Joram (2023) Movie Script

Jhinpidi, Jharkhand
"Happy we sway from the trees.
Like palaash flowers in the breeze"
Even my cow sings better
than you, Dasru.
You shut up.
I'll sing.
Sing. Show me.
You shut up!
"Murmur-murmur flows the stream.
Ripple-tipple as if a dream"
"Swing high, rain down in a shower.
Bring for me a palaash flower"
"Happy we sway from the trees.
Like palaash flowers in the breeze"
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Five years later...
- Where are you from?
- Ratnagiri.
- When did you come to Mumbai?
- It's been ten years.
I see.
Where are you from?
She's some minister,
from another state.
- They're giving dhotis and sarees.
- Solar lights too.
They look like they're from
the same tribal area as you.
Where are you from?
Where's home?
Bidesi? Give him a packet.
Take this.
Take it.
- A saree?
- No sarees left, ma'am.
No sarees left.
So, tell me,
where were you before
you came to Mumbai?
In Jharkhand.
I'm from Jharkhand too.
Is she your wife?
First time in many years,
I've met someone from Latehar
so far from home.
Where in Latehar?
Some more, please.
When did you come to Mumbai?
5-6 years ago.
It seems like he's Dasru.
He's changed his name.
If I got a new saree today, I'd make
myself another swing with it.
Where's the space?
I'd tie it from up there.
You swing so high you'd slam into
these tin walls.
Then take me back to swing
from the village tree.
You're citizens of this country.
As the country develops,
you progress too.
Boss, it's quite simple.
The system needs proof,
and none of you have any.
We've lived here for 2000 years.
You have title deeds?
Never mind. What about a voter's card?
Any ID card?
Mr Agarwal, I'll handle it.
The government will pay good money
for your land.
Then let's speak to the government.
Let's meet our leader.
How will that help?
They'll tell us our rights.
These leaders hardly care for us, Vaano.
If you don't sell the land now,
the rates will drop.
Is that a threat?
No, just good advice.
Take Dhuriya and Sido.
They were paid in full for their land,
and now have jobs in the factory too.
Mr Agarwal, let's give them time to
think. I'll talk to my father tonight.
Better do it soon.
I'll do it.
Sarees for sale! Only 200 rupees.
Pick any one. Only 200 each.
A beautiful saree
for only 200 rupees.
Pure cotton sarees,
for only 200.
You can have it for only 200.
I'll reduce it for you.
Who eats raw potatoes, Joram?
Where exactly?
Dasru? Don't go.
- Dinkar check in the back.
- Yes, ma'am.
That way.
He's down there. Get him!
Sir, from the back!
Aye, watch out!
Get the bikes!
'He has curly hair.
And a tattoo on his forehead. '
'He is in a white shirt and has a bundle
slung around his shoulder. Over. '
Sir, can you tell us
what's happened inside?
Sir, that bundle he ran with
is not full of stolen goods,
he's carrying his 3-month-old daughter.
That's Bhavsar's car, right?
Call him.
Put me through to Mr Bhavsar, please.
This is Phulo Karma.
'He's not in right now.
Try tomorrow. '
It's a little urgent.
How dare he!
I'll go and check.
You've messed up once.
Now stay put.
Call that Palaash News TV woman.
'Phulo-ji, greetings. '
I have some breaking news.
It's been less than an hour.
'What is it about?'
We've sent you videos.
Two of them.
'Alright. '
Sir, we're on his trail.
We don't have much info to go on.
He's a nobody, Bagul.
Catch him quickly.
Or it'll stir up trouble.
Sir, I haven't gone home in two nights.
I was covering for Bhonsle.
He's unwell so I came.
So catch this outsider quickly.
Can you go home and sleep
with a murderer on the run?
Move it.
They took the body away.
They said you're a murderer.
They killed her.
Why don't you go to the police?
They'll kill me too.
- If you're innocent, why would they?
- Think about your little girl.
Don't come here again.
We have a baby too.
We'll get into trouble.
Where will you go, Bala?
I need to find out.
I'm not sure.
There's nothing for me here.
Dasru, don't go.
It's just land.
This isn't worth killing for.
Give that away.
'According to the Mumbai police,
the fugitive's name is Bala. '
'A video is now circulating,
proving that Bala'
'is in fact a rebel militant
from Chandwa, Jharkhand. '
'He allegedly murdered two people on
a construction site and is on the run. '
'The Mumbai police has been clueless
thus far. '
'Is Mumbai in for yet another
terror attack?'
'We'll bring you exclusive updates
right after a small break. '
'Keep watching Palaash TV. '
Call her back.
Karma-ji, namaste.
Bhavsar-ji, greetings.
I saw a video on a
local Jharkhand channel.
Who could've leaked it?
Who knows?
This is the cyber era.
Anything can leak from anywhere.
'Who would leak this?'
The rebellion has reached Mumbai.
Anything can happen.
That's why I called you earlier.
This is your jurisdiction.
You'll have to catch him.
The Mumbai police are on it.
He'll soon be arrested.
Let me know when you catch him.
He's from my region.
I owe my people answers.
Let me know if anything else
gets leaked.
Greetings, Bhavsar-ji.
'Unit 255, report to Bandra junction. '
Sir, we're being called.
Shivangi, I need the phone.
Good girl.
'According to the Mumbai police,
the fugitive's name is Bala. '
'A video is now circulating,
proving that Bala is a rebel militant'
You let him slip away?
Bagul, you're not going home
till you catch him. I don't care
how long it takes.
Sir, he was spotted on a CCTV camera
at Kurla station.
Which platform?
Zoom in.
Which train is that?
The Red-Earth Express, to Jharkhand.
Thank you.
Hold my spot for me.
My baby's soiled her nappy.
Got a hanky?
Mark your spot with your scarf.
Yes, Joram, yes, done.
Look at you, my little beady-eyed girl.
What's wrong?
Is something wrong, madam?
Someone's locked the door
from the inside. They won't open up.
Shall we tell the officer
on the platform?
He's here, sir!
Watch where you're going.
No firing. It's risky here.
Catch him alive. I repeat, no firing.
Sir, neither the lights
nor the fans are working.
Sir, we aren't the Railway police.
My taxes pay your salaries.
I'll show you!
Why did you fire?
Careful, he's holding a baby.
Drops of milk.
He must be close by.
Bala, no one will fire,
please surrender.
I didn't do anything, sir.
They killed my wife.
I'm not a murderer.
Let me go. For my baby's sake.
If you're innocent,
you won't be punished.
Can you guarantee that?
I'll try my best.
Someone fell off the train.
Pull the chain!
Sathe, come in. Sathe!
- Can you see?
- Yes.
Look carefully.
You must hide yourself.
You shouldn't be seen.
Don't come out like that.
It's dangerous.
Can you see?
And fire when you're ordered to.
That Madvi came again.
His father Babulal has joined hands
with Pragati Steel.
- Which village?
- Jhinpidi.
- We should end this.
- Yes.
Father, they refuse to get it.
They'll lose their land,
and won't even get paid for it.
They think I'm their enemy.
You're doing your best.
Finally, it's their call.
Development isn't maths.
Everything doesn't always add up.
Don't try too hard, Madvi.
Ma, they have no idea how bad
it can get for them.
It's pointless searching the highway.
He's a man of the jungle.
A policewoman got killed.
We'll wait to hear from you.
Book our return tickets.
And Dasru?
He'll come to us.
Sir, we found this.
Looking for something?
No, nothing.
Sir, he's probably headed
to Jharkhand.
'I'll speak to the Commissioner there.
You'll have to head to Jharkhand too. '
Everyone, please sit.
Madvi won't protect your interests.
He gets his cut from the Company.
Today we have set an example.
We won't spare anyone
who tries to manipulate you.
Remember that.
Drink some water.
We need to run, Vaano.
For how long, Dasru?
We'll come back.
This is our land.
We aren't going away forever.
Who are you? Get down!
Move it!
"Pragati Nagar"
Allow me.
Sir, please sit here.
Make yourself comfortable.
Hold this.
Move back.
Hold this, sir.
Sir, comfortable?
Aye, Joram.
Look! We're home.
There used to be large trees here.
There used to be a river here.
They must've made a dam
and turned it away.
It used to flow right here.
For the past six years, your Ma
would say, "Take me back.
"I want to bathe in the river. "
Here we are, Vaano. We're back.
Put this at the back.
Mr Agarwal, greetings.
Who knows, sir.
What if he starts a new rebel
faction here?
Let's announce phase 2 of our
Babulal Development Plan.
"Wanted dead or alive.
Dasru Kerketta, a. k. a. Bala.
"He is on the run with an infant.
"Village: Jhinpidi. Station: Lohargola.
Region: Chandwa. "
Hope you're not washing your backside
with mineral water?
If there's no water, we wipe ourselves
with leaves and earth.
Network's an issue here, no?
It wasn't earlier.
They kept blowing up the towers.
The rebels.
How do you people communicate?
There's a lot we learn to live without.
- Is the speaker fully charged?
- Yes, sir.
"Phulo Karma MLA, (JVD)"
Where can I get some mineral water?
Sir, that's mineral water too.
And you know the fun part?
It's free!
Get off, man. We've reached.
Wake up.
Hey, hold him! Careful!
"Hands off our jungle.
Hands off our land"
"Hands off our rivers.
United we stand"
"Hands off our jungle.
Hands off our land"
"Hands off our rivers.
United we stand"
"You build dams, our rivers die.
You dig mines, our earth runs dry"
"You make roads, kill our trees.
Leave us hungry and diseased"
- Isn't there a side road?
- We must wait, sir.
"Babulal Memorial Highway -
under construction"
"Officers in suits, soldiers in boots,
leaders in cahoots"
"They threaten us with guns,
imprison our sons"
"Our proof isn't on paper.
It's on our skin and in our palms"
"We want what belongs to us,
we don't want your alms"
Looking for someone?
Were you a farmer too?
Who wasn't, sir?
What's that tree?
It has what you've been searching for -
Hurry! The Mumbai officer is here.
Get all the batteries fully charged.
Why hasn't that tractor arrived?
Mr Ratnakar Bagul, welcome.
Get a chair.
What can we get you?
I need back up.
Is there something we can get you
that fits into a bottle?
This man we're after could be a rebel.
We don't have time for all this.
Every other tribal in these parts
is a rebel, sir.
And if they aren't rebels,
they are - what's the word?
Sympathisers, sir.
Yes, sympathisers.
We'll catch him, don't worry.
You Mumbai people do things
in such a hurry,
that's why he managed to slip
out of your hands.
We've never seen a Mumbai cop before.
So we've planned a little party
for you tonight.
Don't say no!
It's nearly dark.
It's all planned.
We'll set out at daybreak,
fresh as flowers
and catch that rebel of yours.
Aye, catch her!
Aren't these boys minors?
That's right, sir.
Why are they in an adult lockup?
- They were armed, sir.
- "Prison Cell : Women"
- Aren't they tribals?
- They are, sir.
Don't tribals always carry
bows and arrows?
"Armed unlawful assembly. "
We get orders from above. What to do?
Section 144 is in force.
- Since when?
- Since forever. Let's go, sir.
Let's go, sir.
Come, sir.
My room is now yours.
"Prison Cell : Men"
Clear out now. Let sir rest.
Will you eat with me tonight?
I would, but father won't eat
without me.
I should go.
Good night.
Good night.
"Happy we sway from the trees.
Like palaash flowers in the breeze"
"Bring for me a palaash flower"
"Murmur-murmur flows the stream.
Ripple-tipple as if a dream"
"Bring for me a palaash flower"
"Keep safe distance, or else!"
Flowers on Lachiya!
Sir, recognise constable Muchaki?
This number is not in network coverage.
What nonsense is this?
Sir, stay, don't go.
You won't find anything like this
in Mumbai, sir.
"Our phones ring
on the Network Tree. "
"We drop our guns
and run and say 'Hello'. "
Sir, do come back.
This Lachiya is fire!
"Yo Solanki, Gumla laddie.
Yo Trilochan, Dumka baddie"
"Our wives on hold on cellular 4G"
"Our wives on hold on cellular 4G.
We drop our guns, run to say Hello"
"Our phones ring on the Network Tree.
We drop our guns, run to say Hello"
"Our phones ring on the Network Tree.
We drop our guns, run to say Hello"
"Keep safe distance, all of you!"
"The system's had a scare.
There's danger in the air"
"Who you gonna call?
This jungle patrol"
"We take the call, say Hello.
We're told to hunt the fellow"
"The dirty fellow's out of sight.
We fear he may take flight"
"Thap-thap, we hear him flee.
What's that? We turn to see"
"This killer has got to hang.
We cock our rifles, go bang bang"
Oh no!
Did you get him?
I want to get him too.
"This harmless fellow
isn't what they made him out to be"
I told you idiots to charge the battery.
We drop our guns, run to say Hello
We drop our guns, run to say Hello
Missed calls on the Network Tree
Missed calls on the Network Tree
We drop our guns, run to say Hello
Hurry, move it.
Our yield isn't enough for us,
how do we feed our cattle?
You sold your buffalo last month?
- For how much?
- Only 3,000.
You sold yours too?
What could I do?
Have you given up farming?
Our fields sprout iron now, not grain.
I'm going to sell all my poultry.
Why isn't anyone fighting back?
Against whom?
Where are the guardians of the jungle?
Fighting feeds the soul,
not the belly.
"You, trying to bury the tribal,
pay heed. "
"She will rise again,
for she is a seed. "
What are you doing here?
I was looking for the Commander.
There's no one left.
The Company didn't spare the jungle.
May I sit here?
What's her name?
How's Vaano?
They killed her, Samson.
Hung her upside down.
Who else does that?
Why did you return?
To beg the Commander to spare me.
If I die, how will Joram survive?
Wherever I go, all I get is silence.
cover your face.
I was sending them food supplies
until three years ago.
Suddenly one day the delivery boy
tells me
that all roads leading into the jungle
are sealed.
By whom?
Didn't you hear of Operation Green Hunt?
They hunted them down like animals.
Wiped out the entire rebellion.
Now I'm forced to feed these soldiers.
But they never pay me.
You rebels used to pay in advance,
down to the last rupee.
I'm not a rebel, Samson.
I gave up the gun.
- Then why have you returned?
- What else could I do?
What else could I do?
"Our phones ring on the Network Tree.
We drop our guns, run to say Hello"
"Bidesi calling. "
Bidesi is calling, sir!
'Greetings. '
You didn't tell us about
that Mumbai cop?
'But ma'am, you're the one
who tells us things. '
How dare we tell you anything?
'You didn't know?'
We just found out
and called you right away.
We need this fugitive dead, not alive.
He always manages to slip away
from this cop.
He's been spotted at the tribal market
just now.
We've ensured that he'll be there
till evening.
'Your outpost is the closest. '
Go get him.
'Yes, milord. '
'I'll take updates every ten minutes. '
Wake up, you lazy louts!
Wake up.
Get up!
Get up!
Get up!
We will arrest him,
not kill him.
No shooting on my watch.
We must kill this Dasru.
We have orders from above.
Don't you dare listen
to this Mumbai fellow.
Hope you've oiled your rusty rifles?
Rest awhile.
We'll leave when the market shuts.
I'll wake you up.
Don't shoot!
Don't fire!
Nobody shoots.
He's here! Solanki, get him.
Don't fire!
Don't fire, don't shoot!
He's behind that wall!
Don't let him get away.
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot.
Can't you aim right?
He's run that way.
Shoot him!
Fire! Fire!
Please don't shoot.
My baby will get hurt.
Don't fire.
Shoot him!
Don't shoot.
I said don't shoot.
"Calling MP Bhavsar, LSS"
"Karma, JVD calling"
"MP Bhavsar calling"
Gently please! It's very painful...
I don't drink tea.
Just hold it, sir.
We're being watched.
Inspector Khatri has orders
to kill.
But this case is under me.
You're under someone too, sir.
Around 5 years ago there was
a public flogging in a village here.
The rebels hung a tribal upside down
and beat him to death.
Madvi was Babulal Karma's only son.
Who's Babulal Karma?
"Pragati Steel presents"
"Babulal's Saree-Dhoti,
Solar Lights Distribution Scheme. "
The first tribal Minister of this state.
Madvi used to broker land deals
for Pragati Steel.
Imagine all the fingers in that pie.
Babulal had a massive stroke
when he saw Madvi's disfigured corpse.
The very next day Phulo Karma
took over the Party.
Who's Phulo Karma?
She gave Khatri orders to kill.
She was a simple housewife
till that day.
Overnight the JVD party
joined the Central Government
and launched Operation Green Hunt.
Legend has it that she personally
oversaw each 'encounter' in the jungle.
Not a single rebel was left alive.
Dasru seems to have been one of them.
He had quit the rebellion
and disappeared.
God knows how she tracked him down.
She won't spare him now.
Where can I find her?
We have orders to send you back
by morning.
I could take you to drop you
at the station,
but I'll drop you
at Karma's house instead.
I can't do more than that, sir.
Why would you take such a risk?
I'm sorry, Dasru.
Forgive me.
I had no choice.
I have three kids, a family.
I had a family too, Samson.
Then why did you run away
from your village?
I didn't run away from my village,
I ran away from the Gun.
I didn't want to shoot anyone.
I didn't want to kill, Samson.
What could I do?
If we don't help the police,
they call us 'sympathisers'
and jail us.
And if we don't help the rebels,
they call us traitors and hang us
upside down.
We get screwed either way, Dasru.
I had no choice,
but you do.
There isn't a single tribal alive, sir
who prefers to take to arms.
Who knows what made Dasru
so desperate.
I didn't choose a uniform
out of free will, sir.
I'm sure Dasru didn't either.
One uniform justifies the bullet.
The other doesn't.
Which is which may take a hundred years
to decide.
'We're fulfilling Babulal Karma's
dream. '
'A region of darkness has been lit up
by Solar Lights. '
'Now this region has become an Iron Ore
mining hub too. How'd that happen?'
'Phase 2 of the Babulal Development Plan
will bring'
'roads, hospitals, cinema halls
and even malls here. '
'The tribals will have the same things
city folk have. '
'And they will have all that
right here, at home. '
'JVD will turn every village
into a city. '
"Suryakant Agrawal
Director - Pragati Steel"
Sir, get in the jeep, I'll drop you.
Don't be difficult, sir.
It'll get sticky.
Please understand, sir.
I've got orders from above.
Are you crazy, Muchaki?
Move it.
Solanki! Trilochan! Panchariya! Hazari!
Get the rifles! Start the jeep.
Head into Pragati Munda Mines.
Tell the security forces to send
soldiers in there.
Tell them to come fully armed.
I sense trouble.
Shouldn't we tell them about him?
Let him get to me first.
What if he's armed?
Then I'll take him down with me.
'Drive to Pragati Munda Mines.
We're not going home. '
'Don't slow down, keep going.
We'll make a U-turn up ahead. '
'Don't let your speed drop
below 40-50. '
Call for reinforcements inside
Munda Mines. It's a security situation.
Sir, why don't you tell Madam about this
troublemaker from Mumbai?
If I call her, she'll skin me alive.
If I don't stop him,
she'll skin me alive.
May I stay in my skin for another
20 minutes, please?
More tea for him.
She'll be here soon.
I've had enough.
Hello? Where are you?
They're getting restless here.
'Madam is not coming home. '
What? She's not coming?
[Indistinct crackle]
Which mine?
'Mun - da Mines. '
Sir, wait here. I'll go find out.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- Is Madam in?
- She's out.
I had some urgent work with her.
She'll be back in an hour or two.
Where's she gone?
- The mines.
- Which mine?
The mines, brother.
It's urgent. Which mine?
"Commissioner Raje calling"
Munda Mines.
That's far. Then it'll take a while
for her to return.
I'll come back.
- Sir, Madam's not in.
- Sir?
- He's a senior officer from Mumbai.
- But she's not inside.
Sir, I told you madam's not in.
She's gone to Munda Mines.
He'll get us killed.
'There's a man hanging from the jeep.
Let him pass. '
'We've alerted the forces. '
Madam, there's no one hanging
from the jeep.
Ma'am, he's gone.
He'll come.
"Ratnakar Bagul, Sub Inspector,
Mumbai police. "
Sir, the police have entered the mines.
'Copy. '
Come from this side.
They're blasting the mines.
Yes, this side.
'Madam - the police have
entered the mines. '
Leave me alone.
'Check check. '
'Madam - the police have
entered the mines. '
Why aren't those soldiers here yet?
Where are those soldiers?
Where the hell are you going?
- Muchaki, is that her?
- Yes, sir.
Who the hell is he?
Bidesi, ma'am. That's the senior officer
from Mumbai.
Wasn't he ordered to go back?
I tried your number for hours.
I couldn't get through.
He brought me here at gun point.
Sub-Inspector Ratnakar Bagul,
Mumbai police.
I know.
I need to talk to you.
It's urgent.
Please don't shoot!
I've come to beg you for help, ma'am.
You've met me
on that construction site
in Mumbai, remember?
I'm that labourer.
Someone came to kill me.
I don't know why.
What the hell is that cop doing here?
We've been following
your orders, ma'am.
We jumped to action
as soon as you called.
They hung my wife upside down.
They killed her.
Who were they?
I don't know.
Dasru slipped out of our hands,
thanks to this fellow.
- You know what I can do to you, right?
- He messed it up for us in that market.
Go, kick his ass!
I've been on the run with my baby
ever since.
Please save my little one, ma'am.
She sent them to kill you.
Did you know a boy called Madvi?
He was her son.
Don't shoot, don't shoot.
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
The inspector's been shot.
Call an ambulance.