Juliet Lover of Idiot (2017) Movie Script

Look here my son,
look here my dear you are everything for me
Hey my darling, how will I be without you?
Look here my son,
look here my dear you are everything for me
Hey my darling, how will I be without you?
Shall I become the hand to
console when you are frightened?
Shall I become the pillow
to rest when you are dreaming?
Shall I sing lullaby to console and
become milk to bring you up?
Look here my son,
look here my dear you are everything for me
Hey my darling, how will I be without you?
You as the happiness came out from my womb
You will always be my smile dear
The sky, Sun and the beautiful moonlight
They are never a comparison to your glow
Your tender face is glowing with a royal charisma
You came as a boon of all the
Gods to bless this mother
To make me happy with kisses all the day
My world completely turned like you
Whatever you do is priceless
No sorrow can directly come to me
Your face is the light in the heart
Your calling as mom is enough and is divine for me
Great happiness seeing you grow up
Shall I throw aside the bad sight?
Shall I forever guard you as an eyelid?
Great happiness seeing you grow up
Shall I throw aside the bad sight?
Shall I forever guard you as an eyelid?
Our life has changed as a festival because of you
Fullness has come as a celebration
and all this is because of you
Our time stood still in your company
Will we reach in three hours?
In the present speed,
it may take another three days
Did I say not to go fast?
I just said not to take the car into the ditches?
Still going so far, you should have
booked tickets in a flight or train.
Why do you take the strain of driving all the way?
Driving is not any fun to me.
Your pampered son has booked me asking for car
No idea when ths fellow would lose his craze for cars
Come on stop now.
My son would always roam in a good car.
He would drive so fast that you
would fear sitting in the back seat
You would never praise me right?
I will tell you two things
First, wife should never praise husband
and that too never before him
But still I feel like appreciating a sincere person like you
But, I cannot let go of my ethics right?
Your ethics are like saying Cuckoo
should not song and a lady should not talk
You gifted me the family life which
I never had from childhood
And all the mischief I missed playing with my mom,
he is giving me all that happiness
playing all that mischief with me
Soon we would grow old right?
Then he too would become a great
business man and go leaving me
So, I will not send him into your profession
and send him to some other profession
Whatever profession he takes up, would be successful
What do you say Vara?
Vara, say yes
Ok mummy
What do you say, ok?
Nice car
Yes, just like you
Thank you
Who is this?
What is this?
Car... Owner...
Is he driver then?
Sir... Midnight... Girl... Lift... Dropping...
Please... Please
Stop the car...
I thought I got a good deal...
What is with these girls?
Maybe this is called enjoying property of others...
Sorry sir, I too thought of buying a similar
car and thus had a trial
Yes, you take a trial and
if the owner an idiot you would fool him
However your duty is good.
You take the car saying valet parking
and roam around the city
Sir, bar is in Banjara hills and parking is in Jubilee hills.
What can we do sir?
True dude, buying a car these days became easy
and getting parking place has got tougher.
You are right, right, right...
Ok sir, take a right sir?
Ok sir
Greetings sir
Thank you
It is ok sir
Hey, come on...
Sir, what is hundred for your range?
Give me five hundred sir
Are you asking for a tip or for a debt?
Sir, is five hundred a debt?
Whatever, you are a knacky fellow
Thank you sir
Sir, why do you put back what you took out
Thank you sir, good night sir...
Hey auto...
Good night
Good night
Hey...Dropping for 888 Swift car
No dude, Audi and Benz... Only rich cars...
Is it...!
Look father, I gave all the money I got as offerings
from devotees at the temple to this fellow for interest
Interest and principal both are missing..
to hell with this guy
Still, what are you here for father?
He had once come to our Church.
I asked him what his problems were
He said I would go weak listening to his troubles
and instead get interest lending him money
I came to know after giving that
nothing would come back if given to him
Come on look there, father...
For lending money to that Vara,
he is doing Namaz on the roads instead of mosque
Do not worry...
That Lord would soon send a savior to get back
all the money given driving away all our troubles...
Who is there to collect the debts from him father?
I am here
Hey bro, it is not so easy to collect money from him.
I see all of you are into depression
and are unable to ask back
your money strongly from him
You need a leader in such a situation
and I should be that.
Why only you bro, I am here
If discussion with him grows into a fight,
courage to face all that is only in me
Say now, who should become the leader?
Brother, there is a huge crowd upstairs.
Be careful...
All together have chosen a leader too
Hey bro, how long would you stare at each other?
Talk something and settle it soon
I do not get a mood unless I stare
Do you remember,
you gave this in our office about six months back?
Your bank has given only half of
what was promised to be given
It should give the other half, do you remember that?
Yes, I remember
and came here to collect that other half
Hey bro, we made you sit there to ask
for money of all of us
Hey, leader first and then the public.
You took half payment on the name of home loan
and flat at Lanco hills
When asked to take photo at the construction,
why did you give this photo?
Face is photogenic right, what is the problem?
I did not ask about face but about the place behind
Still, where can you see the sea from
top of that Lanco hills?
It may be the mistake of the photographer.
Next time, I will send it correctly
It is not the photo you should give,
but the amount taken
If not, sea in the photo will be the same
but you will not be on this earth
Bro, do not get hurt.
To repay all the debts somehow,
I just took a loan in Kazakhstan bank.
One minute...
Here is the cheque
Give that cheque to me,
they would stand similar even tomorrow
Brother, it is a mistake.
These are the Gods who saved me in my troubles
That God did not give me a boon going to the temple
but this priest gave me a loan
Oh God
This savior saved me when
I prayed to the Savior of the Universe
Oh Jesus!
This Basha believed in me
and gave money though I did not do Namaz
Hey God
Thus it is justified that I give money to them first
I would be ruined if I do justice for them,
I will not give, no chance
Bro, listen to me.
I will not give, no chance
You move aside son...
You take our money?
Oh God..!
Hey, this cheque is mine...
Idiot, you tore it all into pieces
Oh God, it goes so if a cruel guy like him
is made into leader.
Cheque in hands is torn
You do not worry,
I will send once I receive another cheque.
Please come and take it
Ok son, we believe you.
Come on guys, move
Yes, move
come on..Move
I came giving up all prayers at the temple
Hey, though they let you go
I will not leave you
There is no chance of leaving you
Looks like he may die saying debt.
No idea which scape goat would
I get to repay his debt now
I will give you 30 crores Mr. Khan
30 Crores...
Are these any Diwali crackers to give a discount?
Antique pieces in the country!
Ok, I will give 50 crores
Deal ok
Hey Police, do you plan to catch me?
I will make a piracy with that.
You would not get even a small clue
however hard you try
Anyway, get flowers for free to your wife
on my name
Better luck next time
Has Venkat given?
Yes bro
Has this Prasad given then?
Yes bro
Very good
Then, has this Vara given?
No bro
What! has he not given even this week?
This fellow has not paid it any
week till now since we gave the loan bro
Anybody in this place who plan
to take loan from me
They will have a fear about the moment of repaying it?
But why is this fellow frightening us?
Am I eligible for this business at all or not?
It happens if you give loans to
any chap producing an address proof
Still, why did you give loan to this bloody fellow?
As his blood group was B+ in his ID proof,
I felt he was very positive
But now I came to know now that he is negative
Hey, you do one thing.
Target everything related to him.
Target it...
Hey, why are you behaving like humans?
Do you not have sisters in your streets?
I am telling you decently..
go away from here. Go!
Hey, brother has not left any dog till now if he likes.
Move away decently, idiot
What? You will not listen to human language
Hey, come rascal... Let us see
Hey, come on run
You are finished today...Stop.
Hey, why are you chasing me?
Hey, give me my darling
Hey Banti, control your dogs. Please dude
I am dying to make this escape from that
It is very difficult boss.
Once if it commits, it does not listen even to me
I missed you.
Why not call me when you go
for jogging at least for the safety of this?
I am behind you since one year..
why do you not consider me once?
There is no big difference between you and them.
Hello, no chance of leaving you till you say
'Vara come here' in the place of 'go away'
No chance of leaving you too idiot
You are caught after a long time..
Is it?
Hello brother, is it you?
Yes, me
When would you give the money?
Come on the day after tomorrow bro
Will you definitely the give day after?
No, I will tell about when?
What? Are you acting smart?
Money matters only till you give respect,
if not no money but just the punches
What Venkat, how did I ask your brother for money?
Bro, I will somehow repay the debt.
Believe me bro, it is me Vara
No, I do not have, go
Please brother, please
Go dude, do not trouble me go.
Go dude
I will somehow repay this time bro...
Go rascal
You have to give me loan bro...
Get up rascal...
please Bro
I will somehow repay bro...
Give that five lakhs given by that Srinu
So, I too will give for sure if you ask in the same way
Why do we give respect to you?
Come on then
Come bro..come on..
hit him
Hit him bro.
Hey come here
Come on catch him.
Come idiot
Come... will you hit?
Come, hit
Come, hit
Come idiot... I got to talk, come...
I will not hit you, come
You will hit
Why did you break the nose?
Hey, I did not hit dude
You said you will not hit and
left me unable to hit anything
Hey, you come here
Oh no, I will not come. I am out
Hey, leave bro
Hey, is it paining?
Oh no, it is paining a lot bro
Is it paining?
Hey, when I decently asked for a loan..
what are you doing?
Where is the respect guys?
My feelings are hurt and my ego is irritated
So what?
What, so what idiot?
Satisfy my ego
and then we shall talk about the debt. Ok?
Next time come with respect and not with men, ok?
He should be given both money and respect it seems
Come on guys, let us leave.
Our boss has no sense
Hello sir
Hello, please be seated
How much time would you take to decode
the details in this?
It would take a week minimum sir
Yes sir
It is the most important to us
Do not worry sir, I will take care of it
Bye sir
Be careful, none should know about this
Ok sir
I am frightened about the Police.
We are carrying out business in courage
thinking that you would be sincere right?
Whom shall we believe if you do so yourself?
You know how sincere would your
SI's be before me, before?
They were doing justice to
every penny they took from me.
How to escape if a sketch of two months
is informed two minutes before?
Sorry sir, I too came to know just now.
I called immediately after I came to know.
I work very sincerely sir.
If needed, enquire from any goon in Vizag
I came here to save you even now.
You forgot the laptop while escaping
Why did you leave such an important
briefcase like that, you rascals?
That CI found that
He gave that brief case to decode
to a software engineer named Supreeth
and gave him time for a week
As we do not have so much time,
I will plan how to get that.
And you apply it
Good, good
You understood what is said right?
Follow the plan of Sir
We will all die if it misses this time.
Go guys
Ok Sir
You too
Ok sir
Respect, respect, respect!
Give him the respect he asked for
and bring the money we should get.
Did you understand?
Understood bro
When you are before me and
when I am seeing you this way...
My heart is pinched me...
These girls give half hints pretending
not to see though seen, serious though smiling
Hello friend here... Friend will come and sit.
She is already sitting right? My legs are paining
My heart is paining here.
Am I saying it out?
Damn, this guy is always so
Go idiot...
I became very cheap to her as
I am behind her for an year.
No use now,
I should create jealousy in her somehow
Excuse me, can I sit here?
Ok, sure... Be seated
Thank you
You are... I think I saw you somewhere
Is it?
My name is Vara and you are?
Fragrance was a wow as and when you were coming.
Jasmine... Jasmine flower...
You too look great just like your name
Is it true?
Oh no, really true
Yes! it's true.
You are looking just like
Toliprema Keerthi Reddy in this dress
He too says the same always.
Who is he?
If I am Keerthi Reddy of Toliprema, he is Pawan Kalyan
There, he is my to be husband
See, you said no Idiot
other than you would praise me right?
Oh, is he an idiot too?
Why to discuss those things now?
Girls bring in love even in Robots with these smiles
I feel like I have seen you somewhere
Is it?
My name is Vara and your name?
Oh no, please no
Jasmine... Super!
You too are great just like your name
Will you stop?
Will you, please...
Keerthi Reddy in Toliprema...
Why am I booked like this?
You are Pawan Kalyan...
Stop it, please...
Hey Julie, what a surprise?
You invited for coffee right?
Ok... One minute
I am ready...
Shall we go?
I mean, for having coffee
I do not have the habit of
having coffee outside
Seeing you in me and me in you...
The time being spent is great
The hidden secrets being written with eyes in air.
It is a surprise when life is reading that
When you come near distance is gone reverse
When you smile the weight is going in reverse
Is this minute true, truth feels an unbelievable dream
Is this minute true, truth feels an unbelievable dream
Seeing you in me and me in you...
The time being spent is great
The hidden secrets being written with eyes in air
It is a surprise when life is reading that
It says not to delay anymore
My heart carrying greed in hopes says so
The lust growing in every nerve came to the lip ends
Said to say the truth unable
to bear seeing you before me
Seeing you in me and me in you...
The time being spent is great
The hidden secrets being written with eyes in air
It is a surprise when life is reading that
The sky is watching it all silently
Hiding flowers in the blue clouds of it
It is driving the heart haunting to ask fast
It asked to open up before this minute
turns into second
Seeing you in me and me in you...
The time being spent is great
The hidden secrets being written with eyes in air
It is a surprise when life is reading that
Hey, we gave great respect towards bro right?
Yes bro, we gave
You asked for respect right bro?
We too came with great respect...
You are happy right?
Respect is all fine but...
Will he give the money?
I doubt bro
Sir, we are calling from ICICI bank.
You took a personal loan right?
We have to talk about those payments.
Are you free sir?
Say again...
Sir, we are calling from ICICI bank...
You took a personal loan
and we need to talk about those payments.
Are you free?
We can talk right?
That is called respect.
See how updated are the bank people?
To collect money from debtors, they arranged girls,
are giving great respect and are asking for repayment...
You go, tell to your brother.
Arrange for cute girls, come and ask then
and I shall then think about it
Why do ask to supply girls when
we asked to pay money, idiot?
Huh, respect is missing again...
Happy birthday sister
Thank you
You should live happily for whole life dear
Thank you granny
Happy birthday
Thank you
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday Julie...
Thank you so much
Hey, it is ok
When do we marry?
Shall I talk with your parents or will you talk?
Hey wait, stop!
What marriage?
Julie, I impressed you a lot and you too got impressed
What is the problem now? Next is the marriage right?
Listen, you do not have so much weightage
Boys these days are planning birthdays
of girlfriends richer than Independence Day
Maybe any girl would go flat for
such cheap tricks but not this Julie
Ok, why when not flat? Give that ring back.
I will give to a girl getting flat and impress here
Sorry, I do not have a habit of giving back once received
Hey, you are already flat.
You do not understand
You will not get a guy like me.
Give it a thought.
Has this Raju given?
Yes brother
Then, has this Ravi given?
Yes brother
Very, very good
Then, has this Vara given?
No brother, it seems we should give in return
What is that? I said to give the respect he asked for, right?
Did you not give?
We gave brother?
Then what?
It seems he want babes, bro
What babes?
As the respect we are giving is not enough,
next time he wants us to come with babes
Oh, will he not repay unless we get him
massaged with babes?
Ok, I understood.
He will not give
I understood now
We understood long back bro
We have been waiting when you would understand
I know very well how to get back his loan.
This time not with you...
There is a guy who can collect
money from him along with the interest
You asked me to get the money from that Subbarao right?
I asked him money
He said not to have and I said I have no patience.
I cut and brought the kidney
Yes, Kidney!
I also brought a guy to buy this. You deal with him
Hey, this is brother Gun Laden. Salute him
Hello brother
He is not an ordinary man.
Come on give it here
Look into his matter too
Who is this boy, so tender?
He looks tender but is very dangerous
More than me?
Not more than you, but a bit...
You gave the photo right? Your work will be done
I am telling you something for your good.
Do not praise anyone before me
I, myself do not know what I would cut in that frustration
Hey Bunty, lend me Fifty thousand.
I urgently need it dude.
You first repay the earlier amount
I will give everything at once
Hey, look... some car has come
Good evening sir
Hello Sir
Hey, you rascal
Yes, come here
You, idiot come
Who are you?
Why do need who I am?
When are you giving the money?
You mean cash?
One minute..
Still, your face is connecting nowhere
Your face is connecting to me
What? It seems we should give you
respect for you to repay us the money?
Will you not give otherwise?
Oh, you are a person of Bangaru Shetty?
He is my man
Still, I said him to send babes
and why has he sent this item?
Bloody hell... Hey!
Come on, you have not said that you have a gun right bro?
Sorry brother
Yes, you understood right?
I just missed earlier,
it will not miss now and the bullet goes into the target
I will repay it placed in flowers
by tomorrow afternoon bro.
I thought Bangaru Shetty would send a figure,
but did not expect that he would send five feet bullet bro
Hey, I am not Bangaru Shetty to get beaten by you
or to go flat when you praise
Laden... Gun Laden here...
That is why I was afraid
and agreed to pay the money bro
I will be with you till tomorrow afternoon
and will leave if you repay the money
Why so much trouble for you bro?
I do not trust
His audio and the video here
are not at all syncing
I will take if you give,
if not I will cut and take whatever I like
Bro, one minute
Go on, talk
Hey Vara,
we shall drop Supreet sir. Bring the car fast
Yes, I am coming
I too will come
Where are you coming bro?
Ok, move bro. You have the gun right?
Hello sir
Hey, briefcase
It is not there sir
In the front
I have seen everywhere sir, there is no briefcase
No briefcase?
See in the hatch
Ok sir
It is not there even in the hatch sir
This is not my car.
Where is my car?
Where is my car?
Sir, one minute
Hey, which car did you take?
White car of a customer is missing here
Hey, just cover it up.
I brought that car in tension
and will be there in 10 minutes.
I am really sorry sir, I brought
another car in a small confusion.
Your car will be with you,
if you give me half an hour time sir
My car should be in front of my house in half an hour.
Briefcase in that is very important
I am saying again, briefcase is very important
Ok sir.
Hey, move...
He is saying right?
Where are you going?
You should be right here till the car comes
Hey, I have work with him till tomorrow afternoon
Bro, please bro. If not my job will be gone bro.
I will come fast, please bro
Ok, say your number
I gave a missed call, this number is mine.
I got the number bro, ok bro
You should be calling me every five minutes, understood?
Understood bro
I am like a six feet bullet.
If you do something wrong, bullets will get inside
Oh no, I know about you bro. I will come in half an hour
Yes, go now
It is very cold outside right?
Yes, it is good
Come, let us go inside
Come, let us go in to my room
What is this? A phone call from her for the first time
It always was an outgoing from me
and what is this for a change from her?
By chance, is this a reaction for
my birthday scene of yesterday?
Hello, where are you?
I am outside
I need to urgently talk to you
Tell me
Come to table number 9 in Hotel Taj in half an hour
Do not delay, bye
Ok, bye
Oh no,
what is he giving signals?
By chance is he into guys?
What is this dirty thing from him?
Escaping from him is like swimming in Tsunami
I should escape cleverly
Why are you so tensed?
Though you are into software, you look so hard.
I am soft right?
You got fresh and let me too go and fresh up.
All such things should be done getting fresh
You said it so cutely.. go fresh up and come
Come fast..
Come fast dear, please
Sure dear
What should I do now?
Damn, it is a sin even to touch his hands
How do I escape now from him?
This fellow has booked me, what to do now?
who are you rascal?
Where is the briefcase given by the Police?
I have no link with the Police.
Oh no, is it true?
Agree decently, I know that Commissioner
gave you the briefcase
I really do not know
Hey, say rascal... Say
Come on..Say
Do not harm me. That briefcase is not with me now.
It is true
Oh no!
No, it is just one bullet left...
Go, please go
What is this voice message?
What short fellow, are you six feel long bullet?
You are not even three feet...
By the way, it seems that software guy is a big item too
So enjoy yourself because
I am going out on a personal work.
I will be back after two days.
That is why I am leaving that before his house and going.
Take it.
Outside the house?
Where did you keep it, idiot?
I should keep it safe
What is this valet parking job dude?
Where is my Bullet.
Hey boy, come here
Hey, wait for a minute
Has Vara come?
Yes, he came
Where is he?
He just came and left to drop a car.
Will he come back again?
He will never come back again
Because he quit the job from today
Do you know his address?
You do not know?
Ok, what happened to the bullet I had parked here?
Oh, was that yours?
Yes, mine
Vara has just sold it for
twenty thousand saying it belongs to him
How much?
Rascal, I lost my bike coming to collect money from you.
I would have even lost my modesty.
You have finally got me into a murder case too,
you rascal...
Hey.. no chance that I would let you go...
I will teach you a lesson.
I thought you may delay, you came in time.
Yes, my time is so
Why did you suddenly call and asked me to meet?
She is like that
She plans everything suddenly
Vara, mom and dad!
Hello uncle, hello aunty
I told you about Vara right?
Here, I presented him before you. I think my work is done
Sit dear
Thank you uncle
Vara, I explained about us.
You talk a bit carefully
Dad, you guys carry on and I will leave
What is it dear? You planned all this, right?
How can you leave now?
Only I will have to speak
if I am here and he will not.
That is why...
What is it Julie? You booked me
alone here and why are you escaping?
This proposal is easier than proposing
with a ring on the road, right?
You guys take care, bye...
Hey, Julie...
What will you have son?
As you wish aunty
What did you study?
I do not have big qualities like degree uncle
What is your profession?
Valet parking driver
What, driver?
Saying auto driver or taxi driver
with people like you, you hate.
And if I drive a plane, you get surprised saying a pilot
The money earned is more important
for you than the work uncle
One minute uncle...
Baby said that you love her. How do I believe?
Uncle, what you drank is mineral water?
Show me minerals in this
When some guy brought it saying mineral water,
you drank it and believed
But when your girl said she loves, will you not believe?
Good, I believe but...
I bought a car as my daughter likes.
I bought her jewellery,
I even bought a puppy.
Saying so, I cannot give everything right?
Not everything sir, say you cannot give me
You got it correctly
No education, no bank balance, not from same caste,
you are after all a valet parking driver
How do I get her married to a guy like you?
You say it yourself.
I understood clearly, say what shall I do now?
Daddy, did you like Vara?
I liked the boy very much dear
Thank God!
I know that you will like him
Your dad said he likes him not for
getting Vara married to you.
What is it?
How much do you need to sell your love on my daughter?
Give me ten Lakhs
Are you sure?
Sure uncle
Here, take and leave my daughter.
Never come near our Julie again.
But on one condition uncle,
saying that I left her if you get her married to
a bald headed software guy or an idiot staying abroad,
I will not agree
She till date had good father and a good mother.
Similarly she has a good ex-lover from today.
So, we all together will look for a good match
for her and get her married greatly.
Her future should be good too, right uncle?
That is why I am splitting here with her
on with that condition.
If something goes wrong...
Come on son, no worries.
We shall look for a good match and get her married.
Ok then... Bye, take care
Hey Vara,
you swiped our bank debit and credit cards at your will
and when I came to ask for money,
do you make get on to this hospital bed?
You hit me when I asked decently?
I am now coming drunk to ask
and I will see what you do.
I am coming Vara
You idiot
your situation is like bringing the thorn bush
flying in the air to your face
If the police get to know about this,
you will be finished Laden...
Hello, are you over drunk?
Laden is finished long back right?
Do you not know that?
You fool!
The Laden you are talking about is different
from the Laden I am talking about
I mean, there is a Laden I know
and is there another Laden?
I should confirm this matter.
Yes, this guy is correct
Come on, go.
He is dead in my hands today
He is already dead
Who killed him?
It is him who should kill him...
Come on, stop your dirty comedies
Americans killed him long back
and this fellow will kill now it seems
Have Americans killed?
Has he even taken loans from there?
Laden did mistakes, has he even taken loans?
That means does he commits
mistakes too along with debts?
That is why they killed him
I am not knowing whom are you talking about?
Oh no! Do you not know... Osama Bin Laden!
One minute...
Oh no, he hit me...
They killed him long back, right?
You may have hit, but gave a correct clarity
I will bring that fellow and say the
same thing even to him bro
I will say
You be right here,
I will say...
I will bring him
You be right here, I will bring him
I will say
where is this guy?
That is why they said never to believe drunkards.
He is not here.
Brother, that fellow is not there
Who, Laden?
The guy who said he would finish Laden
Not like this, you wait a minute dude...
Oh no, he is hit again
Why are you talking now about
a guy dead long back?
Not so, you will not get sense unless
you hit with shoe and not with hands, get out
I am already in great frustration
as that fellow has not given money,
I should somehow kill that guy today
What is this life?
Drinking here and disposing there.
This fellow is not lifting the phone
Tell me
A valet parking driver of a star hotel had
dropped Supreeth an hour back
Supreeth car is missing here and that guy is missing there
I think, we may know these case details catching him.
Maybe the briefcase is in the car too
What is his name?
Yes sir
After your men left,
even our Police team that went there has
searched his entire house for that briefcase
We too did not find that briefcase
A car parking guy has eloped with that car
Maybe that briefcase is in that car
Our work gets easy catching him, Khan Saab
Who is that fellow?
That Vara should be before me in 24 hours
you worked out very nicely.
Oh no! looks like her dad delivered the total
matter happening in the hotel.
What is working out?
You worked out your business deal
well with my daddy
But, you just asked Ten lakhs for your love.
If you had asked, my dad would have given
away total property for his love on me
I trusted..
Thought you are my shadow
as you were coming everywhere I was going
I thought you like me a lot as you were
giving so many gifts for birthday
You did not even touch me though
I was with you for a whole night...
I thought you were my confidence
Any girl seeing all these will think it is love
I too thought the same
But, I am cheated
Why are you using such big words?
When did I cheat you?
I did not cheat anyone,
I saved myself from being cheated
A boy sees a girl, follows her,
likes her, learns her tastes,
changes his life style as per that,
tries every minute how he should
impress her, thinks every minute about her...
Sacrifice our career and whole future
for your love and make you fall for us,
what do you girls do?
Daddy asked to meet you once,
Hey dear... darling... you will convince
my parents for our marriage, right?
You would introduce us very simply
to your parents saying so
Damn on that fellow!
He too will simply say
you are not correct for our daughter
and says not get her married to an useless guy like you
We became useless for you, right?
If all our boys mind their own studies and continue the jobs,
all you girls will die suffering without having any boy to love
We should run behind for your love
We should strive hard for making your parents agree
If they do not agree by chance,
you adjust marrying some Tom, Dick and Harry
And we get a shabby beard,
a bottle in hands and a dirty dog moving beside us
Such Devdas days are gone,
I will drive them away
And you fell behind saying to have loved me
Yes, even now I am saying the same
I fell behind and I loved and I am saying no.
What is your problem?
You loved and you fell behind.
That is it.. right?
You said a new logic mixing up love and business
Thank you... Bye!
Who are you idiots?
Who are you sir?
Give that briefcase
Four old dresses, 3 vests and 2 briefs,
what will you do taking this briefcase sir?
Oh no, jokes!
The briefcase which was in the car you brought
I do not know about that sir
Shall I waste another bullet for saying that?
No need, I have to make a phone call sir
Ok, go ahead
I am trying for this fellow and he is trying for me...
He is a big rascal and I should handle with great care.
Brother, this is Vara
Yes, say brother
Brother, that briefcase is with you right?
Yes, it is very safe with me.
Say the address, where shall I bring it?
Plot number 401, Krishna Residency, Nagarjuna Nagar
You dirty rascal, you sell my two lakh bike for 20000?
I am coming idiot, I will recover my bike
money even by selling parts from your body.
I am coming
Drink is finished..
Only murder remains now. I am coming
Looks like brother has come.
I will go and open the door
Hey, do not overact.
You both want to escape opening the door?
Go and open the door
Do you sell my 2 Lakh bike for 20000, idiot
Whose dad does it belong to to sell it
Bring back my bike
Hey, leave me rascal
Hey, you just hit without seeing
who it is once the door is opened rascal?
Where is the briefcase?
If he gives my bike, I will give you the briefcase
What bike?
He sold my two lakh worth bike for just 20000
You need the bike or life?
I need my bike only
Hey, you give the briefcase or kill your brother?
Brother, he would kill me.
Give his briefcase to him
Property of others is like a snake
Oh I see
Hey, you give the briefcase or shall I finish both and take it
Who is this guy sleeping blocking the door,
useless fellow
Hey! He has not slept blocking it...
You made me make him sleep horizontal,
who are you, idiot?
Who are you rascal?
Your fellow has to pay for Credit card and so I have come
When will you give my money?
Do not come near, I will kill this fellow
Kill if you want to brother,
but kill after he says when he will pay the money
Hey, how will you collect after he is killed, crazy idiot?
Yes, then...
Hey mental, do not come near. I will kill
Hey, that in hands and what to get will be gone killing him.
Yes idea... one minute...
Hey, what are you putting hands in the pocket?
Tell me if you have an idea brother
He should give you and also me, what will I...
Hey, not knowing who is hitting whom.
You can fight later, if you give my money I will leave
I pray to you, no fighting please
What is it, you could have shot
and why did you make me shoot?
No bro, punishment is the same
either you kill one or two, right brother?
Come bro
Oh no, you made me into a professional killer
Looks like she is very much disappointed,
what shall we do now?
She would get settled after a few days.
Or else shall we get her married?
Marriage? She is my daughter.
She is not so lame to marry in haste
for such matters
Give her time
Yes baby
My marriage should happen by the time you leave for US
Ok, we shall do
But, he gave an advice to get me married
looking out for a good match right?
You should get me married in front of his eyes.
Within one week, my marriage should take place
She is small girl.
and when asked to get her married in anger,
instead to convince her, why do you commit coolly?
She is thinking to start a new life for forgetting her pain.
Let us support her
What, worrying as Suleiman was just caught and escaped?
I know that Suleiman would attack on Supreeth, in advance
That is why I appointed a powerful
Police officer as undercover cop.
This is him.
So, we can leave this case.
He can handle it. Ok?
Ok sir
We were tensed a lot sir.
Why did you not say in advance
that he is a Police officer sir?
He is not a Police officer
What? Why not say that in front of all, then Sir?
How did that Suleiman Khan get
to know of the matter which only we know?
How could he attack on Supreeth for the briefcase?
Somebody from our Police is giving him information.
Now he would get to know that this fellow is the Police
By the time he knows that this fellow is not
a Police but the parking guy,
we shall collect that briefcase from him
Ok sir
Who is this fellow?
Even his finger prints were found
at the house of Supreeth sir
He is a old criminal in a few petty cases
Then, why is this fellow there that time?
Sir, the software employee we appointed
has a habit of getting boys every day
Similarly he may have booked this fellow...
Ok, I am giving you one week leave
You go in mufti and bring the briefcase
from that parking guy in this one week
Ok sir..
But be careful...
None should know that we are on this job.
Ok sir
All the best.
Why should I kill you so simply?
Those mafia guys would chase and kill you for this briefcase
They know you and your address too.
They may kill even you, Gun Laden bro
Me? Why will they kill me?
They do not know who I am right?
In the gap when you came to my room just before,
I said about you to entertain them as
they were getting bored, Laden bro
They called and said all that to their boss...
Gun Laden bro...
What shall we do now?
We shall break that briefcase and see what is in that.
Gun laden bro
Hey, do not repeatedly say Gun Laden.
I am getting frightened.
I am a guy into small settlements.
You say it so many times, I have
reached a stage of committing urders.
I pray to you, see what is in that briefcase.
Come on see
It will not come like this...
Hey, down... Down...
Damn, so many murders for this waste laptop?
Brother, hold for a minute...
Look Vara, I know that you have the briefcase
I will pay two crores if you give me that briefcase
Two crores...
Hello, say again
I will give two crores if you give me that briefcase
Hey talk... ask where...
Ok, where shall we meet?
Tomorrow morning 10:30 at Golconda fort
Say ok...
Ok, deal ok
Very good brother...
Look 50-50
Ok but careful about the briefcase
I used to live on the small settlements
all these days and now in single shot...
Let us party...
I do not know story of leaf and thorn
I do not know mummy daddy game
I do not know what to even
if finger is put in mouth
I do not know what I do even
if the slipping sari is caught
I do not know story of leaf and thorn
I do not know mummy daddy game
No idea what is in the gents and what ladies need
I am in the age to know that, will you say me hello
I do not know story of leaf and thorn
I do not know mummy daddy game
For the Swathi book tips, I waited the whole week
I hid all my age worrying for not getting a reply
Will anyone from all here clear that doubt of mine?
I do not know story of leaf and thorn
I do not know mummy daddy game
Jyotilaxmi said to inform what is liked as it is done
She came near and is saying the Newton law when I went
Say the meaning of that knowing it
I do not know story of leaf and thorn
I do not know mummy daddy game
I do not know what to even if finger is put in mouth
I do not know what I do even if the slipping sari is caught
Where is the briefcase dude?
There would be cases here, but no briefcases
Oh no, Police?
Who are you rascal? What do you think of my brother?
You manhandle my brother?
Why are you staying so cool bro?
I will do though you stay calm.
What are you idiots?
Who are you sir?
He is asking right? Say
Our husbands, They are Police in mufti.
Where is the briefcase?
How sir, when you round up like that and ask?
If you give way, I will tell you where
the briefcase is in a cool way
Your work will be done, what Laden sir?
We kept the briefcase outside sir.
They will not allow in the bar, right sir?
That is why...
Come sir
Run brother...
Hey, catch...
Hello Khan Saab
Come on
Hey Police,
I understood that you do not
know how to do your duty well
You do one thing.
Move with my men for 10 days and you will improve a bit.
Now, there is no need for you to do anything.
I spoke to that car parking Vara fellow.
My laptop will be in my hands by tomorrow morning 10:30
Now you go and sleep in the station.
Khan Saab, it is not that the laptop will be
in your hands by tomorrow morning 10:30
All of you will be in Charlapalli jail
What happened?
Who do you think is that car parking fellow?
He is the undercover cop appointed by
that Commissioner to arrest all of you
If you all go tomorrow to take the laptop,
he would arrest all of you and push into the cell
Understand at least now.
If I had not sincerely done duty at you,
it is not the den but you all will be in the cell. Ok?
All of this is the master plan of the Commissioner
Understood! I understood it all
If he has his plans, we will have our plans.
He will come tomorrow to arrest us right?
We shall kill him and get our laptop.
That Commissioner should shiver of this Khan with that
Anyway, you have done a good job
Keep it up
Oh no!
I am father of Julie
Uncle tell me
I mean, we are thinking of looking for matches to Julie
You kept a condition to look for
a good match and get her married right?
Thus I thought it would be better if you are here
Ok uncle, either you or
I would think her to have a good future
We shall look for a good match
and get her married for sure
Ok son
Ok uncle
To Khan
Why to Khan? He said to come to Golconda tombs right?
You crazy bro,
we till now thought that only Khan was trying for the laptop
We came to know that even the Police are trying right?
Yes, so what?
What else bro,
when we know that this laptop is very important
for him why should we ask only 2 crores?
Why not ask for four crores?
You are super bro, call that Khan
and we shall give him a baby corn
That Police guy is calling
Switch on the speaker and talk
Yes tell
Mr. Khan, I am not giving you the laptop at Golconda fort
I said right that he will not give that laptop, talk
Why, have you changed the place?
Not just place, but changed even rate and time
Pressure has gone high from the Police
Thus I hiked the briefcase rate to 4 crores.
4 Crores? It is difficult
I too know that it is tough for you to give right now.
Thus I will call you again after 4 days
Arrange for the money
Hello, hello...
What is this, what are you doing?
Hold this
Why are you taking out the SIM?
Did you not understand how the Police came to us?
They are tracing our phone.
Ok about the Police, but what to do if Khan calls us?
We gave time for four days right?
We will switch it on then
Where now?
To look for a match to my lover
What is you seeing matches for your lover?
Is your brain gone from the beating of the Police?
The matter is bro...
Anyone may have a retirement but not an ex-lover
He wishes her to be good till his last breathe
Understood bro, come we shall go
Look at this profile.
Horoscope of this boy has perfectly matched to our girl
Added the boy looks very handsome
What horoscopes even now?
Look here.
This boy is neurology specialist,
he suits correctly for our status
You say dear, who is best from both?
Your wish dad,
I lost confidence on my selection
I have no courage to go for another wrong match.
Whoever you select, I will happily get married
Vara, at least you say who fits best for Julie among the both?
You say dear,
how to look for matches without seeing the horoscopes?
I do not understand what these
two are talking with a laptop each in hands.
What is the matter?
Did not understand bro?
They are ordering a bridegroom online
You mean, we should not look for matches like this?
All are looking the same these days
We can see uncle in this computer...
Face of the boy, address,
what he does, his caste, religion...
All would be there uncle.
But what is he, what is his character
and do you know how his family is?
What you said is right aunty.
We can fix the timing if horoscopes match
You can do a rich marriage if your statuses get along.
But how is the boy,
will he take good care of your daughter...
Can you say how would our girl be at their house?
What can we do then?
We just have one week of time.
Still, they are not any bad matches,
they are all well settled people.
It is wrong uncle
It is the marriage of a girl uncle.
Every father thinks to have greatly brought up for 18 years,
looked out for a hundred matches
and got her married grandly with a well settled guy
and that their responsibility as a father is done uncle
That is not responsibility uncle.
We shall get her married in a good family
where she can forget the parents uncle
What you said is all correct Vara,
but I have a very few relatives.
We would not have run behind internet
and marriage bureaus like this if we had
I would have got her married
looking out for a good match in my relatives
You do not take any tension uncle,
I saw a boy last week and I will tell what I know about him
Look if you like him
Is it, who is that boy?
I beg you madam, looks like the girl may lose life
Have you sent samples to lab?
I sent sir
I pray to you sir,
looks like the girl may lose her life.
At least you say Sir
We cannot do anything if you do not pay the money
You pay the money first
I beg you sir
Please, do not say anything else
Madam, please admit her
Sorry, I cannot do anything
Good morning sir
Good morning
What happened?
My girl might lose her life.
They are saying not to admit until I pay money.
Please tell them Sir
Lakshmi admit her,
We have no money sir
I will pay the money
Ok sir
Nurse, take them to the ward
Please go madam, I will come and see
Thank you sir, be happy
That is all, he quit the job from that day uncle
He started his own hospital in his village
and is practicing medicine for free uncle
If you like that boy,
we shall get Julie married to him uncle
Everything is fine, but you say he is serving for free.
Whatever may be the property, how long would it last?
Maybe our girl will face trouble.
Saying daughter is your life,
in greed of few Dollars without
caring how she is here...
He is very much better than you staying
there away abroad uncle
Doing so much for his village,
just think how much more care would
he take about his own wife uncle
Drink some more and think uncle
It is just one peg done now. Have another peg and think.
Come on..
Crazy meeting
Uncle, already may have told about me to you
Yes, daddy told me about you
You are looking good
See uncle,
how great did they suit...
Name of this is better than the food right?
Go and wash it
Yes, excuse me!
Oh sorry
Many thanks
Not for saying sorry, but for dashing
Can I too say thanks?
You bloody rascals...
What are you saying idiots?
Hey, what?
Brother Please...
What idiot?
I do not know what happened here
But confirmedly the mistake is ours.
Please bro, leave it. No fights, leave it bro please
Hey, dirty idiots
Dad please
I will take care... I will talk sir
Messing with me...
Move on... move.
Uncle, you go...
Please bro, please... Thank you
Bye dear.
Uncle, you leave.
I just dropped my purse there at that fight.
I will go and get it.
Hey, say who just has done the mistake?
What? It is me, idiot.
What will you do?
What will you do, rascal?
What happened hubby?
I forgot spectacles inside and will just get them
Let us go uncle
What man, did you still not forget my daughter?
He forgets anything if you give him money.
Did you keep anything in balance to him?
Come on remember, if not why will he remember?
What brother?
You are still safe even after roaming with me for so long,
you have come very close bro...
Oh no
Uncle is serving drink greatly
and I thought to give my feelings as the munching
and who needs your feelings in the middle?
Ok, ok!
Is your daughter any remembrance to forget, uncle?
She is my breathe uncle
Hey, take care... Be careful
Like you just caught me,
it would have been good if someone caught me stopping
to make me fall in love when I first saw your daughter.
Be happy dear
I wished to take seven steps holding
that hand feeding people, uncle
But it is not possible in this life
Oh, very sad
One minute...
In the next life, I will not let go
my love how many ever crores you offer me
I will not let go...
I will not...
I will not let go my Julie
Boss, this is Vara
What, is the 4 crores deal ok?
Not 4, but will give 6.
I need that laptop
I am not so mean about money.
If I give word once, it is like very strong
But 6 is my sentiment.
You got my sentiment and hit me on that.
Where shall I bring the money then?
I will come immediately.
You need cash or cheque or gold or the diamonds.
Tell me brother, I have everything.
No problem...
Wait Mr. Suleiman Khan.
My ego gets hurt if I give when you ask.
My ego satisfies if I give when I feel like giving.
Is that it or your ego gets satisfied
if I beg falling on your feet, rascal?
Huh, why did the voice change bro?
Even the ball position has changed idiot
You are now in my court. Just turn back once and see
Hey, men of Suleiman Khan.
You asked them to come tomorrow,
why did they come now?
Did you still not understand bro,
they want to hit us for free
What shall we do now?
What else, just escape
Escape... Oh no!
Catch them
Oh no!
How long will they follow us this way?
Hello brother..are you fine?
Hello, thank you
Have you seen a guy running this way?
How would he be?
He would be shabby, dirty and
very ugly like a monkey
Is my face like a monkey?
You rascal?
Hey, he is here. Come guys...
You bloody..
Oh no..!
You go that way...
Where will you go, idiot?
Hey, look back once and see your brother
I will kill your brother if you do not give me the laptop.
Brother, do not have anything mind bro...
I said 50-50 right? You take 80 and give me just 20.
Money of others is dangerous.
Brother, you are not understanding one thing in tension.
100% is mine if you die.
All the best bro, all the best
Are you playing drama idiots?
Brother, do not look so angry.
I am getting frightened.
When your brother does not need you,
why do we need you?
Still, anybody knowing about us
in this world should not be alive
It seems he is coming along with some Police
Not even one from us should be caught
Hey, escape...
Brother, run
Oh no,
who are you sir holding me so strong?
I am Police
Sir, catch the same sir. I will give you money.
I am sincere Police
Oh sincere Police? You do not take money?
Than catch for free
He is... He is that type right?
Damn it, I am not like that
Not like that? Then look there once
Who is out there?
Hey, stop... Hey Auto...
Thanks brother,
you saved me coming in time.
I cannot forget your help.
What, have they not killed you?
What is it? Have you not come to save me?
My foot! Police came opposite when I was running away.
I came back seeing them.
But these idiots thought that
I brought the Police and escaped.
Oh idiot,
believing in you is like playing
a 20-20 match with god of death as the umpire.
I am dehydrated a lot running, give me that water
Have it
Brother, how did he know that we were there at
Necklace road railway station?
Do not look me in such a doubt.
I escaped alive very marginally touching the death.
Your attention please...
You heard the announcement right?
See, I will give him a shocker now bro
Hey, just listen only to what I am saying,
do not use your dirty brain
I will not give time now.
You should wait in tension thinking of when I would call
and this is the punishment I am giving you
Hello... Hello
When I am warning everyone, why is this fellow
giving me warnings?
Damn it, you stupid fellows!
It is all because of you.
When I said kill him and bring the laptop,
you came back like fools with empty hands
Go, arrange 6 crores in a bag and keep it ready
Let us wait for the call from Sir
Where are you rascal?
Is everything there, priest sir?
Not coconuts madam, bring raw ones.
Son Vara
Yes aunty
Priest sir is calling, come here once
Yes aunty
It seems they need raw coconuts
Brother, come here bro
Come bro
Go and bring raw coconuts
I did not ask you to clean tea cups.
I said to bring raw coconuts
Go brother
It is your time dude
Aunty, they have come
Come, come brother
Where is brother in law?
When do Doctors and Police have a tome, brother?
He went out in a hurry as he got an urgent call.
He will come by the time fixed
Madam, bring the new clothes
Vara, they are up in the bedroom.
Ok aunty
Go and bring
Looks like you are very happy
What more can be the happiness for an ex-lover
than to get his beloved married to a good match?
You are talking very nicely Vara
Even that day you spoke something great.
What did you say?
You said boys are great in love
and girls play with you in love
and you spoke something all
What do you guys know about us?
Ours is a very small world
Mom, dad, brother and
relatives who often visit our house
All do say a girl should not be like this or like that
Should not closely speak to all, should not behave freely
Whatever we do, should be within the limits of a girl
For a girl growing in such a small world
amongst so many traditions
to say with a boy to like him itself is very great
What more shall we do for you boys?
What did you say then?
You said to have loved and then not
and what was my problem right?
My engagement is in an hour.
I will now be owned by some other person
Listen, I am saying now.
What you rejected was not your love
My love, loving more than your love
You did not understand right?
You are loving me just from one year
But I am loving you from two years
You still did not understand, right?
How much more I loved you than you from two years,
here are my remembrances for that
Sorry, proofs of that for you
Get lost from my life
Happy New Year
Thank you
Happy New Year
Anybody would give flowers or cards for
New Year and why did you give a diary?
Still, I do not have the habit of writing a diary.
You will throw flowers in a dustbin
and put the card in a cupboard
And if I give you a diary, it daily travels with you right?
My foot, another year turns up by the time
I finish the first page in this
Please, please give... Please
The eyes waiting for you will never get tired
My heart flew after seeing you
The thought filled with you fought with me daily
My sleep got disturbed day and night
Some pain in the heart hurt me, maybe because of you
I have driven away me from myself
and I searched for me in you
I wiped away feeling of myself and I moved like you
Thinking that you would look at me some time
These letters of looks written by my eyes
Have still not reached you
I hid words and sent message through clouds
I spread all my love before you seeing from a side
The eyes waiting for you will never get tired
My heart flew after seeing you
The thought filled with you fought with me daily
My sleep got disturbed day and night
My heart marching towards
you is not listening to me
No idea what magic you threw in the air
You threw a trap and snatched my heart
The eyes waiting for you will never get tired
My heart flew after seeing you
The thought filled with you fought with me daily
My sleep got disturbed day and night
Uncle, what happened uncle?
Bro, where did all these go?
What exactly is happening in this house?
She says marriage should take place before
you irrespective of whoever is the groom
You would say to look for a good match
and get the marriage done
Not able to understand what is running in between you,
I am not getting clarity though
I am drinking a full bottle everyday
Sir, I have been roaming with him from
so many days and did not understand him.
What can you understand him sir?
Leave it daddy, I said you right then
You wait for a minute dear
In these days leaving own parents in
orphanages feeling them as a burden,
you are safeguarding your mother means,
you will definitely be a good guy
Then why did you let go my daughter whom
you loved so much, for money?
I am just coming after operating your mother.
Inject again at 5 in the evening
Ok Doctor
What exactly happened?
That day, my dad died on the spot in the accident
Son, you do not have an age to understand
what I am saying.
But, what I am saying is true
We can now operate and save your mother,
it needs a lot of money
But still, your mom cannot do anything for you.
That means mom cannot feed you,
she cannot make you play
and cannot even take you to school
Mom cannot do anything because
whole future of mom is now on the bed
You have a big bungalow, car and properties.
All those will be of use to your future, understand son
We will think that this operation has failed
Uncle, I do not need big bungalow, cars
and not even the properties.
You take it all and give me my mother, uncle
I let go so many for my mom uncle
I got a call from the hospital
one day after some years
I am your Vara mom
My mom came out from coma after some years
She could not recognize her own son
and looked at me like a stranger
For my mom to recognize me,
they said a Doctor would come from abroad
and asked me to arrange ten lakhs
for her brain surgery
On that day when I met you for the first time,
situation of you and me was the same uncle
You thought of giving anything for
the future of your daughter
I thought to let go of anything
for the love of my mom
I did the same calculation for your love
and the love of my mom, uncle
That is what has happened
Good choice dear
Love you dear...
Your mom will recognize you, go...
Excuse me, do not disturb the patient.
Go and wait outside
Vara, you do not take any tension about money.
Daddy will now take care of everything
No need, we will have so much money if we give this off
Is it? What is there in that?
There is a laptop in this.
Police and Suleiman Khan are chasing for this.
Police wants to get this for free and
Suleiman Khan will give six crores if this is given to him
He will get three and I will get three
All of this sounds like some crime.
No risk needed Vara, hand it off to the Police
To the Police?
Thank you Vara, you helped a lot giving that laptop to us
It is my responsibility sir.
Sir, this password is not being hacked by us.
Data will crash if we try further
Sir, I have an idea to open this
What is that?
He would be waiting for my call.
I will take this laptop and you come then
Ok Vara
We became fools thinking that after all
a car driver is a police
No, you made us into fools
Sorry sir, I too just came to know about the matter
That is why I came to you skipping
from going to the conference
Will you get to know everything just before a second?
No worries, he called himself to come in greed of money.
Let him come
Why did he still not come?
Welcome Vara, welcome
Listening to your talk on phone
I thought you were notorious
But getting my briefcase as per
what you said, became a hero
What dude, I said correct right?
You said it right bro
Bro, listening to your voice on phone
I felt you would be like the villain from Gabbar Singh
But no problem, you look smart
Are you making fun with me doing crime?
Brother, we can not believe this fellow.
Check the data once
True dude...
Brother, I gave your laptop to you.
You are happy right?
I am happy, full happy!
Brother, I will leave if you give my six crores
Brother, you became a hero standing on
your word and bringing the laptop.
But I am not a hero like you to stand on my word,
but a villain
A bad villain!
No one who knows about me should be alive
Bro, then kill them first.
You are finished now idiot
Think of your favorite God!
Come on, it is wrong. Keep it inside.
Who are you rascal?
Who is this fellow asking for
my introduction when the story is coming to climax?
Khan... Suleiman Khan...
Oh, is it you?
You are looking good with a clean shaven head
You all are saying smart...
do you think I am any item girl idiots?
I will count to three, leave my brother
What will you do if we do not leave?
Hey, you grew the body but why not the brain?
I will count three again
If I do not leave even then, will you count three more?
Hey, I do not know the numbers above that.
Please understand guys...
Huh, this gun gives a miss at the correct time...
Hey, catch that fellow
Brother, why did you come here?
We thought to share if we get the cash
and will I not share when you get a trouble brother?
You are super brother
There, your relatives have come.
This guy is Suleiman Khan...
Here, even the laptop is right here
All the best
Thank you sir
Here is the cheque
Thanks Vara
Mother is the first relation giving a shape sharing
her blood and flesh to the soul sent by the God
She makes us stand as humans
explaining the greatness of bonding
None can ever find a measurement
for the greatness of that mother
What we can do is to take great care of her
till the last breathe
Our film is dedicated to everyone who are that way