Johnny Allegro (1949) Movie Script

Gee, that's beautiful, Mr Allegro.
Well I've done better, Addie.
But I guess it will do.
Mr Swift ordered some more orchids.
Who for this time?
- I don't know.
He said to leave them at the desk.
Well, when you get finished
wrapping it, I'll take it in.
Hello. John Allegro Florists.
I .. believe I forgot my key.
I'll take you right back up again, Miss.
Here it is.
How stupid of me.
Please help me. Pretend you know me.
I'm beginning to feel that I do.
You are late, darling.
I won't be again.
Ah, but you are forgiven.
I adore orchids.
I knew you would.
I'll bet you're dying for a drink.
Well, I should say so.
You and I are going to get along.
Yes, sir?
Do you happen to know who that
man in with Miss Chapman?
That is John Allegro. He has the
florist shop here at the hotel.
I can't thank you enough, mister ..?
John Allegro.
And these are for a customer.
My name is Glenda Chapman.
You see .. my father and
I are in terrible danger.
He's an inventor.
Don't tell me it's the atom bomb?
How wonderful. You know.
Then you know that unfriendly elements
will stop at nothing to get his secrets.
And that unfriendly little fat
man out there is one of them.
But you know everything.
I've been around.
Somebody ought to tell our police that
one of their boys takes outside work.
You didn't go for that, eh?
What do you think?
It wasn't a bad try.
Most people don't know detectives unless
they've had a reason to dodge them.
This isn't my pitch, gorgeous.
What do you want?
I want to get out of here alone.
Will you help me?
Who's been helping you up to now?
No-one. This is the first time
I've noticed my .. friend.
If I were to leave my fur.
That little man out there
wouldn't know you'd gone.
You're fast, Mr Allegro.
That's what my name means.
Will you do it?
Why not?
What will I do with that?
You can .. take it up to my room.
If you don't mind.
Not at all.
Is anything wrong, sir?
I wouldn't say so.
He is with her now.
John Allegro.
I don't know.
A-L-L-E-G-R-O, I guess.
Here you are.
Thanks, Addie.
Gee, Miss Chapman is sure
going to be loaded with orchids.
How did you know who they were for?
Well I ought to. I've been taking
them up to her every day for weeks.
I ain't dumb you know.
Gee, she's gorgeous.
And what a wardrobe.
You know something. If I had clothes
like that I'd go out every night.
I'd want to be seen.
She's just modest.
If you let that go and
take these up to her ..
I'll let you go home.
Oh gee, thanks, Mr Allegro.
Don't read it.
Mr Allegro. I wouldn't do that.
- Goodnight, Addie.
Sorry, we're closed.
- It's alright, Johnny.
I don't want to buy anything.
Nice place you've got here.
Johnny .. Rock.
I had you figured for a copper.
My friends call me Schultzy.
I'm not one of them.
I was born Johnny Allegro.
If you're looking for him,
you've found the right guy.
John Allegro a right guy?
Johnny Rock a wrong one.
Allegro started out alright.
Night school.
Church regular.
A legitimate job as a florist.
A miracle for that kind of
a kid from Hell's Kitchen.
Miracles don't last.
That's right.
Deliver flowers to the gangsters.
See all the pretty girls
and the big dough.
That kind of temptation can be tough.
I almost couldn't blame you.
I'm not blaming anybody.
He went to work with Seco Magnum.
That's when the boy changed
his name to Johnny Rock.
Then the inevitable.
He got trapped by the law.
Maybe not accidentally.
Maybe he was framed.
So he went to Sing Sing for ten years.
He escaped.
I didn't know you knew
Johnny Rock that well.
I didn't know him Johnny,
but I think I understood him.
I'll get my hat.
You must be anxious to make this pitch.
- Wait a minute, Johnny.
Let me finish.
Then Allegro turned up again.
He couldn't make the regular army
because of a bullet hole in his knee.
That didn't stop him.
He heard the OSS would
take him and he joined up.
Did you come here to tell me
stories or take me down town?
Then one night in the South Pacific.
Allegro jumped from a plane.
Into enemy territory.
What you did that night
saved an entire detachment.
Why did you make that jump?
I was pushed.
You volunteered. Why?
I still say I was pushed.
You don't get a citation for
distinguished service by being pushed.
A lot of guys made jumps.
Why don't you quit stalling?
What do you want?
I want you to make another jump, Johnny.
A bigger one.
Why pick on me?
I didn't.
She did.
You've been seeing
quite a bit of her lately.
Nice seeing, too.
That makes you the
right man for the job.
Treasury Department.
It's big stuff.
I want you to find out all about her.
Sorry, but stooling is out of my line.
This isn't stooling, Johnny.
Big trouble.
Big enough to bring me all the way
from Washington just to see you.
I cant tell you what it is.
You'll have to go out blind.
It isn't good.
Worse than the Pacific and
just as easy to get yourself dead.
Sounds good.
I suppose the state gives me
time off for good behaviour?
I'm not promising you a thing, Johnny.
Think it over, son.
I'll be back.
Of course, you know I have to report
to the New York Police Department.
I'd like to wait until I could say
something nice about you.
Who is it?
- Johnny.
Hello, Johnny.
What is this?
I thought we were going to dinner.
I've been sent for, Johnny.
I must get out of here right away.
Sent for?
By whom?
Believe me, if I could say, I would.
Where you going?
You can tell me that much.
I can't. I can't tell you anything.
- How do you figure on getting out?
You can help me, Johnny.
You're smart.
How smart can a guy be?
Please, Johnny.
Wait here.
Hello, Mr Allegro. How is business?
- Fine thanks, Sam.
The basement is clear.
We can use the freight elevator.
Thanks, Johnny.
Just a minute, Allegro.
Going somewhere, Miss Chapman?
- Yes and she's in a hurry.
Anyone following?
- No.
I guess we did it.
Why'd you have to shoot him?
- Let's not start a quiz program.
Where we going?
- I got to catch a plane.
The airport will be swarming with law.
- This is a private field.
Go out Ventura.
Alright. Everybody out.
I'll call on you if I need you.
Alright. Get up.
We don't have to think you're dead.
Well you certainly took your time.
I will be dead when
my wife sees my coat.
Look at the burn from that wadding.
What a sock he hit.
I bet that's the part
Johnny enjoyed the most.
Well, I purposely left myself wide open.
Go on, get in. You did fine.
Did fine, he says.
One real bullet mixed up with the blanks
and I'd stay tonight in the undertakers.
You look all ready for him.
Besides, somebody stepped on my hand.
Okay, so for a while you
can't count on your fingers.
I think this is a waste of time. How do
you know you'll ever see him again?
I don't.
Goodbye, Johnny.
What do you mean, goodbye?
Go to San Francisco. I'll run an Ad
in the Personals when I get back.
With a getaway like that, you'd
ditch me here with a murder rap?
Well I can't take you with me.
No, I guess you can't.
You can forget about running an
Ad. There won't be an answer.
Johnny, try to understand me.
I do. You just told me
how I stand with you.
You fool. You know how I feel about you.
It's just that where I'm going you'd be
in more danger than you would be here.
The people I work with
don't like strangers.
This stranger just shot a
cop for them. Remember?
Well I know, but ..
It's taking such a chance.
What kind of a chance
have I got staying here?
Alright. Come on.
Hello Jeffrey.
He is going with us.
We should have had
the Florida blue plate.
Only 65 cents.
It's a bargain.
We wouldn't be close to the Yankee
spring training camp would we?
The are in St. Petersburg.
No kidding?
- Uhuh.
There must be a time limit to this
little game we're playing, Glenda.
What game?
Where is it?
This place where headed for.
Patience is its own reward.
Who is your friend?
The boat is here.
I haven't a passport.
- You don't need one.
How patient can a guy be?
This is like following a seeing-eye dog.
Aren't they amazing animals.
I simply adore them.
Me too.
It's alright, Roy. He's going with us.
This wouldn't be Farm Island, would it?
- You'd best forget about the geography.
- Morgan.
Welcome home.
Morgan, this is ..
- how chummy.
You brought a friend with you.
How hospitable.
I was just going to explain that.
Why trouble to explain?
It is so touchingly natural.
This is Johnny Allegro.
You actually know his name?
I am Morgan Vallin.
Always glad to meet
any of Glenda's friends.
Though she doesn't usually
bring them with her.
I had to bring him here, Morgan. He shot
a detective for me so I could get here.
How adventurous.
How romantic.
- Morgan, don't be foolish.
Forgive me Johnny whatever-your-name-is.
I want to thank you for any assistance
you may have given my little wife.
She forgot to tell you, of course.
She usually does.
Or were you afraid he might
not have come here with you?
I told you why I brought him here.
He had no other getaway.
This is Johnny Rock. They want him
for escaping a stretch at Sing Sing.
And what have you told him?
Nothing. He doesn't
even know where he is.
How did that minute mind of
yours conclude that anyone ..
Could be of service to me with
his pictures in all the papers?
With a number across the front of him.
They took those a long time ago.
I've changed a lot since then.
But your type never changes.
Just looking at you.
Makes one think of alley fighting.
Tommy guns.
Is that bad?
It's not for me.
You see all this?
A nice museum.
You would call it that.
But it's my library, my concert hall.
My trophy room.
Here I have the best
the world has to offer.
And I don't intend to let
anything jeopardise it.
I can permit only people around
me of whose methods I am sure.
That bulge in your coat pocket.
The gun with which you shot
the detective no doubt?
No doubt.
Give it to me.
Ugly .. noisy .. smelly.
No skill needed.
A stupid dangerous toy.
Any doddering fool
without muscle or talent ..
Could fire that.
Now this.
This is something different.
A weapon for a man of culture.
In a tough spot give me a trigger
instead of a piece of string.
You're in a tight spot now.
Or didn't you know it?
Maybe I'm not very bright.
Either you're a very brave man
or you underestimate me.
And I will not be underestimated.
Do you hear?
Not a bad shot.
Thank you.
Would you care to demonstrate
your skill with this thing?
I couldn't match that with a shotgun.
You win, Mr Vallin.
Just get the feel of this bow.
Pull back on that string.
It take muscle to pull
70 pounds, doesn't it.
That bow will out-shoot everything
but a high-powered rifle.
An arrow from it is more
deadly than a bullet.
Why, I've killed antelope.
Wild boar, mountain lions.
Suppose a guy wanted to commit
suicide with a thing like this?
How would he go about it?
You have a sense of humour.
I like that.
And it is not inconceivable that I ..
Might like you.
You'll no doubt need some rest.
Sounds like a good idea.
I could use a little sleep.
Take the gentleman's things and
show him up to the guest room.
Oh, but ..
I don't have any things.
I didn't get a chance to pack.
Who knows?
Perhaps you have enough?
Maybe more than you need.
Goodnight .. Mrs Vallin.
Goodnight, Johnny.
What's the matter, Glenda?
What about it?
Your anxiety betrays you.
Be yourself, Morgan.
The audience has gone.
All I say is he's quick and he's
clever. He's a good man for us.
I make the decisions here.
Well, what are you going to do?
I am going to hear the
rest of my symphony.
I'm going to bed.
I must enjoy my favorite music alone?
What better company
could you have, Morgan?
That's a smart trick, Mr Allegro.
That's another smart trick.
Are you there, John Allegro?
Of course you are.
You know I will use the sound
of our voice to judge your position.
Grudgingly, my respect
for you mounts, Johnny.
I will see you in the morning.
Nice boat.
Where you been? I've been looking
for you since early morning.
Well, you found me,
- What happened last night?
Nothing. Why?
Well Morgan is so unpredictable.
He's dangerous.
How come you forgot to
tell me you were married?
Can't you forget it?
Without half trying.
But I want to stay alive.
I have told you what we have learned.
Our cause needs workers.
We will trust your judgement as
to whether Allegro can be useful.
Ah good morning.
- Good morning.
This is John Allegro, gentlemen.
Mr Vetch. Mr Grote.
You know my wife.
Sorry you won't stay for breakfast.
But I realize that my rich fare has
never met with your approval.
We have work to do.
We go in for the continental style
here, Johnny. Help yourself.
Lobster for breakfast?
Had I known you were coming, I'd have
arranged for coffee and doughnuts.
Good enough for me.
How do you like our island?
You were exploring it this morning.
Or in your vernacular: casing the joint.
I took a walk around.
I'd have a tough time finding
it even if I knew where it was.
Did you discover anything
when you searched that boat?
I'm being watched.
Well I discovered that
what Glenda says is true.
You are Johnny Rock.
There is a search for you.
And just shot a detective.
The story is in all the papers.
Well, does that satisfy you?
We'll know better this afternoon.
What happens this afternoon?
We don't allow our guests
to become bored, Johnny.
And since Florida isn't too far,
we're going to the races.
Wait for us here, Jeffrey.
A good spot we picked to park.
We can get out in a hurry.
Morgan detests traffic.
You should have let me bring my gun.
Don't improvise.
You'll be told what to do.
I that the dough that stocks
the mutual windows?
It could be.
Here's where you take over, Johnny.
Have your wallet.
Identification cards.
What happens with these?
James McGillen, MD.
A doctor. Me?
Go to that door and knock.
Identify yourself and explain that you
want to make an emergency call.
A doctor will be allowed
to use the office phone.
Dial this number.
Who'll be on the other end?
It doesn't matter.
Just remember that you are a doctor.
Oh ..
The phoning is just a cover-up?
What happens then?
- Stick to your role.
And a natural sequence
of events will occur.
We'll wait for you right here.
I'm doctor McGillen.
I'd like to use your phone.
If it's an emergency, doctor, alright.
You'll find it right over
there on the desk.
Thank you.
Bureau of Internal Revenue.
This is Dr McGillen.
I'd like to get a message
to Mr Schulz at once.
He's not here but he's in town.
I can get to him.
Yes, that's right.
It's about his boy, Johnny.
Tell him the operation
is taking place today.
It's urgent that he be at the
veteran's hospital tonight.
I'm not positive but
I'll try and be there.
Thank you very much.
You are entirely welcome, doctor.
It's inconvenient that you
can't phone from the track.
You see .. phone service ..
Lends aid to illegal bookmaking.
You understand that, doctor?
Yeah, that's right.
What do I do, check it?
No, Johnny.
We are leaving.
You mean we can't stay
and bet on a few races?
I'm surprised at your
lack of business acumen.
We are not going to throw
good money after bad.
You underestimated Morgan, didn't you.
And you know how it irks
him to be underestimated.
No wonder.
I've known a lot of smart guys.
But that's genius.
Then perhaps you've changed your mind
about the necessity for carrying a gun?
From now on, call me Robin Hood.
Well, you are hardly the type but
you are responding to treatment.
Where do we go from here?
We don't have to go right home do we?
We leave for the island
right after dinner.
Oh that's fine.
How about letting me
repay your hospitality?
Are there any good
restaurants around here?
Thank you Johnny, but I
have some business in town.
Oh, I didn't know that.
But there is a very
good caf, the Topaz.
You'll eat there.
I don't like to eat alone, but I ..
- I didn't intend for you to.
Glenda will be glad to go with you.
Won't you, darling?
I'd love it.
I'm glad you suggested this, Johnny.
Vallin isn't a bad guy after all.
His sending me with
you is a gesture of ..
That's okay. To me, it's a reward.
That was nice, Johnny.
Thank you.
The pleasure was all mine.
I like the taste of aniseed.
It reminds me of those liquorice sticks
we used to buy in penny candy stores.
You haven't answered my question.
Oh? What was it?
How you happened to
marry a guy like Morgan.
That's a pretty dull story.
Maybe I'd like to hear it.
Alright. But remember you asked for it.
I was working in an exclusive
jewellers on 5th Avenue.
I used to admire the
men that came in there.
The jewels they bought.
The clothes the women wore.
How I envied those women.
Just being around them gave me the
vicarious feeling I was one of them.
I used to hate the prospect of quitting
time and going back to 2 by 4 walk-up.
Well, one day Morgan came in.
Looked at some jewellery.
He couldn't make up his mind.
Suddenly he called me over
and asked my opinion.
I was flattered.
I told him I liked the
diamond wrist watch best.
He bought it and thanked
me and walked out.
This is it.
As I said, Morgan can be very charming.
At times.
After we were married those
times were less frequent.
Until finally it became
purely a business association.
As far as I was concerned.
You're not listening, Johnny.
I'm sorry. Go ahead.
What's wrong?
It's a malaria flare-up.
What can we do about it?
I got to get some Atabrine.
- Where, Johnny? Where?
At the veteran's hospital.
Let's hurry. I'll take you there.
You can wait right over there, Corporal.
It will only be a few minutes.
This is John Allegro.
He's had a malaria flare-up.
Oh. Well, I'll take him to Dr Jaynes.
Would you mind waiting in the solarium
please. You'll find it down the hall.
He'll be alright.
This is Mr Allegro, doctor.
A malaria case.
Thank you, Miss Baldwin.
I'll take care of him.
Hop up young man.
Hello, Johnny.
You're a little late.
Yeah. If you don't move in pretty
soon I'll be the late Johnny Rock.
Which reminds, me, what
happened to that Cop I killed?
He clipped the department
for a new suit of clothes ..
And he wants me to tell you that
he owes you a sock on the jaw.
Let him try and collect.
A good gag, that malaria.
How did you expect me to get
in here? With, an attack of hives?
Morgan Vallin is the head guy.
We know that.
The racket is counterfeiting.
We know that too.
They distribute the phony
stuff at the racetracks.
The people don't examine their
winnings. Did you know that?
Two hundred thousand
went in to circulation today.
They have an accomplice at the track
and I know where the real dough is.
Now you can make your pinch.
Not yet, Johnny. That's only pin money.
Pin money?
I told you this is a big job.
I guess I'd better let you
in on the whole thing.
The time Japan attacked Pearl
Harbor this money was printed.
It was their plan to flood the
west coast with this currency.
And attempt to wreck our economy.
But we grabbed it then?
- Only the plates.
No more could be printed but there
was still 500 million left in Korea.
Other troops got in and
the money disappeared.
500 million?
That sounds like a foreign loan.
How did Vallin latch on to it?
We don't know that he did
or we'd have moved in.
It's possible it's being
doled out to him.
That's where Vetch and Grote come in.
Who are they?
You mean there is
something you didn't know?
They came to see Vallin this morning
from another island or the mainland.
This may be it, Johnny. Find out.
It's a long way back over
that ocean tonight.
Where to? Where are you located?
I don't know.
You're not going to hold out
on us are you, Johnny?
It's one of the few small
islands off the coast.
I don't know which one.
The driver kept crossing me
up by doing a lot zigzagging.
Any shortwave equipment on-board?
A ship-to-shore telephone.
- Good.
We'll arrange with the coastguard to
stand by for a call every night at ten.
You won't fire me if I'm
a couple of minutes late?
Don't worry.
Oh ..
Mr Schultz, you forgot to tell me
that she was married to Vallin.
Well, it happened to be news to us too.
Anything else?
- Yes.
Vallin has got the gun
I shot that cop with.
And the minute he finds out it's loaded
with blanks, the honeymoon is over.
Then the first thing you've
got to do is to get that gun.
You don't have to tell me
that. Just tell me how.
It's part of your job.
It's getting late. I'd better blow.
Okay, Johnny. Be seeing you.
- I hope.
Where did you happen to
contract malaria, Johnny?
Down in the South Pacific.
The last war.
A war hero, eh?
I was standing in a bar one night
when a mosquito flew in and bit me.
What outfit were you with?
Make many jumps?
A couple.
It must have been exciting.
How often do these attacks occur?
Every now and then.
I never know just when
they're going to flare up.
It was fortunate you were
able to take care it.
If you'll excuse me.
I think I'll get some air.
That's the one.
Oh, you're a little too good for me.
It sure rides nice.
The motors purr like a little kitten.
Aren't you afraid you might get lost?
What are we doing?
About 26 miles an hour?
I guess that's knots to you.
Nice gabbing with you.
So, where did they go?
We tried to follow them but their boat
ain't got lights. They gave us the slip.
We looked for them nearly all night.
With that kind of dough,
what did you expect?
Hoodlums like Johnny Rock don't change.
You could be right.
You could be perfectly right.
I'd be a happier man
thinking you're wrong.
Looking for your gun, Johnny?
Where is it?
You don't need it.
You're among friends.
Just the same, I'd feel a lot
safer if it was in my pocket.
Don't be afraid of Morgan.
He likes you.
And you know how I feel.
Be smart, will you.
I'm not taking any chances.
I took the chances bringing you here.
I got you in, remember?
- Sure.
Now that you did I'm going to stay in.
I like this racket.
I even like Morgan.
How about his wife?
What about her?
She can't do without you, Johnny.
You can't do without her.
I'm sure going to try.
It won't do you any good.
Stop fighting yourself, Johnny.
You know you want to hold me, don't you.
There you are, Roy.
See you in the morning.
Will you excuse us, Glenda.
I have something to
discuss with Mr Allegro.
Something important.
A private matter.
Roy doesn't trust you, Johnny.
Roy doesn't?
Perhaps he doesn't like your face.
Maybe I don't like his.
I like this spirit of mutual distrust.
It could relieve me of
a lot of responsibility.
But I don't trust you either.
I don't mean to be offensive.
It is simply my policy
to distrust everyone.
To me suspicion is
another word for caution.
Is that all you wanted
to discuss with me?
Oh no.
No. Sit down, Johnny.
I'm a man who ..
Enjoys competition.
For instance, that scene I
interrupted when I came in.
Competition is healthy.
In all fields.
Business, athletics.
Or women.
In the latter category,
especially in our particular case.
I have complete confidence.
Because I have the advantage
of knowing Glenda.
Then you can't lose.
I'm glad you see it that way, Johnny.
Because I must confess to a weakness.
I'm a bad loser.
Is there anything else?
We'll consider the incident closed.
For the present.
Why, it's only ten o'clock.
Would you like to hear some good music?
No thanks.
I think I could use a little fresh air.
And besides, good music is wasted on me.
I wouldn't want to be the
one to say I told you so.
But if we hear from
Rock, I'll eat my hat.
Calling Coastguard. Calling Coastguard.
Johnny Allegro calling Schultzy.
- Yo?
Want some mustard on that hat?
Coastguard to Johnny. Come in. Johnny.
I can't tell exactly
what island we're on.
But it took as an hour and
48 minutes at 26 knots.
As near as I can figure,
it's about 50 miles south east.
Okay, Johnny.
I still don't know where
the stuff comes from.
But you'd better move
in as close as you can.
If I find out anymore, I'll contact you.
If I'm still alive.
Bye, Johnny.
Where you been?
No place. Where you been?
As near as I figure from his directions
we're about an hour off the island.
Let's move to within about 15 minutes.
Then lay offshore until we get word.
What word?
- You were there last night?
Sure, he'll play along when he finds
out where the stuff comes from.
Then if we hear from him, I'll ..
- Why don't you get seasick.
If you are so sure, what
are you drumming for?
I like to drum.
It seems rather significant that
our quarters were entered last night.
Last night?
Another point of significance.
Everything was left undisturbed.
It might be advisable to further
investigate your Mr Allegro.
And most important at this time.
Was the amount that was delivered.
It wasn't enough?
Far from enough, my friends.
I consider it quite sufficient.
Things have become very
unsatisfactory to the home office.
To the home office .. or to you?
I have my reports to make.
I feel perhaps you tend to forget who,
so to speak, set you up in business.
And why.
I forget nothing, my friend.
They have had extravagant profits
from their so-to-speak investment.
Confidence. Profits.
Investments. Business.
Strange language
for us to use, isn't it.
And all this talk of "you" and "they".
As if our interests no longer coincided.
They've received ample.
In a cause which demands everything?
There seems to be some
misunderstanding here.
There is a stronger word.
You know the word.
That's too strong a word.
I resent it.
And for which there are
stronger consequences.
Which you will resent even more.
This communiqu suggests that
you take a little trip with us.
To the home office.
Is that an invitation or an order?
If you agree, it is an invitation.
If you hesitate.
It is an order.
In either case, it is suicide.
But you forget one thing.
The money is hidden on my island.
I have it.
All of it.
And I intend to keep it.
I strongly advise you to reconsider.
From now on this business is mine.
Then I regret to announce that
you are now out of business.
Draw that bow and we fire.
In either case, I'm as good as dead.
But this arrow will take
one of you with me.
I am just considering .. which one.
Do not be foolish.
You may kill one of us,
but not both of us.
I'm not bluffing, Vallin.
And you cannot distract me
with those glances behind me.
Could it be possible that you
are underestimating me?
Thank you, Johnny.
- That's quite alright.
I was just passing the window and I saw
a couple of your pals had you covered.
If you'd have missed I'd have
picked them off for you with this.
We don't need this, Johnny.
I couldn't have missed.
I used a silver arrow.
Devil's machinery.
You know more about them than I thought.
It's alright, Roy.
We must move off the island at once.
How long will it take to load the boat?
About a half-hour.
- Good. Take care of it.
I'd better go and help him.
- Just a minute, Johnny.
Roy still doesn't trust you.
And I must that I'm a bit
confused about you myself.
However, we won't take the
time to discuss that now.
Here are some important papers.
Take them to the boat and I'll have
more for you when you return.
Where are we going?
It might be advisable not
to ask too many questions.
You think that's it?
I think so, Mr Schultz.
We'll know as soon as we
get a fix on his transmitter.
What's the matter, Frank?
Hello. Calling Coastguard.
"Calling Coastguard, Coastguard."
"Stand by."
We are leaving, Glenda. Vallin's orders.
Things have been happening, sweetheart.
I know. Morgan killed
Vetch and Grote, didn't he.
"You've found things out, right?"
"This is our chance, Johnny."
- "For what?"
"To get away. You and me."
"What about Morgan?
He's still the boss."
"He doesn't have to be."
- "Meaning what?"
Johnny, we're in the boat. Let's leave
now together. I know a wonderful place.
No extradition.
I'm not leaving without
the money, Where is it?
Morgan has it. Let him keep it.
We don't want it, Johnny.
Oh no. That's what I risked my neck
for and I'm not leaving without it.
He'll kill you.
"I'll take a chance.
You know where it is?"
"Hidden on the island."
- "All of it?"
"Yes, but even if we got away with it
he won't stop until he found us."
"Then he won't find us."
- "Listen, Johnny."
This is our one chance. Take it.
Nothing doing. I'm not
leaving without that dough.
Alright, Johnny.
Come on. I'll show you where it is.
Get the fix?
I think we can find him.
Good. Let's move in.
That's the path. Follow it until you
come to a cave. The money is there.
I'll go stall Morgan.
- I'll meet you back at the boat.
What are you doing?
- The stuff stays here.
Did the boss say so?
- I said so.
That can't happen again, Johnny.
I like this.
It's a new experience.
It's exhilarating .. hunting man.
Sooner or later you'll give
me another opening.
Why don't you give me a
chance to fight back?
You, asking for a chance?
A man can perform miracles.
A man who can kill a
detective without a bullet.
Perhaps you can perform
the same magic on me?
There is the boat, Johnny.
Why don't you make a run for it?
One of your army tricks, eh?
I still have one more arrow.
It's a silver one.
Remember, Johnny?
I can't miss with this one.
I told you I was a bad loser.
Morgan! What are you doing?
You are just in time to say
goodbye to your friend.
Why, Morgan? What happened?
Apparently, you didn't
out all about him.
You've been a gullible little fool.
He's An informer, working
with the authorities.
Well, what is your decision now?
There is only one thing to do, Morgan.
I told you, Mr Allegro.
I had the advantage of knowing Glenda.
Why not give him the chance
you'd give any animal?
That's right.
And you have an
advantage over an animal.
You can think.
I'll give you a five second start.
[ Glenda screams! ]
Let's get out of here.
Get in.
I'll cast off. You get going, but fast.
The Feds will be here any minute.
Then it was true what Morgan said?
Yes, but I'll give you a break.
- What's that? Give me a break?
Because you gave me one.
- That's not the reason, Johnny.
So long, Glenda.
- Johnny, wait.
I can't go without you.
Don't be a sap.
- I'm not going.
I told you I owe the State some time.
This whole thing was part
of the deal to cut it down.
Now you know the score.
Johnny, you're only
telling me you love me.
Pretty scenery.
I guess I owe you two an apology.
Basically, to the lady.
- What for?
Well, it isn't polite to lsten in
on other people's conversations.
Of course, what I heard makes it easer
for me to say nice words about 2 people.
You did a good job, Johnny.
T-G o