Judas and the Black Messiah (2021) Movie Script

Keep it rolling, we'll just get,
like, a bonus one of these.
Could somebody wipe him down?
He's sweating a little bit.
Eyes on the Prize 2,
March 3rd, 1989...
Bill O'Neal interview.
Looking back on your activities
in the late '60s, early '70s,
what would you tell your son
about what you did then?
Look at them flames
Lightin' up the sky
Ain't never seen fire
Shootin' up so high
Look at them flames
Lightin' up the sky
Look at them flames
Lighting up the sky
I ain't never seen fire
shooting up so high
Are you listenin', people
To what I'm sayin'?
'Cause it sure looks to me
Like them niggas Ain't playin'
Them niggas Ain't playin'
Them niggas Ain't playin'
Them niggas Ain't playin'
Those are not riots,
those are rebellions.
People are rebelling
because of conditions,
and not because of individuals.
No individual
creates a rebellion.
It's created
out of the conditions.
Is the only solution
Is the only solution
- Revolution - Is the only
solution - Revolution
Okay. Who is this?
Huey P. Newton.
And where is Huey?
In jail.
The first thing that the Black
Panther Party did, of course,
in Oakland, was to set up
an armed patrol
in order to ensure
that Black people were not
harassed and intimidated
by the local police department.
And if the police
arrested the individual,
we'd follow him to the jail
and bail the individual out,
whether he was a Panther or not.
Panthers are the vanguard, man.
We're talking about tearing
shit down from the bottom,
startin' at the bottom,
goin' up.
A non-capitalistic state.
That's what we're talkin' about.
Yeah, we armed.
We a armed propaganda union,
but we spend most of our time
working with these programs
serving the people.
Free medical clinic,
free breakfast children program,
the inter-communal institute
in liberation schools,
free legal aid,
education for the community.
The Black Panthers
are the single greatest threat
to our national security.
More than the Chinese.
Even more than the Russians.
Our counter-intelligence program
must prevent the rise
of a Black Messiah
from among their midst.
One with a potential
to unite the Communist,
the anti-war,
and the New Left movements.
We don't fight fire with fire,
we fight fire with water.
This man.
You don't fight racism with racism.
We gonna fight with solidarity.
Fredrick Allen Hampton.
We ain't gonna fight capitalism
with Black capitalism,
we gonna fight capitalism
with socialism.
Fuckin' Crowns. Of course.
All right, playtime's
over, all right?
Everybody grab a fucking wall.
What the hell is this?
I just paid O'Mally last week.
You hear me?
Do I look like some two-bit
shakedown artist to you?
What the fuck does this say?
The initials.
FBI, that's right, big guy.
Hey, where you going?
Come back here, clown.
hands on the fucking table.
Come here!
Man, we in here mindin'
our own business.
We ain't doin' nothin'
to nobody.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
spread 'em open.
Fuck off me, pig.
What you got in there?
Don't y'all motherfuckers
ain't got shit to do tonight?
Oh, you just minding your
fucking business, huh?
What's this?
What's that? Fuckin' idiot.
I swear to God, ain't no pig
worse than a nigga with a badge.
- Little Pontiac, huh?
- All right, time out.
All right, big man,
you goin' downtown.
- What?
- Yep.
That GTO out there,
- the red one, that belong to you?
- Yeah.
Well, it was reported stolen
two months ago.
- Let's go, let's go. Yep. Yep, yep.
- Hell, no! That's my car!
Hey, hey, hey!
- Let me go.
- Be easy, be easy, all right?
I got the papers on it
and everything.
You're under arrest
for grand theft auto.
- I didn't do nothin'!
- Yeah, yeah, tell it to the judge.
Say, man, what the fuck is the FBI
doing lookin' for a stolen car, huh?
Y'all ran out of niggas
to assassinate?
- Motherfucker.
- Shit!
Hey, hey, hey, tough guy.
No wise eye.
You be easy, right?
No funny eye.
He ain't nothin' but a kid.
You ain't no fucking cop, nigga.
Stay the fuck back!
Get him!
- Get out the car!
- Fall back!
Oh, shit!
Get your ass out here!
Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck out of here!
Get that out
of my fucking chest! Shit!
Get the fuck off my shit!
Fuck off this shit!
Punk motherfucker!
Special Agent Mitchell, FBI.
Almost as spiffy as yours.
Now, tell me, why the badge?
Why not just use a knife or
a gun like a normal car thief?
A badge is scarier than a gun.
Would you mind
explaining that for me?
Any nigga on the streets
can get a gun... Sir.
A badge is like you got the
whole damn army behind you.
I better hold on to this, then.
Were you upset
when Dr. King was murdered?
Were you upset
when Dr. King was murdered?
I don't know.
You can be honest.
Well, I was a little bit, yeah.
And what about Malcolm X?
I ain't ever thought
about all that.
You just never thought about it?
You're looking at 18 months
for the stolen car
and five years for
impersonating a federal officer.
Or you can go home.
...that reflected the
population and the culture
of the 80% Black student body.
So they're bringing in
Dr. Charles Hurst
from Howard University
to be president.
And they're gonna call it
Malcolm X College from now on.
It's in this spirit of activism,
and on behalf of the Wright
Junior College of Black Caucus,
I am proud to introduce.
Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton
of the Illinois Black Panther Party.
I don't need no mic.
Can y'all hear me?
Right on.
Malcolm X College, I can dig it.
Dr. Charles Hurst, direct
from Howard. Right on.
So, what?
You think the students over
there gonna be free now?
Oh, they'll let you change the name
of your college, or your own name,
throw on a dashiki.
'Cause guess what?
They still gonna drag
your Black ass to Vietnam
to shoot a poor rice farmer
or get shot your damn self.
That's the difference
between revolution
and the candy-coated facade
of gradual reform.
Reform is just the masters
teaching the slaves
how to be better slaves.
Under reform, you could take
the motherfucking masters out,
and the slaves still be doin'
all the work for 'em.
There's a man
called a capitalist.
Don't matter what color he is,
black, white, brown, red, don't matter.
Because the capitalist
has one goal.
And that is
to exploit the people.
He can have on a
three-piece suit or a dashiki,
'cause political power doesn't
flow from the sleeve of a dashiki.
Political power flows
from the barrel of a gun.
We in the Black Panther Party
don't believe in no culture
except revolutionary culture.
What we mean by that is
a culture that will free you!
Don't give me no five-and-dime costume
of a medicine man or a witch doctor
or whatever you think
the motherland look like.
Give me the righteous threads of
a Mozambican FRELIMO fighter.
Give me... Give me a AK-47,
or some bandoliers
like they got in Angola!
Give me some Colt .45s for the
folks that are trying to free themselves!
A dashiki ain't gonna help you
when they come up
in here with them tanks
like they did in Henry Horner.
You need tools, brother.
We got the tools
at 75th and Madison.
Can you spare
a little change, brother?
Sister, spare a little change?
Thought your speech
was really interesting.
Well, thank you, sister.
Do you like poetry?
I mean, it's cool,
but as Che Guevara said...
"Words are beautiful, but
action is supreme," you dig?
I dig. Right on.
But you were up on that stage
using words, so...
Maybe next time, choose
'em a bit more carefully,
instead of tearin' down the folk
who you call yourself
just because they demonstrate
a little Black pride.
But just so you know,
you are a poet.
Somebody define war for me.
War is a violent conflict
between two or more parties.
Would you say we at war
with the pigs, Comrade Palmer?
Chairman, I'd take it
a step further and say
that every ghetto
across the nation
should be considered
occupied territory.
Right on.
Well, how about politics?
How would you define politics,
Brother Winters?
You know, elections.
Elections can be part
of politics, certainly.
But we in the party
ascribe to Chairman Mao's
definition of politics.
He said, "War is politics
with bloodshed,
and politics is war
without bloodshed."
Say it with me, y'all.
"War is politics with bloodshed.
Politics is war
without bloodshed."
Now, what that mean?
It mean every time
the pigs shoot down
an unarmed brother
or sister in the street,
Mayor Daley pulled the trigger.
It mean Tricky Dicky Nixon
is the fattest,
most filthy pig in the pen.
So, how we win this war?
What's our most lethal weapon?
Guns? Grenades?
Rocket launchers?
These niggas
got rocket launchers?
There's strength in numbers.
Power anywhere there's people.
And in order to
overthrow this racist,
fascist, nefarious U.S. government,
it's gonna take everybody.
Black Panther paper!
Free your mind for just a quarter.
Sorry, I'm on my way to work.
Well, I'm at work, sister.
I work for you.
Information is raw material
for new ideas.
Oh, you got kids?
- Your friends got kids?
- Yeah.
Well, we got a breakfast
program feedin' 300 kids a week.
Because we've grown
so accustomed to being poor,
we think it's normal for our
kids to go to school hungry.
We think it's normal for us to go
to the hospital with a runny nose
and come home in a body bag.
So, our job
as the Black Panther Party
is to heighten
the contradictions.
I pledge allegiance...
I pledge allegiance...
...to my Black people.
...to my Black people.
I pledge to develop...
I pledge to develop...
...my mind and body to
the greatest extent possible.
...my mind and body to
the greatest extent possible.
I will learn all that I can...
I will learn all that I can...
...in order to give my best to my
people in the struggle for liberation.
...in order to give
my best to my people
in the struggle for liberation.
So, the people can decide if they
wanna overthrow the government
or not.
These two people are
waiting to see you from VISTA.
Also, Brother Cohran called.
He wanted to know if you willing to
speak at a fundraiser at the theater,
and somebody named Stanley Uhuru
said he wanted to speak to you
about a credit union.
What's that?
EKG machine.
For the clinic,
when we get it up and running.
The poet.
What a pleasant surprise.
I saw your ad in the paper
lookin' for a new speechwriter.
I figured I'd better
come lend a hand.
Well, that must have
been a misprint.
See, I don't write speeches,
I just get up on stage and
speak truth to the people.
Oh, it shows. The lack
of preparation, that is.
It got you here.
"We want land, bread,
housing, education, clothing...
justice, and peace."
"Housing, justice, peace."
Life, liberty, happiness.
I mean, it's all right there in
the Declaration of Independence.
But when poor people demand it,
it's a contradiction.
It's not democracy,
it's socialism, dig?
We can do something
after this, if you want to.
O'Neal, stand up.
What is the party line in
regards to our sisters, comrade?
"Do not take liberties
with women."
Oh, come on now.
I ain't takin' no goddamn...
These aren't just your sisters.
They're your sisters-in-arms.
Act like it.
Twenty push-ups for discipline.
Captain Harmon...
count 'em out.
What's wrong, O'Neal?
Down to the ground!
You scared of a little dirt?
I could have a sister
put a towel down for ya.
You ain't tell me
it was gonna be like this.
These motherfuckers
ain't no terrorists.
Shit, they terrorizing me.
What can I do to help?
The goal is to get close
to Hampton. So, think.
What does he need
that maybe your Uncle Sam
might be able to help you provide?
A car.
Fred don't drive no more.
'Cause the pigs always...
Shit, the police.
No, that's good.
You're becoming a Panther.
The pigs are always
followin' him around,
givin' him bullshit traffic
violations, right? So,
if you want me
to get close to Fred,
give me a car.
Jimmy, come on, man.
Say, Chairman,
that wasn't no goddamn pig
you was eatin' out there,
was it?
Somebody gotta show the pig
who's boss, man.
All right,
y'all ready to split? Huh?
Y'all got weapons?
Give 'em here.
Now, Judy, you is out
of your rabbit-ass mind
if you don't get your
motherfuckin' boot off my shit.
Yo, Winters,
how many pistols you got, man?
What about you?
Mine's in the glove box.
Park as close to Leon's
as you can,
in case we gotta haul ass
outta there.
that's the Crowns' pool hall.
Exactly. Stay sharp.
Hey, Chairman,
what are we doin' here?
Getting the Crowns' attention.
Evenin', brothers and sisters.
I wanted to hip y'all to a new
free breakfast program
opening on the South Side
next week.
Free for the babies.
All you gotta do
is drop your little ones off
and we'll take care of the rest.
Stop on by to Saint Andrew's
and check us out.
And if you're on the West Side
or you got family on the West Side,
we at the Better Boys Club,
Monday through Friday.
The Illinois Black Panther
Party has a mandate
to feed every hungry kid
in Chicago.
I'm not talkin' about handing
out turkeys on Thanksgiving,
that's charity.
Save that for the pushers
and the preachers
who call themselves doin' you a
favor after they done sucked you dry.
Fuck charity.
The Black Panther Party
believes in progression.
Now, what that mean?
That mean, first,
you have free breakfast,
then you have free healthcare,
then you have free education.
Next thing you know, you look up,
you done freed your motherfuckin' self!
Know where you at, motherfucker?
This is Crowns territory.
We don't want no trouble,
We just passin' through.
Besides, the rap we on
is a political one.
It shouldn't really
concern y'all.
Nigga, don't lecture me
on politics.
The Crowns protected Martin
Luther King when he was here in 1966.
And he got his head split open.
Damn near killed by a mob of
crackers throwin' Irish confetti.
Bang-up job y'all did.
Hey, hey, hey!
Get the fuck back!
Get the fuck back, nigga!
Back up!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No need for that, brother.
We on our way.
But dig, I got a message
for the big man.
Tell him the Panthers wanna
sit down with the Crowns.
Imagine what we could
accomplish together.
You sure you wanna go sit
down with the Crowns, Chairman?
Hell, yeah.
Imagine the Panthers,
the Stones, the Crowns,
and the Disciples fighting
under one revolutionary army.
Them pigs ain't ready for that.
I'll tell y'all one thing.
I'm bringin' my motherfuckin'
pistols to that goddamn meeting.
And you hear me, Chairman? Shit.
Maybe one of yours, too, nigga.
All you need is a pool
stick, ain't that right, O'Neal?
You see him swinging
that thing around?
Hey, don't you underestimate
my skill, God damn it! None of y'all!
You got heart, Bill.
You wild, but you got heart.
Wild Bill.
Wild Bill! Wow! Wild Bill!
Man, tell me they ain't
call you that in Maywood!
Nah, man,
they ain't call me nothing.
Shit, I mighta heard it
once or twice.
See, I knew it! I knew it!
Wild Bill!
God damn it, Harmon,
you and these goddamn cognomen.
- Oh, man...
- Wild Bill!
Pool stick to a gun fight, man.
Wild Bill.
Come on in, make
yourself at home in the den.
This is Samantha.
What made you think
you could trust Roy Mitchell?
Uh, I'd rode around in his car.
I had dinner with him
at his dinner table.
Um... You know, he was, at one
point, for me, he was like a role model.
When I didn't have one,
you know?
We had very few role models
back then.
We had Martin Luther King,
Malcolm X,
Muhammad Ali.
I had an FBI agent.
You know, I investigated the
Schwerner, Chaney, Goodman murders
down in Mississippi in '64.
You familiar?
A couple kids was trying
to register Negroes to vote.
That's all they were doing.
They got arrested
on bogus speeding charges
by the sheriff's deputy,
who hand-delivered them
to the Klan.
And they shot 'em, of course.
Cut off Chaney's penis.
what you and I are doing, is...
Is the other side of that coin.
Don't let Hampton fool you.
The Panthers and the Klan
are one and the same.
Their aim is to sow hatred
and inspire terror.
Plain and simple.
Now, I'm all for civil rights,
but you can't cheat your way
to equality.
And you certainly
can't shoot your way to it.
Anyway, I'm going to go
get those dogs going.
No, no, sit down.
You're a guest.
Uh, if you want a taste
of the good stuff,
there's a bottle of scotch
in this bottom cabinet there.
You can help yourself.
Hey, how much money
you make, man?
It's a... It's a living.
So, if I... Say, I get you,
like, some good information.
Somethin' nobody else knows.
Is there some kind
of bonus or somethin'?
Well, I'm counting on it, Bill.
But, to answer your question, you
scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
Make yourself at home.
Did he say when this
meeting's taking place?
No, just that Hampton wants
to unify the Black gangs.
You know, he'd probably help us
write the darn thing
for a couple more bucks.
What fun would that be?
I'm pretty sure it's actually
just "dig," not "dig in."
What the fuck do you know?
I know I've definitely heard
'em say "dig in" before.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
Use it in a sentence.
Oh. Okay.
These Crowns,
well, they ain't nothin'...
but a bunch of jive sissies.
Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton
of the Illinois Black Panther Party.
Fred Hampton,
the great orator
of the West Side!
Your name's been ringing out,
It's your world, Brother Steel.
So, what can I do for you?
Well, I wanna know
what we can do for each other.
Y'all was doin' some great work
mobilizing young brothers
on the South Side,
and we a part of
a national organization
dedicated to the liberation for
oppressed people everywhere.
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Whee!
This nigga got some
million-dollar words, don't he?
They wasn't lyin'.
It's not just talk, brother.
Our breakfast program feeds
over 3,000 kids a week.
Motherfucker, the Crowns feed
more babies than General Mills.
Now, who you think employs
all their mommies and daddies?
Well, right on, brother,
right on.
But question is,
can you do even more?
There's over 5,000 Crowns
in Chicago.
Between your manpower and
the Panther's political platform,
we can heal this whole city.
And if we take care of Chicago,
Come on, man.
You mind if I read you
something, Brother Hampton?
Somebody dumped a whole bunch
of these pamphlets
on our front yard the other day,
and I just thought they
might be of interest to you.
- Do you mind if I...
- Go ahead.
"Word on the street
is that the Crowns got more
rats than a cheese factory.
Where you think
they get all their money from?
The pigs run
their whole operation.
Well, lemme tell you what,
When you lie with pigs,
you don't just get flies,
you get Panthers,
to blow your big, Uncle Tom,
watermelon-head off.
"Because what's a rat
to a big, black jungle cat?"
Get your ass out here!
Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck out of here!
"When the Panthers are done
with the Crowns..."
"...they won't have a watermelon-head
left to wear a crown on.
Dig in?"
"Dig in?"
That you? This your work?
- Brother, come on...
- Dick Tracy!
I see you traded in
your badge for...
Nigga, you know
not to speak outta turn.
It's that motherfucker
- that stole Ant's car.
- Shut up!
- Sorry.
- Speak up.
If that was us murder mouthin',
where our guns at, huh?
We came to y'all headquarters
So, who do you think
wrote it, then?
The pigs, who else?
The pigs don't write, blood.
The Feds do.
They pulled the same shit
on Martin and Malcolm.
And what happened to them?
Same shit that's gonna happen
to all of us.
At least they died
for the people.
We should be so lucky.
You gonna need this.
Tread lightly, blood.
Hey, Chairman. Chairman.
Let me take that off your hands.
Maybe the Disciples
will be more receptive.
You can bet the Disciples
got one of them Fed letters, too.
The pigs got ahead of us.
Ah. So, what,
you ridin' with me?
You got your piece on you,
Yeah, it's in the glove box.
Why? What's up?
Come on, Judy. You know what...
What was all that shit
about a badge?
Man, what the fuck is your...
All right, all right, all right!
Calm down! Calm the fuck down!
Can I talk to her?
Can I talk to her?
All right.
Y'all ain't gonna believe
me, all right? But I used to...
I used to pretend I was a Fed
back when I used to boost cars...
- Shh.
- When I used to boost cars.
What kinda fucking sense
does that make?
A pig boosting cars.
Now, what I would do is I would
pretend. I show 'em a fake badge, right?
And then I say
your car is reported stolen.
And then I'd hop in it,
and I'd just ride. Just go.
Before anybody
knew the difference,
I was in the wind,
dig what I'm sayin'?
You would be surprised
what they believe.
You put on one of them coats
and the Humphrey Bogart hat...
You steal this car?
Yeah, no. Yeah, from a pimp.
And a pimp believed
you were a Fed?
Okay, so, I...
What kinda amateur-hour macks
you be knowin' out here, man?
I hot-wired this shit,
all right?
All right?
- Do it again.
- What?
You say you hot-wired this shit,
so do it again.
Okay, look, look, uh...
I ain't got no goddamn tools on me
right now to do it right this second.
Comrade, reach in my boot.
Oh, come on now, y'all.
All right,
give me the motherfucker, man.
All right, give me a second.
Give me a second.
Come on, come on, come on...
Come on, baby.
Are you happy?
How did you get keys
to a hot car?
Now, you think in your mind,
I'm gonna pick up a stone fox
in this bad motherfucker
right here,
and start it up with a goddamn
screwdriver in the ignition?
I had my boy replace the lock,
motherfucker. Come on, man.
God dawg, man.
Can you get
that motherfucker off me now?
Wild Bill.
They don't attack me
because I'm a Muslim.
They attack me 'cause I'm Black.
They attacked all of us
for the same reason.
All of us catch hell
from the same enemy.
- We're all in the same bag...
- In the same bag.
- ...in the same boat.
- In the same boat.
We suffer
political oppression...
We suffer political oppression,
- ...economic exploitation...
- Economic exploitation.
- ...and social degradation.
- And social degradation.
All of 'em from the same enemy.
All of 'em from the same enemy.
- The government has failed us.
- The government has failed us.
- You can't deny that.
- You can't deny that.
Any time you're living
in the 20th century, 1964,
and you walking around here
singing "We Shall Overcome,"
- the government has failed you.
- The government has failed you.
Keep going.
Well, do you know his speech
The Black Revolution?
"Sometimes, when a
person's house is on fire..."
...and the person to whom
the house belongs to is asleep...
...if someone comes in
yelling 'fire, '
instead of the person to whom the
house belongs to being thankful...
...they make the mistake of
charging the one who awakened them
with having set the fire.
- I hope that..."
- "I hope that
this little conversation tonight
about the Black Revolution
won't cause many of you
- to accuse us of igniting it..."
- "Igniting it..."
"...when you find it
at your doorstep."
Well, you gotta do the voice.
"When you find it
at your doorstep."
I listen to him every morning.
I feel like he never lets folks
put words in his mouth,
and no matter what, he
doesn't get flustered or angry.
I'd like to be like that
Right on.
Right on.
Anyway, I didn't mean
to interrupt.
You want some coffee?
How you take it?
Black, and sweet.
I did not expect you to be shy.
Oh, I'm not shy.
We ain't talkin' about some
hippies playing bongos in the park.
These the same motherfuckers
hit Dr. King with a brick.
I don't know how I feel about
goin' up in there without my pistol.
Right on.
Best you stay behind, then.
Displace maybe two,
three times as many of us.
Well, they might think it's
easy to throw out the white trash,
but they better fuckin' burn it!
You're Fred Hampton.
You must be the Preacherman.
Well, I'm a fan
of y'all's paper.
Funnies, especially.
That flag is some
motherfuckin' bullshit.
Take it easy, comrade.
It's just up there to remind us
of our Southern heritage.
When I look at that,
I don't see no flag hanging.
I see my uncle
hanging from a tree.
And a bunch of white devils
like y'all smiling around his body.
Who the fuck
you think you're talkin' to?
Hey, cool it, cool it!
- You're in our house.
- Hey, cool it!
Look, we oppressed your people
for a long time...
I didn't oppress shit.
And my folks grew up poor.
They were sharecroppers.
AKA the overseer.
What if the overseer
had banded with the slaves
and cut the master's throat?
What then, comrade?
We might not be in this
funky-ass ghetto right now.
I'm not talking about the
West Side or the South Side.
I'm talkin' this filthy-ass
motherfucker right here.
We almost got into it with
a rat over a parking space.
I bet y'all babies gettin'
the same bullshit education.
Y'all payin' the same taxes
to get your heads whooped in
by the same motherfuckin' pigs.
Ain't that a trip?
We pay them, huh?
We pay the pigs
to run us off of our corners.
Let me ask y'all somethin'.
If this building caught fire right
now, what would y'all worry about?
Water and escape.
If somebody were to ask you,
"What's your culture
during this fire, brother?"
"Water, that's my culture."
"Well, how about your
politics?" "Water and escape."
Well, guess what,
America is on fire right now,
and until that fire
is extinguished,
don't nothin' else
mean a goddamn thing.
So, rednecks and Puerto Ricans.
In Chicago.
That motherfucker Fred,
he could sell salt to a slug.
Nice work, Bill.
Chicago's the most
segregated city in America!
Not Shreveport!
Not Birmingham!
But we here to change that.
The Black Panthers, the Young
Lords, and the Young Patriots
are forming a Rainbow Coalition
of oppressed brothers
and sisters of every color!
Cha Cha, tell 'em
why we gathered here today.
Last week,
our brother, Manuel Ramos,
was shot in the head
and killed by an off-duty pig.
So, we caught the pig and
turned him over to his fellow pigs.
And for some reason,
we expected justice.
Well, let's see what they do, now
that we're in front of the pigpen,
and we demand
an independent investigation!
No more pigs in our community!
Off the pigs!
No more pigs in our community!
Off the pigs!
No more pigs in our community!
Off the pigs!
No more pigs in our community!
Off the pigs!
No more pigs in our community!
Uh, your feet cold.
Why your feet so cold?
No! Get 'em off of me!
My feet cold, your feet cold.
No, unless you...
They're like...
But that's socialism, man.
Well, you gotta warm 'em up,
Well, how you think
Mao did the Long March, huh?
The Chinese would warm
these feet left and right.
You saying
I'm a foot capitalist?
You really gonna call me
a foot capitalist, Chairman?
So, summer of '69,
the Rainbow Coalition
is in full swing.
Fred's influence is growing.
What happens next?
I want him off the street.
Charge him with something.
But get his Black ass
off the street.
Y'all don't see there's
kids in here? Huh?
Of course, you're gonna wait till
you get to a free breakfast program
to pull somethin' like this!
- Bunch of cowards!
- Deborah...
- Tighten up.
- You disgust...
- Come on, now.
- You disgust me!
Show some discipline.
Tell Rush to get me a lawyer.
What was he arrested for?
Don't worry, y'all,
I'll be right back.
Ice cream.
Yeah, he was accused of taking
70-something dollars' worth
of ice cream.
And I think he got two to five
for that, if I'm not mistaken.
And how did Fred going
to prison affect the party?
How didn't it? You know,
membership decreased.
Donations started dwindling.
Because I was so good
at installing alarms,
you know, buzzers
and things like that,
Rush decided to promote me
to security captain.
Damn it, man!
What the fuck are you doin'?
We got a visitor.
Brother on the run
from the pigs.
Can't be too careful.
All right, all right,
God damn it.
Put that shit down.
Shit, man.
Got to watch that shit, man.
Who's that?
Security Captain Bill O'Neal,
motherfucker. Who are you?
I'm George Sams.
Security captain
for the New Haven chapter.
Pardon the paranoia.
Hey, we got a rat, man.
They smoked one out.
- In New Haven.
- How? How?
They put a squeeze on that
motherfucker, that's how, nigga.
Now, I didn't say that.
I said the brother
got some discipline
in the area of the nose
and the mouth.
And then, the brother started to
show some cowardly tendencies, so,
boiled some water, gave him
a little more discipline.
We held a trial first.
Well, shit, where he at now?
He's at the bottom of the
river with the rest of the trash.
Shit, nigga,
what you think he did?
Shit, I would have killed
that motherfucker, too.
Killed him dead. I'd have
beat the shit out that nigga, too,
before I...
I would have shot that nigga,
stabbed his ass, or...
Man, y'all lucky I
wasn't there. I would...
Motherfucker, please.
All right, player,
all right, all right.
Bitch motherfucker.
- Does anybody else know about me?
- -No.
- Huh?
- No.
From the Bureau?
No. No, my superiors know
- I have a man on the inside, but...
- Huh?
My superiors know I have a man
on the inside, but that's it.
No one knows your identity.
Are you sure?
I swear on my kids, okay?
What has got you all spooked?
Oh, man, it...
Okay, this Panther from New Haven
came down, you know, and, uh...
And he talkin'
about they caught an informant,
and they tortured him, and
they killed him, Roy, all right?
Who did?
His name is George Sams.
George Sams.
And who's the fella
they killed, this informant?
His name is Alex Rackley.
It's a guy outta New York. I
don't know, I ain't never met him.
But, shit, Roy...
Where is Sams hiding now?
He's hidin' at the office
for now.
He say he's gonna skip town
and, you know, get outta here.
Okay. I need you to draw up
a floor plan of the office.
With this intel, I can get
authorization for a raid.
- Don't worry, Bill.
- What the fuck are you talking...
I will give you a heads-up, so you
can make yourself scarce, okay?
Roy, are you fuckin'
listenin' to me right now?
They poured boiling water all over
this motherfucker, you hear me?
Yes, I understand.
I'm not surprised.
What did I tell you?
No different from the Klan.
Now you see.
Look, now, y'all gonna have to
come up off some serious fuckin' dough
for this, all right?
I will make sure
you're properly compensated.
Discipline in the area
of the nose...
A Panther on the run from
Connecticut is hiding out here in Chicago.
Says he was part of a group
that killed another Panther.
An informant.
George Sams.
Warrant's being written up
as we speak.
We're going in on Wednesday.
How'd you know?
Sams is one of our guys.
Warrant's just a pretense.
So, Sams is the informant?
So, he didn't really kill, uh...
Alex Rackley?
No, he did.
Well, he claims two other guys
were the triggermen,
but what's he gonna say?
Forgive me, I'm confused.
So, this kid, Alex Rackley,
was labelled an informant
and then killed...
...by an actual FBI informant.
And we're just letting him
walk for murder?
It's beautiful.
He's on the I am, right?
So, any time he goes
into a Panther office,
we get a warrant
for harboring a fugitive.
He's in the interview room
right now with our liaison guys,
planning the next stop
on his little tour.
Wow. That's, uh...
Takes a thief
to catch a thief, Roy.
We got a snitch.
What the fuck
is you talkin' about?
How the fuck did the pigs
know Sams was even here?
Y'all ever think about that?
That motherfucker
run his mouth so much,
he probably outed his damn self.
No, nigga. Because they took
the donor rolls,
and they left
all these goddamn binders here.
You understand what I'm saying?
They went straight for the safe.
Then, they went straight
into the weapons cabinet,
which is right
in the fuckin' slop closet.
It's like they knew
where everything was.
- Hey, smarten up, brother.
- What?
You're fallin'
right into the pigs' trap.
What the fuck
are you talkin' about, man?
You know, Jimmy,
maybe you a goddamn pig.
- You ever think about that?
- What? Man, fuck you, nigga!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Cool it!
You ever do that shit again,
Both of y'all,
show some discipline!
- Are you okay?
- There's a goddamn rat in here, Bobby!
And when I find him,
I'm gonna smoke him out.
You motherfuckers hear me?
I'm gonna smoke him out.
You thought New Haven was bad?
You keep fuckin' with me!
- You keep fuckin' with me!
- Cool it!
Cool it, O'Neal!
God damn it!
Dear Comrade Deborah,
I dreamt of you the other night,
and for a second,
I thought I was home.
Pardon the delay
in writing you. I am...
- It was not by choice.
- CO!
The pigs do everything in
their power to keep us isolated.
Because they know,
the day we get organized,
it's over for their asses.
Not having books, I find myself
playing old speeches in my head,
and I keep comin' back
to this line from Dr. King...
"Let us not wallow
in the valley of despair,"
because make no mistake,
this is the fuckin' valley.
But where some see despair,
I see ground zero
for the revolution.
Two thousand brothers
who know who the enemy is.
Who don't need the
contradiction to be heightened.
Because in Menard,
the contradictions don't get
more black and white.
I mean, a lot of these brothers
came here politicized, too.
They just need organizing.
By the time I'm through,
I might fuck around and
have the pigs reading Fanon.
I have so many questions
about how you doing,
about how the party's doing.
But ain't no way you're gettin'
a kite to me in this hellhole.
God forbid, one of the party
members gets sent over,
they could let me know
how y'all are farin'.
But I'd rather be
left in the dark.
The last thing I want
is y'all up in here with me,
or worse.
Tell the comrades to be careful.
Especially when they out
patrollin' the pigs.
A brother who just got in here told
me they been vampin' extra heavy
since the summer started.
Y'all stay safe.
In revolutionary love,
Chairman Fred.
Officers! Now, what crime
have these brothers perpetrated?
Get the fuck outta here.
No, see, I live here.
Now, y'all get the fuck
up outta here.
- Jake.
- Hey, Reg.
The fuck you doin' up in here?
I sure as shit know a squirrel
like you ain't got the clap.
Nah, man. My comrade, Palmer,
got shot by the pigs.
I'm lookin' in on him.
All right, brother. Be careful.
No visitors allowed.
Yeah, but the nurse told me
visiting hours are till 10:00 p.m.
Not for your pal here.
Can I at least
leave him the books?
You may not.
"If we must die,
let us not be like hogs."
Come on.
"Hunted and penned
in an inglorious spot."
Do us both a favor and get lost.
"While around us
bark the mad and hungry dogs,
- "making their mock at..."
- Winters?
Jimmy! Hey,
how you holdin' up, man?
You got five seconds
to fuck off.
- One. Two. Three.
- Shit.
All right, that's it.
All right.
Hey, I'mma get with you, Jimmy.
Hey, Williams,
is that Harriet Tubman?
You made it out. You're good.
Oh, I'm sorry. It's Aunt Jemima.
I love the pancakes, miss.
What's up, guys?
I just want you all to know
you can thank
the Black Panther Party
for the increased police
presence in your neighborhood.
A glorious group of cop-killers.
I'm about to fuckin' move
in over here.
I'm about to get my fuckin'
couch, a fuckin' television set.
- Is the back clear?
- Clear.
- You got a whistle?
- Fuck it, bring the kids.
Escort Comrade Deborah
out the back to the safe house.
What? Why?
I'll take Deborah.
Come on, babe.
You don't even know where it is.
I ain't goin' nowhere.
I don't know about you, but I believe
they wake up at fucking 7:00 a.m.
I can protect myself.
I know you can.
But you don't got just yourself
to think about anymore.
I didn't wanna have to say it
like this, but I...
I recognize
what you're going through,
with the chairman being locked
up and everything, and I just...
Does he know?
Deb, I...
Now, Judy,
you know this ain't nothin'
but a couple of drunk-ass pigs.
They probably gonna leave here,
go get some donuts or some shit.
I'll tell you what they
definitely not gonna do, though,
and that's come up in here.
Not again.
White, you guard the rear.
Hey, Panthers!
If you really give a fuck
about these people out here,
you'll come down.
You little motherfuckers think
it's cool to shoot a cop?
Make sure she gets home safe.
Today's the day.
Today's the fuckin' day!
Either you fucks come down
or we're comin' up!
10-1, we need backup.
Black Panther headquarters.
Hey, kid,
clear the fuckin' sidewalks!
Move! Kid! Kid!
Who's got the room?
Get off the fuckin' sidewalk!
I got the shooter!
- What the fuck you doin'?
- -I'mma cover you from the roof.
- O'Neal, where are you going?
- Trust me,
it'll make better sense
when they call for backup,
and they're goin'
to call for backup.
- Hey.
- What's up?
I'mma go secure the roof,
all right?
- Right on.
- All right.
Watch your backs!
Look at that window!
Hold your positions!
Do you guys see any other
weapons besides those?
Is there any visuals?
I hate you! You swine!
Keep 'em back!
White! You okay?
Fuck, I'm out!
Stop shootin'! We comin' out!
Comin' out!
We're comin' out!
We're comin' out!
Cease fire! Cease fire!
God damn it!
God damn it, cease fire!
Come out with your hands up!
Comin' out! We're
comin' out! Don't shoot!
Cease fire! Cease fire!
Drop your weapon!
- Move in! Move in!
- Motherfucker!
- No!
- Let her go!
That's a woman, man!
What the fuck happened?
What you doing?
Get 'em in the fuckin' wagon!
Get in the building.
I need to blow the building!
I need explosives
inside the building!
Keep 'em back! Keep 'em back!
Let 'em go! Let 'em go!
They're gonna burn it down.
They're gonna burn it down!
No! Get off of me! No!
Get off of me! Get off of me!
It's over.
Hey, listen,
I'm out, Roy. I'm out!
Calm down. Calm down, Bill.
Don't you tell me to
fuckin' calm down, all right?
I was almost killed, man!
Now, Fred's in jail, I did
the damn job, and I'm out!
No, that's not how it works.
What the fuck do you mean,
"That's not how it works"?
Why don't you give me
one good reason
why I don't just book it
outta here right now?
Because, as I've mentioned,
it's a year and a half
for the stolen car,
and five years for
impersonating a federal officer.
And if you run, I will hunt
you down, you understand...
Man, shut the fuck up!
- What do we need?
- What do you mean?
You the handyman. Oakland
says rebuild immediately.
What do we need?
We need a goddamn white flag,
Bobby! You don't see this shit?
- Don't you understand this shit is...
- -God damn!
They burnt the shit
out this motherfucker.
You're goddamn right, they did.
Watch your mouth, man!
Y'all need help?
Yeah, little brother.
Um, go on down to the store
and get us a couple of trash cans.
That's how you rebuild, comrade.
Hey! Hey! Can I help y'all?
We came to ask y'all that.
Got some bodies if you need 'em.
Look, I know y'all got an army
and all that,
but figured y'all could use
some reserves.
Oh, right on.
Y'all know how to use
a tape measure?
'Cause this needs measurin'
right here, all right?
And then that drywall
right there
needs to be measured out
and flushed,
you know, how I got it here.
And the rest of y'all can grab
some of these paint rollers,
and help 'em with that wall.
Yeah, right there is good.
Los Angeles leaders
Bunchy Carter and John Huggins.
Well, former leaders.
Chalk marks, all that's left.
Our friend, Mr. Cleaver...
On the I am in Algeria.
A gift from our friends
at Langley.
- Hmm.
- Oh.
Look who's here.
Our old friend, Bobby Seale.
You recognize this from the
evening news, all bundled up.
It must be very cold
in that Chicago courtroom.
Speaking of Seale,
if the Seale verdict
does not fall our way,
we have a witness who'll testify
he ordered a hit in Connecticut.
I believe you're familiar with
George Sams, Agent Mitchell?
Yes, sir.
Very well.
Have a seat, gentlemen.
How are the boys,
Jack and Tyler?
Good, sir.
Thank you. Uh...
Tyler just started
Little League.
Kid's got quite an arm on him.
And your daughter, Samantha,
she must be, what,
eight months now, is it?
That's right.
She's growing fast every day.
They always do, don't they?
Tell me...
What will you do
when she brings home a Negro?
When she brings home a Negro?
Your daughter, Samantha.
What will you do the day she
brings home a young Negro male?
She's an infant, sir.
I'm well aware.
And that's not an answer
to my question.
She won't.
Why not?
Respectfully, Director, why are
we talking about my daughter?
You killed in Korea.
Not for country.
Maybe that's why you enlisted.
But you killed for survival.
You would have done anything
to get back home safe
to your family, wouldn't you?
Of course.
Think of your family now,
Agent Mitchell.
When you look at Hampton,
think of Samantha,
because that's what's at stake
if we lose this war.
Our entire way of life.
Rape, pillage, conquer.
You follow me?
I do, sir.
Hampton's in Menard
doing two to five.
Hampton is getting out,
while the State Supreme Court
considers his appeal.
In the interim,
your CI is our best chance
at neutralizing him,
Agent Mitchell.
Maybe it's time to use O'Neal
more creatively.
You look beautiful,
you know that?
- You know that?
- Mm-hmm.
Now, y'all save that shit
for when you get back
to the house, all right?
Careful, now.
You look good, Chairman!
How ya feelin'?
I miss y'all motherfuckers, man!
Come on, man!
Yeah, so where you wanna go? You
hungry? What? What do you want?
Shit, headquarters it is, boy.
How'd y'all...
But it was burned down. I saw...
Then the whole
neighborhood came out.
The pushers, the grannies,
the Crowns. Everybody.
'Specially this one right here.
- He practically led the charge.
- Come on, now, man.
Don't be modest, brother.
You almost lived here.
Anywhere there's people,
there's power.
Right on.
Thank you, brother.
I was wondering
why it was so quiet, man.
I was like,
"These motherfuckers
better be out here
feedin' these babies overtime
if they're not gonna welcome
a brother home, God damn it!"
Come on, man!
You made it.
Oh, man, I missed
y'all motherfuckers, man.
- We missed you, too, man!
- Oh, my God.
You know I missed you, too, man!
Yeah, brother. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right, let me outta here!
Let me outta here!
Let me outta here!
You the man.
You stay in here and man up!
Black Panther Party
All that complainin'...
Right on,
how's it going, brother?
I feel your pain, sister.
But we at war, you know?
He's gone.
- Excuse me, sister.
- All right.
What's up?
Jimmy Palmer died.
What? How?
Can we talk about this outside,
Fred, please?
He was shot while you were gone.
Comrade, why is this the first
I'm hearin' about this, man?
Who was shot?
Jimmy Palmer.
Yeah, he's fine.
Y'all know that.
He died, Jake.
Last night.
Nah, that's impossible.
I just talked to him
the other day.
Anybody got the number
for Loretto...
He was moved
to the county hospital.
Get this fuckin'...
Get this shit off of me.
Hey, motherfuck...
They killed him.
They fuckin' killed him.
Chairman Fred! Chairman Fred!
Chairman Fred! Chairman Fred!
Chairman Fred!
I'm free.
I'm free, y'all!
I need everybody
to repeat after me! I am...
I am...
- ...a revolutionary!
- ...a revolutionary!
- I am...
- I am...
- ...a revolutionary!
- ...a revolutionary!
- I am...
- I am...
- ...a revolutionary!
- ...a revolutionary!
- I am...
- I am...
- ...a revolutionary!
- ...a revolutionary!
- I am...
- I am...
- ...a revolutionary!
- ...a revolutionary!
- I am...
- I am...
- ...a revolutionary!
- ...a revolutionary!
lemme hear the people beat!
This is what we call
the people beat.
Started in 1966 by Huey Newton
and Bobby Seale.
It's the beat that manifests
in you, the people.
They can't never stop the party
unless they stop the people!
- Well, ain't you high?
- Ain't you high?
I'm high off the people!
- I'm high!
- I'm high!
- I'm high!
- I'm high!
- High, high, high...
- High, high, high...
- ...off the people!
- ...off the people!
So, if you were asked
to make a commitment at age 20,
and you said, "I'm too young to
die," then you're dead already!
If you dare to struggle,
you dare to win!
If you dare not struggle, then, God
damn it, you don't deserve to win!
Right. Right.
Put a fist in the air
for Comrade Jimmy Palmer.
Jimmy Palmer died
a revolutionary death.
He stood face-to-face and
toe-to-toe with pig Daley's henchmen,
and made the greatest sacrifice
one could ever make.
Right on!
I don't believe I'm gonna die
in no car wreck!
I don't believe I'm gonna die
slippin' on no ice!
I don't believe I'm gonna die
'cause I got a bad heart!
I believe I'm gonna die
doin' what I was born for!
I believe I'm gonna die
high off the people!
I'm gonna die for the people,
'cause I live for the people!
I live for the people,
'cause I love the people!
And as for them bloodthirsty,
murderous pigs...
Well, some of you might be
in the audience right now, huh?
Sittin' on a tape recorder,
gun in your hand!
Well, lemme make it plain.
Kill a few pigs,
get a little satisfaction.
Right on. Right on.
Kill some more pigs,
get some more satisfaction.
Kill 'em all
and get complete satisfaction!
Chairman Fred! Chairman Fred!
Chairman Fred! Chairman Fred!
It's not a question of violence
or non-violence.
It's a question of
resistance to fascism
or non-existence within fascism!
You can murder a liberator,
but you can't murder liberation!
You can murder a revolutionary,
but you can't murder a revolution!
And you can murder a freedom
fighter, but you can't murder freedom!
- I said I am...
- I am...
- ...a revolutionary!
- ...a revolutionary!
- I am...
- I am...
- ...a revolutionary!
- ...a revolutionary!
- I am...
- I am...
- ...a revolutionary!
- ...a revolutionary!
- I am...
- I am...
- ...a revolutionary!
- ...a revolutionary!
lemme hear the people beat!
Lemme hear the people beat!
Chairman Fred! Chairman Fred!
Chairman Fred! Chairman Fred!
Right! Right!
Put your fists in the air!
Winters, fuck you doin' here?
Lookin' for some answers.
Answers to what?
Remember I saw you not
too long ago at the hospital?
The pigs took my man
outta there.
I don't know nothin' about that.
No, look, I was thinking maybe
you could ask a couple questions.
And fuck my money up?
Nigga, do you have any idea
how treacherous them
crackers is down there?
- I don't want no parts of that.
- Reg, please. Please, man.
Look, man, I'm cold and I'm
hungry. Now, get out my way.
Come on, brother!
I ain't your brother!
Now, get the fuck off my porch
before you end up like your boy did.
Man, fuck...
No, I just wanted to know
what happened. Reg! Hey, Reg!
I just wanted to know
what happened to my friend!
Across the street
from the oil refinery.
Uh, Lawn... Lawndale and 45th.
He... He's got a gun. A big one.
What are you doin'?
That's private! It's private...
You think you gonna be
a bad mother?
It was a question.
Why you gotta ask yourself that?
I don't... I don't know.
Maybe the fact that I'm
bringin' a child into a war zone.
These aren't considerations
you have to make.
You get to go out there,
talk about dyin'
a revolutionary death
and how your body belong
to the revolution,
because you don't have another
person growin' inside your body.
So, you regret it?
- What?
- Havin' my baby.
Do you?
When I dedicated my life to
the people, I dedicated my life.
You dig?
And it wasn't till Menard
when I realized what that...
When I realized what that meant.
'Cause in order
to survive in there,
a part of me had to die, man.
You couldn't have told me that,
when I got out,
that I have...
That I'd had
every reason to live.
So, do you regret it?
Do you?
I wanna... I wanna
share somethin' with you.
"Like the masses, I was in awe,
when I first laid eyes
on all the things you are.
I heard that speech,
and when that indent
pierced your cheek,
I knew we'd make noise.
I just... I thought
it'd be in the streets.
"What magic a philistine
and a poet could create."
A philistine?
Who you callin' a philistine?
You're seriously
interrupting me right now?
"What magic a philistine
and a poet could create."
However contradictory,
it would seem that it's fate.
We educate, we nurture,
we feed, and we lobby.
"Perhaps we're here for more
than just war with these bodies."
Let's go!
"Will my comrades
think me treasonous?"
Can it please have your dimples?
Will my chairman
look at me differently?
Will its eyes have your twinkle?
Will our child be
the apple of his eye?
Or constantly
get the compromise?
The rata-tat-tat of gunfire,
the clink of jail cells, lullabies.
We scream,
and we shout,
and we live by this anthem,
but is power to the people
really worth that ransom?
'Cause that's
what a mother does.
She gives the world the most
precious things that she loves.
And I love you,
and I love our baby, too,
and there's nothing more
radical than seein' that through.
Born pure to the blood,
with the heart of a Panther.
So, no regrets.
"I know my answer."
Oh, shit.
Please, no!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey. Hey, don't shoot me.
Don't shoot.
Please don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
I'm not a rat.
I'm not a rat, I swear.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Do you want me to get that?
It's probably
one of them crank callers.
As if it ain't bad enough
I'll never see my son again.
You think the mothers
of those police officers
that killed the Soto brothers
are getting harassed like this?
I know what you're gonna say,
No. No, stop. Stop that.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Winters.
Let's talk about something else.
How's Deborah?
Tired of being pregnant.
Tell her to cherish it.
All of it.
Those early days are...
You know, even when I think
about Jake in my mind,
he's always seven.
That's how I remember him.
My little boy.
I remember,
one time in church, he said...
"Mama, may I be excused?"
I said, "Why, Jake?"
You know, figuring he was bored
or something.
And he goes,
"Mama, I gotta pass gas."
Sound like Jake.
So well-behaved.
Just the sweetest little thing.
Those folks, though,
they try to paint my Jake
as some cold-blooded killer.
He did that. He did that.
But that ain't all he did.
Tell 'em about my Jake,
I will do.
It don't seem fair
that that's his legacy.
Yeah, we got enough there,
we could blow up city hall,
some more shit.
Fuck is wrong with you?
Calm down, comrade, calm down.
What you mean,
what's wrong with me, man?
Are y'all fuckin' crazy?
We're not gonna win this war,
so we gotta do somethin' big
and we gotta do it now!
You out your mind?
Man, "complete satisfaction,"
ain't that what the fuck you told me?
"Kill 'em all,
complete satisfaction."
But I didn't mean it like that.
- I did not mean it like that.
- I call you "comrade" 'cause we at war!
You're the one
that gave me the game, man!
Know Jimmy Palmer?
All right,
you remember Little Bobby?
Franko Diggs? Thomas Lewis?
Bunchy Carter? Jake Winters?
All you lookin' to do
is add more names to that list.
You bomb city hall,
they gonna bomb us.
I'm ready to die
for the people, Chairman.
How about you?
Is it a goddamn revolution
or what?
Get this shit
the fuck outta here!
Why the fuck is we doin' it?
What are we doin' this shit for?
Get this shit the fuck
outta here, you fuckin' idiot!
- Get the fuck on, man!
- Go!
Well, then fuck it, then!
I'm out!
This whole shit gonna crumble!
Fuck is you talkin' about,
God damn it!
FBI, how may I direct your call?
Uh, Special Agent Carlyle
for Director Hoover.
Director Hoover,
good afternoon, sir.
I am calling with good news.
With great news.
Two hours ago,
the Illinois Supreme Court
denied Hampton's appeal.
He's going back to Menard.
I know.
Well, that's what we wanted,
Prison made Huey Newton
a celebrity.
It made Eldridge Cleaver
a best-selling author.
Prison is a temporary solution.
What you doing?
Goin' through old shit.
My mom used to babysit him,
you know?
Not all the time,
but his family lived
across the street,
so every now and then,
she'd watch him.
We didn't go to the funeral.
It was too much for her.
I don't even think I saw
the photo till months later.
But I remember when I did.
Thinkin', "There's people in this
world who want to do that to me?"
Or my brother?
"Or my sister?"
That's when I knew
I had to protect 'em.
I mean, looking at that photo,
how could you not feel that way?
Now, here I am.
About to go back to Menard.
Where I won't be able
to protect anybody.
Not even my own son.
The party will protect him.
You hear me?
The people will protect him.
Here, take this.
Yes, sir.
Hey. Roy boy.
How are you?
Look, man, sorry I'm late.
I just, you know...
How's it goin'?
It's groovy, right?
What can I do for you, Roy?
You've been
to Hampton's apartment, right?
A lot of guns there?
Of course.
Good. I need you to draw me
a blueprint of the place.
Uh, you must not...
Fred's goin' back
to Menard, man.
Uh, I think it was his appeal
getting revoked or somethin' like that.
No, I'm aware.
All right, well, if you're aware,
then, um, I don't understand.
You don't have
to understand, Bill.
You just have to draw me
that blueprint.
- Listen, Roy.
- Uh-huh.
You got him, man.
You know, you won.
What more do you want?
Are you gonna kill him, Roy?
I saw you, you know.
That day at the speech.
I watched you.
I remember thinking to myself,
"Either this guy
deserves an Academy Award,
or he really
believes this shit."
Hey, come on, man, now,
I was doin' my goddamn...
I was doin' the job
that you told me to do.
I was doin'
what the fuck you said.
- The fuck are you talkin' about, man?
- Tell you what, though.
Let's say I put a call
in to New Haven PD,
get 'em to send me a few
snapshots of your friend,
Alex Rackley,
after they dragged him
from the river,
cigarette burns
all over his body,
skin peeling off,
where the Panthers poured
boiling water all over his cock.
If they did that to Rackley,
imagine what they'll do
when they find out their
security captain is a fucking rat.
A fucking rat.
Fuck, Roy.
They name all these ships,
like Apollo and all that, right,
after Black people, but ain't
no Black astronauts, right?
Well, I like seein' you smile.
How about we continue this
at my pad?
Have a nightcap.
I got more than enough alcohol,
you know?
All right.
I'm Darlene.
Hey. Bill.
What brings you out
so late, Bill?
You know, it's quiet.
Nobody know who the hell I am.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know?
So, what do you do, Mystery Man?
I used to work for the FBI.
Top me off while I run
to the ladies', Eliot Ness.
They let niggas
work for the FBI now?
Is that right? Why don't you
get me an application, brother?
Mr. FBI man, huh?
Hey, man.
Would you shut the fuck up?
- Hey, hey, hey!
- God damn it.
Mitchell warned me about you.
Look here, just relax.
Okay, we hidin' in plain sight.
Nobody know we in here.
Check this out, man. I got this
article I want you to read right here.
Yeah, right, it's the article
in this paper. Very important.
I need you to let the Chairman
read it tomorrow night.
And put that in his drink.
I don't know what the fuck
you talkin' about, man. I don't...
Fuck outta here with that shit.
- My mistake.
- All articles and shit, man.
No, no, it's all good,
that's my mistake.
No, I guess I had the wrong guy.
Sorry about that.
Lemme get outta here.
Hey! Hey!
Who are you, man?
Hey, don't worry about it, slick.
Man, just go back inside.
Nigga, I'm not gonna
poison him, you hear me?
You fuckin' hear me?
Come on, man,
you watch too many movies.
Look, all it's gonna do
is just make him sleepy.
You want him to go easy, right?
Who the fuck are you, man?
Tell me your fuckin' name!
You know... Did Roy send you?
If you a Fed,
then show me a fuckin' badge!
Hey! Show me a fuckin'
badge, man! Please!
Consider that a gift...
from the Crowns.
Ain't no shame in runnin'.
It's not like
they giving you a choice.
Yeah, maybe he's right,
Go overseas.
Like you said, start an
international proletariat revolution.
At least that way,
you're still in the fight.
So, what about Cuba?
Cuba's not an option? Why not?
Mark Clark, Deputy Minister
of Defense, Peoria chapter.
Central ordered me
to come down here
to check out
how y'all do things,
here in the Windy City.
And your name, comrade?
- Bill?
- Mm-hmm.
What cadre are you in, Bill?
Man, I'm not even in no...
Thinking about joining up?
Right on. Right on, Bill.
You know, I started off
in the NAACP myself.
Then I had to leave.
Them Negroes
move too damn slow for me.
I know a guy.
Kites up checks, passports,
driver's licenses,
things of that nature.
Yeah, but how far we gonna get
when one of us is 37 weeks pregnant?
You could be in Havana
in less than 24 hours.
And they have some of
the best doctors in the world.
Yeah, okay, let's just hope
that's not the day
that Nixon decides
to nuke that motherfucker.
Look, Algeria,
they got Minister Eldridge.
Not to mention bungalows
by the sea.
But the Cubans
got ocean for days.
You know how long it'll take
to get to Algeria?
That Cuba's
a hop and a skip away.
There is a network
of safe houses headin' south.
I could put a call into Central.
Y'all spendin' all this time talkin'
about me goin' to Algerian bungalows,
when you need
to be talkin' about
how we gonna build this
motherfuckin' medical clinic.
Is the party about me
or is it about the people?
It's a 5-year bid.
You know how many people
we could save in five years?
With a medical clinic
in the middle of the West Side?
As far as I'm concerned,
that's an easy decision.
You run it.
Name it after Jake.
So, when people hear
the name Jake Winters,
they think about healin'.
And lovin'.
Like he loved us.
And when I get out,
me and Deb can have our second.
And third,
- and fourth...
- Okay. Easy now.
I was gonna cap it at five, baby.
Five's a good number, right?
How 'bout we see how you do
with the one?
Speaking of children, Chairman, I'm
gonna go and get back to my family.
Take care, comrade.
All right.
See you in the morning.
Right. Come on, baby, you eat.
Come on. This'll get you strong.
- This'll raise the blood.
- That's way too much.
Oh, what? What?
That's too much.
What's up?
I thought I'd get another drink.
You want a refill, Chairman?
Hey. Hey. Wake up.
Hey. Hey.
Wake up.
Somebody at the door.
Hey, Tracy.
I'mma wake the Chairman.
I'm comin'!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Deb, get down!
Get down! Get down!
No! No!
Chairman, wake up!
Wake up! Chairman!
Chairman! Chairman! Wake up!
Chairman, wake up!
Wake up! Wake up! Chairman!
Turn on the fucking lights!
We can't! We've been shot!
Turn on the light
or you'll get shot more!
Come on, come on!
Betty... Get up. Get up.
We're comin' out!
We're comin' out!
Come here! Come here!
How many are in there?
Just stop shootin'!
Stop shootin'!
We got a pregnant sister
in here, God damn it!
Everyone out! Now!
I said now!
Get over here!
Keep those hands up!
What do you know?
We got a broad here.
Take her!
Come here!
Get her.
Looks like he's gonna make it.
He's good and dead now.
Good to see ya. Come on in.
Hey. Relax...
it's just us. I know you
don't trust me, but it's true.
Why'd you call me here, man?
What do you want?
Take it.
You don't have to
if you don't want to,
but I think
you'll be glad you did.
They're for a gas station
in Maywood.
It's yours.
There's a lot of money in gas.
Consistent money.
Legal money.
You own
your own business now, Bill.
You're free.
What do you need?
You need a drink?
- No, I don't need anythin'...
- You need a drink?
- Excuse me.
- Fuck.
Can you get this man a scotch?
So, where are things
with the party?
Any news?
Fred's dead, man.
I ain't no goddamn Panther
no more.
You sure about that?
What would you tell your son
about what you did then?
I think I'll let your documentary
put a cap on that story.
I don't know.
I don't know what I'd tell him,
other than...
I was part of the struggle.
That's the bottom line.
I wasn't one of those
armchair revolutionaries.
One of those people
that wanna sit back now
and judge the actions
or inactions of people
when they sit back on the
sideline and did nothing.
At least I had a point of view.
I was dedicated.
And then I had the courage
to get out there
and put it on the line,
and I did.
I think I'll let history
speak for me.
Stoppin' down.
Call when it's speed.
Remember this.
Prayer is good.
If Fred could be murdered
while he slept,
remember what can happen to you,
while you're on your knees
facing that bed.
Our brother Fred Hampton
Our brother Fred Hampton
- Was a great, great Panther
- Was a great, great Panther
He was the deputy chairman
He was the deputy chairman
- Of the Illinois Panthers
- Of the Illinois Panthers
He was shot through the head
He was shot through the head
- While asleep in his bed
- While asleep in his bed
'Cause he loved the people
'Cause he loved the people
- And he served the people
- And he served the people
- And power!
- Power!
- Power!
- Power!
- Power!
- Power!
- Power to the people!
- Power to the people!
- And the people's power
- And the people's power
- It's your kinda power
- It's your kinda power
- Taken from the phoenix
- Taken from the phoenix
There's power to defeat it
There's power to defeat it
- There's power!
- Power!
- Power!
- Power!
- Power to the people
- Power to the people
We've got
The free-breakfast program
We always say
at the Black Panther Party,
that they can do
what they want to, to us,
we might not be back. I might
be in jail, I might be anywhere,
but when I leave,
you can remember I said,
with the last words
out of my lips, that I am...
I am!
...a revolutionary.
And you're going to have to
keep on saying that.
You are going to have to say
that I am a proletariat.
I am the people.
I'm not the pig. You've
got to make a distinction.
All the smoke in the air
Feel the hate
When they stare
All the pain that we bear
Oh, you better beware
Their guns don't play fair
All we got is a prayer
It was all in their plans
Wash the blood
From your hands
Freedom for the brothers
Freedom 'Cause they judge us
Freedom from the others
From the leaders keepin' us
Freedom Gonna keep us strong
If you're just long gone
Freedom ain't free at all
Don't see it, do you?
There's no one
There's no one like you
Long as I'm standing
We could never lose
I will always
Always fight for you
I will always
Always fight for you
And so institution
Causes so much confusion
Seems the only solution
Is a new revolution
We can't take it no more
No, it can't be ignored
When they knock on your door
Will you be ready for war?
Freedom 'Cause they need us
Free from how they see us
Freedom, won't you free us
Freedom doesn't
Hang from the trees
Freedom from injustice
Freedom from corruption
They're aiming For destruction
You know
They're gonna see it through
There's no one
There's no one like you
Long as I'm standing
We could never lose
I will always
Always fight for you
I will always
Always fight for you
See it through
There's no one
There's no one like you
I will always
Always fight for you
For you, for you
Fight for you