Ju Dou (1990) Movie Script

Copy from the film by: KOKI = Jasikevicius.
China Film Co-Production Corporation
China Film Export and Import Corp.
Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co, Ltd.
Tokuma Communications Co., Ltd.
Xi An Film Studio
Producers: Zhang Wenze
Yasuyoshi Tokuma, Hu Jian
Executive Producers: Zhao Hangao
Shigeru Mori, Hiroyuki Kato
Production Directors:
Fen Yitin, Michio Yokoo
A small village somewhere in China
in the 1920s.
Story by Liu Heng
Gong Li, Li Baotian, Li Wei
Zhang Yimou, Yang Fengliang.
The Yang Family's Dye Mill
You took long enough!
There were bandits...
How come they didn't kill you?
How much money is there?
Count it yourself.
Hey, boy!
Tianqing, you're back!
Don't bother to come back
With only that boy for help,
I turned down many orders.
The horse looks much thinner.
Go, now. We start work early
in the morning.
What took you so long?
I was doing all your work.
I did my best,
but those bandits...
Look at my hands...
They're as black as coal.
For all that work your uncle
paid me only two dollars.
The miser!
Your uncle bought himself
another wife. Did you see her?
I just saw the
wedding decorations.
Her name is Ju Dou.
A good-looker...and expensive.
Your uncle is cheap.
Did you know he tortured your
first two aunts to death?
They didn't give him
any children.
It served him right.
Listen how your new aunt...
screams at night.
I'll kill you!
Let me rest a while.
Let you rest?
You'll never make an heir
for the Yang family!
You're not good for nothing!
Go, call your aunt.
My uncle wants you
to come downstairs.
You realize what time it is,
dear lady?
You're very late.
I didn't buy a freeloader!
Hey...Master Yang!
Master Yang!
Master Liu wants these
in a hurry.
He wants two in bright red,
...five in golden yellow.
26 pounds, 7 ounces.
Master Yang...
...with so much work...
...why not hire someone?
That would add to my expenses.
Tianqing is enough.
Tianqing is in his forties.
He ought to get married.
That would be one more
mouth to feed.
It might help you.
We'll wait and see.
She wouldn't cost much.
Tianqing is almost
like a son.
A son? Bullshit!
He doesn't have my blood.
That orphan wouldn't have
survived if I hadn't adopted him...
...after his parents died.
My son wouldn't be
as dumb as he is.
Careful, huh!
If you ruin that,
you'd better watch out!
Don't waste any pigment
while you measure it.
I bought you, now obey me.
When I buy an animal,
I treat it as I wish.
And you're no better
than an animal.
You love that, eh?
Obey me. Give me a son,
and I'll be your slave.
Otherwise, watch out!
What are you doing?
Hurry up!
I'm coming.
It's already very late.
I'm coming!
All you're learned
is how to be lazy.
You could at least answer.
These are delicate dye jobs.
Ask for higher prices.
Learn how to bargain.
Don't sell at a loss.
Choose inexpensive inns.
Don't spend more
than you earn.
I'll go to the stable.
Jinshan, you bought lanterns?
Go, make children...
It brings good luck.
You've come back?
Aunt... what happened
to your face?
I was careless
and fell down.
Your uncle is killing the pig.
It's an offering for
the Moon Festival.
You've hurt your arm?
Yes, when I fell down.
I'm so clumsy.
Let's go home.
You're so skinny.
Tonight we'll eat pork.
Listen to the pig
screaming for its life!
Are you satisfied?
I can't stand it any more!
Who's there?
It's me.
It's you, Tianqing?
Did you feed the horse?
Is my aunt sick?
It's nothing.
It's a little indigestion...
something she ate.
Is it serious?
I'll go get Li, the healer.
It's not necessary.
She's already feeling better.
I'll go to bed.
What was that noise?
It scared me.
It was too dark.
Who knows?
What's wrong?
Tianqing, I want to tell you...
Your uncle will kill me sooner
or later. I can't go on.
Let him kill me. Don't stop him.
I don't want to live any more.
He does have a bad temper.
He's not human.
He's not a man.
Tianqing, I'll tell you
the truth.
The old man's sick. He can't do it!
All he does is torture me.
I really can't go on.
I can't take it any more.
Did you feed him
during the trip?
Three times a day,
and once at night.
He may have colic.
Zhang wants his light blue...
...and Tsui wants his pink. Here's
the cloth. Don't waste any fuel.
I know.
Go back.
Rest easy, Tianqing.
His horse is sick.
That old jerk
won't be back tonight.
Wake me up tomorrow.
I'll start working early.
I sleep like a log.
Really? Since when?
He's not here.
What are you afraid of?
You're really a log!
Tianqing... are you afraid?
Me? Afraid?
Then why did you
latch your door?
You're a grown man...
Am I a wolf?
You think I'll eat you?
My uncle...
He can go to hell!
If someone comes by...
That didn't stop you from
looking through the hole...
Why didn't you plug it up?
...I've kept my body
for you.
My prescription worked well.
She's pregnant.
Is it a boy or a girl?
With some luck, a boy.
...grant me a son!
Let the Yang family line
continue forever, Ancestors.
I'll be forever grateful to you.
I'll shower you with gifts
if it's a boy.
Ju Dou.
Are you pregnant?
And that old bastard
thinks it's his.
Tianqing, I counted the days:
the child is yours.
Ju Dou...
Eat well, sleep well, and
make us a fat boy!
I'll leave now.
The old man mustn't see me.
It's a really fat baby with a
watering spout between his legs.
Ju Dou really did well for you.
My son!
For his generation...
...there are very few
good first names left.
Just make one up.
The ancestors knew best.
You can outwit them!
He is the only Yang heir.
One bad first name
could mean the end...
...of the family line.
Yang Tianbai...
Yang Tianqing...
Qing and Bai! That means purity!
Those are the two best names
beginning with Tian.
Nice toy.
Soon Tianbai will play with it.
Hang the cloths quietly.
Your aunt and Tianbai are asleep.
You're all mine!
I thought I was dying
and I'd never see you again.
Be quiet... be quiet!
Doesn't he look like you?
Like me?
Look at him.
He's your son.
My breasts are swollen.
Too much milk?
You're getting silly.
You want some?
Does it hurt?
Suck it.
Now, go.
The old man might come back...
No, he won't come back now.
Aren't you afraid
he'll kill you with an axe?
It's hard to say
who will kill whom.
You talk big behind his back,
you big devil!
One day he'll find out the truth.
It won't be easy
to kill us all.
Uncle!... Uncle!
What happened to you?
He is paralyzed.
He's not going to die.
But he can no longer function...
...from the waist down.
I'll kill you, bitch!
Filthy beast!
You still want to hurt me?
What's inside your pants?
Nothing but shit!
What's done is done.
I want you to know...
You can do nothing about it.
God gave me Tianqing.
Now, listen!
Tianqing is Tianbai's father.
It serves you right!
Tianqing, why doesn't Tianbai
ever laugh?
Don't worry, he'll soon laugh.
"Hear the bell, ding dong."
"Here we are..."
"...at Village Wang."
"So many dogs..."
"...here they come."
"They attack us
but we can't run!"
"We can't run, so we go home."
"Play the horn just for fun."
Kill him!
Kill that old bastard!
What are you waiting for?
Kill him!
You touch my son again
and see what happens!
Ju Dou, sleep with our son
without worry.
If you want to die, say so.
I'll help you.
You wanted to burn up my family?
You old bastard!
You won't succeed.
It isn't that easy!
We'll keep you alive a long time.
Keep on breathing,
you devil!
Tianqing and I
will take good care of you...
...so you can watch us
as we live happily.
You understand?
Where are you going?
It's a beautiful day.
...you're so lucky.
Tianqing takes care of you
like a son would.
...open your eyes wide...
Look at those two filthy beasts!
Oh, my poor ancestors!
I'm worried.
Tianqing is big,
but he still doesn't talk.
Is he mute?
That's nonsense.
He's slow to talk,
but he'll talk sooner or later.
Tianbai, call me daddy.
If he does,
would you dare reply?
Anyway, he is your son.
We'll tell him
when he's older.
Let's go.
Wait, Tianbai is here.
It's been a long time...
I'd like to..
What are you afraid of?
He's our son. Let's go!
Tianqing, my period is late.
If I'm pregnant,
it would be a big problem.
You can say, "Daddy"?
Who's your daddy?
Daddy!... Daddy!
Daddy!... Daddy!
Tianbai!... My son!
Of course, I'm your father!
My son!
I'm your father! I'm your father!
Tianbai! Call me!
Tianbai, that's your Mama.
That's your brother.
And I'm your father.
My son, you're a good boy.
Remember to call us that way.
Don't take it so hard.
He's too young to understand.
When he's older
we'll tell him everything.
I don't know why
my period was so late...
I was scared.
We'll have to do something.
Take this.
Apply it beforehand.
You'll be safe.
Does it work?
The old nun said it'll work
after I use it 10 times.
Ju Dou!
Wash yourself.
It's time to extend good wishes.
Today Tianbai is three years old.
I wish him great happiness.
I only have one thing to say:
Live a long life...
...and continue
the Yang family line.
Let's have a toast!
...has a good son.
Tianqing has a good brother.
Good luck!
Let's drink a toast!
It's Tianqing's turn
to extend his wishes to Tianbai.
Aunt, pour your nephew a drink!
Your aunt's wine is good!
Drink up, Tianqing!
Offer some wishes to your brother.
...my good brother...
Tianqing is drunk!
Tianqing would like
a son of his own.
Be patient... your uncle
will spend some money...
...and buy you an even prettier
wife. Would you like that?
It's chili powder!
Use vinegar.
Does that work?
Yes, it works.
Old people use vinegar
as a cure.
I can't take any more!
I really can't take any more.
Let's find a way.
Let's take Tianbai and leave.
Or let's live together and
never mind what people might say.
What they'd say doesn't worry me.
If they knew, they'd kill us!
You worry and worry...
Just find us a solution!
What's that?
From where?
What for?
Stop and think, will you?
I have!
Give it to me.
Listen to me:
It's either him or me!
Him? Who?
Don't you know?
How dare you?
After all, he is my uncle.
He's your uncle...
And I, what am I?
What am I to you?
Answer me, go on, say it!
"Hear the bell, ding, dong!"
"Here we are at Village Wang!"
"So many dogs... here they come!"
"They bite us all...
but we can't run!"
"We can't run so we go home!"
"Play the horn just for fun!"
What's wrong?
Your aunt's lower parts
are in bad shape.
Is your paralyzed uncle strong
enough to have done that?
Give her this medicine.
But, frankly speaking...
...she can never...
...become pregnant again.
At least it's one less thing
to worry about.
You go first.
I'll come home after dark.
Ju Dou, don't do anything silly.
Tianbai, my son...
...do you want to dye the straw?
I'll help you.
We'll dye it bright red.
You did it?
Did what?
You know very well!
Stop talking nonsense!
When I came home,
he was already floating.
Don't lie to me!
You should have let me do it.
Killing one's husband
cries out for punishment.
You're accusing me wrongly!
I'm lost in any case.
Where is the little bottle?
You threw it out?
You still have it?
Keep it.
I'm involved, too.
What are you trying to prove?
Look at yourself!
Is that a son's loyalty?
Didn't he deserve to die?
Are you sorry he's dead?
You'd rather keep on being
Tianbai's brother!
What a good, respectful nephew!
You, too, are beating me?
Sure, continue doing it!
Revive the old man, and you can
both beat me!
I don't want to live any more.
According to tradition...
...Tianbai is the only Yang heir
in the Tian generation.
Tianqing isn't really
part of the family.
According to ancient custom...
...the funeral will
take place tomorrow.
Out of loyalty, Ju Dou and Tianqing
will block the coffin's path.
There is gossip about them
in the village.
Tomorrow the entire Yang family
will see with its own eyes...
...whether they are
truly loyal.
According to ancestral tradition...
...Ju Dou will not remarry.
The widow will remain faithful.
After the ceremony...
...Tianqing will move out
of the dye mill.
He will sleep at Wang's house.
A man living in a house with a
widow, even though she's his aunt...
...would cause gossip
about the Yang family...
...whose reputation
is unblemished.
Are they blocking the path?
They're waiting up ahead.
According to custom, they must
block the path 49 times.
There must be no mistake.
Block the path!
Uncle, don't leave!
Don't leave!
That's once!
That's twice!
What is it?
I bought this at the market
a few days ago.
That's for Tianbai.
Give it to him.
No, you do it.
He won't talk to me.
Isn't it too bright?
You're still very beautiful.
Your brother bought this for you.
...I'm leaving now.
Lock the door.
Tianbai, I'm going to Shi village.
Your sixth uncle asked for me.
Let's stop coming here.
Someone might see us.
It will be getting cold.
Where could we go?
You should get home.
People gossip about widows.
Since the old man's death,
we live in fear of gossip.
You moved away
seven or eight years ago.
We're always hiding.
Let's take Tianbai
and leave this place.
Don't say that.
The worst part is behind us.
Later on Tianbai will
take over the dye mill.
Then I'll tell him
the whole truth.
You're crazy!
You'll tell him?!
Do you want to lose him?
If we don't tell him
he'll keep on hating us...
...and acting as if
he wanted us dead.
It looked like two deer
or two foxes.
Then I saw it was two people.
I couldn't see
who was underneath...
...but on top was...
Tianbai's mother.
She was on top?
She was moving like
when they scrub laundry.
Where was that?
It was...
Murderer!... Murderer!
What's wrong?
Let's see your hand.
You're bleeding!
Let me suck out the wound.
Let me...
You evil brat!
Tianbai, now listen carefully!
You have hit your father!
I'm telling you this today:
You are the son of Yang Tianqing.
He is your father!
Here's your lunch.
Go on, eat.
Where's Tianbai?
He went out.
Life will be even harder for us.
I'm getting older... but...
...I'd like to sleep with you.
If you wish...
let's find a place.
It's stifling, isn't it?
I'm out of breath.
There's not much air
in this cave.
There's no air at all.
If we stay here,
we'll suffocate.
Should we leave?
Let's stay this way.
Let's keep lying here...
...for the rest of our lives.
We're old.
Do you remember how it all began
for us?
Tell me, go on.
Tell me.
No, you tell me.
It makes me blush.
Remember, I watched you
through a hole in the wall.
I remember.
And now we've gone into
this large hole.
Zhang Yimou, Yang Fengliang
Gu Changwei, Yang Lun
Art Directors:
Coa Jiuping, Xia Rujin
Sound Man:
Li Lanhua
Zhao Jipin
Du Yuan
Assistant Director:
Zhou Youzhao
Ji Jianmin
Assistant Camera Men:
Tao Shiwei, Feng Yan
Assistant Art Director:
Zhang Jiancun
Assistant Sound Man:
Dang Wans
Lighting Assistants:
Yi Yanzhong, Zeng Junwei (Hong Kong)
Sun Wei
Zhang Zhian
Prop Masters:
Ye Yaozhong, Cao Jiankong
Guo Zhengyi, Huang Minxian
Ju Dou:...GONG LI
Yang Tianqing:...LI BAOTIAN
Yang Jinshan:...LI WEI
Yang Tianbai (Infant):...ZHANG YI
Yang Tianbai (Youth):...ZHENG JIAN
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