Joy for Christmas (2021) Movie Script

Why aren't there any toys?
I don't know, honey.
Let's come back tomorrow
and check, okay?
[man] This is
absolutely ridiculous.
[woman] I'm sorry,
I don't have you on here.
[man] It's very frustrating.
There's really nothing
that I can do.
I know! You've said that
about five times already.
Mr. McKenzie, Holly Silver.
at Arthur Publishing.
Huge fan. I absolutely loved
your last book.
-As I was saying,
we don't have Mr. McKenzie
on the show this morning.
This is what I've been
dealing with since I got here.
No, of course, you have him.
This has been lined up
for weeks.
Your producer, um...
[elevator bell dings]
Mike Stanton.
He should be expecting us.
I don't know who that is.
You don't know
the producers on your show?
I know all the producers here.
We don't have a Mike Stanton.
I've never been
treated like this before.
Mike will clear this all up.
I don't think he can.
Thank you,
Mr. Unsolicited Advice,
but he absolutely can.
Just trying to help you.
You seem
a little confused, is all.
The only thing
I'm confused about
is who you are
and how this concerns you.
Well, that's Jack Kane,
Major League Baseball all-star.
Him, we do have
on our schedule.
Well, still,
we should talk to Mike.
That's not gonna help.
Really? And why is that?
Probably because Mike Stanton
works at
"Good Morning, Bay City."
and we are at
"Wake Up, Bay City."
Came to the wrong place.
-[text alert chimes]
Really? Uh, well...
It's safe to say that there has
been some kind of a mix-up,
but still, Mr. McKenzie
has eight best-sellers.
I just wrote
the seminal Christmas novel.
Another Christmas novel.
You think there are
too many Christmas novels?
I think
there's too many Christmas...
This is who my client
is getting bumped for
on your "lead up
to Christmas" special?
Your client isn't
being bumped for anyone.
He was never scheduled.
Ah. That's a fair point.
You know what?
She's right.
I am the wrong person
for this spot,
and I would gladly
give up my spot
to Mr. McKenzie.
Big fan.
Probably not gonna get
to the Christmas book, though.
Great! We'll take it.
No, I-- I can't.
Please, Mr. Kane, follow me.
Here. In case
you need directions
to "Good Morning, Bay City"
or anything else.
[laughs] Thanks. I'm good.
Good luck avoiding Christmas
on a Christmas special.
[chuckles dryly]
Mr. McKenzie,
we will fix this.
"Jack Kane."
[phone vibrates]
Yes. Oh, he is upset.
Yeah. I will be right over.
-[elevator dings]
You're certainly more important
than a baseball player, Andrew.
[host] We're here with
Major League Baseball all-star
Jack Kane,
talking about
his charity foundation,
"Food for Families."
[Gil] I don't understand
how she could...
...shut down operations
when the company managing
your funds went bankrupt.
No, no. I-It's complicated.
How complicated can it be?
While we were not the one
who lost this year's funds,
I take responsibility,
and I would like
to wholeheartedly apologize
to all the families
who were affected by this.
Thank you for
setting the record straight.
Now, how about you fill us in
on all your exciting
holiday plans?
Well, I wouldn't call
staying home alone exciting.
You have no plans
for Christmas?
No plans are my plans,
as always.
You never do anything
for Christmas?
-I can't believe it.
Jack Kane is going to be
home alone for Christmas.
I have a dog.
Now, there's a man
who needs a good PR manager.
Do you want to call him
and ask him if he has one?
No! Andrew.
Your time is very valuable
to us.
In fact...
I'm gonna make sure that Holly
never makes this mistake again.
-My apologies.
Okay. Goodbye.
What are we gonna do
about this?
You could start
by calling him back
and telling him
that you made the booking
and gave me
the wrong information.
I don't see
how that will help.
O-Okay. No. You're right.
You're right.
But first, we have to find
a way to make Andrew happy.
a gift basket?
this can't keep happening.
here at Arthur Publishing,
we're a team,
and a rising tide
raises all boats.
It's not important
who gets the blame for what.
What's important is,
we move forward.
Focus on... what matters.
Sarah. Yeah.
Hi, Gil.
Yes, I heard what happened.
we can take care of it, but...
You know what, Gil?
-You're right.
-I know.
It is time for me to focus
on what really matters,
which is why
I'm giving you my notice.
Great. I'm glad we--
Wait! What?
It's been wonderful
working here,
and I've learned some important
lessons from you, Gil,
but it's the holidays,
and there might be more
important things for me to do.
Holly! Think about
what you're doing.
Merry Christmas, Gil.
No. No, wait.
Is there anything I--
[groans] Holly.
[exhaling anxiously]
Hello? Hello?
Gil, are you there?
Were you even listening to me?
Whew. I need
the world's greatest gift basket
sent to Andrew MacKenzie.
What did I just do?
Joy to the world
The Lord is come
Let Earth receive Her King
Yo. Lady Christmas.
Hey, Bob.
You okay?
Oh, sure.
It's just one of those days
where your whole life changes.
This is the time of year
for new beginnings, right?
New beginnings
and finishing what we started,
no matter how scary
it might be.
Thank you, love.
You got to trust
you're on the right path.
Yeah, well,
I just quit my job
with no new prospects.
Does that sound like
the right path?
You know what they say.
You know, God shuts a door,
He opens a window.
You just gotta find
your window.
Mm. I worry
I know where my window is,
and it's in someone's house
that might not want to see me.
Maybe take a chance
and find out?
You never know
what might pay off.
Now, do you think
I'm gonna see you
at my charity pop-up concert
on the 20th?
You know
I wouldn't miss it!
Hey, uh, any chance
you could play me off
with something
I feel like
this is a big moment for me.
I think there is
a very good chance.
Deck the halls
with my friend Holly
'Tis the season
to be jolly
It's been a week.
You're telling me
there's been no progress?
There are no toys
for the kids, at all?
[door opens]
-Hey, sis.
-I have to go.
There might be someone here
who can help.
Yeah. Thank you. Bye.
Hi. Look who decided to show up.
Two sugars
and a little extra
whipped cream,
just like you like it.
I call this a "hot sugar"
instead of a hot chocolate.
So, what's going on with you?
I've been thinking about
you and Dad, actually.
Even Katherine and Justin,
believe it or not.
Wait! Is that gingerbread?
Are we making houses?
I quit my job.
That's what I wanted
to tell you.
I just needed something...
So you're coming back
to the family business?
-No. No!
I can't.
Not since "the Disagreement."
It's not really an option.
Forget about the Disagreement.
You need us
and, more importantly,
we really need you.
I just-- I wanted to tell you
that I'm gonna have
more free time
and figure I can maybe
ease back into...
What do you mean,
you need me?
Okay, no, it's not, actually.
We lost all of the donated money
and we might have
to cancel the Giveaway.
Okay, start from the beginning.
Fill me in on everything.
we hired a firm
to take over the donations,
so we had more time
to focus on The Giveaway,
and the firm did a great job
at first.
Dad was over the moon,
everyone was so excited.
But then the business
went bankrupt with no notice.
All of the money
was just... gone.
I just saw something like this
on some talk show.
Yeah. They did it
to a bunch of charities.
It's been all over the news.
How could we let this happen?
I have to go in to work,
but come with me.
Um, I don't think so.
Is Dad gonna be there?
No, he's working
from home today.
Come on!
You know
everyone wants to see you.
The place looks different.
That's the "Justin touch".
I never wanted
to run the company,
so after you left,
Dad made him V.P.
That was supposed
to be your job.
No, that was supposed
to be your job.
You had a vision of a warm,
caring family business.
That's what Mom always wanted.
Yeah, and Dad wanted to expand.
Mm. The Disagreement.
Well, with Justin's help,
we have expanded--
focusing on profits
over client relationships.
But the relationships is what
sets Silver Investments apart.
I know.
Unfortunately, we started
outsourcing more and more,
and eventually, we outsourced--
The Giveaway.
What about hosting
a local giveaway?
handing out toys to the kids
in the neighborhood
on Christmas Day?
Mom started The Giveaway
so no one would go without.
For some kids,
these are the only toys
they'll get during the holiday.
If the press finds out,
they'll blame us.
It could all be over.
Not just this year,
but every year.
Ifthe press finds out.
What if...
we make the Silver Belles Ball
a huge fundraising event
this year?
But that event
is for clients and friends,
to celebrate the money
they've already raised
for The Giveaway.
What if, this year,
it's not?
We get someone to host--
someone who'll bring in
new donors,
entice them
to make big donations.
Collect donations
at the event?
Yes! And then we rush out,
we buy all the toys,
just in time.
We might be able
to save The Giveaway.
You realize you've been saying
"we" for a while now, right?
A friend of mine
recently said
that God closes a door
and opens a window.
This is my window.
I'm not supposed
to find a new job.
I'm supposed to find my old one.
That sounds great to me.
Let's get started.
No, I understand.
Thank you. Yeah, bye.
That was my last contact.
Has anyone had any luck?
I can't believe
we can't get one known person
to host this thing.
Everyone is either booked,
busy, or uninterested.
The ball is in a week.
It's too close to Christmas.
Everyone's committed already.
We need someone
who's super-famous
and has zero plans
for the holidays.
-That's it!
-What's it?
We don't need someone
who doesn't know
what happened to us--
we need someone
who knows all about it.
Hey, Jack.
Hey, Mac.
Hey, buddy!
What is going on here?
What is all this?
Looking for replacements
for all the funds we lost.
I'm paying for it right now,
but it's not gonna last forever.
Why are you so late?
I just got another offer.
A meet-and-greet that's gonna
double your quote, huh?
I don't have a quote,
because I don't do
in-person events.
You know how I feel
about working the room.
Well, we gotta fix
your image, Jack.
At best, everyone thinks
you're just a hothead
who gambled with
his charity's money.
And, at worst...
You don't even wanna know.
Even after this publicity blitz
I've been on?
Oh, yeah.
We're still fielding questions
about why you're such a Grinch
about Christmas.
Oh, come on!
-[Mac laughing]
-All I said--
Really? The Aviators?
-It's my lucky hat.
I figured
I could use the luck.
Aw, man.
First team in the minors
to let you start.
Mm. You were...
what were you, 23?
Threw my first no-hitter
up there.
Jack, look.
We're gonna fix this, okay?
You're not gonna have
to shut down the food bank.
Mac, you've been my agent
since the Aviators.
We've been through
a lot together,
but I always know
when you think it's bad.
That's what I thought.
[phone buzzes]
Oh, sorry. This late,
it can only be spam or business.
Either way--
Ahem. Mac Peterson's phone.
Oh! Well, you couldn't have
called at a better time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, no, no, no.
Go ahead, go ahead.
I'm listening.
Thank you, Mr. Peterson.
That would be perfect.
I'll be waiting.
Well, what did he say?
He said he's gonna need
a little of time
to run it by Jack Kane,
and to expect his call later.
I hope this works.
Yeah, I hope so, too.
Hey, speaking of later,
what are you doing for dinner?
I can't.
Sure you can.
I haven't seen Dad in months.
He is super-excited
to see you,
and it's the Christmas season--
when better time
to put the past behind you?
[door opens]
Oh. I was, uh, just...
checking for carolers.
Who am I kidding? Come here!
Hi, Dad.
Oh, ho!
Come in. Dinners have not
been the same without you.
Come in, my love.
Here we go.
Well, sure is nice
to have you join us, Holly.
It's been a while.
Thanks, Katherine.
It's good to be home.
Your dad and I
are so glad you're back.
It it wonderful
to have our "Silver Belles"
back home for Christmas.
It's been a long time.
You look...
You look nice.
Thanks, Justin.
I knew
you were gonna make it home
in time for
the Silver Belles Ball.
You haven't missed one yet.
About that...
But w-we've never raised funds
at the Silver Belles Ball
We know, but we don't
have another choice.
Well, it's gonna be crucial
that we try to contain the story
as much as we possibly can
and control the narrative.
Which means we can't go back
to the people
who already donated.
Your stepbrother's right.
We can't dip into that pool
again until next year.
Which is why new faces
at the ball is the trick.
[sighing softly]
Your mother would...
just be so disappointed if...
That's why
this is so import--
You know, maybe--
if I may--
maybe this is an opportunity.
An opportunity?
It might be time
to let the toy giveaway go.
There is a way out of this.
But the Giveaway
is the whole reason
you started the company
in the first place.
Dad, you invested a little
from everyone
in the neighborhood
just so you could make enough
to buy toys for the kids.
You know, when we first started,
we barely had enough
to get some dolls
and a few wooden toys.
But over time,
it grew and it grew.
It's the heart of this company.
There won't be a giveaway
if we don't have a company.
All I'm saying is we put
the event on pause,
for a year or two.
A year or two?
Just until we can regroup.
[phone buzzing]
Uh, put a pause on this.
I'll be right back.
Holly Silver.
Hey, Holly.
This is Jack Kane.
Hi. Thanks for calling.
Yeah. My agent said
that we've met before?
I was the publicist
for Andrew McKenzie
at "Wake Up, Bay City."
Oh, yeah!
How'd that work out?
I ended up quitting.
So... not great.
Oh, well, I'm in
a much better place now.
Happy to hear it.
Uh, my agent said that
you had an offer for me,
something I should
really listen to?
So, there's this fundraiser--
Oh, whoa, whoa, hold on.
He also should've told you
that I'm not interested
in personal appearances.
He did.
But this is different.
This is a very special cause.
Could we maybe meet in person
and talk about it?
For years, this event
has drained resources
and, frankly,
we can't afford it anymore.
I think Justin's right.
We should cancel.
I just need a few days.
What happens in a few days?
We find out
if a famous baseball player
will save the day.
What did you just do?
Dad just seemed so upset,
I-- it--
I needed to say something,
and it just slipped out,
now I wish
I could take it back.
It's too late for that now.
[astonished sigh]
There is a chance
that Jack Kane can help us
with the fundraiser, right?
I hope.
I'm gonna talk to him tomorrow,
but I-I don't know.
I can't believe
that they kept our room intact.
It's the only one that Dad
won't let Katherine touch.
How many nights did we spend
talking on our beds?
all of them.
Mostly about boy bands.
Or, well, boys.
Remember that?
That was my senior year
Silver Belles Ball.
World's tallest elf.
I love that outfit.
Okay, let's game plan this out.
What are you gonna say to Jack
when you talk to him?
Well, I thought
I'd play it by ear.
No pressure,
but you understand
this is our last chance, right?
Well, um...
...we know that a rare,
in-person Jack Kane appearance
will get us donors.
But what does Jack Kane want?
For you to stop calling him
by his full name all the time.
But also...
he wants his food bank
up and running again.
Once The Giveaway is done,
we can give him
all of our resources.
He helps us,
we help him.
It's a win/win.
This is a great idea.
Why do you look so worried?
[sighing deeply]
What if I can't sell this?
Do you remember
when we were little,
and we really wanted
to go to Europe
to celebrate Christmas,
and somehow you convinced Dad
to take us?
-That was really fun.
-It was the best!
You could talk a baby
out of its candy,
if you wanted to.
It is the right time of year
for miracles, isn't it?
[door thuds shut]
You sure
we're in the right place?
I'm sure this time.
Holly Silver.
Good to see you again.
Thank you so much
for making the time.
I know this isn't
the usual meeting place.
This isn't where people come
to discuss
their charitable works?
I don't think so,
but there is an actual reason
why we're here.
The Silver Belles Toy Giveaway?
What? You know it?
Well, growing up,
the younger kids
in the neighborhood
would get
all excited about it.
You're one of those "Silvers"?
My mom started The Giveaway
when my sister, Eve, and I
were little.
She named it after us.
Holly and Eve--
the Silver Belles, get it?
Cute! Well, then shouldn't
this place be filled with toys?
Yes. Now you're getting
to why you're here.
Mac said you were had
by the same company
that got the food bank.
I feel you.
That's why I came.
But truth be told,
I don't think I'm your guy.
Maybe just hear me out,
and then you can
make up your mind?
I'm sorry, Miss Silver--
Oh, please, call me Holly.
I appreciate
your predicament, but...'s not for me.
Helping kids
is not for you?
Yeah-- No! [chuckles]
Listen. If you want me
to write a check--
you got it.
If you want a couple
of autographed pictures
to auction off, sure.
But an entire night
of shaking hands
and asking people for money,
I'm sorry, it's just not me.
We need star power
to get new money for our event,
and someone like you
will get people filing in.
A few photo-ops,
some autographs...
You're not helping your case.
This could be
mutually beneficial.
You help us now,
and in the new year,
Silver Investments will help you
raise capital
for your food bank.
The Giveaway has been
a charity for decades,
but we just don't have
enough time
with all these setbacks.
We need someone like you
to help us,
there won't be another giveaway.
That's my case.
My advice?
Do what I did.
Release a statement
apologizing to the public,
explain what happened,
and you'll get through it.
The company
might get through this,
but what about the kids?
They won't get
a Christmas this year.
Not everyone's
a big fan of Christmas.
right, of course.
There's "too much Christmas"
And you don't have any plans
for the holidays--
wait, wait, wait!
You don't like Christmas.
It's not-- [sighs]
[deep breath]
Holly, you seem like
a really nice person
and I hope you find
a way out of this...
but I'm not the way.
I understand, Mr. Kane.
Thank you for taking the time
to talk with me.
Best of luck to you.
Thank you.
He said no?
I don't know
what I was thinking.
You were thinking
we need a miracle.
they don't work out.
[overlapping] Now what?
[phone rings]
Eve Silver.
The Gazette?
No comment.
Yes. Please call my assistant
and set up a scheduled meeting.
Thank you.
[hangs up]
What do they have?
They don't have the full story,
but they're gonna get it.
This isn't good.
You took that
from Dad's house?
I thought it looked cute here,
bring some Christmas cheer
to the office.
I'm gonna go out for a bit.
Where are you going?
I don't know.
Gain a little perspective.
Here you go.
All right,
it's nice to see you again.
We have got to stop
meeting like this.
What are you doing here?
This is where I grew up.
The old neighborhood.
I come by
to check on some people,
make sure everything's
all right.
Now, I've never
seen you around here.
Well, maybe you should've
been looking harder.
I, uh, used to come here
as a kid with my mom.
I loved coming here with her.
You know what?
If you spent any time here
as a kid,
then I know exactly what would
hit the spot right now.
Come on.
Thank you.
Oh, just rip into it.
I forgot how great these are.
Come on!
Once you try one of these,
you are hooked for life.
Actually, I used
to sell these right here.
I needed money for uniforms
and away games,
and this paid for it all.
Believe it or not...
that was the best job
I ever had
and I played in the big leagues.
I'm assuming
that if your folks couldn't pay
for away games,
they didn't have much more
for Christmas gifts either.
Something like The Giveaway
could have helped.
You really never give up.
You're like Santa's helper
or something, aren't you?
Mm, like a... an elf.
An elf.
That's it.
That's what?
Christmas wasn't influential
in your life...
What if I could make you see
how important it is to the kids?
I'm not following.
You have to feel Christmas--
not just intellectually,
but deep inside.
What if--
now hear me out--
I give you
one perfect Christmas?
I don't think
it's an accident
that we ran into each other
like this.
I think it's... a sign.
Okay, I'm sorry,
and I am trying here,
but I have no idea
what you are talking about.
Between now
and The Giveaway,
what if I walk you through
what it should feel like
during Christmas,
and at the end,
if you still don't want
to do the event,
I'll walk away.
-And the ball's on the 23rd?
So, between now and then,
your plan is to do
a bunch of Christmassy stuff
to ignite my love
for everything Christmas,
like a magical elf?
Yes. That's exactly right.
But less weird
than how it sounds.
Well, since you clearly
will never give up,
um, let me think on it,
mull it over.
I'll start prepping
all my magic.
let me think about it.
You lost me
at the whole "elf" thing.
You had to be there
for that part.
The point is,
Jack is lost,
and I am gonna help him
be found.
He doesn't know it yet,
but deep in his heart,
he is going to love
The Giveaway.
That sounds like
a long shot.
He needs to just get
the Christmas spirit,
and then
he is going to want to help
more than anything
in the world,
just like Mom did for us.
She showed us
the Christmas spirit,
and I'm going to do
the same thing for Jack.
Are you going to wear that
the whole time?
Ah, you bet I am.
-[call ringing]
-Oh. It's Dad.
Oh. Uh...
Hey Dad, what's up?
I'm here, too. Hey.
Hey, girls.
Um, look, I don't want
to stress you out or anything,
but The Gazettecalled me.
And they're on to something.
Yeah, well--
Yeah, they called here, too.
And what
are we going to tell them?
Uh, well, we don't
tell them anything yet.
What are we waiting for, honey?
A Christmas miracle.
This isn't a joking matter.
I-I know.
-It's just...
-[phone rings]
Uh, one-- one second.
[women gasp]
Uh, Dad, we're gonna
have to call you back.
Yeah. Okay. Love you.
Uh... hey.
So... uh, what do you think?
Honestly, I've given it
a lot of thought.
I... I understand.
I'm gonna have to show this man
the best Christmas
he's ever had.
-He's in!
-Oh, my gosh!
-He's in?
-He's in!
[both shrieking]
Sorry I left you hanging there.
A skating rink? Really?
Just give it a chance.
We are gonna do
some fun, cheesy,
heartwarming things this week,
so you need to be open.
I wasn't complaining.
I just thought
it was a little predictable.
Well, we're just
starting off slowly.
I hope you know how to skate.
Just because I don't care
for Christmas stuff
doesn't mean
I don't care for winter stuff.
That's a good point.
I'll be sure
to keep that in mind
when I'm plotting
the next event.
You have to admit,
it's really nice here
at this time of year.
Aren't you
forgetting something?
Funny. Not what
I was talking about, though.
No. No, no, no.
I am here
to support you.
No, I am terrible at this.
[whines] No!
You were not kidding.
Oh! Clearly, I didn't
think this through.
-I'm terrible at this.
I got weak ankles.
You sure
you know what you're doing?
Does it look like
I know what I'm doing?
I meant, teaching me
about the spirit of Christmas.
Oh, that.
I'm not sure.
But, you know, once us elves
commit to something,
we are sworn to see it through.
It's not gonna be easy.
I don't even know what
the perfect Christmas
would even look like.
Well, that's the point, right?
It's not one universal thing,
it's... personal.
Everyone's got their perfect
little Christmas--
we just need to figure out
what yours is.
You're making this up
as you go, right?
I sure am! Oh.
-Oh, ho.
For example--
if you close your eyes,
you think about Christmas,
what do you see?
I got nothing.
Well, we got lots of time
to figure that out.
Sort of.
Well, time is definitely
the one thing I've never had.
Ever since I was 14,
all I've ever thought about
was work.
First, part-time,
then night work,
and then baseball.
Oh. What about girlfriends?
Yeah, well...
it's tough to focus
on relationships
with that schedule.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I-I didn't mean to-- Oh!
Hey, hey...
Okay, we're done here.
Fair. Totally fair.
[both chuckle]
I'm just gonna need some time
to figure out your next event,
which will involve
less falling down.
You seem pretty confident
you're gonna make this work.
Well, I don't have a choice.
You know what, I'm in.
Yeah, yeah, just tell me
what the next event is
and I'll be there.
You wanna keep skating,
or are you gonna stick with
that whole "weak ankles" story?
I think
my skating days are over,
but you go on.
Uh, I'll call you later.
Mm. Okay.
And then he made me
put on those skates!
But you have those weak ankles.
I know,
that's what I said!
It's weird, right?
That he doesn't know what
he wants to do for Christmas?
Isn't it your job
to figure it out?
Yeah. I just thought
it would be clearer.
You'll be able to make this
work with Jack, right?
It's kind of
our last chance.
I am gonna give it
the old elf try.
I promise you that.
You know there's no such thing
as "an elf try," right?
I mean it, Eve.
I'm going to make this work.
All right.
Hey, what does his tree
look like?
His tree?
Yeah, like, is it all fabulous?
You're a genius.
-[door opens]
-[door thuds shut]
[laughing] Hey.
And who's this little guy?
That is Beasley.
He's the best friend
you could ever ask for.
Even better if you can get him
a piece of jerky.
Oh, well, I'll make sure
I remember that for next time.
Are you sure
this is a good idea?
Yeah, well, we gotta start
with the basics, Jack.
The, uh, the basics.
A nice tree,
and we are going to, uh...
decorate it...
...I guess?
So it wasn't, like,
a lifelong dream?
Well, it's not like
I didn't like baseball.
I loved baseball,
but it was just not the thing
that I was gonna do
for the rest of my life,
starting from age two.
I was really good at it,
and it was my ticket out.
I'm a put-in-the-work
kind of guy,
and baseball is all about that,
that's what I did.
But if you couldn't have
played ball,
what would you have done?
I don't know.
Oh, I don't believe that.
Everyone's got
a secret passion.
This is gonna help me
with my plan.
What would Jack have done
if he couldn't play baseball?
I got nothing.
Stand up.
We are going to find
the real Jack Kane,
the one you lost track of
years ago.
So we're putting out
a missing persons report?
No, we are gonna start
by relaxing.
Uh, first,
let's shake out our hands.
Like this. Okay.
And loosen up your arms.
All right. Yeah, sure.
Hey, come on, don't laugh.
I'm new
at this whole relaxing thing.
I'm usually drinking
my eighth cup of coffee
right now.
Uh, okay,
maybe you should sit down.
[laugh] Okay.
Let's try...
close your eyes.
Breathe deeply.
Have you ever done yoga?
Yes, in spring training.
It was a disaster--
my legs got all tangled up
and I fell over.
Okay, well, this is gonna be
a lot easier than that.
-I promise.
So you are going to inhale
through your nose
to the count of three,
and then exhale
through the mouth
to the count of three.
-Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
-Ready? Okay.
Inhale... one, two, three.
Oh. Bless you.
Ooh, that one snuck up on me.
I think it's dust from the tree.
You're really not
the relaxing type, are you?
[laughs] I'm awful.
No, it's pretty cute.
[stops laughing]
do we need more popcorn?
you know, that reminded me
of being in drama club.
We were doing all
the breathing exercises and...
You were in a drama club?
Yeah! Yeah, it was a blast.
No. Uh-uh.
This is great.
You can't do anything
with this.
Oh, I can!
And I will.
We just figured out
your next Christmas Event.
It's gonna be fun.
You want me to be an actor?
No. Of course not.
Well, maybe a little.
I don't "want" to be an actor,
but as far
as secret passions go,
that would have to be it.
Maybe we could...
put on a Christmas play.
Like a nativity scene?
And you could be a...
a Wise Man!
Oh, bigger!
Sorry. I am not used
to taking baby steps.
That's probably how
you got to where you are.
Okay. Acting!
I can work with that.
Are you sure?
Because now that
I hear you say that out loud,
it sounds silly.
You are talking
to a full-grown woman
in an elf hat.
Christmas isn't practical.
It's not pragmatic.
It's magical.
And if acting is buried
deep inside of you,
then that is our lead.
Okay. There's singing, too.
Now you're just teasing me.
No, seriously. I was in a choir
for, like, a hot minute.
Keep 'em coming.
No, no. That's all I got.
Well, that's a good start.
You know what?
It's getting late.
Do you mind if we finish
decorating the tree tomorrow?
Yeah, definitely,
and maybe I can come up
with some more stuff for you.
I'm getting
a pretty good picture of you.
I think I can
figure the rest out.
But you hardly know me.
Mm. I know more than you think.
She knows more than we think.
[Beasley barks]
Oh! [chuckles]
You ready for
your next Christmas event?
I am pumped.
Okay, well,
it's really important
for you to commit fully.
Whatever it is,
even if it's someone
you don't like.
Got it. Immerse myself.
Get into character.
Remember, you asked for it.
That's not acting.
Playing Santa Claus
is totally playing a role!
Where's the stage?
Whoever sits in that big chair
has to beSanta Claus.
Kids aren't as easy to fool
as you think.
I was thinking
of Shakespeare in the Park.
It's too cold for leotards.
Good point.
Look, you're only taking over
for an hour.
It won't be too busy,
so you can really concentrate
on getting into character.
Why, oh, why did I ever decide
to listen to an elf?
[chuckles] Come on.
Change rooms are over there.
Whoo, this thing is so hot,
I should be called
"Sweaty Claus".
Are you laughing at me?
Oh, no!
No, no, no. I promise.
You are here to help, right?
Now, remember.
No suggestions.
Say "Ho, ho, ho."
Ask them what they want,
and then you move on. Got it?
Got it.
Let's go.
[kids cheering]
[grandly] Ho, ho, ho!
Ho, ho, ho. Look at all
these beautiful young faces!
[normal voice]
All right. Here we go.
Ho, ho, ho!
What would you like
for Christmas, little girl?
I want a pretty dress.
Oh! A pretty dress
for a pretty little girl.
Ho, ho, ho, ho.
I'm not joking.
This is important.
[stammers] Oh, but--
no, no, I wasn't--
I wasn't laughing at you.
Santa just says
"Ho, ho, ho" a lot.
He's not--
I'm not laughing at you.
Just saying "Ho, ho, ho,"
like Santa does.
Can I just talk to her?
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
That's-- That's a good idea.
There you go.
There you go.
Merry Christmas.
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas.
I have the worst
Charley horse right now.
You've played
extra innings before.
You can do this.
[moans wearily]
Ho, ho, ho.
Come on, young man.
Come on up here
and sit on Santa's--
Whoa! Ouch!
Hey. I'm sorry, little guy.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I just want to know
what would make Christmas
special for you?
I'd like a bike.
A bike? Okay.
That's, uh--
For my sister.
Oh? Okay, well,
what about for you?
My sister's been
having sad days at school.
I want her to feel happy.
If you give her a bike,
she'll feel happy.
I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna make your sister happy
for Christmas.
You did so well.
The way you connected
with that little boy.
Talk about
the spirit of giving, huh?
There really is
something so...
[overlapping] ...pure...
Well, as fun as that was,
I do believe that marks the end
of my acting career.
I'll be sure to cancel
Shakespeare in the Park, then.
Do people even know
how much fun Christmas can be?
[both laughing]
Wow, Bob.
You do these pop-ups often?
Yeah, during the holidays,
or whenever donations
need a kick.
Thank you so much
for letting Jack jump in
and sing along with you.
It's a huge help.
Anything for you,
Lady Christmas.
Are you sure
I'm not gonna look silly?
Are you kidding me?
People love it when
celebs do these pop-up things.
And we got you something
to help you look
a little more festive.
I am definitely
gonna look silly.
[Bob] No.
Nah, it's just gonna help people
get in the Christmas spirit.
[crowd cheering]
How are you guys doin'?
[louder cheering]
Thank you. Yeah.
Thank you guys all for coming.
Okay, so we've got
a special treat today--
a Major League Baseball legend.
Give it up for Jack Kane!
[crowd cheering]
O come, all ye faithful
Joyful and triumphant
O come ye, O come ye
to Bethlehem
You got this.
Come and behold Him
Born the King of Angels
O come, let us adore Him...
O come, let us adore Him
Hey, your new friend
has some talent.
he's been totally open
to doing all this nutty stuff.
I expected him to be something
and he's...
Hey, Bob, is pretty cute.
And he went to Juilliard.
Well, why doesn't he play
with the symphony or something?
He does!
...Christ the Lord
[all cheering]
Let's hear it for Jack Kane!
[crowd cheers]
One more? Yeah!
It came upon
the midnight clear
That glorious
song of old...
There you go, guys.
Have a good night.
I haven't sung like that
since I was a kid.
Now you know
what caroling's like,
and it was all
for a good cause.
Did you see that little girl
with her dad?
She was really enjoying
her day out with him,
and this was all a part of that.
I hate to admit it,
but you were right.
This is wonderful.
I would love to admit
that you were impressive.
You know, when I first met you,
I thought
you were just some hotshot
who always had to look cool,
but you are willing
to not look cool.
Are you suggesting
that that wasn't
the coolest performance
you have ever seen?
The sweater! Right.
Well, at least now you know
that when I go for something,
I tend to go big.
Apparently, so do you.
You must really
care about your family,
to work this hard for them.
I want to show you something.
Every year,
we display all the toys
we'll be handing out
at The Giveaway.
My favorite thing
in the whole world
is to walk past here
and imagine all the joy
it'll bring
to the kids during the holiday.
I love my family,
but this year,
it's just been weird.
I just started talking to my dad
after months.
You're kidding.
What happened?
We had an argument.
Eve calls it
"The Disagreement."
What was it about?
When I did P.R.
for Silver Investments,
my mom and I focused
on charity initiatives.
Then, when my mom passed away,
my dad got
more and more invested
in... well, investments,
and the charitable events
started taking a back burner,
and I just couldn't
stay long after that.
Then, once I was gone,
well, he started outsourcing,
and, eventually,
even The Giveaway.
That's some disagreement.
I wish things could go back
to the way they were.
In life...
I don't know if things go back
to the way they were,
and that may not be a bad thing.
I want to thank you
for helping me.
I know why you're doing it...
but it's still really nice.
I'm not doing this
just so you could host
The Giveaway.
Come on.
Today is not over yet.
We are almost done.
I've literally never had
a tree here.
Okay, seriously, Jack,
what is up
with you and Christmas?
was the youngest of five.
As you know,
we didn't have much of anything,
and Christmas at my house
meant... stress.
Mom and Dad arguing
about money they didn't have
for presents
they couldn't afford.
Christmas morning,
I didn't feel happy
or excited.
I felt guilty.
I dreaded the holiday and...
in a way,
I guess I still do.
I'm sorry, Jack.
You always remember how you felt
when you were a kid.
It stays with you
your whole life.
Well, I guess
that would be true
for that little boy
with the bike, then.
And the girl
from caroling, too, right?
They're always gonna remember
that feeling about Christmas.
They're always
gonna remember you.
We really had
an unbelievable day.
I think he's starting
to fall in love with Christmas.
Seems like more than
Christmas to me.
What's that supposed to mean?
I'm just saying what I saw.
Well, you know
how guys like him are.
They don't change.
Guys like what?
Guys like him.
You know,
the "go big or go home" guys.
They're so infatuated
with going big,
that they don't appreciate
the little things.
And like Mom always said,
it's the little things
that make life worth living.
Oh, girls.
That looks perfect.
Could I trouble you
with a very important decision?
-What's happening?
It's snowing.
Oh, it's perfect weather
for hot chocolate.
Thank you for your help
today, Katherine.
[phone rings]
How did you get this number?
No comment.
Yeah, thank you.
Another newspaper.
They're closing in.
We have to get Jack to commit
on the record.
You think
he might not help?
No. I think he'll help.
I was just thinking
about what Eve said.
I didn't say it,
I implied it.
I'm not saying
I have feelings for him.
I'm just saying I've been
thinking about it...
a lot.
if I may...
focus on
The Giveaway first.
And then, after, you'll have
all the time in the world
to sort your feelings.
Hmm. Interesting.
Looks like someone's becoming
a real "Father Christmas".
Well, I just thought the place
could use a little more cheer.
Well, you and Holly
have certainly gotten, uh.
pretty chummy together, huh?
Why would you say that?
[Mac laughs]
It's not like that.
It's not.
sweet and...
And-- And she...
makes me prioritize the things
that are more important in life,
you know?
Oh. Yeah, you're right,
that sounds like
pretty much nothing to me.
[Mac chuckles]
Just remember,
Silver Investments can really
help with our food bank.
That's not
why I'd be doing it.
Oh, really? Why, then?
Oh, wait!
Never mind.
I think I know the answer.
Take care, Jack!
What is that
supposed to mean?
Oh, right.
Don't you start, too.
Oh, how much further?
-Almost there.
-Almost where?
[laughs] This one's really
gonna be a surprise.
Oh, 'cause that's worked out
so well for me in the past.
Okay. You ready?
-Open your eyes.
[Jack] What are we doing here?
You said that this was
the best job you've ever had,
and we agreed,
that this Christmas
was all about
making you feel like
when you were a kid.
I didn't agree to that.
We agreed to it.
Look. It is stocked up
with treats, baked goods, and...
-Oh, ho, ho, ho!
Here you go!
Don't worry how much it is.
Here are
two different cookies.
How about
a little hot chocolate?
There you go.
It's on the house.
Merry Christmas.
How about you, buddy?
You want a brownie?
...For Christmas-time
For Christmas cheer
The kids and cousins
and families dear
Everybody's headed home
this year
Fa-la, la-la-la-la
Reading stories
about Donner and Blitzen
A big turkey dinner
with all the fixings, yeah
Fa-la, la-la-la-la
That was amazing.
So, did your elf deliver?
If this was what
the Christmas season was like
back in the Kane household,
then I would have
a different view
of the whole holiday.
You delivered.
[gasps] Oh! Jack!
This is wonderful!
Okay, what happens now?
Uh, well...
I'll call Eve and my dad
and give them the good news,
and then we'll put
the word out there
that you will be
at the Silver Belles Ball,
announcing your face
for The Giveaway this year--
Okay, okay, okay.
Slow down.
I meant, what happens tonight?
What do you mean?
I might need to retain
your elf services
a little while longer.
Should we turn the lights on?
Wait, wait, wait.
There is one more.
And it's my favorite.
I know just the spot.
Uh... should we...
see how it looks?
Yeah. Yeah, definitely.
You're telling me
the guy who hates Christmas
decorated a whole tree?
The whole house!
With about a thousand ornaments!
You couldn't even see branches
when he was done.
Maybe you are part elf.
It really was sweet.
You know, with Jack
at the ball tomorrow,
it's really gonna be
something else--
not to mention,
everyone's gonna get to meet
the newest member of our family.
Stop it.
[phone rings
with a Christmas ring tone]
Oh, it's Dad.
-Hello, my loves.
Is everything all right?
Uh, it isn't.
I just sent you a link.
That's coming out tomorrow,
but my friend
gave me the head's up.
This is all wrong.
We're gonna fix everything
at the ball.
I don't know what
this is gonna do to donations.
Without the donations,
we can't buy any toys
for the kids.
Where are we with Jack?
Jack's in,
but is it too late?
No. We can save this.
I know it.
Just let me try.
Well, in any event,
I just want to say thanks
to my Silver Belles
for all you've done.
And for trying to do what now
seems to be the impossible.
I'll see you tomorrow, girls.
[call ends]
So have I risen
to the "Christmas" challenge?
Of course.
What do you mean?
It's just The Giveaway
means so much to me.
If you are gonna help,
I want to make sure
that your heart is in it.
Right now,
it's the only thing
in my heart.
No, I mean...
not that I don't care
about other things,
I care a lot
about other things,
-it's just--
-I--I think I get it.
So what's wrong?
There's an article
coming out today
that makes it seem like
the money was mismanaged by us.
But it wasn't.
Are you worried
that it's gonna affect tonight?
We're going to find out.
But my public support
and involvement
should help, though, right?
That's what we're praying for,
but please, make sure
that you're there on time.
It's a date!
No, I mean that...
I just mean--
-it's not a date--
No, I-I--
No, absolutely,
it's not like a date--
-Ruff!'s more about...
[Beasley whines]
I think that's him telling us
it's time for his walk.
[both laughing]
-I should get going.
Get ready for the ball.
See you then.
I have some more options.
This one.
Uh... I don't think so.
Okay. Uh, oh! What about this?
This color
looks so good on you.
It's a great color,
it's just not the one.
Okay. Ooh! This one.
Oh, it swooshes. Look at that.
[gasps] Swoosh!
I wore that one last year.
Okay, well,
I find it hard to believe
that, suddenly,
none of these dresses
will work for you.
I had one picked out,
but I-- I don't know,
it's just not...
You mean "right"
for a certain someone.
I already told you,
Mr. Kane is not my type.
He's probably gonna end up
in some fast-paced environment
with no time for anything,
because he only knows
how to "go big."
Well, it seems like
you're making
a very positive change in him.
Okay, well,
what are we looking for?
Something beautiful!
A real knock-out.
Yeah, you sound
very uninterested.
I know!
What about...
this one?
I know exactly
what will go with this.
Hi! Oh. Thank you for coming.
You made it!
So great to see you.
Try not to worry, okay?
It's beautiful.
Yes, everything came together
really well.
-Hi, everyone.
Dad. Don't worry.
He'll be here.
Okay. Good.
I'm just not sure how much
it will help at this point.
About a quarter of the guests
we were expecting, so.
We will get through this.
So far, the talk
has been very kind.
Well, we won't really know
until it's time to start
collecting donations.
There's Richard Stevens.
We should go say hello
and see if he's heard anything.
Excuse us.
I'm gonna go work the room.
I do love that dress.
Oh, thank you.
You know...
this event, The Giveaway,
it means
the whole world to us.
Ending it would not be simple
for this family.
It would be difficult
for Justin and me as well.
Of course.
We love you dearly, but...
...sometimes, it feels like
we need to remind
you and your sister
that we're part
of this family, too.
[words catch]
I need to speak
with the Roses.
If you'll excuse me.
Hey, Jack.
How are you doing?
You look wonderful.
It would be an understatement
to say the same
'cause you look spectacular.
Is that antique?
Oh, um...
it was my mother's.
Well, it is beautiful,
and I feel like your mother
would be very proud
of what you're doing
here tonight.
[overlapping] I wanted--
[both laughing]
Please, you.
I wanted to thank you
for doing this.
Hey. Deal's a deal.
No, I mean it.
You're facing your past,
and that's not easy.
That's what I was gonna say.
You know, this started off
as a...
I don't know,
a favor, I guess?
you have shown me
the things in my life
that are missing.
And I could not
be more grateful.
[Eve clearing throat]
Ladies and gentlemen--
Talk about this later?
I would like that a lot.
...for this evening...
Jack Kane.
You ready?
Just like running on the field.
Soon as I get going,
I'll be fine.
-[applause and cheering]
-Thank you for this.
[crowd applauding]
Hello, everyone.
Oh, thank you all for being here
for such an important cause.
It seems like this is all
that's showing up.
This isn't enough people.
We have a problem, girls.
We heard.
That article
really did a number on us.
Even with Jack as an incentive,
not enough donors have shown up.
How bad is it, Dad?
We're not gonna make our quota.
I'm sorry.
So, no matter how much
Jack vouches for us,
or what we've been able
to do in the past...
There's just not gonna be
enough donations for this year.
There won't be a giveaway.
Maybe if we can restore faith
in our company,
weather the storm,
we can try again next year.
Honey, I need you in the foyer.
Excuse us.
We'll figure something out.
Will we?
Yeah. Yeah, we just need to...
think big.
Go big or go home.
You know what?
I've had enough
with hearing that.
"Going big."
I went big.
I quit my job.
I got Jack involved
in this mess,
and now his name
is gonna be terrible,
and that is all because of me.
I'm sorry.
I just need a few minutes.
Of course.
packing up his sleigh
one last time for the night...
Please donate. Thank you.
Is Holly okay?
She just needs a few minutes.
I have some guests
I have to speak to,
but thank you so much
for trying, Jack.
We really appreciate it.
If you'll excuse me.
I feel like
I missed something here.
Tonight didn't work.
We're not getting
enough donations.
Seems like this whole thing
was just a huge waste of time.
Holly feels like this whole
thing was a waste of time?
That's what she said,
in so many words,
said she's had enough
of "going big."
She said that?
She said she regrets
your involvement in all of this.
I'm sorry, Jack.
Okay, I think there's been
a misunderstanding here--
All I know is, whatever
she's been up to all week,
she's just plain sick of it.
Frankly, I don't blame her.
Regardless, thank you so much
for all you've done.
I'm Justin, by the way.
Holly's stepbrother.
Big fan.
Wish it was under
better circumstances,
but maybe next year.
Well, from the looks of it,
I don't think there's gonna be
a next year for me.
There you are.
We've been looking
all over for you.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
I messed everything up.
I got everyone's hopes up,
and now I can't save
The Giveaway.
And it was the last thing
we had left of Mom.
Aw, sweetheart.
Your mother left you
many things--
things that you can point to
and remember her by,
but more important
than that,
she left you her spirit.
She lives through you,
through all that you do
in this world,
and from what I see,
you make her proud
every single day.
Thanks, Dad.
And she would also not want you
to live in the past.
Holding on to The Giveaway
like this,
it isn't holding on to her,
She would want you
to appreciate the past,
but live in the present,
and look to the future.
You're right.
There's other ways that we can
give back to the kids.
All of us,
as a family.
That's my girl.
Well, it is too bad that
Jack had to leave so quickly.
What do you mean?
Well, I saw him
talking to Justin
and then I saw him leave.
There you are.
Why are you leaving?
I... I don't know,
I heard it was a waste of time.
Yeah, I know...
Okay, then, well...
my job's done here.
Uh, thanks again.
I'm sorry I got you involved--
Yeah. Yeah, I heard that.
Frankly, it's not a problem.
Not a problem?
Yeah, I mean,
it is what it is, right?
Yeah, I-I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
Oh, listen,
these things happen.
I'm glad I could help.
If anything else comes up,
uh, call Mac.
What was that all about?
I don't know.
I guess the event is over
so is his interest.
I'm so sorry.
Let's not think
about that right now.
We have work to do.
[door opens]
Jack! Never mind.
He's here.
I'll call you back.
There you are.
What are you doing here?
You okay?
Yeah, what are you doing here?
What do you mean?
I rushed over
as soon as I heard.
W-We got to try
and fix this tonight.
Fix what?
What? You don't know?
They're tying you
into the failed Giveaway,
they're saying
it's the second charity
you dropped the ball on.
We got to get ahead
of this story right now.
I don't care what Holly says.
This is the time to go big.
Yeah, I...
Wait. What?
What are you talking about?
The bases are juiced,
it's the bottom of the ninth,
and I gotta strike out
their side.
Ha. I love it.
But what does it mean?
I know exactly
what we have to do.
I'm gonna make
a pot of coffee,
you are gonna pull up
every contact we have.
It's gonna be a long night.
What happened at that party?
Oh. Hi.
Um, I was looking for Jack.
Well, hello, Holly.
He's, uh, out running an errand.
to be perfectly honest,
I'm not really sure
he wants to hear from you.
Is that why he's not
answering my calls?
Did something happen
at The Giveaway?
It's because you gave him away.
What does that mean?
Look, if you weren't
interested in him,
then that's--
that's fine,
but he, you know,
he really felt that
you and him had a connection.
We did! Uh, we do.
Look, I was just
so focused on the past
that it was holding me back,
but now I'm ready
to go forward.
I'm-- I'm ready to go big.
Please tell him.
Tell him
that he taught me that.
Yeah. Absolutely.
I'll definitely
give him the message.
I hope to hear from him.
Oh, I have a very good feeling
that you will.
Merry Christmas, Holly.
[door opens and shuts]
How's it going here?
I'm trying to figure out
how to put on a local Giveaway,
like Mom did when
she started this whole thing.
Without any donations,
there's no way
for us to get any gifts,
let alone find a location
to invite the kids to.
It looks like it's just over
for us this year.
But not for good.
We just need to regroup.
Double our efforts
for next year
and make it up to the kids.
Where is this coming from?
I realized
that, sure...
things seem bleak right now,
but we have the one thing
that will get us
through this--
I'm in.
Tell me what you want to do.
Uh, first, we call
the local families,
deliver them the bad news--
which will be
the hardest part.
but then we immediately start
prepping for next year
and make sure
that this never happens again.
All right.
I'll start making those calls.
Did you call Jack?
Invite him
to Christmas Eve dinner tonight?
I don't know
what happened last night.
He won't even talk to me.
What a Christmas
this turned out to be, huh?
[text alert sounds]
It's Jack.
He got my message from Mac.
Quick, hang up.
Oh-- okay.
"Put out word
The Giveaway is still on.
Find a place.
Invite the kids.
I'll take care of the rest."
What do we do?
Trust him.
You reached out to everyone?
Literally everyone.
Called in as many favors
as we could--
even those
who haven't lost faith in us
couldn't help.
It's just too late to find
a place to host The Giveaway.
Well, even if we found a place,
I mean, how are we gonna
find the toys?
-Jack said--
-Oh, Jack?
Jack just ran away
from the party.
I mean,
can we even trust him?
We can.
He seemed really upset
when I told him
The Giveaway was canceled.
I-I believe he wants to help us,
and if there's even
the slightest chance
this could work...
the way The Giveaway
brought Holly back home,
I see what it means to her...
...what it means
to all of us.
We have to try
everything we can.
Why don't we hold
The Giveaway here?
The decorations
from the ball are still up.
There's plenty of food
left over.
I think it's what your mother
would have liked--
to open up the home
to all the kids
in the community.
Katherine's right.
This is a family event...
...and what better place
to host it
than right here?
With all of us.
Oh, sweetheart.
I'm gonna text Jack.
And then what's the plan?
Well, he said to be ready
Christmas Day by 3:00 p.m.
So... we'll be ready.
All right.
Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel
Thought I'd find you here, Bob.
Yeah, I, um...
I like to get in a quiet beat
before the holiday starts.
Merry Christmas, Jack.
-Merry Christmas.
-You looking for Holly?
No, no. For you, actually.
Uh, what can I do you for?
Uh, there's a shindig
happening this afternoon
that I could really
use your help with.
Holly, too, for that matter.
Yeah, anything
for Lady Christmas.
You guys really go back, huh?
Yeah, she, um...
she really helped me out.
For a number of years there,
I was, uh, I was struggling.
You know? She was the only one
who encouraged me
to audition
for the Philharmonic.
When I lost all faith,
she was always there.
Yeah, she's a special lady,
isn't she?
That's why you shouldn't
mess this up, man.
Me? No.
It's not like that,
and, anyway,
she's not interested, so...
Jack, there are many things
I know,
and none more certainly
than, um...
she is interested.
Oh! [chuckles]
[Holly sighs]
[doorbell chimes]
Here we go!
[exhales tensely]
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Jack.
This is beautiful,
and I don't want to sound
ungrateful, but...
You need more than
a few toys?
Yeah. A lot more.
We invited a ton of kids, so...
Oh, no.
Come on in, guys!
Jack! What did you do?
Called some friends
to pick up donations
wherever they could find them.
Toys, money-- whatever
they could get their hands on.
[Holly, laughing]
"Some" friends?
Okay, everyone I know.
And everyone Mac knows.
And used every aspect
of my food bank network
to make sure that the national
part of The Giveaway
was up and running, too.
[astonished chuckle]
This is unbelievable.
And this will be happening
at 150 minor league ballparks
across the country.
150 ballpa...
All right, everyone,
let's get this done!
The kids'll be here any minute.
This is amazing.
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
Lean your ear this way
Don't you tell a single soul
what I'm going to say...
Where is he?
The kids are gonna get restless.
He said he'd be right out.
Whisper what
you'll bring to me
Tell me if you can...
What a beautiful day
this turned out to be.
In no small part
thanks to you, Katherine.
Oh, it's my pleasure,
to see our family
come together like this.
It has been really nice.
It feels like a new beginning.
Speaking of which...
Jolly old...
Okay, Bob and I
might have a date tonight.
Okay, we definitely do.
Now I think
I'll leave to you
What to give the rest
Choose for me
dear Santa Claus
You will know the best
I can't believe
you talked me into this.
Oh, please, I only
had to ask you, like, once.
Jack, I wanted to thank you,
for everything.
have something
I need to tell you.
Especially if we're going
to be working together.
you are the most motivated,
inspirational woman
I have ever met.
Not only did you make
Christmas special for me,
but you made me realize
what's missing in my life...
and that's you.
I'm sorry, Jack.
Bob already told me
of your feelings for me,
and I'm really glad he did...
...because I've totally fallen
for you, too.
In fact...
another Christmas tradition
I'd like to start.
Merry Christmas, Jack Kane.
It is now, Holly Silver.
It is now.
Let's go, Santa.
Here we go.
We wish you
a merry Christmas...
We wish you
a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
A happy New Year
Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
Holly's got to go
Watch her walk away
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is
to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight
Oh! Jingle bells
jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh
Hey! Jingle bells
jingle bells
Jingle all the way