Joker (2016) Movie Script

' broom'
'New broom for sale'
'Let us keep our surroundings clean'
(voices of children repeating)
'Let us plant trees
and protect our land'
'Let us plant trees
and protect our land'
'This is Breaking News
from Puthiya Thalaimurai'
'Good morning, Mr President'
Good morning...good morning
We haven't received an invitation
for this rocket function
Did you find out why, Isai?
'I did check with them'
'Only the Prime minister and
Defence minister will be invited'
'They say we won't be invited, sir'
Who said so?
But the Govt order
doesn't specify
Wrong, Isai
My eyes are like Gandhi
and Bhagat Singh
If I shut the 'ahimsa' eye and open
the 'rebel' eye, our nation can't take it
Listen to this
To implement Article 356, by which
President's rule will be imposed in Tamil Nadu
How long since we sent the file
from our Pappireddi 'bhavan'?
Why hasn't it been sanctioned
till this morning?
'Not yet passed
in the Parliament, sir'
How will it get sanctioned?
Using tax payers' money...
...if politicians use free 'pass'
and travel in 1st class will it get sanctioned?
Sweet talk, flattery,
fights within the political party
Walk out
I'll let loose Bhagat Singh, mind you!
Where's Ponoonjal?
Set up a conference call
Where are you Ponoonjal?
'Outside the court, President'
'Minister stealing electricity
for his brother-in law's wedding'
'1st case on the list today'
'Anyhow that bloody thief
won't show up'
'I'll mark attendance and
come to the Collector's office'
'Didn't you want to meet the new Collector
regarding the decision of the lamb Usain Bolt?'
That's right
I'm also ready now
On the way don't stop
public transport...
...and inconvenience the public!
That's Govt terrorism
Inform Control room, Ponoonjal
'I will do so'
I'll go to Chekkarapatti...
...pick up Usain Bolt and come
straight to the Collector's office
Isai, you be there too
'Sure, sir'
I'll take leave, my dear
I am meeting Usain Bolt now
I'll see Akila in the afternoon
at General Hospital
Now that I have come to power...
...she'll get justice, 'pattu'
And you will too, my precious
I'll make you happy
as soon as I can
I'll leave now
I'll be back soon
Otherwise I'll send Isai here, okay?
My precious, can I
play a song for you?
"My song will see the light of day"
"My sorrow will be buried today"
(song from 'Eera Vizhi Kaaviyangal')
Mad bloody mongrel...shoo!
Can the dog in the Commissioner's house
bark at the President?
You have the Govt on your side
Castrate the damn dog
"Where did you see, my dear
this poor boy so sincere?"
"Where did you see, my dear
this social service volunteer?"
"Next to a chariot in the southern land
like a king he was waving his hand"
"Find out if he is coming or not, my lady
For he isn't the only fish in the sea"
"Is he willing or not, ask him
Or we'll find another to suit our whim"
"Don't you treat me like a door mat
Take back the wedding thread, you bigot"
Move 6 paces
Attention Mr President
(playing ludo)
'Haven't I prohibited this poison?'
I sent a petition long ago
Didn't the officer inform you?
'Hit...hit a sixer'
President sir
I wasn't given a shop in
the Govt market or in a fancy mall
Even when I told your name
I was ignored
Ambani's store, right?
Will note it down
"A hard-core bachelor is he
Also he will not accept a dowry"
"A die-hard bachelor is he
Neither will he accept any dowry"
I'll write it down
I'll make a note of
every single person's actions
"Tie Rs 30 in a knot as offering to God
Pray for better times and kick this fraud"
"The morning star in the sky, behold!
Look at the onion bolting bold"
"The morning star flashes in the sky
Onion flowers once in a while"
"If this jobless nitwit in a corner
has moustache or not, how does it matter?"
'Happy birthday
Magadheera of Dharmapuri'
'I'll attend to this'
"Where did you see, my dear?
This boy from nowhere now here"
"Next to a chariot in the southern land
like a king he was waving his hand"
- Welcome, sir
- Greetings
- How is Usain Bolt?
- Pus is still oozing out
He was screaming all night
- Bring him here
- Sure
Arun, when are you going
for National selection?
Next month
In Pune, sir
Give your best shot
and get in with merit
If they create any politics
after that, let me know
I'll give the President's letter, okay?
Poor thing!
Is it hurting really bad?
You will be fine
I'm here, right?
Ride pillion with me
President has come to meet you, sir
What do you mean?
That madcap Mannar Mannan is here
I'm already hassled
Why give me more headache?
Who is that numskull?
He bugged me on my very 1st day
about political dos and don'ts
Send him away saying
I've gone for a meeting
Can't get rid of him
that easily, sir
Do you know
how he will retaliate?
Just a minute, sir
'India 'Good Govt' 2020'
'For students of all castes, classrooms'
'For all Indians
clean bathrooms'
Functioning at a turtle's slow pace
Employees in the Collector's office
'Least excuse they will stage a riot'
'Turtle stalk' demonstration
'We will revolt by sending turtles
inside the Collector's office'
Our Common man's uncommon President
will carry out the 'Turtle Stalk'
'Our friends in need who came to
alleviate poverty and penury'
'Long live the turtles
in our pond'
'An office with a turtle will prosper'
'An office where bribes rule will shatter'
That's called 'Death and departure'
'Next time we will send
Mock turtle, o' Lord!'
'Folks, do you know
what a big disgrace this is?'
'It's the 'spitting at that bear' moment!'
They have come here
with Usain Bolt now
- Usain Bolt...?
- Yes, sir
He's gone viral on Facebook
That's him, sir
'A sand truck hit a goat
on the road, sir'
'Belongs to a big shot in our area'
'These vigilante boys got hold of the goat
and blew the issue out of proportion'
Because it was posted on Facebook...
...the minister's representatives decided
to pay the owner of the goat a compensation
But these boys demanded
a huge amount as compensation
They are hell bent on stopping
trucks from loading sand illegally
Ponoonjal who is with him...
...has a suitcase filled with cases!
He'll file a case for
anything and everything
He is the one who filed
this goat case too
Sir, this girl Isai... the one who posts
everything on Fb
It's getting late for the function
- Leave now
- Okay, sir
Every town has one such idealistic idiot
Self proclaimed vigilantes like him
should be put behind bars
It has all been done and dusted, sir
They can bear the worst beating ever!
Listen, I'm going up to Morappur to give
blenders and grinders as freebies
Whatever it is
I'll see you tomorrow
But President has
banned all free schemes
File has been submitted
but the case is pending
If you give freebies and prevent
people from thinking independently...
...then how will India become
a Super power in 2020?
You buy me stuff with my money
and you call it freebie?
That isn't complimentary
You are forcing a burden
on my back called 'loan'
First salute our President
The norm is for Govt employees
to approach the President
But I'm meeting you face to face
only to effect a change for the better
Because President is India's supervisor
I take so much trouble and
no pep or push from you
Judgment hasn't been passed
in Usain Bolt's case as yet
It's been a week since we
sent you the file from Pappireddi 'bhavan'
Still he hasn't been compensated
Even now they steal sand
from our river banks
Trucks keep loading sand
and continue to deliver
They've turned our village into
a graveyard by (sc)raping our earth
Look at this
fluoride water
Go ahead and show them
President, flash your teeth at them
Such a pest!
Okay, I'll move the files
You first leave this place
Sir, you don't have
to help the President
Act as if you're helping him
That's good enough
Otherwise our entire clan
will be reduced to this state
Condemn sand mining severely
First of all, pass an order
to seize the sand truck at once
I give you time till 3:00 p.m
Otherwise a major protest will be staged
this evening with the President leading it
You should be taking care
of law and order, Collector sir
First leave this place
Collector sir, hold this
Yov! What are you doing?
- Hold it, sir
- What's wrong with you?
What's all this?
Go...go...clear out
What about the function, sir?
First chase him away
We can go later
- Where are we going?
- To General Hospital, sir
'Jesus will do everything'
He'll shepherd you
Praise be to the Almighty!
Jesus will guide you
every step of the way
- He will save you from all sickness
- Praise the Lord!
Jesus will show you the path to take
The Lord will protect you
from disease and distress
Praise the Lord!
How will Jesus protect?
How will Jesus save
the man in the gutters?
Last month in this same hospital...
...12 children died
due to lack of nutrition
2 pregnant women died
because of wrong anesthesia
Neither Jesus nor Goddess Shakthi
came to their aid!
Only the Govt should
protect the people
Why is everything stuck here?
What happened to all the files
we sent from Pappireddi 'bhavan'?
Why is the chief doctor still not here?
Don't raise your voice
Please leave now
Chief doctor hasn't come yet
He must be in his own
clinic in a dirty alley
He must have got hold of some nitwit
and carrying out 101 tests on him
It's too much torture
I'll complain to the police
Will you complain?
Will you file a complaint against
the President who came on his rounds?
Mannan, please stay calm
I'll explain to him
I'll take care
You carry on, doctor
No, sister
I'll inform them
to clean it right away
We'll take the patient to the ward
You please come along
You want to meet Akila, right?
Okay, come with me
She is staring blankly
without moving
I'm scared to just look at her!
I told you, nothing can be done here
There's a blood clot in her brain
We don't have the facility
Go to a private hospital like Apollo
How can you even say this?
What is the Govt there for?
Shall we then vote
for Apollo's staff?
Whom will these poor people turn to?
Sir, I just stated a fact
What, sir?
Sir, I have no money
We got only 1/2 the money
though it was meant as compensation
Don't know how even
that money got spent!
- Name...?
- Valavan
- Initial...?
- R
'I've written a check for 500000'
'Please collect it from
the President's fixed deposit'
Akila will wake up
Please take it
I've spoken to the press and media
If we publish an article on Akila,
we might get financial help
They have promised to
come sometime this week
Most important news, sir
Case is coming up for
final hearing on the 26th
You should speak the truth
without feeling scared
Selvaraj is waiting in the office
of the Superintendent of Police
I'll shoot you if you enter
Turn back and keep going
You are the one misusing
law and order, mind you!
You'll end up a corpse, mental!
You are old-
Don't...this is a big offense
- I'm warning you
- Move...move aside
Welcome Mr President
'Left hand salute, huh?'
I salute with my right hand
to all the higher officials
Then what's the difference
between them and the President?
That's why I used my left hand
I want to meet your boss
Why should I prevent you?
Then you'll cut my allowance
Please come in
Come in
You can sit here
Sit down
Wait here
I'll fetch sir
Take your seat
Until he comes
where do we sit?
You wait here
No rush at all
- I'll bring him right away
- Why are you locking us in?
Didn't I tell you?
He has shown his true colors!
- Shall I call Evidence Kadhir?
- Wait...wait
Maybe is he a stooge
of the Prime Minister?
Please come, sir
They are in here
Does the king of
the common man need a fan?
Superintendent of Police
I know all about you
The day you became the President
Who swore you into office
Which side you'll face when you pee
I know every nitty gritty detail
I even know about you wishing the man
crapping early in the morning!
Good Govt India 2020
For students of all castes, classrooms
For all Indians
clean bathrooms
This is our President's dream scheme
Do not demean our struggle
Suitcase Ponoonjal
If I lift you and make you
dangle from the ceiling...
...all my problems will be solved
What do you mean?
It's been a week since we sent
you the file from Pappireddi 'bhavan'
And you still haven't arrested
the men who hit Usain Bolt!
We've already given you the truck number,
owner's cell number, driver's cell number
What action have you taken?
Such a long journey to get
justice for a mere goat?
That party was willing
to pay compensation
Don't talk so flippantly
All lives in this country are equal
The best of men or beast
I'll bring the military into this
Only because I'm also a Tamilian...
...I'm being patient as I don't want to
humiliate the Tamil Nadu police force
But your behavior
is such a disgrace
It's ridiculed in whatsApp
They kept his car in the Town police station
charging him with drunken driving
After 4 days when they returned
the vehicle, 4 tyres were missing!
Greetings, sir
Because they said 4 tyres...
...please don't assume it's a car
It's a 3 wheeler tempo
3 tyres and a spare tyre
Unable to go for work
They've removed even the horn
I begged them to give this one
In this station at least,
have you seized an Audi or BMW?
We have never set eyes
on such cars in our life
We are simple folks
Take action on circulars already passed
Return the belongings
to the respective owners
Instead, if you listen
to the Prime Minister...
...and not pay heed to
the President's wishes'll face severe consequences!
Oho! You need respect?
After the town sleeps...
...we will carry him to Vytla hills
And render military honor
to your esteemed President
Let them be inside
until I give orders
Let's go
'They do this once every month'
SP down down!
President long live!!
SP down down
President long live...!
Isai, how has the response been
for the 2 hours lock-up at SP's office?
- Check in FB and let me know
- Okay, sir
Then I have my pension amount
Check if the interest
is credited already
No harm in that
Dogerpillar, try this
Asleep, huh?
Check what has happened
to that sand truck case
Has any action been taken
against that company?
I'll call and find out
No action has been taken until now
At 4:00 p.m from Gandhi statue
Post it in FB that our protest
will begin from Bhagat Singh's statue
There is no statue of
Bhagat Singh, President
"What is this, sir?"
"Sir, is this fair?"
'Handcuff jumps' to protest
against police union
"Sir, what is this law you follow?"
"Sir, why are your schemes so shallow?"
"No one to question your action
So you revel in corruption"
"1.32 billion people live here
Hardly a handful of leaders sincere"
"In buying votes you are the leader
In bribery you are a fine dealer"
"Buying votes is your forte
You wheel and deal away"
Police atrocity
Down! Down!
"The ones who once ruled are illiterate
One who leads now is the Corporate"
"Ministers sell our nation without any qualm
Salute, extend to them a warm welcome"
"Worms in Govt grocery
Pipe dream of a developed country"
"Our country is heading for disaster
Doomsday is just round the corner"
"No freedom of speech however
Black money in many a coffer"
"In the parliament, people chosen
a village chief dime a dozen"
"Fancy cars in the cities zoom"
"Farmer hangs himself in gloom"
"Loan with exorbitant interest
The poor are drowned in distress"
"What is this law you follow?"
"Why are your schemes so shallow?"
"Sir, do you really care?"
'Protest against sexual abuse'
"Phone in hand glittery
Get TV as a freebie"
"Is there any toilet built specifically
for people on the road to crap or pee?"
"Does nature forget to offer plenty?
Does she hide or hoard her bounty?"
"To line your pocket at every opportunity
Is the Govt an accessory?"
"No drinking water found"
"Pollution in the air all around"
Let the floods wash away
those who gawk in pleasure
"With your Govt wine shops selling booze
on men's necks you're tightening the noose"
"What is this law you follow?"
"Why are your schemes so shallow?"
"No one to question your action
So you rejoice in your bribing option"
"1.32 billion people live here
Hardly a handful of leaders sincere"
"In buying votes you are the leader
In bribery you are a fine dealer"
"Buying votes is your forte
You wheel and deal away"
Junk of a fellow!
Who is it?
I'll rip you apart
Try tearing it
As if in the hot sun
you need this silly coat
Do you know whom you are opposing?
Are you encouraging inter-caste marriage?
Madcap! If I see you roaming around
with that canopy over your head
You'll send a file from
'Pappireddi-bhavan', huh?
E post
- Please send this
- Sure I will, you carry on
In this case registered under
Motor Vehicles Act, section 166...
...we can't have 2 laws
1 for a person and other for a goat!
In addition, what this dumb animal
had to go through should not happen... any other living being!
This is an example the Honorable court
would like to share with the entire world
Since the truck was driven
at break neck speed
...and the goat jumped
at the last minute
...the iron rod pierced the goat
and it escaped with 1 injured leg
Otherwise it would have got killed!
So if you take a closer look
at the goat's disability...
...the petitioner of this case
...deserves to receive
an indemnity of Rs 200000
This is the final verdict
from this Court of Justice
'Since this accident happened because
of an illegal sand mining truck...'
'...this Court regards this case
with utmost anger and anguish'
'At the same time, while condemning
illegal loading of sand...'
'...the Court requests the defendant
to file a separate case'
'And to submit all the necessary
documents to the court'
'This court is granting permission
to the District Superintendent of Police'
'Great response for
Usain Bolt's verdict'
'Dharmapuri's Niyaz Ahmed is all praise for
our President and has shared it on FB'
'That status has gone viral'
Will the President be a judge in a standup
comedy show 'Who will ace it?' season 6?
Yuva Krishna
Yuva Krishna, Adhisha
Shashank Ravi, Charu Nivedita
are making fun of you, sir
Shall we ban their email IDs?
That's wrong, Isai
We shouldn't interfere
in freedom of speech
Internet is people's field today
I respect democracy
Underhand dealings, dubious plans
are being hatched in Akila's case
I am sure the verdict
will go against us!
Isai, post it on Facebook
No, day after tomorrow
at 3:00 p.m
...few moments with
snakes full of venom!
President's struggle
- President, don't
- Let us not do this
- Just post it
- No need, sir
President, please don't do it
I will not change my mind
- Post it
- Sir...?
No need, President
Please listen to us
Believe it or not!
Our President will be cooped up
in a glass cage along with snakes
They are all poisonous snakes
In another half hour you can
watch a Live telecast from the venue
This has created a stir here
Will the snakes bite him?
Will our President survive this ordeal?
Please watch our 'Live' telecast
from AMN Channel, stay tuned
Such a humbug he is
Hello, sir
Hey police!
Why is that mad fellow now
fist-fighting with snakes?
Ignore him, sir
Nutcase! Serves him right
Let him die from snake bite
Won't one of the snakes kill him?
'Is the crack fellow dying quietly?'
'This is a blatant propaganda
he is building up for himself'
These days even if someone washes his bum
in an alley, media covers it Live, sir!
That will be discussed
and an uproar in protest
You lock him up and
administer electric shock
Then pack him off to some
mental hospital in Kerala
'Sure, sir'
'Few moments with snakes venomous'
'Our recurrent pleas
falling on deaf ears'
'Not valuing his life...'
'...for the sake of
his land and people'
'...our people's President-'
When will he get into the case?
Be patient
Can't you see
he's getting ready?
Are they all poisonous snakes
inside the case?
Put your hand in
You'll know!
Ripping apart
the mask of authority
In order to save
baby Akila's life
- Lift him
- Police...!
Police anarchy
Down! Down!
Let's save our People's President
You dare to assault
the President who is 'on duty'
I will destroy any power
that opposes my protest for my people
(loud slogans)
How dare you throw my cap!
Police riot
Down! Down
Come inside
Hold him
- Acting over smart?
- Do not beat me
Why laid hands on
People's President?
Who had the audacity
to beat him up?
No one to defend me for 20 years
So you beat me up black and blue
Now the President is
in the same position
How dare you lay
your hands on him?
Take your hands off!
I'm giving respect to your age
Don't, sir
We'll meet him in court
I won't spare him
I'll rip him apart
You had better take him
Or things will turn ugly
Get up, President
Won't you get caught some day?
I'll show you my power then
Look how he has thrashed you
- Hey!
- Get lost!
'Take him away'
Just you wait
I'll get you suspended!
You'll see the power I wield
Greetings to the general public
There's a rumor on whatsApp and FB
claiming our President is no more
Please do not believe
this baseless rumor
Our President, despite severe onslaught
of violence by the Police force... in good health
Mentally strong and physically fit
standing here right in front of you
Due to their unconditional love
for our President...
...we request the public not to
resort to any act of violence
The Govt which provides 2-tier security
for even liquor barons and murderers... unwilling to provide even a PSO,
Personal Security Officer for our President
The case Ponoonjal filed to question this
has been rejected by the Court
That's why our President is now staging
this '24 hour-Body Music' protest
If the Police force is assaulting
the President, then who is behind this?
Do you remember Akila who fell into
a well and has been hospitalized?
Owner of that land
runs 4 schools
When they built a new school...
...they dug a very deep well
Akila fell into it
Activist Henry has filed
a case against him
I've also filed a case
The case is getting delayed
When our President fought
for transparency...
...he was attacked
Please make a note of this
But there's domestic and
international conspiracy
There are talks that many
influential people are involved
Delhi sir...Delhi sir...!
God men in Delhi are also involved
Why this sudden conspiracy?
The Chinese did not approve
of me banning their noodles
Americans didn't like
the fact I banned cool drinks
Ministers didn't like me dissuading them
from worshipping the helicopter
When I objected to the use of
air cooler in a fast lasting 1/2 a day...
ban on hierarchy in politics
Ban on party switching
Ban on building colleges
Wealth accumulation constraint
Ban against caste party convention
Ban against God men and seers
Even if there are so many
reasons behind this assault... one can stop
our President's protest
In a country where jewelers protest
why can't a President do the same?
I'll unleash Bhagat Singh, mind you!
Let's say 2 people come to meet you
Film star Nayanthara and Obama
Whom would you meet?
Isai, note down
which newspaper he's from
Must ban that paper first!
Boss, what is 'Body Music'?
Please show us
Haven't you heard of 'Body Music'?
This is the President's body
The sound you hear from here
will tear people's ears in Delhi
This is the music
of our nation's poverty
This is our nation's birthright
'Sir, regarding your wife's case?'
'Has she come?'
'Okay, we'll leave now'
Sir, I believe Khushboo
has come to Pennagaram
Let's discuss it in detail tonight
over phone and publish it tomorrow
Verdict in Akila's case in 2 weeks
Sir, please share it with me
'There was no proper evidence against
the school correspondent Mr Thangadurai...'
' levy a fine or be punished'
'It has already proved
he is running 4 schools successfully'
'And with proper documents and permission
he has dug a well in his campus'
'Valavan and his wife Rasamani
were construction workers residing there'
'Their 4 year old daughter Akila'
'...crossed the fence
and fell into the well'
'...suffering grave injury'
'This was due to sheer
carelessness of the parents'
'How can the owner be responsible?'
'The court accepts this argument'
President, we can go to the Supreme Court
Where is Akila?
Because she was lying
in the dark for so long...
...she was so petrified
she is unable to talk now
She screams in fright
looking at us
It's okay, sir
An active child is now
in this condition
Every doctor is saying
something or the other
We don't even have money
This is what you gave
No bank is accepting it
Is there no money in
the President's relief fund?
What happened to the fund?
Has the parliament
not sanctioned even that?
Ponoonjal, it's totally wrong
It's okay, sir
I will take leave
- Come home
- Okay, sir
'Nothing is on the right track, darling'
In Akila's case the correspondent
was proclaimed innocent and released
He went
Got into the car, switched on
the air-conditioner and zoomed away
Akila is not able to talk
Her father is in tears
The bank is not accepting
my check, sweetheart
I obey and respect our legal system
I was waiting for
the court's verdict
If it did not work
I must show my authority
Now that I'm in power
why should I get scared?
So I have arrived
at a conclusion
From this day onwards...
...I will enforce military rule
for a month in our country
Based on that the President
will have all the powers
In this time frame...
...his decisions will be final
Yours truly,
Mannar Mannan
I will make you happy
as soon as I can
If the Supreme court's
decision is wrong...
...I will manage everything
Hey! What
From today onwards for a month
I've authorized military rule in our nation
Get lost
No one should question me
Don't...let me go
Don't harm me
Why are you scared?
This is the punishment
meted out by the Govt
Accept it
Poor Akila!
They construct countless buildings
Absorb all the water
Kill all the childr-
'Come soon'
He's a lunatic
Catch him
Biryani for 'Bakrid' to Balaraman
'Deepavali' sweets for Muneer Basha
This is our culture
and tradition
If anyone tries to change our land
into a poisonous river... slash
we will kill him
Youngsters will extend
to the old people
a feeling of security
Protection should be given
This is secularism
Religious tolerance
Caste is getting entwined
like a python
Religion is lifting its head
like a 5 headed snake
Shouldn't we stop this?
We shall overcome prejudices together
Wishing all my Islam brothers
and sisters my Iftar wishes
Thank you
Our turn next
Can we go to the stage?
'Peace be upon you'
You should only give
the Thanks giving speech
'And upon you'
...the district councilor of MMK party
Mr Kalaiselvan will address the gathering
My dear kith and kin
Allah and Lord Shiva
are one and the same
Those who don't realize this
are in a state of 'Ignorance is bliss'
Islam's crescent moon
adorns Lord Shiva's head
Fine, let's think of it
in this manner
The moon seen on Shiva's head
is also seen on the Islamic flag
I am very sure
Actually they are our ancestors
If anyone opposes our unity... brothers will give them hell
Friends and family
My kindred souls
Wishing all the Islam brothers
and sisters 'Happy Iftar'
I will take leave, thank you
You should give
the Thanks giving speech
To conclude, District secretary
of TKMK party, Mr Alponse Peter...
...will now give
the Thanks giving speech
They are not allowing us to talk
It is a conspiracy
Political sabotage
We must let Bhagat Singh out
I offer my warm greetings to
the Youth club-
Hold on for a minute
Come to the police station, sir
Inspector general has
come to meet you
He wants to talk to you
about Article 365
He asked us to
fetch you immediately
Let us go
Is it an emergency?
I will finish this speech and-
You can do so
on Independence Day
Now come with us
Fine, let's go
'Peace be upon you'
'And upon you'
Repeat it
Repeat it
It's my order
'Peace be upon you'
Let's go now
Isai, follow us
Ponoonjal will be in the court
- Inform him
- Okay, sir
What happened?
He has stabbed
the correspondent
'Taluk police remand'
Go in
What is your name?
Mannar Mannan
Do you know what case
you have been arrested for?
I was arrested for joining the 'Iftar' feast
This is a political conspiracy
I won't agree
to this one bit
Because India-
Because India is known
for its religious tolerance
That is a given
You are all my people
Why are you interrogating me?
What is this, inspector?
Why is he blabbering?
He is a little different
Different in the sense...?
You have been accused
of attempted murder
You have tried to stab
the correspondent Mr Thangadurai
What do you have to say?
Haven't you received my order?
I have enforced military rule
for a month in India
Only the President is
responsible for everything
There is no law, justice
or interrogation
Come down
Are the Prime minister's men
confusing you?
Inspector, looks like you have
confused him completely
He is repeating
the same dialog, Your Honor
Why are all your cases similar?
What is your zodiac sign?
No wonder people think
you are their water-giver!
But according to
the First Information Report...
...this is a premeditated
attempt to murder, in sound mind
Okay, we will remand him
to custody for 15 days
Give a notice to the police
and Public prosecutor
Thank you, Your Honor
The accused is talking
in a disturbed manner
Looks like he is mentally affected
He is taking about the President
and attacking the political sphere
So inquire properly
and submit a report
Mannar Mannan case history
Okay, take a seat
His real name is Mannar Mannan
He discontinued undergrad in History
He was working in a water company
near Dharmapuri by-pass road
His wife's name is Mallika, sir
The most important thing about him
He had filed a petition in the High court
to permit euthanasia for his wife
It was rejected
Now he has appealed
to the Supreme Court
It's pending, sir
'Actually he was normal'
'Only past 2 years
he has lost it'
Go there
What is this?
It's a rejected piece
My sister has come
from Rose garden
She will drink only this
till we get her married
That's why I'm taking this home
Your bride was fixed
in Rose garden, right?
What happened?
From the day he saw her he is like
a chameleon that's taken a puff
But the girl has not agreed
She said she will tell
her sister this evening
Instead she can call you
If they dilly-dally
it's a hint
Apply powder on your face and
stand in Pappireddipatti bus stop for 4 days
You will find a bride
on the next auspicious day
You are a rural beau!
- Hey boy
- Tell me, brother
Who brought Emergency in India?
Most common answer
is Indira Gandhi
Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
Only he has the right
to sign the papers
How many know this?
I was working in Mugal mahal
as a security guard
Kalaignar, MGR , Nedunchezhiyan,
Anbazhagan had sent telegrams
They spoke making trunk calls
Nothing moved
Like a statue guarding our village limit
I was a witness for everything
Your 'history' sounds interesting
Why don't you quit drinking?
Keep quiet
Hey! Switch off the lights
Brainless fellow!
You've come where girls
shelter for the night
And you switch on the light!
Watch your step
There are so many
pits and potholes
Hello, brother-in-law
Did you eat dinner?
I did
Did you give them coffee?
Yes, I did is your work going on?
Not bad
Wait, I will be back
That girl rejected you
She is working
in my husband's office
Her house is near by
She does not have any manners
She called, said no abruptly
and disconnected
She looks like a black rat
And she had the gall
to reject you
I know a girl
in the cutting section
She is very reserved by nature
'Our rivers, lakes and ponds
have been taken over forcibly'
' business crocodiles
Concrete jungles everywhere'
'Govt and authority act as
broker and laborer'
Corporate politics has reduced us to
slavery by buying and selling water
People have to be
united in their struggle
Only people can
bring about people's rule
We should only protect ourselves
Let's get together
Earlier the better
People have to fight
for people's rule
People have to support one another
Get on to my bike
It's getting late
for the public meeting
The lorry will leave without us
Everyone will say he is mad
But he is the only one who has
clarity in our village, my boy
Heard what he said?
'Only people can
bring about people's rule'
I was standing as a security guard
in Mugal palace
But I should have by rights
been seated inside
They will not allow me to sit
If I had sat, I would have
changed so many laws
I wasn't able to bear all this
So I started to drink
My gray cells are having
withdrawal symptom now
Only if I drink
will my trembling stop
This is an arena, lad
It's getting late
What are you doing?
Brother Selvaraj
Get in
Climb in
Wait, I'm coming
Come fast
Go in
Get in
Move inside
Close the door
Start the vehicle
Move over
How many days do you think
all this will work out?
If all the 3 forces
come together...
...not a single soul can
conduct any meetings
You can't assemble people
using money power
Single order
Single bomb
First ask them to do that!
Ignore him
It's okay if a bomb doesn't explode
but you don't expel your mini-bombs!
Mahesh, come
'Don't push'
(humming a film song)
'Rose garden', I heard
you rejected the groom
She said she wasn't interested
Then why ask for reasons?
We should know
If you ask the President
about his electricity bill
...he has to reply
There is such a law
Tell us the reason
Wonky head
That's why I refused
Boy, apply powder and stand
in Palakodu bus stop for 4 days
You will get someone
way better than this one
You are a rural beau!
Okay, brother
Our leader will be here
in another few minutes
Hey! Stop...stop
Alcohol should be banned
in the whole of Tamil Nadu
Get down
Everyone should stay here
until the leader finishes
Don't loiter around
'Biryani' will be distributed
only after the meeting
You'll be given
your liquor now
1 quarter per head
Listen carefully
Veluswami 'anna' will talk
You should clap non stop
Grandma, you know to take
'arati', the welcome ritual?
Hey, get the liquor bottles down
They will give you
Don't be in a rush
Follow the queue
Don't rush
Only one per head
Get the liquor and come
Don't push
Form a line
Water company 'anna'?
You did not go?
Not accustomed to this
Not used to buying
in this manner
Let them settle down
Where is your friend?
She has gone
to get the liquor bottle
Oh! She drinks?
No, she has gone to
get it for her father
'Take off your hand'
Hey boy!
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
(loud voices)
Go, I will get it for you
No need
I'm quite capable
of getting it myself
Don't push
Move aside
Don't grab
(loud voices overlapping)
He has got it
Is it the second time?
The liquor is over
Vacate the place
For me
It's for the military
Keep a bottle aside
It's over
'Leave the place
and run away'
'Or join our party'
'Leader is very magnanimous'
'He will forgive and accept you'
If they don't give
we must help ourselves
That's power
Look! This is height
of perseverance!
Here, go and
give it to your father
Let him drink and die
Hold it
My father isn't an alcoholic
He drinks to clear
the phlegm in his chest
True, her father drinks
to clear his chest
My husband drinks for me
to beat my chest and lament!
Let's go
My husband will
bring the roof down
Hey boy
You saw me struggle
to get just 1 quarter
But you never thought
of getting 1 for me
Don't hold my hand
Your 'rose' petal, huh?
Did you get
the 'biryani' packet?
Bloody scoundrels!
They are refusing to
even give water packets
Hold this
If they don't give
we must help ourselves
That's power
'Confirmed, he will get it for you'
Why do you disgrace yourself
by going on all fours for this?
Only if I drink I can
see my Soundaram
My beloved Soundaram
Just like the Goddess Annapoorani
seated in the inner sanctuary
'Like goddess Shakthi
I can see her everywhere'
'Nothing in this world
compares to a woman's love'
'Nothing at all'
Brother, move
What, boy?
Where are you going?
Where are you taking the bike?
"Love you,
love you...Jasmine"
"My perfumed Jasmine"
"Miss you...miss you,
miss you, jasmine"
"My scented jasmine"
"My fragrant jasmine!"
Rose garden, get down
"My dear flower
In a pink churidhar"
"Waiting in the bus stop always"
"Followed you for many days"
"Don't ridicule me
as a clown funny"
"On your neck are white patches
Your feet with cracks and scratches"
Why are you following me?
Don't come up to the rose garden
You'll make life hard for me
"You don't wash your face daily
Why kill me with your beauty?"
"Your buck teeth so pretty
ruins my sleep, dearie"
"In my phone I stored with glee
your name as 'wifey' you see"
"I tried real hard
to get your 'okay' nod"
"As 'husband' in your phone
My name I wanted you to own"
"My energy depleted
when it got deleted"
"Love you,
love you...Jasmine"
"My perfumed Jasmine"
Alankottai, get down
"Miss you...miss you,
miss you, jasmine"
"My scented jasmine"
"My fragrant jasmine!"
Didn't I tell you the other day?
Why do you keep following me?
You asked me not to follow you
up to rose garden, right?
I got down at Alankottai
Come, Mahesh
She already told you
Then why are you disturbing her?
Ask her to reconsider it
He will celebrate his love
and your daughter
"Love you,
love you...Jasmine"
"My perfumed Jasmine"
"Miss you...miss you,
miss you, jasmine"
"My scented jasmine"
"My fragrant jasmine!"
"Like oil massage at Hogenakkal
you rejuvenate me with your eyes, girl"
"My sister's miracle daughter, jasmine
You refuse to become mine"
"Your smile is so precious
You are my lucky mascot auspicious"
"You're a fresh grinding stone
Give me a favorable reply soon"
"If you say 'yes', I request
100 more wishes, dearest"
"In the flex banner at our wedding
we posed together, my darling"
"A color video we shot amazing"
"On our wedding night you came in
Looked at me with shyness overflowing"
"That dream went a-dissolving"
"In the flex banner at our wedding
we posed together, my darling"
"A color video we shot amazing"
"On our wedding night you came in
Looked at me with shyness overflowing"
"That dream went a-dissolving"
See fast
He is missing
Look around
Brown shirt
He is peeping from there
Disconnect now
I swear I never
expected you to come
Can I see the house?
What are your qualifications?
BA History
Attended college for 2 years
Then started working
in the water company
Is it enough to apply powder
and come and 'see' the bride-to-be
If a girl should come
and live here...
...don't you know
she needs basic amenities?
It has 50 channels
Every night new movies will be
telecast in the local cable
Blender, fan, grinder
I have bought
basic necessities
Don't you have a bathroom?
Don't you have a toilet?
We use the open ground
Your sister told me everything
Come, Mahesh
Let us go
This is the reason
There were no toilets for girls
when she went to school
No toilet in her house either
She will only settle down
in a house that has a toilet
'Come, Mahesh'
She likes you
'You have hooked her
at the right time'
Cleanliness is essential
for a country
Hygiene is more important
If I say this, my words
will go above your head
Only if a girl tells you
your brain registers it
There's a scheme
'Live life to the fullest'
Govt is providing aid
to build toilets
For the past 6 months
this plan is in the offing
Estimate has been given
In our area 20 to 25
is possible, right?
Careful, its 4G
Ration card,
Voter's ID
Govt identity card
Keep all these details ready
Take copies without fail
I'll call after getting the forms
Come to the Block Development office
- What?
- Okay, bro
Sir, there are totally
38 applications
I've gone through them thoroughly
If you sanction it
the toilets can be built
And our people can
'Live life to the fullest', sir
Are you mocking me?
If I sanction it
does it mean it is finalized?
There are so many formalities
Fund has to be mobilized
Good morning, sir
Collector's assistant called
to discuss the free toilet issue
'Yes, sir'
'The files have gone to the minister'
The contract is taken up
by our Tuticorin 'annachi'
'They are now in good terms, sir'
'Sir, percentage?'
'10% give or take a few'
'It is in the bargaining stage, sir'
'District officials get 4 shares'
'Then the officers'
'There are about 7 to 8 tables, sir'
'I'll book a conference call
to the minister's assistant'
Before we discuss the matter
let us talk about the money
Quotations have arrived
from 8 companies
'From the centre to the state
bribery is the key to collaboration'
'Collector, contractor, MLA, BDO
councilor, all are waiting in a queue'
They have to be settled
I will see to all that
It isn't a big issue
As if we will be building toilets
Who wants to know all that?
Priority for the country
Money, man
'Money from toilet-fund won't stink'
First start an account for
everyone with Rs 500
Totally Rs 12,000
'If basement is ready
Govt will pay Rs 4,500'
'After building the rest of it'
'if a photo is produced
Rs 7,500 will be deposited'
'Will all this work out for you?'
'Come to the place'
'Take a photo with you'
'BDO sir and I will get
everything done for you'
Look at the camera
Change the door
Okay, done
Yes, sir
It just got over
No problem at all
Went off well
What is this?
Bro, this is-
Okay, get on to the bike first
Bro, they said it will cost 14,000
to build the toilet, 3 installments
They clicked photos
In the end they gave us
this basin alone
I asked the councilor and he said
'Be happy you got at least this!'
When have they fulfilled
a scheme completely?
From minister to councilor
everyone has to be bribed
We only get what is left over
after they help themselves
What to do with this?
Do whatever you can
We thought living only was difficult
Now even crapping is
a herculean task!
My gray cells have started to protest!
Let me head to the wine shop
We can get engaged
I can't say 'yes' now
Once I get the money
I'll finish building the toilet
Come here
Come closer
Sit here
We can
We can get married
"In a thatched hut small and square
A princess walked into my life to share"
"I'll keep you in my heart gladly
I'll sing a sweet lullaby"
"Even if the river runs dry
swim in my love so true"
"Even if we go hungry
I'll always care for you"
"Come, ask for my hand, love"
"I am with you right now"
I wore this once to
a Republic Day function
Everybody was zapped
If you wear this
you'll look like a President
Why all this for me?
Wear it, my dear new groom
Let's go
"No need to draw a 'kolam'
in the porch as warm welcome"
"In a porch-less home, you'll be
my golden flower beauty"
"You don't need diamonds
on my ear as ornaments"
"When you're my precious diamond
why fake jewelry, my dear husband?"
"With my toil and sweat as thread
I'll weave a saree in bright red"
"If you smile shyly at me
I'll hug you tight, my wifey"
"Even after we unite in desire
my passion blazes like fire"
"Like the sun in the meadows
my joy knows no bounds"
"In a thatched hut small and neat
I'll cherish you as my heartbeat"
"After 9 months or so
our babies precious, as a duo"
"If instead of 1, you give me 2
our medical bill is less too"
"We should make both of them
shine like a precious gem"
"They should speak English fluently
Make them fly to a foreign country"
"If we are together
at midnight stars appear"
"Even if you sneeze, dear
God will come to our aid here"
"Let joy run in every vein
Like earth blessed by rain"
"If we live happily on earth
do we need another birth?"
"In a thatched hut small and square
My wife walked into my life to share"
"I'll keep you in my heart gladly
I'll sing a sweet lullaby"
Our baby is singing inside
I know
Our baby will definitely
become a singer
She will participate
in reality shows and win
Seeing that we will cry
and it will be telecast all over
- Madcap!
- Don't laugh
Whatever the expenses
we should save Rs 5 daily
Only then we can send our baby
for the 'Super singer' show
Do you understand?
"I am right now
with you, my love"
Sir, this is Logu's house
Good day, sir
Good morning
Greetings, sir
Can we have
a look at the toilet?
No, sir
We can go to Vediapppan's house
But the Village Officer mentioned
only this house near the ground
No, sir
Come, I say
Brother, please tell him
They have sent me
a photo in WhatsApp
Take a look
Where is the toilet?
This is it
You promised to build it
and this is what we got
Even now we crap outside
near the pond
Keep quiet!
Sir, there are totally 38 candidates
Most have them took the money
And left it undone like this
Only Vediappan has completed it
We can fix that
Sir, this is what has happened
What do you mean?
This isn't a small issue
The President and Chief minister
are coming over here
This is a serious issue
All the officers are dumbstruck
The President is coming
to inaugurate the toilets
It came as a shock
Like a bomb explosion
I got the jitters
Minister and officers
are coming tomorrow
What you have to do is
show this house to them
Let's see what they say
And then we can decide
Okay, sir
Start the car
Brother, is the President coming?
Get lost!
Why are they suddenly
executing the toilet scheme?
They are making it
a brand all over India
According to the circular, a model village
has to be designed in Bihar, UP or Dharmapuri
President has marked it here
How many toilets have been
sanctioned in our district?
20, 610
What are you saying?
So little
Have they spent the rest
on building toilets?
Has my brother-in-law
gone through the files?
He is the first in line
All the particulars has been submitted
to your brother-in-law promptly
How is he?
Hope he won't suddenly raise questions
like our ex-President Abdul Kalam sir?
Hang around till the President's visit
How will I leave you and go, sir?
I have no choice
'If 'Kesava' once we utter
all our miseries will disappear'
'Lord Vishnu lies on a snake-bed
in Thiruvanthapuram sacred'
Greetings, sir
This is the perfect place
There is an open space
to receive the President
Media and crowd can be
easily accommodated
Even the Infront security
will mark this place
I've already sent
the photos to Delhi
Okay, sir
Where is the bathroom?
We can go and see, sir
Right here
This baby-toilet?
This is what we were given, sir
'And I found that all-good
bestowing name, Lord Narayana'
Hey! Stop quoting hymns
in praise of God now
The function is fixed for the 25th
Not even a week to go
Finalize everything
as soon as possible
I know, 25th
Works well with numerology
Keep quiet
Ask the contractor
to send some laborers
Okay, bro
Ask them to clean the village
Paste posters all over the district
Yes, 'anna'
Ask them to build a toilet
in this house
Paint the walls
The President will take photos here
Yes, bro
They will come from Delhi
and finalize everything
Consider it done, sir
'Live life to the fullest'
Whose house is that
in the corner of the street?
Venkatachalam, sir
Does it have a toilet?
No, sir
Ask everyone to go there
First build a toilet there
Hurry up
Don't make my blood pressure shoot up!
Leave this for now
It isn't necessary it seems
Come behind me
Bring that too
Hurry up
Forget that
Come soon
Tell us your name
Venkatachalam, sir
- Your name?
- Madhamma
Greet the President
with folded hands when he comes
Say 'vanakkam'
Greet them
'Namasthe' sir
Now we are in Pappireddipatti
Dharmapuri district
A village which was
ignored till yesterday
(press coverage)
Get going
The President is coming
You can't be lying down here
Get up
Don't disturb me, sir
Thank you
I like to thank the president
for building a toilet for us
You'll let all the terrorists go scot free
You will get hold of
only us poor people...
who live by temple offerings
You are good at this!
Where did you go?
Look at me
My dear...aiyo!
Has the minister arrived?
'They said the President
has reached Dharmapuri'
Hold on for a minute
Hey! Mannan
Disconnect, I'll call
What happened?
Come with me
Tell me what happened?
Your wife?
Let's go
What happened?
The bathroom wall collapsed
You left things half way
My dear
Stay here
Stay here, I'll come
I will inform the doctor
and bring him along
Come soon
My precious!
Look at me
Come, sir
Carry her, please
The President will
leave in 10 minutes
Then we can
call the ambulance
What are you saying?
Carry her
Keep quiet
Stay calm
We will take her
She is pregnant
Please help me carry her
Keep quiet
Don't shout
Look at her, sir
Give me a hand
Do not shout
Wait till the media leaves
Wait, don't yell
Lock him in
Take him away
Shut the door firmly
My dear
She is pregnant
She can't bear the pain
Open the door
Yov! Open
Move, don't hide
Can someone help me?
Don't shout
My wife is injured
I know
Call someone, sir
Ask someone to open the door
Please ask them to open
Go forward
Greetings for the day
'Live life to the fullest' scheme
was introduced by the Govt of India
Please ask them to let me out
Wait till the media leaves
Call the ambulance
It's here only
Long live India
My dear
Sir, careful
Open your eyes, dear
You will be fine
You have brought her
so late after the accident
Are you such a nitwit?
The baby is dead
We have administered Oxytocin
for her to get contractions
'Pregnant woman admitted in hospital'
'We want justice'
'Corruption raises its ugly head
even in the toilet scheme'
'Mallika needs justice
We want justice'
Why get hassled?
First go to the hospital
There is a clot in her brain due to
the harsh impact of stones on her head
This condition is
called vegetative state
It is more or less
like a coma stage
We don't know when or if
she will regain consciousness
So what?
We should not be scared of anything
We will fight till the very end
How much did the Govt pay
for you to build your toilet?
Nothing at all
All they gave was the basin
Took photos
They covered up
with a lot of lies
They lined their own pockets, sir
My bad time
Stones fell on my wife's head
Mallika is lying
like a vegetable now
Do I attend to her or
follow up this court case?
No one should go through this
You will cook up a scheme
to line your pockets, huh?
My baby died in the womb
Only you have to help me out, sir
Those who were responsible for this
Right from the Chief Minister and minister... the health officer and
councilor, 8 people totally
Ponoonjal has filed
a case against them
'Since the prosecutor
has no incriminating evidence...'
'...this case is adjourned'
'The Court also reprimands the defendant
for abusing higher officials without evidence'
Hospital will prove too expensive
You can take care of her at home
Sister has left
I dropped her
near the entrance
I have bought flowers for you, dear
Shall I keep it on your hair?
Can I play a song for you?
My Malli was so full of life
I can hear her laughter
echo in my mind all night
I keep waking up
They are just dreams
My imagination
Request the Govt to kill her
She is alive
but going through hell, sir
The Govt which built the toilet
has also built the hospital
Ask them to kill her
Grant her the freedom to die please
'After hearing all the arguments'
'The court takes up
interrogation today'
'Regarding Mannar Mannan's
petition for euthanasia'
'Final verdict in 2 weeks'
'Considering the arguments'
'The court has denied permission
for euthanasia of patient Mallika'
'Once again the case
has been adjourned'
'Euthanasia plea for Mallika has been
rejected by the Madras High Court'
He comes to power
only with our votes
We have the right
only to empower him
But if he blunders...
...don't we have the right
to dismiss him?
Law and order has let us down
Is this my plight now?
Don't we have...any power
to change it?
We don't have
You don't have
any bloody power
Go sleep
At least sleep today
Go sleep
Otherwise you'll go mad!
'Only the President can point his finger
to change or revoke our laws'
(heavy breathing)
'If they don't give
we must help ourselves'
'That's power'
I'm the President speaking
Tell me, Mannar
Ponoonjal, can you hear me?
The President here
Welcome, Mr President
Get down, Mr President
We have a lot of work to do
Please get down
My dear people
I, Mannar Mannan
with the presence of the 3 forces...
...I solemnly affirm with this secret oath
I will serve our beloved nation as its President
Leave me
Let me go
Police atrocities
Down! Down
'They don't like me
coming to power'
'So the Prime Minister's men
are beating me up, dear'
'I should teach them a lesson'
'That's why I intend
calling for a strike tomorrow'
'President's trial by fire to permit
Euthansia legally in India'
Oh my god!
How is the collection going on?
Good lord!
118 missed calls
He is getting on my nerves
He drives me mad
'Alcohol kills men'
'Where are the shop owners then?'
(anti-drinking slogan)
'People's President protests
by prostrating on a bed of nails'
'People's President protests
by prostrating on a bed of nails'
'Protest to close liquor shops'
'People's President protests
by prostrating on a bed of nails'
'Alcohol kills men'
'Where are the shop owners then?'
The appeal to the Supreme Court
regarding your wife's case ...
...has been prepared by our lawyer
'It is evident certain facts
by the petitioner were overlooked...'
' the Madras High Court
while passing the judgment'
'Hence this petition has been
accepted by the Supreme Court'
(wakes up startled)
What happened?
My wife...where is she?
Is your wife dead?
Not yet
The case is pending
in the Supreme Court
She'll get her 'happiness' soon
I will send her off with State honors
By the way why are you in jail?
I brought India under military rule
So the Prime Minister's men
who didn't like that pushed me in here
I participated in the 'Iftar' feast
which didn't go well with them
I get it, brother
I totally get it
If you try to do good
no one will like it here
Nowadays people prefer
villains over heroes
Just like you, there was
a head constable in Trichy
They forced him to
shoot a good man
Guess what? Head constable
thought no end of himself
He acted as the Commissioner
Single handed, he ran
the police station so well
Finally they put him behind bars
and gave him a solid hiding
Poor fellow!
If he's a good man...
...perhaps I can speak to
the Home Ministry and get him out
Don't bother
You go back to sleep
Hey! In the morning
I'll get you a mobile phone
Do you want to talk
to your wife?
Oh! No
No need
Mobile phones
shouldn't be used
If I use it myself, then I'll be
setting a wrong example
Okay, sleep
Why did you come in here?
I always come in here
during summer
And leave during winter
What kind of a city is this?
So congested...!
Try to get some sleep
Shall I sing an old song for you?
"With her bountiful nature
isn't the earth our mother?"
"Isn't the sky showering many a lesson
as our father and guardian?"
I've brought crab gravy
and fish fry for you
Hog all you want
Crab curry when I am in jail, huh?
Why do I need an aphrodisiac in here?!
Look, the President
Greet him
Good morning, sir
You said you wanted to
talk to someone?
Give her the number
She'll go out and call
Brother, this isn't wrong
It's quite legal
She'll call only when she steps out
Give her the number
Tell me, sir
My secretary
What should I tell her?
Ask her to take good care of Mallika
She should be fed
at the right time
She should ask the doctor whether the pipe
for the bathroom has been bought
Nails to be trimmed
Rose plants to be watered
Offer a 5 rupee coin
in a temple donation box
And then tell her
I'll be out soon
Isai, why did you come here?
I made sure someone is
with Mallika madam
Why did you do this
without thinking it through?
We were anyway intending
to appeal to the higher ups
No, implementing military rule
was the right call to take now
Without doing anything... many prisoners here
are dying naturally
Break this political conspiracy
and bring me out first
I need to tell our people the truth
I've made arrangements
The Supreme Court's verdict
in your wife's case will be out this Friday
You wanted to attend it
We have used that as the reason
for your bail application
It will come through
I have spoken to
the Legal Services Authorities
They will take you to Delhi
I'll leave now
I've spoken to my friends
in the Delhi legal circle... take care of the President
If the judgment goes against him
he will be mentally affected, Isai
Once the President is back
we have to take good care of him
Okay, sir
'For withdrawing life from a person
incompetent to take a decision...'
'...there's no statutory provision in
our country as to the legal procedure'
'Our country has been debating on the pros
and cons of euthanasia for the past 14 years'
'The board of members
of the Central Govt...'
'...has not passed
the draft bill on this subject'
'The Indian Constitution condemns
any form of violence'
'The Death sentence verdict is
also given only to significant cases'
'The court strongly believes that no one
has the right to take any form of life'
'To consider euthanasia
makes death meaningless'
'And the respect for life
will drastically reduce'
'On the above basic, euthanasia
is totally vetoed by this court of law'
'And hence the court rejects
the plea of the petitioner'
Your petition has been dismissed
Euthanasia is not allowed in India
I don't accept this verdict
I reject your...judgment
Did you understand what I said?
I respect the law
I was waiting
for your judgment
You've dismissed it
As the President
I'll sign the file myself
And provide mercy killing
to my wife myself
I have the power
I have brought
military rule to India
No one can avail
a stay on my decision
Court, verdict, none of these
She is unaware of her own suffering
I need to make her happy
Let me go
Mallika is suffering
I need to see her
I have to go
My wife was so full of life!
I have to make Mallika happy
That's why I signed the order
After making the citizens half dead
for whom is your mercy reserved?
You can't even build a toilet
without taking bribes
I was wrong to expect
mercy from you
'Based on the details of the case
and the attributes of the petitioner...'
' is evident to the court that
the petitioner is mentally disturbed'
'The court objects to the imprisonment and
denial of proper treatment to the petitioner'
'The concerned department
has to be interrogated'
'We recommend the police department to admit
him for mental health assistance at once'
'The court orders proper security
to be given to Mallika...'
'...the petitioner's wife
who is in a vegetative state'
I must make her happy
Only I can do so
First let us do the checkup
and then his treatment will start
Please wait in the Dean's room
and then we will send for you
Doctor, please take care of him
I must meet Mallika
Let go of me
I must see Mallika
I need to go
Leave me
I need to go
I need to see Mallika
"A flower caught in a storm helplessly"
"What would its poor fate be?"
"Koels many"
"Covey of quails
with grey-brown tails"
"River sand refreshing, my dear
"Money for a rainy day, my treasure"
"Don't get spent, I pray"
"Don't get spent, my rose bouquet"
Hey! Your brother has
jumped bail in Delhi
He must have spoken to you
You had better give us
the information
"My true love
My treasure trove"
"A flower in a tempest caught
How will it safely get out?"
"How would a mere flower
weather a violent twister?"
"Beloved...o' my soul friend"
"Where the village guardian stands
and the noon rays of the sun dance"
"A goat delivering its kid I see
I think of you immediately
"When the morning star at 4'o clock winks
Tall palm trees whisper to the cold winds"
"Your tinkling laughter
caresses my ear"
"In the sky dipped in shades of orange
clouds cluster with a message"
"They draw your face
Deft strokes in place"
"You are all I've got
My lucky mascot"
"My better half
Rose petal soft"
"My heartbeat
My life complete"
"How can a rosebud weather a storm?"
"In a storm how can the bud be calm?"
"What we saw in the nests
of the Blue mountain forests"
"Those eggs are now
birds flying far south"
"Silk moths in pairs, dear
we once saw here"
"Now they adorn our Goddess
as a silk saree priceless"
"The days we waited to spend
exchanging stories don't end"
"The nights we watched the moon shine
They are still memories so sublime"
"You are all I've got
My lucky mascot"
"River sand refreshing, my dear"
"Money for a rainy day, my treasure"
"Don't get spent, I pray"
"Don't get spent, my rose bouquet"
"My better half
Rose petal soft"
This one came in last night
This is a knife wound case
All these came in yesterday
One is a case of poisoning
This came in early morning
Got hit by a truck
They killed him
He is responsible
for my brother's death
You killed my brother
Now you've come to the funeral
pretending to be grief-stricken
Somehow you drove that boy
to insanity and killed him
Go away
'After the postmortem is over
you can take your brother's body'
'If that mad old man claims it
he will create a huge ruckus'
I'm the one who killed him, right?
Made him a corpse like this
You, me, him
Why did we
become like this?
It has been 20 years
since I saw my family
I can't turn a blind eye to
what is happening around me
I felt I can sleep
only if I do something
What's most painful is...
...the very people
whom we are fighting for
For whom we are dying
They look at us as comedians
in the most mocking manner
People are like this
They endorse what's wrong
Make villains win and
celebrate their mistakes
But can that make us slaves
of power and authority?
It's better to eat crap and survive
Rent a lodge near the bazaar
and run a brothel
Are we here for that?
Everyone has labeled him a lunatic
But you loons use caste, religion,
politics as a bargaining tool
Not bothered to look
at a man as fellow human being
He scrapes to live
with selfishness as base
Utilizes money and power
to make life sheer hell
Dissects and sells nature
piece by piece
Mocks at people planting trees
Salutes people who smuggle sand
Like selling his mother and wife...
...he sells his vote
After gawking at all the fun... die like herds of sheep
You are not mad
But we are mad for sure
I accept, we are mad
We are mad
'Hello, comrade'
'Yes, comrade'
'It was not an accident'
'He was hit by a truck
carrying sand and killed'
'We will file a case tomorrow
at the earliest'
'We have started
our fight for justice'
'Tomorrow evening the protest
begins at our Gandhi's statue'
'You should definitely
be present, comrade'
'Thanks, comrade'
'Protest March tomorrow
Come to the street, comrade'