Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word (2016) Movie Script

Kill the freak!
Remember the nun!
Kill the freak!
Remember the nun!
Kill the freak!
Remember the nun!
Kill the freak!
Remember the nun!
Kill the freak!
Kill the freak!
Kill the freak!
One last look.
I want you all to look.
I want you all to remember.
This was a nun.
A few months shy
of her 80th birthday.
A nun.
He did this... to a nun.
We all know the book of Matthew.
We all know what Jesus did.
He called his twelve
disciples to him
and he gave them the authority
to cast out evil spirits.
Well, today,
each and every one of you
has that same authority.
And have no doubts
in your minds.
Johnny frank Garrett
is the essence of evil.
That boy is more animal
than man.
But I'm not asking you
to take that on faith.
You take that on the people
that knew him.
From his teacher.
You take it from the facts.
Johnny frank Garrett's
were found all over
sister Benz's bedroom.
On the headboard, no less.
There's more fingerprints
on the nightstand table,
right next to her stabbed,
and violated body.
You take it from the fact
that he's got a history
of violence.
You take it from the fact
that he's got a history
of drug abuse.
Indeed, the night of the murder,
he'd ingested two tabs of LSD.
And then he was seen
acting in an agitated
and very suspicious manner
mere feet from
St. Francis convent.
But mostly,
ladies and gentlemen,
you take it from
the boy's words.
You take it from his own words.
He's already confessed
to the crime.
To his arresting officers.
He admitted it
to fellow prisoners.
Hell, he even bragged about it.
I'm sorry.
You know...
They always say
you're not supposed to
take the devil at his word.
And I believe that, I do.
In my heart of hearts,
I believe that.
But we even caught him boasting.
We caught that boy
boasting about it.
Let's take one last look
at sister Benz.
That's who you're looking at,
sister Benz.
You convict that devil.
You convict that devil or I
swear to god he will kill again.
"Avenge not yourself,
but rather give place
unto wrath.
For it is written,
'justice is mine;
I shall repay, '
saith the lord."
District attorney Danny hill
has left no stone unturned
in his zealous pursuit
for justice.
Well, there's dreams,
and then there's visions.
This was a vision
that came to me in a dream.
I urge all the citizens
of Amarillo, Texas,
to follow the lord's teachings.
- He's investigating
- 47 individuals
who settled in Amarillo
under former president
Jimmy Carter's
Cuban special placement program.
I will not rest
until the perpetrator
of this heinous crime
is arrested, incarcerated,
and executed, so help me god.
And in this vision,
you saw the killer's face?
Well, Kathy,
I saw his face,
I saw his address.
I even saw a name.
Mr. Clyde.
Slow down!
He's right there!
Come out with your hands up!
God will have mercy
on your soul.
"Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory,
forever and ever. Amen."
Okay, then. All in favor?
Raise your hand
if you're in favor.
Um, I'm sorry, y'all.
I have some doubts.
You have some doubts?
Would you like us to pray again?
Uh, no, ma'am.
Thank you.
Okay, okay.
First of all, a psychic?
That's how they found him?
Look, I don't believe in this
mumbo jumbo stuff either, but...
But it turned out she was right.
And all the other evidence...
His fingerprints
all around the room?
Yeah, but they didn't even...
The room? All over the bed!
But they didn't even have
those prints till after...
Days after...
They arrested him.
But the prints were there.
They still found them.
Thank god for that.
I-I don't know,
it just seems backwards.
You want to explain
why a 17-year-old boy's
fingerprints would wind up
in a catholic nun's bedroom?
I don't know, but it seems like
the tail's wagging the dog here.
Let's not forget, pal,
he was spotted
in front of the convent
the evening of the murder
and that ain't backwards.
Well, he lived near
the convent, so...
Acting violently,
hitting a bush with a stick
over and over again.
Under the influence of LSD.
That's what Charles Manson
was using.
Come on, we're not comparing
this scared kid
to Charles Manson, are we?
Remember, we have a confession.
Yeah, which he did not sign.
And in my mind,
it sounds like he got bullied,
or was confused.
He was confused?
The guy raped a nun
because he was confused?
Look, his IQ is under 70.
Just because he's stupid,
that doesn't make him innocent.
It doesn't make him
guilty either.
I'd like to say something here.
I don't know about the rest of
the elderly women in Amarillo,
but those weeks
after the murder,
I was terrified to go to sleep.
Every whistling wind,
every bump in the night.
Now, we're good people here.
Good, god-fearing people.
We look after each other
and we look after our community.
And when that is threatened,
we do something about it.
Which is what we have to do.
Right now.
We've heard all your doubts.
Now, how much longer
are you gonna keep us here?
Sworn and impaneled
in this case,
find the defendant...
Guilty of the crimes of rape
and murder in the first degree.
I didn't do that.
I didn't do that!
I'm innocent!
I didn't kill her!
I wouldn't do that!
I'm innocent, I swear!
I didn't kill her!
I wouldn't do that!
Thank you for your fine work.
- I didn't kill her!
- I'm innocent!
I am innocent!
I didn't kill her.
I wouldn't do that!
I'm innocent.
I wouldn't do that!
I'm innocent!
I wouldn't do that.
Got one last visitor
here for you.
Johnny, this is our
last chance to talk.
It's not too late.
Johnny, please.
Get gone!
We're assembled here today
to witness the execution
of Johnny frank Garrett,
sentenced to death
by lethal injection
for the murder
of sister Tadea Benz.
Have you got anything you want
to say to us right now, son?
I would like to tell you all
for a final time
that I am innocent...
And you all can kiss
my ever-loving ass
'cause I got a surprise
coming for you.
All of you.
Your children,
your families,
every person remotely connected
to your bitch-infested
I got a surprise for you.
You're gonna hear the rest
of my words soon enough.
Thank you, warden.
Burn in hell, freak.
We got a problem.
There you go.
All right.
I didn't blow them all at once.
Will god still Grant my wish?
Yeah, of course he will, buddy.
You get them all in the first
ten seconds, god's cool with it.
You need to quit messing around
with them spud joints, pal,
and open a grill.
Now, I run the numbers.
Trust me, the profit's
in the potatoes.
Have some faith.
You got a gift.
My husband is right.
Paul, you are
absolutely right, sir.
It is a gift
when a man is so good
with his meat.
We got kids running around
here, Carol.
Some of them you teach.
Laura, Laura...
Take it from this one.
You're a woman
most surely blessed.
Mom, mom, we got a man down.
Jesus, Carol.
Put a bell on that collar.
I'm sorry about before, Laura.
Sometimes I just quit
a beer too late.
Oh, don't worry about it.
It was funny, especially
coming from you.
You ever get dirt
under your fingernails?
I been getting dirt
stuck under my fingernails.
You been working a lot
in the garden?
They killed him
last week, you know?
Johnny frank Garrett.
It took ten years
but they finally did it.
I know.
The boy wasn't as bad
as I made him sound.
He's just troubled.
That da and his questions.
I got flustered.
That was a long time ago.
And no more murders.
So that's good, right?
Johnny's... you know,
it's just Johnny's murder.
You know what he said
to them, right?
"Kiss my ever-loving ass."
Why don't we go
back down to the party?
You can help me tend
to the casualties.
Sometimes I am there.
I'm sitting there
behind the glass,
seeing the poison go in.
I am watching him die.
You been having
dreams about him?
And other times...
I-I'm the nun.
And he's behind me,
inside me,
whispering in my ear,
"kiss my ever-loving ass."
And he's not...
He's not too rough about it.
And he's not too gentle either,
oh, no, ma'am.
He knows what he's doing.
Let's get some coffee
inside you right now.
I've been getting dirt
stuck under my fingernails.
You passed out early.
Just tucking you in.
Tickle fight first?
A tickle fight?
Come on, you're half asleep.
You think just 'cause
it's your birthday
you get to have a tickle fight?
Okay, okay!
Oh, no. Too late, too late.
Stop, I can't...
No, once it starts,
it's never gonna stop!
Hey, baby.
Hey, baby.
What do you want?
What do you mean?
I know that look.
What look? Well, nothing.
What do you want?
All right, now, seriously.
We got ten tubs of sour cream
in the Potter restaurant,
in that temperamental
If I don't fix it,
it's gonna be a huge mess.
So, uh,
about church tomorrow.
Go ahead.
Who loves you?
You do.
You do. Thank you,
Yeah, I'll just sit
with Carol anyway.
I'll take her to ihop
Well, you think
she's gonna make it?
I'll call her and get her up.
I've been meaning to spend
some time with her anyway.
She's been acting
really strange lately.
Yeah, well,
you got your happy drunks,
you got your angry drunks,
you got your messy drunks.
She's all three at once.
I mean, it's...
It's a little weird.
She said she's been
having dreams
about Johnny frank Garrett.
I don't know about the rest of
the elderly women in Amarillo,
but those weeks
after the murder...
Stop. No, I can't.
I was terrified to go to sleep.
That's not right.
- No, he said...
- I'm innocent!
I wouldn't do that!
I wouldn't do that.
No. Leave me be!
Don't you know... don't you know
who I told you to...
That's not gonna work.
Jesus, come back.
Jesus hold my hand.
The devil said...
The lord will protect you
and there will be no evil.
And the day of judgment
will come...
Stop! No!
Who can read what I've written
on the board?
Read what I've written.
Go on. Read it.
"Kiss my ever-loving..."
Read it!
"Kiss my ever-loving...
A wife, a teacher, a friend.
We all knew Carol
as a selfless, happy woman,
who was loved unconditionally
and unanimously.
That is how she
will be remembered
as she takes her place with god.
This we pray, this we know.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
The lord bless her and keep her.
Dad, did you screw up?
What makes you say that?
Well, whenever mom takes a bath
and we're in charge of dinner,
it usually means you screwed up.
That's a good point, but no.
No major screw ups
that I'm aware of.
We're just giving your mom
a night off.
She sad about Mrs. Moore?
Yeah, we're both sad.
Aren't you sad?
The kids in her class,
they say she got
possessed by Satan.
Which is basically the worst
thing that can happen to anyone.
Possessed by Satan?
What do you think about that?
I think what you think.
What do I think?
Life can be shitty enough
without having to worry
about Satan.
Whoa, whoa. When the heck did
you ever hear me saying that?
Thin walls in this house, dad.
Yeah, I might have said
life can be "crappy enough."
No, you didn't.
All right, all right.
Look, miss Moore
got real sick real fast
and that's a scary thing to see.
Sometimes when people
get scared,
they like to have
someone to blame.
And who better to blame than...
What's on your mind?
So if we don't believe in Satan,
does that mean we also
can't believe in god?
Uh, hold that thought.
Mr. Redman? Kathy Jones.
I work for channel 10.
Look, sorry. I just don't want
to answer any more questions.
I don't think Amarillo needs
another story
on Johnny frank Garrett.
Oh, my producer
feels the same way.
Look, there's no story
here, Mr. Redman.
At least not one I can report.
I know you're friends
of Carol Moore.
I assume you remember
novella Sumner?
Sure, she was on the jury.
She died a few days ago.
There's been
a lot of strange things
happening these past few weeks.
Illnesses, accidents,
people connected to the trial.
He wrote it the night
of his execution.
Jesus. You sure this isn't
some sort of hoax or something?
Six different guards witnessed
him writing it. Tipped me off.
It's considered public record
so the warden was obligated
to hand it over.
I've got a bunch of other people
to talk to. Have a good evening.
Uh, wait.
Miss Jones, um,
they told us his IQ
was below 70.
That's right. His teacher said
he could barely read or write.
Well, then, how the hell
did he write this?
"All of you responsible
for my death.
You can't kill me.
I will live on.
In your shadow.
In the corner of your eye.
I will be your secret shame.
The fear that seizes you
upon your last breath."
Did you take all the cushions
off the patio furniture?
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Sure did.
"And at the time of your death,
at the death of your
wives and children,
I will be there to meet you all.
Damning your souls to the
deepest depths of hell."
He wrote that?
"And your rotten
grandparents' souls,
and your worm infested
ancestors. I...
I curse you all
through the beginnings
and ends of time,
with illness, with terror.
With the agony and suffering
you inflicted upon me
and my loved ones."
Okay, Adam?
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
"Because I know this curse
will be fulfilled,
I meet death in good spirit
and with a stronger soul."
Adam, can you put that
away somewhere?
Somewhere I don't
have to see it?
It's a curse.
He cursed us.
And you got to admit
it's kind of weird.
Carol, novella Sumner.
You know, my daddy used to say,
"you talk enough about shit
and you'll end up with some
on your shoes."
Kind of like, "speak of the
devil and the devil appears."
Except my daddy
would never say that,
'cause he didn't like
to speak of the devil.
- Okay, buddy, come on in.
- Just till the storm's over.
Come on. Get that shoe
off our bed.
- Sam?
- Coming.
I'm coming.
You heard your mother, pal.
Uh-huh. She's saying
it's time for bed,
but I'm almost to fort hall.
See? I was totally coming.
Babe, I'm at the blue mountains.
I think I'm going
to make it to Oregon.
Yeah, you better not save that,
otherwise Sam's gonna know
you've been playing.
He will?
So, what do I do?
I don't know.
Adam, help me.
What do I do?
Oh, Mrs. Redman, your son is
going to be very, very upset.
Sam, wake up!
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, Sam, come on.
Wake up. Wake up, buddy.
Come on, wake up.
Why isn't he waking up?
I think it's a night terror.
Hey, come on, Sam.
Sammy, you can do it.
You can do it.
- There you go.
- Hey.
There you go, buddy.
You gave us a big scare.
You were having one doozy
of a nightmare.
What's wrong with him now?
- Sam!
- Whoa, whoa!
Whoa, buddy.
Hey, Sam.
Where am I?
- Hey, it's okay.
- You're in your bedroom.
What happened?
You had a bad dream.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Don't you worry about that.
It happens to the best of us.
That was a pretty bad nightmare.
Yeah, well,
that's not surprising,
given what all the kids
are saying about Mrs. Moore.
But it wasn't
about Mrs. Moore.
Or the devil.
It was just...
They were in a circle around me,
laughing and smoking cigarettes.
But they were also using
the cigarettes to burn me.
All over.
I was naked.
Mr. Clyde
tried to stop them,
but that just made
them laugh harder.
Then they burned him too.
There was a Mr. Clyde
in your dream?
Mr. Clyde was my dog.
You have kids
or kids are on the way.
We have a 10-year-old son.
You sure do.
Judd's a good boy.
Most of the time.
Does get a bit of the devil
in him from time to time, right?
Yeah, well, you nailed it.
He likes sports and video games.
Judd looks up to you a lot,
in case you didn't know that.
There's something...
There's something potentially
troubling with your son.
And there's something
you need to avoid.
I can't see what it is.
Then how do I know
how to avoid it?
Well, yeah...
That's easy.
I can just do
a full tarot sweep.
It's only 20 bucks
on top of the read.
Okay. So you helped crack
the Johnny frank Garrett case?
I sure did.
It's my most renowned
psychic achievement.
So you had a dream about him
and his dog, Mr. Clyde?
It was a vision.
Came to me in a dream.
That's how most people know
I'm not just some phony.
See, when the cops are in a jam,
they come to yours truly.
Um, so then the police
came to you for help?
Then you had the dream?
The vision.
The vision. Yeah.
Yeah. That's right.
Then you ID'd Johnny.
Then the cops arrested him,
took his prints.
I'm just trying
to figure it out.
Then they went back
to the convent
and made the match?
My husband's back soon.
Are you gonna
cut the deck or what?
What do you know about curses?
Baby, this is just a reading.
You want a full consult,
that's gonna cost you
50 bucks an hour.
It's just a lot of strange
things have been going on
since Johnny's execution,
and I guess I...
I'm just wondering.
I don't know if...
If you've experienced
anything out of the ordinary.
Well, the moment
they sent that demon child
back to the hell he came from,
I had this sense of purging.
It was like a spiritual release.
That night, I...
I dreamt of sunshine
on the lake...
Fresh baked pies.
So you want to know
how to help Judd or what?
Your son.
What did you do with my sweetie?
Kathy Jones, please.
You know what kind of curse
holds the most power?
The curse of the innocent.
Those unfairly persecuted
who died unjustly.
Martyrs. Heretics.
Witches burned at the stake.
What's that got to do
with anything?
What aren't you telling me?
The psychic lied to me.
It just all happened so fast.
The tide was going with Johnny,
I got an exclusive with her.
It was a career-changing move.
I just... I went with it.
How can you be sure
she was lying?
She called me.
I asked her if she'd been
in contact with the police,
and she acted like she hadn't.
Well, she told me
the police came to her.
That was later, before they got
their stories straight.
Who got their stories straight?
Her and Danny hill.
The district attorney?
She tried to gloss it over.
Said she sometimes gets confused
after severe psychic activity.
But you knew she was lying?
Everybody just followed suit.
Lazy defense lawyers,
corrupt medical examiners
losing evidence.
A priest from St. Francis
not being allowed to testify.
A priest? Why would a priest
testify on his behalf?
Because Johnny did
volunteer work at St. Francis.
Why didn't anybody tell us that?
They didn't want us to know.
You're saying he might
have been innocent.
I convicted him.
We all did.
No, "we" didn't. I did.
I was on that jury.
Johnny was a troubled boy.
The things he shared with me,
with the sisters.
It was very sad.
Like what kind of things?
Johnny took us into
his confidence, Mr. Redman.
I will tell you this, though.
There were many nights
he did not want to go home.
He'd make up excuses
to stay here.
Find chores that needed doing.
So his fingerprints
would have already been here,
all over the place.
I'll tell you this:
Johnny Garrett was not
a rapist or a killer.
And I should have done more,
far more, to make that known.
I mean, I did try.
I went to Dan hill,
to the lawyers.
Said I would testify.
I just kept getting
the runaround.
Even from
Johnny Garrett's lawyers?
From everyone.
But ultimately,
I must take the responsibility.
I didn't do enough.
And so I played a role
in what happened to him
and what he finally became.
I'm not one for religion,
no offense,
but do you believe in...
I can't even believe
I'm asking this.
Evil spirits?
Well, I believe Satan rarely
misses an opportunity
to inveigle himself
into our world.
It could be in a jealous thought
or an angry gesture.
Or on the dying lips
of an innocent man.
No. No. No.
Would you rather be
a piece of pizza
or an ice-cream cone?
Ice cream melts.
Johnny Garrett was not
a rapist or a killer.
I convicted him.
They sent that demon child
back to the hell he came from.
Johnny Garrett was not
a rapist or a killer.
Johnny Garrett
was not a rapist...
I convicted him.
The psychic lied to me.
I convicted him.
Johnny Garrett was not
a rapist or a killer.
- The psychic lied to me.
- The psychic lied to me.
Johnny Garrett was not
a rapist or a killer.
You're flopping around
like a fish.
You're mumbling too.
I could sleep on the couch.
No, stay here.
Seems like such a shame to let
all that energy go to waste.
Baby, stop, stop.
I got to tell you something.
What is it?
I saw a man die today.
You what?
I saw a man die today.
I didn't... I didn't want
to say anything,
because I didn't want
Sam to hear before.
And then, I don't know.
I was just...
I was just trying to
block it from my mind.
You want to talk about it?
I think it's got something
to do with Johnny frank Garrett.
Adam, you don't really
think that's true.
What was that?
I don't know.
Sam? Sam?
A degenerative heart condition?
What does that mean?
He was most likely born with it.
But Sam's a healthy kid.
It just didn't
present itself until now.
I've made a few phone calls.
I'd like to get more
opinions on how to proceed.
But you can fix it?
We can stabilize him.
Make sure he doesn't put any
more strain on the ventricles.
But in the next 24 hours
there's a high possibility
of cardiac failure.
Cardiac failure?
He's 10.
My son is 10 years old.
This doesn't happen
to 10-year-olds.
Like I said, I have some
very knowledgeable colleagues
I'm excited to consult with.
More knowledgeable than you?
Mrs. Redman,
the good news is
we're no longer flying
under the radar.
Let's just be thankful for that.
Thank you, doctor.
I got the same blood type
as my son.
Doctor said it might help.
You a fainter?
No, ma'am.
I'm just not a fan of needles.
Now, this is gonna
be a piece of cake.
Didn't even feel it, did you?
No, no, no. You're...
You're good.
I know.
That's the worst of it.
Why don't you take a nap?
Burn in hell, freak.
Burn in hell, freak.
Burn in hell, freak.
Burn in hell, freak!
Hey! Whoa!
Burn in hell, freak.
Burn in... Hell...
I know what to do.
Mr. hill?
I apologize for disturbing you,
but my son, he's very sick.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that,
Redman. Adam Redman.
I was on the
Johnny frank Garrett jury.
And now, as I said,
my son is very sick.
Well, that's a shame.
You did Amarillo
a great service.
I'm sorry to hear you're
having a rough go of it.
A lot of people
are having a rough go of it.
But I know how we can stop it.
Johnny Garrett
didn't get a fair shake.
You want him to get
a fair shake?
It's done, son.
You understand?
The bastard's dead.
No. A part of him isn't.
Now, look, I'm the last person
to believe in that
sort of thing, I really am.
I work hard.
I take care of my family.
That is what I believe in.
But this is happening.
He's doing this because
he wants people to know.
To know what?
The church. The fingerprints.
The things you didn't tell us.
The truth. We clear his name,
the curse will break.
And my son will get better.
Yeah, see, I understand
what you're saying, boy.
Remember, you was...
You was trying your best.
Hell, we were all
trying our best.
You can believe that.
You know what?
Why don't we all go take a walk?
Let's just take
a nice little walk.
Let's get this
whole mess sorted out.
You like that?
Ain't no curse, boy.
It's just bad luck.
It's not always
about work and family.
Sometimes you just got to make
yourself good with god.
Then maybe someday
your luck will change.
I'm sorry about your son.
I'm sorry.
I need to see father Colvin.
He's in Tulsa.
Left this morning.
I need his help to get
Danny hill to come forward
and tell the truth
about the Johnny Garrett trial.
I know who you are
and what you're doing here,
Mr. Redman.
Would you mind coming with me?
Rafael Chago.
He's in prison now.
In Mcalester, Oklahoma.
He was convicted
five years after Johnny.
He used to live in Amarillo.
This guy, he raped
and killed old women.
I saw him that night,
that Halloween night,
creeping outside by the window.
I told the police.
They brought him in,
but they didn't have
any evidence.
No fingerprints.
With Johnny,
they had fingerprints.
Yeah, but this is the same m.O.
It's the same everything.
Danny hill just wanted
a conviction.
I doubt he'll be willing
to admit that.
Yeah, but with this guy,
I'm gonna make sure he does.
Johnny's soul wants justice.
The book of Ephesians says,
"have nothing to do
with darkness,
but instead expose it
to the light."
There's just one problem.
That thing that has a hold
of Johnny now, of his soul,
it will prefer
to remain in darkness.
Look, I know it doesn't
make any sense.
I don't care about
Johnny frank Garrett.
I care about Sam.
That's it.
Our son is dying.
He needs his father.
I need my husband.
And I'm trying to tell you,
that's why this is happening.
And I might know how to stop it.
We got less than 48 hours here.
I'm just asking you to trust me.
And I'm sorry
you don't understand this.
Maybe when it's all over
you will.
I want you to have this.
Take it.
What's the matter with you?
We're good people here.
Good, god-fearing people.
We look after each other
and we look after our community.
Would you like us to pray again?
Let's not forget, pal,
he was spotted in front
of the convent
the evening of the murder,
and that ain't backwards.
We look after our community.
And when that is threatened,
we do something about it.
Rotten grandparents' souls,
and your stinking,
maggot-ridden ancestors,
clean back
to the damnable bitch dog
that began your bitch line.
I curse every adult,
every person
that's born after my death
that is remotely related
to your pitch-infested blood.
And I will be there
to meet you all.
Damning your souls
to the deepest depths of hell.
I didn't do nothing wrong.
I have a big family in Cuba.
I am a family man,
and I am with god.
Oh, yeah, I believe you.
That you got a family.
I also believe
that you got a thing
for raping and killing
old women.
My friend Jorge,
he brags about this.
He tells me he fucks them.
And they like it.
They like choking their neck.
They're so old.
They've forgotten
they can be sinful.
He makes them to remember.
That guy in your dreams?
Crazy guy? Long hair?
Big beard?
How do you know this man?
His name is
Johnny frank Garrett.
He was executed
for the rape and killing
of sister Tadea Benz,
in Amarillo.
But you already know that.
Before he died,
something got into him.
Into his soul.
The same thing that's coming
after you right now.
The dreams?
Well, they're just
the beginning.
I do nothing wrong.
I can stop it.
The dreams,
the sickness, the death.
But you got to confess.
Admit what you did,
so I can clear
Johnny Garrett's name.
He will have mercy on my soul.
It's not god
you have to worry about.
See, when you piss off god,
he doesn't come
after your whole family.
Johnny Garrett will.
You understand what I'm saying?
Give me Danny hill.
Can I tell him who's calling?
This is Adam Redman.
Can I tell him
what this is regarding?
Keeping his lying, crooked ass
out of federal prison.
What the hell
do you want from me?
My name is Rafael Jose Chago,
and I can prove
that Johnny frank Garrett
is innocent.
You're gonna clear
Johnny Garrett's name.
Everyone's gonna know.
My house. Later tonight.
Oh, shit.
You're still in Lubbock?
I'm covering the governor's
re-election campaign.
I need you back in Amarillo.
I figured out
how to solve the curse.
You've lost your mind.
You really want to go
after Danny hill?
We don't have to go after him.
He's gonna clear
Johnny Garrett himself.
What are you talking about?
Meet me at Danny hill's house
with a camera crew tonight.
- How's Sam?
- He's hanging in there.
Are you coming home soon?
Yeah, I am.
I'm leaving now.
gonna work out just fine.
I love you.
I love you too, baby.
Hey, champ.
When's daddy coming back?
He's coming back soon.
Reports are coming in
of a plane crash
just outside Amarillo,
leaving two people dead.
The passenger is believed to be
channel 10 reporter Kathy Jones,
a respected journalist...
Hello, son.
I want you to tell the truth.
Sam? Nurse!
I want to buy some restaurants.
Maybe a boss potato or three.
I'm thinking
half a million a pop.
Help! Help!
I'm not here to talk
about my restaurants.
You could send your son
for the best medical
treatment known to man.
You'd never have to worry
another day in your life.
He's coding. Bag him.
You take that deal.
It's the American dream, son.
It's what everybody wants.
Five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.
That's not what
Johnny Garrett wants.
You still flapping your jaw
about Johnny?
Is that what you're doing?
One, two, three, four, five...
My son is fighting for his life.
You screwed the system
to get your conviction.
I'm telling you
to tell the truth.
Johnny frank Garrett
was born stupid, boy.
You get that through your head.
Prep him.
He was abused by his parents.
Sexually, physically.
Strung out on all kind
of fucking drugs.
He spent hours in his front yard
just whipping that fucking bush
with a goddamn stick.
I ain't saying
he was gonna rape a nun,
but that filthy fucking boy
was gonna do something.
Instead, he...
He brought comfort
to our little community.
Peace of mind.
Now, I'm a firm believer
that everybody has
a purpose in this world.
And that was Johnny's purpose.
You can't play god like that.
Maybe even god
shouldn't play god.
Because, going by
your standards,
he shit the bed a little
too often anyway, didn't he?
Why don't you just
go ask poor Johnny.
Everybody got pain.
You ain't the only one.
You just got to suck
that shit up and live with it.
I am asking you
to do the right thing.
To end this right now.
What do you want me to do, boy?
What the fuck
do you want me to do?
You think an apology gonna mean
one hell of a difference here?
He's dead!
You could make this stop.
Right now!
Well, there you go!
Now finally, you and I see
eye to eye on something here!
You fucking crazy?
No more than normal, boy,
but the night is young.
You stalked me for far too long.
And this shit ends tonight.
What are you...? What?
I'm sorry.
No! No!
No, Sam! Sam!
Sam! Get off me!
Sam. Sam, wake up, baby.
Get off of me!
Wake up, baby.
Wake up. You're okay.
You're okay. Wake up.
Wake up. Wake up.
Wake up, baby.
Sam. Sam.
No. No.
I should have done
more to help you.
You were innocent.
But so is my son.
Whatever comes next,
if you hurt him,
I will fight you.
And I will never
stop fighting you.
Sam. Oh, my god.
Sam, you're okay.
Oh, god, Sam!
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, thank god.
Oh, Sam.
This is the bread
which cometh down from heaven,
that a man may eat thereof,
and not die.
I am the living bread
which came down from heaven.
If any man eat of this bread...
If any man eat of this bread...
He shall live forever.
Lara. Sam.
Hi, father.
That was a really good
service, father.
It made me think, you know?
Is everything okay?
Good. Good.
I'm a little tired, that's all.
Haven't been sleeping well.
Well, if you ever need
someone to talk to,
you know where I am.
I have been charged,
convicted, sentenced
and more than punished
for rape and murder.
And a lot of real bad stuff
has been said about me that,
if given the chance,
I could have proven not only
beyond a reasonable doubt,
but beyond any doubt
of my innocence.
But you, society, did not
give me a chance to do so.
I never really
went to school, as you did.
I didn't learn to read there,
as you did.
I learned at home.
And because of that,
I spent over half my life
in juvenile and adult
detention centers,
halfway houses, state schools,
jails with grown men,
all before my 19th birthday.
You people...
I despise every one of you,
from the government
to the ignorant judge and jury.
The Das, the media.
And especially you,
cowardly society.
You think you can kill me?
You can't kill me.
I was born dead.
I will live on in the love
that is within my family and
friends and their descendants.
And I will live
in your deepest fears.
I am your fear.
You fear me, because I am
what you hate:
When you judge me,
you only judged yourself,
for I am a reflection
of you, society.
Your rotten flesh fears me
because when you see me,
you see something dark
and perverted and twisted,
which became so because of you,
You think you can scare me
with death.
I've faced death before.
I'm resigned to death.
All people die.
I know that if I die,
I'm going to die
with a clear conscience,
a whole spirit, and as a man.
But you, society,
will live in shame.
In your nightmares I will live.
In your times of fear,
big or small, will I be.
Every frustration in your lives
will be me.
Every death of your families
will be me.
I will be the one
to meet your family's souls.
I will be the fear
you will experience
upon your last breath.
I curse your souls
to the deepest depths
of your own hell.
And I curse your parents' souls
to the same hell,
and your rotten
grandparents' souls,
and your stinking,
maggot-ridden ancestors,
clean back to the damnable dog
that began your line.
I curse every adult,
every person that's born
after my death
that is remotely related
to your pitch-infested blood.
And because I know the curses
will be fulfilled,
I meet death in a better spirit
and stronger soul.
Johnny frank Garrett.