Joze to tora to sakanatachi (2020) Movie Script

- Enjoy.
- If it's this season
That goes outside.
Got it.
Thank you.
It's also good for storing genomes.
Thanks for your help.
How was the dive yesterday, Tsuneo?
I saw a Priolepis nocturna.
That's awesome!
I was lucky the sea was so calm.
You're on summer break from college?
That's right.
How about doing a dive next Wednesday?
Bring some girls too.
At this rate, fish will be our only love.
But I long for a human one. Right, Tsuneo?
No time for that.
I start another part-time job next week.
You're wasting your youth.
The summer of 22 comes only once.
Thank you.
Is this the right way?
That hurts.
Are you okay?
Kumiko, are you all right?
Did you save her, young man? Thank you.
Are you injured?
I think I'm fine.
I turn away for one second,
and someone pushes her.
I almost had a heart attack.
That hurts! Why did you do that?
Stop groping me, you pervert!
The pervert is following us, Grandma.
My house is this way.
Shall I push?
Born this way.
What about our walk, Grandma?
We're giving up walks for a while.
I don't want to.
Tough. You can't have everything your way.
Do you always take walks at this hour?
I thought it'd be safer
and we wouldn't be seen.
But the world is full of scary beasts.
Here we are.
I'll be going.
Come on in.
You haven't eaten yet, have you?
Oh, drat.
Would octopus dumplings do?
We're out of rice.
That's fine.
Not you again.
I keep putting him out but he returns.
Don't touch it, Kumiko. It may have fleas.
Just here for some free food.
Do you feed him often?
I meant you.
No, he's not a friend. Just a pervert.
He understands you.
Of course not. Are you stupid?
"You're intruding on my territory."
That's what he said.
Ms. Kumiko
I'm not Kumiko. I'm Josee.
With thanks.
Have seconds.
Thank you. I can't afford
to buy another box lunch.
You sound very poor. Are you a student?
Yes, I rent an apartment nearby.
I'm poor, but I'm also trying
to save money.
Nobody's asking.
I'm thirsty, Grandma.
Barley tea or water?
- Barley tea.
- Okay.
Just a second.
Allow me.
It's okay. Don't let your food get cold.
Is this it?
You're pretty demanding.
Ouch, that's hot!
What's the deal?
Kumiko can't hold onto tea in a cup.
How about a plastic bottle? Or a thermos.
You're a funny young man.
Thank you for the meal.
Sorry for staying so long.
Nonsense. We don't often have guests.
Do you want to earn some money?
A new job?
Yeah, someone I happened to meet.
It pays really well.
What about this job?
I'll continue, of course.
Where's the joy in working so much?
I can introduce you too. She's a female.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
About 80 years old.
Move those hands, Hayato.
Yes, boss.
Have you seen the toolbox?
Yeah, the lid needed fixing.
Hey, thanks!
I might even hire you full-time
when you graduate.
I'll think about it.
Not you. I meant Tsuneo Suzukawa here.
I plan to study abroad after college.
Didn't you know, boss?
He's going to the Netherlands.
It's Mexico.
Ah, Mexico. I once swam
with a baby sea lion in La Paz.
Study abroad, huh?
We're going to miss you.
I haven't found a school yet.
And he hasn't saved enough.
You should raise his wages.
Mine too, while you're at it.
Go check the machines.
Right away, sir!
What's wrong, Mai?
Nothing. Well, tell me
about that job that pays so well.
You are to do as Kumiko says.
Didn't I tell you?
No, you didn't.
You mean I'd be working here?
Yes, you'd be working here.
Don't look so disappointed.
There's only one rule.
Don't take her out on your own.
Help yourself to anything in the fridge.
There's plenty.
I have to go.
Kumiko will tell you what to do.
Where are you going?
Well hello.
What do I do?
Joan, was it?
It's Josee!
- Josee?
- Stay away.
"Intruders get out", he says.
But I'm working here from today.
- Kneel.
- What?
On your knees.
Okay, I'm kneeling.
Do you want to live?
Why am I kneeling?
To see how long a human can endure it.
Do your job well.
I'm going to make her cry.
Your look has really changed
in the past month.
Is working for this Josee that hard?
It's way beyond hard.
Count the meshes in the tatami mats.
It keeps me up at night wondering.
5,208, 5,209, 5,210,
5,211, 5,212
Oh, what a waste.
I squandered 8,000 yen
on a bad pachinko machine.
8,001, 8,002, 8,003 Oops.
Start over.
Bring me four-leaf clovers.
Four-leaf clovers.
Four-leaf clovers
Nothing's happening.
Ten are supposed to grant my wish.
What wish?
Don't speak to me. I'm busy.
She looks so meek
until she speaks
and becomes a stinging jellyfish.
I'd like to glue her
to one of her sliding doors.
Oh, harsh.
Why don't you quit?
You need to write your thesis.
But I really need the money.
You don't have to earn it there.
Even if your hours
at the shop are decreasing.
Stop thinking about making a buck
and give some attention to Mai.
Eat this and shut up.
Is Tsuneo here?
There you are. Can you spare a second?
Your essay on Turing Patterns.
I sent it to a professor
at Mexico City University.
He loved it and wants you to study there.
Thank you!
That leaves the question of a scholarship.
It'll be hard to pay your own way.
I'll study Spanish harder,
and rewrite my research proposal.
Okay, don't push yourself too hard.
You'll need your health.
Otherwise, all will be lost.
I thought you were asleep.
Grandma, can we resume our walks?
What if you get pushed again?
Can you protect yourself?
Listen to me. The world
- is full of scary beasts.
- Is full of scary beasts.
Yes, I know that.
Then be content to stay home.
I envy you. Free to go where you choose.
Nothing will happen from waiting.
I'll miss the money, but Hayato is right.
Listen, I've come to a decision.
I need to quit this job.
Are you listening?
What's wrong?
Kumiko is missing!
What are you doing?
None of your business!
Let me go!
What, by yourself?
- Let's call it a day.
- Take me.
Take me to the sea.
Or I'll say you
groped my breasts and get you fired.
Do what you want. I'm going home.
This will cost extra.
280 yen.
For the ticket. I've got a railcard.
Is something wrong?
No, it's nothing.
It's Tsuneo. I've found Kumiko.
Excuse me.
I'll have her back
as soon as I can. Please understand.
- Tiger.
- What?
Tigers everywhere.
Where to now?
What about the sea?
You were so insistent.
Watch where you're going!
What? She bumped into me.
Are you serious? What a jerk.
Hey, watch it!!
Yes, Granny.
Mess with me and I'll rip out your heart
and feed it to you!
What do you want to do, Ms. Josee?
Are we going or not?
Be careful.
Not there?
No, it's this way.
Now, where's the elevator?
Why are there so many people?
Beats me.
It's not my first time on a train.
Stop staring.
No, I was just wondering
how you see the world.
Forests, deserts, New York, Paris
I've never imagined them that way.
The way you drew them.
You went into my room?
I'd like to see an ocean like that.
Pretty cocky for a servant.
A servant?
From today, you're "My Servant."
What is that?
Look! An airplane!
Really? Where? Point it out to me.
It's like a dream.
Give it up. It's sand.
You okay?
Take it easy.
I need an answer.
My dad once asked me,
"How does the sea taste?"
When I was a child,
he took me to the ocean.
But the waves were too scary to get near.
My dad died without
ever telling me the answer to it.
Of course, I learned
from books that the sea is salty.
But this may be
my only chance to confirm it.
What are you doing?
Put me down, you pervert!
You want to see for yourself?
It really is salty!
Why is it so salty?
I'm happy for you.
Hey, stay still!
It's really salty!
You said you'd come right back.
Do it again, and you'll lose this.
Why did you come with me?
I have a weakness
for anyone longing for the sea.
I love seeing schools of fish swimming,
so I often go diving.
I even work at a diving shop.
You've swum underwater?
Alongside real fish?
Tell me, are there
other places you want to go?
Grandma takes a nap between one and three.
First crepe ever?
No, I've eaten many with my boyfriends.
I'm popular with boys.
I've had five boyfriends at once.
Ready and
You okay?
So many different blues!
Let's ride that!
No, wait!
Hurry up!
This is amazing! Where's my house?
Osaka Castle? Tell me, My Servant.
Afraid of heights?
Guess what, Grandma. I made dinner.
You what?
Yukichi, come here.
Yeah, I named him.
Well, you can't!
- Make this chair two millimeters higher.
- What?
That wasn't bad.
Like I told you.
Stop that!
Slow down!
We're in the sea.
A seal!
California sea lion.
It's got horns.
It's a Naso unicornis.
Look at the big one!
Whale shark.
What's that group?
Horse mackerel.
One type sticks to reefs,
but another type swims in the open seas.
The latter form unique schools
at middle to low ocean depths.
They differ in shape, color, and habitat.
Gold and black mackerel stick to reefs.
Rockfish take to the open sea.
It's a job opportunity for Kumiko.
You're as pesky as the rest.
She must be able
to live an independent life.
You're supposed to support, not lecture.
I'm sick and tired of hearing that.
Keeping her confined to the home
is not in her best interests.
I'd bet her departed parents
are worried too.
What do you know?
I refuse to take Kumiko outside.
But she goes out a lot lately.
She thinks I don't know.
By herself?
I honestly didn't think
he'd take her to places.
I was flabbergasted.
You'd be surprised if you saw her now.
She looks like that Glico billboard.
Ready to take off at a sprint.
It's a sea of books.
Oh, it's you, My Servant.
Does that say "Josee"?
It's the main character's name.
Francoise Sagan.
That's the sequel to this one,
the conclusion I've longed to read.
Hmm, it'll put me to sleep.
I wouldn't expect a boorish servant
to understand Sagan.
Go borrow these.
We need a library card.
First time?
Please fill out this form.
Do you like Sagan?
So do I!
Which is your favorite?
Sorry, I never meet other Sagan fans.
I got a little excited.
Those Without Shadows.
Have you read The Unmade Bed?
The protagonist is Beatrice
- from Those Without Shadows.
- Josee, borrow them both.
He called you "Josee." How wonderful.
No! He's not my boyfriend or anything!
She wouldn't waste time on me.
Boys like her.
She had five boyfriends at once.
Shut up. I'll beat you senseless.
But I'd like to read
the book you were mentioning.
Yes, about Beatrice.
You made a friend.
A friend?
The librarian.
Kana and I are already friends?
It looked like it to me.
Kana and I are the same age.
How old is that?
What? You're older
I mean, wow.
So you and Kana are the same age?
It must be amazing to talk
to a lot of people every day.
You get used to it.
I meet lots of customers
at the diving shop.
- Hey, it's Tsuneo
- Hey.
You must be Josee.
Perfect strike.
Hi, I'm Tsuneo's oldest
and dearest friend,
Hayato Matsuura.
What social media do you use?
Easy, Hayato.
I don't have one.
She's a fairy. Living in analog!
Knock it off.
What'll we do?
Sorry, I'll be right back.
Welcome, ladies. Come in.
You don't have to worry about him.
Welcome. This way.
Please take a seat.
Tsuneo, you're here.
Just passing by.
How can I help you today?
We want to get our diving licenses.
I see.
How do you do? I'm Mai Ninomiya.
Tsuneo's told me a lot about you.
If there's anything you need, please ask.
Oh, yesterday I saw a clown frogfish!
You took the photo yourself?
No, the strong swell kept interfering.
I want to leave.
We just got here.
Did Josee leave already?
What a rare beauty.
Pale skin, modest, cute, and delicate
Get back to work.
What's wrong?
You wanted to see where I work.
I don't like places like this.
Places like this?
I don't know what there is to hate.
You wouldn't!
That's right. I don't!
No, thanks.
But alone, you
Tell him not to come anymore.
What happened?
Just tell him.
All right, I will.
I'm a mess, Yukichi.
I don't have to come?
I understand.
No, I don't understand!
Like that? I'm really proud of it.
This here
What is it?
I've been granted
a scholarship to study abroad!
That's great! When do you go?
Next March.
School starts in September,
but they want me to come after I graduate.
I guess we'll only have
six more months working together.
You've been coming alone lately.
Where's Tsuneo?
Who cares about that dunderhead?
He's useless and takes up a lot of space.
He eats like he's starving
and flirts with girls.
What's so funny?
Sorry, but you're just so obvious.
What's obvious?
Hi, Rio!
Read this.
What's wrong?
I always read to kids at this time of day.
But a worker just quit on us.
Anyone here?
I'm sorry.
Will you read to us?
The Little Mermaid.
This lady is going to read to us!
I don't think I can
Hurry and read.
- Hurry.
- We're waiting.
- Keep reading.
- Please.
- What's wrong?
- Come on.
"On the bed of a limpid,
blue sea stood a pearl palace,
where six princess mermaids lived."
"They loved to listen
to the king tell stories
about the world they'd see
above the waves as adults."
"The sky, birds,
exotic things, city lights."
"The princesses waited
with eager anticipation
for that day to come."
"'Farewell, good prince, '
the mermaid said, tossing her knife."
"And she dove into the sea,
where her body melted away into bubbles."
I can't read stories very well.
What did her palace look like?
Look, the mermaid palace!
It really looks like a mermaid home.
Josee, you're an illustrator?
No way!
What a shame it would be
for people not to see your art.
I think you should
put together a collection
and get them published!
I can't!
Good evening.
Go home! No dunderheads allowed!
What are you doing?
It's pretty good, right?
You made it, My Servant?
Yes, Your Servant made it.
No wonder it's so ugly.
What's it called?
It's a clarion angel.
A rare species found only near Mexico.
When I was a kid,
my local fish store had one,
and I fell in love with it.
I'd go to look at it
every day after school.
When I learned it swam in schools,
my interest grew more.
It wants to be with family too.
What do you mean?
My parents are divorced.
Dad left home, and Mom
was always busy working.
I don't think he was sad,
though, the clarion angel.
He had you come every day.
I've long dreamed
of seeing him swimming in a school.
It's why I've studied so hard
and saved money.
They're hard to find
so a brief diving vacation wouldn't do.
It's a nice dream.
I hope it comes true.
Actually, next year
This is defective.
That's odd.
There, all fixed.
That hurts!
Why the heck did you do that?
Ready to go?
Grandma, the world isn't all scary.
I'm going to have nightmares.
Nightmares? You came to see this.
I wanted to see
the scariest thing here with you.
I thought I could do it
with you by my side.
With me by your side?
To hold onto.
I needed something
to hold onto if I got scared.
That hurts.
I read a story aloud
to children the other day.
You, Josee? What was it?
The Little Mermaid.
Wow, that's amazing.
I didn't read it very well.
I got so nervous, I couldn't look up.
It was scary.
But then I drew a picture,
and the children all loved it.
I want to draw more.
As a job. I want to draw professionally.
I want to give it a shot.
Like what you're doing.
Well, I love
your drawings.
Pretty cocky for a servant.
Cherry blossoms fall
like rain here in spring.
My dad used to bring me.
It must be beautiful.
If you want to see it,
you can bring me next year.
What's wrong?
Did you hear about Ms. Yamamura?
She's had a bad heart for some time.
And she was quite old.
The morticians left.
If you need to talk, I'm here.
About what to do next.
Grandma left me a little money to live on.
I'll be okay for a while.
I see.
But I can't afford to pay.
I can't pay My Servant wages.
I understand.
It's rare for you
to lose track of oxygen, Tsuneo.
You seem distracted.
I know. You confessed...
Josee's grandmother died.
So now she's all alone.
That's pretty harsh.
And worrying.
She's not a child,
and there are welfare services
and facilities.
"Free yourself from life."
"From that which others call life."
"Be free from emotion,
from one's strengths,
one's own weaknesses."
"Be but one momentary breath,
one-millionth of a billion nebulas."
Are you home, Ms. Kumiko? It's Mizushima.
This is Mr. Fujita, a social worker.
The resident's association chairman
got a call from one of your neighbors.
They heard your grandmother passed
and felt you needed assistance.
It's none of their business.
How do you plan to move forward?
I plan to draw pictures.
You're saying you'll earn
a living as an artist?
I think it's wonderful to have a dream.
Dreams are one thing. Reality is another.
You of all should know that.
Don't be foolish. Go look for work
Your grandma's not here to dote on you.
Mr. Fujita.
Or is there someone else
who will support you?
Are you okay?
I'm Mai. We met the other day.
Why are you here?
I remembered Tsuneo saying
you lived by the river.
It would've been faster
if we had just asked Tsuneo.
What do you want?
I beg you to free Tsuneo.
Wait, we came to cheer her up!
He's worked so hard for his dream.
Studying Spanish, working to save money
so he can study abroad.
Study abroad?
Next March, he's going to Mexico.
He didn't tell you?
Would you support his dream?
At this rate...
Why do you have to ask my permission?
What's your relationship with him?
It's sympathy.
Tsuneo only visits you
out of pity for your condition.
What the hell are you saying?
Don't listen to her.
Hey, wait up!
What types of cytoplasm do I mean?
That's right, cytoplasmic genomes.
You can consider them
a place to store genomes.
Josee, I brought fish-shaped cakes.
Why did you come?
Your room
I asked a helper to come
and clean the place once a month.
And your pictures?
Thrown out.
What? Why?
None of your business.
If that's all, you can go.
I'll fix it right away.
I want to go to the sea.
This will be your last job as My Servant.
Up to the waterline?
This is fine.
How about a warm drink?
No thanks.
It's salty.
I don't want money.
Don't call this the last job.
I'm no longer Josee.
I've taken a job in an office.
You didn't need to get rid of your art.
It was out of reach.
Everything's always out of reach.
The red balloon caught on the roof.
The cicada husk on the tree.
Walking under an umbrella in the rain.
Climbing the steps of a shrine.
All of it.
I no longer wish to reach for any of it.
If you really don't,
then why do you look so sad?
Don't give up what you love!
You're leaving soon, right?
The healthy wouldn't understand.
My Servant
My Servant.
My Servant!
My Servant!
Are you all right?
There's been a traffic accident!
- Remove the scoop.
- Yes.
Cutting away clothes.
Pulse 120, BP 70 over 40, saturation 94%.
Maintain ten liters of oxygen.
- Peripheral off?
- Not yet.
Quickly, 18-gauge, full throttle.
- Crossmatch. Don't forget the blood gas.
- Got it.
X-ray standby!
Airways clear, respiration's steady.
Starting echo.
Negative. Pneumothorax is fine.
Mr. Suzukawa?
Mr. Tsuneo Suzukawa? Can you hear me?
If you can hear me, open your eyes.
Are you awake?
You were in a traffic accident.
This is a hospital.
I'll call the doctor.
The girl in the wheelchair?
Oh, yes, we asked her to go home today.
She insisted on waiting till you awoke.
So she's not injured?
How do you feel?
I was in an accident?
You suffered a concussion,
but tests showed nothing was wrong.
Your internal organs are sound,
but your right shinbone
is broken at the ankle.
In short, an open fracture.
Emergency surgery was done
to prevent infection at the wound.
We secured the fracture
with screws and a plate.
It'll take two months
before it can bear your weight.
Two months.
One more thing.
Surgery couldn't unite
the joint surfaces perfectly.
There's a risk of osteoarthritis.
You could experience
joint pain and stiffness,
making it hard to walk or run like before.
The hairline fracture in your left arm
may make crutches moot for a while.
Will I heal?
It's hard to say at this stage.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
I seem to be in pretty bad shape.
Even rehab might not fix everything.
If it turns out I can't walk again, I
I need to sleep.
You don't need to come, Mom.
You'll hurt your back.
It's no big deal, I swear.
I'll come visit
after I leave the hospital. See you.
How are you, Tsuneo?
I'm sorry to worry you.
Listen, about your study abroad.
They'd like another student
to come in March if you can't.
It's a pity,
but you'll get another chance.
For now, just focus on getting well.
That's not the problem.
It's possible I may not
be able to dive anymore.
If I can't do that,
I'll lose my reason for going abroad.
So rotate your ankle
and extend your toes
to the extent possible.
When the swelling goes down,
we can shift to your rehabilitation.
I bought pudding.
Starting rehab already?
I'll put this in the fridge.
My parents keep sending
rice and vegetables.
My fridge is bulging.
Want to get some fresh air?
Feel free to say what's on your mind.
I'm here to give you my support.
It doesn't matter anymore
Studying abroad, Mexico.
I thought I was stronger than this.
Please don't give up.
Work hard on rehab...
"Work hard"? What if it doesn't matter?
I didn't understand anything.
How scary it is
to reach for something I want.
Have feelings for you, Tsuneo!
I just didn't want that
to get in the way of your goals.
But I can't help it.
I'm madly in love with you!
How'd this happen?
Mai, listen. I...
I know.
I don't need a "Sorry" or a "Thanks."
I hate women who cry in front of men.
I needed to say it.
We should get back.
I know you're there! Answer the door!
If you don't
Go away!
Don't come back.
Tsuneo's given up on studying abroad.
So now I'm making him mine.
I'll give him the love
he needs to forget the sea.
I never wanted him to go to Mexico.
I prayed he'd forget his silly dream
and stay near me.
I wanted to be by his side.
I know him so much better than you.
His love for talking about fish,
the awful way he hums.
He's bad at rock-paper-scissors.
He likes pudding, hates cucumbers,
and always has ice-cold hands.
I could name a hundred more things.
I know him far better.
Well, say something!
My Servant's never giving up.
He'll never forget
about fish or abandon his dream!
That's who he is!
You know that, right?
I can't name a hundred things about him.
But you can't beat my feelings for him.
If that's true, then show it!
You're clumsy.
I'm a good woman.
Why don't you buy me dinner then?
I have a request.
You should let the characters
show more emotions.
Say how they feel.
I see.
Hey, redhead.
Lend me your face.
I desired nothing but my escape from him.
That is all.
Upon reflection,
it was truly a pitiful story.
It's done.
What's this?
Isn't it obvious? Permission to leave.
No, why do you have it?
I just figured you might seek
a change of pace once in a while.
I'm sorry, but I'm not in the mood.
Don't be such a bore, Tsuneo.
Let's have some fun!
Leave me alone!
As your diving buddy,
it's my job to give you oxygen
whenever you need it.
So shut up and follow me.
What's going on?
Don't ask questions.
This place.
The Mermaid and the Shiny Wing.
From the floor of the deep blue sea,
festive music is heard.
It's a mermaid's 20th birthday
when she can leave the sea.
You're doing fine.
The mermaid received
a magic shell as a gift.
And it spoke to her.
"You can use me to turn human,
and back into a mermaid again."
"But you must not wish for anything else."
"For if you do,
you'll turn to froth and vanish forever."
"I understand,"
said the mermaid and swam ashore.
"Oh, shell, turn me into a human."
Suddenly, her fins became graceful legs.
"How wonderful,"
she exclaimed as she climbed a hill.
But the world outside was full of danger.
A ferocious tiger appeared before her.
The mermaid tried to run
but lost her footing and fell.
Clinging to a rock, she yelled, "Help!"
Just then, a young man
with pure white wings
descended from the sky to help.
"Thank you. Those are lovely wings."
The young man
beamed happily at those words.
"When spring comes,
I'm taking flight with them."
For he had a dream.
It was to fly
to a shiny sea far, far away.
A place where a family
of bright orange fish swam.
A vast sea, full of fun and frolic.
The two became friends
and went to many places together.
"Every place makes my heart
dance with such joy,
I feel like skipping."
The mermaid saw her world grow and expand.
The seasons changed and spring arrived.
The day for
the young man's departure came.
The mermaid was sad
and walked alone in the woods.
Again, a ferocious tiger
appeared before her.
Claws sharp, fangs bared,
it pounced on the mermaid.
"Look out," cried the young man,
appearing just in time to save her.
But this time, he was injured,
his gorgeous wings, broken.
Sobbing with grief,
the mermaid took
the magic shell in her hands
and wished, "Please save him."
Within seconds, his wounds healed
and the youth awoke alive and well,
but his wings would never return.
"I can no longer reach
the shiny sea," he lamented.
The mermaid said, "Raise your head."
"You have larger wings in your heart."
"With those wings, you sheltered me
and used them to push me forward."
"With wings of the heart,
you can fly anywhere."
The young man set off
for the shiny sea by boat.
In driving rain or stormy winds,
he pushed ever forward.
"I'm not afraid
for I'm in pursuit of my dreams."
His heart wings were
strong, supple, and beautiful.
And most of all, unbreakable.
At last, he found the shiny sea.
With great joy, he dove into it.
He started swimming freely
with the orange fish,
so happy that his dream came true.
"Oh, shell, you can now
turn me into bubbles."
But her legs turned back into fins
and nothing else occurred.
The magic shell spoke.
"Wishing for another's benefit
and not your own
will never make you vanish."
So with a heart filled
with shiny jewels of memories,
the mermaid returned to the deep blue sea.
The end.
Why are you hiding?
Look, I think he can make it!
- You did it!
- You did it!
Yukichi, My Servant walked today.
Stray cats must not get spoiled.
Must not get spoiled.
Fight the tiger yourself.
I'm getting out!
I just need to make weekly visits.
That's great. Congrats!
I'm not sure about the side effects yet,
but I'm going to Mexico no matter what.
Now that I've got heart wings.
You'll be fine.
They're letting me leave on the 24th.
Can you come get me?
10 a.m.
I'm just so happy.
Thank you.
Ms. Kana!
Tsuneo, congrats on getting out.
Where's Josee?
I haven't seen her today.
You're so right.
Big trouble! Josee's missing!
A girl in a wheelchair just boarded.
Do you know where to?
Attention, guests.
The zoo will be closing in a few minutes.
Please make sure you have
all your belongings with you.
That hurts.
You all right, Josee?
Are you okay yourself?
Your leg.
You just got out.
In my panic to find you,
I found myself running.
I've decided to try to become
a picture book illustrator.
I plan to stand on my own two feet.
You've pushed me
from behind for long enough.
It's not for you.
It wasn't for you.
I want to be Your Servant.
What about the clarion angel?
And going to Mexico?
I'll still go, but
I love you, Josee!
Love you too, My Servant.
It's not at all like I imagined.
What? In a bad way?
In a good way.
- Pretty, right?
- Yes.
It's really a cherry blossom rain.
Did you die?
Are you a ghost?
I'm home for spring break.
You didn't tell me!
I wanted to surprise you.
Pretty cocky for a servant.