Julie (1956) Movie Script

It's the voice
of my one love
And it promises ecstasy
Day and night,
it is calling me
But I'm afraid to go
Ahh, ahh, ahh
Though I run
to escape it
Still it calls
And although
it's my destiny
Sorrow is there, I know
Ahh, ahh, ahh
Warm are his arms
Tender, his kiss
But in his eyes
the danger lies
Must I go
where he leads me
Though it be
through eternity
Oh, I know
I will never be free
Free from the voice
that calls
How can you humiliate me like this?
What you said to him in
front of all those people,
it's unforgivable.
Is it because he's a cousin
of Bob's? Is that it?
No. It's because
he's a man- any man!
And you were annoyed
because I stood there and talked
to him for 10 minutes.
Is that it?
Well, if this is what married
life is going to be,
then we have
absolutely nothing!
And I can't bear it any
more, Lyle, I really can't... and I won't!
You're hurting... take your foot off of my-
you're hurting me!
You're hurting me!
Get your foot-
You'll kill us!
What are you doing?
Oh, Julie...
I'm so sorry...
so desperately sorry.
Help me fight
this thing.
I was jealous,
blindly jealous.
Julie, you've got
to believe me.
I only meant
to frighten you.
That's all I wanted to do at first.
I started grinding that
pedal harder and harder,
and I couldn't stop.
I couldn't stop.
It was the thought of losing you.
I love you
so very much.
He'd nearly killed us both,
yet he seemed so sorry,
so desperately sorry,
that my heart
went out to him.
I didn't know what to think.
I just didn't know.
Cliff told me something this morning
that was
very upsetting.
He told me that Bob
did not take his life
for the reason we supposed at all.
And he said it couldn't
have been a financial thing
because he even tried
to help him.
Naturally, he assumed
that there was some...
inner thing that
he didn't know about.
This must have come
as quite a shock to you.
Yes, it did.
Of course, it did...
because, Lyle,
if financial worries
weren't at the bottom of all...
then what was?
I don't know...
but I never believed that money
problem idea. You know that.
Well, it just
makes no sense...
no sense at all.
Look, Julie, it's as
inscrutable to me as to you...
and everyone else
why a man like Bob
would commit suicide.
But the fact remains,
Bob did do it. He's gone.
And you are now
Mrs. Benton.
You're cold.
Shall I get you
something warm?
No. I'm all right,
thank you.
Julie, there is no sense
in rehashing this thing.
I'd appreciate dropping the
subject of Bob once and for all.
Let it lie. Bury him.
You're- you're
jealous of him.
I was jealous of him
from the start...
from the moment
I first saw you.
So... even
while I was still married to Bob,
even before he died,
Lyle was jealous of him.
Oh, it gave me
a feeling of apprehension
I couldn't shake.
I had to talk to Cliff.
I had to have more answers.
Oh, hiya, Julie.
I had to see you
just for a minute.
I've got all weekend.
How about over there?
Excuse me.
As a matter of fact,
I should be at the lodge right now.
I have a golf date
with Peggy Davis.
I just wanted to ask you
something about our conversation.
Sure, Julie.
What's up?
Cliff, are you sure that
Bob had no reservations
about accepting that loan?
I'm sure he didn't.
It's just as I sald yesterday,
it was a good deal for
Bob, too. He knew that.
Then why did he do it,
Cliff? Why?
You expecting him?
Oh, as a matter of fact, he
could drop by anytime, I guess.
Tell me something,
does he blow
his stack that way often?
No, he doesn't.
Of course not.
He's a very sweet and
wonderful guy, ordinarily.
Except for
that jealousy of his.
You're due at the lodge.
Come on, I'll walk with you.
All right.
Julie, yesterday...
after you left here,
anything happen between you and Lyle?
Why do you ask that?
I saw that look
on Lyle's face
when he went barging after
you. I didn't quite like it.
Got a cigarette?
Something did happen, didn't it, Julie?
It's not important,
Cliff, really.
I have a feeling there's
something more seriously wrong
than you're letting on.
Well, it's partly my fault,
in his belief.
I threatened to leave him.
to leave him?
Yes, and I didn't
mean it.
But that's
what made him
go off the deep end.
It was right after we left here.
Julie, let me
get this straight.
You mean he jammed the accelerator-
jammed it all the way down?
Cliff, he didn't know what
he was doing, really he didn't.
So it was
a crazy risk,
an irrational thing to do, Julie.
Has he always been
so jealous?
It's just since
we've been married.
Cliff, I don't know what I'm
going to do about it. Really, I don't.
I can't say, "Lyle,
darling, I love you.
You've got to believe me
and have faith and trust. "
He doesn't
understand it.
If I go to the club
and chat
with someone-
like you, for instance-
he has hallucinations.
The rope hung from the
rafter in the basement.
Bob had stood on something- a box, wasn't it?
He'd apparently kicked
it out from under him?
Please, Cliff, do we have to talk about it?
Really, it's very difficult.
did it ever occur
to you
that Bob's neck could have
been placed in that rope
after he'd
been strangled?
By a murderer.
I mean, it is a possibility.
By someone who wanted
him out of the way.
Julie, was anyone
else there that night?
no one else.
Wasn't Lyle there
when it happened?
I told you he wasn't.
Julie, nothing more
can be done for Bob.
But you're in danger, grave danger.
That's why I've questioned
you this way, to make you see it.
Lyle was there, wasn't he?
All right.
Yes, he was there.
He was
our house guest,
but that doesn't prove
anything, does it, Cliff?
It doesn't prove
one thing.
Come on!
I'm coming!
Hi. Would you care
to join us?
No. I'll wait for you
in the lodge.
All right.
I got back to the lodge,
Lyle was in the middle
of a business call to New York,
so I went on in. Frankly, I was
in no mood for golf.
After a few holes,
I had had it.
Mrs. Benton.
Hello, Harry.
One diamond.
Three diamonds.
Five diamonds.
I pass.
was talking to his manager,
they were working out his tour for the Fall.
You see, Lyle was
a very talented pianist,
topflight in his field.
Can I have a package
of these, please?
You lay them out, partner.
Um... scotch
on the rocks
and a manhattan, please.
Thank you,
Julie, I've been
thinking it over.
These interlocking bits
of suspicious evidence-
the way they add up-
I'm expecting my husband-
They can't be ignored. They simply can't.
I said I'm expecting
my husband.
Julie, I've got to
make you see this.
Cliff, you have
no proof of anything and I will not-
Yesterday, during that wild,
crazy ride in the car,
he very nearly
killed you, and why?
Because he was jealous.
That's why.
He didn't know
what he was doing. Don't you see?
Jealous over nothing.
What would happen if
he had real provocation.
You were in love with Bob,
you were married to Bob. Bob stood in his way.
He was jealous of Bob.
Yes, he was jealous
of Bob.
He admitted it?
He told me last night.
Cliff, don't think I haven't
been worried about this.
It's driving me crazy.
It's there, and it
won't go. Is that it?
Oh, hi, Lyle.
Say, was your wife off
her game this morning- but off.
Really? How about
joining us for a drink?
We'd love to.
Would you excuse us?
Julie, you've got to face it.
If Lyle did
do this thing,
and it is possible- more than possible.
You know that-
What's to stop him
from again pressing that
accelerator to the floor...
only next time,
for keeps?
Mr. Henderson.
This is wonderful.
Lyle. How are you, Peggy?
I was just playing bridge with some friends.
Well, have one drink
with us anyway, please.
All right, just one.
I'm sure they won't
mind waiting.
Say, speaking
of waiting,
you surely kept me waiting for ages
this morning,
I'm sure Julie
had a good excuse.
That man- he knows
how it is.
Uh, what are you
drinking, Peg?
Same as yours, please. Martini.
What is, Peggy?
Well, you know
your wife.
Golly, she bumps
into people,
and she yaks
and yaks.
You were talking
to someone?
I bumped into everybody
this morning.
I just couldn't seem
to get to the golf course.
It was
the darnedest thing.
Thanks a lot
for the drinks.
Bye, Peg.
See you later.
So long, Peg.
I forgot my bag.
Would you get it,
I'll get it.
Cliff, I can't
stand this anymore,
having these doubts
and suspicions
and whispering
behind his back.
I've got to find out.
But how?
I'm going to find out for myself,
and I'm going to find out tonight.
Julie, be careful.
Thanks, darling.
Bye-bye, Cliff.
I'd listen
by the hour to Lyle practicing.
He played so beautifully.
But today there was something
strangely disturbing
about his music,
a sort of savage fury
that was almost
Gradually, as I listened
to him play,
I began evolving a plan.
It was a desperate,
last-resort measure
to learn the truth.
I wondered
if I had the courage
to go through
with this plan.
It could cost me my marriage
if Lyle were innocent.
If he were guilty...
it could cost me my life.
I lay in bed listening
to the roar of the ocean,
the slap of the spray
against the window.
I was fighting
to get up my courage.
This was it.
My heart was pounding,
but I was determined
to go on with my plan,
and I had to make it seem convincing.
Even if the words
choked in my throat,
Lyle had to
believe them.
I was just
thinking about...
what you told me,
about how much
you love me.
Darling, if...
if Bob hadn't died...
what would you
have done?
Why do you ask?
If there had been
one way...
just one way...
to have gotten me...
free from Bob...
would you have done it?
Done what, Julie?
Killed him.
Do you think I'd
have gone that far?
And still you married me.
Maybe my love for you
was just as violent
as yours for me.
I'd like to believe that,
Bob committed suicide.
That was the verdict.
that was the verdict.
you didn't even suspect such a thing
as late as yesterday in the car.
Why do you say that?
Because if you had thought
I killed Bob to have you,
you'd never have been foolish enough
to threaten leaving me.
Then you admit
having done it?
Don't ever try
to leave me.
Don't ever try
to leave me.
I had to
lie there in his arms,
lie there in panic
and wait for morning to come.
I knew now that if I tried to leave him,
he'd kill me...
kill me as quickly
as he did Bob.
Oh, yet, my every impulse
was to bolt for the door, and to run for my life,
but I didn't dare. I had to bide my time, and act
like everything was normal,
but I had thought
of one idea.
It was worth a try.
Anything was worth a try.
Oh, Lyle, we're out
of eggs and cream.
Look, I'll run to the market
and I'll be right back. Right back.
Uh, don't bother, we'll eat
something else.
But you always have eggs
for breakfast,
in the morning, and besides, I like
cream in my coffee.
And I don't mind going.
Well, I'll come along
and keep you company.
Look, darling, you know, this is really stupid.
Why should we go all the way to the village
when I can go that- the next house
and borrow
whatever we need?
Are they friendly?
I'm sure they won't mind.
Wonderful. So we'll
walk a little.
Oh, but you don't have to go.
Don't you want me?
Darling, this is n
ot a very good idea,
because I'm gonna get
my feet wet if I go on.
You want me
to carry you?
I'll go back and get the coffee boiling,
and you go on. All right?
I have lots of things to do.
All right.
Sick with fright,
I put the kettle on
and started it boiling,
just in case.
Then I went to the window and watched
until Lyle went over the rise.
Now I breathed easier.
I knew I'd have a good 20 minutes
until he got back.
It only take a few seconds to
put some clothes in a bag.
It wasn't too much
of a risk.
I didn't know
what that noise was,
but it gave me a sudden feeling of panic.
All at once- my clothes-
nothing mattered.
But I had a chilling urge to get out of that
house, and get out of it fast!
I hitched
a ride into Monterey.
But I never took my eyes
off the road in back,
not for a second.
I knew that Lyle's car could loom into sight
at anytime, and I was terrified.
Thank you so much.
I'm very grateful.
That's quite
all right.
Del Monte Lodge.
Operator, would you please give me
Cliff Henderson, and hurry.
Just a minute, please.
Just a moment,
please. His line is busy.
Operator, I can't hold on any longer.
Would you please tell him
that Julie Benton called
and would he meet me
at the Monterey police
station, right away?
Thank you.
Pardon me. Please, where
is the police station?
Two blocks up,
one block over.
Do you have a back entrance I could use?
Right through
that arch.
Pardon me, please. I hate to
interrupt, but it's very urgent.
What is it, ma'am?
May I see
whoever's in charge?
Go through
that door, please.
Sergeant, this lady would
like to speak to you.
I'm Mrs. Lyle Benton.
Let's use
this room in here.
Thank you.
Won't you sit down?
Now, what can I do
for you?
Sergeant, I think
I should start
at the beginning.
You see, I was married
once before,
and I lived near San
Francisco, in Palo Alto.
Sergeant, I want
to report a murder.
Thanks, driver.
Where can I find Mrs. Lyle Benton?
Mrs. Benton?
Is there a young lady here?
She sent for me.
Oh, yeah, straight down
and to your right.
Thank you.
Cliff, it's true.
It's all true.
Yes. Yes,
I understand that.
He's talking to
the police in Palo Alto.
Yes, naturally.
Oh, naturally.
Well, I guess
that about does it.
Well thank you very much. Good-bye.
What did he say?
Mrs. Benton, you must understand
that once a case is closed,
you have to come up with some
pretty substantial evidence
before the police
will reopen it again.
That applies anywhere- -
New york, London, Hong Kong or Palo Alto.
But he admitted it.
Is that enough for you?
He admitted it to me!
Of course, Mrs. Benton, you realize we
only have your word for that.
You haven't provided us
with a bit of direct evidence
or even one
corroborating witness.
On the other hand,
I just talked to the chief up there.
And he told me that the matter was
thoroughly investigated at the time.
Can they be wrong?
Can they?
That's possible. Still,
they seem completely satisfied
that the man took
his own life.
I'm afraid our hands
are pretty much tied.
Oh, by the way,
I'm Sergeant Cole.
Cliff Henderson.
This is
Detective Pope.
At best, it would just be Mrs.
Benton's word against his.
Surely you can see that.
Besides, the law doesn't allow a wife
to testify against her own husband.
So she's dead on that score alone.
But you're not even going
to question the man?
May I
see you a moment?
Oh, sure.
Be right back.
I know he did it.
I know it.
Julie, I know it seems incredible
but you've got to try to see their point
of view. What can the police do?
The sergeant
will be right here.
He's questioning
your husband now.
He's here?
Yes. He came
of his own volition.
He'll deny everything,
of course.
Well, there you are. I know a lot of fellas
that make some pretty wild threats
if they get
teed off enough,
including mayhemor murder,
and anything that happens to pop into their head...
This isn't
just a threat.
Look, if we called in every guy
who threatened his wife,
We'd need a jail the
size of the Pentagon.
We're not talking about threats- this man
committed a murder- he admitted it to his wife.
Then there are
vindictive women.
They'll make up anything
to get back at some man.
I assure you, Mrs. Benton
is telling the truth.
But can she prove it? And, of course,
the burden of proof is on her.
As a matter of fact,
Mr. Benton has some pretty
fancy accusations of his own.
What accusations?
About you
and Mrs. Benton.
Well, that's ridiculous.
He says your accusations
are ridiculous.
How 'bout the car, that wild ride in the car
yesterday? Did you tell them about that?
Yes. I told them everything.
Well, what does it prove?
He emphatically denies
this car business,
even denies threatening
you last night.
And you accept his denial? You're not going
to do anything about it- anything at all?
We can't arrest
a man on the grounds
of an uncorroborated
verbal threat.
Couldn't you cross-question him?
Get at the truth, you know how. That's your job.
What about the lie detector?
Even if we put him in jail,
some lawyer would have
him out of there in two minutes flat.
And he could sue us
for false arrest in the bargain.
Obviously, we can't
place a guard over her
24 hours a day, even if we were
allowed to.
In fact, we've barely enough men
to handle our regular work.
Come on, Julie.
Come on.
It's hopeless.
you're making
a mistake...
a terrible mistake.
We're getting you
out of town, but fast.
There's no telling
what he'll do now.
The next flight isn't till 4:10.
I looked it up, just in case.
The first thing we'll have to do is latch onto a car.
I don't have one.
I hitched a ride from San
Francisco with some friends.
The taxi driver told me
I could rent a car here
and deliver it back in San Francisco.
Is that right?
How soon can we get going?
Well, sir, I just have to write up the contract.
Make it 10 bucks if
you in 4 minutes flat.
Oh, thanks, mister.
Hey, pull out the Plymouth. Get it
ready on the double!
I'm sorry
I spoiled your weekend.
That's all right. I had
to go back tonight anyhow.
Starting a new mining
project tomorrow up at Lodi.
Your name
Mrs. Lyle Benton?
Somebody wants you
on the phone.
Please, can you hurry?
Your driver's license,
I'm writing as fast as I can, lady.
I only got two hands.
He must have checked
all over the airports,
bus depots,
the works.
Now let me see, is this
your present address?
Yeah, yeah.
So he finds us here.
What can he possibly do?
How long will it take?
If you've got an oil company card,
you can charge it, you know.
Here we go.
Please hurry!
Hmm, hmm, hmm...
I'm almost done.
There you go.
Now, you want to sign
right down there.
All right. Here.
Hey, check the gas, will you?
Never mind that, we'll have to take a chance.
Do you have to
do that?
How else can we check the mileage?
Does that alley lead
to the street?
Yes, sir.
Cliff made it back
to San Francisco
in less than two hours.
He didn't want to risk
Lyle catching up with us.
We went directly
to the most crowded hotel in the city.
I'd like a room
for Mrs. Bowers, please.
Cliff even insisted I sign the register
under an assumed name.
I'll take the key.
That's all right.
I have it. Thank you.
He took every precaution.
Now, Julie, believe me,
you can't be too careful.
Oh, I know, Cliff,
but what about tomorrow
and the next day, and the next day?
And the day after that?
Hey, get ahold of yourself.
Maybe if you had dinner,
You wouldn't feel
so black.
No. I'm not hungry. Thank you.
Uh, tell ya what, how about settling
for a drink instead?
All right.
I'll be right down.
10 bucks if you make it
in 4 minutes flat.
Thanks, mister. Thanks.
And I really mean it,
Julie, don't call
any of your friends.
Nobody must know
where you are.
All right.
I'll be right down.
Mrs. Bowers?
Monterey calling. Just
a minute, please.
you're going to die.
How did you find me?
Darling, you can't
get away from me,
no matter how many times
you change your name,
no matter how many places you go,
no matter what.
Lyle, you're insane.
on one subject...
one only.
What did I do? What?
Nothing. Just wait
for it to happen.
You'll never know when
that's going to be, Julie.
It was Lyle.
Cliff, he said he wants
to kill me, and he means it.
You talked to Lyle?
Just now on the phone.
He called you?
He called me from Monterey.
How does he know that I'm here?
a good question.
Cliff, I'm so scared. Let's go.
Easy. He must have phoned
some local detective agency,
worked through them.
If he took a plane,
he'd be here
in less than an hour.
Wait a minute, I've got it.
He knew darn well we'd head for San Francisco.
After all we both live here.
I suppose so, but let's get out of...
Don't you see, there are only
three highways
into the city.
He knew we'd have to use
one of them.
They spotted us
on the road?
And trailed us here- why not?
Lyle could have given him our description,
make and color of the car-
even the license number.
They're probably watching us now.
Cliff, what am I going to do- go through
life running away from this man? I can't stand-
First thing
is to get our drink.
After that we'll have another
go at the police.
I'm afraid they gave you the right dope
down at Monterey.
You intend to stand-by till
Mrs. Benton is murdered? Is that it?
Well, I can understand
how you'd feel this way, Mr. Henderson,
but we're up against it. There simply
isn't any law
that will permit us
to take action
at this time.
Where's Mrs. Benton?
She's at my desk.
I want to see her.
She's pretty upset.
She's taken quite a beating on this thing.
I'll to try to spare her, as much as possible.
It's a very real
problem, believe me.
As a matter of fact, one of our men was up
against the same thing recently.
Oh, that's right- it was
about his wife.
After a lot of crazy threats her
ex-husband finally caught up with her.
What happened?
Sorry to report, it was fatal.
Pardon me, Lieutenant,
this is urgent.
So you can see
we understand
the gravity
of your predicament.
Surprising how many men
flip like that over a woman.
Yeah, usually it's an estranged wife
who wants no part
of the guy.
Yes, that's part
of the pattern.
Most of these
lovesick guys
would rather kill their wives
than let them go.
You know in the bay area here,
we average twoof these cases a week.
A week- that many?
Yes. Just about.
Julie, this is
Lieutenant Pringle.
Mrs. Benton.
How do you do,
Mrs. Benton, under the circumstances,
the only thing that I can suggest is
that you change your identity
and get away
from here
as quickly
as possible.
Lieutenant, I can't take
it anymore. I really can't.
He admitted killing my husband.
He admits that he wants to kill me,
and nobody can help me
do anything!
It's fantastic!
Well, it does sound
fantastic. I'll admit that.
The truth of
the matter is,
there isn't any island of safety
for a woman
in your spot.
I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.
The trouble,
Mrs. Benton,
is that most women don't
think it can happen to them.
They stick around.
They rationalize.
Don't let her make the
mistake of staying around here.
I can give you names
of women who did- Mrs. Pauline Sutton.
She was shot at the corner of 4th
and Market Street. Remeber the headlines?
Mrs. Alice Dexter,
Mrs. Joan Summers
and her two children.
All right, Lieutenant, you've made the point.
Boy, this is really something...
Mrs. Benton comes
to the police for help,
and they frighten
the daylights out of her.
Cream and sugar
in your coffee?
I don't want anything.
Well, I assure you,
it's not pleasant for us
to sit around
with our hands tied.
But yours aren't.
Now you get her out of town.
These fellas will stop at nothing to get the woman,
They' kill anybody that gets in their way,
and they usually wind up
killing themselves, too.
All right, Lieutenant.
Julie, I'm afraid
the Lieutenant's right.
You've got to leave here.
All right.
All right.
Cliff, I'll have to go to New York and try to
get back with the airlines. It's the only solution.
Maybe you could wangle an overseas
run. I'd buy that for you.
No. I can't do that. It involves seniority.
I'll have to start with a non-sked. I don't know.
Mrs. Benton was
an airline hostess
before her first
husband died.
I'll tell you what,
Mrs. Benton...
if you'll promise to leave
on the first plane in the morning
I'll assign two men to stay
with you until you go.
Thank you
very much.
I'm not supposed to
do it, but I will.
Why don't you go home and
pack? With my men there,
you won't have anything
to worry about.
I want a couple of
men up here right away.
You still have time
to get a couple of hours rest.
Even though we
had two police officers with us,
I felt morbidly apprehensive
about returning
to our apartment
in San Francisco.
Fortunately, in spite
of our Summer home in Carmel,
we'd left most
of our things there.
I knew it was crazy, but I had
the chilling sensation
of being watched
by Lyle.
I could feel his presence.
It was ominous.
It was
strangely disturbing.
What's up?
Better take a look.
All right.
It's coming
from the parking lot.
Somebody left a tape recorder
going in a car!
Somebody left a tape
recorder going in his car.
A wire
for Mr. Henderson.
Oh, thank you.
Lodi 8-5299.
Hello, Mr. Henderson. A wire
just came from Mrs. Benton.
Oh, read it to me, please.
"Is Lyle laying low or merely
not caught up with me yet?
"The suspense is nerve-wracking-
"simply impossible
- Dodge occasional San Francisco flight
"and hold job.
"Arrive 6 P.M. tonight.
"Spending night
with Denise Martin,
Havemeyer Arms,
1047 Wyton Drive. "
1047 Wyton Drive.
Go ahead.
"Your offer fly Denver
very sweet.
this saves you trip. "
Look, I have to
hang up now.
Send her a message,
tell her I can't leave here before 6:00.
Well, wait a minute...
What'll I tell that Mr. Royston?
He keeps calling, says it's important.
See if he can make it in the morning.
Here's where
the trouble is.
Mr. Royston?
I just talked
to Mr. Henderson.
He could he see you tomorrow morning,
however it'd have to be early.
But I can't make it
tomorrow. That's impossible.
Well, unfortunately, Mr. Henderson
has to get right back to Lodi.
Is he, by any chance,
coming in tonight?
Yes, but he has
an appointment.
I see.
Well, could he possibly
switch that appointment?
No. You see,
it's a personal matter,
and the party is leaving
town tomorrow early.
Then perhaps he'll be
some place tonight
where I can phone him.
I'm afraid not.
I suppose I could drive to Lodi myself.
How early
is he leaving there?
I'm sure he can't leave before 6:00.
Thank you. Good-bye.
Anything for me?
Hmm... what do you know?
Special messenger,
no less.
Oh, looks like
you've got a date, too.
Yes, I have.
Uhm, Denise, would you mind very much
if I just stayed at the apartment
and then kind of scrambled him
some eggs, or something?
What? After spending
the day wet-nursing
50 characters
in a plane,
you mean you want to cook for the guy?
No. It's just that I just don't feel much
like going out tonight, that's all. Do you mind?
No. Let's face it, honey,
you've been jittery as all get out
ever since we landed.
What gives?
Oh, it's nothing. Really, it isn't.
Then how come you were
so uneasy driving over here?
You kept
looking back all the time
as though you were
scared to death.
It's just that somebody lives in this town that
I don't want to see. That's all.
You know, this silly elevator
takes forever.
I usually walk down.
Well, here we are.
My date should be
along any minute.
Oh, you'll like him.
He's a dreamboat.
Well, this is it.
It's very cute.
The bedroom's
in here.
Which bed do you want?
Be my guest.
I don't care.
It doesn't matter.
You take that one.
I'll take this one.
The bathroom is in here,
and this is the kitchen.
The refrigerator is full,
so live a little.
I'll be out
till 2:00.
Oh, by the way, where are
the pots and pans?
All right.
What's the big idea?
I had hoped you'd lead
me right to her door.
I figured it was you.
I'm sorry to let you down, Benton.
But you haven't.
Not yet, that is.
Look, Benton, Julie's not here, she's blown
San Francisco, she's blown it for good.
Not for good.
She's here tonight.
For tonight, at least.
Where is all this
getting you?
Even if she was here,
I wouldn't admit it, you know that.
Men can do funny things
at the point of a gun.
You're driving me there.
Get in.
You mean make it a two-way deal-
Julie and me?
It's a long drive.
Anything can happen.
It's a calculated risk
for both of us.
I'll give you 30 seconds
to make up your mind.
26, 27...
Let's go.
Uh-oh. There's my date,
wouldn't you know it?
Finish zipping, will you?
You know, he's a real square.
He's always on time.
Ha ha ha!
You look lovely.
Close the bedroom door,
will you?
Hi, Tom.
Hi, Denise.
Come on in.
Thanks, you look wonderful.
Thank you.
Julie, are you dressed?
Tom is here.
Oh, just
a minute.
I can't come out.
Julie, this is Tom.
I've heard a lot about you.
Oh, thank you.
Well listen, we're gonna have to run, okay?
You take care of yourself.
I will.
Have fun.
Nice to have met you.
Thank you, nice meeting you.
Is Denise Martin there?
No, she isn't, I'm sorry.
She's out for the evening.
This is the dispatcher at Amalgamated.
Oh. Well, I'm sorry.
I don't think that I could
locate her for you.
I don't know where she is.
Is this
Julie Benton?
One of the girls supposed to go out of here
at 11:45 tonight on flight 36 is ill.
Looks like you're it, Miss Benton.
Oh, no.
Oh, I can't tonight. Really, I can't.
Isn't there somebody
else that you could call?
Well, I'll do my best,
but I'm about at the end of my list.
I'll call you back.
Get me
the Sheriff's office, quick.
Sheriff's office?
You better send somebody
out here in a hurry.
There's a fella been shot,
and he's in a bad way.
From the looks of him,
he ain't gonna last long.
My name is Ellis.
Ellis. Yes.
4 miles
this side of the mine,
on the Smith Creek Road.
That's right.
Yes. Good-bye.
I got to...
got to reach a girl.
Her name is...
Julie Benton.
The man who... shot me.
He took her address.
He's on his way to San
Francisco to murder her.
What's the woman's number?
I don't know.
She's staying
with a girlfriend.
What's her name?
I can't remember.
I wrote it down,
but I can't remember.
Do you know
the address?
some kind of
an apartment house.
Something like...
No. no,
that's not quite it.
Begins with a...
begins with a "Hav"...
"Have. "
- Yeah, yeah. I'm quite sure that's right.
Have you got
a classified directory?
No. Maybe the San Francisco operator
can help us.
No, he don't know
the address.
just read me...
read me the name
of every apartment house
that begins with "Have. "
Please hurry.
No, no.
No, it's not Havelin.
Yeah, that's it. Yeah. Havemeyer Arms.
Put the call through
right away.
It's urgent.
No, don't stop!
Keep trying.
Hello? Hello?
Operator. Hello?
It's no use.
They don't answer.
I don't know...
how much longer
I can hold out.
You better
write this down.
Her name is...
Julie Benton.
Havemeyer Arms.
She's staying at a...
girlfriend's apartment.
Call the police,
the San Francisco police.
Tell them they have to
find her right away.
Every second counts.
Hurry. Hurry.
The sheriff's substation at Lodi radioed in
that a man was shot,
as reported.
Did you get
the victim's name?
His operator's license gives
"Clifford Henderson. "
That certainly
completes the picture.
in no uncertain terms.
Ask the Sheriff
to stand-by
in case Henderson
regains consciousness.
We need more dope on the
whereabouts of Julie Benton.
It may save her life.
If anybody ever doubted
that Ellis fella's story, there it is.
There's the place.
Question any man
who tries to enter.
Have him identify himself.
You cover the rear door.
Try the mailbox
just for luck.
Miss Benton?
Did you find someone?
I'm afraid I have bad news.
It looks like you're elected.
Oh, couldn't you wait
just a little bit longer?
I've waited as long as I dare. You'll have
to hurry out here as it is to make it.
All right.
I'll be right there.
No one's in.
No Julie Bentons in any of 'em.
Hardly would be
if she's bunking in
with some girlfriend.
There's 64 apartments in this place
if you're interested.
All right. You take
the far end.
We'll work
our way up.
How do you do?
I'm Lieutenant Pringle of homicide.
Do you know
a Julie Benton?
Julie Benton?
No, I don't.
Thank you.
They just
radioed in.
Henderson's off the critical list.
The bullet missed vital organs,
but the doctors won't
let him be questioned yet.
Okay, tell them to stand by.
I just got one more
apartment to check.
Take this end.
I'll take the other.
Take this side.
Excuse me.
I'm Lieutenant Pringle
of homicide.
Do you know
a Julie Benton?
No. Sorry, I don't.
Thank you.
International Airport,
Amalgamated Airlines entrance,
and please hurry.
Mace, come here.
This is it, a note for Henderson.
"The girl who was supposed to
go out on the flight took sick.
I was the patsy. It was
go or lose my job. "
What else?
Just a lot of blah-blah apologies
about standing the guy up.
What about a flight number?
Did she give that?
No, not even the airport.
You suppose Benton
knows she's a stewardess?
No telling what Henderson might have
told him at the point of a gun.
Yeah, but even Henderson didn't know
about this flight tonight.
So where is Benton?
He had plenty of time to get here by now.
Of course, he could have
gotten wind of that flight.
We'd better find her.
The apartment belongs
to a girl named Denise.
Julie Benton left a note
about her leaving. Not much help.
Look, Lieutenant.
Amalgamated Airlines.
Undoubtedly they both work for
the same outfit. -That figures.
We're one step
closer anyway.
That sure rings a bell.
Must be one
of those non-skeds.
It leaves from either
International or Oakland.
There it is.
Amalgamated Airlines.
Just a minute, please.
I've had that
happen to me.
Nothing's more
Yes, captain?
Let's go.
San Francisco tower,
this is Amalgamated 36.
Taxi instructions.
36, clear to runway 28 right.
Fasten your seat belt,
Please fasten
your seat belt.
Amalgamated Airlines.
This is the police.
What time
does your next flight leave?
Our only flight tonight,
sir, is flight 36,
from International.
International, 11:45. Can you connect
me with flight operations?
No, sir, but the
number is Juno 3-5997.
Juno 3-5997. Thank you.
It's almost 11:50,
Well, let's hope
these non-skeds
aren't too particular
about leaving on time.
Amalgamated Airlines,
flight operations.
Has flight 36
taken off yet?
It's taxiing the runway
now, sir.
This is Lieutenant Pringle
of homicide.
Do you have a stewardess
aboard named Julie Benton?
Just a minute.
I'll check the board.
Gear up.
O.K., thanks a lot, fella.
Let's go.
She's on it, huh?
Yeah. The plane
just took off.
Well, that's a relief-
Or is it?
No, it's too far-fetched.
That same idea
occurred to me.
They keep those hostesses pretty busy.
Maybe he got by her,
without her seeing him. It is possible.
If he knew
about the flight.
Well, if he didn't
about that flight, where is he?
All kinds of things could have held him up.
He could have had
car trouble.
Well, he's not going to
show up now...
It's almost an hour late.
Look, why can't we play it safe?
Call the car and have them alert the pilot.
What can it cost us?
It can cost us 60 lives.
If that guy's on board, it's dynamite.
It's not something
you fool with
through an intermediary,
not with a shipload
of passengers, you don't.
Any new dope
on Henderson yet?
They can't talk
to him yet,
but he's going
to be all right.
Stay here in case
that guy shows up.
International Airport, wide open.
Give the company
the time off.
Uh, San Francisco tower,
Amalgamated 36.
Uh, San Francisco,
Amalgamated 36,
Off at 54. Climbing VFR.
Oh, yes. Right away, captain.
The captain wants
to see you.
Julie, San Francisco
wants to talk to you.
It's a Lieutenant Pringle
of homicide.
I don't quite know
how to break this to you.
What happened,
It's about your husband, he
just shot a man.
Oh, no.
First, I want you to know
he'll definitely pull through.
It was
Clifford Henderson
Of course, the chances are
he's not aboard, it's a longshot,
but we can't let the
plane leave the state
until we make sure.
We're nearly
at the border now.
Ease back
to San Francisco.
Keep the plan over the desert
where there are no
lights that he can identify.
Lieutenant, if he had
reached the airplane,
wouldn't he have tried something? Wouldn't
he have tried to kill me or-
No, not necessarily.
That might make it
too easy for you.
Take over.
All right, what do we do about it?
I'm going back and look.
That's what to do about it.
Please, Mrs. Benton, don't you realize that once
he knows you've seen him, you're done for.
At least, if he is on board, it will
get it over with.
What do you think's liable to happen,
if that guy starts taking pot shots
in a cabin
full of people?
How about keeping Julie up here with us?
If he suspected
something was up,
he'd break the door in.
Nothing is going to stop him.
Look, I've been gone too long.
I've got to get back.
You keep a revolver there, don't you?
Well, have it ready.
Remember, this guy's shot one man.
He doesn't care
what he does now.
This is it for him.
Oh... if only this is
a false alarm.
Suppose Julie describes
the man, and I go back and look.
That's too dangerous.
We found that out the hard way-
too many guys fit a general description.
Lieutenant, this is the first officer.
Would it make any sense if I concealed
the pistol and went back there with Julie?
So she spots the guy, then what?
Well, if he went for his gun,
I could shoot first.
You hope.
O.K., O.K., so it was a pretty dumb idea.
We better settle on something pretty quick.
Lieutenant, the trick is my getting
a look at all the passengers' faces
without being obvious,
Think you
can do it?
I have to, that's all.
Just one flicker
of recognition,
and it's sure death,
you know that, don't you?
No. It's
too risky.
Sitting here, doing nothing
is worse.
What if he
breaks in here?
I guess you're right.
All right, then.
Now, everything must
appear normal,
completely normal.
You go straight to
the back of the plane,
stall a minute, then
ease your way forward,
row by row from behind.
Good luck.
O.K. Thank you.
Here, Jack.
Rough job, Julie.
It's like asking you to be casual
with a time bomb
in your hand.
If only my heart
would stop pounding.
Silly, isn't it?
He probably
isn't even there.
Well, here goes.
Stewardess, may I
please have a pillow?
Thank you.
Pardon me, miss.
Two coffees, please.
Yes. Right away.
What on earth were you
doing up there so long?
The boys were in a
very talkative mood.
Your hands are shaking.
What's wrong?
I'm so jittery.
It's one of those days.
I know what you mean, honey,
some of these characters can get you down.
See what I mean? Probably wants a
drink of water, no less.
Oh, thank you.
Miss, would you please tell me the time?
It's 2:20.
He's here.
What do we do?
Hold it.
I'll buzz you back.
All right.
Apparently he doesn't
realize she spotted him.
Phone your top brass.
Explain it's
a critical emergency.
Get 'em over here, fast.
Furnish a police escort.
Anything to hurry it up. Minutes count.
Call your top-level
C.A.A. boys.
They might as well
be in on this, too.
The field manager - where is he?
Get him here on the double,
and anybody else
you can think of.
One decision has to be made, and made now-
should I leave Julie
in the cabin
or bring her up here?
That's a tough decision.
Either way,
you're running a risk-
a fearful risk.
Just a matter of balancing degrees.
Well, it's my ship.
I've got the ball.
Shifting to automatic pilot
Here, Jack.
Excuse me.
Can Valerie overhear?
Come up at once.
Be casual. Everything depends upon it.
I'll bring a tray
to cover up.
Good. The door
will be unlocked.
Slip through it quickly.
Speed may be vital.
The ship's
on automatic pilot.
We're ready for anything.
All right.
The captain's just ordered
her up. She's on her way.
This waiting
can drive you nuts.
Why don't you try to take it?
Why those were shots,
and they came from up here.
Please, there's nothing to be alarmed about-
just one of the motors backfired.
It happens now and then.
I never heard a motor backfire before.
It could happen if the
mixture was too lean.
Nothing serious. Please don't worry.
Amalgamated 36,
come in!
You made a mistake,
I told you
you made a mistake.
If you're going
to shoot me,
get it over with!
I have a better idea.
I promised you
it wouldn't be easy.
You're going to be
in this airplane...
high in the air...
with nobody to fly it.
Well, now I know that was a shot.
Don't you think so? I know it was.
I'm going to see
for myself!
No, no! Wait!
You can't go in there!
Pardon me.
Stop it! Stop it!
How dare you handle
the woman that way!
Please, everybody stop it. Move on
to your seats! Please, please do not panic.
The captain has been
injured, and we need a doctor.
I'm a doctor.
I'll get my bag.
Please sit down. Everyone, please go back
to your seats. Everything will be all right.
Please go back
to your seats!
When hysteria gets out of hand like that it, madam,
it can be fatal. It had to be stopped. -We're very sorry.
Please take your seats!
Will you please be seated?
Everything's going to
be all right. Now, please in the back-
will the passengers in the back
please take your seats again?
Thank you.
Val, do everything you can
to keep the atmosphere light
till I get back.
Oh, I'll try, but I have
a basket of questions to ask you.
Well, we're going to have
one break anyway-
nice clear morning.
Doctor, was he hit?
Yes, and it's more
serious than he thought.
And the captain?
He's dead.
How bad is that wound,
doctor, really?
You'd better know
the truth.
He's liable to
black out at anytime.
It's that bad?
That bad.
If there was any guarantee
of my staying conscious,
I'd put it down in the
nearest cabbage patch.
A shot of adrenaline chloride
should help some-
that'll retard the internal hemorrhaging.
Julie, there might be
another pilot onboard.
No, there isn't. I've already asked.
Did you alarm
those passengers?
No, I didn't alarm them. I put it in such a way that they
thought I was asking for another reason, don't worry.
Good going.
We're out of luck.
Yeah, Julie asked.
Yes, yes. I know. I know.
That's our only out.
Thank you.
Looks pretty grim, Julie.
I'm not going to
set down in Sacramento.
I just can't take the chance,
not on any "heads I make it,
tails I don't" basis.
This is the first officer.
We are returning
to San Francisco.
We'll land in
approximately 26 minutes
At International Airport.
International Airport?
Jack, why are you going
to San Francisco?
For two reasons-
I need the daylight,
and, even more important, I need precision
radar. It's the only field that has it.
But the weather's clear.
Honey, will you sit
in that seat, please?
Julie, will you sit in the seat?
The tower can tell enough
from their radar screen
to bring the ship in
and land it,
if someone follows their instructions
- someone with guts.
Jack, I can't.
You've got to.
Look, Julie, it can be done
if you just...
If I black out on you,
it's gonna be that, or else.
But it doesn't make any sense
because I can't fly!
Will you put on the
earphones? Obey instructions.
I'd do it, but I can't leave this man.
Not if we want to keep him going.
I don't dare ask for
a volunteer at random.
There's no telling what kind
of character we're liable to draw.
Besides, it would panic
the passengers for sure.
I think you should know
You'd better not pull
any punches, doctor.
This is no time for it
Your pulse
is getting weaker.
If you faint,
this amytal nitrate
should revive you
for a time.
For a time?
Julie, I've seen
you under fire. You're it.
You've been around airplanes long enough
to know something
about them.
Once I flew a plane, Jack. The pilot gave me the
controls. We were deadheading with no passengers.
This is
not flying alone,
and it's not
landing the plane!
Have you got your feet
on the rudder pedals?
Good, now hold 'em steady. All right,
now grip the wheel.
Grip it tight.
It takes a lot
of strength to hold it.
Yes, I remember.
I managed it before.
Good. Time's running
against us.
I'm taking it out of
automatic control.
It's all yours, Julie.
You're on your own.
Do you know how
to use the ailerons?
I think so.
We'll see. I'm going
to drop the left wing.
All right. Now right
the ship. Bring it back.
That's it.
No, no. You've
overcorrected, honey.
Back again. There.
No, no. No.
Back the other way.
Keeping the nose level is one
thing the tower can't help with.
help her watch it.
No, that's too much.
Now back up.
That's it. No, no.
Julie, easy.
Easy. Down.
That's it.
All right.
Now, I'm throwing
the ship off course.
All right.
Now stop the turn.
Now bring it back.
Bring it back, Julie.
That's it.
No, back a little.
Julie, back, back.
Nose down, Julie.
Nose down.
That's good.
Oh, Julie,
that's all right.
This is the radar equipment.
Have you identified
the flight?
Yes. They're
over Livermore now.
We identify a ship on the radar screen
by having the pilot make several large turns.
He's letting her get
the feel of the controls.
How is she doing?
He's turning her over to us in a minute.
Fella's getting pretty weak, though.
Almost passed out once.
San Francisco tower,
this is Tri-state 74.
Tri-State 74 hold position.
We have an emergency.
We'll call when it's clear.
This is really
She can pull it off all right,
if she'll just keep her
head and her nerve.
That's mostly
what it will take.
You'll understand when
you see how we do it.
Having nearly a
9,000-foot runway- that helps a lot, too.
San Francisco tower,
this is Northern 97 over Palo Alto
for landing instructions.
Northern 97, Maintain a position
in VFR condition, vicinity Palo Alto.
We have an emergency.
We'll notify you
when it's clear.
There they go
- all the equipment we can muster.
San Francisco tower,
this is Amalgamated 36.
Stewardess Benton
is now ready to take over.
We have the aircraft
in positive radar contact now.
This is the aircraft-
we have radar contact right here,
17-mile-range mark.
You didn't stop that left
turn promptly enough.
Stop right turn.
That's it.
You're on course.
Nose down a little more.
Reduce speed slightly.
That's it.
Very good.
Julie, remember
what I told you.
All four throttles at once.
Right, left wing-
it's dipping.
You're on the ball, doctor.
You're going too
high on the glide path.
Bring it down.
That's good.
Now hold it there.
This thing's got me.
This blip is our plane. The presentation
shows distance from the runway.
There's the runway.
If she goes to the right or left,
of this line, she's off course.
You can see this light moving
closer to the field all the time.
Now here's our ship on the
other presentation.
This one gives us distance and height.
This line shows the angle of descent.
It's our job
to keep Julie Benton
right on both lines.
This will bring her out,
smack on the edge of the runway,
lined up dead center.
It's calibrated
down to feet.
It gives us almost as much dope
as if we were in the cockpit ourselves.
Put it this way- we're using the girl
as an instrument
to transmit our instructions
to the controls.
So she can understand,
we're giving
turn instructions as 'stop turn',
rather than
compass headings.
I see.
Take a little more left rudder.
Stop turn.
How am I doing?
Great. Keep it up.
He just
blacked out again.
It looks very bad.
That's the last
of my amytal nitrate.
You're in sight of the field now.
It's dead ahead.
Warn her not
to freeze up on the controls.
Look honey, we know it's rough, plenty rough,
but don't get taught. Be as relaxed as you can.
Start right turn.
Stop right turn.
A little more
right rudder. That's it.
Pull your right wing
up a little, honey.
That's it. Gotta keep the wings level.
Bring the nose down
a little more.
Hold it there.
The nose is perfect now.
Try and keep it
at that angle.
Will he live?
He's got every chance,
if we get him
to surgery in time.
He's coming around.
landing cockpit check.
Wheels down
and locked.
Grip that wheel
tight, Julie.
You'll feel a big drag as
the wheels drop into place.
I don't know how much
longer I can hold out.
Have you
lowered your flaps?
The flaps act as a brake. The ship
will slow down
as they fall into place.
The nose will tend to
balloon up on you, Julie.
Watch it.
You know where
the air-speed indicator is?
Good. Show it to the doctor.
Doctor, help her watch it.
Now, don't let it get below 120.
We'll crash if you do.
keep your eyes
on that air-speed indicator.
Not lower than 120.
Don't let it drop
below 120.
He's out cold.
If it starts
to go below 120,
ease forward
on the throttles.
Push a little more
left rudder.
Just a little.
That's it.
It's no use.
It's getting a little
too close to that 120 mark.
Kick on a little more left rudder.
There's a slight cross-wind...
you're drifting
to the right. Watch it.
How is that?
Hold it there. You're lined up perfectly
with the runway centerline,
but watch that air-speed indicator.
The air-speed, doctor,
how is it?
It's on the nose.
There's the field straight ahead.
See it? Yes.
How do you feel?
I'm terrified.
Look, honey,
even an experienced pilot
feels queasy
when we bring him in
for an emergency GCA approach
with visibility 0.
I can understand that.
I'd rather be a novice at the controls
with visibility unlimited.
It's a lot less frightening than
putting down blind, believe me.
The radar ground mobile unit
will now take over
for the actual landing.
I'll handle
the throttles for you.
You keep coming down, right at the runway.
When you get a few feet above the pavement,
they'll tell you
to pull the stick back.
Do it instantly.
I understand.
It'll take all your
strength you've got, but get it back,
or you'll shear off
your front landing gear.
all the way back.
Anything else?
Nothing. The plane'll settle the field by itself,
but keep those rudder pedals straight.
Do you know where
your transmitter is?
Turn it until it shows a seven,
that's channel seven.
Mobile unit 4, take over.
Good luck.
That's all we can do
in the tower.
She's just about ready
to touch down.
This is mobile unit 4.
You're lined up very well
over the centerline now.
Just keep your wings level.
Hold it steady.
That's good.
There's a little cross wind blowing down here,
that'll have a tendency
to make you drift
to the left.
Bring up your right wing.
You're drifting to the right.
Bring up your right wing.
That's good. Now push
the left rudder.
You're lined up good.
You're a little high.
Push your nose down.
Your left wing is dropping.
Bring your left wing up.
Don't let it slide off
to the left.
That's it. A little more
right rudder.
Bring it over
with the right rudder and...
bring up the... your left wing
is dropping too much!
Bring that left wing up.
You'll drift too far to the left.
That's it. Now you're holding it. Don't over-control the
ship. Your nose is dropping too much. Bring your nose up.
That's it. Good. Now bring that right wing up.
Now hold it right there, hold it right there. Fine.
Now you're headed right towards the end of the runway.
When you come over the boundary,
I'll tell you to flare out.
Do that by bringing the yoke right
back into your stomach.
Now, get ready.
Bring the yoke back easily.
Bring it back.
Bring it back. Bring it back.
Now hold it right there.
You flared out 15 feet high.
Let it drift down. Hold it off now.
Keep your right wing up.
That's it. Pull the throttles
all the way back.
Throttles back,
That's it. You're coming in great.
Hold it right there.
Bring it back.
Bring it back.
Now, you've bounced off.
Just hold the yoke
right where it is.
That's fine. Bring it back a little more.
Bring it all the way back down.
There you are. You've touched down.
Now you'll stay down.
Put your feet
on top of the rudder pedals.
These are the brakes.
Now, push forward on the pedals.
Push forward on both pedals.
That's it. Now you're
braking down good.
You're slowing down. That's fine.
Now you're drifting to the right of the runway.
Push on the left rudder.
Push on the left rudder.
That's it. You're
coming up fine now.
You're slowing down good.
Now push on the right rudder
a little bit. That's it.
Hold it right there now.
You're almost stopped.
You've made it!
I wouldn't go
through that again,
not for anything.