Joseph (2018) Movie Script

(Police march past in progress)
Can you stop this music?
What's this medal for, sir?
Did you get the medal, sir?
Hey! Look straight and drive.
So sir didn't get the award?
This is nof mine.
It belongs to a friend of mine.
Where is he?
Abhidasan was caught while
smuggling fake notes.
To the latest breaking news...
An old couple was found murdered
inside their house, at Thodupuzha.
Vazhuthala Palaykkal Kuriakose and
his wife Eliamma, are the deceased.
The brutal murder of the old couple
was discovered only this morning.
There was no one
else in the house.
Yes sir.
- Didn't you see the news?
Yes, sir.
- You come here.
I'll come.
Come soon
Shall we begin the inquest?
I'll tell you.
Who's he waiting for,
without doing the inquest?
I left home early
in the morning.
I couldn't even take
a shit properly.
Don't you knowJoseph, who
retired some time back?
He is waiting for him.
Please move.
Move! Move!
He has been waiting
for a long time.
Where is sir?
Over there.
Do a check quickly.
It's already late.
What are you doing here?
Just like that.
Did you find anything?
This was lying here.
We found one print.
I think it's that way.
Can I get a ladder?
Sure sir! i ll get it now
Don't allow any media to enter inside,
until the body is taken out.
Will do, sir.
Sir, the guy who came was
definitely intending to steal.
But he's not an
Assamese or Bengali.
Someone who knows them quite well,
Someone who's quite
healthy and fit.
He hasn't broken the door open.
How's that possible?
Just because he didn't break the door
open, it needn't be someone they know.
What ifthey opened the door, hearing
a knock on the door in the night?
That's also a possibility, right?
If that was the case, the body would
have been lying next to the door.
There are all indications that
the guy sat on that sofa.
So? -You do the inquest, and send
the bodies for postmortem quickly.
Call for the ambulance.
Their relatives?
They have two daughters.
These are their husbands.
Who saw the crime scene first?
My son, sir.
He saw it when he
went to deliver milk.
They are his uncle and aunty.
You carry on.
At what time?
It was around 5 - 5.30 AM, sir.
I was the one who informed
the police station.
Did you hear any noise from
here between 8 PM & 10 PM?
I had gone for a movie, sir.
Only mom was at home.
And you?
No Sir, i was watching TV serials
Where are you from?
Kollam, Thrissur.
What do you do?
What business?
Where were you yesterday?
I was at a friend's place
in Patthanamthitta.
I was in the Gulf.
I just came back to Kerala.
I was at Ernakulam yesterday.
Have you come back for good?
- Yes.
Get me a pen and paper.
All your names and phone numbers.
You get it from them.
Here you go.
Take them inside.
Come on.
Enough! Move!
Do you have any stuff
with you, Sugunan?
How will I have anything, sir?
If you give money, I can
send someone to buy it.
What is this?
Ijust need 2 drinks.
Without the glass?
- Sir, the list.
Brother, is there any
way to get 2 glasses?
I can get it from my home if you can wait.
No. Let's go till there.
- Okay.
Hey! Sir and I have
to discuss something.
You wait here. I'll be back.
- Okay.
Check tower locations of all numbers.
- Don't miss anything.
Okay! I'll buy.
Hows the chit fund company of
the elder son in law doing now?
There's something fishy about him.
That's true.
- I don't know all that, sir.
He used to create a ruckus
asking for his share at times.
But uncle & aunty said that they would
give it only after their death.
Good mother
-I dont know anything else about him Sir.
Sir, you can sit inside.
No, brother.
Just get 2 glasses.
What's the stuff?
The stuff is superb.
But it's local.
Open it.
Is it good?
How do you even drink this?
Drink it fast, sir.
Hold it.
Here you go, sir.
Shall I fix the drink?
Brother, can you buy some
Pepsi or something to mix?
You have a shop around?
No problem right?
I dont need mixing. i will have it neat!
I need it.
- Okay.
- Sir.
What is it, sir?
Where did that Joseph go?
He has gone to booze with the
guy who came to take the body.
Tell me.
Where did he go, sir?
He's not good company.
Shall we get in ?
- Sure
He is the culprit, sir.
It's not me, sir.
It's not me, sir.
It's not me, sir.
It's not me, sir.
It's not me, sir.
- Brother...
It's notme, sir.
The fingerprints on the bulb that
you removed and kept there,
and the fingerprints on the glass
that you gave now, are the same.
And the hand-knife that
you took from here...
However much you wash it,
the forensic department will find it.
The calendar you used to cover it.
Wasn't it from here?
- It's not me, sir. I don't know, sir.
- Isn't all this enough?
Shall I leave, sir?
Take him to the jeep.
- Move this side.
Sir, please.
- Don't wobble!
- Get the handcuffs.
- Please sir.
How did you understand
that it was him?
Sir, I understood that it
wasn't done by a professional,
since he left the bulb
there, without breaking it.
There are all indications of him
hanging on to the sunshade,
and climbing to the
terrace, over there.
Only a healthy and fit
person can do it.
He has tried to break open the middle
pan ofthe door on the top floor.
No professional would do that.
They would always try
to break open a corner.
There are no marks or signs of
struggle on the front door.
The door was definitely opened
by a person who was inside.
If that's the case,
the one who came there,
was someone they knew.
There were all indications
of him sitting on the sofa.
The cinema page ofthe magazine that
was lying there, was kept open.
The magazine's page, and
his posture on the sofa,
indicated that it
was a young man.
The tea vessel on the
stove was fully burnt.
The crime was committed when someone
went to make tea, for the guest.
I confirmed that it was a healthy
young man from the locality,
who is known to the victims,
who committed the crime,
from the crime scene.
When I had called the
relatives to question them,
I had noticed Manu, who stayed away,
with folded hands.
According to body language,
standing with folded hands,
means that he's hiding something.
And from the movements of his eye-balls
while he was explaining things,
I understood that he was lying.
The one who lied about having
gone for a movie in the night,
was in this tower
location until 9.30 PM.
The Cyber cell confirmed that.
- Oh no! My son!
- Shalll leave, sir?
Sure mate.
Don't do anything to my son.
My son!
- Move away!
- Manu!
- Don't take him away!
- Don't take my child away!
- Don't take my child away, sir.
- Manu, my son!
'0 girl, who ran through the
fields, with a straw umbrella,
while the saplings
were being planted'
'Wearing black bangles on your hand,
lining your eyes with kohl'
'Leaving your long hair open,
wearing a beautiful skirt'
'Under the banyan tree, beside the
pine straws at the end ofthe field'
'Did you take flowers forthe Goddess
who sits under that Banyan tree?'
'0 girl, did you take flowers?'
'0 girl, who ran through the
fields, with a straw umbrella,
while the saplings
were being planted'
'Wearing black bangles on your hand,
lining your eyes with kohl'
'Leaving your long hair open,
wearing a beautiful skirt'
'The girl who grooves to the rhythm
ofthe folklore singer's song'
'She dances to the
rhythm ofthe song'
'She sits beside the field every day'
'She walks slowly to
pluck the Thechi flower'
'Hiding behind the flowering
tree to see the young milk-man'
'She keeps looking,
unbeknownst to anyone'
'And a smile blooms on herface'
'0 girl, who ran through the
fields, with a straw umbrella,
while the saplings
were being planted'
'Wearing black bangles on your hand,
lining your eyes with kohl'
'Leaving your long hair open,
wearing a beautiful skirt'
'Under the banyan tree, beside the
pine straws at the end ofthe field'
'Did you take flowers forthe Goddess
who sits under that Banyan tree?'
'0 girl, did you take flowers?'
My daughter's laptop
is not working properly.
Just check it.
Is it in the room?
- Yes
Hey! This much more is left.
Let's disperse after we
finish this as well.
Pathrose, get the glass.
- Hey Joseph!
Ever since hejoined the service,
he has been sticking on to you.
He studied as my
daughter's senior.
He's an engineer.
He's wasting his life by
working in the cyber cell.
- Hold this.
- Enough.
We need to find some other
pastime instead of boozing.
I'm getting bored of it.
- You stop it then.
There's no other problem.
The battery has to be changed.
5000 Rupees gone!
Well, you have money, right?
Shall I?
- Okay.
the SP and DYSP claimed the credit
for today's case as well, right?
Even when he was in service,
it was others who got the name
and fame for the work he did.
What's wrong with him to go
behind all this? - He's crazy.
Dude, didn't we go behind so many
cases and corpses for 30 years?
I just keep whiling
away my time boozing,
and such chances come
across very rarely.
We shouldn't forget the
job we learned, right?
You and your...
- Yeah right!
Raghavan sir, shall we leave?
- Okay.
Keep this in the car.
Aren't you Nair, ofthat
old vehicle theft case?
- What are you doing here?
Hey! He's my guy, man!
I ll take a leave Sir
Did you start this
'Kavadi' stuff too?
This is not that 'Kavadi' stuff.
It's a rocket that takes
me back to past memories.
- Him & his damn rocket!
That was the only thing lacking!
Hey! Stan the car!
Okay then.
Him & his rocket.
- See you tomorrow then.
Your policeman is here.
Don't fool around and listen to me.
You should go to the
Church on Sunday.
You should confess, and accept
the Holy Qurbana. You heard me?
Ichaya, can you please
apply this oil?
Hey husband! Just come here!
You used to be so
affectionate earlier.
Dear, take your Papa away.
What are you writing so seriously?
What is this, Papa?
Shouldn't you knock the
door before coming?
I'm a big girl now, right?
Big girl, it seems!
Is it a love letter?
Yeah right! As if love letters
are written so openly.
You write one, dear.
Mommy didn't leave
you for nothing!
This is how you behave, right?
Hey Papa!
Don't be upset.
I was just joking.
The policeman is going
away, all upset.
Where the hell is your phone?
Where is it?
Stella had an accident.
It's supposed to
be quite serious.
She is at City Hospital.
I don't know anything more.
You get ready quickly.
Get ready, man!
Com e.
Let's go.
Peter tried calling you many times.
Since he couldn't get through
to you, he called me to say it.
Chetta, can you go and sit there?
- Sorry.
She has been shifted to the
ICU now after the operation.
Can we see her?
I don't know if they
would let you see her.
Who is Stella's husband?
It's me.
What is it, Sister?
- Doctor is calling you.
What is it, Doctor?
She is really scared.
She's asking you to stay along.
What happened?
It's nothing.
You'll be fine.
Don't cry.
You'll be fine!
It's okay.
'My dear, I showered as a rain on the
path where you were burning in the heat'
'Let the lullabies never
falter, my sweetheart'
'To put you to sleep on my chest'
It's a girl.
We had a baby girl.
'You should grow as big as the
rainbow on the sky, my dear'
'I shall wait to receive you
like the waves of the sea'
Herface is exactly
the same as Stella.
It's always better for girls
to have the mother's features.
She is definitely a Mommy's child.
Give the baby back.
You can play with her later.
We know, sir.
'My dear, I showered as a rain on the
path where you were burning in the heat'
'Let the lullabies never
falter, my sweetheart'
'On a turfthat no one has seen'
See! This is how you apply oil.
'I shall provide the rhythm of
the song sung by the cuckoo'
Can you get me the oil?
Or should I do that too?
'The pain of the flower
when the honey flows'
'I shall hold it close to
my chest with a smile'
Give me the towel.
'With sweet promises,
beside you with love'
'Always by your side'
'Sleep, my dearflower, with
a smile in your hean'
'My dear, I showered as a rain on the
path where you were burning in the heat'
'Let the lullabies never
falter, my sweetheart'
'To put you to sleep on my chest, I went
from shade to the sun, until this day'
'You should grow as big as the
rainbow on the sky, my dear'
'I shall wait to receive you
like the waves of the sea'
'I shall fly in the wind,
flapping my feathers'
'0 apple of my eye,
come as a petal of dreams'
When did the accident happen?
She had gone to the Church to
attend the Qurbana in the morning.
They said that somejeep hit her.
Some other car which came
after that, brought her here.
Who is Stella's husband?
Shall we go?
Call us if there's anything you need.
It's okay. Continue this medicine.
- Doctor...
I am Stella's husband.
Yeah. There's an emergency with Stella.
I have to discuss with you.
Please come.
Dude, if you loved her so much,
why did you both get separated?
Even after such a long while, I...
Not just me...
None of us have asked you about this.
Let him say it, if he's able to say it.
Your son and family is doing good, right?
- They are in Bombay, rig ht?
They have reached Kerala.
They said they would come.
They will definitely come.
You carry on then.
Go inside.
Awedding is going to happen here,
and not much celebrations, huh?
Have you bought some good stuff?
- Of course!
Come, Achaya.
Dad and son have come
alone to celebrate, huh?
Ask them like that, Father.
It's your brother's
daughter's wedding, Joy.
You should come earlier
Glory be to the Lord, Father.
Where's your wife, and Lisamma?
- All of them have come.
Glory be to the Lord, Father.
Now and forever.
Glory be to the Lord, Father.
Now and forever.
Your daughter is all grown up, Joy.
Shouldn't you get her married?
It will happen this year, Father.
Even Kurianakkunnil
Kariachan was like this.
He kept his girl at home saying
he'd get her married soon.
And now she's around 35 years old.
Varkey, the motor is faulty.
It's not pumping water.
Call someone.
Where did that Joseph go?
- He was here somewhere.
- There he is.
Over here.
Oh! You're over there?
What is it, Achaya?
Dude, the motor is not working.
I'll get that sorted.
Hold me.
Let's bring the one
from the field here.
After marriage, we will fix it back
Joychaya, how are you?
I ll go get the motor.
Hey come with me.
It's a relief that he is here.
Uncle, where is Minimol?
She must be somewhere inside.
Give it, mom.
- Here.
Father, shall we?
When did you reach, dear?
- Just now.
Didn't you go to get the motor?
He has gone.
So much attitude.
Hey! Did you read the letter?
Liked it?
I loved it.
Tell me.
I loved it, dear.
They are planning my wedding.
Hey Joseph!
What is it, Father?
What are you doing there?
- I came to pee.
I was also looking for such a place.
There are people at every corner.
What can I do?
Did you finish peeing?
You both were acting
very well over there.
Instead of making people talk
by hiding here and there,
go meet Kunjachan and ask him
to get her married to you.
You should talk to him
and sort it out, Father.
Yeah right! As if my job
is to fix your alliance!
My family is considering
other proposals.
Can you please talk to him?
Now you get going.
Don't tell anyone, Father.
Get lost.
My dear Father...
Isn't it better to drown my daughter
in this lake, than doing that?
A jobless fellow!
And he's going to join the police!
Should I get my daughter married to a
guy who just roams around boozing?
You have your prayers
and everything, right?
You do that, Father.
It's true, Joy.
The father should decide
what's good for his children.
And not the Father of the Church.
You're being reasonable now, Father.
- Yes, Achaya.
What's happening?
- Doing good.
When did you come?
- I came yesterday.
How's the business going?
- Going good.
I shouldn't have.
What did he say?
It won't happen, Joseph.
He won't get that girl married to you.
First you find a good job.
And when you get close
or fall in love,
it should be with people
who are equal to you.
Or else, you'll have to be
disappointed like this.
What happened?
What did he say?
It's okay.
- Tell me.
It will be fine.
I will marry you.
Then why is your face like this?
You carry on.
Someone will see us.
Now you leave
I'm going to do the
'Margamkali' dance.
Ask that man to get lost!
Everyone in this town know
about your relationship.
Then who's going to marry her?
- Leave that topic.
I'll go to the kitchen & bring some
munchies. - That will be great.
(Traditional song for the Margamkali dance)
'The girl with dark blue eyes'
'The girl with rainbow wings'
'The girl who came with a blue
pea flower mole, on her cheek'
'The girl who braided her hair,
like beautiful black clouds'
'Why did you shoot an arrow with your
eyes to my chest, one fine day?'
'Why did you shoot an arrow with your
eyes to my chest, one fine day?'
(Traditional song for the Margamkali dance)
'You're staying aflame
like a ray of moonlight'
'Every moment, through
the window of my hean'
'You are the life that beats in my hean'
'You are my trembling breaths'
'You set my veins on fire'
'My hean showers as droplets
of snow, tojoin you'
'In your eyes that are endless rivers,
lam like a clueless fish'
'Love is a wave of pleasure
stroked by the feather of dreams'
And then?
You've never seen her afterthat?
By the time I came back
after my training,
she was already married.
Two years after that,
I got married to Stella.
Do you remember when we went
for the Kaliyar inquest?
There's no information
about him, right?
Yeah. Nothing at all.
It was me who called you, sir.
Is anyone staying here?
No. Just a husband and wife.
- No, sir.
He was a real alcoholic, sir.
That girl is from a good
household in Alappuzha.
Because of his drinking,
everything was ruined.
They were staying on rent here.
It's not locked.
Member, we need a
couple of witnesses.
We've arranged that, sir.
Call them.
Member, get some gloves, incense,
fragrances and what not.
Go bring it.
- Come.
- Ratheesh, light it.
- Sabu, go buy some incense sticks.
Hey! Open those windows.
Hey! Click from all angles.
Take the measurements.
Joseph, hold from here.
5.5 Feet
167 cm...
Hold over there.
How much?
So 61 cm...
Now, cut the dress.
Keep it there.
Give me the blade.
We should have come after
having couple of drinks.
It must be at least 4 days old.
- Yes.
Who is this?
That's this girl's wedding photo.
Wasn't it this girl who came
to the station last week?
With a complaint?
Rig ht, sir?
- Yes.
That one.
Hey Joseph!
I had handed over a couple
of cases to you last week.
Did you open any ofthem?
One of them was this girl's.
Sir, we had two special
duties last week.
You know, right sir?
Don't tell anyone about this now.
What happened?
Shall I serve dinner?
Aren't you having food?
- I don't want to.
Then shall I keep it back?
I couldn't say anything to Stella.
When she came next to me,
I would remember Lisamma.
Her rotten body...
Then I won't be able to do anything.
And to hide all this,
I started drinking regularly.
Stella wouldn't have
understood anything.
I was afraid to even
talk properly to her.
If I had told her about it,
she wouldn't have left me.
I could never be the same again.
Finally, things happened
the way I wished.
I want to talk to you
about something.
I am your wife!
There's a limit in
tolerating all this.
If you have any other affairs,
tell me about it.
I'll move away.
How long has it been since
you talked to me properly?
I can't tolerate this any longer.
Let's get separated.
I want my daughter.
After two years, she got married to Peter.
If I was here, I would
have gone for her wedding.
Whenever I went somewhere,
I'd drop our daughter at her place.
So I'll see her at
times like that.
Okay Papa.
Good night.
Hey dear Mommy!
Come! I'm really hungry!
What's special today?
After a long time,
I told her everything.
She must have told Peter.
Peter didn't have a
problem in us meeting.
Call for you.
It's Peter.
He asked me to come there quickly.
What happened?
Doctor said that there's no point in
keeping her on the ventilator anymore.
The doctor asked whether we would
like to donate any of her organs.
How can I take a decision alone?
Doctor is calling Diana's parents.
It's been over 40 days since Diana
has been on the ventilator here.
The injury on her brain which
happened when she fell down that day,
hasn't been cured through
surgery as well.
The infection has also
increased quite a bit.
Her body is not at all
responding to medicines now.
Very sorry to inform you...
Her life is being sustained currently,
only with the help of the ventilator.
Brain death has already happened.
I know it's cruel to ask something
like this, at this point of time.
But if you take a decision now,
Diana will live through many others,
through organ donation.
I'm asking this because I'm a doctor.
Please forgive me.
You can decide, Doctor.
Let our daughter be blessed
at least that way.
'You are disappearing beyond the horizon'
'To unknown shores'
'As my palm joins yours'
'Have the seasons withdrawn?'
'Silence turns into burning ember'
'There is nothing left on this earth'
'I have only you in my heart'
'oh my dear'
My dear people...
Stella is leaving all of us.
May God almighty reward her in
heaven for all her good deeds.
Let us console her family members
who are grieving her demise.
And let us also pray for the
salvation ofthe departed soul.
In the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Spirit...
Those who want to give her a last kiss,
can go ahead.
Is there anyone left to
give her a final kiss?
There's one more person.
'When I am alone, your
memories would caress me'
'Droplets of your love shower
gently on the pages of my heart'
'You should become half of my life,
in our next birth'
'I can't do without that'
'I have only you in my heart'
'oh my dear'
'A golden kiss on
your lips with tears'
'You have departed without seeing that'
'l'm covering your face,
with the sand within my palm'
'You gave everything to me happily'
'Only that belongs to me'
'I have only you in my heart'
'oh my dear'
Stella had the accident
somewhere over here.
Just a minute.
Chandran, tell me.
Which case?
When I was in Muttam station, right?
I remember.
Those files are
still there, right?
Three seventy six...
On what date?
Hand it over to the guard.
I am nearby only.
I'll come to the station.
I have a work at muttam station.
There's a trial for that rape case.
I have to check the file once.
Or else, that judge
would rip me apart.
Greetings, sir.
- Satheeshan!
- Did Chandran give you something?
Sir is inside. He hasn't left.
- Then I'll meet him.
They are doing good.
I'll be right back.
- Okay sir.
So this was the vehicle?
Do you know who has
the case file?
It's with Collins.
She was said to be hit by a jeep.
Her scooter skidded
and hit a rock.
Did you find the jeep?
We didn't get the number.
We are inquiring.
Where all were the injuries?
There was one on her left elbow...
And one cut on top ofthe
left side of her forehead.
But the cause of death is supposed to be
through a deep injury behind her head.
I need photocopies of all these.
I'll give you.
And if you have any photos of the
accident scenes, WhatsApp them to me.
I'll do that.
Okay then.
- Okay.
Either side of the road, with Poonjar
on the south and Kanjar on the north,
at Muttam Post, Muttam Panchayat, Muttam
village, belongs to the Government.
The east side is a valley and
the west side is a hill.
Around 60 metres North of
the temporary tea shop,
situated on the East
side ofthis road...
Around 50 metres South ofthe PWD sign
board situated on the North side...
From the number-less milestone
on the east side ofthe road,
around 7 metres North-west...
the west side of the road,
is the exact spot.
Greetings, sir.
Are you Xavier, son of Chacko,
who has given the witness statement?
Yes, sir.
How was she lying here?
She was lying...
The head was on that side...
and the legs were towards this side...
And her hands?
Her hands...
She was lying on her back like this..
With her hands likethis...
ls there any problem, sir?
You go and get us 4 glasses of tea.
Stella's death was not
due to an accident.
It's a murder.
I noted the number, since I
hadn't seen the car earlier.
Here you go, sir.
Do you knowthe people who
came in the car? - No.
I know everyone in this area.
I am a Local Committee
member here.
How many people were
there in that jeep?
Two people.
Did they look back after hitting her?
Did you see something like that?
Driver didn't look back..
The one who was with him, looked.
Did the people who came in the car,
make calls from here?
Not from here, but they called
someone after getting into the car.
Around what time did
the accident happen?
The bell forthe 2nd Holy Qurbana had
rung by then. That's at 8.30 AM.
Call Sudhi and get the RC
details of this number.
Most probably,
this number would be fake.
Hello sir.
KL 58 - 1290.
A Car. i need the details of the owner.
Just a minute, sir.
Its not a car's number. Its a lorry.
The address is in Thalassery.
I'll message it to you now.
As you said,
it's a fake number.
It belongs to a lorry.
Sudhi,just hold on.
We need to do a mobile dumping.
And when you come,
bring the sketch
artist Rajesh as well.
Stella's accident was
created deliberately.
They hadn't intended to kill her.
It was something else.
Why do you feel so?
If they had intended to kill her,
they could have used
a large vehicle.
Or they could have hit
her into this gorge.
If so, they could have hit her
at a desened place, right?
Why do they need to
create a witness?
They need a witness, Siddique.
If there's no witness, the police
would investigate the case.
If there's a witness, it will be registered
under the accident case section.
Usually, if the original
car is not found,
a case is registered with an
available car and driver.
To claim the insurance.
For the relatives to get money...
Be more precise...
When she was hit by the car,
Stella fell to the left side, on her hands.
That's how she had a
fracture on her left hand.
That was the fall with the
most force, in this accident.
After that, she hit the rock,
and there was a cut on herforehead.
That's not such a
serious injury.
Only after that, she
fell over there.
According to the
postmortem report,
the cause of death is a deep
cut behind Stella's head,
by hitting on a sharp rock
or something like that.
Do you see anything
like that over there?
Even if there is
something like that,
if she fell on her hands, hit
her forehead and fell there,
would there be such a deep
injury behind her head?
That injury didn't
happen over here.
It was somewhere else.
The shopkeeper said that the driver of
the car which hit her, didn't look back.
If it was an accident that happened
unknowingly, he would have looked back.
The person who was with him,
looked back.
That was to confirm Stella's fall.
The carwhich came after them,
came only to take Stella.
The people in the car,
are involved in this crime.
The shopkeeper said that
they were well dressed.
Such people, wouldn't put a blood-soaked
Stella on their lap and take her.
If they had such a
good conscience,
they would have given their names
& address at the hospital,
and would have waited at least
till Stella's relatives arrived.
Sudhi already said that the
number of their car was fake.
We should go to Peter's house.
Come in.
Was there any difference in
Stella's behaviour recently?
Any sign of fear?
I didn't notice anything special.
But ever since her daughter died,
she was quite depressed.
Did she go for the morning
Qurbana daily?
If she didn't have any other troubles,
she would never miss the morning Qurbana.
I need to see her
room and her phone.
Did she have any disease?
She was admitted once in the
hospital with high pressure.
So these medicines
were given from there.
ls there any issue
regarding her death?
Okay then.
We need to get the list of the
people who accepted Stella's organs.
From each of those hospitals.
Let's meet tomorrow evening.
I'll call you.
What are you doing?
Mobile dumping.
After the accident,
when Joseph sir's wife was taken in the
car, that lady made a call, right?
I'm trying to find that number.
Sir, it's me, Sudhi.
I am dumping the number. this is from one of the sim.
Sir, I have 2-3 more sim cards.
I'll call from them too.
Please attend those calls.
I'll call now, sir.
Thank you, sir.
How can you get
that number, Sudhi?
I called from a BSNL sim card.
They can precisely know where this call
came from, from which pan of which tower.
If we go to BSNL,
on the day ofthe accident,
that is 10/03/2018...
between 8 AM and 9 AM,
they would give us details of all
calls made in this area at that time.
Even other companies have
almost the same process.
So, won't there be so many numbers?
No. It will much lesser
compared to the town.
Not just that..
Since they are not from this place,
it's possible that they would have
made only that single call from here.
ls it like this?
Yeah.. Like this..
- Almost like this...
Okay. i ll draw little more.
It's done.
- Okay.
Do you have any idea
which car it was?
It was an old car with a boot, sir.
Did you see its logo or
emblem or something?
There were some running
letters in English...
Check if it's this one...
This one?
This one?
This one?
Yes. This is the one.
This one.
Sir, it's a Ford.
Show him all the cars of Ford.
This one?
It was an old model car, sir.
Yes. This one.
This one, in black colour.
Sir, it's a Ford lkon.
Sir, our drawing is complete.
Check if it's correct...
Someone like this, sir.
- Hello!
Hello sir!
Where are you?
- I am at home, sir.
You need to search
for an old car.
It's a black Ford lkon.
The number is fake.
Enquire at all places
where cars are crushed.
Workshops and yards you know.
Call your old buddies.
Make it fast.
- I'll leave right away.
Sir, what happened at the court?
It's a 4-5 year old rape case, right?
How can we remember all that?
I held on by
blabbering something.
Did you find out what I asked?
We didn't find anything that we
could relate to Stella's death.
The organs were donated
to four people.
Three of them are really poor.
The fourth person is a
retired KSRTC employee.
And none of them look like corrupt
or capable of such crime
They are people without
any political grip.
I got the numbers of the people in the
car, and the ones who attended their call.
Those connections belong to
people from other states.
Did you get other numbers
called from their number?
From that sim card, they have only
made calls between themselves.
They haven't called anyone else.
Those two mobiles are
always switched off.
Do they call each other regularly?
No. Very rarely.
A call was made to that
lady's phone, the previous day.
A 3 minute call.
On the day of the incident, that lady has
made a 30 second call to the other number.
Their phone calls almost
follow the same pattern.
They call from different Sims
inserted in the same mobile.
A sim they have used once,
has never been used later.
These are the call
details from last year,
of the numbers & sim cards
she used on that phone.
It's Peter.
What is he doing
here at this time?
Anything in particular?
No. Nothing like that.
I saw this only the other day.
The policeman who had written
Stella's case file, had called.
There's no information about
the car that hit her.
He's asking whether they can
charge the case with some vehicle,
to claim the insurance.
I have no idea what to do now.
The department usually does that.
'Diana will continue to live,
through five people'.
Stop here.
Let's as k.
A cigarette, please.
Where is this Vishwan's house?
The guy who used to
do quotation jobs?
The one who got his kidney
transplanted last year.
Yes. The same person.
How is he now?
- He is at home only.
I heard someone whom he tortured earlier,
came and attacked him the other day.
Where is his house?
Don't think anyone can go back
alive from here, after hitting me.
What do you want?
It was my daughter's kidney
that was transplanted to you.
Whenever any stranger comes to this house,
we get scared, sir.
Who gave you the money
for the operation?
The people of this town made
donations and formed a fund...
For the past four years, none
of her children have come here.
All of them are abroad.
Even for the operation,
only I was there.
We're leaving.
You're listening to Superhits 93.5 Red FM.
So next song is on the way.
Is this Renuka's house?
- Yes. She's my daughter.
It was my daughter's heart
that was transplanted for Renuka.
Come, sir. I didn't recognize you.
You can sit there.
Sit down, sir.
Isn't your daughter here?
She is here only.
You want anything to drink?
Wejust dropped by
when we went this way.
Thought we'll see her...
She is here.
How are you now, dear?
- What to say, sir?
The operation was done with the donation
fund formed by the people here.
The money we make with so much difficulty,
is not enough even for her daily medicines.
We work with ropes, right?
She still has breathing problems often.
With all the dust here...
Sir, we don't need money.
I don't have anyone else.
Call me if you need anything, dear.
If she has breathing problems,
there's a friend of mine.
He's a cardiologist.
Just go and see him.
Don't worry about
money and medicines.
I'll talk to him.
This is my number.
Just call me.
Shall I leave?
Token No. 8
Didn't Pathrose reach?
He has high fever.
He has been bedridden
for 3-4 days.
An email bomb threat at a famous hospital
in the state, was found to be fake.
Bomb squad and experts from the cyber cell,
reached the hospital and investigated.
The intention ofthe threat
or the source of the email...
Isn't that Sudhi?
He hasn't brought
back Diana's laptop yet.
Yes, sir.
- Hey..
Where is Diana's laptop?
I've repaired it, sir.
I'll bring it in the evening.
Just come home.
I'll be there.
Token 10.
What are you doing here?
There was some money
in Stella's account.
I thought I'll withdraw it.
I needed some documents for it.
I'm planning to hold the 41st
day prayer meet on Sunday.
All of you should come.
Days are passing by so fast.
Shall I leave then?
I needn't invite
specially again, right?
Accept this soul to the experience the
endless joy humans have neverexperienced.
To sing your praises happily
along with your disciples,
purify the hands ofthis soul with
the Holy water blessed by You.
Forever and always!
Father, about the coffee.
The coffee...
Coffee has been arranged for everyone,
at the Parish hall of the Church.
All of you should leave after that.
Chetta, come with me.
Who called you?
It's from Alappuzha.
Renuka died.
Are you going there?
I won't be able to bear
that sight as well.
Joseph, eat something and go.
No. I have to leave.
There's something urgent.
They will be here.
But still...
I swear, there's
something really urgent.
Shall I go?
Then you come.
Com e.
How come he has kept the
doors closed today?
Isn't he here?
Hey Joseph!
Joseph! Joseph!
Get that cloth.
Tie n tightly.
Pathrose, go and start the car.
Lift him!
What have you done, Joseph?
You're a policeman
after all, right?
You've seen and experienced
so much in life!
So sad!
What did the doctor say?
He said there's
nothing to worry now.
You guys always hang out with him
claiming to be his friends, right?
Then where were you guys?
Well, God saved him!
It's been so long since
I've seen you in Church!
This is not a solution for anything!
Suicide is Satan's job!
You should beware!
Once he's out of here, you friends
should bring him to the Church.
You heard me?
You should come there.
It's okay.
I paid it.
'The Lord of all life'
'The origin of the world'
'On this dark path,
come as a ray of light'
'The Lord of all life'
'The origin of the world'
'On this dark path,
come as a ray of light'
'Standing by me always, to
swim across deep seas'
'Your name gives me purpose'
'As you showerflowers on
my path full ofthorns'
'As you wipe away my
teardrops like a kerchief'
'The Lord of all life'
'The origin of the world'
'On this dark path,
come as a ray of light'
'This life of mine,
is a gift You have given me'
'0 spring of happiness'
'Whoever we are,
we have to come back to you one day'
'As each day passes'
'Even when I hearthe
foot steps of the wind'
'It feels within, that you have arrived'
'Even when my hean is burning,
you are my rhythm'
'Standing by me always, to
swim across deep seas'
'Your name gives me purpose'
'As you shower flowers on
my path full of thorns'
'As you wipe away my
tear drops like a kerchief'
'The Lord of all life'
'The origin of the world'
'On this dark path,
come as a ray of light'
'The Lord of all life'
A new sim has been inserted
to that lady's mobile.
And she has received a
call on it as well.
It's switched off now.
If that phone gets switched on again,
mark its location.
If there's any change,
inform me.
Okay sir.
I'll call you.
Sir, the guy is here.
Okay. Go and ask him.
Give this there and tell him.
- Yes.
Tell me, Nair.
What parts do you need?
Let Sir see that car first.
We'll say after that.
- Then you go and check it.
Nair, bring that bag.
Here you go, sir.
What is this, sir?
It's used to find blood stains.
Did you see the blue colour?
There were blood stains.
Stella was taken in
this car itself.
Is this a stolen car?
I shouldn't have a problem
for buying the parts.
My dear brother,
this is the certificate to cancel
the RC book & to crush the car.
We don't deal with stolen cars.
Did the owner bring the car himself?
- I don't knowthat.
I didn't see anyone other
than the one who brought it.
He left only after
getting it crushed here.
Is it him?
He looks somewhat like this.
Is there any problem, sir?
Sir, Greetings
There was an old car
for sale here, right?
We needed such a car for
movie shooting purposes.
We came to see it.
It's already sold.
Oh no!
Do you have the number of
the person who bought it?
Did you give an ad on the
newspaper to sell the car? -Yes.
Do you remember when
you gave the ad?
November, December...
The last Saturday of January.
Did anyone else call seeing the ad?
- No.
No point in looking for that car now.
They would have crushed it.
He had come again
after taking the car.
He said that there's some fault in the car,
and it can't be repaired now.
He made me sign the application to
cancel the RC book & crush the car.
Okay then.
- Okay.
People always come looking for
something, only after it's sold.
Stan the car.
- Yes, sir.
- Sir..
It's an ad that came on Manorama newspaper
on the last Saturday of last January.
That a black colour Ford
lkon car is for sale.
Trace all the calls that came to
that landline number that day.
The number of the person we're
looking for, would be among them.
I need details of numbers from which
calls are not made regularly.
Okay, sir.
I'll send it.
Why did he ask us to come here?
You know him, right?
He said it's urgent and
asked us to come here quickly.
The people who killed Stella, will
execute a similar accident, tomorrow
Sudhi had collected the phone details of
the lady who took Stella to the hospital,
after the accident.
In the phone with that IMEI number, a new
sim card is used, every single time.
According to the date and tower location
in the call list given by Sudhi,
whenever a new sim card has
been inserted on that phone,
an accident has happened
in the next 48 hours.
That means?
That means...
Within the next 48 hours,
an accident similarto Stella's
would happen somewhere.
We should trace them immediately.
Isn't it easy to find that car?
I made an attempt in that
route in the morning.
After every accident,
they have used second hand cars
to take people to the hospital.
Once they use it,
they will get a written request
from the owner to get it crushed.
In the forthcoming accident,
they will be using a fresh car.
They had contacted the owner of the
car in which they took Stella,
seeing a newspaper advertisement.
Sudhi has traced that address.
It's an apartment.
That's the only loophole
we have so far.
I've sent Nair with the
sketch made by Rajesh.
Nair knows the security
guard of that apartment.
Why don't we tell the SP
and initiate the arrest?
The case won't stand, Raghavan.
Even if we catch them,
we have no evidence to
prove why they did it.
Then why...
Yes, Nair.
Tell me.
Got it?
I'll come there now.
Okay then.
See you.
Sir, it's the same person.
2 days back, he had bought
an old Ambassador car.
A black colour car.
All of you should wait here.
Don't go anywhere.
Inform me as soon
as they come out.
Follow them.
Nair, you were here?
- I was here.
What's the status?
- I've got the camera you asked for.
Hand this over to Advocate
Srinivasan at 9 AM tomorrow
The number is written on it.
This one, to the SP.
Don't forget it, at any cost.
No problem, right?
Would they have known
that we're watching them?
Hold it.
Keep it.
For some confidence.
He leads me in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.
Even though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil,
foryou are with me
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
What happened?
- Nothing.
They haven't come out yet.
Aren't you coming?
I'll go to the Church
and come afterthat.
They are coming out.
Call Joseph.
Start the car.
- Okay.
Follow them!
He is not picking up.
What happened?
What is it, Pathrose?
We will miss them!
He is not picking up.
Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
Good morning, sir.
Writ petition
Yes, Mr. Srinivasan.
I am forthe petitioners, Milord!
Joseph, a retired police officer, has
revealed truths that would shock the world,
connected to a private
investigation on his wife's death.
I am presenting the documents of the truths
he found out, before the Honourable Court.
From the initial investigation
of Stella's death itself,
I had realized that it was a murder.
I went to Peter's house to find out if
Stella had any kind of threats or problems.
I did an investigation to find
out if there was any connection,
between Stella's death and her
treatment in the hospital.
I couldn't find anything unnatural.
Since my wife and daughter had a
brain death in the same hospital,
I felt that l should investigate my
daughter's death as well, for a clarity.
The girl who accepted my
daughter's heart transplant;
despite her living in a surrounding
that may cause infections,
and working hard without
taking medicines correctly,
she lived this long.
I had a suspicion about that.
That suspicion led me to my
friend who's a cardiology doctor.
Sister, give this to the pharmacy.
- Okay, Doctor.
You both can wait outside.
I'll buy the medicines and come.
- Okay, sir.
Come, dear.
I think your suspicion is right.
Her heart is still in the same
condition it was, before her surgery.
Something has happened.
Some hoax has happened.
I'm wondering how that
girl is still alive.
Government has implemented
schemes like 'Mrithasanjeevani',
to avoid crimes that may happen in
organ transplantation surgeries.
it's the same seniority list
that has become the reason
for the rise in such crimes.
For example,
if a person who has been injured badly
on his head is brought to the hospital,
the hospital authorities perform all the
tests for organ donation very quickly,
and check whether they cross match
with the Mrithasanjivani list.
If there are people
in other hospitals,
whose organs match those ofthe injured
person in the Mrithasanjeevani list,
they would cause a brain death
for the injured person.
That may be through medicines,
or by delaying the treatment.
Why do they do that?
If they hold the injured person there
for one month and give treatment,
they would get only
10 Lakhs, maximum.
Instead, if a brain death happens,
through organ transplantation,
what happens in 4-5 hospitals, is
a business of almost 1.5 Crores.
We've always considered such
news to be like movie plots.
But by investigating the
death of his daughter
which was caused by
delayed treatment,
and the death of his wife,
caused through a
well-planned small accident
that led to an organized brain death,
what Joseph has given to the society,
are shocking and horrifying
revelations about...
the organized crime syndicate
in the medical field.
According to the Government list,
the girl from Alappuzha who was supposed
to receive my daughter's heart,
hadn't received it.
Even though the surgery happened,
that girl's heart was not transplanted.
To know what happened to
my daughter's organs,
I needed the admission list of that
hospital around the dates of the surgery,
medicine prescriptions,
the patients' case sheet, etc.
These are stored digitally
in major hospitals.
To find that, I sought Sudhi's help.
Isn't that Sudhi?
In the name of a fake bomb
threat investigation,
Sudhi got into the hospital.
As you asked for, the case
sheets ofthose days,
the details of that operation,
and the prescriptions of
medicines given to patients,
and the detailed billing
from the pharmacy,
I have copied all that
into this hard disk.
There's a separate network between
multi-specialty hospitals.
I've hacked it.
you can know every update that
they make there, sitting here.
The day my daughter died,
that is, the day the surgery of
Renuka from Alappuzha happened,
I found out from the records that the heart
operation of a foreign girl called Anna,
happened in the same
hospital, on the same day.
In the prescription
in Anna's case sheet,
there were medicines given to patients
who just had an organ transplantation.
It was 15 days after
Diana had the injury,
that Anna reached India,
and got admitted in this hospital.
Claiming that it was being done
for the girl from Alappuzha,
Joseph's daughter's heart
was transplanted to Anna.
The day the girl from Alappuzha came first
on the Government's Mrithasanjeevani list,
It was on the same day,
that the hospital claims that Joseph's
daughter's brain death happened.
All these are mutually connected, Milord!
I suddenly felt like checking the
hospital network Sudhi told me about.
That really shocked me.
In that, there were records of tests
conducted for organ transplantation,
on each patient who came to the hospitals
in this network, with minor diseases.
Sorted according to each blood group,
the details of people who had accidents,
were being cross-matched
with people who required organs
on the Mrithasanjeevani list.
I understood that there was an organized
crime going on in this field.
In this time period, I saw that the
details of those who had a brain death,
were being cross-matched with
the Mrithasanjeevani list.
There was a requirement of a heart
with the rare blood group, AB negative.
I copied the details of that patient
who needed a transplantation.
Because, my blood group
is also AB negative.
When I also conducted similartests,
and cross matched its results with the
details ofthe one who needed the organ,
I saw that it was a perfect match.
Just so that my details would
be entered in this hospital,
I orchestrated a suicide drama,
without informing even my friends.
As I had expected,
my details for organ transplantation were
uploaded to this network from the hospital,
and were cross-matched.
Ever since I realized that my heart
matches that patient's requirement,
it was confirmed that I'm going
to be their next victim.
I realized that they
were observing me.
I organized ideal situations for them
to attack me, through my daily routine.
I found out from this network
that the person who had my same blood group
on the Mrithasanjivani seniority list,
had been admitted to the hospital.
Ever since he reached
first on the seniority list,
I waited for the phones of the people
who were planning to attack me,
to become active.
Sir, a new sim has been
inserted to that lady's mobile.
Since I wanted myself to
be their only victim,
and since I wanted their plan to
succeed without any obstacles,
I avoided my friends deliberately.
Closing all the loopholes,
with precise evidence,
to bring them in front of the law,
I decided to make them
recreate that crime.
Sir, I will have an
accident this morning.
If I die, my organs would be donated.
My heart would be taken as if it is for
a person on the Mrithasanjivani list,
at City hospital.
But it will reach there
for someone else.
24 hours after the surgery is completed,
you should investigate about this, and
bring the culprits before the law,
with scientific evidence.
I'm giving my own
body as evidence,
so that there's no lack of any
kind of evidence in the court.
Joseph is a martyr.
Every single one of Joseph's
deductions were true.
If one of us gets a kidney
or hean transplant here,
what's the guarantee for that?
We have to trust what the hospital
and the doctors tell us. That's all!
The patient who apparently
got a heart transplant,
has not received Joseph's heart.
This has been proved from the
examination of expert doctors.
It has also been confirmed that his
heart was given to a foreigner instead.
It's true that the local police has
registered a case.
And begun the investigation.
But since such crimes are
spread all over the country,
I humbly request this Court to
order a thorough CBI investigation
on the accidents that happened
earlier similar to this case.
By sacrificing his own life
to bring the Court's attention...
to a grave crime that is
affecting the society,
the efforts taken by the retired
police officer Joseph,
are appreciated by this Court.
This court orders the
CBI to investigate...
all the brain deaths that
has happened in Kerala.
Also the court has ordered
the inclusion of police forensic
surgeons in the doctors' panel,
to confirm the brain death
of people who had accidents,
the mandatory video recording of
the organ transplant surgery,
the conduction of mandatory DNA tests
on the organs during post mortem,
whenever a person who has gone through
an organ transplant surgery dies,
and the handing over of all these
videos to Sub Divisional Magistrates.
The Court instructs the Government to make
laws to implement these instructions.
The Court instructs the Government to make
laws to implement these instructions.
'Would you flicker as a star in
the moonlit sky, far away?'
'I would come for you one day,
to the world where you are'
'When I come, please come
and join me, my love'
'I can't do without that'
'I have only you in my heart'
'You are disappearing beyond the horizon'
'To unknown shores'
'As my palm joins yours'
'Have the seasons withdrawn?'
'Silence turns into burning ember'
'There is nothing left on this earth'
'I have only you in my heart'