Judge Archer (2012) Movie Script

think this through carefully.
To drop the spear,
is to challenge us.
Let's duel up close.
Stay away! Stay away!
He didn't lose his mind.
It's pure anger.
He hates himself.
He needs to be born again.
Let him become
a monk in name only.
Listen closely.
Write his name on a paper doll.
It will take over
his identity as a monk.
Then he will
vanish from the world.
When you jump over the wall,
the words spoken by the first person
you meet will be your new name.
Brother, you will start
a new life with that name.
Come back when you have one!
Judge Archer!
You! Who are you?
- Judge Archer.
- You?
Come here.
Let me take a look at you.
Judge Archer is my name as well.
From now on, you and I
will share the same name.
You have taken a cursed name.
It has been used
for six generations.
Nobody with this name
has met a good end.
People who carry this name
have a duty to deliver justice.
Han Si, what are you doing?
No more waiting.
Why not? Doesn't Judge Archer
mean anything to you?
He disappeared three years ago.
You said he'll come today.
How can I trust you?
Master Zhao, you have
your broadsword with you.
Don't let a stranger step in.
We'll solve it ourselves.
It's Judge Archer's signature.
I don't know you.
This is all you need to know.
It's my fault.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
Good. And now
settle it over a cup of tea.
- Let's forget what happened.
- It's over.
Do not hold back now.
With a single gold bar,
you can buy a whole house.
I was afraid they wouldn't sell.
Why'd he shoot
four arrows in a row?
It's a tradition,
symbolizing justice.
It's not easy to cluster
four arrows together.
He can persuade others
with his precision alone.
Just by pulling a bowstring,
he can stop fights
between the schools?
But you must remember
that what they teach
is all trickery.
That's how they
keep their students.
After you've mastered archery,
there is no secret
in martial arts.
These two ligaments here are
essential in the art of archery.
Always keep your chest out
and your waist in.
And you can feel them
stretch when you pull the bow.
He shows his strength
by pulling on the bow.
You and I are working
together and it ends there.
He drank seven bottles
in four hours.
Judge Archer
is respected by everyone.
If he wants to get drunk, why
does he have to disguise himself?
Oh, you have many enemies.
For to deliver justice
is to make enemies.
You cannot handle wine.
You just want... to get drunk.
The last Judge, your
predecessor, lasted seven years.
How long can you last?
Let's see if I survive tonight.
I challenge you... up close.
Get out of the way.
I'm crazy when I'm drunk.
Stay away!
What are you doing?
It's my habit.
I know this is a trap.
What do you want?
I shouldn't have lied...
I'm sorry.
I wanted to ask
if you could help me.
I am Judge Archer. I am concerned
with martial arts... nothing more.
I thought that if there was an
injustice, you would step forward.
To be Judge Archer
is my destiny.
It's the only purpose
of my life.
I cannot afford
to make mistakes.
I see that I was wrong.
Leave... when you're finished.
I want to ask one thing.
Nothing happened...
last night, right?
No one can bully me.
We won't make a trade.
But I can... help.
My father was a member of the
Tongmenghui Revolutionary Alliance.
Most of its early members
were forced into exile overseas,
and many had
foreign lovers abroad.
He died in a conflict
two years ago.
The man who killed my father
is no longer in power.
These days, he only leaves
his home twice a week,
to go teach music class
at the village middle school.
Perhaps he has
repented his actions.
Repentance cannot
change the past.
My father will never
breathe again.
Where is Kong?
He sold me the store and left.
We had a deal, he gives me
a pear every morning,
and I pay every month.
The smell of a pear in
the morning is very refreshing.
You're not young anymore,
don't run.
What if you'd tripped?
To smell
is to practice breathing.
His gait is clumsy, but gentle.
He must be a great master.
I have shot at the target
ten times. Should I continue?
And so what if you have?
The energy of the tree continues
to overwhelm and overpower you.
You are not brave enough
to face it.
You think I'm scared of a tree?
That's not what I said.
An experienced archer will always
aim with his left foot forward,
but look at your left foot,
it's shying away.
Give me an apple.
Just one apple?
The essence of archery is not
concerned with the target,
but with being at peace
with oneself.
For the apple.
But wait, it's too much.
It's your tip.
I can't accept it,
here's your change.
Keep it.
Guests are coming tonight.
Bring me a box of fruit.
Yes, sir.
She is really flirtatious.
She must be a mistress.
Or she will become one
sooner or later.
Some rich man
will surely take her.
The way she sings opera
is very seductive.
The young man in blue
wearing a scarf
Seems so gentle
and handsome
He looks just
like my husband
They look exactly the same
We'll pay you later.
What happened?
You don't remember?
I remember
it suddenly went dark.
You passed out.
It's singing opera,
it's making me feel so weak.
Will you eat it?
Don't you have a smaller knife?
Don't look at me like that.
Every female opera singer
carries a knife with her.
The character in the opera
is so gentle and loving.
Where is he in real life?
He ripped my dress last night
and left first thing
this morning.
I walked back wearing his coat
but he got very angry and told me
I had to return it immediately.
He treated me like a thief.
What's wrong?
I'll leave you the knife.
Come and watch my
performance tonight. No charge.
This job... is not for me.
You're being decent enough
by coming in person.
Thank you.
Can't you do better?
That's the blunt edge.
I'm a martial artist.
I can choose...
to step in...
or to stay out.
Why did you do that?
Thank you.
This is my room.
I only reserved one.
Book another.
You deliver justice.
And God will reward you.
Maintaining justice
requires willpower.
When someone overpowers me,
I have to defeat him.
Or I can no longer be
Judge Archer.
This time I fight for myself.
You fight for yourself?
And the last time?
Would you like some soup?
But why?
Why do I do it?
How is your rich man?
Very well.
He should send a car for you.
When he picked me up...
he sent one.
I haven't seen you for days.
Something came up.
Leave it, I'll peel another one.
Can you hug me for a while?
It's so cold.
A skilled archer knows
you must keep your heart pure.
If you can cut cleanly,
then you will treat others well.
I don't want to go back.
If you like me...
take me with you.
You can buy me for 30 apples.
Fifteen apples then.
Not one less.
Remember, to deliver justice
is to make enemies.
You must live like
a wanted criminal.
Why there?
It's a habit.
Here's my card.
Wooden block printing.
It costs a lot.
For paper?
It is worth a hundred meals,
but it buys me higher status.
Who's it from?
The rich man?
I paid for it.
Who are you?
Look in the left sleeve.
Your hundred meals.
No matter who you are,
you're my man from now on.
The warlords are all
fighting amongst each other.
Deserters and guns
are everywhere.
Find a man
who has killed before.
Where are you going?
Leave the troupe.
Go pack your stuff.
I'll take you with me.
I'm no longer Judge Archer.
I'm free to leave.
You see the gold bar
on the table?
Now come in, and have a seat.
Stop right there. I'll lose
a finger, but you'll die.
You're too confident.
My skills can solve
any martial arts' conflict.
is crucial to archery.
Do you trust my skills?
Judge Archer.
At 34, I became a master.
I have been searching for someone
worthy of my assistance...
for 30 years now.
You've found him.
Commander Yang.
He is in exile now, but I know
he'll return to power soon.
I was asked to take revenge.
He betrays his friends.
Someone always gets hurt in
politics, martial arts are hard.
It's even harder
to find your leader.
I will not let you kill him.
I always thought that it was
your energy that overwhelmed me.
I never imagined
it would be her.
I will let Yang go
on the condition
that the woman who lied to me
dies by my hand.
That man is my husband.
I've stayed with him
for ten years.
I will trade my life for Yang's.
It's worth it, just do it.
I'm a martial artist,
not a criminal.
I've made many mistakes.
Kong... he was a fruit vendor
in this village for many years.
In just one day, the store
was sold and he had moved away.
It didn't make any sense.
So... you sent a woman
to spy on me.
I am quite sure
that I can defeat you.
But for the sake of
Commander Yang, I can't risk it.
Eventually, I will find
justice for my wife.
Get her body.
Before you step outside, first
fit your face within the circle.
If your ears align,
you are balanced.
you will lose your way.
This is a means
of self-examination.
You must keep it in mind
at all times.
No! That is wrong. Never
look at the bow when aiming.
You'll miss the target.
Thanks for your advice.
It's a pity
your great archery skills
cannot help you
understand people.
Rest your eyes on the bow
but on a woman also.
The woman you love has been my
master's wife for ten years now.
In the end, my ambitious master
has accomplished nothing.
Commander Yang
is his final hope.
If I kill Yang...
it will destroy
our relationship.
My parents
have already passed away.
I have only my master left.
Who is he?
Ten years ago,
before my master met Yang,
he turned the schools
upside down.
The up-close duel is the
deadliest one in martial arts.
My master excelled at it,
he was the very best.
Kuang? Yimin?
Be careful.
I have surpassed him.
Break both of his hands
and dump his body.
I'll do it.
When I die, don't mark the
grave or put up a tombstone.
Just bury me in the weeds.
You have only learned
how to shoot arrows,
not how to deal with
returning arrows.
It is a shame
that I cannot teach you.
Leave him, he's mine.
I have brought your bow for you.
The orphanage
is a sanctuary for runaways.
You and me,
we can stay here forever.
Martial artists
solve everything with Kung Fu.
If I can defeat you,
you stay here.
It's a deal.
You cannot win.
The ligaments
in your hand will break.
Stop talking.
Your hands... are useless.
I use my elbow.
With no strain on my hand.
I have done this for years.
An arrow can never return
once it's been shot
but people can.
I had almost forgot
that I still have a home.
Commander Yang,
I can't walk with you today.
What happened?
Fine then.
You are the one
who taught me how to smoke.
And you told me
that when a man gets frightened,
he will smell so bad
that you can't stand it.
He has lost his powers.
Someone's still
worried about him.
You joined Commander Liu's side?
He is not one of the best.
No one is perfect
in times of chaos.
Is Commander Yang the best?
I promise to kill Yang fairly,
out of respect for you.
You and I will compete
in Kung Fu for his life.
If you lose,
you must accept his fate.
You were my protg.
But I taught myself
something better.
Let's do spears.
Get ready...
I never taught you this.
It's from our ancestors,
you understand?
Watch carefully.
In martial arts,
I made a huge mistake.
For your sake I hope you choose...
the right master.
Your house collapsed
many years ago.
Empty houses
collapse the fastest.
And my sister...
where did she go?
It was very unfortunate.
She was raped by Landlord Wang
in front of the villagers.
She wanted to keep
her marriage a secret.
She felt ashamed,
so we didn't ask.
Sister... this is how
I learned archery.
Spare my life!
Spare my life! Spare my life!
Spare my life! Spare my life!
Spare my life!
I don't deserve
to be your executioner.
To my sister,
I am even worse than you.
Spare my life! Spare my life!
Spare my life!
it hasn't been easy for you.
Please bless me.
Help me find my sister.
Commander Yang has already contacted
all of his former troops.
Things will go smoothly.
You've helped me a lot,
so I'll do you a favor.
I'll find Judge Archer...
for you.
I'm your wife.
You were never my wife.
For ten years...
you were my servant.
When I'm gone
accompany Yang to the school.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
No one will step forward?
You want to fight?
Where is he?
Perhaps my sister never existed.
But she led me to my true self.
She is a revelation from Buddha.
Sister... take care.
You left.
Why have you returned?
There are few Kung Fu masters left,
and they will only become rarer.
I just want a one-on-one duel.
There are no masters left,
we're nobody.
What you want,
is to take her with you.
My master has
lost his leader again.
There will never be
another Judge Archer.
At 21,
I was so proud of my abilities.
I expected to become
a great leader one day.
At 34, I realized that
I would never succeed.
And so I decided that I would
help someone else succeed,
but all the people I met were
either incompetent or unfortunate.
Why is this so?
Yang's death has made me realize
that it is because I myself
have neither the talent
nor the luck to be successful.
All I have now is Kung Fu!
I am 60 years old.
I haven't done anything
serious for a while.
These days,
it seems that everyone
is looking for a faster way
to do everything,
but there is no shortcut in martial
arts and there never will be.
I am looking forward...
to a duel with you.
You could've
killed him just then!
As long as he is alive, he won't
give up on finding another Yang.
I've been with him
for many years.
As long as he is alive,
I have no choice
but to stay with him.
What is it?
Stealing a glance.