Journey Back to Christmas (2016) Movie Script

-Here they are, sir.
-Okay. thank you.
New York pays tribute
to the american foot soldier,
as the 82nd Airborne division,
led by its youthful commander,
Major General Gavin,
marches up Fifth Avenue.
Gliders fly overhead as
the City Roars its welcome home
to the 13,000 veterans
who fought from Sicily and Italy
through Normandy,
Holland, and Germany.
...Four million New Yorkers
lined the four-and-a-half-mile
parade route to greet the men.
Oh, Hanna, I didn't know
there would be a newsreel.
Oh, it's not your fault.
Silly me, I...
I just, uh...
-I just miss him.
-Of course you do.
Seeing all those soldiers coming
home, I just... It breaks me up.
'course it does.
He's your husband.
Aw, Hanna, honey.
He's still your husband.
Nothing changes that.
Well, you know what I mean.
He's still in your heart,
and you're always gonna be...
I'm just making it
worse now, aren't I? Oh...
Go on and blow.
I've got another one in here. Oh...
Look at me, blubbering on.
And when all our boys
are over there,
doing something heroic
for the world.
Go on and have a good cry.
Not everyone's born
to change the world.
Yeah, well,
nothing ever got solved
by blubbering on the sidewalk
I just wanted to make
a happy home for my husband.
And now I...
I don't have any purpose at all.
Well... you can walk me
to the square.
That's not exactly a purpose.
You never know. Even the smallest
stone makes a ripple in the water.
-What stone?
-It's a saying.
Come on,
they're decorating the gazebo.
Good evening, Mr. McGregor.
How's that shoulder
holding up these days?
Ah, you know,
the old rheumatism acts up
when there's a storm coming.
And I can tell there's a doozy
coming in tomorrow.
Well, that's what
everyone's been saying.
It's a shame, too.
Cloud cover is going
to hide the comet.
Oh, darn.
I was looking forward
to seeing it.
I... I didn't think of that.
But a big snow storm, it's a good night
to nestle in, I guess.
And how are you holding up?
Oh, don't you go
worrying about me.
Someone's got to, nurse Hanna.
You're always taking care
of the rest of us.
You'll come to the caroling?
Oh. Well, I suppose so.
Yes, I always like seeing
the whole town come out for it.
Let's just hope
the snow holds off.
You got engaged?
Just now!
I'm the first to know?
Well, of course, you were
the one who introduced us.
Without you, we never would have..
Oh, Julia! When?
Come. Frank's just bursting
to tell you himself.
...And I told myself, why wait?
As soon as I can carry her
over the threshold,
we're gonna find the closest
justice of the peace.
Right, honey?
Engaged on the night
of the Christmas comet.
How romantic.
Well, look this way,
you two lovebirds.
And I'm gonna find her
a white dress
just like one I saw in a window
when I was over there in Italy.
Prettiest dress I ever saw.
Frank has been telling me all about
Italy, the good parts anyway.
He says there's hundred-year-old
churches and cobblestone streets...
Pretty as a picture,
some of those towns,
but, uh, nothing beats
being back home.
Well, I should be
getting back to work.
Congratulations, you two.
I'm so happy for you.
I wasn't even thinking.
We were so giddy,
and I didn't even--
Oh, no, don't apologize, Julia.
We have to keep our eyes
focused on tomorrow, right?
That's where happiness is,
not the past.
-You are such brave thing.
-Oh, I'm not so brave.
I'm just happy you're so happy.
And we are happy.
Thanks to you.
Comin' through!
Hey, uh, we're
decorating the tree.
You going to come by?
Oh. oh, maybe later,
after my rounds.
Say, while you're down there,
do you mind replacing the key
to the storage locker?
I forgot to hang it back up.
It's right here in my jacket pocket.
You're a peach.
I gotta run.
They're waiting for the decorations.
Oh, careful!
Uh, see you later?
Say yes.
We're all going to have
a little celebration
before heading over to the gazebo.
"...on the left side of her,
"she presently spied
a little wooden hut
"painted blue,
and something rose-colored
"was tied to the handle
of its shut blue door.
"'a bunch of roses,'
said the fairy godmother,
"and she thought of going over
and smelling their sweetness,
but when she came close to it..."
You don't want me
to read to you anymore?
Are you sad, Toby?
I don't want to go back
to the orphanage.
I bet you don't know
what's coming tonight.
Do too.
Oh, yeah? What?
The comet.
You are so right.
Is the comet a miracle?
Well, that's a good question.
What's the difference
between a miracle,
and something that just happens?
Like, um, rain.
Is rain a miracle?
Maybe everything is a miracle.
Rain, comets... You... Me.
It just depends on
how you look at it.
People are calling this
the Christmas comet,
but that's not the real name.
-Oh, yeah?
-It's the De Vico comet.
That's the person who discovered it.
I read it in a book.
-And you know what?
It won't come again until 71 years.
-And you know what else?
-I know a secret.
-Will you tell me?
I think comets are miracles.
We're all waiting for you.
Do you mind if I borrow her
for a while, Toby?
Don't forget about the comet tonight.
Nurse Hanna!
You forgot your camera!
Do you hear that?
Was I right?
Doctor Axelrod has
such a beautiful voice.
He's like an opera singer,
just listen.
That's Mary Grace.
She can never remember the lyrics.
She's a riot.
Come on.
...of comfort and joy
Comfort and joy...
I just want to make a phone call
first. Now? It's for Toby.
I want to make sure
someone from the orphanage
takes him home for Christmas.
Poor little boy.
I'll be there in a minute, promise.
Don't forget, we're all going
to the gazebo.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly..
That's my favorite!
'tis the season to be jolly
I'm sorry, the line is out of order.
...Joy to the world
The Lord is come
Let Earth receive her king
Let every heart prepare him room
And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven
And Heaven and nature sing...
Oh, poor baby, are you cold?
Aw, poor thing.
Let's see.
"Ruffin..." Is that your name?
Aw, are you lost?
You're a ways from home, aren't you?
...and her tone of voice--
Let me tell you, Miss Know-it-All.
It's just a phase.
Tina did the same thing--
Excuse me. Hello?
I'd like to make a call.
...well, just last week..
Ruffin! ...she had the gall to say..
-Excuse me, can I make a call, please?
-Is this an emergency?
Um, well, no, but..
Well, if it's not an emergency, you're
going to have to wait your turn.
We'll be off in a jiff.
I know. I tried.
I tried...
Look at that snow coming down.
Your owner must be worried sick.
Okay. Come on, you wanna go home?
Let's go home.
Oh, my gosh!
Hal, it's Ruffin!
Oh, my goodness, where were you?
Thank you so much.
Come here, Ruffin! Come here...
Oh, please, won't you come in?
Oh, thank you.
Oh, Ruffin...
Where were you?
You bad boy.
She lives for that dog.
Honestly, I never knew how much
until just now. Right, boy?
Gosh, I just, I don't know
what we would have done
if you hadn't brought him home.
You're our hero.
Oh, heroes change the world,
I just did a simple thing.
Well, you saved our Christmas,
I can tell you that.
Can you imagine
how heartbroken we would all be?
Christmas without Ruffin?
Oh, that's little Clara.
I didn't even have the heart to
tell her that Ruffin was missing.
I'll go.
Stay the night, won't you?
-Oh, no, I..
-But the snow is really coming down.
Thank you, but I don't live far,
just over on Elm Street.
But I should be going.
You sure that there's no way
that we can thank you?
You already have.
-Merry Christmas.
-And to you.
-Drive safe.
-Will do.
Come here, Ruffin, come here.
Come here. come here...
Oh, darn.
Hey, wait for me!
Miss, are you okay?
Uh... I... I don't...
The cars, they're...
I... the cars?
I don't... this isn't right.
-Is she okay?
-I don't know.
Miss? Are you lost?
No, I don't...
I don't...
What is happening?
I just, I have to get home.
Yeah, there is a woman here
who seems lost.
Center and main?
I don't know what's happening...
She's heading north on center.
Thank you.
Oh, definitely football.
Over baseball?
-You do not.
What, you think you know
everything about me?
Yeah, I kinda do.
I've known you my whole life.
Okay, you do not know
everything about me.
"Man of mystery".
So you think.
And anything I want to know
Louise tells me.
Oh, please, shoot me now.
Why, hmm?
Why am I partners with my little
sister's best friend?
'cause... you trust me.
Okay, ma'am, hands on your side
of the vehicle..
And I... Make you look good.
Can you please be a little less
bratty when you're in uniform?
-Dispatch to 403...
-Yeah, 403.
We have a report of a female
on main street
at center road who may need
a well-being check.
-Can you investigate that?
-Copy that. En route.
Excuse me...
I'm sorry, forgive me.
Excuse me, miss, but are you, uh...
Is everything okay?
Can you help me?
How long do you think
you were unconscious?
I don't know.
I... I just heard a big, um...
...a big boom.
It was thunder, during the storm.
And that's all I remember.
Do you think I'm dreaming?
You all seem so real, but...
Everything, it doesn't...
It doesn't seem right.
How long were you in the shed
before you came out?
Just the night.
My car got stuck in the snow.
Her vital signs are normal.
I was reading Ladies Home Journal,
and they had a story on dreams once
about how they seem like they
could be real..
Shh... Just follow
the light with your eyes.
-Have you located the vehicle?
-No, chief.
-Can you tell me the make and model?
-Of what?
Your car.
What kind of car do you have?
-A Hudson.
-A what?
My husband bought it
right before the war.
I'm not seeing any signs
of a concussion.
Her vision is fine.
No headaches? Mm-mm.
And has he been contacted?
Your husband?
No. He died, in the war.
-I'm sorry to hear that. Iraq?
Or maybe he was deployed
in Afghanistan?
France. He was in Malmedy.
Mrs. Morse,
could you tell us the date?
Um, it's December.. 16th.
No, 17th.
And where are we? What city?
Well, Central Falls, of course.
-And the name of the president?
-Harry S. Truman.
Amnesia? Can't be.
She knows her name, city, date.
Yeah, but there was no storm
last night.
-Maybe she's pulling a scam?
Her address doesn't check out,
her car doesn't check out.
Whatever a "Hudson" is,
and she has no I.D.
She says she left it back in the shed.
That's a likely story.
We're going to have to take her in.
On what charge?
For now, we'll just get
some more information from her.
It's either that, or a 1701.
What, involuntary commitment?
Hey, wait, wait, hold on,
chief, chief.
This all just seems
a little bit harsh.
It's just procedure, Jake, that's all.
Let me take her back to the farm.
Okay? Just for a day or two.
Just let her calm down, feel safe.
I don't know.
It's against protocol,
and I'm not sure she'll even--
We haven't processed her yet.
Let me observe her, okay?
If she's delusional,
I'll take her to the hospital.
If I sense she's a fraud,
I'll bring her back to the station.
If she's a con artist, she's going
to play you at every turn.
Come on, it's almost Christmas,
and I will take full responsibility.
I know this place.
So, my parents live here
in the big house.
I live in one of the outbuildings,
and my sister moved back
with her daughter, temporarily.
We buy our milk here.
The Morgans have the best cows,
don't you think?
Actually, um, this used to be
the Smith farm.
My grandparents bought it from them
back in the '60s,
and they renovated it.
What do you mean, "back in the '60s"?
What do you mean what do I mean?
What year is it... now?
It's 2016.
The way you're looking at me,
you don't believe me, do you?
I, um...
Why don't we go inside?
Come on.
Well, the text was 20 minutes ago,
so they should be here any minute.
Is he really going to let her
stay here?
She could be..
Oh, they're here!
So, everybody, say hello to Hanna.
Welcome, dear.
You did absolutely the right thing
to call the police.
Okay, how about here?
More towards you.
I'm just saying it's shifty.
Here? A little right.
You know, it's just shifty.
I mean, some stranger in a costume
shows up in the middle
of Central Falls,
pretending she doesn't know
where she is?
She didn't seem shifty.
She seemed nice.
-How about now?
-Back it up.
You know, people who take advantage
of others always seem nice.
Do you know how many identity thefts
there were last year? 15 million.
Google it.
How about now?
Actually, I think it's better
by the window. Okay.
You remember the fellow who sold me
the time shares in Florida?
Here we go with the time shares.
Mom, this lady
wasn't selling time shares.
He was the nicest guy
you'd ever to meet.
So handsome...
Never in a million years
would you believe that he was just...
"...up to no good."
Never in a million years.
Sweetheart, when did you become
so suspicious?
I'm not suspicious.
It's women's intuition.
And I just feel that something fishy
in going on around here.
I think you could be
a little more charitable.
Mom, I'm not being uncharitable.
It's just, I don't know...
It's a little weird,
you have to admit.
Where did she come from?
We don't know, and now
she's just here in our house?
Mom, if she has amnesia,
will she forget
she met us last night?
Gwenny, not so much sugar
on your oatmeal.
You know, she seems fine to me.
I mean, the clothes
are a little weird, but..
Dad, no one just lands in
Central Falls without knowing how.
She is perfectly nice.
I'm sure there's a very good
explanation for what happened.
Besides, she didn't land here, mom.
She's from here.
Okay, so has anyone
ever seen her before?
Or heard of her?
Shh, shh, shh!
Guys, guys...
What if she walks in here,
and she hears all of this?
Just let her rest, get her bearings,
and we'll all get to know her
in no time.
Shouldn't you have just a little bit
more professional skepticism?
There's nothing wrong with having
a trusting spirit.
Why don't I go in and check on her,
see if she's awake,
and you all be nice?
Remember, she's a guest in this house.
Hey, mom.
Hey, um, were there ever any
Christmas lights on the old gazebo?
On the square?
Christmas lights on the gazebo?
Um, no. Why do you ask?
Oh, uh, nothing.
Just something Hanna said.
You awake?
Jake? Jake!
She's gone!
What are you...?
"Organic planet"?
Can I help you find something?
Gluten-free toothpaste?
This is my dining room.
Where are all my things?
What was that?
It's my kitchen.
This is my home, I live here.
I've... got to make a call.
She left.
I tried to keep her here, but..
Which way?
Thank you.
Is she, like, dangerous or anything?
What happened to the hospital?
-There is no hospital..
-No, it's a hospital!
This is supposed to be the hospital!
Come on.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you
I was leaving. I couldn't sleep.
All night, I kept thinking,
if I could just get home,
that somehow home would make
everything normal again.
But... But now I don't know
what my home is.
I don't even what "Gluten free" is.
Most of us don't.
And then I thought of Dottie.
-If I could get to the hospital..
-What hospital?
And today's her shift, and Dottie
would explain everything to me,
and somehow it would make sense,
But Dottie was gone.
Well, everything's gone.
I... I don't know
what's happening to me.
None of this is real.
I don't know if I'm dreaming,
or if I'm losing my mind, or what.
It must be really hard for you.
And I see the way people
are looking at me, like I'm crazy.
Or worse, lying.
You were right, about our farm
being the Morgan place.
It was a dairy, back in the '40s.
-Do you believe me then?
-Well, I believe, um...
I believe that we're going
to find out what happened.
I'm really scared.
You're going to be okay.
I'm here to make sure of that, okay?
-The chief's not happy.
-I know.
You gotta bring her in, Jake.
You're gonna get in trouble
if she disappears for real.
She's not going to. She was just
trying to figure out what happened.
Oh, yeah? So, what's her angle?
There is no angle.
I believe her.
Oh, so she just dropped
out of the sky from 1945?
I mean, I believe she believes it.
You'd better find something,
or you're going to start
sounding as wacky as she does.
Thank you for the vote of confidence.
-It's what I'm here for.
-Right, I'll see you tomorrow.
-All right.
Let's see how this works...
Oh, yes, it fits perfectly,
doesn't it, Louise?
Okay, so try these, and...
-I got the uggs on Ebay.
-"Ugg sunnybay?"
Mom, she doesn't understand.
They didn't have uggs in 1945.
Ladies always wore heels.
It says so right here.
O... kay. Great.
Well then, you are going
to love these.
Bedroom slippers?
Why don't you try these?
You can go try them on in there.
Anything else...
Look at her, uncle Jake.
And it's like a...
You know, a tag sale,
but for the whole world.
Like, imagine you move,
and you don't want to take
your stuff with you,
you can sell it here.
And you can find anything.
Like, charm bracelets,
or once I found a spoon
from the year my mom was born.
-And... it's inside this little thing?
-No, this is just a computer.
A computer is like a...
A car.
It can take you anywhere, but you
don't have to leave where you are.
Think of it like...
Never mind. Let's just look
for something. Like...
What year were you born?
Oh, my goodness. My mother had a set
of dishes just like that.
Oh, wait, make it go down again.
Look at that hat.
I bought one just like that.
They're selling it for that much?
Apparently, she made a scene
in the health food store.
Well, if I had to eat quinoa
I'd make a scene, too.
Harv, I'm serious.
She said it was her house.
As in, she lived there.
Sorry, she thinks she lives
in the health food store?
Mm-hmm. Well, then she escaped
before the police got there.
Oh, and I had George google her,
and you know what he found?
Oh, well, I mean,
I've googled myself before,
and nothing turned up,
and I'm not saying I'm from 1945..
-From 1945.
She's pretending that
she doesn't know how she got here.
I mean, what did she do,
time travel to now?
That'd be cool.
Hon', look, I'm not
saying that none of this
is out of the ordinary,
but don't you think..
I am not being paranoid.
1940s, my foot.
I am getting to the bottom
of this, I am.
-Yeah, I know you will.
-I will.
You and I are going to do
a little more research.
DMV records don't
go back that far. Hmm.
-No photo. Convenient.
-Well, they didn't have them then.
In fact, until the '30s,
they didn't have drivers' licenses.
Aren't you becoming the historian.
She could have gotten this printed
at any copy place. And her get-up?
You can find those clothes
at the thrift store.
-And why would she want to do that?
-I don't know, identity theft?
Oh, come on. Louise says
she is making herself quite at home.
Maybe she's homeless,
and she wants you to take her in.
Sarah... Well, you tell me.
She didn't just drop in from 1945.
"Lune Paris."
"Paris Moon."
Stop playing with the evidence.
Just sayin'.
That's it...
Just like that.
-And this makes it stick?
Are you sure? What if it falls?
It won't. How do you know?
Oh, Dottie and I,
used to make one every Christmas.
But when the war started, sugar
was rationed. What is "rationed"?
Gwenny... I think it's time
to get ready for bed.
But.. "But" nothing. Go on.
Will Hanna read to me?
I guess you're going
to have to ask Hanna. Of course.
I would love to.
You sure? You don't have to.
Oh, no, I want to.
I... I just... Well, I've always
wondered what Christmas would be like
with a big family.
Well, it's a little bit chaotic.
No, it's... It's perfect.
"'It's a miracle,' the wise old woman
told Lily, but Lily frowned
"because she didn't believe
in miracles.
"Outside, the snow fell silently,
"and the only noise
was the stomping of small hooves.
The reindeer were impatient."
It's probably time for bed.
Do you believe in miracles?
Well... I don't know. I mean...
I don't know what I think anymore.
I do. Mr. Cook says you should believe
in everything with an open mind.
Your Mr. Cook
must be a very smart man.
He runs the science fair. He also
turned an old building into the library.
He paid for it himself.
He's exceedingly wealthy.
Well, that old building was my hospital,
and it was just built before the war.
-He also believes in time travel.
-He does?
Mr. Cook says just because
you don't understand something
doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
It's time for bed.
Let's go.
All right, all you stargazers out there,
get out your wool hats and your scarves.
Tonight will be the first appearance
of the De Vico comet in 71 years.
Just in time for Christmas.
This has been Fred Damsky
with Public Radio.
We'll just get that one present
for your father, and then we'll...
Hurry up. We're going to be late.
Hang on, I just got a text. It's like
that thing's attached to your arm.
Can't say I've ever seen her before.
She would have come in to buy
a whole outfit of 1940s clothes.
Oh, I would remember her. I've got
loads of great stuff from the '40s.
Nobody's interested now.
It's all about the '80s.
I told you, Louise.
You're not being kind.
I'm just being careful, mother.
You're being suspicious.
We should be supportive.
It's Christmas, after all. Mom!
Beautiful. Harv... You are not
going to believe what I am seeing.
Now, you thought I was paranoid,
but I think I know what's going on.
This is one of my favorite
things about the period.
You have to come and see this.
It's the gazebo.
It is just like Hanna said it was.
Look at how beautiful it is.
Look at all the lights. What happened?
People used to pass these traditions
on to their children.
I don't know, kids these days
just don't seem interested
the way they used to.
Yes, that's exactly how it is.
I mean... was.
Everybody comes out for it,
seems like all the neighbors.
We'd carol, we'd drink hot chocolate,
we'd laugh. Can I carol?
Kids don't go caroling anymore?
I guess we just... don't.
I don't know, we've just never
done it. Can we, mommy? Can we carol?
In fact,
I have an even better idea.
...and that got me to thinking,
what if they're all in it together?
A conspiracy? Well, you don't think
it's a coincidence?
I mean, some stranger just drops
into town
in a costume, and instead
of arresting her,
or taking her in for questioning
or whatever,
the entire policeman's family are in
there buying the same kind of clothes.
-Why would they want to do that?
-My point exactly.
The whole thing is just
getting weirder and weirder.
Hey! I didn't think anyone was home.
Just me. Are you okay?
It's all a little strange.
A lot strange.
And sometimes, I look around
at all of this,
and at the tree,
and your great family, and...
I feel happy.
Well, there's nothing wrong with that.
But then I feel guilty
for being happy.
It's just... I mean, I...
I'm not explaining this well.
That's okay. I just... Well, I've
never known a Christmas like this.
It wasn't like this back when...
Well, where... You know,
where I was, and- and...
The war, it changed everything.
But even before that,
I never had a big family.
I had my husband, Chet.
We were friends since childhood.
We always knew
we would be married, and...
And, finally, we were, right before
the war. And then he was gone.
And now...
-Everything is gone.
-Not everything.
You have all of us,
and this Christmas.
This... Is one of my favorites.
What is it?
What, this?
Um... It's a, uh...
They used to be called "albums".
Can you dance?
Brings back memories.
It's so strange.
I don't know if I'll ever be able
to get used to any of this.
I'll help you.
You can trust me.
Hey, guys.
Mom, it was innocent. I was just
trying to make Hanna feel okay.
-Don't tell me. Tell Sarah.
-Tell Sarah what?
Oh, Jakey, you can see
how she looks at you. Sarah?
Oh, ma, don't be silly.
What do you think?
Oh! That is gonna be perfect.
Okay, what are you girls up to?
It was Louise's idea.
It was Hanna's inspiration.
We're all gonna go out caroling tomorrow,
like an old-fashioned Christmas.
In this? You said you wanted to make
her feel more comfortable, didn't you?
And invite Sarah. Tell her that
you're sorry. Sorry for what?
You're such a dope. What?
You saw her face!
Okay, what is this, hmm?
Is this some sort of, like, secret
female language I'm missing? Ow.
I love snow.
-Do you like snow?
-White Christmas, and all that?
That'd be nice.
What about you? Hmm?
Do you want snow?
People are talking. What?
You know what.
Um, if I knew what,
I wouldn't be asking what.
Sighing isn't denying.
What am I even denying?
People are worried
about who this stranger is,
and we're supposed to be
but in reality,
one of us has the hots for her.
Oh, I do not.
You think I'm just your little
sister's Goofy friend, but, uh,
I wasn't born yesterday.
Oh, Sarah, come on.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Look, what am I supposed
to tell people who are worried?
Like what, slow dancing is some
new interrogation technique?
I wasn't dancing.
We were dancing.
I.. We.. I..
I was just trying to make her feel
comfortable, that's all. Obviously.
I mean, you should get a promotion for
"making the suspect feel comfortable".
Okay, stop doing that. What?
This.. The air-quote.
Is she guilty? No!
A fraud? No. Unhinged? No.
-Then what?
-I don't know.
Maybe you should
dance with her some more.
You are such a brat, you know that?
So are you going to come tonight?
What, caroling?
Are we gathering more information
on the suspect? Come on... Just come.
My mom wants you to be there.
Do it for her.
Give me the rest of your fries,
and I'll consider it.
-Phew, that's a tough one.
God rest ye merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember Christ, our saviour
Was born on Christmas day...
To save us all from Satan's power
When we were gone astray
O, tidings...
...of comfort and joy
Comfort and joy
O, tidings
Of comfort and joy...
...laughing all the way
Bells on bobbed tails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is
To ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight
Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way!
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse
open sleigh... Hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse
open sleigh... Hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun, it is to ride...
What's going on?
I was here. The night of the storm.
I brought the dog back.
His name was Ruffin.
It's different.
There wasn't a fence.
But it is the same house.
Wait, you... You brought a dog here?
He was lost.
He came to my house.
I tried to call the owners, but
there were people on the party line,
and they wouldn't get off.
Party line? So I brought him here.
They were so kind.
They invited me to stay
because the storm was so bad.
And if I had stayed, I...
I wouldn't have driven my car
into the snow bank, and...
I'd still be back where I belong.
Hey, we're going to go
to the town square, come on.
Come on.
Oh, come
Let us adore him
Oh, come, let us adore him
Oh, come
Let us adore him
Christ the Lord...
This is so much fun!
I know!
You made us all so happy tonight,
dear. Me? I didn't do anything.
You inspired us.
All of us.
It's such a shame that they don't
light up the gazebo anymore.
Oh, it was so beautiful.
It would light up the whole square.
Oh, that's our war memorial.
It honors all of the town's men
who were lost in war. I know.
-What is it?
It's Chet's name.
He died in the war, but...
His name isn't here.
Where have you been? Huh?
I have been texting you all night!
Where have you been? Oh, uh, I dunno,
I didn't have my phone on.
You live with that phone on.
Where were you? Nowhere.
Everyone is somewhere. Huh?
What is that? What is that around
your neck? Hanna gave it to me.
It's like, you know, from old times,
1940, or something? Hanna?
Mom, it's no big deal. We were all
singing songs and.. Singing songs?
Harv, say something.
It was fun, what's the big deal?
What am I supposed to say?
I.. Songs. That's... Okay.
When did he start to sing? Hmm?
Mom... Oh, no. Mm-mm. No.
Hon'... I am just going to ask
a few questions, that is all.
Better safe than sorry.
Buddy... singing?
Come on. Nice try.
All I'm saying is that.. Hold on,
hold on, please. It's suspicious.
The crazy claims, the weird clothing,
the brainwashing.
-There's no brainwashing.
Okay, look, I can explain if..
And now everyone is singing.
You know, since she got here, this
entire town has been out of whack..
Mrs. Jones, if you'll.. And it's your
job to get to the bottom of it,
but for some reason, she's staying
at your house.. Mrs. Jones...
Like she's some sort of guest.
I am worried..
Mrs. Jones, I can assure you,
the Central Falls Police Department
has this situation
completely under control.
We take your concerns seriously.
Don't we? Absolutely.
And we are looking at every angle
on this. But now it's late.
When the department is ready to issue
a statement, you'll be the first to know.
Why don't you go on home now,
Mrs. Jones? We're taking care of it.
We've got to do something, Jake.
It's our duty to the people
of this town. It's our job.
Every day that goes by, there's
something else that's fishy.
Just tonight, her husband
supposedly died in the war?
What's so fishy about that? But his
name's not listed on the memorial?
That's fishy. So you're saying she's
lying about the house and the dog?
The kennel is named after
the dog she found.
I mean, how could she have pulled
that off? She could have read the sign,
and then made up some story
about some dog named Ruffin.
Con artists think on their feet.
And the clothes, she could have
found at some thrift store.
And the license, she could have had
printed. How can you keep wondering?
"Paris Moon."
It was invented in 1928.
By the '40s, it was one of the most
popular perfumes in the country.
Okay. Great. So?
Okay, so they stopped making it
in the '60s. There is no trace of it.
I mean, there's no place
she could have gotten this.
She could have found an old bottle
on Ebay. I had the lab test it.
It hasn't oxidized yet.
This is the real deal, Sarah.
Hey, by the way, impressive whistle.
Who taught you how to do that?
You did.
Third grade.
Let's go inside.
I don't know how I got here, and
I don't know how I'll ever get home.
This whole thing is as surreal to me
as it must be for all of you,
and yet, you've all been so kind
to me. So, so kind.
Just last week, when I was back...
Back in... In real time.
I told Dottie, right there
in front of the movie house,
I told her, "nothing ever
gets solved by blubbering".
It just doesn't do anyone
any good at all.
And since I don't know whether
I'll ever be able to get home again,
I'm going to make the best
of things here.
I'm gonna find happiness... I'm gonna
find some way to be useful, and...
Just stop wishing things
would be different.
I may have found a solution
for the town's Christmas lights.
It's not going to change the world,
but... It's something.
Okay, so what's our next move?
Why don't you call the Jones woman,
invite her to come meet Hanna,
let her see what Hanna's surprise is.
Maybe she'll stop being a pain?
Might want to present it
with a little more tact.
Okay, I'll be right there.
I'm going to the library!
...and one of the nurses' stations,
it was right there..
I think.
It all looks so different.
Well, the adult patients' ward
was upstairs,
and my favorite one, the pediatrics,
it was over in that corner.
There was a door here,
it went to the back stairwell.
Or maybe it was over here...
There's a door here.
That goes down to the storage room.
-Come on, it's this way.
-Are you sure?
I can't believe
we never knew about this.
Oh, wow, look at all those.
Well, well, well...
I always wondered
what was in that locker.
-It's nice to see you again.
-Do I know you?
It's Mr. Cook.
He's the man I told you about.
He's the one who made
this into the library.
Oh, then you must think
I'm trespassing, but I can explain..
I'm... I'd like to show you something.
It'll only take a moment.
Books, as you can see, are my passion.
That's why I saved the old hospital.
They were going to tear that
thing down, can you believe that?
Tear it down?
Books saved me from a very lonely
youth, being a child of war and all.
Sometimes, the smallest things
change a life.
For me, it was reading.
Ah, you incorrigible dogs!
I love 'em to death.
Now, somehow, my assistant manages
to never spill a drop.
Would you like some tea?
Thank you.
Thank you.
I have to be truthful here,
I have heard all the stories about
you, and... "time travel". Oh.
Oh, so you just wanted to see
the talk of the town.
That's true, but...
Actually, I wanted to see
how you were doing.
Do you mean that...
Do you mean that... You believe me?
More than that.
I have something that belongs to you,
from a long time ago.
It's my camera.
How did you get it?
Nurse Hanna...
I'm Toby.
I used to read to him
when he was a little boy.
Oh, your arm, it healed.
Look at you...
So young.
Hey, stop it!
Ralph! Rex! Both of you, stop!
My sister breeds them.
It's become a family business.
-Actually, because of you.
You remember when you took
that lost dog home,
and the owner was so grateful, that
she came to the hospital to thank you.
Oh, but I was here, I was gone.
And someone told them if they really
wanted to return the favor,
they should come and read to me.
Oh, well, that was Julia or Dottie.
Yes, because I was your favorite boy
in the hospital. You were.
And then, they mentioned
that you were hoping
I wouldn't have to spend
Christmas alone.
Oh, it was definitely Dottie.
So they took me home.
Oh, wonderful.
Oh, yes, I remember
they had a little child.
-Clara, my sister.
-Your sister?
They adopted me.
And Sue, my adopted mother,
realized how important
Ruffin was to the family,
so she started a kennel.
That's why I keep seeing
so many golden retrievers here now.
Yeah, they're service dogs.
They've been helping
a lot of people over the years.
These two were drop-outs.
They're too silly to be
service dogs, so they're mine.
Darn, I'm out of film.
Almost no one shoots film anymore.
It's all digital. It's what?
That's all right, I know someone
who can develop that for you. Oh.
And Dottie?
How did her life turn out?
Dottie... She's still here.
Would you like to see her?
Yes! Yes, please! Dottie's here?
She's here.
I heard she was quite the character
once. That's Dottie.
But since I've worked here,
well, she doesn't talk a lot.
I'm not sure how much she remembers.
Hi, Dottie.
-Nurse Hanna is here to see you.
-Nurse Hanna?
Look at you.
-Can she hear?
-She doesn't respond to much anymore.
It's me, Hanna.
Yes, it's me.
She's trying to say something.
"Comment" on-on what?
You should see this.
When we moved her into this unit,
that's the only personal thing
she brought with her.
Must be her prized possession.
Well, it's addressed to Dottie.
It's from me?
"Darling Dottie,
I'm finally in my place
"in the big city, address below.
Can't write more
because it's blazing hot..."
Well, that doesn't make sense.
I never lived in a big city.
Keep reading.
"...P.S. We made it in time
for our third year of bliss.
Yours, Hanna."
Dated... August 16th, 1946.
Well, that's our anniversary.
Chet made it home.
They said that he was lost in
the war, but he.. He made it home.
That's why his name wasn't on
the memorial. Chet didn't die.
Hanna... This means that you get
to go home, too.
-But... But how?
-She didn't say "comment".
She said "comet".
Oh, the De Vico comet.
That's the comet
everyone was talking about,
and you said that people were
calling it "The Christmas comet",
but that wasn't its real name.
Remember? It was just a week ago.
-A week ago for you, 70 years for me.
-Well, 71, to be exact.
Here we go.
"The De Vico is a comet with
an orbital period of 71 years."
"It was discovered by Francesco
De Vico in 1874, on December 22nd."
What does that mean?
Let me try to make some sense of this.
The last day in the hospital,
I overheard the nurses talking.
Dottie was beside herself.
They found your car in the snow,
you were gone, vanished.
Someone mentioned the coincidence
of a comet the night before.
I was a boy, alone, I had
a wild imagination, and...
I had a belief
in the magic of miracles.
Yeah, you wondered if the comet
was a miracle. Well, think about it!
A comet that only comes
every seven decades? At Christmas?
On the night you disappear?
And now you're here.
But why?
Why me..
-It's to show you. To show all of us.
-To show us what?
This! The dogs!
For this house! For you being here!
For me! For Jake!
Don't you see what you've done, Hanna?
And you didn't even know
you were doing it.
"The smallest stone
makes a ripple in the water."
That's what Dottie said. I was feeling
so lost, like I had no purpose.
But you do.
The rain... The comet...
-Do you believe in miracles?
-I think I do.
Then believe, tonight, the Christmas
comet is going to take you back home.
I need to retrace my steps exactly.
I'll have to change my clothes
back into what I was wearing,
and.. Oh, I'm afraid I'm going
to forget something.
I'm going to miss you all so much.
I don't know what's going to happen.
Will it work?
Will I get back?
I don't know, but I'm going to try.
Because... My life isn't this one.
I don't belong here.
So, the Christmas comet
will get her home?
There is something...
So magical about that.
Seems a little...
To me, but, hey, what do I know?
Are we going to see the comet tonight?
Please, please, please, please..
Okay, that's enough. Please!
What if it doesn't work?
You said that you believed
in miracles. I do, but..
And Mr. Cook said that
you have to believe in something
before it can become something.
Of course you do. He's right.
Otherwise.. There is no otherwise.
It's gonna work.
'cause it's a Christmas miracle!
You ready?
Don't make me say goodbye.
Wait, Hanna... Don't say anything.
I wasn't crying when I left.
I met my husband when I was 6.
He used to pull my pigtails.
And I... I thought
he was such a nuisance.
Turns out I was the last to realize
that he was the love of my life.
Just like you and Sarah.
What was it, pigtail pulling?
Or did you hide her books?
I used to put snow down her jacket.
Of course, she did much worse to me.
She's still a brat, though.
And you wouldn't know
what to do without her.
You just haven't realized it yet,
but you will.
You two look at each other
the same way Chet and I did.
-It's time.
-I know.
Chet's a lucky man.
Sarah's a lucky woman.
If this works, and you get back...
You think...
You'll remember all of this?
I don't know.
Who can predict a miracle?
Hello, my daughter!
I got you, buddy.
What do you say, a little candle for
my Christmas honey? All right, okay.
Hey, mama. When's it here?
My neck is gonna fall off!!
It's not for a while, silly. We're
gonna watch the gazebo lights go on.
Well, it's about time.
Have you lost it? No, actually,
I, uh... I think I found it.
Come on.
-Hi, guys.
Okay, everybody!
Here we go!
Ten, nine, eight, seven...
It looks great.
Six, five,
four, three, two, one!
It's wonderful.
Oh, come on.
Silent night
Holy night
Shepherd's quake
At the sight
Glories stream from Heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing "Hallelujah"
Christ the savior is born
Christ, the savior is born
It's here!
-I'm scared, mommy.
-Don't be, my love.
He's here.
She's gone home.
She's home!
What the...
One more thing.
From Hanna's camera.
Look at this little boy.
That's me.
Wait, that's the star we put
on top of the gazebo!
That's grams and pops.
It is. Well, I'll be.
I knew they met in a hospital.
Mom was a nurse, and it was
just after the war...
Hanna introduced them.
She thought that'd be a nice thing
to do. It was.
If she hadn't done
that one little thing, then...
None of us would be here.
Look, sweetheart, there's your
great grandmother,
and your great grandfather.
-That's cool.
-Yes, it is.
Why not just call
your husband to help you?