Jonah Lives (2015) Movie Script

This isn't funny, you guys!
Stop it!
Stop it!
MAN: Jesus!
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
Jesus! Jesus!
MAN: Trick playing, my friend.
Oh, I'm so scared.
I'm so cared.
LYDIA: But, the saddest part
was how sad.
Remember when they
ripped their hands apart?
Did you see how close they were?
BARBARA: I don't know. It's not
like they have the capacity
Their whole world
is crashing around them.
Hurry it up, Francis.
Come where I can see. Come on.
Hoick! Lateral! Lateral!
Get him!
All right, all right, all right.
You know I'm your supreme
confidant in all things?
You know you can
tell me anything, right?
I'm so sick of Francis.
Is that why you haven't
been talking much about
you guys, lately?
There's nothing to talk about.
I mean, we're together
every waking hour.
I just sort of run out of things
for us to talk about us.
That's all.
Well, you just really haven't
been saying that much, lately.
You're not like you used.
You know you can tell me.
Tell you what?
You know.
I mean, I don't know.
What have you been hearing?
Girl, I don't need to hear.
I can tell,
just by the way
you're sick of him.
Mo ho.
Get him!
Never mind the false shit,
all right.
Game's not over by a long shot.
Just stay positive.
We're gonna win this game.
The whole object
is to get it to us, Jessie.
- God, all right.
- Tony.
Stand still.
One Mississippi,
two Mississippi,
three Mississippi, four
Mississippi, five Mississippi.
Is that all you've got?
Come on, let it out.
Come on.
You're runnin' on empty!
One more time.
Two more down till it's over.
How did you know?
The girl's got her way.
Just make sure
he uses the rubber,
no matter how much
piece of shit says not to.
"Wrap up the sausage",
my mama always said.
You wouldn't want
to start aborting at our age.
God, Lydia! Do you really
have to be so blunt?
How else are you gonna
put something like that?
Just remember the protection
and you wouldn't have to worry.
Unless, you're me and...'re boyfriend doesn't
believe in pre-marital sex.
He doesn't believe in sex.
Oh ho ho!
Oh ho ho!
But, blowjobs
are perfectly fine.
Any hour of the day or night.
Thanks for sharing.
Don't tell me you don't go down.
Just whatever.
Just promise me
you won't tell my mom.
Cross my heart...
Looks like the game
is finally over.
And, they are arguing again.
Doesn't look like
Francis' magic works.
It's freezing, let's
go out of here.
Come on guys, let's go.
It's cold, let's go.
Let's go Tony, it's cold.
TONY: Relax!
Take your time guys,
take your time.
What's that for, Barb?
Are you saying god couldn't
afford the rent,
so they tossed him out?
Welcome to the 21st century.
Guys, I used to go
to this church with my mom.
I was in my last year
of Sunday school,
until they closed it down.
I remember that. You even learned
all the prayers and stuff.
Oh, yeah, I was an angel, right?
Come on, Barb.
We don't need god anymore.
We didn't leave god today.
- That's right.
- Screw ya.
What you guys up to tonight?
Going down that basement?
It's Friday night, man.
That's what we do.
JOHNNY: Hey, man, you coming
down, tonight or what?
We'll see, man.
You guys gonna be
down there late?
Be down there all night.
It'll be a wild night.
A wild night?
I think I've heard it all.
ALL: Whoa!
Look at that.
Hey, look, you still get us
for better or worse.
Looks like it's gonna rain.
Let's get out of here.
Can't get shit on the radio.
Has to be the weather.
It is, most definitely.
I'm so bored.
Where's your mom?
Out with her boyfriend.
Look at Tony. I hope he loses.
Actually, no.
Then he'll be miserable.
Francis seems to win
at everything.
Francis sucks, lately, huh.
Yeah, he does. He's, uh...
...he has a really bad attitude.
- Why?
- Every single day.
I don't know.
Whenever I try to talk to him,
he's always grumpy
about something.
He's like a miserable person.
And, I should be the grumpy one.
We don't have that problem.
He likes to do other stuff?
I don't know.
My mum doesn't know
- about any of this stuff. So...
- Yeah.
- Here's your dollar.
- LYDIA: She'd kill you...
She'll freak out. Yeah.
Oh, my god.
- I'm so bored.
- I'm out.
- Got shit, right?
- TONY: No.
I get a royal flush.
No shit I got shit.
If I had some...
We should have
just gone home before.
What's the matter
with you guys, tonight?
So what if it's raining out there?
It's not raining in here.
No, it's raining down here,
all right.
It's raining boring.
Oh, boo-hoo!
Honey's already bored.
You can always call cab
if you wanna go home.
You've got a couple of bucks,
right Barb?
- Yeah, couple.
- Cab drivers give me the creeps.
They all look like
psychos to me.
I know right. Either
too skinny or too fat
- It's disgusting, right?
- Or the biggest geeks ever.
Not a normal one
in the bunch, you know.
Too bad my mother went out
with her boyfriend tonight.
She wouldn't have mind
picking us up.
What's the matter
with you guys, tonight?
Not getting enough attention
from the boys.
It's not even eight and we are
staying late tonight.
I don't get it,
no fucking service down here.
We never get service down here.
Shut up, Lydia.
This is boring. Every week
we get the same thing.
This is always what
you guys want to do.
You guys don't even consider
what we want to do.
Is it time for that
when we're alone?
This is not what
I'm talking about, believe me.
I'm outta this one.
You got chit right?
Ladies and gentlemen, let me
introduce Christopher Columbus.
World famous discoverer.
You stupid bastard.
Well, I got three aces.
You guys are not even
listening to us.
Jesus! All you ever wanna do
is play poker
or your fucking balls.
Can we do something
we all can enjoy, for once?
I got it!
Let's play strip poker.
I'm in.
You guys will be
fucking cheating
and me and Barb will be naked
in half hour.
Damn right.
Yeah, baby! Strip poker.
Poker! Poker!
Get it? Hope you're upset
you're gonna play strip poker.
Strip poker, your ass.
Easy killer.
We don't wanna play cards.
How about some truth or dare?
That'll be fun guys, right?
We can all get into that.
That's fun.
That's lame.
How are we gonna know
who's telling the truth?
Francis, the point
of 'truth and dare'
is to tell the truth.
To be as honest as possible.
I know that's a bit difficult
for you.
How about the dare part?
Are you guys gonna do what...
...what you're dared to do?
You guys are such pigs,
I swear.
Hey, didn't your parents
ever teach you not to swear?
You guys are lame.
I'm with my man, Jessie,
on some strip... poker!
JESSIE: Yeah, baby!
BOYS: Poker! Poker! Poker!
Sick albino bastard!
Put your shirt back on
before you catch something.
Like sheep without a shepherd.
So, whats up then?
I got it.
Let me go upstairs
and get the game.
A game?
Not just a game.
It's not.
I'll be back.
He's so mysterious.
What the hell's he up to, now?
I hope he's getting some weed.
Some party. Better than
what we've got downstairs.
Oh, Francis, come here.
Hey everybody,
this is my son, Francis.
I want to introduce him to you.
This kid over the summer,
shot up.
Look at him.
Ten pounds a muscle
for each inch
shot in this kid.
Come on, Francis.
One time for everybody here,
- Make a muscle for everybody.
- Dad, please. Please, dad.
Come on, don't be embarrassed.
Your father's proud of you.
Honey, that boy has nothing
to be embarrassed about.
My god!
So freaking handsome.
Yes, yes, my goodness.
Oh, he has grown
since the last time
I saw him.
I have grown much bigger.
Naughty boy.
FATHER: That kid's gonna
be all-pro some day.
Ain't that right, son?
You bet, dad.
FATHER: Chip off the
old block, I tell you.
Hey, you never made all-pro.
I guess, it all depends
on who you ask.
You're baby-sitter again, huh?
That's right
You're in the best place
in the whole world.
You just don't realize it, yet.
You don't belong upstairs.
Your son is a grown up man.
Join the party, Zora.
Lighten up.
This one's a little...
...young for you,
isn't he?
If you're judging
by my late husband,
even you would
be considered young.
Hey, I'm watching that.
No, you're not.
I'm not?
It's watching you.
Know what this is?
Duh! Books.
Wise ass.
These books have
all the answers
that you're ever gonna
need to know your entire life.
How old are you?
Nine. My birthday is next week.
So, you can read them, right?
Uh, yeah. For a long time.
This is a good place
for you to start then.
The Holy Bible?
What kinda book is this?
The oldest one.
It's about the beginning
of mankind.
Is this about sex?
'Cause I know about sex.
I know I became
in my mum's belly
and came out of mum's cookie.
I saw the video.
This is about what you are
and what you can be.
It's also a great place
to start
if you wanna know
everything there is to know.
So, you read all these books?
And, now you know everything?
Yeah, I suppose I do.
Don't put that TV back on.
A VG board! That's wicked cool.
That's the fucking game you got?
Yeah, Ouija. Never heard of it?
This is cool but isn't this
a two player game?
This is old.
What's this do?
It points out the answers
on the board.
Spells out the letters.
Whatever you ask.
I got this from...
...from the real deal.
Your ass you did.
Fuck you! Got this from a gypsy.
That if she wasn't a witch,
she had witches in her family.
How much did it cost?
Twenty five bucks.
Twenty five bucks?
For a piece of wood?
I think you got a deal.
If it works I mean.
That's a real spare board.
She also said it's very active.
She also said... it's a secret.
You said it yourself.
Think about it.
"It's a two player game?"
I said that.
The more the better up to six.
With more than six,
things can get kinda messy,
you know.
Think about it. With two,
we could fiddle with the
spirit plane of existence.
But with six,
we could penetrate that realm
and bend it to our will.
He said "penetrate"!
Yes, my friend,
penetrate and control it.
We could do more than that.
Anything we imagine.
- Even more.
- You know why they sell this game to kids
and it passes
as a harmless game?
'Cause for two kids
it is a harmless game.
Not for six, it's not harmless.
It's far from it.
You're fucking kidding, right?
Play without me.
Put the number up the beast.
We need six to match the
power of the beast!
Fuck you, Francis.
LYDIA: Come on, Tony.
Don't be such a party-pooper.
It's a harmless game.
It'll be fun.
Push me?
For two. If all sit
at it the same time,
it becomes more than
just a game.
Way more.
Count me out.
You should know this, Francis.
Don't be a wuss, man.
Everyone's into this.
Why against me all the time?
'Cause you fucking don't listen.
All right? Fuck you
and your peer pressure.
What's the big deal, Tony.
Come on, man.
We need six,
everyone's into this.
Don't wuss out on us.
Six is the magic number.
With six we could tap into it,
the creative all-knowing force
of the universe
and bend it to our wills.
Ask and you will receive,
knock and the door
will be opened.
We could even raise the dead
if we wanted to.
You got no respect!
You think you can do whatever
you want without consequences?
You've no idea
what you're playing with.
Jesus, Tony, it's just a game.
Will you just play it
for crying out loud?
Not playing
with this devil shit.
Go ahead. Play.
Fine. It's a five verse then.
- Not what I had planned but...
- Less power then.
Does one have power
to raise the dead?
I guess there is only way
to find out.
Let's raise a whole army
of the dead!
FRANCIS: An ambitious apprentice.
I like that.
Let's start small.
May be, just may be,
we can raise one dead man
from his grave.
It's all fun and games
till someone gets hurt.
You guys should learn some
respect for the old ways.
Okay, okay, already.
We heard the 'Sermon of the
Old Ways' yadi-yadi-yada.
This is the 21st century,
You better get used to it.
Jeez already, let's just play
an ask us some questions.
I'm dying to see
if this thing really works.
I wanna play.
I have questions
and I need answers.
Come on guys, let's play.
So gay, he wants to play.
All right, guys,
let's settle down.
If we're gonna do this,
let's do it right.
Everyone's a little familiar?
That's it.
Lightly. Only just touch it.
Now, press your feet
against each other's.
Form and feel connected.
Let the aura float around you
as I begin the prayer
of protection
from malicious spirits.
Protect us, guide us
and fulfill our desire
to know that which is
hidden in plain sight.
Protect these for whom
you've given me to lead.
You're gonna lead them,
all right.
And, even Tony
though he don't believe.
Fuck you, Francis!
Don't even mention my name.
That's it. It's done.
We're all protected
and connected,
like, a conductor plugged
into the main frame.
We start by seeing
if anyone's here.
Go ahead, Barbara. Ask.
Is... is anyone there?
Like that?
LYDIA: It's moving.
Someone's moving it.
Nobody's moving it. [WHISPERS]
It has to, it has to.
Me. Okay.
I need to know about the girl
with a bun in her hair.
The one in my English class.
Does she have the hots for me?
Looks like you're never
getting laid, man.
She wants me. You guys moved it.
I know she wants some of this.
Nobody moved it.
Maybe, some day,
when you grow up
if you keep dreaming,
she'll let you get it in.
BOYS: Your wet dreams piss pop!
You know what jerk,
what if she did like Jessie?
She ain't no better than him.
I've seen her date
worse looking guys.
That's a low blow, Barb.
Jessie ain't that ugly.
You suck, Barbara.
Jessie, I didn't mean to say
you're an ugly guy.
It's not what I meant.
What I meant was that she doesn't
date any better than you.
I mean...
You know what I'm
trying to tell you, right?
Know what you mean.
I don't have the slightest.
Could you clarify that, Barb?
You're such a dick.
I'm your dick.
What I meant to say Francis
is that you're
a big fucking ass hole.
You're killing me, baby.
My turn to ask the question.
Promise not to laugh.
can you tell me about my dog?
Boo Boo, my dog?
I lost him when I was five.
I never got over it.
What I'd like to know
is if he's in a dog heaven,
Is there a doggy-heaven?
What a stupid question!
You guys promised
you wouldn't laugh.
Seriously, you're just
a bunch of jerks.
Actually, I read somewhere
in an old spiritual book
that the souls of animals
reincarnate back
as the same animal.
And, eventually do pass
from this existence into next.
So, you mean, I could go out
and get another dog
and it could be Boo Boo, again?
What a crock!
Where did you get that from?
From the Hindu belief system.
The atman
or soul if you wanna call it
travels from death to rebirth,
until it reaches nirvana.
That's the Buddhist doctrine,
not Hindu.
As for souls or atman,
whatever, if you knew anything
you would know that
even amoeba has a life force.
May be, you can come back
as one of them.
All I'm saying is that
I read it from somewhere.
You're not the only person
that reads, Francis.
This is really interesting.
Come on, Tony, play with us.
I already told you 'no'.
What scares you so much?
You're really that scared
of the unknown?
Don't mistake respect
for the unknown as fear of it.
You know about karma.
The idea that
things come full circle,
you especially should
know about karma.
You know what I'm talking about.
All right, you guys are reading
way too many books.
Can we just play or what?
You have all the answers,
Never mind me.
You need to get with it.
This is a new century.
Do as you will
is the new law.
Man, Francis,
you're so full of shit.
Enough baloney,
let's get serious.
Feet together.
BARBARA: You're moving it.
Not moving it.
Yes, you are.
It's got all the same letters.
Is it stuck?
How can it be stuck
if it's moving?
Try to figure out the letters.
You figure them out,
you're the expert.
Stay with us spirits.
Do not leave us in ignorance
but, help us to know
your hidden meaning.
GIRLS: It's moving!
You have to concentrate.
What is your name?
That doesn't spell 'ouija'.
Not even close.
I thought you said
his name was 'Ouija'.
I got 'Hunge' or one of that.
That's the only name
I could think of.
You guys were moving it.
Is anybody moving it?
What's the point of moving it?
It wouldn't be any fun at all.
I know a kid in school who
mentioned an uncle named 'Hanjo'.
May be, it's an Indian name.
Sounds it.
So 'Hanjo' it is.
TONY: It's fucking backwards.
What's with freaking us out?
You didn't know either.
It's so obvious.
LYDIA: Yeah, it really is.
Yeah, now that I told you.
That's what I meant, jerk.
It was Jonah, guys.
The last letter was a 'J'.
Sad seems 'Jonah'.
I guess.
Is that your name?
Jonah, that is...
LYDIA: It is!
How long have you
been gone from our planet?
We live on a planet,
not a plane.
Forget it.
How old were you in your passing
from this plane to the next?
Sixty nine?
Or is it backwards?
Sixty nine, is that correct?
Yes, it's not backwards.
How can we tell backwards in it?
It's fully awake, now.
Guys, I got the chills man.
How did you die?
BARBARA: 'Poisnon'?
That's it, you were poisoned.
LYDIA: He was murdered?
BARBARA: Murdered by who?
Who murdered you, Jonah?
Tell us who did it.
I guarantee you'll
feel a lot better if you do.
'Wif poson'?
I bet it means his wife.
I feel so bad for him.
Sorry, Jonah.
Why? Why did she do it?
JESSIE: Freaking money.
Root of all evil.
My god, you guys,
this thing is telling us
he was murdered by his wife.
And, she did it by
poisoning him for money.
Wow, this is crazy.
Is your wife dead with you?
She's alive.
Lydia, are you okay?
That was freaking freaky.
How did you do that?
He spoke through me.
FRANCIS: Is this what
you were talking about
when you said you wanted to
do something you could get into?
Call him to join us, Lydia.
Come to us, Jonah.
Now, you say it.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Tony's waiting for you.
Don't be a fucking jerk, Lydia.
Don't call me 'a fucking jerk',
you're 'fucking jerk'.
Don't say that
I didn't call you anything.
I said "don't be",
I didn't say you are.
I know what you said.
I'm not stupid.
All I'm saying is
I'm not playing,
so, leave me out
of this devil-shit.
We must concentrate,
otherwise, this won't work.
You need to believe,
we must believe!
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Jonah, come to us.
That's the spirit.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
- ALL: Come to us, Jonah.
- Stupid bastards.
ALL: Come to us, Jonah.
Jonah, come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah!
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
Come to us, Jonah.
I'm telling you, guys.
You guys were possessed.
'Possessed'? Yeah, sure.
Tell us another one.
I don't kid, all right.
I'm serious.
You all changed.
- Changed how?
- Double voices came out of you guys.
Can you stop it, please?
I wanna know this.
What a freaking head ache.
Then when I got up
to stop you guys...
your eyes,
big and white like gold balls.
I ripped the right from
your hand and smashed it.
You're telling me there
was something inside me?
What did we do.
We went into a reverie,
that's all.
Meaning, we went
into a trance like state
affording a channel
into the spirit one.
You say that like
it's fucking routine.
Come on guys,
lets channel the spirits
of the dead. It'll we fun.
You knew something
like this could happen
and, you still let us play?
Whoa ho, didn't you girls say
you needed stimulating?
Not by letting spirits
inside of us.
Subjecting everyone to demons
is your idea of stimulation?
Look, I know what I saw,
all right.
You guys know I don't lie.
I think, I'm gonna be sick.
JOHNNY: Seriously.
Can we just forget it?
Look how upset it's making her.
God, deliver us from evil.
Something just
doesn't feel right.
Hey, guys.
Thanks for stealing my seat,
Just keeping it warm
for you, Barb.
Yeah, yeah.
feeling better?
A bit, surely.
Just thought you were
getting a little horny.
Always a dick.
Anyone hear that?
Ssh, listen.
- Francis, please, I think something's wrong.
- Will you shut up!
Francis, what are you doing?
Will you shut and listen!
Help! He's looking possessed.
Look out
Tony, do something.
Do something!
This is the type of shit
I'm talking about.
Johnny, help me pull him off.
Deliver him!
FRANCIS: You get off me
before I shoot myself?
Everything's a fucking joke
with you!
Fuck you, Francis.
It's all fun and games
till someone gets hurt.
Somebody could have gotten hurt.
Oh ho, smells like shit!
I can't stand you anymore.
Do you realize what
you're doing to a person?
I got you best of all.
What did you say?
"Deliver him, Jesus!"
"Please Jesus!".
What a fucking riot.
You guys, you're too much.
You guys are looking like
you've seen the devil himself.
Come on, I really didn't
get you with this one?
Got to admit,
it was a rush and a half.
You guys are too much.
I gotta take a piss,
I gotta take piss.
Yes, take a crap too
while you're at it.
Oh, guys, too fucking much.
Lighten up, it's just a joke.
So glad, you showed up again.
Come on,
aw, how can I forget you? Ah!
Give me a hug.
I know you guys think
I'm an asshole
and I am.
But, I want you guys
to know, no matter what,
I really do love you.
We love you too, man.
Imagine, if it really happened.
Imagine what?
Raising the dead.
I would have shit myself so bad!
I would shit and piss myself.
You're gonna shit, all right.
Every single one of you.
You wouldn't, hero?
Really scary, guys.
Really shaking in my shoes, now.
Who's out there?
Of course.
Who else could it be.
Recently revived from the dead.
After all,
you did invite him.
You go welcome our guests, then.
JOHNNY: I bet it's Joe,
messing with our heads.
Bet it is.
What do you think he's up to?
Go get him, killer.
Who is it, Tony?
Can you see?
Real funny, Joe.
Wait for it, Joe.
Shit! Holy shit!
What the fuck, Joe!
You fucking kidding me, man!
What the fuck!
No, no, no, no, no, Joe! No!
Don't do it, Joe! Why?
Why... don't do it, Joe! Joe!
Get away from...
Holy god! Help me!
Holy gosh! No, don't, Joe.
Fuck with Joe...
It's not Joe!
He's on drugs, that stupid pork.
What you up to now Joe?
It's not Joe!
Give me a chair,
give me a chair.
What happened, Lydia?
What did you see?
Tony's dea... he's dead!
What do you mean he's dead?
He removed his head.
He turned back
and whacked him
right in the head!
Did you see who it was?
He's dead!
He's dead!
Tony's dead!
Is it Joe?
Is it Jonah?
- Did we do it?
- Are you insane?
Joe's been taking
all kinds of drugs.
He probably took some bad shit
and lost his mind.
What if it's Jonah?
What did you see?
Stop it, Johny, stop it.
We're gonna get this burnout.
What're you gonna
do against Jonah?
It's Joe!
Fucking druggie!
I told you,
it was Jonah.
He killed him.
All that blood,
Tony's blood, all over,
and Jonah laughing at me.
Wanting me to see it.
What are we gonna
tell Tony's mom?
It's just Joe out there.
Just Joe.
No, it's not.
We have to do something.
The three of us will get him,
get upstairs...[WORDS GET FAINT]
Yeah, what if it's Jonah
and we can't get through?
It's three of us against him.
He;'s probably having
some fucking bad trip.
One of us will make it upstairs.
I'm afraid, Francis.
Honey, the first time
I married for love.
Second time,
I married for money.
Freaking lots of it!
So, what's it gonna be for,
this time?
This time?
Seriously, why would I
marry again?
What about him?
Him? Ah, he's just
to amuse myself.
A man's only good for thing.
Ha ha, get it? 'Thing'!
Bigger the thing is, the better.
There's only so much man
that you can handle.
Believe me honey,
you don't know
how much I can handle.
Neither do I.
Oh, my god, Joe,
what did you do?
Is that blood?
Holy shit!
There's blood everywhere.
Joe, just keep your head cool,
we can get you some help.
Oh, god!
FRANCIS: What the hell happened?
Hey, get me out
- They're already big enough.
- Give me the ones you got.
- What good are those?
- I got them all.
They're no good!
What the hell
did you do that for?
FRANCIS: Those aren't gonna keep
it out if he wants to get in!
It's empty!
Can't breathe.
He's not breathing.
Breathe, dammit!
You don't die like this!
BARBARA: Stop it!
Can't breathe.
He's not breathing.
What to do?
What to do!
You don't die like this!
What you doing? Don't stop!
That's it!
Stop it, Johnny.
Stop it!
You're breaking his ribs.
Jessie was already dead,
We did what we could.
He gave up.
I tried to save him.
What will we tell his mom?
Jonah got you too, Jessie.
Jessie got Jessie.
He didn't fight.
He should've fought,
not given up.
Stop looking at him!
How could this be happening?
I can't...
I don't wanna die!
Come on, Barb.
We're only just kids.
God, please,
we didn't mean
any of this to happen!
That doesn't matter, anymore.
We're all dead.
Would you just shut up, Lydia!
It's all a joke.
Everything that we thought
mattered, just doesn't.
One big, fat, meaningless joke.
You're on my nerves like...
I can't even just
tell you to shut up!
I propose a toast.
Everyone, everyone,
I propose a toast.
To my dear departed husband.
To my dear JJ Mathais.
To my dear JJ Mathais.
Let it be known
in the company of friends
that I love you even more now
that you're dead
than when you were alive.
ALL: Cheers!
I don't even have
my license yet.
I'm not ready!
All the dreams I have.
It was a joke, Tony.
I warned you.
Too much to listen.
It's too late for that.
Over, it's gone.
Fool's game.
I didn't know.
I warned you!
It's all your fault.
Your fault that we all died.
I'm so sorry.
It's all your fault.
It's all your fault.
Our dreams are shattered,
because of you.
All your fault.
BOTH: It's all your fault.
It's all your fault.
It's all your fault.
It's all your fault.
It's all your fault.
It's all my fault.
It's all my fault.
It's all your fault.
It's all my fault.
My, my, my, my...
It's all my fault!
Francis, please stay strong.
It's all my fault, Barbara.
No one's putting blame.
No one's blaming you.
Yes, they are.
They want me to do something.
Francis, no one's blaming you.
Yes, they are.
No, no one is.
Tony and Jessie want me to.
I know what I have to do.
No, you're insane.
We need you.
Our baby needs you.
Are you really pregnant?
I gotta go help him.
Look behind you!
Run dude, run!
No, no, Francis!
No. No!
Three down,
three to go.
My god, what have we done!
There's no god.
Only death.
Stop it, Lydia.
You don't know
what you're saying.
It's a joke.
Life is one big, fat,
meaningless joke.
This is what you want
for your baby?
Life and everything in it,
it's all a lie.
Everything that
we thought was true
is a such a hoax.
Don't lose hope.
Hope is for those
who can't face the truth.
Face the truth, Barbara.
You just have to pull
yourself together, all right.
Me and Johnny need you.
- We need you.
- Accept it!
Stop lying to yourself.
It's a dream. You wake up
from it and forget it.
That's life and death
and we're already dead.
No, there has to be
a way outta this.
There has to be a way
to send it back.
With this. We got this
thing here, with this
and we'll send it back with it.
Lydia, it will work.
You just have to believe it.
We can do this.
It's not going to work.
Will work.
No, it won't.
It will, we have to believe
it will and it will work.
It's not gonna work, Barbara.
Johnny, it will work.
We just have to believe.
It's not gonna work
no matter how hard we try.
We should try at least.
All good things come
to an end, Barbara.
We're all gonna die.
and your fucking baby!
Fucking stupid baby.
You know why it won't work?
Because Tony broke it, remember?
Not you.
Not you, too.
We're all gonna die.
And, you just have to accept it.
It's broken, Barbara.
There are pieces everywhere.
Doesn't matter
about the broken pieces.
Somehow, it still has to work.
wasting your fucking time!
I'm wasting my time?
You're wasting your time.
Even if it doesn't work
at least I did something
with my time.
Lydia, Barbara's right.
Yeah, I am right.
We didn't follow any rules to get
this thing here. We believed.
If we believe what we did before
we can send Jonah back.
How do we start?
So you know what to say?
We just have to believe that
we can send Jonah back.
Join hands and feet.
Like we did before.
I don't know what to say.
So, I'm just gonna say
what I'm feeling.
Can we do this like this?
Before today, I thought I knew
everything I need to know.
Now, I realize I know nothing.
Nothing at all.
What we did
we did out of ignorance.
Tony knew somehow.
He tried.
He warned us because he knew
and respected the power
and he was afraid.
He was afraid because he knew
we're ignorant of these things.
May be, we should try to apologize
for being disrespectful.
Please forgive us, Jonah.
We are really, really sorry.
Please forgive us, Jonah.
Truly, Tony, Jessie
and Francis are sorry.
Awe and respect
of the super-natural gained
at the fearful price
of our friends' lives.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Please forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
Forgive us, Jonah.
Go back and rest in peace.
What is it, hon?
Can you give me
a glass of water?
Here, drink up.
Mommy's downstairs, okay.
Do you think it worked?
Do you think we sent it back?
Jonah was a man.
'Him'. Not 'it'.
Him? It?
I don't give a shit.
Did we do it?
Did we send what ever
the hell it is
back to where ever
the hell it came from?
Easy, Johnny.
We sent him back.
Can't you feel it?
All that I feel is that
I'm starting to crack.
This is just so much to grasp.
How can you be so cool?
Because some body has to.
That's it. I'm outta here.
If it's gone, so am I.
What are you doing?
I dunno.
Relax, Johnny.
Everything's okay.
How can you be so cool?
Because everything's okay.
He's gone, can't you feel it?
I can feel it.
We sent him back,
we did it, Johnny.
Then let's the hell out of here!
What are we waiting for?
No, we stay in here.
We just have a few more
hours left until sunrise.
We'll leave then.
It's gone!
Jonah's gone!
Can't you feel it?
No, we stay in here.
If it's gone,
It's gone. I need to get
out of here, now!
No, just a few more hours.
It's gone, Barbara.
Don't you trust me?
Then let's get the fuck
out of here.
He's gone.
Come on, guys. Don't be afraid.
Jonah's gone.
Can't you feel it?
Jonah's gone away.
Come on, Johnny.
We made it through.
He's not here, anymore.
He's gone.
No Jonah anymore.
Can't you feel it?
I'm surprised you can't feel it.
We made it.
We fucking made it.
Let's go.
Don't go.
Nobody here.
What are you waiting for?
- Let's go.
- No.
Here's Jonah.
What are you doing!
Come and get them, Jonah.
Jesus, why's he still here?
Guys, come on, scream,
make so me noise.
Somebody's gonna hear us.
Help! Guys, come on!
Somebody help!
Help! Help! Help.
Can anybody hear us?
Help! Help! Come on!
Hail Mary full of grace.
Blessed is the tuitty fruit
of your womb.
Stop laughing at me!
If you wanna go die, go die!
Come on guys, don't stop,
keep screaming.
Help! Guys!
What are you guys doing?
Don't stop. Keep screaming.
My head hurts.
I'm not screaming.
Why doesn't anybody hear us?
One Mississippi.
Two Mississippi.
Three Mississippi.
Four Mississippi.
Five Mississippi.
Six Mississippi.
Seven Mississippi.
Lydia, what are you doing?
What are you doing? Don't!
Come, Jonah.
Take me away with you.
Don't look at him.
You piece of shit.
You really are nothing.
Back to hell.
Oh, my god!
Wha... what... oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, honey.
Honey, what happened?
Oh, easy.
Easy, I got you, honey.
Hold on, hold on.
I got you, I got you,
I got you. Hold me.
Easy. Sweetheart, you're okay.
You've got me. I'm with you.
Oh, my god, please take her.
Someone call 911, please.
Please. Stay here.
Oh, Jesus, no!
Nothing happened to you.
Don't worry about it.
You're gonna be fine.
Let's get the hell out of here.
This world's gone mad.
What happened here?
Fucking kidding me.
Fucking wild night.