Jules (2023) Movie Script

[metallic clicking]
[calm music playing]
-[gavel bangs]
-[Mayor Martinez]
I call this meeting
of the Boonton, Pennsylvania
City Council to order.
Please stand.
[all] I pledge
allegiance to the flag of
the United States of America
and to the republic
for which it stands.
[Mayor Martinez]
First item on the agenda,
an update to the construction
of the baseball field
on Juniper Street.
With us is Steve Gorham,
general contractor.
[Steve] As promised,
we will not be needing
an extension on construction.
We will finish by November 1,
within the period furnished
by our previous extension.
What lies ahead is electrical,
plumbing, not including
-exterior bathrooms...
-[voices fade, overlap]
[Daniels] ...gonna be
some congestion...
[engineer] ...we'll divide it
into four subsections.
We now move to the next
part of the meeting,
which is open public comments.
The Council will hear comments,
but is not expected to respond.
Please remember to
limit your comments to
one and a half minutes.
I think that we ought
to change our town slogan.
"A Great Place To Call Home"
is confusing
because when somebody hears it,
it can mean that
it's a great place
to call your home
on the telephone.
[clears throat]
I suggest a clearer motto,
like "A Great Place
to Refer to as Home."
Though it doesn't
have to be that.
We need a crosswalk
on Trent Avenue
between Frost and Allegheny.
It's a very long distance to
walk when you're in the middle
and you need to cross
and you either need to get
to Frost or Allegheny.
It encourages jaywalking,
and jaywalking is
an expensive ticket,
and I know
'cause I've gotten three.
Not to mention
a great way to get you killed.
Thank you.
This is the second major
glacier collapse in a week...
[Denise] All right, Dad,
I'm ready for you.
...can expect to see happening
in other parts of the world?
[TV continues indistinctly
in background]
Your gas bill, your phone bill,
and your Medicare supplement,
in case you're interested.
Have you heard from Tim?
It costs a lot to make
a long-distance call,
so I understand.
Okay. Well, I have to use
the girl's room before I go.
I found this
in the bathroom cabinet.
Oh. [chuckles]
Any idea why you put it there?
I must've just gotten confused.
Maybe the kitchen cabinets
were full.
There's plenty of space in 'em.
I must have been distracted.
-Are you feeling okay, Dad?
You think that maybe
you should go get a checkup
-to see how you're doing?
-I don't need a checkup.
-Well, it can't hurt,
though, right?
-I don't need it.
Well, I'm late for work.
But you let me know if
there's anything else you need.
All right.
[man on TV] All right, y'all.
Uh, okay, well,
we're gonna take a call now.
[crickets chirping]
[faint TV chatter]
[man] Now, we swabbed
the area around his neck
to check for DNA.
Would you care to give us
a sample for comparison?
[intriguing music playing]
Oh, my.
Oh, my.
[line ringing]
[911 operator] 911 operator,
what is your emergency?
There is a spaceship
that's crashed in my backyard.
And it has crushed my azaleas.
-[911 operator] A spaceship?
[911 operator] Sir,
placing prank calls to 911
emergency services is a felony.
It's not a prank. A spaceship
has crashed in my backyard,
and it has crushed my azaleas.
[911 operator] Sir, please try
lying down and go back to
-[line clicks]
-I'm wide awake.
Hello? [clears throat] Hello?
[line ringing]
[electronic voice]
Denise is unavailable.
-The voicemail is full--
[uptempo music playing]
I have been talking to you
about pickleball
for the past four years, and you
haven't done nothin' about it.
Pickleball is a fantastic sport
for those of us
whose knees aren't agile enough
to get us across
the tennis court.
Who's filibustering pickleball?
Is that you, Wu?
The new cold storage facility
near the highway
is going to give our businesses
a marvelous way
to store their perishable goods.
But it also gives us
another thing:
a giant wall.
I wonder if this council
would consider
commissioning a muralist
to add a little magic
to what will already be
a valuable building.
I think we ought to
change our town slogan.
"A Great Place To Call Home"
is confusing
because when somebody hears it,
it can mean that
it's a great place
to call your home
on the telephone.
I suggest a clearer motto,
like "A Great Place
to Refer to as Home."
Though, um,
it doesn't have to be that.
We need a crosswalk
on Trent Avenue
between Frost and Allegheny...
[gentle music playing]
[crickets chirping]
[faint creaking, clattering]
[mysterious music playing]
[line ringing]
[electronic voice]
Denise is unavailable.
The voicemail is full.
-Yeah? Hi, Denise--
-[line clicks]
I called you
a few nights ago because
a spaceship had crashed
in my backyard.
Well, now...
a space man
has come out of the ship,
and he's lying on my patio.
I'm scared.
I don't know what to do.
Anyway... call me.
How are you, Milton?
Well, I'll tell you.
-I've g--
I've got a real situation.
-[gavel banging]
I call this meeting
of the Boonton City Council
to order.
Esteemed Council members,
I am delighted
to speak to you tonight
about elderly-youth connections.
I hope eventually to collaborate
with this board on this project,
but in the meantime,
I am launching a pilot project.
I will be placing
these posters around town
in order to connect
with a young person
who would like to learn from me,
and I from them.
I will keep you updated
on this exciting project.
Thank you.
We should change the town motto
to something clearer,
"A Great Place to Call Home"
can mean you're calling home.
I feel there needs
to be a crosswalk
on Trent Avenue
between Frost and Allegheny.
I feel it is too far
between Frost and Allegheny,
and-- and-- and it encourages
people to jaywalk,
and they can die.
a UFO has crashed in my backyard
and has taken out my azaleas
and has destroyed my bird bath.
[hushed murmuring]
-Did you just say "UFO"?
It has crashed in my backyard
and taken out my azaleas
and destroyed my bird bath.
You should not talk like that!
When you talk like that,
it makes them all
take us less seriously.
But it's true. A spaceship
crashed in my backyard
and crushed my azaleas.
I'm dead serious!
You should not talk like that.
It is not good.
What should I do?
Not tell anybody?
Good night, Joyce.
See you next week.
-You want a ride?
-I can walk.
I can give you a lift.
It's no problem at all.
[thunder rumbles]
-Is everything okay, Milt?
-[Milton] Yeah.
[Sandy] You feeling well?
Except for this situation
with the spaceship.
If there's anything I can do,
you let me know.
I suppose.
You take care, Milt.
[gentle music playing]
[water runs, stops]
[alarm beeping]
[alarm stops]
-[igniter clicking]
-[gas hissing]
[bird chirping]
Oh, my.
It's warmer inside.
Do you wanna come inside?
Do you wanna come inside?
'Cause it's warmer in here.
I'm not sure what to do.
This hasn't
happened to me before.
-[kettle whistles]
[whistling stops]
That was the kettle. Sorry.
I saw you'd finished your water,
so maybe you want more.
Looks like I was right.
I brought you
a bunch of different things
'cause I wasn't sure
what you'd eat.
You liked the apples.
That was the last one.
-[Dave] Hey, Clarence!
-I'm Milt.
That's a lot of apples!
They're for the alien
that's back in my house.
You mean an illegal alien, or...
Like, an alien from outer space.
A ship crashed in my backyard
a couple nights ago,
and an alien came
crawling out of it,
and so far, the only thing
he eats is apples.
[register beeping]
Be $11.32.
The government is searching for
pieces of a weather satellite
they say disintegrated
over Western Pennsylvania.
They ask that anyone
who comes across parts of
the fallen device not touch it.
During the time you were
incarcerated, you were
also receiving disability.
-[audience laughter]
-[reporter] Here in McKinley--
I'm sorry.
I'm just... [exhales]
...u-- used to living alone.
You're walking.
That's a good sign.
Maybe I'll show you around.
This is the bathroom.
You got hot water, cold.
If the hot doesn't
come out right away,
just give it a minute.
Here's where you
do your business.
There's things to read,
if it takes a while.
This is the guest bedroom.
If you need to stay the night,
this is where you'll sleep.
It was a gift.
The backyard, you already know.
That's where you crashed
into my azaleas.
We'll have a word
about that later.
The kitchen.
Here's where
I leave myself reminders.
And this is the living room.
I mainly use it to watch TV.
And you use this one
to control everything.
The only thing you use this one
for is to change the volume.
If you change anything else,
then I have to call Denise over
and she gets irritated with me.
This channel shows the news
that's happening.
This channel's the same, but
the people are a little angrier.
This channel shows
CSI three times a day.
I like CSI because
it always surprises me.
You think it's going this way,
but suddenly-- Ooh!
It's going this way instead.
[TV turns off]
This is my family.
She unfortunately
has passed away.
She lives in town.
He lives in California.
Moved there
about ten years ago for a job.
I don't hear from him much.
Th-- that's-- [scoffs]
That's okay.
Young people are busy.
I was busy at his age.
Oh! It's seven o'clock.
I forgot to tell you...
about the dance show.
[TV audience
cheering, applauding]
-Hey, Denise!
-[Denise] Hi, Dave!
How's the clinic going?
Well, so far I've had
two neuters and three spays,
and the day's only half over,
your dad was in here earlier.
He said some stuff which
struck me as a little strange.
-Yeah, I don't mean to
make a mountain out of it,
but he said he was buying apples
for an alien
that was staying with him.
Like an illegal alien?
like an alien from outer space.
Do you think that he was joking?
He didn't seem to be joking.
[indistinct TV chatter]
[knocking on door]
-[Milton] Oh, hi, Denise.
Dad, I don't wanna argue.
You're 78 years old,
and you haven't seen a doctor
in three years.
Please let me
schedule you a checkup.
And I'll take you,
and they'll check you out,
and that'll be that.
But I'm fine, Denise.
I don't need a doctor.
[Denise] Well, if you're fine,
then they'll tell you
that you're fine,
and that'll be that!
And I'm not taking no
for an answer.
Well, I'd rather say no,
but in that case, I guess.
Thank you.
Did you get my message?
No. Did it say that
my mailbox was full?
Remember, if my mailbox is full,
I'm not gonna get the message.
-[phone ringing]
All right, you should get that.
And I'm late.
I'll talk to you later, okay?
Oh, okay.
[ringing continues]
-[Sandy] Hi, Milt, it's Sandy.
I found your number
in the phonebook.
I hope you don't mind
I'm calling.
-[Sandy] Milton, do you happen
to have a printer?
A printer?
Let me see.
Denise set me up
with a lot of things
when she stopped using them.
Yeah, I have a printer.
Mine stopped working long ago.
Computer stopped recognizing it.
Anyhow, do-- do you think
I could use yours?
It's for the poster
for the program.
Don't they have one
in the library?
[Sandy] I don't think
they still have one.
If-- if it's a problem--
It-- it isn't a problem,
I guess.
[doorbell rings]
-[Sandy] Hey, Milt.
-Hi, Sandy.
Uh... I really wish
these machines would warn you
before they screw themselves up
like that.
I'll probably print about 22.
On my way through town,
I thought of an another
couple of places to--
[gasps] Oh, good Christ!
What the fuck is that?
You remember the spaceship
that crashed in my yard?
This is the little man
who came out of it.
This is Sandy.
She's an acquaintance of mine.
Milton, what is this?
Uh, this is an alien from space,
I suppose.
[shakily] How long
has he been here?
Oh, for a few days.
Though the first couple days
he was inside the spaceship.
Mm-hmm. And he's just
sitting on your couch?
Yeah. He's very friendly.
He watches whatever I watch.
He's undemanding.
Oh, my Lord,
I think I need to sit down.
Oh, my God, Milton.
This-- this is a very big thing.
Yeah, I suppose it is.
[panicked laugh] This is a being
from a-- another galaxy.
This has never happened before.
I guess that's true.
And there's a ship?
-Oh, dear God.
-[Milton] Yep.
I think it'll be a couple
seasons before they grow back.
When he arrived,
he wasn't doing nearly so well.
He was really banged up
from the crash landing.
But he's been
eating apples ever since,
and I guess they've helped him.
And you wanna keep him here?
As long as he wants to.
Mmm, I don't know about that.
He may be a threat.
We don't know.
I really doubt it.
Listen, Milton, if you wanna
keep him here, you've got to
stop telling people about him.
No more just letting people
come over like you did with me.
I-- I've seen what people do
with these kinds of guys.
This has happened to you before?
No! [scoffs]
From the movies, and the-- the
movies are based on something.
He's gotta be a secret.
No more telling anyone.
You know, and I know, and...
...I'm not telling anybody.
Hmm. Sandy?
Are you sure it's safe?
Far as I can tell,
he's really far from home.
Seems like he would
be the scared one.
I'll see you soon, Milt.
And remember,
don't tell anybody.
I won't.
[hectic music playing]
[phones ringing]
[man 1] His eyes were shaped
like you see in the movies.
[man 2] It hovered in the sky
right above the house.
[man 3] It was round
like a cylinder.
[man 4] Had lights
all the way around it,
and it had a dome on top of it
with a bright light shining
The government now says
it was a security satellite
and not a weather satellite
that crashed somewhere
in Western Pennsylvania.
They ask anyone...
That was Sandy.
I think you'll like her.
...call the number below.
-[Milton snoring]
-[man 1 on TV] But she did.
She did tell you everything
she knew about the autopsy.
-She wanted to help.
-[man 2 on TV] You're sure
she wanted to help,
or had she simply
exhausted her options, Robert?
[Robert] That's right, John.
She exhausted her options.
Nothing she could do was
going to fix what she did.
So why help now? 'Cause she
honestly wanted to do good.
[John] Robert, I'm sorry, but
I'm not buying it for a second.
I know she's your daughter.
-[Robert] Damn right
she's my daughter.
-[John] But it can't happen.
[birds chirping]
[Milt] Good morning.
Repairs have begun. That's good.
I hope you can fix it.
Must not be easy to be
stuck on a different planet.
Thank you for the picture.
It's very beautiful.
I'm gonna put some coffee on.
[Dr. North]
We're looking for differences.
Could you circle the one
that's different, please?
I'm gonna show you four objects.
Do me a favor, Milton,
and remember these objects.
Now I'm going to show you a new
paper with three of the objects.
You tell me
which one is missing.
[Milton sighs]
Jump rope.
The word is jump rope.
You have that?
[Dr. North] I'm going to
tell you a short story.
A young girl went
to the store to buy grapes.
When she got there,
she didn't have enough money,
so she bought milk instead.
At home,
her mother asked what happened.
Milton, what was the word
I asked you to remember?
It must be strange for you,
having me here
and-- and Milton gone.
He'll be back shortly. He--
he just had a-- an appointment
he had to go to.
Do you understand me?
With those eyes,
it-- it seems like you do.
Well, since you can't talk,
I guess I will.
I have a daughter.
we get along pretty well,
but I don't get to see her much.
She, uh, lives out
on the West Coast.
I have pictures.
Monica. That's her partner Lisa.
That's my grandson, Philip.
She and she are together.
You know, together-together?
I don't know if you have that
on your planet,
where two people of the same sex
end up loving each other,
but it's been
happening here a lot
over the last few years.
I let her know from the start
that it didn't make
a hair's difference to me.
[voice breaks]
And, uh, wouldn't you know,
they spend all their time
sucking up to her mother instead
of coming out here to see me.
[sobs] I haven't seen them
in person in--
in three years.
I swear to God,
I don't normally talk this much!
Milton, do you find yourself
having trouble recollecting
information about yourself
that you've known all your life?
Your birthday, your middle name?
Do you leave objects in places
where they normally don't go
and not realize until later?
-I don't.
He left a can of green beans
in the bathroom cabinet.
That was just once.
I was probably just confused.
I found a newspaper
in the freezer.
That also was just once.
But Dad, that's not the point.
The point is that together,
they're kinda happening often.
He, uh...
he told the cashier at Corrado's
that there was an alien
living in his house.
do you remember saying that?
Do you remember
why you said that?
It was a joke.
I don't think it was
a joke when you said it.
I think that you meant it.
I think that he thought
that there was an alien
living in his house.
Milton, this is
a sensitive subject to bring up,
but at your age, and with
these deficits in your thinking,
it may be time to consider
options for assisted living,
such as an in-home caregiver
or moving to
an assisted-living facility.
-Dad, just try to listen
to what she has to say!
No, I'm sorry. I need to go.
I've got a--
Anderson Cooper is on.
Dad. Wait.
You set me up!
God damn it, you set me up!
I did it because
I'm worried about you.
You brought me here,
had her spring that test on me
without even giving me
a chance to study!
-I'm trying to help.
-I don't need your help!
[door slams]
[tender music playing]
-[door slams]
-Hey, Milt.
I'm just reading him a book
I found in Monica's baby things.
-Is everything okay?
-[Milton] I'm fine!
-[door slams]
-[scoffs] Are you sure
you're fine?
All right.
I'll talk to you later.
He's had lunch.
[footsteps approaching]
Denise thinks I'm losing it.
She wants to put me in a home.
I think I called her too many
times to fix the TV system.
I don't talk to my son.
He doesn't like me very much.
I understand it.
I wasn't good at...
being a dad.
So I stopped.
No sense keeping going with
something you're not good at.
-[phone beeping]
-[line ringing]
[Tim] Hi, this is Tim.
I am unavailable at the moment.
-Please leave a message.
Hey, Tim.
It's Dad.
Hope things are good there.
Fall's starting to show up here.
Denise's clinic has moved,
next to that new car wash
out on Lincoln.
Was that here
when you were here?
I don't know.
We'll see how she deals
with the noise.
Maybe the dogs
will get riled up.
I know I wasn't there for you
in ways I should've been.
You deserved better.
But enough's enough,
don't you think?
Looks like I got your machine.
[man speaking on TV]
[Sandy] All right.
Arms in the air.
[laughs] May I?
[insects chirping]
You can put your arms down now.
It's from back in the day
when she could not
shut up about it.
I thought she was a lesbian.
She is.
It's some sort of joke.
at least he's not naked anymore.
I'm not sure myself
that he was.
I also thought it might be nice
if we gave him a name.
Do you think that's necessary?
He's just here.
I don't see the need
to call him anything.
Well, for instance,
when we talk about him.
-What do you suggest?
-Well, I had an idea.
And it just feels right.
You think we can call him Jules?
Good as anything else.
But I'm not gonna
call him anything.
If he's just here,
then I don't need
to call him anything.
[Aaron Campbell]
The government continues
to ask the public for help
in its search
for parts of a satellite
they say fell out of the sky
near the Pennsylvania-Ohio
border recently.
They are offering
a reward of $10,000
to anyone with information
about the crashed apparatus.
-[doorbell dinging]
-Who is it?
-[gasps] It's Joyce!
-What do we do?
Take Jules upstairs!
Joyce! How are you?
Uh, Milt and I were
just having a-- a little dinner.
-Would you like to join?
-I seen the alien.
Oh, my goodness,
it's a goddamn extraterrestrial.
I had a feeling
you weren't lying.
I knew you were slipping
but not that fast.
Why were you spying on us?
I thought it was odd the two
of you hanging out together.
You shouldn't have spied on us.
His eyes are so understanding.
-May I touch him?
She shouldn't know!
This is a secret.
-She-- she shouldn't know!
-Guys, calm down.
Just, everybody, calm down.
You're scaring Jules.
Jules? He's no Jules.
He's more of a Gary
or-- or a Naomi.
His name is Jules,
and listen, Milton,
she's in on it now, okay?
So we got to trust her.
There's nothing else we can do.
-We could kill her.
-Kill me?
You can't kill me.
I'll kill you.
-That's what I'll do!
-Guys, stop it!
How do you know
he's not dangerous?
-We know!
-We just know!
Okay, okay,
I'm not gonna tell anyone.
But no more
keeping secrets from me.
I'm in on this, like Sandy says.
-We shoulda killed her.
-Milton, hush.
-What's that?
-It's just pictures.
He hands them to me
all the time.
Maybe he's trying
to tell you something.
He's not trying
to tell me something.
This isn't
gonna be fun with her.
Joyce, Jules has come to mean...
quite a bit to us.
And he's gotta be a secret.
You've seen the movies too.
You know
what happens to these guys
when they fall to Earth.
[woman] I've tried
getting him back into the
but he spends
all day looking at
that spaceship in the backyard.
First thing in the morning,
he's out there
looking at that spaceship.
[alarm wailing]
[doorbell dinging]
[knocking on door]
[Milton clears throat]
We're from the Department
of National Security.
Do you mind if we have
a look at the premises?
-[Milton] Hey, Joyce.
-Gary here?
[Milton] You mean the alien?
Yeah. Where else would he be?
Come to spend
some time with him.
Hey, Gary.
Joyce. I met you the other day.
Um, I brought you a new shirt.
The one you're wearing
is hardly appropriate.
[cellphone ringing]
-[man 2] Hi.
I saw your poster at the
about the senior
mentoring program.
[man 2] Well,
I'm-- I'm not super-young,
but, um-- um, I wouldn't mind
a chat like that.
Oh, fantastic!
And, uh, to whom am I speaking?
Boonton's fine.
But it's not like the Big City.
You might not know it
looking at me the way I am now,
but I was an item.
Away in the Big City,
you can find all the pleasure
and danger you're looking for.
You just have
to exercise self-control.
the city'll eat you alive.
I was lucky.
I had my problems,
I mean, my moments.
But, uh...
at least I got out in one piece.
No more Pittsburgh for me.
-[chuckles] Come on in.
-[Danny] Thank you.
Would you like some tea?
So how old are you, Danny?
-I'm 72.
-[both laughing]
Some people, they get real
sensitive about their age.
Do everything they can
to look younger.
But that's one thing
I wanted to tell you, Danny.
Aging is natural.
Physical beauty
is here for a moment,
and then it is gone.
I really blossomed
in the Big City.
Came into my own.
Joyce, I think
he wants to fix his spaceship.
I had my share of lovers.
Never really
settled down with one.
For a while, I...
I sang.
Can you believe it?
I was a singer.
You bet I can sing.
And I've still got it too.
Does this thing have Bluetooth?
Do you mind
if I use the bathroom?
Uh, of course.
Top of the stairs
and on your left.
-Up there?
If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still
Remember me?
For I must be
Traveling on now
What are you doing?
Places I've got to see
Taking some of your jewelry.
You don't have to do that.
Why don't you
come back downstairs,
and we'll talk
some more about life.
I think I'd rather
just take some of your jewelry.
I'm gonna call the police.
But if I stay here
With you, boy
Things just
Couldn't be the same
'Cause I'm as free
As a bird now
And this bird
You cannot change
And this bird
You cannot change
Lord, help me
I can't change
[indistinct chatter]
You're saying
his head just exploded?
That's right.
Out of nowhere?
Out of nowhere.
Heads don't tend to just...
explode like that.
Are you suggesting
I made a man's head
explode off his shoulders?
And how exactly would I do that?
You tell us.
How would something
that extraordinary
happen in your house?
[knocking on door]
Oh, it's Sandy.
Where is he?
In the back,
working on his ship.
[Sandy whimpers]
[Sandy cries]
[Joyce] I knew he had powers.
These guys usually have powers.
Does this mean he's dangerous?
Well, only when someone's
being dangerous towards us.
Only when someone's
being dangerous towards us.
-That's true.
-I mean, he saved me.
Can you imagine
what would've happened
if he didn't get involved?
I wouldn't be here.
Well, is it possible
he could do it
to someone who wasn't bad?
What? He hasn't done it yet.
I don't see
why we should prejudice him
with our fearful thoughts.
[Milton] All right. Just asking.
[Sandy] As far as I'm concerned,
Jules is on our side,
and we oughta be on his.
-[Joyce] I agree.
-[Milton] I agree too.
[water running]
There was no weapon
found at the scene?
-No explosive material?
Heads do not
just blow off people's bodies.
No, they do not.
-Forensics has no explanation?
-Not a one.
Maybe Sandy's
protecting someone.
She has a big heart.
Let's put a tail on her.
See if she gets up
to anything unusual.
Yes, sir.
Dad. Dad.
Oh, Dad, come--
hey, come on, just a minute.
Since when have you been
hanging out with Sandy?
-Okay, just-- okay, wait.
I am sorry for surprising you
the other day.
I'm worried, okay?
What you have said
has not been normal.
And I know that you value
your independence.
But there comes a time.
I swear to you, I'm okay.
How can you say that
when you're buying apples
for an alien?
The apples aren't for an alien.
They're for me.
-20 of them?
-Can't talk right now.
Good to see you.
Try not to worry.
Well, that's impossible!
-[Milton clears throat]
[car door shuts closed]
[engine rumbling]
[Sandy] So I said to the doctor,
I think this medicine
is giving me sexual feelings.
What did he say?
He went and researched it,
and he said, "You're darn right.
It's one of the side effects.
It's a rare one,
but it's one of 'em."
He switched me
to another medication.
Do you have any
of the old pills left?
[Sandy laughs] Milton!
Do you guys smell that?
It's kind of a rotting smell.
I-- I didn't want
to say anything
because I thought that's the way
your house usually smelled.
Oh, my.
It's a cat.
He killed a cat
and brought it here?
That's a tire mark.
Unless he stole a car,
he didn't kill this animal.
He-- he found it.
He needs cats.
I told you
he was sending us a message.
You guys should listen
to me more often.
Let me see that.
That's his spaceship.
I think he needs six more cats
to get his ship working!
Before, he needed seven.
But with that one,
he needs six more.
Oh, I'm telling you,
I get this guy.
I get this guy more than you do.
I think she might be right.
Seven cats?
What makes his ship run
is seven cats?
Well, the only thing
he eats is apples.
You got to kinda take him
on his own terms, you know?
So what are we supposed to do?
-Kill six cats?
-[calling tone ringing]
Green Turtle Veterinary Clinic.
How can I help you?
Is Dr. Robinson there?
This is her father.
Just one moment.
-Hey, Dad, what's up?
-Oh, not much.
Um, how are you doing?
I'm fine.
What happens to the cats
that die in your office?
What happens to the cats
that die in your office?
Why are you asking me that?
Oh, j-- just trying
to make conversation.
Dad, what is going on?
Then, why are you
asking me that?
Do they--
do they incinerate them,
or-- or do they just throw them
in the dumpster out back?
Well, I'm not saying
another word
until you tell me
why you're asking.
Do you even know
why you're asking?
-And you wonder why I'm
-You know what?
-Forget it.
-Forget it?
How am I supposed to forget it?
I was just curious, that was it.
And you don't even have a cat.
I've got to go. Love you.
[phone beeps]
She didn't give me
a straight answer.
[upbeat instrumental playing]
Slow down.
Car is going
extremely slow out on 22.
Makes following them undetected
almost impossible.
[chief over radio]
Any idea what they're doing?
Seems like
they're looking for something.
[music stops]
-How'd it start?
With Earl.
How'd it start?
He was generally
forgetful at first.
Not as quick...
as he used to be.
He s-- started leaving things
in-- in weird places.
I found the silverware
in the bedroom.
One time,
he-- he pooped in the bidet.
He was very embarrassed
about that.
Did the doctor say
something that worried you?
Do you forget things sometimes?
I don't mean to.
I don't want to worry you.
Milton, it-- it was years
before it got bad.
Don't go down that rabbit hole.
You gotta enjoy life,
not worry it away.
-All right.
I won't say another thing.
No, no, no, no. I mean s-- stop.
[tires screeching]
[upbeat instrumental playing]
The fuck?
-[Joyce] How many did you get?
-We got two.
Well, one and three quarters.
Not easy, what's out there
is mostly possums.
We need four more.
Well, three and a--
four and--
aw, heck,
I was never good at fractions.
I'll find 'em.
[laugh] How will you find 'em?
I don't care if I have to scour
the streets of this town.
I'll find 'em.
-[Denise] How are you?
-[Tim] I'm good.
-What's up?
-[Denise] It's about Dad.
He's not doing well.
He's acting strange lately.
[Tim] Well, he's been acting
strange for years. [laughs]
[Denise] He told
the check-out guy at Corrado's
that he was buying apples
for an alien
living in his house.
[Tim] Well,
was it an illegal alien?
[Denise] No, it was an alien
from outer space.
-He was very clear on that.
-[alarm beeps]
[door closes]
I got three.
Well, three and a third, really.
And that more than makes up
for the missing quarter.
I've always been
very decent with fractions.
[Sandy] We still need one more.
[doorbell ringing]
instrumental playing]
Those look like agents.
L-- like government agents?
Like the ones in the movies.
I'll take Jules upstairs.
Where is he?
[doorbell ringing]
[knocking on door]
[banging on door]
[agent over radio] Unit 4,
return to operations.
Come on. Let's go.
We've gotta act quickly,
'cause any moment we waste
is a moment
they can discover him.
-We can both go out driving.
-That'll take too long.
And besides,
I looked everywhere.
Well, short of killing a cat,
I don't know
how we're gonna do it.
Well, what about yours?
The hell you talking about?
You said he doesn't hear,
he doesn't see, he can't walk.
He's pretty much dead.
Well, he's not dead.
He's like my child.
You can go fuck yourself!
[knocking on window]
[lock clicks]
I'm sorry
about what Milton said.
He spoke out of turn.
Henry's been there
every time I've come home.
No one else has.
Of course.
Pets may just be pets,
but they're part of the family.
I watched him get worse,
and I just
didn't do anything about it.
I was too afraid
of what it would be like
without him.
He's all I have.
Do you know it's been a year
since he was able to
walk up to me on his own?
Milton's right.
He's not all I have.
He's all I had.
All right, go ahead. [sniffles]
Let's do this.
Explode his head.
[plate clatters]
Better to cut down on the mess.
Goodbye, sweet pea.
[Joyce sobbing]
[suspenseful buzzing]
[buzzing fades]
[soft violin
instrumental playing]
[music fades]
[alarm blaring]
[excited chatter]
[agent] Go back to 870 Elmore!
-Go back!
[engine roaring]
instrumental playing]
[music stops]
Jules, I'm--
I'm so happy for you.
I brought you something.
It's a snow globe of the city.
It's a typical gift that you get
when you're in some place new.
It's, uh--
it kind of means a lot to me,
reminds me
of my time in the city.
I want you to have it.
[Sandy] I, uh--
I brought you something too.
I don't know if it gets cold
where you're from,
but you maybe,
you can get some use out of it.
Oh, not now.
I didn't know
we were giving gifts.
So you don't forget
what I look like.
[Sandy] What was that?
[Joyce] Did he just
do something?
I think he's inviting us.
[soft instrumental playing]
I'll go.
I'd like to go with you.
Milton. You can't.
You've got Denise.
I'm ready to go.
Jules has been
nice company to me here,
and I prefer
not to have Denise see me
get worse and worse every year.
[phone ringing]
[Denise] Dad,
I'm not calling about the
I'm not calling
about any of that.
It's time for your hair cut.
So I could, uh--
I could come by Saturday,
and we could have lunch,
and I could take care of it.
We've been fighting,
and I just want to hang out.
Will you be around Saturday?
Don't you work Saturdays?
I'll get Heather
to cover for me.
Will you be around?
I've seen you shut down before.
I don't want that
to happen to us.
I'll have to check my schedule.
Is everything okay?
Yes, it is.
All right.
I'll wait to hear.
I love you, Dad.
You too.
[sniffles] Bye.
instrumental playing]
[banging on door]
[door handle rattling]
[banging on door]
[agent] National Security!
Open the door!
They're coming for Jules!
They're coming!
Get him in the ship!
instrumental playing]
[spaceship whirring]
[door whirring]
[Sandy laughing] Whoa. Whoa.
That was amazing.
Are we on his planet already?
That didn't feel like very long.
[Sandy] Felt
like just a few seconds.
I've got four bars
and a text message.
I think we're still on Earth.
I think he just stopped to--
to drop us off.
I think we're still on Earth.
Well, Jules.
I guess it's time
for your intergalactic journey.
If they didn't need me
to keep this town on the rails,
I'd come with you.
And Milton?
I'm so thankful
for your invitation to join you.
And I know
I would have enjoyed very much
journeying with you
through the heavens,
and seeing your home.
But I've lived
on this planet all my life.
It's my home.
Doesn't stop being that
just 'cause
I'm getting ready to leave it.
What's coming
probably won't be fun.
But I ought to do it here.
I'll be okay.
instrumental playing]
[door whirring]
[intense sentimental
instrumental playing]
[music fades]
Do you think he remembers us?
Of course he remembers us.
Don't you think
he's been to other planets?
Don't you think
he's met other life forms?
He remembers us.
I am sure of it.
Do you think Gary
remembers us, Milton?
Gary? Who's Gary?
instrumental playing]
[soft whirring]
[music fades]