Journal 64 (2018) Movie Script

Dragr Beach 1961.
- I didn't think you'd come.
- Of course I came!
- What about your dad?
- I don't care. I ran and ran!
I'm so in love with you.
I can't believe we're having a baby.
I love you.
Dirty whore!
Whoring with your cousin, are you?!
- Stop it.
- Stay right there!
This will have consequences!
I guarantee you!
- Come here!
- Tage!
I'll kick your ass if you follow us!
- Let go!
- Shut up!
- I read the reference you wrote me.
- Yes.
Too much?
"Assad has been on my staff
in Department Q since 2013.
He has performed his duties
as expected. Carl Mrck."
Five years, Carl.
Is that the best you could do?
It makes no difference.
You already got the job.
Excuse us!
This is a place of work!
- Hey...
- I need a smoke.
Carl, I have one week left here.
- Are you okay with me leaving?
- Yes.
You've been stuck
in that basement long enough.
It's not weird
that we won't be working together?
We're colleagues at a police station.
A year from now we'll hardly say hi
when we meet.
Five years from now it's:
"Remember Carl Mrck?"
And it'll take you
a couple of seconds to get it.
"Colleagues at a police station"?
Is that what we are?
But I'll miss those puppy eyes.
- Good thing I'm leaving then.
- It's perfect.
You fucking suck
at the most basic human relationships.
On the contrary. I see it crystal clear.
That's what's so frustrating.
You win, Carl. Sleep well.
- Won't you join us?
- No.
There's an empty chair...
Shut up, Bak.
What the hell would we talk about?
Shut the fuck up!
Or I'll punch in your front teeth!
Goddamn, they're ugly!
- I'm sorry...
- I don't fucking care!
There's nothing more annoying than
drivers who freeze at intersections.
Except of course bikers.
Bikers are really fucking annoying.
What did you say,
you fucking shithead?
What are you doing, man?!
Fuck you, man!
Korsr Harbor 1961.
Get out.
Go on.
Hello, Nete. Gitte Charles.
- I'm here to take you to Sprog.
- Yes.
"Yes, Miss Charles."
Yes, Miss Charles.
- Are you okay?
- Yes. Let's go.
- A nurse will be right with you.
- Thank you.
Specialist Curt Wad.
- I'm Beate.
- Nour.
Doctor Wad, who will perform
the procedure, will be here shortly.
Normally, we'd ask for your
social security number-
- but you've agreed to the procedure
being done anonymously.
Right... Please change
and I'll be back to get you.
The drawings don't correspond
with what's in the apartment.
I've seen some crazy walls
but never a room that was sealed.
After 20 years in real estate
nothing surprises me. Hold this.
I've seen it all.
Maybe I should wait.
I don't feel safe here. All alone.
Nour, everything will be fine.
And you confirm that you want
this pregnancy terminated?
It's that one.
Yeah, it's hollow alright.
Knock yourself out, Torsten.
- And we're through.
- Hang on. Let me have a look.
I'm extremely easy to work with,
if I do say so myself.
Mostly, you've directed traffic.
That doesn't involve much investigation.
No, but I'm a bloodhound for details.
Like when my date loses a piece
of jewelry: "Oh my God, where is it?"
I always find it.
And I've always been able
to spot the killer on TV.
"He's the killer!" "They didn't
say that." "No, but wait and see."
Bingo. It's always the disabled guy.
I have the 'Midsomer Murders' box set.
And why Department Q?
You write you think it's a perfect fit.
I've heard that it's not really
your style to do things by the book.
Throw away the book! That's so me!
Fuck the book.
- Am I interrupting?
- Not at all. Hi, Bak. Come on in.
Thank you for coming.
- So, you'll send me an email or...?
- No... Uh, yes. We'll call you.
- Are there many applicants?
- No. Thanks for coming.
- Have you already found a new Assad?
- No. Carl doesn't like any of them.
Don't pick that guy.
He's a pain in the ass.
Oh, really? I didn't notice.
Thanks for the heads-up.
- Can we help you?
- Nah, I'm off to the archives.
The murder case of the century
just landed on my desk.
I'm checking for similar cases
from before my time.
They were discovered in an apartment
this morning.
- You got the case by the lakes?
- Yes. Don't sound so surprised.
- Carl?
- Rose...
I can't find my away around
this system. Is it online or...?
Where are you off to?
Carl? It's my case!
What's going on?
The moron's trying to take over my case.
Doesn't it piss you off when he leaves
in the middle of a conversation?
Carl! What's going on?
Bak says you are taking his case.
He'd never be able to take on
something this big.
The guy once used letters
in Sudoku.
- What are you doing?
- I still have a week left on the job.
- Who owns the apartment?
- Hi, Gunnar.
Does Bak know you're here?
Yes, he asked me to take a look.
It was a bit much for him.
A Gitte Charles is the tenant.
We've tried to reach her but in vain.
Would you like to hear the menu?
Embalmed penis with testicles.
And here we have ovary.
And over here, abdomen.
- Can I borrow that?
- Sure.
Fuck, man...
- What's that?
- What?
It's a sweetheart key. It symbolizes
having the key to someone's heart.
It's shaped as a heart.
- Worthless.
- Are you sure? It looks like...
- I once had one myself.
- You did?
Give me that.
- Was the chair lying like that?
- Yes, it was knocked over.
There was supposed to have been
one more person.
The Girls' Home Sprog 1961.
Open a bit wider.
Stick out your tongue.
You're very healthy, Nete.
When was your last period?
A few days ago.
How do you see your future, Nete?
I'll marry Tage when he turns 18
in one year.
- Is he your cousin?
- My boyfriend.
- We're... getting married.
- Yes.
And children?
Tage is from a big family
with many siblings.
So we'll have at least four.
So, Tage plans to become
a doctor or a lawyer-
- since he intends to provide
for all these children?
He helps his dad on the farm.
And next year he'll start fishing
so that he can get his own boat.
His own boat...
Let me show you something, Nete.
I show this to all the new girls
on the island.
Come here.
Come on.
What do you see?
They're dead.
Yes, they're dead.
But what else?
They have maintained their dignity.
You do see that, don't you?
It's very important, Nete.
And this is what
we're trying to help you with here.
Restoring your dignity.
We must all contribute to the new
welfare society we wish to establish.
Do you understand?
It's not about you or me
but about us.
- Doctor Wad, dinner is served.
- Thank you, sweet Gitte.
Your father has given us
primary custody of you.
It may be years before I assess you
to be mature enough to return home.
So you might as well forget Tage.
For your own good.
That's all, Gitte.
In today's 12 o'clock news -
- we'll open with an alarming
discovery in Copenhagen.
What has happened, Elisabeth?
Builders made a gruesome discovery
in this building in downtown Copenhagen.
Three mummified bodies
seated at a dining table.
Keld Srensen, property manager,
was first man on the scene.
- What are your thoughts on this?
- I've never seen anything like it.
The police aren't giving out
much information -
- but the hunt for the perpetrator
is in full swing.
Nete Hermansen,
60 years old at the time of death.
The body was drained of fluids,
eventually mummifying the body.
The internal organs were removed -
- the abdomen preserved in a separate
glass showcase filled with ethanol.
Do we know the cause of death?
Overdose of Hyoscyamus niger.
The first Arab hospitals used it
as an anesthetic.
It was also used in German beer
up until the 16th century.
In smaller doses it's an intoxicant.
In larger doses it paralyses the CNS.
It's a slow and agonizing death.
The question is whether the reproductive
organs were removed after death or...
- Or while they were still alive?
- Yes.
This isn't for the faint of heart.
What do you think?
This required years of planning.
There's so much hate
at that crime scene.
Is it just me
or have we been flooded with -
- one crazy cold case after another
since establishing Department Q?
Strictly speaking
this isn't a Department Q case.
Brge, it's a 12-year-old case
with embalmed bodies.
It has Q written all over it.
The media is running with it 24-7.
Completely hysterical.
Any article with 'mummy' in the title
gets thousands of clicks.
- Please tell me we have a suspect.
- We were investigating...
The tenant.
A Gitte Charles. Retired nurse.
Fired from Holbk Hospital
due to aggressive behavior.
She's also worked for an undertaker,
so she knows the art of embalming.
Okay? That sounds promising.
Do we know where she is?
Nope. No one's seen
or heard from her for years.
But the rent has been paid on time
every month.
- "Nope"?
- I'm trying out some Danish slang.
- I see.
- Okay.
Gitte Charles is our main suspect.
Put out an APB.
- We already did.
- And the victims?
All three bodies had either a driver's
license or a social security card.
Easy, for once.
Nete Hermansen.
Disappeared in 2005.
Philip Nrvig.
Disappeared in 2006.
The other woman's driver's license
was illegible -
- but we're running ultrasound
and UV light on it.
It could be Gitte Charles.
Killed the others and then herself.
Let that sink in for a second.
Why? It's been done.
So she killed herself
and sealed the room.
- Yes.
- From the outside.
Philip Nrvig...
- Why does that ring a bell?
- Because it was your case.
- It was closed after a couple of weeks.
- You're right.
Didn't we close it because his wife said
he'd run off with another woman?
- Yes.
- Apparently, he hadn't.
We'll start with the wife.
Assad... close the door.
I think you should spend the rest
of your time preparing for your new job.
I'd like to stay here this final week.
It's been my home for five years.
I know you want to be there for Carl.
But you must think about your future.
Jobs in the Fraud Squad don't come
around often. Especially for...
People with brown eyes
and a funny accent.
I'll be ready Monday.
Do you think the wife lied?
It won't be the first time a wife lies.
- Mie Nrvig?
- Yes.
Do you have five minutes to spare?
It's regarding your husband, Philip.
I'll catch you later. Yes?
12 years ago you said your husband
had run off with his mistress.
Yes. Why do you ask?
Perhaps you should sit down.
His body was found this morning.
He's been dead for 12 years.
That can't be.
Is it the case
that's all over the press?
So he was dead all these years?
You reported him missing,
and then you told the police he'd left.
Why did the story change?
Uhm... I received an email from him.
- You got an email.
- Two weeks after he went missing.
He wrote he'd fallen in love,
and that I shouldn't look for him.
Oh my.
You just left it at that
after 40 years of marriage?
- Did you save the email?
- No.
My son... our son...
found out that it came
from an internet caf in Malaga.
Gitte Charles,
does that ring a bell?
- I don't think so.
- This is what we have on her.
Addresses, workplaces.
Does anything connect her to Philip?
The Girls' Home on Sprog.
She worked there from 1958 to 1961.
Well, there were numerous...
court cases against the Girls' Home
when it closed.
I think Philip was
the defense attorney in one of them.
- Which one?
- I don't know.
And you never asked about it
in your 30 years of marriage?
Thank you for your help.
An email from Philip sent from Spain.
Except Philip was in Copenhagen
having his testicles for dinner.
- And the Sprog connection?
- I've sent it to Rose.
- Nete is screwing her cousin...
- Quiet.
Your roommate is Rita.
Are you stupid... or horny?
- What do you mean?
- Why are you here?
Is it because you're stupid
or because you're horny?
I just love Tage.
Not a word about this to anyone.
The fishermen stop by sometimes
with prohibited goods.
If we give them a little something
in return.
Like what?
You have beautiful eyes.
I'll look after you.
- When the hell will they fix the leak?
- We've ID'd the last victim.
Rita Nielsen, prostitute. Reported
missing in 2006 by a brothel on Funen.
And the connection to Sprog?
I couldn't find a Sprog court case
with Philip Nrvig as defense attorney.
Maybe the widow got it wrong?
Make a list of all the people on the
island when Gitte Charles worked there.
- What was that thing on the island?
- A home for troubled girls.
Well, according to
the male-dominated society.
It was actually a prison for girls
the state didn't consider 'proper'.
Whenever I had a meltdown
as a teenager, my dad said:
"Consider yourself lucky you were born
now or you'd be sent to Sprog."
Fucking asshole.
We didn't know you as a child.
Maybe you really were intolerable.
You can't smoke in here.
Won't you miss this? Ping ping
back and forth. Carl and Assad.
Ping ping?
Oh, and I spoke to the Malaga police.
Gitte Charles has a Malaga address
and a Spanish bank account -
- which every six months
transfers the rent.
- Now you tell us?!
- You know what?
If I'd led with that, you'd be all:
"I'm Carl Mrck -
- and I'll call some important people."
I'd never get to finish
what I was saying.
Carl Mrck...
I already called.
The Spanish police is picking her up.
Never mind.
Okay. Gitte Charles kills
Nete, Rita and Philip.
She seals the room,
takes off to Spain...
And sends an email to Philip's wife,
who then calls off the search.
No one misses the two girls,
so the case is never investigated.
- But we still don't have...
- A motive.
A link between Gitte Charles
and the three dead bodies.
- Wait, I've got the key.
- Come on. Open it.
Police, is anyone home?
- Is there anyone here?
- Leave, please.
Gitte Charles was not in her apartment
and she closed her bank account today.
- She knows we're onto her.
- Apparently.
Expand the APB.
Interpol, airlines, trains, airports.
International busses,
border crossing points.
- Taxis in both Spain and Copenhagen.
- Got it... I've got it.
It's henbane.
The witches used it
so they could fly to the Brocken.
Come here, gorgeous.
- Won't you try some?
- I'm in the middle of something.
Come on.
Here... Go on.
Rita, no!
Play along.
Carl, you were right.
Sprog is the link between Gitte
Charles and the victims. Let's go.
Nete Hermansen and Rita Nielsen were
patients and Gitte Charles worked there.
All from 1960 to 1961.
But I haven't found the link between
Gitte Charles and Philip Nrvig.
- Rose Knudsen?
- Yes.
We agreed on 3:30 p.m.,
and it's now 3:37 p.m.
That is incredibly unprofessional when
I come all the way from Copenhagen.
- We apologize...
- Where do you want to start?
Where do we start?
Does henbane grow on Sprog?
Yes. Follow me.
We are in the Solanaceae family.
Henbane and potatoes are related.
Go on. Feel it.
The girls on the island used it
as an intoxicant.
- I thought it could kill you.
- Anything in excess can kill you.
Coffee, avocado, strawberries...
A small dose of henbane gives
the same high as shrooms or pot.
Not that I've tried shrooms. The pot I
smoked in school gave me a panic attack.
Wow. Shall we?
Not many girls suffered from something.
It was a prison for liberal girls.
So-called morally defective.
The final convulsions of the 1950s'
totalitarian standardization process.
This was one of the girls' rooms.
It all seems quite harmless
until you enter the lion's den.
How was the relationship
between the girls and the staff?
The girls were prisoners
and the staff prison guards.
But if you fancied girls, it wasn't a
bad place to work for a female employee.
This was their dining hall
and morning assembly room.
I hate this room.
Go on. Hurry...
Hurry up, dammit. Unbelievable.
They were brought here for punishment.
The reflection room.
They were tied up and placed here
for days without food.
It is said that a girl
once tried to escape -
- and she was in here for two weeks.
It's sick that the Danish state
has never apologized to the girls.
Yes. The state is worried
it will be sued for damages.
Many of the cases
never went to court.
- What?
- They never went to court.
The cases were rejected
in closed hearings. Bastards!
So the hearings aren't
in the police archives.
But there must
have been attorneys present.
Philip Nrvig.
The public record office
must have the case files.
Did I ask about your opening hours?
Did I express any interest
in when you close?
Rose, what's going on?
- Are you okay?
- It's nothing. It's...
- I just have a date later.
- Oh?
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
I'm never gonna forgive you.
You're jumping ship and leaving me alone
with that cranky ass.
I have to move on, Rose.
You convinced me to stay
for your sake, remember?
You were the only person in Carl's life,
and I was vital for you both, you said.
I thought he would change.
But he's the same.
"I don't need you. Leave me alone.
Did I ask for your help?"
"Do you call this coffee?
Am I the only one
who brought my brain to work?"
- I'll miss you.
- Get over here.
It's as if I'm the only one
who brings my brain...
It was the public record office.
We can view the case files now.
- If you have time.
- I do.
The last case files.
Many of them are incomplete.
Thank you.
A woman tries to sue
a doctor on Sprog.
Curt... Wad.
- What?
- Wad.
- Curt What?
- What? It's his name. Curt Wad.
Philip Nrvig was the defense attorney
for Curt Wad.
The judge didn't find just cause.
The case never went to trial.
What was the case about?
She claimed that Wad performed
a forced sterilization on her.
I can't find the name of the girl
in these documents.
We have to talk to the doctor.
As you all know
I swear by science.
Still, I'd like to finish off
with a plea.
Never before have we been able to help
so many Danish women -
- who were unable to have children.
So just as we talk of the digital age,
we may talk of the fertile age.
Today, a healthy 50-year-old woman
with strong genes -
- can be just as good a mother
as a young woman of 25.
In many other countries
they're light years ahead of us -
- so it is my plea to the state
and our politicians -
- that age limitations
on our treatments be removed.
Let us keep our finger
on the pulse of life.
Thank you so much, Curt.
But he's sort of a mixed blessing...
I should get that. Excuse me.
- Rose Knudsen speaking.
- It's Brandt from Sprog.
I have some important information
for your case.
I can meet you tomorrow
on neutral ground.
The Harbor Pub between 12:14 p.m.
and 12:16 p.m., and don't be late.
Listen, you have to tell me
what this is about.
Absolutely not.
Don't you know that all public calls
are taped? I'm hanging up.
- I'm so sorry.
- What was it?
- Work.
- Your safety call for our date?
No. No... No, it was just work.
A nutty caretaker from Sprog.
Okay. So you're staying?
Yes. They make
some pretty amazing drinks.
So what did he want,
the nutty caretaker?
Hey, Assad. What's up?
Hello, my friend.
Hi, Nour. I didn't see any apples.
- Uhm, I can get some from storage.
- Yes, please.
- What's wrong?
- I have a bellyache.
- Oh, I'll go get your dad.
- There's no need!
- Sure, I'm getting your dad...
- No, I'm fine!
You shouldn't be working then.
What's wrong?
My dad will kill me.
- No one is gonna kill you.
- Yes!
What happened?
Are you pregnant?
I had it removed.
Everything'll be alright.
Nour, what's up?
- What's going on?
- She's not feeling well.
I think it's food poisoning.
You shouldn't work when you're sick.
Feeling better?
- As-salamu alaykum.
- Wa'alaykumu as-salam.
- What's up with you?
- Daddy, I feel fine.
Okay? I'll go home and lie down.
Gitte Charles?
She's an old lady, for God's sake.
- How hard can it be to find her?
- Maybe she's not using her own name.
A doctor from Sprog, Curt Wad,
is the link between all four.
Gitte Charles worked for him
on the island.
Nete and Rita were his patients,
and Philip was his attorney.
- Curt Wad was a doctor on Sprog?
- Do you know him?
He owns Research Center Danevang.
He and his wife own Denmark's
number one fertility clinic.
Is there something we should know?
Curt treated Rie.
All the other doctors told us
we couldn't have children.
If it weren't for him
we wouldn't have Jonas.
He's a generous and decent man, and
I want you to treat him with respect.
Carl... I want you
to treat him with respect.
I assume you're here
because of poor Philip.
Here I thought he was living
the sweet life with a Spanish beauty-
- but he was actually dead all along.
Alongside Nete Hermansen
and Rita Nielsen.
In Gitte Charles's apartment.
Gitte Charles?
- What's the connection between them?
- The girls?
As I recall they were very close
during their stay on Sprog.
And you think Gitte Charles did this?
You wouldn't happen to know
her whereabouts?
I haven't seen Gitte Charles
in 30 years.
- Do you know why she would kill them?
- No. It's completely absurd.
I know absolutely nothing about it,
I'm sorry to say.
I apologize if you've wasted
your time here.
- Are they dead, those people?
- Yes. You have a keen eye.
It's a bit dramatic to have
a photo like that in a fertility clinic.
Well, what can you do.
We doctors are known
for our morbid humor.
I've always dreamt of a photo with
the dead seated around a dinner table.
Odd, isn't it?
Are you stating motive here?
Is that it?
- Curt, we're ready for you.
- Beate... my wife.
All done?
Philip Nrvig was your attorney
when a woman accused you -
- of subjecting her
to a forced sterilization.
- That was her claim, yes.
- So she lied?
Not necessarily.
We did that under extreme circumstances
as permitted by law.
But we did do things I'm not proud of.
Abortions on the morally defective.
Those were different times,
but we didn't do anything illegal.
"Extreme circumstances"?
Who was she? What did she do?
Well, it was many years ago,
so I honestly don't remember.
So, you remember two girls and
an employee being especially close -
- but not who you sterilized, who
subsequently made charges against you?
Well, she lost the case.
In that light, perhaps we could
dispense with this unpleasant tone.
I don't believe a word he says.
Do you?
When he says
he feels remorse for the abortions?
Does he need to feel remorse?
- I've fathered an abortion myself.
- What? You never told me that.
It hardly comes up in conversation.
Was it with Vigga?
Why didn't you want it?
She already had a child.
I felt it was enough.
- Does that make me a murderer?
- No, but all children deserve to live.
With me for a dad?
No one deserves that.
Don't you ever wonder 'what if?'
I think the child thinks:
"Thanks for letting me off the hook."
Carl, it's just...
If I were you, I'd hide that thing.
- It's written all over your face.
- What?
That you're knocked up!
Get out of here
as fast as you can.
What will happen to your baby
if Doctor Wad and Miss Charles find out?
But I can't get out!
- You can leave with the fishermen.
- I don't have any money.
I know a fisherman who wants
something else than money.
I'm not doing that.
I'm pregnant with Tage's baby.
There are other ways
than spreading your legs, Nete.
Tighten the yarn.
Open the door.
- Now?
- Slowly.
- Hi, Hans.
- Hi, Rita.
Your friend says
you want to run away.
- I don't have any money.
- No, so I hear.
But you're up for a good time, right?
You want to get to Korsr or not?
- Just tell me what to do.
- You can take off your coat.
- Take off your panties and come here.
- What?
Take off your panties.
Lie down here.
Come here.
Come on, it's not your first time.
Spread your legs.
Spread your legs!
I'm pregnant!
Just like I said.
It's not your first time.
Spread your legs.
No! No... No!
- Let me go!
- Spread 'em.
Let me go!
- Spread 'em.
- Let me go!
Thank you, we've seen enough.
I'm taking her to the reflection room.
- Nete...
- Let me go!
Why, Rita?! Why?
- Why?
- Be quiet!
Let go, bitch!
You did the right thing, Rita.
I'll write your parents that you've
demonstrated maturity and can go home.
This is a waste of time.
- Hi.
- You have some new information?
- Where is Rose Knudsen?
- At the police station.
Let me see some badges.
Hurry up.
Come on, god damn it.
It's no coincidence that I work
as a caretaker on Sprog on the side.
My aunt was sterilized on the island.
In the end, she killed herself
because she couldn't have children.
I've lodged a complaint against the
state to make it accept responsibility.
I sent the first letter on 11/32003.
Then on 5/92005 -
- 8/42006, 4/62007...
Thank you.
The doctor who sterilized your aunt,
was it Curt Wad?
Correct. And I thought the police were
a bunch of amateurs.
Don't be fooled by Curt's new empire.
He's still a good social democrat
who knows how society ought to be.
I don't quite follow you.
Curt never stopped.
He's still doing what the state
ordered him to do 60 years ago.
Please be specific.
Curt sterilizes young women
without their knowledge.
Healthy Nordic girls are
to bear children.
Not weak girls whose simple children
will degrade society, according to him.
He now has his sight on young
immigrant girls, and he's not alone.
I suspect several people
of being part of a major conspiracy.
Primarily doctors but also
lawyers, cops and politicians.
This goes all the way to the top!
If your murder case led you to Sprog -
- I'd venture those people were killed
to hide what's going on.
Can you prove that theory?
Oh no.
So what are we doing here?
Look. Young women entering the clinic
without their parents' knowledge.
Abortions are allowed
without parental consent.
It goes through the Abortion Council.
At Wad's clinic it's anonymous and free.
It's a grassroots movement, damn it.
The girls daren't speak up. Their
parents don't even know they went there.
- What do you want us to do?
- Most doctors used the same lawyer.
You know who I mean.
Philip Nrvig.
His records will probably show
a pattern, a system.
But to get them from the company
he used to work for-
- I need a warrant,
and I can't just get hold of one.
Neither can we.
Not without any proof.
Rose has your number
if we need to get in touch?
- What's up?
- I know the girl in the video.
She lives on my street.
Hi, Nour. I'm Louise, and I'll be
carrying out the examination.
I'm doing fine.
We just want to make sure
no mistakes have been made.
- I have to be home by 3:30.
- Right.
No problem. I'll be quick.
Assad, please wait outside.
It may be a bit cold at first.
Okay? Good.
What are you checking?
I'm just checking to see -
- if everything's in order.
Your suspicion was correct.
Assad, do you want me to tell her?
I'll do it.
You'd better sit down.
- We have to send for your parents.
- No.
Did you talk to them? Don't!
You promised me you wouldn't tell.
- Who performed your abortion?
- Why?
- I need to know.
- Why?
What was the doctor's name?
I'm not saying anything until
you promise not to call my parents.
- Please, Nour.
- I won't say a word.
I need to know.
Promise me not to call them.
Okay, I promise.
What was the doctor's name?
Curt Wad.
Are you sure?
It's very important.
Yes. Curt Wad, Danevang.
Why do you need to know?
He's seen to it...
He's seen to it
that you can't have children.
I want children.
He performed a procedure on you.
A sterilization.
So reverse it.
I can't.
What the hell is this?
You drag me all the way up here
to tell me that I can't have children!
We'll stop those who did this to you.
I promise.
Dr. Wad
and all his accomplices...
- You have to tell...
- I have to go home.
Tell the police what happened.
You know that I can't tell anyone!
You know that very well!
And I don't believe any of you!
We have to stop those who did this!
Call the patient complaints board.
Carl wants a list of doctors
behind botched abortions since 1970.
1970? That would be paper records.
Rose, get a list of the doctors
this guy Brandt mentioned.
I understand.
Hey... what's going on?
Thank you for coming
at such short notice.
We've always been aware of the risk.
Now, we have leaks
that must be stopped.
We'll handle it -
- if all of you can meet any question
with an impenetrable wall of silence.
Very well.
We are dormant as of now.
Only to return stronger than ever.
Hello? Brandt?
Did you get my list of doctors?
- Yes. Are you okay?
- It's bad, Rose.
I think they're onto me. I never take
the same route twice in one day -
- so when I see the same man
three times -
- I smell trouble.
Okay, I'm on my way.
- What time exactly will you be here?
- I'm leaving now.
- But when will you be here exactly?
- I'll be right there.
Rose says all the doctors on Brandt's
list used Nrvig as their attorney.
- They "collected" patient complaints.
- Bastards!
- Let's talk to Nrvig's widow again.
- Don't smoke in the car!
Calm down.
We'll stop them.
How? Is Nour's procedure
tied to the murders?
We still lack a motive
for the murders.
What if Brandt was right?
Gitte Charles killed them -
- because they were on to Curt.
Curt is behind it all!
You don't get rid of witnesses by
inviting them to dinner with their ID.
Someone wants us to know...
who they were.
What do you mean?
- Carl?
- Nothing.
- Two days left, Carl.
- Fine.
I can't wait.
I can't wait.
- What are you doing here?
- Hello.
We have some follow-up questions.
I thought you were very thorough
the last time.
- I want to get to the bottom of this.
- Any new developments?
Philip specialized in defending doctors
who'd botched operations on women.
Do you know if Philip was part
of a group or network of people -
- who don't care much
for people like Assad here.
I never shared those views. Never.
I'm a decent person. And he never talked
about it at home. I wouldn't allow it.
We think Philip's death
is somehow tied to that group.
So anything you remember;
Names, his cases, doctors, patients...
He never talked about the group.
We didn't discuss his work in detail.
- Sure? Even the slightest detail...
- I'd tell you if I knew anything.
But he kept that part of his life
from me.
Why don't you check his records?
I have them all in the basement.
He worked at home mostly, so...
- So you have everything here?
- Yes.
In the house?
- Right... Botched sterilizations.
- Curt Wad?
- Deliveries that go wrong.
- Curt Wad's wife.
- They didn't even try to hide it.
- Nobody knew what to look for.
Until now.
What's that?
Dossier 64.
Nete Hermansen's medical dossier
from Sprog.
Anything interesting in it?
Who are you texting?
After him!
I can't see anything!
Hold on!
- Are you okay? Unbuckle, Assad!
- I'm stuck!
They're coming back!
Get out. They're coming back!
- Give me your gun!
- Here!
I'll get you out, Carl!
I'll get you out!
Hurry. Drop it!
Run, damn it! Run!
Next stop Puttgarden.
- Rita says you're pregnant.
- She's lying.
We'll see about that.
Remember that it's only fair
for you to be punished, Nete.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me!
Don't you dare! Don't you dare!
Don't you dare!
Remember that
it's for your own good.
We can't learn without punishment.
My ear!
I'll bite off the other one, too!
Let's send a warm thank you
to K.K. Steincke -
- the man behind
the 1933 social reform.
We are indebted to Steincke, Nete.
Steincke said a wise thing.
We can't have too many non-entities!
It's just a practical measure to ensure
a functional welfare society.
Alright. Prepare for curettage
and sterilization.
Thank you, Gitte.
This is an APB
on unidentified bikers.
One person has been shot in the arm.
He's believed to be armed.
- Rose?
- You're tough as nails!
I'm glad you made it.
- How are you doing?
- I've had a shitty night.
- Are you okay?
- What have we got to go on?
He was after Brandt's computer.
Forensics have it.
Curt Wad has an alibi
for the entire evening.
- You didn't tell them, Rose?
- No.
- We think it's a group.
- A group?
A group of doctors
who botch operations.
They kill fetuses, sterilize women.
Genetic cleansing.
Oh, don't be crazy.
We'd have heard about that.
2,000 complaints are filed against
the police annually. We win them all.
Because we're infallible
or because we protect each other?
The same thing goes for hospitals.
We were attacked.
They burnt our car with all the evidence
and killed Brandt because he alerted us.
He was right. This is bigger than Curt
Wad and a couple of his doctor buddies.
And the bodies in the apartment?
Is Gitte Charles in the group, too?
This is insane.
Why can't anyone find Gitte Charles?!
Listen closely, guys.
I'm telling you this for your sakes,
especially yours, Assad.
You're moving up the ladder and that
means walking the political tightrope.
Nobody is going to accuse
Curt Wad or his wife or anyone else -
- until we have legally sound -
- 100% hard evidence of a crime.
Nod, so that I can see
you understand.
- Carl!
- I understand.
- Thank you.
- Yes?
That name you gave me paid off.
She took a bus in Germany.
She'll be arriving
at the central station 8:25.
- What's going on?
- Go downtown. I'll join you later.
- Where are you going?
- What the fuck?!
You're keeping something
about Gitte Charles from me.
- Why can't you just tell me?
- I don't want to.
Don't you trust me anymore?
Of all people.
Let go of my arm.
Assad, stop that.
I'm sick of your crap.
From now on
we're no longer a team!
Okay... You mean
in the 24 hours you have left?
- Fuck you!
- Don't let him get to you.
He wants to pick a fight
to make the break-up easier.
We have a sad announcement
that concerns us all.
The Danish state has sadly decided
to close our home here on Sprog.
By Saturday, all rooms must be clean
and all your belongings packed.
We're proud of what
we have achieved here.
You will do well out there.
Nete, right?
Everyone's looking for Gitte Charles,
so you used your own passport.
Nete Hermansen.
You're the only one with a grudge
against all three of them. A motive.
Your dossier from Sprog convinced me.
You sued Curt Wad and lost.
Curt Wad killed your child.
Why don't we...
He's trying to steal my handbag!
What's going on?
Police. Follow that taxi.
Step on it!
- What did you do?
- It's okay.
- What do you want?
- What did you do?
I can't have children!
I don't know what's going on, but we're
all done here. See you Wednesday.
Come on in, dear, and let's talk.
This is a misunderstanding, I'm sure.
Come along.
Sit down and tell me what's up.
Who says you can't have children?
- I can't find her. Where is she?
- I don't know.
Hey... I want to talk to you.
- Where is Nour?
- I don't know.
You know I know her.
I know you went to the clinic
with her. Did she go back there?
I won't tell.
I just want to make sure she's okay.
Did she go to the clinic?
I think this is yours.
Your heart key.
Henbane tastes better than it smells.
Just don't mummify me
and wall me up if I kick the bucket.
You killed Philip Nrvig,
Rita Nielsen and Gitte Charles.
And then you turned Gitte Charles
into you.
Gave her your ID and your necklace.
The empty chair was meant
for Curt Wad.
Excuse me, but what do you want?
The center is closed.
- I'm looking for Nour.
- Who?
You know who, you psycho.
And I know what you did to her.
Is she here?
The emotionally unstable immigrant girl
who was here earlier-
- has gone back home
after consulting a doctor.
Was that all?
Stop it!
I must ask you to leave.
- Was she there?
- They say they sent her home.
No. Her phone is somewhere
in the vicinity.
- She's still here.
- Careful. They're dangerous.
What happened?
Tage and I got back together for a while
after Sprog.
But I wasn't the Nete
he'd fallen in love with anymore.
He so wanted a family, children,
and I couldn't give him that.
Curt had seen to that.
So finally I left him.
I didn't want to drag him down
into the darkness.
I was filled with hatred
and nothing else.
I wanted vengeance.
Vengeance against the bastards who had
ruined my life. Do you understand?
It's beginning to kick in.
That little cup won't kill you.
It's just like smoking a joint.
Well, then...
After my case against Curt was denied,
I began thinking about killing them.
But you waited decades?
For many years I just daydreamed
and fantasized about it -
- alone on a stool in a bar-
- or dead drunk in my bed.
But then I realized I had nothing
to lose. I had no life.
- So I might as well try.
- Gitte Charles came first.
It took me six years to gain her trust.
To convince her that I'd forgiven her.
But then she sat there
smiling and laughing -
- looking forward to a henbane high.
- It's a nice sensation, isn't it?
- It's just...
Your new friend...
So she had to die.
I'm not having any more of this.
Why did you place them like that?
Around a table.
I was inspired by a photo
that Curt showed me.
A picture of a dead family in a bed.
I wanted them to sit like that.
Around a table... dead.
Facing each other-
- and their unworthy life
for all eternity.
And the last chair for Curt?
I knew it would be hard
to lure Curt into the apartment -
- but I thought I might succeed -
- if he thought he was meeting
his old nurse Gitte Charles.
Why didn't you finish the job?
Curt deserved it more than anyone.
While I was erasing my old life
as Nete -
- I got a letter from Tage.
He'd become a sailor
and had traveled the seven seas.
He never had any children either.
Suddenly one day he knocked
on my door-
- and invited me out.
We talked and talked and laughed -
- and danced.
I'd never danced before in my life.
Next morning I woke up
and looked at him -
- and then I knew
that I'd wasted all those years.
But it wasn't too late -
- because I didn't have to hold on
to my rage, my urge for vengeance.
So I let go.
God is dead -
- the state fails you -
- but love triumphs.
If you're lucky.
Yes. These past 12 years
have been the happiest of my life.
We'll get Curt. I promise.
I'm not here to put you away.
Nobody knows I'm here.
Tage's last wish was to have
his ashes scattered in the Sound.
- Carl, where are you?
- Nete Hermansen is dead.
I know. She's been dead for 13 years.
Now listen to me.
Assad's at Danevang.
He thinks they've got Nour.
Get over there. I haven't heard from him
in a while, and I'm getting nervous.
- Go back to Copenhagen.
- You're not allowed in here.
I'm not going to Hven.
Assad! Stop that.
- What the fuck are you doing here?
- Jacobsen sent me to get you.
They just called and accused you
of police harassment.
There's no one here!
The center's closed.
Let's go.
- Assad!
- Let me just check that door.
Fuck! Nour!
Gunnar, her pulse is good.
She's just sedated.
Sit down!
Sit down!
Call for an ambulance and assistance.
Ever heard of Cold Winters Theory?
No, I don't suppose you have.
It is a relatively new one.
Cold Winters Theory simply says -
- that the longer prehistoric man
migrated toward the cold North -
- the tougher was nature's selection.
In the North,
only the highly intelligent survived.
They founded the democracies that we
so passionately safeguard, as we should.
Democracy was born in Greece and Italy.
So the surge of people
heading our way these years...
Well, they haven't been subject
to this natural selection for millennia.
You're simply too weak.
Nature would have you die -
- but our robust welfare society
keeps you artificially alive.
- Well?
- They're on their way.
What transpired here was that
we performed an abortion on Nour.
Illegally, yes,
but we'll just be fined.
You couldn't bear an infidel carrying
out an abortion on a good Muslim girl.
You came here and blew up in my face,
threatening me.
And in a fit of rage -
- you tried to kill me.
Luckily, your colleague reacted
quickly and saved you.
Unfortunately, the ambulance
didn't get here in time -
- so a non-fatal wound became fatal.
You did, after all, try to shoot me.
Get rid of the girl.
Make it look like suicide.
Make sure it happens far away from
the center. At the other end of town.
- I'll get the car.
- See you in three minutes.
Easy now!
Carl, it's me.
- What are you doing here?
- Assad is out of control.
- Where is he?
- Down here. Come.
What happened?
You're bleeding.
The motorbike...
It was you I shot.
Now, my friend, I'm going
to induce cardiac arrest on you.
We're just speeding things up a little.
There now.
You'll feel a slight prick.
How dare you!
Assad...! Look at me.
Look at me. Come here.
Stay with me. Hey!
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Send assistance and an ambulance
to Danevang Research Center.
Now! Hold on.
No, Assad! Look at me!
Stay with me. Carl's here.
Blood pressure is stable.
Still cardiac fibrillation.
Any news?
Head of Homicide Marcus Jacobsen
just held a press conference.
It seems that a group of doctors
for years and with great patience -
- has sterilized a group of
socially disadvantaged women.
- Louise.
- Were they primarily foreigners?
Yes, in later years they've focused
on non-ethnic Danish women.
That'll be all for now.
No more questions.
After the dramatic shooting at Danevang
Research Center three days ago -
- where one police officer was killed
and another critically wounded -
- Dr. Curt Wad and two of his staff
have been arrested.
As well as his wife, Beate Wad.
The members of Cold Winter come
from all levels of the state apparatus -
- what some critics call the Deep State.
Wad protests his innocence,
but the case took a unexpected turn -
- when one of the victims, Nour Turan,
went public with her story.
I can't change what happened to me -
- but I can prevent it from happening
to others. That's why I'm speaking out.
More than 60 young women have now
contacted the police with similar cases.
four more doctors have been arrested.
Marcus Jacobsen says -
- the investigation into
Cold Winter has only just begun.
Good morning.
We put you in an induced coma
to help you recover.
Let me get you something to drink.
That was a close call.
Well, I'll... be back tomorrow.
I'd like you to come back...
to Department Q.
And Rose needs you.
Rose needs me?
Yes, and I need you.
Come back.
Will you let me get out
of my fucking coma first?
Assad, you're awake!
- Aw...!
- Take it easy, Rose!
Sure, sorry.
- Sorry, Assad.
- Hi, Rose.
Hi. How are you? You're awake.
Why didn't you tell me he was awake?
You could've told me he was awake.
- He only just woke up.
- But you could have called.
- No, not there.
- Why not?
- Because...
- Alright.
Rock, paper, scissors. Fuck!
Rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors. Yes!
Okay, take it.
Let me show you...
- Can I sit down?
- Sure.
"We treat the non-entity with care and love but forbid
him only to reproduce." K.K. Steincke - Social Democrat.
Non-entities are:
"The retarded, insane, epileptics, psychopaths, anti-socials, people with
perverted tendencies, drunks and other alcoholics." J.H. Leunbach - doctor.
Between 1934 and 1967, more than 11,000
Danish women were forcibly sterilized.