Johnny Handsome (1989) Movie Script

Yeah, my bar is cooking now...
...but when I first started the joint,
I had to get cash. Get a loan.
You know me, Johnny.
Just a poor boy from Shreveport.
Only collateral I ever took to a bank
was Dr. Smith & Wesson.
So who the hell's gonna give me
any cash?
I need a job, Johnny.
He gets every fucking cent
I take in now.
All the time watching him add
the vig to the principal.
He owns half the paper
on my joint.
Pretty soon, he's just gonna own
the whole goddamn thing.
I need back in the game, Johnny.
Now, I know you're always
planning a hit.
I wanna bite. I need it.
I can't walk this time, Johnny.
I got no place to go.
I'm asking you for old times.
Holy fuck.
We're working with him?
Shit, talk about hire the handicaps.
Why don't you give us all a break?
Put a bag on his head.
We hit them just before closing.
This way they'll be tired
and flushed with cash.
Sounds like he's already
got a bag on his head.
A scumbag.
Watch your mouth.
Johnny knows what he's talking about
on this number.
Now, you just keep
your goddamn ears open.
Ain't you got no sense of humour,
old man?
I was just having a little joke.
Maybe he's got another way
of settling up his debts. I don't know.
- Does he?
- Do you?
This is your deal.
But I don't like it.
And I don't like them.
See y'all later, Romeo.
It can happen.
Ain't no guarantees
in this line of work.
Two old people got in the way.
Look, I can handle this, cowboy.
Now, this number has
plenty of cash to go around.
Everybody's gonna be happy
and rich.
What a bitch.
What are you gonna do?
Good help's hard to find.
Johnny, now, I know
you're doing this for me.
But you're already saving my ass.
You ain't gotta work it.
I can handle it. I handled worse.
Okay, buddy?
Did you see my new watch?
Well, good afternoon, sir.
I was looking to buy a present
for my boyfriend.
I wanna get him something...
I don't know, something real nice.
Is he a serious collector?
Oh, he ain't a serious anything.
He just likes coins,
you know what I mean?
Remember, when we get out,
sit in the back seat.
Don't let Rafe get behind us.
Johnny, I got something
for him and the bitch...
...just in case they get smart.
That is a museum piece.
It don't look that old, does it?
How much would a little coin
like that cost?
Its current value is $77,280.
My God.
What the hell was that?
Okay, buddy.
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
- Please...
- Shut the fuck up!
You're late, asshole.
Let's clean the place out!
Move your fucking ass, pops!
Shut up and bag it, bitch!
- Stupid fucker.
- No!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- The shithead hit the alarm.
- Cover the door, asshole!
- Get the goods!
Okay, let's do it.
Come on, come get your share.
Hey, I got something for you, boy.
Come on, get the geek.
Get that fucking geek!
Hey, fat boy, move your ass
and help with these bags.
What the hall happened?
Where's Mikey and Johnny?
They're right here, baby.
Open it up.
Well, they told me an old friend of mine
had made the house of D again.
Hell, I couldn't hardly believe it.
Had to come see for myself.
You know, Johnny, you ain't never
been much of shit to look at.
But at least up to now,
you ain't been altogether stupid.
And what I mean is,
you'll never even touch them.
You know it, and I know it.
You just tell me who they are
and where I can find them...
...and I'll take real good care of them
for both of us.
That old Mikey Chalmette...
Hell, he was just like
a big brother to you.
You and him spent
a lot of time together.
Including all that hard time
up there at Angola Farm.
Well, I just saw Mikey
down at the morgue.
Poor old bastard.
They really did a job on him.
You got nothing on me.
Oh, Johnny, guess what the boys
found down at the bus station.
You probably got people
feeling sorry for you...
...because you're such an ugly
son of a bitch.
But not me.
Because I know what you are
on the inside.
Nothing but a cheap crook.
Here's how it sits.
Now, if you go to trial, they're gonna
push for the whole nine yards...
...that includes murder too.
Now, I ain't saying they got a case
without putting you at the scene.
But I am saying one thing:
They got your face to show the jury.
Now, with a little friendly persuasion
on my part...
...maybe I can get them to lower
the armed and accessory...
...for, say, a stolen properties.
I don't suppose you got anybody
to vouch for your character?
Then it's five years. Less if you're
willing to play ball with Drones.
- No.
- Maybe 28 months to parole...
...if you behave yourself.
Now, that's the best I can do with the
system here. You know how it works.
I'll make a deal.
Therefore, Mr. John Sedley,
it is the order of this court...
...that you shall be remanded to
the state penitentiary farm at Angola...
...for a term of
not less than five years...
...subject to the laws and conditions
as set forth by the state of Louisiana...
...and the parish of Orleans.
You will be remanded over
by the bailiff... the proper authorities
for transport.
The prisoner is reminded that he is
now a two-time felony offender.
If, upon release, he is
again convicted of a felony...
...he will be subject to a life sentence
without possibility of parole.
Guys that stuck you,
you know what they got?
A grand each in cigarettes.
So it was probably somebody
who thinks that murder's cheap.
Maybe like the guy
that just took over Mikey's bar.
Cowboy named Rafe.
You know this badass.
You know what he did.
All right, Johnny.
Maybe I'll see you around,
but I kind of doubt it.
I don't think Rafe will
mess up on you a second time.
Then nobody will be getting even
for Mikey.
Not me. Certainly not you.
Can you hear me, John?
Do you understand me?
You are in the lockdown ward
at St. Matthew's Charity...
...and you are back
in the city now, John.
I'm Dr. Steven Resher,
Department of Corrections...
...and liaison
to the medical community.
I am not your regular doctor.
I run a program that deals
with reconstructive surgery.
How would you like a new face?
Patient may need
mandibular procedure, period.
However, comma,
patient may benefit more...
- Dr. Resher?
... from maxillary intrusion, period.
- Yes.
- A.Z. Drones, New Orleans Police.
Yes, I see. What can I do for you?
How's your patient, doctor?
- Which patient might that be?
- John Sedley.
You know, the pretty boy.
That is not a very nice thing to say.
Well, he's not a very nice man, doctor.
Now, how is he?
Look, doc, let's not let you and me
get off on the wrong foot here.
I'm the case officer
assigned to this boy.
Any information pertaining to him
is my business.
Now let me ask you again.
How is he? Is he going to be all right?
I see.
His chances of a full recovery
are excellent.
If you like, you may get a full report on
his progress daily from the staff nurse.
She gets off duty at 7.
Now, if you'd excuse me,
I have work to do.
Goddamn. Thanks, doc.
There's a theory, John...
...that surgical rehabilitation can be
a deterrent to criminal recidivism.
Like any theory, it needs to be
validated with facts...
...statistical evidence.
You won't be the first, John.
But if you say yes,
you will not be the last.
Granted, it'll take me a while...
...but you could end up
looking almost normal.
Maybe even better than that.
The point is, I need your consent.
You know the prison rules
as well as I know the prison rules.
But let me assure you, I'm not talking
about experimenting on you.
These operations
are not experiments.
Do you know that they started doing
these procedures on children...
...with massive cranial disfigurements
some 15 years ago?
These operations work, John.
Now, I know that your childhood
operations ended in failure...
...but this is entirely different.
This will be fine surgeons...
...doing procedures that haven't been
available for the last several years.
Anyway, this is not
an abstraction for you.
You can come out of this
with a normal life.
This experiment is all bullshit.
I'm still gonna be
Johnny Handsome.
I will give you a new name.
I will give you a new face.
I will give you new identification
and a chance at a new life.
They do that for witnesses.
I can do that for you.
If you do that... got my face.
This guy's deader than a week
of Sundays. Told you I'd nail that geek.
Yeah, ain't that just like you, baby.
When you want something done right... just pay someone else
to do it for you.
Keep up the shit, I'll ship you back
to that oil-riggers' bar in east Texas...
...where I found you.
I think you mean where I found you...
...knocking off gas stations
for beer money.
Come on, we're doing good here.
We're gonna do real good at Mikey's.
Sure thing, sugar.
Whatever you say.
We'll just wait
and see what happens, huh?
You wanna enhance that a little bit?
Okay, the anterior portion
is 5 centimetres to the left.
Got it.
Okay, and is he
fully intubated, nurse?
- Yes, doctor.
- That's good.
Then why don't you just remove
a little tracheal pressure.
- Removing.
- Okay.
Let's just make sure all of these lines
are clear of the breathing circuit.
How you feeling
this morning, John? Good?
I know the last three weeks
have been very painful for you.
And you probably think that you're
gonna look completely different...
...but that's not gonna happen
right away.
Not for a long time.
All right?
Let's do it.
Can you open, John?
Can you open?
That's beautiful in there.
Take a breath.
That feel different inside there?
- Yes, it does.
- Much better resonance.
Thanks to the operation,
you've got the equipment now.
We'll have to see
if you can learn to use it.
John Sedley, Sister Luke.
Our speech pathologist.
Mama made some lemon jam.
Mama made some lemon jam.
Now let's concentrate
on controlling your airflow.
Remember, the words are carried
on air going out of the mouth.
Now take a breath in.
Hold it.
Let it out.
Mama made some lemon... Oh, shit.
You know it's not easy
to change the habits of a lifetime.
I know how hard it is for you...
...but it can be done.
It takes work, and it takes will.
And if you work hard...
...someday you will speak
just about as well as anyone.
Mama made some lemon jam.
Mama made some lemon jam.
Very good!
Real piece a work, ain't it?
Piece of work, Mr. Sedley.
Piece of work.
All right.
What about your mother?
Please, Sedley. You're making
this difficult for both of us.
I'm trying to fill in background
for your character profile.
Our records are
very sketchy on you.
Other than a few biographical facts...
...we don't know much
about your mother.
We know that she died
when you were 13.
Do you remember liking her?
I didn't know her real good.
She came some weekends
to the state home...
...where they kept me
at St. Brendan's.
Your father?
Did you know who he was?
Your mother never
discussed him to you?
She didn't talk about it.
Hey, I just think
she was embarrassed.
About your father?
About him. About me.
You know, I wasn't exactly
her dream come true, you know.
Do you remember anything special
about school, John?
Yeah. Carlisle.
Who's Carlisle?
Carlisle was this fat kid
at St. Brendan's.
And we all used to make fun of him,
you know, because of his name.
- And you wanna hear about this?
- Yeah, go ahead.
At Halloween, we all dressed up
in costumes...
...and Carlisle, he comes over
to me and he...
I had this jack-o'- lantern mask on,
and he rips it off...
...and he starts screaming:
"Johnny don't need no mask.
Johnny don't need no mask. "
And all the other kids start laughing.
They were all laughing.
And then?
I beat the shit out of him.
You can write it down.
No, I think that will be all
for today, John.
Thank you.
All right, John, here we go.
You just relax.
Think about pleasant thoughts.
It will be over before you know it.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Let's start counting backwards
from 100.
Johnny don't need no mask.
Now, I know you're doing this
for me.
You ain't never been
much of shit to look at.
Put a bag on his head.
I know you're doing this for me.
Sounds lik e he's already got
a bag over his head.
A scumbag.
Johnny Handsome.
Go look for yourself.
...what do you think, John?
You people did a terrific job.
But I still feel like
I'm wearing a mask.
If you need to see me
about something...
...I have an office.
You can make an appointment.
Relax, doc. I'm here to see a patient.
But you're leaning on my car,
lieutenant. My car.
How is our star?
His prognosis is good. Very good.
I think that you'll be very surprised
at who John Sedley is right now.
Yeah, well, maybe.
But I tell you what I won't be
surprised about:
He saying he put one
over on you.
Are you trying
to destroy my program?
Are you trying to make him fail?
Look, why don't you just get off his ass
and give him a break?
Think, lieutenant. Point number one:
His mother was a prostitute
and a drug addict...
...died when he was 13 years of age.
Point number two:
Thanks to a genetic abnormality...
...probably attributable
to his mother's addiction...
...he was born with defects
that 99 percent of all humanity...
...consider totally disgusting.
...he has finally given himself
a chance at a new life.
And what does he get for that?
You, just crawling all over him.
Well, damn, doc, that's...
That's a real sad story.
Yes, it is.
- Sedley?
- Three ten.
Well, bless my ass.
Look at you.
Look at you.
If that don't beat all...
That's amazing.
That's fucking amazing.
Got all that lank-ass hair now.
Guess next you'll be wearing
a ponytail and a fucking earring, huh?
I wouldn't have made you
on the street.
Can you beat that?
Pretty hard to believe, ain't it?
I wouldn't have made
your voice either.
I'm real impressed.
I just wonder if Rafe is gonna be.
You remember Rafe, don't you?
Street cowboy.
He and his bitch shot Mikey.
Now, you didn't forget your old friend
so soon, did you, Johnny boy?
I'll see you around...
...pretty boy.
How'd you lik e to get out of here?
I got them to approve
a work release.
We can find you a job.
Here's the deal.
You are here and locked up every night
by 10:00 or it's back to Angola for you.
You're gonna have to go through
constant psychological evaluation...
...that I'm personally gonna handle.
You'll have to answer
all kinds of questions...
...with total
and complete honesty, John.
But if you do that for me...
...I can recommend you for parole.
How do you feel about that...
...Mr. Mitchell?
Well, who am I supposed to be?
A Navy vet with commendations
just back from overseas.
You think you could put on here...
...that I worked for a while
here at the hospital?
We have a deal.
- Can I talk to you about my check?
- What's wrong with it?
- Well, I think they took too much out.
- That's what everyone says.
- Anyway, you got the wrong desk.
- Hey, mister.
Give it to me. Maybe I can help.
It's a crime, isn't it?
I mean, how much they take out.
You should take a look at my check.
That'll make you feel better.
Well, I don't see any problem here,
Mr. Mitchell.
I know what the government takes out.
What about this here?
You were issued work clothes,
weren't you?
That's a service-stat deduction.
Don't expect us to pay
for your work clothes, do you?
So we don't have a problem.
- Right, Mitchell?
- No problem.
He's new. He's making sure he's got
his pay. He's got the right to do that.
Excuse me.
I just wanted to thank you
for standing up to your boss.
- You didn't have to do that.
- I enjoyed it.
He's kind of lame sometimes.
Well, thanks.
Where you going?
- Gotta get the bus.
- I got a car. I'll give you a lift.
Save me from a better grade
of people.
That guy's so horny he can't
keep his hands off the secretaries.
Anyone's been there more than a week
won't work for him.
I'll get out of here someday.
I take Thursday afternoons off.
I study accounting.
Yard helps me pay.
Of course, it'll take 20 years
to work it off.
I'll probably end up an old maid.
I wouldn't think that.
I don't know.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
You know how it is.
You work at a machine,
get paid by a machine.
Makes you wonder
who's working for who, right?
Her name's Donna.
She's an accountant.
A secretary in accounting?
A receptionist?
She want to do better, you know.
She takes every
Thursday afternoon off.
You know, she's studying
for her CPA.
She got a loan from the yard,
you know.
She says by the time
she pays it off...
...she'll probably be retired.
I see.
John, are you...?
Are you gonna pursue this?
How can I?
You tell me.
Hello, operator. Yeah, you got a listing
for a Donna McCarty...
...over in Gretna?
Okay, thank you.
I've been thinking about what
you told me, being in prison and all.
Lot of guys would've tried
to get back at the world.
Or they would've given up.
But you came to work,
tried to be a part of life again.
I admire what you're doing, Johnny.
So, what about this? I'm helping
steal stuff from the shipyard.
This guy Earl, he works in
the tool shed, I've been seeing him.
He's taking stuff,
machinery, equipment.
You know how it is.
Your guy's in trouble, you try to help.
I'm changing the inventory records
in the computer for him.
- So why don't you stop doing it?
- He'd turn me in if I stopped.
He'd get busted too.
What's he care? He's just a bum.
He doesn't care nothing
about nobody.
Sometimes, there's ways...
...of working these things out.
The way you say it,
I almost believe you.
Well, let's just say she's done
some things...
...that she'd like to take back.
We all have.
No matter who we are.
And we all need help sometimes.
That's what makes us a society.
People helping each other.
What's the matter?
Afraid of being normal?
Is it so bad?
Is it normal... forget where you come from?
Of course not.
Can't do that.
Hey, Earl.
- Who are you, man?
- I'm a friend of Donna's.
I just wanted to talk to you about
a few things, but it's personal.
He's probably gonna ask my
permission to check under her skirt.
That it, man?
You sweet on my Donna?
Looking to get a little?
Look, Earl, we got a problem.
You gotta stop making
Donna cook the books.
It's getting out of hand.
She's taking too big a chance...
...and you're getting small-time stuff.
- Hey, buddy.
I don't like the way
this conversation's going, all right?
Now, maybe you ought to butt out
of Donna's business.
- And mine.
- Look, Earl.
Donna's a good kid. I don't know
why you'd wanna fuck her life up...
You stupid shit.
What? You didn't hear me?
Maybe I should fuck you up or...
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Be smart, Earl.
Okay. All right, all right.
Come on, man.
- Don't know what you're fucking with.
- Okay, man.
You could get killed.
Now, you asked Donna
her last favour, right?
Right, okay.
- Don't let me down, Earl.
- All right.
Don't let me down.
This girl, does she know
about your previous condition?
No, I didn't tell her.
Oh, it's only natural to test her.
If she were the right girl for you,
she'd pass the test.
You know, whatever happens to me...
...I just want you
and Dr. Resher to know...
...I think this program that
you have here, it's really good.
And I think it would be really good
for a lot of other people.
You're a big part of it.
- Yeah.
- And I wish you the best, Johnny.
You don't got anything to worry about.
You doing great at work.
You look like a great guy,
at least I think so.
Got a girl that believes in you.
How could they not give you parole?
I got a good feeling.
I think it's gonna be okay.
You know, all them cons
I was on the inside with...
...they believed that too.
All them cons with their big plans...
...nine out of 10 times,
they'd be back on the inside.
Hey, I'm not so sure
that you can count on me.
I'm not so sure that I'm what you want.
I'm a big girl.
I don't need you to tell me what I want.
I know what I want.
You know what I like best
about your face?
I like your eyes.
Well, Johnny, they bought
your whole load.
Hook, line and sinker.
Y'all think it'll be a new world out there
with his new name and his new face.
- Like he was born again.
- Well, one thing for sure.
From now on, Johnny's world
is gonna be what he makes of it.
You know, Johnny... might fool this fucking quack
and little sister over there...
...but I know you.
I know who you are,
and I know what you are.
And we both know right where
you're going, don't we, Johnny?
I'm in love, sweetheart!
Hey, Sunny.
How are you doing?
- Do I know you?
- Yeah, sure. A long time ago.
You probably forgot about it.
Try me, baby.
Is Rafe around?
No. You know Rafe. Same old shit.
Yeah? Yeah, the two of you
make a hell of a pair.
Why don't you give me a hint, baby,
help me remember who you are.
It'll come to you.
- Buy me a drink?
- Sure. You and Rafe both.
I don't make his dates,
and he don't make mine.
You got some nice hands,
I'd remember those.
...l'll see you around, huh?
You and your boyfriend.
Now, wait just one second, sugar.
I'm kind of getting a feeling about you.
Well, it gets better.
And richer.
A lot richer.
Why don't you hold on one minute,
I'll go see if I can locate him for you.
- There. That's him.
- I don't know this guy.
I don't know. Something about him.
Feels like money.
Yeah, yeah, you're an expert on that.
At least I'm an expert on something,
fucking loser.
If you don't like it, go down there
and wait cocktails...
...and get your ass goosed
by the tourists.
Or go back to selling it
for 100 bucks a pop.
The price was 1000.
Either that or I gave it away.
Somebody wants to meet you.
I'll be out front.
Who are you, buster?
John Mitchell.
Is that supposed to
mean something to me?
Looking for a handout, or you gonna
hit me up for something special?
- I just wanna give you some money.
- For what?
- Your help.
- What kind of help?
A job. A 5-million-dollar job.
Let's have a talk about it.
He can't get 5 million nothing.
Shut the fuck up and drive, Larry.
It's a payroll heist.
- The Commodore Shipyard.
- That's your hit?
Where you been?
They make boats, not money.
Hey, man, they got 10,000 workers.
They pay bimonthly, in the millions.
They got auto tellers
all over the shipyard, dozens of them.
These fuckers spit out
20s, 50s, 100s.
If any of this is bullshit,
it's nothing to me, I'll kill you.
There's two armed guards inside.
Here and here.
And a couple of clerks.
We hit them right after lunch.
Sounds okay to me, baby.
If this deal is so damn hot,
why come to us?
Well, I'm new around here.
I don't know anybody else.
You don't know me, buddy.
Sure, I do. You and Sunny both,
from the Prestige job.
- Bullshit. What do you know about it?
- Shut up, you stupid fuck.
I know about the Prestige job...
...from Johnny Handsome.
I don't think you know
what you're messing with.
Look, I was working
at the prison hospital...
...when Johnny Handsome
checked out.
- You can call Personnel.
- Yeah, is that so?
Well, if you know so much about it...
...what are you gonna trust
me and Rafe for, huh, baby?
I can't do the Commodore alone.
I need somebody to work the stash,
and I need a skirt inside.
Hey, that 5 million goes pretty good
three ways.
Yeah, it's a big job, but how do I know
you know what you're doing?
Hey, pal, I handled a few jobs
before I was in the Navy.
You can check that out too.
This is a one-time offer.
Y'all think about it.
I'll tell you when I tell you.
What are you, some big shot?
Go check him out.
I always figure that everybody's
looking for some kind of angle.
I knew it right from the first second
you and I started talking.
Can't really put much over on me... it didn't surprise me much
when it turned out... had yourself
a little number in mind.
I'll tell you, sweetheart. Looking at you
gives me some bad thoughts.
I'll keep that in mind.
It ain't just you I'm talking about.
I think we both know
who I'm discussing.
And he just better watch out...
...or something might come around
and bite his old ass.
See, the bastard stiffed me
on my cut from Prestige.
Stuck it all in
that shithole bar of his.
He'll do this, all right.
Well, it sounds like you know
what you're talking about.
Oh, I know a thing or two
about old Rafe.
And I know something
about you too, baby.
I know where you're gonna be
in about 10 minutes.
You know, honey, I hate to argue
with a man...
...after he's been so nice to me...
...but you were wrong
about one thing.
When it comes to money,
there ain't never enough to go around.
Like that old Prestige job
should've set me up for a long time.
But Rafe held out on me.
I guess he just don't know how to take
care of a good thing once he's got it.
I bet that you would take care
of things a whole lot better.
Well, what do you say, sugar?
Or do I have to ask you twice?
You know, usually
when I treat a man that good...
...he seems a whole lot happier
about it.
Now, see, you and me...
...we cut Rafe out.
Oh, I bet that the two of us could go
a long, long way together.
I bet you've already got a plan.
Because you know something,
Two goes into 5 million
a whole lot sweeter than three.
And you certainly look
like a nice girl.
Now let's talk about your boyfriend.
You probably know him
as John Mitchell.
Yeah, I see him sometimes.
Probably not lately, though.
Am I right?
Well, I don't think my private life
is any of your business.
Well, thanks for your time.
Sir, did something happen?
Why are you here?
Oh, no. Just routine.
You know he's trying real hard.
It isn't easy for him.
Bless my soul.
You really are a nice girl.
Johnny, can I talk to you?
Yeah, sure. What do you need?
I don't see you,
I don't hear from you for days.
Now, a cop comes around
right at work in front of everyone...
...asking questions about you.
What did he want?
He wanted to know
what our relationship is.
Was that it?
Yeah, that's it.
What's going on?
Look, I've been meaning to tell you.
You're a nice girl and all, but just...
It ain't gonna work out
with me and you.
- I got too many problems.
- Save the bullshit.
You know, I ran you in the computer.
It never shows you were in jail, just an
honourable discharge from the Navy.
What the hell's going on with you?
Hey, look, don't you get it? I just don't
wanna go out with you no more.
To hell with you.
I don't know you, Mr. Mitchell.
- Yeah, I know.
- Well, what can I do for you?
Well, I'm new here...
...and everybody in town says
you're the man to see.
Yeah? About what?
A laundry service.
Could be 5 million worth.
That sounds illegal.
It is.
You looking for hardware?
You've come to the right place.
Three hundred, and it's clean.
We got the new number-one baby
right here.
Nine millimetre. Semi-automatic.
Make it plastic so it don't freeze up
in them mountains they got.
You going someplace cold?
- Yeah.
- Johnny, it's me, Donna.
I'm sorry to barge in,
but I had to talk to you.
I didn't wanna leave it
the way we did.
Well, and I told you it ain't happening
with me and you.
I don't believe that.
Earl told me what you did.
You had to feel something or you
wouldn't have done it. Can I come in?
None of this makes any sense,
You hold a knife to Earl's throat,
then you're trying to get rid of me.
I got the cops coming to work
asking me questions.
You're a good person, Johnny.
I just wanna know
what the hell's going on.
This is me.
Johnny Handsome.
What are you talking about?
Who is this guy?
They killed my friend.
They sent me to jail
and they put a knife in me.
That's my debt.
Johnny, if this is really you...
...I can't understand everything
you've gone through...
...but now you got a chance
at something here.
You got a shot at a better life.
You can't just throw that away.
You don't understand.
I mean, you just...
You don't understand anything.
So why don't you get out of here.
- Johnny.
- Go on, get out of here.
- I said, get out of here.
- Please, let me help.
Go on, get out of here,
get the fuck out of my life!
Goddamn it, Johnny,
don't do this to yourself.
Here's to us, babe,
back at it tomorrow.
Yeah, right. I put on the wig,
take all the chances... put on a mask,
take all the money.
You get your cut.
Just like last time, huh, sugar?
Let me tell you something, Sunny.
Don't bet on this new guy.
I know you got eyes for him...
...but he's a loser.
I can smell it.
And I'm gonna take him out big
when the time gets right.
I know we don't get along
much anymore, baby...
...but we're still connected.
We got time in together.
That's like an investment.
You don't walk out on it.
Don't think about things, cowboy.
You ain't a thinker.
How you doing there? Dumb fuck.
Mr. Bonet, may I speak to you
for a minute?
- Yeah.
- Well...
- In private, if it's okay.
- Where?
I don't know. Your office, I suppose.
- Now?
- Yeah.
Won't hurt a bit.
Let's do it. No fucking off,
no backing up.
Just stick to the plan, okay?
Now, what is it you wanted?
Turn off the alarm.
You gotta be kidding.
You stupid fuck.
You think I won't shoot you?
Now turn off that fucking alarm.
There. I did it. It's done.
- Now please...
- Shut the fuck up!
What are you doing?
- Drop the gun!
- I'll blow your fucking head off!
- Get down, goddamn it!
- Get down. Get down, you stupid...
- All of you, goddamn it. Get down!
- Get down!
Put... Put your hands...
Drop that phone!
What the fuck are you looking at?
Get down, you useless piece of shit!
Down! Move it! Move it!
Get down!
Let's go!
What the fuck is this shit?
What am I, your fucking maid?
Larry, move your fucking ass
and stash these now.
Move it, before somebody gets here.
Everything cool?
Yeah, perfect.
Real pretty.
Your plan worked real good, buddy.
You know, I think you and I
should drive around.
We'll hook up with you guys later.
Well, shit, they'll be looking
for four and not two.
Yeah, I'll stay with the money.
Then we'll meet up later.
How sweet it is.
Fuck, we played him great.
- I'm taking off. Alone.
- What?
- You heard me.
- What is this shit about?
Hey, baby, you and me, we had
ourselves a little plan, remember?
I'm going to the laundry
to clean the money...
...otherwise, it doesn't
do anybody any good.
Sure thing, sweetie.
I'll see you at the cemetery
across from the Orleans at 9.
Fucking whore.
You helped him make the switch.
You see me with any money, genius?
He had a gun on me,
what was I supposed to do?
Oh, come off it, okay?
You think I'd come back to this shithole
if I had any part of those millions?
Son of a bitch!
We really ate it, didn't we, baby?
Quit feeling sorry for yourself.
I don't know how it started.
Suddenly, there was a man...
...with a mask and a gun.
I never had a chance. I might've
could of handled the situation...
You're a little far from home,
ain't you, A.Z.?
Really interesting case
you got here, Monte.
Just thought I'd take a peek.
Just looking at the serial numbers
on them stolen bills.
Shit, they all consecutive.
You can look as much as you want to,
but this is our business...
...and we don't want no help
from out-of-parish.
Well, shit, Monte...
...I know y'all good old boys don't
need no help from the likes of me.
My compliments.
A very professional piece of work.
As you might know...
...l've been involved in a lot of jobs.
Usually it's after the fact, however.
And this...
...this reminds me of
another job a while back.
Three men made the hit,
plus a driver.
Three men in masks,
as a matter of fact.
Plus a girl for distraction.
Oh, I ran a check on you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Clean. So clean.
But a friend of mine down at precinct
tells me that Lieutenant Drones... interested in you.
Lieutenant Drones is the man
who investigated the Prestige.
And Rafe is pulled in on the job.
Now, that's an interesting
coincidence, huh?
Truly beautiful, Johnny.
Johnny Handsome.
My compliments to the surgeons.
I guess you could've shot Rafe already,
huh? But that wouldn't be enough.
- Too easy.
- Yeah.
You wanna put him
through the whole dance.
Mikey would have liked that.
Look, I'll be at
the Orleans Hotel downtown.
Get it done by 9.
Yeah, Lewis?
I got it.
Yeah, all of it.
Lewis, I told you.
I told you I gotta get out of there
by 8 p. m. On the dot. Now... everything okay on your end?
Well, bless my ass.
Boy, you got it pulled tight in here.
Goes double
for your face, counsellor.
I can't imagine why
you're looking like that.
Johnny, are you there?
Johnny, tell me you didn't have
anything to do with...
Sure, baby, and I'm queen
of the Mardi gras.
Goddamn it. Son of a bitch!
Now, does that look
like anybody you know?
Hell, we thought our little pal
wasn't gonna show up tonight, huh?
Hold it right there, Johnny!
Turn around, face the wall.
Face the wall.
I imagine you were
expecting someone else.
Yeah, when I saw the money
was serialed...
...I knew a good pro like you
wasn't gonna leave an untidy trail.
Got me to thinking:
"Who would old Johnny Handsome
trust to launder all that money?
Especially with Mikey gone. "
You should've seen Vic's face
when I walked in.
That boy is no hero...
...I can tell you that.
You know, in a way, it's too bad
I didn't show up just a little bit later...
...after you'd settled up with them.
...why don't I give you 10 minutes.
So I can get them?
And you can take me in?
Or they get me,
and you take them in?
And the money.
But I figure at least
you'll be happy in your cell...
...knowing you pulled the trigger
on them scumbags.
Is that the money?
All pretty and clean?
Yeah, it's payoff time.
I guess that laundry shrunk
it down into one bag, huh?
There's plenty to go around.
Where's Sunny? Hate for her
to miss out on all the fun.
What kind of fun
you have in mind, geek?
Huh, geek?
Once a geek, always a geek.
Hey, freak, did you really think
you were gonna get even with me?
Now you put down that gun...
...and maybe we'll let
your honey keep breathing.
Get the geek's gun, Larry.
You got a real nice face now,
don't you, Johnny?
But I think I liked it better
the old way. Yeah.
And I think I can
help you get it back.
Oh, no! No!
Go ahead, Rafe, show him
what you're made of!
Stop it!
- No!
- Baby, show him what you're made of.
You go ahead, baby.
Your boyfriend don't look
so good now, does he, sugar?
Yeah, go on, take a look at him.
Go on!
Go on! Get him in his face!
Get on his fucking face!
Oh, no. No.
You ain't the boss now,
are you, baby, huh?
Stop it, please.
- Oh, no!
- Slice his fucking face, yes.
- Yes, do it.
- Fucking geek.
You thought you were gonna kill me?
I'm gonna fix you up real good,
Johnny Handsome.
- In Jesus' name, no, please.
- Don't fucking kill him yet.
I get to do that.
Now go look and see,
is that money all there?
What's the combination?
Just don't hurt her.
You're not calling the shots here.
What's the goddamn combination?
Two, six, one.
Two, six, one.
Shit. You must think
I'm some kind of dumb shit.
You got this thing rigged to
blow up in my face, don't you?
Is that how you expect to get me?
I ain't falling for this shit.
You open it.
Come on, you open it.
Open it, goddamn it,
or I'll kill you and the bitch.
Open it, goddamn it, now.
Quit stalling, geek.
Your ass is mine now, sweetheart.
Now, why don't you just start
handing over that money.
Come on, you fuck,
let's see what you got!
Nice work.
Nice work.
How do I look?
How's my face?
Well, Johnny...
...that damn doctor
didn't understand this part...
...did he?