JugJugg Jeeyo (2022) Movie Script

Kukoo, come out.
Why? What happened?
He's with Nainaa again.
No way!
Hey! Are you ever going be
serious about your studies,
or are you just
gonna giggle through?
Go, mind your own business!
And this is for all you other guys.
No one's going to
bother Nainaa again.
I love you.
Bro, see you at Aunty's
place in the evening.
Done. I'll be there!
- Is this permanent?
- No.
But this is...
Just like my love.
I'm getting late. Please arrange
the groceries in the fridge.
"Listen, as we continue our discussion
about the rising cause for food,
you know...the anxiety
that's felt..."
"Good morning Toronto. This is
Sarah Ryan. Today's top story is..."
Your breakfast is in the microwave.
And since it's Wednesday,
keep the garbage bags downstairs.
"If you hear me, pick up the radio..."
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Hey, Jeff.
Thank God you're here.
I was starving.
- So, why the sudden lunch?
- No reason.
You're leaving us soon.
So I thought, why not?
You must be excited about
your new position!
- Very excited.
- Good.
Your husband must be very proud.
How does he feel
about going to New York?
I...still have to
discuss it with him.
So okay...these two?
Okay, Lady's night.
Lady's night only.
Only ladies.
Free alcohol for the ladies.
You can go.
Come on. Come on. That's fine.
Are you a lady?
Back off the line.
Back off the line.
Oh, come on man! Let us in already.
- We're freezing out here.
- Come back tomorrow, son.
- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
- Come on, man!
- Hey... hey!
- ID. Need some ID.
- It's my birthday, come on.
I can't understand.
Okay, go inside.
No, it's late. Inside. Inside.
Okay, okay, okay.
Oh my god!
She did it! She actually did it!
Look at that shit on you man!
That's karma.
But that's alright.
Enjoy your lady's night, man.
What life is this?
It's completely lame out here.
I did my hotel management from LPU.
- LPU?
- Laxmi Priya University, Patiala.
So I could come
here and clean pukes.
Give it some time.
You'll get promoted.
And what good will that do?
I'll get an assistant to
clean off the vomit.
Wait a second.
Actually, tomorrow is
our marriage anniversary.
Nainaa has booked
a table at Martins.
I'd be glad if you could come.
Oh wow, congrats.
But man, I wish you had
told me a little earlier.
Priya's mom is coming over tomorrow.
So we're showing her around.
But listen, you guys have fun.
Have a great time, buddy.
Congratulations again.
I'd kept the electricity bill
on the kitchen counter.
Did you pay it?
Couldn't find the time.
I was busy.
It's past the due date, Kukoo.
What do you mean
couldn't find the time?
You're at home all day.
What do you mean
by stay home all day?
Who works at night?
You could've paid
during the daytime.
- Yes, but I'm tired...
- I am sorry.
How many guests are we expecting?
Could you give us
a few minutes, please?
- Yes, of course.
- I'll let you know.
I'd invited a couple of friends.
Don't know why they
haven't shown up yet.
- And you?
- Sanjay and his wife called in sick.
And Amy is in Montreal.
Happy, happy,
happy anniversary, guys!
This is for you.
Hi handsome. How are you?
- I am good.
- Good.
- Nainaa?
- Yes.
Hi, Nainaa! Happy anniversary!
Happy, happy...
Thank you.
Thank you.
Lucky girl, huh.
Chair, please.
So, how are you?
Me too!
Wow...what a happening party, right?
Too many attendees.
We work together.
- Kunal.
- Vishal!
Sorry, Vishal.
A glass of Moscato, please.
Five years, guys.
I mean, wow! Seriously.
You guys are the modern-day
Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu.
And look at me.
I'm still single.
- Really?
- Yes.
You know, the mention of marriage
scares the shit out of me.
My parents keep persuading me
to get married.
But I'm confused about...
whether I should get married or not.
Why don't you two tell me?
Say something motivating.
Should I get married?
You must.
Most definitely get married.
Why shouldn't you?
Of course, do it.
You two convinced me
with your arguments.
Your arguments were so compelling.
Thank you.
So Kuks, what are you
gifting Nainaa this time?
What can I give her?
She has everything.
She's self-made, after all.
What do you mean by that?
Today is your anniversary.
She deserves a gift.
I'm beginning to feel you two
are not frank with each other.
Okay, I will help you out.
Let's play a game.
- I will count to three...
- Kunal, please, we don't want to...
And let's play this game.
I'll count to three.
And without hesitating,
you two will tell me,
what you want from each other, okay?
Together...without hesitating, okay?
- Divorce!
- Divorce!
How long have you
been thinking about this?
How does it matter?
It's what you want too.
It does matter.
I've my reasons,
what are your reasons, Kukoo?
I cook breakfast for you.
Even cook your lunch before I leave.
I clean your laundry...
Are you describing
a house or a hotel?
Things would've never come to this
if we hadn't moved to
Canada because of you.
What are you doing?
Tell me why you want this divorce?
Nainaa, let's go home.
- Let's not make a scene in the middle of the road.
- I don't care!
- Move the car!
- I want to hear from you.
Move the car!
You tell me your reasons.
Are you having an
affair with someone?
What? Have you lost your mind?
Several guys work at your office.
- Did I ever ask you,
- Shut up...
if you're having an affair?
You make breakfast, lunch...
You're a pathetic cook!
You're so ungrateful!
Who cooks triangle flat breads?
You think it's easy for me.
I've to run the house, go to work.
You don't have to do me any favours.
Leave me!
- It's impossible to talk to you!
- I came here because of you.
- I'm your husband!
- It's impossible to talk to you!
- Then why did you marry me?
- I don't know, Goddammit!
[Indistinct radio chatter]
Me too.
They are making me the
vice-president of HR.
At the New York office.
I wanted to discuss
it with you today.
When are you leaving?
Next month.
We're going home
for Ginny's wedding.
I've a request.
Let's not tell anyone...
about our decision to get
divorced till her wedding's over.
We'll tell everyone
after the wedding.
Of course.
All these months,
we pretended to be a happy couple.
A few more days for
Ginny's sake won't hurt.
I just hope at least Ginny
has thought this through.
Yes, papa.
Where have you reached?
You're taking so long!
- We're reaching in five minutes.
- Come soon! Welcome!
Geeta! They are arriving
in five minutes.
They have managed to make
it here all the way from Canada!
And you cannot even make
it out of your room?
Here I am.
Look at yourself.
You're not dressed...
But you're creating a riot!
You ladies need time.
As for me, I just need to comb
my hair, and I'm done.
Papa! The wedding band's here,
and you're still in a towel.
- Hurry up and get dressed.
- Shiva!
- Get ready.
- Looking beautiful.
As you said,
we've pretended to be
a happy couple for so long.
A little longer won't hurt.
- Mummy!
- Papa!
Kukoo! Nainaa!
Seeing you two after ages!
Hello! Welcome!
- Come here, Ginny.
- I am here too.
Can't believe you're
getting married!
Stop being so old-fashioned.
We're a modern family.
Let's do a fist bump.
Tom Ford?
- Yes.
- Papa!
Let's go inside.
Your hair is looking great!
Kukoo, you rascal.
- Pulling my leg.
- Fresh flat breads, anyone?
I can have one.
- It's raining flat breads.
- Want some?
- No mummy.
- No?
I bet you miss having flat breads
with chickpeas in Canada.
It's available there, papa.
There's a lot of stuff
available here too like-
Japanese sushi with mint sauce.
But it's not the same.
Let him eat in peace!
Let him eat in peace.
Nainaa, pass me your plate.
- Please, mom, I'm done.
- Only one spoon.
Take it. Take it.
Fine. Only one spoon.
Get some rest, you two.
Later you can visit mom-dad.
I already spoke with
them on the phone, mom.
They are coming over for
Ginny's engagement tomorrow.
We'll meet then.
Okay, fine.
How's the factory doing, papa?
The factory burnt
down to the ground, son!
We're broke.
Didn't anyone tell him?
Idiot, in this winter season,
you're eating mangoes
that are 2500 a dozen.
The factory must
be doing great. Right?
Go on. Enjoy!
So, Ginny, how is Balwinder?
Ballu-ji is good.
How nice!
Already such respect.
At least someone is giving it.
We're just glad that
princess finally picked one
out of the dozens
of suitors we showed her.
Because not every
guy is like my brother.
You're very lucky, sister-in-law.
Kukoo is the lucky one...
To have found a girl like Nainaa.
Kids, make us lucky too...
by giving us grandchildren.
Let them be, mom!
Drop it, guys.
This is their age to have fun.
Let them enjoy.
Why don't you take a trip to Europe?
You go then I'll go.
I mean, we'll all go together.
Pass me the fritters.
- Are they good?
- Yes, they are.
Hello. Hello.
Welcome. Welcome.
Hello. All good.
Welcome. Welcome.
Mr. Malhotra!
- Geeta, come here. Mr. Malhotra's here.
- Coming.
- How are you, sir?
- Meet my better half.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- All good?
- Absolutely.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How have you been?
- Hello. Hello.
You are looking really pretty today.
- Thank you!
- Isn't she?
It's not the makeup.
- It's her natural glow.
- Mama!
My child.
Look after mom and dad.
- We'll check on the guests over there.
- Okay.
My child. Looking beautiful.
I'm meeting you two after
one and a half years.
I want to give you two a tight hug,
and not let go.
I've never seen you two together,
even on video calls.
It's quite late, mom.
Where is Gurpreet?
Yes, where is Gurpreet?
Zip it.
- Kukoo, my bro.
- Come here.
My foreign return buddy.
- I missed you a lot, buddy.
- Me too..
No kisses, bro!
Now you're even
rubbing off my kisses?
Your sister's waiting
in the line too.
Nainaa my sister, how are you?
I am good, how are you?
Look, you know I don't
like to brag about myself.
Otherwise, I would've
told you how I am!
- Dad.
- Bless you, son.
Come on, guys.
Lift the foreigner up
and take him to our hangout.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Congratulations, Ginny.
Your face looks pale.
Put the smile back on your face.
Haven't you ended
Gaurav's chapter yet?
Pick it up.
It's the first peg of the evening,
so bottoms up!
Down the hatch, boys!
Let's do it then.
Forget everything else...
first one down the hatch!
Look child,
I never wanted you to go abroad.
But now that you have,
have you ever thought
about the competition?
Yes, mom. I always do.
- Even in my company, I...
- Nainaa.
Not that competition.
You tell her, sister.
Child, it's those foreign women.
Men have this weird sensation in their
hearts when they see these white chicks.
So husbands shouldn't
be given too much freedom.
Before they tend to meander,
put them on a leash with a child.
On a serious note...
This rascal became friends with me
so he could impress my sister.
That's not true.
- It's rubbish.
- Seriously?
Tell me how many times
did you propose to Nainaa?
- Leave it.
- Why leave it?
- Tell me.
- Come on...
No, tell us.
Tell us how many times.
How many times did you propose?
Tell us.
Five times.
- Five times!
- Five times?
And every time, she rejected him.
But bro here, didn't give up!
After that,
he became my best friend.
He kept coming home every day
for extra studies.
He became a bookworm.
I kept wondering, why the
guy was working so hard-
yet the grades weren't improving!
But Kukoo...
since you left,
Patiala isn't the same anymore.
Even I missed you a lot.
Yeah, but you've
changed so drastically.
Totally changed.
There isn't an ounce
of Patiala left in him.
- It's all gone.
- He would never shut up.
But now, it looks like someone's
peed all over the flames.
You're such a scoundrel.
This is why I always say...
never get married.
I married your sister.
So what if you married my sister?
Are you not my brother?
Look at me.
Single and happy.
Look at Bittu.
Only showers on Holis.
Veera here, is single.
Check out his nails.
He can rip through wood with those.
He's the friendly
neighbourhood Wolverine.
Bro...we are the Avengers!
The Avengers!
Sure bro, sure...
Wait a second guys,
Nainaa's calling.
What's he doing?
What's the opposite of an Avenger?
- Umm...
- What?
Don't 'umm' me.
What behaviour is this?
Why did you throw water at me?
Because throwing anything
else would be much more painful.
Are you a child?
It's 11:30.
This is my house!
I'll sleep through the day!
I cannot wait till Ginny's wedding.
We'll have to tell mom-dad
everything right now.
But why? We decided to
wait until after the wedding.
The situation was different then.
Jeff called a while ago.
He said I must give my confirmation
right now for the position in New York.
The CEO wants to
meet me within 15 days.
Why did you come
here in the first place?
He just called!
And we still have to
tell both our families...
then face the drama after that!
complete the court formalities!
How are we going to
manage everything, Kukoo?
And on top of that...
These women have already
given me a headache
about having children.
It's not easy
for me to put up this act either.
I know it's not easy,
so go tell them the truth.
That we are separating!
Or I am telling them.
Wait a second.
I'll tell papa when
he's in the right mood.
He'll handle it in his own way.
And when will he
be in the right mood?
I'll have to create one.
What's wrong with you, buddy?
Behaving so cultured
like your mother.
It's nothing.
Papa, I made...
Ordered this.
You've made very professional
arrangements today.
Nice. Nice.
Sit! Sit!
Honestly speaking, son.
I always thought you'll
do nothing in life.
Nothing at all.
But look at you.
You went all the way to Canada...
and became a bodyguard.
- I am proud of you.
- Papa, I'm a bouncer, but...
It's the same thing, buddy.
You had no shame about your work.
You started from scratch...
and became a bouncer!
You are amazing, son.
Oh, yes!
On the occasion of
this father-son bonding,
I've got a surprise for you.
Lamakazi, 18-year-old.
Eighteen years!
Eighteen years. Just like you.
What the...
- Same-same.
- Same.
When both, father and son agree,
they toast with
a bottle of Lamakazi.
Make a large one.
Keep going.
Okay. Enough.
You too.
As the saying goes, son.
When the son's biceps
match with his father...
they become friends.
What's your body fat these days?
Mine is 14.
Mine is on 8.
What the...
8 percent body fat!
Two hearts are becoming one...
but secretly.
Two hearts are becoming one...
but secretly.
Everyone's finding out...
Everyone's finding out...
but secretly.
- I want to tell you something very important, papa.
- Two hearts are becoming one...
Excuse me!
Your party,
your booze, your chicken,
so who will speak first?
What do you want to talk about?
Son, you are a married man.
You're not as neck-deep as me.
But you're surely knee-deep in it.
Tell me something, son.
- Is anyone listening?
- No.
Why do wives become
so boring after marriage?
Papa, you took the words
right out of my mouth.
Wives can take the
food from your mouth!
You're talking about words?
Papa, you're absolutely right!
This is what I want
to talk to you about.
- Is it?
- Yes.
Because marriages are so tough.
Very tough, son.
Very tough.
That's a beautiful
thing you've said, son.
How do I tell you?
It's as difficult as living in the
same cave as a vegetarian lioness.
Vegetarian lioness?
Yes, son.
She won't eat you because
she's a vegetarian.
But will keep scaring
you with her roar.
Papa, either I am drunk
or your talks are getting very deep.
They are deep indeed.
I say, everything
changes after marriage.
- I am so...
- They change, son.
The wives change.
From a beautiful butterfly...
she turns into a caterpillar.
Yeah...just like a
weird looking caterpillar
turns into a beautiful butterfly;
it's the opposite with wives.
From a beautiful butterfly,
they turn into a caterpillar.
Can't say about caterpillars.
But wives become such a bore...
Very boring! Very boring!
Like a female Mogambo.
Mogambo can still be pleased!
But wives can never be pleased.
Ever heard a wife
say "I am pleased!".
Even Santa Clause
couldn't make them happy...
and we're just human beings.
Human beings!
A man can either be married,
or he can be happy.
He can never be both.
In fact, do you know which is
the biggest festival in India?
Which one?
- Wives.
- Why?
Because she has to be
celebrated over and over again.
That's why I've decided
to divorce your mom.
100 percent, guaranteed divorce.
As soon as Ginny gets married,
I'll divorce your mom!
I've been trying to tell you this...
it's a big load off my chest.
Good talk. Good talk.
See you, son.
Your mom won't stop nagging
me if I stay up late.
- Goodnight.
- Papa.
Papa. Papa.
Papa! Why are you running?
"As soon as Ginny gets married,"
"I'll divorce your mom."
"100 percent, guaranteed divorce."
Ginny. Answer this.
If you happen upon a problem
that's the size of a field,
who will you go to?
You, papa.
Wrong answer.
You'll go to a farmer.
Why's that?
Because he can help you plough it.
Dad, at least let
me finish my coffee
before attacking me in the morning.
I should delete your WhatsApp.
Hello, son.
Good morning, brother.
You look like shit.
Quietly eat your breakfast.
Yeah, Rimpy.
She's already married
once to her phone.
This is the second one.
Second marriage.
Everything you said last night, dad.
Did you say it because you were drunk,
or did you really mean all of it?
About what?
What do you mean what?
Can someone get me some flat bread?
- Papa.
- And none of that white organic stuff.
- Get me the yellow butter. Two spoons.
- Forget the butter.
I'm talking about the person who's making these
flat breads you're stuffing your face with!
Just keep eating all the butter!
Have you seen your
cholesterol lately?
Worry about your sugar.
I got you that kit.
Did you check your sugar level?
I did.
Everything is fine.
Don't worry.
Come, get some fresh flat bread.
I want to talk to papa.
- Come with me.
- Mom, I...
Go on.
Mom's calling.
Must be something important.
What happened mom?
I'm not hungry yet.
Kukoo, I want to have a
serious conversation with you.
About what?
Tell me honestly.
Is everything okay
between you and Nainaa?
Yes, everything is fine.
I am your mother.
I can read faces.
Your faces are telling
me something is wrong, son.
Mom, it's nothing.
Her face is like that.
She is always stressed.
Look Kukoo,
I am not asking you the reason.
I'm just telling you that
fights are common
between husband and wife.
Look at your papa and me.
We've been married for 35 years.
And we've fought for 3500 times.
But each fight strengthens
our relationship, son.
If you want any tips,
you should ask your father.
He's an experienced husband.
He'll only give you good advice.
Yes, Ginny.
Come up to the terrace for a second.
I've to tell you
something important.
About what?
About mom and dad.
What happened?
What is it? What happened?
First, promise you
won't tell mom and dad.
Tell me first.
As you know,
mom and dad's wedding anniversary
is two days before my wedding.
So I made a plan.
All the relatives are gonna be here.
Why don't we make them renew
their vows on their anniversary?
What do you think?
- What?
- Imagine, bro!
Won't it be a lot of fun?
Mom dressed in her wedding attire,
dad in a traditional suit...
What is this? Family drama?
Cancel the plan!
You don't worry.
I'll arrange everything.
I just want some money.
It's a miserable idea.
Cancel it.
Why cancel it?
I came up with such a sexy plan.
I don't have any money.
What do you mean
you don't have money?
You're doing fine in your job,
aren't you?
They fired me.
Who fires a bouncer?
What will you do now?
Sell chole-kulche on the
street just outside the house.
15 rupees for a plate.
Why do you care?
- Bro...
- Always asking questions.
- Listen...
- Don't make any plans.
Renew their vows!
Good morning.
Where are you going?
Did you talk to papa
last night or not?
- Nainaa, I...
- Don't tell me you only got drunk.
Kukoo, you're so typical.
Guess what,
my mom called up your mom...
and gave her a doctor's number.
I'm scheduled for a check-up today.
What's wrong with you?
Why can't I get pregnant?
And that's not even it.
She was telling her
about some holy lady
who can get me pregnant
with her blessings.
Can you see what I'm dealing with?
I can't be doing all of this?
Okay, Nainaa! Calm down.
I tried to talk to papa yesterday,
but he wasn't in the zone.
Which papa is ever in the zone
to hear about his son's divorce?
What zone is this, Kukoo?
My sister is getting married.
So papa was like
"Ginny this, Ginny that..."
That's all he kept talking about.
He's an emotional man!
I will talk to him.
Kukoo, you...
That was delightful.
Those carom seeds you
add to the recipe is amazing.
Yes, papa.
What's wrong with you?
We've to go to talk
to the decorators.
Let him have breakfast first.
We'll be back in a couple of hours.
I'll buy him some breakfast.
Come on, I'll get you
some sushi with mint sauce.
Come on.
Remember this theatre, son?
Yes, I do.
But I also remember
what you said last night.
Let's discuss that first?
I used to bring you here
regularly when you were a kid.
But these days, you'll
see anything but movies here!
Especially in the corner seats.
"You're back again?"
- "Roop."
- "You cannot do it, father."
"I beg you to leave."
"Please hear my
request first, Roop."
"See Satya, when your father
did all those favours for me-"
"I was unaware that
one day his daughter"
"will try to cash in
those favours with interest."
"I am not here to cash in anything."
"I came to ask you for a favour."
"I apologise."
"I cannot do this for you."
Papa, what's going on?
Why aren't you coming to the point?
I am talking to you, papa.
Madam, why don't you sit between us?
The entire theatre is empty.
Do you have to sit so close to us?
Meera ma'am?
Recognize me?
You were my Math
teacher in 12th grade.
Hi, Kukoo.
Are you alone?
Popcorn. Caramel.
- For you.
- Hi, Bheemu.
Thank you for coming.
By the way, your earrings
are glowing like your face.
They are a gift from someone.
Your choice is amazing.
Thank you. Thank you.
By the way,
even your face is sparkling-
since your son and
daughter-in-law are back.
Glowing like a 1000-watt bulb.
Thank you.
What's going on here?
Look, Kukoo.
Last night, I wasn't
blabbering because I was drunk.
Try to understand
this with some maturity.
Your mother and I are
not right for each other.
Meera and I...
You understand, don't you?
This is why I wanted
you two to meet...
so you can understand
that I am serious.
Once Ginny gets married,
you can take mom to Canada with you.
She will be less shocked
if she stays with you.
Please look after her.
For my sake.
Be strong.
Please Kukoo...
Yes, Nainaa.
What are you up to, Kukoo?
Why did you lie to Ginny
that you got fired from the job?
If it was money you needed,
you could have taken it from my bag.
How can you be so selfish?
Do you know how upset Ginny is?
Wait a second.
You lied to me, brother.
Just tell me clearly whether
you can give me the money or not?
Otherwise, I will manage...
I will. I will.
I'll give you the money.
- Really? Okay thank you! Bye!
Uncle is having an affair?
With Meera ma'am?
Your Math teacher?
Is this why he used to
come for PTA meetings?
How long has this been going on?
Don't know.
But it's tough to see
your father with another woman.
I know, man.
What about my mom?
Kukoo, are you crying?
No, it's sweat.
Just coming out of my eyes.
Just say the word.
This is your bro's office.
I'll turn up the AC.
Here you go.
Wait. Just wait, Kukoo.
we can't buy Meera ma'am with money.
She's already pretty rich.
You keep beers in the safe?
Bunch of beer thieves I've got here.
And money?
In the drawer, Kukoo!
Such a stupid question.
Leave all that.
Tell me what can I do.
Gurpreet sir. 150 coconuts,
25 dozen eggs, 12 snake skins,
and 40 cow-dung
candles have arrived.
Sign the bill.
Got the hair oil?
I did. Three litres.
What do you do exactly?
Kukoo, forget about my profession.
I know what uncle's problem is.
Uncle is a very jolly guy.
Slightly fickle.
And aunty is naive and simple.
We must do something
about uncle's fickle mind.
Meaning his lust.
Uncle's become lustful.
You're disgusting!
He's my father!
Sorry. Sorry.
Chotu, let him go.
- He's my brother. Put him down.
- Sorry. Sorry.
- Chotu, leave him.
- Please.
Leave him.
Everyone outside or I'll slap you.
Get back to work.
Come on.
- He's staring.
- What?
Do I have to do dance for you,
is that when you'll leave?
He wants this.
Stuff your face with it.
Finish it.
Bloody beer thief.
Kukoo, are you okay?
Look, don't take offence.
Try to understand?
Don't you get excited?
Don't I get excited?
How is uncle any different?
He's your father after all.
You're such a cheap man.
He's my father.
I am not cheap, I am practical.
And uncle doesn't
love that madam of yours.
It's just that his old pressure
cooker can't stop blowing whistles.
Look...listen to me.
If we can cure dad's lust,
then everything will be fine.
I feel so disgusted
when I even think about it.
I can understand.
We both grew up on uncle's lap.
Now that that teacher's
sitting on uncle's lap-
he's growing a few inches.
Calm down.
Look, bro, whatever it is.
If we want to save
uncle and aunt's marriage,
then we must cure uncle's...
You want me to invite
dad to my bachelor's party?
Who invites his future father-in-law
to a bachelor's party?
Put some sense in this fool.
Don't worry, Ballu.
I'll be there too.
You...you're coming too?
Since the entire family's coming,
let's go on a pilgrimage instead.
Who needs a bachelor's party?
Look Ballu, just say yes.
We cannot give you any more details.
At least give me
something to work with.
Look Ballu,
a guy feels fresh after two things.
One, after potty.
Two, after party.
Dad desperately needs to party.
Then let him do potty.
If he wants to party, then why mine?
Take him someplace else.
Fine, then I'll cancel
the Russian dancers I ordered.
Absolutely not.
Dad's coming especially for them.
In fact, order some more.
Fair looking...
Fair looking?
Thanks, Billy.
- Ballu.
- Okay, Billu.
What do you guys want?
Well Kukoo,
this has been taken care of.
Now pray-
that you don't end up
with a kid brother at this age.
By the way, do you like
little kids with blue eyes?
- Can you distribute this?
- Yes.
Can you check in the kitchen?
- One second,
I'm getting an important call.
- Hi Jeff.
- Hi Nainaa.
Is everything alright?
Everything is fine.
I've just been very busy with...
you know,
the wedding preparations here.
I understand.
But I can't keep
them hanging for long.
They need to see you
here for confirmation.
I know. I know.
Just give me a couple of more days,
and I'll figure out
a way as soon as possible.
Alright, I'll wait for your call.
Okay, thanks. Bye.
Why did they have to throw the bachelor's
party on the night of the veneration?
I wonder what those
atheists are up to?
Who is going to handle all this?
Nainaa, don't get angry.
I know you don't
believe in these things.
Remember we told you about Guru-maa?
She's coming today.
She's arranged for
a small prayer service.
Say yes.
I still can't figure out,
what am I going to do at
my son-in-law's bachelor party?
Uncle, you're the one
who needs to do stuff.
He means, Ballu sent
a special invite for you.
He said that he won't celebrate his
bachelor party until you don't show up.
And uncle,
all the young lads will be there.
You deserve to be there.
You always talk rubbish.
But you're right for a change.
And thank you, Kukoo.
You saved me from your
mom's boring prayer service.
Looking at how much she prays,
I fear God will appear
personally someday
and request her to please
stop playing these drums.
The Gods in heaven can't sleep.
On that note,
uncle, one for the road.
- Cheers, uncle.
- Thank you.
Kukoo, have a sip.
I am driving.
Speak to him...
Papa, how much time after
you met mom, was I born?
Immediately after marriage.
Why delay a good deed?
Remember I asked you
as a kid how I was born...
And what did you tell me?
I hope I didn't tell you the truth!
Uncle...you're in
a good mood tonight.
You told me that you
and mom visited a temple,
and asked God for a toy.
And he gave you me.
I just want to remind
you that that's not how it works.
See what's written on that board.
Lack of caution,
causes accident!
- So have a blast at the party, dad.
- Yes!
But use caution.
Caution, uncle.
Lack of caution,
causes accident!
It's time.
Thank you.
You are such a fab dancer.
In my college days,
I was the king of tango and twist.
Dad does look relaxed.
See. He needed this.
Good going.
You are smarter
and more experienced
than these young boys.
I feel like eating you up.
Get up.
Get up!
What do you mean "eat you up"?
How dare you talk to me like this?
I didn't come here willingly?
He told me.
I told you uncle won't
like this stuff.
Why do you do this?
Uncle, you talk to him.
Kukoo, what the hell is this?
What kind of party is this?
It's the best type of party, uncle.
Best type...
Get lost you, idiot!
All the girls...get in my car.
Come on.
Dad, you're taking all of them?
I'm taking them home...their home!
Dropping them home.
Let's go!
Okay, dad.
Best party ever!
Shut up.
Best party ever!
How dare you compare
my love with lust?
I don't want to talk now, dad.
That's the problem
with your generation.
Always ready to jump in
bed with the first girl you see.
I swear, Kukoo.
I never touched anyone
except for Geeta!
Not even Meera!
We are in our first
phase of our relationship.
Even if our pinky fingers caress each other,
we feel an adrenaline rush.
Dad, I don't want to hear all this.
Can you be quiet for a minute?
- Please...
- I have given 30 years to your mom...
to our marriage.
And what did I ask in return?
Some love, some romance!
I wanted to renounce everything.
But then Meera came into my life.
She gave me the love
and romance I was looking for.
I don't want to hear
about your affair.
Just shut up, papa.
Your mom has surrendered, Kukoo.
But I want to live.
- She's out of love, and I am in love.
- Stop the car.
So what's the big issue?
Stop the car.
I said stop the car, dad.
With pleasure.
Stop this drama!
Have you all lost your mind?
This is how we have children?
Mom, mama, listen to me carefully.
We'll never discuss
the topic of children again!
I don't want children!
Let's end this chapter here!
Why are you saying that, child?
Because Kukoo and I are separating.
We're getting a divorce.
What behaviour is this?
What happened?
Downstairs! Now!
We need to talk.
Good morning, lady Emraan Hashmi.
Did you have a reality check yet?
Please tell me none
of that happened yesterday.
Please tell me it
was all a bad dream.
Honestly, I can't understand you.
I swear.
You clearly still love Gaurav.
Then God knows why are
you marrying that Ballu!
Because a person gets
married to settle down, Rimpy.
Like my brother and sister-in-law.
Like my mom and dad.
If they ask me how
much does he earn,
what will I say?
He's still struggling
in the music industry?
That he aspires to be a rockstar?
Got a text from Ballu.
"How was the party?"
What am I gonna say?
Ginny, what do you mean
"what am I gonna say"?
What else can you say?
You were lip-locking
with your ex last night?
Listen Ginny,
don't make a scene now.
Let things continue
the way they are.
Are you listening?
Sit down, mom.
Shut up, Kukoo! Shut up!
Tell me what the problem is.
We've given it a lot of thought.
And it's not working out.
Not working out?
What isn't working out?
Must be some problem.
Mom, my company is sending
me to New York.
They are promoting me
to a better position.
And I must leave in
a couple of days.
You mean you're going alone?
Well...since you've
decided everything,
why tell me now?
Do as you guys wish.
That's not it, mom.
We were going to tell you.
What's this meeting about?
Thinking of getting a divorce!
Not at all...
What do you mean who?
These two, who else?
You two?
If the problem is
about having babies,
then don't have babies.
No one will force you.
That's not it, mom.
Then what is it?
You put some sense in them.
Even you two?
I mean you two...
How long has this been going on?
They think marriage is a joke.
Getting a divorce
over every little fight.
Listen to me carefully you two.
Talk to each other.
Fix whatever problem you two have.
There's never been
a divorce in this family,
and never will be.
We've been married
for the past 35-years.
Haven't we had our share of fights?
Didn't we have problems?
But this is not done -
getting a divorce
whenever you have a fight.
Look son,
it takes a lot of effort
to make your marriage work.
It's a lot of hard work.
But your generation doesn't
want to make the effort.
Don't just stand
there like a statue.
Why don't you say something?
Your mother is right.
Marriage is not a joke.
Takes effort to keep
the relationship intact.
I know it's not easy, but...
Pick it up.
No, pick it up.
And what were you saying...
What does it take to
maintain the relationship?
Do tell, papa.
Kukoo, be quiet.
And listen to what
your mom's saying.
I already heard her.
Now I want to know from you.
Clearly, marriage is not a joke.
Definitely it isn't.
So what is marriage?
Stop this nonsense and sit down.
I don't want to sit down.
- Sit down, Kukoo.
- I don't want to sit down.
Today you decided to
play the role of a father.
Then be a father and
tell us what marriage is.
Speak up, papa.
That's no way to
talk to papa, Kukoo.
How else do I talk to him?
This guy here advising
us about marriage,
wants to divorce mom himself!
Don't talk rubbish.
It's not rubbish. It's true.
And he's given me a
headache since I got here.
Stop this nonsense and sit down.
- This is not nonsense.
- Sit down
- Sit down.
- Who's calling?
- Be quiet. Be quiet.
- Who's calling, papa? Show me.
Show me who's calling.
Don't touch my phone.
That's not all, mom!
He's having an affair!
He's pestering me to speak
with you after Ginny's wedding,
so he can go live
with that other woman!
And now he's giving us advice!
Tell us, papa.
Tell us about marriage.
- No, tell me.
- Kukoo, stop it!
Is it true?
Sit down, mom.
Mom, I...
What's wrong?
Why has everyone
gathered around here?
Are you crying?
You're getting married right,
so mom got a bit emotional.
Because you'll leave us.
I am not going anywhere.
I don't want to marry Ballu.
Is it something that Ballu said?
What happened, Ginny?
Be honest with us.
It's nothing.
Everyone's a little anxious
before their wedding.
Once you get married,
then everything will be fine.
Brother, come out.
Something is wrong with uncle.
Brother! Aunty!
Go get some water.
Papa! Papa!
Call the doctor!
Papa, breathe!
Breathe, papa!
Breathe, papa!
I shouldn't have screamed at him.
Don't blame yourself.
He'll be fine.
We're here for him.
Are there jokes in my report?
There's nothing in your report.
This is your 2D Echo report,
your ECG,
it's absolutely clear.
Your heart's as good as
a 10-year-old kid.
Top condition.
- Bhatia...
- Yeah.
It was a heart attack.
It wasn't a heart attack.
Must be gas or something.
When you drink protein shakes
at the age of eating porridge,
what else can you expect?
Are you done having fun?
Come here.
It was a heart attack.
It wasn't a heart attack.
I've been trying to tell you that.
Read these reports.
Bhatia, if I don't
have a heart attack,
then those waiting outside,
will attack me in
several different ways.
It was a heart attack.
Uncle, how is papa's condition now?
It was a heart attack.
It was a very mild heart attack.
Thankfully you got him to
the hospital at the right time.
There's nothing to worry about,
but stress isn't good for him.
Go on, son. He's calling you.
Be careful.
Haven't you showered since morning?
Mom didn't let me freshen up.
I've been hearing an earful
since I've been up.
It's not good to
supress natural things.
Be it emotion or motion.
Sorry, papa.
Naina and you are separating?
Papa, please. Not right now...
Did it come to this because of me?
No, papa.
Why are you thinking like that?
Look son,
I cannot see you two separated.
You brought this topic up,
and look where I landed.
If you two actually get separated...
- Papa...
- I will die.
Just don't say that.
Get well first...
we'll talk about this later.
Go home.
Go take a shower, son.
Go take a shower.
Gaurav, I am really sorry about everything
that happened between us, but...
I cannot hurt my family anymore.
Please. I am really sorry.
- Hi, Jeff.
- Hi, Naina.
Listen, you have to let me
know your date of return tomorrow.
they are going with someone else.
Jeff, you know how
badly I want this position.
But my family really
needs me right now.
I won't be able to confirm the dates
until everything
is sorted here first.
I am really sorry.
"Two hearts becoming one..."
"but secretly."
So...are you getting
pampered or not?
Because of your drama.
Come on, sweetheart.
I don't like to do this drama,
but I had no choice.
I couldn't think of
anything else at the moment.
I was tallying the accounts.
The hospital made a huge
bill for a heart attack.
550,000 rupees is a large amount!
From behind the laptop?
The battery was weak.
I was just checking.
I want to meet Meera.
Even I want to meet Meera.
Meera Bai, I mean.
Seeing the hospital bill
has made my heart restless.
I wanted to hear
some religious songs.
Couldn't remember the name.
But thank you for
reminding me, Geeta.
I am talking about the other Meera.
Which other Meera?
Fix a meeting with her.
And tell Kukoo to take us there.
I have to talk to her.
But Meera isn't in the city.
She is out of the country.
Sorry. Mexico.
Kukoo, who's knocking on the window?
I'll go check.
Go check.
I'll go check.
Are you out of your mind?
Why did you come through this way?
Couldn't you ring the doorbell,
like a normal human being?
Are you dumb?
It's midnight.
Is this the time to
ring someone's doorbell?
But why are you here, at this hour?
Will you ask me
all your questions out here?
- Can I come inside?
- Help...help.
Pull me up!
- What happened?
- What is it?
Mom said you two are
also getting a divorce.
Is this some kind of a festival
you guys are celebrating?
One plus one free.
Why not get a membership card,
where you can also earn some points.
Gurpreet, Nainaa and I
are going to sleep.
After a long time.
Come back tomorrow.
We'll discuss this tomorrow.
You two look as fresh as a fiddle.
We'll discuss this right now.
Why wait till tomorrow?
We are gonna talk right now.
Gurpreet, we're tired!
Shut up, Kukoo.
You share everything with me,
"Papa this, papa that..."
but not this.
Sorry, son.
But I need to speak
with you urgently.
There's a door in the house.
Why is everyone coming
through the window?
Because great minds think alike.
Hello, uncle.
What are you doing here?
What is he doing here?
Forget him. What are you doing here?
Wait a second.
Your mother wants to meet Meera.
Who is Meera?
Uncle's girlfriend.
Who told him?
Kukoo did.
Who else did you tell, son?
But why does mom want
to meet Meera ma'am?
I don't know.
She said tell Kukoo
to take me to see her.
She is pacing the halls,
so I had to come through the window.
She wants to talk to her.
What does aunty
want to ask your girl?
- Why do you care?
- Papa...
Son, think of something.
Stop this from happening.
This meeting could be pretty risky.
Come up with some excuse,
like she's not in the city.
- Or something...
- No!
Aunty will get suspicious.
I have an idea.
Meera ma'am was crossing
the railway tracks,
and got run over by a bus.
Then no one can meet her!
I even have a trusted driver.
He'll testify.
- I'll slap you!
- Papa...
Stay away.
Stand in the corner.
Listen, listen, listen.
Papa, calm down.
What are you doing?
- You just got better.
- Come up with something.
He cannot accept me in the family.
There's a reason I call your
mother a 'vegetarian lioness'.
She might slap Meera.
You don't know your mother.
Nainaa, you tell him.
It's making me nervous.
Relax, papa. Bhatia uncle
has advised you to not stress.
- Okay, papa.
- What okay?
Don't worry,
they will never meet.
I am there.
Trust me.
Okay, see you.
That way.
You know what papa?
Since the day I got here,
nothing's going right.
Let's visit the temple tomorrow
and pray to God.
To fix our bad luck.
- Temple?
- Temple!
Very good.
Even after moving to Canada,
your values are intact.
I am proud of you.
- Just handle your mom.
- Sweet dreams.
Since when did you
become so religious?
Only God can put an
end to Meera madam's chapter.
My Mother Goddess.
Hail Mother goddess!
Hail Mother goddess!
Mom is sleeping.
That's okay.
You guys sleep too.
- No...
- Sleep. Sleep.
By the way, what were
you guys doing when I got here?
- No, I was just...
- She's your sister.
Doesn't matter.
Even you're my brother.
Come, papa.
Hail Mother Goddess!
What is he doing here?
What are you doing here?
You enjoy humiliating me.
What is your problem?
I've a gift for you.
What gift?
Meera, you!
I told Gurpreet to go get her, papa.
We're here to pray
for our family's welfare.
And now Meera ma'am
is a part of our family. No?
So mature of you.
I am proud of you, son.
I am proud of you.
You are really progressive.
All thanks to Mother Goddess.
- Thank you, Kukoo.
- Ma'am.
Gurpreet. Kukoo's friend.
- No, thank you.
The auspicious time is passing.
Let's go take blessings.
Hail Mother goddess!
Priest. Offerings.
Hail Mother goddess!
Hail Mother Goddess!
Uncle, best of luck.
Hail Mother Goddess!
We need to talk, Meera.
Can we do it now?
Meera, there's no point
in beating around the bush.
Let's be direct.
We've been married for 35-years.
Seen many ups and downs.
But I never imagined
we'll see this day.
He isn't happy with me.
And how can I be happy if he isn't?
So...I'm letting you have him.
You two can get married.
I'll sign on the dotted lines.
Just wait till after
Ginny's wedding.
What are you saying, mom?
Couple of things about
him that I want to tell you.
Check his sugar levels every day.
His craving for sweets
always spikes his sugar levels.
Don't let him drink too much.
Upsets his stomach.
And don't talk too much
until he's had his breakfast.
He gets annoyed.
Doesn't matter what
you cook him for dinner,
but the flat bread
should always be fresh.
And yes, it shouldn't be too spicy.
He's already had two
surgeries for his piles.
And most importantly...
Keep him away from
any kind of stress.
He's just had a mild heart attack.
If you have any other
doubts or questions,
you can always ask.
But wait until after
Ginny's wedding.
And don't worry about me.
I took care of the family
even when he was around.
I'll continue to
do so even without him.
Let's go, Nainaa.
Mom, are you alright?
Care for some wine?
I have a few sips whenever
he comes home drunk.
his snoring becomes unbearable.
You met Kukoo in school, right?
Fifth grade.
Good Lord!
You two spent a lifetime
getting to know each other.
I met Bheem for the first
time four days after our wedding.
Well, we did meet
a couple of times before.
But I got a good look at him,
four days after our wedding,
when all the guests had left.
And in the first year, I did feel,
that this isn't right.
But back then,
divorce never crossed my mind.
Then Kukoo happened,
and then Ginny.
Raising them,
handling their quarrels,
their education-
I spent half my
life on these things.
We could never be husband and wife.
We were just mom and dad.
Then children grew up,
they went their own way.
Once again from mom and dad,
we were back to being
husband and wife.
That's when I took
another good look at him.
And wondered...
Is this the man I married?
He is not a bad person, Nainaa.
He did take care of me.
But, there's a difference
between showing care,
and showing love.
You get addicted to a relationship,
that lasts so many years.
And any kind of addiction
is hard to quit.
I don't know if what
I'm doing is right or wrong,
but...it's tough.
Mom, come what may,
I am always with you.
Nainaa, if a relationship breaks,
there isn't just one reason behind it.
It's the fatigue
of numerous unresolved issues.
If you are very exhausted,
and have run out of strength,
never even think for a moment
about what people are going to say.
I'll support you with
whatever decision you make.
But, if you can give
it another chance,
then please do, sweetheart.
You both are my children.
Where were you two, mom?
Papa left with his
bags in a fit of rage.
Why did you have to do this?
Who hands over their
husband like this?
- What do you want to prove?
- Kukoo.
- Mom did the right thing...
- I'm talking to mom!
What are you trying to prove?
How dare you speak
to Nainaa this way?
Never speak to her this way again.
how much longer do I have to wait?
Why? Do you have a meeting?
Get lost.
And don't come back.
Surprise! Surprise!
- You?
- You made me wait so long.
Quickly make some dinner.
I am starving.
What are you doing here?
What do you mean?
I left everything behind...for good.
For you, Meera.
- Come on, let's go inside.
- Wait a second.
I was about to call you.
You were missing me, weren't you?
After meeting Geeta today,
I realised I can never be like her.
You don't have to be like her.
You are different.
She is crazy.
Bheem, I've always been independent.
Altering my life and my
routine according to someone else,
isn't possible for me.
I understand, Meera.
Bheem...I'm not the
type that bakes fresh flat bread.
I've always lived alone,
which is why I never adopted a dog.
Are you comparing me to a dog?
I cannot live with you.
Meera, don't take Geeta seriously.
She is...
Geeta is very nice.
We're being unfair to her.
Harbhajan! Harbhajan...wait!
I'm coming back home! Harbhajan!
I can't figure out what's
going on in this house.
You should have
talked mom out of it.
Instead, you're supporting her!
Mom is doing the right
thing parting ways, Kukoo.
And I am with her.
What are you saying?
Have you lost your mind?
They are my mom and dad!
And they love each other.
Don't we love each other?
Nainaa, they cannot part ways, okay.
Why can't they part ways, Kukoo?
We can part ways but not them?
Why is our divorce
any different from theirs?
This is not about us!
Exactly! It's about them!
Why are you suddenly acting up?
Did you even once sit
down with mom and talk to her?
Have you ever asked her,
"Mom, are you okay?"
Do you have any clue
what just happened with her?
- Her entire life, her marriage...
- Why are you lecturing me?
She is my mom. I know her.
And don't interfere too much.
If you can't fix
anything in this family,
then don't make it any worse,
God. You're so selfish.
Have you ever felt
that mom's not happy
in this marriage?
Did you ever try to find out?
No, you didn't.
Because it doesn't
make any difference to you.
What matters to you is,
whether you're happy
with their decisions or not.
You are selfish like your father.
Don't compare me to my father.
- You are like your father.
- No.
Someone who only cares
about his happiness.
And this selfish nature of yours
is responsible for the
state of our relationship.
I am responsible?
I am not responsible, you are!
And you are selfish, not me.
You insisted on going to Canada.
I left my house, my city for you!
If you were offered a job
in Canada or any other place,
wouldn't I've gone with you?
Normal couples support
each other in these things.
What support?
I left my life behind
and moved to Canada with you.
What more support do you want?
It's not just the gesture,
you've to stick by it.
And you always keep blaming me,
don't you think it hurts me?
Whenever something
good happens in my life
I want to share it
first with you, Kukoo!
But I can't-
because you're never happy for me.
It's like my own success
makes me feel guilty.
Shut up, Nainaa!
- Stop this nonsense!
- It's the truth.
Have you ever once said,
"Nainaa, I'm proud of you!"?
And these things are never said,
you just do it
for the sake of love, Kukoo.
Yes true, I am being vocal about it.
What difference does it make?
Do you feel anything?
Do you?
You knew I was
suffocating out there!
But did you do anything about it?
No. Because your career,
your job, money...
Am I earning for myself?
I was earning for us!
For our future!
And don't you dare say,
I gave my career and job more
importance than you or this family!
In the second year of our marriage,
I was ready to have a child.
I was ready to quit everything!
But, you said no!
Yes, I said no!
Because I didn't have a job.
And I didn't want to
run the house with your money.
There's your male ego!
How is it my male ego?
If I want to earn money
and run the house,
then how is it my male ego?
Every man in this world
wants the same thing, Nainaa.
Is it my fault that
I was successful out there,
and you were not?
This thing that you do.
You make me realise
what a big failure I am.
You never miss a single
opportunity to show
how successful Nainaa Sharma is,
and what a big failure Kukoo is.
You are a failure! And so am I!
Look at us, Kukoo.
I failed as a wife,
you failed as a husband.
And you know what,
you're about to
go fail as a son now.
I am sorry too.
What are you doing
out here on the road?
Sit. Sit.
There is so much beauty around us,
but we never appreciated it.
Just like I never
appreciated our family...
and Geeta.
It's 5 o'clock in the morning.
- What's wrong with you?
- I had strayed, son.
I had strayed.
You did a good thing
making Meera meet Geeta.
Thank you.
After listening to her, I realised
that she's the one and only.
I tried to go to Meera.
But my feet refused to move.
I called her up and said no.
She cried inconsolably.
But I didn't melt.
I explained to her
that Geeta is my better half.
Anyways, it's too late.
I've a request before I leave.
Take good care of
my Geeta for my sake.
You're not going anywhere, papa.
Come home with me.
How will I face her?
She will never agree.
Did you tell her that I left home?
You can't keep a secret, can you?
Don't worry, papa. I'll talk to mom.
- No, no. Let me go.
- Get up.
Come home right now, papa.
- You have to come.
- No, leave me alone.
- Papa...
- Leave me alone.
- Come home, papa. Stop being so stubborn.
- Leave me to my condition.
No, papa. Let's go.
Let me be!
- Papa, let me...
- Okay, let's go.
- Let's go. Let's go.
- Let me take your bag...
Mom say something, please.
I am not justifying papa's actions.
He's wrong.
And he's realised that now.
Take a look at him.
We are a family, mom.
And if we don't forgive
each other's mistakes,
then who will.
Give him one last chance.
I blundered, Geeta.
I was out of my mind.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Everything was going smooth,
but I...
I was leaving everything
behind, but...
Maybe I could've
never forgiven myself,
if I had left without
apologising to you.
Geeta, please.
You all are my family.
You, my kids.
I can't live without all of you.
Forgive me one last time.
Forgive me, kids.
Actually, I should just leave.
I would've left, but...
say something first.
Mom, please.
Ginny has decided that
we renew our vows tomorrow,
on our marriage anniversary.
Let's make a new
beginning with new vows.
Thank you, Geeta.
Thank you.
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
By the way,
I got them married once before.
It was pretty okay.
Why did you have to do it
all over again?
It's the current trend, Priest.
Renewing your old vows.
And anyways, they will be
taking their vows in two days,
this will be good practice for them.
Can you please start quickly? Need
to post it on my Instagram story.
I need to regularly
update my 350 followers.
Bravo. God bless you!
Bro, make me a drink too.
Kukoo, here's your drink.
Put some snow.
Put some snow.
- Snow!
- Arjun Kapoor.
This is our party.
Here you go.
Kukoo. Mom and dad
are back together.
Why don't you guys patch up too?
Don't start again, bro.
You're unbelievable.
- Nainaa's my sister.
- Yeah.
- And you're my bro.
- Yes.
I would obviously want my brother
and sister's marriage
to stay intact.
Just look at that.
Look at uncle.
We were so wrong about
your saint type of a father.
Look at his face.
Look at the glow,
the shine!
Mom and dad are made for each other.
- Absolutely, bro.
- They are!
Made for each other.
Kukoo, I always thought that...
between love and lust,
lust always wins.
But no.
Papa has completely
changed my thought.
He's completely turned it around.
He's not uncle,
he is a transformer!
He is. He is.
I have an idea.
- Tell me.
- Our victory will be incomplete
until we don't humiliate
that Rangili madam.
Amazing idea.
- She shook my family to the core.
- She did!
Let's make her envious.
Let's video call her.
- Better.
- She can't fail me now.
Call her. Call her.
There, press that button...
Good morning, madam!
How are you, madam?
All good.
Wait a second,
I've something to show you.
See, ma'am.
- Who won in the end?
- Tell me.
- My mom did.
- Yes!
- My family did.
- Yes!
You tried your best
to swindle my father.
But in the end,
my father kicked you out.
She doesn't look offended.
It's trauma.
She's laughing
because she's shocked.
I am laughing at you, Kukoo.
You're so naive.
You don't know your father at all.
He kicked me out?
Happy anniversary
to Geeta and Bheem.
God bless them!
Kukoo, have you lost your mind?
He doesn't deserve to get married!
Let's go, mom.
I won't let you marry
this selfish man again.
Kukoo, what are you doing?
- What's wrong with you?
- Mom, one second.
Priest, please leave.
- Thank you.
- No...
Let's go.
You can't stick to your old vows,
and you want to revise them?
Please leave.
We're done here.
Thank you.
Get lost!
Come on, leave.
- Leave. Out. Out.
- Hey, keep the plates down.
- Leave.
- Kukoo, what behaviour is this?
You're the one playing
with our lives.
Do you know mom-
the apology he did by falling
at your feet while saying
"I had strayed,
I was out of my mind."?
It wasn't any realisation!
He didn't have a heart transplant...
Heart change, Kukoo.
He didn't have a change of heart.
That Meera madam...
What madam?
That Meera kicked him out.
- Let's go. Come on.
- Isn't it?
- Wait a minute, let me finish.
- You're drunk!
- Let me finish my sentence.
- You're too drunk! Go home and sleep!
You are drunk. Let's go.
Go home and sleep.
Let me finish.
- You are drunk! Let's go!
- Let me speak!
Do you know what he said to me?
"You won't believe it, Kukoo..."
"My feet refused to budge."
You've been doing
your duties for 35-years,
but she got scared
to do it even for a day.
So she kicked him out!
- Go from here.
- No, I'm talking to her.
Let me talk to her.
You are drunk...
And then he was afraid.
"What's going to happen to me now?"
"How can I live alone?"
He's not renewing his vows,
this is just a
retirement plan for him.
Papa, you might be selfish
but what an amazing actor you are!
And I'm such a fool
to think mom's wrong.
That she is overreacting!
I even told Nainaa...
I told Nainaa,
but she explained to me.
If mom is not happy,
then what's the point?
Nainaa, sorry.
Everything you said last
night was absolutely correct.
You are far more mature than I am.
Leave me, leave this family and go.
Stop it, Kukoo.
Don't talk rubbish
in your drunken stupor.
What has drinking
got to do with rubbish?
There is no connection.
Shut up.
This is our internal matter.
See Nainaa, I told you.
This family cannot accept me.
Gurpreet, please shut up!
Why should I shut up?
You know what Kukoo,
tell aunty about
the heart attack too.
Tell her.
Oh yeah...there's that too.
Meera madam just told us
an amazing fact.
And this one's the best, mom.
That heart attack he had,
where he lay on the
floor clenching his heart
and you attended to him...
Even his bloody
heart attack was fake!
He is lying.
He is lying.
Shame on you, son.
You can ask Bhatia.
Call him.
- Bhatia.
- Call him.
Bhatia, come here.
Come on stage. Tell them.
Tell them the truth, Bhatia.
Tell them the truth.
Didn't I have a heart attack?
- No, sister-in-law...
- Tell us.
No, sister-in-law...
I mean, yes...
What is this quack gonna say?
He made all those fake reports.
Believe me, only Kukoo
is telling the truth today.
And uncle here is lying.
He's not uncle, he's a liar.
Sorry. Sorry.
Forget it.
Brush it under the rug.
- Sorry.
- Why sorry?
What for?
He is right.
It's not rubbish!
This is the truth.
One should never
trust such a person.
He is aging
but he's not growing old!
Say sorry to your father.
He's still your father.
Say sorry.
It's okay.
Come Geeta, let's go home.
They are all out of their minds.
Enough! Stop it!
I've had enough!
What will you say?
Where will you go?
What's left?
You've lied to me earlier.
But I always consoled myself
saying he's my husband.
Let me save the relationship.
But not anymore, Bheem.
I am tired.
Listen to me...
You never understood
the definition of marriage.
Neither you,
nor you two.
Marriages are made
of love and compromises.
Togetherness and differences.
But where there's
no respect and trust,
those marriages never last.
I've lost faith in you.
You wanted to divorce me.
Now I want a divorce from you.
Sorry, sweetheart.
We are not your ideal couple.
Neither your mom and dad,
nor your brother and sister-in-law.
Mom, you said everything
becomes fine after marriage.
You call this fine?
I used to look at
you'll and imagine,
this is how marriages should be.
That's why I was
marrying the right guy.
Even though I love someone else.
But even you two fell in love,
right guys?
So what happened?
If I'm going to
end up like you guys,
then to hell with marriage.
I don't want to do it.
With no one.
I made a mistake.
I've always prioritized
my happiness over relationships.
But now, neither am I happy,
nor do I have any
relationships left.
Don't make the same mistake I did.
You're better than me.
Sign here.
Sign it.
You're not doing anything wrong.
Are you getting a divorce
with mutual consent?
I'm giving you six months.
Either resolve your
differences in six months
or you can come
back for the divorce.
Case number 6793,
Kuldeep Saini, Nainaa Sharma.
Case number 6793,
Kuldeep Saini, Nainaa Sharma.
Nainaa, sorry.
It's okay, come.
No Nainaa, I am sorry.
For what?
For ruining everything!
For not being a good husband.
Giving more importance
to my happiness rather than yours.
Forgetting we're
not separate entities.
We are together, or nothing.
Why are you saying all this now?
It's too late now.
No, it's not too late.
Give us another chance?
Please take me to New York with you.
I don't know if I'll be able
to achieve anything on my own,
but I'll clap the
loudest on your success.
I refused to take the job.
What's the point of success,
that we can't celebrate together?
Are you out of your mind?
Case 6793...
Sir, one second.
One second.
- This is my final decision...
- I don't want to do it...
Kuldeep Saini, Nainaa Sharma.
One second. We're still discussing.
What are you doing?
I don't want to take up this job...
You do whatever you want to do.
But don't get angry.
I am a little slow
when it comes to these things.
Takes me time to understand.
But now I've understood-
my happiness lies in your happiness.
I've done something stupid today.
Just don't get angry.
What did you do this time?
Please tick on yes.
What is this drama?
What's written on his stomach?
"Will you marry me?"
"Will you marry me?"
"Will you marry me?", Sir.
This is getting embarrassing,
Nainaa, hurry up.
Even the judge is getting annoyed.
After you reach New York,
if you don't get the time to call-
- Atleast text!
- We will, for sure.
Don't forget all about us.
Papa, one second.
What happened?
Papa, once we settle
down in New York,
I was thinking of calling mom over.
Even you should restart your life.
And if you need anything,
I'm there...
Those whose lives
come to a standstill
need to restart their life.
I've told you many jokes...
Today, I'll tell you a prose.
- Papa, I'm getting late for my flight.
- Hear me out...
It goes like this...
A pigeon went into a bar,
and lay flat after
a couple of drinks.
Pigeon? Bar?
He was an alcoholic pigeon...
A pigeon went into a bar
and lay flat after
a couple of drinks.
If you take your mother from here,
you'll get plenty of spankings.
I've impressed your mother before.
Back then it took me three months,
this time it might take me six.
Six months.
What is life without a challenge?
Amazing. Amazing.
Hugs and kisses.
You know what Kukoo,
is there an Old York in New York?
- There isn't.
- There isn't?
Then I guess Delhi's much better.
Old Delhi, New Delhi.
Why do you bring
him along everywhere?
I don't know, papa.
Okay guys. I've got to go.
I'll call you, papa.
- Why don't you accept me?
- Never, never.
Papa, see you.
- Bye, see you.
- Let's go.
That friend of yours...
- That musician.
- Gaurav?
Call him home.
Let's meet.
- Really, papa?
- Of course.
Let's have a meal together,
child. Huh?