July Kaatril (2019) Movie Script

See this too.
Come on!
Carry on.
How can you leave me....
All the best.
Yes, we can do it.
I wonder when he'll stop talking.
Mom, I'll be there in 5 minutes.
Hello, sir,...
...your mobile number
won a gift voucher.
That's not important,
put the phone down.
2 cups of cold coffee.
Why see the menu card so long
for 2 cups of cold coffee?
To drink?
No, to smell.
The seat is for someone.
Shall I bring both the cups now?
No, you asked the same before.
I brought 2 cups of cold coffee.
Then you cancelled it.
No, bring both.
Hello! Hi!
It's okay, I'll wait for you.
I'm waiting too, sir.
Shall I bring the bill?
Excuse me, 2 cups of cold coffee.
For you too? Here you go.
It's over, dude.
Yes, it is. Can I get some rice?
I'll pour water
on your face.
I'm saying it's over
between me and Vidhya.
Vidhya is too good for you.
How can you say that?
When have you been
in a relationship with her?
You were only ogling at her.
I just need to know.
Won't anything good happen to me?
Just look at it as if something
good has happened to Vidhya.
Dude, I'll smack you.
What are you trying to say?
What am I to say?
I'm trying to meet her.
She kept postponing it for 3 week.
It seems she is busy at work.
I only ended up memorising
the menu card.
So another relationship
has ended.
How many girls has it been?
It has become a joke to you.
We need to keep count,
so I asked.
Forget it, there are
many 'bulbs' in town.
I mean girls.
There are many fish in the sea.
I bet you'll catch one.
But not all fish
will become Vidhya.
Enough, my ears hurts.
Don't expect too much.
Adjust and live accordingly.
Get me?
Life is.....
Dude, shut up.
Then get me a chicken.
Look at his coat. How dare
he wear it in front of us!
Anyway, welcome to Kattappa Club.
What does that mean?
Club for slaves, dude.
We've to listen to them hereafter.
He keeps escaping.
He doesn't escape.
Girls escape from him.
Don't you want booze?
It makes me feel bad.
Dude, I told you
about my school friend, Shreya.
She is here.
Come, let me introduce her to you.
Super, let's go.
No, you wait here.
I'll go. Wait here.
It's going to fail again.
Okay, bye.
This is Rajeev, my college mate.
And my close friend.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Please to meet you.
Okay, you guys keep
each other company. I'll leave.
Nice speech.
No one else could have
said it better.
Did I sound like I was lying?
Why? It wasn't like that.
Okay, enough about him.
Let's talk about us.
So, what do you do?
No need for formalities.
Okay, what do you do?
I'm a psychologist.
I'm a student counsellor
in a school?
What do you do?
Okay. What do you do?
I'm in HG, the regional
sales manager of Tamil Nadu.
HG consumer products?
I want a discount then.
Sure, as long as you don't ask...
...for free.
I may even ask.
Looks like it has worked.
Hi, I'm Murali.
His wife's name is Priya.
Why must you say that to me?
No, he's telling you I'm married.
Nothing else.
You said you were going to leave.
I will.
Briyani is good. Enjoy it.
Okay, can we take a selfie?
My phone has no balance.
Can we use your phone?
Dude, come over here.
The height will be just right.
I can see that.
Look over there.
Can you send this photo
to his number?
Number, right? I'll send.
Not bad, 4G speed.
Win her fast.
Hi, Raju. I came to see you.
Hello, Arokiam,
I wanted to meet you. Let's go.
Hello, my name isn't Arokiam.
What did he mean?
Why are you asking now?
Nothing, after having briyani
in any party,...
...we'll workout in the gym.
That's great, Rajeev.
He's a pain.
He's a fan of Erode Mahesh.
Okay. That workout?
Want some more briyani?
See you soon.
That's my number.
The clouds are heading west...
Whom are they looking for...
It is drizzling on us
from far...
It is looking for us...
The path that I'm taking,
it should go on and on...
The intoxication
in both hearts is unknown...
Earth behaved strangely...
It is reaching for our love...
The clouds are heading west...
Whom are they looking for...
It is drizzling on us
from far...
It is looking for us...
Truth and lie...
The moment truth chances...
They go hand in hand, they
combine and play their part...
The heart that doesn't
understand get excited...
This is a new introduction...
A new feeling...
Where will it take you...
A moment on
an icecapped mountain...
The next moment on a volcano...
Love gave many such riddles...
The clouds are heading west...
Whom are they looking for...
It is drizzling on us
from far...
It is looking for us...
The skin that changes
ever so often...
Lovely language melt
like snow...
A face with no expression...
A new relationship...
My heart seeks...
Life spread happiness...
Eyes that speak...
It creates a rainbow
in the heart...
The clouds are heading west...
Whom are they looking for...
It is drizzling on us
from far...
It is looking for us...
The path that I'm taking,
it should go on and on...
The intoxication
in both hearts is unknown...
Earth behaved strangely...
It is reaching for our love...
Dad, can we buy the land?
Which land?
The land I told you,
it's in Sholanganallur.
It's a great offer, dad.
We're still paying
for the apartment.
Do we need to make
another investment now?
Dad, I'm only investing
in a land which is safe.
Why are you worried?
I'm only saying what I think.
Okay, dad, I won't buy it.
Each time I come back
from Bangalore, I get bad news.
Next, go to Hosur.
We'll see if you get any good news.
Your number plan was low last year.
Quarterly was low too.
Quarter (booze) is always low.
How do I give you manpower
with this figure?
How would you justify yourself?
How? Tell us.
We have issues on quality.
We received complaints too.
Without addressing them, we can't
increase the figures alone.
These are excuses, I hate them.
Sure, sir.
No point telling
the service team here.
They did not take any action.
We have told their heads.
It has been sorted out.
So, we'll surely reach our target.
I'm confident about it.
I always appreciate
your confidence.
We cannot achieve his target.
He talks rubbish.
Quiet, but.....
We will achieve it.
Before we win a girl,
we'll look forward for her calls.
Once we win them,
we get irritated when they call.
I feel the same.
I meant you. She doesn't call me.
See, do you feel anything?
Sneha is calling.
It's Snehan,
I saved it with a lady's name.
Brother, have the angels left?
They have left.
Must we leave this early?
Yes, grandma is here.
I need to go home early.
Grandma? You didn't tell me.
I told you
over the phone yesterday.
Is it? I must have forgotten
with the stress at work.
Is it stress at work or
you didn't hear it properly?
It's nothing, come on.
What's your plan tomorrow?
Can we meet?
Tomorrow, I have office work.
It'll be tough.
We'll see.
I am busy now,
I'll call you back later.
Around 2. Okay? Bye, Shreya.
Welcome, sir.
Table for 3 of us. Shall we go?
Rajeev! Hi!
Hi, uncle.
Welcome. How are you?
You didn't tell me.
You didn't tell me either.
Sudden plan.
They are Rajeev's parents.
Hey, little girl.
How is grandma, aunty?
She is fine.
Rajeev is a good boy.
Dad, keep them company.
Look after them.
Your daughter, Shreya,...
...is a good girl.
How long have you been dating?
About 5 months now.
Right? Yes.
We can only talk to a girl
after marriage during our time.
Dad, thank God
we weren't born in your time.
That's true.
If you go out like this,...
...when will you settle down?
We haven't thought about it.
We'll think about it later.
Only your generation...
...needs time to think.
Think about it.
Do you plan to get married?
Because now, we have to ask
our children to find out.
Rajeev, the family looks
like a nice family.
Shreya is a good girl too.
You have a good job too.
If we get you married soon,
we'll be at peace.
Even if we found a girl for you,
we wouldn't have found...
...someone like her.
You look nice, very beautiful.
Me or the sari?
Thank you.
He loved a girl in college.
What's her name? Rajendran?
Yes, like a bald carrot.
He used to torture us
during that time.
He won't let us sleep,
he'll keep reciting his poems.
Look, a romantic film
is going on here.
Good man!
Shall we talk with our eyes too?
I can't take it when you open
your mouth. Give your eyes a rest.
Why do you do this?
Murali looks good in dhoti.
You could have worn one too.
Traitor! I would have...
...if he had told me. Give!
Come on, our size is different.
I hope you are not offended.
Why such a big gift?
A gift is something
we should not forget.
What is it?
I forgot.
What's in here?
Are you sure it is yours?
We took a selfie ages ago.
Please take one.
Take a selfie.
No, that hand would be better.
Then you take it.
You do it well. Do it.
Make sure all of us are inside.
Do you still write poems?
I have a poem. Want to listen?
No, don't get whacked on stage.
Look into the camera.
Why were you looking as if you were
seeing me for the first time?
First time
I'm seeing you in a sari.
But I'm the same old Shreya.
Where is the Diet Coke?
Diet Coke? I thought you bought.
Only one day.
Drink, nothing will happen.
No, I just read a research paper.
Whisky plus water,...
...bad for the heart.
Vodka plus water, bad for liver.
Brandy plus water, bad for kidney.
So where is the problem?
I drink Diet Coke.
I eat diet bajji and diet bonda.
If you add the word diet before
any food, will it be diet food?
Get me the diet chips.
Pass it for me.
Forget it. Cheers.
To my wedding.
Dude, what are you saying?
When did this happen?
Yes, everything is over.
Everything over?
I mean my engagement.
You're giving too many shocks.
I can't believe myself.
What to do?
So it is Shreya.
It is fated I marry her.
Why do you sound disappointed?
Shreya is a good girl.
She is good, I'm not denying it.
It's not that I hate her, but.....
No spark?
Touch the wire, there'll be spark.
What? If you keep saying this,
there won't be anything at all.
Spark and arrows in the heart
only happen in movies.
If you keep doing this 5 years,
the expiry date will end.
What are you saying?
The alarm will die off.
Quiet, that won't happen.
What we want
won't happen in life.
And my life is no exception.
After marriage,
we'll stay here for some time.
Then we can stay on our own.
This is good enough.
I don't mind anything.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm Rajeev.
Hi, I'm Revathi.
Okay, I've been observing you.
You were covering...
...every small aspect.
I'll show you.
This is nice.
I realise how beautiful they are
after looking at this photo.
Thank you.
Is everything okay for you?
Yeah, it is okay.
Hi, sir, he wanted to meet you.
Hello, sir.
How can I help you?
The products are good.
When are they coming to the market?
So, is it over?
Yeah, nice meeting you, Rajeev.
Same here.
If you're free tomorrow,
can we meet for coffee?
To discuss our country's...
...economic policy.
Sure, why not?
Just note down my number.
Welcome, sir.
Take a seat.
No, I'll sit there.
Sir, change of location?
As usual, 2 cups cold coffee.
And you want it right away.
Raja, I told you, right?
He's here.
In another 5 minutes,
he'll return his order.
What if someone comes for sure?
No one will come.
Look at her.
How are you?
I'm good.
She is here.
He will pay then.
I wanted to ask you?
You were not interested
when you covered...
...our event. But you enjoyed
taking the other shots.
Looks like you noticed me well.
Actually I like fine arts...
...and wildlife photography.
But it is tough
to get jobs in this area.
And it's rare for me to find
those jobs.
So, to meet my monthly commitments,
I do boring assignments.
Sorry, that's how I felt.
I hate it.
My wife fights with me
for everything.
Whom did you touch?
The maid.
No, I was watching the maid shower.
My wife suspected me
like this too.
I had a doubt that
she was using my wife's soap.
I was watching her
to clear my doubt.
She used it as a reason
to fight with me.
When they decide to fight,
they don't need a reason.
What other reason would one need
to fight with you?
Fine, why am I telling you?
You'll be getting married
in a month.
Have you decided
where to go for your honeymoon?
No, I wanted to discuss.....
When you reach, don't grab her.
Leave her on the first day.
Second and third day.....
Just a minute, not about honeymoon.
It's about the wedding.
Here, drink this Diet Coke.
I bought it for you.
I did not ask,...
...but you bought it for me.
I think you've a big announcement.
Right. You didn't come
for the product launch yesterday.
I met a girl there.
Her name is Revathi.
She covered the event.
And you covered her.
This happens only when
I am not there. Is she pretty?
I wouldn't say she's pretty.
But she had something.
You know I do not look at a girl
just because of her beauty.
Then what do you see?
Why do you give shock me
each time we meet?
We did not only meet. We went
to the coffee shop afterwards.
When we spoke.....
Remember I mentioned about spark?
I felt the spark.
And the vibration too.
Your phone?
In my heart.
The chemistry
was excellent between us.
You're talking
about chemistry and vibration.
Those words do not relate to you.
I haven't seen you this way.
Have you fallen for her?
I don't know.
I don't know if I should
live halfheartedly...
...with the girl
I got engaged to...
...or if I should live
with my dream girl,...
...the love of my live.
What do you like in her?
The way she carried herself.....
Carry bag.....
She is independent in nature.
Her expression.
She is an interesting girl.
But I know Shreya is a good girl.
I pity her, I won't deny that.
I am not sure if I will find
a prettier girl than her or not.
But I can't marry her.
My heart doesn't beat for her.
But at the same time,...
...I can't let Revathi go.
You don't seem confused to me.
You've decided, you're only looking
for a reason to justify it.
Dude, you are great.
You are great in this aspect.
Right, dude. Here,
it is telling me to go for Revathi.
If she is meant for you,
no one can change that.
What now? You have decided.
Break up with Shreya.
Love is a wonderful feeling.
You've been waiting for it...
...for so long. Look here,
this is how great things happen.
They happen
when we least expect it.
She is the right person for it.
Otherwise, you'll be fighting...
...every day just like me.
Go and tell her.
What are you saying?
Heard that?
He is not respecting us.
He doesn't even bother
about the girl.
He thinks about himself,
he does what he wants.
Let him go to hell.
He is earning now.
He can lead his own life.
He can decide on his own.
I won't interfere
in his life hereafter.
Dad, it's not like that.
How was your Bangalore trip?
It was great.
But I missed you very much.
How was your product launch?
It was great.
Sit down.
Shreya, we need to talk.
I'm sorry, Shreya, I don't think
it will work between us.
No, it is not you.
It is because of me.
You know I really care about you.
But there is no love...
...or passion in our relationship.
I tried my best.
But I couldn't.
It has been ages
since we went out together.
Ever since you fell in love,
we hardly go out.
I'm going to see how often
we go out when you fall in love.
We'll see.
That is only if I fall in love.
Why are you smiling?
It's nothing, mom.
I'm going to sleep.
Bye! Good night.
Shall we send a message?
Come on.
There is a message.
Why do you keep laughing?
There is something. What is it?
I've been watching from morning.
You're laughing like a crazy.
What's happening? Tell me.
Are you in love?
I'm so excited for you.
Who is it?
Andrew's college mate.
I met him when I went...
...for his wedding reception.
Sweet, smart and handsome guy.
He talks very well.
Then we started
messaging each other.
I am meeting him again tomorrow.
I'm so happy for you.
I have to go now.
But you must keep me updated, okay?
You don't dress properly.
Look at your hair.
You don't want to study.
And you don't seem to listen.
Why do you do this?
Sir, why are you scolding Vikram?
I don't think
this will end, Shreya.
We have given him one last chance.
And he behaves violently too.
He failed 2 subjects.
His attendance is irregular.
We must call his parents.
Wait, sir,...
...give him another chance.
I'll talk to him again.
I see progress in our session.
Please give us one more chance.
Your wish. I don't think
it will work out.
Come on.
Tell me, what is your problem?
You don't like to study.
But you want
to become an artist, right?
But you need to pass your 12th.
Or no university will accept you.
You know that, don't you?
But I hate studying, madam.
What subjects are tough for you?
Math and physics?
There is an art quiz in Pune.
To get admission,...
...the school must recommend you.
You will get a scholarship.
When I found out about it,
I thought about you.
I can get it for you.
But for that, you must score...
...minimum 50%
in all the subjects.
Thank you so much, madam.
I'll get the marks, I promise.
So, can we meet this evening?
Okay, sure.
5 pm at the coffee shop?
Why not?
Mom, where is my coffee?
I'll make some for you.
Can you help cut
the carrot for me?
Your aunt's daughter, Kritiga,
has a problem with her husband.
Mom, did you hear about Kritiga?
What am I talking about now?
Where is your attention?
Fine, here you go.
Take your coffee and go.
I'll do the cutting.
I didn't add sugar.
Add it yourself.
Trying tasting it.
You didn't
even know you added salt.
Even after tasting it,
you didn't realise.
What happened to you?
Why didn't you tell me?
I want you to leave now.
Silly girl!
Hey, Shreya.
Sorry, I forgot.
Today is Saturday evening.
I have to teach
in a special school today.
You can come there.
Can we meet there?
Sorry for what happened
to our date.
Not at all,
You are doing a great job.
I didn't expect you to do this.
Do your work.
From the corner of my eye...
I question my love...
Why do you kill me...
Do you think a girl's heart
is a candle...
Why do you take advantage...
Tell me about your love...
My life needs it...
Tell me how you feel...
My life...
Tell me your dream...
My eyes are asking...
Tell me what is
in your heart...
My life...
From the corner of my eye...
I question my love...
Why do you kill me...
Like a mirror...
Love is just as fragile...
As you live in your heart,
don't crumble...
What happened to us...
What shall I say about it...
My heart...
It is not a ball for you
to kick around...
My heart...
You failed to understand...
You failed to listen
to my dream...
What can I say...
I slowly started
feeling the pain...
Shall I tell you
what pains my heart...
Tell me about your love...
My life needs it...
Tell me how you feel...
My life...
Tell me your dream...
My eyes are asking...
Tell me what is
in your heart...
My life...
From the corner of my eye...
I question my love...
Why do you kill me...
Sometimes, he looks at me
with so much love.
Then all of a sudden, it will seem
like he doesn't know me.
I don't seem
to understand anything.
I can't even talk to him.
Even I call him, no response.
When I send him a message,
he only replies occasionally.
I don't seem
to be getting something.
Shreya, I don't think
this will work out.
He is a nice guy.
But he looks like he is waiting
for something better to come.
And you are investing
a lot in this relationship.
I feel like he is not serious.
Think before you decide.
Before you get hurt,...
...decide what you want.
Hi, Rajeev.
Shreya, can we meet for coffee?
Our usual place, at 6 pm?
Today will be tough.
We have staff meeting.
I'll be busy 4 days.
I won't be able to see you.
Okay, I'll come.
Where are you going?
Coffee with Rajeev?
No one can change you.
Can you do me a favour?
Update me about the staff meeting.
Remember what I told you.
You are so sweet.
Hey, am I very late?
Sit down.
You could have called and told me,
at least a message.
I would have. But something
came up at the last minute.
I completely forgot.
Typical you.
Forget it. I am very hungry.
Let's order.
You are late. Give, I'll order.
Get me something spicy.
Then he spoke
as if nothing happened.
As usual, his work,
targets, deadlines, numbers.
I bet you wouldn't have
said anything.
What am I to say?
The world is revolving for him.
So, he doesn't answer
when you call.
He doesn't call back either.
That means, you are not
in his thoughts.
It means he has
some other girl in his life.
Why? He could be busy
with his work.
For men, office isn't their world.
They have another world too.
If you are not in that world,
it means someone else is in it.
Okay, what shall I do now?
Go and ask him.
What do I ask?
If he has any other girl?
If I am not in his thought,
life is going on.
If I ask and things go wrong,
I'll botch the whole thing.
I get it. The same happened
between Harbajan and I.
Who is Harbajan?
Don't analyse the specimen.
Analyse the situation.
Okay, who is Harbajan?
Do you know Ashwin?
My boyfriend before him.
Want to drop it?
I had liquor.
How can I meet your parents?
Fool, there is no one home.
They are away.
The house looks good.
Mom's design.
That on.....
Guest room. Grandma stays there.
Is grandma here?
Not now, she has gone home.
Okay, where is your room?
I'll show you, come on.
This is where the magic happens.
Magic? What magic?
All the magic.
Show me the magic then.
I love you.
I love you too.
Who was that? Are they back?
No, they'll be back tomorrow.
I got scared for a minute.
Sorry. Hello!
Okay, I'll call back.
I have to go.
When you kiss for the first time,
will you attend your call?
What? Seriously?
Are you sure?
I can't even believe it.
Probably he is a gay.
I was only kidding.
Vikram! I have good news.
What is it?
The school accepted
your art course.
Thank you, madam.
But remember what I told you.
Hi, Rajeev.
Why didn't you call me?
Do you know how worried I was?
I couldn't even sleep last night.
What the hell, Rajeev?
Won't you even think?
Okay, I've got to go.
What are you doing here?
Someone was angry.
So I came to visit.
You want to apologise?
Even if I do,
you won't believe me, right?
What is there to believe?
Look here.
I'm not avoiding you on purpose.
I was busy. Sorry.
Okay. It's great you came.
I didn't expect it.
So sweet of you!
Okay, come on.
What are you doing?
This is a school.
Everyone will look.
No will look. What is wrong?
Tell me fast,
I only have 30 seconds.
Did you ask him?
I know why you didn't ask.
Love is blossoming inside you.
If you ask him, you're afraid
the love tree in you will die.
How can you talk this way?
It came in a flow
as I was speaking to you.
Okay, I've got to go. Bye!
Happy birthday, baby.
Thank you.
Where are you?
At home. Where else?
So, you didn't come here?
No, I've got to pack.
Early morning flight to Delhi.
I have to leave at 4 am.
When will you be back?
Day after.
You won't be around...
...for my birthday then?
No, sorry. Got to leave.
They told me only last night
about the meeting.
So sorry.
We can celebrate this weekend.
Okay, I'll go and pack.
In school today, Vikram.....
I need to pack,
I'll call you once I am back.
Okay? Bye.
He did not only say bad words,
he also threw his geometry box.
We must take
strict disciplinary action.
We have to suspend him.
We also have to cancel...
...our recommendation for him.
No need to cancel that.
Suspension is enough.
He is a useless student.
Don't keep supporting him.
Support good students.
What shall we do
with our problematic students?
Shall we expel them?
As a teacher,...
...don't label
any student as useless.
It will reflect badly on you.
How can you say that to me?
Okay, don't take it personally.
After doing so much,
must we still recommend him?
Yes, sir, definitely.
He has shown lots of improvement.
He is counting on it.
What he did is wrong.
For that, let's suspend him.
Punishment should be proportionate.
Don't over react.
No, I can't accept it.
He scolded you, fine,
why did he scold you.
He was talking
to his neighbour in class.
My class was disturbed....
How did you scold him?
Are you saying it is my mistake?
He is a sensitive student.
A problematic student.
After so many sessions,...
...he is showing some improvement.
He passed all his papers.
We have to be mindful of him.
We must not make him...
...do any mistake. I'm sorry.
How you scolded him is important.
If you scolded him in a way
that it hurt his selfesteem,...
...his reaction was natural.
Are you justifying his action?
You are taking his job
too seriously.
We must try to stop a problem
from growing too big.
That is why you are
a student counsellor here.
If we do not take strong action,
other kids will get spoilt too.
People won't get scared.
Thanks for explaining my role
as a student counsellor.
I can understand your point.
It will be difficult.
But we cannot recommend him.
We must maintain...
...the school's discipline
and decorum.
We cannot compromise.
No, sir, this will have...
...some serious consequences.
Don't worry, nothing will happen.
Don't take it
too serious or personal.
What am I doing here?
Like the man said,...
...it's meaningless
to be a student counsellor.
It's easier to handle
the students than teachers.
So much of ego.
How can they show this much
of ego to a student?
I didn't expect the principal
to take such serious action.
Hey, I'm busy, I'll call back.
Around 2.
2 o'clock? Okay.
Does he know about the sessions?
He hasn't asked about my work.
I have to tell him.
Why must I tell him about
my work and bore him...
...when he is not interested?
You are crazy.
I know that.
You are losing
your selfrespect, Shreya.
He is plain toxic.
You get weak when someone
gets close to you.
It will hurt one day.
When you love
and care for someone,...
...make sure
he is well worth the risk.
You told me these things
when I was dating the wrong guy.
But Rajeev isn't that sort.
Don't you worry.
Welcome, sir.
Hello, table for 3 of us.
Rajeev! Hi!
Hi, welcome. How are you?
You didn't tell me.
Dad, keep them company.
Look after them.
One minute, let's take
a photo together.
Congratulations, dude.
You received a message.
It could be Rajeev.
I don't think so.
Why keep talking
about your phone? Eat.
Why are you always
on your phone?
Put it away and eat.
Shreya, do you think
this is right?
Yes, don't you worry about it.
You have changed.
He has changed too.
I definitely think
this is not a good idea.
He is not the right person
to marry.
Please it isn't too late.
You have time to walk away.
Why do you speak this way?
He was acting strange before.
But if he is not fully committed,
why did he agree to get married?
I've said what I think is right.
Poorni, enough.
Let's not talk about this.
Hi, someone said
she wasn't in the mood.
So I came immediately.
I felt that way.
But now I feel better.
May I ask you something?
Will you only come when I am down?
My mistake for coming here!
I was only joking.
You are my love.
I'll be happy whenever
you're near me.
Come on, let's go for a drive.
Make it fast, Shreya. I'm busy.
I'm in Bangalore.
So, I called.
You could have messaged.
I have a product launch tomorrow.
I'll call you later.
I'm not saying anything.
Conference starts in 30 minutes.
Come, let's get ready.
How was Bangalore?
It was great.
But I missed you a lot.
How was your product launch?
It was great. Sit down.
Shreya, we need to talk.
I'm sorry, I don't think
it will work between us.
No, it is not because of you.
It is me. You know
I really care about you.
But there is no love
and passion in our relationship.
I tried my best,
but I can't go on.
I know, I'll speak to your parents.
I'll explain to everyone.
I'm really sorry, Shreya.
Please, Shreya,
say something, scold or hit.
But don't be silent. Please!
Answer me before you go...
Why did you release poison
in the air, my love...
Why is you release poison
in the air, my love...
I am helpless now...
Why did you enact a drama
called love, my love...
Why did you enact a drama
called love, my love...
Answer me before you go...
You'll see the light
only when you're in darkness.
Everything is for the good.
A beautiful mountain.
When I climbed it,
each experience touched my heart.
Even though I was worried
I will fall,...
...the experiences
took me to the peak.
I'm falling now.
Rajeev Subramaniam.
If you want to move on,...
...unfriend him from Facebook.
Delete him from your contact list.
I lit a light in the rain...
I lit a light in the rain...
Is it right to take away
what I have won...
Is it right to take away
what I have won...
There is a storm...
All my dreams shattered...
What shall I do with the kisses
I saved for you...
I'm really sorry, Shreya.
What I did is wrong.
I realise how much I miss you.
Can we please get back?
Answer me before you go...
Why did you release poison
in the air, my love...
Why is you release poison
in the air, my love...
I am helpless now...
From every tear...
A part of me is melting away...
The memories that kill me...
I shall kill them...
Hey, what is this?
You do not answer when I call.
You do not reply
when I send you a text.
How long will you
be like this?
Enough, come on. Get up!
Let's go out. Come!
I don't want to come.
Listen to me.
Come, let's go out.
I'm not in the mood.
It'll be a change.
How long will you be like this?
Come, let's go.
Come on, get up!
Hey, don't worry.
Soon, someone will come
into your life.
Then you'll understand why
this engagement did not work out...
...and why you broke up.
What happened?
Why are you sitting as if
this is a funeral house?
Kritiga is divorced.
Why, mom?
She is not a fool.
She knows what she is doing.
No matter what she decides,
it will be right.
Don't worry about this, mom.
Now, girls opt for divorce...
...over small matters.
We must accommodate.
Life isn't a bed of roses.
We need to compromise.
In the name of compromise,
we lose ourselves.
Didn't you see
what I went through?
Everyone has a breaking point, mom.
Don't worry.
You asked me so many questions
the other day.
Was that a date or interview?
A date of course.
Then ask personal questions.
Personal questions?
Yes, okay, I'll ask you.
How many girlfriends do you have?
For now, only you.
Since when
I became your girlfriend?
Okay, shall I say tobegirlfriend?
Who agreed to that?
Don't hide anything.
Tell me about your past.
Past? There were
many infatuations.
But one serious relationship.
It was with a girl, Shreya.
When was that?
If I tell you the truth,...
...you won't get scared, right?
Not at all.
A few days ago.
Actually, do you know what?
I'll tell you the truth,
we were actually engaged.
Family pressure,
my friends were all married.
So, things happened fast.
But I felt guilty.
I gave it serious thought.
But I knew
it was not working out.
I felt that I was not
completely into Shreya.
So, I called it off.
My family was very upset with me.
I bet they would be.
But I thought that was
the right time to end it.
If I had waited,
we would have got married,...
...kids and all.
I didn't want to regret later.
Yes, I agree.
At least you told her boldly.
There are many cowards.
They won't tell the truth,...
...they'll be flirting
with other girls.
That much of anger in you?
Any experience?
Yes, remember I came to cover
your event the other day?
I broke up one day before.
I saw him out with another girl.
I broke it off immediately.
I'm really sorry.
What did you do?
Okay, I'll leave.
Evil and ghost...
It is none other than love...
It can kill you...
You and me...
I say it is live...
A brand new feeling...
It infects the heart...
Lots of love...
I lug it in my heart...
More love
in the air around me...
It keeps me alive...
A brand new feeling...
It infects the heart...
Lots of love...
I lug it in my heart...
Don't steal my heart...
Don't move away from me...
Keep the fire alive...
Shower me with kisses...
You are a normal girl...
But I need you
for my survival...
You are not divine
or an angel...
You are my life...
The paint on my clothes
and the burden on my shoulder...
The slip away...
The stress that is in me...
Melts when you look at me...
A brand new feeling...
It infects the heart...
Lots of love...
I lug it in my heart...
More love
in the air around me...
It keeps me alive...
Don't steal my heart...
Don't move away from me...
Keep the fire alive...
Shower me with kisses...
Must you go to work today?
When you ask in this position,
I feel like saying no.
No! I have an important
review meeting today.
I have to go today. Please!
Dad, the car refused
to start again today.
It started after a while.
I feel like changing the car.
I can afford to get an
allowance for bank loan.
What do you say?
Dad, how long are you going
to give me the silent treatment?
It has been 2 months now.
I'm sorry, dad.
I couldn't accept Shreya.
That is why I broke off with her.
Please try to understand.
If we unwillingly get married,...
...it'll end up in divorce.
Sumathi, the boy who could change
his finance does not know...
...how to change his car.
What is this, mom?
Don't worry, Rajeev.
How long will they not talk to you?
Time is the best healer.
It will be great if we can
freeze this moment, right?
We must stay like this forever.
Any response
from the sales team?
Keep quiet. I haven't got
a blue tick for my message.
Let's go and see
the sales team then.
No, you fool.
She has a friend.
A real pain.
No, come on.
She is not only close to him,...
...she even went
to Cochin with him.
She doesn't answer her phone,
she doesn't reply my messages.
I'm so upset.
Is this your problem?
Make sure you concentrate
in your work.
Month end is approaching.
You can find another girl.
But if you lose your job,
that's it. Okay?
It is already 6 pm.
Still no response from her.
I don't know what is going on?
Probably they are in a room.....
They could be playing a card game.
Maybe she is avoiding me
for fighting with her yesterday.
Could be. What could
a girl be doing now?
We can ask if there
is a girl here, right?
What do you mean?
Look, she will send you a message.
Don't read it immediately.
What is it?
She would say sorry
or that she missed you,...
...don't ever call her.
Hello! Hi, baby.
The person you are dialing
seems unavailable...
...to take calls right now.
Rajeev, it's you.
What a surprise. Come in.
Sorry, I missed your call.
No problem, I'm here now.
I wanted to surprise you.
So, how was your day?
My work is about to start.
I wanted to take you out.
I can't come now.
Can't you do this work later?
No, I have a deadline.
I hate postponing my work.
You know how busy I am.
If I'm coming to see you with my
busy schedule, what does that mean?
I just want to spend
some time with you.
But I don't think you're taking
any effort to make...
...this relationship work.
See, yours is a 97 job.
Mine is not like that.
I don't know when I'll get...
...my next assignment.
I'll call you after
my work is done, okay?
I'll call you later.
Hey! You don't sound right.
It's nothing.
I just miss Rev.
She is busy with her work.
You are with her all the time.
Can't you stay away from her...
...for some time? I'm waiting
for my wife to go back home.
Come on now!
I forgot to tell you.
I'll be busy the next 3 days.
Month end,
I need to meet my target.
But I can't stay away
without seeing you.
Keep yourself free
on Thursday.
I want to spend
the evening with you, okay?
I'm not sure if I'll be
free Thursday evening.
I can't tell you now.
We'll see on that day. Okay?
Okay, I've told you.
Try to be free on Thursday.
Okay, I'll try.
Okay, bye.
So you guys deal
with the client directly.
Dear Father in heaven!
That's how you sounded.
Are you guys excited?
Yes, sir.
Are you sure you are excited?
Yes, sir.
Is this your first day?
That's how it will be.
To impress a client...
...is like impressing
a beautiful girl.
If she doesn't like to talk to you,
doesn't answer your call,...
...she avoids and hates you,
what should you do?
Look for another girl, right?
Yes, sir.
He gets excited for everything.
How will you impress her?
To start with, you should never
give up and never quit.
Treat your client
like your girlfriend.
Be loyal, take them out for coffee,
call them 3 times a day.
No matter what the situation is,
never give up or never quit,...
...just like me. Okay?
Can I hear that loud?
Never quit!
Good. Thank you.
It was like a tuition session
for 12th Standard.
Was that for them or for yourself?
Why do you do this?
Super! I called you Sottagopal.
Hello! Okay! Thank you.
All the best.
You achieved like you said.
I didn't expect this. We did not
only achieve our target,...
...we exceeded it.
If Vinod was here now,...
...he would hug and kiss you.
I don't need Vinod,
I want my Revathi to hug me.
Me too.
I want Revathi to hug you.
Why do this?
Okay, let's celebrate today.
Let's go to a pub.
No, we'll go to my house.
No way. I'm going to spend
the evening with Revathi.
See you at home this evening.
I'll be out with Revathi.
Be on time this evening.
The number you have dialed
is busy. Please try.....
Hey, hi!
Rajeev, achieved your target?
We exceeded our target.
That's great. Congrats.
I'm so happy for you.
Thank you.
We'll celebrate this soon.
But why later?
Let's do it today.
I'll come
to your house this evening.
Not today, come tomorrow.
I have a party today.
Why is the party important?
Good photographers will come.
I want to go and do networking.
Rev, I'll come with you.
No, I'll go alone.
I need to focus on work.
If I'm there, can't you focus?
I need to talk to people.
If you come, you'll be alone.
I won't be able to concentrate.
Please try to understand.
Rev, I didn't see you for 3 days.
I'm busy with work too.
But don't I spare time for you?
But you're making me beg.
I didn't ask you to beg.
I have work, that's all.
We'll see tomorrow.
Don't argue over small matters.
Please, okay?
Fine, bye!
Come, have a glass.
How did you know?
You prepared 2 glasses.
I knew you'll come.
I won't tease you, drink.
Why are we drinking at home?
We got a call
my wife's husband is ill.
She left.
But that's you.
Right, I wanted to send her.
So I lied, she left.
Fool! Look at my plight.
I have to drink with you today.
She embarrassed you.
So you're drinking here.
If we expect too much,
nothing happens.
Why expect anything? Just accept
whatever that comes along.
Look, life is simple.
We complicate it for nothing.
And that's you.
Why won't you talk this way?
She doesn't spend time with you.
Why is she your girlfriend?
There is only one role
in our relationship.
She is always right.
Every relationship is like that.
We must listen to the women.
We exceeded our target today.
It's such a big achievement.
We were so happy.
But she did not feel happy.
We made it seem like a funeral.
Let's listen to some songs.
Tamil, English or Hindi?
Tamil will be fine.
Why? Hindi will remind you...
...of Shreya. English will
remind you of Revathi.
Please, let me drink in peace.
You have girls all over.
What's the use of our achievement?
Relationship means problem.
How do lowers manage?
I wonder how their friends...
...are managing.
What is the problem now?
What is the current fight about?
It is a joke to you.
No, I don't get it.
Once a relationship is over,...
...when you move on to another
person, you must remove...
...your old flame's photo from FB.
Only photos...
...or are there videos too?
I mean tour videos.
Is this even a fight?
This is why I'm not on FB.
Only WhatsApp videos.
Gajagaja Guys,
the group's name. I'm the admin.
I apologised, right?
I can't live without you.
Let's go out.
I'm not in the mood.
Please, Rev, let's go out.
Let's go.
Okay, but where?
Where else?
The usual hangout.
Let's go to the coffee shop.
Let's go.
Aren't you going to change?
I'm ready? Can't you see?
Don't come like this.
Use a dress for a change.
Are you mad?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with this?
It's nice.
If you dress like a girl...
...if you wear salwar with
some makeup, you'll look pretty.
God! You mess up each time.
Why do you do this?
Sorry, guys, we'll have the meeting
tomorrow, okay? Not today.
Do you know that
we are in a relationship?
We'll get married soon.
I'm trying my best to make it work,
but I don't see it coming from you.
I called you so many times.
Sent so many messages.
Did you return my call
or send one reply?
Nothing at all.
Good, you opened this topic.
I was thinking too.
This isn't working.
It is not working.
I want to breakup.
I am done with you.
I told you before.
This is the last time.
I won't tolerate
if you cheat on me again.
I saw you with the girl again.
No, Reva.
The basis
of a relationship is trust.
Once it is gone, it is over.
I know, it is my mistake.
Pull over.
What did you say? Mistake?
Is it written here
that I'm a fool?
Don't say this for fun.
It's over and don't call me again.
Reva, please.
I'll see you around. Okay, bye.
Okay, bye!
What's up? You called.
I couldn't talk.
Sorry, I missed your call.
I've been busy 2 days.
Tell me what's up.
Dad, I broke up with Sanjay.
I saw him with another girl.
I couldn't accept it.
That is the reason.
If you think it's right,
go ahead.
Is everything all right?
I was sad then.
I thought I would remain
single for some time.
I wanted a break.
But then,
I met a guy called Rajeev.
I met him twice before that.
I just met him,
I'm on my way home.
Yes, come in.
Please sit down.
It looks like an art film.
It's not straight forward.
I don't get what you're saying.
I told you to take the event,...
...but you covered the people.
Half is not clear.
You took it from an angle.
How can we use this?
We paid you for a job,
instead of doing what we want,...
...you did as you wished.
I told you not to
hire new photographers.
And a girl.....
Excuse me, sir.
My gender has nothing to do
with this pictures.
Do you know what the client said?
It seems my photos are bad.
It because I am a girl.
I'm fed up of this silly logic.
Relax, Rev.
Why are you so tense?
I do not know why
I get such silly assignments.
I want to make it interesting,
but they are not allowing me.
Babe, this is purely business.
We must do what
our pay masters say.
But listen, you will get the
interesting project that you want.
Patience, okay?
I bet he's saying I'm a bad driver
because I'm a woman.
As if all men drive well
and all women are bad drivers.
Why are you so tensed?
Just calm down.
Will you understand me?
Most importantly,
will you support me?
Definitely, baby.
I have not seen anyone
so intense and passionate before.
I must thank my parents
for everything...
...for not restricting me.
They allowed me to explore,
wander, try different things.
I like to write and sketch.
I used to go
bird watching with dad.
I did whatever I liked.
Whatever I fancied.
After trying everything, I realised
that photography was my calling.
Actually no.
Before that.....
Don't laugh, okay? Promise?
I can't promise.
Tell me first.
I wanted to be an actress,
that was my ambition.
I can't even imagine
seeing you as an actress.
Why are you surprised?
Aren't I pretty?
That's not it.
I can't imagine you as an actress.
That is why I laughed.
I like to imagine
how people's life would be,...
...what they would be thinking.
To be an actress,...
...getting absorbed
into the character,...
...to live as the character
is very interesting.
I've been watching you,
you're always so serious.
Rajeev, I can't believe
that you're like this.
What so funny with this?
Besides laughing,
you even shared with others.
Why are you taking it seriously?
It is just for fun.
Okay, I don't understand
your fun.
If this is fun, I don't know
what to think about you.
Nice pictures.
Thank you so much.
Your pictures turned out well.
Thank you.
Hi, Revathi!
Gautham, I can't believe
you made it.
You said you're not in town.
Your first exhibition.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
We studied together.
You didn't study.
Rajeev, this is Gautham,
my college mate.
This is Rajeev, my boyfriend.
Rajeev, Gautham
is a photographer too.
I'll show him around. Come.
Yeah, sure.
Thanks so much for coming.
See you, Revathi.
Thank you for coming.
Very nice, congratulations.
Thank you so much.
Rajeev, where were you?
How was the exhibition?
Great. How long must I wait?
Okay, leave it.
Let's go.
Why is your face like that?
I hate Gautham.
I'm seeing you jealous
for the first time.
Rev, I'm very serious, okay?
Rajeev, I'm very happy because
the exhibition was a success.
Don't spoil it.
What are you thinking?
One good news.
What is it?
Gautham called.
A project has been approved
by National Geography.
Two photographers
will be going to Kerala.
We'll be covering that area.
Gautham and I are going to Kerala.
What? You and Gautham
going to Kerala?
What the hell is this, Revathi?
One popcorn.
Rs100, right?
Rajeev, I know you won't be happy.
But you should be happy.
You're yelling for nothing.
How can you suspect me this way?
Look, I don't like it, period!
It's too bad.
If you trust me,...
...you should allow me to decide
with whom I should work...
...and talk to.
Look, I trust you.
But this is not right.
Rajeev, I can't fake it
like you want me to.
I can't be a fake.
Hey, Rajeev.
Hi, baby.
This or that?
This one.
I missed you so much.
Me too.
You'll have fun with Gautham.....
Must you say that now?
How would I know?
You must tell me.
Seriously, Rajeev. So annoying.
What is your problem?
Why this insecurity?
I am with you right now.
I did not run with anyone.
Or I was alone.....
No, you didn't think
that way, right?
I didn't think that way.
Then shut up.
Please don't be possessive.
I don't like this character
of yours.
Okay, I'm really sorry.
Don't be angry.
I'm not lying.
You are very pretty.
That's my fear.
You're good at this.
No, not now.
Revs, you know I love you?
I know.
Then why?
I'm very hungry.
Let's go out and eat.
Hungry? Now?
Let's go.
Will you eat all the time?
Won't you eat?
You need not pay all the time.
Revs, is this an issue?
So what if I pay?
Brother, one egg dosa.
I'm saying you need not
pay all the time.
What does that make me?
Brother, one egg dosa
for me too.
Nice omelet.
Rajeev is calling.
I know, I need to finish this.
You're gone then.
Keep quiet.
No! Take this here.
I'll call you
once I'm done with work, okay?
How is this?
I'm not in the mood.
Hi, Revathi.
It's raining cats and dogs.
Hello! Dad just arrived.
Can I call you later?
I really love Rajeev.
But he expects me to spend time
with him when I have no work.
I miss him too.
But I have my work too.
Besides him,
I have other activities.
I wonder
why he can't understand.
He only thinks about himself.
And he is very possessive.
Revathi, men are afraid
of strong and independent women.
They will feel vulnerable.
They won't know that
you can take care of yourself.
Their ego will get hurt.
Eventually he will understand.
Give him some time.
Hi, Revathi!
It's okay, I'll go on my own.
I need to focus on my work.
So, can't you focus
if I am there?
I need to talk to people. If
you're there, you will be alone.
I won't be able to concentrate.
Try to understand.
Revs, I did not see
you for 3 days.
I have work and meetings too.
Don't I spare time for you?
But you're making me beg you.
I didn't ask you to beg.
I have work, that's all.
We'll meet tomorrow.
Don't make this an issue,
please, okay?
Are you going
to stand here all night?
If you keep thinking,
the photographers will leave.
Is that okay?
No, I can't think straight.
When somebody you love doesn't
understand you much,...
...I only wanted one man
to fully understand me.
But he doesn't seem
to understand.
I wanted to ask you.
You have your exboyfriend's
photos on Facebook.
Won't you delete it?
Why should I?
Why should you keep them?
Any emotional values?
Emotional value?
Nothing like that.
Memories, that's all.
It's all in the past.
I don't like it. Delete it.
Don't start again, Rajeev.
I don't like wasting my energy...
...by fighting with you.
Then why fight?
Do something for me
at least once.
What nonsense!
I can't do this.
What is this?
Why give me such instruction?
You love to fight.
Are you mad?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with this dress?
It's nice.
If you dress
like a girl for once,..
...with a beautiful salwar and
some makeup, you'll look better.
Okay, sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry? What?
Don't I look like a woman
dressed like this?
I did not mean that.
You're all the same.
You are like other men.
I thought you
were different, Rajeev.
How can you say this?
I don't like it.
I only meant it as a joke.
Is this a joke?
Don't you know I'm like this?
Don't you know
how much I love you?
This is not love, Rajeev,
this is obsession.
You're trying to possess me.
Fine, let's go.
Things are not right,
I'm not coming anywhere.
I want to be alone.
I want to be alone.
Don't you know
you're over reacting?
There are many couples in town.
But not everyone fights like you.
Very good.
Then go to those girls.
Who is holding you back?
No, I.....
Just leave me alone.
Good, you started this topic.
I've been thinking too.
This won't work.
It is not working.
I want to breakup.
I like you, Rajeev,
you know that.
But I can't live like this.
And you know that you won't change.
No, Revs, wait.
Please, let's take some time.
No, Rajeev, I've been thinking
about this for some time.
When you started telling me whom
to talk and whom not to talk,...
...I felt this way.
But I couldn't let you go,
because I fell for you.
I didn't want to make
a hasty decision.
But I can't.
Revs, please, don't be hasty.
Listen to me.
I need my space.
It's suffocating.
I can't hurt you
and hurt myself.
This is it.
I've gone out with many people.
I've had flings too.
I was even engaged once.
But I didn't love anyone like you.
I feel like my world
has shattered, Revs.
I'm sorry, Rajeev.
Have you finished editing?
Yes, done.
Why are you dull?
Is it because of Rajeev?
Yes, I miss him a lot.
I keep looking at the phone.
I can't think
about anything else.
This is all I think about.
Do you regret it?
Definitely not,
this is the right decision.
There is an assignment in Kerala.
Do you want to go?
Give me some time.
I'll think and let you know.
Rajeev, your numbers are very low.
You come and go as you wish.
And your performance is very bad.
I didn't expect this from you.
That's it, right?
Your dream girl,...
...love of your life chapter?
Is this why you broke off...
...your engagement?
Why are you doing this?
I thought you'll console me.
But you're rubbing...
...salt on my wound?
Things were fine between us.
I don't know what happened.
It was too good to be true.
I was afraid I'll lose,...
...now I really missed her.
I was in a love daze.
But I didn't expect her
to break off with me.
Forget it, she is not
the right girl for you.
I don't get it, she dumped you.
Why are you still like this?
You won't understand.
She won't suit your family.
She's a wonder.
I missed her.
Why don't you write a book
on this relationship?
What are you saying?
A great writer once said.
If you want to forget a girl,
turn her into a book.
So, write.
Do I look like a clown to you?
I keep thinking about her...
...all the time.
I must go somewhere.
Goa, dude.
Goa? Great idea.
But I can't come.
Thanks, I want to go alone.
Mom, dad won't talk to me.
Revathi broke off with me.
I feel miserable.
I took leave.
I want to go to Goa.
Why are you telling me?
Why is he telling us these things?
Let him do whatever he wants.
I'm not bothered.
Tell him I won't go anywhere.
He need not stay back for me.
If we say this, he'll say that.
If we say that, he'll say this.
Looks like Revathi ditched him.
Is this why he rejected
his fiancee, Shreya?
Yes, I won't be around for 2 weeks.
Where is this yoga retreat?
Hello, okay, I'll take it up.
When do I need to go
to Alleppey?
Hi, excuse me. Can you tell me
where I can learn surfing?
Or whom should I contact?
Look at that girl.
Yeah, she's a freelancer.
Talk to her.
Okay, thanks a lot.
Excuse me, I heard
you're a surfing instructor.
Nice. I want to learn surfing.
How long are you here for?
As long as you want me to.
I mean, just to learn surfing.
Hi, I'm Athena.
Hi, Rajeev.
Where are you from?
I'm from Chennai.
My father is a Tamil.
My mom is a Goan.
I can't believe I'm seeing
a beautiful girl in Goa.....
I mean,
of course you are beautiful.
A half Tamilan who knows surfing.
No way! So weird.
Come like a wave,
it will never rest...
We are a source of wonder,
nothing that can stop us...
Like the sky,
if we rise,...
Won't the rain shower on us...
If you fight
and not give up...
Our heart will be spared...
I've crossed the love fence...
I'm looking
for a fresh new start...
I flew past love valley...
I looked for a new land...
Life is amazing...
My sky is getting drenched...
The river is getting
washed away...
I get lost every day...
Something seeps into my heart
very quickly...
I've crossed the love fence...
I'm looking
for a fresh new start...
I flew past love valley...
I looked for a new land...
Athena is a Greek name, right?
Goddess of Wisdom.
My boyfriend, Antonia,
likes to tease me.
It seems I am Athena.
So, I'm the Goddess of reasoning.
Don't laugh. I speak Tamil
only at times like this.
No, I'm surprised
you speak so well.
I studied in WCC.
Really? Cheers!
I feel so calm.
If I was in Chennai,...
...I would be fiddling
with my phone.
I can't put it away
for even 5 minutes.
If I am online, I'll be checking
FB every half an hour.
But here, there is
no work pressure at all.
So relaxing.
I can imagine.
I can't stay
in Chennai permanently.
I'll go crazy.
This sea, surfing and music,
they are my life.
Right, I wouldn't understand
if I had stayed in Chennai.
Fine, you look disturbed.
Do I look like that?
Actually I messed up.
My girlfriend left me.
At times, people don't know
how to be happy.
They'll want more and
lose everything they have.
Just like me.
Things have happened.
How long are you going
to think about it?
You have to move on.
I'm trying to forget her.
But I do know
that only she makes me happy.
Sometimes we won't
get what we want.
You must console yourself.
I know.
I'm recollecting
the moments I spent with her.
Okay, I've got to go.
Antonio will be waiting for me.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You don't even want to answer
my calls. How are you?
This is life.
I'm learning how to surf.
Suffering from.....
It's very therapeutic.
I just realised,...
...I was emotionally drained out
when I was with Revathi.
Okay, don't irritate me.
When are you coming back home?
I'm going to extend my trip.
I don't plan to come back.
It's relaxing here,
I'm myself here.
So, back to normal?
I'm better off here.
If I come there,
I will be haunted by her thoughts.
What? What does that mean?
Revathi's thoughts will haunt me.
You mean, haunted by her thoughts?
Okay, forget it,
I'll call you later.
Okay, dude, catch you soon.
Can we go out together?
No, I'm not feeling well.
Okay, bye!
Athena, what happened?
Rajeev, you misunderstood.
I told you,
I'm with my boyfriend.
And I am very much with him.
We give each other space.
Only when there is space,
love can grow and sustain.
And most importantly,
we trust each other.
Evan if I am close to you,
I know my limit.
When you talk to other boys,
your boyfriend won't mind?
Thank God he is not like that.
He is not insecure.
What if the girl
does not go back to him?
Then the girl
is not meant for him.
I do not look at his Facebook
or Instagram page...
...before going to sleep now.
When I eat spicy food,
I do not think about him.
Even we go to our regular spots,
I do not think of him.
Even though he supported me,
he pushed me down.
Even though he helped me,
he gave me problems.
I don't know if he made me
understand love...
...or make me hate love.
But he definitely played
a part in my growth.
A big thanks to him for that.
The good thing is that,
I don't feel a disaster...
...has happened
in my life anymore.
I take things as they come.
Whether something
happens or not,...
...I'm mature enough to accept
whatever that comes along.
I only have space and energy for
the things that are meant for me.
It's a huge change.
I have courage
to do anything now.
The courage to trust myself.
The courage to start all over.
The courage to seek new love.
I have a new vigour in me,
something new to me.
It feels good.
Thank you so much.
You are amazing.
Just like Antonio said,
you are a goddess.
Take care. Bye!
Keep in touch.
I'll miss you. Bye!
There was something
about Athena.
It's not love.
It's an experience
I won't forget in my life.
I learnt about life from Shreya,
Revathi and Athena.
I realise now that every
relationship should have...
...an individual space.
I also know...
...we must not force
our ideology on someone else.
I look at everything
as lessons in my life.
But one should
be open to learn from it.
No matter what happens,
I'm a much better person now.
I've grown emotionally
and spiritually.
Hi, Shreya. How are you?
I'm good. How are you?
I'm good.
Can we meet if you are free?
Sure, we can meet.
Okay, I'll tell you
when and where.
How are you, Shreya?
I'm good.
Things are better now.
Things that shouldn't
happen have happened.
I'm really sorry.
Lets not talk about the past.
How are you?
I'm great.
I just got back from Goa.
I wanted a break.
I deserved one. Now I feel great.
I feel really good.
Excuse me.
Hi! Can I call you shortly?
Okay, bye.
Was that your boyfriend?
By the way you say no,
I know it is.
But I'm happy
to see you like this.
I'm actually happy for you.
Do you like him?
I think so.
Have you told him?
No, I'll take my time.
I'm trying really hard
not to get hurt again.
I hurt you a lot, right?
I allowed you to hurt me.
Bye! Keep in touch, okay?
Sure, thanks for calling
and meeting up with me.
It was nice meeting you. Bye.
Feeling sad, dude.
Me too, dude.
I'll post this in Facebook.
Make sure you like it.
Why do you do this?
I don't know if I will miss
this office, but I'll miss you.
Put this as your status,
I'll like it. It's super.
Get lost!
Hey, at least say something.
One minute.
This is my exboyfriend.
He is good looking.
Yes, but it did not work out.
We broke up.
Come on, what are you doing?
Show me, I won't do anything.
Don't do that, please!
Without you,
I wouldn't have noticed...
...the beautiful
little things in life,...
...I would have focused
in my career like anyone else...
...without growing
spiritually and emotionally.
That's nice to hear.
I'm glad to be in touch
with you after a long gap.
I thought I had missed you.
There is no need for anyone
to miss their loved ones.
Right, it has been ages.
So, you missed me.
So directly?
Yes. What about you?
I'm in Sri Lanka
for an assignment.
I'll be here for some time,
at least for a month.
Sri Lanka?
Your life is always exciting.
By the way, you have not
answered my question.
I think our separation
was a blessing indeed.
To make your life exciting
is in your hands.
Are you still with HG?
No, I left the job.
But I'm not into fancy
adventure like I told you.
I mean, I am doing sales,
but in another company.
How can I let go of my career
which is successful?
As long as you enjoy the job
you are doing, it is fine.
Don't get me wrong, Rajeev.
Let's just chat for now.
I don't want anything serious.
Anyone in your life now?
Maybe or maybe now.
Why the secret?
I don't wish to be in any serious
relationship for now.
Now I can understand you.
It feels good to be
chatting with you now.
I'm happy I'm talking
to you again now.
Will you be upset if you do not
receive any messages...
...from me for 2 days?
Will you miss me?
If there are no messages,
I'll miss you.
But I won't be confused.
You could be busy
or may not have anything to say.
But I know
you'll be waiting for me.
I'm confident
that we'll stay in touch.
It's new coming from you.
I didn't expect this.
The old Rajeev
wouldn't have said this.
This is my living room.
This is the view
from my living room.
I'll show you someone.
Come here!
This is my friend, Natasha.
I'm staying in her house.
When will you return to Chennai?
In 3 weeks.
That's not very long.
I don't think you'll meet...
...someone like Dulquer Salmaan
within these 3 weeks.
Where did this come from?
Look, you have not changed.
You are the same Rajeev.
Can't that happen?
Fine, if it happens?
I'll miss an excellent girl...
...for the second time.
Rajeev, don't start again.
Can we not talk about love?
Come what may, Rajeev.
I hope you're not thinking
about me anymore.
Why do you think
I'll be thinking about you?
Shut up, I know you very well.
Someone said he has moved on.
I'm not sure.
To be frank, to say I do not
think about you at all is a lie.
I'm open about
meeting other girls.
I'm still meeting them.
Don't look for me in them.
How does she know?
She knows me so well.
Why do you think I would do so?
I know about you.
What are you doing here?
I'm going to Sri Lanka.
Revathi is there.
I want to surprise her.
What is it?
Aren't you taking your guitar?
Your love is over.
Right, but we're in touch again.
I think she's the one for me.
She's the flavour of the month.
I'm serious.
You're going to Sri Lanka.
Where are you going?
Bangkok? What for?
Office annual review meeting.
Bangkok for that?
And you're not happy.
I'm waiting an hour.
Won't you change?
Heard you get it in Sri Lanka too.
Really? Shall I call your wife?
Go to the Buddhist temples.
It will be great.
Don't tell my wife and fix me up.
Okay, bye.
It's time to talk
the truth, Rev.
You must speak your heart.
I know you still love me.
One, you might be hiding it.
Or you do not realise it.
We have moved on
from our past relationship.
Now you must say
what you want.
You're Revathi's
exboyfriend, right?
Yeah, Natasha?
Hi! Nice to meet you.
You do look handsome.
Do you know where Revathi is?
Even if I do, why must I tell you?
Because I love her sincerely.
I came to Sri Lanka because of her.
Do you know how tough
it was to find this place?
That's so scary.
I'm scared.
Scared? Why?
Both of you have phones.
You exchange messages.
Then what?
No, it's just a surprise.
You need to respect her privacy.
If she wants to see you,...
...she'll contact you.
She'll be fine once she see me.
I don't want to be part of it.
Please, Natasha.
Only you can do it.
She's at the bird sanctuary.
I don't why I'm telling you this.
I shouldn't tell you.
Anyway, good luck.
I wish you'll get her back.
Hi, Rajeev.
What a surprise!
Yes, I came to see you.
So good to see you.
How did you find this place?
It's late for me,
I've got to go.
My boyfriend
will be waiting for me.
Boyfriend? Are you
in a relationship already?
Even if I am not, what made you
think I'll come back to you?
That won't happen.
Take care, all the best.
Would you like to join me
for a cup of coffee?
Can we have coffee?
What for?
Nothing, I thought we could discuss
our country's economic policy.