Judex (1963) Movie Script

It's a Latin word meaning 'judge'
or 'upholder of the law'
I know. Thank you.
This judge seems
more like a swindler to me.
I didn't think anyone would dare
to blackmail me any more.
I don't understand what it is
that this Judex wants.
He's not asking for anything
for himself and usually...
Don't be so naive, Vallires.
If I give in and show I'm afraid,
then the real blackmailing will begin.
We shall see.
On a more serious note...
...did the bank phone
with the closing price in New York?
Yes, sir.
It was as you predicted.
Come in.
Sir, a Mr. Cocantin
is asking to see you.
- He says you're expecting him.
- That's right. Show him in.
- Good timing.
- Mr Cocantin.
Let me introduce myself, sir.
Alfred Cocantin, private detective.
I run an agency called Celeritas...
...that I took over from my uncle,
the late Mr. Regaudet...
...decorated for services to education...
Him, not me...
- Sit down.
- Thank you, sir.
- Mr...?
- Mr Vallires, my secretary.
I have already
had occasion to call upon...
...the services of your predecessor...
...and I was very satisfied.
- I hope I will find the same with you.
- Rest assured that...
Let me tell you what this is about.
Tomorrow we celebrate
both the bank's 21 st anniversary...
...and the engagement of my daughter
to Viscount Amaury de la Rochefontaine.
A lot of people will be at the chteau.
I'm counting on you to stop
any indiscretions being committed...
...by staff employed for the occasion...
...or by certain people,
business acquaintances...
...who I am obliged to invite.
Naturally, you will pass
for one of our guests.
Mr Vallires will explain
all the details to you...
...and you can inform him
of your conditions.
I will introduce you right away
to my daughter.
That way you will have
the run of the house.
And while you are at it,
try and find out who wrote this letter.
It's no doubt some servant's
idea of a joke.
Vallires, come over here.
"Mr. Favraux, I order you
to atone for your sins...
"...by handing over half
of your fortune to your victims.
"You have until six o'clock
tomorrow evening...
"...to comply.
"Signed Judex"
Phone Marco at the Rio Pinto.
Tell him to sell off all available funds.
Make sure people know
it's the Favraux Bank that's selling.
In three days, we'll buy
everything back for next to nothing.
I think I'm going to be giving myself
a nice birthday present.
Come now, my dear Cocantin.
Let's go and get a breath of spring air.
- I insist on speaking to Mr Favraux!
- I have no time for charity.
I'm not asking for charity.
You don't recognise me, do you?
A spell in prison changes a man.
- My name is Pierre Kerjean.
- Never heard of you.
You weren't so proud at your trial.
You promised to make me a rich man...
...if I kept my mouth shut
and served your sentence for you.
You promised to keep an eye
on my family while I served my time.
My wife died destitute
and my son has disappeared.
And you did nothing.
So now, Favraux,
you will help me find my son.
Do you hear me?
Otherwise, like it or not...
...I can still talk.
- This man is crazy.
Give him 40 sous and send him away.
Come along, old boy.
My dear Jacqueline,
let me introduce Mr Cocantin.
He's our guest tomorrow.
Mr Cocantin, let me introduce
my daughter, Mrs Aubry.
Mr Favraux has told me the news
of your engagement.
I am honoured to be among the first
to congratulate you.
Thank you, sir.
Ah, here is my granddaughter, Alice.
- Say hello to the gentleman, darling.
- Hello.
Hello, young lady.
I know a little girl called Alice.
- Like me.
- Yes.
She was in her garden one day,
and what did she see run past?
A rabbit dressed
in a lovely blue suit.
The rabbit stopped in front of Alice,
without seeing her.
He took out his watch and said...
- The rabbit had a watch?
- Yes, a gold one on a chain.
Like Grandpa.
Excuse me, madam.
I've come to take Alice for her lesson.
Mr Cocantin,
let me introduce Miss Verdier...
...my granddaughter's governess.
Pleased to meet you.
Go with Miss Marie and be a good girl.
Goodbye, my darling.
Show the gentleman over there
to his room.
Very good, sir.
I don't understand.
I went to make enquiries
early this morning, as you asked.
That vagabond died last night.
He never recovered consciousness.
He died in hospital where passers-by
who found him had taken him.
And no one suspects you.
"Not content with dishonouring people,
you must also murder them.
"If by midnight tonight
you have not carried out my orders...
"...you will be mercilessly punished.
- Have you murdered someone?
- What?
This letter says...
Mr Cocantin, let me remind you,
you are not here on vacation...
...to tell stories
about rabbits and watches.
But sir, I...
Quiet. You have until this evening
to find out who wrote these letters.
- Goodbye.
- Very well.
Her father is making her remarry.
She was quite unhappy
the first time round.
He married the poor girl off too young.
Favraux must like the sound of
de la Rochefontaine for a son-in-law.
This engagement is most convenient.
Apparently he's completely broke.
De la Rochefontaine probably can't
wait to come and sleep in this bed!
No, Mr Favraux,
I will never be your mistress.
Marie, I need you desperately.
Will you be my wife?
I will marry you
straight after Jacqueline's wedding.
My fortune will be yours.
I'm not the sort of woman you can buy.
"Will you walk a little faster?"
Said a whiting to a snail.
"There's a porpoise close behind us
And he's treading on my tail.
See how eagerly the lobsters
And the turtles all advance!
They are waiting on the shingle -
Will you come and join the dance?
What sort of head will Favraux
have had made for himself?
A vulture's head.
My dear friends...
...I would like to announce
some great and happy news.
Tonight not only are we celebrating...
...the culmination of 20 years of effort...
...and real dedication...
...which has allowed
the Favraux Bank to prosper...
...and extend its activities
to most branches of industry.
We are also celebrating
the engagement...
...of my daughter Jacqueline...
...to Viscount
Amaury de la Rochefontaine.
My joy is all the greater...
With the great happiness
that I feel at this moment...
I'm a doctor, let me through.
He is dead.
Mr Favraux died at the exact time
indicated in Judex's second letter.
The coincidence is extremely troubling.
I think this is merely a coincidence
and that's why I didn't say anything.
I felt it was my duty to warn you.
Mrs Aubry will decide for herself
what action to take.
Mr Cocantin...
...I am sure I don't need to ask you
to exercise the utmost discretion.
I am sure you will be bound
by professional secrecy.
You can count on me, sir.
Vallires, we must alert the police.
No, madam, it's impossible.
Madam... these letters spoke the truth.
Show me proof.
I only stayed in your father's employ...
...to try to put right, in so far as
my limited means would allow me to...
...the mistakes
I had been powerless to prevent.
Favraux's fortune,
like that of many others...
...has its origins...
...in the Panama scandal.
Your father was once a lowly bank clerk.
...fate put him in possession...
...I would rather not tell you why...
...of some documents
that were very compromising...
...for certain high-ranking
politicians and financiers.
Thanks to these documents...
...he had no trouble
getting the necessary funds...
...to permit him to carry out
his first major business deals.
As early as 1882...
About time.
It will take three days.
Follow the doctor's instructions
to the letter...
...and do not leave him unguarded
for a moment.
My dear Jacqueline,
the gentleman is right.
Do not insist.
I have given it a lot of thought.
I am giving up my father's inheritance.
All I ask is that my daughter's share
be kept for her until she comes of age.
I am giving you a free hand.
Thank you.
My humble respects, madam.
But this is madness. Why?
Since the question of inheritance seems
to be of such great concern to you...
...it's only fair to give you the chance
to go back on your word.
Do as your feelings dictate.
In that case,
allow me to take back my freedom.
Sir's luggage has been loaded
onto the carriage outside.
Sir is free to leave
whenever he wishes to.
Thank you, Fernand. Goodbye.
Goodbye, sir.
Madam, I have come
to take my leave of you.
Goodbye, Vallires.
Thank you for everything.
I remain devoted to you.
Do not hesitate to call if you need me.
Thank you, Vallires.
You are my only friend.
I am going to feel very lonely.
Little Alice only left yesterday.
I am missing her already.
And I am worried about her.
You mustn't worry.
Marie-Jeanne is a wonderful person.
She adores the little one.
And Loisy isn't that far away.
I know.
I suppose all mothers are like me.
Goodbye. Come and see me
from time to time. I'd like that.
I'll write to you to give you
my new address.
Goodbye, madam.
Well, well. The Favraux widow.
Please. That's not funny.
If you only knew how it felt to leave
the chteau with my wages in my bag...
...like a servant, when I was practically
the mistress of the house.
Don't be angry. I was only joking.
Do you think I want this?
He could at least have married you
and conked out afterwards.
Get your hands off me.
This is not a good time.
- Save yourself for tonight.
- What are we doing tonight?
- Going back to the chteau.
- What?
Listen, in his office are some documents
worth their weight in gold.
We've never seen a haul like it.
Have a look in there.
Hello! Hello!
Hello? Hello?
Speak normally or you'll regret it.
Jacqueline, help!
Help me, my dear!
Answer me, Jacqueline. Jacqueline!
Marie Verdier...
Get the chloroform!
Let's take her with us.
That will give us time to get her to talk.
My toolkit.
"If anyone threatens you,
set these pigeons free.
"I will rush to your aid.
Yours vigilantly, Judex"
That was Favraux's voice on the phone.
I'm sure of it.
It might've been a hoax.
What about the dogs?
And Judex's threatening
letters to Favraux?
Are they hoax es, too?
What if Favraux is still alive,
imprisoned by Judex?
Wouldn't it be worth trying to find him?
My marriage would suit you, too.
Think about it. If Favraux marries you,
assuming we can find him...
...when Jacqueline tells him
what you did to her last night...
She won't bother me for long.
Once I know
what's happened to her father...
It won't be long now.
What do you intend to do?
I need two strong men.
Go and warn Pierrot and Lon.
Tonight the four of us
will gather at Favraux's grave.
Where is he? I want to talk to him.
Later. You're still too weak.
You've had a near escape.
No thanks to him.
If you hadn't picked me up in time...
He might know
something about my son.
I was wondering that, too,
when I was pulling him out of the grave.
Just as I thought.
Favraux has vanished.
- First we must find Jacqueline.
- How will you do that?
She left her child
in the care of her nanny.
I'll get the address from the nanny.
Your turn.
Come in.
A telegram for you, Mrs. Aubry.
Thank you.
Mrs. Vivier.
My daughter has just had
a serious accident.
The nanny has sent me word.
I must go.
It might not be as serious as all that.
I'll look after the little one.
There she is.
She fell for the telegram.
Over to you now, Pierrot.
Have you got it?
Room number 20, third floor.
Grab any papers
bearing Favraux's name...
...and any that talk
about banks or money.
We'll pick up the rest
on a trip to the country.
Got it. If I meet anyone,
I'll say I'm there for the plumbing.
A pigeon has just arrived.
Kerjean will take you to Loisy.
Check nothing has happened
to Marie-Jeanne Bontemps...
...who looks after a girl called Alice.
Get the other car ready for me.
I'm going to Paris.
Are you feeling unwell, madam?
Here, lean on me.
This woman doesn't look well at all,
Sister. Can I offer you my car?
Thank you, sir.
We'll take her to the clinic where I work.
Poor woman.
She doesn't look well.
- These townswomen aren't healthy.
- How true.
- She's not sinking.
- We should have put a stone in with her.
I want to see where she goes.
Ship ahoy!
There's someone in the water.
Mister! Mister!
There's someone in the water!
Quick, go and get help!
Let's hope she's dead, at least.
Follow them and verify it.
- Is she dead?
- No, she fainted.
Take her away to play.
This is not a sight for your eyes.
Telephone Marville
for an ambulance right away.
I'm on my way.
Get up.
Help, help, help!
It's the same woman.
- What's going on?
- This old banger!
- What's wrong with it?
- I don't know. It's broken down.
Have you seen an ambulance pass,
coming from Loisy?
No more than half an hour ago.
It went that way.
Thank you.
Keep an eye on the cars.
I'll take a look around.
Do you think there's anyone inside?
Look, it's deserted.
We'll be better off here than on the road.
Go and get the van
and come back for us.
All right, all right.
It's quite a walk, you know.
Kill him. He saw me.
My name is Pierre Kerjean.
That ring used to be mine. I gave it
to my wife the day of my arrest.
You are my father.
- I'm so glad you came.
- Rather late in the day.
Judex, this is my son.
I have forgiven him.
- Where are the others?
- The woman's in there.
Break down the door.
Two men drove you here.
They said they knew
of my devotion to your family.
You were delirious.
They left without further explanation.
The youngest of them
said his name was Judex.
Who are you?
Where is Vallires?
Stay away from me.
Don't be afraid. I am Vallires.
But my daughter...
Why isn't she here?
She is safer in Loisy
where my men are watching over her.
Your men?
Listen to me, I beg you.
I am not your enemy.
You must know that.
Leave me alone.
You killed my father.
No, Jacqueline, he's alive.
Yes, I wanted to kill him.
I could have done it
without arousing any suspicion.
But I wasn't able to.
Because of you.
"The coffin was empty.
"With a cry of rage,
the two nuns recoiled...
"...as the coffin fell to the ground.
" 'Who are you?'
Cried out one of the nuns...
"...as she suddenly threatened
the other with a gun.
"The other nun also brandished a gun.
" 'Drop the masks!', she said imperiously.
"With their left hands, the two nuns
pulled off their headdresses.
"Cries of hatred escaped their lips.
" 'Juve!' 'Fantmas!' "
What is it now?
Sir, this kid...
Detective Cocantin, please.
That's me, kid.
What do you want to tell me?
This woman here is the nun
who kidnapped Alice's mother...
...in the ambulance.
When the real nurses came back
to the village, they were a mess.
Alice said it was her governess and...
Marie-Jeanne knew you were...
- What are you again?
- I'm a detective.
Yes. She said you were a detective...
...and you were at Alice's mother's
chteau when she was rich.
I'm not following your story. Wait...
That's Mrs. Aubry and Miss Verdier.
- Leave us, please.
- Yes, go away.
Try to be a bit clearer.
What's the connection between
Miss Verdier and this kidnapping?
That's Alice's governess.
It was on Marie-Jeanne's mantelpiece.
She's the nun in the ambulance who took
Alice's mother away after she drowned.
What's all this about nuns?
You're sure about the address?
I'm telling you,
Marie-Jeanne said it was here.
I was so happy with you.
Why did this have to spoil everything?
You know I still love you, don't you?
Nothing has changed for me.
No, it's over.
I won't be able to trust you any more.
We can start over.
We can forget about all this.
Leave me alone.
Can't you see I'm unhappy
and don't want to see you any more?
Leave me and go.
Go and find your darling daddy
since he means so much to you.
My father told me where Favraux is.
I know how to get to him.
It's her.
See you tomorrow.
We'll take the Cte des Moines.
From tomorrow morning
I'll be tailing you, sweetheart.
- Me, too.
- No, you stay at my place.
This could be dangerous.
Come on.
Careful. I'm being followed.
- I don't understand.
- Oh, it's Mr. Cocantin.
The detective wants to know
what's going on. Let's take him with us.
Keep an eye on him, Mora.
I'll hide the car.
Get out.
Don't waste time saying anything.
Go straight to Loisy and round up
some men. Await my orders there.
Come with me, Cocantin.
Your father has been kidnapped.
I promised I'd get him back to you
and I will keep my promise.
- Is that all you heard?
- Just the name of the town.
I think he was talking about
a house that's about to be pulled down.
It must be here.
Where's he appeared from?
- Well, well!
- What are you doing here?
I came with the crooks.
I know where they are.
- Come on, get in
- I hid in the boot. They're over there.
That's where they are.
They've locked themselves in.
Call Loisy and tell them where we are.
Call Loisy.
Call Loisy.
We'll go into hiding for a while.
When Judex has lost all trace of you,
you can reappear.
You will get your name
and your fortune back.
My brother and I will help you.
You will be rich and powerful again.
No, my dear Marie, that's impossible.
My alleged death suits
too many people...
...some of them quite influential.
I'm ashamed to admit it,
but... I was hated.
If I came back,
I would not stay alive for long.
There is too much at stake.
All I ask for is to live...
...a free man and to be left alone
with my daughter and granddaughter.
Mr. Favraux,
you once asked me to marry you.
I only hesitated
because of your vast fortune.
Now... I can say yes.
Marie... Marie...
He won't have come alone.
The others might already be inside
or on the roof. Go and see.
Mr. Favraux,
it could be a long night.
Get some rest.
There's a bed next door.
What about you, Marie?
Don't worry about me.
I'll keep watch here with my brother.
When I get tired,
you can come and take over.
Morales is a coward.
He'd drop me the first chance he got.
I don't want him any more.
I need a man like you.
Favraux knows some things
that are worth a fortune.
I know how to get him to talk.
Think of what we could do together.
You and I...
Your loss, you fool!
It's to stop him shouting out.
Come next door.
- I'm so happy to see you again.
- Come this way.
You know my uncle, the lion tamer,
that brute who wanted me to be happy?
Well, the lions ate him.
- Now I'm free.
- Oh, Daisy.
What are you doing here?
I'm waiting for a friend
who is up there and in danger.
But you must help him.
I can't. I'm no acrobat.
He's lucky he can sleep.
I'm telling you,
we should get away from here.
His men could find us any minute.
We'll end up trapped in this place.
You might be right.
Get the car and bring it round to
the door leading onto the waste ground.
Hands up and don't move.
One move and you're dead.
You'll never get me again,
Judex, never.
For the last time, Favraux,
give yourself up.
If not, I'll break the door down.