Josh (2000) Movie Script

Goa 1958.
India attained freedom in 1947.
But Goa was under
Portuguese rule till 1961.
This is a city of Goa, Vasco.
And this is Alberto Vasco.
He owns the maximum land here.
In a way, he is the king.
That is why this city
is named after him.
And his statue is put up
in the central square.
Before him, nobody had
been honored thus.
That day, the scene was festive.
All the town sfolk had gathered.
Everyone was cheerful.
They were congratulating him
with heart felt wishes.
Except for one woman.
You pig!!
What do you think of yourself?
May worms feed on your body!
Nobody will give you a sip
of water when you die!
Forget it. We are not
to go into that area!
I'll see you!
This is the statue of Alberto
Vasco, the biggest land owner.
He owned more than half the city.
That is how this city
was named Vasco.
When the Portuguese
left Goa 20 years ago...
These big landlords left
their property behind.
They grabbed everything,
but it's good for us.
You'll get the kind
of place you want.
Because there's no real owner.
Driver, stop the car.
I want that house.
- For the company guesthouse.
- Sure. You'll get it.
Bihari, stop these hoodlums!
Why are they breaking my house?
Does the house become yours
if you encroach on it?
You are the tenant. Sign here and
you'll get 5000 or you get nothing.
All right.
I'll meet you at the shop.
Your stool, uncle.
He went there to steal and
the Eagles beat him up!
Idiot! Come on.
Jojo! Run!
The Bichhus(Scorpions)
Have come to thrash us!
Come on, Michael.
Hey you dog!
Didn't I say, you guys
must not step into our area?
A dozen of you have ensconced
yourselves here for 2 years.
Since then Vasco has
had problems.
Before that, you Christians
did the ball dance here!
Hey pig, have you forgotten
last time's thrashing?
You escaped because
Father Jacob intervened.
Remember what I said then?
This side of the ground is ours
and that side is yours.
Now you must live there, and die there.
Get the buildings and
homes on that side vacated.
Or I'll break your legs
and place them on your hands!
Do you think I'm easy meat?
Does your father own Vasco?
Why? Didn't your mother tell you?
We are in our spirits
Sobe in your senses
Don't you glare at us
Let'shear that again
We're in the spirits too
You had better be
in your senses
Don't you give us
those dirty looks...
What did you say?
...come again
I've come across
several guys like you
Just tell us what
you're getting at
Go away; don't come here.
And don't mess with us
Go on, get lost...
Stop fibbing... we're not scared
You're ignorant.
If you have the guts...
Come and face me...
- You have a fight!
What do you take me for?
What did you say...?
Come again
Beware... careful!
You had better be careful of us
Lay off! Keep away...
they're all scared of us
Stop making a noise. Come out
in the open, if you want a fight
- I'm alert...
- And ready
What are you worth...?
Who the hell are you?
We are in the spirits...
Talk sense
We are in the spirits...
- So talk sense
Don't you glare at us
What did you say...?
Come again
Arrest all these boys!
Sir, what have I done?
I was just arm wrestling with brother.
Sir, I said I'd drop him to
Calan gute on my mobike, isn't it?
Yes Sir, and I said I'd drop him
in my Mercedes tempo.
So... coming pal?
That is why we thought
we'd wrestle arms to decide.
See that, D'costa? Sometimes
they fight, sometimes they love...
They should have been married!
The mention of marriage
makes you laugh, huh?
Bichhu married to an Eagle. Where?
In prison!
Did these children fight again?
These children?
Last week they broke 4 street
lights, the entire vegetable market...
And Rodriques' new car.
I would handcuff
them even in jail!
Why do you fight? Want to
show your strength to each other?
I know you are young,
full of spirit.
Instead of breaking each others'
bones, make something of yourselves.
Live together like brothers.
Remember my words,
life is very precious.
Once this time is lost,
it will never return.
Remember my words.
Spare them this time.
They are immature.
- They won't repeat this.
- You're making a mistake.
They are dangerous, not immature!
Yet I spare them for your sake.
Even if you pluck a leaf
from a tree, watch it!
Come on. Move!
Now all of you go away.
Get on with your jobs.
- You got into a fight again?
- No father, they started it!
The dogs...!
But if they start a fight,
we can't keep quiet...
This blood shed will not help.
But they started it.
We were just...
I want to see you in church.
- This Sunday?
- Every Sunday.
You come in last, yet
want to leave first.
It's Max' fault. It takes so long
to wake him up! He's still sleeping!
- There's a jam session in
college on Saturday. - So...?
- Why? - The Purple Riot
Band has come from Bombay.
What happened?
Look at her hand!
May I read your palm?
You have a terrific lifeline!
And take a look at this love line...
Never seen one like this!
What's his name?
Okay, I'll answer that.
Does his name begin with T?
- Dog! Want one?
- No!
No? Of course you'll want one!
- Yes!
- Then why did you say no?
Next time you flirt with my
sister, you'll get thrashed!
It's going to be twelve.
Let's meet the strike.
We must reach home
before the twelve gongs.
But you must only count the
gong. Don't tell me to turn.
- Careful!
- What are you doing?
- Look ahead!
- Aunt, give way!
No problems now!
Leave her and turn right!
But why did you scream?
Who screamed? I...
- You tell him...
- No, you!
The brakes had failed.
But you didn't make it.
I'll go get my bike serviced.
The bike is fine.
It was your mistake.
Why did you get involved
with Rose Anne?
- Today is not a good day.
- Rubbish! It's very special.
What's special about today?
I'm sorry, I forgot.
What little sister? We were born
on the same day at the same time...
But I was born 15 seconds early.
Do you like it?
You made it yourself?
- It's not for this!
- But this fits best in it.
For me?
Whether Max remembers your
birthday or not, I will.
You remember it only because I too
was born on the same day, same time.
...5,6,7,8,9, 10.
One thousand and one.
Your fees for getting
the house evacuated.
You may keep the one buck.
Bihari, you are great!
It looks absolutely real!
Here's your share of
...10, 10 and 5.25000.
We do the threatening and breaking.
And this scoundrel,
Bihari reaps the rewards
I say to hell with Bihari.
Why don't we do direct
dealing with Chaudhary?
The idea is good but Bihari
forges the property papers.
Who will do the writing for us?
Little guy!
My brother!
You rogue! You've turned
stylish! Like a Bombayite!
But you are just the same.
Come on, Vasco is that way.
Mother! Come downstairs!
Rahul has come back!
Chottu, get the bagsout.
He looks terrific!
Then what? Whose brother is he?
I've thought of a great plan for us.
- Me too.
- You say first.
We all will live in Bombay.
Life is great there.
Man's luck changes in a minute.
What is left in Vasco? Will
mother agree to come to Bombay?
The guys selling the caftan
made a fool out of you.
There's a hole in this.
Give it back to Rahul. He'll
return it. He's going back.
- You're going back?
- Not alone. All of us will go.
I'll open a big fast food restaurant.
Indian, foreign every style.
Mr. Shetty will put up the
capital and my training.
In a year, I'll take you
to the skies, mother!
I don't want to reach anywhere.
I will stay here.
- But mother, over there...
- You may go.
- Leave tomorrow itself.
- No, mother.
- I'm here for a month.
- Why are you wasting time?
You've seen the place.
You've fixed everything.
Why did you come here?
You could have written.
Pack this in his bag. Invest what
you get on returning it in your hotel.
Mother! Did you have
to tell her right now?
I'd have explained to her.
Now she is angry with me.
So? She saw you after two years.
You've been home for barely 5 hours
and you're talking of returning!
Pinhead, see Vasco.
I am confident you won't leave it.
Rest tonight. I'll show you
the sights of Vasco tomorrow.
Come here. Sorry, I'm late.
Some important work cropped up.
This is my brother, Rahul.
He's very educated, a chef.
That means an English cook.
And these are my pals.
That is Lafdu. Chandu.
That is Chottu and Dasan.
And he's special, Bheja Fry.
Those two are the
newcomers, Devand Pepsi.
Why are you smiling? Show
Rahul the sights of Vasco.
So Prakash is the boss
of the Bichhu gang?
Do you know from dogs and cats
to important men, salute him?
We saw Maria's house on the way?
He pays expenses to the guys who
forcibly live there, to evacuate it.
He'll thrash them...
so this is the businessof Bicchu gang
In a while, everyone
will salute you too.
Don't call me a hood!
And there's no need to be my guide.
I'll see the place myself.
- Rahul!
- Sir!
- Don't go ahead.
- Why?
We're standing on the borderline!
- What border? - That side of
the ground belongs to the eagles!
Eagle gang is the sworn
enemy of the Bichhu gang!
Nobody from that gang
can come to our area.
And our boys can't go there!
Not even by mistake!
Not by mistake.
But he can go on purpose.
You must not go ahead!
You are the princess
of my dreams...
You put everything around
to shade
So come and take my hand
You put everything
around to shade...
Here she comes...
bathed in roses
She brings the
fragrance with her
It's your eyes...
they're intoxicating
Your beauty, I behold
You are the Princess
of my dreams...
You have put everything
around to shade
Come and take my hand
you have cast a spell
I can't control
my heart anymore
Tell me at least so much,
Oh celestial beauty...
Where do you live?
And what is your name?
O Princess of my dreams...
You have put everything around
to shade
So take my hand
I don't know you but
I felt like talking to you.
- Are you new to this place?
- Yes. I came on Friday.
My family is here for 2 years
but I was studying in Bombay.
This is the first time
I've come to Goa.
It's a beautiful place.
Just a minute.
I thought it would be great
if somebody could show me around.
- My name is...
- What have you seen in Vasco?
The ground, the beach and the old fort
Have you seen Max?
What is that?
You must meet him.
He'll show you everything.
Lights at night, stars in the day...
You too will like him a lot.
He's a first rate scoundrel!
Why should we talk of that hood, Max?
Do you know why I've called you here?
For lunch.
- Then...? - For many days
I've been wanting to say something.
Each time I see you,
my heart says something.
- What did you say?
- Not to you. There...
- There's nobody there.
- There isn't?
Do you know I met your Daddy?
- When?
- Two days ago.
He was buying brandy.
He was fighting for 3 bucks.
I looked at him and said...
You scoundrel! You've come here too!
- I didn't mean you.
- You meant my Daddy!
Not even your Daddy!
These hoods have come here!
- May I sit here?
- No, we're having a private lunch.
What have you ordered?
- Why are you abusing me?
- It's the name of the dish.
Then say so. What is added to it?
- What? - It's a Chinese dish.
It will have cockroaches.
No, I'll tell you its' ingredients.
It's got noodles and chicken.
Prawns and a few carrots.
Capsicum and mushrooms...
But no cockroaches.
How does one eat it?
Chew it with your teeth.
- And how is the taste?
- Spicy.
A little sweet; a little spicy.
Must be a delicious, sweet feeling.
- Take it away and eat it!
- That's what I think.
- This...
- I thought you meant Rose.
I can't eat your lunch.
These days we're dieting.
- Yes. - You eat it.
- I don't want it.
- Eat it.
- I don't want it!
We're leaving.
Were you not here, I'd have beaten,
cut him and made Manchurian of him!
Eat quietly now.
How can I eat? I wanted to
tell you something special.
You are the largest part of my life...
Hooligan! Max! Why are you after me?
Don't you know?
Rose Anne humiliated you
in front of Savio once again.
She loves me a lot but her
style of flirting is different.
I was in church and this boy
came and sat right next to me.
Right under Father's nose.
And said, this is the
first time I've come to Goa.
I wish somebody would take me
around Vasco town, etc, etc...
- Who was he?
- I don't know.
He was openly flirting.
Next time you see him, tell me.
Wow! So many potato chips?
I'll give you two box fulls.
Take them to Bombay.
And think of your mother there!
How about if I eat all
these chips right here?
What do you mean?
I mean, I have made a decision.
I won't go to Bombay.
- Really?
- Yes, I'll stay here. With you.
- I'll open a small shop here.
- That's great!
Are you happy, mother?
Don't worry about the shop.
I'll fix everything
tomorrow. Little guy!
You've won the jackpot, uncle!
My brother adores your
shop that's lying vacant.
I'll take it on rent.
I'll pay 500 a month.
Okay, I'll pay 600 but paint it.
I want 25000 as deposit.
And 5000 rent per month.
Talk if it's acceptable.
Are you giving the Taj?
Why are you interrupting?
- Give it happily or...
- Let me talk.
What do you want to say?
I'm just beginning.
I need your co-operation.
- If you...
- I see, I see everything!
He's threatening me from
there! Hooligan! Ruffian!
Old man! You think we're crazy?
Even pigeons don't lay eggs
in that ruin of yours!
If I don't go what will you do,
you land grabbing swindler?
He took the land when
his landlord died.
He's asking for 5000 when he
doesn't pay the rent himself!
You bald...!
Call a midi or a bell-bottom!
- Call anybody...
- Brother, let go!
I'll see who comes to your help!
Let go of uncle.
Should I hold you?
Let go or I'll chop you right here!
I say, leave him! Let go!
Why did you interfere?
I'd have dealt with Max!
Mother is right, you are out of hand!
The shop is our of our hands.
Would your fisticuffs
have got it for us?
- Of course! - That is how
we have to set tenants right.
You being a gentleman won't
work in this business.
Then what will work?
Bichhu's gang hooliganism?
That's not true. We deal
with business like business.
We never create fights for no reason.
- They came to talk of marriage...
- Your brother is like that...
- I'm scared of him.
- You dog! Cad!
- Flirting in my area!
- Help!
Teasing girls in our area!
You rotten Eagle!
Prakash! Let go!
Leave him!
That bastard Eagle was flirting
with one of our girls!
Stop it! I don't
want to hear anything!
Prakash has sent us.
He apologizes.
Why are you quiet?
You should apologize.
You cut the noses of Bichhu
gang in front of the Eagles!
Look, you are new here.
You don't know the problems here.
It's good he thrashed that Eagle.
Had I been there, I'd
have castrated him!
If anyone even looks at Max's
sister, Shirley, he blinds him!
Is Shirley, Max' sister?
Twin! She's his twin sister!
How can we spare anyone who
takes a girl from our area out?
We've come here because Prakash
is the leader of Bichhu gang.
He's standing there.
Go and meet him.
He may be your boss.
He's my brother. Don't
teach me what I must do!
- She's coming!
- Butterfly, where are you going?
My rain cloud. Shower on me!
Spare me a glance...
Rent of 1000 bucks
and zero deposit.
A job can be done
without spending money.
I give up, man! You're really
smart! Lafdu, take this.
Do you forgive me?
On one condition.
Only if you give up fighting
and help me in setting my shop.
Is that all? Then listen...
You're with Rahul from today.
- And you?
- I am with you.
What guys?
Will you do it or not?
You've said it.
Assume it done.
Having a fancy name won't
make the cakes sweeter?
Look at that Bichhu entering
our area unflinchingly!
Yes, Prakash's brother. Come on!
You Bichhu's don't get
visa to come to our area.
- Don't you know?
- Answer him!
He forgot the answer and the road.
I have to deliver this cake
there. Make way for me.
Else what will you do? Beat us?
Show us some punch, fair villager!
This Captain Cook can only show
examples of cake and pastries.
The baboon! Just watch
how the coward will flee!
Those who run away are cowards.
But those fighting for no
reason are not valiant.
They are fools.
What man...?
Do you have to deliver
the cake with your own hands?
But if you don't have hands...?
Now get out fast or your hands and
legs will be here and the body there.
What border? I don't see any border.
You'll see it. You will
see it before you go blind!
What is this?
Sold just one biscuit all day?
Keep this on your nose and draw a
borderline pushing it to the ground.
Come on! You cookboy!
I'd kept it for a beggar.
You may each take 5 paise.
You dog#$@!
What a collar!
Not a sign of dirt.
Do you get an imported
washer man to wash it?
What is going on?
We were discussing laundering.
Laundering shirts or him?
What were they telling you?
- Showing me the way.
- Then?
The wrong path. I was going right.
Get on with your work.
Come with me.
We were doing our work.
You came and spoilt matters.
Come on guys.
What was the score?
Do you like my new car?
It's nice but look ahead and drive.
My bike is new. Pinch me.
- Get lost!
- Give you a shove?
My car is new.
Much faster than your bullock cart!
Savio is throwing you a challenge.
No, it's not fair.
My bike, his jalopy.
I'm a man and Savio...
We'll have a race.
Forget it. If you race
I'll get off here.
It's a matter of my honor!
...which I'm going to plunder.
Don't you just love
to fool simple people?
You too fool him.
You love me but go out with him.
Someday God will punish you!
What happened?
God turned into an ant and bit me!
Come with me. Why are
you playing hard to get?
To how many girls have you said this?
Only you, Sandra.
Only to you, Rose Anne, My love.
I said, you are my Juliet
And she said...
you're fibbing!
Why does she think I'm lying
whenever I speak the truth?!
That must be her style...
she must be consenting at heart
She'll soon say she loves you...
why are you worried?
I suggest, you invite her...
and treat her to lunch in a hotel
Take her to the sea-shore
and just pop the question
I did invite her...
and treated her to the sour-soup
I found an opportunity and went
for it... I told her everything
What did you tell her?
I said, you're my Juliet. And she...
- She said you're lying
Why does she think I'm lying
whenever I speak the truth?
That must be her style...
She must be willing at heart
She'll come around one of these
days... why are you worried?
I've dealt with so many problems...
yours is different
You're through with everything...
yet, where's the hitch?
Elope with her...
if she knows what you want
I went to elope with her
in the middle of the night
Was that really set up?
So that was your Eagle brother, Max.
Quite a specimen.
Did you like him?
Why don't you join him for tea?
Do you cycle to college daily?
No, I go with Max on his bike.
Why don't you come
with us, triple seat?
Do you think I fear Max?
Why should I fear him?
Because he wears a leather jacket?
And rings in his ears?
Rides a bike and considers
himself the local thug?
That's stupidity not bravery.
Maybe he scares kids not me.
What do you study?
I've done a course
in Hotel Management.
Why don't you come to my shop?
I make wonderful cakes.
Why would I fear Maxi?
I am this and that...
If you're so brave,
meet me in front of Maxi.
All right. Want to bet?
But if I win, you have to kiss me.
If you have a face left.
So I win!
When will I get my prize?
Will you help me shop?
Give me two melons.
I must admit, you were great that day.
- You're very brave!
- I told you so.
- I'm not scared of Max.
- But I was scared.
When Max looked at you,
for a second, I...
I was really scared!
- For me?
- Are you okay?
Scared for me?
I don't know why...
I never felt like this before.
What did you feel?
I have to make fruit salad today.
You said you never
felt like this before.
- What did you feel?
- Yes, that's it.
Possibly... I felt...
As if...
As if...?
We're home.
And my prize?
Won't you come in?
Maxi is not home.
What a beautiful house!
Now I'll give you your prize.
Now it's not just the prize.
Much more than that.
This is proof that you love me.
That's the prize for cheaters!
Anyone can wear a mask and win a bet.
Sorry, you lose.
Thanks for carrying
so many fruits for me.
Where are you going?
Maxi will soon be home.
Looks like you want to get beaten!
- No, I want to feed him.
- What?
He'll make a fruit salad
out of you, Romeo!
- And you'll enjoy it.
- Sure.
So enjoy it. Do you have lime?
No but we have a
first aid box. Want it?
You'll know when he breaks your bones.
- Then don't tell me.
- I won't.
I say... Maxi is here...
- What?
- What...?
What, what? My bike...
I just got it painted.
Looks like such a beauty!
I'll take you for a ride. Let's go.
- Not now...
- Why not? Come on.
- I have lots of work.
- Forget it, come on!
- I don't want to come!
- Don't want to come?
Don't take it to heart.
I'll come with you tomorrow.
I made it, specially for you.
Like it?
What was that sound?
Sound...? No.
There was. Where...?
No, in here.
Who locked you in? Shirley?
You don't want to come?
I'll take Maggie.
It will be great fun
when Max returns!
The pastry is no good today.
Then go to the shop in front!
Why do you come here?
Where is aunt?
Go to Treat House.
Hurry up! We have a big contract.
Henceforth this contract
will always come to us.
He takes away my contract
and then gloats over it!
- What's the matter?
- I know everything!
This is that rascal
Prakash' trick!
He grabbed the Goa Liberation
Day contract under threats.
But one mustn't use force.
You just tell me, I'll break the
cad's legs and hang them in your shop!
What will I do with his leg?
I want the contract!
I'm a God fearing man.
Shall I get my tempo tomorrow?
No, Mr. Mascarenhas will
collect his order personally.
Need anything else?
Nothing. Carry on.
I want to place a special order.
It should have 7 colors.
Red, blue, pink.
Green, black and white.
There should be no yellow.
There should be no yellow.
...should be there.
Should be there.
Write on that...
And keep in mind...
Have we stopped
accepting advance?
One has to adjust
depending on the customer.
Come on, we have enough work.
8 o'clock tomorrow.
I hope the chloroform wasn't too much.
Or they'll sleep till morning.
This is the job of an expert.
But why did you change the name?
Come in, sir.
Please listen tome.
What a tiny shop!
Full of rats!
- You cheated me!
- Sir, listen to me.
- What to listen?
- I'll do something. -What?
What's wrong?
I'll lose my job thanks to this idiot!
What was the order?
I'll give it to you.
Take them from my shop.
You saved my job.
I'll pay you 20/. Extra.
Rats running all over the place!
I don't understand how
so many rats got in.
- Maybe a window was open.
- Which window?
I don't know.
Did anyone come to the shop?
- No.
- You are very innocent.
I know it's those Catholics at fault!
You blame the Eagle
gang for everything!
Can't a rat get in by chance?
And by chance Pascal had a thousand
sandwiches and pastries ready that day
Should I ready Francis' order?
I'd asked you to get 4 dozen breads.
I'll get it. Come on.
Another order?
- How much for the first order?
- Only 200 rupees.
The cake was very good.
You're forgetting something.
Do something. It makes such a racket.
When I go to pick her up,
the old man comes down before her.
The old man is her father.
The silencer is worn out.
Put in a new one. It's urgent.
We don't have it. You'll
only get it there, in Hell.
Hell... what do you mean?
In their area. Who will go there?
I'll go. Tonight.
- Come on.
- I won't come in.
Sit near the bikes.
Michael, come on.
Look at this. Will it fit?
Put it on the bike.
I'll find another.
Setting rats out?
Let's beat this louse into a rat!
Catch him!
Fight by yourself
if you have the guts
Brought his complete rural gang!
And asks me to fight alone.
Know what? He ruined my bike.
But who will save his shop?
I'll save his shop!
Come on! Prakash and
Maxi are having a brawl!
Kill him!
Prakash! Stop!
Stop them! This is madness!
- They'll kill each other!
- This is a man's game.
You get the hell out of here.
Hit him, Prakash!
Let go of my brother!
Let go of him, Maxi!
He will die!
Are you all right?
What happened to you? Why did you
have to intervene in the fight?
- I was frightened.
- Why? You've seen fights earlier.
What if you'd been hurt?
What would happen to me? Yes?
And if he'd died?
Who? That cook?
There'd be one Bichhu less.
Nothing will happen to me.
But the funeral of
two guys is definite.
That rascal Prakash
and his brother, Rahul.
I'll always be with you.
To look after you.
Nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen, Maxi?
Who were they? Who broke the shop?
It was not us.
I'll break your legs!
What...? I went for a film.
- And you?
- I'd already seen that film.
You fly real high as an eagle.
I'll thrash you so hard
with no clothes on...
Why do you have to take off
your clothes to thrash me?
The day I find one
witness against you...
That day you'll see
how I cut you down to size!
I'm telling you Inspector!
They ran sacked my shop!
Did you see us?
- I didn't but...
- Then call the one who saw.
Ask Rahul! He saw the culprits!
Who broke your shop?
Just one complaint. They will
all rue their existence!
I didn't see it.
Didn't see? Fine, blind bat.
Who did this to you?
Did you see him?
Or Max?
So you too have become a Bichhu?
Like your brother!
Listen... you will pay every penny
of the loss suffered by D'mello.
Two lakhs. Within a month!
Coward! Let's go.
Love is loving...
Loving, loving...
It's the first time.
It happens just once.
It will never happen again.
Oh my heart, he has stolen it.
The thief is my assassin.
Oh my heart, she's stolen it.
The thief is my assassin!
I have fallen for you.
The ache leaves the heart
in no time at all.
Are we awake or asleep?
We're both lost.
We're by ourselves, having fun.
The weather is meant for love.
It's difficult to last
through the lonely nights.
Your words send a
shiver down my spine.
Let me be anxious
and live in your eyes.
In your arms and in your path...
My beloved, my aim in life.
Where's Bihari? And what's
wrong with your face?
He's gone home.
He'll return in 2 months.
This man! He will never be
around when opportunity knocks!
It's a big job. This is
an international company.
And Bihari...!
Does he have a contact number?
If I do the job...?
- I told you it's a big job.
- How big?
How much land do you need
for a colony for 150 officers?
About 8 to 10 buildings.
Only Bihari can do this job not you.
But we get them vacated.
OK. If the job is done before he
returns, the commission is yours.
Isn't it fair?
I think Shirley is having an affair.
What did you say?
She was with a boy in the fair.
Many boys flirt with her.
To get thrashed by me.
- Who was he?
- That's what I'm saying...
I couldn't see him.
He was too far.
Shirley was waving out to him.
And that smile...
I've never seen that
smile on her face.
She never hides things from me.
She will tell me.
And then I'll bash up the Romeo.
What are you doing in the dark?
What's the matter?
Very busy these days.
The same, studies, college...
You don't have time for me.
So much to study and this project...
Michael said a boy was waving
out to you at the beach.
I don't know what Michael said.
I was with Mansi.
Some boys did try to talk to me.
Who was he?
Who was he?
He's in my college. Always
troubles me for my notes.
I don't like anybody troubling you.
And I don't like another thing.
...that you hide things from me.
Tell him, if he troubles you...
...for History or anything else...
I'll ruin his geography!
But what is worrying you?
This was bound to happen.
I'll talk to Max.
No! If you do that,
I'll stop meeting you.
- You don't know Max.
- Then what do we do?
- Do we stop meeting?
- Only for 9 weeks.
If you pray with a true heart for 9
Wednesdays, God grants your wishes.
- You believe this?
- Yes.
- I believe it.
- But I believe in the truth.
And the truth is that
we love each other.
We can never meet unless
we do something ourselves.
Even God can't do anything!
I've done 3 Novenas. For my sake
wait for another 6 weeks.
All right.
The crazy heart cries
for you every moment.
It neither sleeps nor
stays awake without you.
It often calls out to you.
Can't control the heart.
Yes, oh yes...
I concede defeat to the heart.
Crazy with your memories,
it cries for you every moment.
Without you, it neither
cries nor stays awake.
Calls out to you when alone.
Can't control the heart anymore.
I concede defeat.
I concede defeat to my heart.
Now I know what love is.
Dear love, it is very tough.
It doesn't pay heed to me.
It is a damant.
How do I convince it, dear love?
Every mirror appears broken.
The truth too appears a falsehood.
Who knows where we have come?
The entire world appears angry.
What an ache the heart has given.
What are you doing up there?
I've been looking for you.
Still mad?
Sorry brother. It just
happened. Forget it.
I'll break Max's leg someday!
There I go again...
Don't worry, I'll
return D'mello's money.
I'll return it myself.
At least listen.
It's a fantastic deal!
Aparty wants 10 to 12 buildings.
Bihari isn't here. If we can
swing it, We'll get 20 lakhs!
- What do you say?
- Go and break legs.
Get the buildings evacuated.
How many legs do you have
to break for 10 buildings?
I have to break legs.
Or how will the building be vacated?
Where in Vasco city is
there so much vacant land?
Stop. And if I get a vacant plot...?
Where in Vasco is an empty plot?
On what we're standing now.
This ground? It's public property.
Everybody says this land is Vasco's.
But he is dead.
Whom does it belong to now?
- Found it? - No, sir.
How will you find it
when there's no file?
Wasted so much of my time!
There was so much junk! Had you
pried, you'd have found it!
I've found it. The ground
was Alberto Vasco's property.
Then some Mary Ann bought it.
13 Churchill Road.
This has been locked for years.
Is this Mary Ann's house?
No Mary Ann Louise.
She was the tenant.
She died long ago.
Where does Mrs. D'Costa live?
Gone to her village. 15 years ago.
- Shall we go to the village?
- Why?
The one who owned the land died.
Why should we run after D'Costa?
No, we should go.
Are you mad? Who will find out?
We'll just sell it.
Bihari sorted out huge
properties by forging papers.
Listen to me. I'll get a
fake sale deed from Bihari.
You make a similar one.
And 20 lakhs is ours. What?
I'm Rahul. Do you know Mary Anne?
She died long ago.
Now why have you come?
Does she have any relatives?
- Where have you come from?
- Vasco.
Now what does he want from Mary?
Mary is dead. Now what does he want?
Vasco gave her some land.
Please listen to me.
I'll call the police!
Mary was my tenant
when I was in Vasco.
She had nobody.
She owed me a lot of money.
But Mary lived with me.
One night Mary returned, all wet.
You're all wet.
Join us for dinner.
I've got you piping hot soup.
Drink it.
Mary was pregnant.
When she went to tell this
to Alberto Vasco...
He said he was to marry
a Portuguese girl.
It broke Mary's heart.
Vasco told her he'd give her a house.
He'd give her money,
anything she wanted.
But Mary didn't want these.
She was already dead.
Father Jacob talked to her.
Gave her strength to live.
Took her to Nandgoan.
For her delivery.
Told the people here that
she was married there.
After a few years...
Mary returned to Vasco.
With her children.
Children? What do you mean?
She delivered twins.
A girl and a boy.
- Now where are they?
- In Vasco.
Max and Shirley.
If you won't practice,
I won't dance with you.
Why? Isn't the step right?
Why have you come here?
I told you, Max has found out!
I want to talk to him.
Who is it?
What's wrong?
Open the door.
Open it.
What do you want?
I want to talk to you.
Something very important.
Something very important.
Go to Michael's house.
I said, go to Michael's house.
Shut the door.
So what do you want to say?
Look, I have nothing to do
with your problem with Prakash.
Have you come to tell me this?
No. There's something
in which I can help you.
I don't need your help!
I am not in the habit of helping.
I've only come here
because I love Shirley.
You dog! You won't understand!
You're not worthy of
being spoken to politely!
Now I won't tell.
Find out for yourself!
Remember Mrs. D'Costa
who lived in Zilla?
Yes, Mrs. D'Costa...
She's now in Asagaon.
Go and ask her who
Alberto Vasco was.
Go. Ask her if you have the guts!
Ask who Alberto Vasco was!
I'm Maxi.
The son of Mary Ann and Philip.
If I'm alive,
it's for your love.
Else I'd have died long back.
Don't break my heart.
Don't love me so much.
Such talkin stills fear in me.
Tell me how you want to love.
Why do you fear Maria?
What the heck, he flips for me!
Looks like he loves me.
Don't forget me, beloved.
Don't go far from me.
If I've taken your heart,
I've given mine in exchange.
I'm not disloyal.
I'll do something drastic
if you break my heart.
I feel I will die.
How much I love you.
How do I tell you, Maria?
I want to tell you all
that I couldn't tell Max.
Tell me whom you've told this to!
What did you tell Shirley?
What did you tell her?
Nothing at all.
What do you think, you rat...?
I'll sort you out and get locked up!
And you'll get Shirley!
The villagers are here to rob!
Must have been the eagles.
Must kill the rascals!
- Tonight...
- No.
- Call the doctor.
- Yes.
Tell mother Rahul is with me.
He'll return in the morning.
Say it convincingly.
You guys get lost.
That day I hadn't
come to embarrass Max.
I came to say that your
real father is Alberto Vasco.
He willed the land to your mother.
Other than me, nobody knows this.
If you explain to Max, I can
help this land be yours legally.
If not, even then
I won't tell anyone.
Not even to Prakash.
But remember one thing.
You put me under a lot of tension.
- Are you all right now?
- Yes.
Who did this?
Don't tell us. In any case, we've
decided to crush the Eagles tomorrow.
It was only Max.
So what's the problem?
He has found out
about Shirley and me.
And you kept it from me.
- I was going to tell you.
- I see. But you didn't.
- Anything else?
- No.
- Is that all?
- Yes.
Relax. Stay here tonight.
Or mother will worry.
- What do you think of Shirley?
- Good item.
Have fun and discard her.
- Where are you going?
- Home.
Don't tell mother anything.
Our own coin was a fake.
My own real brother!
What are you saying?
You mean that ground, all that
land belongs to the rascal Max?
That rascal doesn't even know it.
My own brother went to tell him!
And not me.
When it was I who gave him
the idea of selling the ground.
Look, all this land is
Max and Shirley's.
And Shirley is Rahul's.
If something happens to Max...
The land is ours.
How is that?
His neck, his own blood.
What happened?
What did you do to him?
You hurt him?
What did that rascal tell you?
What about?
About yourself. And me.
About anyone. What did he tell you?
He said, he loves me a lot.
He will marry me.
Yes. Honest.
Listen to me. He doesn't trouble me.
He loves me a lot.
And... I love him too.
He's a very nice boy.
Even I want to marry him.
What do you think?
I think I'll kill him.
- Mother?
- She has gone to the temple with aunt
- Will you have tea?
- I'll make it.
Why? I too can make it.
I thought a lot last night.
About myself... and you.
If you'd lost your life
because of my smartness...
Forget all that.
Max is my enemy! Why should
you and Shirley suffer?
And what did I get by acting smart?
15-20 goons saluting me?
And the label of the
boss of Bichhu gang!
It's enough. Now I
want to be like you.
What's wrong with you today?
It's not sudden.
You've forced me to think.
I swear I'm mad at that Max.
But I love you much more.
You are my little master.
Don't worry. I'll beg and
plead but make up with Max.
But Max...?
He's abuse me a little,
slap me a little...
But I will unite you with Shirley.
Till yesterday I thought
you'd gone far from all of us.
But today I know you're the same.
The same. My elder master.
Breakfast is ready.
What are you doing here?
I'd come to meet you
yesterday too but...
I want to tell you
something very good.
Prakash knows about us.
And he has agreed.
He'll talk to Max about us.
What are you doing here all alone?
Are you mad at me?
- No.
- Then why don't you meet me?
No reason.
You don't love me anymore.
Last night, I hid his gun.
We'll have to throw it away.
Max has found the gun!
Real jackpot!
I said, go away!
You keep him engrossed in talk.
I'll shoot him from the back.
- Where's Maxi?
- Why? What's wrong?
Do you know where he'll be?
He's always in the graveyard.
He acts weird.
What is it? Why have you come here?
I want to talk to you.
Talk from a distance.
I thought we must give up
these fights, spats, all of it.
Nothing left in it.
- Got cold feet?
- No, I want to make friends with you.
Friendship with you?
Don't abuse me. Soon
we're going to be related.
Hey, listen...
My brother wants to marry your sister.
Pig! I'll kill you if you say that!
- He'll die without her.
- In any case, I'll kill him!
But your sister too loves him.
Will you kill her too?
Even I talk of death.
It's easy to talk.
But giving up your life is tough.
I'm ready to die for both of them.
Do you have it in you?
Arguing with me?
What did you say?
I said, they love each other a lot.
What happened to you?
Brother! Wake up!
Brother, get up!
Brother! Anybody around?
Elder brother!
What happened to you, my brother?
What happened to you, my brother?
Prakash pulled out
a knife to stab me.
So I shot to defend myself.
No knife or blade was found at the
scene of murder or on Prakash's body.
I'm telling the truth. Believe me.
It's very late.
Nobody can save you.
Does it hurt a lot?
I can bear much more.
But I can't bear you crying.
You've come very early, father.
There's time for me to be hanged.
Don't say that.
Have faith in God.
He is with you even now.
I only came to say this.
I've hurt many, father.
I've hurt many, father.
But I never wanted to kill anyone!
I'm speaking the truth!
I never wanted to kill anyone.
Your case is very strong.
The police, witnesses, evidence
everything goes against him.
I'll return in 5 minutes.
He has made a mistake.
He must be punished!
Please help him!
Yesterday, in court, he said
it was an accident.
He didn't use the gun on purpose.
You want me to tell a lie?
Do you remember you said
you trusted in God?
And I said, I believed in the truth.
I'm not asking you to
give up your belief.
Then why are you asking me
to give up the truth?
And the truth is that
Max killed my brother.
And I can never forget it.
I killed Prakash!
The bullet that killed Prakash
was fired from this pistol.
The finger prints on this
pistol belong to Max!
All these prove that
Max committed the murder!
Now I'd like to call in
one last witness.
...who saw Max with this gun
a few minutes after the murder.
That is Prakash's brother, Rahul.
I will speak the truth
and nothing but the truth.
When you and Shirley reached
the old church graveyard...
Max was running away from there.
- Yes.
- And Max had this gun in hand.
- Yes. - And Max killed Prakash
with this gun and no license!
- He shot at him.
- Shot or killed, same thing.
Not the same.
Because when Max went to the
graveyard he didn't have the gun.
I'd thought Prakash had gone to
talk to Max about Shirley and me.
But he had something else in mind.
He had gone there to
kill Max with his own gun.
Gotiya had stolen Max's
gun one night earlier.
But suddenly over there
the gun was in Max's hand and...
Prakash tried to stab
Max with a knife.
But no knife was found.
Here it is.
Gotiya escaped with it.
Gotiya has passed away.
He told me this on his death bed.
But why did Prakash
want to kill Max?
I don't see any reason that proves it.
There was a reason!
Prakash wanted to grab
the ground of Vasco.
Which belongs to Max and Shirley
according to these papers.
This land of 25000 square yards.
They are the heirs because Alberto
Vasco willed it to their mother.
Alberto Vasco was the
father of Max and Shirley.
He gave them life but not his name.
Max did kill my brother.
But only in self defense.
That's the truth.
Max is innocent.
Set him free.
According to Rahul
Sharma's testimony...
It is proved that Max Diaz fired in
self-defense, not intent to kill.
Under the circumstances, the court
finds him innocent and sets him free.
I always fought and hated.
I never paid heed to anyone.
I also hated you a lot.
You wanted to help me
but I hated you too.
Your brother lost his
life because of me.
Yet you saved my life.
Forgive me.
It's enough that you realize it.
Shirley and I have nobody.
Don't leave us.