Journey of My Heart (2021) Movie Script

I am...
...Forever yours
I am yours
Always yours
The places we will go
Perfect forever
Yeah, we are perfect
How'd we do?
Just over three miles.
That is... 6,221 steps.
Not bad...
for a Monday morning.
Wait up.
I meant to ask, uh, how'd it go
with Steven on Saturday?
Uh, the food was good.
Another one bites the dust?
Well, and after
three months of dating,
he wants me to make
a commitment?
Plus, I made a comparison chart
of who we are,
and it did not look good.
But I thought you liked him.
I do like him,
but I just don't...
To me,
a commitment means forever.
I'm just not there yet.
Not with Steven.
With Steven, or...
with everybody in general?
Hey, I just want
to see you being happy.
Well, I don't need someone else
to make me happy.
I hear you, Abby, but trust me,
you'll know when you know.
You know what's weird?
I haven't been
sleeping well lately.
Yeah, I keep having
this recurring dream
that I'm in the middle
of nowhere
and the sky
is filled with eagles.
- Eagles?
- Yeah.
Soaring. Like,
there's dozens of them,
just floating in space.
Well, I am no Freud,
but a recurring dream of eagles?
That must mean something.
All I know is the eagles
just keep hovering.
in the sky.
"Sky" rhymes with "guy".
Oh! Oh, mm.
What if you're gonna meet
your perfect guy?
Okay. All the same,
I'd rather be
dreaming of dolphins
off the coast of Bora Bora.
Or how to shave
10 minutes off my run time.
Well, at least
you're not dreaming
of rattlesnakes on the Baja.
Really glad
you're not a shrink, Meaghan.
Only because I'd miss you
too much at the office.
I could be a good shrink.
So I went jogging
with your favorite ornithologist
this morning.
You might be in luck.
She broke up with
that Steven guy
that she met at the bookstore.
- Really?
- There you are!
Huh! How's
the world's best bear tracker?
Fine. Fine.
I'm really... really...
Anything new, Harry?
You know, I will
see you guys later.
Oh, drinks after work?
You're gonna be good.
Just go in smooth.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
how was your weekend?
- Oh!
- Sorry.
Sorry to hear
about your breakup.
I'm gonna be in the lab...
That girl cannot keep
anything to herself.
Hey, um, I heard this concert
was happening this weekend,
and I, um...
Harry, I'm sorry...
Oh, too... too soon?
Sorry. That's no problem.
There you are.
I got your emails.
Good morning, Davis.
What's this about
a bear in St. Paul?
Get this!
5:30 this morning,
a black bear wandered
into downtown St. Paul.
Guess he was window shopping.
Did he find anything
in his size?
Good one.
I've got to steal that
for my blog.
All right.
Get it out soon.
Everyone reads Bear Tracker.
Could make national news.
On it.
- And I found your pen.
- Oh. Thanks.
Oh, Harry.
Abby, that is a great shot.
Yeah. I mean, I'm sure
you already know this,
but eagles became
a fully protected
endangered species in the 1970s.
I know all about it.
An eagle census made it
into the popular press.
National Symbol Extinct."
Congress acted unanimously.
Yes, I have read the press.
And as I recall,
the decline was documented
by a woman in Alaska?
Alice Hughes was her name.
She had her 15 minutes of fame
in the early '70s
and then just disappeared.
Here's an idea, Abby.
Track down Alice Hughes.
Get the original study,
and then do a new census,
50 years later.
Ah, like an online eagle census?
Uh, offline.
- Online.
- Offline.
Yeah, go where she went.
No, I think
I can do that right here.
No, no, no, no, no.
You have to go where she was.
Follow in her footsteps.
It will be a great cover story
for the next journal.
- All right?
- I...
- Go, Abby, go!
- Go... oh, gosh.
It just came out of nowhere.
That's what Davis does.
He calls it "pollination".
He walks around the lab,
triggering stories.
Well, yeah,
but it was all so vague.
I know, but his instincts
are spot-on.
Look at Bear Tracker.
Harry has
five million followers.
Harry is not
crawling around in caves,
looking for bears.
Very true,
but Davis has
a knack for this stuff.
He has launched
dozens of major reports.
Even a few from me.
Right, like your story
on the bees.
Yeah, all because Davis was
stung at the company picnic.
Call it pollination!
And a few years back,
I did one on the disappearance
of the albatross.
Off I went to Fiji.
Now, that was a trip.
More stories
lead to more funding,
and more funding brings in
more researchers, like you.
They come up with more stories,
and the whole thing
spirals forward.
I get it.
So if Davis wants you to find
some lady who counted
bald eagles in the 1970s,
I say go find her.
He actually already
spoke to her.
Alice Hughes has
officially invited me
for a visit...
Somewhere near Seattle.
- Amazing!
- Nah, I don't know.
- No?
- Well...
- Yes? Cheers.
- Cheers.
Eagles mate for life, you know.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, of course.
I read your bio.
Master's in ornithology.
Published articles
in several journals.
Very impressive.
Thank you.
Have some tea.
You made quite the ruckus
back in the day.
It's the craziest thing.
I did some research
on the bald eagle population,
and suddenly, I was
on the cover of magazines.
I wonder...
Could you take me back
to your very first trip to...
Eagle's Crest?
Uh, 1971.
My boyfriend, Charlie,
had been sent over to Vietnam.
That's when I first heard
about this nesting ground
in Hidden Canyon.
It was all just happenstance?
Sometimes, you just
get a feeling.
When Charlie didn't make it
back home,
I needed to get away.
Was it hard the whole trip?
I still have the scars,
if that's what you mean.
But I had some help.
There was a young
Native American named Jaco.
And a Denali Ranger...
"Ranger George."
- Oh?
- He was wonderful!
You know, I haven't been able
to find your full report anywhere.
It was never published.
The eggheads at the journals
didn't believe me.
Oh, you're kidding.
I had no credentials...
Which was true.
I was just a kid with a camera.
They called me
"the Hippie Hiker".
I love that!
And this here,
this is your report?
The data was rock-solid.
The eagle population
declined by 50%
in one year.
DDT was the culprit,
but after the headlines,
eagles were fully protected
in 1972.
- Yeah, it was a huge success.
- Mm-hmm.
Eagles have now been de-listed.
It would be interesting
to compare your data
with a new measurement today.
And how would you do that?
Well, I'd go right back
to Eagle's Crest.
Then I'd use a measuring matrix
to count eaglets.
Two studies, back to back...
Yours and mine.
What was going on 50 years ago,
and what's happening today.
Okay, Abby.
I'll get you to Eagle's Crest.
But here are the ground rules...
you cannot reveal where it is.
We don't need
a bunch of birdwatchers
stumbling around up there.
I promise.
And this could be
a deal-breaker...
You may not publish
your findings,
or use my report,
unless I approve...
In writing.
You have my word.
No story without your approval.
Take this.
You'll see my maps.
Maybe it'll help.
Oh, this is a treasure.
Thank you, Alice.
One more thing.
You'll need a guide.
And I know just the guy.
Actually, I think
I'll be fine on my own.
It's a dangerous trip, Abby.
There's rivers,
grizzlies, wolves...
If you have any doubts,
just forget the whole thing.
Find your way
to Lakeside Lodge,
near Fairbanks.
Ask for Ellen Rivers.
She'll set you up with a guide
and all your gear.
You're about to have
the adventure of a lifetime.
Fallen from a low place
Just waiting
to hit the ground
And your friends
ran on without you
And the dog's nowhere
to be found
It's beautiful.
Is that Beethoven?
Guess again.
So not one of the "B" s.
How can I help you?
Uh, I'm looking
for Ellen Rivers.
She's away.
If I guess the composer,
will you tell me where she is?
She's on a fishing trip,
but she'll be back
in the morning.
Got it.
There's a couple groups
going out tomorrow.
Sign you up?
Oh, I'm not here
for the fishing.
That's too bad.
They're really biting out there.
I'm here to hike to a place
called Eagle's Crest.
Ah, okay.
Well, let me guess.
No, I'm a...
I read all about it,
and that is where I'm going.
Eagle's Crest, huh?
It's too bad
it's on protected land.
It's closed.
Closed? I...
If you change your mind
about that fishing trip...
"Your cottage
is the first one by the lake.
See you in the morning.
If I had a penny
For every time
That I thought of you
and smiled
If you were a picture
I'd paint you
all of the colors I see
When I look at you
Time fades
when I'm with you
And I can't explain
the tainted things I do
With you
You must be Abby.
- Ellen?
- Ellen Rivers.
Welcome to Lakeside Lodge,
traditional territory
of the Dene.
Oh, this place is wonderful.
So I'm guessing you found
your cabin okay last night?
I did, yes. Thank you.
Is this our special guest?
Niko, this is Abby.
Niko Rivers.
Sorry we were away last night.
Glad you made it.
Yes, all thanks to Alice.
You know, I meant to call her.
She said you'd be coming.
You haven't spoken to her?
No. She just left a message
saying to
"expect a young lady," so,
here you are!
Here I am.
Here we are.
Sorry, I gotta go...
The fish are biting...
But Ellen'll take care of you,
and I'll catch up
with you later.
- Okay.
- Maybe dinner?
If you catch something.
Just kidding.
Thank you.
He never catches anything.
Let me show you the lake.
- Sure.
- Come on.
I sort of stumbled on
a piano player last night.
I didn't really expect that
up here.
Right, in the middle of nowhere.
He was actually kind of good.
That's Eric.
I'm actually hoping
he'll guide you
to Eagle's Crest.
Oh, yeah, no, I don't think
he'd be too keen
on that whole idea.
That's just Eric being Eric.
Trust me.
He's really wonderful
with all of our guests.
Unless you're a birdwatcher.
Oh, my goodness!
This view is incredible.
Yeah, you came at a good time.
Look up there.
That's your welcoming committee.
Oh... I missed him.
That's okay.
You'll have
plenty of opportunities.
I was so excited
once I met Alice.
She really is amazing.
And now you're hoping
to follow in her footsteps?
Yeah, that's the idea.
That's really cool.
So where exactly
is Eagle's Crest from here?
So, right over there,
that's the Tanana River.
And you'll have to paddle
down to Split Rock,
and then, from there,
you take a trail up the mountain
to Eagle's Crest.
That sounds easy enough.
Oh, you've done
some mountain climbing before?
- Me?
- Yeah.
Many mountains.
I am a mountain climber.
That's what they call me.
Great. Then you'll do fine.
Oh. Yes.
Can't wait.
Nice. Well,
I'll let you get settled.
Feel free to go for a swim.
Oh, so you can swim in here?
It's a lake.
Oh, right.
So this is what you do
when you're not giving
free concerts?
- You fish in these?
- Yup.
That's your real job?
Are you always this talkative?
- Sometimes less.
- Oh.
Fishing must be good.
Right here?
Some of the best in the world.
Do you fly-fish?
No, but I like
the biology of it.
Matching manmade flies
to a real hatch.
We'll have
to get you out sometime.
So did Ellen or Niko fill you in
on what I'm actually doing here?
I'm sort of following
in the footsteps
of this incredible woman I met...
Alice Hughes.
It's a long story,
but I'm a professional ornithologist.
Oh, a professional birdwatcher.
Right. Same thing.
Uh, it's...
I'm studying migratory patterns
of eagles,
and several years ago,
there was this study...
I know the study.
That's why I'm hiking
to Eagle's Crest.
Like Alice Hughes,
only 50 years later.
I'm sort of getting
the lay of the land now,
but Ellen thought maybe
you could point me
in the right direction?
Like I said,
it's Native American land.
But if Ellen says it's okay...
I'm Abby, by the way.
Okay, Eric.
you ever met Alice Hughes?
You're kidding, right?
She's my grandmother.
I'm sorry, what?
She didn't tell you?
That's so Alice.
You knew?
No, no. It's the first
I've ever heard of it,
but if Alice sent you...
You must be the guide
she was talking about.
You must have
really impressed her,
which isn't easy to do.
What is it you're trying
to do again?
Oh, I want to replicate
her study.
Compare where we are today.
Eagle's Crest, huh?
Well, I guess we have some
sorting out to do, don't we?
Uh, that was interesting.
I just ran into
Alice's grandson.
That's Eric.
I meant to get to him
before you did.
I'm guessing you didn't...
Know who he was? No!
No, I didn't.
And here's the weird part,
is that he was
Mr. Get-Lost-Birdwatcher
until I said the magic words
"Alice Hughes".
I wish I could've seen his face.
Yeah, I guess Alice
had a little Socratic trick
up her sleeve.
That's Alice for you.
Then he said we had
some "sorting out" to do.
What does that mean?
Oh. That just means
he's on board.
Oh. He also knew
all about Alice's research.
Of course he did.
Alice pretty much raised him.
My father was involved, too.
Alice mentioned
a young Native American... Jaco?
That's your dad?
That's amazing!
I'd love to meet him.
You will.
Niko and I are traveling
with you to Split Rock.
Great. I'm sure he knows
all about Eagle's Crest.
Oh, yeah.
He's got stories for days.
He's what we call an Elder.
He can explain things.
He also had
quite the career, though,
before he retired.
What'd he do?
When he first met Alice,
he had just got
his doctorate at Berkeley.
He was studying anthropology.
He taught there
for a while, too,
but the land here
just kept calling to him.
And your mom?
She's been gone
for about five years now.
I'm sorry.
Being here, it makes me
feel closer to her.
That's why my dad started
writing children's books...
As a way to honor her,
and also
to teach our traditions.
Like how the eagle
can guide you.
Yeah, that's kind of why I want
to explore Alice's research.
Well, you'll be
in very good hands with Eric.
full of surprises.
Just like Alice.
- Okay. Shall we feast?
- Oh, yes, please.
Oh, that was delicious.
I'm definitely
coming back to this restaurant.
He's a cook and a comedian.
Abby, how did you
get interested in birds
in the first place?
Oh, it started in college.
I studied migratory patterns
of snow geese,
and I've just recently
become interested in eagles.
They say science gives us truth.
I also like measurements.
At least numbers don't lie.
I see why you like Alice's work.
It's a collection
of measurements.
It's an eagle census.
You know,
she did all those by hand.
I've seen her field notes.
Yeah, to be honest,
getting out on the field
is new for me.
Um, I'm really just a lab girl.
But for some reason,
I can't stop
thinking about eagles.
That'll happen.
And when it does,
you never know
where it might lead.
When was the last time
Alice was here?
- Five years ago?
- That long?
She said she was just
"visiting" the eagles.
Not counting them.
I think she treated one, right?
Yeah, that's right.
She found this one
that she named Romeo.
And Juliet was there, too.
Maybe you'll run into 'em.
Oh, that would be awesome.
Getting up close and personal?
We'll have to keep
our eagle eyes open, won't we?
Oh, my gosh.
Tough crowd.
I'll leave the comedy
up to Niko.
Thank you.
So what's the plan, Eric?
First things first.
No one goes to Eagle Crest
except for Alice.
You know, it's a tough
and dangerous hike.
You gotta think long and hard
if you even want to go.
I want to go.
- You sure?
- Yes.
Okay, but if you wake up
in the morning
and you change your mind,
no harm, no foul.
Just hop on a plane,
you'll be back in the lab
where you belong.
You don't think
I can do the hike, do you?
I mean... come on.
I have my doubts.
- What time do we leave?
- What time do we leave, Niko?
Get her ready by 0630
and be on the water by 7:00?
Copy that. I'll see you
right here at 6:30.
Copy that.
I'll be right here waiting.
- Great.
- Great.
- Perfect.
- Perfect.
Is it really tense in here?
Hey, I know it's early,
but since you're heading
who knows where,
I-I just...
I want to keep track of you.
Meaghan, I'll be fine.
Okay, okay. Just a...
Just a few more details.
Harry keeps asking.
Oh, tell Harry I said hi.
Hi! Abby!
Hi, Harry.
I, um, I just wanted to,
um, you know, uh...
Be careful.
Alaska, it's...
Like I said,
I will be fine.
I'll leave you two to it.
Goodbye, Harry.
I'll give you all the details
when I get back, okay?
I finally met my guide...
Ooh. And?
I haven't figured him out yet.
He's a classically-trained
And he's a fishing guide,
but there is definitely more.
Well, he does sound enigmatic.
So what's next?
Well, today,
we canoe down a river,
and then, tomorrow,
we hike to where
Alice photographed the eagles.
Wow. You are literally
following in her footsteps.
With her grandson.
What? No, no, no, no. Wait.
Wait. Um, piano guy/fisherman
is Eagle Lady's grandson?
- That's insane.
- I know!
Abby, this sounds like
a massive adventure.
If you feel uneasy at all...
Oh, no, I don't.
I'm actually really excited,
even though I have
no idea what to expect.
Can you at least keep me
posted from up there?
Of course.
I'll send you photos,
if I have cell service.
Great! Okay, take lots,
and I cannot wait to hear more.
You're early.
I can come back at 6:30,
if you like.
Okay, birdwatcher.
We'll start here.
How are you in a canoe?
Well, yes, uh...
practically born in a canoe.
Good, good, because there are
some tricky spots,
but you should be okay.
Just do exactly as I say.
No thinking outside the box.
Got it?
Got it.
We should get to Split Rock
this afternoon.
Oh, right.
With Ellen and Niko.
Have dinner with Jaco,
and we'll spend the night.
Is there a hotel
or some kind
of accommodations there?
- A hotel?
- Mm-hmm.
There's a few tents for guests,
but you'll be fine.
And then tomorrow,
we're on our way up.
What do you mean, "up"?
Right. What kind of shape
are you in?
Uh, yeah, I played
field hockey in college,
and now I run and do yoga.
I'm very flexible.
I guess the question is,
can you make it up
two big mountains in one day
carrying a 30-pound pack?
Piece of cake.
All right.
Well, if we set a pace,
we should get to Eagle's Crest,
say, 7:00 or so.
And, uh, where exactly
is Eagle's Crest?
Right up there?
Okay. And Hidden Canyon?
Hidden Canyon is not on any map.
And no trail?
Don't worry.
I'll get you there.
I wasn't worried.
Okay, it's going to be
a monster of a hike.
Let's get you geared up.
Let's try this on for size.
Put that like that.
Here... we... go.
How's that?
Bring on the mountains!
Powdered eggs.
Scrambled, with bacon?
Blueberry muffins.
With espresso.
And chicken Alfredo.
With linguini?
How many days
do you think you'll need?
Uh, let's plan for three...
and hope for two.
All right.
Dried fruit.
We need these.
Strawberry shortcake!
Can't count eagles
without strawberry shortcake.
Or lemon meringue pie!
What? Lunch and dinner.
Are you a big eater?
No, not big-big, but...
Yeah, big.
Well, in that case, you're
gonna love the filet mignon.
Ooh! With baked potato?
Okay, mountaineer.
Good to go.
I'm okay.
I think we got...
one too many stroganoffs.
Shall we?
I see you've got your
life-support system there, Abby.
I'm a walking dried-food bin.
It's okay.
The bears don't like that stuff.
Ho! Right, the bears.
Don't listen to him.
You'll be fine.
Besides, you've got Eric.
I've been known
to wrestle a bear or two.
Want to hand me your pack, Abby?
Oh, I thought you'd never ask.
Thank you.
It's an easy paddle
to Split Rock.
Easy. But then, from there,
it's all uphill.
It's all uphill.
- Thanks, Niko.
- We've got you.
All right, Abby,
you're up there in the bow.
The other bow.
Testing you.
Born in a canoe, huh?
Yeah. Can't you tell?
Here, take this.
All right.
Hold the paddle like this, Abby.
And use your back
to pull through the water.
Just like that.
Hey, I got it.
Lead the way, Eric.
Aye-aye, Captain.
Hey, look.
It's like one of my dreams.
You know, we believe
that eagles are messengers
between humans and the Creator.
Even in dreams.
Dare I say it?
A good omen.
Meant to do that.
I loved hearing you
on the piano.
Do you only play
classical music?
I play all kinds of music.
The Beatles.
Classics from the '50s.
Anything from...
ahem, I don't know, say...
the Eagles?
Ah. You got to earn
the Eagles.
What? Not even one song?
We'll see
how your paddling goes.
Come on. Can you remember
how to get there?
Left, left, left
I left
Want to walk through
the valley with you
Step, step, step by step
I couldn't do it without you
Under skies so blue
With just me and you
Yeah, me and you
I want to walk on the top
of every mountain
I want to run
on the bottom of the sea
If our feet get tired
We'll just
stay for a while
Dad, this is Abby.
Jaco Thomas. Welcome.
I've heard a lot about you.
Thank you.
Oh, thanks, Dad.
What, no manners?
Checking to see if you've got
any strength left in these arms.
I'm retired.
And remember,
I go to the gym every day.
Eh? Give up?
This could take a while.
Why don't I show you
where you're staying?
Hey, Eric!
- Long time.
- How you doing today?
Pretty good.
Most of our guests here
are fishermen.
You'll see...
There's lots of great spots
all over here.
Yeah, that's what I've heard.
And here's our tents.
All the comforts of home.
I like to think of it
as "glamping".
Oh, Ellen.
When Eric said tents,
I was expecting a...
Pup tent?
Yeah. This is lovely.
If you need anything,
let me know?
- Okay.
- I'll see you at dinner.
Yeah. I'm just gonna close
my eyes for, like, two seconds.
Get your gear on, Abby.
What gear?
You know, I promised Ellen
I'd bring home dinner,
so this is where
you get to help.
I'm guessing we're not
heading to a market, are we?
You'll love it.
Trust me.
Okay, now, the fish
are working their way upstream,
against the current.
Got it.
When they get hungry enough,
they come to the surface
looking for flies, like this.
To a fish,
that looks like a cheeseburger.
That's right.
All right,
now what you want to do
is move your hand
in this motion...
10:00, 2:00.
No, I'll fix that.
One second.
Oh, wait. Wait.
All right.
This is the rhythm.
Now mend the line.
Hold the slack
with your left hand.
Hold it nice and tight.
Just like that.
Okay, now pull it back.
And release.
Just like that.
Like that!
Good job.
No, stay.
Just for a few more tries.
Okay. One more time.
Pull it back.
And release.
I got one!
Okay, hold the line tight!
- What do I do? What do I do?
- Reel it in.
- Okay, okay.
- Just like that.
- Okay. Ooh...
- There we go. Just like that.
Oh, it's so strong!
- He's coming in. He's coming in.
- All right, here we go.
- He's a big guy.
- Get the net, get the net!
Keep it coming.
I got him.
- Hey!
- You got him!
You got him.
I just netted him.
Good job.
- That's dinner?
- Yeah. Main course.
That was so fun.
You're a natural.
That was my first fish ever.
Well, I think
we're gonna need a few more.
Hey, these...
are all from the garden.
Or the market in Fairbanks.
- And Abby caught dinner!
- Uh, yeah.
That was beginner's luck.
Oh, don't let her fool you.
She's a natural.
I just had a good teacher.
Or some good karma.
It's a good thing somebody
was able to bring in some fish.
- If we depended on Niko...
- Here we go again.
We'd all be starving.
A fishing lodge owner
who doesn't know...
how to fish.
Yeah, thanks.
He's a good businessman
at least, right?
Maybe. At least
he sure married well.
Well, that I agree with.
Dad, um, Abby's been telling us
about some dreams
she's been having.
Oh, it's really nothing.
No, really. It's okay.
They're about eagles.
Well, it's the same dream
every night,
and they're soaring
high above me.
Come with me.
I have something to show you.
Have a seat.
The eagles are a huge part
of who we are
and where we come from.
Not just the Dene.
All Indigenous peoples.
Have you written about it?
I have studied our cultures,
and others.
This is why I wrote
these children's books.
"The Eagle and the Moon."
The eagle's spirit
will sometimes visit us.
That's why the eagle feathers
are so sacred to us.
If you look closely,
there's actually feathers
inside the amulet.
Have a look.
It's beautiful.
Did you know
that animals have powers?
All animals have powers.
The eagle has
the power of flight.
But it can also be used
to guide you
through different passages.
Do you think that's
what my dreams are about?
The eagles are calling upon you
for some reason,
like they did to Alice.
I, um...
I'm guessing
Alice didn't mention that part?
No. No, not exactly.
But she also didn't mention
her grandson would be my guide.
Were you close with Alice
back then?
I was a young man
when she first came here.
She was on a journey, searching.
Some might call it
a vision quest.
I was her guide.
This is when our young men
go out on their own
for the very first time.
They journey for four days
and four nights,
and they go up
as high as they possibly can get
to be as close to the Creator
as possible.
They pray
and open themselves up
to receive messages.
It's in the stillness
that certain things
just become more clear.
A vision quest.
This amulet brings powers
to the ones wearing it.
It's yours now.
Are you sure?
May the spirit guide
keep you safe on your journey.
Thank you, Jaco.
I really mean that.
This is an honor.
Thank you.
Dinner's ready.
House special...
Baked Alaskan trout.
I totally could've caught this
if I was there.
Time to hit the trail.
Is it 6:30 already?
Come back
when it's 6:30.
I'm up. I'm up.
How far from here?
Trust me, we have miles to go
before we sleep.
"And miles to go
before we sleep."
We're walking side by side
I would walk through fire
with you
Yeah, I would walk for miles
I was wondering...
how'd you go from field hockey
to birdwatching?
Well, I liked hockey,
but birds have always
been my first love.
I did my master's
in zoology at Cornell,
and I took a research job
at North Star Wildlife.
You okay?
Yeah, it's actually...
it's a lot easier
than I thought. Ooh!
So that's where
you got the whole gung-ho thing
from, huh?
That was my dad.
Yeah, he was a football coach,
and he had these words
framed in his office...
"All or nothing."
Guess I kinda
took that to heart.
You know, always give it
everything you got.
He say anything about
getting in over your head?
"Sink or swim."
let's hope you don't
have lead feet.
- Ready to go, Skippy?
- Ready.
How great is this?
Are we there yet?
I'd say we're about halfway.
What? Halfway?
I mean...
That's great!
There's still another hill
after this,
if you want to turn back.
You think I can't make it?
My number-one rule is just
be honest with yourself.
Wasn't that
in the coach's manual?
No. His big rule was
"always stay on course."
Always meet your goals.
Well, I guess that's why
I take the road less traveled.
See where the trail leads me.
Yeah, well, you met that goal.
I like to have complete control
over every step.
Don't say it.
Have a nice trip?
So when you took Alice
to Hidden Canyon,
did you see a lot of eagles?
Well, the truth is,
we never
made it to Hidden Canyon.
Alice wanted to relive
her trip to Eagle's Crest,
and like I said, some eagles
found us along the way.
Okay, so how far
is Hidden Canyon
from Eagle's Crest?
- That's a good question.
- And the answer is?
I'm not sure.
What do you mean,
you're not sure?
I've never been.
What? Wait.
You've never been?
I have a guide guiding me
to a place he has never been.
I said I'd get you
to Eagle's Crest, right?
Yeah, but...
That's where you said
you wanted to go.
Alice said the eagles
are at Hidden Canyon.
Alice has been saying that
for 50 years,
and no one's ever found it.
What happened to your rule
about being honest?
You misled me.
Honestly, I didn't think
you'd make it this far.
Well, I did!
I'm sorry I misled you.
If you want to head back,
that's exactly what we'll do.
No, I don't want to turn back.
I want to count the eagles
at Hidden Canyon...
if my so-called guide
can ever find it.
Hey, don't take this
the wrong way...
That backpack
looks really cute on you.
Roll over, Beethoven.
That's fair.
Hey, lab girl?
Wrong way.
This way.
I knew that!
I was just testing you.
Hey. Wait up.
- Easy, now.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
This way?
Yeah, it looks like it.
Yeah, I'm not climbing that.
It's not as bad as it looks.
Wha... You're kidding.
I have to scale a cliff?
It's just one mountain.
It's easy.
Just one. "It's easy."
Okay, great. Great.
Not gonna climb that.
All right, when I get up there,
I'll pull up your backpack up,
then I'll come back
and belay you.
- Oh, you'll belay me. Great.
- Mm-hmm.
It's safe.
- Oh, safe!
- And fun.
Oh, fun.
Right. How exactly is this fun?
Trust me, you're gonna love it.
I'm just gonna...
I'm just gonna delay the belay.
You do that.
I'll hang out here
while you climb that.
I mean, I was a regular Tarzan
when I was a kid, so...
Now, where did I put the...
It's around somewhere.
Oh, yeah.
This is gonna be good.
You didn't.
Oh, ho, but I did.
- You cheated.
- Actually, Beethoven,
I just started thinking
outside the box.
You should try it sometime.
Make sure you bring up my pack
for me. Thank you.
Thinking outside the box.
Eagle's Crest.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
Somehow, Jaco led Alice
to this very spot 50 years ago.
Hello, world!
It's me, Abby Morgan!
I made it!
What kind of bird was that?
It's a made-up bird.
- Oh, okay.
- I'm working on it.
It's pretty good.
When I was a little girl,
I used to race home from school
just so I could look up
at the sky
and count the birds.
Every year,
right before it got cold,
I would wait
till I heard this sound.
I'd look up at the sky,
and there would be hundreds
of birds flying
in this perfect "V" formation.
It was magic.
Now you have
the bird's-eye view.
Well, it's getting late.
We should probably
go set up camp.
Choose a place on a map
where we've never been
See the world
Hold my hand
Let's jump right in
We can make memories
Over sea, through the air
any other way
Take a trip with us
it will make your day
See the world open-eyed
See the colors change
to Eagle's Crest campsite.
Oh, Ranger George
must have built this.
It's almost 8:00. How do you
feel about a late dinner?
Reservations for two?
Table with a view.
I'll set up my tent.
If you set it up over there,
the smoke will blow that way.
How about over here?
That's the firepit.
Okay. You've stayed
at this hotel before.
You pick my room.
Follow me.
How do you like your stew?
Uh, not cold, please.
Oh, thank you.
To Alice.
And her eagles.
Tomorrow, we search
for Hidden Canyon.
Here's to finding it.
Hmm. It's not bad
for powdered wine.
I made it myself.
A hint of, uh, apricot.
That might just be the smoke.
You know what feels good?
What's that?
Not carrying a 30-pound pack
on my back.
Yeah, I get it.
Do you think
we're on the right trail?
last time I took Alice,
she pointed in this direction.
So yeah, I think so.
From studying her sketchbook,
Hidden Canyon seemed like
two minutes from camp.
Could be two days from camp.
Tell me it's not.
It's not.
Oh, good.
You had me worried.
It could be three.
That's funny.
She also sketched
this little lake
and called it "Lake George".
I'm guessing you don't know
where that is, either.
Abby, I got you
to Eagle's Crest.
From here on out,
your guess is as good as mine.
Well, my guess is...
we're on the right path.
Guess so.
I was thinking...
I was expecting the sky
to be filled with eagles.
Like in my dreams, you know?
I haven't seen a single one
since we left.
Maybe they moved on.
"Maybe they moved on."
I've been looking
in the tree branches,
and I haven't seen
a single nest.
You still have your kazoo.
- It's a harmonica.
- Right.
Ah, at least we have proof
of one eaglet.
Might be all you'll get.
I don't mean to be
the voice of doom,
but maybe it's called
"Hidden Canyon" for a reason.
We have to find it.
All or nothing, remember?
I know I saw something
about a lake in here.
"Lake George"?
If I was a gambling man?
I'd say yes.
What is this contraption?
I don't know.
Looks like Ranger George's work.
Do you think it still works?
There's only one way
to find out.
It's working!
Not bad for an old raft.
I could get used to this.
All right,
don't get too comfortable.
It's only got the one speed,
or can we go any faster?
Be my guest,
if you want to give me a hand.
I'm good. Right here.
That's what I thought.
Seems like
it's slowing down a bit.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
It must be stuck.
Come on, muscles.
All right. I'm gonna
give it a good pull.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's not so bad.
It's fine, really.
- My bad.
- Totally fine, totally warm.
It's all good, really.
No worries.
I got you!
Wait. What is that?
- What do y... What do you mean?
- Is that a snake?
What do you mean, a snake?
Ah! Are you insane?
Thanks for sealing off
my camera and Alice's diary.
Of course.
Years of
river-guiding experience.
"Expect the unexpected."
Sounds like
one of my dad's lines.
A soggy sandwich
has never tasted so good.
Totally. All the rage.
I was wondering...
what did you make
of Jaco's story
about the vision quest?
Well, I've spent
a lot of time up here,
especially with Ellen and Niko.
The truth is,
I'm really taken with
Native American spirituality.
I'm not really sure
what I believe.
But what he said
really stuck with me.
Have you ever heard
of inter-spirituality?
It's when certain aspects
of other beliefs
are accepted
as truths in your own.
When you think of it that way,
there's sort of
a universal connectedness.
And the eagles are messengers?
Yeah. I mean, sure. Why not?
You're here, aren't you?
Your dreams are real, right?
I'm definitely here.
I'm just not really sure
where I'm headed.
Maybe you've already arrived.
An eagle.
Is there any way...
Getting up there
for a closer look?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, probably.
Let's do this.
All right.
How's it going up there?
You finding any nests?
No, not yet.
I think I'm close.
Okay, I got you.
You're good.
I got a great shot!
That's great.
I'm gonna get closer.
All right.
Easy, now!
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
- I got you!
- Eric, help!
Use your feet, Abby.
- Careful! Careful!
- That's good, that's good.
Rappel down.
You okay?
I can't believe I did that.
That was great!
I got some incredible shots.
Let's see.
Oh, wow.
Fantastic shot, Abby.
That's incredible!
Oh, that smells delicious.
Prepackaged filet mignon.
I'm impressed.
You, uh, seem to know your way
around the kitchen.
You'll need to come with me
on one of my fishing trips.
I cook a full menu.
Oh, maybe.
Eric, I wanted to ask you
about something.
Your music.
What I heard the other night
was world-class.
Not quite.
You're classically-trained.
- Juilliard?
- Yep.
What happened?
Well, what happened was,
my freshman year,
I put on a recital.
And then my dad
decided to attend.
My parents divorced
when I was three.
My dad moved to London.
Alice's son?
Yep. Still lives there, too.
Started a whole new family.
And then, suddenly,
he just shows up
out of the blue
an hour before the concert.
Oh, no.
I actually picked out that piece
I was playing the other night.
Yeah, that's it.
I knew it cold, too, you know?
"Nocturne Suite in E-Flat."
And somewhere along the lines,
I just...
lost my way.
You should've been there, though.
It was a... a beautiful disaster.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I blame my dad mostly, you know?
Not so much for showing up
and rattling my nerves,
but walking out on his family
in the first place.
If you bring kids
into this world,
you'd better commit
to taking care of them.
I couldn't agree with you more.
That was the end of
my so-called musical career.
But I missed the West, you know?
So I transferred to Washington,
picked up my degree
so I could teach.
- And spend summers up here?
- Yeah.
You know,
sometimes, I check in on Alice.
My mom died when I was 10,
so Alice basically raised me.
She's a very special woman.
You know, we used to come
up here all the time.
She used to be a photographer,
and a chef on the side.
So what do you teach?
Oh, my goodness.
- Uh...
- Is that Romeo?
Hey there, big guy.
Remember me?
Hey, the tag from
five years ago is still there.
Looks good to me.
Look at you.
Now, that is a great shot.
That's Juliet.
She's making sure he's okay.
They're so committed
to each other.
For life.
You awake?
Just checking.
I really liked today.
I'm glad you liked it.
I really, really liked it.
- Goodnight, Eric.
- Goodnight, Abby.
Feels like
no human being's
ever set foot here.
At least for 50 years.
You know, come to think of it,
I don't recognize any of this
from Alice's sketchbook.
What if we never find it?
We will.
Well, I guess
we've come this far.
You know, sometimes, you've got
to take a leap of faith...
that's where the magic happens.
"All or nothing!"
Yeah! Hidden Canyon!
Eric, this is amazing.
This is Alice's lifelong secret.
Look at them all.
I mean, the camera
doesn't even come close.
Can we get down there?
What, this isn't
close enough for you?
I forgot my wings.
There's some little ones
right there.
It's like an eagle refuge!
It's all about the food.
The more fish, the more eagles.
Look, look.
There's a nest.
You're gonna
out-photograph Alice.
Do you think
it's always like this?
They knew you were coming.
Close your eyes
and make it happen
Hold your arms out
and see the signs
Watch the nights
turn into dreams for us
Close your eyes
and make it happen
They're all through
the trees as well.
There, too!
Oh, my gosh!
So what's your plan
with all the photos?
Now I just need
to enter the data
into my computer model.
Sounds easy enough.
Yeah, I definitely have
the high-tech advantage
over Alice.
Wow. That's... amazing.
I've never seen so many eagles.
Wonder how many years
this has been going on.
I have so much respect
for your grandmother.
I understand why keeping this
a secret meant so much to her.
It means everything to her.
I'm just glad she let you...
discover it together.
Yeah. Me too.
Thank you for bringing me here.
Do you have any snacks?
Tonight, we skip dinner.
Go for straight for dessert.
Sounds good to me.
That lemon meringue pie
has my name on it.
To die for.
Don't make a move.
Now slowly move
to higher ground.
Wave your hands in the air.
Hey, Mr. Bear.
There's no food here,
so just be on your way.
We don't want any trouble.
That's it.
Wave your hands
in the air, Abby.
You're not under arrest.
It's a bear, Abby.
That's it.
Bang the pots!
Loud, Abby!
Bang the pots, Abby!
Is he gone?
"Mr. Bear," huh?
You were very good.
No, no, you were very good.
I see what you did there.
Actually, I was scared
out of my wits.
That didn't stop you
from clicking away.
Oh... instinct, I guess.
Well, I don't think
he'll be coming back.
He didn't find any food.
Uh, maybe just let's just
leave 'em up there tonight.
What, no dessert?
Suddenly not very hungry.
Right, who am I kidding?
Make it a double
strawberry shortcake.
That's a pretty amazing shot.
I still can't believe
you got it.
I know!
I sent this one
to my friend, Meaghan.
There's cell reception up here?
Oh, no, only one bar.
But this camera can send photos,
and it has a GPS tag.
They must've upgraded the tower.
Yeah, I actually transferred
all the photos from today.
It's been interesting,
comparing them
with Alice's sketches.
Are they matching?
Oh, almost to a "T".
Well, Alice
will be pretty impressed.
So you think there's more eagles
now than in 1971?
Yeah, there's a lot more.
What do you think?
I think you're
a pretty darn good photographer.
What is this you're reading?
That? That's just a...
It's a poet I like.
Robert Service.
- You ever heard of him?
- No.
Writes about Alaska, mountains...
Well, I know you teach English,
but what's your specialty?
American poetry.
Wait. You're a bear whisperer
and a poet?
You are a poet!
Oh, will you please
recite me one of your poems?
Come on.
You're the first real poet
I ever met.
Maybe when this is all over,
I'll email you some.
All right.
piano and poetry, huh?
I mean, they go together.
Music, it's abstract math.
Poetry's verbal math.
Which one do you like most?
I love them both.
Where'd you find that?
It was here yesterday
when I woke up.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
It must've found you.
I'm a scientist, but...
Hey, sometimes
these things just happen.
That's where poetry comes from.
I'd like to take this with me.
You know what they say...
"take only memories,
leave only footprints."
Eric, we can head back tomorrow.
I have everything I need.
Well, I'm glad you found
everything you're looking for.
I did,
but I'm not just
talking about the research.
I have spent most of my life
being in control.
Measuring this, measuring that.
- Numbers never lie.
- Exactly.
But there was this guy,
my freshman year of college.
He promised me the world,
and I gave him everything.
And then he broke my heart.
And since that day,
I have been so afraid
to lose control.
Abby, it's okay to step outside
your comfort zone.
But not to me.
It wasn't.
I-I always had
to stay on course.
What about today?
It's how we found the eagles...
By going off the path.
Maybe that is what
Hidden Canyon is all about.
That's exactly
what it's all about.
You got to understand
there's a whole world out there
for you to discover,
even if you trip a few times
along the way.
Just got
to pick yourself up, right?
And maybe you'll find
what you've been looking for.
It's almost like you can see
into other galaxies
or universes.
They're so close.
There you go.
Aurora borealis.
In all my life,
I have never seen anything
like it.
It's beautiful.
Thank you for bringing me here.
I wouldn't have missed this
for the world.
You're the only girl
got a hold on me
Take me by the hand
Never let me leave
All I wanna be
is all you need
There's so much more to see
All that I want
is to be anywhere you are...
All that I want
is to be anywhere you are
All that I want
is to be anywhere you are...
All that I want
is to be anywhere you are
Oh, I can't wait for a shower.
Yeah. And a good night's rest.
Home, sweet home.
Thank you.
Hey! You survived.
- How was it?
- Oh, it was magical.
It was great.
Even with the bear?
Even with the...
How did you...
How did you know about that?
Bear Tracker had a photo.
Bear Tracker?
Well, you must have sent it.
It had the coordinates
and everything.
No, no.
I sent it to my friend, Meaghan.
She must have sent it to him.
Abby, I thought you agreed...
No. Yes.
I mean, of course, I agreed,
but I didn't think that
Meaghan would send it to him.
You gave away the location.
Eric, I...
I can't believe you did this.
I'm sure Alice has found out.
I'm so sorry.
Was this some career thing
for you?
No, I know, Meaghan,
but you sent it to Harry
without my permission.
I just sent it to you for fun.
I didn't think he'd publish it.
It's what he does.
I know, but...
What were you thinking?
I... I was thinking
it's an amazing photo and...
and I wanted our bear guy
to see it.
I should've told you
not to tell anyone.
Well, I just...
I didn't think I...
I know.
But the problem is,
I gave Alice my word
not to reveal the location.
- I get it.
And now Eric doesn't trust me,
and Alice will never
allow me to publish the story.
I'm so sorry, Abby.
Me too.
But I only have myself to blame.
Talk to you tomorrow, okay?
Okay. Bye.
Are we sure
the GPS coordinates were right?
They were attached to the photo
when it came in.
- It's such a great shot.
- Thank you.
You should see
the response it's getting.
How many emails?
We have to take it down.
Did Abby say anything
about her report?
Hey, at least we'll have that!
No. No, we don't!
Abby promised Alice
that she would not
reveal the location,
and Abby's not
gonna publish anything
without Alice's approval.
Did we really give it away?
Coordinates aren't
the easiest way to find a place,
and it didn't mention
anything about eagles.
You know, I'm gonna try
to give Alice a call,
but for now,
let's take the bear photo down.
Will do.
We'll work this out.
I hope so.
I feel terrible.
I'll give Abby a call.
Thank you.
- Do you want me to...
- Hmm?
- Photo?
- Right.
Come on, Eric.
It was an accident.
Yeah, I get it was an accident,
but it was a huge mistake.
An innocent one.
You know I hate mistakes.
Did you get in touch with Alice?
I tried.
- I even sent a text.
- Nothing?
No. And I'm sure
she saw she post.
She never misses
a Bear Tracker blog.
I wonder what she thought.
That caption alone...
"Bear Tracker Abby Morgan
tracks down a bear."
I know, right?
She must have flipped out.
I don't know, man.
I think I just got to get away.
I feel horrible.
I know you're upset.
We've taken the photo down.
Good, thank you,
but the damage is already done.
I know.
We're all deeply sorry.
Especially Meaghan.
And Harry, he's beside himself.
It's just that the trip
was perfect
and I have
this incredible story to tell.
And you should tell it.
I know, but it's
Alice's story, too.
Include hers and yours.
Look, just write the report
while it's still fresh,
even if it's just for you.
But I already told you...
No publishing anything
unless Alice approves.
And you have my word.
Okay, but I'm gonna make it
a personal story...
What the journey meant to me
and how it changed my life.
And the eagles?
It's all woven together.
Including everything I learned
from Ellen, Niko, and Jaco.
I love it.
Now get back to work, all right?
And I'll keep you posted.
You got this.
She wears blue flowers
in her hair
Sings a song
no one seems to hear
All alone
and the dust is rising
By the stage
he is a pretty little song
With his big boots
he taps along
All of the while he hopes
to tell her "Well done"
You say
all the world's a stage
And that's what
the people say
So why is no one
listening to me?
She wears blue flowers
in her hair
Sings a song
no one seems to hear
All alone
and the dust is rising
By the stage
Taking a break?
No, actually. I finished.
It's in my boss's hands now.
That's great.
Now you can take a few days...
Yeah, thank you.
I am exhausted.
I bet.
That was a bit of
a rough patch, hey?
I can't believe
I gave away the location.
You know, my mom used to say
"everything happens
for a reason."
To me, it just feels like
a good trip with a bad ending.
Will you join us
for some dinner, at least?
You have been so kind to me.
But it's time for me to go home.
I'll track you down tomorrow
before I leave.
It's 5:00 a.m.
And in an hour
I'm gonna leave you, babe
And the sparrows are singing
on the garden shed
Seems nothing's understood
in this life
But that the time
it ticks on
And you don't get it back
Just got to get out of bed
Thank you for everything.
- And you come back, okay?
- I will. I promise.
- I'll miss you.
- You too.
This is you.
That's me.
All right, guys.
We've been trying to reach you!
I know. I know.
I thought
I'd better just show up.
And old friend gave me
a lift from Fairbanks.
George, this is Abby,
Ellen, Niko.
Nice to meet you all.
"Ranger George"?
The one and the same.
Oh, it's an honor to meet you.
It's not the first time
that he's come to my rescue.
it's been too long.
Before you head off,
I just want you to know
that this report is outstanding.
It is?
I'm overwhelmed
at how you combined
my story and yours,
and Davis has my full approval.
That means
the world to me, Alice.
It's beautiful.
And you found Hidden Canyon.
Well, if it wasn't
for you, Alice,
we would probably still
be wandering around out there.
So thank you.
I'm delighted.
Join us inside?
I just want to say goodbye
to the lake
- one last time.
- Okay.
Hey, birdwatcher.
I just wanted to...
I'm sorry...
You first.
No, no, no. You.
Eric, I'm so sorry.
These things happen.
I don't make mistakes.
Nobody's perfect, right?
But you come pretty darn close.
It's just...
Alice has been protecting
those eagles for 50 years.
I know.
And that'll continue to happen
because no one will ever
find that place.
At least not without a guide.
Alice texted me.
She loved your piece.
I know.
As I was writing,
I realized the journey had
this whole other purpose...
One I didn't understand
at first,
and then I did.
It's about
putting yourself out there
and finding your path,
even when it's not clear.
It's about pushing forward
today and tomorrow.
Until one fine night,
under the stars,
you realize
it's right in front of you.
I don't know any other way
to say this to you...
but I love you,
Abby Morgan.
And I'm sorry
if that sounds presumptuous.
No. It doesn't.
All or nothing?
All or nothing.