Josef (2011) Movie Script

Galicia, 1915- THE FIRST TIME
Die, you dog!
Come on!
- Oh, for God!
- Rusu, calm down!
Take that!
- I need!
Go on! - Suits me
Get it here!
Get out!
Get out of here!
I say: use it!
Quickly, saddled horses!
Leave the rifle!
- Yes!
We are Croatian and Hungarian Regiment
14 Infantry.
Guys, it's one of ours!
Take some water?
- Sure, Mr. Sergeant!
Know that I could do anything...
I fled from battle,
But we were overwhelmed with enemies
large number.
Why tell me this?
Because you are a sergeant and
you ours.
Fight in the same band.
If we are not that where she retreated,
Russians would have killed us all.
My name is Stef. Are Kriz.
On your reign have you believe,
because you sergeant.
Please put a word and
for us.
Hands up!
What are you staring? Hands up!
What regiment? - Regiment 14
Infantry, Lieutenant-major!
My name is Stef Zupan, sir!
You? Report!
Who's the boss here?
You or him?
Where's your plate?
I do not know.
- Berket!
So... Sergeant Joseph.
You, you...
And you.
But, sir-major
is still a sergeant...
Sergeant Josef!
Lieutenant-major, to live,
enemy overwhelm us with numbers...
I could do anything. I was...
- What school did you graduate?
Sergeant, who have graduated
from military school?
Down uniform!
March in there!
You there! You, there!
When you watch?
Do not do it!
I was as you think. I have not
deserted! Colonel, we compatriots!
Please do not do this!
Please, have three children at home!
- Wait! - The eyes!
- Hold your fire!
What's the sergeant?
I... are.
Take it back!
At headquarters! Now.
- Mr. Lieutenant major...
- 'Major!
In place rest!
What you say in your defense?
That man is not an officer. He's a crook!
Crook, as you call it d-you, Sergeant's
vice-champion in fencing HM team.
Do not you know that?
Next time be more careful
What behavior can we expect
the soldiers in battle
if we perform the officers?
Should set an example for
the whole army, sir Lt. major.
What kind of example we set, sir,
for those who make run away in battle?
Not know these people.
Are crooks and deserters. Individuals of the
lower case.
I see that your subordinates know much!
My heart belongs to Austria, sir!
And your head is too heated!
Executions are not made to
restore justice.
Are made to frighten the peasants.
But not because it is crooked or
but because we want to motivate to
win the war!
E last time accept such
The obraznicii of you!
- If you give me...
- Ready! I finished!
Watzke, Go!
All right, thank you!
Come and help me!
Thank you.
So, calutule!
Documents, my dear!
He come!
Do not be afraid!
Come to Jambrek not be afraid!
Hold on!
Sergeant, you are all
My precious...
We got close enough! Down with you!
I love you!
Take my gun and me there!
Honey... I love you!
For three months his courtship,
and when I slip under her skirt,
you came along and ruin everything!
Target in search of weapons...
and puff, draw a bullet blind!
Damn you! What luck!
So it was with execution, today.
- What do you mean?
- What, "like that"?
Bullet back to me blind.
That's why you are alive now.
Let humanity with something, huh?
- Sausage ready, ready?
- Sorry, it's full!
Only officers have access. You
We have an officer right here!
Officers to enter, please!
Good evening, dear lady!
- Unit, arise!
- Yes Madam!
- Inspection Arms!
- You understand it!
She is Anna Lise, gentlemen are called
Josef and track.
Do not be afraid! E-trim trim!
Let's see!
- Look, poor him...
- So. It's good.
A good harvest of all, this year!
Rest your asses!
We are just fine.
A Mrs. matron!
Good evening!
Sorry, excuse me!
This gentleman is Josef.
On the track you know!
And I, if I may, I have a question
Taking an ass?
Oh, you're awful!
Do not worry, it features...
I brought bacon.
Sit down! - But the beauty...
Las' that we do not stand too bad...
Look at...
Only come here!
Do not be mad!
To see what's hiding here...
Rise, fornicators of Babylon!
Out! Out with you!
Sodomites! Sinners! Move,
Sergeant, we are required
presence at headquarters!
Park you had some babe! Hold your fire
Come on, just... Move!
Come on, daddy!
Incolonarea, faster!
Berket! This is the image of the army
Where's your helmet? Arrange your
Where you're the button?
Sir, everybody is present!
Unit is ready!
Sergeant, again you seem to forget
where you are!
- Mr. Lieutenant major...
- I did not ask anything!
Forward, march!
In your honor!
Sir, I ask permission to
descend there and bury them!
That's not our job, Berket.
Forward, march! We meet on the
Band, come on!
Fridays are the sentry...
Saturday run out...
Ah, the soldiers are doing well...
Ung boots with bacon / No
eat a week...
Ah, the soldiers are doing well...
That's great officer and gentleman, not some
terchea-Berchem the likes of us.
Before we worked so long.
Now you can see work that has upset
hard one.
Overall, I would like to be in
your skin!
It's Russian!
Take it back!
Take your sword!
Take the sword, I say!
Fucking worm! Rat!
Rats bothers me most.
There are good only for one
Run as soon as I feel that
approaching battle.
As long as the next spin
we are safe!
A Russian that I captured...
told me they throw them in rats
in a barrel.
If you are hungry, they start to
eat each other
until only one remains!
One fat, like me!
He's the boss, so he's let go!
That will spoil and other rats
because they learned to taste.
Nothing can stop him. Only a woman!
If they run into a woman in heat
forget about all.
Rats much like the military,
the new guys here!
I say sleep!
With its sure not to have conversations
so nice!
Hands up!
How are you?
Where is your hideout?
Wait! Not yet!
Cease fire!
Easy, easy!
Let's go!
Take look at this rat!
Officer! Are imperial officer!
Fucking crazy!
You killed an officer, asshole!
No! No!
Ten dead. 200 rubles!
There are ten dead here!
Yes, ten dead!
- 200 rubles.
- A hundred!
150. Last offer!
I take my horse!
Eat! It's soup!
Come, Joseph, is good!
Josef, you say?
- Yes.
- Wait! What are you doing?
- I'll uniforms us!
It's yours!
Take it!
- What are these?
- Uniform us!
It's for you, take it!
No one has to strike me!
I swear!
not ask me...
Why I cried...
Why flee to forests
And they stroll up and annopta...
not ask, do not wonder...
not ask me...
Why I wither like a flower.
Day, soldatule...
Did you sleep well?
Give it a horse!
Best horse you've found!
Get out of here! Go home!
Where's the horse? - I see.
- Where's my horse?
- Calm down!
In exchange for this guy going to
get the least ten horses.
King is generous!
And General Brusilov is our
pay royally when humans get there.
- Let's go!
- Here we go!
I told you to move!
Come on!
Pull, horse!
Would not hurt to help us and he
you, sir!
Quiet! Shut silent about you!
Stop it!
You cannot treat as an Austrian officer!
Very well!
Maybe you feel better
in the back, General!
Let's go!
Thank God you and
Your reign with us, sir...
I do not know what we would do otherwise!
When they get to three!
One... Two... Three!
I'll sleep here!
- But it's early!
- Dismounting!
All right.
Pig! Pig!
- Scot me that bullet!
- Go here!
Bull shit!
Does it hurt?
Does it hurt?
Please kill me!
Does it hurt?
Easy! Put the gun down!
Calm down!
Let's go!
Without the whole load could be
arrive on time.
General Brusilov will be a surprise and
you have to get your reward.
Maybe even a horse too!
Follow me!
Let me go!
- Sir, coming from Mr. Captain!
- What has happened?
People are colored captured someone.
I went to trench!
Let's see!
Who captured him?
- Eugene, sir!
- Welcome! Well, boy!
- Serioja!
- Hello!
What have happened? Who have you brought
with you?
- It's an officer!
- An officer?
Come with me to drink!
In this throw it in the hole!
He says... Where is your band Kirghiz?
There were scattered!
- There were scattered?
Welcome Taman at the wrong time!
Austrians are preparing to counterattack.
Baltin, Brigadier General, raised
a huge band.
Could attack us at any time.
Can I go then? I must
some rest.
Sure you can go! We speak
What's in the bag?
The number 23.
Sir, I brought a friend!
Name: Josip Broz.
Excuse me, Captain!
- It's OK!
Take off your uniform!
Soldiers, this mask is used
in case of attack with poison gas.
Know that not one there you can securely
if you wear a mustache!
Try it!
Where are we going?
I have no idea!
Where or send us!
And keep your mustache so now
Why, look ridiculous?
I look too bad.
My name is Josip!