Juke-Box (2013) Movie Script

Mr.Berthon is a long-term patient...
...suffering primarily
from manic bipolar symptoms.
Treatment is still suspended
for this patient,
...whose alcohol abuse...
...naturally leads him to relapse.
The first phase of hospitalization
showed him to be mistrustful,
feeling persecuted
by those providing care,
...like his guardian,
social workers, etcetera.
We were able to organize
a relocation for him.
He now lives in an apartment
in another location, in another area.
"Son of the Stooges..."
"Son of the Stooges..."
"Most promising..."
"...in music."
Think so?
Well, you gotta believe.
Gotta believe.
Gotta believe...
"King John..."
"King John..."
Hi, Daniel.
Not eating anymore?
Been outside this week?
It's nice out, you know.
Dr. Andreaux called me.
You hear me?
You ignored her messages.
She's worried.
I heard you hollering last night.
I was with a girl.
You were with a girl!
What shall I tell Dr. Andreaux?
Daniel, what do I tell her?
Good as she is,
she can't afford to a trip up now.
The audience won't forgive her.
She gives 100%
but they expect 110%.
Thank you.
That was stadium-worthy!
You brought the house down.
I think he's relapsing.
He hasn't eaten in 2 weeks.
He just drinks.
He's not talking.
Not going out.
- He's not engaging with you?
- Barely.
It's hard to communicate.
I can't handle it on my own anymore.
We've got a problem with Mr. Berthon.
He's going downhill on the outside
very rapidly now.
Yes, he's really...
For a long time,
he was in therapeutic treatment,
...relapsing every 6 to 8 months,
which is frequent.
For the past 6 or 8 months,
...he's been going in and out.
The extent of his alcohol abuse
is unclear.
- What?
- The intervals are shorter.
He's not manic, he's wasted.
I don't think
it's a dysthymic relapse,
I think he's relapsed
with the alcohol.
Hello, Mr. Berthon.
I've come to see you
because you've been out of touch.
You've missed 3 appointments.
You don't answer your phone.
How are you feeling?
How are you feeling Mr. Berthon?
Are you feeling well?
How are you feeling? Answer me.
Thanks for coming.
Good thing you called me.
He's in bad shape.
I'll see you next week.
We'll decide what to do.
Can't we sit down
and talk about it?
I can't leave you like this.
I can't.
- I don't wanna go to the hospital.
- I'm not taking you.
It'd be good to go soon,
not yet.
To get some rest
and start a new treatment.
But we won't go today.
Are you...
I'm talking to you, listen to me.
Are you willing to come see me
just at the clinic.
- It'll do you good.
- I don't wanna go back.
You can trust her,
she's on your side.
Would you be willing
to bring him next week?
- So we can talk.
- Of course. We'll go together.
I'll take you next week.
- Can you?
- I don't know when.
We'll go together. I'll drive you.
Just for an appointment.
Just for our usual appointment.
- I don't wanna go to the hospital.
- Not the hospital.
I hear you.
How is Wednesday at 2?
No means no.
- Fine.
- Works for you?
Thanks. I really don't know
what else to do. He has to come.
I know, and I'm at my wit's end.
Mr. Berthon, I'll see you next week.
It'll be OK.
We'll go together.
If anything's wrong, call me.
You can call me anytime.
- I don't wanna go back to the hospital.
- OK.
Goodbye, Mr. Berthon.
Goodbye, Mr. Berthon.
Shake on it?
I'm the best!
You didn't know? I'm the best.
Yeah, well... you have to listen.
You have to...
...listen to the subtleties.
You have to...
You have to be big.
You have to...
...the very biggest.
You can't just...