Juice WRLD: Into the Abyss (2021) Movie Script

I've never seen anybody like
Juice WRLD in my entire life.
Somebody who can be
so emotionally vulnerable,
someone with talent
that is off the charts,
and someone who is
unapologetically himself.
There's nobody like Juice WRLD.
SPEAKER 1: Yeah.
Oh. Yeah.
Rex made the beat
So you know I gotta murder it
They act all tough
But in person
They be murmurin'
And mumbling
Pull a gun out
They get to stumblin'
When the chopper
Get to thunderin'
Shittin' on all these haters
Like where the plunger at?
I'm excited
'Cause now I can throw a party
And all the people that hated
On me won't be invited
True Religion, on me
Like the Buddha
Indian style
I'm enlightened
I remember
Up in kindergarten
My teacher told me
I wouldn't be shit
And as she saw me
Play the piano
I made all the other
Kids seasick
Even though I got
A couple demons
I'm still screaming
"Oh, thank Jesus"
Upside down pyramid on me
Just to complement
The Jesus pieces
I was a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh
That's why I pull cards
On these stupid hoes
Got an arrow, not a bullet
Cupid hoe, huh? Yeah
I pop Percs to numb
All the pain
'Cause it hurt to live
I gotta take everything
'Cause sometimes
It hurt to give
I make money even though
Sometimes I don't make sense
Speaking of taking everything
It's time to take shits
On every single person
That said I wouldn't do it
Every single person
That said I was stupid
Every single person who said
I was that Netflix Special
What's the name?
What's the show? Oh, Clueless
But, no, I ain't clueless
I've got this
I'm on top
So now nobody can top this
Last time to change the topic
I got a way with words
I come running
With a phonics book
In school, I didn't do
The homework
But I still got the subjects
Money ain't the object
Money is the objective
Gotta admit that
I'm successful
But I feel like my hair
Sometimes a little dreadful
I grew up on rock
Rap, heavy metal
Now I'm riding bikes
Pedal to the medal
Oh, even got a pedal with
Some throttle so excuse me
These niggas faking
There's some optical illusions
I'd be looking like
"What the fuck is you doing?"
You ain't getting money
You ain't changing shit
You ain't changing the world
You just stupid
Talking about you
Cracking cars
And selling drugs
Killing niggas
And going hard
Watch a real nigga come
And pull your card
Now you're looking
All scared
Finna piss yourself
Shit yourself
You gotta admit yourself
You need some help
I gotta admit myself
I'm on these drugs
Feel like I can't save myself
Sometimes, I wanna
Take myself
And break myself
So I could reshape myself
Nobody ever felt
The pain I felt
So I share it, put it out
To the whole world
I ain't embarrassed
Bunch of these niggas
Is my sons
I apologize to 'em
'Cause I've been a bad parent
I'm trying because
I'm not the one
See, I won't even
Count to two
For all you racist
White motherfuckers
You got bullied
By a jigaboo, Jones
I'm in your home
With a gun to your dome
Or I'm in your home
Putting dick in her dome
I'm talking about your momma
I'm sorry, I'm disrespectful
So I beg for your pardon
But, no
I ain't begging for shit
I gotta say that
At the beginning
Before I even get started
-That beat was fire.
That dude was fire.
that was fire, fire.
-SPEAKER 2: Shit was crazy.
-ALLY: I can't stand it.
-SPEAKER 1: Like--
That was too hard.
-SPEAKER 2: That was...
That shit was crazy.
Like, that needs to be,
like pulled up in the room,
and that shit needs
to happen again.
SPEAKER 2: That shit, that shit.
SPEAKER 3: Fucking right.
You need to put that
-on your album just like that.
There's another one I--
Literally, that shit
was so fucking hard...
SPEAKER 2: All right.
That was a special one, man.
So much emotion.
So much emotion, and...
Yeah. Some of the stuff he says
in it is so raw and so real.
That's real art.
That's not art to sell.
That's just, you know,
pure expression.
With freestyling,
it's literally,
like, all off the top
of the dome.
You making up words
that rhyme in real time.
You know what I'm saying?
And when you could make up words
that rhyme in real time
with stories that align,
it's like, you're one
of a kind.
(CHUCKLES) You feel me?
And so, he is like...
It's like all that in one,
and it's like it's just going
and it's like, "Wow!" The top
motherfucker can't do this.
The top ghostwriter,
who's writing
for the top people,
can't do this.
It's like, "You..." (EXHALES)
"You-- You-- You trouble."
He goes in and does
the entire song,
from start to finish,
the whole song.
The entire thing. Three minutes,
four minutes,
however long the beat
is, he's going.
So, he does the whole song,
and he goes,
"All right, run it back again."
Does a whole different song.
Complete different song.
Then he goes, "All right,
run it back one more time."
Whole different song again.
And then he goes,
"Pick the best one."
And then we do
it nine more times.
Each time I'm in with him.
And it was... In that moment,
my jaw dropped.
And I said, "Oh, I'm in
the room with a superstar."
Like, I'm in a room with a guy
who's gonna go down in history
as one of the greatest artists
of all time.
I remember the first time
seeing his name
up there with, like,
"Drake, Juice,
Taylor Swift, Post Malone,
Travis Scott."
These are people who have
machines behind them, right?
That's their whole...
The whole, you know,
drive behind some
of these huge artists,
like, you know?
Whoever's up there is...
that's part of their stature,
is keeping them in that top five
in the world.
You know, Juice wasn't
trying to be that.
Juice just became that.
It's crazy to even say.
He just became that.
He just became the biggest thing
in the world without trying,
just making good music.
Let's go, nigga.
CREW MEMBER 2: Hell, yeah, bro!
All right, we going.
CREW MEMBER 3: Where can I go?
Make some fucking noise!
JUICE: Do not lie to my home!
Y'all fuckin' lyin' to my home!
-JUICE: Oh! Oh!
One, two, three, four!
CROWD: I still see your
Shadows in my room
JUICE: Sing it!
CROWD: Can't take back
The love that I gave you
It's to the point
Where I love and I hate you
And I cannot change you
So I must replace you
Easier said than done
I thought you were the one
Listening to my heart
Instead of my head
You found another one
But I am the better one
I won't let you forget me
JUICE: Sing it!
CROWD: I still see
Your shadows in my room
Can't take back
The love that I gave you
It's to the point
Where I love and I hate you...
My girl's about to leave me
'cause I lost my Juul
and I don't know what to do
with my life.
-AMY: Literally,
find your Juul.
-I'll send a text.
You feel? If I don't find it,
she gonna leave me
and I'm gonna die,
-that's sad, boy.
-SPEAKER 1: Is it this one?
AMY: Whatever.
Forever. Can't find
his fucking Juul.
She broke up with me over it.
But I still see
Her shadows in my room
-SPEAKER 1: Huh.
JUICE: Oh, God.
People ever ask
you to sing that shit?
JUICE: Hell, yeah.
Can I get in the refrigerator?
My bad.
JUICE: It'd be the weirdest,
hood-ass motherfuckers
that'll be say-- saying,
"Sing that shit!"
-Like, that's not you!
JUICE: I'm not finna sing
that shit to you.
SPEAKER 1: My son knows
it word for word.
-JUICE: How old he?
-SPEAKER 1: Six.
JUICE: Oh, man, that's what
makes me smile the most.
My wife said something...
She said something
to my daughter
about being pretty,
and then my son goes,
"It's 'cause she's evil."
Or no-- My wife said something
about being evil,
and then my son goes,
"It's 'cause she's pretty."
And my wife goes, "What?"
He's like,
"That's what Juice WRLD said,
'Prettiest girls got
the evil face.'"
JUICE: It was really
funny, dude.
Saving them young.
But he's, like,
super into music.
-Like, he knows all the words--
Savin' 'em young!
You're stupid. (CHUCKLES)
Get the fuck out of here.
Nah, that's facts, though.
-Facts. Facts, facts, facts.
-Just lookin' out!
-My bad, brother.
-LAROI: Nah, you good, nigga.
Facts, facts, facts.
What's up, you bringing
this bitch?
You want me to unplug it?
JUICE: Yeah. You wanna
drink some of this?
Tonight's gonna
Be a good night
Forty on me like
I'm Suge Knight
Poppin' Xannies
In the moonlight
- Baby girl
Let the moon drive
-That's good.
I just made my girl
Some dark Sprite
- She said
"It's good, right?"
-SPEAKER 2: Literally.
- But it ain't good, right?
This shit gotta be dark bright
Purple in the double cup
I sip a couple 16s
I ain't had enough
I spit a couple 16s
And it's finna cost
Hundred k for a feature
Get the money off
-SPEAKER 2: Hmm.
- All I know is get the cash
I'm gon' get it all, yeah
Baddie with her ass
She gonna give me all
Codeine, never sick
I don't never cough
Codeine over liq
Fuck a Smirnoff
Hey, all my niggas killers
Like they Adolf
Yeah, leave a nigga
Dead in the graveyard
Yeah, I can't see these niggas
Like they Ray Charles
Yeah, leave 'em ODed
That's what I want
Yeah, I look up to legends
Like Big Smalls
And Tupac, Nas
All them niggas, aw
But I'm a young nigga
Balling like Ming Yao
Dunkin' on a nigga
Like I'm six feet tall
A cappella with the flow
I don't gotta write it
I see what I say
Before I say it
Feel like a psychic...
SPEAKER 1: You should bring
some champagne
onstage and pop it.
SPEAKER 2: Yeah, I want it.
I'm about to pop
a bottle, y'all.
ALLY: Shake it more,
shake it a lot. (CHUCKLES)
-CAMERAMAN: Wait, watch out.
AMY: You guys,
it's really hard.
You gotta use both hands.
JUICE: This is gonna pop
out itself?
-SPEAKER 1: Yeah.
Shake-- It's not finna--
It's not working. What the fuck?
AMY: You gotta pop it off.
-SPEAKER 1: You gotta push it.
-AMY: It's hard!
SPEAKER 1: It's gonna be harder
to pop it. You probably
just fucked it up.
-SPEAKER 1: Work!
ALLY: Just fuck it up.
Just pull it off.
-No, I was gonna... (CHUCKLES)
How this shit work, man?
I'm supposed to celebrate,
I don't know how to celebrate.
Twist it a little bit first.
-Oh, I see.
SPEAKER 1: There you go.
Now push it.
SPEAKER 3: Yeah,
it's coming now.
SPEAKER 1: That's the white one.
Watch it.
Now, you gotta sip it.
-That was like,
awfully tense, bro. (CHUCKLES)
ANNOUNCER: Hey, y'all.
On the count of three,
sing your favorite
Juice WRLD song.
-One, two, three!
JUICE: So, I have a...
You all like one
of the ones I have?
JUICE: All right.
All right, all right.
CROWD: I'm in my black Benz
Doin' cocaine
With my Black friends
We'll be high as hell
Before the night ends, yeah
We'll be high
Before the night ends
- Before the night ends
-JUICE: One, two! One, two...
Switch up to the white Benz
Doing codeine
With my white friends...
We'll be high as hell
before the night ends, yeah
Before the night ends!
Before the night begins!
Lord have mercy
I know that these
Percies finna hurt me
Sometimes I feel
Like they doin' surgery
Tell me, are they workin'?
Are they workin'?
Tell me, are they workin'
I party too damn much
And you niggas can't keep up
I'm getting too fucked up
Too fucked up, yeah
I'm too fucked up
Won't look up 'til
The sun come up
Pills with the Hennessy
I might throw up
- I'm in my black Benz
-JUICE: Sing it!
Doing cocaine
With my Black friends
We'll be high as hell
Before the night ends, yeah
Before the night ends
Before the night begins
JUICE: Sing it!
-ANNOUNCER: This Chicago, nigga!
ANNOUNCER: People! Make some
fucking noise for Juice WRLD!
-Shawn, unlock this tour bus.
-SHAWN: Yes.
Maison Margiela
When I walk up In the room
Just did a show
And I walked up in a room
That man in the studio
He trip off of this room
I'mma take a molly
With your bitches at my room
Then I'm gonna...
I'm Trippie... (CHUCKLES)
Shoutout to Trippie,
that's his song.
Juice WRLD! Juice WRLD!
Juice WRLD! Juice WRLD!
Juice WRLD!
Juice WRLD!
Juice WRLD! Juice WRLD!
Juice WRLD! Juice WRLD!
Juice WRLD!
-FAN 1: Juice!
-JUICE: Fuck, yes!
That guy was attacking!
FAN 1: Juice WRLD
SPEAKER 2: Lemme see
that New York shit.
-SPEAKER 1: It's a safety pin.
-SPEAKER 2: Turn the fuck down!
And in studio right now,
we got a breakout rap artist,
Juice WRLD in the building
right now.
Straight out of Chicago.
Welcome, hermano.
Yo, what's good? What's good?
So you were telling us,
bro, you have not gone to sleep.
-Since when, bro?
JUICE: Last four days, probably.
-EDGAR: Yeah, man.
-BRIAN: What?
BRIAN: All right,
on the internet right now,
it-- Every radio station
has an interview
with you trending right now.
I don't even know how
that's possible.
From the U.K. to New York...
(CHUCKLES) ...to L.A. now.
(CHUCKLES) Congratulations
on the grind, bro.
Thanks, bro. I appreciate it.
From the studio last night,
straight into this studio. Uh...
-You recorded
some music last night.
-J. CRUZ: What, six songs
last night?
-CRUZ: My God. We stay working.
-Stay working.
There's a line
you recently said too,
that impacted a lot of people.
"We're not gonna
make it till 21."
"We're not gonna make it to 21."
JUICE: Yeah.
You don't feel that way, do you?
I feel like everybody
dying young...
-CRUZ: Yeah.
-...you know what
I'm saying? Um...
Not foreshadowing or anything,
or wishing that upon myself...
-J: Man, I know, I know.
-...but, like...
But you have spoken
about death,
-and your own demise.
-Yeah. Like, everybody...
dying young.
How old are you,
if you don't mind my asking?
-BIG BOY: Nineteen years of age?
-BIG BOY: Damn.
-HOST 1: World is yours.
-Yeah. And do you feel like--
-HOST 1:
Just getting started too.
-I was about to say that,
-do you feel like
it's just beginning?
-Yeah, for sure.
Juice, I'm gonna go ahead
-and put it on. You ready?
BIG BOY: Take your time.
Sippin' water right now,
ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, hey.
-BIG BOY: From the dome?
BIG BOY: All right,
from the dome. Off the top.
Uh. Y'all edit out, like,
curse words?
BIG BOY: No, do your thing.
Go for your world.
JUICE: Okay, yeah
Realest in the building
Nigga sick as fuck
That's some penicillin
I pull up
Shit on him, no pampers on
I shit on the whole rap game
Don't got no manners, oh
Flow go so brazy
Shake shit like Haiti
I'm not an Xbox
You cannot play me
Hit you with
That 4:44 combo Jay-Z
I am the GOAT, please
You can't replace me...
But then again
At the end of the day
I'm thankful
For all my shit, bitch
Life is but a journey
And I'm writing
Out my wish list
Juice WRLD in
the neighborhood, hello!
-HOST 1: That shit... (CHUCKLES)
-Oh, shit.
-HOST 1: He can do it all.
-I know that wasn't
from the dome.
-It was.
-BIG BOY: Stop it.
-Lil motherfucker's
on freestyle-freestyle.
-HOST 1: Mm-hmm.
-And I dome too.
-JUICE: Yeah. Yeah.
I ain't never-- I'm gonna tell
you straight up,
I don't think I've ever seen
a motherfucker
that can... that tight.
-JUICE: Thank you
for having me, man.
-Let me tell you, man.
It's my first sit-down
with Juice WRLD. All right?
That motherfucker got it.
He got it.
It was a pleasure hanging
with him, man.
He recognized what's going down.
I love what
this motherfucker is doing.
Extremely humble.
That's character.
-Juice out for image. Big boy.
-CAMERAMAN: I'm out.
-What's happening?
-JUICE: Shit.
MAX LORD: Hey, look.
I went to hit up James today.
And he took credit for me
putting the lean
in the fridge, bro. It hurts.
I thought I was doing
the world a service.
Appreciate y'all, bro.
I though you was gonna be
out today. It was all like...
I told bro, like,
don't fucking touch
-the soda, man. (CHUCKLES)
-JUICE: Bro...
-CAMERAMAN: Hey, Ally.
How's it hanging?
Me and her met in law school.
-CAMERAMAN: Law school?
-Law school. Yeah.
If anyone's wondering.
Me, Ally, and Pete were actually
all classmates.
-We were. I've known Pete
for a long while.
-And I...
-I walked up to her...
-I opened my--
-Yoch will vouch
for all of this.
-I've known him for ten years.
-I opened...
my one of one...
-Calvin Klein briefcase...
-Beautiful. I remember it.
-...and pulled out...
-...some of the paperwork
I was studying.
-It was actually
the Jeffrey Dahmer case.
Very interesting case.
I see her and I say, "Wow."
"That is a very studious..."
-(CHUCKLES) Don't...
-"...beautiful lady over there."
-And, um...
I leaned over to Pete saying...
-"Pete, oh, buddy, oh, pal."
"I wanna go say something.
Should I do it?"
And Pete was like...
"If you spread your wings,
you'll fly."
So, I walked over to her,
and I was like, "Hey."
He did.
"After class, you wanna go
share a strawberry shake?"
And she was like...
-"No, I like chocolate."
I tried again.
And again and again
and again. And finally,
she said yes.
And then one day,
I smoked some PCP...
...and decided I was gonna
become a rapper
instead of a lawyer.
-And now, here we are.
-He just took me with him.
I'm gonna throw, no hiccup
Codeine, I don't sip liquor
I got a real drug problem
God, need you to fix it
I'm drinking the lean
Same way they
Drinking the liquor
Aw, I am a fiend
They chop it
It came with a bean
Freddy Krueger
When I'm on a beef shit
Can you keep that take,
and then start it from the top?
Yep. You got it.
SPEAKER 1: I'll fuck with that.
Sometimes, sometimes
Sometimes, sometimes
Sometimes, sometimes
I wanna be by my lonely
I pop these Perc' by my lonely
I put in work by my lonely
.40 on me, you know
It's my homie
I wanna be by my lonely
I take these Perc'
By my lonely
I put in work by my lonely
.40 on me, you know
That's my homie
My mind sometimes
Gets dark and wild
My mind sometimes
I don't wanna be bothered
Inhale, exhale, breathing
Just got a little harder
I mean well, I mean well
All's well that ends well
Inhale, exhale
Losing my sanity, probably
I'll see you in hell
Yeah, I'mma meet you there
See what I'm on, man. Look, man.
Out here.
YOUNG THUG: You on a--
Did I see a dirt bike?
-You did.
-THUG: Yeah.
You really know how
to ride this thing?
Hell, yeah.
-We're out here, man.
You gotta...
-Guess who that is. Max Lord.
Gotta let him know
what you're doing.
-They been sitting on--
-THUG: What the fuck
is you doing?
Man, Jesus...
I'm trying to have
a conversation with my--
That's why I'm out here.
-THUG: Man...
-That's your boy,
that's your boy. (CHUCKLES)
-THUG: The fuck is he doin'?
That's your boy, Max Lord, bro,
look at him. (CHUCKLES)
-What's wrong with him? Flat?
-THUG: Where the fuck you at?
THUG: Man, you look like you
at a goddamn village, nigga.
(CHUCKLES) I'm back, I'm in L.A.
I'm at this little crib,
I'm at-- This is my fuckin'...
-It's away...
-THUG: That's the vibe.
It feels like a village.
On God.
This shit got an elevator
in his motherfucker,
all type of shit.
THUG: Hey, you out there
on a dirt bike,
now I hear y'all don't even
know how to ride this shit.
Shit, I just learned really
within the last two,
three weeks.
-THUG: The last what, nigga?
-Like two or three weeks.
I got decent at this shit.
But look, though.
When I was a shorty,
my homie and them stole
a four-wheeler.
-That's how it all got started.
THUG: Gonna hurt yourself
on that shit, man.
Hell, no. I can't fuck up
the money.
I don't know if this'll go
on the blog or not,
but this is all
you need in life.
SPEAKER 1: Nah, don't go,
don't throw that...
I mean, everything's worth a try
except for, like,
crack and shit.
SPEAKER 2: Yeah, exactly.
CAMERAMAN: Wait, you're not
supposed to try it?
-Oh, no.
Hell, no. No, sir.
Only if, like,
you really want to.
Hell, no. (CHUCKLES) Hell, no.
I need some earplugs, bro.
My shit just rang.
-MAX: Yeah. It rang.
-Fuck. This shit hurt.
MAX: I was gonna plug
your ears for you.
Plug 'em real quick.
My shit ringing, bro.
All my life I've had, like, ADD,
-so my mom has been...
-MAX: Right.
...putting me on Vyvanse
and Adderall,
I've been to all the doctors'
So, it's the same shit.
And I don't really
agree with that shit, bro.
I was in fifth grade,
getting diagnosed with ADD.
How the fuck can you tell
a fifth grader they have ADD?
He's in fucking fifth grade.
-How's he supposed--
-MAX: Kids have energy.
How's you supposed to act?
I would think it was
something wrong
with a kid,
if he was in fifth grade
and he was just wired
in class like this.
-I would think
that he needs some fucking--
I don't know, like,
Xans or some shit.
I don't know. Like...
MAX: Something to fucking
bring him down?
Yeah. Like, that shit--
and that shit
didn't have me
feeling right, bro.
Like, I should write
a book about that,
and then expose, like,
the whole shit.
'Cause that's, like, not right.
And I wasn't even the only kid
that was on that shit
in my school.
But, like, it just felt like,
you know, you took the pill...
and for like 15 minutes,
you're like,
all your personality is,
like, enhanced.
Like, you're all social,
class clown, laughing.
After the 15 minutes is over...
-SPEAKER 1: How y'all doin'?
-Goin' nowhere, bruh.
I'm in this
Motherfuckin' bitch
Suck my dick, bitch
Suck my dick, bitch
Suck my dick, bitch
-SPEAKER 2: Fuck it up!
-JUICE: Suck my fucking dick
Suck my dick, five times
Suck my dick, six times
Suck my dick, seven times
Suck my dick, eight times
- Suck my dick, nine times
-CAMERAMAN: Whoo! Whoo!
Suck my dick, ten times
Nine times, oh! (CHUCKLES)
That was just raw.
That was just raw.
(CHUCKLES) Oh! Oh! Oh!
-You got my girlfriend?
-SPEAKER 3: Yeah.
I got pills, I'm rolling
- I'm takin' 304s
Eyes dilated
Bitch I'm in my fucking zone
TYLER: You said
some nice things...
Oh, man.
That means a lot. (CHUCKLES)
Oh, man.
-That really means a lot.
-I appreciate that so much.
-For sure, bro. Love.
See you guys.
CREW MEMBER 1: Hey, guys.
One, two, three, four,
five, six...
Thank you.
Oh, shit. What's good?
CAMERAMAN: Hey, how you doing?
Good to see you.
-How you doin', brother?
How you doin', nigga?
- Switchin' sides, yeah
- Switchin' sides, yeah
- Ooh, ooh
- Ooh, ooh
Please don't throw
Your love away
Please don't throw
Your love away
Please don't throw
Your love away
-Yeah, yeah!
-Yeah, yeah!
JUICE: Look, I see,
I love every single last one
of you all with
all my fuckin' heart.
Thank y'all for coming
to see me.
You're the best supporters
in the fucking world,
and I mean that.
Y'all put that shit in my life.
Also, I wanna say...
if you have dreams
and aspirations,
which I know every single
last one of y'all do,
then follow them, homes.
Don't give a fuck
what nobody say.
Just live your dream.
This is your world.
You can do whatever the fuck
you wanna do with it.
And if anybody got
anything to say
about it, tell 'em
to suck your dick!
Oh, my next project from
the front row. Juice WRLD.
ANNOUNCER: Make some fucking
noise for Juice WRLD!
JUICE: I think I'm gonna be
spending most of my time
in L.A., though,
until I get, like,
tour and shit,
'cause I'm trying to like,
just be out here
in a stationary place,
then entertain myself with some
of these drugs and just...
-I wanna ride dirt bikes
and just chill.
That's what I'm saying.
You have to do that.
Yeah, couple of dudes get some
of this anxiety off my chest.
it dealing with all this?
It's like...
This is brand-new,
-you know what I'm saying?
It can come up on you fast.
-I mean, it's like,
bro, it's like...
everything feels surreal.
-So, it's easy...
to just keep moving.
-And sometimes,
I just wanna take a second out
of my day and think about it.
Like, obviously,
I know I'm blessed.
I'm beyond thankful.
Like, I thank God every day
for this shit.
Like, I'm blessed, bro.
But... it still feels surreal.
It still feels like
at any moment in time,
I could wake up and be in my bed
and be like, "What the fuck?"
I knew this was
a giant type shit,
-ILOVEMAKONNEN: Yeah, exactly.
...I feel like, when I stop
and think about it,
if I stop and think about it,
that's how my head
is gonna get too full,
and that's how I'm gonna become
an asshole or somebody
that went Hollywood,
somebody that-- No,
not a genuine person.
-So, I just keep it moving,
I just make sure
to count my blessings.
And sometimes, this shit
gets overwhelming,
but this is what I asked for,
you know, bro?
-And I wouldn't
wanna do anything else.
Yeah, I'm feeling that.
I wouldn't.
This is my passion. I love...
I love music, I love
spreading a message,
-I love speaking my mind...
...and me being able
to do all those things
on one platform is, honestly,
-it's a blessing, bro.
So, like...
...I wouldn't change
it for the world,
even though sometimes,
you know,
shit just kind of...
shit keep getting hectic.
Thank you, bro,
thank you, thank you.
You know what I'm saying?
-Thank you, brother.
Thank you, bro.
I appreciate that for real.
Man, that means a lot
coming from somebody
like, that I admire, bro.
-Like, you got that shit, bro.
For sure, shit's gonna
be lit, bro.
JUICE: Is that bitch on?
I wanna say something.
-Sorry. Hmm.
-CAMERAMAN: You're fine.
I don't give a fuck
about having a phone no more.
'Cause it's like...
Oh, no. Everything on a phone?
Besides, I mean, my peoples,
obviously, I need to communicate
with my family and shit.
But everything else is like...
What's on my phone? Temptation.
plugs for drugs and shit.
I'm trying to cut all
that shit out, man. Fuck that.
There's definitely no point
to having a phone
no more. In my position.
-You see where I'm coming from?
-CAMERAMAN: Listen to music?
Yeah. I will get an iPod.
-iPod touch, third generation.
Jailbreak that bitch
just like the old times.
-JUICE: Damn, I'mma do that.
Fuck! I'mma do that.
Toast to my bros.
-CAMERAMAN: Here you go.
For another cup.
-ALLY: River, come here.
-Oh, shit.
-What the fuck? (CHUCKLES)
-How you doing?
-What the fuck?
-ALLY: Hi!
-It's a pleasure.
That's my girl, Ally.
She's a fan of you as well.
Hi, Ally. How you doing?
ALLY: I'm doing well,
how are you?
-ALLY: This is my dog, River.
And my other dog, Caplyn.
Super chef Makonnen
Might sprinkle serotonin
Be careful when you rolling...
ALLY: Thank you. Sorry.
Caplyn! Come here!
Hey, I really want you
to hear my album, bro.
-ILOVEMAKONNEN: I wanna hear it.
I wanna hear some music.
-We're gonna go to the studio,
I gotta finish one
more verse on a song,
-then we can lock in all night.
-Come here, girl.
Oh, that's a lot of speakers.
Whoa, that's kinda crazy,
Yeah, press start.
On top, huh, bitch
I'm on top
On top, bitch, I'm on top
On top, huh, bitch, I'm on top
On top, bitch, I'm on top
I gave her all of me
Physically, spiritually
Oh, fake spiritual, ho
I gave her all of me
Literally leaving me cold
Sucking love from my soul...
I'm in Atlanta, molly prancin'
Feelin' like Ilovemakonnen
I'mma beat the pot
With the left hand
ILOVEMAKONNEN: It's crazy. Um...
-I'm team Juice WRLD.
-JUICE: Love, brother.
-Like, it's crazy.
ALLY: I love being
in Juice WRLD.
I'm so-- I'm so...
I don't know, man.
I'm at a loss for words.
-Like, you are...
-JUICE: Thank you.
You that thing, you...
I don't know, where'd
you came from?
Not from Earth.
You'd like...
It should go
into Guinness World Records.
-Thank you, that's crazy.
-Know what I mean?
CAMERAMAN: They got a museum
across the street.
-We can still put you up there.
ALLY: Let's just go
stick you in there.
Keep your feet planted.
All right?
Look into the-- Remember how
we did the close up over there?
And you were like, more relaxed?
-Same way we're gonna do that.
-Very calm. You know
what I'm sayin'?
You want me to roll this?
Nice, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Roll that. Roll on that.
-Roll on that.
-BTS, baby!
-Yeah, just keep planting.
DIRECTOR: Playback, playback!
Playback music.
Hit the playback.
CAMERAMAN: Playback music.
-DIRECTOR: Keep playing it.
-SPEAKER: Yo, that's it.
Yeah, keep playing,
keep playing it.
She told me put
My heart in the bag
And nobody gets hurt
Now I'm running from her love
- I'm not fast
So I make it...
-DIRECTOR: All right, cut it.
That shit was such a vibe.
Hey-- Hey, Cole, can I dance?
Yeah, you can dance.
Just keep your feet planted.
COLE: We're making
a movie, music video, rather,
-for a song called "Robbery."
This is actually the first song
that Juice ever played me.
So I'm super excited about it,
'cause this was over a year ago.
This song's like-- Hey, Juice.
How old is this song?
-Two years? A year and a half?
-Probably about a year.
So, it's been a long time.
And I don't know, just cool.
I'm excited.
We did a lot of cool stuff.
It's definitely my favorite
video I've done with Juice.
And I'm excited.
I'm proud of him.
Shouts out to Juiceness.
One of the best people I know.
CHELSEA BRIGGS: How's it going?
I'm good. No complaints.
How about you?
I'm doing really well.
I'm excited for you.
We're on the set of your
Billboard cover shoot right now.
-I'm super excited,
you're releasing
your sophomore album.
-At Death Race for Love.
-You were telling me
a little bit about,
you know, just how you've
struggled with anxiety
over the years.
Do you feel like you touch
on that a little bit
in this album?
Yeah. I do touch on it.
-I do.
That's something that I feel
like a lot of people neglect,
which is completely,
utterly wrong.
And me speaking from...
an African American man,
I know that this stuff
is neglected
in, like, our community.
You know, you tell your mommy,
your daddy, your aunty, whoever,
that you feel like
you got anxiety,
you feel like
you got depression,
you feel like you got
ADD, whatever.
They're gonna look
at you like you're crazy.
"Boy, you don't got that.
Get out! Go!"
"Get outta here!" Like...
Are you gonna tell me
I don't got something, you know?
That's not how it should be,
but that's how it is,
and that needs to change.
And hopefully, I'm one
of those people
that could bring...
-...that change,
or at least start
a chain reaction
for somebody else
to come and do it after me.
Best merch in the game.
Six hundred k in what?
Eight hours, Pete?
Eight fucking hours, man.
SPEAKER 1: You doin niggas
records, yeah.
-PETE: Oh, you pretty pretty.
-Bro, this Perc's hittin' me.
-You want one?
-SPEAKER 2: Want what?
-SPEAKER 2: Ketchup, no mustard.
-Those Xanax?
-Hell, nah.
-I stopped doing Xanax.
-CAMERAMAN 2: What is that?
Getting the last hit.
-It's Percocet.
-It's Percocet.
JUICE: Mm-hmm.
I remember those days.
-I remember middle school.
-I used to do...
PETE: (CHUCKLES) Good times.
I was popping pills
at a real early age.
PETE: Did you just
pop another one?
A half.
-You mind if I get a hit?
-Come over here.
-We gotta pop-- We pop each...
That's nasty as fuck.
You take 30s?
-You take 30s before?
-Oh, cool.
Damn, I'm down to party.
-Y'all not on shit.
I didn't know
until my sophomore year,
really, my junior year
damn near, that any nigga
could go to a recording studio.
I thought that shit was, like,
strictly for famous people
only, you know?
And then it clicked in my head
that there's a bunch of people,
not famous, rapping.
But I thought, like,
a motherfucker had to notice you
and then put you in that
position to record at a studio.
But when I started finding out
you can go by yourself,
I was over it. I used to record
music on my phone.
-Like, in the basement.
And I used to...
I used to free-- I was just able
to freestyle very well,
but I used to write
because I didn't wanna...
For one, I wanted a chorus...
But we didn't wanna finna
go to the studio.
Right, bro? Fuck it.
I'm talking about the studios.
-Like, I didn't wanna go.
I don't know,
I be recording, like,
ten songs a night sometimes.
I be freestyling everything now.
Like, back to what
I was saying...
I-- I- When I first--
Even when I first started
going to the recording studio,
I would freestyle a little bit.
But then when I started taking
this shit more seriously,
I would write.
Because I didn't have
enough money
to just be
in the studio all day.
And I ain't had no job.
I used to have to rob
and do all type of shit
to get my cash. So like...
I didn't wanna waste
no time in the studio,
so I came with my shit
already prepared.
At least I knew I was gonna get
three songs done
regardless, you know?
'Cause I used to only
be in there for two hours.
So, like, I would make sure
I have three songs ready
and pre-set for the shit.
your new song? "Robbery?"
-SPEAKER 1: Hey,
where does he go again?
Hey Boston, make some noise!
Make some noise!
Make some noise!
It's goin' down
Shoot 'em down
With a .50 round, yeah
Run the town, ballin' hard
You outta bounds
So much money
Damn it, I forgot the count
Look at my bank account
Look at the cash amount
I get the cash, I'm out
I do the dash, I'm out
Look at my bank account
Look at the cash amount
I get the cash, I'm out
I just be cashin' out
Walk in that bitch
And I'm faded
I fuck that bitch
When I'm faded
I got the M&M's
Called my mom
Told her I made it
Yeah, mama, your son
Too famous
He on every playlist
But he's still armed
And dangerous
He'll pop at a stranger
-JUICE: Sing with me!
JUICE: Sippin' lean, clich
I still do it anyway
Red or purple in a cup
Which one shall I pick today?
- Sippin' hard...
JUICE: One, two!
One, two, three, let's go!
Gun on me, no need
For a bodyguard
Aim at your body parts, yeah
Take off your body parts
I'm swingin' when
I'm off the ecstasy
That's a Molly park, yeah...
You know what I should do?
We should get a private jet.
A cheap one, a G5,
just like two-mill one.
SPEAKER 1: What you
just said is the lowest...
G5 is like 30 million.
No. We found a 2003 G5,
for like--
It's not a Gulfstream, bro.
The Gulfstream is 20 million.
It was a private 12-seater.
Decent as hell.
SPEAKER 1: That was probably
like a Learjet or something.
It was decent. I want it.
And it came with maintenance
and a crew and all of that.
Like this.
SPEAKER 1: You can get
membership programs
on that shit, though,
where it costs...
It's gonna cost,
like, 20, 30, 45.
'Cause after this album settles,
saying they sold 164
the first week after this tour,
I'm not finna be flying coach
no more. None of us is.
I'm not even finna be
flying first class no more.
Think about it, though.
-Give her the cake, Z.
Give her the cake!
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
JUICE: Happy birthday to you
- Happy birthday to you
-HYPE MAN: Ally.
- Happy birthday, dear Ally
-HYPE MAN: Last time!
-CROWD: Happy birthday to you!
-JUICE: To you!
HYPE MAN: Make some
noise for Ally!
We gonna figure out...
We probably gonna
throw it in the crowd
at some point, you know?
-HYPE MAN: Hey, fuck it.
Do you wanna throw
it or let me throw it?
Hey, turn the power lights on,
I wanna see what
the fuck I'm doing.
Before I throw it, everybody,
one more time, scream,
"Happy birthday, Ally!"
CROWD: Happy birthday, Ally!
JUICE: You stay
your ass right there.
HYPE MAN: Hold up!
Hey, should I talk to her
Should I sing to her
You work numbers
Work wonders
You done woke me up
From my eternal slumber
- I'm the lightning
- Okay!
- You're the thunder
-HYPE MAN: Whoo!
And there's
A difference 'tween
"I need you,"
And "I want you"
Good sex led to conversations
Getting a little deeper
Tell me your darkest secret
Shit you wouldn't
Even tell Jesus
My karma been tweaking so much
I don't even believe in
But you give me a reason
To thank God
For all these recent falls
Percocet 30, E 8
I been getting off...
JUICE: Hey, so...
MTV don't do Cribs
no more, so, shit,
it's Juice WRLD Cribs,
the fuck you talking about?
I don't think I have this...
Like, this is my crib, bro.
I came from nothing, man.
-ALLY: Jarad.
-JUICE: Yo, I'm right here!
ALLY: The dogs are here.
JUICE: Yeah, it's closed.
The gate's closed.
Yo, I come from nothing, though.
Hey, what's this? A workout room
or some shit over there?
What's that?
-JUICE: Damn. That feel good.
JUICE: Damn. I'm finna
get skinny on y'all ass.
-Keep playing.
-ALLY: No!
-ALLY: We're eating.
JUICE: I'm finna get skinny,
y'all motherfuckers.
I got the...
Gut, gut, gutty!
-ALLY: What?
JUICE: I'm just--
This shit is just crazy.
-That's all.
That's all.
Just a little starstruck
at myself.
And I love what
I'm off that pill
I can't change
Bro, I'm too real
They say, "Real niggas
Don't say they real"
Well, fuck, nigga, I'm real
-ALLY: I love you.
Come on inside.
Look at me.
-Gabe said he finna pull up.
-GABE: Three, two...
-Yeah, like this.
-Keep it full.
-Oh, yeah.
-GABE: You will die.
Wait, I'll just randomly...
tell them when to start.
GABE: Samurai style
versus Chicago style.
Florida versus Chicago.
(CHUCKLES) All right,
let's do it, man.
-JUICE: Whoo!
-I got a head...
-GABE: (CHUCKLES) He killed you!
-Not again!
-Body shot?
-Yeah, it was a body shot.
-All right, wait, hold on, so...
-We having
a tournament right now!
-Yo, Herb! Who's that, Herb?
JUICE: Yo, Herb.
I'm gonna kick your ass, bro.
Hey, Herb.
Pull up, bro. Pull up.
I want all the smoke, bro.
-I want all the smoke, bro.
-Pull up.
Man! Oh, hell,
let's knock it off!
Shorty, what the fuck you got
all these bikes for, man?
-Stupid, rich-ass bitch.
-Look at this. Look at this.
-The fuck is wrong with you?
This is a motorcycle, though.
This is legal.
This is street legal.
SPEAKER 2: Yeah, I've seen
your ass on--
-Shorty, oh, this legal?
Yeah, I'm popping wheelies
on this motherfucker.
-You popped a wheelie on this?
-I'll do it right now.
On real, you did
a wheelie on this?
I'll do it right now.
-I swear to God.
-Shorty, you're stupid-ass.
Oh, I'm scared to even hop
on this bitch while it ain't on.
You wanna ride this one?
Yeah. Hell, yeah.
Teach me how to ride right now.
-JUICE: That's it?
-On cap, teach me how to ride,
I'm finna get
on this bitch right now.
-JUICE: I swear to God.
He's gonna teach
me how to ride!
(CHUCKLES) You scared for me
to get on this, B?
Why y'all layin'
about all these bikes, bro?
He crazy. But I ain't gonna lie,
I love that nigga's focus.
Where we come from, man,
well, I know if I had
some Juice WRLD money,
I'd be buying way more
than motorcycles.
-Man, little bitch.
-No cap much.
My shorty's spending
his sack so humbly.
I ain't gonna lie, he really
humbly spending his sack, bro.
CAMERAMAN: I was gonna say,
he doesn't really
-spend his money on much--
-He know, I just said--
-CAMERAMAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah...
-I'm telling you he don't.
He's really humbly
-spending his money.
-CAMERAMAN: Yeah, he really is.
That nigga don't spend
his money on shit,
to be honest with you.
'Cause, look,
if I went eight times
platinum... (CHUCKLES)
...I swear I'd be riding
this bitch,
acting brazy, blood, brazy.
Ready, and action.
-Juice is gonna get
-both his nipples pierced...
...with a septum
that connects all three.
Come here. Come here.
-Septum right here.
So, Gabe is about to get
-herpes tatted on him.
-ALLY: What?
Right above his little scar
just as a reminder...
-GABE: Herpes...
-A reminder of how he fucked up.
-My new rap name is Little Herp.
-ALLY: Little Herp!
-G Herpo.
-G Herpo. (CHUCKLES)
-Hey, that's fucked up.
-ALLY: Oh, fuck.
Oh, wait. Hold on.
We have some people
with us here.
Hey, you guys wanna
be in my vlog?
No consent needed, you're in it.
Only if it's a blog, not a vlog.
-It's a blog.
-I mean, yo, he said he got...
-Yeah, the hernia.
So hopefully, he go get
that fixed.
He drink more water.
Yo, fuck Ski's vlog. No,
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
-Yo, this is Rex.
Did it again.
-You know what I'm saying?
-Great producer. (CHUCKLES)
-Fuck all of you.
-Ski's vlog.
-Under endorsement.
-ILOVEMAKONNEN: Yo, I got too.
GABE: What we got here, too?
What we doing right now?
-ILOVEMAKONNEN: He said nah.
-CJ, what are we doing?
-We cooking, cooking.
-Here you go.
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey
Can I freestyle to this?
-I knew you were going to...
-REX: No, no.
-...so just rap.
-REX: Just do it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey...
GABE: Do the thing
that you do with your...
Hey, hey
I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm finna
Get my diamond
No. Start it over. (CHUCKLES)
-He talking about...
There's been a malfunction
in my systems. (CHUCKLES)
ANNOUNCER: Make some
noise for DJ
-motherfuckin' Scheme!
ANNOUNCER: This Chicago, nigga!
JUICE: All right, so...
This song is for Jahseh,
this song is for Pete.
This song is for Mac Miller.
This song is for Prince,
Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain,
Nipsey Hussle, Mac Miller,
Fresh, Fredo Santana,
-Speaker Knockerz.
JUICE: This song
is for everybody
that we lost, if you ain't
understand that.
This for all the legends.
This for everybody
in your family that y'all lost.
This for everybody
in my family that I lost.
RIP to my dad, this is for him.
-JUICE: Come on.
So, with that being said...
sing this shit at the top
of your motherfucking lungs!
Hands up!
I usually have an answer
To the question
But this time I'm gon'
Be quiet this time
Ain't nothing like
The feeling
Of uncertainty
The eeriness of silence
This time, it was
So unexpected
Last time, it was
The drugs he was lacing
All legends fall
In the making
And sorry truth
Dying young, demon youth
What's the 27 Club?
We ain't making
It past 21, damn
I been going
Through paranoia
So I always gotta
Keep a gun, damn...
Yo, hold on! Hold on!
Everybody be quiet real quick!
-My brother just did this show.
He just lost his
father two hours
before the show started!
He came, he gave his heart!
Make some fucking noise
for Juice WRLD!
FAN 2: We fucking love you!
JUICE: I know he looking at us,
and he's smiling too.
-FAN 2: We fucking love you!
-JUICE: Now, listen.
Thank every single last person
for coming out tonight
and turning the fuck up with me.
No, no, relax. Y'all mean
the world to me.
-I swear to God.
Every single last motherfuckin'
one of y'all is my family,
-and that's that.
-FAN 3: We love you, J!
Everybody say,
"No more nice shit!"
CROWD: No more nice shit!
Now, listen,
I'mma tell you what I tell
all my family, all right?
Raise your hands if you got
dreams and aspirations
-that you're trying to reach.
Yeah. That's everybody.
Pretty much everybody
in this bitch
got their hands raised, right?
-FAN: Yeah!
-All right, so, listen.
And this is no clich shit,
this no corny shit,
this is the realest shit
I'm finna tell
you all right now.
Whatever you wanna
do in this life,
if you give
it your motherfucking all,
you don't listen to what anybody
got to say about it
if it's not positive,
and if you put your mind
to that shit,
you're gonna get exactly
who you wanna be
-in this motherfucking life.
Make some noise for Juice WRLD!
JUICE: I hate you for dying
Before I could fix this
But I love you for making me
You made a legend
Life's a dungeon
Chase the dragon
Slayin' everything
In my path
Walk through blood
Sweat tears in my Rafs
Enjoy your time
You can't get it back
I'm in the lost and found
All I see is black fire
When I walk around
So I try to get higher
Just to calm me down
'Til I end up too high
It make me crack a frown
RIP to my dad, I hope
I see you in heaven
I hate you for dying
Before I could fix this
But I love you
For making me
You made a legend
Your son is a king...
My head fucked up, bro. Fuck.
-Fuck, fuck, fuck.
I hope everybody's blessed, bro,
hope everybody doing good.
Everybody stay up.
Whatever y'all going through,
keep y'all heads high, bro.
Fuck all the negative shit.
Stay prayerful.
SPEAKER 1: You make me drop
that footage.
Stay fucking prayerful,
all of y'all, bro.
And just, yeah, stay up.
That's what I can say.
Through the worst times,
just stay up.
Yeah, I love y'all. (EXHALES)
I appreciate y'all. I appreciate
all your condolences.
Hanging in there. So...
you already know what it is.
All of that. (CHUCKLES)
-Hey, Max.
-MAX: Yeah?
I'mma play it one more time,
then I'mma pull up another beat.
I've been living
Fast, fast, fast, fast
Feelin' really
Bad, bad, bad, bad
Time really moves
Fast, fast, fast, fast
But hurry up and get in
Your bag, bag, bag, bag
I wear Dior, not a fad
I know all these
Niggas gettin' mad
My hand on my trigger
I'mma die with respect, yeah
Fucking with my money
You'll get dealt
Like that, yeah...
I took too many pills
Count up the bills
Molly in my cup
You can't tell me how I feel
Oh! Last call, it's gnarly
Every day I be counting up
Counting up the blues
Gotta win sometimes
'Cause you always lose
I get high as a bitch
Still the same dude
That I was back then
But now I'm lost and confused
I ain't see it coming
I ain't see it coming
But it still came
I'm talkin' 'bout life, hey
I've been livin'
Fast, fast, fast, fast
Feelin' really
Bad, bad, bad, bad
Time really moves
Fast, fast, fast, fast
Better hurry up
And get in your bag, bag, bag
I wear Dior, not a fad
I know all you niggas gettin'
Mad, mad, mad
My hand on my trigger
I'mma die with respect, yeah
Fuckin' with my money
You'll get...
My favorite part.
I've been through so much
I'm 19 years old
It's been months
Since I felt at home
But it's okay
'Cause I'm rich
Psych, I'm still sad
As a bitch, right
I don't want nobody to think
That I'm a asshole
I don't mean to be mean
On purpose, I promise
My mama taught me better
Than that, I'll be honest
Blame it on these drugs
And the life I'm involved in
I ain't see it coming
I ain't see it coming
But it still came
I'm talkin' about life, hey
I've been living
Fast, fast, fast, fast
Feelin' really
Bad, bad, bad, bad
Time really moves
Fast, fast, fast, fast
Better hurry up, and get
In your bag, bag, bag, bag
I wear Dior, not a fad
I know all these
Niggas gettin' mad, mad
My hand on my trigger
I'mma die with respect, yeah
Fucking with my money
You'll get dealt
Like that, yeah
I get high from my lows
I get low from my highs
I pray to God, one day
That I'll be up
In the sky with all
Of my fallen
Brothers and sisters
I wonder why my life's
A roller coaster
I pray to God that
This shit far from over
I know that
Sometimes I feel... (MUMBLES)
I ain't see it coming
I ain't see it coming
But it still came
I'm talking about
Your bitch, hey
I been living fast, fast, fast
Off of Perc
I won't fuckin'
Fast, fast, fast, fast
Put in work
Mama tell me that I really
Need church I said, "Merch"
I don't need church
I'mma do the most shit
I'mma be the worst
But I'mma be the best
This world is my turf
Oh, last call
Oh, it's gnarly
Man, we might have
to get into it,
you got my girl
a little bit blushing.
Oh, no. If that's the case,
G Money wrote that song.
BENNY BLANCO: I'll put these
together tomorrow though,
and then, like,
pass it on to you.
-All right, man.
-BENNY: All right, bro.
Love you, bro.
-That nigga rob me!
-Stop playing.
You wouldn't be
that calm at all.
-Your ass would be gettin' mad.
-I'll be like... (GASPS)
No, but the weird thing
is, that nigga,
he didn't have a second bottle,
so I had to put
the other in here.
That stuff, this is red.
That's wok.
But he gave me this,
so you could put the...
Like, you could put
the wok in here
and then pour the red back
in that bottle,
-you feel me?
-For sure, for sure.
JUICE: One, two, three,
four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
-JUICE: Eleven-twenty?
-SPEAKER 1: Yeah.
-JUICE: So...
-SPEAKER 1: Eleven-twenty.
You want me to do the math?
-You know what that is?
-JUICE: That's just...
SPEAKER 1: 'Cause I don't even
know what that is.
JUICE: One thousand, 120. Right?
SPEAKER 1: Yeah. But, like,
how much for eight?
Want me to do the math?
-SPEAKER 1: You know or not?
JUICE: I don't got no clue.
SPEAKER 1: Nigga rich.
JUICE: No, I'm a junkie.
-SPEAKER 1: No, I'm a junkie.
-JUICE: What?
Sup? What's up?
I'm not finna play, Chris.
-I'm just--
-ALLY: Stop, stop! Jarad!
-ALLY: Stop.
Seriously, get the fuck
out of here.
She thought I was gonna...
-I thought it was happening.
-It just killed me.
-ALLY: Wait, what time is it?
-CAMERAMAN: Eight fifty-six.
ALLY: Eight fifty-six.
We're going to the city at--
Ten. I got an hour
to play this game.
You got an hour to play
this game. I got an Adderall...
I got an hour
for this Adderall to kick in!
Jesus Christ!
-JUICE: Bitch.
-JUICE: Fuck-ass nigga.
-Okay, none of that.
JUICE: Yeah, yeah.
Don't let anybody
Know about me
Yeah, yeah, Perc, come on
Anybody know about me
Yeah, yeah, Perc 30
Nose, come on
Anybody know about me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Perc 30
Nosebleeds, lean with it, OD
This stays on my cross
I'm a dope, come on
I'm a dope fiend, come on
Codeine stains on my clothes
I'm a dope fiend
Don't let anybody
Know about me
One more time.
I'm a dope fiend
Stains on my cloth
I'm a dope fiend
Don't let anybody
Know about me
She told me that she love me
I don't know what that means
I'm too busy off oxy
Baby, I'm scratching
All right,
play it one more time, out loud.
What's going on, man?
Twenty years old
Ran up the millions, ya dig?
Twenty years old
Havin' oxycodone nasal-drip
Say she taste it when we kiss
She ain't like the others
She the one that taught
Me how to sniff
SPEAKER 1: Sounds pretty good.
JUICE: Uh... The ending...
-Wanna bounce it or not?
SPEAKER 1: Fuck.
LAROI: Hell, no. What the fuck?
HERBO: He had that gold steak,
that motherfucker
was like, 500--
-SPEAKER 4: Sixteen million--
-No, no, it was 650 on the menu.
JUICE: Damn, you spending
big bucks.
Shit. I thought
I couldn't make it, go out.
Up all night recording and shit.
That's cool.
JUICE: I'm fuckin' sleeping
all day with this shit.
Even though I'm always
groggy, I-- You...
We can make a hit
for your birthday.
-I can give you a verse.
That's a 200,000-dollar
gift, bro.
HERBO: If he goes
for that, then any day...
-SPEAKER 5: You serious?
-You ready to blow up
-overnight, kid?
-I was born ready.
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Perky with the lean
It got me slow, slow, slow
And yeah, I know I made
A few mistakes before
But you know I ain't fuckin'
With these hoes no more
Won't let go, I'm the type
To show you
That you're too special
Please don't be the type
To hate the things I do
And I'll ride for you
And I'll die for you
Homicide for you
And I should slide for you
And that's my biggest problem
In denial 'bout you...
SPEAKER 1: And it's really
more than that.
-Ask Ellie Goulding, folks.
-We have to cut that shit out.
-Time to shit out.
CAMERAMAN: How much did
you just pay for that?
She paid two--
How much she pay?
CAMERAMAN: How much did
you just pay for that?
Oh, I paid zero fucking dollars.
-CAMERAMAN: No, you paid 200.
-All right.
It was a birthday gift.
He ain't payin' a goddamn thing.
You just wiped your nose, man.
-Goddamn, it's fucking crazy.
He ain't gonna shake his hand?
-Don't wanna shake my hand--
Hey, folks, he ain't paid shit.
You see what happens
when you
on the winning team, right?
I wonder if my head
Is killing me
I don't know why
But I get that feeling
When walk into the building
There's this feeling
Of chilling
My hands are cramped
the fuck up, bro. My...
Hey, could you go wake
CJ up real quick?
Stop it, stop it, stop it
I've had enough
I've had enough
I've had enough
I've had enough
I've had enough
I've had enough
I've had enough
I tell you the name
of my next album?
It's called Outsiders.
Let me play you the intro to it.
Just to get you kind of a feel
to where I'm going, you know?
This song...
That's wild
This shit's deep as hell,
in a low key, like.
I get paid to make songs
This shit crazy
I get paid to speak my mind
Y'all pay me for that
Woke up, couldn't move
Satan said, "Peek-a-boo"
Baby girl, is that you?
He said, "Nah
But I'll take her too"
Woke up, couldn't move
Satan said, "Look at you
Out of luck, bound to lose"
Misery Avenue, admission
999 to get in
I'm for the outsiders
The introverts
- The motherfuckers
That don't fit in
- Come on
The drug-abusers
Codeine users
- That been hurt by women
- Come on
I'm a drug-abusing
Modern-day John Lennon
How many Percies I pop?
It really ain't
Nobody business
But since it's just me
And you here
I admit I've been tripping
Way too many
Oh, fuck. Nobody except
for me and you.
(GRUNTS) That's how little man
wanna see you, right?
Keep that in the camera.
When we both die, we gonna
have somebody to put it out.
Boy, you back on the dope?
You weren't smoking last time
-I was with you, nigga.
-No way.
You was on the cup.
I wasn't smoking.
Ally, I was sipping so hard.
Remember, when I--
We was in London?
-Chill, man. Chill, man.
-I remember, I was like,
I ain't even know--
That's the reason why.
Fucking that time.
-JUICE: You excited to get back
on the chain?
-Hey, that was some shit, bro.
I was high as hell,
still freestyling, raw as hell.
No way.
-What's this dog's name I heard?
-That's Caplyn right there.
Caplyn, Caplyn, Caplyn.
They running.
She be so confused.
She be questioning life.
-It's like, "Is this real?"
You got a pretty little face.
On God.
-You got any more light in here?
-That's what I was thinking.
When you a fan of this shit,
you look at it a certain way
from a certain perspective,
but then when you in this shit,
you see it for what
it really is.
-You know?
-That's right.
-It's sad.
This is a blessing,
don't get me wrong.
Damn, I stained--
I just got these, bro.
you stained this bitch.
But it's sad. Like...
it's-- I don't know,
it make you
not want to, you know
what I'm saying?
Like, it's not
what it look like.
It's still a blessing,
though, like,
I'm still happy I get
to change the world.
I wanna change the world.
To touch hearts
all over the world,
to influence, you know
what I'm saying?
-I do.
-It's a blessing. I thank God
for that every day.
-But some of the stuff that come
with this shit, though,
it's just--
-I mean--
-It's a crunch, bro,
and it's like, some people,
I don't wanna say
"sellout" is the right word,
some people just give in
to this shit.
And they're not real.
I think they get into this shit,
they become a part
of the environment,
they become Hollywood.
GABE: Sound like
a broken TV, man.
-New York City, bitch.
I just smelled that camera.
-How's it smell?
Hey, fuckers,
you stay right there!
-Where the next track?
JUICE: Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
ANNOUNCER: Hey! Hit it!
-JUICE: Get this song,
get your own.
-ANNOUNCER: Sing this shit!
- Drugs got me sweatin'
But the room gettin' colder
Lookin' at the devil
And the angel on my shoulder
Will I die tonight
I don't know, Is it over
Lookin' for my next high
One, two, three, four
- Lean with me, pop with me
- Let's go!
Get high with me
If you rock with me
- Okay
- Smoke with me
- Smoke
- Drink with me
- Drink
Fucked up liver with
Some bad kidneys
Lean with me, pop with me
Get high with me
If you rock with me
Smoke with me
- Yeah
- Drink with me
Fucked up liver
With some bad kidneys
Told her if I die
I'mma die young
Every day I've been
Getting fucked up
Finally know the difference
Between love and drugs
Shawty tell me
I should really sober up
This shit ain't fiction
It's too real, baby
Fuck one dose
I need two pills
I'm looking for trouble
So I know I'm gonna find it
- Ring, ring, plug
Hit my phone
JUICE: Perfect timing
So, we're on our way
to Chicago.
'Cause McDonald's
hired a nigga to do shit.
-We ate McDonald's this morning.
Yeah, we did. Wada-pa-pa-pa!
-I'm fucking with it.
I remember the day I shot
"All Girls Are the Same."
It was so... I don't know.
Something like...
If I record, 24/7-- Camera...
don't press stop ever.
Even if I shoot up heroin...
gotta get it all on paper.
Starting now.
There, that's... (CHUCKLES)
You want one?
I'll fuck with you.
You're gonna capture all this.
My name's Perky,
and I came to play! (CHUCKLES)
Ally, baby?
-You love me, right?
Say hi to the camera.
Can I have a dollar?
-Can I have a dollar?
You wanna watch a movie with me?
By the way, I'm Brittney.
-JUICE: How you doing?
-I'm your commercial agent
at WME.
-JUICE: Cool. Nice to meet you.
-BRITTNEY: Nice to meet you.
All right, we all in? Cool.
SPEAKER 1: That's a nice
little ring you got on.
-SPEAKER 2: Like she
just got married.
-BRITTNEY: Thank you.
You just got married?
-SPEAKER 1: Girl, you shining!
-CAMERAMAN: Congratulations.
-I just got back from
my mini-moon
-and came straight here.
-ALLY: Oh, congratulations.
-Thanks, guys.
-SPEAKER 1: That's cool.
This was a--
It's nice when you get to marry
your best friend, you know?
-ALLY: Even I understand.
-JUICE: It's fire.
I ain't gonna even say
-nothing else after that.
SPEAKER 1: I give
the best presents.
Yeah. You definitely...
Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-BRITTNEY: Thank you.
That's so embarrassing.
-JUICE: Wow, this is crazy.
-SPEAKER 1: I know I--
So, we're gonna
do a fireside chat.
He's gonna interview
you for 15 minutes
and then the kids are gonna ask
you questions.
-SPEAKER 2: I love that...
PETE: This discussion
on how to start
really achieving your dreams
in the real way like Juice did,
'cause he was sitting
in these same seats.
My name's Anthony Lott. I'm 13,
and my question for you is,
what made you wanna, like,
start doing music?
In grade school,
I did a lot of sports,
I played basketball,
I played baseball.
I was just average-good,
you know?
So, like, there's 30
other people just
as good as me
if not better on the court.
At music, I was over average,
and I gave it my
all and it came easy.
So that's just something
I always excelled in.
Even when I was playing piano,
playing guitar, whatever.
Always just excelled in music.
So, why not take
it as far it could go?
I can take one Percocet
Start tonight off
I just took a 60
Burberry on me
Shoot you in your back
You just got Pretty Ricky
I tie the Chanel runners
Then I get back
To running the city
And I know that
It's hell coming
I ain't worried
My niggas, they with me
Gotta put the narcotics down
I can feel 'em
Fucking up my kidney
And punching my liver
If I let it kill me
My mama will
Never forgive me
Ain't numbing my feelings
If I let it kill 'em
My baby will
Never forgive me
This remind me of hell
Sometimes I wonder
If that's where
God really sent me
Hands up in the fire
Burn, burn, burn, burn
Hands up in the fire
Burn, burn, burn, burn
I pray to God for some water
To wash down these Percs
I been cursed since birth
Guess I never learn
Hands up in the fire
Burn, burn, burn, burn
Hands up in the fire
Burn, burn, burn, burn
I pray to God for some water
To wash down these Percs
I been cursed since birth
Guess I never learn
The truth hurts
Let it bleed...
-Yo, like, I-- That shit--
-SPEAKER 1: Whoo!
That's Coachella,
the-fuck-off shit.
-JUICE: That shit made
my girl cry, bro.
-Where is she?
Herb, I was saying-- I know
you was talking about that.
-Oh, 'cause we were
just having a conversation.
-Oh, yeah.
-On God.
-Oh, bro, so when I was like...
- Looking my girl in the eyes
Tell her I won't die
-All right.
- I fell asleep, deep, deep
That one time
- Welcome to your crime
Go and find
-Yeah. On God.
- But I lie, and I'm dreaming
-On God.
I wasn't gonna wake up
-I mean, that's some shit.
-That's on God. That's no cap.
That's like one of my
favorite songs I made.
CAMERAMAN: Yeah, it is.
I had a lot of shit in my head
and I was just like,
it was the first day
I had like...
You know what, first day
I had really, like,
thought about, like...
making better choices in life.
And I was just like,
you know, how when you trying
to make a change,
I don't know if this is
what you all do,
-but this is what I do.
If I'm trying to make a change
in something,
I'm trying to change
myself in a way,
I look at, like, all the reasons
why to do that. You know
what I'm saying? So, like,
the reason for...
somebody to, you know,
to get sober is to be there
for their family
or to, you know what I'm saying?
To be there for their loved
ones or whatever--
When you sang, "My mama
would never forgive me,"
I was like, "Damn.
I felt that shit."
Or like, you know, like,
my girl, right?
You know what I'm saying.
She's the type
to worry. So, like,
if something happens to me,
she would never, you know
what I'm saying?
She would never--
...she's the type that
she don't want me to, like...
Since I'm famous and everything
is at my disposal,
she don't want me
to get tired of her.
You know what I'm saying?
That type of shit. So...
But you know how, like,
some people say
drugs turn somebody's attitude
and make somebody
a different person.
So, that's why I was like,
"It's numbin' my feelings.
If I let 'em kill 'em,
my baby ain't never forgive me."
Like, it was like...
It was some real shit.
That shit be going
over niggas' heads.
Yeah, it's really on something.
I say certain things so I could
have conversations
with my friends,
you know what I'm saying?
Just like this,
and we get to know each other
-better at the end of the day.
Like, it's just like a--
If people get it outside
my circle then--
And it relates to their life,
then there's enough for them
to get that shit.
This AP cost your rent
I pull up in that Mercy
With the tints
I'm camping all these niggas
A sniper in a tent
Crash into your bitch
I left a dent
Oh! A dent, nigga?
Got a killer-bitch I ball
Like I can bridge
Juice is for big girls
Trix are for kids
Up against like Robocop
Is on my wrist
I told 'em fetch and
Watch 'em throw around my dick
- I'm a big dawg
- Fee, fi, fo, fum
- Balenci on my
Right and left toe
Shawty do too much of the yayo
Got a red nose
- Shaquille O'Neal, when I'm
In the paint I throw an elbow
- Off the rail
- Off the rail (CHUCKLES)
I gamble with my life
I'm cashin' in my chips
This is going on my next album,
bro. This shit hard.
I'll put a 30
Or a 50 in the clip
So that's a dick
Or a titty on that bitch
Lately I've getting rich
I don't forgive
But I sure know
How to forget
Man, that's crazy.
Yeah, I know life
Is such a bitch
Man, that's crazy.
But that bitch bad
And that bitch rich
- Bitch rich
-Yeah. Hey.
Off the rail, I pull
Up on them
Shoot 'em with
Them hollow tails, ay
I live my life like I play
Grand Theft Auto shit, ay
Hop in that car,
I'm Need For Speed
On with the shift, ay, ay
Me and this Beezy
Talking shit, ay
I'm taken but ask
Beezy to fuck your bitch, ay
Matter of fact
We both taken
He got a wife
We married shit, ay
You ran up on me
Chopper hit you
In your lip, ay
If your mama want the smoke
I shoot her in her tits, ay
Gun bisexual it shoot
A nigga and a bitch, ay
If you try to snitch
I kill you
Better plead the filth, ay
If I catch a body you
Won't know who did that shit
Wanna know why
Huh? 'Cause...
- Off the rail
I gamble with my life
I'm cashin' in my chips
-You kidding.
- I'll put a 30
Or a 50 in the clip
So that's a dick
Or a titty on that bitch, ay
- Lately I've been
Getting rich...
-How much you wanna bet,
when Donovan hear this song,
he shit himself?
I know life is such a bitch
But that bitch bad
And that bitch rich, wait
My bitch bad
And my bitch rich
Why my bitch rich?
'Cause Juice WRLD rich
Big old gun
We'll go at the club
I just told the whole world
They could suck a dick
I didn't travel
Around the whole world
Trying to get this rich
I didn't travel
Around the whole world
- Hatin' all these licks
Niggas giving up
They own girls
For an autograph and a pic
-CAMERAMAN: Yeah, yeah.
-Ya heard?
-You dig me?
I say niggas give up their
whole girl just to get a pic.
I may puke today in front
of everybody. My stomach, bro.
I admit it, another hoe
Got me finished
Broke my heart
Oh, no, you didn't
Fuck sippin'
I'mma down a whole bottle
Bartender, na, na, na
(CHUCKLES) It shouldn't
be cold, bro.
Broke my heart
Oh, no, you didn't
Ay, you broke my heart, ay
All girls are the same
They're rottin' my brain, love
I admit it, another hoe
Got me finished
Broke my heart
Oh, no, you didn't
Fuck sippin'
I'mma down a whole bottle
Uh, I just want to take the time
to, uh, to thank everybody
who supported me,
and y'all have a lot
to look forward to,
'cause some great
things are coming
pretty fucking soon.
I'm really hyped,
I'm really stoked,
and just really pumped up.
I'mma get this music
shit all on deck,
and see where it gets me, so...
This is the dog
I had in my crib
right before I got famous.
And I missed her so much.
I bought my momma a crib,
so came to see her.
Pulled up on gang.
Gang, gang, gang.
This is really
a great feeling, you know.
You could buy your momma--
You could repay your momma
for everything
that she did for you.
-You feel me?
He's so happy.
See, speaking of my momma.
Here she comes right now.
Mom, come here.
I was just telling everybody
about your house...
-...and the world.
I got my momma a house.
Of course,
I'm gonna tell the world
I got my momma a house.
ANNOUNCER: Everybody put
a heart up here, now will you!
-ANNOUNCER: Put your hearts up.
She told me put
My heart in the bag
And nobody gets hurt
Now I'm running from her love
I'm not fast
So I'm making it worse
Now I'm digging up a grave
From my past
I'm a whole different person
It's a gift and a curse
But I cannot reverse it
-Everybody quiet!
ANNOUNCER: Come on, Ally!
I know
That I'm worse
So come on, say the words
I know 'cause I feel whole
She told me put my heart
In the bag
And nobody gets hurt
Now I'm running from her love
I'm not fast
So I'm making it worse
Now I'm digging up a grave
From my past
I'm a whole different person
It's a gift and a curse
But I cannot reverse it
MIKE P: I wanna say
we might've did
six shows out in Australia.
And it was, like,
every show was like...
It was like, we were trying
to hit the 45-mark
because that's what
he was getting paid for.
And it was like,
I was pulling him to do it.
I don't know if he thought that
the plane was waiting on him
soon as he got to the back door
or something at the venue,
but it was just like,
it was so many fans there.
That I was like, "Man, bro,
we gotta make
it through the setlist."
I-- I-- I remember
telling him this shit, like,
"G, we gotta make
it through the setlist."
"Well, so, what else
can we cut out, Mike?"
"None of it.
It's our last night here, bro."
He still liked to sip Lean.
But he didn't sip it
as often because...
Ally made that a thing
that he couldn't
do that anymore.
So, Ally was pretty
strict about that.
But of course,
he would still do it
and he would hide it.
And when he did get it,
he would always be like,
"Go pour me up this."
You know what I mean?
"Go take it up."
And we'd-- He'd have
to hide it in something
wait till Ally's
asleep and stuff.
But he'd be like,
"Pour me a four in this,"
or whatever, and I...
I'd never pour him up
what he thought he
was pouring up,
and then he'd be in there, like,
"Pour a four in this,"
but then I really poured,
like, a one. (CHUCKLES)
He'd really be pouring,
like, a one in that
and he wouldn't even know it.
If Ally's in the studio,
he'll text me like...
"Go get a can of Sprite."
I never forget this.
"Go get a can of Sprite
and pour a four."
In a can of Sprite.
Now, if niggas don't understand
that terminology,
a four is four ounces of Lean.
Four ounces.
You could pour one ounce
in a soda, rock out with that,
in a regular 20-ounce soda.
This nigga drops fours
in a canned-fucking-soda.
And what blew my mind
was, I'm like,
"Whoa!" Like, I'm reading
the text like, "Oh..."
Okay. I'm going out to fuck
around and go get it,
Chris Long out there, he like,
"You about to go get the..."
I'm like, "Yeah." You feel me?
Like, you... (CHUCKLES)
...already know.
And he like, "Yeah,
don't pour four."
"Don't pour him a four."
"Pour him a line and a half,
if that. Do not pour four
in that soda."
Yo, what's up, guys?
I'm Chris Long. Welcome
to another vlog on my channel.
As you know,
I'm Juice WRLD's photographer
and videographer,
whatever, so...
this weekend,
we're going to Chicago
to celebrate his birthday.
It was just his birthday
the other day,
but we're going
this weekend, Saturday.
We're flying out there.
We're gonna have
a birthday party
with his mom, and family,
and friends
and stuff like that
from out there.
So we're getting ready
to leave right now.
I would just be around,
but I had some errands to run
because I was Juice's,
like, personal cinematographer,
but I also was his
personal assistant.
He had a pint of Lean,
and it was hidden in my room.
And when I got back
to the house, that was gone.
And then I know that him
and Ally were in the room
and I could hear them fighting,
'cause he was really high.
So while I was gone,
I'm pretty sure he drank
that whole pint by himself.
And then in combination
with the pills that he took...
CHRIS: We calculated it up,
and it was, like, over 20 pills
a day he was doing.
Twenty Percocets a day?
-CHRIS: Yeah.
What's up? Check it out.
All right, we are on our way
to the airport right now.
Going through a tunnel,
and we're flying to Chicago.
Here we go.
I think that one's us,
straight ahead.
-CABIN CREW 1: Hello.
-CHRIS: Hi. How are you?
CHRIS: We were, like,
six hours late for the flight.
So right away,
the pilot's probably
pissed about that.
SEAN BAILEY: I remember seeing
the pilot do something
that looked kind of...
you know, weird, I guess.
I remember just sitting down,
he was just, like,
kind of on the side.
Just observing us.
CHRIS: It was like
the last flight out.
We should've taken
off pretty fast,
but, like, we probably
sat around
for, like, 15 minutes
before it took off.
And I'm like,
"Something's not right."
-Lotta stars in this bitch.
-Come get with the winning team,
Future right here.
There's the future right there.
SEAN: We ain't losing, man.
We gamblin' with loaded dice.
We can't lose.
We gamblin' with loaded dice.
And then, we finally took off.
And then that was it.
HENRY DEAN: Before they got
there, it was just regular.
We literally just drove right in
and we were sitting
there waiting,
me and the drivers.
As we was waiting, when...
the wheels touch the ground,
that's when I'm seeing
cars pulling up.
And I pretty much thought
they were fans...
'cause they was marked cars,
and then, until I seen
a sheriff car.
Then they also didn't tell me,
like, it was an issue,
'cause I was questioning, like,
what was going on, you know?
And they wouldn't tell
me anything.
CHRIS: We knew
there was police there
before the plane landed
because we got service.
I knew he had his gun,
and it was just-- just throw it
in my camera bag.
And that was it,
he had nothing to worry about.
That's the point
of an entourage.
You know what I mean?
Like, that's the point of having
friends around that you trust.
He had all the money
in the world,
you know, everyone would've
got out eventually.
You know what I mean?
Like, it is what it is.
LAROI: I remember walking off
and seeing through the window
all the police and shit.
I'm thinking like,
"What the fuck?"
They say, "Everybody,
get your passports out."
So I was sitting down
and Juice was sitting
across from me,
like me and you are right now.
G Money was sitting right there.
I remember...
Juice and G Money shook hands.
He, like, dapped up G Money.
Which was sitting behind him,
back-to-back in the same chair.
Sorry, I have to close
my eyes for this.
I heard like a...
I swear it was
his demons leaving him.
And he screamed "Ally!"
And put his hands up to grab me,
to reach for me, like, for help.
And he seized up.
-And J had a seizure.
He started having a seizure.
He started having a seizure.
Ally was trying
to get him together,
snap him out of it.
I kinda froze.
I didn't really know,
like, what the fuck
I could do to help,
but, so I was just sitting
there, panicking,
and everyone was like,
"What the fuck?"
And at first, we just thought
he was having a seizure,
and then the blood
started coming out...
of his mouth,
and his nose, and then...
Everybody, obviously,
started freaking
out way more then.
And then the police...
came over to us all
and handcuffed us all.
And then they handcuffed
us in a line
and then they was like,
"Get the fuck away from him!"
They handcuffed us all in a line
except for Ally. Ally was like,
yelling off, and...
They cuff me,
and they're telling Ally like,
"Chill out. He's fine.
Chill out. He's gonna be..."
And we're all looking, like,
"Bro, he's bleeding." (SCOFFS)
That shit was fucking me up,
seeing the blood come
out his mouth.
Like, I kinda like, turned
and closed my eyes.
That shit was damn near
almost made me cry, in a way.
I don't know,
I don't really cry for real,
like, I ain't... I don't know,
so I, like, just turned away,
and just seeing him,
I don't know,
imagine seeing somebody,
you feel like your son,
on the floor and blood,
I'm damn near finna cry almost.
Ally was trying
to get him together,
snap him out of it.
She's yelling, screaming
for someone to help,
-the cops for help.
-INTERVIEWER: Did they help?
No, not in time.
It was slow.
They took their time.
That's what it seemed like.
It didn't seem like there
was any urgency with them.
Thinking about it,
he was probably gone,
you know? Thinking about it.
Right then and there.
But they took him away.
And shit. I don't think
anybody really--
Well, I hadn't been
in a situation
like that, to have somebody
having a seizure, you know?
I call my aunt.
First thing I'm telling
her is like, "Hey.
Jarad's okay,
but they're taking him.
He just had a seizure.
He's on his way
to the hospital."
I'm thinking he was okay.
I told my aunt that.
My nephew called
and told me that...
he had a seizure, and they were
taking him to the hospital.
That's like, 3:00
in the morning or so.
Of course, I did.
That's the last thing
I expected,
was a call like that. But...
Yeah. I remember it quite well.
That's one of those things
you just,
you know, I will never forget.
And turn to the sudden
and shocking death
of rap star Juice WRLD.
The 21-year-old,
who was named
Billboard's Best
New Artist this year,
suffered a medical emergency
at Chicago's Midway Airport.
Late Chicago rapper Juice WRLD
died as a result of oxycodone
and codeine toxicity.
That's according
to the Cook County
Medical Examiner's
office today.
He suffered
the medical emergency
at Midway Airport
as federal agents
searched the luggage onboard
the private jet that he was on.
REPORTER 2: These startling
pictures here obtained by TMZ
show why federal authorities
were taking a closer
look at the flight.
Seventy pounds of cannabis found
inside 41 vacuum-sealed bags.
In addition to the cannabis,
authorities also discovered
six prescription bottles
of liquid codeine,
three firearms,
and metal-piercing bullets.
And in another cryptic tweet
he shared just last week,
Juice wrote quote,
"This life is yours.
Do what the F you want to do,
great things and change
the world.
Don't let no one tell you...
...and you'll be bigger
than Juice WRLD will ever be,
and he's going down
as a legend."
He knew.
He knew.
He knew, he fucking knew...
You think he wanted to die?
I do. I listen
to all the music, man.
And this, he said it
in over 20-some songs.
Over 30 songs,
he said he wanted to die.
And he freestyle,
he don't write.
He don't even
take five seconds off
to think about
what he finna say.
He just go straight... (EXHALES)
So, I think that's how he felt.
He was so good at articulating
his thoughts and feelings...
we ain't really even,
like, realized
that that's the way he feeling,
'cause it's turned
into so much beautiful art.
He created something
so precious with it,
that it was hard to, like,
separate the two.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, even for him.
That's what he loved to do.
He loved to do everything
that he did in life.
He loved to...
record, he loved
to sit in the studio,
he loved to stay up late,
he loved to eat pizza,
he loved to get high,
like, that's what he loved
to do. You feel me?
And I loved to do it right
with him, to be honest, like.
When I'm having a good day,
I used to drink Lean, smoke weed
and pop pills.
When I'm having a bad day,
I used to drink Lean,
smoke weed and pop pills.
So it's hard to-- You know
what I'm saying? Separate it.
I don't know what we're doing
it for, we just doing it.
The idea of no longer being
on this earth anymore
is such a-- It's very simple,
but it's also very complex.
And I think the thought
of it is easy to process
but the reality of it
isn't so easy to process.
And I think that's something
that, you know...
that Juice was experiencing.
He knew...
Anyone in that position
knows the results
of what these things could be,
but no one really processes
what that actually means.
And no one ever thinks
that it's actually gonna happen.
You know? And I'm talking
about Juice himself. Um...
He got caught up
in something that...
he didn't know the power of.
We ain't thinking about...
the drugs, we takin' 'em--
we just taking 'em.
We ain't thinking twice
about that shit.
We comin' up from nothing.
This is some shit we done,
what we was doing back
when we was fucked up
and broke, just to maintain.
It's like, you get some money,
that don't mean
your problems go away.
So we still on the same shit,
we just got more money to do it.
So now you're doing that shit
at a higher rate.
I think he was having
a tough time
with just, like, the whole mix,
how everything hit
him all at once.
'Cause, like, once you start
getting so much money,
you could start doing
so many things,
and so many things
start coming at you,
like, at one time. You feel me?
So, it's like, how do
you even know
how to control
some shit like that?
You know what I mean?
So, it's like,
it really goes deep,
you feel me? It gets deep.
The abyss goes crazy, G.
Really and truly.
Ah! (CHUCKLES) Something
that me and Juice talked about.
We both-- It's funny too,
'cause me and-- me and Juice
was-- It's--
me and Juice came
to, um, this terminology
just by chopping it up
with each other
one day, and just
talking about how, um...
just like, how depression
can go, you know what I mean?
And how sad things
can be and how, like,
like far you can fall
into that pit,
you know, that abyss
of darkness and like, just...
(SIGHS) It's hard to explain.
Like, demons at play,
basically, bro.
The world is crazy,
really and truly,
and when you're in
that mindset of the abyss,
it's like, everything hits
you harder, like...
That's what he would say,
he was like,
"I feel just detached."
And I'm like, "So, you don't..."
Like, "You don't understand,
like, you know
that you're like this idol,
and like, all this,
and like, you don't
see all that?" And he's like,
"No, I do. But I feel like
sometimes I can't feel it."
"And I can't--
Like it's not really there."
We started talking about this
thing that we both have.
It's called depersonalization.
And we just starting talking,
you know, 'cause I had never...
Before Juice talking about it...
I didn't know what that was.
And my whole life, I used
to tell my family, like,
"Yo, I don't feel real.
Like, I feel, like, fake."
And they used to... (CHUCKLES)
My family, they dumbass
used to be like,
"Oh, like, what? This moment
is too good to be true?"
I'm like, "No, it's not
that at all." (CHUCKLES)
"It's like, I literally
don't feel real. "
So talking to him
about it was kinda like...
like a relief, in a way. Um...
I-- You know, just talking
to somebody who understands you
and understands
what you're going through.
You see, I never really
understand his music,
'cause it wasn't really for me,
so I didn't understand,
you know, what he was saying,
but obviously his fans,
they did.
And there were just
so many messages
how he helped them with anxiety
and depression,
and some even said
he stopped them from committing
suicide, and it just...
I was just overwhelmed.
Something about his music
just touched the hearts
of people.
You know, they could
just relate to it
-and it made them feel better.
Juice WRLD! Juice WRLD!
Juice WRLD! Juice WRLD!
Juice WRLD!
BENNY: One of the strangest days
of my life.
Juice was supposed to perform,
but they turned
it into a tribute show.
And, you know,
I'd never been in front of that.
There was like, seventy-five
thousand people, I think.
And I went out there
and just pressed play,
and I just saw, like,
every single kid
singing every word.
I don't even think he knew.
I don't even think he knew
how much he meant
to all these kids.
I really don't.
Because you couldn't know.
I didn't even know.
Until, like-- And I'm seeing
the way these...
these kids, like,
crying their eyes out,
singing every word.
Whether he knew it or not,
Juice was a therapist for...
millions of kids...
and gave them songs that...
that helped them cope with...
being alone,
feeling like a loser,
feeling depressed,
not knowing how
to express yourself,
you know?
And he was really, like,
a voice of that generation.
Everybody just wait. Wait!
I still see your shadows
In my room
Can't take back
The love that I gave you
It's to the point where I love
And I hate you
And I cannot change you
So I must replace you
Oh, easier said than done
I thought you were the one
Listening to my heart
Instead of my head
You found another one
But I am the better one
I won't let you forget me
I still see your shadows
In my room
Can't take back
The love that I gave you
It's to the point where I love
And I hate you...
INTERVIEWER: Did you think Juice
would get as big as he did?
Me, I always thought that.
I think I was probably
the only one,
even-- I don't even think
Juice thought that.
I always knew.
As soon as I heard
"Lucid Dreams," I'm like,
we don't gotta do--
Like, that song just--
It was different, man.
Like, it cut all the extra shit.
Like, we skipped steps
with that song. (CHUCKLES)
You skip-- You know.
That's one of them songs.
His numbers was crazy as fuck
even when he was... (COUGHS)
...when he was alive.
Keeping up, battling Drake
and The Weeknd
and shit, like,
this nigga's over here,
sword battling Drake
for numbers and shit,
so I'm like, "That's
something serious."
For somebody like Juice,
come on, now,
bro, that's crazy as fuck.
basically in the game...
INTERVIEWER: ...for two years?
Yeah! It was like, "Hello!"
And they started
doing crazy streams!
Like, Drake-number streams.
Like, I don't know,
out of nowhere
y'all just started liking Juice,
and was like--
Y'all probably don't even know
what you all started
liking Juice from.
You know what I'm saying?
But out of nowhere,
Juice WRLD was there, G.
Juice's legacy will be...
making incredible music
that is timeless,
being a phenomenal person...
on and off the stage,
in and out of the studio,
being a family man,
being a lover.
That boy's a lover.
That boy understands love more
than a lot of people. (CHUCKLES)
That boy's a lover. Um...
I think just being
a well-rounded human being.
You know, I think it goes
beyond the artistry with Juice.
I really do. And I think
as time goes on, you know,
as people appreciate
him more and more...
Because that's what happens,
you know?
That's how this goes.
You know, there's gonna
be people who are Juice fans
who aren't even born yet.
You know,
that's a beautiful thing.
For the rest of my life,
for the rest of your life,
and for the rest
of everyone's life
who's watching this right now...
every minute of every day
for the rest of all
of our lives,
someone in the world
will be playing
a Juice WRLD song.
He's here forever. Um...
And he's not going anywhere.
And that's what a legacy is,
is leaving your music behind,
and your impact,
and your message behind
for people to adapt...
and then, you know,
lead on with beyond that.
And I think that's
what Juice's legacy is.
Where am I at? I'm in paradise.
I'm actually Facetiming,
I'm not Facetiming, I'm just--
I'm on Instagram live
from heaven. (CHUCKLES)
I made it, y'all. I'm up here.
I'm boolin'.
I'll hop in the car
With my friends
And play my song
I hope the memories we make
Last all life long, yeah
I'll hop in the car
With my friends
And play my song, song
Ain't no telling
Where we'll end up
Last night was
A blur so girl
I wasn't sure If we made love
Or if we made something more
JUICE: Oh, shit!
Last thing I remember
Is me walking out the door
Next thing you know
Woke up on the floor
I don't know
Whose house this is
But I know I'm in Hollywood
Scrambled for my keys
Then I stumbled to the car
I look in the backseat
What do I see?
Bro passed out, layin'
Next to a bad broad
CAMERAMAN: I'm over you guys.
I must've too, 'cause
For some reason
I can't remember my night
Reach in my pockets
What do I find?
Half a Percocet
Two hundred dollars
And a weed pipe
That's when somebody
Hit my phone line
Sayin', "Yesterday was wild"
Asking if I'm all right
I don't know what happened
But I wanna know
I guess we gotta do it
All over again tonight
I'll hop in the car
With my friends
And play my song
I hope the memories we make
Last all lifelong