real truth.
Nobody cares. Only you.
And it's only you
and me out here
and all these guns
pointed at you.
What do you want to do?
It's your call.
I want my son.
I want my son
inside with me.
Can't do it, John!
You give me my boy,
I give you your sniper.
Then it's all over.
You bring my son,
I give up,
everybody goes home...
Everybody's safe.
You bring me my son.
Come on.
All right.
What do you think, Frank?
Give it to him.
He's not going to hurt anybody
with his boy in there.
The object is to get
hostages out, not bring them in.
It's not a hostage.
It's his son.
Have all these people
been on the news?
It's your call, Frank.
All right, give it to him.
Hold it!
No, listen to me
listen to me.
I'm his mother.
I need to be in there!
Stop! Stop!
Stop right there!
Go! Go! Beat it!
Go! Now!
We're in trouble, John.
Mike's blood pressure
has dropped into the mid-40s.
His atrial blood pressure
should be in the low teens.
It's 35.
I'm sorry, John.
Without a new heart,
he's not going to make it.
Then take mine.
You heard me.
Take my heart,
and you put it in Mike.
You done lost your damn mind.
You can't be serious.
You bet I'm serious.
I'm dead serious.
Oh, my God.
Man, you'll be dead.
And my son will live.
It's the only way.
No, physically,
you can't do this.
Yes, I can.
I kill myself.
You open me up,
you take my heart.
It's perfect.
That's crazy.
We can't just remove your heart
and put it into Michael's body.
Matching donor and recipient
is extremely complicated.
There are critical tests
that have to be taken--
cross matches for blood type,
chest cavity measurements.
If both blood tissues are not
completely compatible--
I know about compatibility.
We've been tested up the wazoo.
We're both b-positive.
Our tissues match.
His heart's three times the size
of normal, so mine will fit.
You know damn well
we're compatible.
Out of the question.
Too risky.
Doc, I'm telling you,
he will make it!
Can't do it.
If I'm laying
on the floor, dead,
you're not going to take
my heart and save his life?
You'll let two die
instead of one
because of a technicality?
I think what John
is trying to do is right.
Me, too.
It's so brave.
What do you think Mike
would want? Your wife?
Mike's too young to know
what's good for him.
It's my job to protect him.
Denise would do the same thing.
John, look, I know what's
happening to Mike is bad.
Matter of fact,
it's the worst.
But killing yourself ain't
going to solve a damn thing.
Sometimes you just
got to let go and let God...
Just accept it, brother.
Accept it?
Accept what?
Accept what?
That Mike is going to die.
No, I don't
accept that... Ever.
No, I reject that
out of hand.
I mean, look, all right,
he's a patient to you,
I understand, but if you--
he's a good kid.
I mean, he's--
he loves bodybuilding.
He wants to be a bodybuilder.
Can you believe that?
He's funny, he's--
you'd like him.
You'd like him, doc,
if you got to know him.
I do like him.
Then, please,
I'm just begging you,
step outside the rules.
I'd like to, John,
I really would,
but what you're asking
crosses the line.
It is completely
I'm crossing the line?
You're crossing the line.
The whole system
is crossing the line.
Maybe you don't understand
what I'm talking about.
I don't give a damn.
My son's going to live.
Maybe you haven't
figured that out by now.
I'll do whatever I got to do
for him to live.
What are you going to do,
shoot me if I don't operate?
I'm going to kill myself.
All right?
Let's just see what happens.
That's what this is all about, right?
He needs a donor.
Somebody's got to die
for him to live.
I'm his father.
It's me.
All right.
MITCH: All right?
All right what?
I'll do it.
You're going to let him
kill himself?
Once he's dead,
why not?
You are the finest surgeon
I have ever known.
You cannot throw your career,
your life away for this.
If you do this,
you're finished.
What are they
going to do, sue me?
Disbar me?
Evict me
from the country club?
No, this is still a hospital.
If there's a heart available,
I'm not going to let it
go to waste.
Doctor, Mr. Maguire,
let's get ready for surgery.
They're ready to harvest.
All right, hurry up, guys.
Get her on the table.
What's our time?
All right,
ready to lift.
Count of three.
Scalpels laid out.
WOMAN #2: Where's his tray?
Got the other one ready?
What do we have?
WOMAN: Female donor,
26 years old...
She is 26 years old, 5'7".
...kidneys usable.
Liver and kidneys
are both usable. Lungs?
MAN: Okay.
Lungs are okay.
Heart is good.
Heart is good.
Blood type?
This is my, uh...
My will.
It says I'm leaving my heart
to my son,
and I need two witnesses
to sign.
I'm not signing it.
I ain't going to watch you
kill yourself.
Me, neither.
The sooner you sign it,
the sooner you go home.
Okay. I'll sign.
Me, too.
So you're just going to go
in there and off yourself?
Only one thing
will stop me--
if Mitch is b-positive.
MITCH: No, no, no, no, no.
Type O. Swear to God.
Thank you.
You be good, huh?
Be careful.
Yeah, yeah.
See you in the funny papers.
Can I have a word with him?
Thank you.
Hey, Mike.
How you doing, buddy?
(WHISPERING) Hey, dad.
Did you find me
a new heart?
Yeah, we got you one.
I guess you got
a guardian angel.
Just try to stay awake
just for a minute, okay?
I just need to tell you
a few things.
Okay, dad.
You always listen
to your mother.
You understand?
Do what she tells you
to do.
She's your best friend.
You tell her you love her
every day.
Okay, dad.
Now, you're--you're--
you're too young for girls
right now, but...
going to come a time.
When it does, you treat them
like princesses,
'cause that's what they are.
When you say you're
going to do something...
When you say you're going to
do something, you do it.
Because your word is your bond, son.
It's all you have.
And money. You make money
if you get a chance,
even if you got to sell out
once in a while.
Make as much money
as you can.
Don't be stupid
like your father.
Everything is so much easier
with money, son.
Don't smoke.
Be kind to people.
When somebody chooses you--
we talked about this.
You stand up. You be a man.
And y--
(WHISPERING) You stay away
from the bad things, son.
Don't get caught up
in the bad things.
There's so many great things
out there for you.
I'll never leave you.
I'm always with you.
Right there.
I love you, son.
I'll see you later.
Turner gets the other one.
Match with donor.
Oh, my sweet Jesus.
Okay, let's do it.
Wait a minute.
Are you telling me
that gun was empty
the whole time?
Yeah, I'm all talk.
The only one I ever
considered killing was me.
Maybe we should get
some towels.
Ms. Payne! Ms. Payne.
You're not going to
believe this. We got a match.
Michael William Archibald,
the only status one
in the whole country.
I'll be damned.
I'm thirsty.
Mrs. Archibald!
We have some
very good news for you.
The safety's on.
Is this for real?
The jet landed
at O'Hare.
The helicopter's going to
be here in 15 minutes.
You do the honors,
okay? Go.
John, baby, it's me.
It's not working.
John? John!
Please, baby, pick up.
John, can you--
John, it's a miracle, baby!
They found a heart!
John! It's a miracle!
They found a heart!
The heart is here!
I repeat--the heart for little
Mike Archibald has arrived.
What an unbelievable ending to
this incredible, tumultuous day.
There they are.
Okay, here we go.
Here we go.
Yes, the hostages
are coming out.
One, two.
They appear to be unharmed
but certainly exhausted
from what must have been
an excruciating ordeal.
More now! More coming out,
hands waving in the air.
Freedom. Freedom at last.
Police are escorting them
one by one to safety.
WOMAN: How do you feel?
Somebody else is coming.
It's John Q!
John Q has come out,
hands in the air.
He's putting the gun down.
He appears to be surrendering.
The police are approaching
cautiously now.
And they've got him.
They've subdued John Q.
The handcuffs are on,
and it appears to be over.
It's all over.
If pictures
speak a thousand words,
then these images
do speak volumes.
And now, as the bloody standoff
comes to an end, we remind you
that channel 8 news
was here first
with exclusive
moment-to-moment live coverage
of "Crisis at Hope Memorial."
I'm Tuck Lampley.
Open those doors!
Look out!
We're coming through!
Come on!
We love you, John!
WOMAN: God bless you!
I'd do the same thing!
Ha ha ha ha.
Thank you.
Prepare for cutting.
Put these on for me,
would you do that?
Take your time.
Lift it.
All right, done.
How beautiful was that?
MAN: Pressure up.
MAN #2: Pressure up.
And now one, two, three.
It worked!
It worked, John!
It worked! Whoo!
JAY LENO: The other big story--
John Q goes on trial today
for kidnapping
and attempted murder charges
all because an HMO
denied coverage
for his son's
heart transplant.
...more expensive for you
in the future, HMOs,
to deny coverage
when people really need it...
There are still 40 million
Americans who are uninsured...
as the trial continues,
John Quincy Archibald--
vigilante or heroic father?
...Is to sue the pants off them
for millions of dollars
to let them know...
We have known for years
this is a crappy
health care system.
We've known we had to
do something...
John Q was using one of
President Bush's
faith-based health care plans.
That's where you just pray,
and the government does nothin.
The point is that the enemy
we're trying to identify is us.
That's the point.
We are the ones who shot down
national health care.
We are the ones
who don't want our taxes raise.
You have to look in the
mirror for this problem.
John. John!
Back up. Come on.
Back up. Back.
Just one question, please!
Back up.
How's your son doing, John?
MAN: John, a statement,
Out of the way.
Let's go.
WOMAN: How are you feeling
right now, John?
Smile, John!
Has the jury reached
a verdict?
We have, your honor.
As to count one,
attempted murder--
we find the defendant
John Quincy Archibald
not guilty.
JUDGE: Quiet, please.
On count two,
armed criminal action--
not guilty.
JUDGE: Quiet!
On the final count,
the kidnapping
and false imprisonment
of Julie Byrd, Max Conlan,
Rosa Gonzalez,
Dr. Allen Klein,
Lester Matthews,
Steve Maguire,
Miriam and Steve Smith,
Dr. Raymond Turner,
Mitch Quigley,
Debby Utley--
we find the defendant...
JUDGE: Quiet, please. Sentencing
will be one week from today.
All rise.
What are we looking at?
He's going to do some time.
The judge is not going to give
him more than three to five.
I'll try and get it
down to two. I'm sorry.
You all right, slugger?
You take good care
of your mother, okay?
You're the man
of the house now.
You have any problems,
Jimmy and Gina
will be here for you, too.
I'm so proud of you.
Give them frigging hell, Johnny.
Don't worry about nothing.
Hey, dad.
It's not good-bye, son.
See you later.
Hey, John!
Take care, man.
You my hero.
Thank you.