Julie Darling (1982) Movie Script

[music playing]
Julie that's enough.
You have two in there already.
All that chocolate
isn't good for you.
[music playing]
[screaming] Oh,
that damned snake.
I hate it.
Julie, it isn't funny.
You know I'm scared to
death of that thing.
Mother, Petey won't hurt you.
I don't care.
I've told you repeatedly
I won't allow that thing
to run loose in this house.
Well, your mother
is right, Julie.
Now, please put the Petey
back in the terrarium
and see that he stays there.
All right, Daddy.
You never should have given
it to her in the first place.
What kind of a pet is that
for a young girl, anyway?
Calm down, Irene.
The snake is harmless.
Calm down.
Sure, it's harmless.
[screaming] Get
it out of here now.
Get it out, Julie.
Julie, go on.
Take him out.
Go on.
Go on.
IRENE: Why does
she do this to me?
She knows how terrified
I am of that thing.
HAROLD: Irene, it
was an accident.
IRENE: You're always
defending her.
And I'm always in the wrong.
HAROLD: I didn't
say that, Irene.
I didn't say that.
Now, look.
Why don't you just let that be?
Just let it be.
Julie will clean it up.
I Won't live in
a filthy house.
Besides, since when does
Julie do anything around here?
She has absolutely no
consideration for me.
She's just at a
very difficult age.
That's all.
Oh, and that
excuses everything.
No, no, it doesn't
excuse anything.
It's just a consideration.
That's all.
Now, look, Irene, can't a day
go by without an argument?
Do you think I enjoy
it any more than you?
Now, we-- we can't
continue like this, Irene.
We have to resolve
our situation somehow.
Consider what we're
doing to Julie.
I am, Harold That's why I
wish you would agree to send her
to Merriwether next semester.
HAROLD: Don't you
think she's a little
too young for boarding school?
IRENE: She's just the right age.
She needs to begin
acting like a young lady.
She needs to become
more social and start
making friends, instead
of staying up in her room
like a hermit.
It might be good for her.
This isn't exactly
the best environment.
Is it my fault?
Why don't we discuss it later
when we've all calmed down?
We were happy together once.
And we can be again,
if we both try.
I'll get it
Hi, Dr. Wilding.
Hi, Michelle.
How are you?
Oh, I'm fine.
Is Julie home?
- Yup.
She's up in her room.
Hi, Julie.
I'm brought your sweater back.
JULIE: Thanks.
Now, listen, Julie,
you're just going
to freak when you hear this.
Guess who's got a crush on you.
Tommy Shaw.
It's true, Julie.
Tommy told his best friend
Larry, and he told Kathy,
and Kathy told me.
Tommy Shaw is so cute.
I'd give anything
if he'd like me.
Kathy said they'd all be at the
roller rink tomorrow morning.
I'm going hunting
with my father.
You'd rather do that instead
of being with Tommy Shaw?
I mean, you can be with
your father any time.
I almost forgot to
give Petey his breakfast.
Want to watch?
Ew, it's alive?
You're going to feed it
to him when it's alive?
Well, he won't
eat anything dead.
It's really neat how he
dislocates his jaw to swallow.
Then he swells up
like a big balloon,
and you can see the rat
squirming around inside of him.
And then, after
a couple of days,
it's completely dissolved.
Then he barfs, and nothing
but bones come out.
Julie, I gotta get home.
I got it, Daddy.
Good shot, Julie.
Let's go get it.
Do you love me?
Of course, I love you.
What kind of a question is that?
Then why do you want to
send me to boarding school?
Well, Julie, your--
your mother and I only want
what's best for you, darling.
But I want to be with you.
We're not going
to abandon you.
We'll visit you every
weekend that we can.
And you'll come
home on holidays.
You know, being
away from home just
may not be as bad as you think--
new surroundings, new friends.
All right, look.
You can try it for one semester,
and if you don't like it,
we'll see what can be done.
It's because Mommy and
you aren't happy together,
isn't it?
We're not unhappy.
I've heard you arguing.
Well, Julia
sometimes arguments
are a part of marriages.
Daddy, I never
want to get married.
I just always want
to be with you.
You know, just about
the nicest compliment
I've had in ages.
Let's go.
[music playing]
Just a minute.
Who is it?
DELIVERY MAN: Groceries.
Where's Tony?
Oh, he's off for the day.
I'm just filling in.
Just set it down over there.
That's fine, thank you.
My pleasure.
Is there, uh, anything
else I can do for you?
As a matter of fact,
there is something.
Last week, Tony brought a
case of the regular Pepsi
instead of the diet.
Would you exchange it for me?
Sure thing.
But you don't look like you
got to worry about your figure.
Well, dieting is what
keeps a woman's figure.
Oh, yeah?
Excuse me.
I just want to check.
I wonder, would
you do me a favor?
Just name it and you got it.
Let me show you.
Nice place you got here.
Thank you.
Yeah, real nice.
This way.
This is my daughter's room.
Are you afraid of snakes?
No, why?
Would you mind taking it out
somewhere and turning it loose?
No problem.
[car door closing]
Will you tuck me in?
Oh, of course I will.
I'm going to put
you right to bed.
Come on, honey.
Just a few more steps,
and we're there.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
That's it.
Good night, Julie.
Sleep tight, huh?
Sit down for a second, Daddy.
Mm-hm, what is it, honey?
Tomorrow's a school holiday.
Can I come to the office?
I'm sorry, Julie.
But I'm going to be at the
hospital all day tomorrow.
Then I can watch you operate.
No, no, perhaps
when you're older.
But I'm old enough already.
Well, I tell what, Julie.
Later, if you still
plan to be a doctor,
I promise you can
watch me operate, OK?
But how can I watch you operate
if I'm away at boarding school?
You might not be in
boarding school by then?
You mean I would
have to go to at all?
Well, we still have plenty
of time to think about that.
Right now, it's time for all
future doctors to be in bed,
Good night, Julie, darling.
Pleasant dreams.
Good night.
I love you.
I love you too, honey.
And remember your
other promise to me.
As soon as vacation starts,
we're going up to the country
house, just you and me.
That's right--
just the two of us.
Now, you close your eyes
and go to sleep, young lady.
[music playing]
Where's my snake?
I had someone take him away.
You had no right.
He was mine, and
Daddy gave him to me.
Your father knows
what I've done.
I told him this morning.
Besides, when you're
at Merriweather,
there'll be no one
here to feed him.
You're the one that hates me.
You're the one that wants to
send me to boarding school.
You can't wait till I'm gone.
Julie, that isn't true.
I hate you, and I'll
never forgive you.
Julie please
[music playing]
Mrs. Wilding?
You didn't have to
make a special trip.
No problem, besides, I don't
want you to lose your figure.
Then the least I can do is
offer you a cup of coffee.
Sounds great.
I only have instant.
Do you mind?
Not at all.
Let me get that for you.
Thank you.
How did your daughter
take it yesterday?
She'll get over it.
Here you go.
I like your leather gloves.
Most women think they're sexy.
It feels good, eh?
Come on.
I know why you took
me up to that bedroom.
That wasn't it at all.
I think you better go.
Hey, cut out the crap.
You want me.
You know it, and I know it.
[muffled shouting] No.
[music playing]
My daughter will
call the police.
There's nobody here.
Get out, now.
You're all the
same, aren't you?
Horny bitches that think
you're better than me.
Always tease and never deliver--
well, this time, you're gonna.
[music playing]
That's it.
Now you're gonna get it.
[music playing]
[music playing]
[car driving away]
[car starting]
[music playing]
Julie, can you
remember anything else
that might help us?
Like I told you, it
all happened so fast.
I heard noises downstairs,
so I got my gun.
And when I came
out, he was gone.
And then I looked downstairs,
and I Saw mommy lying there.
We've been here for hours.
Can't I take Julie
home now, please?
There's nothing more
we can do, anyway.
If we come up with something,
I'll get in touch with you.
Sergeant Kirby
will show you out.
Thank you very much.
Good night.
Good night, Julie.
I'll take that for you.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Can I get you a cup of coffee?
OK, if you'd like, yeah.
1, 2, and 3.
[music playing]
Here's your coffee, Daddy.
Just the way you like it.
Can I get you anything else?
No thanks, Julie.
Why don't you go to bed, honey?
I'll be up in a little while.
I just want to relax a bit, OK?
All right, Daddy.
Good night.
Good night.
Hello, it's me.
Something terrible has happened.
Oh, Julie.
Julie, was just
coming to tuck you in.
Daddy, can I sleep
with you tonight?
Of course, my
darling, of course.
Good night, Daddy.
Good night, sweetheart.
Good night.
Do you like it?
It's beautiful.
Let's go inside.
Well, what do you think?
- I love it.
- Great.
We can take occupants
in next month.
Well, after we're
married, of course.
I-- I don't know what to say.
Say yes.
Shouldn't we wait?
We've waited long enough.
Julie needs a mother.
Dennis needs a father.
Susan, most of all, I need you.
[music playing]
Well, is it settled?
I love you.
After Jack's death,
I never thought
I could love so strongly again.
Oh, Susan.
Susan, for over three
years, Irene and I
were married in name only.
Ever since I met you, your
love has been all that--
all that's made
my life bearable.
Do you know that?
Harold, I want to
marry you, very much.
But don't you think we
should wait a while?
You have Julie to think of.
She doesn't even know about us.
Susan, Susan, we can't
live solely for our children.
We love them.
But we have our own
wants and desires.
I've thought about us
constantly these past few days.
It'll be fine, honey.
I know it will.
Yes, but--
Now, listen.
I'm taking Julie out
of school for a while.
We're going out to
our country house.
The change will do her good.
Now, why don't you and Dennis
come up for a weekend-- just
for the weekend?
It'll be fine.
It will be a great
opportunity for you
and Julie to get acquainted.
You'll just love each other.
I know you will.
All right.
We'll see how it works out.
Are you letting
me win, or are you
just not paying any attention?
Now, Julie, you're
going to like them.
Susan's a wonderful girl.
And she's a great chess player.
And as for Dennis,
I can tell you
that he is one of the most--
see, Julie.
It looks like Mr Johnson's
boat bringing them in.
There they are.
Come on.
You'll see what I mean.
Come on, Julie.
You put on your warm jacket, and
you meet us down at the pier,
[music playing]
- Have a good trip?
- Yes.
It was wonderful.
- Hey.
Oh, great.
Hey, Dennis, how are you?
I'm fine.
Look how big you've gotten.
That's all right, Dennis.
I've got it.
Where's Julie?
I don't know.
IS she-- she must
still be in the house.
She's a little shy
whenever she meets
people for the first time.
Hey, Julie, come
and meet everyone.
Hi, Julie.
I'm Susan.
This is Dennis.
Hi, Julie.
Hey, what kind of
hello is that, huh?
I brought these for you.
I hope you like daisies.
I can't wait to see the house.
Oh, we'll give you
the complete tour.
But first, why don't we all
have something to drink, OK?
Yeah, Dr. Pepper.
I'm a pepper.
Yeah, you're a
pepper, all right.
Let's go.
Come on.
I tell you, that was
a wonderful meal--
just wonderful.
Right, Julie?
I've been told by your
father you're a very
good cook yourself, Julie.
Mm-hm, mm-hm.
Aw, looks like it's
past his bed time.
Yeah, he's had a long day.
I'll put him to bed.
Come on, little fella.
Come on, let's go.
Up you go.
It's beddy-time.
Come on.
Oh, that's a good guy.
Julie, I know
how you must feel.
Look, I don't want to
take your mother's place.
I know I could never do that.
I just want to be friends.
Is that possible?
Please, at least
give me a chance.
Good night.
Good night.
HAROLD: OK, here we are.
That's it.
There's your little friend.
Good night, sweet love.
Pleasant dreams.
[music playing]
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yes.
Oh, baby.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
HAROLD: Oh, I love you.
Oh, Susan. baby.
Oh, baby.
Oh my god.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
[music playing]
Oh, Julie.
Julie, I'll always love you.
I love you too.
I'll always be
with you, Julie.
I'll always be with you.
JULIE: Always.
Oh, I need you.
I need you, Julie.
I love you.
Oh my god.
Will you look at that?
Yeah, if you would
have told me yesterday
this would have happened, I
would have never believed it.
It's almost like they're
really brother and sister.
You know, it takes
Julie a little while
to warm up to people.
But when she does,
she can be very sweet.
She certainly can.
You win.
You win.
You two certainly seem
to be enjoying yourselves.
Julie's my friend.
She doesn't act like a girl.
He means that as a compliment.
I know.
Come on, Julie.
Let's play some more.
She wants to rest, dear.
I'm fine.
Come on.
You know, I was thinking--
since the kids are getting
on so well, why don't we
take a little trip into town,
just take a couple of hours?
[music playing]
[door opening]
I don't want to play
cops and robbers anymore.
I want to play in the sand.
Hello, Fred.
Hi there, Dr. Wilding.
Watch your step.
Here we go, Susan.
Thanks, Fred.
We won't be very long.
See you later.
The town square is up this way.
Why don't we take a
look around there first.
OK, sounds great.
Aren't you tired of
playing by yourself?
Yeah, kind of.
Why don't we
play hide and seek?
But you be it.
All right.
I'll count to 10.
Yeah, but no fair peeking.
I won't.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Ready or not, here I come.
[boat horn]
Hey, let me out.
[boat approaching]
Let me out of here.
Let me out.
Please, let me out.
Please, let me out.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Ready or not, here I come.
Hi, Julie.
Hi, hon.
Where's you little brother?
You mean Dennis?
We were just playing
hide and go seek.
I was just about
to look for him.
Well, Call off
your game for now.
We have an important
announcement to make.
Dennis, the game is over.
Come on out.
Your mom's back.
Dennis, stop hiding
and come out, dear.
He must want us
to look for him.
I wonder where he is.
I don't know.
He must have found
a good hiding place.
Well, why don't we
all play hide and seek?
I wouldn't be surprised
if he's in the boathouse.
Oh my god.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, please.
It's all right.
It's all right.
That's it.
That's it.
Good boy.
Good, Dennis.
He's going to be fine, Susan.
He's going to be just fine.
What was it you
wanted to tell us?
Well, when you
came, you said you
had an important announcement.
Susan and I were
married this afternoon.
How are you feeling?
You must have been
terribly frightened
locked up in that refrigerator.
No, I wasn't.
Well then, you're a
very brave little guy.
Dennis, promise me you'll
never do that again.
I promise.
Tell me, how did you
manage to close the door?
I didn't close the door.
You mean--
I just came in to see
how Dennis was doing?
How are you doing, Dennis?
That's good.
Well, good night, Dennis.
Tell me, Dennis, how
did the door get closed?
Please, darling, tell me.
I don't know.
All right.
Good night, sweetheart.
Sleep tight.
Good night.
Where's your father?
I think he's in his study.
Playing against yourself?
I've been wanting to have
a little talk with you.
Oh yeah?
This concerns your father.
We both want what's is
good for him, don't we?
When you're a
little older, you'll
understand these things better.
But when a man loves a woman,
he'll do almost everything
he can to make her happy.
But isn't daddy
making you happy?
Oh, yes, we're very happy.
And I'm not going to let
anyone spoil that happiness
or the happiness or
safety of my child.
But who would want that?
Let's say someone who has an
overly possessive kind of love.
A mother loves
very strongly too,
and she will stop at nothing
to protect her child.
Aren't she going to move?
Very clever.
Well, thanks for
the game, anyway.
[radio playing]
[music playing]
How's it going, huh?
Buzz off, turkey.
I'm not working tonight.
Ooh, I guess your friend
isn't very friendly.
I guess you're not her type.
Coming up, sir.
DRUNK: Since when are
hookers so choosy.
Since jerks like you
started sniffing around.
DRUNK: I got an idea.
Why don't you two
screw yourselves?
Sounds like fun, Amy.
Come on, let's go.
There's no action here.
Do you see what I see?
Now, that's my type.
What do you think?
Doesn't look too friendly.
Friendly ones
don't turn me on.
So what do you want to do?
I think I'll stay for a while.
All right.
Well, I guess I
might as well not
make the evening a total loss.
No, no, it's OK.
I'll get it.
Oh, thanks.
OK, Shirley, see you tomorrow.
Bye-bye, sweetheart.
Good luck.
I changed my mind.
You still wanna play?
Here you go, Jack.
Keep the change.
GUS: Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
Playing hard to get, huh?
How about another drink?
Hey, Gus why don't you
bring this man another beer
and a tequila sunrise for me?
GUS: It's on the way, Shirl.
My name's Shirley.
Here you go, Shirley.
Keep the change.
Thanks, Shirl.
I like your looks.
Hi, guys.
GUS: Mighty cold outside.
You're telling me.
I was in Florida.
I'll go for that.
You're not too bad yourself.
You feel like doing something?
What you got in mind?
We could get a room.
GUS: All right, fellas. Here you go.
- Thanks.
If you're worried
about the money, don't.
It's on me.
Let's go.
Bye, Gus.
See you, Shirl.
[music playing]
What's the matter, now?
It ain't my fault.
Well, who the
hell's fault is it?
I can't believe it.
I always pick the losers.
Come here.
I'll show you.
Stay away.
Don't take your personal
problems out on me.
Get away.
Stay off of me,
you fucking faggot.
Let go of me.
Shirley, open up.
Get off.
She's in room 109.
Everybody freeze.
He's the one.
I said freeze.
Oh, Julie, I'm
glad you're here.
I need your help.
Will you hold the ladder for
me, please, while I put this up?
I don't like the picture.
Well, you'll learn to like it.
When is Dennis coming
back from his grandmother's?
He'll be sitting
there for a while.
Hi, Mrs. Wilding.
Oh, hi, Michelle.
I like your hair like that.
Thank you.
SUSAN: You look sweet.
Come on, Michelle,
let's go do our homework.
All right, Johnson.
Got you, Lieutenant.
[phone ringing]
Oh shoot.
Get Wilding on the
phone for me, please.
OK, Lieutenant.
I think he must
be in his office.
All right.
Hello there, little fella.
How you doing, bird?
One moment, please.
Doctor, there's a call
for you on line two.
It's a Lieutenant Rossmore.
I'll take it in my office.
PHONE): Hello, Dr. Wilding.
This is Lieutenant Rossmore.
Yes, Lieutenant, what is it?
Did you find out anything?
As a matter of fact,
we have found someone we
consider a fairly good suspect.
I'd like to have Julie
come down and see
if she can identify him.
Do any of them look like
they might be the man?
I don't see him.
Look again.
Take your time.
None of them--
I'm positive.
All right, Sergeant Crane,
you can take them out now.
Come on, fellas.
Let's go.
See you this evening, babe.
[phone ringing]
I told you I didn't have
anything to do with it.
Don't work too hard, Lieutenant.
Get out of here.
[music playing]
[elevator dinging]
[music playing]
[belching] [laughing]
[phone ringing]
Yeah, who is this?
You don't know
me, but I know you.
You killed my mother.
I think you've got
the wrong number.
I saw you do it.
Hang up on me, and I'll
go straight to the police.
I don't know what
you're talking.
I think you're crazy as shit.
I was starting at
the top of the stairs.
I saw the whole thing.
Look, why don't we
meet and talk this over?
I think you got
me mixed up with--
Meet me at the
shopping center,
4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
And if you're not there,
if you try to leave town,
I'll go straight to the police.
Hello, Michelle, this is Julie.
Can you come over to my
place tomorrow afternoon?
My parents will be gone.
Eastside Shopping Mall.
Special of the day--
[music playing]
So it you, huh?
JULIE: Yeah, it's me.
But don't think you can trick
me just because I'm a girl.
What do you want?
Before I tell you,
I want you to know
that I wrote a
letter to the police
that says you killed my mother.
And if you do anything to
me, the police'll find it.
Just tell me what you want.
I want you to kill
my stepmother.
You're out of your mind.
If you don't do it,
I'll tell the police.
What the hell
you take me fore?
I'll pay you for it.
And you can rape her all you
want before you kill her.
You're sick.
Are you going to do it?
Or do I have to
go to the police?
What kind of money
are we talking about?
Lots of money.
And there are jewels
in the safe too.
And I have the combination.
Well, what is the combination.
Well, you don't think I'm
going to give it to you now.
I'll leave the safe open.
Got it all figured
out already, huh?
Yes, I have.
So are you going to do it?
What do you want me to do?
Well, tonight my stepmother
is teaching a night class.
She'll be back at 9:00.
My stepbrother is at his
grandmother's, and my father
has a meeting to go to.
So he won't be back till late.
I'll leave the key under
the side entrance doormat
for you to get in.
So all you have to do is
wait for my stepmother,
kill her, take the jewels,
the money, and run away.
Where are you going
to be all this time?
I'll be at my friend's.
Don't worry.
There'll be nobody
in the house but you.
It's real easy.
Yeah, real easy.
Now all I got to know
is where the safe is.
It's in my father's study
behind the medical chart.
Do you need to
know anything else?
OK, I've gotta go
home now and study.
I'll call you at 5:00
this afternoon to let
you know if everything's OK.
Well, what about the letter?
I'll leave it in the safe.
And mister--
don't try anything.
Oh my, do you look handsome.
I tell you, you don't
look too bad yourself.
[phone ringing]
It's me.
My parents are leaving now.
I'll put the key
under the doormat.
I'll be leaving the house
right after my parents.
I wish you didn't have
that presentation to give.
My class is getting out early,
and I can be home about 8:00.
I tell you what, I'll
try to sneak home early
after I've given my lecture.
That would be great.
We better go now.
Or we may never go at all.
Come on.
I think you're right.
Where are the girls?
Julie's room.
Julie, we're leaving now.
Tell Michelle I can give her
a ride home when I get back.
Oh, thanks, anyway, but I
have to be going pretty soon.
All right, then.
Bye, Michelle.
Bye, Julie.
SUSAN: Bye, girls.
Good bye.
Come on.
[music playing]
Oh, this coat of
yours is really neat.
I'm having lots
of fun, Michelle.
But I just remembered I have
to study for a test tomorrow.
You mean right now?
My parents will kill
me if I fail it.
I know what you mean.
Mine scream when
I get bad grades.
I hate getting screamed at.
Well, why don't you
wear my coat home?
Oh, you really mean it?
And here are my hat and gloves.
It's really cold outside.
Oh, thanks, OK.
Then I'll go now
and let you study.
Uh-huh, but would
you put this key
under the side doormat for me?
It's for Susan.
[music playing]
So long, [inaudible].
[music playing]
[music playing]
Lying little bitch.
[car approaching]
[car door closing]
[door closing]
[nlight switch]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
Why, no, Mrs. MacReadon, I
don't think Michelle is here.
I just got home myself, and
all the lights were out.
Julie should either be asleep,
or she's walking Michelle home.
But I'll check, and I'll
call you right back, OK?
[music playing]
It's too bad you saw my face,
because now I gotta kill you
like your stepdaughter wanted.
Don't get near me.
[music playing]
Is she dead?
She's over there.
See, you blood-thirsty
little bitch.
Take a good look.
Now you can die happy,
before I kill you.
[screaming] No.
God, no.
No, No.
She's-- [screaming]
[music playing]
Hi, Dad--
[car approaching]
[door opening]
She saved my life.
[music playing]
HAROLD: [sobbing].
[music playing]