Jonah (2024) Movie Script

Honey, chew your food.
-What about your worksheet?
-It's done.
Show me.
Are you serious right now?
You have one hour.
Hey Jonah, I love you.
Love you, too.
How bad is it?
Oh, no.
I've got good news.
We can approve
a second mortgage.
Oh, thank God.
But your monthly
is gonna shoot up.
$800 a month.
I- I can make that work.
You should have another
$50,000 in your account
some time next week.
Oh, thank God.
Thank you.
Happy to help.
Talk soon.
T-Thank you.
Thanks for everything.
We're ready for you guys.
We're rolling.
So what exactly is palm healing?
Palm healing is a practice that
has been around for centuries.
It helps the body find balance,
and heal naturally.
I channel positive energy
into my patients,
to facilitate
relaxation and healing.
So you're transferring energy
from your body to mine?
Energy flows
where attention goes.
Most studies conclude
the value of energy healing
to be unproven.
Yet I've helped
thousands of patients
over the last 15 years.
My own father
being one of them.
How did you heal your father?
He was a coal miner,
before a severe spinal injury
forced him to retire.
He was in constant pain
for years.
Doctors and modern medicine
had given up on my father.
But I didn't.
He now lives
completely pain free.
Could it be that people
like your father
are experiencing
the placebo effect?
What I do produces
zero side effects.
Can you say that about
any drug that's on the market?
but drugs like penicillin
have saved millions of lives.
What about the opioid
Uh, abusive pharmaceutical
Everyone wants a pill
to make them feel better.
But where do they go
when that fails?
So how is business for you?
Oh, I've been blessed.
Yes, we are very busy here.
What do you charge?
Is it hourly?
Each body needs
a unique attention.
My compensation varies.
Just give me a ballpark.
A hundred an hour?
You're not understanding
the value
of what I'm really
doing here.
Do you feel the energy
between us?
Our bodies, and our cells,
everything is connected.
From the hair on your head,
to the skin on your toes,
you are alive.
What are you--
What are you trying to--
I help those
who want to be helped.
I make no other claims.
- Hey, Jen.
- Hey!
So you're still
planning on driving
to your
tomorrow, right?
That's the plan.
Oh, you guys,
this is great.
Okay, so I found a lady there
who said that her son
was abducted by aliens.
-Yeah, aliens!
Absolutely not.
Oh, come on, Ozzie.
We've been dying to do
a legit alien abduction story.
They're really hot shit
right now.
I don't think you understand
what the word legit means.
And what are we gonna do next?
Bigfoot? Santa Claus?
Look, this could be
really big for us.
- No.
- Why not?
Because there's never been
a single alien abduction story
with a single piece of evidence.
Can you at least
just sleep on it?
- Good night, Jen.
- Good night, Oz.
I found this sick trail head
about 20 minutes from here.
What do you say we rip a hike
in the morning?
Yeah, sure.
Come on, man!
We've gotta take advantage
of this shit.
We're out here.
You know, this is where
boys become men.
Men become...
Ah! I don't know.
A couple more beers,
I'm gonna figure it out.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm gonna turn in.
That's it?
We've still got a case of beer.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Alien boy!
It's 5 a.m.
Just tell me what you want, Oz.
Two weeks paid vacation
when we're done.
Okay, I can try.
Oh, my God.
Hey, I spoke with Jen.
And we're doing the story.
Yeah, baby!
What made you change your mind?
I was just thinking about it.
You guys were right.
It's a story worth telling.
You were so dead set
last night on not doing it.
But I wanna do it now.
And I may have gotten us
two weeks paid vacation
when we're done, so...
Oh, come here,
I could kiss you.
-No, you don't, hey, no!
-Come here.
-You're filthy, you're filthy!
-Give papa a kiss.
-Gimme a kiss!
-Don't touch me, don't touch me!
We're gonna make frog babies!
Come on!
-Come here!
Ah! You sure we need
all this gear?
Hey, what are we investigating?
Hey, if someone's gonna be
making extraordinary claims,
we're gonna need
extraordinary evidence.
I completely underestimated
how much I needed to pee.
You doing okay?
You know, I...
noticed you were still
taking that shit
when I was loading the truck.
That shit is prescription, so.
Yeah, I know.
But I thought you were better.
I- I- I am better.
I am.
Look, I just had
a really weird dream
the other night, and...
it's brought up
some weird shit in my past.
You sure it was a dream?
Kinda sounds more
like a nightmare.
Oh, yeah,
it sounds stupid.
-All right.
-No, no, come on, come on.
Tell me.
When I was a kid, I--
I thought I saw something.
There was this...
bright flash of light, and...
and I followed it
into the woods.
To this clearing, and--
and there was just this...
wall of light
that was floating
in midair.
Huh. Like--
Like a UFO?
I told everyone
at school it was,
and they laughed at me,
and they called me...
Alien Boy.
The nickname stuck,
and I never made any friends
throughout high school,
because no one wanted
to be associated
Alien Boy.
Huh. I mean, that's--
cool, but fucked up.
I've looked into a lot of these
alien abduction stories.
They're all the same.
Some lunatic sociopath
trying to make a quick buck.
No service.
Way out here, huh.
Are you sure
this is the right place?
Yeah, 4601.
It should be it.
-Uh, yeah, that's me.
-Oh, Darren.
Darren, hi.
I'm Margot.
Come in.
Oh, thanks.
Excuse the mess.
There's always a renovation
around here.
When I first bought the place,
I thought it just needed
a coat of paint,
but then the pipes
froze in the winter,
and then the toxic mold
in the basement, and--
Anyways, um, let me--
let me show you your room,
-just around the corner there.
-Oh. Oh, okay.
Oh, this is great.
I'll let you get settled in.
Oh, Margot,
can I get on the Wi-Fi?
Oh, um, I had to cancel
the service.
I could never get it to work.
But you're welcome to use the
house phone whenever you like.
-Okay, thank you. Okay.
Okay, I don't want to say
I told you so, but...
So she's a little weird.
So what?
I'm weird, you're weird.
You gotta loosen up a little.
I'm gonna grab the bags.
So, how does this work?
Well, we're gonna do
everything we can
to create
a comfortable environment
for you to tell your story.
That sounds lovely.
I- I do have to ask, though.
What do you hope
to accomplish with us here?
Everyone needs to know
what happened to Jonah.
The world needs to know
that we're not alone
in the universe.
As a journalist,
let me assure you,
we're gonna find the truth
and let the world know
what really happened to Jonah.
Are you hungry?
Ooh! I am.
Great, and Ozzie, uh,
your producer told me
that you're a vegetarian,
so don't worry, it's meat-free.
Oh, thank you.
-Smash dash.
-Ooh, the smash dash.
-Thank you.
Mmm! Mhmm!
How do you get it so crispy?
Well, the secret
is to soak the potatoes.
It gets all the starch out.
-It's delicious.
That makes me so happy.
Okay, I will go check on Jonah,
and then when you guys
get finished,
we should get started?
Yeah, sounds good.
We are rolling.
Hi, I'm Margot Miller.
Sorry, where do you
want me to start?
Yeah, let's just start
with you telling us
about what you do for work.
Oh, well, I guess you could
say that I'm retired now.
Um, I was in the diner business.
Kind of like a mom-and-pop
type of spot.
Margot's Breakfast Diner.
Wait, Margot's Breakfast Diner?
Like, the--
The one and only.
Margot. Oh.
Uh, I don't know how
we didn't put that together.
Well, I started
the first and only
Margot's Breakfast Diner
in Everwood.
Yeah, there's like four
locations in Portland alone.
I- I've definitely had
your smash hash before.
That's my mom's recipe.
Yeah, that kept the diner afloat
for the first couple of years.
Anyways, that's, um,
ancient history, that--
That dream died a long time ago.
What happened?
Uh, well, business,
it- it picked up.
And, uh, I needed some help.
I signed a bad deal.
I ended up having to sell
my stake in the diner.
And then those men
created a franchise model
with my likeness
and my mom's recipe,
and I got nothing.
Sorry, can we just stop
for a second?
Eight weeks ago,
my son Jonah and I
were having dinner.
I was going over his homework
while he went outside to play.
A few hours passed,
and he wasn't back yet.
I got worried
when I saw this ungodly
beam of light.
I ran outside
as quick as I could,
and, um...
And when I got there,
Jonah was levitating.
What do you mean, levitating?
I- I mean he was floating
in the light.
And when I tried to grab him,
an electric shock
threw me against a tree, I--
It shattered my ribs.
I was concussed.
I don't know how long
I was out for, but when I...
when I woke up,
Jonah was gone.
I looked for him everywhere.
I- I searched until
my legs collapsed,
and then I found him
deep in the woods.
Three miles away.
But he wasn't the same.
He was...
He was paralyzed
from the waist down,
He wouldn't tell me
what happened.
His own mother.
So I rushed him to the hospital,
and the doctors
couldn't explain his paralysis.
They couldn't explain anything.
And nobody believed me.
what do you believe
happened to Jonah?
Aliens abducted my son.
I just want
my little baby back.
But he's here.
No, it's-- he's different.
He's not my son.
Uh, do you think
we could talk to Jonah?
It's a power smoothie
chock full of nutrients.
Helps him put on weight.
He's just skin and bones.
Can you tell me about
the incident, Jonah?
Do you remember building a fort?
How about a beam of light?
Can you tell me about
that beam of light?
Who took you, Jonah?
I wasn't taken.
I was awakened.
Tell me about
your awakening.
I was prepped
for my journey home.
Is this not your home?
I'm a Centauri.
Do you know why we're here?
You seek the truth.
Our race will observe.
Shall not intervene.
Intervene in what?
The destruction of Earth.
the oceans will be depleted.
the survivors
of the great famine
will be burned alive.
And what causes this?
The final war is coming.
Our awakening has begun.
It's time to go home.
Home. Home.
Home! Home!
I'm sorry, can we just stop
for a second?
Yeah, no, that's a--
that's a good place to stop.
This one is insane.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe not.
She needs a psych evaluation!
I don't know why
you're going so hard on her.
Wait, what do you mean?
She's brainwashing her kid
with all this shit.
This is sick!
Look, she's obviously been
through something traumatic.
You should have some sympathy.
I am showing sympathy.
For her kid.
Quickest way to a man's heart.
Are you sure we can't help
with anything?
Guys, I used to run a diner.
I got this.
So, what happened to Jonah
when he was in the hospital?
They poked and prodded,
CAT scans,
blood work, MRIs.
Did they find anything?
No, they just wanted to keep
him there and pump him
full of drugs,
and stick me with a huge bill,
but I wasn't gonna turn my son
into a lab rat.
How long has he been like that?
Since the abduction.
You must think I sound insane.
You don't sound insane.
Can we-- can we just
take the night off
from the camera?
Yeah, of course.
It's delicious, thank you.
Oh, no, I'm good.
Actually, before I forget,
I do have a release
for you to sign.
-Oh, that.
I should probably have
a lawyer look at it.
I've had a couple
glasses of wine.
Maybe we could do the big
release in the morning.
You know, I- I will have
a glass of Chardonnay.
- Yeah.
- There you go.
Thank you.
To new friends.
To new friends.
You are an amazing host, Margot.
Thank you.
I knew you guys would be hungry.
Yeah, I really appreciate
the plant-based selection.
A-Actually, Jonah stopped
eating meat as well.
Since his abduction?
Honestly, I'm just thankful
to have you guys.
It's been months
since I've had any real guests.
Uh, no, we should be fresh
for the morning.
Isn't a couple glasses of wine
a day good for you? Come on.
Good luck with him.
He's a real tight ass.
Oh, really?
Last year in Portland,
we were following
this big time investor running
this elaborate Ponzi scheme,
and, uh--
Um, go on.
No, no, no, please,
I- I'd like to know.
Well, he invites Oz
back to his office
to show him something special.
What? Come on, it's funny.
He- he's got some coke
back there,
and uh, Ozzie refuses to do any,
so he blows the entire pile
right into Oz's face.
Yeah, hilarious story.
So, what happened to the guy?
Well, he got a month of house
arrest with an ankle monitor,
and then he tripled
his net worth.
Okay, this might sound creepy,
but you have really
beautiful hair.
Oh, well, I know.
Do you mind?
Can I--
Oh, yeah, go for it.
Does that feel good?
Hey, Margot, could I uh,
use your phone?
Yeah, of course,
it's- it's over there.
Oh, thanks.
Show me your dance moves.
All right, here we go.
I call this the cabin crunk.
- Like, uh--
- Oh, yeah.
The old Jiminy knees.
- Hello?
- Hey, Jen.
Is that Jen?
Oh, hey, Jen!
Hey, Jen!
Hi, Darren!
Well, it sounds like you two
are having fun.
-Jen says hi.
Yeah, it's a real party
over here.
No wi-fi or cell service,
so I just wanted
to check in with you.
That's why
you weren't responding.
How- How are things going?
We're all good.
Okay, well, get some rest,
and call me if you need
- Good night, Ozzie.
- Good night.
Uh, you are missing out on this.
Come and look at how much
we have left.
It's fermented grapes!
Whoa! She's down!
Margot, the door's locked!
It's okay, honey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
He has night terrors.
At ease, buddy.
I've been thinking.
I need to protect my story.
So, moving forward,
no filming without me present.
That's reasonable.
Let's work together.
Some towels.
You should get some sleep.
I'm not that tired.
Been a bit
of a night owl lately.
How's Jonah doing?
He finally fell asleep.
His night terrors
are getting worse.
If you need me to drive him
to the hospital, I can.
They can't help him.
I wanna show you something,
but I need you
to have an open mind.
I will.
I promise.
S-Since his abduction,
all Jonah talks about
is the end of the world.
They've brainwashed my son.
If what you say is true,
you gotta help me believe.
Why do you keep Jonah
locked in his room?
He was abducted.
I'm keeping him safe.
But what if there's a fire?
This property is dangerous.
I am protecting my son.
From aliens?
What is that?
I can't explain anything
that Jonah does anymore.
He's become something else.
Do you have kids?
No, I don't.
Then you wouldn't really
understand, would you?
Everything in my life
has been taken from me.
Everything but Jonah.
Margot, I want to help.
No, you came to laugh
at crazy Margot.
You didn't come to help me,
you came to destroy me.
No, I don't wanna destroy you.
You don't think I need
a psych evaluation?
I want your van off my property
in the morning.
Look, Margot.
This isn't going to be easy.
You're gonna have to lean
into the pain,
I'm gonna have to ask
the tough questions.
Why are you still grilling me?
My mom died.
I was about the same age
as Jonah.
Brain aneurism.
I didn't even get
to say goodbye.
So when I see the love
that you have for Jonah
and I see
the state he's in,
I pushed things too far.
It was wrong.
I'm so sorry, Margot,
I didn't think coming here
would bring up
all these feelings.
No boy should grow up
without a mom.
I want to trust you, Ozzie.
You can, Margot.
You can.
You can stay
as long as it takes.
Let's get the truth
out to the world.
You look a lot better.
Where's your mom?
Margot is sleeping.
You don't need your wheelchair?
For right now.
I want to talk.
Well, let's talk.
You have questions?
What does that triangle mean?
It's our way home.
What causes the final war?
Country will turn
on country
for resources
until they are depleted.
The end of humanity
by the hands of man.
So that's it?
We're all doomed?
Humans must cease
in the destruction of life
in order to transcend.
Jonah, is there anything
that your mom is doing
that you might
want me to know about?
I can help you.
Alien Boy!
What are you doing?
I think this whole house
might be bugged.
You're so paranoid, man.
She locks Jonah in his room.
I got locked in my room
when I was a kid.
You should've seen me
back then.
I was just a little shit.
That is not normal.
So our property goes
from the frontage road
that you came in on,
and extends 40 acres
into the woods.
I took every penny
from the sale of my business
and bought a home
that I felt Jonah deserved.
Fresh air. Wildlife.
I ran out of money
to do everything
that I wanna do back here, but.
Can you tell us
about the abduction?
Wh-Where did it happen?
Yeah, sure. Right up here.
I ran as fast as I could.
I- I couldn't believe
what I was seeing.
Right inside of this crater
was a massive shaft of light.
Don't get too close
to that line.
It's extremely dangerous.
Small amounts of radiation.
There's a military base about
four miles from here, right?
These valleys are not uncommon
near testing sites.
This is where I found
Jonah levitating.
Jonah was levitating there?
Margot, have you had
a geologist come through?
I tried. Everyone
labeled me the town fool.
And this crater wasn't here
when you bought the property?
What's that?
A soil sample.
Lab results should show us
everything we need to know
in a week or two.
There's something else
you guys should see.
Please tell me that's not
the chicken from last night.
Don't you see?
They're trying to send me
a message.
They wanna take Jonah,
and discard me
like some sort of animal.
Okay, Margot,
when did this happen?
Sometime last night.
I don't know.
I- It happens so often,
I stopped keeping track.
This... woman is a nutcase.
Sounds like we'll have
compelling content.
Uh, what have you captured
so far?
Uh, yeah, she showed us a pond,
and a dead chicken in a barrel.
Uh, well, Darren pukes,
and that was kind of funny.
Ah, poor Darren.
Oh, he's fine.
Hey, did you know this is Margot
from Margot's Breakfast Diner?
I don't know how
I missed that.
Well, I mean,
it's understandable
when we're so focused
on Jonah, but...
Speaking of the kid,
how is he?
That kid needs
some professional help.
So, I did
some more digging,
and it turns out Margot
adopted Jonah in 2010.
I wanted to let you know.
It's something you can
bite into.
Are you- are you sure
about that?
Yes, I'm sure.
Listen, you could be right.
If she is full of shit,
I won't blame you for--
I gotta go.
You've been on the phone a lot.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, I just had to check
back in with my producer.
Hey, Ozzie,
I've been meaning to ask you,
How's the footage?
Oh my God, it looks so good.
I- I can't wait to show you.
Yeah, we- we should have
something pretty soon.
Jonah, do you remember
Little League?
Remember? You- you played
for the Honeybees.
Look, there's Coach Jerry with
all those silly-looking poodles,
please tell me you remember.
Humans will soon send
honey bees into extinction.
The food supply
chain is devastated,
and millions die
in the winter famine of 2025.
Over 20% of all living organisms
on this planet are beetles.
Humans are fortunate.
They have an.
I'm sorry,
can we cut really quickly?
- Hello, this is Margot.
- Hey, Margot.
It's Alex from the bank
returning your call.
Do you have time
to talk now?
- Yes.
- Great.
Go ahead.
Can you just confirm
the last four digits
of your account?
Uh, yeah, the last four
is uh, 7694.
How can I help you today?
Great, yeah, I- so I was-
I was just calling, the- um,
there was a transfer that was
supposed to come through.
Hey, Jonah.
Do you like puzzles?
You can come out of your chair.
I know you can walk.
I'm limited
by my physical abilities.
I won't tell your mom.
You live by Oak Trail.
Yeah, I do.
Do you like it there?
I love it.
It's not far from
where you got lost.
I know it's pending,
but I don't understand
why it hasn't arrived yet.
Do you know?
Do you have a timeframe or...
You were lost as a child.
All alone.
You were a scared little boy.
Where'd you live
before you were adopted?
You don't need
to be scared, Ozzie.
We found you.
It's time to go home.
Oh, okay.
Okay, please do.
Thank you.
So, I was just gonna make
Jonah a smoothie.
Would you guys like one?
Oh, yeah, that'd be great.
-Thanks, Margot.
Hey, Jonah.
Here you go.
Jonah, drink it!
Jonah, you need to drink this.
Just a little bit, okay?
Um, Margot,
do you need help with anything?
How about a glass of wine?
I'm okay, thank you.
You're not gonna have any?
Are you drinking it?
Yeah, it's good.
Damn it! Darren, Darren,
Darren, Darren! Whoa!
I'm just-- it's just--
I'm busting your balls, man.
Not funny.
Mind if I hit that?
It must be a lot,
you know?
Dealing with Jonah
all by yourself.
Ah, my hero with the wine.
I wanted to thank you
for putting us up.
Okay, oh, I am clearly
not great at this.
-Okay, all right.
-Oh, oh, oh!
-Okay, all right.
-Well, big pour.
It got stuck there.
You finally got him
to loosen up.
To Captain Tight Ass.
Have you guys ever played
that drinking game
where someone says a statement
and if you agree,
you have to take a shot?
I don't think that's how
that game works.
No, I like it. Let's play.
Okay, you first.
Okay, um...
I believe...
in God.
Hmm, to God.
To God.
-It's a game, right?
-Okay, I got one.
I believe...
that the government
covered up Roswell.
You guys believe
in a lot of things.
What do you believe in,
Like, really, believe in?
I believe in aliens.
You know what?
It's statistically
more likely than not.
Aliens are real.
You know how I know?
Because they abducted my son.
And I have been visited
several times
by military officers
with no insignias.
The fuckers ruined my life.
The- the U.S. Government?
The men who stole
my business,
the doctors.
Who couldn't help my son.
Those dumb hicks in town
who laugh at me
when I go and get my mail.
And, yes.
The U.S. Government.
It's your turn.
Oh- oh.
You okay?
-Hmm. Oh, oh!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.
Here, let me help you.
You're okay.
You'd fuck me, right?
Margot, I think
you're really drunk,
and you don't know what
you're saying right now.
-Almost there.
Who's killing your chickens,
All right.
Okay, let's go.
Okay, we're rolling.
Alright, just like before.
Let's check inside the crater.
All right, I'm gonna get
a better angle.
Ah! Oh!
Ah! Oh!
Oh, it burns!
Oh! Ah!
What the fuck?
What is happening, hmm?
Tell me!
What are they saying?
All the power's out
at the house.
I got reception again.
Hey, Jen?
Oz? Holy shit.
I've been trying to reach you.
Yeah, what's goin' on?
I- I spoke with a doctor
who was treating Jonah.
He couldn't say much.
The marks on Jonah's body
indicated abuse,
but nobody called it in.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Look, you and Darren
need to--
Oh, I don't feel so good.
Do you know why
you're here?
Where are you?
We are in the sky.
We are in the oceans.
We are in the ground.
But now, we need to go home.
Jonah, open the door.
Jonah, you're not safe in there!
Jonah, open the door!
Tell me her name.
Amy wasn't your real
Do you know about your father?
Was it because
you were different
than any
of the other children?
What was Doc Brown's diagnosis?
The patient
is exhibiting psychosis
in the form of hallucinations
and mental instability.
For the well-being
of this child,
I am recommending that you
be placed into the custody
of the state.
This is a dream.
You are not dreaming.
No, th- this isn't real.
You were found
Margot is controlling you.
Your addiction to pills
is controlling you.
You were overmedicated.
You were abused.
Stop this.
You were hurt.
You were scared.
It's time for us to go home.
Sh- Shut up!
All right! Shut up!
We need to go home.
Are you okay?
I need to use the phone.
What's wrong?
Margot, where's the phone?
I found it in Jonah's room,
smashed to pieces.
He broke all his toys.
Threw everything on the ground.
I think they're communicating
with him.
Making him behave this way.
Ozzie, I'm done.
What do you mean,
you're done?
-I'm done!
-No, we're not done.
-We're not done.
-Dude, I'm gettin' out of here.
All right?
Look at my fucking neck!
Oh, you've got hives.
-Yeah, they're hives.
How much radiation
was in that crater last night?
I don't- I don't know
how much there--
There was some radiation,
I don't know how much.
-Some radiation.
Here. All right?
Just take two, they're gonna be
gone in an hour,
I get hives all the time.
We are so close
to getting that whole story.
All right, we can't give up now.
Margot, can you tell me
about Jonah's father?
Um, well-- well, Jonah's
never met his father.
What was his name?
This is just a little
difficult to talk about,
because it's a part of our
lives that we left in the past.
Can you stop recording, please?
What's going on?
What does his father
have to do with anything?
was Jonah adopted?
I was.
Just like you.
Honey, that-- that's not true.
He speaks the truth.
I was abandoned.
Ozzie's just confused.
I asked you to stop recording.
What does it matter
if Jonah is adopted?
Do you realize
how isolated and alone
you've made him feel?
Pack your shit,
and get out of my house.
I figured it out.
Where we're going
on our vacation.
Whatever, man.
Get the camera, Darren.
Jonah, wake up!
He's not breathing.
Uh, I know CPR.
Come on!
Hey, buddy.
Let's get you to your chair.
You're doin' great.
All right. Ah!
Okay, just relax.
Hey, buddy.
Margot, we are going
to the hospital.
You're right.
He needs a doctor.
I'll pack some things.
I'll meet you outside.
What are you doing?
I'm grabbing my gear,
and I'm out.
Yeah. Okay.
W- We'll-- let me--
Just let me grab Jonah,
and we'll head out, okay?
We're not kidnapping
some fucking kid, Oz!
I've got the footage.
I'll show it to the police,
and let them deal with it.
Okay, well, we're gonna
take Jonah with us, though.
You're out of control.
You've lost your mind.
I'm leaving, Oz.
Do you know what
you'd be doing
if I never pulled you
off that couch?
'Cause that's what you were.
You were nothing.
Don't talk to me like that.
We have to save Jonah.
It was nice knowing you, man.
Give me the keys.
Just give me the keys.
-Stop, just stop!
-Give me the--
-Give me the fucking keys!
-Stop, you fucking junkie!
You fucking junkie!
You're a junkie,
just like your fucking mom!
Get up. Ah!
Let go!
Open the fucking door, Margot!
Where'd you go?
I took Jonah
to Children's Hospital.
You're lying.
You've been lying
this entire time.
Are you okay?
Your leg is bleeding.
I jumped out the window.
Why would you jump
out the window?
You locked me in the room!
I didn't lock you in the room.
You and Darren got into
a really bad fight.
What happened?
I wanted to finish
what we started.
And he wanted to go home.
He was pretty mad at you.
He peeled outta here.
They're gonna keep Jonah for a
couple of days for observation.
Why don't I help you
clean your wound,
and then we can go back
into town together?
This is gonna sting a little.
Hey, Margot?
What did the doctors say
about Jonah?
At the hospital?
They ordered a CT scan
for his heart.
I thought you
didn't trust doctors.
Jonah flatlined down there.
You saved him.
You're right.
I can't do it all by myself.
I know how much this story
means to you.
I wanna start fresh.
We can film everything we want.
Just you and I.
That sounds great.
I'll go freshen up
so we can go back to town.
Just keep the pressure on, okay?
You ruined everything.
All you had to do was listen.
Listen to what?
Your lies?
I told the truth.
Nobody cared.
The truth is,
you're abusing Jonah.
He's not even your real son.
Jonah is my son.
Nobody's gonna take him from me.
Especially not
a fucking junkie!
Hey, Jonah,
can you hear me?
Hey, you okay?
We need to go home.
Humans must cease
in the destruction of life
in order to transcend.
Go into the light!
Goodbye, sweetheart.