Juggernaut (2017) Movie Script

That's my girl.
Is that a fact, now?
You havin' a good time?
I was.
I have a feeling that's
all over now.
Fuck you!
I'll be right there.
I gotta go meet some guy.
At this hour?
I had to let some of the boys go
on account of the fact
that it's been so quiet
around here.
Am I gonna have to rehire
I mean, if Saxon plans on
staying in town for a while.
I don't know.
When'd you get back?
Last night.
Didn't waste a second catching
up on old times,
did you?
No, I guess I didn't.
What're you doing here
while you're back?
Look, you've been gone
a long time.
There's been a lot of changes
around here.
There's some things I need
to talk to you about.
That can wait at least 'til
you're cleaned up, rested up.
I'm about as clean as
I'm gonna get.
What do you wanna talk about?
Lots of things.
My mother?
Our mother.
So you know?
Know what?
That she's gone.
She passed.
Not in the way they say
she did.
I didn't think the truth was
something you could handle.
What truth is that?
That our mother
killed herself.
She left you.
She left us.
Now, this was three
years ago, Saxon.
You don't think pop and me
obsessed over the hows and whys?
You skipped town, you
skipped over your grief.
I didn't skip anything.
You need to call that guy.
Mom left you some money.
Mom didn't have any money.
There was an
insurance policy.
Mom didn't have any insurance.
Apparently she did.
Oh yeah?
Why didn't she tell anyone?
You know mom.
She was always private.
Not with me.
Oh, Jesus, Saxon.
You wanna know how much?
How much money I made
off my mother's death? Nah.
Look. She did this for us.
To look out for us.
To give us an opportunity.
I took it.
I did what she wanted.
I made a life for myself.
What's your plan?
Just gonna lay low
for a while.
You don't have the
best history for it.
Things change.
Anyway, we'd all be a lot
happier if you'd just...
stay gone.
Who's "we"?
You're some kind of beautiful.
Feeling a little dark?
Where have you been?
I called your work.
I gotta go check out
the farm.
I think someone might
be squatting there.
You haven't been there
in years.
Why would someone be
at your mother's farm?
'Cause it's his mother, too.
Dean, you said "some guy".
You called your brother
"some guy".
He is some guy.
The silent routine
on your brother
is not gonna cut it this time.
I wouldn't know where
to start.
How about from
the beginning?
I think this is
the beginning.
Long time.
Miss the place?
Not even a little bit.
Yeah, not much has changed.
Nothing ever changes.
Not in this town.
It was your brother.
You know, I didn't wanna
say anything
while you were on the inside,
I know how you feel
about him,
you don't need
any agitations...
Spit it out.
Your big brother's become
a big deal in this little town.
He's pretty much everywhere.
Even bought that bit ol'
fancy house
we used to throw rocks at.
Remember that?
Good for him.
You uh, you wanna see him
in action, watch him strut,
go down to the town hall
He'll be there.
Dean's a maneuverer.
Born with a horseshoe
in his ass.
Yeah, you're just about dumb
enough to believe in luck,
aren't you?
Why the hell'd you ever
come back, Saxon?
I got questions in me.
They keep me awake.
A ton of questions.
(FADING) I can't sleep until
they're not questions anymore.
I'm haunted.
I wanna be un-haunted.
Thank you, everybody.
Thank you, thank you.
When this man... and you
all know who this man is...
when this man had the idea
to bring a prison
to this sleepy little
town of ours
you all thought he was crazy.
Everybody was against it,
including me.
Well, nobody thinks he's
crazy now.
Gamble by name,
gamble by nature.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. Dean Gamble.
Uh, thank you.
My first...
You must be Saxon.
I'm Amelia.
Dean's fianc.
I've heard almost
nothing about you.
The nothing's all good,
I hope.
No, it's just you're...
you're nothing like Dean's
impression of you.
What a shame.
I try to live my life by Dean's
impressions of me.
You know, I'm...
I'm from out of town, too.
I guess we're kindred spirits.
I like it here.
It's... it's different.
Is it?
People are nicer, too.
Are they?
I think so.
Well, don't believe everything
you think.
So what do you do?
Because it's a good way
to get to know someone?
What do you do?
I was a teacher once.
And now you're nothing.
I wouldn't put it like that.
How would you put it?
Anyway, what I do is
my business.
I was just being friendly.
Now we're gonna
be friends now?
I hope so.
A friend of my enemy
is my enemy.
Not quite how
the saying goes.
Yes it is.
...I want to thank you guys
all for coming
and my father for
being here, and thank you...
So I met your brother.
Where'd you meet him?
You didn't... you didn't
invite him?
God no.
You know, I gotta tell you,
he's not the wild animal
that you described.
Don't be fooled by the gentle
nature of my brother.
He's like a sleeping bear.
Harmless 'til you poke
him with a stick.
Listen to me.
I need you to stay away
from him, ok?
Is he the big bad wolf?
Yeah, he's a big bad wolf.
Never seen you in here
without cuffs on.
Can we talk?
Well, ain't this day
just full of surprises?
Who's in charge of
my mother's case?
What case?
You mother committed
found some notes at her place.
Why has nobody investigated?
Investigated what?
Your mother swallowed
a bottle of pills.
No mystery.
Not a happy woman,
reached her limit, checks out.
How do you know
she was unhappy?
Wasn't she?
Well, how do you know?
Lucky guess, I guess.
Money troubles,
messy divorce,
son in and out of prison,
take your pick.
Yeah, but no suspects?
Of course we don't have
any suspects
in your mother's suicide,
it's suicide.
What about Dean?
Come again?
You really do have a hard on
for him, don't you?
I wasn't sure how deep
it went.
You really do hate him.
Facts is facts, Jack.
There ain't no facts
in your head, boy.
I ain't your boy.
Thank god.
You like facts?
Your mother didn't have
an enemy in this world.
No sign of forced entry,
doors locked
from the inside,
no prints.
The scene didn't reveal
anything that said
she didn't kill herself.
No foul play, no weapons,
no nothing.
No note.
So? It wouldn't be the first
suicide in history
without a note...
Listen, our mother wouldn't go
to the bathroom
without leaving a note.
This is a waste of my time.
Yeah, why don't you go back
to your movie, Jack?
Look, asshole.
You got something from
reality you wanna share with me?
Otherwise, fuck off.
A business license.
Two weeks before she died.
She's starting a business.
Does that look like the actions
of somebody
who's checking out?
Look, son, you're reaching.
I know it's tough.
I know it's hit you hard,
harder than anyone.
Why can't you just accept
the truth?
Your mother was tired.
She wanted out.
'Cause I knew her.
We are a species with almost
dumbfounding kindness.
We romance each other,
we nurse one another,
weep for each other, and ever
since science taught us how,
we willingly tear the very
organs from our bodies
and give them to each other.
And at the same time
we slaughter each other.
The savage and the sweet
can exist in any one animal.
They can exist
in any one person,
and often in one instant.
A good man can do
a bad thing
and a bad man can do
a good thing.
So what does that make them?
What makes a man good?
Nice costume, Leonard.
Why didn't anybody tell me
about the money?
That's all you have to say?
After all the time
you've been gone?
I didn't come here
to shoot the breeze.
I didn't tell you 'cause
I didn't know.
I found out a few days
after the funeral,
when you would have found out.
If you were around.
Where you been?
You don't think
that's strange?
She wouldn't tell you,
not her kids, not a soul?
Your mother didn't tell me
much in the end.
Why would she?
Come inside for a spell.
Might do you some good.
I've got tons to sort out.
I don't think praying's
gonna help.
I was thinking more along
the lines of confession.
I'll pass.
You don't believe in
God now?
That's a whole new
kind of alone.
I don't got no beef
with God.
I don't go out of my way
to please him, either.
Sounds like us.
Not really.
How did we end up like this?
Like what?
I don't know.
I figured when I was born
you decided I was the bad one
and you never let it go.
You didn't do much to change
my mind about it.
You forget, Leonard.
I knew you before you were
touched by God.
They say time heals
all wounds,
that it's never too late
to turn it all around.
Yes, yes, yes.
Here it is.
Now, if the client,
uh, commits suicide
within the first two years a
beneficiary will not receive
the face value
of the coverage.
So you're very lucky that
the two years had lapsed
before your mother,
uh... passed.
In the fashion that she did.
I just meant you'll be receiving
a full payment.
You see, it was just over
two years before she um, um...
before she...
Killed herself?
You don't think
that's a little odd?
Well, yes and no.
Who else did she leave
money for?
I'm afraid that's confidential.
Was she my mother
or your mother?
It was at her request that
the other beneficiaries
remain private.
You mean beneficiary,
not beneficiaries.
I can't discuss it.
How expensive
is this insurance?
Oh, are you looking to put
something in place for you
and your loved ones?
I don't have any loved ones.
I'm just wondering how
she can afford it, Barnie,
because my mother
didn't have any money.
Especially not
throw-away money.
I wouldn't call it
"throw-away money", it's...
How'd she pay for it then?
We're generally not
concerned with how people
pay their premiums,
just that they're paid.
Yeah, that's about
the answer I expected.
I'm sorry, sir.
Have I done something
to offend you?
Your existence offends me.
I'm sorry.
Death is a messy business.
It's your mother.
Use the money.
People will help.
People will do anything
for money.
Use it to do some good.
Wake up.
What the fuck are
you doing here?
You really are fucking insane,
you know that?
You called me.
I need to meet
with your old man.
Can you swing it?
My old man?
You must be fixed on
starting some trouble.
What kind of trouble?
Permanent kind.
Let us talk..
That means go be a fuck up
way over there.
Why are you always
so rough on him?
Oh, I don't know.
You only hurt the ones
you love.
That's what he's there for.
Yeah, my dad had
the same philosophy.
How is the old fucker?
I don't know.
You're the one who's friendly
with him.
I was, until he started
identifying as a preacher.
Oh, I know that look.
I've seen it a hundred times.
And there's no good
gonna come of it.
Yeah, well I think my mom
was buried with some secrets.
You know, I think everybody's
buried with some secrets.
Yeah, I need these ones
dug up.
You never struck me as
the kind of guy
who needs help with
that kind of thing.
I need someone a little
more... subtle.
I've never been called
that before.
Everyone in this town either
likes you or they fear you.
What about you?
I've never liked you.
Well, good.
You got balls and brains.
Not many of us left.
I'll put junior on it.
I came to you.
Well, I gotta know if it's me
asking the questions.
Now you must want
something done.
Just some information.
I'll do the doing myself.
I don't care if
it rains or freezes,
As long as I've got
my plastic Jesus
Sittin' on the dashboard
of my car.
Comes in colours pink and
pleasant, glows in the dark
'Cause it's iridescent,
Take it with you
when you travel far.
Saxon's come home.
It reminds me of it all.
Who I was.
Things I've done.
All of it.
Why is it such a
goddamn struggle?
This... regret.
Can't run from it.
Can't escape it.
It becomes you.
When I came to you I was
a drunk man of violence.
My life had no meaning.
Look how far I've come.
All these people coming here
hear me speak.
I've come far, right?
So let me get this straight.
You're using your mother's
life insurance money
to investigate your mother's
suicide, is that right?
That's fucked up.
You know that, right?
Life insurance is
a creepy thing.
It sets up an undesirable
It's like having a bounty
on your head
except the wanted
poster doesn't say
"wanted dead or alive",
it says "wanted dead
and only fucking dead".
You got something?
Clayton Bowman.
You know him?
Never heard of him?
Well, then I got something
for ya.
Where'd you get this?
I got a little buddy wanting
who's more persuasive than I am.
Woah, woah.
Don't be scared.
If I was gonna hurt you it
would've happened already.
Now, my friend here is gonna
ask you some questions.
I'm just here to make sure
you don't give the wrong answer.
Who's Clayton Bowman?
You heard me.
Clayton... B-Bowman,
I... I don't
know that name.
I don't know who that is.
You know.
I swear.
I swear.
I... I don't know who
you're talking about.
He squeals like a little girl!
Listen to how loud he is!
Alright, thanks.
I told you I don't like you
coming here.
I don't like you around
this element.
That guy seemed
perfectly nice.
That guy used to be in here,
he stabbed a man in the face
to take his car.
That sound nice?
Bill... are you actually
telling me that?
You know how many people
I've told this is happening?
The strings I've pulled?
What does it matter
if we get the permits?
No, no, no, Bill, you said
everything was fine
and now you're fixing
to make a liar out of me.
No, no, no, no, no.
He's just a salesman,
he doesn't know anything.
Yeah, well, just to be safe.
Yeah, safe for you maybe.
We got the name we needed,
why'd you have to bring
him here?
I thought you'd be grateful.
I'm serious.
What're we gonna do
with him?
I'm gonna send him
right back home.
He's gonna crawl to the cops.
No, he won't.
He's gonna go home to 13 Hover Street
to his beautiful wife, Camille,
and his two darling
little children
and he's not gonna
breathe a word of this, is he?
Because if he does, after
I'm done with his family,
I'm gonna gut him
like a fucking fish.
Isn't that right?
You slummin'?
Or you came to class up
the place.
You celebrating?
Family tradition.
My father,
his father and his father
and so on and so on.
My father drank, too.
Bet he didn't throw your
mother across the room
when he did.
Not all the way across.
I suppose you wanna help me
keep this tradition up?
These old songs.
My mother used to play them
over and over.
And over and over, and over
and over.
It drove my father crazy.
What about you?
I drove him crazy, too.
My mother used to...
she played along to these songs.
My mother played
a rotten piano.
She played these bad
versions of these great songs.
I guess you end up loving
those bad versions.
Is that what I am?
Sure can put it away.
Come again?
Sure can drink.
Well, you know,
practice makes perfect.
It's, uh, one of two things
I'm great at.
What's the other thing?
Where does this bravado
come from?
Is it real?
That won't lead to any trouble.
Trouble isn't the worst thing a
person like you could get into.
I'm not free of trouble.
It just comes down to whether
someone's worth the trouble.
Thanks for the drink.
She knows I like that
kind of behaviour,
She knows I like
that kind of behaviour,
Throw down your guns,
Don't be so reckless,
Throw down your guns,
Don't be so reckless
We need some music.
I'm at your
command, dear,
To keep love and
to hold,
Making you happy
is my desire, dear,
Keeping you is my goal,
Where did you go?
I'll forever love you,
The rest of my days,
My heart's at your
command, dear,
To keep love and to hold,
Making you happy
is my desire, dear
Keeping you is my goal,
I'll forever love you,
The rest of my days,
I'll never part
from you,
You gotta be kidding me.
Hey, wake up!
I need a jump.
You got cables?
The beast has got
a dead battery.
Go on, then.
Hey, whatever happened
to that hot piece of snatch
you used to run with?
She ran off.
Thanks for the reminder.
Is that right?
So you mind if I take
a stab at it?
She's got standards, Hank.
Evidently not.
Let me try.
So you got her number?
Put your hands up!
What's in your fucking hand?
Drop it!
Drop it!
I don't get it.
Your brother owns a prison,
you wanna live in one.
It baffles me.
Brothers is tough.
Born under the same parents
with the same opportunities.
One fails, the
other succeeds.
It makes the failure all
that much more painful.
All the more humiliating.
Is that what's wrong
with you?
Got a girl, Saxon?
I had one.
What happened?
She got disappointed
and disappeared.
Just like that?
Just without a word?
She wrote me a postcard
a few months later
with "aloha" written across it.
You know "aloha" means "hello"
and "goodbye"
in Hawaiian?
That must have been torture.
Not really.
I mean, I figured
it was goodbye,
but it could also mean hello,
you know what I mean?
So what's it like being
in a prison cell?
I can tell you about the
first time I went to prison.
I was just a kid.
Leonard bought this brand
new Triumph motorcycle
he wouldn't let anyone touch.
One night he says
"if you ace your subjects
at school
I'll let you take it out
for a spin".
So I do.
And when I remind him about
his promise he forgets
because he's drunk,
as usual.
But I took it anyway.
Of course, I get pulled over,
no license.
The sheriff takes me to
the dog house, calls Leonard,
but Leonard doesn't come.
Leonard leaves me there
for a week.
One week.
That's the lesson.
I didn't know a single criminal
before that.
Afterwards, I did.
Looks good.
Your momma woulda
liked that.
Nice car, Dean.
Is this a social visit, Jack?
I don't know yet.
I've been hearing
some rumblings.
Yeah. You know Saxon's always
been trouble.
Thanks for the update.
The people he's in bed with,
the kind of money
he's throwing around?
It's a whole new league
of trouble.
What're you talking about,
What bed?
Who's money?
He's been friends with Hank
since he was a pup.
Hank senior.
Look, I'm not my brother's
keeper, Jack.
What's it got to do with me?
He broke into the station
after your mother's file,
for one.
Why the hell would
he do that?
He's your brother.
You get him reigned in.
Is that a warning?
Get him reigned in or what?
When did you get
so sensitive?
Look, it's no secret we don't
like each other, Jack.
I hate you like a poison,
That's a heartbreaker.
He thinks you had something
to do with his mother's death.
Is that a heartbreaker,
What exactly do you want,
I thought you were the law
around here.
Do your job.
What do you want?
My blessing to arrest him?
Arrest him for what?
Asking questions?
Breaking into the police station
isn't enough?
It was your fianc
who bailed him out.
Oh, you didn't know?
Amelia. She bailed him out.
I thought you sent her.
I was just trying
to protect you.
Do me a favour, Jack.
Don't protect me.
It's over, it's over,
it's over now,
It's over, that's all there
is, no more lonely tears,
That's how it is,
for now it is over...
What fuck are you thinking?
You got it all figured out.
Decades of dysfunction,
you got us all running through
the hills
like the sound
of fucking music.
It's naive.
He's your brother, Dean.
I see nothing from you.
No-no emotion, no effort,
Why are you involving us?
You don't like this?
This life that I made
for us?
Now you got Jack thinking
that I'm responsible for...
But why aren't you?
You're out of your element.
It's not naive actually,
it's fucking stupid.
And now I owe
this asshole sheriff.
I get your point.
It's not a point!
I get whatever it is then.
You're really gonna hate me
in a minute.
What did you do?
What did you do?
Amelia, did I ever tell you
about the time Dean and Saxon...
You like stories,
don't you, Leonard?
I got one for you.
Once upon a time
there was a father.
He abandoned his wife and
children to become a drunk.
They lived happily ever after.
Did you forget
your medication?
What medication?
Saxon takes pills
for his moods.
He's uh, bipolar.
Well, I think half
the planet's bipolar.
And the other half
is half bipolar.
I forgot the wine.
Why can't they just bury
the hatchet?
Girl, if they ever bury
the hatchet
it'll be in each other's backs.
This was around long
before you were.
Them boys been on a collision
course since birth.
What do you mean?
When Saxon was born
we brought him home
from the hospital.
He was real quiet,
quiet like a mouse.
Whenever Dean would
go near him, only Dean,
Saxon would scream.
I mean he would...
he would really scream.
Scream his lungs out.
Damnedest thing I ever saw.
Sometimes it's just science.
There's something wrong
with you.
Something's missing.
Clayton Bowman.
Come again?
Clayton Bowman.
What's that?
You know who it is.
Who the fuck is
Clayton Bowman?
Dean, isn't it tiring?
I mean, why can't
you just be who you are?
I mean, who you really are.
As in a fucking tiring...
What the fuck are
you talking about?
Why can't you just be normal,
I'm gonna get you.
One may smile and smile,
and be a villain.
Shakespeare. I'm impressed.
I didn't know you could read.
What's next?
Uh, money is the root
of all evil.
Love of money is the root
of all evil.
You think you're one of
the strong people, Dean?
Well, you're not.
Why's that?
Because everybody gets
what's coming to them.
Sooner or later.
I wondered why
you were so quiet.
That's you all over,
isn't it?
Bottled up until you explode.
Ugly all over someone.
Today it's me.
It's always been you.
You're a time bomb.
Ever since the fucking day
you were born.
Tick. Tick. Tick.
I didn't know you were
this shy.
I mean, you seem to be
saying I'm an asshole,
but you're not saying it.
Thanks for dinner.
I'll get you to the clinic...
Told you.
What're you doing here?
I don't know what
I'm doing here.
What to do with this wild
and precious life?
Are you asking me that?
You ever want a regular life?
What's that?
Some families shouldn't
go on for generations.
Some families should end.
You remind me of her.
I know that's a
big compliment.
What was she like?
We just saw the world
in the same way.
You know what I mean?
People look for people
who love all
the same things that they do.
I used to joke that I wanted
to find someone
who hates all the same things
that I hate.
What do you hate?
That people always inevitably
disappoint you.
If you know them long enough.
I can hate that with you.
Maybe one of us should talk
to him.
I don't see what good
that'd do.
He's got some crazy notions
in his head.
You ever remember a time
when he didn't?
Saxon might be dumb
but he ain't stupid.
I don't know about that.
You know he's got
a new friend.
And one of your old ones.
When we were kids,
how we used to play.
Just kept going.
Through people,
through exhaustion.
Wouldn't stop.
No quit in him.
Just kept going
and going and going.
Never around 'em,
always through 'em.
Wouldn't even turn around
to see the wreckage.
Full tilt 'til he hit the wall.
You remember what
they used to call him?
He lives life like that, too.
Why are you telling me this?
I don't know.
I'm gonna put
my arm around you.
I can't keep up.
With who?
The worl-the world.
I'm tired.
You look like shit.
Yeah, I got hit by a truck.
What's your excuse?
You think that's got anything
to do with us?
I don't know.
I didn't have a chance
to ask him
why he was running me down.
Yeah, well, we've been
rattling some cages,
you gotta expect
some consequences.
I think getting hit by a truck
felt pretty consequential.
You'll live.
Get in.
Hi there, reverend.
Forget your costume?
I'm not gonna lose
my temper.
Then I won't recognize you.
You know I've always
respected you.
Well, that's a big weight
off my mind.
I need you to stay away
from Saxon.
Well, I'm afraid
I can't do that.
He came to me.
He asked for my help.
He don't need
your kind of help.
Well, maybe you better talk
it over with him.
Oh, but then you can't,
can you?
Because just like me he sees
right through you.
He's as angry as you,
I'll give you that.
I pray for you both.
Fuck you and your prayers.
Why don't you save them
for your flock?
I'm asking you to stay away
from my boy.
Next time I come,
I ain't asking.
I was wondering when
you'd get here.
Hello, Leonard!
Goodbye, Leonard!
Why are we here?
This is where Clayton Bowman
used to work.
Used to?
Clayton Bowman's a ghost.
If he's doing something
it's not in this town.
Let me check it out first.
You sure?
Alright, I might have
something else.
I'll be back in an hour.
One hour.
So you're the one asking
about Clayton Bowman?
He's a friend.
Last I heard he was
working here.
How can I help?
Well, I was wondering
where I could find him.
Find him?
A forwarding address,
phone number, anything.
Uh, I'm sorry to say
the only place you're gonna find
him is in Pinewood Cemetery.
Clayton died.
How'd he die?
Car accident.
He drove his car off a cliff.
Landed in a river.
I guess they figured
he was drunk.
They figured?
Wasn't there an autopsy that
could tell if he was drunk?
There was no autopsy.
They never found the body.
How did they know
he was dead?
His convertible went off
a cliff.
It was a wild river.
I guess they figured
he floated out,
drifted downstream somewhere.
That's a lot of figuring,
not a lot of facts.
Well, what can I say?
It was pretty obvious
to everyone what happened.
There was no shortage of
people looking into it.
I'm sure the police would
have taken a special interest.
A special interest?
Clayton was one of theirs.
He used to be a cop.
He didn't happen to die a
couple of years ago,
middle of 1984?
I'd say exactly around then.
How could you know that?
Like I said, he was a friend.
Well, I don't know what else
I can tell you, friend.
Did he have any family?
You're his friend, you don't
know whether he had family.
Did you bring those boxes in?
Not yet.
What're you waiting for?
The sheriff was in here today.
You gotta be more careful.
We can't bring any more
attention on us, alright?
I know he's your friend,
but family's family.
Is that what this is?
You need to relax, old man.
You never did learn
how to listen,
but it ain't too late.
You can't think if you're
always running your mouth.
Yeah, look who's talking.
I'm gonna try this again.
Be careful.
Yes, dad.
Hey, this is Hank.
Leave a message,
I'll call you back.
Unless I owe you money,
then... too bad.
Hey, where are you?
Clayton Bowman's dead,
only he's not.
They never found the body.
And you're gonna love this:
he used to be a cop.
Everything about this guy
smells rotten.
Meet you at the bar.
Come here, buddy.
Come here, buddy.
What's this?
Come here. Come here.
Come here.
I heard about your friend.
Don't you have any souls
to squeeze?
Maybe that's why I'm here.
It's just water.
It's not holy or anything.
Now it is.
That's about how it works,
isn't it?
Is that what you think?
You know what I was thinking
while I was gone?
Why Dean?
You and Golden Boy.
Two peas in the pod.
No room for me in that gang,
was there?
You were always independent.
Dean needed me more.
How do you determine that,
Which kid needs more love?
With all your polishing
Golden Boy turned out
exactly like me.
No real prospects.
Just caught a lucky break.
Lucky break?
Our mother died.
That's a hell of a way
to put it.
I ain't putting it any way,
it's just the way it is.
You're a misanthrope, Saxon.
That's people that hate people.
Yeah, I know what it is.
You hate people?
How do you know
it's not just you?
Oh, I know it's me.
And Dean.
And the sheriff.
Just about everybody,
except your mother.
You don't ever mention her.
Do you understand?
Sorry, I forgot.
You're the only one
that misses her.
You know I quit.
God told you to do that?
It might be hard to fathom,
but your father has come
a long way.
Is that funny?
You forget who you are.
I mean, do you remember
anything at all?
All of it?
I remember all of it.
You're a man of God
and you're ok with that?
No, I am not ok with that.
I accept that.
I forgive that.
Because I'm a man of God.
That's fucked up.
We make mistakes.
We can choose to forgive.
Move on.
Try and do better.
Don't you wanna do better?
Don't you think there's a place
for you in this world?
This society?
I think time's up, preacher.
You know, I can help you.
How're you gonna help me?
You have to help yourself first.
Thanks for that.
I'll call you when I'm done!
I think someone just broke
into my house.
Oh, shit.
I forgot.
I forgot.
Ok, I'll find a pay phone.
If you do this,
nothing's gonna change.
The dead stay dead.
If you do this you could
be wandering around lost.
Listen, I-I believe in revenge
like most people believe in God
but we all have to figure out
what we can live with.
I mean, you may want to do
the right thing but...
it isn't always pretty.
It isn't always nice.
Sometimes it's really
fuckin' ugly.
(SIGHS) The one on the left's
a nine millimeter,
the other's a .38.
Both do the same job.
You ever shot a pistol before?
I did not bring an
instruction manual.
So you just wave around
like a magic wand,
point it at what you want
to make disappear and squeeze.
I know how it works.
Besides, I'm already lost.
Going on a trip?
Where are you going?
I gotta take care of something.
You ever coming back?
I'm sorry.
Hey, don't be sorry.
I cry all the time.
Don't you wanna know
why I'm crying?
I already know.
I grew up with him.
I can't say anything
to stop you, can I?
Don't do anything stupid.
I never have.
I got a war in me about you.
I know I'm responsible
for how you turned out
but I can't take all the credit.
I did not corrupt and twist
some innocent little boy.
You were never a good boy.
You were always
the other kind.
You hate me.
My mother loved me,
but she died.
I don't hate you.
I don't even hate your anger.
Boy, you really
did find religion.
And boy, you need some.
There's not a religion in
the world that doesn't teach
you good.
I don't care what you call it.
Just do good.
I'm about to.
Whatever it is you're
thinking of doing, don't.
There's nothing...
there's nothing
out there.
Come home.
(SIGHS) There's something
you need to know.
It's important.
I know I didn't say it enough.
I love you, Saxon.
You're my son.
You're gonna die now.
Could be a lot of pain.
Or a little pain.
It's up to you.
Why would you leave your
name on the policy, huh?
Why would you leave
your name on something
that would lead to this moment?
Nobody was ever
meant to see it.
It was the only way I could
make sure I'd get the money.
My mother's dead
'cause of money?
Get the fuck up.
We're not done yet.
I'm dying.
Not yet.
Not yet.
I already know who's
involved, Clayton.
I just wanna hear you say
my brother's name.
Sorry to have to do this.
We just have to get a jump
on things.
What happened?
Well, first of all I am
sorry for your loss...
What happened?
It was a shoot-out.
Looks like they shot
each other.
This was the other
man involved.
His name is Clayton Bowman.
Have you ever seen
that man before?
Do you know this man?
Have you ever heard Saxon
talk about him?
Did he ever mention his name?
What about your wife?
Did she ever mention him?
She's my ex-wife.
She's passed on.
I know that.
But did she ever mention
the name Clayton Bowman?
No, why would she?
What's she got to do with this?
Can you think of any reason why
Clayton Bowman would be listed
as a beneficiary on your
wife's life insurance policy?
No, I can't.
Are you saying Saxon was
right about his mother?
She didn't kill herself?
We don't wanna jump to
any conclusions yet.
Is that a joke?
A life policy with three
names on it?
Two sons and a man nobody's
heard of?
You better jump to something,
Look, we don't know anything
yet, but you're right.
It looks like Saxon was
on to something.
And it got him killed.
This is my card.
Anything at all.