Judgementall Hai Kya (2019) Movie Script

'This film is solely
for entertainment.'
'The events and characters
in this film are fictitious.'
'Through this film,
we do not intend to trouble'
'any person suffering
from mental illness.'
'We also do not intend to hurt
the emotions'
'of the people related to them.'
'We encourage you'
'not to be bias towards people
suffering from mental illnesses.'
'Please be empathetic
and polite to them.'
'We do not encourage
violence against women.'
Leave me!
What did I do?
- Bobby is watching us.
- She needs to know.
Let me go!
'This Sheersasana...'
'It retains youthfulness.'
'This special yogic position
gives a natural glow on our face.'
'It gives our eyes power
for more than a hundred years.'
'It helps you control hormonal emotions.
Sheersasan is a vital exercise.'
Can we go for a breakfast date?
I have loose motions.
Yesterday, we cancelled our movie plan
saying you had rashes.
You have too many complexes, Bobby.
You are not normal.
I don't talk while doing Yoga.
Why do all our dates end up at the
supermarket or the grocery store,
pickup-drop, buying groceries,
buying eggs, buying toiler paper
for your uncle.
I also mentioned a kilo of potatoes
I bought two and a half kilos
of potatoes last week for you,
but you didn't
feed me even a single fry.
You should learn
something from this potato.
It fits everywhere.
Cottage cheese, peas, veggies.
Easy going.
Be like a potato.
How can I be like a potato?
How much more do I have to adjust?
Don't you want anything from me
except groceries and veggies?
Don't you want
to get married and have kids?
Don't you want to settle down?
Did your parents think about
settling down after having sex?
I don't know. Never asked.
This is what happens eventually.
The sex part gets over.
And this is what husbands
and wives spend most times doing.
Buying potatoes and onions
at the supermarket.
And we're already reached there
without having the sex part.
Potatoes and onions.
I get a strange feeling
that we are brother and sister.
You know Sahil and Kishwar.
They've been going around for
six months and she is already pregnant.
Do I have to get pregnant
to make you happy?
Should I get pregnant? Should I?
No one has ever become pregnant by
roaming around in a mall buying potatoes.
Are you going to get me any work?
What's the point of
having you as my manager?
There is this south Indian film.
Action. Rowdy Rani.
Please don't burn down the studio.
You dog!
Go and get your mother!
If she had taught you
a lesson when you were young,
my shoe and your
bottom would have never met.
- Good job.
- One more.
Just wrap it up, Bobby.
You're a dubbing artist,
not the heroine.
I've come up with a new tongue twister.
You are a retard, you are a retard,
you are a retard...
"Is she the character or the story?"
- "Is she is the fire or is she the rain?"
- 'Go and get your mother!'
'If she had taught you, '
'then I wouldn't have had
to beat you into a pulp.'
- "Is she the fire or is she the rain?"
- 'Nice one!'
"Bratty, annoying!"
"Crazy! A free soul!"
"Bratty, annoying!"
"Half empty, half full!"
"Bratty, annoying!"
- "Bratty, annoying!"
- 'Do not give up, the victory is yours'
"Bratty, annoying!"
'We've discovered water
on the moon...'
'We've discovered water
on the moon'
'but couldn't find
happiness here on earth.'
'Everyone is...'
Are you happy?
Then what are you doing here?
"Once she starts she
doesn't stop walking."
"Always swaying here and there."
"Carefree and free less attitude."
"She always makes some noise."
"Expressionless face,
like the devil."
"Always has her way."
"Like a Crossword clue."
'Your life is going to change,
keep journeying'
"She has a notorious mind!"
The pictures are stunning
you should be a movie star.
Hope all the heat inside has gone off.
This is called cooling agent.
Wonderful, Bobby.
Absolutely wonderful.
Can you turn up
the heat a little more?
Hope all the heat inside has gone off.
Feeling cool enough?
Bobby Batliwala Garewal.
I had a word with Brijraj's lawyer.
Either you pay 50,000 rupees fine
or have to spend time
at the asylum.
The other one of course.
The mental asylum.
I am comfortable with that.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Hey! Cockroach!
Kumari Ji.
Why did the fat nurse wear
a helmet every time she ate?
Because she was on a crash diet.
- She is here. Run!
- Noodle fry! I'll get you.
I will take my pills on time.
And finish the full course.
And if?
And if I do something like this again,
then I'll be thrown back
into the mental asylum again.
What's in this?
A bomb.
Don't act so smart.
You're going
to come back pretty soon.
I'll keep your room ready here!
What's all this junk?
Hey! Careful with that!
That's three months of hard work.
Okay, fine.
Let it be, Bobby.
If he pissed you off so muchm
you could have just slapped him.
You had to spend
time in an asylum.
Well... I'm back after
three months at the asylum.
But his nose is never going
to grow back again.
There is a permanent hole
on his face.
Where is Panauti?
- Panauti.
- Bobby.
Let's go home.
The new tenants are coming
over today at the bungalow.
I hope you remember that.
Please let them live
with some peace.
She's my friend's daughter.
Well then don't expect me
to pamper her.
All I'm saying is just don't
drive them away like everyone else.
They are building their own house.
And will leave once it's ready.
Let's go home.
Remember to clean
uncle's diaper properly.
It'll start smelling otherwise.
We've to find a new aunt
for him too.
You little devil!
"She feeds grains."
"She sings a song."
"She feeds grains."
"She sings a song."
"People in this world..."
"Get deceived."
"All it takes..."
"Is a stare..."
"To steal your heart."
Hi. Bobby, right? I am Reema.
This is my husband, Keshav.
It's so nice to finally be here.
That entrance is for you.
This entrance is exclusively for my use.
Me, my guests and my staff.
In case you're staying out late,
then come back in
the morning after partying.
I am an early riser.
There are no other rules.
You said it's a charming house.
And she's the niece
of some family friend.
What kind of friends do you have?
Fine. Its only temporary, baby.
- We needed a place urgently.
- Yeah.
And come on! Just look at it.
It's so... Charming.
- Yeah.
- Oh!
Very charming.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
I've got another regional
south Indian movie for you to dub.
Zara Ki Kahaani!
This one is a horror film.
Do me a favour. Please don't get into
the character while dubbing as usual.
The next thing I know is that
you've turned into a ghost.
You'll wear a white saree,
come out from under the bed.
Every time you do a new story,
you get obsessed with the character
and we've to suffer.
From now on I'll only get simple
devotional films for you like...
Shut up.
Even the most talentless hacks
get better work.
Good for nothing agent.
All you ever get
is stupid regional movies for me.
My creativity's is dying by the minute.
- I am an artist!
- An artist!
Bobby Batliwala Garewal.
If the result of such Parsi-Punjabi
inter-caste marriages are people like you
then such marriages
should be banned.
No one's going to give you work,
understood? Do you get it!
Get lost.
Why does everyone
keep calling me a mental?
Is it because my parents
are not there anymore?
Is it my fault that
I caught her fianc
romancing with
the cook in the toilet?
He is gay!
You should thank me instead, Megha.
Scene no. 1.
Who is this stranger
who suddenly waltzed into my life
with the rain, thunder and
in the dark of the night in the rain?
They say...
Meeting a stranger
is a co-incidence.
'There is no harm flying high.
You too can fly'
Thin sticks, thick bricks.
Thin sticks, thick bricks.
Thin sticks, thick bricks.
Thin sticks, thick bricks.
Betty Botter bought some butter.
But she said the butter's bitter.
How much wood would a woodchuck
chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
I thought I thought
of thinking of thanking you...
I'm not a pheasant plucker,
I'm a pheasant pluckers son.
But I'll be plucking pheasant
when the pheasant plucker is gone.
"Good Lord..."
"What's gonna happen
next will happen."
"Let things run its course."
"People will come."
"People will go."
"Don't believe me
if you don't want to."
"Who is the one I talk about"
"and keep repeating his name."
"Give me a minute"
"so I can hold my heart
that's skipping a beat."
"My heart's crazy..."
"Crazy and high..."
"Let me hold it tight."
"People will come."
"People will go."
"Don't believe me
if you don't want to."
"Good Lord..."
"What's gonna happen
next will happen."
"Let things run its course."
"People will come."
"People will go."
"Don't believe me
if you don't want to."
Caught you!
"What's gonna happen next
will happen."
"Let things run its course."
"People will come."
"People will go."
"Don't believe me
if you don't want to."
I've heard that smoking kills.
I know.
I die every night.
And come back to life every morning.
Would you like to die?
What a look.
The pictures turned out really nice.
Do you want a scary
background or romantic?
Horror and Romance.
Do a close-up.
That unfortunate night
is still etched on my mind.
Our Master had given the
day off to the entire staff.
That same night his first wife
was found dead, in this mansion.
Some even say...
That the master himself killed her.
'You're killing me!'
Bobby... I am sorry.
I am sorry.
I wanted to invite you over for dinner.
Is everything fine between you two?
Oh. I had a little accident
with the door.
I can hear loud noises
coming from your room.
All these articles are about rape,
Murder, domestic violence, Bobby.
Is this what you use for your origami?
Okay. See you tonight.
So basically, I came back after
finishing my baking courses in America.
And never felt like going back.
I mean India just makes
me feel so alive; You know.
The hustle-bustle,
weddings, potholes, weather... Wow!
The smell of garlic.
I just... I love it.
She enjoys India only
through her television set.
She's never fallen in a pothole yet.
She's experienced it only from the comfort
of her living room. Incredible India!
We have a cockroach problem.
No, I mean.
We've not noticed anything.
And doesn't matter even if we do.
After all,
we manufacture industrial pesticides.
I can send over
a big can if you want.
It's fine, Keshav, thank you.
Please help yourself, Bobby.
Actually, we don't eat meat.
- We're strict vegetarians.
- Yeah.
Only two rules...
No smoking, and no meat.
Of course.
Smoking kills.
You two have such good habits.
Very nice.
Even my father wouldn't
let my mother smoke.
She would sneak
into the toilet and smoke secretly.
One day my father
caught her red handed
and put out the cigarette
on her arm.
It burned through her skin,
you know.
They were so much in love.
Which pesticide company
do you work for?
How much more money do you want?
Give me two more months!
I need the money today!
Hey! Don't threaten me! Ever!
I can threaten you too.
May I help you?
I am looking to buy some pesticide.
I have a cockroach problem at home.
Sorry, ma'am,
but we sell industrial pesticides.
That's okay.
This is fine.
Can I take?
Wait a minute.
I'll call my boss.
- No need.
- One minute.
When did she come here?
A little while ago.
What was she saying?
She wanted to buy some pesticide
for some cockroach problem.
She is my landlady.
Listen, Sharma. Don't you
have a friend who's in real estate?
- The Sainath guy...
- Sainath. Yeah.
Ask him to find a decent place for me.
And tell him to hurry up.
'Your life is going to change,
keep journeying'
Who's there?
Who's there?
Don't you ever sleep?
I see you roaming around at
random places in the middle of the night
like a ghost.
You also roam with a torch and a knife
in your hand like a restless spirit.
The fuse is tripping.
But there's electricity in my home.
This other one's tripping.
Because of the air-conditioner load.
I think there's a problem.
We never had a problem with it before.
It's not a problem,
actually, it's pretty common.
Then why did you say
we have a problem.
Why are you checking
the fuse at this hour?
I was practising how to blow a fuse.
In case I had to kill you on a dark,
stormy night, and get away.
What a loser! Witch.
She sounds like she has constipation.
She can't scare anyone.
I know another witch...
Varun, come.
What is this Bobby?
Can't you see we're working?
He's my boyfriend.
I must talk to him right now.
It's urgent. Come.
- Coming.
- Varun.
Well, I don't know
our relationship status yet.
But if she says I am her boyfriend,
then I must be.
Let's find out.
Crank it up.
- I want to have sex.
- Here?
I want it.
Let's book a room in a resort.
Why not at home?
It is much more comfortable.
I only feel like
having sex at resorts.
I don't get into the mood at home.
Bobby I am not that desperate.
To hell with your resort!
I am feeling used.
I am not coming.
Baby, I am all set.
We're not planning to settle down.
We'll be back the next morning.
Anything can happen in a night.
Oh my, God.
See, I told you all the bags are there.
Hello, here come the lovebirds.
You guys are going
to Lonavala as well.
Reema told me.
But it slipped my mind.
Let's go together?
- Yeah?
- Yeah?
Do you want to go with me or Keshav?
I'm saving precious fuel for you.
You're getting a free ride, free sex.
Still you can't stop complaining.
I haven't got it yet.
There is a strong maybe.
You've been teasing me
for a year now.
I thought it will be
just the two of us.
But now...
The entire neighbourhood's
coming along.
Why don't you bring your
cat and your uncle along too?
Zorabian uncle, do you want to come...
We'll have separate rooms!
People don't hang from
trees when they are in Lonavala.
They stay in hotel rooms.
I think you're obsessed with Keshav.
And you're obsessed with sex.
Maybe. But you're obsessed with Keshav.
You're obsessed with him.
I hope those are not cupcakes.
I am already having so much fun.
It's a good thing we came with you.
We can celebrate together.
we were planning on going alone.
It's okay. We don't mind.
Let's take a selfie.
Let me tell you a story.
Even my family would
go on trips when I was a kid.
One day, papa was on the driver's
seat and mom was sitting next to him.
And they started quarrelling.
Mom lost her temper.
She stabbed dad
in the leg with her filer.
And dad lost control of the car.
In order to avoid collision
with an oncoming truck,
he steered the car and...
The driver's head was smashed.
His brains fell out.
But mom didn't have a scratch.
Fresh like an apple.
Do you know why?
She had her seatbelt on.
Wear your seatbelt.
Have this.
Thank you.
These scrambled eggs are delicious.
Believe me, these are delicious.
Best in the world.
Such a lovely couple, isn't it?
God bless them.
You were coming on too fast.
But look at this damage.
Drive slowly next time.
The boss will take
it out of my pay.
Do you know what happened?
As in?
Your husband wants to kill you.
- He pushed you...
- Will you stop?
You could have died.
He wants to kill you.
I hope we are still going to Lonavala?
Are you happy now?
Keshav and Reema are leaving.
You scared them away too.
How did I scare them away?
What did I do?
Look, Bobby, you should take
your pills on time and regularly.
Or else you'll cause trouble again
and I'll have to suffer.
Where are they going?
Where are they going to stay?
Talk to your friend.
I want their new address.
Uncle. I have a strong feeling
in my stomach that Keshav kill Reema.
If there is a strange
feeling in the stomach.
It's usually gas.
Look, Bobby,
are you taking your pills on time?
Are you?
I don't want to take any pills.
They make me sleepy.
I sleep the whole day.
But that's a good thing.
You need all the rest you can get.
Why don't you put me to sleep forever?
Just get me some poison.
Take the bike behind.
Okay. You may go.
Hey! What are you seeing?
Come on. Clear it.
And the pesticide?
There it is.
- So, this is where it exploded.
- Yes.
- And quickly spread all over.
- Yes.
Dubey, chalk it up
as a gas accident.
And sir, what about the girl
who keeps calling repeatedly...
Claiming that it's a murder
and the husband is the murderer.
I've told you fifty times.
We returned from shopping.
I stayed back in the
car to make an important call.
Reema went upstairs to keep the bags.
We were supposed to go out for dinner.
There was no electricity in the house.
I guess she lit
a matchstick for the candle.
The air might have
been filled with the fumes...
And there was an explosion.
I ran upstairs immediately.
And yes, a can of pesticide was leaking.
Maybe that acted as an accelerant.
There are always some
cans lying around in the house.
It's all my fault, sir.
I should have been with her.
He is lying.
He pulled out the fuse.
He made sure the room was dark.
He set Reema on fire.
He killed Reema.
He pulled out the fuse.
He pulled out the fuse.
Why do you think
he pulled out the fuse?
I've often seen him near the fuse box.
Just because I wanted to check the fuse,
it makes me a murderer.
Doesn't that sound silly?
Haven't you...
Haven't you ever fixed
a fuse in your house?
He always lied.
I don't smoke.
Don't eat meat.
He smokes cigarettes like
a chimney in the middle of the night.
He can gobble you up with some ketchup.
That's the kind of vegetarian he is.
Yes, sir, I lied to
my wife that I didn't smoke.
And about the chicken bit.
That's enough for a murder charge?
Does your wife know you keep
munching all day in the Police Station.
Everyone lies.
Reema was my only family.
Keshav did register a complaint
about the power tripping.
And the complaint's been registered.
Why aren't you arresting him?
Sir... I will kill her.
She is talking nonsense.
He's saying that he will kill me.
When will you arrest him?
He is saying it.
- He is saying it!
- Yes.
But he hasn't done it yet.
Bobby, what are you...
She's crazy, sir.
Hello, sir. Bobby speaking.
I've evidence against Keshav.
Come over to my house right now.
Hello, sir.. Sir.
Sir, there's a cockroach
that often comes to my house.
And today it came
and sat on Reema and
Keshav's picture.
What does that mean?
She wants justice.
She wants justice.
Bobby is crazy, sir.
She has multiple complexes.
There are at least
a dozen people in her head.
She doubts everyone.
She used to say that
Keshav's going to murder Reema.
She used to wake me up
in the middle of the night,
to tell me that she can hear
sounds coming from their house.
And what did you say?
They must be having sex.
Or making some snacks...
Moving their furniture...
Tell me. How was your
relationship with her?
What relationship, sir?
She treated me like a dog.
Two years ago, I bought a condom
with high hopes sir.
But it expired in my pocket.
Let me show you.
That was our relationship.
No, no, no need.
Still a bachelor.
Throw that away.
I am loving this, sir.
The story on this side
is equally interesting.
Troubling Reema and Keshav
for every small thing.
Secretly spying on them.
The connecting door in the kitchen.
She was a little
inclined towards... Keshav.
- Do you make all this, Bobby?
- Yes.
All of it?
Look at this.
These are her pictures.
She liked to dress up like a
movie star and get her pictures clicked.
- Did you do this?
- Yes.
Why do you do this?
If I tell you to paste my picture between
Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif,
will you do it?
Of course, I can...
I can do it right now.
Give me your number.
Yes, I photoshopped my pictures.
I like it. Watching my pictures.
Do you have friends?
I don't need them.
This case is not your cup of tea.
That Keshav will take you for a ride.
Did you steal this can
from Keshav's factory last week?
It's empty.
What did you do with it?
I told you!
I have a cockroach problem.
The bloody cockroach didn't die.
He makes fake pesticide.
Keshav makes fake pesticides.
You used an entire
can to kill a cockroach.
You want me to kill a lion with it?
The door in your room opens
directly in their kitchen.
And we found this.
You think I killed Reema...
Who made you two detectives?
People like you are a
disgrace to the Police Force?
What was your percentage in high school?
What are we going to charge her with?
That she's strange.
Has no filters.
Likes to dress up like movie stars.
Photoshop's her pictures.
Have you seen her file?
Clinically ill.
And we won't have any
strong evidence to counter her.
Section 373...
Accidental death due
to a gas cylinder explosion.
Section 373.
You cannot tamper with that.
- That's evidence.
- Enough!
Shut up!
This is my wife. Not evidence!
I didn't get time
to moan for her properly thanks to you.
I've had enough.
Stop it, Bobby.
You're going to ruin
your life as well as others.
Please stop it Bobby.
We're closing this case.
It was an accident.
Let's go then, our job here is done.
Take care, Mr. Keshav.
'Do you want to die?'
'I was practising how to blow a fuse.'
'In case I had kill you on a dark,
stormy night, and get away.'
Take care, Bobby.
She wants justice.
Reema wants justice.
Bobby, every guy is not your father.
- She wants justice.
- And woman isn't your mother.
Why do you relate
everything with your past?
Bobby, you do know that you're suffering
from acute psychosis.
If you don't take your pills,
you can never manage your normal life.
- 'What are you doing? Stop.
- That cockroach.
Your hospital's infested
with cockroaches.
If you're seeing cockroaches, that means
your psychosis is getting worse.
- And there's nothing you can do.
- Increase the dose.
It's on your face.
- It's on your face.
- Somebody help!
- It's on your face.
- Somebody help!
If you're seeing cockroaches, that means
your psychosis is getting worse.
Caught it!!!
"Nowhere to go"
"and nowhere to be."
"I wonder where my
destination might be."
'So your presence here is
the consequence of past karma.'
'What you decide to do from here
is your present karma.'
'And your present karma
will decide your future destiny.'
Do you have the address, please?
I really need the post code.
- Your first time in London?
- Wait.
Uncle, I accidentally
deleted Megha's message.
Please send me her address.
First time in London?
Why the hell do you care!
Whether it's my first
time or 5th time in London.
"Nowhere to go"
"and nowhere to be."
"I wonder where my
destination might be."
Here.. A gift for you.
- This wasn't necessary...
- Oh.
How did this happen?
I mean when did this happen?
I mean whose is it?
Come in.
Why didn't you speak
to me for all these years?
No calls nor Facebook.
So you need a cheap nanny.
Like how people invite their relatives
abroad before the delivery.
You get better nannies here.
Your uncle was telling me that you've
been sitting at home for quite a while.
So I thought I'll call you here.
My theatre group
is starting a new play.
An adaptation of the Ramayan.
I've suggested your name
as Sita's understudy.
Try not to embarrass me.
I don't want to do an old boring play.
I am sorry.
It's not an old boring play,
it's a modern adaptation of the Ramayan.
From Sita's point of view.
I hope you have ice cream have ice cream
Bobby, let's make this work.
I know you prefer staying alone
so I've arranged for
a place for you as well.
Have some dinner, freshen up,
And then go.
I like your hair.
It's different.
Just one minute. Hold on.
- Shravan, this is my cousin Bobby.
- Hello.
I'm so sorry,
I need to take this call.
Yeah, just...
How did you become Shravan from Keshav?
My full name is Keshav Kumar Shravan.
Anything else that you'd like to ask?
Bobby, whatever happened in the past,
I've put all that behind.
The past's not like a piece of candy
which you can just leave behind like that.
Does Megha know about
your previous marriage?
- And the incident with Reema.
- Of course.
I tell Megha everything.
I love her.
Would you like to come
and pee with me as well?
Thank you.
Some idiot stole Ravan's
Eighth head and ran off.
What kind of a psycho does that?
Oh. I don't know whether
Bobby told you or not.
But when I was in Mumbai,
with Reema...
Bobby was my landlord.
- What? Really?
- Yeah.
Small world.
And you remember, Bobby
how you used to watch me and
Reema from behind the curtains.
So naughty you were.
You didn't tell me your love story.
How did you two meet?
Actually, it was a complete coincidence.
Shravan and Dad's office
were in the same building.
And one day we met in the lift.
Soon we got talking and
since then we've been together.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
What a strange coincidence.
Bobby and You.
According to my experience, nothing
is ever a coincidence in Bobby's case.
She makes it happen.
Don't worry, I know her.
That is not very comforting.
When I got engaged to Hiral,
Bobby spread so many rumours
and dad had to call off
the marriage.
Of all the people in India you
had to pick her for the role of Sita?
In fact, she should
play the role of the evil temptress.
She will look much better
with her nose cut off.
What rubbish.
It's Bobby, Megha.
The Earth will refuse to swallow her
nor will Raavan want to abduct her.
In fact, he'll take one good
look at her and run back to Sri Lanka.
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
You scared me.
Bobby, did you reach safely?
I need to talk to you.
Come to the theatre tomorrow.
We'll talk there.
'Modern Ramayan Rehearsals,
happening on stage 2.'
'The triumph of good over evil.'
'The triumph of Ram over Raavan.'
'That's the story of Ramayan.'
'The battle that we all have been
fighting since the beginning of time.'
The Inviolable line,
Sita's abduction and the trial by fire.
These are the things
that makes Sita's story.
The Inviolable line,
Sita's abduction, the trial by fire.
- Sita has always...
- Cut. Cut.
Who is that on stage?
- Who is she?
- Bobby.
Bobby, what are you doing?
- We must talk right now.
- Yeah, sure.
But let's meet the director first.
That's Shridhar,
and he's the director.
- Megha.
- Hi.
This is my cousin Bobby.
Remember I told you about her,
for Sita's understudy.
She is also a voice-over artist.
Happy to have you, Bobby.
- We're really pleased that you...
- I am not pleased at all.
I came all the way
from India to perform.
Not to be somebody's duplicate.
Anyway, you're not going
to be anyone's standby.
But, Gita over there...
What if something happens
to her during the performance.
- And that's why you...
- What's going to happen to her?
Nothing is going to happen to her.
She is perfectly fine.
Yes. Yes.
Anyway, you memorise your
dialogues and we'll see.
I don't perform outside India.
Megha, please come outside.
Rehearsals, come on.
'Did she fall
into Ravan's trap by chance'
'or was it her destiny?'
The trial by fire and slaying of Ravan
are integral parts of Sita's story.
If Sita doesn't fall
into Raavan's trap,
then there would be no Ramayan.
If Sita could see
through Ravan's deceit,
then there would be
no Ramayan in the first place.
This one can fit here,
and this one here.
Megha just get this changes done here.
Yeah. Bobby is here.
I didn't think I'll see you again.
Thought you don't perform
Outside India.
- A voice from my gut told me.
- What?
That I should do this role.
Be Sita.
I've heard about
voices from the heart
but from the gut?
When something terrible
is about to happen,
the heart becomes silent.
And the gut starts whispering.
Like right now.
It's telling me that my cousin's
husband will kill her.
Are you happy these days?
I am not happy at all.
All set, sir. Ready?
In today's world,
Raavan could be any of us.
The question still remains...
Can Sita save herself?
The question still remains...
- "Nowhere to go..."
- Can Sita save herself?
"And nowhere to be..."
- "I wonder where my destination might be."
- Okay, let go.
- "Nowhere to go..."
- Fall.
"And nowhere to be."
- "I wonder where my destination might be."
- What going on?
"Where do I go..."
I'll fall and you catch me. Okay.
- Trust.
- No.
"I wonder..."
"I wonder..."
"I wonder where do
I go from here..."
Let's go.
'It's hard to know behind
which mask lurks the real Ravan.'
'The question still remains...'
'Can Sita save herself?'
"Time stands still for no one..."
"I wonder why it's
always ticking away."
"Why the sky never descends..."
"Someone's waiting over the horizon."
"No eagerness to
reach my destination..."
"And always keep journeying on."
"I wonder where my
destination might be."
"I wonder..."
"I wonder..."
"I wonder where I go from here..."
"I wonder..."
"I wonder..."
- "I wonder where I go from here..."
- Line up.
- No.
- And fall.
'The question still remains...'
'Can Sita save herself?'
'The question still remains...'
'Can Sita save herself?'
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
My fuse short-circuited.
And you just found that out now?
There is no electricity at my place.
Bobby. Come in.
Babies are cute, aren't they?
This one will be cute too, won't he?
I hope so, Bobby.
Especially if it takes after me.
What if it takes after Shravan?
It will still be cute.
There were many complications
in Reema's murder case.
No. No.
- Please, stop.
- Give me a chance to explain.
No. Please.
I trust him and I...
I love him.
Why can't you just...
If there's no electricity
at her place,
I can't just ask her to leave.
It's just a power cut now...
But mark my words, soon the weather
in London is going to be dark.
It's time we started praying.
She is very unpredictable.
You are such a drama queen.
No, I can't take it.
"Starts chanting the Hanuman Chalisa."
"Starts chanting the Hanuman Chalisa."
"Starts chanting the Hanuman Chalisa."
What on earth are you doing?
What are you doing?
Again! You never change.
Bobby, Megha and I are very happy.
Like Reema and you were?
Reema and I were happy too.
But then you came in our lives.
I always knew...
That you are going to kill her.
Stop it.
Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
You know, Bobby,
I've been thinking
about Reema's death.
There was another can of pesticide
your house.
The thought always bothered me.
You don't realise it, Bobby...
But there are voices in your head.
Even people.
In my head...
Which is why you're on meds.
Your battle isn't against me, Bobby.
Its with your own self.
You need to save yourself.
Megha is your sister.
Let her be.
- Please go away and treat yourself.
- I am not going anywhere!
I am not going anywhere!
I am Sita!
Now, Ravan isn't looking for Sita.
Sita is looking for Ravan.
I will expose you.
I will expose you!
You know what, Bobby...
I was helpless in Reema's case.
But this time I won't let anything
happen to Megha.
I won't let anything happen to my child.
If you're crazy...
Then I'm going
to be crazier than you.
And when a sane man loses it...
He can be a lot worse
than the craziest of the lot!
And don't forget that.
This is my family.
My family.
I will expose you!
- I will expose you!
- Yeah, go expose me.
I will expose you!
Go. Expose.
There was another can of pesticide
in that house that belonged to you.
'And that thought always bothered me.'
What do you keep listening all the time?
The same old boring classical concerts.
Don't be upset.
I already told you that
I didn't know anything.
Uncle said that she
wasn't keeping well, so...
She is mad, Megha.
And dangerous.
Wherever she goes,
she destroys things.
Wait a minute.
You married Bobby's sister?
First, she was your neighbour
and now she's family.
You've been swarmed by bad luck.
Check your horoscope.
You should try voodoo,
go to a witch-doctor, or a shaman.
God is playing games with you.
I don't know whether Reema's death
was an accident or something else.
It could have also been Bobby.
She is bit crazy but
she cant be a murderer, no.
I have to convince Megha
that her condition is dangerous.
Megha and you
should run away and hide.
She'll go looking
for you guys for some time.
She'll get bored
and come back to India.
That's the only way
because nothing else will work.
Please, Varun. I have to
send her back somehow
- and I need your help.
- Not today. There is a girl...
I've known her for four months.
Her name is Shanaya. She is quite hot.
I shouldn't be saying this, but...
I think I am going to get lucky today.
Quickly tell me what you want.
Anything you can dig up
related to Reema, me, or Megha.
Maybe her old diaries, photos...
Medical reports.
Anything that you can find.
I didn't know she was this crazy.
She photoshopped herself
in all of Reema's pictures.
And now she will go after Megha.
I am worried about her now.
I was passing and thought
I should check the fuse.
"Good Lord..."
"What's gonna happen next
will happen."
"Let things run its course."
"People will come."
"People will go."
"Don't believe me
if you don't want to."
I think someone cut the wire.
What happened, Bobby?
What happened, Bobby? Tell me.
- Keshav.
- Yes.
He came over to my place.
Yes, he did tell me.
That he went to your place
to check the fusebox.
What happened?
He tried to...
Hi, baby.
Hey, Bobby, are you all right?
- What happened?
- I don't know.
- What happened?
- It's okay.
Bobby, where are you going?
- Bobby.
- Hold on.
Megha, last night
I was at Bobby's place.
To fix the fuse.
I think someone cut the wire.
"Good Lord..."
"What's gonna happen next
will happen."
"Let things run its course."
What the hell! No, Bobby.
Of course, I ran from there.
She's so obsessed with me, Megha.
I think someone cut the wire.
This is what you
always wanted, right?
Yes, uncle.
Shravan was married to Reema first.
Yes, he's the same Keshav.
Just give me the inspector's
number who was handling the case...
I'll give you his number.
Why are you troubling your uncle?
But before that
I want you to see something.
This. This. This. And this...
She gets her picture clicked dressed
as the characters she dubs for.
And this...
Reema and me.
Bobby and me.
Reema and me.
Bobby and me,
neatly photoshopped.
And this. Reema and me in Bangkok.
And that's Bobby.
She removed Reema from the pictures,
and maybe...
And look at this.
This one's the best.
Our wedding picture.
- Bobby had it.
- What?
She knew about our marriage.
She didn't come to London
because you invited her.
She followed me here.
This was planned. All of this.
But if she's obsessed with you,
then why was she
framing you for murder?
Because she is crazy.
She doesn't follow logic.
- Listen, Shravan, this...
- You still don't believe me, do you?
Wait and watch.
See where her madness takes her!
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Never cross this inviolable line."
"Or you'll be torn to shreds."
"Never cross this line..."
"Never cross this inviolable line."
"Or you'll be torn to shreds."
Oh my God! Is she okay?
Are you mad?
She hasn't call uncle either.
God knows where she is.
Wherever she goes, something always
happens. Accidents happen around her.
She'll be roaming
around the streets alone.
That's it.
I am going to call the cops.
- I need restraining orders against her.
- No.
- No, I'll have to call the cops.
- No, Shravan, she is not a criminal,
she's my sister.
Is that girl alright?
Bobby, where are you?
Everyone's looking for.
Is she fine?
Tell me where you are.
I want to know if she's fine.
Yes, she is fine, Bobby.
Where are you?
Do you know who is behind all this?
He wants to kill me.
Tell me where you are, I'll come.
You want to throw
me in an asylum?
'A message from Ram-ji'
You were at the asylum.
Look. A close friend
of yours is here too.
Raw crisps, fried crisps. Raw crisps,
fried crisps. Raw crisps, fried crisps.
I've come to give you free advice,
but you just won't stop complaining.
Face your fears, don't run.
'Face your fears, don't run'
'Do not give up.
The victory is yours'
'Face your fears, don't run'
'You are Sita'
Excuse me.
Why are you running away from us, silly?
Don't be a stranger.
We are together in this.
We are here to help you,
else they will throw you in an asylum.
Quiet. Quiet.
Poor thing got scared.
You are Ram.
You are Sita.
You are Ram. You are Sita.
- Sweetheart.
- Sir.
These people are stalking me.
These people.
There's no one there.
They are there.
- There's a wingman, there's a tail man.
- Are you crazy?
And there's Ram-ji.
- Look.
- There's no one.
- They are there.
- No.
They are there.
"Trying to see what they see."
"But you can't see what they see."
"Illusions and mirages."
"Silence that actually speak."
"Poison and medication
is the same thing."
"Running out of breath
when you wish to live."
"Life and death
is just an illusion."
"Actually nothing is real."
"Are you a little temperamental?"
"Are you judgemental?"
"Are you judgemental?"
"Are you judgemental?"
Listen to the voice
from your gut. He lies.
"Are you judgemental?"
Why use a sword when
you can use a needle?
Why use a sword when
you can use a needle?
Very deep.
Why don't you go drown
yourself in that deep?
Do you want us to go looking for
a needles, thread and tailors in London?
How it all began shall
reveal how it will unfold.
Meaning the Lord is trying to say...
Start from his childhood.
The photo you risked your life
to find in Keshav's study.
Look there.
"Truth has many names."
"Truth comes at many price."
"It maybe the beginning for you"
"but it's not the end for me."
"I am different, and so are you."
"Why is it wrong to be different."
"The road to your
dreams isn't difficult."
"So why is it so tough."
How sad, all the children
died in the fire.
Yusuf Sheikh.
Aakash Khurana.
Adheer Bhatt.
John Thomas.
Then how can it be Keshav?
There's something not right
about this, Bobby.
Let's check the other names.
"Are you judgemental?"
"Are you judgemental?"
So that's his real game.
All the children died
in the fire at the orphanage.
And yet the criminal
records against their name.
Wait a minute.
You mean Keshav took on their identities
after they died and left a trail of crimes.
Look at this picture.
Doesn't he look like Keshav?
How does that look like Keshav to you?
He looks timid.
How can he be Keshav?
You have buttons for eyes.
Take a closer look.
How it all began shall
reveal how it will unfold.
The Lord is actually stuck
in repeat mode.
"Are you judgemental?"
"Are you judgemental?"
"Are you judgemental?"
The fire that broke out in Yusuf
Sheikh's butcher shop in Murshidabad
has sparked communal riots.
Yusuf Sheikh's wife Tasnima Sheikh
became the first victim of these riots.
And Yusuf himself has been missing
since the riots started...
How did we end up in this mess?
He's coming.
Let's get out of here.
John is Yusuf. Yusuf is Shravan.
Shravan is Keshav, Keshav is John.
But who will believe me?
Bobby suffers from Dissociative
identity disorder.
The condition of her
mind is such that
she can draw any
conclusion out of anything.
And that will be the reality for her.
The voices in her head,
the characters, are all real for her.
She believes in them.
They can make her do anything.
She is a ticking time bomb.
And we should get out
of here before she explodes.
Please. Pack your bags.
Varun was right.
We'll just have to hide from her.
Who is Varun?
"Wherever you set foot..."
"My heart follows."
"O my heart stealer..."
You always catch me
at the wrong moment.
I was finally going to
get lucky and you ruined it.
Varun. Megha, my wife.
- Hi.
- Hello, ma'am.
How are you today?
Varun, did Bobby get
in touch with you by any chance?
We can't find her anywhere.
Why would she call me?
Its you she is obsessed with.
Remember you told
me how she used to drive you mad.
Can you please tell Megha?
She is a little bit crazy.
A friend of mine told her that
Varun was arrested and went to jail.
He told her that I got
arrested at some youngster's party.
Since then she made
a big fuss about everything.
If any Varun in the world committed
a crime, she would think that it was me.
Some Varun made an MMS clip,
she thought that was me.
All the thieves and criminals
whose names were Varun were me.
She turned me into
a serial sex offender.
But never that matinee idol
Varun Dhawan.
Idiot! Rascal!
I am not like that,
but Bobby thought I was.
Bobby is crazy. She is mad.
- How dare you lie to me?
- No.
- Get lost. Pervert.
- I am not like that...
Don't ever call me again. Rascal.
You trust this idiot.
And you trust Bobby.
John is Yusuf. Yusuf is Shravan.
Shravan is Keshav. Keshav is John.
Being an amateur detective won't help.
The Police has already
checked his background.
And they found nothing.
He's a smooth criminal.
And people think we are crazy.
The silly evidence we found on Google
is not going to convince anyone.
No one will believe us.
No one will believe us.
No one will believe us.
I'm not a pheasant plucker,
I'm a pheasant pluckers son.
But I'll be plucking pheasant
when the pheasant plucker
is gone.
Keep her sedated.
And then tomorrow we'll
transport her back to India.
How are you feeling?
I told the doctor how I found
you at the club, all covered in blood.
You know, the doctor was saying
that judging by your mental
condition, you did all this to yourself.
They are sending you
back to India tomorrow.
Sadly, you won't be around
for Megha's delivery.
But don't worry we I'll send
you pictures of her and the baby.
And you can always photoshop
yourself in those pictures.
Have a nice life.
"Get up and face your fears."
"There's no turning back now.
Don't run away."
"He's evil."
"And you must face him."
"Burn everything down."
"This is your moment of trial by fire."
You're still sleeping.
Wake up or else they will send you
to an asylum tomorrow.
He managed to fool
the world again, Bobby.
Only we can fight him.
Why? Are we the Queen of Jhansi who's
going to ride out wielding a sword.
Let there be a trail by fire.
No evidence. No witnesses.
It's a do or die.
Only fire will reveal the truth.
Don't mind but do you think
we are all going crazy?
Jump into the fire.
Jump into the fire.
Jump into the fire.
Jump into the fire.
What do you mean she escaped?
How can anyone escape
from the hospital?
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
How is it possible, Shravan?
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
Sir, Bobby sent this for you.
Where is Megha?
In every Age,
Sita's been questioned.
Her honesty,
or her ideology.
I am prepared for
the trial by fire again.
You are Sita.
The fire will not harm you.
Jump in the fire. Jump in the fire.
Jump. Jump.
I told you she's crazy, Megha.
She killed Reema! She is...
- She is crazy, Megha!
- Yes, I am crazy.
And you?
John Thomas.
Yusuf Sheikh.
Shravan Kumar.
Keshav... Who are you?
Today the truth shall be revealed.
I am prepared for the trial.
If I'm lying,
then I shall perish with my lies.
Or else you shall burn in yours.
This is the trial.
It's given in every age.
Light up.
Light up everything.
Burn everything.
Let's end this once and for all.
You know what
the saddest part will be?
Poor Megha will also die burning
because of your madness.
You are going to kill her.
That's nonsense.
We just wanted Megha
to know the truth.
- No.
- Megha will die.
- He will kill eveyone.
- No.
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses"
John Thomas.
Yusuf Sheikh.
Surya Rao.
Keshav Mishra.
Shravan Kumar.
They are all me.
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses"
I am the infinite!
You did so much research on me.
Help us!
- Help us!
- 'Yes, I killed everyone.'
'John. Yusuf. Keshav.'
And when I heard people
screaming and wailing...
It was like... Magic.
It struck a chord inside me.
You always asked me...
Wait a minute, Megha.
You always asked me
what I keep listening to?
The Indian classical music.
Tasneem Sheikh.
Blah blah blah blah...
And my favourite... Reema.
Thanks to you, Bobby.
'I saw you barge into our place'
'and pour pesticide on Reema.'
'How did you know that
it was time for her to go?'
Oh, love.
Why did you call up
Mercy Home orphanage, darling?
What do you want to know?
You know, Megha'
I always thought
Reema would be my favourite.
But I think you will be better.
Since there's another
life breathing inside you.
You're going to be my masterpiece.
Bobby, when will you give up?
You only have people in your head.
But I actually live those lives.
Pause. Play. Repeat.
Pause. Play. Repeat.
Tell me.
Tell me.
Who is the bigger psycho now?
You or me?
Raw Crisps, Fried Crisps.
Raw Crisps, Fried Crisps.
Raw Crisps, Fried Crisps.
Raw Crisps, Fried Crisps.
Raw Crisps, Fried Crisps...
No! No!
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
"Holy Sanskrit Verses."
We have only found
a female injured.
And we found a male who is...
Bobby, thank you.
Put that in your report.
Are you okay?
I'm mad.
The world calls me mental.
Maybe they just don't understand me.
Maybe people we don't understand
are mad.
I know my world
is different than yours.
I know how different.
But whatever it is...
I love the way it is.
I just want to live on my terms.
"Are you judgmental?"
"You have wasted your
youth chasing Gucci, Armaani,"
"checking the brand tags."
"Come, let me tell you what fashion is"
"as your friend has a unique swag."
"You've wasted your youth
chasing Gucci, Armaani,"
"checking the brand tags."
"Come, let me tell you what fashion is"
"as your friend has a unique swag."
"My patiala suit is a killer one."
"And Im a punjabi girl, sardaarni,."
"All with all your bling and moves,"
"I've still got more swag than you."
"Unique Swag."
"Drop it."
"Get lost."
"Always talking money,"
"always here to sting."
"Show me how you love me."
"I don't want your bling."
"Dont talk too much babe."
"I don't want your Gucci Armani tag."
"People know that I am a true friend"
"to anyone who I have called a friend."
"I don't tend to speak my mind"
"that is why I try to stay away"
"from these beautiful faces."
"You are a hunter
and are always ready."
"To hang out with the single ladies."
"And despite your sweet
words and ferraris,"
"you never keep your promises."
"Unique Swag."
"Drop it."
"Seeing you trying to holler,
Dripping Fendi Prada."
"Thinking you're a Raja."
"Baby, you better come hot.
I'm the queen of swag."
"Click my photos."
"With my beamer and benz,
I'm surely gonna leave."
"You've wasted your
youth chasing Gucci, Armaani,"
"checking the brand tags."
"Come, let me tell you what fashion is"
"as your friend (LOVER) has a unique swag."
"My patiala suit is a killer one."
"And Im a punjabi girl, sardaarni."
"All with all your bling and moves,"
"I've still got more swag than you."
"Unique Swag."
"Unique Swag."
"Unique Swag."
"Unique Swag."
"Unique Swag."