John Was Trying to Contact Aliens (2020) Movie Script

And I'll start it up...
...and we'll start generating.
John has a very special mission in life.
He is trying to contact aliens.
It was started by myself.
My grandfather helped me.
I lived with my grandparents
in a small cottage in Northern Michigan.
I started building
the electronic equipment to make contact
with whatever might be out there
beyond the Earth.
It grew to encompass an entire bedroom.
That equipment continued to grow.
In the next two years,
it was migrating into the living room.
It became more and more massive.
Most everything I did was self-taught.
I envisioned an idea
and completed that vision,
built it into a physical reality.
I was always seeking to explore,
to look beyond what we have here.
I pictured many alien worlds,
imagining what it would be like
to make contact.
The moment of sharing extreme knowledge
and thoughts
and communication with another species,
is just beyond anything
most of us even imagine.
I seem to be picking up a radio signal.
Okay, fine.
I decided that the best way
to try and make contact
was to broadcast a signal
into outer space.
I thought the best signal would be music.
Technically, we were achieving
the actual transmissions
from a large tower out in front
of mygrandparents' home.
I sent music into space
because it represents
a certain, uh, universal language.
And I'm talking
about non-commercial music as such.
I'm talking about jazz,
uh, electronic music...
Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Harmonia,
and there were many others.
African music,
Eastern music, which covers a broad area.
Reggae, Afrobeat...
And one of the things I really liked
to send out was gamelan music.
It was a really beautiful form.
John Shepherd has devoted
all his time, money, and energies
to a personal search
for outer space aliens.
I send
cultural or creative music out into space.
I beam it out for approximately
half a million, million miles
out into space.
About twice the distance of the moon.
This is ProjectSTRAT Earth Station One,
broadcasting to you
from beautiful Northwestern Michigan.
You are listening to the group Harmonia.
This is Project STRAT Earth Station One
signing off from another broadcast day.
If you ETs are out there,
we'd like you to tune in again
tomorrow night at nine p.m.
for more cultural music.
This is John Shepherd.
I don't remember much about my mom.
Things were rough in the early years.
It wasn't the best home environment
to raise me in.
My dad left while I was just born,
and my grandma felt sorry for me
and took me with her.
I had very little contact with my mother.
She was always
a little different than I was.
Almost... Not alien.
That's not the right word, really.
Just different.
The fondest memories
were after my grandparents adopted me.
Took care of me, raised me.
Sometimes taking the course that I have
in my life and the path
is like a... maybe a lonely mountain road
to some higher elevation peaks,
to see the view,
to check out something
most people don't see.
So, you tend to go it alone more.
You don't have much company in this.
I set up this whole operation
inside of a small cottage
in the middle
of a kind of sparsely populated area.
Small town, you know, rural.
My lifestyle,
relative to the local lifestyle,
was quite, quite removed, quite different.
My mind was in space and in other realms,
where my body was in this local community,
this little... real quiet, peaceful area.
But my mind was traveling,
traveling the cosmos.
I think the real tough part
to deal with sometimes is loneliness.
You don't go right out and, so to speak,
date somebody for very long
that they don't find out
you're a little different.
To find someone that is on the wavelength
that I am on
and be able to share my life
with that person in any degree or way
is nearly impossible.
Although I believe it exists.
I believe for everybody there's someone.
As time went on, the equipment got
consuming most of the house.
It became obvious
that we needed more room.
My grandmother and I got together
and pooled our funds to build an addition.
It had plenty of room to expand.
The project could be fully realized.
John Shepherd calls his project "STRAT."
That's an acronym for Special Telemetry
Research and Tracking.
There are 60,000 volts
running through his basement,
powering a signal
that's beamed straight out into space.
So, I built this two-story-high
deep-space transmitter, basically,
a tuned circuit resonator.
It allowed me to reach deeper
and further out into space.
Project STRAhad become a major operation.
I was busy developing other kinds
of devices for communication.
I never gave up trying to make contact.
And the excitement, for me,
was always there,
always the anticipation
that something might happen.
We're now going to bring you some Afropop
to warm up your evening.
It was always an exploration.
It was always a sort of a dream state.
So, I kept going.
I kept doing that throughout...
well, 25, 30 years of my life.
Can't say I found a lot of... hard data
that would be of great significance,
necessarily, on the UFO front.
But as far as inspiration, creative ideas,
it gave me the chance to do all of that
and to share the results with people,
with others.
And it filled my life.
It gave it something, meaning.
What remains of Project STRAis what's stored in this building.
A lot of the equipment
is disassembled for storage,
but it's still here in its spirit,
you might say.
And this was... of the data mapping consoles.
There were endless components,
all kinds of unique things.
Satellite communication equipment,
high-power microwave tubes
that used to transmit microwaves.
So, it's lots and lots of stuff
that was all parts of the lab,
the high-voltage transmitter accelerator
that we used
for sending signals into space.
So, these are just the remnants,
or little leftover pieces of thought.
Well, having had to give up,
due to lack of funds,
was deeply frustrating, almost depressing.
But also realizing
that maybe it was time to move on.
In 1993,
I met somebody I really love very much
named John Litrenta.
We were both at a club one evening.
That's where we met.
When he first walked in the door
of the club, I was still there...
I was quite...
taken by his appearance.
His look...
the fact that he was different.
There was an attraction almost immediately
to the way he looked.
When I first met John,
I had this impression that,
"This fellow's really kind of different.
He gives me an interesting impression.
I think I wanna meet this guy."
It just came over me
to go ahead and get up the courage
to go over and say hello
and introduce myself, at least.
And after that, it just seemed like...
we were, well,
we were off and running a bit, I'd say.
We started discussing music
and some of the more obscure things
we love about music.
John's character is really warm.
What I really like about him
is that warmth
and that understanding that he has.
Once I met him and realized
that he was that sort of person:
warm, loving, sensitive, patient.
I was like, "Wow, that's really...
That's really something.
You don't find that every day."
And that's what everyone, I think,
in this world to some degree seeks
and doesn't always find it.
I was one of the lucky ones.
I feel I found it. Found it in John.
So, contact has been made.
My interest is in finding out the unknown,
and the unknown is just that, unknown.
And you search, and you continue
searching because of your desire,
because of that
you know there's something there.