Jolly LLB 2 (2017) Movie Script

'This film is a work of fiction and
is not based on any life or place.'
'any similarity to the events
in the life of any person living'
'or dead is merely co-incident
and unintentional.'
'all characters and names used
in this film are fictitious.'
'this film is for entertainment
purpose and has no intentions'
'of disrespecting
any community, city or state.'
'this film is a work of fiction and
is not based on nor intended to be'
'based on life of any person dead
or alive.'
'any similarity to the life of
events in the life of any person'
'living or dead is merely
co-incident and unintentional.'
'all characters, backdrops and
incident portrayed'
'and the names used in this film
are fictitious'
'and any resemblance to reality,
names, characters and history'
'is a pure coincidence.'
'this film is for entertainment
purpose and has'
'no intentions of disrespecting
any community, city or state.'
got it!
He got the paper!
Sir, I have the paper.
Attention, children
please don't start answering
your question paper yet.
Pretty soon
we'll be giving out the correct
answers to all the questions.
No child is going to fail
their English exam this year
because I've taken
the responsibility
to help you cheat and pass.
Oh, birbal, where's the guy?
The paper has been distributed
already, it's getting late.
Sir, don't get so restless.
He'll be here soon.
This is the English exam.
I hope you called an educated guy.
He's a qualified advocate!
Where have you been, sir?
The paper has been distributed.
It's getting late and the
children are waiting.
Hello, sir.
Good morning, children.
Question no. 1. Essay!
This means, composition.
Those with even roll numbers
like 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
will write on 'my best friend'.
And those with odd roll
numbers will write on 'the cow'.
If everyone writes
the same essay
the examiner will think
that you've all copied. Right?
So now, write as I say.
'My best friend'.
I have many friends.
But brijmohan arora
is my best friend.
Please don't write
the name brijmohan arora
instead write the
name of your best friend.
Now for those writing
an essay on the cow.
Cow is a holy animal.
Please don't misspell holy,
you rascals.
- Otherwise you'll get less marks.
- Otherwise you'll get less marks.
See, sir, the paper has been
finished before time.
He is right.
Now pay up,
I must get to the court.
Here you go.
That's more like it.
Rs. 3,000?
Wasn't the deal for rs. 5,000?
Yes, sir.
You came 15 minutes late, sir.
Call it a late fee.
I knew you would do
something sneaky like this.
I answered the last
four questions wrong!
- What?
- What is he saying?
And only 15 minutes are left now.
You charged them for
1st class results
but I doubt they'll even pass.
Let's see what you can do now!
Give him the money.
Do something.
Children, don't submit
your answer sheets yet.
Children, don't submit
your answer sheets yet.
There's been an error.
The lawyer will rectify it!
Please submit your
papers to the examiner.
What is he saying?
All your answers
are absolutely correct.
Even Obama's mom
can't fail you this time!
Jai hind.
But you said that the last four
answers were wrong.
My name is
jagdishwar mishra aka jolly!
Lawyer by profession
and a resident of kanpur.
If I let an illiterate
like you make a fool of me
what good is my law degree?
See you.
If you need anything, do call.
Watch out! Watch out!
Move aside!
Hello, sir.
- Hello.. - Hello.
Hello! Yes, have a good day!
Watch where you're going!
Do you want to read
everything in one day?
Coming here every day
won't make a difference, hina.
Mr. rizvi won't
get convinced so easily.
I'm a lawyer too.
Why don't you tell me
about your case?
Have faith in me.
No, sir, that's not the point.
You see, Mr. rizvi has defended
such cases before, and so..
And anyway no high-profile lawyer
is willing to take up my case.
Mr. rizvi is my only hope.
Who knows maybe some day
he'll take pity on my condition.
I pity you, even if he doesn't.
Take my advice, hina
and don't come here.
It's no use.
- He won't defend your case. Let it go.
- He won't defend your case. Let it go.
How can I give up so easily, sir?
Can you put in a word for me?
Who? With Mr. rizvi? No.. Yes..
No.. Just put in a word for me once.
You're one of his oldest assistants,
he might listen to you.
Please try, for my sake.
I'll be grateful.
let's assume that he agrees.
How will you pay his fee?
Do you know how expensive he is?
Have you thought about
where you'll get the money from?
No, I'll pay him
whatever his fee comes to.
Don't worry.
I just want him to agree.
Fine, I'll talk to him today
if he's in a good mood.
Because he's flying
to Delhi tomorrow.
Thank you very much, sir.
- Just a minute.
- What now?
Case files.
He'll understand everything
once he reads these.
I will wait for your call.
- Goodbye.
- See you.
should I handle your case?
Get lost,
you good-for-nothing lawyer.
Take lord ram's name.
Take lord shyam's name.
Take lord krishna's name.
Lord mukund madhav, govind..
I can't seem to find the
material for this case.
Take lord shyam's name.
If Mr. rizvi gets furious,
I'll blame you.
Take lord ram's name.
Get some stamp papers as well!
Why? Are you going
to write your will
or divorce your wife?
And my father was the secretary,
pandey, not me.
I'll need a secretary pretty soon.
Remember to send in your resume.
I'll see.
Why are you getting so furious?
I was just joking.
You should be thankful
that I'm only furious
and not getting violent.
Or maybe I should?
Jolly, seems like Mr. rizvi
has arrived.
- Sir has arrived.
- Hold this.
You'll get shouted at again!
Mr. rizvi is here.
What's today's schedule?
Sir, the minister's statement
is supposed to be recorded today
regarding the
ida land grabbing case.
And then the charge-sheet
is supposed to be filed today
in the session's court
for the sitapur murder case.
You must get to the high court
by 2 o'clock, sir
for the ganj blast case.
- And then at five..
- Enough.
There's only so much
I can do in one day.
I'll only go to
the high court today.
Yes, sir.
Did you forget something?
Betel leaf.
Oh, yes.
State vs. Kurla.
With your permission, may I go on
your behalf to the sessions court?
You will be happy to know
that I've studied the entire case.
You? Instead of me?
Well, there's no one in lucknow
yet who can fill my shoes.
If you don't believe me,
ask your father.
First learn court etiquette.
You don't have an
ounce of civility in you.
I only asked because I was free.
Stick to doing what you know.
There's a party at
my house in the evening.
My wife will need your help.
Be there.
Sir, there's a girl who wants..
Hey, jolly!
- Come here.
- Listen!
You come here!
I have a case for you.
I'm not playing anymore.
This isn't right, jolly,
you were winning.
Should I be a loser like you?
Will you take up the case?
Who's the client? He is.
Him? Where did you find him?
Looks like I'll have
to pay him instead.
He's already paid in advance.
But if you don't win,
you'll have to return the fee.
A real lawyer never
returns the fee.
What is the case?
It's interesting.
Who is the judge?
Harbhajan Singh.
- Come on..
- Let's go.
Come, Mr. sitaram.
'Please maintain silence.
A session is on.'
- yes, please begin.
- Please.
Your honour,
15 years ago my client's relatives..
Is this your first
time in court?
Stand up!
Don't you have any manners?
Oh, yes, your honour.
Your honour, 15 years ago
my client's relatives
for the greed of money
faked his death certificate
and usurped his entire property.
For the last 15 years, he's been
trying to prove that he's alive.
How strange!
According to my papers your client
has been dead for 15 years.
here's the death certificate
and the letter from
the village council.
And a report from
the local counsellor.
That's all paper, your honour.
The dead body is standing in front of you alive.
- So what?
You must get me some
kind of legal document
with his name written on it.
The court believes
in documented facts.
Bring it in writing and I will
believe that he's shah rukh Khan.
Please don't do this.
Please order an investigation.
We'll be grateful.
Your request is denied.
Your honour, I beg you,
please listen to me.
You see I finally have a case.
I've even taken an advance,
I can't return the fee. Please.
- You don't have any court manners.
- You don't have any court manners.
I'll learn everything.
Please, just listen.
This lawyer will bless you.
I swear by god, you look just
like manmohan Singh in this turban.
Don't you understand?
I'll charge you with contempt of
court and you'll be rotting in jail.
Your honour, please have
mercy on this helpless soul.
I've been doing rounds of
the court for the last 15 years
and now I'm completely ruined!
Poor guy's wailing!
He's completely shattered.
Please show him some mercy.
Tell your client to stop this
charade, it's not going to work.
Take him away!
I'll go, but not
without giving you a gift!
Sitaram! No! How dare you
throw a shoe at a judge!
It's what you deserve, you dog!
Lock him up! Court is adjourned!
Now there's an fir
against sitaram.
That poor guy's going
to rot in jail now.
And we'll have to
return the money as well.
Oh, jolly - bravo, sir!
In 15 minutes you achieved
what others couldn't in 15 years.
A police fir, but at least my
name's on a legal document now.
A police fir, but at least my
name's on a legal document now.
Now show that copy of the
fir to the administrator, sir.
Yes. - Along with the cutting
of the news report
which will get published
in tomorrow's newspaper.
- Late sitaram is alive.
- Yes.
Let's go.
Take care, sitaram! Yes.
You're so crafty.
But how long will you waste
away at rizvi's place?
Just a few more days.
Once I have my own chamber,
I'll quit.
Where to?
To make kebabs at Mr. rizvi's home.
Coming along?
No, you're the multi-talented one.
- Pushpa, my sweetheart!
- Pushpa, my sweetheart!
Open the door, pushpa!
Oh, no. Not again.
Open the door, pushpa!
What was the fight
about this time, jolly?
It's nothing, ma'am. It's her
younger brother's wedding.
She wanted a Gucci dress.
I said no and she
started world war 3.
Munna! Get up and get the ladder.
Jolly and pushpa fought again. Go on.
Come on, mom.
Help your neighbour. Go.
Jolly, why don't
you shift someplace else?
At least I won't
have to stay up at nights.
You're making my life hell.
Why don't you shift someplace else?
You think I can't come in
if you don't open the door?
Pushpa pandey, ma sanskrit.
I'm talking to you, stop pretending.
I know you're awake.
Even wars have
cease fires at night.
Get up, we can get back to
being at loggerheads in the morning.
Mr. rizvi threw a party.
I snuck a bottle for you.
Don't say that I didn't offer you.
Hail the lord.
Don't think this changes anything.
This is only because you
spoke about a cease fire.
This is only because you
spoke about a cease fire.
You didn't get me
the Gucci dress.
Now you're pretending to love me?
What do you mean by 'pretending'?
Don't I love you?
Be honest, don't I love you?
Show me one husband in lucknow
who makes a drink for his wife.
I'll concede.
If anyone finds out about this
we'll be ostracized.
And if I ostracise you, imagine
what you won't be getting.
There's no reason
to be so hot-headed.
All I need is a lawyer's chamber.
And then I'll buy
the entire Gucci store for you.
Just make do till then.
You make do with yourself till then.
And what will you tell Mr. rizvi
once you get your own chamber?
He doesn't consider me a lawyer.
Always treated me like
his secretary's son.
After all,
he's a blue blood of lucknow.
He assumes I'll be his secretary
for the next 30 years
like my father.
But once.
I have my own chamber..
I'll show him what
a secretary's son can do.
Just wait and watch, pushpa
the city of lucknow
will be talking about me.
Clients will queue up outside
my office.
I'll win many cases
and the world will say, 'there goes'
'jagdish mishra and his wife pushpa
pandey in their rolls royce.'
Mama, I have to pee.
Mom's out cold.
I'll take you.
Let me unzip your pant.
Go on.
- Aim for the plant.
- Aim for the plant.
Here you go, Mr. dubey.
Now quickly allot me a chamber.
Only after you pay in full.
There's only rs. 2 lakh left.
I'll pay up.
Give me the allotment letter
and I'll pay the rest.
Don't you believe me?
I told you
chambers are
only for senior lawyers.
And you're Mr. rizvi's
15th assistant.
You're just an amateur now.
Why else would I pay 1.2 million for
a chamber that costs only 8 lakh?
But don't underestimate me.
I have fought cases independently.
I have a visiting card
and an assistant.
Two days ago, he was selling tickets
illegally outside the movie hall.
How much do you make?
That's my personal matter.
Why do you care?
Did I ever ask you how much you
earn by selling betel leaves?
- Yadav!
- Yes, sir.
These are 20 betel leaves.
Yes, sir.
Don't give them to anyone for free.
Yes, sir.
Listen, mister.. Just a minute.
We are in a precarious situation.
Some unemployed lawyer, like you
has filed a petition in the high
court against chamber allotment.
The hearing is after
the holi festival.
If he wins,
you will lose your one million.
That's why my advice is
get me rs. 2 lakh by tomorrow
and take your letter.
But, Mr. dubey, how can we arrange
for so much money by tomorrow?
We need some time.
You're a lawyer. Figure it out.
Haven't you heard?
A politician without his seat,
a superstar without a hit
and a lawyer without
a chamber is a nobody.
Here, take this free betel leaf.
Eat it, boss, it's worth millions.
- Don't touch it!
- Don't touch it!
Rs. 2 lakh, by tomorrow.
We're in trouble, boss.
We'll have to think of something.
We can't lose this chamber.
Mr. jolly!
How did you get here?
I was trying to call you,
but you didn't answer.
I was busy in a meeting.
Any news for me?
Did you talk to Mr. rizvi
about my case?
Yes, I talked to him
and the good news
is that he agreed.
He's agreed to take up my case?
Of course, he did.
He said, 'I'll fight the case.'
I told you he would listen to you.
So when will my petition be filed?
After holi. Come after holi.
God bless you, sir, thank you.
No, not at all.
Thank you.
- Well..
- Well..
Mr. rizvi said that I
should tell you about the fee.
Yes, of course.
How much will it be?
He said it'll be rs. 2 lakh.
That's too much.
Like I said, Mr. rizvi
is a very expensive lawyer.
If you can't afford it, let it be.
Don't worry at all.
Just give me some time.
Give me time until tomorrow.
I will arrange the money.
- For sure.
- Great.
Then tomorrow..
Yes, I'll bring it.
Don't forget.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
If I don't give him rs. 2 lakh more
I'll lose the one million
which I have already given him.
You're right.
But what if something
goes wrong later?
- We'll return the money.
- How?
Once I get the chamber I'll get
a loan against
the chamber's documents.
- It's a matter of a couple of days.
- It's a matter of a couple of days.
You're right.
Jolly, holi is going
to be fun this year.
Where are you taking me?
- Let me see.
- We've reached.
- Now look.
- What is it?
Mishra law firm.
Jagdishwar mishra aka jolly. Ball..
No, father,
it's not ball its b.A.L.L.B.
Oh, yes.
Is this your chamber?
You worked here for 30 years, didn't you?
You wanted your son
to have his own chamber.
- Wasn't that your dream?
- Yes..
I've fulfilled your dream.
"You shoot from the revolver
from eyes."
"It's holi.."
"Your poison is such
that kills slowly."
"It's holi.."
"You shoot from the revolver
from eyes. Your poison kills.."
"I'll throw colour on you..
I'll splash water on you."
"I'll make you go red.
For its holi!"
"Go crazy! Go.. Go crazy.."
"Go.. It's holi.."
"Go crazy! Go.. Go crazy.."
"Go.. It's holi.."
"You look lovely when drenched.
The colours suit you. I love you."
"Let the cannabis work.
Don't be angry, for its holi!"
"Hey, you mad one.
Put on your goggles."
"You won't get any towel."
"The whole group is with me.
Don't act innocent."
"The whole group is with me.
Don't act innocent."
"I have opened a liquor bottle
as it's holi.."
"Go crazy! Go.. Go crazy.."
"Go.. It's holi.."
"Go crazy! Go.. Go crazy.."
"Go.. It's holi.."
"I'll ruin all your plans."
"That's right."
"I won't let you have your way."
"That's right."
"I'll ruin all your plans.
I won't let you have your way."
"Don't tease me, don't follow me.
Stop fluttering around me now."
"It's holi! Go crazy!
Go.. Go crazy."
"Go.. It's holi.."
"Go.. Go crazy.."
"Go.. It's holi.."
"Go.. Go crazy.."
"Go.. It's holi.."
"Go.. Go crazy.."
"Go.. It's holi.."
All your work will be done here.
- How is it?
- Great.
Advertise all over the city.
Don't worry.
Jolly, where did she come from?
Pandey is with her.
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you deceive me?
You should've taken pity
on my condition before lying to me.
What are you saying, ma'am?
Who deceived who?
He did!
Is this how you play
with people's lives?
Was I the only one you found?
They killed my husband.
For 8 months, I've been doing
the rounds of the court
in this condition! I'm tired.
You could've just
said no like others did.
I would've gone away.
Look, you're mistaken.
I don't understand
what you're saying.
Ask him! Tell them.
Tell them the truth.
Tell them!
He took rs. 2 lakh from
me using Mr. rizvi's name.
And he has no clue.
You want more, here take it.
Take it.
Take everything! Everything!
Jolly! Do you know her?
I'm asking you, do you know her?
Yes, I do.
Did you take money from her?
Yes, I did but I'll
pay her back in two days.
I don't want your money.
I want justice!
Can you get me that?
Tell me, can you?
I never hurt you in any way.
In fact, I never hurt anyone.
You took away whatever hope I had.
What will I do? Where will I go?
What are you all looking at?
Go away!
Come on, go!
Hina, there you are, dear.
I was looking for you downstairs.
Come down, dear.
I can't keep climbing
these stairs all day.
Come on!
Come, dear.
Come on!
Hina! Hina!
I refused to take hina's
case in the first meeting!
And you kept siphoning
money from her in my name!
You're responsible for
her death! You killed her!
Mr. rizvi, I worked
under you for 30 years.
If I'd known that jolly would..
How do I believe that you didn't
have any clue about what he did?
Mishra, his salary is
just rs. 15,000!
He gets betel leaf
and kebabs for me.
He even cleans my car.
And you thought he's
become a hot shot lawyer?
He'll sit in his own chamber?
He dares to match me!
I apologise for his mistake,
Mr. rizvi.
Please forgive him.
I respect you.
Before I call the police
and throw you two in jail.
Before I call the police
and throw you two in jail.
Get lost.
I worked here for 30 years.
30 years.
I couldn't become a lawyer like you.
But I had earned a lot of respect.
And now you destroyed that as well.
I made a mistake.
No, son, I made a mistake.
I made the mistake.
Now do me a favour
and don't show me
your wretched face again!
No, father.
Don't show me your face again!
It was a mistake, father.
Jolly? What's wrong?
Did you dream about hina again?
I'll get you water.
"I request you.."
"Show me the right path now."
I want justice! - "Roll my
heart and make a wick of it."
"Light your lamp, o my guide."
"O remover of my obstacles,
o divine light."
"O powerful one."
"O maker of fates, turn
my bad times into good."
"Show me that you
value my prayers."
"My life is in a big mess."
"Where shall I bow my head?
Show me a way out.."
"O remover of my obstacles,
o divine light."
"O powerful one."
- Jai hind, sir.
- Jai hind!
Where are you taking him, sir?
Mr. Singh has set him free.
Iqbal! Congratulations, son.
Your special bail has been approved.
Get ready, we leave in a bit.
the wedding procession is here!
Mr. iqbal qasim, do you take.
Hina siddiqui,
daughter of zahur ali siddiqui.
As your lawfully wedded wife?
- I do!
- Amen!
Amen! Amen! Amen!
Do you accept?
I do.
Look here.
Look in front.
What are you reading?
Your bail application.
I'll get bail easily,
you just wait and watch.
I've been arrested due
to some misunderstanding.
And they are such nice people.
Bail for a wedding, who gets that?
But we need to file an application.
I can't see you handcuffed anymore.
Where are the handcuffs?
I don't see them.
What's this?
Where? I don't see them.
- Where are the handcuffs?
- Where are the handcuffs?
Where are they?
Trying to be clever? Huh?
- Jai hind, sir.
- Where is he?
Sir, in the van.
Bring him out.
- Get him out.
- Okay, sir.
Congratulations, iqbal qadri.
It's iqbal qasim, sir.
Your wedding will be recorded
in the guinness book.
Special bail for
marriage with handcuffs.
All thanks to you, Mr. Singh.
Please sort this confusion out
and help me get bail.
Please, Mr. Singh.
Sir, let me congratulate you
in advance for another promotion.
What did you do?
Sorry, bhadoriya.
You're going to retire
this month anyway.
You'll have enough time to recover.
And you'll get a fat compensation
for getting injured on duty.
Yes. And even I'll send
something for you.
- Siraj!
- Yes, sir.
Take him to the hospital.
- Put him in the van.
- Help me!
What is the name of the
lawyer who filed the pil?
Some jagdishwar mishra
they call him jolly.
Do you know him?
No, never heard of him.
What are the chances, Mr. mathur?
There's no case, Mr. Singh.
An officer like you
should be awarded.
Instead, he'll make you
stand in the witness box?
What am I here for?
Mr. Singh, you're an old friend.
Your case, is my case.
Would you like me to
tear up this pil right now?
And that's exactly what
justice tripathi will do on day 1.
He'll tear it up and
throw it in the dustbin.
Please excuse me,
I must leave for golf.
Mushtaq will explain
the rest to you.
Just remember one thing.
Don't allow any details,
documents or papers
connected to this case to leak out.
Keep the lid tight at your end.
We'll see who gets through.
Sir, this is the rate card.
What is this?
It's a murder case so these are
all the package options. Look!
If you want to drag the case,
it'll be 1.5 million.
To reduce your sentence,
it'll be 2.5 million.
And if you want to get acquitted,
it'll be five million.
Taxes are extra.
You can select any package you like
and we'll activate
that scheme, sir.
Which package did you like, sir?
Five million.
Thank you, sir.
- Sir, your bill. Please pay in cash.
- Sir, your bill. Please pay in cash.
What is this?
This is for your tea and biscuits.
Tea and biscuits as well.
There's nothing free
in this office, sir.
You've got a discount
because you're a cop.
That's why we haven't charged
you for the ac and fan.
Have a nice day, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Yes, om prakash, show me.
- Please get some water.
- Please get some water.
Let's see.
Leave the chair and hold this,
om prakash.
Jagdishwar mishra aka jolly?
Do you have a brother in Delhi?
No, sir. Why?
- Forget it.
- Forget it.
Nothing. Your name reminded
me of another jolly.
So who's from defence?
Mr. pramod mathur.
- He's on his way.
- On his way?
Why didn't he come on time?
I'm not used to coming on time.
And lucknow court is
not known for its punctuality.
So I was sitting in my car.
Things always get done
on time in my court.
Got it? Don't forget next time.
It'll be good for both of us.
So, Mr. jolly, please begin.
Sir, on 13th August, 2015, inspector.
Suryaveer Singh and his
team shot dead iqbal qasim
a resident of lucknow,
in an encounter.
But we believe it's
a fake encounter
and it calls for a
high-level investigation.
Respected sir, the investigation
which he's demanding
has already been carried
out by the police department.
And the outcome was.
Iqbal snatched constable bhadoria's
service revolver
- shot him and tried to escape.
- Shot him and tried to escape.
The police, was forced
to take necessary action.
Sir, there are many
loopholes in this story.
And it's not just about iqbal, sir.
Constable baldev Singh bhadoria's
in this encounter
is also suspicious.
Stop making such tall claims.
What are you trying to say?
That the police shot
one of their own men?
No, sir, all I want to say is that
this case demands an unbiased investigation.
- Again!
What do you want?
The investigation is already done.
And why should we re-investigate?
This is like the story
of the man who had nothing to do
so he ripped his clothes
and stitched them repeatedly.
These people have nothing to do.
They just wake up
one day and file a pil.
Yes, sangeeta. Just a minute.
Yes, sweetheart.
Did you like the dress?
It's nice, isn't it?
Oh, come on,
not your manish malhotra again.
He's better, he's harish malhotra.
Manish is famous in India.
Harish is famous in lucknow.
- He's a top designer of lucknow.
- He's a top designer of lucknow.
You can make do.
Hello, hello.
Does anyone know manish malhotra?
Mr. mathur, how much do you
think a manish malhotra dress costs?
It's quite cheap around
rs. 5 to 6 lakh.
Oh, my god!
That's the budget
for a whole wedding.
To buy such an expensive dress
I'll have to be reborn a
lawyer like you, in my next life.
It's just not possible
on a judge's pay.
Sir, if we're done discussing
the wedding and the dress
can I say something?
Look, mathur is absolutely right.
You want an investigation
don't you?
So here's the investigative report.
You can either accept this
or get me new evidence.
Am I wrong?
No. Then stop posing like a hero.
Go do your job.
I didn't know you're a lawyer.
I thought you're
Mr. rizvi's secretary.
Anyway, it's a good thing.
But why so serious?
Take it easy.
Haven't you seen those
hoardings in lucknow?
They say..
Smile, you're in lucknow.
I will smile, Mr. mathur.
After I put your client in jail.
You kanpur folks.
This is lucknow.
We have a saying in lucknow.
It takes twenty years
to build a reputation
and five minutes to ruin it.
And I heard, you have even ruined
your father's.
You be careful.
Jolly, did the judge
accept the police report?
Of course.
Mr. mathur is a senior lawyer and
the judge is practically new, so
he only listened to him.
When I intervened,
he said stop being so dramatic.
Don't try to be a hero.
Jolly, I think the judge
is involved with them.
Even I think so.
How's the curry?
It's very tasty.
I just love your cooking.
Tell me something, what
will happen at the next date?
The judge is a grouch.
If I don't present any new evidence,
he will reject the pil.
Yeah, birbal.
There is a guy who can help us get evidence.
- Who is he?
His name is guruji.
Lives in banaras.
What does he do there?
I don't know for sure.
But I heard he's in some
kind of cricket business.
- Bookie? - We'll know when we get there.
- Bookie? - We'll know when we get there.
- Shall we go?
- Of course.
We leave in the morning,
okay. See you.
Welcome to banaras!
Veiled eleven vs. Burka eleven.
Indian ladies league.
Presented by vishal saris,
prayag pipes.
B-Tex ointment and lg hing.
The stake has been raised
to 2,50,000!
And I request the people of banaras
to bet with all their hearts.
The match is in its final
and decisive moment.
There's pin-drop silence.
What is this place?
And this guy is going to help us?
100 percent.
He was a police constable
for 40 years.
He's a very resourceful man.
Jaya and hema are in a discussion!
Amazing guy.
Next ball by the priest's daughter.
At the ladies stump.
Shakeela bano has hit that from the
middle stump all the way in the air.
Shakeela bano has hit that from the
middle stump all the way in the air.
Superb catch!
And with that veiled eleven
has recorded
a historic win on this pious land.
Don't forget next Sunday
we have a superb match lined up.
Moustache eleven vs. Bearded eleven!
Yes, please come in large numbers
and bet your heart out.
- Glory to..
- The lord!
I don't get this business about the
veiled eleven and the burka eleven.
The match is just
an excuse to make money.
But actually it's to explain
to the men on both sides
that life without women
is meaningless. Get it?
What brings you here?
We're here on urgent work, sir.
- Come.
- Actually..
You see, sir,
it's a cop encounter case
and we can't find
a single piece of paper.
Not even the fir copy.
It can't disappear.
Not even the fir copy.
It can't disappear.
Must be locked away in
one of the constable's cupboard.
Exactly, sir. We came here looking
for the key to that cupboard.
You came to the right place.
It will require some money
but I will give you the fir
copy and the charge-sheet.
The thing is we don't
have any money.
Goddess ganga is my witness.
I don't even sneeze
without getting paid.
Sir, we came to you hoping that..
Unlike you
I look before I leap.
It takes courage to leap
before you look, sir.
- How much?
- Rs. 5 lakh.
You'll get it.
Where from jolly?
What's he doing?
Jolly, one second.
We're in banaras after
a long time, birbal.
A dip in the ganga
- might just cleanse me of some of my sins.
- Might just cleanse me of some of my sins.
Praise the lord!
If you could've waited
just a few more days.
I would've got you
a better price.
No, Mr. dubey, I can't wait anymore.
You're selling the chamber
5 lakh cheaper.
You can be anything, but a lawyer.
I'm trying to be one.
I would first like to question
Mr. suryaveer Singh.
Mr. suryaveer Singh.
Please come to the witness box.
Mr. Singh, please tell me,
why did you arrest iqbal?
We had information
that he's associated with
some kashmiri organisations.
That he's associated with
some kashmiri organisations.
Who? Iqbal qasim or iqbal qadri?
They are the same,
they often operate under aliases.
When you arrested iqbal,
what did you recover from him?
A lot of material.
What material?
A laptop, a pen-drive,
some secret documents
and objectionable literature,
like books and cds.
Do you remember the name
of any book?
Huh? - Not now but there
were lots of books.
Shall I help?
Allow me.
Your honour, the first dangerous
item recovered from iqbal's home
was the poet faiz Ahmed faiz's book.
Along with a cd of
ghulam ali's poetry.
And the other objectionable
document is this map of India.
Your honour, the third item
which is actually dangerous
and will completely shock you.
Which is actually dangerous
and will completely shock you.
Is a book in arabic, a translation
of another dangerous book
called the 'bhagavad gita'.
What are you saying?
Why will the police call the 'gita'
objectionable literature?
Mistakes are often committed
in haste, your honour.
And he didn't factor that someday
it would be brought up in the court.
I would like to know the
source of this information.
This is a copy of
the fir and the charge-sheet.
Take it.
Along with this a report
that contains the list
of all the items
recovered from iqbal.
Please take a close look at the fir
you'll see how 'qadri' is written
in front of iqbal qasim with 'aka'.
But, jolly,
what does all this prove?
Just that the case made
against iqbal lacks substance.
Sooner or later this
would've been revealed
and would've hampered the
promotion of some high-level people.
- Right, Mr. Singh?
- Right, Mr. Singh?
What do you think?
Meet me outside,
I'll tell you what I think.
Watch it, Mr. Singh.
If I see even a hint of attitude,
I'll thrash you right here.
Jolly. That's no way to talk.
You've gone too far.
Sorry, your honour.
Jai hind, sir.
Jai hind, sir.
He screamed, and you..
Yes, Singh.
Meet Mr. basu and Mr. nair
from the central bureau
of investigation, New Delhi.
They have a few questions
about the iqbal encounter
and constable.
Baldev Singh bhadoria's death.
So, Mr. Singh, what information
did you have about iqbal
please tell us?
Sir, we had intelligence inputs
from srinagar police and
I had my own personal information.
The intelligence report from
srinagar was on iqbal qadri.
And the person who was
shot dead was iqbal qasim.
Even if we ignore this confusion
how do you explain constable
baldev Singh bhadoria's death?
Look, Mr. basu, Singh is
one of our best officers.
I'm sure.
I personally assure you that I will
conduct an internal inquiry.
Until then, if you can
cooperate with us. Please!
All right, Mr. Paul.
We had different orders.
But since you're insisting,
we'll wait for your report.
Thank you.
I don't get it, sir.
We were never questioned
about any of our encounters.
Even by the CBI.
How did this matter
get to Delhi?
Must be someone on the inside
who tipped off the agency.
You're to blame for this too.
You're a star now.
Your pictures are often in the
papers. What do they call you?
Super-cop. Yeah.
Lucknow's daredevil
who doesn't bother
taking me in confidence either.
Everything else is fine
but how will you explain
bhadoria's death?
Sir, I didn't know that
bhadoria had heart trouble
and that he was on blood thinners.
I see.
Otherwise, why would I, I mean..
Anyway, this is not the
first complaint against you.
It's an internal inquiry,
I'll see what I can do.
You may leave.
You knew, didn't you
that iqbal wasn't the
same man you were looking for?
How much were you paid for
letting iqbal qadri go?
What are you looking at?
I'm your boss and nothing
is hidden from me.
You're in a big hurry to
get promoted, aren't you?
You don't care about the
innocent and the guilty.
This time you're
in deep trouble, Singh.
Sir, my life's first
encounter was with you.
I learned from you that killing
someone can get me promoted.
I'm like your son.
Don't forget me now.
We'll be safe as long
as we're together.
Jai hind.
Mr. zahur?
- Yes? - Greetings.
I want to get some
clothes stitched.
Come in,
let me take your measurements.
Pardon me,
but the youngsters these days
like to wear readymade clothes.
What brought you
to this old tailor?
I've heard there's
magic in your hands.
But my sight doesn't support
my hands anymore.
Turn around.
What do you do, son?
I'm a lawyer. My name's jolly.
Have you no shame?
How dare you show your face
after everything you've done!
Mr. zahur, I know you're angry.
But I need your help
with iqbal's case.
Any information, has anyone
ever tried contacting you?
Or have you heard anything?
I know the truth about the case,
Iqbal's murderers must be punished.
And hina?
Who will punish hina's murderer?
I'm right here, sir.
I won't try to justify my crime.
A few days ago
a young man came to
meet me from jhansi.
He said he's the
son of the constable
who died that day with iqbal.
- He said his name was ramkumar bhadoria.
- He said his name was ramkumar bhadoria.
He wrote his name and
address on a piece of paper.
Thank you very much!
You're early today.
Why are you smiling?
Let's go eat.
- Wait, I'll be right back.
- Why?
It's my anniversary dress,
the sexy type. Gucci.
Where did you get the money?
It's rented.
Why didn't you wear it at home?
Then the entire neighbourhood
would've followed me here.
I'll only take a minute.
Your eyes will pop out
when you see this dress.
Hurry up.
I've to leave for jhansi.
- Jhansi? - Yes, I'll tell you later.
- Jhansi? - Yes, I'll tell you later.
You're always in a foul mood.
Hello. Birbal
meet me at the railway station.
Yes, meet me there,
I'll tell you everything.
Hello, sir. Have you ever
had our special chocolate?
Let's offer him some if he hasn't.
Where are you running?
- Shoot him!
- Jolly!
Run! Come on, run!
Stop! Stop, you bastard!
- Stop, you bastard!
- Pushpa!
Help us! Help!
What happened to bhadoria's son?
Birbal's gone to jhansi to get him.
Tomorrow onwards
you will carry this.
It's not funny,
I had my father send this.
If anyone threatens you
again, just shoot him.
If anyone threatens you
again, just shoot him.
Here's your patient.
Greetings, father-in-law.
Bless you.
I stopped you from coming to see me
so you landed up in hospital
so that I would have to
come see you instead?
Do you know how difficult it is
to travel from kanpur
to lucknow at my age?
How much more are you
going to trouble me?
Forgive me, father.
"My crazy heart is longing
for you."
"Even the eyes shower
like heavy rain."
"My crazy heart is longing
for you."
"Even the eyes shower
like heavy rain."
"My life is incomplete
without you."
"This world seems colourless
without you."
"My crazy heart is longing
for you."
"Even the eyes shower
like heavy rain."
"What kind of happiness is this?
Is it like wax?"
"It melted and started flowing
through my eyes."
"I have tied threads
of prayers."
"So that we never depart."
"So that we never depart.."
"You took away a hundred troubles
that were over me."
"Even the eyes shower
like heavy rain."
'The sensational attack
on advocate jagdishwar mishra'
'has sparked internal conflicts
in the police department.'
'the police department has
suspended inspector suryaveer Singh'
'and tried to separate
itself from this matter.'
I warned you not to do anything
without telling me.
So why did you get him shot?
Mr. Singh, this is a court case.
Lawyers settle matters in court
not on the streets.
Then do it! What are you waiting for?
I lost my promotion and
the department suspended me.
My entire career is ruined.
- And what did you do?
- And what did you do?
Let me tell you, Mr. mathur
if I go down,
I'll take everyone with me.
I'm warning you!
And who's going to believe you?
Don't forget that you're
a suspended police officer
facing murder charges.
You're not some evangelist
who people will follow blindly.
Now you listen carefully, Singh.
Neither your department nor
the government's going to save you.
You have only two choices.
First, pramod mathur and
second, pramod mathur.
What do we do now, sir?
I'll smack your face!
You moron! Imbecile!
'What now?' How long have
you been working for me?
8 years.
- 8 years
and yet you're nothing more
than a rate card bearing waiter!
'What do we do now?'
we'll do exactly what jolly wants.
What's the name of that jhansi guy?
- The constable's son?
- Yeah.
Ramkumar bhadoria.
Let him come to court.
Let all the witnesses
against us come to court.
Let all the witnesses
against us come to court.
We'll deal with them.
What new formula is this,
Mr. mathur?
Pepsi and pramod never
reveal their formula.
Don't worry. I'll take care of this.
It's your government.
Decide carefully.
See you later.
Okay, yes.
Hello, how are you?
What has the world come to
when lawyers like you
are getting shot?
There are rumours spreading
about you that
you have quit the case, want
to apologise and return to kanpur.
Kanpur people never flee
from battle, Mr. mathur.
And anyway, as long as
there are lawyers like you
lawyers like me are needed
to keep the balance.
This is your problem, buddy.
I told you this is lucknow,
discourtesy isn't tolerated here.
You must speak with
manners and be civil.
'After you..'
remember that
otherwise, you'll be tasting more
of lucknow's special chocolate.
Otherwise, you'll be tasting more
of lucknow's special chocolate.
The day I lose my temper
I'll shove that
courtesy up your backside!
You won't be able to take
a dump or pass air.
And you can courteously ask
your assistant to get it out.
- Mushtaq.
- Yes, sir.
That's a good comeback,
note it down.
It will come handy.
How are you?
Are you fine?
- Yes, absolutely.
- Good!
Please sit.
Everyone, please take a seat.
No point showing such
respect for the law.
Most of you must have jumped
the red-light while coming here.
Mr. mathur, your lucknow is
really dangerous.
Isn't it? I mean, people
get shot in broad daylight.
Even judges aren't spared here.
One of his clients hurled
a shoe at a judge.
Mr. mathur, that's not right!
I mean, you should have
told me this before.
I would've arranged
for proper security.
Om prakash. Naik, listen.
Put up a notice outside
that no one will wear shoes
inside the courtroom.
Get it?
You never know when
someone's in a bad mood
and might bring
a bomb in his shoes.
He may have fought with his wife.
And might hurl it at the judge.
Your honour, we would like to..
Just a minute, Mr. jolly.
One, two, three
four and five.
You see, the case has now heated up.
So this is for my self-defence.
Please don't mind.
So this is for my self-defence.
Please don't mind.
Yes, Mr. jolly, please begin.
Sir, we want to record late police
constable baldev bhadoria's son.
Ramkumar bhadoria's statement.
We've already submitted
an advance notice, sir.
Please tell the judge
about your father's death.
my family lives in jhansi.
But back then I was with my father,
in lucknow.
He was on night duty.
Around 7 in the morning
I received a call
from the hospital
informing me that
my father was injured.
I went over. When I arrived
I learned that
my father had been shot.
I was really scared.
It was a tense situation.
Everyone was pacing around, worried.
They were whispering
amongst themselves
but telling me nothing.
So I couldn't take it anymore.
When I came out,
I met asi siraj alam.
I asked him to tell me what's wrong.
Mr. Singh accidentally
shot him in the leg.
He's lost a lot of blood
but he will be fine.
Your honour, please note that
the police investigation claims
that iqbal shot
constable bhadoria.
But asi siraj alam
personally told ramkumar
that inspector Singh
shot the constable.
That's all, your honour.
Mr. mathur, your witness please.
Your honour, according to
the police investigation.
Siraj alam and the
rest of the police team
never met ramkumar that day.
That's why this statement
sounds like a movie plot to me.
But I would like to
take this a little further.
please tell the respected judge.
please tell the respected judge
about the compensation
that your family
received after your father's death.
I object, your honour!
Young man,
this is just my first question.
And you're already objecting.
I have 20 years of practice.
I won't beat around
the bush like you.
I'll be blunt and frank.
Yes, ramkumar, how much
compensation did you get?
Well.. Rs. 5 lakh.
Rs. 5 lakh. What else?
A job with up roadways
as a conductor.
Why don't you be clear? You got
this job on police recommendation
because your father died
in the line of duty!
- Yes, sir.
- Am I right?
And now you're accusing
that same police department
of murdering your father.
Wasn't the compensation
and job enough for you
that you're lying to get more?
Your honour,
the witness is being pressurised!
He is not lying.
Every word is a lie, your honour.
He is not lying.
Every word is a lie, your honour.
And if he's telling the truth
tell him to return
the compensation and quit his job.
How long will you live off a gift
given by your father's murderers?
Sir, the witness is the sole
breadwinner of a family of eight.
This isn't just a question
of compensation or a job.
Mr. mathur has nothing to say
so he's just making a
mountain out of a molehill.
That's exactly what I get paid for.
Hear that, sir!
Making a mountain
out of a molehill
is how I have become the
best lawyer in lucknow.
With hard work and determination.
I don't come from a legacy
of court secretaries!
Sir, I won't tolerate
any personal comments.
Mr. mathur,
no personal comments please.
Mr. mathur..
What personal comments?
Everything I'm saying is true!
Wasn't your father a secretary?
Was he the chief justice of India?
Listen to me.
Sir, please ask him to shut up, or..
Or what?
You think you can take me on in
those torn shoes and cheap clothes?
Please stop him, that's enough!
I'm trying!
Mr. mathur, please be polite.
Your honour,
to hell with politeness.
I want to know what you'll do.
Sir, stop him or else,
I'll end up doing something.
Mr. mathur, jolly, please don't do this.
What will you do?
I've seen this before.
What happened to your enthusiasm?
Look here.. You damn secretary!
What happened to your enthusiasm?
What are you doing!
Bloody mathur!
How dare you touch me! You..
Stop it!
There will be bloodshed!
Order! Order!
- Sir..
- Everyone sit down!
Call the boys.
He hit Mr. mathur!
He hit Mr. mathur!
I'm trying to speak, let me.
They don't let me speak!
I'm standing here. Listen!
He hit Mr. mathur!
I will not spare him today..
Where are you going with the gun?
He's got a gun!
They've got a gun!
Call the police!
Take the gavel, sir.
They've brought a rifle
and you're handing me the gavel!
Give it to me!
Listen here! Order! Order!
Go home?
Sp, I'm not going to
step out of this room.
Sp, I'm not going to
step out of this room.
And you're advising
me to go home.
What do you mean by
nothing happened?
They brought a double-barrel
gun to my courtroom.
Should I wait for them
to fire a few rounds?
Look, sir, please. I request you
please send some security.
I'm not stepping out of the court.
- Yes.
- Sir, I apologise.
I apologise to both of you.
Forgive me, jolly,
it was my fault.
I'm a heart patient.
My daughter's getting
married next month
and you two were hurling chairs at me.
I'm extremely sorry
but he started it.
You provoked him first, Mr. mathur.
But, it's okay you're senior.
Jolly, you apologise to him.
Why should I apologise?
I didn't do anything wrong.
You didn't?
You slapped him in court!
What's next! A bomb under his seat?
Your honour,
I don't want any apologies.
Let's continue with
the court proceedings.
I haven't finished
my cross-examination yet..
Look, Mr. mathur.
I'm not that stupid.
I may look like, but I'm not.
I won't start the proceedings yet.
What if someone brings
a Cannon to my courtroom next?
Fine, sir. Let's continue
with the proceedings right here.
We have that provision as well, sir.
I demand ramkumar's narco test.
There will be no narco test.
No narco test. I mean it!
This is wrong.
That boy's telling the truth.
He's telling the truth, isn't he?
So what's your problem?
Let them do the narco test.
He's telling the truth, and
that's what he'll do
in the narco test.
No, jolly, don't interfere.
Jolly, please, don't interfere now.
Look, I'm not going to resume
the session anytime soon.
This is better, let this case
get settled outside the court.
Take this away, om prakash,
it's not a cap.
- Get some ice in it!
- Yes, sir.
- Okay, goodbye.
- Bye.
Your honour..
Goodbye, jolly. You can leave now.
Did you go to the himalayas
to get the ice?
- What's your full name?
- What's your full name?
It's ramkumar bhadoria.
What did you see when
you got to the hospital?
What did you find?
- I..
- Don't sleep.
- What did you find?
- I saw that
my father had been shot by Singh.
Did asi siraj alam tell you
that Mr. Singh shot your father?
Yes, ma'am. He told me.
Who asked you to testify in court?
Stop! Stop! Stop! Yes.
Let's take it from here.
Who asked you to give a
false testimony in court?
Yes, sir.
The recording is in progress.
'Who asked you to give a
false testimony in court?'
open your eyes..
Answer me.
'Jagdishwar mishra. Jolly.'
'jolly asked me to..'
no, your honour, this is..
Sir. They changed the questions!
Sit down.
Yes, jolly, please speak.
Your honour, this is a lie.
It's a conspiracy against me.
Someone's tampered with
the test you just saw, your honour.
The truth can't stay
hidden for long, sir.
He tried but got exposed.
I apologise for the interruption.
Sir, please believe me,
I would never do such a thing.
I know everything.
'Sunder lal tripathi.'
Do you think I'm clueless in court?
Right, Mr. mathur?
I'm sure you know what
the lawyers of lucknow call me
outside of court.
Teddy bear, right?
Because I'm jovial, right?
You think, I can't see?
And I'm blind?
- No, sir!
- No. I see everything.
I'm sorry that you got shot.
- You have my sympathy.
- You have my sympathy.
But I cannot ignore
your illegal actions
in the courtroom.
I sentence ramkumar bhadoria to
three months of judicial
custody for lying in court.
You want the compensation, the job
and you want to lie
in my courtroom?
No, sir!
Take him away before I get him flogged.
Sir, you're
punishing an innocent man!
You're not innocent either,
Mr. jolly.
I've heard a lot about you.
And so, under crpc section 340
I order an inquiry against you
for presenting a
bogus witness in court.
And I recommend the bar council
that they cancel your license
as soon as they can.
who shoved courtesy
up whose backside?
Did you understand?
Move aside!
Move aside!
Give way!
Jolly, there's bad news.
The chairman of the bar
council's discipline committee is.
Mr. rizvi.
Hello, sir.
Hello, sir!
This committee
finds jagdishwar mishra
aka jolly guilty
of assaulting a fellow lawyer
and presenting a
bogus witness in court
and decides to
cancel his license.
And according to the association's
rules, the committee also
gives jolly four days
to prove his innocence.
This is wrong, Mr. rizvi!
You should cancel his license immediately!
We receive complaints
against many lawyers.
If we start cancelling
licenses immediately
pardon me, but only
typewriters will be left in court
and no lawyers.
Mr. rizvi! Mr. rizvi!
We'll see you at the chamber.
Yes, sir.
Mr. rizvi, thank you
for giving me the four days.
What you're doing
takes a lot of courage.
If I had shown the courage
to take on the system
maybe hina would still be alive.
All the best.
They look so happy.
This reminds me of our wedding.
Jolly, will any
of the cops speak in our favour?
No, they are
all on mathur's side.
All five?
There are four, not five. Four?
There are five in this picture.
How can there be five?
Yes, there are five.
This guy with the beard.
Who is this guy?
- That's baldev Singh bhadoria.
- That's baldev Singh bhadoria.
That's siraj alam.
That's vinod tiwari.
And that bald one
is Sanjay srivastav.
Bhadoria's dead.
These three are on their side, so
who is this fifth bearded guy?
Hold on.
You know, he looks different.
Even his uniform is different.
What's that written
on his shoulder?
'J&k police.'
kashmir police?
But what was he doing here?
That intelligence report
was sent from kashmir, right?
What's his name? Wait a minute.
Hold this..
Show me.
- 'Fahim butt.'
- 'Fahim butt.'
fahim butt?
Kashmir police?
I must go to kashmir.
- What do we want?
- Justice.
- We want..
- Justice!
- Give us..
- Justice!
- If I'm martyred..
- Justice!
- We want..
- Justice!
- Give us..
- Justice!
- We want..
- Justice!
- This land calls for..
- Justice!
These mountains call for..
- Say it aloud.
- Justice!
Raise your hands and say!
In this land!
Justice! In this land! Justice!
The time has come for..
Justice! In this land! Justice!
- In this land!
- Over there, sir.
- Kashmir wants..
- Justice!
- Justice!
- Justice!
Him? I don't know him, sir.
He's from kashmir police.
Take a closer look.
His name is fahim butt.
There's a riot outside.
His name is fahim butt.
There's a riot outside.
Please ask someone else.
But.. What's the problem?
Sir, we have a visitor
inquiring about fahim butt.
What trouble are you trying
to create? Get rid of him!
Sorry, sir!
Sir, it's very important
that I find this man.
Look carefully, there's j&k
on his shoulder badge
and his name is fahim butt.
He's wearing the
kashmir police uniform.
Uniforms can be bought
for 200 bucks.
Please don't waste our time.
Please leave!
This is kashmir,
a curfew can happen at any time.
Get him out.
Sir, you'll get me suspended,
please leave!
Hello, Mr. Singh.
Your bird has landed in kashmir.
This land calls for.. Justice!
- Justice!
- Sir, just a minute.
- Yes.
- I'm gul Mohammad.
- I'm a guard at the police headquarters.
- I'm a guard at the police headquarters.
I saw you speaking
to the senior inspector.
You're looking for fahim butt?
- Do you know him?
- Yes.
- Where can I find him?
- In jail.
In jail?
Everyone knows but
nobody will speak up.
Fahim butt is from my hometown.
He's an innocent man.
But he's being
treated very unfairly.
Tell me something.
How did a cop land up in jail?
This is kashmir, sir.
Going to jail is easier
than buying a sim card.
So, how can I meet him now?
He has a court appearance
tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock.
How are you, Mr. butt?
What are you doing here?
Do you know me?
I read about you in the newspaper.
When you got shot.
I thought you'd back off the case
but you turned
out to be a brave man.
Mr. butt, were you in lucknow
when iqbal was shot?
Yes, I was right there.
Then you must know everything
about that encounter.
You're very close to the truth.
If you testify in court
we can prove it.
But that won't help you in any way.
An innocent man was killed
and you know the truth.
So why won't it help me?
What about the one who survived?
Run! Run!
- Keep going, sir.
- Thank you.
Great goddess Kali..
Praise goddess Kali.
I have two minutes.
Say what you have to quickly!
I will only take a minute,
Mr. Paul.
I want you to help me
with the iqbal case.
And why would I do that?
Only one case has been filed out of
Singh's 25 encounters.
Which has shaken up your
entire police department.
You have 65.
Your license will
be suspended soon.
But I still have some time.
150 petitions are filed
every day in lucknow court.
How long do you think
it will take to file 65?
Are you threatening me?
No, I'm asking for your help.
"Having applied the eye kohl,
entangling the hair.."
"I'm standing under your balcony.
I'm stuck here."
"Hey, darling.."
"Pour some perfume over."
"Hey, darling.."
- Stop!
- Okay, stop!
Careful, uncle!
You had a bypass six months ago.
The way I see it..
I have only one daughter.
And I promised her mother-in-law
that I'll dance to this song
and paint the town red.
Do you like this song a lot?
- I like alia bhatt a lot.
- Okay!
I've watched 'student of the year'
11 times for her sake.
She's a perfect blend of all
our greatest actresses.
She is the best thing
to happen to bollywood.
After 'saaransh'. Right?
Yes, Mr. jolly.
Sorry, I'm over burdened
with my daughter's
wedding preparations.
That's all right.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Please begin, Mr. jolly.
Mr. fahim,
please tell the judge here
everything you know
about the iqbal encounter.
Your honour, I'm fahim butt.
I was a head constable
in kashmir police, crime branch.
Your honour..
Your honour, I'm hidayat baig.
Your honour, I'm hidayat baig
from srinagar police station,
I have arrest warrants against
jagdishwar mishra aka jolly
and fahim butt.
The lawyer is accused of helping
fahim butt escape from custody.
What the hell
did you do in srinagar now?
Lawyers have really outdone
themselves these days.
Right, Mr. mathur?
Yes, your honour,
this is really sad.
When the law is abused
by its upholders
then it rips apart the
very fabric of our society..
And turns democracy into a farce!
I advise you to
surrender immediately.
As for the case at hand
you can set any date.
We have no objection.
Your honour, we'll surrender
to the police
right after the court's over.
But please record
fahim butt's statement.
I'm begging you..
I think you're expecting
too much from me.
Please understand!
No, I've tolerated you enough.
Don't be a drama queen!
Don't make that innocent face.
Inspector, arrest him.
Your honour,
it will take only five minutes.
- Take his statement and later..
- Take his statement and later..
Come on.. Jolly.. Listen to me..
Take him away..
- Listen!
- Your honour..
I asked you to take
the lawyer away
not him.
Bring him back to the witness box.
Your honour,
I've a warrant for both of them.
I know. I know.
But fahim butt is
a listed witness as well.
So, let's record his statement.
You can take them both after
the statement's recorded.
Right? Go, go!
But your honour, can't we record
his statement on the next date?
You see, Mr. mathur, I'm on
leave for two months from tomorrow.
It's my daughter's wedding,
as you know.
I mean.. I'll send you the card,
you must come.
I wanted to finish
all pending cases before I go.
That's why my court's
working even after 6 P.M.
But, your honour, he's escaped
from police custody.
How can we record his statement?
- He has no credibility.
- No..
Mr. mathur, it will only take a minute.
Let's just record his statement
and get it out of the way.
Pardon me, but this not right.
What you're doing is wrong, sir.
No, I'm not wrong!
Don't teach me what's right
or wrong in my courtroom.
Don't teach me what's right
or wrong in my courtroom.
Don't do it.
Frankly, I apologise
but what you're doing is wrong.
I've heard about
your Delhi escapades.
You wouldn't let anyone speak.
You would do as you liked
and behaved rashly!
Stop behaving like a dictator.
This is lucknow and not Delhi.
What did you call me?
You're calling me a dictator!
So you think I'm crazy.
Mr. mathur,
if I wasn't a heart patient
I would've shown you
what a dictator is.
Just a minute, sir! No..
You try being a judge.
I can guarantee that you'll
need a bypass too. Right?
Don't disrespect me. Take a seat.
Let's continue with the proceedings. Yes.
No, sir!
I won't let this happen.
What do you mean?
Sir, this is objectionable.
It's not objectionable.
Let's continue. I'm right here.
I'll handle this.
Don't try to prove me wrong.
Sir, if you force this
I'll protest against you
right here in court.
- In fact, I'm protesting! Here you go.
- In fact, I'm protesting! Here you go.
You're unbelievable.
You're being childish! Get up.
I won't budge from here.
Don't sit there, they don't
even clean the floors properly.
Please get up, Mr. mathur.
Please get up.
I'm protesting and
I will keep at it!
There is media here
doesn't that bother you?
Sir, let the media also see
how you judges treat the court
like your personal fiefdom.
I'm not moving!
They can write what they want.
- So you won't get up?
- No.
Fine! I will sit with you too.
Let the world see what these
lawyers are up to!
- Sir?
- Stay there. Yes.
Ma'am, please move aside.
Hold the chair, please.
Give me a hand.
Thank you, jolly.
Yes, Mr. mathur.
Now we'll both sit in protest
and we'll see
who lasts the longest.
The events that occurred
in the courtroom today
maybe one-of-its-kind in
the history of our judiciary.
There was a heated argument.
There was a heated argument
between defence lawyer pramod
mathur and judge sunder lal tripathi
regarding the
statement of a witness.
And they protested against
each other in the courtroom.
Now we have to see
how long these two keep at it.
Mr. mathur is brilliant!
He's been sitting
there for five hours now.
And the amazing thing is
he didn't let fahim butt
record his statement.
Now the judge has to
re-convene on another day.
By then jolly will
no longer be a lawyer.
Should we leave for kashmir?
I have to go.
Take care of yourself.
The court resumes.
Everyone take your seats.
And please maintain
silence in court.
Your honour, it is midnight, 12.
You can give us a later date.
Mr. mathur,
what was your last date?
13th August.
So, now it's 14th August.
Your next date is 14th August
12:05 A.M.
Your honour, it's midnight. The
proceeding will go on till morning.
Even the supreme court
works till 4 A.M.
We should follow their example.
Please, sir..
No, look, Mr. mathur
you wanted to stage a protest
and you did and I said nothing.
You want to walk out, you can.
But fahim butt's statement
will get recorded tonight.
Right? Jolly, record his statement.
Your honour, thank you.
Fahim, please tell
the judge what happened.
Your honour, a few months prior
to this encounter
we sent an intelligence report
to Singh's team
which had the details of kashmiri
terrorist iqbal qadri
hiding in lucknow.
Your honour,
just one day before this encounter
I was called here.
So I could verify whether
the arrested man
was iqbal qadri or not.
Your honour, when I got here
that man was getting married.
I knew right away that he
wasn't the right iqbal.
But, your honour,
Mr. Singh's team pressurised me
to say that iqbal qasim
was iqbal qadri.
I refused to comply
and returned to srinagar.
I was really upset
when I read the news
about the encounter.
I told my seniors in srinagar
but they advised me
to drop the matter.
I tried talking to them,
but they didn't listen.
When they didn't listen
I complained to the central agency
in Delhi about this encounter.
I complained to the central agency
in Delhi about this encounter.
I was pressurised again
to withdraw my complaint.
But I didn't agree.
So they arrested me one day.
They filed fake charges
against me and threw me in jail.
They even fired me
from the department.
Thank you.
Yes, Mr. mathur
would you like to say something,
or are you still angry?
No, your honour.
I wouldn't want to lock horns with
you and destroy my career.
But are you still angry?
No, I'm not angry.
But don't call me
a dictator next time.
Right, Mr. mathur.
I've grown old serving this court
and I think I deserve some respect.
I apologise.
Fine, continue.
Fahim butt?
Will you inform the honourable
judge what the case is about?
What truth are we trying
to arrive at here in court?
What truth are we trying
to arrive at here in court?
How did constable bhadoria
and iqbal die.
In this long yarn that you've spun
does the truth about
who murdered them get revealed?
Since you weren't there at the
scene of the crime.
But then..
What's revealed is..
No more buts.
If you want to narrate more fiction,
the judge is free.
He loves filmy stories.
I'm absolutely not interested.
Just give me a straight answer.
- Yes or no?
- No.
Very good, well done.
Fahim butt, in August 2010.
Kashmir police suspended
you for six months
for the kupwara incident. Why?
Your honour, how is this
question related to our case?
If there's no relation,
I'll stop practicing law.
I told you
- I won't beat around the bush. - I know!
- I won't beat around the bush. - I know!
You'll be direct, I know.
And straight!
May I?
Yes, or you'll protest again.
Yes, so why were you suspended?
I was accused of a custodial death.
You mean you killed someone?
No, I arrested him on suspicion.
We were taking him to the
police station, for questioning.
He was scared. He jumped
out of the police van
and a truck crushed him to death.
So tell me, fahim butt
if fear can make a man jump
out of a speeding van
isn't it possible that
the same fear can provoke
a criminal to snatch a gun
and try to escape?
Your honour,
he's leading the witness.
Objection overruled.
Please sit down.
Yes, it's possible.
Then say it out loud, buddy.
We all know it's happened to you.
So you would know that this
could happen to anyone. Right?
- Yes.
- Very good.
Just one last question.
You just said.
You just said
you were suspended for
a few months.
What were the charges against you?
I was accused of sharing confidential
information with the enemy.
But that's a lie, your honour.
Your honour, I was put behind bars
because I complained
about this matter to the CBI.
You're saying that.
Your statement won't
prove your innocence.
Your honour,
my learned friend forgets
that the accused is innocent,
until proven guilty.
That is the point.
That's the bloody point!
And, your honour,
on the basis of this logic.
Inspector suryaveer Singh
and his team are innocent.
But let's read this
newspaper for a minute.
Switch to any TV channel.
The media, society and the country
have already declared.
Suryaveer Singh guilty.
His reputation,
his career, his future is finished!
And it's the irony of your court
that a man charged with treason
is accusing a man
who has sworn to
protect his motherland.
Your honour, many years ago
there was a bomb blast
outside allahabad high court
where nine innocent
lives were lost.
Amongst the deceased were
my elder brother, sister-in-law
and my seven year old nephew.
My beloved father,
jugal kishore mathur
was injured during the
same terrorist attack.
Yet he's here.
In the middle of the night,
he's come here to see
which side you're on.
- And, your honour, my question is that.
- And, your honour, my question is that.
Is this court so weak that it's
unable to decide whether the country
needs brave officers
like suryaveer Singh
or murderers like iqbal qadri?
And, your honour, I would like
to close by saying
that we may choose
to be ignorant
live in our own bubble
but the truth is, your honour,
that we're in a state of war.
And a learned man once rightly said
everything is fair in love and war!
And now, justice is in your hands.
Thank you.
So, Mr. jolly, your turn.
- I would like to question Mr. Singh first.
- I would like to question Mr. Singh first.
Mr. Singh,
please step into the witness box.
Mr. Singh, will you
please tell the court
who will win the
next cricket world cup?
What kind of a question is that?
Fine, I'll ask something else.
Mr. Singh,
can you please tell the court
if aam aadmi party will win
in the next elections?
Are you crazy?
Have you lost your mind?
Do you want to be shot again?
I'm a peace-loving man, Mr. Singh
but when in law college
a very tall guy provoked me.
I punched him right here
and he was out cold for 22 days!
If you don't believe me,
you can ask mathur.
Take it easy, jolly.
Calm down. This is a court!
Ask questions but don't
create a scene here.
He's calling me crazy
and being rude.
Mr. Singh, why are you being rude?
Let it go.
Calm down. Continue please.
Let's try that again, sir.
Can you tell us when
salman Khan will get married?
What are you asking him?
He's a police officer
not an astrologer.
If he's not an astrologer
how did he know
that iqbal would want to
pee at precisely 6:45 A.M.?
How did he know that
when he would want to pee
the van would be crossing
the gomti river bridge.
How did he know that iqbal would
snatch constable bhadoria's revolver
and try to run?
He wasn't at the wedding.
Then how did you get to the bridge?
Here, I'm right here.
How did you get to the bridge?
Hear that? Coincidence.
Thankfully I was at the
right place at the right time.
There are a lot of coincidences
in your story, Mr. Singh.
Your honour, I have a list of
all his 25 encounters.
Such coincidences have
often occurred in his life.
Just when the criminal
is about to shoot
he arrives out of
nowhere like a superhero!
And not just in lucknow,
but in other cities as well.
Your honour
19 out of the 25 families
of the encounter victims
have lodged complaints against him.
But not a single unbiased
investigation was ever carried out.
According to a report from
the anti-corruption bureau
he's believed to
own assets worth 280 million.
But they couldn't complete
their investigation either.
It was shut down.
And mathur brought his
old father out here on a wheelchair
to save a man like him.
I pity him and others like him.
I bow to you, thank you very much.
I bow to you and your advocacy.
Your honour, he is besmirching
an honest and brave
officer's character.
While you're silently watching.
That's nonsense!
He shoots a handcuffed man
in the back
and you call him brave!
A man who earns a salary
of rs. 35,000 owns millions
and you call him honest.
He's like termite.
He'll weaken the system,
from the inside.
Show some respect!
Mr. mathur show some
respect for the country!
I can understand
jugal kishore mathur's pain.
A woman killed herself
because of me
and I couldn't sleep for months.
But Mr. mathur lost his son,
daughter-in-law and grandson.
Only one man other than.
Only one man other than
him can understand his pain.
Mr. zahur siddiqui.
Even he lost his daughter,
and unborn grandchild.
Their pain is similar, your honour.
Whether I call him
jugal kishore siddiqui or call him.
Zahur kishore mathur it
won't make a difference.
Your honour
two lives were lost on the
gomti river bridge that day.
One the newly
married iqbal qasim
and the other, was constable
baldev Singh bhadoria
who was supposed
to retire in 20 days.
And, your honour,
this is constable bhadoria's wife
who has lost her husband
and is doing the rounds
of the court.
To get bail for her son.
What will you tell her, Mr. mathur?
'Smile, you're in lucknow.'
the truth is bitter, huh?
Mr. mathur.
Coincidences don't happen
only with you, Singh.
I've the blessing of god.
Such a coincidence
has happened to me.
I promise,
this is going to be interesting.
Bring him in.
Hurry up!
Sir, can I ask what's
going on in this court?
Sir, can I ask what's
going on in this court?
And will you please tell me
why you're letting this happen?
Who is this man?
How is he related to this case, sir?
We were given no advance
notice or prior warning.
What is the relevance?
And you're allowing this?
Your honour,
if I had given prior notice
this witness would have been
buried in some deep,
dark corner of a morgue.
I didn't bring this man here,
in fact, the police caught him.
And, your honour, this witness is
directly connected to this case.
Inspector, did you arrest him?
Sir, he is absolutely right.
This man is directly connected
to this case.
If there's no connection
I'll have your job.
But, your honour, I'm right.
Fine, I'll allow the witness.
No, sir, I object, sir!
I object..
Mr. mathur, listen to me.
It's almost 3 A.M.
We won't find public transport
at this hour.
- We have to be here till 6 A.M. anyway.
- We have to be here till 6 A.M. anyway.
Let's hear out this witness.
I mean, it might be useful.
Please come to the witness box.
Hello, how are you?
You're all dressed up
in your holy attire.
Fahim butt, please stand up.
Please tell the court
this man's name.
Mohammad iqbal qadri. Huh! What?
- Mohammad iqbal?
- Qadri.
Mohammad iqbal qadri!
Where did you arrest him?
In mathura.
He has been hiding there since
one year disguised as a Saint.
That's amazing.
Sir, the inspector is lying.
My name isn't iqbal qadri.
I'm ramkrishan saraswat.
I'm a brahmin and a monk.
I'm originally from jammu which
is why I have a kashmiri accent.
- But I'm not who they say I am.
- But I'm not who they say I am.
This is my aadhar card
and voter ID.
Om prakash, please get those to me.
Go on, hurry up.
Your honour, this man is lying.
He confessed that he's iqbal qadri
in his statement to the police.
You have two stars on that uniform
and yet you don't know
that any statement given
to the police is
not admissible in court!
This man is a trained militant.
You're aware that making a fake
identity card is not difficult.
And fahim butt has identified him as well.
Sir, he's hiding his identity!
Your honour,
he's not hiding his identity
he's stating it.
How will he tell us his identity?
How else will he prove it?
You're sunder lal tripathi.
I'm pramod mathur.
He's jolly from kanpur.
How will we know that?
Only through identity cards.
The evidence is right before you,
There's no doubt.
And let me point out to you,
sir, that my
learned friend here has
already presented a fake witness.
The bar association has
cancelled his license.
The bar association has
cancelled his license.
In a few hours he won't
even be a lawyer.
Please don't take him seriously.
I have a few hours, don't I?
You do.
So I can fight the case till then. I
can fight the case till then, right?
Jolly, please no
fighting in this courtroom.
Mathur is right.
I think the police
have made a mistake.
Sorry, mister, you may leave.
- Just a minute!
- Jolly!
- Jolly..
- Stay there!
Just a minute! Sir, I beg of
you to let me question him.
It wasn't easy for me
to get him here.
- Give me one chance!
- No..
What did you just say? Tell me.
There's no public transport.
Give me one chance.
First stop shouting!
- Be quiet for a second!
- Sorry!
- Be quiet for a second.
- Okay.
Fine, I'll allow the witness.
- What is this?
- Mr. mathur.
- What is this?
- Mr. mathur
I think the court has
the right to decide, okay.
And court has decided, please.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
So you're a brahmin. A monk.
You must know a lot about religion.
Of course, I do.
Even I'm a 'kanya-gupch brahmin'.
I have even been anointed.
So how about a religious discourse
between two brahmins?
Please ask what you like.
Chant the gayatri mantra.
now tell me your full name.
Ramkrishan premkrishan saraswat.
- Religion?
- Hindu.
How many vedas are there
in the hindu religion?
Tell me their names?
Rigved, samaved, yajurved, atharvaved.
Tell me their names?
Rigved, samaved, yajurved, atharvaved.
Name the four periods?
Satyug, dwapar, treta, kalyug.
- How many castes?
- Four.
Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya, shudra.
- What caste are you?
- Brahmin.
What type of brahmin?
Gor brahmin.
- Which gor?
- Sande gor.
- Clan?
- Shandaliya.
- Classification?
- Vashist.
- Ved?
- Yajurved.
- Sub-ved?
- Mitrayani.
- Lineage?
- Srimukh.
- Family deity?
- Saptasuri.
Vaam. Sublevel? Allah, there's more?
What did you say?
What did you say?
I don't know the sublevel.
I don't know.
What did you say before that?
What did you say before that,
iqbal qadri?
Shame on you,
iqbal qadri, shame on you!
You've even taken Allah's name.
Speak the truth!
You can't escape now.
How long will you
live this deceitful life?
Shame on you!
At least speak the truth now!
Don't forget you have to face
Allah on your day of reckoning!
Allah is witness to everything.
He will ultimately decide who
is right and who is wrong.
He will ultimately decide who
is right and who is wrong.
I will have no regrets
if I don't get justice today.
Iqbal qadri, I could've asked
for a DNA test
to prove who you really are.
But I wanted to hear it from you.
Tell the court your real name!
Your honour, my name
is Mohammad iqbal qadri.
Mr. Singh arrested me.
I was in his custody but
he didn't present me in court.
I knew he was going to kill me.
One day I got the opportunity
to tell him
that he'd get paid handsomely
if he let me go.
And he agreed.
Where are you taking him?
Mr. Singh has set him free.
He's leaving.
Come on.
How much did you pay Singh?
5 million.
2.5 million advance and the
rest after the encounter.
I object, your honour!
I've nothing else to say,
your honour.
But I would like to answer
Mr. mathur's question
whether we need
suryaveer Singh or iqbal qadri.
Your honour, we don't want either.
We don't want qadris like him
who think killing
innocent people is jihad.
But we also don't
want suryaveer Singh.
But we also don't
want suryaveer Singh
who killed an innocent man
and let a terrorist go free.
I salute brave and
courageous policemen.
I bow before them.
But I'll call someone who's got
an innocent's blood on his hands
a murderer.
And you should be wary
of such demons, Mr. mathur.
If someone pays them
maybe the next coincidence
could be you.
I would like to close by saying
the world's biggest idiot said
all's fair in love and war!
If that's true
those who behead our soldiers
at the border are also right
and so are the jilted lovers
who throw acid on young girls.
If that's true,
iqbal qadri is also right.
And so is suryaveer Singh.
Now you decide, your honour
whether they are right or wrong.
That's all, your honour.
Thank you.
Once every few years we
get a case like this.
When I don't regret
sitting on this chair.
I come to the court every day.
I sit looking at my watch.
Waiting for the clock
to strike six so I can go home.
What to do?
It's the sad condition
of the judicial system.
Take a look around at
these dark, stinking rooms
that are our courtrooms.
Even judges like us
don't want to be here
imagine the plight
of the common people.
Am I right, Mr. mathur?
30 million!
More than 30 million cases
are pending in this country.
And there are only 21,000 judges.
That's one judge for
a million people.
Dates keep piling up
and people return disappointed.
But even then
when two people fight in India
what's the first thing
they say to each other?
What's the first thing
they say to each other?
'I will see you in court.'
why do people do that?
Tell me?
Because they still have faith.
Faith in the judicial system.
They believe that
if the government
administration and
police don't listen to them
the court will hear them out
and give them justice.
So every person who
sits on this chair
has the responsibility
to not break that trust.
All the witnesses and evidence
presented in this court
clearly prove one thing.
Whatever happened on 14th August
on the gomti river bridge
was not a coincidental encounter
but a well-planned,
well-executed murder.
- And so the court.
- And so the court.
Finds suryaveer Singh
and his accomplices guilty
under ipc section 302
201, 182
and 340 for murder
evidence tampering
misleading the court
and presenting fake evidence
and sentences them
to life imprisonment.
And the court immediately
orders the release
of late baldev Singh bhadoria's son,
ramkumar bhadoria.
The court is adjourned.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Please move!
Boy, clean the dirt near the
tires as well.
Scrape it off with your nails.
Yes, good job.
- Money?
- Oh, yeah.
Come here.
- What's your name?
- Rubal.
We are even now.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Not at all.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Not at all.
I'm a lawyer.
See you.
"Hello, how are you?
My name is jolly."
"The gang of friends is out
to celebrate."
Perfect, cut it!
Roll, sound!
- Sound rolling! - Clap.
- Sound rolling! - Clap.
This arabic book, based on..
I forgot my line!
Which man,
a day after his wedding..
You say the line.
You say the line
and I'll repeat it.
What's that? What is that?
"He's a jolly good fellow."
What is that?
"Hail lord krishna.."
All of lucknow will talk about me..
Be it hazratganj or kalyan..
All of lucknow will talk about me.
Hazratganj or kalyan..
Why am I saying kalyan?
Do you see this?
Massage my legs please.
- Look carefully, this man is alive.
- Look carefully, this man is alive.
If you don't cut in,
I'll keep rambling.
It's your dialogue.
Sir, sign on the petition.
Sir, please stamp this.
Where did it go?
Where have you hidden it?
What's the source of
that information?
The source is still to be found.
That day when he planted
the bomb himself
everyone was blown up.
What are you doing?
I will keep protesting regardless
of the media.
Hey, get up.
Praise lord Shiva!
Once a tall man.. A very tall man..
That man hit me here.
I was the one who hit him.
Pack your bags
and go to your mother's place.
"He acts naughty all the time.
I am an expert."
"I can fool anyone. If you want,
you can talk to me."
"He's a jolly good fellow."
"He's a jolly good fellow."
Thank you very much
to all the actors. Pack up!
"He's a jolly good fellow."