Josie (2018) Movie Script

[serene music]

(Hank) There's all
sorts of stories.
Happy ones.
Sad ones.
Pathetic ones.
Three, two, one!

Hey there Neville.
How you doin', son?
(Woman's voice) Yoo hoo!
Morning, Mrs. Joiner.
Well how many times am I
going to have to tell you
to call me Martha?
Sorry ma'am, just
don't come natural.
Oh, you Southern boys are
so gosh darn sweet, aren't you?
Speaking of which, do you
think you could come by
some time this weekend and
help out with a little project?
Yeah, I suppose I could.
Oh, you are just as
sweet as maple syrup.
You have a good day now.
You too, Mrs. Joiner.
That you Hanky Panky?
-Ah, Mr. Joiner.
How'd you hit 'em today?
Ah, as good as my
old wrinkled crank.
What? It's true!
When're we gonna get
you out on the course?
Hank doesn't play golf!
-Christ sakes, Romero.
Stop sneaking up
on me like that!
-[speaking Spanish]
English, Romero. You
live in America now.
Don't make me ask
for your papers.
(Romero) OK, Trump.
You leave him alone.
Romero is just fine.
He's from El Paso.
So he says.
Anyway, I gotta
get back to work.
I'll talk to y'all later.
Alright, Hanky Panky.
See you later,
take it easy.

Slow down!
Can't park there!
Hey, suck it Spank!
I'll have you towed!
[knocking at the door]
[knocking continues]
alright out here?
Everything's just
fine, thanks.
Well, I'm just moving in
here and, um, Romero,
I think that's his name,
pointed to your door and
said a big burly strong
man lives in there and
-he'll help you out?
I reckon he said that as
he got in his truck and
high-tailed it
out of here.
Yeah, something like that.
So how 'bout it,
lend me a hand?
I, uh... I...
Ah, hell.
Alright, just give me
a minute, will you?
Great, I'm just
across the way.
Hey, what's your name?
I'm Josie, nice
to meet you Hank.
There we are.
It would've sucked
carrying all those boxes alone.
Pleasure's all mine.
No more furniture?
Nah, it came with a
bed and that's enough.
Looks like you got the...
like a small one, huh?
Place is in decent shape.
Yeah, I think it'll
suit me just fine.
[toilet flushes]
-Well, I gotta...
-Well, I should...
Nice to meet you, Josie.
Yeah, you too.
If you need anything...
Right over there.
That's right.
See ya.
Take care, Hank.
[school bell rings]
Settle in, everyone.
Settle in, everyone.
-Gator, please?
-(Gator) I love you.
Yeah, after class.
Today, we're going to
start working on your
final projects for
the end of the year.
We only have three weeks
left, and you're going to
need every single
one of them.
Hi dear, come on in.
Uh, are you Ms. Elkins?
Yes I am, thank you.
Oh good, everyone we have
a new classmate,
Josephine Walker.
Oh, it's Josie, actually.
Josie, uh, my
name is Josie.
Welcome Josie.
Say welcome.
[general murmur
of welcome]
You can have
a seat, honey.
So, as I was saying, your
project will be done in
pairs and you'll receive
an individual and a
collective grade, so don't
even think about letting
your partner do
all the work.
Name's Marcus.
(Ms. Elkins) You'll also have to
memorize it and act it
Okay, I'm going to let you
find your partner, and we
have an even number now
that we have Josie here.
Man, can you
believe this shit?
I don't think I can do it!
Uh, so you want
to be partners?
-What the hell?
-Uh, yeah sure,
but your friend here...
Don't worry
about Gator, okay?
He'll find someone else.
This is really
fucked up, Marcus.
You'll survive.
Are you sure that's okay?
Yeah, he'll be fine.
So, guess we got to meet
up outside of here.
Work on this
stupid project.
Yeah, I suppose we do.
Any ideas where
we could go?
I'd offer up my place, but
it ain't right at the moment.
You got a place?
Yeah, I do actually.
Pink Motel, you know it?
Sure do.
Yeah, I'll be
there around 7.
[heavy metal music]

God damn fool.
Put that out Marcus.
Good afternoon, Hank.
Marcy, put it out.
Oh, this thing?
Cigs ain't cheap.
And I ain't finished.
[Marcus' friends giggle]
Now I'm done.
[whispering indistinctly]
[wet sound]
Ah, hell!
Mother fuckers!
Fucking shit!
Guess he's having
a shitty day!
Damn it!
[relaxed music]

Hey Francine.
How you doing?
Yeah, you're right.
I don't have any pants on.
Long story.

Well, who might you be,
pretty little thing?
Hey there, I'm Josie.
I just moved in
the other night.
Oh, you're over
in number 11.
The one Hank helped with
all the boxes the other weekend.
Yes ma'am.
Yeah, what brings
you to Baymont?
School, actually.
Oh, you're in
the local JC.
Uh, Baymont High.
That right?
See, I figured with you
being in there all by
yourself, you couldn't
still be in high school.
Well, yeah, I am all alone
for now, but um, my mom
and dad are coming
in a couple weeks.
They just wanted me to get
situated before the year
lets out.
Oh, well isn't that nice?
I look forward
to meeting them.
Yeah, I'll make sure to
introduce you when they arrive.
Yeah, well listen, I gotta
run but Gordy and I are
having a cookout this
Sunday to celebrate
Memorial Day and we would
love for you to join us.
Oh, yeah. That sounds great.
I'd love to.
Lovely, I'll see you then.
[car engine rumbling]
Hold up, hold up.
That guy lives here?
Who, Hank?
He's the parking
lot guy at school.
Oh, he is? I didn't know.
I cannot believe you
live next to that guy.
He sits out there all
day in that shitty truck
making sure no one leaves
when they ain't supposed to.
He's been a Goddamn thorn in
my dick since I was a freshman.
He seems nice.
He helped me move in here.
Yeah, well he ain't,
okay? He's a weirdo.
Besides it doesn't even
look like he did much, anyway.
You didn't even
finish moving in.
Sure I am, I got all
I need right here.
Where are your
parents gonna stay?
It's just me,
this is my place.
I'll be God damned.
That's the coolest fucking
thing I've ever heard of.
You've got your own place?
No parentals, no
If this was me, there'd
be a party in this
motherfucker every day.
I dunno about that, but at
least we can have a beer
without anybody
saying shit.
Now that don't mean that
we're gonna get shithoused
or that we aren't gonna
get our work done.
It just means that we
can be grown about it.
Alright, yeah.
Grown, yeah, I like that.
Alright, to being grown.
That is not how grown
people drink their beer.
Then you ain't never
seen my mama drink.
So, how, how the hell does
a girl in high school get
to live on her own?
Uh, well, my dad's in
the military, so he was
stationed all over the
place, and last year when
he got stationed in
Germany, my mama went with
him, but I'd had enough
and they emancipated me.
Damn, that's pretty
cool of them.
Yep, it was.
Anyway, let's get this
work out of the way.
[relaxed country music]
When the moonlight
turns the ocean blue to silver
And my dreams...
[laughing] Oh, god!
You gonna let me in, or am
I gonna have to boot you, man?
Wow, you let a little girl
frighten you like that?
What kind of
guard are you?
Well, I didn't see you and
you shouldn't be sneaking
up on people
like that anyway.
Oh, relax. It was funny.
Ooh, wow!
What are you doing
out here anyway?
Shouldn't you be in class?
I came to say hey!
Marcus told me you
worked out here.
Yeah, we got paired up on
a thing on my first day.
It's nice to have a
friend or two already.
Yeah, Marcus.
He's something.
What, you don't like him?
He ain't never been,
let's say, cooperative.
Well, I like him just fine.
So, this is a day
in the office.
Well, could be worse.
It's nice to get to
listen to country music
all afternoon.
You like country?
Of course.
Just the real
stuff, though.
My pop left behind a bunch
of records and my mama
would always play
Carters, Merle, Willy.
Stuff like that.
Say, that's the best.
Your daddy wasn't around
when you was growing up?
Mm, nah, just
me and my mom.
So that drawl.
-You got me.
Where you from?
Here and there.
Lived a bunch of places.
Never been to
Texas though.
Yeah, it's a nice place.
So, besides sitting in
this truck all day keeping
all us kids in line, what
else do you do, Hank?
Not a whole lot.
I got these, uh, I got
these tortoises I take care of.
I-I built them a little
home out on my patio.
That's kind of cool.
And I got this little
drifter too I keep tied up
over at Lake Henry.
I spend most of my
mornings out there in the
quiet, trying
to catch supper.
It's pretty peaceful.
That sounds nice.
I always loved to fish.
Well, we'll have to get you
out there one day.
I'd like that.
Hey, are you going to the
Joiner's cookout this weekend?
Yeah, to celebrate
Memorial Day.
Oh, yeah right, uh...
I g.. I...
Yeah, we'll see.
You should come. It'll be fun.
Yeah maybe I,
maybe I will. Maybe I will.
Alright, well, you enjoy
the rest of your day doing
whatever it is
you do out here.
[rock music]
I remember
When we met
I remember
A drink for you, enjoy.
And for you, my
dear, a virgin drink.
Oh, come on.
It's just for liability.
There's hooch in there.
In country, yeah, about
a month before the Tet began.
A group of us were in our
bunks, playing cards,
drinking whiskey, trying
to forget that we're not
home for Christmas, and
some of the guys are
And you know me, we're
going to lighten the mood,
So I look over at the bluest
son of a bitch in the room.
And I go "Hey
Jimmy, Jesus!
Don't look so sad, there
is no way Santa's gonna
thaw his pecker in time
to nail your wife!"
-That never gets old.
They got a laugh out of that.
Except, of course, Jimmy.
Poor bastard got his legs
blown off a few days later.
To Jimmy!
-Yeah, to Jimmy.
-To Jimmy!
Who needs
another cold one?
I'll take one
too, Mrs. Joiner.
Well slap my ass
and call me Sally!
Hanky Panky at a
social gathering!
I uh, I hope y'all don't
mind me dropping by.
-No, of course not!
We're glad you could
make it for once.
Come on, you.
Take it easy.
Relax for a while, okay?
Hey Hank.
Hey Josie.
It's nice to see you here.
Joiners said you never
show to these things.
Sometimes, I guess.
Well, I'm glad you did because I
have a surprise for you.
What is it?
What do you mean
"what is it?"
What's it look like?
I dunno, some sort
of stadium, I guess.
Hell yes it is.
A turtle racing stadium.
Where'd you get it?
I made it.
No shit?
Well what the hell
are you waiting for?
Go get those suckers.
(Gordon) Come on, you
lazy son of a bitch!
I put good money on you!
What'd I tell you about
gambling, Gordon?
Oh will you
shut up, Martha?
Hank, did you give
me a defective one?
The fucking
thing won't move!
You picked him.
C'mon Francine. Keep moving.
There you go sweetheart.
There you go,
look at this.
Alright... This turtle.
This turtle is
a Goddamn idiot!
Oh, who's gonna win?
-Here we go.
Turn around!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
This turtle is
a fucking idiot!
It's over, it's over!
Everyone knows the female
tortoise is the fastest.
No one asked you.
And the winner of the
first annual Pink Motel
Memorial Day Turtle Race is
Hank and his tortoise Francine.
[group chanting]
Francine! Francine! Francine!
I never raced 'em before.
I had no idea
they'd do it.
Yeah, well they didn't
have to do much.
Just go toward some food.
Yeah, but with all the
hootin' and hollerin' I
thought they
might get scared.
Well, Gordy's did but that's
just because of his cussing.
Listen, this race
was clearly rigged.
-Hanky Panky here...
-Please don't call me that.
Please don't call
me Hanky Panky.
I can't stand it.
Oh for Christ's sakes, why
didn't you say so earlier.
(Marcus' voice) Hey, Josie!
Oh, I think that's for me.
Alright, I'm off.
Thank you so much Martha
and Gordy, I had a
Oh, you're more than
welcome, sweetheart.
What, a-are you sure
you have to leave?
(Gator) She's talking
to that fuckin' weirdo.
We can go and get some,
some ice cream or something.
Oh Hank, let her go
with her friends.
She's been with the
grown ups long enough.
Y'all have a nice night.
Thanks again.
Alright, g'night!
She's a sweet girl.
Yeah, she is.
Yeah, she is, she's...
She's the, uh, kind of
girl that could make a
grown man have to go
around and knock on all
the doors in the
neighborhood, if you know
what I'm saying.
You don't have to specify,
so they don't know if, uh,
if you were touching the
no-no zone on some little
kid or doing
the [wet noise]
with some hottie who
could've been 18, but uh...
Either way, well it's..
it's not a good look.
Alright, Mr. and
Mrs. Joiner.
Thank you.
I really enjoyed myself.
Thanks for
coming by, Hank.
Make a habit of it.
Good night, Hank.
God bless America.
Yeah, God bless America.
[heavy metal music]

[indistinct chatter]
Alright, crack open that
case, Gator, and let's get
this show on the road.
Fuck yeah, fuck yeah.
Right, now Josie, tonight
there ain't none of that
shit about being grown,
okay, or drinking like a
Me and Gator here are
going to show you how to
drink like a local.
Oh, alright, let's see it.
Here's to you and me.
And best friends
we'll always be.
But if we ever disagree,
(together) Fuck you!
And here's to me!
Hey, fuck you.
You got the jump on me.
Bullshit, Gator.
I beat you fair and square.
Alright, it's your turn.
Y'all need someone to show
you how this is done proper.
[Gator giggles]
Yeah, right.
What's the bet?
Uh, well if either of us
win, you gotta, you gotta
suck face with us.
Both of you?
Just the winner.
That fair, Gator?
Alright, and
what if I win?
Uh, your call.
If I win, you both
have to feel me up.
Under or over the bra.
Doesn't matter to me.
And that is how
a local does it.
Well, um, who's first?
Up to y'all.
-Aw, shit!
-Heh, aw, you sucker.
I'm going under.
Alright, nope.
Both of y'all didn't
try to beat me.
So the bet is
null and void.
Oh, what the fuck?
You hear me? We could've been
touching on her titties!
Yeah, I hear you
buddy, I hear you.

Uh, you wanna smoke?
Uh, yeah sure.
Here you go.
So what about you?
What's your deal?
Oh, me? Shit.
Nothing really.
Yeah, I ain't
come from much.
And probably ain't gonna
be much neither.
I don't mind though.
I keep it simple.
See, I like to hunt
and drink beer.
I like women, whiskey.
I like, uh, drinking beer
and whiskey while I hunt.
And I also like to
get drunk and fish.
So you like hunting?
Hell yeah.
Shit, I killed a snake
with my bare hands one time.
Just picked it up and
snapped the fucker's neck.
What, you don't
like killing things?
Uh uh.
Not even fish?
Not even fish.
But to each his
own, and all that.
Y'know, Hank likes to fish
out on that lake a lot.
I don't really give a
fuck what that guy does.
He might take me for
a ride some time.
Lemme get a cig.
So, what y'all
talking about?
Ah, she was just telling
that her friend Hank has a
She was fixin' to go for a
ride with him out on the lake.
Well, Jesus Josie, I
wouldn't go by myself
anywhere with that creep.
Especially on a lake.
You can't go nowhere.
Well, I've heard some
stories about what he did
-before he got here.
-Like what?
Mutilating dead bodies and
doing freak shit with 'em.
That's why he keeps to himself,
so he don't do it again.
What, you think they'd
hire someone at the school
if he did shit like that?
Well, obviously he
didn't get caught.
Y'all get wrapped up in
gossip like a couple of
We've been here a lot
longer than you, okay?
There's just something
ain't right with him.
[car engine rumbling]
(voice on TV)
There she is!
With that pack of
destroyers behind her.
We've got enough bombs
here to give those guys
some trouble.
Yeah, it'd be
fun, wouldn't it?
No, this is a job for
headquarters to figure out.
What are you
trying to do? Be a hero?
Quit waiting for a turn!
Well how do you like that?
Two weeks ago you'd have
gone after the whole fleet!
Well, it's been real guys.
Thanks for taking me out.
Yeah, we gotta
redo that bet, too.
[laughing] Deal, I'll talk
to y'all later.
Hey Josie, um...
Seeing that we don't have
school tomorrow, you
wanna, you wanna do
something with me?
I mean, just like
hang out or whatever?
Yeah, that'd be nice.
Yeah, alright, I
mean without Gator?
The fuck am I supposed
to do tomorrow?
-Yeah, I know what you mean.
Alright, pick me
up around two?
-Alright, you got it.
(Voice on TV) Maybe you'd
better fix yourself a cup
of coffee, huh?
Oh, Hank!
Oh, hey.
I was just...
Heading out to the store.
This late?
Yeah, all out of uh...
Coffee and milk for the morning.
Ah, necessities.
How was your night?
Good, thank you. How was yours?
Yeah, it was fine.
Hey, I wanted to, um...
I wanted to thank you.
For what?
For the race earlier.
Y'know, building
that stadium.
That's the nicest thing
someone's done for me
in a while.
It meant something.
Ah, don't sweat it.
It was fun, and those
tortoises are so cute.
That's what I was
trying to tell you.
Hey, when am I gonna see
that habitat of yours?
Any time you want, really.
Well, I would love to see
what you've built for 'em.
Well, you can come now
and see if you'd like.
Yeah, I'd like that.
But, um, you know I've had
a few too many and I need
to get some sleep,
so, rain check?
Oh, yeah.
Night, then.
Drive safe.
[peaceful music]

[lawnmower running]
(Gordon) Hank?
Get out here!
I think someone's
mad with you, Hank.
But don't worry, fuckin'
Columbo here is on the case.
Oh, I hate that show.
That's not my point.
Who the hell would
do this to you, Hank?
I have no idea.
You know it, it
is kind of funny.
[both laughing]
You know, like
spank spank?
Alright, c'mon,
knock that off Romero.
Alright, just go get
something to help clean
this off.
Si, old Gor.
Sorry Spank. I mean Hank!
The hell is going
on out here?
Oh, uh, nothing.
I'm on my way to
the course I'll...
I'll see y'all later.
Well that's not very nice.
I'm gonna go get ready.
Big day planned?
Gonna head over
to the marina.
I like boats.
Yeah, they got those.
Little bit beat up, but,
you should check it out
some time.
Well, have a good one.
Enjoy your day.
Hey, Hank?
Want some company?
[boat honks]
It's Marcus.
Oh, look. La Tortuga.
Hey, you should buy it.
Well, maybe in a past life.
I don't need it now.
That where you hide
all them dead bodies?
There's some rumors about
you at school, you know.
About your past and stuff.
No one knows about me
before I came here.
Then why do I hear some
shit about you and
dead bodies?
You ought to rethink
who you hang with.
Well, I told him
it wasn't true.
So, what did
you do before?
Well, I wasn't cutting
corpses, but I did do
something kind of
weird, I guess.
Don't feel good to think
about it so I don't.
Like what?
I lived in Huntsville,
Texas. You know it?
Never heard of it.
Didn't think you would.
Small place.
But there's a prison there
that executes more people
than anywhere else
in the country.
I started working there
when I was just 20 years old.
Just a regular guard.
Then they put me on
the tie-down team.
What's that?
Just as it sounds, really.
We was responsible for
securing the inmate to the
gurney, tying down the
straps, making sure he
couldn't move.
IV's would go in, the
shade would fly up so the
people that came
to see could watch.
Last words were said.
Then this doctor hits the
switch and we just watched
a man or woman take
their last breath.
Jesus, that's heavy.
It was a heavy job.
Why'd you leave?
Found out we
killed someone...
Who shouldn't
have been killed.
First time the government
ever admitted that happened.
I feel like you always
hear about DNA or whatever
getting people
off death row.
Yeah, off death row.
Can't dig someone
up and say "sorry."
Was it recent?
Nah, it happened
years ago.
But the evidence came to
pass just a few years back.
That guy we killed?
I just couldn't
forget no more.
I packed my bags, I threw
'em in the truck and I
drove and drove
and drove 'til I...
'til I felt like quitting.
Landed here.
I can't...
can't even imagine what
it was like watching all
those people die.
I wish I couldn't either.
C'mon, let's
get out of here.
Hey, thanks for
bringing me along.
I really enjoyed it.
Yeah, me too.
Why don't we lay around
the pool for a little bit
when we get back?
Ah, well, I'm not much
of a pool guy.
C'mon, it's no fun
out there all alone.
I suppose a little sun
wouldn't hurt none.
Oh, hell no. I ain't doing it.
Christ, you gotta...
Here we go now.
Here we go.
Oh, hey there.
Feels nice out
here, doesn't it.
It is.
I never come out here.
It's nice you can just let
everything slip away and just...
Just relax.
That sounds good.
I-I could use some of that.
Those swim trunks get any
shorter and you'll be
ready for a European
beach party.
Yeah, eh...
If you're going to have
some kind of illegal sex
relationship with someone
who is not of age, you
don't rub everybody's
nose in it.
God damn it, Martha!
We talked about this.
Just mind your
own business.
Well how can I?
Look at them, there is
no discretion at all?
Maybe that's the point. There's
nothing to hide.
Oh, or they're hiding
in plain sight.
Oh boy, they're hiding in
plain sight and you caught 'em.
Will you let me
watch the game?
(Josie) ...go for a
ride on your boat?
(Hank) Well, "boat" is a
bit of a stretch.
(Josie) Oh, well,
whatever it is.
(Hank) Alright, I-I'll pick
you up tomorrow around nine.
-Oh, hey Martha.
Good afternoon
Mrs. Joiner.
I saw you two out here
lounging and I thought
you'd might
like a beverage.
Oh, thank you.
That's mighty kind of you.
Oh, it's nothing.
So, what are you
two chatting about?
Oh, excuse me dear.
Oh, we were just
talking about...
There's been some
break-ins in the parking lot
and that kind of thing.
That sounds terrible.
It is?
Well, did you
catch 'em any?
Not yet, but I plan too.
Well, I'd better
get going.
Thank you for
the beverage.
Oh, sure.
So soon, Hank?
Yeah, I got, uh, I got
some, I got some stuff.
Well you have a good
afternoon, Hank.
You too.
Psst! Hanky Panky!
Uh, sorry. Sorry. Habit.
Hank, uh, hey.
Where do we stand
on that, uh...
favor I asked
you to do for me?
Still working on
it, Mr. Joiner.
Flowers, huh?
Big night tonight?
Just for the house.
See ya.
[upbeat country music]
If you meet a little girl and
she sets your heart a-whirl
And you begin to
feel a little strange
Watch out, boy, you'd
better turn the other way
'Cause your whole
life's about to change
You'd better run
for your life
'Cause you're
running into love
A huggin' and a kissin'
meets the triflin' up above
You're running
into love

If you feel it
when you' kiss her
When she's gone
you're gonna miss her then
You'd better get away
from her a while...
[slow country song plays]

Am I lonely tonight
You're not
holding me tight
Well yes, I'm
lonely tonight
Am I crying today
You're not here,
you're away
Yes I'm crying today
And nothing will
help me to mend
I love you,
let's face it
I'd lose you,
let's face it
But how long
can I face it
[watch beeps]
Hank, hey.
Oh, hey.
Maybe I, Maybe
I'm overdressed.
I can go and change,
it'll take me just a sec.
(Marcus) Hey,
what's up Hank?
[beer can opening]
Who's that?
[Marcus laughing]
It's Marcus.
Listen, um...
I'm sorry, I-I can't.
I can't hang out tonight.
I've got this
thing with him.
Some other night?
Oh, yeah.
Those for me?
Yeah, I...
I just thought they might
brighten up your place.
That's sweet.
They're beautiful.
I'll, uh. I'll
get 'em in some water.
Have a good night.
[tense music]

Hey! Hank!
Not now.
[moaning from inside]
You know, if uh, if you ever
need to talk about anything...
Hank, that's
a knife.
Oh Hank, Hank, they're
just, they're just kids. Hank!
[air escaping tire]
[knocking at the door]
(Martha) Hank?
Can I come in, Hank?
Oh, no thank you.
You sittin' at my table,
you're gonna drink with me.
What can I do for you?
Well, Hank.
Me and Gordy are
worried for you.
That so?
We've been living by
you for a few years now.
We don't know that
much about you.
I guess some of that's
changed lately.
What you think
you know about me?
Actually, Josie filled us
in a little bit about what
you did before
you came here.
At the prison.
That was awfully
kind of her.
Sounds to me like a rough
way to make a living, Hank.
No, not really.
We killed the people
that killed the people.
It was that
simple, really.
To be around death
all the time.
To watch life leave
another person's body.
Hell, it's gotta mess with
anyone between the ears,
if you know what I mean?
I appreciate you and Mr.
Joiner's concern, but
I know what my job was and
what I had to do and all,
so if you came here to
rehash it, I don't mean to
be rude, but I ain't got
much interest in it.
I'm not here to
rehash anything.
I'm just here to say that
it might be good for you
to, you know,
get some help.
I'll be just fine.
I appreciate
y'all's concern.
One more thing.
Now, I'm sure you're
lonely, Hank.
No one likes to feel
lonely in this world.
Without a companion, no
one to care for you or you them.
But a young girl, Hank,
that is not the answer.
She is in high school
and it would be illegal.
You think that's
what's going on?
I'm not saying
anything is going on.
I'm just old enough to
know what it means when a
man looks at a girl the
way you look at Josie.
And it ain't right for a
girl to lead a man on, either.
I don't know all the
details, but I do know
you're not crazy to think
that there's a chance I'm
just here to tell
you not to do it.
You ain't got to
worry about that.
We're friends.
I've been just looking
after her is all.
You have a
pleasant evening.
You too.
(Marcus, shouting)
Hank, you motherfucker!
I'm gonna gut your ass!
I know you're in there
you motherfucker!
-Come out here!
-Marcus, calm down.
C'mon, just
forget about it.
That creep slashed
my fuckin' tire!
(Marcus) Those are for
muddin', too! They ain't normal
- fuckin' tires!
-Marcus, please, let's go.
(Marcus) You're
dead, Spank? You hear me?
You're being a fucking
creep, Marcus.
I'll give you a ride home. I'll
give you a ride home.
Yeah, alright.
This ain't over, Spank!
(Marcus) You hear me, you
corpse-fucking freak?
[heavy metal music]

Well, I'm real sorry
about your truck.
Yeah, me too.
Other than that, though.
It was a hell of a night.
Yeah it was.
So, about an hour okay?
-You'll be there?
Yeah, yeah. I'll be there.

You kissin' her?
Oh, fuckin' lucky
son of a bitch.
Just wait 'til I tell
you what else we did.
Oh, get the fuck out!
Yeah, smell my
fuckin fingers.
Yeah, you're sick!
Who is it?
It's Josie.
Can I come in?
I don't feel much
like talking.
Me neither.
But, um...
You got that whiskey right
there and, I still haven't
seen your habitat so I
figured we could go sit
with the turtles
and have a drink?
Wow, it looks
amazing out here.
Oh, there he is!
Can I pick him up?
Go ahead.
Oh, God damn gorgeous.
Is this the boy
or the girl?
That's a girl.
What's her name again?
That's a funny name
for a tortoise.
Naming a tortoise anything
is pretty funny if you
think about it.
No no, no.
-Sit here.
-You sure?
No, please.
Can I get some of that?
You a God-fearing
man, Hank?
Ain't never really
had no use for a god.
What about in that room
where you watched all
those people die?
Ain't no god in there.
Even with the priest
reading his rites?
You know, in school when I
was little, they used to
teach us about
God, heaven, hell.
All that.
And I'd tell my
mama about it.
About what I learned and
how I wanted to go to
heaven and be with
Jesus and God.
And you know what
she'd say to me?
She'd say "Josie
there ain't no god.
And even if there is, he's
a fucked up asshole who
ain't never done
right by you or me."
And I'd just
look up at her.
These big wide eyes not
even sure what all the
words really meant.
Eventually I learned
though, but not a day goes
by that I don't think
about what she said to me.
You believe her?
Don't care so much either,
I guess, just something
that always stuck with me.
Where's she at now?
I'm sorry to hear that.
Me too.
You slash out
Marcus' tire?
He ain't that
bad of a guy.
Y'all just need to sit
down and have a beer and
straighten out whatever's
been going on with you two.
What's going on lately?
With you?
[knocking at the door]
I took the liberty.
Thanks for coming, Marcus.
No problem.
Hank, I asked Marcus here
so you two could talk
about whatever's been
going on and maybe come to
some sort of an agreement?
I believe Marcus has
a few things to say.
Yeah, well, uh.
Sorry I call you Spank and
that I messed with your truck.
And your boat.
I'll stop messing
with your stuff.
Thank you.
Sorry about your tire.
I'll replace it.
Hope we can stay out
of each other's way.
Sure we can.
But I'll be over here
sometimes though.
Think we can be civil?
I don't see why not.
That extend to school too?
Yeah, it does.
I appreciate that.
Wasn't so hard.
Let's seal it
with a drink.
Sit, I've got it.
Catch anything good
out on the lake?
Good enough.
I can... I can get
dinner for a few days.
You fish?
Yeah, I also like to hunt.
To dtente.
What you hunt?
If it breathes
I'll kill it.
I got this a while back.
Dear lord.
Lemme take a look at that.
What a beautiful...
So beautiful.
It's so...
[siren sounds]
[tense music]

Any last words?
It's okay.
Don't struggle.
[muffled] Oh no...
Picture was snapped
17 years ago on my 4th birthday.
They took him away
three months later.
Guess I just
got used to it.
Next six years or so we'd
visit him a few times a
month and tell him
what was going on.
How my school project
went, how my soccer game was.
My daddy was in jail.
It just became normal.
He wasn't home
but he was alive.
And then he wasn't
even that anymore.
I watched you
strap him down.
My mama probably didn't
use the best judgment
bringing me there, but
she wanted me to see what
y'all were
gonna do to him.
To an innocent man.
She leaned over and
whispered in my ear,
"Those men are all cowards."
Then they asked him if
he had any last words.
Do you remember
what he said?
"To all of you
that put me here."
"You will meet a fate
far worse than this."
Keep going.
"You will suffer in ways you
never thought possible."
"That I promise you."
What are you seeing, Hank?
You ain't a bad guy.
Truth is, I know
you're actually sorry.
I know it torments
you. It eats at you.
The others I've done...
They just went on
with their lives.
They got off on
what they did.
Sick fucks.
But I've made sure
daddy's words came true.
They've suffered.
Same goes for anyone
I do after this.
Not you.
No suffering.
Just peace.
[police sirens]
(Hank) I bled out in
under two minutes.
She set up Marcus
pretty bad.
I mean, look at the scene.
He's going to have a hard time
explaining he didn't kill me.
Martha and Gordy were
asked to give a statement.
Gordy, he told 'em some
stuff about what was going
on with me and
Josie and Marcus.
The pranks and...
Well, shit.
How I lusted after Josie and
was jealous of her and Marcus.
I ain't sure
where I'm at now.
There ain't something,
but there ain't nothing either.
I got no malice towards
Josie, or whatever her
name is, for what she did.
I mean, all them years I
took part in evening the
score for the
state of Texas.
But when we settled one
that wasn't meant to be
settled, nothing
happened to us.
She's just
rectifying that.
And as for Josie...
[rock music]

Is it true?
Is she really
after me?
Is she telling
me what to do?
Telling me what
to do while I'm

Am I like you?
My hands, my mouth
My knees
May I help you?
Good afternoon, Miss.
You gonna
just sit there, or
are you gonna
buy me a drink?
Hey Stump, get us a couple
of whiskeys and a couple
of brews, huh?
Name's Matthew.
Nice to meet you
Matthew, I'm Francine.
Well, welcome
to Huntsville.

Nothing new
Me, you
We'll never say it
Won't stop 'til
we're through
Yeah, we won't stop
'til we're through
Won't stop 'til there's
nothing left at all
Am I like you?
My hands
My mouth
My knees

[relaxed music]

You've got
your problems
You've been
put to the test
You've had
your hard times
Well man, so
have the rest
Enjoy what you have
Enjoy what you have
You've got life,
you've got breath
You've got
time to live

You say you're
bored now
You've got
nothing to do
You've gotta make
your own good times
'Cause you're
living for you
Enjoy what you have
Enjoy what you have
You've got life,
you've got breath
You've got
time to live