Johnny Stool Pigeon (1949) Movie Script

Stand where you are.
All right. Get'em up, both of you.
I'm Harrison, customs.
That's Morton, Narcotics Bureau.
He got away.
The sailor's dead.
Call the coroner's office, will you, please?
John Whalen. Age 20 years.
Only a kid.
Not a bad kid, just foolish.
Somebody in Shanghai told him a way
to make an easy buck and he believed them.
Smuggling. Nothing to it.
All you needed was a little luck.
And so one night on a Shanghai dock
they slipped something into his hand
that looked like an ordinary can of tobacco.
Only it wasn't.
And John Whalen wasn't lucky.
That was the start of tracking down
one of the biggest narcotics rings
in the history of the bureau.
But we didn't know that then.
All we knew then was that we'd had a tip
to watch the docking
of a certain vessel from the Orient
and that a kid sailor had walked off it
to his death.
The next step was to identify
the man who got away.
That wasn't too hard to do.
We had a pretty thorough filing system.
He turned out to be an old friend
listed by the Bureau as Pete Carter.
Hiya, boss.
Good morning.
Hi, Morton, Sam.
Well, what did you find?
It's Carter, all right.
Only a little older and heavier now.
Aren't we all?
Pete Carter. Alias Carl Nobel,
alias Harvey Coleman.
What's our last report on him?
Late '41, early '42.
Always a West Coast operator?
As far as we know.
I don't like it.
Steady operator. Long record.
Drops out of circulation during the war.
But, now he's back.
A guy like Carter doesn't play for peanuts.
He'll have an organization in back of him.
He'll have a new source of supply lined up.
I tell you, this guy is big time.
He's latched on to something.
Like what?
Our ports of entry are closed like ratholes.
We know there's nothing coming in
from the Far East.
You customs men have
a big territory here, fellow.
Eighteen hundred miles of coastline.
Borders north and south.
What do you think?
I don't know.
But I don't like it.
Let's put him under surveillance
and see what that gets us.
Ordinarily, yes.
This time I'd say no.
This time I'd say bring him in.
But he's the only lead we got
to the boys at the top of the mob.
If we bring him in, we tape our hand.
If we don't, it might take months,
years before we get to the top.
I want to crack this outfit now.
It's liable to take a lot longer
than that if he won't talk.
What's the ballistics report
on the kid sailor?
He's got something.
It shows your gun didn't kill him.
Or yours either.
So it must have been Carter.
Bring him in.
With a murder rap hanging over him
he might sing like a canary.
Okay, boss.
A successful manhunt is usually
the result of long and often dull routine.
But there is one shortcut.
A professional informer, who makes a business
of picking up a few precarious dollars
by selling scraps of information to the authorities.
Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.
When it does,
it can save a lot of time.
This time it did.
Hello, Mr Morton?
Carter is at the Zelder apartments.
Corner of Grant Street.
Room 303.
Well, there goes our lead.
Yeah. Proves one thing, anyway.
Benson's hunch about the outfit
behind him.
Yeah, they play rough.
Smart, too. Way ahead of us.
They knew he'd talk when we got him
so they beat us to him.
Maybe we can nab the guy who did it.
Professional job, hired gun.
Chances are he didn't even know
who he was working for.
They'll send in another man to take up
where Carter left off
and maybe after six months
we get next to him
maybe six months later we'll find out
who his boss is
and by that time the stuff will be flooding in
all over the country.
It was a tough one to lose.
Make anything out of that?
No, a lot of mumbo jumbo.
Figures mostly.
Probably records of transactions.
This Vancouver outfit,
the Arctic World Trading Company...
That might be something new.
Worth checking
with the Canadian people, anyway.
Canadian boys have anything
on the Vancouver angle?
They know about an Arctic World
Trading Company in Vancouver all right.
A guy named William McCandles.
They've got no record on him.
Must be some connection if the outfit's listed
in Carter's little black book.
Why don't we try to move in on him?
No, no good.
You don't know what you're up against.
For an undercover job, Sam,
you gotta know who you're playing with.
What to convince them, what they'll believe.
That's the trouble with this thing.
There's nothing to go on,
nothing to get your teeth in.
But they're out there somewhere.
Just getting started.
And pretty soon we'll be seeing
some of the results.
Heaven knows they're bad enough now.
Admissions to the narcotics ward
of the City Hospital,
the County Jail Hospital, the morgue.
All in a week.
Maybe that's why a guy like me
stays on in this business.
I can't think of any other reason.
But I really hate the rats that are responsible
for that kind of thing.
I hate them with every bone in my body.
If people could only see some of the poor,
pathetic wrecks that we see every day.
Well, that's not getting us anywhere.
I think I got a notion.
Wanna let me try it?
I know a guy who can get me
into that mob.
In Vancouver?
Any mob.
Johnny Evans.
Johnny Evans?
Are you crazy?
Maybe I was crazy.
It was a long chance to take.
I was the one who had sent Johnny Evans
up to Alcatraz.
I'd known him since we both were kids.
He'd never been a narcotics operator
but he was a gangster and a hoodlum.
And he hated every cop
that ever breathed.
And me most of all.
There was one thing, though.
One thing that I knew about Johnny
that nobody else ever did.
And that's what I was counting on.
It would be pretty rough on Johnny, but...
I thought I knew what he'd say.
Hello, Johnny.
Sit down.
I wanna talk to you.
I got a job to do.
There's a big push open again.
We think it begins in Vancouver.
A guy name McCandles.
But we don't know.
We don't know where it goes from there.
We only know there's a big mob somewhere.
A big operation.
I want you to get me in.
I can't make any promises, but...
you might do yourself some good.
Is that all?
That's all.
Only you haven't given me an answer.
Cut it out.
You may be an awful tough man
with those hoodlums of yours,
but to me you're a dime a dozen.
I'll make a deal with you.
Gonna take you on the outside for 24 hours.
I'm gonna tell you some things
and show you some things.
Then, after that,
if you wanna come back here
all right.
And no restraint.
You think you can get me on the outside
and I get a taste of it and I go crazy.
Well, let me tell you something.
I'll rot in this place forever before I'll be
a stool pigeon for a copper.
How long have you been in here?
You know how long.
Yeah. Times change a lot in three years, Johnny.
New faces, new places.
All the girls get the new look.
What have you got to lose?
Twenty four hours.
What's this?
They're gonna drive us.
Morton, Narcotics Bureau.
Oh, yeah.
This way, please.
Show him the report.
Do you identify the body?
She was his wife.
I knew she was sick.
But I never knew she...
She wasn't sick.
She was murdered.
Not your way, not with a gun,
but she was murdered just the same.
And she was mrdered for money.
You know what the score is. You know the racket and the kind of guys that are in it.
They killed her.
They killed her for the few bucks
they could squeeze out of her
every week to get the stuff she needed.
You know how they die, Johnny?
You got any idea what it's like?
What they go through from that first time
they find they can't get along without it?
How they have to have more and more
until every cent they can lay hands on
goes into it?
How they begin to hit the skids
when they can't raise the money any more
They'll do anything for it then, Johnny.
Shut up.
They can't get enough now.
Pretty soon every nerve in their body
is screaming
and they're tearing off their clothes
and they're tearing at their skinny bodies
with their nails and screaming.
That's how they die, Johnny.
Shut up!
That's how she died.
All right.
But I haven't forgotten a thing.
And if you got any idea you're gonna
come back here
and brag about how you made a stool pigeon
out of Johnny Evans, forget it.
Because my chance will come.
And when it does, I'll get you, copper.
And good!
'35, robbery, one year suspended.
Come on, come on.
'36, armed robbery, Indianna, two to five.
'43, sent to the Rock for...
What names does he use?
Real name, Michael R. Doyle.
In Chicago, Mike Doyle.
Come on, it's my neck too if you ever
come up with the wrong answer.
Indianna, Manny Dayton.
On the Coast, Mike Doyle.
James Ruhl, James J. Hamlin.
Your clothes are wrong.
Get a pair of 30 dollar shoes
and a couple of suits.
Something sharp.
You can't carry these,
they got your initials on them.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
This thing is no good.
It's got copper written all over it.
Get another one.
And put some bullets in it.
Your train leaves at 10:45.
Here's your tickets.
And money.
You can get more if you need it.
But try and make it last.
You know how the budget is.
There's a phony record on you
going into the files tonight, just in case.
Here's a copy of all the Canadian boys have
on the Vancouver push and McCandles.
There's not much there
and I don't think it'll do you any real good
but I thought you might want to look at it
on your way up.
Here's the type of gun you wanted.
You sure you wanna go ahead
with this, Mort?
I wanna tell you something, Evans.
I don't like this and I don't like you.
There'd better not be anything go wrong.
Goodbye, copper.
Once we'd crossed the border into Canada
I began to think of all the things
that could go wrong.
I had a promise from Johnny.
It was a double promise, and I knew
he'd keep both ends of it if he could.
From now on my life would be
in his hands 24 hours a day.
I thought of the kind of men
we were going up against.
And what they'd done to Pete Carter
just to make sure he'd keep his mouth shut.
I thought of all the ways they could figure out
to dispose of a certain federal cop
if they ever caught him.
But it was too late to worry
about that now.
Can I help you?
Is Mr McCandles in?
Tell him it's Johnny Evans, from the States.
There's a Johnny Evans to see you,
Mr McCandles, from the States.
Mr McCandles will see you in his office.
Thank you.
I'm Evans.
Hi, Johnny.
This is my partner, Mike Doyle.
Hello, Mike.
Sit down, fellas.
Well, well, Johnny Evans.
I've heard a lot about you.
Been away, haven't you?
What are you doing
in this part of the country?
We're travelling. Just making
a few business connections.
Is that why you came to see me?
Yeah. You're sort of on our list.
What kind of business?
Buying, selling.
You mean you'd like to trade
in the kind of merchandise I handle?
If your stuff is up to standard
and we can make a deal.
You understand, of course,
I'm strictly wholesale.
I don't keep anything here
but a few samples for show.
Here's a lovely item.
I can get these now too.
I can make you a pretty good proposition
on stuff like that.
Yeah, that's real nice.
But it isn't exactly
the kind of stuff we had in mind.
Mike Doyle.
Seems to me I used to know
a guy by that name.
Kansas City.
I was there for a while.
What outfit?
Willy Green. I don't remember
ever seeing you before, though.
Maybe you know a guy I knew in Frisco.
Pete Carter.
Pete Carter, eh?
Didn't he get in some kind of trouble?
Who do you think you're talking to, McCandles,
a couple of saps?
I just spent three years on the rack,
he spent two. You wanna check it?
Take it easy.
I'll take it the way I see it.
We came here to talk a business deal.
If you don't wanna hear it, say so.
But don't try to play games.
Take it easy, Johnny.
Just like to make sure
who I'm dealing with, that's all.
Well, now you know.
You fellas gonna be in town long?
Long enough.
There's a joint called The Frontier Club,
down in Columbia street.
Meet me there tonight and
maybe we can work something out.
That's better.
Get Terry on the phone. Tell her
I wanna see her up here right away.
Yes, gentlemen?
Mr McCandles come in yet?
We're supposed to meet him here.
Oh, yes, this way, please.
He's not here yet, but he asked me
to have you wait for him.
Your table, gentlemen.
Hey, Jimmy, get me another one,
will you?
What are you, a couple
of new recruits for the goon squad?
We're just here to do a little business
with Mr McCandles.
Are you a friend of his?
Yeah, I'm a friend of his.
Lucky fella.
Well, his luck is about to run out.
What kind of business are you fellas in?
Oh, furs.
You know something?
You're kinda cute for a fur merchant.
What's your name?
Mike Doyle.
I'm Terry Stewart.
You wanna dance, Mike Doyle?
Thanks, we got business.
Come on.
Hm, the gallant type.
You better hold this for me.
So the ice won't melt.
Don't be scared.
I bruise easy but I don't break.
This is the first time
I've danced with a girl in three years.
What's the matter,
you got something against girls?
Where I've been
they didn't have any girls.
Who's your friend?
Just a business partner.
He's nice.
I mean, he seems kind of different
than the usual bunch of crumbs
that hang around an outfit like this.
If you know what I mean.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Not that there's anything wrong
with you either.
What's your name?
Johnny Evans.
Where are you from, Johnny?
The States. California.
Oh, California.
You mean there's still a place where it's warm
and they got palm trees
and you can lie out
on that lovely hot sun all the year around.
I guess so.
You know California?
No... I was brought up in... Tucson.
Wish I'd never left it.
Been in this dump for two years.
The only time I've ever been warm was once
I went to sleep with a cigarette
and I set the bed on fire.
When are you going back?
Is your friend going with you?
Listen, sister, if you figure
I'm making a fast switch, count him out.
I'm telling you for your own good.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done that.
Lately I've been...
I'm just nervous.
Forget it.
You wanna go back to that drink now?
It wouldn't be such a bad idea.
Hello, Mac.
Hiya, baby.
This is my partner, Ray Dallas.
Johnny Evans.
Sit down. Sit down.
Not you.
I'll keep quiet, Mac. I just want to...
Go on, go on, beat it.
I just want to talk...
Sorry I'm late.
I was held up at the office.
Well, happy days.
Well, fellas, what's your proposition?
I told you.
Will buy or will sell.
Anybody can do that
if they got it to sell.
What's so special about your push?
How much can you handle?
All I can get.
So you're not getting any.
Why didn't you say so?
For a couple of guys that are new
in this racket you know an awful lot.
I know the border.
How much can you give us?
More than Pete Carter ever did.
Aw, that guy.
Where are you gonna get it?
Same place he did.
You got the connections?
No. You're gonna give it to us.
How do you like that?
These two guys come up here
with a lot of big talk about buying and selling
and what are they gonna do it with?
Our connections.
What do you think we are? A couple of marks?
Shut up, Mac.
Come on.
Wait a minute, Doyle.
What do you think,
you're the only outfit in the country?
Sit down, sit down.
What's the matter with you guys? Can't you
talk a little business without getting sore?
We just wanna know
who's gonna get what out of this, that's all.
Do I have to spell it for you?
We bank the deal with our own dough.
We take the chances.
If there's a rumble, we do the time.
And we got the fix.
You get the fix in at the border?
How else do you think we're gonna get it over?
Dig a tunnel?
Well, where do we go frim here?
We'll let you know.
But it might take a little time.
Don't let it take too much time.
Let's go.
Mike, keep me with you.
What do you mean?
Take me out of here.
Back to the States.
Wherever you're going.
I can't do it by myself.
He'd stop me.
I gotta get out of here,
right away.
I can't stand it anymore.
Mike, I'm sick or something.
Look, I can't take you where I'm going.
Be a good kid.
Go on back to your party.
Mike, please.
All cop, aren't you?
Right to the heart.
Planning any stopovers, Miss?
No, I'm going straight through to Tucson.
How did she know where we were going?
Why don't you ask her?
Gee, Mike. What a nice surprise.
I'll bet.
Where are you going?
That's my hometown, you know.
I finally got my own consent to give
that big ape the brushoff
and go on back to the hashhouse.
It may not be much of a life but at least
it's an honest...
Save it!
I've heard it from experts.
McCandles put you up to this, didn't he?
Didn't he?
All right, Mike.
But this is on the level.
I've been trying
to break with McCandles for months.
Only, I didn't have any place to go.
No one to turn to...
Then, when you came along,
you seemed different
from the rest of the mugs I've always known.
Like you might give somebody a break. And then
when I heard you were going to Tucson
Honest, Mike. I won't be any trouble.
I won't ask for anything special.
Maybe after a while we might even make a go of it.
I only want a chance, that's all.
You don't believe me, do you?
Look, Mike...
There are some things
that it isn't easy for a girl to say.
Even a girl like me.
But maybe now is the time to say'em.
I've had a pretty rugged life.
I learned one lesson.
There's only one thing in the whole world
you can count on.
The only one thing I ever have wanted.
That's money.
I don't care how I get it.
You may not think so, but...
I'll always land on my feet. I'm pretty smart.
I know what I got on the ball.
If you can't use it, okay.
Where you're going
there'll be somebody who can.
I'm not going back to that hashhouse, Mike.
Not me.
Not ever.
Now you listen to me.
When this train comes into Seattle,
You're gonna get off and go right back
to Vancouver where you belong.
Because if you don't, you're gonna get in the biggest
trouble you ever had in your life.
You understand?
No, she won't.
Because unless she goes along
I don't either.
You mean that?
You know I do.
It just doesn't figure.
That crazy fool has actually fallen for her.
It's a cross, can't you see that?
Can't you see it coming a mile away?
Yeah, but the angle.
The angle, what's the angle?
A guy like Johnny Evans wants to do a job
he doesn't need a dame to tell him how.
Look, Mort.
The only thing you've got on this guy
the only thing that's keeping him in line
is a girl, a dead girl, a memory.
So he gets a new girl.
What do you think is gonna happen?
I don't know.
All I know is this looks like the biggest thing
we've run across in years.
Any chance you could play it alone
from here on?
No, I haven't got the in.
All McCandles would give us
was the name of a dude ranch in Tucson.
We'll be contacted there.
No. If we're gonna go through with it
I gotta have him with me.
I'll let the Tucson boys
know you're in the neighborhood.
Just one thing.
If you do get in a jam, don't play the grandstand.
Pick up and get out of there.
Good agents are too hard to train.
And I don't like to lose them.
Oh, Mike isn't it wonderful?
Johnny get a cab.
I'll take care of the bags.
Hey, fellas. You know what kind of joint
this is we're going to?
Swimming pools, tennis courts,
riding stables, private bungalows.
Oh, yeah, it's the B-Bar-M.
You folks going there?
Oh, say, you'll have a swell time.
People from all over the country go there.
Bigshots from the East.
Society people.
I guess I finally hit the big time, huh?
Only it's a little bigger than I figured on.
I can't go to a place like that, Johnny.
Why not?
Something no girl can ever quite get across
to a man.
I never travel with company like that.
I'll give you a ring when I get a room.
Then maybe we'll get together
some time later, huh?
Get in.
No, Johnny.
I said get in.
The old place sure has changed.
There's the hashhouse I used to work at.
What a dump.
Pull up over there a minute, will you?
Couple of things I wanna pick up.
Do you mind?
There you are, kid.
See anything you like?
Oh, Johnny, I couldn't.
Don't be a sucker.
He's got more dough than the United States Treasury.
Come on.
Call for Mr Clark.
Do you have anything for three?
Do you have a reservation, sir?
Why, er... no.
I'm sorry, sir. We're booked up for nearly
a year in advance.
There could be some cancellations, of course,
but I'm afraid I couldn't possibly
give you anything for at least a month.
I might have known it couldn't be real.
You sure you're not expecting us?
Doyle and Evans?
Oh, yes... you're Mr Doyle?
Oh, yes, er...
I believe I have a note right here.
Yes, we have a nice double bungalow
for the two gentlemen.
And a single for the lady.
Would you sign, please?
Bungalow 8 for the two gentlemen.
And room 1C for Miss Stewart.
Yes, sir.
Don't look at me like that.
McCandles didn't exactly have to be a quiz kid
to figure out where I was going.
Or with who.
Thank you, Mr Doyle.
I hope you have a very pleasant stay.
You can leave them right there.
Thank you, sir.
You know you're not kidding me,
don't you?
I don't know what it is
with you and that dame.
But it better be on the level.
How could you tell, copper?
Even if it was.
Yeah. Hi, kid.
I don't know.
Okay. I'll meet you in the bar.
You stick around.
Don't be silly.
I said stick around.
What's the matter, copper?
Nervous in the service?
Come in.
Well, howdy, strangers.
Welcome to the ol' B-bar-M bunkhouse
and put'er there.
What's your handle, partner?
Doyle, Mike Doyle.
Oh, Proud is mine, but all the cow folks
in these parts call me Hank
and I'd consider it a real favor
if you do the same.
And you must be Mr Evans.
Mighty glad to have you with us.
You know, I'm kind of the foreman around here.
Combination manager, greeter,
chuckwagon boss.
Oh, say, I'm mighty sorry I wasn't here
to give you the glad hand
when you unsaddled your cayuses this morning
but I had to fly up to Phoenix on a little business.
Well, I don't want to take up
a lot of your time
but I just want you to know that we aim to make
you wranglers feel at home here in every way we can.
Anything you want, any little old thing at all,
you just name it.
Make mine with plain water.
Oh, say, that puts me in mind to something.
We're having our big frontier dance
tomorrow night.
You all bring any western duds with you?
No, we're here on business.
Well, no harm mixing
a little pleasure with your business, eh?
But don't you worry about the duds.
We have everything right here.
Everything you need.
Fix you up like a real dude.
Thanks a lot.
Oh, no trouble, no trouble at all.
You folks just go ahead
and have yourself a grand ol' time.
How are you, Bill?
Who's that with ya?
Paul, how are ya?
Well, well, how are you folks?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Clumsy darn things, but I kinda like
the way they go with the outfit.
Oh, I'd like you to meet
a friend of mine here.
From South of the border.
Seor Martinez.
Miss Sewart, Mr Doyle, Mr Evans.
Say, how were those duds
I sent over to you folks?
Did you like them?
Did they fit you all right?
Good. You look fine.
And if I may say so, without offense,
the young lady looks very lovely tonight.
You really think so?
I sure do.
Well you folks just go right ahead
and have yourselves a lot of fun.
What, Harry, how are you?
More fun than being out at a wake
with a couple of undertakers.
What's the matter with you fellas?
The deal will come through sooner or later.
It's not as if this was such a tough place
to sweat it out.
Mike, relax. What are you trying to do?
Set a world's record for staying mad
at somebody?
Come on.
Bourbon and water, please.
Yes, sir.
Have you seen anything
of Mr Evans or Miss Stewart?
No, sir, I haven't.
Looking for something, Mac?
Yeah, I was looking for a pal of mine.
Well, you won't find him around here.
Be a good guy and go on
back to the party.
Sure. Sure.
Well, Mr Doyle,
what were you doing out there?
Get lost in our wide open spaces
or something, eh?
I was just looking for my sidekick.
You haven't seen him, have you?
Why, no, I haven't.
Not lately, that is.
One of your hired hands just stuck
a rod in my ribs.
Did what?
Oh, that must have been Pete.
Don't pay no never mind to him.
He's just one of my watchmen around here.
Sometimes he gets kinda highfalutin' ideas
about his job.
But I'm sure glad I run into you.
I've been meaning to buy you a little drink.
Oh, thanks but...
Aw, come on, come on.
You know, generally I get acquainted with my folks
the first day they're here.
Seems like I've been so busy lately
I just been plain neglecting you fellas.
Rest your bones.
You know, I got some stuff here I bet
you haven't seen the likes of since Prohibition.
Come on, let's hear it.
If you knew Nick, why didn't you say so?
I told you. I was covering his play.
Not good enough.
Who's your sidekick?
He signed his name. Look on the register.
Small talk.
You never worked with him before.
What's the angle?
He's banking for me. He's got the dough.
He's a federal. Isn't he?
Isn't he?
Isn't he?
Sure, he's Sherlock Holmes.
Make it easy for yourself, sucker.
We just broke him down.
He told us he was a fed.
Yeah, sure. Sure he did.
He's a federal, isn't he?
That's enough, Charly.
Well, I guess the boys are on the level.
Are you sure?
You made up your mind?
I don't like that kind of stuff.
Neither do I, my boy. Neither do I.
But Evans never was in this business.
If he'd just been a little more friendly
he'd have saved you both a lot of trouble.
I was waiting for you to make
the first move.
I've been away for three years.
How did I know what you were covering
with that hick play?
I didn't even tell him that...
Well, you know we gotta be careful.
But I hope you don't hold it against me
because I'd like to see you boys
do a little business.
With who?
With me.
He's Nick Avery.
The biggest guy in the racket.
Get Martinez in here.
Let's have a little talk.
Oh, maybe you'd better run along now.
We'll have a little drink later, huh?
So you're tha banker, eh?
That's right.
Got the money with you?
You'll get the money
when we get what we want.
You got a smart partner here, Johnny.
We wanna get moving.
When do we get it?
When do we get it, he says.
You know, we've been worrying about
that same little thing ever since the war.
I thought you had a source.
Well, now, hold your horses.
I didn't say I didn't.
You know, a man can work and scheme
on something for years.
Finally he gets it set just right
and some stranger comes along
and takes the whole thing for granted.
You know, maybe you boys haven't heard it where you've been
but it's been kinda rough in this business.
'Course I haven't had a bad time.
I got a good front here.
Of course it don't pay for itself but...
Do you have a source or don't you?
Do we have a source?
About 500 acres of flowers
and our own refining plant.
You boys think you could handle that much?
We'll take our piece of it.
When can we get it?
Now you boys just simmer down.
You know these things take a little time.
You just laze around here and enjoy yourselves.
I'll tell when we wanna see your money.
Oh, say.
I wouldn't want to see anything happen
to you boys while you're here.
So, Charly, you just sorta
keep an eye on them, will you?
Sure, Nick.
For what?
What do you think would happen to me
if I chirped?
When you get in the clear, copper,
watch out.
Gimme another, Charly.
What are you trying to do,
drink the joint dry?
I'll kill time my way, you kill it yours, okay?
Hello, fellas.
Oh, hello.
Nick is flying Martinez down to the border.
The border?
Hm-hm. He asked me to go with him.
Do you mind?
No, why should I?
Have fun.
I told you I'd land on my feet.
Happy landings.
I don't like that.
Then why don't you do
something about it?
Howdy, boy.
Take it easy. She's no good for you.
If that's what she wants,
let her have it.
Only a cop could be that dumb.
She wants you.
Don't you know that yet?
Yes, you.
Do you think I brought her along
for myself?
I brought her because she's a decent kid.
And I didn't wanna see her end up
on a slab too.
Because I thought when you saw how she felt about you
you'd at least give her a break.
Try to help her.
Because I was chump enough to think
that you really cared
about what happened to people.
Take it easy.
Well, you're not kidding me any more.
You don't care about people.
To you it's nothing but a game.
Hide and seek.
Cops and robbers.
Anything goes
as long as you come in the winner.
You're not a man.
You're what you always have been
and always will be.
A rotten, stinking...
I'll take care of him.
What's the matter? Had a tough night?
Better get dressed, sport.
The boss wants to see you.
All right. Tell him I'll be right over.
I'll wait.
Suit yourself.
Johnny, that's a great idea.
In fact I'm surprised
I didn't think of it myself.
Hi there, boys.
Come in, come in.
Well, I understand you fellas
had a little trouble last night.
Just bottle trouble, nothing serious.
I'm glad to hear it.
Because tonight we make our first haul.
It'll be a big one
and I want you boys along.
Where are we going?
The border. Nogales.
I hope you're not gonna try to get it over
with that plane of yours.
No, no, we gotta be a little cuter than that.
Your boy here
had a couple of pretty good ideas.
Got a real sense of humor too.
Well, that's about it.
We leave tonight, nine sharp.
Oh, just one little thing.
It isn't that I don't trust you guys,
but I don't want any slip ups.
So Joey here is going to be with you
until we leave.
He's my own personal bodyguard
and a mighty fine boy.
You stay here.
Coming in?
How about rustling me up some chow?
I haven't had breakfast yet.
What's the matter, can't you talk?
He's a dummy.
He don't know how.
He don't know how to do
much of anything.
Except shoot a gun.
Are we playing games now?
Look, I'm in a jam.
I gotta take a chance, a long chance
that I had you figured wrong.
I'm not gonna make any speeches about it.
I haven't got time.
I'll just give it to you straight.
Then you make up your own mind.
There's gonna be a little party tonight.
They're gonna take me along
for the ride.
And the way things look,
it may be my last ride.
Try to get through to this number.
Tell whoever answers
that you're calling for me, Morton.
Tell them it's tonight.
The border, Nogales.
They'll know what to do.
You got all that?
You understand it?
So you are a cop.
All right, sport. Let's go.
All right, Charly, take the station wagon.
Johnny, you drive.
You in the front with him.
Pete, you go handle the girl.
Miss Stewart.
The boss told me
I should take care of you.
How about a drink?
Thanks very much, but I don't...
Sorry, miss. I got my orders.
Oh, well, who are we to disobey orders?
Joe, two doubles.
What time is the pickup?
We've got plenty of time.
Turn right at the next cutoff.
Breaking ground for a new subway?
That's no subway, copper. It's a grave.
Let's cut out the act.
If you think...
You know, for a federal cop,
you're gonna come in mighty handy tonight.
You know where to take him.
Martinez won't know who you're bringing.
But he's got everything set.
I'm sending Joey with you
to bring the car back here.
Besides, he can sorta give me
an eyewitness account.
I thought he couldn't talk.
He draws pictures.
By the way,
where will I send your cut?
You can figure this for my cut.
Get in.
Pete, you're as sharp
as a ten dollar tack.
Excuse me.
Hey, where are you going?
You can't bear to let me
out of your sight, can you?
Wanna come along?
You gotta call this number for me.
Tell them you're calling for a man
named Morton.
Tell them to get down to the border.
Nogales. As fast as they can.
You understand?
A man is going to be killed.
A man...
All right. All right, just a minute.
Don't use the phone here.
Call from down at the gas station.
They'll get you, Johnny.
Once you kill a federal cop, there's now place
on earth small enough to hide you.
Shut up.
They'll catch you.
They'll get you if it takes twenty years.
They'll get you and they'll bring you back
and you'll fry.
Shut up!
Okay, go ahead.
Are you American citizens?
All right.
Come on.
Start walking.
Turn around.
So long, copper.
Do you speal English?
Que pasa?
Do you speak English?
Si, seor.
I got to get to the border.
I'm a United States Treasury agent.
Tell him to take me there right away.
El seor quiere que lo lleves
a la frontera imediatamente.
Mui bien, seor, vmos.
Alli est el carro.
It's clean. Let him go.
Who's in charge here? I'm Morton.
I'm Pringle, Tucson office.
This is Barton, the Customs agent.
Well, Bill Benson was sure worried
about you, fella.
You got my message.
Yeah. Some woman phoned.
Nothing so far, eh?
No, they're not gonna run the stuff now,
not after what's happened.
Look, fella, let's not kid ourselves.
We blew this one.
Benson gave me the pitch,
I know what happened, so what?
We can't always guess right.
But they didn't know you had a tip.
I didn't know myself until just now.
All right, but something went wrong
or you wouldn't still be alive to talk about it.
That's just it.
That's what doesn't figure.
Who did it?
The kid.
He spotted you. Listen...
I had to plan it that way.
I had to play it for the breaks.
Sure, sure you did.
Where's the kid now?
A funeral...
There was a funeral...
Get him inside.
Get an ambulance for him.
Did a funeral go through here tonight?
The funeral.
Holy mackarel! Sure there was a funeral.
It went through here about a half an hour ago.
We searched the hearse,
we looked them all over good
only there was one place
we didn't look. Come on.
Bill, phone ahead. Have the highway patrol
pick us up on the other side.
Mac, you and Joe come with me.
A grave, hm?
That was Johnny's idea.
Looks like he really came through for you.
Yeah. I can understand
why he played it that way now
but it sure looked bad at the time.
Here they come.
Here, maybe you'll need to use this.
There it is.
Cut your lights, pull into that side road.
Make it as quiet as you can.
Come on.
All right. Get'em up, all of you.
Get over there.
Keep your hands up.
Open it up.
You know him?
Avery's trigger man.
I got an idea this box
was made for a bigger guy.
Yeah, somebody about your size.
The stuff was there, all right.
Enough room in there to pack a ton of it.
Let's go.
Come on.
Pringle, Tucson office.
Pringle, Tucson office, over.
Tucson to Pringle, go ahead.
Contact local authorities for a full description
of Nicholas Avery and Charles Borderaux.
Thought to be making a getaway
from the B-bar-M Ranch. Cover that spot.
Broadcast a full description
on four-state alarm and set up road blocks.
These men are wanted on a narcotics charge,
they're dangerous and fully armed.
Confirm. Over.
That is all. Pringle to Tucson. Out.
They'll make a run for it now.
They'll be pretty desperate.
What about the girl?
The one that phoned.
I was just thinking the same thing.
We gotta get out of here.
Where are we going?
Across the border.
Where are the fellas?
They ran into a little trouble.
What kind of trouble?
The same kinda trouble we're gonna run into
if we don't move in a hurry.
I'll a... I'll get my things.
You won't have time.
Bring that. Come on.
Open the door. Let's get out of here.
Go in behind the hangar.
Well, that's it.
Within a matter of hours,
the greatest international narcotics ring
since the war was stopped cold
before it even got started.
In simultaneous raids, Martinez and his gang
were rounded up by Mexican authorities
And 1700 miles away, in Vancouver, British Columbia,
the McCandles mob was taken into custody.
Six months later the trials were over
with convictions in every instance.
In sentences ranging anywhere
from five to twenty years.
And star witnesses for the government had been
a girl named Terry Stewart
and an ex-convict named Johnny Evans.
So long... copper.