Jonathan (1970) Movie Script

Open this door!
What's going on? Thomas!
Open the door!
We'll see about that.
I've heard nothing from him
in twelve days.
That's why I came here.
Here's the door.
The key is blocking the lock.
I'm sure the girl is
with him.
She's a whore.
You're suspicious?
Since they've been together
it's been like this.
Open it!
Don't make so much noise.
Have some?
The stove is cold.
Did you see the picture?
What are they doing there?
Thomas! Thomas!
What are you doing?
Are you deaf?
Thomas ... Thomas, my boy.
Why didn't you open the door?
Look at me.
You worried me so.
Why don't you wake up.
We must get along with
each other.
Thomas! Thomas, no!
Wait a minute!
Take her to our leader.
The sooner the better.
Ah, yes.
Lenora ... then everything
they said is true?
Take a look.
Everything is prepared.
Let her go!
She won't get very far.
All of you know ...
none of you are alone here.
If you try to leave ...
it's dangerous for us.
Be careful. Your betrayal
can cost you dearly.
Be forewarned.
This could also happen
to you.
I must join the others.
Don't be so loud.
My father says
you all make too much noise.
He's afraid,
like everyone else.
I know, Lina. It's getting
worse all the time.
We can't talk about it now.
I think something has happened.
See you later.
We did our job.
We have come to the
conclusion ...
we aren't getting anywhere
this way.
Although all of us know
what's going on ...
we aren't doing anything
to fight against it.
We must protect ourselves
against the power ...
... of this bloodsucker,
who grows stronger ...
... day by day.
We must fight against him ...
not only be stopping the rituals ...
... nor by killing them
one by one.
The only solution is
obvious ...
... the total elimination
of the vampires.
And now it's the best time
to strike.
My research tells us ...
in the near future ...
the most powerful vampire
will hold a special gathering.
And we know where ...
at a castle by the sea.
There is only one possibility
... here
And all the vampires
will be together.
We will break into the castle.
Kill the servants and guards,
and push the vampires ...
into the sea,
We know they cannot
survive in the water
Aren't we too small
in number for such a project?
On the contrary ...
the vampires have many prisoners
inside the castle.
If we free them ...
they will help us in our fight
against the vampires.
This is how I envision
the mission.
We send someone ahead who will
learn the layout of the castle.
He will also find out how many
guards and servants there are.
Plus he will also find the most
vulnerable side of the castle.
My suggestion is ...
this person should leave
immediately ... tonight.
Be careful.
You know what to do.
Do you have everything?
-It's all here
Let's see ... that was inherited
from my great grandfather.
He removed several hearts of
those sinful creatures.
As you know, it's all based
on extensive research ...
... all about vampirism.
Don't lose this map ...
without it you'll be lost.
Everything is here.
And I'll be careful.
Don't delay ...
your assignment is critical.
Good luck.
Bring back good news.
It's time for him to leave.
-He'll be very busy.
Go immediately to bed,
and pray the rosary.
We don't want to be involved
in this mess.
You people are hyenas!
I can't stand it anymore!
These are the belongings.
Give me clothing and food.
As we agreed.
Is this all?
Why did we stop?
Hey! Where are you going
in such a hurry?
Don't be frightened.
I won't harm you.
Are you hungry?
I haven't been travelling
that long.
Come sit with me.
Eat something.
You have some money?
I travel lightly.
You on a trip?
Where to?
How far is it to the
next village?
It can't be very far.
I saw a messenger earlier ...
in a hurry ... with a mail pouch.
Thank you, I must be going.
I'll come along ...
for a while.
Don't go with him!
Stay here.
What's wrong with them?
Why don't they want us
in the village?
They're afraid.
We must go around the
I haven't been here
in a long time.
It's better if you don't go in.
Hey! Is anybody there?
Is someone hiding?
Don't be afraid of me.
And so ...
what did you find?
Here, drink.
Saint Sebastian ...
pray for my cows.
I'll take the first watch.
I'll wake you later.
Open up!
You're the last person
I'll talk to.
I only want to know
directions to the count's.
Come in. Come.
These are the only villagers
still alive.
I want to go.
Will you take me along?
No, I've already
lost too much time.
Move together!
Those are the ones
we caught today.
There is someone in the castle
who may be dangerous to us.
He is outside in the hallway.
Welcome to my house.
I've been waiting for you.
He is my guest.
He can go anywhere
he chooses.
Except over there ...
... where the doors are locked.
There are reasons ...
... for things to be this way.
If you had my experience,
and if you could see with
my eyes,
You would understand me
more completely.
Blood ... tasty and good ...
nothing quenches like it.
He is young and strong ...
enough kisses for all of us.
Go back!
How dare you touch him?
This man is mine ...
never come near him again.
You have never loved ...
and you never will.
Shut up! Get out of this room.
Take that with you ...
you can have it.
My child! My child!
Give me my child back!
Wake up.
Don't be afraid.
I'm your friend.
I'm here to release you.
Everything is prepared.
The townspeople are rallying
an attack.
We are ready to storm
the castle.
We need help from each and
every one of you.
It won't be long now.
We need the help from all
of you.
We're almost ready.
They're almost here.
We have trained our people
and we are ready for this attack
I told you not to enter
any locked room!
And you didn't listen!
You stay
and watch him.
God ... protect our men.
Help them in the battle.
Die! Die!