Johnny Yuma (1966) Movie Script

It's your horse?
No, senor.
He's mine!
And now it's mine.
Let's go in and close the sale.
The drinks are on me.
What's the matter? Chicken?
Hawk eye?
What's your name?
Come along, Barbara.
Johnny Yuma.
Saludos, senor. You take me with you?
- Eh?
And why?
I'll be your partner.
Partner? What kind of partner?
A kill and carry partner...
-A what?
you kill them, I carry them.
You know who you killed, padron?
These are the O'hara's.
They are worth mucho dinero.
360 dollars!
Una fortuna!
Bury them.
Bury them?
Oh, no, patron!
How can you bury 360 dollars?
-With a Shovel!
Hey, padron!
What is your name, by the way?
It's Johnny. But everyone calls me Yuma.
I am Fidel Alvarez Cortez Sanchez y
Garcia, but everyone calls me Zorito.
Believeme, Samantha. It's not that I don't
trust your brother Pedro to run the ranch.
It's just that one's gotta be born
for certain things.
You've never really known what
this ranch and this town mean to me.
It's my empire, I built it.
Devoted my whole life to it.
Ahard and merciless life
-Why do you hold that against Pedro?
Because he's not a man to sit on
a saddle for days on and under a hot sun.
He just isn't cut out for it.
So that's why I decided to call
my nephew Johnny.
I've been thinking about this
ever since I had the accident.
Johnny is right for this ranch!
He's a hot headed cuss.
They call him Yuma, on a kind of a
gun fight he had there once.
Here's his letter.
He replied that he will be here for
the Fiesta of San Firmino.
Somehow I know that... I can count on
Johnny to carry on my work.
If we'd had children, it would
have been different.
I'm sure of that, Thomas.
Let's have our coffee in the parlor.
I missed.
That's strange.
Oh, but it's only one time out often.
That's very good, Thomas.
It's always been dead center.
Every time.
And now... everything belongs to you,
my dear sister.
And now go. You'll find him in Triana.
It won't be difficult, everybody there knows him.
But you must... hand it to him.
Do I wait for an answer?
-That's' only for him to say.
Go. Hasta luego.
Has he gone?
you know mourning beckons you, Samantha.
Come in.
El senor Lawrence Carradine?
Lawrence Jerome Carradine.
Prepare my bill, please.
-Yes sir. Right away.
He's Wanted. He killed someone in Santa Margo.
Here, to the undertaker.
Make sure this get glued
throughout the region.
We have to find the murder of
Thomas Felton.
yes, sir.
Te gusta?
Careful, Pedro.
Don't worry. We will be careful until San Fermino.
After all, I don't wanna miss
the Fiesta when Yuma arrives.
That's Carradine's job.
Sancho gave him the letter.
It's all set.
Poor Sancho. It wasn't so bad.
Was he?
- Pedro!
We are in mourning.
-you are.
Carradine should be here, soon.
Tell Vander Oderto keep an eye out for him.
At the salon.
All right!
Good morning.
Bye, now.
What? you are leaving already?
We'll be seeing each other one
of these days, Mary.
Mary? Who is Mary?
Hogan is 100.
Hey, what's the body on big Frank Collar?
Oh, the price is just dropped.
Another 500.
Looks like he wasn't in Silverstone.
360 dollars, por favor.
Better take a look, Heskott.
Well, Heskott?
Sorry, but one has to be sure about
who dies, you know?
Seems to me you are new around these parts.
You just can't imagine how many false
cadavers we have in our cellar.
We buried at least six
Jesse James, within a year.
Here you are. Now, you can give 8 dollars
per body for a proper burial in a fine casket.
Or a dollar for dumping them in Potters field.
In Potters field.
you know I was looking for you to
give you your part, padron.
you have, now.
Now, that's not possible Carradine.
I just put that up.
You'll find the body at the hotel Paradise
in Triana.
When is the coach Santa Margo?
There is no regular service to Santa Margo.
Mh? Ah!
Hey, Mortimere.
-Harvey! How are you doing?
Doing very well, I'd say.
-Good dia, Senor.
-Henry! Good evening, Mr. Pete.
One tequila.
-One tequila, sir.
Harvey... you are so charming.
-Harvey, you offered me partnership, in time.
-Well, it's hard to say.
Just how do you do, Harvey?
Well, you should ask her.
What will you have, Betsy?
Henry, Champagne and one beer.
-Yes, sir.
And a Whiskey, here.
-Yes, sir.
Your tie is crooked. Now, be a good boy,
Harvey, and let me fix it.
Mh... later. Hi, Charlie!
you've got no run to Santa Margo, eh?
No, regular run, Mr. Pitt. The whole desert to cross and I won't
put a coach through, unless it's a chariot to pay for in advance.
Now, if you wanna save time and money,
you can go by horseback.
That's a short cut to Gates Valley.
-I'm interested in a certain ranch in Santa Margo.
you are buying the Felton ranch?
Not I, but the bank might.
Santa Margo and that ranch
are one and the same thing, Mr. Pitt.
Oh... thanks.
Want something to drink?
There is no place like home in such cases.
Oh, come on, Charlie. We barely began.
Sorry, Mr. Pete, but I just don't like
being faked out all night.
Mind if I join you?
-You have enough money in your pocket?
I think so.
-Well,then sit down, son.
So, I... I don't suppose you gentlemen mind,
if this young fella joins us.
Okay with me.
Whose deal is it?
Your deal, Harvey.
-I'm out.
you know, Matt? I think
I'll just raise your five.
your five... and three over.
Matt... I'm gonna see it.
And I'm even gonna show you.
That don't beat a diamond flush.
you used the Pittsburgh muffle
system, I supposed.
you drew three cards
to make a flush, eh Matt?
Why don't you marry him, Lizzie?
I would be lying in a barn.
He sleeps with his horse.
He said he can't appreciate
my eastern manners.
No, I'm out.
How about fivehundred, amigo?
Another fivehundred.
That's too high for me.
How about you, McLaren?
- you can count me out.
Even a thousand?
-Are you gonna bet it or not?
Queen high flush.
One, two, three... four K boys
and another card.
Sorry, buddy.
It's all mine. (opp: you liar)
Oet the hell out!
Carramba... que mu jer!
Oh Dios, mucho dinero y todo para mi!
A palm gun.
you're covered.
Nice holster.
I'll trade it.
Hey, Yuma! We beat them up, eh?
Would you know how to get to Santo Margo?
-Si, seguro.
Through the shortcut of Gates valley?
-Sure, I do.
Ahi, ahi, no padron. You break my hands. No, believe me,
padron, believe me. The shortcut was here.
Ahi, ahi, no padron. You break my hands. No, believe me,
padron, believe me. The shortcut was here.
Ahi, ahi, no, padron, my ear.
No, my, no, my ear. No, no.
Believe me, I tell you the truth.
The truth, nothing but the truth. Ahi, ahi.
The winds, padron, it must have been
the winds. They covered up the trail.
I swear, Boss. This is where the trail
used to be. Ahi!
I need you... I need you to show me the way.
Ah, with your water I may still
get to Santa Margo.
you mean, you leave me...
Me, here, in the desert alone?
No, patron! No.
No! Is not possible with
no water to drink.
No! Don't leave your little Zorito.
No, padron!
No! No! Padron!
Agua. Sorry! Agua.
Oh, Madre de Dios!
Gracias, gracias.
Buenos dias.
Is this the right road to Santa Margo?
The Felton Ranch.
Hey, what you got?
No! It's not yours! It's not yours
Let go of me, let go.
You robbed me! They're mine!
They're mine!
Ah, shut up, you sniveling little brat.
-Let go of me. Let go of me.
Ah, go take a bath, you grumpy
little Mexican!
Excuseme, sir.
- It's all right, son.
you don't have to excuse yourself.
They do.
Hey, Hackett where does he come from?
I don't know. It looks like some out of the country.
All right, kid. Go on, go home.
You want me to excuse myself...
then get off your horse.
What do you want?
A room.
With a bath.
Welcome to Santa Margo.
you'll be our guest now.
This is for you.
You will be our guest for... the
Feast of San Fermino?
No. Why?
-A new Job... worth 5,000 dollars.
Mrs. Felton will explain the
I'm Hans Vander Oder. Mrs. Felton left
word that you should go to her, immediately.
Mister... Carradine.
He is not Mister Carradine.
Drinking again, eh?
I'm sorry, but beers have never
agreed with him.
He's gotten into the hotel.
-Yes, but he ain't coming out alive.
Hey, it's a good idea to
tear the dinero in half, eh?
I'll be damned.
What makes you think so?
Oh, it's simple. You can spend the money twice.
-You're a born Jackass.
One half... Isn't any good without the other.
Como? Where's the other half?
That is something you should ask Carradine.
Ah, Caramba! So, half the money it's
not good then, eh?
Let's see what this thousand dollars is meant to do.
But I'm pretty sure what the5,000 dollars is for.
Except Carradine won't get to cash it in.
That money belong to senor Carradine?
-Then Carradine is coming here, now!
Oh, Madre de Dios!
What am I gonna do like this?
Why did you tell me to take a bath?
-Because you stink!
Take your time.
He won't be here before tomorrow.
Ok, bluffer. Start praying.
The boys are paying a social visit upstairs.
They're giving a lesson to him.
you idiot!
What's going on?
Carradine's here now.
- Mh.
I'm Lawrence Jerome Carradine.
There is a room reserved for me.
Well, yes, there is.
Here are your keys.
He's gone.
C'mon, let's go.
I think we gotta talk.
Wait for me at the fountain in Santa Margo.
But... padron!
-Go on, will you?
your bath is ready, seora.
Oh... if the smoke bothers you, I can always...
put it out.
Who are you?
-I'm Lawrence Jerome Carradine.
I've been expecting to see you...
But not here.
Sir, in the parlor.
I never discuss business
in the bedroom.
Oh... what a shame.
Ah...I'm sure we do reach to an
understanding much more easier then here... mh?
Buenos dias, Senor.
Buenos dias, Senor.
Buenos dias, Senor.
But you haven't help yourself
a drink, Mr. Carradine!
Oh, by the way... have you met
my brother, Pedro?
I haven't had the pleasure.
-Oh you...
-Hold it, Hackett!
Get out!
Let him go!
Tell them to drop their guns.
Got that?
And give me mine.
Go on... tell them!
Put down the pistols!
Do as I say, go on!
Hackett, give him his gun!
Alright ... get up.
...or I splat the ground
with your brains.
Hear me?
Stop ... Alright.
Have a move against the wall.
Bring my gun!
Hacket! He is getting away!
Set all the horses! Hackett!
That was Johnny yuma.
Let's go!
you let him get away.
Ah... don't worry,
he won't get far.
Hackett and the boys are
already on him.
And there's nobody stupid enough
who's gonna risk hiding him.
And you?
What about your Carradine?
Carradine will do his part.
Ain't nothing.
Come on.
you called me.
-I am here.
-you haven't forgotten.
Have you not?
Hm, I might have known.
Coz' of Johnny Yuma?
-How did you know?
I saw your brother.
He offered me $5,000.
-His worth much more than me.
And you, Lawrence.
-And you.
When he's gone, I'll be rich...
Very rich.
And we can live together again.
We can?
-Don't you remember?
-You weren't happy with me, I think you said.
you can't be poor and happy.
I... I still love you.
But Johnny Yuma has
to die first, right?
There's no another way.
My husband left him everything.
Will you do it, Lawrence?
But the money... $5,000 is
not enough.
Here's... 10,000.
Half later.
Like always.
you hate me, don't you?
I... I don't feel even that much.
I don't believe you.
Madame Felton, I suppose.
I would liketo finish this business
as soon as possible, Mr. Pete.
yes Madame, but you have got to know
if we had a will to go on,
it would be better.
A will, what for?
If I'm the only here.
Of course, it's only a formality.
My husband was alone in the world,
and he died intestate.
He was gone down... brutally.
Sorry about that, Mrs. Felton.
I certainly didn't mean to...
but you see...
there a certain legal procedure
that we are obliged to...respect.
And I can show you it right now.
Though, ordinarily I'm not supposed to
reveal what my bank has to say, Mrs. Felton.
-Where do I sign?
-Right next to my signature, madame.
Eh...naturally, you realize
this is only an option.
That's the best I can arrange
for now.
We will draw up the final
contract in the office.
Of course.
We will have the files
two weeks a head oftime.
Very well.
Vander Oder, Mr. Pete is
our guest, of course.
Oh, Mrs Felton,there is no need
to put yourself in so much trouble.
It's really kind of you, but...
I will be alright at the hotel.
It's no trouble, I assure you.
Shall we go, Mr. Pete?
Come on.
Hey... Buenos dias,
Buenos dias, padron.
Where the hell have you been?
Pepe has been searching
for you for three days.
You missed me, eh, padron?
-Not you, idiot. My horse.
-You feel well enough to leave yet?
But I'm not leaving.
Aha... you are.
Me? Alone? Without you? Never!
Look Zorito ...
You know Hackett and his boys
are out looking for me?
Fidel Alvarez Cortez Sanchez y Castilla,
never leaves a friend in trouble.
And if they catch me...
They'll try to kill me.
And so... I will always remain
by your side, amigo mio.
And if you are with me...
They'll kill you too.
The first duty of a servant
is to obey his padron.
Adios, senor.
It's pity, I bet we would have done
great things together but...
Adios, amigo demivida.
Hey amigo, I do think
you saw a man alone riding
around this parts, did you?
Then maybe you can tell me
where this horse came from?
No sabes, senor? I found it by
the Rio Seco! It's the truth.
It's truth, senor.
No! No!
That was very clever of you.
I have always wondered where
the uncle Thomas... kept his will.
You shouldn't had found it, though,
but that was an unhappy mistake for you.
The mistake was your, hand it.
Oh... I think Uncle Thomas will meet you.
-This is the place, Pedro.
-Let's go.
I go outside and take a
look at the shirt.
This is his shirt.
Where is he?
I said, where is he?!
Where is he? Where?! Where?!
Where?! Where?! Where?!
you stay here,
he'll come back.
I know he'll come back.
Let's go.
Too bad Pedro want you alive.
Get Up!
Hands up!
Don't cry,
Oh, come on!
We searched the all area
foot by foot.
I tell you that Yuma has just
He is still here.
you are not only blind...
you are all a bunch of cowards!
I tell you Yuma's here!
I'll have him.
Even if I have to see you...
see you all dead!
-I want Yuma!
-So do I.
you keep your hand off him.
He's mine, now.
We will see about that.
Did you say something?
As what I thought.
Nothing to say.
The other hand...
on the table.
To what do I owethehonor?
-Adamen's room is thesafest place in town.
-you think so? -And I wanted to...
try and get me through the door.
-And you would have died.
-you think so?
-you are a gambler.
-you too, no?
-What are the stakes?
-your life... or mine, I imagine.
-Big stakes, no?
-Are you gonna tell me the rules of the game?
-So that's the reason you're here.
-Well, dying is an important matter.
you do it only once.
-Where and when?
-The abandoned pueblo, it's a quiet place.
-At what time?
-At 12.
Noon it is, then.
And if you do not mind...
I brought ahead my own pistol.
Ah... then we might have to keep one
silver dollar for the...gravediggers.
Wouldn't want youto be without.
you're thoughtful.
Like all the men Samantha has used.
-That you are a generous man.
Listen you, only my gun is for sale,
not me.
If it's only a pistol within...
I'll buy it.
If you are also a part of the sale...
then I'll see you tomorrow.
Ah, I forget... this is also yours.
Where's Pedro?
-I am over here, what is it?
Samantha wants us all
at the ranch, right away.
Something must have happen,
come on!
Get up, you slobber idiot.
-Come on!
-What are you doing here?
I came to help.
What do you want meto go now?
You're not bearing off my shame.
Get out of here.
It's up for grabs.
I'll cover you.
Go on.
-Why didn't you cover me?
I couldn't, I was reloading.
Hey, Carradine.
you didn't come here to kill me,
did you?
If I had... you'll be dead, by now.
Not necessarily.
Hey, oh, pardon.
Gracias, padron!
Let's go!
Guess that's about it.
There's still one more.
But he's mine.
yeah... I got to go.
There's one more for me too.
Pedro... Pedro.
Don't let me die here...
Don't leave me here.
Look like you run out of bullets.
No, don't.
I... didn't know!
It was Samantha's fault.
Don't, Johnny! Don't!
No! Don't...
That was for my uncle.
That was for me.
That was for little Pepe.
Hey, padron!
Here the Bandidos are all dead, eh!
That wasn't smart, sending Pedro.
-You didn't expect me back, eh?
-Oh, of course I did.
I was sure you will kill Yuma.
I'll get your money.
you won't find it there.
Johnny yuma paid already.
But... you did kill him?
He is alive.
And so am I.
Who was Pedro supposed to kill?
After I shot Johnny?
I didn't send him there,
believe me.
Whatever Pedro did
was his own idea.
you know how he... he hated Johnny.
Maybe he was afraid
That you'll get away.
I begged him not to interfere,
but it was impossible
to make him understand.
He wouldn't listen to reason..
He's so impulsive, violent
I've never been able to control him,
you know that.
I tell you whatever he did
was his own idea.
And you know how he hated you also.
He was furious because I called you.
Believe me, Lawrence... believe me.
And now, kill me if you want to,
I don't care anymore.
What good is all this without you?
I've always loved you,
believe me, Lawrence.
Believe me.
-Let me help you.
-No... there's not time, Johnny.
Listen, Carradine.
Wherever that woman has gone,
I'll find her.
I promise you that.
Hey, padron! It's me, Zorito!
Wait for me!
you lost now, pardon?
Come on.
Mr. Carradine could shoot good, eh?