Johnny O'Clock (1947) Movie Script

Read all about it. Big gambler
shot while resisting arrest.
Paper, paper! Get your Evening Globe.
Big gambler shot. Paper?
Thank you.
Paper, paper! Big gambler
shot while resisting arrest.
Beat it. Beat it.
Excuse me.
- In a minute.
Thank you.
We have ashtrays.
- Oh, excuse me.
We are all filled up.
Oh, I imagine.
A nice hotel.
- Thank you.
I'm looking for a man.
I think he lives here.
You are not sure?
- His name is Johnny O'Clock.
Johnny O'Clock?
That's a funny kind of a name.
Does he live here?
- Never heard of him.
How about Joe Finch?
Bill Briggs?
George Baker?
I thought you were looking for one man.
- I am. He just has different names.
Perhaps if I describe him to you?
Sorry, I really haven't time.
- Wait.
He's about six foot tall,
dresses very well.
He is dapper you might say.
- He's in 1514.
You are very cooperative.
- He never gets up until 9 o'clock.
I know.
- He works very late.
He doesn't like to be disturbed.
I wouldn't dream of it.
I'll wait. I've got lots of time.
There they go.
Come on, Johnny. Time to get up.
Good morning, Charlie.
Draw the curtains and
let the sun in, will you.
What does it look like?
Rough. I think it will rain.
I wish I could get a good day's sleep.
Your breakfast is in there.
I already had mine.
I wonder if this will
mix with orange juice.
Some things don't mix.
What's eating you, Charlie?
Well come on. What's eating you?
Certain things.
- Like what?
She called you a little while ago.
- Yeah?
In certain matters, Charlie,
stay on your side of the fence.
When did these come?
- About a half hour ago.
Nice stuff, huh?
- I like the striped one.
Do you like it? It's yours.
I got a present for you too.
"To my darling with unending love."
How'd you get this?
She brought it up herself.
- When?
A couple of hours ago. You were asleep.
- What did you tell her?
What you told me to.
That you weren't in.
What did she say?
Nothing. Just for me to give it to you.
That's what she called about.
To see if you got it.
You want me to repeat it?
- I heard you.
A trigger-happy cop, that Blayden.
Always with a gun.
1514 please.
Any mail for me?
It's written all over you.
We'll take a walk.
You'll talk and I'll listen.
There is somebody to see you.
I left something in the room.
He's in a hurry.
Koch is my name.
How do you spell it? C-O-P?
The lady. I prefer to talk to you alone.
I'll wait for you outside, Johnny.
- No.
I've got no secrets.
Well, it's to do with a
policeman named Blayden.
Chuck Blayden.
Okay. Wait for me outside.
Blayden is a friend of yours, isn't he?
Everybody is my friend.
This man too?
I knew him.
Blayden is in trouble. Serious trouble.
Trouble? He is a cop.
He won't be one much longer.
You're a business associate, aren't you?
- Now you're guessing.
Shall we come to the point?
- I'm way ahead of you.
You've got a very quick mind.
Your flower, Mr O'Clock.
How much are those cigars?
- Two for a quarter.
I'll take a couple.
- Here, take it out of this.
It's alright. I make it
fresh every morning.
Alright, shoot. Question number one.
No questions. A proposition.
I wonder what it could be.
In return for certain information ..
- You will do what?
I'll give you a break.
My arms or my legs?
Mr O'Clock, from what I know about you.
You are a man who looks at a situation
and says: "what's best for me".
And acts accordingly.
That's right.
That's why the answer is no.
Is he in trouble?
Do you care?
Mr O'Clock.
I'm sorry you are taking this attitude.
Really. We can be useful to each other.
Me to you. Not you to me.
The young lady.
You haven't introduced us.
I'm on a blind date.
He hit me.
- Blayden hit you?
- I don't know.
He got mad at something.
I tried to reason with him.
- That was your first mistake.
I'm full of mistakes.
I wish I could ..
- Oh, easy now.
He laughed at me.
He said.
What? What did he say?
He said for me to go to you to tell you.
Is that what he said?
Johnny, I never knew anything
like this could happen to me.
Alright, it is over.
- No, it isn't.
At least not for me, it isn't.
What will I do, Johnny?
Blow your nose and wipe
your eyes in the order named.
Don't kid with me.
- What do you want me to tell you?
How to get to the nearest subway.
Come here.
I've been there.
Come here, I said.
Look kid, you got to grow up.
When a thing is over, it's over.
Not for me. I'm not like you.
Will you help me, Johnny?
Will you?
A thousand on the yellow.
Five stacks of ten-dollar chips.
A big night, huh?
- Pretty good.
The man with the glasses
makes the most passes.
He's outside.
- Where?
In the alley. Are you
going to see him now?
Give me Fleming's hat.
He's the dealer on wheel 2.
Did you see him?
- Get the hat.
You want me to go with you?
- No.
Take this into Marchettis's office and
then get Fleming and hold him there.
Go on.
Answer me, Johnny.
Blayden is outside.
I'm going to see him now.
Johnny, maybe I ought to ..
- No.
Go check the coat, baby.
Hiya, heel.
You've been reading my mail.
Just the evening paper.
There's a story in it about
a trigger-happy cop.
Also, I've been entertaining
your friends.
I didn't know I had any outside of you.
Don't let it go to your head, Chuck.
Two people came up to see me about you.
Harriet, and ..
A guy named Koch.
Also in your line of business.
You are not interested
in the first party?
Frankly, no.
Treat her right or let her go.
Sounds like you hold the first mortgage.
- You know that isn't true.
Then why don't you mind
your own business?
I ask this in a friendly way.
The kid don't know if
she's coming or going.
Take a message to her.
Tell her she is going.
Afraid to tell her yourself?
- I'll tell her.
That's fair enough. Only don't
start up with her again.
I tell you this in a friendly way.
You don't need to worry.
She don't fit in with my plans anymore.
No. Why should I?
Marchettis raising my bet.
He's taking me in as a full partner.
Does he know?
He will in a little while.
I'm just waiting for him to show.
He's got a partner.
He had one.
Do you mind if I laugh in your face?
That's the way it is going to be.
Me and Marchettis.
The grease-ball and me.
Want to bet?
Look, Johnny.
You know me.
If you get in my way.
I'll kill you.
You took the words
right out of my mouth.
Is this your hat?
- Yeah. What about it?
I'm trading it for your coat.
What is this, a new game?
Maybe you need a little help.
Okay. You win.
It's a nice gimmick.
I know the guy who makes them.
You just work here, you know.
You're not a partner.
Okay, save the chatter. I'll get out.
No. Go on back to work.
No use firing you. I'd just
have to hire another dealer.
He might be smarter than you are.
So smart I couldn't catch him.
Go on.
It takes a thief to catch one.
Nobody ought to know
that better than you.
I called you.
- I know.
Did Charlie ..?
I got the watch.
Did you like it?
Not enough to keep it.
I gave it to you for old time's sake.
You are getting it back
for old time's sake.
Hello, Johnny.
- Hiya, Guido.
I thought you say you
meet me in the bar?
I came in here to talk to Johnny.
That's alright, isn't it?
Sure, honey. That's alright. Sure.
Hiya, Johnny.
Glad to see you, Guido.
Didn't know you were back.
That Johnny, he's cute. Eh Chuck?
All the time, he kids. Sit down, Chuck.
Your chair, boss.
Yeah, Chuck. All the time he kids.
How we do while I'm in Mexico?
We do fine.
That's what I expected.
- How was the trip?
Oh, fine, fine.
It's a nice place, Mexico.
It reminds me of the old country.
It is magnifico.
That means in Spanish: it's terrific.
I buy a lot of nice
things there. Beautiful.
When you come up the
house I'll show them to you.
Yeah, that's a nice place, Mexico.
I think we could open a spot there.
What do you say, Marchettis?
That's light.
Oh honey, I got a little business.
She's alright, eh Johnny?
All the time I'm away she thinks of me.
- I'll meet you at the bar.
Wait a minute, honey. I want
to show Chuck and Johnny ..
What she gave me for a
welcome-home present.
She had it specially made for me, Chuck.
Must have cost plenty.
How do you like it, Johnny?
It's beautiful.
A thing like this has
to be specially made.
It shows where I stand with Nelle.
You know how you stand with me, Guido.
Sure, I know. But I want
everybody else to know.
You're a lucky man.
You think I'm a lucky man, Chuck?
I always have.
What do you think, Nelle?
- I think I'm thirsty.
Chuck here, meets me in the alley.
Says he has business with me.
You in on this, Johnny?
No, he's not in on it.
It's alright if he sits
around and listens?
No, it's not alright.
Let me talk to you on this guy.
Go ahead.
- Unload him.
I'll listen to what he's got to say.
See you around, Chuck.
Sure. I'll see you.
You gave us both the same kind of watch.
It's like buying us both arsenic.
I didn't think about it when I bought
it. I had to buy you something.
Who said you had to?
- I had to.
Ah, you play very cute.
And nasty.
Either way, you can't lose.
I can lose.
- Take it.
You know I never take anything back.
Excuse me.
Give me a pencil and a piece of paper.
- Yeah.
Johnny, did you see him?
- Yeah, I saw him.
What did he say?
This case here.
- Yeah.
See that Mrs Marchettis gets it.
Alright. I'll see that she gets it.
What about Chuck?
He said he'd talk to you himself.
- He must have said more than that.
He's in with Marchettis now. He'll
probably be seeing you in a few minutes.
Johnny, tell me. Now.
Okay. You're through with him.
You mean, he's through with me.
Do you want to take my advice?
- No.
Then don't ask for it.
What were you going to say, Johnny?
Don't see him anymore. Not even tonight.
He's no good, for you or anybody else.
Now listen to me.
Alright. I'll listen.
- Good.
Where do I go from here?
We'll talk about that tomorrow.
Hey, look.
Ah, it's a man's coat.
Well, don't throw it away.
Are you crazy? It might fit me.
We can hock it. Maybe get some bucks.
Hold it over the fire.
Let's get it dried out.
Maybe we can get more.
What have you got there?
- A coat.
Where did you get it?
We didn't steal it. Did we.
No. We fished it out of the river.
It was floating down.
Look, it's wet. Dripping wet.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
You the owner?
- Hmm.
This coat.
- Want it cleaned?
It was cleaned here.
There is your serial number.
- Serial number?
I'm not responsible for spots like that.
What is it?
- Huh?
Who brought this coat in here?
Why should I tell you?
Is business good?
A murder?
Could be.
A woman brought it in to
be cleaned the other day.
A woman?
- Yep.
There's her name next
to the serial number.
"Harriet Hobson."
Now I remember.
This coat belongs to a policeman.
How do you know?
Because when she brought it in,
the badge was left in the pocket.
I remember. I chased after her.
I don't want to be
responsible for badges.
A policeman.
Harriet Hobson.
Thank you very much.
Let me know if it's a murder.
Hey! Hey you!
What do you want?
Mrs Wilson.
Mrs Wilson!
That's him. That's the man.
I'm the landlady.
Open the other window.
This is Koch. Homicide.
Send the wagon over to
52 and a half Baker Street.
Apartment 8.
No. No promotive. Too late.
Out, out. Come on,
let's get out of here.
Did you see her when
she came home last night?
- I did.
Was she alone?
- No.
She had a man with her.
And if you ask me I think
they were both drunk.
Could you describe the man?
No, his back was towards me. How
should I know what he looks like?
Besides, I stay in my own apartment
and mind my own business.
Did she live here alone?
Any relatives?
- I don't know.
She came here about 6 months ago.
She rented the room.
A man paid the rent.
Is this the man?
Would you say this is the same man
came home with her last night?
No. I don't think so.
Besides, his back was towards me.
And I stay in my room.
Yeah, I know. You usually stay in your
own apartment. Thank you very much.
That's all. No more questions.
Everybody out please.
Hurry. No more to see.
Blind date.
Charlie. Hey, Charlie.
- Morning.
This could develop into a nasty habit.
What gives?
- He stuck his foot in the door.
Looks like he stuck it in your eye.
Coppers. All the same.
Always with the strong-arm stuff.
If I meet this monkey
without his badge ..
Lay off him.
You, I don't like.
Get out of here.
You keep bad company, Mr O'Clock.
Late hours too. Speak your piece.
Your blind date.
- What about her?
Her name was Harriet Hobson.
What do you mean: "was"?
She's dead.
Come again?
Committed suicide early this morning.
Gas. I was the one that found her body.
I didn't think she'd
do a thing like that.
When did you see her last?
- Leave me alone.
Your grief is very
convincing, Mr O'Clock.
Get out of here before
I knock your brains in.
You knew her well?
- Yeah.
Very well.
Can you think of any reason
why she should have done it?
I can think of a couple.
Blayden one of them?
He didn't check in this morning.
Seems to have disappeared.
Did you look in the gutter?
Did you say the river?
No, I didn't.
I thought you did.
You have no idea where he is?
No. Have you?
I've a lot of work ahead.
Not that I know anything
about this but ..
Do they usually put a detective on ..
- Inspector.
An Inspector on a suicide?
And I am not investigating a suicide.
- No?
I'm looking for Blayden.
You're sure you don't know where he is?
- You said you did.
I said I had an idea.
You know, I'd hate to have
to arrest you on suspicion.
Look, friend. You can shove
Charlie around. Not me.
I once got a ticket for passing a light.
That's all that's on my record.
I know. You have been a
very careful young man.
But I don't believe everything I read.
According to law, the young
girl's body has to be identified.
I'll do it.
No relatives?
She had a sister.
A sister? Where?
I don't know. She's on the
road somewhere with a show.
Her name is Nancy. Nancy Hobson.
Check with Equity.
I'll do that.
If you run into Blayden you'll
let me now, won't you.
Yeah, sure. I'll let you know.
The glass didn't break.
Charlie is very clumsy.
Yeah. Very clumsy.
Going to be a hot day.
- Hmm. Very hot.
Hey, Charlie.
I want to ask you something.
Where did you go when the club folded?
- Out.
Was that alright?
Did you see Harriet before you left?
- Was I supposed to?
I just asked you.
- No, I didn't see her.
When did Blayden leave?
- I'll find out for you.
Skip it. I'll find out myself.
You keep bad company, Mr O'Clock.
So that's what it is.
- You can shove Charlie around. Not me.
Shut up. You know the way I meant it.
No. Tell me.
If I have to tell you, it's no good.
- Maybe it ain't.
Don't get your roused up.
Put some beef on that eye.
Filet Mignon.
What time you getting up?
Sometime in the afternoon.
About 3 o'clock.
I'll wait for you.
She was 22 years old.
22 quick years.
Here. I made some coffee.
I uh ..
I found this. You can never tell.
Landladies, reporters.
Thank you.
She didn't have very
much money, did she.
You didn't notice this.
Look on the back.
"To my darling. With unending love."
Blayden wrote this, didn't he.
Could be.
When did you see your sister last?
Must be almost a year.
Did you write to each other?
- Often?
About once a week.
Did she ever mention
Blayden in her letters?
Yes. She said that she
was going with him.
That was about six months ago.
She wrote you she was in love with him?
Now that I think of it, I ..
I don't think she mentioned that.
Did she ever write to you
about what she did?
Did she ever mention any
other men in her letters?
Johnny O'Clock?
I thought that was a very funny name.
What did she write you about him?
I don't remember clearly.
Something about his ..
Helping her to get a job.
Oh yes. And that he
was very good to her.
He was very good to her?
This man Blayden, where is he?
I don't know.
- Who does?
You might ask Johnny O'Clock.
Do you mind if I keep these for later?
No, I don't mind.
Where can I get in touch
with you if I want you?
I don't know.
Here, I guess.
A room is a room.
You're alright?
Hard as nails.
Nothing ever moves me.
If I get out of here,
let me cry by myself.
The same tout. Another horse.
What did he do, Bill?
- Ran dead last.
Hey, Johnny.
There is a doll outside.
She wants to see you.
She says to tell you her
name is Nancy Hobson.
- Yeah?
Did you see Blayden
leave the club last night?
Me? I never seen nothing.
I'll be back.
You are right. I don't trust you.
Got a light?
I came to thank you.
For what?
For being nice to my sister.
She was a nice kid.
I ..
- What?
I don't know what else to say.
Want to come in?
I don't want to take up
too much of your time.
Come on in.
They are setting up for the night.
Sucker's money.
What do they use for bait?
Kids like my sister?
You got it wrong.
You sure?
- Sure.
Hey Johnny, will you take
a look at the new wheel.
Alright .. come along.
That's a beautiful instrument.
The roulette wheel.
You say that like you'd say:
"that's a beautiful woman".
Do I?
Okay, Bill. Set it up.
Want a drink?
- No.
I do.
You talked me into it.
Two of the usual.
That is slow down and mean.
You want to change it I'll
drop a nickel in the slot.
Leave him be.
It's the way I feel.
About my sister.
What do you want to know about her?
- Anything.
What she did, what she said.
Who she saw.
What's the use of
beating your brains out?
You would too if you felt
about her the way I did.
If you knew down deep in your heart ..
Part of it was your own fault.
She was old enough to
know what she was doing.
Old enough.
Not smart enough.
I knew that.
I knew it when I left her.
But do you know who I was?
Nancy Hobson on the road
to fame and fortune.
Out of my way everybody.
I made it too.
Fourth from the left in
a travelling girl show.
You can tell him to stop playing now.
It's bad for my eyes.
Hey, you with the hands.
Kill 'em.
Now tell me where I
can find Chuck Blayden.
Why me?
I was told you might know.
- Who told you?
A detective named Koch.
What would you do if you found him?
Cut his heart out.
Nah, you're just saying that.
Alright, so I won't. So I'll .
I'll tell him off.
So I'll spit in his eye.
Look, these things happen.
A girl falls for a guy.
It didn't have to
finish the way this did.
She walked into it
with her eyes wide open.
It was alright with her.
You seem to know a lot about it.
She used to talk to me a lot.
Anything else you want to know?
Anything else I ought to know?
Close the book. She was a nice kid.
Let it go at that.
The words don't go with the music.
Goodbye, Mr O'Clock.
- Goodbye.
How long are you going to be around?
- I'm leaving tonight.
See you sometime.
A kid in Mexico drew this.
A young squirt no more
than about sixteen.
He spots me coming out of the hotel.
He said:
"Signor, you have such an interesting
face, I'd like to draw your picture."
Imagine a young squirt about
sixteen drawing a picture like that.
What do you think, Turk?
- How much did it cost you?
What's the difference?
It's good, huh?
How do you like it, Nelle?
- It looks like you.
I'm thirsty.
Punchy, get her a drink.
Turn it up. I want to hear.
A man can't hear himself think.
I've got a bet going, Turk.
Two dollars on the nose.
If I win I'll have spending
money for the week.
[ Radio: ]
"And they're off!"
"It's Sandy's Boy going to the front."
"Shooting Star is second,
Larkspur third."
"At the quarter it is
Sandy's Boy by three lengths."
"Larkspur is second by a head."
"Shooting Star third,
a length on the rail."
"Into the stretch it is Sandy's boy
by one length and going to a drive."
"Larkspur second by a neck on the rail."
"Shooting Star third, and here comes
Sea Breeze in the middle of the track."
"It's a driving finish."
"Larkspur and Sea Breeze.
Larkspur and Sea Breeze."
"Head and head."
"And now it's Sea Breeze
taking the lead."
"At the finish it is Sea Breeze
by three quarters of a length."
"Larkspur half a length back."
"From Sun Bullet and Poker Ray."
How did you do, Mrs Marchettis?
- Huh?
Did you win or lose?
I don't know.
I know.
You know Turk, don't you Johnny?
Yeah, sure. Hi, Turk.
- Hi, Johnny.
Seems your favorite got a bad ride.
What can you do with those monkeys.
You can't prove it by the horse.
Turk is her for the big poker game.
- Yeah?
Are you going to play, Johnny?
- I never gamble.
How do you like this, Johnny?
A kid in Mexico made it. A young squirt.
No more than about sixteen.
That's right.
He spots me coming out
of the hotel. He says ..
"Senor, you have such
an interesting face."
How'd you like it?
It looks like you.
You two been rehearsing.
What's on your mind, Johnny?
- He ..
He came up to see me.
Yeah. What goes?
You told me you'd be alone.
All the time he kids.
I hear you've been looking for Blayden.
For free, huh?
He gave that hat-check kid a bad deal.
About last night, Johnny.
I'm taking your advice.
I'm unloading Blayden.
Would you like to see the things
I brought back from Mexico?
You know, Turk.
That Johnny, he's got good taste.
If he says a thing has
got class, it's got class.
How long you going to be in town, Turk?
As long as the game lasts.
Me and Turk were talking over old times.
I was telling him how many
years we've been together.
All the things we've been through.
You remember, Johnny?
Yeah. I remember.
That's why I know I'll never
have to worry about you.
What's the matter with you?
Ah, pardon me.
I choked on a piece of Scotch.
Punchy .. repeat.
You punch-drunk idiot.
- Let him alone.
He works for me.
- Then put a ring in his nose.
It wasn't his fault. It was mine.
I dropped a glass. I dropped
it because I am drunk.
I always drop glasses when I'm drunk.
I drop a lot of glasses, mister.
I don't like for you to act
that way in front of people.
You got a way out.
When I want it. Not you.
Do you ever let go of anything?
When I'm through with it.
Stop it.
It's alright.
They'll figure you said something funny.
You did.
In front of people?
You can give me a kiss.
It will make you look
good in front of people.
It's getting pretty late.
If we're going to make the
fights, we'll have to eat early.
Hey, Johnny.
Do me a favor, huh.
- Yeah?
Stick around with her for a while.
Maybe take her to dinner, maybe a show.
Do this for me, huh.
For you it is done.
- Thanks, Johnny.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, you.
Who asked you to stay?
You did come up to see
me, didn't you, Johnny?
Sure. Couldn't stay away from you.
You know why he left us here alone?
- Are you afraid of him?
You heard him tell about how
many years we've been together.
What we've been through.
Ah, Johnny baby. He'd be the first
one to stick a knife in your back.
It's there already. I can feel
the blood sticking to my shirt.
You know, there is something
going on I don't know about.
What I don't know, I don't like.
You can help me.
- Me? How?
Find out what Blayden and
him talked about last night.
Find out where Blayden is.
And if I do?
I'll owe you a favor.
14 carat.
You're a 14-carat heel.
All you ever think about is yourself.
You and me both.
- Get out.
I was never here.
Alright. So I flew off the handle.
Look, we shouldn't kid each other.
- I never kidded you, Johnny.
No, I was money from home
until you met Marchettis.
I told you the way it was.
- You didn't have to tell me.
With that fine conniving me mind
you decided to fall in love.
What did you expect me to do?
- What you did.
Marry Marchettis for what you could get.
- It wasn't enough.
Rings on your fingers. Bells on your
toes. It's what you wanted and got.
It wasn't enough.
- It was your deal.
You made it. You stick to it.
- Things change, Johnny.
Don't play us against each
other, Nelle. It won't work.
What are you going to do about it?
You won't tell him, Johnny. I know you.
You'll play it safe like you always do.
That's right, Nelle. I'll play it safe.
That's why you got the watch back.
What did you say I got back?
- The watch.
I never got it back.
Well I gave it to Harriet,
the kid in the check room.
I never got the watch back, Johnny.
You the new hat-check girl?
- Yeah.
I'm Johnny O'Clock.
Oh, Johnny O'Clock?
Can I be of any help to you?
Not right now. No thanks.
What you looking for Mr O'Clock?
- A package.
What size? Big, small, medium?
It was a small one.
A jewellery box. I left it here.
Forget I ever asked you.
But you did ask me.
Did you find it or didn't you?
No, But I'd like to try, Mr O'Clock.
I try to be of service, Mr O'Clock.
When did you get out of college?
You play rough.
I wasn't taking any chances.
Who were you expecting?
Chuck Blayden. I thought
maybe he might come up here.
Did you expect to
find him in the dresser?
I was looking for something.
Something I had loaned him.
Why did you think you'd find it here?
You're still shaking.
Sit down. Have a cigarette.
I've got to catch a plane.
I'll get you there on time.
I've got my car outside.
Sit down.
How did my sister meet Blayden?
I introduced her to him.
Are you over your jitters now?
A couple more drags.
What's that?
It's a coin. A Mexican coin.
Yeah. A brand new one.
I'm ready.
Is this all you've got?
- Yeah.
I hope you didn't break anything
when you dropped this.
If you did, I will ..
There is nothing in
there of any importance.
Oh. What's the matter?
My arm. You hurt it.
I'm sorry. I ..
Let's get out of here. If I stay here
another minute I'll bust wide open.
It's alright. I know you now.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
Murder, if you don't mind.
I won't tell nobody.
I can keep a secret.
I'll come in later and
tell you all about it.
The landlady is mad at you
for smashing her window.
It cost her money to fix it.
She'll be paid.
She's awful stingy.
It must be very interesting
to be a detective.
It says here there was
poison in her stomach too.
What does that mean?
It means you're a very nosy woman. Now
will you go out of here and let me work.
Alright. Handle it yourself then.
This is Koch.
I want you to pick up ..
I'll be right over.
I don't think anything is going
to get off in this weather.
I'm cold.
"Attention please."
"All flights have been cancelled."
"Please check your departure times
with the airline reservation desks."
You want me to stick around?
Do you want to?
- Are you hungry.
I could eat.
[ Wolf whistle ]
That's good enough for me.
Hey, Pierre.
You want to go through that again?
What for? I already know what's in it.
What are these?
- Did you ever eat here?
- You'll need them.
What will it be?
Oh, a small steak.
- Two.
They'll be small.
Does that go with the dinner?
- He's a good customer.
If you don't like it, keep
putting nickels in the jukebox.
Load the thing up and
put it on the check.
Do you mind if I whistle too?
In a different key.
You've seen me before.
I don't think so.
Look, Mr O'Clock.
- Johnny.
- Yeah.
In an hour or maybe two,
that plane will be taking off.
So, keep it funny.
I can use the laughs.
And this.
Don't you drink?
- I drink.
Now. Give me a cigarette.
And a light.
And a question.
That's the only kind I ever ask.
Got a guy?
Had a guy.
- Split up?
He was killed.
- Accident?
The war.
- Oh.
Now that's enough out of me, period.
How about you?
What do you want to know about me?
What do you want to tell me?
What I want you to know.
You are cagey. Does that
go with being a gambler?
I'm not a gambler. A gambler
is a guy who takes a chance.
You never do?
- I took a few.
If you never take a
chance you never know.
What do you know?
- You always lose.
I learned that when I was a kid.
What were you like when you were a kid?
What were you like?
You filled out nice.
- Hey ..
I'd better call the airport.
- I'll do it for you.
Hello, operator?
Get me the municipal airport please.
What's the deal? Any planes going out?
- Nope.
Not before 1 or 2 in the morning.
What time is it now?
It's early.
You want to stay here?
Do you want to?
- Nope.
You want to go back with me?
I guess he's gone to the fights.
- Who is Charlie?
My man.
You say it like you're used to it.
He's a guy that just got out of the jug.
I gave him a place to live.
He'd cut off his right arm
for me, up to the elbow.
Can I get you anything?
- No.
Want to go any place?
- No. It's very nice here.
Yes, it's a fine reproduction.
I saw it and liked it.
Won it.
- Just like that?
You are a lucky man.
I think so.
What's it mean?
I don't know.
Whatever you think it means.
A lot of people walking.
A couple of people riding.
There is too much of that.
It looks better with the lights off.
Me too.
So do I.
It sounds good.
- When you are out of it.
Music goes with rain.
And a fireplace.
That's a fake.
Everything is a fake.
- I don't think you are.
If you never take a chance,
you will never know.
Hey .. things stick in your head.
Yes. Just like you read about.
Soft lights.
Sweet music.
I guess I'm kind-of tired.
Excuse me.
It seems like such a long time
since I closed my eyes.
I've got to go to the club.
Why don't you get some sleep
while I change my clothes.
No, don't go away.
Stay here and talk to me.
Tell me things.
Sweet and pretty things.
I'll close my eyes and
make believe they are true.
I'm sorry.
- Look.
Can I tell you why?
- No.
- No.
You don't like it here?
The front door swings both ways.
- I asked for that.
You've got it.
Will you let me tell the ..
- What are you going to do?
Tell me your life story?
- The part that counts.
If you've got time to tell
me I've got time to listen.
Oh, stop it. What are
you trying to prove?
That you are a great
boy with the ladies?
And who are you trying to
prove it to? Me or yourself?
Answer me.
You know all the answers.
I like you, Johnny O'Clock.
If that's what you want to know.
Put that in writing and I'll
paste it in my scrap book.
I mean it. That's why ..
I backed away from you.
You are a strange kid.
I'm a mixed-up kid.
You look nice.
- Showcase for the suckers.
How long will you be gone?
- A couple of hours.
Just long enough to
get the place started.
A long time .. a couple of hours.
Want to come with me?
- In these clothes?
Johnny O'Clock and his rag doll.
The rain has stopped.
It looks like it will
be a beautiful night.
I guess the planes will be taking off.
They'll be taking off tomorrow.
And the day after.
I like you very much, Johnny.
"Like". That's just a word.
Then let's be clear about it.
Let's make the words mean what they say.
If it's going to be for laughs. Okay.
Only I want to be in on the
joke right from the start.
You speak your mind.
- All the time.
Do you?
I want you to stick around.
Hey, Phil.
I want a room for Miss Nancy Hobson.
Well, we are pretty short.
Make it the same floor as mine.
What's the name again, please?
- Nancy Hobson.
It will be ready in a few hours.
She'll be down to register in a little
while and .. send her some flowers.
You know, that thief you got in the
lobby? The jeweller. Is he around?
He's at dinner.
- When he returns ..
Tell him to come to the club with
some jewellery. Say it's for me.
You are early tonight, Mr O'Clock.
And I don't know where Blayden is.
"Nancy Hobson". She didn't leave?
If she did you wouldn't
know where to find her.
Blayden is dead.
His body was fished out of the
river a couple of hours ago.
It was a sloppy job. Whatever they
had tied to his legs came untied.
Your flowers, sir.
Give me a couple of those cigars.
Here, take it out of this.
- No.
It's alright.
Is this a pinch?
No. Just some questions I'd like
to ask you at headquarters.
By to law, you can
either come voluntarily ..
Quit your kidding.
Let's go.
Looks like you've been out fishing.
Yeah .. in sewers.
Through with him?
Yeah, we're though.
- Take him outside.
Alright. On your feet.
Is this his statement?
- Yes, sir.
Have him sign it and let him go.
- Right.
Give me a copy.
- Yes, sir.
Sit down.
Who you kidding?
Why, you don't think
Charlie would turn stool?
He once did time because he wouldn't.
Honor among thieves, huh?
Say, you were right about your
record. There is nothing on it.
A couple of things when you were a kid.
Nothing important.
Oh yeah, I discovered you ..
Were in the Army,
- Yeah, I did four years.
What did you learn?
What I knew before I got in.
Who killed Blayden?
I don't know.
How did you first meet him?
How do you meet a cop?
Like him?
Any cop.
It says in my book ..
That any confession obtained by
so-called 3rd-degree methods.
Is not admissible in court.
It's nice to know you can read.
[ Buzzer ]
Send him in.
Your boss.
- Guido.
- Mr Marchettis.
I got word at the fights.
- How were they?
They stunk.
You want to see me?
What's the rumble?
- Blayden.
Oh yeah. I heard about it.
Good news travels fast.
- You through with me?
No, I'd like to talk to
both of you. Together.
We might frame a story between us.
- I'll tell the story.
Will it take long?
I've got things to do.
Yes, you're a very important man,
Mr Marchettis. A very busy man.
I'll save you time.
It is my opinion you both had
reasons to murder Blayden.
It's my opinion you're
whistling through your teeth.
Let him whistle.
I think you had more reason than he did.
If you are going to
put it that way, copper.
From here on in, you
make with the lawyers.
There are no charges being
made. Just an opinion.
I'll call you if I need you.
Actually, you both can
leave if you want to.
I just thought it would be better if we
discussed this thing frankly and openly.
Okay, we'll discuss it.
It's your deal.
Revenge, profit.
Those are the three most
important motives for murder.
Check revenge for you.
Maybe profit.
Check all three for you.
Three strikes and I'm out.
I've yet to hear a man make
a joke in the electric chair.
I think your motives coincided
at a given moment.
I'd like to try one of your cigars.
It's not the cigars. It's logic.
It's the cigar.
First, let's examine the relationship
between the two of you.
Presumably, you O'Clock, work for him.
I'm his partner.
A junior partner. But a partner.
The true nature of the
relationship is as follows.
I hope you won't be
insulted, Mr Marchettis.
Go ahead. Say anything you like.
Marchettis, the muscle.
O'Clock, the brain.
The smart boy.
In my opinion Mr O'Clock,
you are being exploited.
I do alright.
I am glad you are satisfied because
in a situation such as this ..
It is necessary for both
of you to trust each other.
Isn't that true, Mr Marchettis?
A profound silence.
Up until now while you've
gotten away with ..
Many things. It's always
been a little dangerous.
Suddenly a bright idea occurs to ..
You said you would tell us.
- It doesn't make any difference.
The bright idea.
Hire a legal killer.
Hire Blayden.
Take a cop who earns a couple of
hundred a month and corrupt him.
I've got the newspaper clippings
in my file. They all read alike.
Gambler shot for what?
For resisting arrest?
A lie.
The truth: gambler was shot for
opening when he was told not to.
Who is your witness
for all this, Blayden?
I think he would have been a witness
if he hadn't been murdered.
The girl Harriet Hobson would have
been one if she hadn't been murdered.
Come again?
The coroner's report revealed
there was poison in her stomach.
It isn't logical to suppose that anyone
intending to commit suicide by gas ..
Would also take poison, is it?
It isn't.
But it is logical to suppose that
the fact that she was murdered ..
If she was murdered.
If she was murdered.
She was murdered.
The same night Blayden was.
Done very cleverly too. The door
locked, key left on the inside.
A trick used by old hotel thieves.
Blayden called for her
every night, didn't he?
I don't know.
That's a lie. You do know.
You know everything about her.
Didn't he?
Did he?
I saw you with her
the night it happened.
This was in her purse
when I picked her up.
Is this your handwriting?
Let me see that watch.
Yeah. It's my handwriting.
Did she give you that watch?
I nice piece of jewellery.
Yeah, she gave me the watch.
Must have cost a lot of dough. A watch
like that has to be special made.
There was bad blood between you
and Blayden on account of this girl.
And he wanted to cut
you out with Marchettis.
At least, that's my opinion.
Can I have the watch back?
Sure, you can have it back.
That's all. You can go.
Not you, Johnny. Mr Marchettis.
Unless he has anything to say to me.
I got nothing to say.
I can reach you if I want you?
You can reach me.
There is nothing you have to say to me?
Spiderman, spinning webs.
I feel sorry for you.
Yeah .. you got tears in your eyes.
I offered you a way out. All you had
to say when I showed the watch ..
Was just what I said.
Johnny O'Clock, the hero.
He wouldn't talk.
They'll erect a monument to me.
A slab.
When I first met you I thought maybe
you had some human feelings.
A girl has been murdered.
I know that.
I see now I was wrong.
You're a hood. A cheap hood.
A cop-hater. I should have
treated you like one.
Put that coin down and listen to me.
You're mad.
You're stupid.
Smart boy.
How much money have you got?
How much time have you got to live?
I waited for you, Johnny.
- Did Marchettis come out yet?
About five minutes ago.
I didn't tell them nothing.
Did he see anything of you?
- Who?
- No.
They had me in there for two hours.
Like a stone wall, that was me.
Where did Marchettis go?
I don't know. I guess to the club.
Where you going, Johnny?
I don't know.
What do you know, Charlie?
- About what?
If I knew anything I'd tell
you wouldn't I, Johnny?
Yeah, I guess you would.
Hey, cab.
Where you going, Johnny?
I don't know, I told you.
Drive around for a while.
Can I come along?
Any calls for me?
I'll see.
Give me the airport.
No, sir. No calls.
Did the girl Nancy Hobson
come down to register?
Yes, sir. She came down.
Said she'd do it later and to
tell you she went for a walk.
Come on, baby. Cancel the reservation.
But ..
- Cancel it.
Hello? Hello, airport?
What about flight 4?
- Hello.
I went for a walk.
- Yeah, the clerk told me.
It was nice out. Everything
smells so clean and fresh.
Like the flowers you sent me.
Is this Charlie?
- Yep.
Hello, Charlie. Johnny told me what
a great friend of his you were.
You plane leaves in a half hour.
What's that?
Here's your check for the baggage.
Just like that?
Yeah, just like that. I'll drive you.
I'll walk.
- I said I'd drive you.
I just came along for the ride anyway.
I'm going to the airport.
Be back in about an hour.
You got my car keys.
I guess I got the wrong number.
What's the matter, Charlie?
A guy answered the phone?
See you later.
Yeah, this is Guido.
Alright, Charlie.
Call the club.
You didn't go out with Johnny?
No, I was tired. I had a headache.
I fell asleep.
It's late. Past eleven.
I'll get up.
No, you have a headache.
- I'd like to get up.
I had a dream.
Take me out tonight.
Take me someplace.
I can't. The boys are
all waiting for me.
The big game.
You know how those things
are once you start them.
I came up to say goodbye to you.
You know, I've been
showing this off all day.
A beautiful thing.
Perfect workmanship.
There is only two of this
kind of watch around.
And who else?
Guido, listen.
I ought to kill you.
It could be so easy too.
Just like this.
On that white throat of yours.
That pretty white throat of yours.
This is Guido Marchettis
saying this. Your husband.
That's what you thought
all the time, didn't you?
Take him. He don't count.
Who is he? A grease-ball.
Go ahead. Say it.
It's what you've been
thinking since I met you.
Give me a better reason than I got.
Say it.
O'Clock. O'Clock. O'Clock.
All the time it kept ticking in my head.
He has nothing to do with it. Only me.
Only you?
There's been nothing between us since.
All the time?
Tell him to come up here. Ask him.
- Johnny is dead.
I just heard about it on my way up.
Some guys knocked him off.
When did this happen?
By this watch.
Now get out of here.
I'll get my things.
You will go the way you came.
Guido, listen.
- Get out of here.
Anything you say. Anything you want.
What flight please?
Thank you.
"Flight 4 now loading at Gate 3.
All passengers aboard please."
You will miss your plane.
Are you hurt, Bud?
- Yeah.
I'll help you out.
Why don't you stop following me?
Why don't you get on that plane?
It's why you wanted me gone.
- You're crazy.
You knew.
- Not a thing.
Don't lie to me.
Look, you've known me for less than
a day. Make out you never met me.
Make out this week
only had 6 days in it.
Listen .. only once before
was it everything with me.
The beginning, the end. Day and night.
I never thought it could
happen to me again.
But it has, Johnny and
I'm not going to lose it.
Will you get on that plane.
- No.
With me it's trouble and
grief in capital letters.
If you got some place to go, go.
No place to go.
[ Buzzer ]
[ Buzzer ]
[ Buzzer ]
Who is it?
Nancy Hobson.
- What do you want?
Charlie, I've got to talk to you.
It's about Johnny.
What about him?
He's hurt .. he's hurt bad.
He wants you to get him a doctor.
Where is he?
I'll take you.
Wait a minute.
The body is still warm, Charlie.
You couldn't wait, could you.
Take it.
You must tell me.
I tell you, next time
you won't be lucky.
Johnny, stop it.
- Shut up!
Why did you finger me?
- Why not?
Johnny O'Clock with the
girls, with the clothes.
I got you out of the jug.
Boy. Here's a bone,
here's a shirt, a bed.
Keep it straight.
A cop comes. Who gets pushed around?
Charlie. Where's Mr O'Clock?
Where he always is.
Looking out for himself.
Everyone else let you rot. When you
got out you went on your knees to me.
Okay, I did like you do.
I traded you in for someone who
can do me some more good.
My pal.
Nobody is your pal now.
You're dead. Lay down.
You and me both. And I'll
tell you why you did it.
You were at the club last night after
it folded. That's when Blayden got it.
I had nothing to do with it.
- You knew about it. That was enough.
Nothing to do with me.
Stick with Marchettis or
it was back up the river.
Johnny, listen. I'm a two-time loser.
This time it would have been life.
You couldn't have stopped it.
I'd have gone nuts up there, Johnny.
Then you were there?
Not when the girl was murdered.
I didn't see nothing with the girl.
When I heard she was murdered, I ..
Who was murdered?
Let's get out of here.
- Sick.
I feel sick.
So sick.
Cut it out.
Where are we going?
Around the world in thirty days.
Johnny, tell me.
We are running. Far and fast.
Far and fast.
Go ahead. Say it.
Say what?
- What you got on your mind.
I want to get out of here.
Driver, pull up here.
Want to sit down?
I used to come here as a kid.
To play and to hide.
Nothing changes.
The big green bed of a
big-hearted town. Everybody is equal.
Rich and poor.
On a hot night anybody
can sleep on the grass.
Who killed her?
Marchettis, I think.
You think?
Nobody will talk.
The police?
They think it too.
They don't know, or they can't prove.
How much do you know, Johnny?
More than they do.
And if you told?
Marchettis and I were partners.
If Koch didn't sink me, he would.
Did you ever wait for a guy in stir?
- I waited for a guy in the war.
And Marchettis.
What happens to him?
He'll get paid off.
When the time comes.
When the time comes?
You don't get it.
I get it.
I get it, I said.
No you don't. Now first, I'll
go and settle up with him.
Settle up with him?
- He owes me money.
You'd go back for that?
It's my money, isn't it?
It's you who don't get it.
What do you think we're going to do?
Ride freight cars, live in rented rooms?
We are going to have everything.
- Except a conscience.
What do you want me to do? You tell me.
Nothing. I don't want you to do a thing.
- Play hero for you? Dead hero?
Not for me. Don't do anything for me.
Don't you think I want
to pay him off myself?
Don't you think I will in my own way?
But I'll pick the spot
and I'll pick the time.
And I'll get away with it.
All my life, I've operated that way.
And all the time I've won.
- What have you won?
Whatever I've wanted to.
I'm no fool.
You are no fool.
You're smart.
- Stop it.
My sister has been murdered
but Johnny O'Clock is no fool.
Stop it.
- I'll shout it.
They'll all wake up. Even my sister.
Johnny O'Clock is no fool.
- Stop it!
It had to be you.
Nobody in the whole world for me but ..
Johnny O'Clock.
That's right, baby.
Nobody else for you.
Or for me.
Wait here. I'll be
back in a little while.
Keep it running.
- Listen, Johnny.
Maybe it's a mistake.
Maybe you should forget it.
My dough, baby?
I'm going to get it.
You were at the airport. What happened?
Did he tell you anything
about your sister?
Why did he go in there?
Johnny O'Clock's girl.
I'm tired and sleepy.
I won't play much longer.
I could use more coffee.
It's empty.
I'll go down to the kitchen and make
some more. Anything else you want?
No, just coffee.
Hello, Guido.
You can have my hand,
O'Clock. I've had enough.
No thanks, Turk.
You know I never gamble.
Did you want to see me
about anything, Johnny?
Yeah. I want to see you.
Deal me out.
Your bet.
Well, of course you blew it.
I'll raise it a grand.
- I'll play.
What's on your mind, Johnny?
I came for my end.
You going away?
Alright. You are entitled to it.
It's your money.
You know the combination,
Johnny. Help yourself.
You want to count it?
No, I'll take your word.
You always had lot of nerve, Johnny.
It didn't take any nerve, Guido.
I figured it was worth
it to you to see me go.
So you are going away.
Yeah. Far.
It can't be too far for me.
For me neither.
Well, I guess this is it.
So long, Guido.
Now we're quits.
- Yeah, now we're quits.
So long, Johnny.
Goodbye, Nelle.
Stand still, Johnny.
You ain't going no place.
- Guido, no!
Why not?
- Let him go.
Turn around, Johnny. I don't want
to give it to you in the back.
What do you win if you shoot?
- My wife.
Nelle, tell him.
- Tell me.
He won't return.
- You'll follow him.
It's over.
- In your eyes I can see it ain't.
Ever since he first walked in
I seen it in your eyes.
Turn round, Johnny.
Twenty years together down the drain.
There was nothing between us but cash.
And now a dame.
My wife. Mine.
This is just what Koch wanted.
What's happening.
And you like a sucker fall for it.
He was right.
He was right about many
things, wasn't he Guido?
You will never know.
I know.
You gave it to Blayden.
Ask him when you see him.
Then to the kid Harriet.
She was waiting for Blayden.
She was there when it happened.
Who you talking to, the walls?
To you.
You took her home, put her lights off.
Made it look like suicide.
A hotel-thieves' trick.
What did it mean, Guido?
You left your calling-card. I found it.
A brand-new Mexican coin.
The dying man makes a statement.
Get out, Nelle.
No, Guido. Let him go.
If you do I promise ..
Don't beg for me!
It could have been nobody else.
Get out of here, Nelle.
But you.
Nobody else could have killed that kid.
What was that?
Somebody has got a nasty cough.
Get away from me.
- Listen.
You did it.
- Johnny.
You got what you wanted, didn't you.
- When the police come ..
Get away.
- I'll say what happened.
They won't hold you. Now it's
all yours. Yours and mine.
It's yours. You can have it.
Johnny, if you walk out now,
I swear that I'll tell them that you.
I know what you'll tell them.
Now get away from that
door before I give it to you.
I should anyway.
It was Johnny O'Clock. He tried to hold
up my husband to steal money from him.
My husband wouldn't give it to him
and he shot him. In cold blood.
Cold blood?
He went out the back way,
through the kitchen.
He's hurt.
Thank you.
I told you to wait. Not to come here.
I heard the shots. I thought you were ..
I'm alive.
You need a doctor.
- I don't need anybody.
You need me.
- Nobody now.
Just me. Alone.
You are not alone.
Here, take this.
It's money. Lots of money. Keep it.
It's a good thing I got money, isn't it.
Take it and run you little fool.
I just killed Marchettis.
You said that ..
- I know what I said.
A big joke.
I said I'd pick the spot, pick the time.
She picked it for me.
- She?
Yeah. She.
The form track was wrong.
It's still wrong.
Plead self-defence. Verdict: guilty.
I know what I know.
Trouble and grief, Johnny.
You said that yourself. I said okay.
I meant what I said.
Now I got to prove it to you. I don't
care what you do, where you go.
Would you run?
I can.
The bullet hit me too.
Don't bother to raise your hands.
Just keep them at your side.
You are out of your mind.
That's right. Crazy.
Crazy smart.
- Put that gun down.
I tell you what you're
going to do, Koch.
You're going to walk me out
the front door .. past everybody.
If they stop us you'll tell
them I gave myself up.
You arrested me.
- Do you think I'd day that?
Listen to me.
I got a bullet in my gut
and fire in my brain.
It wouldn't take much for me
to let you have it right now.
Johnny, you don't know what
you're doing or saying.
All I know is in this gun.
I know I must bring you in. When we
get to the door I'll tell them to shoot.
Alright, so they'll shoot.
- No.
It's not alright. Not for me it isn't.
Johnny, give yourself up.
Nancy, I haven't a chance.
All my life this guy has chased me.
Johnny, it's the pain.
You're weak and hurt.
I know what I'm saying.
He's been looking to get
something on me. Now he has it.
Even if I told the truth.
- What is the truth?
It was self-defence.
His wife said you shot him
in cold blood for money.
That's a lie.
- If it's a lie it will come out.
In storybooks. This is too good a frame.
Nobody is out to frame you, O'Clock.
If you want him alive,
tell him to drop that gun.
No. I don't want him alive.
I want him dead. I want to cry for him.
I haven't had enough tears. I want more!
I want to be able to say: do
you know who I'm crying for?
Johnny O'Clock.
Do you know who he was?
The smartest man in the world.
I know because he told me so.
Johnny O'Clock is no fool, he said.
No fool.
That's why he's dead.
Because he is no fool.
0h, Johnny.
It looks like it is going
to be a hot day.
Not too hot.
Want a bet?
- Bet?
I'll lay you odds.