Judwaa 2 (2017) Movie Script

Yes, ma'am?
Mary, I think my baby's coming.
Call sir immediately.
- Yes, ma'am.
Take it easy, Ankita.
You've been eagerly waiting
for this day
when you would be a mother.
Just come down here quickly,
Yes, Ankita, I've boarded.
- Mary, do something.
Ma'am, please, don't panic.
Take deep breaths.
Please, ma'am. Ma'am..
TIMEIN: 00:02:00:40DURATION: 01:92TIMEOUT: 00:02:02:32
can you please turn off your phone?
- Yes..
We're running late
because of you.
Just take your seat and fasten
your seat belt. - I am sorry..
Here you are. - I am sorry.
- Thank you.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
First child?
- Yes.
It's normal.
Poor thing has no one else
to vent her frustration out on.
- Rajeev.. Rajeev Malhotra.
I'll pray to God for your child.
Thank you.
we are going to fly quite high.
God will hear us sooner.
- Yeah. - Yeah?
Hello, Rajeev? Where are you?
I've reached the Mumbai Airport.
One of the passengers has gone
to the washroom.
I'm looking after his luggage.
I am entering the operation theatre
and you are looking after
some stupid passenger's..
Please, Ankita, don't say that.
He wishes our child well.
He's a very kind-hearted man.
TIMEIN: 00:03:12:88DURATION: 04:12TIMEOUT: 00:03:17:00
Ankita, I am on my way.
Yes. You just.. Yes.
Sorry, Mr. Malhotra.
- He's back. I am leaving.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
- No, it's all right.
Let's go.
- Please come.
So, you have a business in London,
Mr. Malhotra? - Yes.
Excuse me.
Yes, Officer?
- You can go.
Thank you. See you, Charles.
Welcome, Mr. Charles. Let's go.
Even after we had such
a strong lead
we didn't find anything.
- Excuse me, Officer. My watch.
TIMEIN: 00:03:57:92DURATION: 03:28TIMEOUT: 00:04:01:20
we didn't find anything.
- Excuse me, Officer. My watch.
Can I take it?
It seems I am having a good time.
Now, with your permission,
can I wear my clothes?
Or, do you have
anything else in mind?
Congratulations, Ankita!
- Thank you.
I was elated thinking
there's just one.
But you've given me twins.
Time for double celebration.
Congratulations to you too.
Doctor, why are there bandages
on their arms?
Mr. Malhotra,
your children were conjoined.
We had to operate.
One child is healthy,
but the other one is a little weak.
And yes,
the most important thing.
Whenever they'd be close to each
other even after being separated
their reflexes will also connect
with each other.
- Like..
If one child cries,
the other one will cry too.
If one feels pain,
the other one will feel it too.
TIMEIN: 00:04:59:00DURATION: 02:56TIMEOUT: 00:05:01:56
If one feels pain,
the other one will feel it too.
I'll show you.
Look at this.
You mean, when one laughs,
the other one will laugh too?
When one jumps,
the other one will jump too!
Mr. Malhotra, such cases are
only one in eight million.
- Yes.
Did you hear that, Ankita?
- What? One in eight million?
Of course.
Our children are one in a million..
I mean, two!
Sir, someone is here to see you.
Many, many, many, congratulations,
Mr. Malhotra.
I couldn't stop myself.
See, I even brought gifts
for the newborn.
You shouldn't have
taken the trouble.
And what's this? Seems like
you ran all the way here.
Here, drink some water.
TIMEIN: 00:06:00:76DURATION: 04:84TIMEOUT: 00:06:05:60
I already know exactly why
you've come here, Charles.
water doesn't have any colour.
But this water exposed
your true colours.
What now?
Same old,
outdated confrontational drama!
The usual blah, blah, blah!
Let's come straight to the point,
Mr. Malhotra.
You don't screw me,
I will not screw you.
I've got a gift for you.
Take a look.
Clever! Very, very clever!
No, Charles!
- No.. Down..
Guns down.
Officer, this one is real.
You go back and I'll run.
- No!
Catch him!
Who are you?
- Quiet!
Charles, let my son go.
TIMEIN: 00:07:00:16DURATION: 03:60TIMEOUT: 00:07:03:76
Go back, Malhotra.
Go back, Malhotra!
only one of the twins will remain.
- Hey, Officer!
You don't listen!
I said, this one's real.
Should I shoot?
- Charles..
Charles, for God's sake,
let my child go. - Go back.
Go back.
- Charles..
Please, Charles. Charles!
- Go back.
- You go back and I'll jump!
'Charles, we know you're inside.'
'The police have surrounded you.'
'Surrender yourself, Charles.'
TIMEIN: 00:08:11:32DURATION: 01:20TIMEOUT: 00:08:12:52
Mr. Malhotra, calm down. No..
- Charles!
Listen to me..
- Charles..
Charles, where's my son?
Where is my son?
- Mr. Malhotra.. - My son!
No, Mr. Malhotra! Hey..
- Leave me!
Bye, bye, Malhotra.
My son!
- Sir..
My son..
TIMEIN: 00:09:17:72DURATION: 02:28TIMEOUT: 00:09:20:00
How come Kashi has
a baby with her?
Come on.
- Hey!
Whose child is that, Kashi?
- Where did you find him?
I found this child
on an auspicious day. - I see.
If I can't find his family,
I shall raise him.
- It's okay..
He stopped crying when Kashi
took him in her arms.
What are you going to call him?
- Name?
His name is going to be Raja.
- Raja! - Raja!
Charles has been sentenced
to 22 years of imprisonment.
Very good.
I'll get straight to the point.
TIMEIN: 00:09:59:20DURATION: 03:20TIMEOUT: 00:10:02:40
I'll get straight to the point.
You screwed me, I'll screw you.
See you soon.
The law is sending him behind bars
but his brother-in-law
is still outside.
I will finish what he started.
Charles has a strong network.
You should go out of this
country for a few days.
your business is in London.
But why should I..
If not for yourself,
do it for your family and child.
All the best.
TIMEIN: 00:11:10:00DURATION: 02:00TIMEOUT: 00:11:12:00
Hey, you!
- Hey, you! Wanna come?
Raja! Raja! Raja!
Raja, save me.
- Save you?
- I won't save you.
Please, Raja..
Idiot, if I don't save you,
who else will?
Wait! Hey!
Now, hit me.
Hit him, Raja.
- Come on! - Hit him.
TIMEIN: 00:11:59:52DURATION: 01:04TIMEOUT: 00:12:00:56
"Today, I am above!"
"And the sky is beneath me."
"I am hanging upside down."
Excuse me?
"My clothes are coming undone."
"My reputation is at stake."
"My head is upside down."
"Today, I am.."
Excuse me.
- "They have killed me!"
Why is he hanging upside down?
TIMEIN: 00:13:00:00DURATION: 02:44TIMEOUT: 00:13:02:44
"Made me hang upside down."
And why is he crying while singing?
Who are you?
- Prem. Prem Malhotra.
- Yeah!
- Hi.
Into music and all, huh?
- Yeah, music student.
First year!
- Wow, dude! What a nice guitar!
That's really expensive.
- Wow!
Nice jacket.
- Yeah, my
mom bought it..
- Hot body!
- Hey, guys!
Stop harassing him! Move!
You okay?
- Yeah.
Sorry, they don't know
how to behave with freshers.
I'll show you.
My guitar.. Hey!
Guys, give it up for Prem Malhotra!
The musical star.
Guys, please.. - Now he's going
to give a dance performance.
Guys, I don't know how to play.
- Come on, play. - I..
- Come on..
Come on..
- Come on!
Play.. - I can't.
- Come on.
TIMEIN: 00:14:05:08DURATION: 01:28TIMEOUT: 00:14:06:36
Yeah.. Yeah, man!
- Play.
"Na.. Naked Prem!"
"Na.. Naked Prem!"
"Na.. Naked Prem!"
"Na.. Naked Prem!"
"Talk of the town,
he is the clown!"
"Check out his undies,
it all comes down."
"Check him out,
sipping like a killer."
"He's in his undies,
and he's good for nothing."
"He's good for nothing."
"Na.. Naked Prem!"
"Check him out..
Naked Prem!"
TIMEIN: 00:15:09:88DURATION: 00:84TIMEOUT: 00:15:10:72
Thank you.
Bye, bye..
Yes, Mom?
'How are you, dear?'
- Fine, Mom.
'So, how was your first day?'
- It was great.
In fact, I even made some friends.
They are all nice.
'Listen, I..'
- Mom, I have to go.
They are calling me.
I'll call you later.
- 'Listen.. Do call back.'
Yeah. I'll..
I'll call you back.
TIMEIN: 00:16:03:08DURATION: 03:36TIMEOUT: 00:16:06:44
Did you talk to Prem? All okay?
He tried really hard, Rajeev,
not to let me know.
But I am his mother.
He was lying to me.
Remember what the doctor
had said when we had twins?
One of them would be weak, and the
other one would be quite strong.
if only my other son had been alive
he would've never let his
brother cry like this.
'Hail Lord Ganesha!'
'Hail Lord Ganesha!'
TIMEIN: 00:17:31:68DURATION: 03:04TIMEOUT: 00:17:34:72
"We are Your devotees.
Where will we go?"
"My heart is in trouble.
Please heed my plea."
"We are Your devotees.
Where will we go?"
"My heart is in trouble.
Please heed my plea."
"I don't understand
what's happening to me."
"Do something..
Please, do something."
"Listen, Lord Ganapati.
Girls trouble me."
TIMEIN: 00:18:02:80DURATION: 04:52TIMEOUT: 00:18:07:32
"Listen, Lord Ganapati.
Girls trouble me."
"Listen, Lord Ganapati.
Girls trouble me."
"Please give me some solution
to this problem."
"Please grant me some wisdom,
it's a serious matter."
"Someone whispers sweet stuff
into my ears."
"They knock and enter my heart."
"Girls are spoiling me."
"Even I am getting spoilt,
"I don't know if I am laughing
or crying."
"Do something..
Please, do something."
"Listen, Lord Ganapati.
Girls trouble me."
TIMEIN: 00:18:56:12DURATION: 04:84TIMEOUT: 00:19:00:96
"Listen, Lord Ganapati.
Girls trouble me."
"Come on.. Hey.."
"I have got no one other than You
in this world."
"I grew up at Your feet."
"My heart is Your abode.
I fear none when You are with me."
"Whether I am innocent or naughty,
You know everything about me."
"Sometimes, I sang hymns for You
and You sang lullabies for me."
"Do something..
Please, do something."
"Listen, Lord Ganapati.
Girls trouble me."
TIMEIN: 00:19:55:92DURATION: 04:84TIMEOUT: 00:20:00:76
"Listen, Lord Ganapati.
Girls trouble me."
"Listen, Lord Ganapati.
Girls trouble me."
"All hail Lord Ganapati..
- Hail!"
"Hail Lord Ganapati!
- Hail!"
that bloody rascal grabbed my neck
and chucked me aside.
- Yeah, I know..
TIMEIN: 00:21:04:88DURATION: 01:80TIMEOUT: 00:21:06:68
Hey, Puss in Boots!
The shoes you're looking for
are on Nandu's feet.
These are great..
- These are great shoes.
Hey! Who are you?
- He says 'Raja'.
The guy you pushed is my brother.
And his reputation
is my reputation.
And Raja's reputation isn't
some beauty soap
which you can use and throw away.
Get my shoes.
TIMEIN: 00:22:05:88DURATION: 01:08TIMEOUT: 00:22:06:96
Bless you, Raja.
You knocked them out!
- I did, right?
Do I have to keep kicking
your sidekicks all night?
Won't you come?
Aren't you going to fight?
Come and fight Raja, come on.
Raja! Raja!
Raja, you know what?
Let's return his shoes and get out.
We will..
But only after dealing with Alex.
Come on, Raja..
- Come on.
TIMEIN: 00:22:59:16DURATION: 02:04TIMEOUT: 00:23:01:20
Come on, Raja..
- Come on.
All hail..
- Lord Ganesha!
Come on, Raja.
Come on!
Get up..
If you hit Raja, I won't spare you.
- Nandu!
Get lost!
Come on, Raja. Beat that rascal.
Beat that rascal. Beat him..
How dare you imitate me!
- I am not imitating you.
I've been like this
since childhood.
TIMEIN: 00:23:59:40DURATION: 00:96TIMEOUT: 00:24:00:36
I've been like this
since childhood.
Shut up,
I don't talk to people who stammer.
Hit him, Raja.
- Very good, beat him up!
Will you stop..
Staying up all night takes
a toll on my health.
You should've had two bottles
of beer. - On duty? - Yes!
Are you mad?
What are you two doing here?
- Where else do we go?
Alex's condition is critical.
His men are looking all over
for you, you know? - Yes.
Raja, idea! 'Tatu-Tatot'!
What? - Shut up, Nandu.
Look, Raja, Ms. Kashi is no more.
TIMEIN: 00:24:56:44DURATION: 04:24TIMEOUT: 00:25:00:68
What? - Shut up, Nandu.
Look, Raja, Ms. Kashi is no more.
If she was alive, she would've been
definitely worried about your life.
Wouldn't she?
- He's right.
You know what, Raja?
Go away from this area
for a few days. - Yes.
- That is why.. 'Tatu-Tatot'!
- Surat-Rajkot?
What about Surat-Rajkot?
Alex will find him even there.
- Well, leave India. - Yes.
But we don't have passports.
- No, Raja, there is only one way.
- Shut up! I'll slap you!
Let them speak, Nandu.
- Look, Raja. - Yeah?
I know someone
who will take your photos
and stick it on someone else's
passport and send you out of India.
Who is he?
- Pappu Passport! - Yes!
You fool, I've been trying to say..
Pappu Passport..
Pappu Passport!
No fear
when Pappu Passport is here.
So, where do you want to go?
Mr. Pappu,
we're in a lot of trouble.
We want to go out of India.
But you don't have to worry.
TIMEIN: 00:25:59:92DURATION: 01:36TIMEOUT: 00:26:01:28
But you don't have to worry.
Raja can give you Rs. 20,000!
Despite being a pauper,
you talk like a king!
Never mind. If you add 30 more
to it, I can send you to a place.
Which place is that?
- Look.
- He is dancing!
Africa, Congo.
No, we're used to Indian drums.
We don't want to go to Congo.
Where do you want to go?
- Give us a second.
Pappu is showing us really boring..
- London!
"You and me.."
"Buckingham Palace.."
You and me in London.
London, sweetheart.
If you go there..
I have a friend in London.
- His name is Sharafat Ali.
He owns a pizza shop.
- Pizza!
You'll get a job too.
And as soon as you get a job,
you'll get a girl. - Girl!
Life will be good!
TIMEIN: 00:27:01:04DURATION: 01:60TIMEOUT: 00:27:02:64
Rs. 10 lakh.
Mr. Pappu, do you know
why we want to go to London?
Mother used to say...
Your mother used to say what?
About brother, mother used to say..
"Look at Ram's gait."
"It's so explosive."
But someone jinxed
my brother's gait.
And the local goon broke his leg.
The doctor said that my
brother's legs are beyond repair.
We need to arrange Rs. 50 lakh.
- What?
I already paid
the first instalment.
A cricket umpire was missing
a finger.
I gave him my finger.
But you have all ten fingers.
- He had 11.
11 fingers?
- And he cut off one.
Do you know how I paid
the second instalment?
There was an RJ. Radio Jockey.
TIMEIN: 00:28:00:40DURATION: 02:40TIMEOUT: 00:28:02:80
He was dumb.
We gave him his tongue.
Nandu, give him a demo.
First, I cut off my tongue
and then, gave it to him.
Cut off your tongue?
- Yes.
The doctor is calling.
- Give it to him.
What do I tell the doctor?
What do I tell him?
- Talk to him.
Please talk to him, Mr. Pappu.
- No, you do.
What should I say to him?
- Look..
Talk to him.
You do so much for your family
and friends.
You're an angel.
You've awakened the human
inside me.
I'll send you.
Even if I have to sell my home
or my office.
Even if I become bankrupt
I will send you to London.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
I'll send you to Heathrow.
This is a really nice place.
- Why?
We can touch the air hostess
whenever she comes and goes.
TIMEIN: 00:28:58:96DURATION: 01:84TIMEOUT: 00:29:00:80
We can touch the air hostess
whenever she comes and goes.
Hey, Nandu!
- Oh, sorry.
May I help you?
- Hi! Where is this seat?
Just over there.
- What a view!
Move! Your jacket.
These days,
airplanes are so crowded.
- What? It's my seat.
How are you? Are you single?
- Excuse me?
I am talking to her.
- Hi
How are you? - Yeah..
- London?
Me too. Together..
- Do you want to change?
- No, I like my seat.
Nice seat.
'Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.'
'We are experiencing
a little turbulence.'
Hey, student of the fear!
First time traveller?
TIMEIN: 00:29:59:68DURATION: 03:04TIMEOUT: 00:30:02:72
Hey, student of the fear!
First time traveller?
- Oh!
I mean, the first time this week.
- Oh!
Actually, you know what?
If you're scared, you can sing..
It really works, you should try it.
- Scared?
Who is scared?
Raja, this plane is going to crash.
- It's just turbulence.
Please, don't panic.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
It is just a turbulence.
Raja! Raja!
- Put on your seat belt.
The air hostess stammers too.
She's saying 'turbulence'
instead of 'ambulance'.
Who gives them the licence?
- Yes, Nandu?
Wooing the girl?
- No, Nandu.
Cosying up with her?
- No, Nandu.
Open your eyes.
You're in my blanket? How cheap!
- Excuse me! This is my blanket.
That one is yours.
TIMEIN: 00:31:00:20DURATION: 03:76TIMEOUT: 00:31:03:96
By the way, your last line,
'how cheap', was really hurting.
But you cosying up to me in
my blanket was really romantic.
Shut up!
'Ladies and gentlemen, we've safely
landed at London Heathrow Airport.'
'We hope
you have enjoyed your flight.'
We're in London!
We've arrived in London, Nandu!
Good day.
- You.. - What the..
What's happening to me?
Oh, God! Stop it!
- Sorry, sorry.. Just look!
Something's happening to me.
What can I do?
Hey, stop it. Stop it, man.
TIMEIN: 00:32:00:08DURATION: 02:04TIMEOUT: 00:32:02:12
What's wrong with you?
- Hey, what are you doing?
Come on..
At the college's annual music event
you're going to rock it, man.
I'll try.
- Hi. Samaara.
Prem. Prem Malhotra.
- Prem, you're awesome.
I am sure you could've showed
your skills that day
but all thanks to Rocky..
He's kind of absurd!
He's crazy.
Prem, can I ask you for a favour?
Can you teach me some music?
Well, I can teach you music
from A to Z.
Okay! So, my place?
I mean, you can teach me music
at my place, at 4 p.m.
Then I'll be there
at your place today at 4 p.m.
Today? Well, it's already 5 p.m.
- Oh!
- Tomorrow. Tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Yeah, tomorrow 4 p.m.
- Okay.
Yeah. - Great.
- All right.
TIMEIN: 00:33:02:04DURATION: 02:92TIMEOUT: 00:33:04:96
- Cheers.
And you're really good.
Tomorrow, 4 p.m.
What are you doing?
- What am I doing?
What if Rocky finds out that you're
going over to Samaara's house?
Then you'd be.. - Why would Rocky
have a problem if I meet Samaara?
Because she's mine. - Yeah.
- Stay away from Samaara.
Or else, I'll deactivate you
like this SIM card.
What are you doing?
What are you doing, Raja?
We're in an airport,
everyone's watching.
Raja, what's happening?
What is happening?
Raja, what's wrong?
What happened?
Shall I call for a doctor?
TIMEIN: 00:34:00:40DURATION: 02:60TIMEOUT: 00:34:03:00
- Bye!
Remember me
in your prayers and kisses.
Hey, Raja..
Raja, what keeps happening to you?
In the airplane,
you were doing such antics.
And while collecting your luggage
you were acting obscene! - Nandu,
I wasn't doing it intentionally.
It felt like someone caught me.
I don't get it.
- Hey, Raja.. - Yes?
I think you're going crazy
out of happiness.
Yes, because it's the first time
I flew in an airplane.
That's why.. - Welcome to London,
Mr. Raja, Mr. Nandu.
How do you know Raja?
- Well, Pappu Passport sent me.
Pappu Passport?
- Yes.
Pappu Passport insisted that
I should take good care of you two.
So, I've made all the arrangements.
Free car, along with pickup
and drop facility.
Free boarding, free food..
And a free massage, every
two hours. - With coconut oil?
No, stupid!
With London police's truncheon.
Inspector Dhillon, London Police.
Look, you can arrest us
if you want. - I will.
TIMEIN: 00:34:58:00DURATION: 02:32TIMEOUT: 00:35:00:32
Look, you can arrest us
if you want. - I will.
But I would like to say something.
- Go ahead.
My father is sick.
What's wrong with your father?
He got hurt and fell.
A man first falls down
and then gets hurt.
He fell asleep
and the fan fell on him. - Oh, my!
Hey, relax!
We came here for his treatment.
Even paid Pappu Passport.
I sold my kidney for it.
You sold a kidney?
- I did.
I am not worried about the kidney.
But when my father finds out
that his son is rotting
in Dhillon's jail
my poor sick father won't even
be able to commit suicide.
Why? Why not..
- The fan already fell on him!
There is no fan!
- Oh, yes!
Then how will he hang himself?
Phone.. Let him talk.
It's my father calling. My father.
Will you talk to him?
- Stop it. You'll make me cry.
You live in London and make
fun of the poor like us?
Lord, there's so much
sorrow in the world.
Do you have a handkerchief?
- Give it to him.
Here you go.
Wipe your tears properly.
There's so much sorrow
in this world.
There's more sorrow than the number
of people in this world.
TIMEIN: 00:36:00:88DURATION: 02:00TIMEOUT: 00:36:02:88
May God bless everyone.
Hey, Watermelon.
- It's Dhillon.
Whatever! Those two?
Are they Raja and Nandu?
What the.. Oh, yes!
Rascals! Making a fool of a fellow
Indian. I won't spare you.
Raja, a train has arrived
at the airport. Let's catch it.
Get in..
I won't spare you.
Come back!
He made a fool out of me.
- Yes.
- Even you know Raja?
For sure,
you'll find me feeble-minded
but favouring you will
be highly flammable.
As I can foresee that both
of are fatuous, frenzy
TIMEIN: 00:36:58:88DURATION: 03:52TIMEOUT: 00:37:02:40
As I can foresee that both
of are fatuous, frenzy
and feckless and you've
faltered frantically.
What did he say?
I just stammer,
but he's out of control.
Did you understand a word?
I did! Of course, I did!
Thank you, Mr. Sharafat.
He has hired us.
- Thank you, Mr. Sharafat.
Hey.. Come here..
You are really nice.
Pappu Passport is
in police custody.
I can't take the risk
of giving you two a job.
No, please, Mr. Sharafat.
We came here depending on you.
But I can't take this risk.
- But, Mr. Sharafat..
If we stay here, you will be
out of danger. - How?
Places like these easily turn
into a battleground.
- Yeah.
In the dead of night,
people rob cute guys like you.
Where's the owner?
Where's the owner?
I-I am the owner.
What happened?
- Give us the money?
Give us the money.
- Listen to me.
Hit him again! Hit him again!
But imagine what would've
happened if I was there!
Take a look.
Where's the owner?
Where's the owner?
TIMEIN: 00:37:59:80DURATION: 00:92TIMEOUT: 00:38:00:72
Where's the owner?
Hit him!
Marvellous! Marvellous..
- What are you doing?
You're not a kid. You're the owner.
- Yeah.
Boss, if you give us the job,
you stand to benefit.
What are you thinking?
Flawlessly figuring out which
forte should be functionalised.
- What?
I am thinking whether I
should offer you a job
or partnership.
TIMEIN: 00:39:00:48DURATION: 03:72TIMEOUT: 00:39:04:20
Sweetie, you're looking beautiful.
Really nice.
Mom, I am uncomfortable.
- You see..
Your body language isn't right.
Once he sees your front and back
he'll follow you everywhere.
- Please, Mom!
What is this?
Rajeev Malhotra's son, Prem,
is coming over to meet you.
Oh, my God.
His bank balance even makes
the banks unbalanced.
Mom, stop talking about
money all the time..
How are you, ma'am?
- Great.
You're looking nice.
- After all, she's my daughter.
Prem, please come in..
- Mom.. - She is pushy..
Prem.. I'm so happy. So, you're
into music? - Yes, ma'am.
So am I! Would you like to hear?
- No..
Please do.
Sa, Re, Ga, Ma.. Amitabh Bachchan!
- Mom..
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. - Yeah,
but Amitabh Bachchan was in 'Paa'!
TIMEIN: 00:39:58:00DURATION: 02:48TIMEOUT: 00:40:00:48
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. - Yeah,
but Amitabh Bachchan was in 'Paa'!
Got you! Good one, right?
Go to her bedroom and get started.
- Mom!
With your music!
I'll get some snacks.
"Do the garba.."
- I am not a garba dancer.
"Do the garba.."
- Hey.. - Go on!
Oh, Shirley, you turned out to be
like Kate Winslet in Titanic!
You and him, in the car...
- Excuse me, miss.
We're on the lookout
for illegally immigrating Indians.
So, if you've seen them, just say.
- Later.
Hey, show her the picture.
- Yes.
You have never seen them before,
right? Thank you.
She's never seen them before.
Let's go.
You don't want me to catch
these guys and get a promotion.
That's been your plan all along.
- Get lost. Go away!
You maniac!
Thank you,
she's never seen them before.
Do you realise this? Get lost.
You're the worst partner
any cop can ever have.
"Oh, yeah, you are.."
TIMEIN: 00:41:08:72DURATION: 03:08TIMEOUT: 00:41:11:80
T-There was a mosquito over there.
You followed me all the way
to my dad's supermarket.. - Hey!
I wasn't following you.
I am the pizza delivery boy.
Nothing surprising.
This is what illegal London
gatecrashers like you do.
Hey, bonfire.
- Bonfire?
Always raging!
Don't think I am a pushover.
I've 500 billion in my bank.
- What?
500 billion in my bank,
but only 500 in my account.
Pretty soon, you won't have that
either. - Why?
Come on.
- Where are you taking me?
What are you doing?
- Inspector.. - Hey!
Before you call him,
hear me out at least. Please!
Mother used to say..
"Fair wrists.."
"O' lady, your fair wrists."
- I mean, if I go to jail
my 11 sisters will
never get married.
TIMEIN: 00:41:59:00DURATION: 02:60TIMEOUT: 00:42:01:60
my 11 sisters will
never get married.
Eleven sisters?
- Yes. And I was the 12th man.
I arranged Rs. 11 lakh
for the dowry of my 11 sisters.
But their in-laws didn't accept
my old 500 and 1000 rupees notes.
It was so damn demoralising
and demonetising.
After that, somehow..
Don't ask how.
I accumulated the money and came
to London to work. To toil!
And you want to hand me over
to the police? - No! Sorry!
- I am sorry.
If I don't take up the
responsibility for my 11 sisters
how will I face my neighbouring
father? - Neighbouring father?
There were already 12 people
in the house.
So, father had to stay
with the neighbours.
"Fair wrists, oh, baby,
your fair wrists.."
It's my father. He's calling
from our neighbour's house.
What do I tell father?
What should I tell him?
Talk to him, please. - No, I am
sorry. What am I going to say?
Tell him that you want
to hand me over to the police.
Tell him..
- No, please...
Ma'am, my bill..
- Please, I am sorry.. - Hey..
TIMEIN: 00:43:05:80DURATION: 03:00TIMEOUT: 00:43:08:80
I guess he'll get her pregnant
with a kiss. See you.
Ma'am, I was saying..
Good, continue.
The money is right here. Have fun.
Sorry. Sorry,
I didn't mean to do that.
I am very sorry, I don't..
I didn't know what's happening!
- Mom!
Samaara.. Samaara, I am very..
- Mom!
Go! - Don't call your mom.
I didn't intend to!
I don't know what happened..
I am.. I am sorry, Mother.
Sorry, Daughter.
I don't know
what's happening to me.
I need a shrink.
I need the NHS.
Help me!
Help me, O' Lord.
Mom, he kissed me.
- Not just you..
He kissed me as well.
"My veil flies away!"
TIMEIN: 00:43:57:60DURATION: 03:92TIMEOUT: 00:44:01:52
"My veil flies away!"
- "My veil flies away!"
Come on.
Come, my son.
He's my childhood friend, Bakshi.
His daughter is as beautiful
as his home.
I want you to meet her.
- But I don't want to!
Why? Look..
This is just like you guys
play on Facebook.
You like somebody,
you dislike somebody!
Like-dislike, right?
This is similar.
But I am not on Facebook.
- That's all right! Come.
Stop pushing me.
- Come on.
When I saw from afar..
Bakshi, you've been repeating
this one-liner for 30 years now.
- Bang on!
Dad, he's very loud.
- Yes, he's very..
When I saw from afar,
something was hanging on the wall.
When I came closer,
I saw it was my best buddy.
So happy to see you.
So happy to see you.
Meet my son, Prem.
- Give me your blessings.
Oh, my God! He's taking
my blessings! In London!
What would you like, dear?
- Sir, milk will do.
- Milk?
You're a guy!
Guys don't drink milk.
A cow gives milk.
- That's right!
Dad, they are very strange.
- Yes, they are.
TIMEIN: 00:45:01:68DURATION: 00:92TIMEOUT: 00:45:02:60
This is my daughter, Alishka.
Come here, Alishka.
- Hello!
- It's okay.
that's Mr. Malhotra and Prem.
Take his blessings.
- Come on, dear. Go ahead..
- Not him, dear. The father..
Let it be, dear.
She just winked at me.
- Yes, I saw.
Malhotra, you can ask her now
as to what all she does.
Yes. What do you do, dear?
- I'll tell you. - Sure.
Dad! - While taking a selfie, she
can make different types of faces.
Really? - This.. Get back.
- Dad.. Dad..
Sir, we both will sit
near the pool. - No!
Come on!
- I don't like pools. - Come on!
I don't want to swim.
- Come on.
Please. - He wants milk?
I'll bring the milk! No worries..
You're an awesome actor, man.
Looking cultured, asking for milk..
Whereas, the other day,
you went wild! - Wild?
Oh! Did you forget?
You kissed so hard.
TIMEIN: 00:45:57:28DURATION: 04:00TIMEOUT: 00:46:01:28
Oh! Did you forget?
You kissed so hard.
That was just a mistake.
But how do you know?
- Oh, come on!
You kissed so hard, everyone knows.
- Everyone?
Of course! Stop pretending now.
- Please, don't tell my dad.
Now, you're on track.
But I must say!
You just barged into my house
with a fake father
and impressed my dad as well.
- Fake father?
Please behave yourself.
- Oh, yeah!
I will behave myself.
- What are you doing?
You deserve another one.
Come on..
- No.. What are you doing?
Please don't..
What the.. Oh, my!
Like you said..
'Remember me in your prayers
and kisses.'
This is Stacy, this is Liz..
- They are all foreigners.
Yes, after Dipti's death..
- Dad.. - Yes? - Dad.
What happened?
- You're shaking. Are you okay?
Dad, I'm feeling vertigo.
I want to go. - Have some coffee.
No, I am getting palpitations.
- Then, have a biscuit.
I have a heart problem, Dad.
- Then lie down for a bit
in Alishka's bedroom. - What is it?
- Dad, I have a problem..
Calm down.
- I can't take it anymore.
Okay.. - Why don't you..
- Did you have the milk?
The milk was really good, sir.
Thank you.
TIMEIN: 00:46:58:80DURATION: 01:28TIMEOUT: 00:47:00:08
The milk was really good, sir.
Thank you.
Okay. Calm down. Calm down.
- Wait..
He's a little weird guy, but..
How did you like him?
Since you chose him for me,
he must be right. - See?
"My love is here.."
- Okay!
Did you see my daughter
dance in Sanskrit?
First time, I saw swag
in Sanskrit, Brother-in-law. - Yes.
I guess the boy is right.
But I think the girl is wrong.
Nothing's wrong here.
It's my values which I gave
my Indian daughter.
I know everything.
- If you know everything, tell me.
Who gets the 'Man of the Match'
award in a women's cricket match?
Can we travel to Mars on a Friday?
- What?
Were Einstein and Valentine
brothers? - You're crazy.
Tell me..
- "My love is here.."
You know, my gut feeling
says that Raja is somewhere around.
Samaara? Samaara!
TIMEIN: 00:48:01:80DURATION: 01:08TIMEOUT: 00:48:02:88
I know.
- Excuse me.
Samaara, just a minute, please.
I'll see you girls.
- What?
Samaara, I've never
behaved like that before.
I don't know what happened to me.
It was me, but it wasn't me.
That kiss.. Your mom..
I didn't mean to do that.
I am.. I am sorry.
Prem, you should do two things.
First, consult a doctor.
You really need it urgently.
Second? - Second, I am hungry.
Let's talk over lunch.
What would you like to eat?
Hi! Can I get a
pepperoni pizza, please?
Excuse me, are you single?
- Yes.
Hey, she's single, you're single,
ready to mingle.
Oh, my, Toyota.
- Sorry?
I am Raja from Versova.
- Alisha, from Radford.
Here's your burger and fries.
- Thanks.
TIMEIN: 00:48:59:80DURATION: 01:40TIMEOUT: 00:49:01:20
Here's your burger and fries.
- Thanks.
By the way,
you look good without specs.
Radford, you look amazing.
Which pizza would you like to have?
Sorry.. I don't know why..
I didn't mean it.
He can do it with both the eyes.
Sorry.. I don't know why.
Did something go inside..
He's a magician.
You haven't changed a bit!
- No, I have..
You need help.
- Samaara, I am very sorry.
The eye doesn't stop.
Keeps fluttering.
Samaara, I am very sorry.
What's happening with me?
Samaara! Samaara!
Samaara, listen..
My promotion! Raja from India.
- Who is it? Sir, please let me go.
Who are you, sir?
- Dhillon.
I am Inspector Dhillon.
- Poonam Dhillon, please let me..
It's Kuldeep Dhillon.
- Sorry.
Officer, please let me go.
Otherwise, I'll get in big trouble.
Otherwise? Threatening the police?
- No, sir.
Otherwise, what will you do?
- I respect the police.
TIMEIN: 00:49:58:32DURATION: 02:28TIMEOUT: 00:50:00:60
Otherwise, what will you do?
- I respect the police.
I respect the law, sir.
Oh, my God! Since when did you
start smoking? - Do you want one?
Stay away from me. And don't
follow me. - Is she crazy?
Hey, take it easy, bro.
She's just a simple, innocent girl.
She's hot and sexy too.
Honesty in the first line.
Molesting in the second?
Let the girl go!
I'll deal with you..
Sorry, Policeman. - You can't hit
the police. It's a crime.
I am not hitting you, sir.
It is not me.
Sir.. Please forgive me, sir.
Listen to me.. - I don't know!
I need a doctor, sir.
Take me to a doctor, sir.
- No, no.. - Please!
TIMEIN: 00:51:00:88DURATION: 00:88TIMEOUT: 00:51:01:76
What's happening to me?
How dare you push a police officer!
- Excuse me.
Where did he go?
I won't spare you.
Raja, I'll get that promotion.
This is wrong.
You're dead.
Come on, you cop!
Come on.
Hey, stop!
- What are you doing?
Pass.. Pass the ball.
Pass the ball..
Pass the ball.. Throw, throw..
Go, go..
What the..
TIMEIN: 00:52:11:20DURATION: 03:12TIMEOUT: 00:52:14:32
Come down, you monkey!
I'll take you to task.
Shall I come down?
Shall I come down?
- Careful.
Fine, I am coming.
Don't hit the police!
Come on, you cops.
- Hey, stop..
What happened?
What's wrong with Samaara?
Actually, she became unconscious.
So, I brought her here.
What did you do to make her
unconscious? - No..
Naughty boy!
TIMEIN: 00:53:00:16DURATION: 01:00TIMEOUT: 00:53:01:16
Hey, Father-in-law!
Bless me.
Why did you jump over the gate?
Oh, my!
I've always been a jumping jack.
That reminds me..
- Yes? - Remember this.
When I looked from afar,
it was Alia Bhatt.
When I looked from afar,
it was Alia Bhatt.
When I took a closer look, it was..
- Mahesh Bhatt.
Mahesh Bhatt!
I see! You're here to meet
my daughter. - Yes.
Yellow is your favourite colour!
- Yeah.
I love it.
- Okay.
Follow me!
I would rather go in here
than go to jail.
Follow me.
- Wait for me, old man.
Who is this baldy?
Thanks, Prem.
- For making you unconscious?
No, Mom. There was a guy
who tried to act fresh with me.
And Prem beat him up.
Is it?
- You should have seen it, Mom.
Did I?
Don't be modest. I've seen it.
This calls for a celebration.
Rum, whiskey or vodka?
I don't drink alcohol.
Only milk.
Here I come..
Here I come with milk.
Here you go, sir.
Your favourite, cow's milk.
You buffalo,
if you want to give milk
go to a milk colony. I can..
TIMEIN: 00:53:58:96DURATION: 01:80TIMEOUT: 00:54:00:76
go to a milk colony. I can..
I can sniff out my stuff.
Get lost.
He's a wrong number.
He's not Prem.
He's Prem.
Prem drinks milk.
Prem drinks alcohol.
He doesn't drink alcohol
in front of his father.
He pretends to be cultured in front
of his father. It's his values.
Prem is a funny man.
Say cheers.
- What?
Say cheers.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
This is so good!
Why do I feel high
after drinking this milk?
It's not the milk, it's Samaara.
Oh, God!
- Ma'am..
you've got a really hot daughter.
Wanna come for the 9 to 12 show?
You're awesome.
- 'Awesome'?
Son-in-law, what are you doing?
Why? Is she your wife?
- No.
Hold on..
She's Natalia, our housekeeper.
- Right!
TIMEIN: 00:54:58:84DURATION: 01:88TIMEOUT: 00:55:00:72
She's Natalia, our housekeeper.
- Right!
My daughter is upstairs,
in her bedroom.
Your daughter's upstairs,
in the bedroom? - Yes.
For me? Wow!
I told you.. - What? That my
daughter will fall in love
with a guy in yellow?
Oh, my! Alishka!
- Hi, my hero!
Hey, is she your daughter?
- She's my daughter.
Then I've got to ask
her a question.
Do you live here?
- I do!
- I do!
Come again!
- I do!
Wow! Sir!
Your daughter said 'I do' thrice.
I'll take you to pretty shores.
I am all yours.
he's the wrong number.
Why do you keep dialling
wrong numbers? - Hey..
TIMEIN: 00:56:00:16DURATION: 01:20TIMEOUT: 00:56:01:36
"The building is high!"
"Your lift is not working."
"How do I come?"
"The heart wishes to come."
"The building is high!"
"Your lift is not working."
"How do I come?"
"The heart wishes to come."
Come, O' my king of the sea."
"I miss you.
O' my groom, come now."
"Come.. Come with a band."
"I miss you.
O' my groom, come now."
"How? The building is high!"
"Your lift is not working."
"How do I come?"
"The heart wishes to come."
TIMEIN: 00:56:59:84DURATION: 02:76TIMEOUT: 00:57:02:60
"I'll come running for you."
"I'll climb up a hundred
stairs too."
"You are my beloved,
you have to come."
"You have to tolerate my tantrums."
"You walk ahead
and I'll follow you."
"You attract me like a magnet."
"Where are you going
with your eyes closed?"
"You'll come under Michael's
"You are as far as you are close."
"You wink at me.
What a strange girl you are."
"A strange girl.."
"What a strange girl you are."
TIMEIN: 00:57:58:48DURATION: 02:24TIMEOUT: 00:58:00:72
"What a strange girl you are."
"Oh, come on now.."
"I miss you.."
Come, O' my king of the sea."
"I miss you.
O' my groom, come now."
"How? The building is high!
Your lift is not working."
"How do I come?
The heart wishes to come."
Come, O' my king of the sea."
"I miss you.
O' my groom, come now."
Come, O' my king of the sea."
"I miss you.
O' my groom, come now."
Come, O' my king of the sea."
"I miss you.
O' my groom, come now."
TIMEIN: 00:58:58:48DURATION: 04:48TIMEOUT: 00:59:02:96
"I miss you.
O' my groom, come now."
Beautiful, right?
- I like that.
Look, bro.
Samaara, do you want to watch
the Harry Potter play?
Harry Potter?
- I really like..
Wow, Prem! You've been dancing
and singing these days.
I even noticed, you two
were holding hands! - No..
Sir, don't physically abuse me.
- Not bad! - No..
Mr. Rocky..
- No..
W-We were singing and dancing
because we were practising
for the music event. - I see.
And.. And we were
holding hands because
I got lost in this college. She was
guiding me. - Stop lying, Prem.
Yes, Rocky. We're dating.
And having fun. - No fun.
And guess what? We've kissed.
You wanna see how?
N-No, I..
Why, you.. - He's not scared
of any Tom, Dick or Rocky, okay?
What are you saying?
- Oh, come on, Prem.
I've seen how you bashed up
that guy in the basketball court.
Which guys? - Rocky, lay off.
Because if he blows his cool..
Then what? What will you do?
What will you do? - What will I do?
I won't do anything.
I won't do anything now.
- He won't do it now.
TIMEIN: 00:59:58:32DURATION: 01:88TIMEOUT: 01:00:00:20
I won't do anything now.
- He won't do it now.
He'll do it later.
After the college hours.
Exactly at 5 p.m.
- I see! - SIM card! - Yo!
Tell everyone in the college.
Today, at 5 p.m.
Prem will fight with Rocky.
- What? Okay. Fine.
SIM card, wait.
- No, she just said it.
Oh, yes! I have an appointment
with the dentist at 5 p.m.
I have a toothache.
- Don't worry.
After 5 p.m.,
you won't have any teeth.
He's going to clean your clock
at 5 p.m. - Really?
He's going to rip you apart.
- Really?
You have no idea.
You know, you're making such tall
claims for him. - Save me, God.
Just turn around.
Rocky- Prem..
It's a muscle mania.
You should also come.
It's going to be fun.
There will be kicking, punching..
Please join us.
Come on!
Today at 5 o'clock!
Royal rumble! Summer slam!
Come on.
5 o'clock..
Rocky vs Prem!
TIMEIN: 01:01:13:36DURATION: 01:24TIMEOUT: 01:01:14:60
You have a problem, my son?
Father, I have a lot of problems.
there's a girl I love, but..
Tell Him!
God, I have a very small problem.
You've performed so many miracles.
God, please save me from
getting beaten up at 5 o'clock.
I can't take it, I am very weak.
God, if not for me,
at least for my mom and dad.
I am their only son. Please, God!
TIMEIN: 01:02:02:96DURATION: 00:88TIMEOUT: 01:02:03:84
Excuse me, excuse me.
He's here.
Don't look at me like that, silly.
You'll fall in love.
You too.
- Hey!
Pepperoni pizza! Your order?
- Yeah. Come.
Coming through..
Coming through, moron.
You look really hungry, sir.
You brought pizza for everyone
because you got scared!
Why are you hitting me?
- It's 5 o'clock!
But I brought it in 30 minutes.
Hey, you..
Bless the child.
TIMEIN: 01:03:08:12DURATION: 01:84TIMEOUT: 01:03:09:96
You shouldn't have done that, man.
This isn't right. Enough!
I only respect two things in life.
Mother and food.
Because one gives birth to us
and the other keeps us alive.
So, young man, I don't need
a reason to bash you up
but I've found a big emotion.
Hurry up, I don't have time.
Oh, my child! Are you okay?
That hurt, right?
Come on.
Mister, I always do what I say.
TIMEIN: 01:03:59:12DURATION: 03:04TIMEOUT: 01:04:02:16
Mister, I always do what I say.
And what I don't say,
I WhatsApp it! Get up.
Come on.
Thank you.. Thank you.
Good job!
Don't underestimate
the power of a pizza boy.
Pizza boy?
- Yeah!
"Rocky, you are done for!"
"You are done for, Rocky!"
"Rocky, you are done for!"
"You are done for, Rocky!"
"Rocky, you are done for!"
"You are done for, Rocky!"
"Rocky, you are done for!"
"You are done for, Rocky!"
"Rocky, you are done for!"
"You are done for, Rocky!"
"Talk of the town,
he is the clown."
"Check out his state,
all thumbs down."
"Check him out,
sipping like a killer."
TIMEIN: 01:04:59:36DURATION: 01:88TIMEOUT: 01:05:01:24
"Check him out,
sipping like a killer."
"Look at his face,
it's all black and blue."
"It's all black and blue."
Oh, Lord!
- You are great!
- No, I am sorry..
I am sorry. Don't hit me.
- No, I am sorry, sir.
Why would I hit you? I won't, sir.
- Don't hit me.
I won't hit you, sir.
- Don't hit me. Sorry!
"One, a Raja, one, a Prem."
"One, a Raja, one, a Prem."
Doctor, very strange things
are happening to me.
I feel like someone's
suddenly controlling my body.
The other day,
I suddenly kissed a girl.
Then, I hit a policeman.
- You did the right thing.
So, what's the problem?
- What is the problem?
It would've been a problem
if you had hit the girl
and kissed the policeman.
Yuck! So distasteful!
TIMEIN: 01:05:59:40DURATION: 01:44TIMEOUT: 01:06:00:84
Yuck! So distasteful!
Relax, my boy! Chill. Relax!
Are you tense?
- Yeah.
Are you stressed?
- Yes.
Let me explain. Come with me.
Come, my boy, come.
Now, listen to me carefully.
For split-personality,
multiple disorders
you don't have any causes
or symptoms. Not at all.
That means, you're absolutely fine.
You are fit as a fiddle. Go..
But, Doctor..
- Buts and ifs.. Oh!
Let me diagnose you once
and for all. Okay?
Put that back inside. Did I ask
you to stick your tongue out?
- Put it back in.
Soft as marshmallow!
You stepped back?
You stepped back, didn't you?
- I did.
That means, you're all right.
- Okay.
If you were sick,
you would've broken my jaw.
Like this.
See, you stepped back again. So,
you're perfectly all right. - Yes.
TIMEIN: 01:07:00:08DURATION: 02:60TIMEOUT: 01:07:02:68
I don't get it.
- Okay, it's all done. Thank you.
I went over to deliver pizzas.
I didn't even know the guy,
or crossed his path..
The bloody buffoon started
throwing punches at me.
Oh, God! Does that hurt?
- Yes, don't do it.
I just want to know if it hurts.
- Stop touching.
Well, I only want
to know if it's paining. - Nandu!
Sorry, sorry, I didn't intend to.
- You're lying. You hit me.
No.. - Don't come any closer.
Don't come any closer. I will jump.
Doctor, please help me.
What please?
- I need help.
Doctor.. - Get out! You don't have
a disorder, you're out of order.
Bloody hell, he hit me.
Doctor, I am very unwell!
- Hey..
I need help. I am going crazy.
Please check me, Doctor.
- I'll jump!
Please, Doctor..
- One, two, three..
I am safe!
'Malhotra? Charles.'
'Soon, I'll be out of jail.'
'And then,
I won't spare you and your family.'
'I know you're going to say..'
'This is between us, Charles.
Leave my family out of this.'
TIMEIN: 01:07:58:56DURATION: 03:36TIMEOUT: 01:08:01:92
'This is between us, Charles.
Leave my family out of this.'
And the usual blah, blah..
Look, Raja! Accident..
Hold it..
Go and take a look.
Raja. - Yes?
- This is just like the scene
in 'Three Idiots'. I am scared.
Nandu, when Lord Ganesha is there,
no harm can come to him.
Hail Lord Ganesha..
- Hail!
TIMEIN: 01:09:02:72DURATION: 01:80TIMEOUT: 01:09:04:52
You'll be fine, keep breathing.
Doctor, excuse me.
- Yes?
Where is the ICU, please?
- Go to the second floor.
This is a hospital?
- Yes.
How is he? How did this happen?
Don't worry, he's fine.
All of a sudden..
- Don't cry.
Trust me, he's fine. Please..
He'll be fine.
He'll be absolutely fine.
But, where is he?
- He's in there, room 202.
TIMEIN: 01:10:02:32DURATION: 01:68TIMEOUT: 01:10:04:00
What happened, Raja?
Why are you crying?
If only my mother was alive,
she would've hugged me like this.
Family is such an amazing thing.
Even the richest man in the world
is a pauper without a family.
You're right, Raja.
But don't worry.
I am your family.
You make me puke.
- Hopeless life.
Come on.
- Come.
Who is calling?
- Let me answer first.
Tell him you're in a hospital
and that it's an emergency.
- Hey, Alex.. Alex..
Let go of Raja.
- Let go! - Come on, Alex.
let go of these hapless chaps.
TIMEIN: 01:10:59:36DURATION: 01:36TIMEOUT: 01:11:00:72
let go of these hapless chaps.
Relax. Relax.
Alex, relax..
- Okay, Doctor.
I'm not the doctor,
I am your uncle.
I'm your uncle.
Sorry. Sorry, dear.
He keeps doing these absurd things.
Someone smashed a coconut
on his head
and he lost his memory.
- Wow!
Hey, you stammering fool!
Why did you say that?
B-By mistake..
He has lost his memory
and you think it's funny. - No..
He was being sarcastic. He meant
to say, the guy is truly unlucky.
- Hey..
He has lost his memory.
- Like the actor in 'Ghajini'?
- Uncle.
I mean, can I address you
as 'uncle'? - Yes.
No one can change destiny.
- Yes.
He has forgotten everything.
You should forget it too.
- Why?
We'll never forget this.
- But..
What does the doctor say?
I mean, what are the chances
of him regaining his memory?
He can regain his memory
in 10 minutes.
10 minutes?
TIMEIN: 01:13:00:88DURATION: 01:16TIMEOUT: 01:13:02:04
Come, let's go.
This is the Italian Collection.
This is the Arabic Collection..
- Oh.
And this is our latest
Gold Collection.
Also known as
the Baahubali Collection.
So many gold ornaments.
- Mom..
Does this shop belong
to Bappi Lahiri? - Mom?
Oh, I am just joking..
Prem.. How is this?
- Lovely.
Nice, right?
- It will suit you.
Then what are you gawking at?
Go and make the payment.
- Mom, let it be..
Anyway, it's a little big for me.
It's okay.
If you can grow from a little
child to a tall, lovely lass
we can definitely
make this smaller. - Mom..
How much?
- 18,000 Pounds.
Sir, including making charges.
- Is that all?
Pay them.
- Very nice.. - Say thank you.
TIMEIN: 01:14:01:04DURATION: 01:00TIMEOUT: 01:14:02:04
What's Raja doing here?
Aren't you Mr. Rajeev
Malhotra's son? - Yes.
Prem. Prem Malhotra.
- I-It's a pleasure, sir.
Which way do I go?
Actually, my debit card is..
- We'll look into the payment.
Mr. Goldie. - Yes?
- Get the ring altered. - Sir.
Take the ring to get it altered.
Raja, what are you doing here?
I noticed you from the window.
Sorry, I don't know you.
You don't know me?
I am your friend, Nandu,
you're my friend, Raja.
Who's Nandu? Who's Raja?
I don't know this man.
- Wait a minute.
Just wait.
I think this boy's crazy.
- Yes. - Get out.
Get out. - S-She's throwing me out.
- What?
I mean, she's asking me to leave.
And you're doing nothing.
I see.. Just because you found
a girl and an old lady
you forgot all
about your old friend.
Don't you dare! Don't you
dare call my daughter old!
- I didn't call her an old lady.
I was referring to you.
- Oh, my God.
You lunatic! Rascal!
- Ma'am, please.
- I am going to solve it.
You idiot! - This is wrong..
- Please escort this man outside.
Right away, sir..
- He's getting violent.
Right away, sir! - Yes.
- Listen to me, mister. - Mom..
Come here. - Be gentle..
- Thrash him.
TIMEIN: 01:14:59:24DURATION: 01:76TIMEOUT: 01:15:01:00
Come here. - Be gentle..
- Thrash him.
I don't like this.
- Look here.
Show her a ring too..
- Take a look at this..
Show her a ring too.
- Here you go..
Make her wear it.
- I-I like this one. - Sure.
Wear this ring.
No, I want a bigger ring.
What are you staring at?
I dare you to say that you don't
know me.
And that you don't work
as a pizza delivery boy
at my restaurant.
- But I don't, sir.
Yes, he doesn't.
Freaky, fanatic, foolish,
Fahrenheit fish! - What? - What?
Yes. No matter how many 'F' words
I use, they aren't enough.
Who is he? Throw him out.
- I don't know.
Raja, I am Sharafat.
- I don't know you. - Sir..
Raja, I'm Sharafat.
I don't know you.
- This isn't right.
He is getting emotional.
Why are you crying?
Raja, you forgot your friends..
- Oh, no..
And you ask why I'm crying?
Guys, please.
- Don't do this, Raja.
Take some money, please.
Hey.. - Come on..
Out you go.
- Get out.. - Don't!
Both the father and the son
are frauds, get out!
- Out of my shop. Out!
Flabbergasted food-poisoning
fungus. - What?
I've never been so
embarrassed before.
TIMEIN: 01:15:58:00DURATION: 02:56TIMEOUT: 01:16:00:56
I've never been so
embarrassed before.
You're absolutely right,
Mr. Sharafat.
I used to wash his dirty
underwear when we were kids.
And today,
he broke our friendship.
- He broke our friendship.
What? - Broke our friendship!
- I see. Speak clearly.
I feel burdened.
Let me go relieve myself.
I am really restless.
Raja, it's Valentine's Day today.
He keeps changing his girlfriends
along with his clothes.
Then I must buy you a gift.
But money..
What happened? - Come on.
You want a gift, don't you?
Come on..
- What is it?
Mr. Sharafat. - I see.
So, finally, you've recognised me.
Of course.
I can forget myself, but not you.
- Hi.
Alishka, he's the reason
I am still in London.
Get lost!
Fraud! Cheat! You humiliated me,
and now you crack jokes on me.
- You're fired.
But Mr. Sharafat..
- Quiet.
What did I do?
- Shut up.
TIMEIN: 01:16:59:56DURATION: 00:88TIMEOUT: 01:17:00:44
What did I do?
- Shut up.
At least tell me..
- You are fired.
Let's go. Come on.
Come on!
- Fine.
My mother used to say..
'The world is made of brass'
'and I am a baby doll
made of gold.'
"I am a baby doll made of gold."
- What?
I mean, she only looks okay
but she's not okay.
- Is she fake?
Just last week, Alishka got
a Botox injected. - I see.
This is just make-up.
- Make-up?
There's powder on her face.
So much powder that we
can play carom with it.
She's completely shaken.
Poor girl!
She's done for,
and I can't handle it.
The doctor said that she must
get a surgery done immediately.
But a jobless man like me,
who doesn't have money..
"The world is.." - Yes, I have
my phone in my pocket.
Look. Wajid Khan is calling.
- What?
Dr. Wajid Khan,
he's a renowned surgeon.
What do I tell him?
Tell him, or else, she will
get Botox injected again. Tell him.
- What is it?
Yes.. - This is my credit card.
- Okay. - My debit card.. - Okay.
TIMEIN: 01:17:59:04DURATION: 02:32TIMEOUT: 01:18:01:36
Yes.. - This is my credit card.
- Okay. - My debit card.. - Okay.
An extra card..
- Give me some money.
But.. - Give me. We are
youngsters. - Okay, take it..
Get her treated. - I will.
- And return to work.
You still have your job.
- Thank you.
One minute..
You mean, the other day,
you made up that story
about your mother and kissed me.
That reminds me..
- What?
Oh, my!
It's the girl from the store.
She's in the same position.
Stop it, dear.
How many times will you kiss him?
You pervert! Haven't you ever
seen anyone kissing before?
Oh, I am doing my job,
keeping an eye on people.
Does she think I'm a pervert?
- Yes, Goldie.
Look over there.
"My first love.."
TIMEIN: 01:18:57:88DURATION: 03:24TIMEOUT: 01:19:01:12
"My first love.."
Sir. "It's the first time.."
That boy really loves her a lot.
- Sir.
Did you get the ring
altered, Goldie? - Sir, it's ready.
For how long are you
going to stare, sir?
Come, sir.
Excuse me? - Yes? - Your ring
has been altered. - Yes.
- No.. - No!
- I love it.
I love it, Raja.
You're such a charmer, just like
Akshay Kumar in 'Rustom'.
It's a surprise for me.
It's a surprise for me as well.
Sir, it's a surprise for us
as well. - I love it!
Why are you giving this ring to me?
This is your ring
but are you sure that you
want to give it to her?
Would you like me to give it to
your sister who's a spinster?
Tell me the price.
18,000 Pounds.
- Sir, including making charges.
You look like an oversized balloon!
I'll deflate you.
Tell me the price of this ring,
not your shop.
It's the price of the ring.
You know what? Take the ring.
We'll collect the payment later.
You mean, I can take it?
- Yes. - Yes.
Do I really look so decent?
Alishka. - Yes.
You got your ring, didn't you?
- Yes.
Let's play ring-a-ring o' roses.
TIMEIN: 01:21:00:04DURATION: 04:52TIMEOUT: 01:21:04:56
Very funny. I'm taking you to meet
the guy who gave you the ring.
Dad, you won't find him here.
Look at him.
- You mean, my love! - Yes.
"My love..
My beloved, you're my love."
Go for him.
- Okay.
So sweet! That's my daughter.
Oh, my God.
You're too good.
First, the fake dad!
And now, you're pretending
to be a student. Nice touch.
Have you lost your mind?
- Oh! - And stop touching me.
Just leave me alone. Shoo!
- 'Shoo'?
- Shoo!
Shoo! - Shoo!
- Shoo!
Okay, listen, stop acting now.
Dad's here, and so am I. We have
come to take you with us.
They will fix our wedding date.
I don't even know you, ma'am.
Why would I marry you?
- What?
Oh! So, you don't know me?
TIMEIN: 01:22:00:12DURATION: 04:84TIMEOUT: 01:22:04:96
So, why did you give me this ring?
- Who gave you this ring?
I had bought this ring
for Samaara..
Hey! You gave it to me.
- Me?
What's wrong with you?
Have you lost it?
You forgot about the ring.
- What?
Did you forget the kiss as well?
- What?
We kissed for almost a minute.
When did you kiss my daughter?
No.. - Forget when he
kissed her, Brother-in-law.
He kissed her for a minute.
- Please..
Who said that you can kiss her?
when it came to making a commitment
he's backing out. You know what,
take your stupid ring!
Let's go, Dad.
- Okay. - But..
You kissed her for a minute!
- Hold on.
Did you forget? - No, I.. - You
drank my single malt whiskey.
- And danced to..
What was that song?
- "The building's too tall."
"The building's high.
- And the lift"
"is not working.
- And the lift is not working."
Did you do it or not?
I didn't do it.
- You didn't?
You are a cheater.
- He's lying.
You are a cheater.
- But.. - You are a cheater.
Don't do that.
You are a cheater.
Your lift isn't working.
- Which lift?
I.. I don't..
You bought this ring for me,
didn't you?
TIMEIN: 01:22:58:40DURATION: 01:72TIMEOUT: 01:23:00:12
You bought this ring for me,
didn't you?
But you gave it to her.
- Samaara..
You kissed her!
- No, they are lying. I..
I see. So,
this one's for your true love.
I haven't done anything
like they say. I swear..
It's a serious case
of bipolar disorder.
In such cases, the patient
has suicidal tendency.
The meeting is over.
- What about the patient?
Let him die.
Doctor. Doctor,
I went over to your clinic.
But they told me that I
can find you here.
Doctor, please.
Doctor, hear me out.
Hello, Alishka.
I've been calling you for so long.
It's over between us.
Don't call me up again, Raja.
It's over.
Hey, Alishka! Hello..
She changed her tone
once I gave her the ring.
TIMEIN: 01:23:59:44DURATION: 01:88TIMEOUT: 01:24:01:32
She changed her tone
once I gave her the ring.
Hey, give me your phone.
Hey, you!
I'm in a bad mood right now.
My girlfriend has annoyed me.
I'll bang you up.
Get lost.
The last time,
you behaved like a complete madman.
I won't listen to you now.
- Doctor.
Yours is a noble profession.
For the sake of your profession
please help me.
Give me your fricking phone, I say.
- You think you're too smart.
Oh, no.
Do you want my phone?
Do you want my phone?
Take it..
Oh! Sorry, Doctor.. - What have
I done to you, you madman? - Oh..
I'm sorry, Doctor..
Hey, Indian, it's not over.
Gayle, Bravo, Pollock, Daren.
TIMEIN: 01:25:00:24DURATION: 01:48TIMEOUT: 01:25:01:72
- Hey..
Oh, God! You've got the entire
West Indies team.
Oh.. Easy, man..
You all are champions, man.
He's a champion. You're a champion.
- Champion.
"Everybody is a champion.
- Everybody is a champion."
"Gayle is a champion,
Bravo is a champion. - Champion.."
"Daren is a champion.
- Champion."
- Champion!"
DJ.. - DJ.
- Bravo.. - Bravo!
DJ.. - DJ.
- Bravo.. - Bravo!
I like your shirt.
- You like the shirt. - Yes.
Take it..
It's yours now, wear it.
You may keep it..
Hey, I like your shoes..
- You want my shoes, man?
Okay, keep the shoes..
- You take mine.
Take it.
- Give me the trousers.
You like the trousers, man?
Okay, no problem.
You take it.
Keep it.. Take it. Keep it, man.
Oh, you take this vest.
It's of good quality.
Take everything.
It's yours, man.. - Spicy.
Okay, peace, man!
Bob Marley.
Hold on.. Now, I like those boxers.
- Yes.
- Yes.. - Come on..
First, you lock horns
you want to strip me of my clothes.
No, man!
Catch him.
TIMEIN: 01:26:31:68DURATION: 02:20TIMEOUT: 01:26:33:88
Why don't you go home, man?
- Let's go, let's get him, man.
My shirt was ironed.
You just ruined it.
These pants cost 20 Pounds,
silly! - Hey!
Nice shoes, right?
They are mine.
TIMEIN: 01:27:25:96DURATION: 04:68TIMEOUT: 01:27:30:64
Oh, my God! Shit, man.
I mean, we've got the same face.
We've got the same
fricking face.
We look identical!
- Holy Mother of Jesus.
Lord Ganesha!
- This is a miracle.
- This is a miracle.. - Hey!
Oh, no! Somebody..
- Stop dancing. Come here.
I-I need a picture. - Don't click
my picture. Have you lost it?
I need to tell my mom.
We just look the same.
We look the same.. - Why are you
calling your mom up?
Where are you from?
Who are you?
What is your name, sir?
I mean, we just..
What are you looking at?
- No.. I was just..
TIMEIN: 01:27:59:92DURATION: 02:88TIMEOUT: 01:28:02:80
What are you looking at?
- No.. I was just..
Tell me something, stupid.
Did your mom ever come to Mumbai?
Did your dad ever come to London?
Now, I understand why Rocky
attacked me in college.
Yes. And why Inspector
Dhillon was trying to arrest me.
And why Alishka's
father offered me milk..
I understand now
why Samaara and your girlfriend
threw the ring at me.
Look, take my advice, this is
a fine mess we've gotten into.
Tell Alishka's father that
you and I are identical.
Then he will never let you
marry Alishka.
Because they think I am Prem,
not you.
And if I tell him the truth..
- You're clever.
Yes. - You've got a point.
Come on. - Yes.
But we must tell
our girlfriends.
Yes, Raja.
If Samaara can't be mine
I won't let anyone have her.
- I see.
So, if she becomes yours,
you'll let anyone have her?
TIMEIN: 01:28:59:12DURATION: 01:88TIMEOUT: 01:29:01:00
So, if she becomes yours,
you'll let anyone have her?
That's not what I meant.
But what do I do now?
Samaara is very angry.
And I am scared to face her.
You know what, you pretend
to be Raja and get Alishka.
And I'll pretend to be
Prem and get Samaara.
stay away from my girlfriend.
She tends to get close.
- Yes, you're right.
She does get close.
- Yes.
Can I go?
- Yes, go on.
Are you sure I can go?
- Go on.
I won't if you don't want me to.
Will you leave or shall
I whack you on the head?
Okay.. Don't be violent.
- Crazy guy.
Ms. Alishka. Ms. Alishka.
Oh, good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
TIMEIN: 01:30:02:04DURATION: 01:48TIMEOUT: 01:30:03:52
How dare you enter my house!
I know you're very upset with me.
But please give me
a chance to explain.
I said, get out!
- Don't be so rude, dear.
Come closer.
I admit, if you look from afar,
he looks like dried broccoli.
I admit, if you look from afar,
he looks like dried broccoli.
But, take a closer look, he's no
less than Baahubali. - Very funny.
Dad, don't interfere.
Don't say that.
First, ask him why he is here.
What's he here to say?
You're here to apologise,
aren't you? - Yes, sir.
You regret it, don't you?
- Yes, sir.
You want to tell her that you
love her, right? - Yes, sir.
Then say it.
You're saying all that, Dad.
He's only saying 'yes, sir'.
Are you listening to what
she's saying? I mean..
Go over there and tell her.
- Okay.
Ms. Alishka.
- Stop being so formal.
Look, the one you love,
loves you too.
Do you love me? - If he's your
lover, he's bound to love you.
Will you marry me? - He loves you,
and he'll marry you too.
TIMEIN: 01:31:03:68DURATION: 01:40TIMEOUT: 01:31:05:08
Are these flowers for me?
- These are for you.
Yes. I've brought fresh flowers.
he's talking indirectly.
He doesn't seem right..
Anybody home? Raja's here.
I mean, the prince of your dreams,
Prem's here.
What prince?
- She's Samaara?
Are you back to break
the heart again?
That rascal didn't take
a look at her age or her waist.
What are you looking at?
What do you have to say now?
All I want to say is..
I admit that you've
completely withered.
But even a jalopy gives
a few kicks before starting.
I admit that the fairness of your
arms have rubbed on to your hair.
But keep your chin up.
TIMEIN: 01:32:00:96DURATION: 02:80TIMEOUT: 01:32:03:76
I admit that your teeth
are shaking.
But an elephant's tusk is used
to make ornaments, Senorita.
- Oh, my!
Just repeat everything I
said to Samaara, for me.
Mom, please ask him to get out.
He.. - Yes, I'll leave.
But, only after I speak the truth.
What truth?
My mother used to say..
'Live your life to the fullest.'
'Who knows whether we will
be alive tomorrow or not!"
What? What do you mean?
- I mean, that girl is suffering.
From an identity crisis!
Identity crisis?
- Yes, it's a medical condition.
A medical condition.
She's like a sister to me. - Oh.
But, whenever she
experiences an episode
she starts calling me 'sweetheart'.
she addressed her dog as 'Dad'.
TIMEIN: 01:33:00:52DURATION: 01:40TIMEOUT: 01:33:01:92
And do you know how
she addressed her dad?
'Tommy, come. Stay. Stay.'
Identity crisis.
- "Live each moment.."
Look, it's her.
I've saved her name as 'sister'
on my phone.
What do I tell her now?
You say..
You mean, she..
She's like your sister.
- Yes.
And you really love me..
- Yes.
You and I..
I and you.. Come. - Oh!
Ma'am, is it okay if I carry her
like this? - Look.
You made an entry
like this several times.
Now, you can make an exit like
this too. - You're funny.
Can I take your car?
- Go on.. It's all yours.
Brother-in-law, he's the wrong one.
I'm warning you..
TIMEIN: 01:33:55:20DURATION: 04:84TIMEOUT: 01:34:00:04
Brother-in-law, he's the wrong one.
I'm warning you..
"Listen, baby,
your walk is deadly."
"You move your hips elegantly."
"Listen, baby, your walk is deadly.
You move your hips elegantly."
"Listen, baby, your walk is deadly.
You move your hips elegantly."
"My heart yearns to keep looking
at you. Meet my gaze."
"I have given you my heart. I am
ready to lay down my life too."
"Just come to me once."
"I have given you my heart. I'm
ready to lay down my life too."
"Just come to me once."
"I have given you my heart. I'm
ready to lay down my life too."
"Meet my gaze.
Just come to me once."
TIMEIN: 01:35:09:76DURATION: 02:20TIMEOUT: 01:35:11:96
"When are you going
to talk to my parents?"
"When will you arrive
at my doorstep"
"with a wedding procession?"
"When are you going
to talk to my parents?"
"When will you arrive
at my doorstep"
"with a wedding procession?"
"For how long will you keep
courting me? Lead me to the altar."
"I have given you my heart. I'm
ready to lay down my life too.."
"Just come.."
"Just come to me once."
"I have given you my heart. I am
ready to lay down my life too."
"Just come to me once."
"I have given you my heart. I am
ready to lay down my life too."
"Meet my gaze.
Just come to me once."
"Oh, baby, I just want to tell you.
If I get a chance to love you.."
"You stole my heart.
Your eyes gave you away."
"Oh, baby, I just want to tell you.
If I get a chance to love you.."
"You stole my heart."
TIMEIN: 01:35:59:12DURATION: 02:48TIMEOUT: 01:36:01:60
"You stole my heart."
"Your eyes gave you away. - I
want to spend my life with you."
"When you try to hit on me"
"I can't raise my eyebrows,
feeling coquettish."
"When you hold my wrist,
my heartbeat starts fluctuating."
"When you try to hit on me"
"I can't raise my eyebrows,
feeling coquettish."
"When you hold my wrist,
my heartbeat starts fluctuating."
"Hey, I'm attached to you, girl."
"I'll even get our horoscopes
"Hey, I'm attached to you, girl."
"I'll even get our horoscopes
"I'll make you my wife soon.
Be in the right mood."
"I have given you my heart. I am
ready to lay down my life too."
"Just come to me once."
"I have given you my heart. I am
ready to lay down my life too."
"Just come to me once."
"I have given you my heart. I am
ready to lay down my life too."
"Meet my gaze.
Just come to me once."
TIMEIN: 01:37:02:44DURATION: 01:80TIMEOUT: 01:37:04:24
"Just once.."
"Just once.."
- Raja. - "Come to me.."
- Raja.
You idiot,
I sent you to get Alishka.
Why did you bring
her father and her uncle along?
No, I didn't bring them here.
Raja. What are you doing, Raja?
Raja, open the door.
- Who is it?
What do you mean?
It must be Alishka.
Go, open the door.
- Raja, open the door, fast.
No, I won't..
You open the door.
Will you open the door
or shall I throw a punch at you?
Please don't push me.
Raja.. Open the door.
Raja, why did you take so long?
And I heard two voices.
What was that all about?
my voice echoed across the room.
Look.. Alishka!
TIMEIN: 01:37:57:28DURATION: 04:52TIMEOUT: 01:38:01:80
That's so cool.
Oh, wow!
Such a beautiful Jacuzzi.
Let's bathe together.
Oh, Jesus, doing all this
before getting married is a sin.
No.. - You're going to bathe
with me one way or another.
Show me those sexy abs.
- I'll take the pants off.
Okay, fine. I'll go change.
It's a sin.
What? Hey!
- What are you doing?
Brother-in-law.. Whatever is
going on inside is not right..
My daughter's inside. - Yes.
And her fiance is there. - Yes.
Is it right to see them
in this condition?
But, Brother-in-law..
- Does it feel right?
But, Brother-in-law.. - Does it
feel right? - But, Brother-in-law..
Let's go.
- Brother-in-law.
Dimwit! What are you doing?
Alishka wants me
to bathe with her.. - Okay.
Can I bathe with her?
- I see.
If she tells you to jump
into the well, will you? - Yes.
- Come on, get inside the water.
TIMEIN: 01:38:58:76DURATION: 01:80TIMEOUT: 01:39:00:56
- Come on, get inside the water.
- Drown. Yes.
Raja, listen.
I heard two voices again.
you've got such sharp ears.
People are hard of hearing,
but you hear very well.
And, why did you wear
your clothes again?
I was feeling shy. - But if you
say, I'll take these off too.
Go and change.
- I'll rap as I go.
"Despacito.. Countrymen.."
What happened?
Raja, you were there a minute ago.
How did you take your
clothes off so soon?
I-I was really eager to bathe with
you. - What? - So I did it quickly.
No.. I am confused.
- Me too.
- Billy.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you screaming?
Relax. You're blinded by love. So,
you're seeing two things at once!
Come, my darling, come on.
- What?
TIMEIN: 01:39:58:88DURATION: 01:96TIMEOUT: 01:40:00:84
Come, my darling, come on.
- What?
I love you.. - No. - I love you.
Fool, I'll hit you so hard that
you'll dirty the water. - Oh.
Did you say something?
- Your ears are ringing.
Come on, that's enough.
Did you have fun?
I took a bath after a month,
so, it was obviously fun.
I'll go change.
You were in the Jacuzzi with me.
How did you get here?
- I walked.
I see. You walked, is it?
Prem, what are you doing here
with her? - We were bathing.
- Yes.
You love me and bathe with her!
- I'll bathe with you too.
Raja, what nonsense is this!
Raja? He's not Raja, he's Prem.
He's not Prem.
He's my lover, Raja.
Prem, who is Raja? - I..
- No, tell me.
Who is Prem, Raja?
- No, tell me. - Raja.
You came to my house.
- I.. - Cheater. I knew it.
You were cheating on me.
- Wait..
TIMEIN: 01:40:59:56DURATION: 00:88TIMEOUT: 01:41:00:44
You were cheating on me.
- Wait..
Prem, tell me..
No, I am not.
- Tell me.
Raja, please help me.
Help me, Raja.
- Hello, ladies.
Help me.
We are twins.
Nandu, he looks just like me.
In fact, he's my twin.
- What are you saying, Raja?
You mean, the guy who threw me out
of the shop that day wasn't you?
- That was Prem. - Yes.
Raja, are you joking?
- No, Nandu.
You don't know. Seven people in
the world look exactly the same.
I think that idiot is my lookalike.
- Hey!
- They are just kids.
Kids! Then why are they behaving
like adults? - Sorry, sir.
TIMEIN: 01:41:59:20DURATION: 01:08TIMEOUT: 01:42:00:28
Does that mean there will be six
more people who look like me?
Of course.. But they
won't be dimwits like you. - Nandu.
What happened?
Why are you getting emotional?
Is it because I called you
a dimwit?
No, that ball hit me hard.
Sorry, sir..
- Sorry, sir..
You fools!
Oh, my God!
TIMEIN: 01:42:58:28DURATION: 03:00TIMEOUT: 01:43:01:28
Who hit him? Rascal!
Get that patient off.
Bring that stretcher!
Come on, Alex.
Sir.. Take him to the emergency
ward, please. Immediately.
Alex. - I think he's got
his memory back. - Yes.
The medicines did not cure him.
This ball did the trick.
Is this the address?
- Yes.. It's this one.
Look. Read the address.
- Yes, this is the one. Let's go.
TIMEIN: 01:43:58:04DURATION: 02:20TIMEOUT: 01:44:00:24
Look. Read the address.
- Yes, this is the one. Let's go.
Nandu, let me carry the boxes.
They are taller than you.
What are you saying?
- Yes. Give it to me.
Thank you, Raja.
- Come on.
"Here comes the pizza!"
"Here comes the pizza!"
"Here comes the pizza!"
"Here comes the pizza!"
- Take it.
"Here comes the pizza!"
"Here comes the pizza!"
"Here comes the pizza!"
Raja. Raja.
I guess the hospital guys
got fed up
and let him go.
Come, Nandu.
Let's have some fun at his expense.
Come on..
Keep this too.
Hey! What's your name? Alex.
See the shoe?
Remember something?
"A bunch of tamarind,
a tree of jujube."
"Alex's shoes on Nandu's feet."
Nandu.. I don't think he remembers
that song. - Which one?
"See you.
- See you."
"Remember me in your prayers.
- Remember me in your prayers."
Raja! Raja!
Uncle, cancel my return tickets.
TIMEIN: 01:44:58:92DURATION: 03:48TIMEOUT: 01:45:02:40
Uncle, cancel my return tickets.
We were looking for the guy who
smashed the coconut on my head.
He's right in front of me now. - I
think he got his memory back. How?
All thanks to this ball.
This guy?
- What?
Some noble man kicked this ball
and the ball hit Alex on his head.
And he regained his memory.
Hey, Raja!
This is the same ball that you
kicked in the garden. - Yes.
Hey! - Hey..
I admit he lost his memory
because of me.
But he also got it back
because of me, Uncle.
Don't call me 'uncle'!
Take your shoes back, Alex.
- Hey, stammering fool. - Hey!
You stammerer!
Get up. Come on.
Hey! - Oh, my God!
- Nandu, run.
Alex! Are you okay, Alex?
I think he has lost his
memory again. Alex..
Who am I? Alex!
TIMEIN: 01:45:59:36DURATION: 01:52TIMEOUT: 01:46:00:88
Who am I? Alex!
Is Big Ben the name of a clock
or your elder sibling? Tell me.
Alex, whom do we vote for next?
- Uncle, I am fine.
What the hell are you
looking at! Get him. - Hey!
Run.. - Throw away
the pizza. - Come on.. Catch him.
Alex. How many fingers can you see?
- Uncle!
Come on.
- Come on.
Hey, you! Stop!
Nandu, we must jump.
- No, Raja, I won't jump.
Nandu, if we don't jump, we'll die.
Come on.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
Come on.
The places you've made
me jump from!
You know what, Nandu, you go left.
And I'll go right. - Why?
Because they won't follow you,
they will follow me.
No.. I can't leave you..
- Nandu, stop blabbering and run.
No, I won't go.
TIMEIN: 01:46:59:64DURATION: 00:96TIMEOUT: 01:47:00:60
No, I won't go.
We don't have time, Nandu. Run.
- I won't go.
I said, go!
- No, I won't.. - Go!
I said, go!
- You hit me? - God!
Take care, Raja.
Oh, my God!
What happened?
My lineage!
Why are you jumping like a frog?
Don't come any closer.
- What?
Hey, help!
- Why are you screaming?
Hey.. Don't act smart with me.
Why are you calling people?
- I even called the police. - Why?
TIMEIN: 01:47:59:16DURATION: 00:88TIMEOUT: 01:48:00:04
If you even lay a finger on me
they will arrest you, understand?
- Quiet, Rishi Kapoor's lookalike.
Or I will beat you up.
- You'll beat me up?
Get lost, crazy guy.
How dare you call me crazy!
Get lost!
- Hi.
I am Dr. Lulla.
He is on the BMX.
TIMEIN: 01:49:11:24DURATION: 01:36TIMEOUT: 01:49:12:60
Oh, my God.
TIMEIN: 01:50:00:16DURATION: 00:84TIMEOUT: 01:50:01:00
Hey, are you all right?
Are you all right?
Move, leave.
- Hey..
I swear, Raja,
you're going in for good.
Sir, I'm not Raja.
N-No, I am Prem.
Prem Malhotra. His lookalike.
- Lookalike.
You're the guy who's
good for nothing. Come.
Sir, you're hurting me.
- Come.
Come.. - Sir, talk to my dad.
You are confused..
Sir, talk to my dad,
Rajeev Malhotra. - Hey!
To heck with your dad.
- Please, sir.
There's nothing anyone can do now.
- You're going bonkers, sir.
Get in.
TIMEIN: 01:51:01:88DURATION: 02:84TIMEOUT: 01:51:04:72
Hey.. Stop.. Sir, you
can't take that in here. - Move.
What's wrong, Samaara?
Why do you look so tense?
Prem hasn't showed up yet.
The show's going to start.
I've been trying to call him up.
But he isn't answering.
Hey! Prem is here.
- Hey!
Hurry up.. Where were you?
The show's about to start
and you're showing up on a cycle.
Why is he on a cycle?
Look, the crowd is going crazy.
Are you scared?
It's that idiot's show.
- Hey!
Silence! Silence!
- Hey!
I said, stop yelling.
Don't think Justin Bieber
is going to show up here.
- Quiet!
When I was a kid, I sang and danced
with Lord Ganesha.
I created a sensation
all over Mumbai.
TIMEIN: 01:51:59:24DURATION: 02:24TIMEOUT: 01:52:01:48
I created a sensation
all over Mumbai.
The Lord appeared in my
dreams and said..
'Raja, don't be scared,
never bow down.'
'Don't be petrified,
and never be shy.' - Hey!
Is Prem nervous?
Why is he talking like that?
That's not Prem,
that's my lover, Raja.
Sir, I am not Raja,
I am Prem. Prem Malhotra.
I've been trying to tell you that.
- I see.
I guess your mother
said that too, stupid.
Look, sir,
you're making a big mistake.
It's the first concert of my life.
If I don't get there,
who will perform in the show?
Hello, Brother.
"You met my gaze
and wiped me out."
"My poor heart got wounded."
TIMEIN: 01:52:57:96DURATION: 02:52TIMEOUT: 01:53:00:48
"My poor heart got wounded."
"I heard about your admirers."
"There are a bunch of them
and they follow you everywhere."
"Make me your moon."
"Make the star of my destiny glow."
"If you look at me just once,
it won't do."
"Look at me again."
"Will you accompany me to
the 9 to 12 show? - 1, 2, 3, 4.."
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
"I heard about your admirers."
"There are a bunch of them
and they follow you everywhere."
"Why are you just standing
there and wondering?"
"Come, let's disappear.
- 1, 2, 3, 4.."
TIMEIN: 01:54:10:68DURATION: 02:92TIMEOUT: 01:54:13:60
"I have two tickets
for the night show."
"Shall I open my wallet?
Will you take a look?"
"I will sit close to you."
"I will take you to
the theatre in a taxi."
"Don't think of me as a ruffian."
"I have loads of money
in my wallet, dear!"
"I'll make you eat
to your heart's content."
"Whatever you desire,
hot Samosa, Idli or Dosa." - Move!
"You are my Pepsi Cola.
I am your Coca-Cola."
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
TIMEIN: 01:55:10:48DURATION: 01:92TIMEOUT: 01:55:12:40
"Hey, you.."
"I whistle movie tunes"
"looking at you every day."
"I was thinking about this
since many days."
"That I'll take you
to watch a movie."
"Friday evening
is quite a wonderful one."
"A new movie is out."
"Don't worry about
the warm weather."
"The movie theatre
is air-conditioned."
I know. - "The name of the movie
is 'Beautiful Beloved of Mine'."
"This is a super-hit movie!"
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
TIMEIN: 01:56:00:76DURATION: 02:72TIMEOUT: 01:56:03:48
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
"You met my gaze
and wiped me out."
"My poor heart got wounded."
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show? Will you.."
"You met my gaze
and wiped me out."
"My poor heart got wounded."
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show? Will you.."
TIMEIN: 01:57:05:96DURATION: 01:52TIMEOUT: 01:57:07:48
Get up..
- Get up. Get up.
Let my friend, Raja, go..
Let my friend, Raja, go..
We will let him go after bashing
him up. - Please. - Move!
That's the old man from
room number 202.
Is he your friend?
- Hey!
It was Raja who saved
your friend's life.
For the sake of your friend,
let my friend, Raja, go.
- Hey!
Do you both know him?
- Yes.
He was dying on the street.
I got him to the hospital at the
right time and saved his life, sir.
TIMEIN: 01:58:00:52DURATION: 02:64TIMEOUT: 01:58:03:16
I think you should give us
a reward and let us go. - Yes..
He's my 20-year-old enemy.
And you saved his life.
We have such bad luck.
We saved his enemy's life.
Hey, beat me. Beat me..
- Hey.. - Alex!
no one's going to touch you now.
Because you will bring me Malhotra.
I'll get the old man.
Come on..
- Hey..
Nandu stays here.
- Why? This is not his problem.
I'll get straight to the point.
Exchange offer.
Deliver Malhotra, take away Nandu.
Otherwise, Nandu's head goes boom.
Take it. Take it.
Malhotra won't come easily.
You will need this.
TIMEIN: 01:58:56:32DURATION: 04:24TIMEOUT: 01:59:00:56
Malhotra won't come easily.
You will need this.
Go and get Malhotra.
- Hey!
Move. - Raja. Raja, will you
come back? - No, I won't.
He hits a lot.
- Why are you crying?
If I don't come back for you,
who else will I come back for?
Come back soon, Raja.
Come soon, they are beating me..
- Quiet.
Prem. You're unbelievable.
I've been trying to call you.
Why didn't you answer my calls?
Anyway, tell me..
- Where is Malhotra?
I am talking to you, are you deaf?
Where is he?
Prem.. - Hey, old man,
come with me quietly..
What's wrong with you, Prem?
- To heck with Prem. I am Raja.
Got it? - Prem, what kind
of a joke is this?
Does this seem like a joke?
- What are you doing, dear?
What are you doing?
She's my mom.
That's my dad.
- So? Do you want me to celebrate?
Look, Prem, I saved his life once
and now, I'm going to
put his life in danger.
I'll settle the scores.
TIMEIN: 01:59:59:96DURATION: 03:88TIMEOUT: 02:00:03:84
Raja.. - You two look so similar.
- Yes. We only look alike.
He's Prem, born in London.
He's your son.
And I am Raja from Versova, Mumbai.
Aunt Kashi raised me. The end.
Come on.
- Raja, don't do this.
What will you do?
- Prem. Prem, let him take me.
It's not his fault.
He doesn't know that
the person he's taking along
is not just your dad
but his dad as well.
Don't try to cook up
emotional stories now.
- It's true, dear. It's true.
I gave birth to twins
at the hospital in Mumbai.
And Charles disappeared with you.
I thought, maybe you..
You are our son.
TIMEIN: 02:01:00:04DURATION: 01:64TIMEOUT: 02:01:01:68
Our son!
And this man here
is your twin brother.
Forgive me, I..
No, Raja!
You turned out to be my brother.
Sorry, I called you stupid, idiot..
- Doesn't matter.
My brother can call me anything.
- Prem, I..
Not Prem..
You can call me idiot.
Hey, idiot!
What are you doing?
I thought you got emotional.
You're such an idiot.
TIMEIN: 02:02:00:12DURATION: 00:88TIMEOUT: 02:02:01:00
Here comes my friend, Raja.
Get ready to be beaten up.
What are you looking at?
You asked for Malhotra, didn't you?
Here's Malhotra.
Malhotra. We meet again.
Look, Charles, this..
- Yes, I know..
I'll get straight to the point.
You screwed me, I'll screw you.
Hello, stop all this.
Look, you guys can chit-chat later.
I want to get out of here.
Come on, send Nandu out.
- Dad, when will Raja come?
He will come.
- Oh, no.
Come on, get up.
Dad. Please don't hit him.
He's not Raja. That's not Raja,
he is getting beaten up.
Hey.. Get up.
- Don't hit me.
Don't hit me, please..
- Hey!
TIMEIN: 02:02:58:56DURATION: 02:96TIMEOUT: 02:03:01:52
Don't hit me, please..
- Hey!
Look, I am warning you. - Hey!
I mean, I am telling you,
if you touch me again
then he'll come after you.
He will come.
He's coming.
He's here!
Hey, Raja.
Here comes my friend, Raja.
Charles, do you know who he is?
Who is he?
He's my son whom you abducted
from the hospital.
We are twins!
He's my brother from
the same mother.
TIMEIN: 02:04:08:40DURATION: 02:60TIMEOUT: 02:04:11:00
He beat me up. - Hey!
- He really beat me up.
- Hey!
Raja.. There's no one left.
Let him go. He will die. Please.
Get lost.
For God's sake, please.
Take your father and your brother,
and leave. And Nandu too.
Uncle, what are you saying? - Alex!
Your uncle is absolutely right.
He has gone berserk.
Can't you see?
He has united with his
family after 20 years.
TIMEIN: 02:04:58:40DURATION: 02:32TIMEOUT: 02:05:00:72
He has united with his
family after 20 years.
Let him go, otherwise,
he will wipe our family out.
Please, Raja.
- Don't touch me.
Please, Raja, trust me, please..
- Trust me.
Take Nandu away from this cage.
- Nandu, are you okay?
Come on, lock it. Lock it.
Hey.. - Caught you!
Where's your brother?
- You got caught!
Come, Malhotra. - Mr. Charles,
please. Please let my dad go.
- Is it so? - Prem.
How will you save your father now?
Brother, exact revenge from him!
Why are you doing this?
- Prem. - Kill him.
Kill him..
- Prem..
Why don't you save your dad?
Prem, don't just stand there.
Hit him.
Save our dad.
Hit me..
- I can't do it..
He cannot do it.
Why don't you come out?
Hit me.
Alex, don't touch my brother.
- I won't touch him.
We'll hug him and venerate him!
Prem, hit him.
- Hit him!
TIMEIN: 02:05:59:96DURATION: 02:96TIMEOUT: 02:06:02:92
It's beyond my capacity,
I cannot do it. - Hey!
Hit me. - Please forgive me.
Please leave me. - Prem.
Prem, hit him.
Don't be scared.
Should I spare you?
Fine, go. Go.
Go on.. Go.
Hey, stop!
- Come on, get up..
I won't spare you..
What's happening? - Your family
will be wiped out soon.
Your brother and your father
will soon be dead. Just watch.
"They killed him.."
Beat him.
Get up! - "They.."
TIMEIN: 02:06:58:40DURATION: 03:56TIMEOUT: 02:07:01:96
Get up! - "They.."
Oh, God!
When Raja hits him, Prem hits him.
you hit him and Prem will hit him.
Hit him
and look at him.
Hit him, Raja.
Hey, idiot!
- Yes!
Are you having fun?
I'm loving it.
Give me more power.
TIMEIN: 02:07:58:84DURATION: 02:12TIMEOUT: 02:08:00:96
I'm loving it.
Give me more power.
Brother, do something else.
Hey.. Hit him.
- Uncle! - Hit him, Raja.
- Hey..
Prem, in order to beat that
guy who's strong like Baahubali
we must beat his uncle who's
similar to the character Katappa.
It is highly necessary.
- Nandu.
What was he saying?
- Caught you!
I got hurt.
I'm hitting someone
for the first time, this is fun.
TIMEIN: 02:09:02:20DURATION: 04:52TIMEOUT: 02:09:06:72
Uncle. Got you!
- Hey..
Run, Prem.
He's right behind you.
Run! Run!
Look at my brother.
Wait, you rascal.
- Open it soon.
Get up.
Why are you hitting me?
Have you lost it?
You started all this.
B-But I work in this factory.
Crazy guy.
Alex, you are not a factory worker.
Tell me.
Who is the President of America?
Donald Duck or Donald Trump?
Who beat you up?
Varun Dhawan or Shikhar Dhawan?
You're the security guard here,
aren't you? - I am your uncle.
- I got thrashed for your sake.
Say it once.
I am your uncle.
Doctor. - You bloody..
Uncle. I am your uncle.
"One, a Raja, one, a Prem."
TIMEIN: 02:09:59:40DURATION: 01:68TIMEOUT: 02:10:01:08
"One, a Raja, one, a Prem."
Come, Mr. Twins.
Do you want to hit me?
Go ahead.
But before you do,
you must realise
that your father might
run out of lifelines.
You have one minute.
Only 60 seconds. Save him.
Bye, bye, Malhotra.
- Raja, no.
- 50 seconds.
Raja, Prem,
you both are out of your minds.
Go away.
This bomb can go off any minute.
Dad, don't mind
but even you turned out
to be an idiot like Prem.
We have met after 20 years.
I can't let you go so easily.
Prem, you're educated.
Tell us what to do. - Yes.
TIMEIN: 02:10:58:96DURATION: 01:96TIMEOUT: 02:11:00:92
Prem, you're educated.
Tell us what to do. - Yes.
I'll check on Google.
- We'll all blow up by then.
Don't worry about me,
you both run away.
Dad, please..
- Dad, please!
I don't know much about bombs.
But what I do know is that
this colour is very lucky for me.
This is Lord Ganesha's colour.
"Hail Lord Ganesha!"
"Hail Lord Ganesha!"
Only 10 seconds left. Run!
Dad, every son's dad is safe
when the Lord is with him.
Hail Lord Ganesha.. - No!
- Raja, no!
Dad's safe.
Dad's safe.
- Hallelujah. - My dad's safe.
It's a miracle. - My dad's safe.
- Jesus Christ, it's a miracle.
Holy Mother Mary.
- "Twins.."
TIMEIN: 02:11:58:44DURATION: 03:92TIMEOUT: 02:12:02:36
Holy Mother Mary.
- "Twins.."
What are you doing? Oh..
- You don't know what I am doing?
Y-You're being very naughty.
Prem, where are you going?
Come back..
You're so shy.
Oh, my God.
- Sister-in-law got scared.
My sister-in-law got scared.
Prem! - Hey, moron.
What are you doing here?
Brother, control your speed.
It's a problem for me.
Once I start, there's no stopping
me. There are no halts in between.
But, Brother..
I'll just check.
Sorry, Sister-in-law.
- Fool.
Who are you?
TIMEIN: 02:13:03:20DURATION: 02:60TIMEOUT: 02:13:05:80
Excuse me?
- No.. Excuse me.
Who here likes it if the speaker's
volume is quite loud?
Because my wife doesn't
like bass at all.
Oh, I'm so sorry,
for you and your wife.
What sorry? I left my honeymoon
in between because of you.
Raja.. - You both..
You both look identical.
And we too.
Even we are identical twins.
- Oh, my! Twins?
Original 'Judwa'.
You both are 'Judwa 2'.
Are you both also here
on your honeymoon?
I don't understand.
You won't understand, as people
give me a place in their hearts
but they fail to understand me.
I arrive dressed in pants,
but never wear a shirt.
I arrive on a cycle, not in a car.
- Oh.
And listen..
I arrive wearing an underwear
I don't arrive donning
a pair of shorts.
TIMEIN: 02:14:00:80DURATION: 01:16TIMEOUT: 02:14:01:96
My case is something similar.
I go to college,
but don't attend lectures.
Wow. - I have six-pack abs
and pack a punch
but I never will be pot-bellied
and paunchy.
How sweet!
I travel by a bus wherein the
driver manages to keep control
but I will never let
anyone control me.
He's very funny.
- "Twins!"
why are you just standing there?
Let's move.
- Okay, boss. - Okay.
Listen, do you know that song?
- Which one?
Oh.. That's my favourite song.
- Mine too.
I can perform it right now.
I love it.
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
Once more. Please.
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
This is really fun, once more.
- Oh.
They disappeared.
- Raja! - Oh.
She is calling.
- Go..
TIMEIN: 02:15:02:96DURATION: 02:56TIMEOUT: 02:15:05:52
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
"I heard about your admirers."
"There are a bunch of them and
they follow you everywhere."
"Why are you just standing
there and wondering?"
"Come, let's disappear."
"1, 2, 3, 4.."
"I have two tickets
for the night show."
"Shall I open my wallet?
Will you take a look?"
"I will sit close to you. I'll take
you to the theatre in a taxi."
"Don't think of me as a ruffian."
"I have loads of money
in my wallet, dear!"
TIMEIN: 02:15:59:48DURATION: 02:36TIMEOUT: 02:16:01:84
"I have loads of money
in my wallet, dear!"
"I'll make you eat
to your heart's content."
"Whatever you desire,
hot Samosa, Idli or Dosa." - Move!
"You are my Pepsi Cola.
I am your Coca-Cola."
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
"Hey, you.."
"I have two tickets
for the night show."
"Shall I open my wallet?
Will you take a look?"
"I will sit close to you. I'll take
you to the theatre in a taxi."
"Don't think of me as a ruffian."
TIMEIN: 02:16:59:88DURATION: 03:36TIMEOUT: 02:17:03:24
"Don't think of me as a ruffian."
"I have loads of money
in my wallet, dear!"
"I'll make you eat
to your heart's content."
"Whatever you desire,
hot Samosa, Idli or Dosa." - Move!
"You are my Pepsi Cola.
I am your Coca-Cola."
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
"I whistle movie tunes
looking at you every day."
"I was thinking about
this since many days."
"That I'll take you
to watch a movie."
"Friday evening is quite a
wonderful one. A new movie is out."
TIMEIN: 02:17:56:56DURATION: 05:88TIMEOUT: 02:18:02:44
"Friday evening is quite a
wonderful one. A new movie is out."
"Don't worry about
the warm weather."
"The movie theatre
is air-conditioned." - I know.
"The name of the movie
is 'Beautiful Beloved of Mine'."
"This is a super-hit movie!"
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"
"You met my gaze and wiped me out.
My poor heart got wounded."
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show? Will you.."
"You met my gaze and wiped me out.
My poor heart got wounded."
TIMEIN: 02:18:54:80DURATION: 05:72TIMEOUT: 02:19:00:52
"You met my gaze and wiped me out.
My poor heart got wounded."
"Will you accompany me
to the 9 to 12 show?"