Jumbo (2020) Movie Script

Jeanne, Sugarpuss!
It's 6 pm.
You didn't wake me!
Come on! Breakfast is ready!
inspired by a true story
Let's go, Sugarpuss!
Off you go! Safe and sound.
One for my little girl...
One for me, one for your Dad.
He helped, didn't he?
I didn't make you
with my vibrator!
Hey, Jeanette!
We can see your knickers!
Mum, don't call me that
in front of everybody.
You forgot your lunchbox.
Will you be okay?
Let's beat it.
Mummy... wait!
Oops, sorry!
I'm sorry.
- Don't look.
Don't panic, I didn't see a thing.
Who are you?
My name is Marc!
I'm the new operations manager.
What about you?
I didn't see you
at the team presentation.
I was ill... I couldn't make it.
But I have been briefed.
Everyone knows me here. I've been
coming since I was a child.
What's wrong?
Do I scare you?
You know, many people
believe that
women can't defend themselves...
that they are more fragile...
but I'm not one of them.
Excuse me, I want to leave.
Thank you.
Wait, you didn't give me your name!
That's the Move It, right?
It is new.
Yes, apparently
it makes everybody sick.
You want some?
4 euros, please.
- Thanks.
Don't shoot into the eyes,
don't hurt the eyes.
Your name is Jeanne, right?
Waiting for the bus?
I can give you a lift.
Come on!
You'll be waiting a long time.
Sorry, it's a bit of a mess in here.
So how was
your first day at the park?
Beep, beep, beep!
This is Jeanne's answering machine.
Please leave a message.
Hello Jeanne, it's me, Marc!
It's weird, I'm trying to talk
to you, but it doesn't work.
Are you there?
Jeanne! Hello!
Anybody home?
Hello, hello, Jeanne!
See, you know how to smile.
You're home early.
Who brought you home?
You got a new friend already?
- I'm tired, I'm off to bed.
Wait, tell me more!
You can't say I didn't try
to wake you this time.
No, nothing.
As long as you're not dead.
Come and have breakfast.
Who's there?
If it's a joke,
it's not funny.
No need to hide!
I got so scared.
This is stupid.
I've got a surprise...
I don't need a surprise.
Come out, I've seen you run past.
Hi! How are you?
What's this?
- What?
Why is Marc in our living room?
He's my boss, Mum!
You can't!
Wait. Your boss?
He's your boss?
Hush, Mum, it's not funny!
You can't do that,
you can't sleep with him.
You're crazy, he ain't for me!
He's for you!
What about these grapes?
What do I tell him?
What should I do?
Tell him "nice juicy grapes
but get lost!"
Should I help you get laid?
No, you won't do nothing.
- Okay, I'm off then. Bye!
No, no, stay!
We're glad to have you, really.
Aren't we?
You're not getting into her panties
tonight, but that's okay. Right?
Calm down, I'm joking.
He understood me!
She's... a bundle of fun.
You say that because
you don't know her.
I suppose that disco-ball
isn't the usual lighting.
Want to eat something?
Other than your grapes?
What's this?
Destination Happiness!
One day I will fly away from here.
Don't mind me, I'm just passing.
Ah, here it is!
Didn't I tell you the disco-ball
would do the trick?
Have you ever felt something
for an object?
What do you mean?
I don't know.
When you touch them, or so.
You might feel something.
Understand some things.
Things you might not
understand otherwise.
Or you might not know at all.
No, not really.
But this reminds me of a weird thing
my mother would tell me
before going to bed.
Don't make fun of me, right?
She would say...
"Inanimate objects, do you have
a soul, which sticks to our soul
and forces it to love?"
Something like that.
Inanimate objects,
do you have a soul...
which sticks...
to our soul...
and forces it to love?
Aren't they cool?
Very cool.
Did you make all this yourself?
I'm observing the rides
at the park...
and then... I don't know...
I leave it to my imagination.
They are only machines
on the outside, but...
if you watch closely
they change their shape.
And then they whisk you away.
Just like us.
More complicated than
one might think.
That's cool.
Thank you.
That one is Jumbo, but...
I haven't finished it yet.
You mean Move It, don't you?
- Yes.
It's the most beautiful one.
I'm really glad
the park installed it.
Have you ever thought
about the competition?
The competition?
Employee of the Year.
I believe you could win it,
if you wanted to.
The way you care about
the machines and all.
You and I are a bit similar.
We seem to share the same love
for these beasts.
It's the only place where you can
scream and nobody gives a shit.
Up there, you do what you want,
it's magical.
Should I add your name?
- Nothing.
I like you.
Inanimate objects,
do you have a soul
which sticks to our soul
and forces it to love.
Hey, you!
Do you mind if I call you Jumbo?
I like to name the newcomers.
And I don't think
"Move It" suits you.
She drives me nuts,
can't she leave me alone?
Sugarpuss, it's Mum.
I can't reach you,
call me back.
Help me, Mummy!
Anyone here?
It was you?
Wait! I don't understand!
What do you want me to do?
Jumbo, wait!
I have a proposition.
I ask the questions.
Red for...
And green for yes. Okay?
Would you do something for me?
Don't worry,
I'm not like my mother.
No bad surprises. I promise.
can you...
take me for a ride?
Good evening.
That's not a local accent.
Where are you from?
I don't even know myself,
you see, Mam'.
"Mam"? Is he serious?
You're no spring chicken,
but you're still the prettiest.
What are you having?
And with that,
blond or amber?
A redhead?
I'm joking.
Just coffee.
We are good together, aren't we?
What does that mean?
Would you mind if
I introduced you to someone?
I'd like to talk to you
about someone.
Someone different.
To tell me what.
It's about Marc, isn't it?
There's someone else?
You want me to show you or not?
- I'm here.
Are you okay?
- Yes, and you?
So? Where's the gorgeous stud?
Right here.
- Where "here"?
Oh no, not in there.
- Please Mum, I'm serious.
He's here.
Come, sit.
Did you love Dad?
Unfortunately, yes.
And did he love you?
He never loved us, you know.
Especially when he found out
that you...
Why all these questions?
No reason.
You know that I love you.
Come to Mummy.
His name is Jumbo, Mum.
Does he have big ears? Is that
why you were afraid to tell me?
You don't know how to...
- Mum!
It's not about sex...
it's something else.
how do I put it.
Where is this guy?
If there's one thing
I can't stand,
it's cowards!
Normally, I'm not allowed,
but if no one sees, no one knows!
I don't want to!
- Come on, Mum!
No, please, no!
I don't feel like it.
Trust me.
Go ahead, Jumbo!
Listen Jeanne, that's enough now!
I think it's for real
this time, Mum!
I don't get it. What am I doing here
and where's this guy?
No, Jeanne!
So, do you like it?
Oh God!
Isn't he good looking?
Mum, can you see
the way he moves?
Go ahead, Jumbo!
- I really think it's for real!
Show her, Jumbo! Faster!
Show her, Jumbo!
What the hell? Jeanne!
It's not funny! Stop!
Jeanne, stop this thing!
You're going the wrong way.
Shut up!
You're joking, right?
Can we talk?
Don't worry, she'll get over it,
she just needs time.
Cut it out.
It's Jeanne.
What are you doing?
Should I wait or not?
No, I took the early bus.
We were supposed to meet.
I'm sorry.
Alright then.
See you tomorrow.
- Yes.
And forces it to love.
It tingles.
So it's not aggressive in the slightest.
It's very simple and pleasant.
May I?
Sit next to you?
I thought you already left, sorry.
This is Hubert,
he got under my skin.
Your mum is quite something,
you know.
You hear that, Sugarpuss?
Sexy and nice,
you see that it exists.
Glad to have met you.
Don't worry Honey,
she's a bit shy around
people she doesn't know.
Doctors say it's normal,
that she's kind of special and all.
But "normal" is quite a big word
for my daughter!
Jeanne, where are you going?
I'll be back.
Come on, it's just a man.
He gives me orgasms,
they are good for you, you know.
Jeanne, I'm talking to you.
So what's your plan, Mum?
No idea, why don't you tell me
about your own plan instead.
Same as yours.
- Which means?
I also had one...
with Jumbo.
Had what?
An orgasm.
I love him, it's not the same.
- This beats everything.
Let me explain!
Hush now!
Let me go.
It's not my fault.
He just makes me happy.
That's all.
I didn't ask for this.
It just happened.
I just want you to understand,
to listen to me.
Okay, I'll try.
Go ahead, I'm listening,
what is it?
Go on, explain!
Are you excited by the vibrations?
What is it?
You grease his cogwheels
and off you get?
Does it slide in better
or what?
Why are you so mean?
There might be
a short circuit, you know.
If you really get wet,
you know he might
get rusty, right?
Do you know that?
You are just like Dad.
Get out of my house!
Get out!
Jeanne, get out,
I don't want to see you anymore!
I don't want to see you anymore!
Don't you dare come back
before you get that heap
of junk out of your head.
What's going on?
Hey! Are you okay?
What's going on?
I'm sorry.
Wait, damn it!
What's up? Are you avoiding me?
- I told you I was sorry.
We don't see
each other anymore.
Didn't I treat you decently?
I don't want to talk to you.
Tell me what's wrong.
Are you okay?
Did my mother send you?
She called you, didn't she?
Didn't she?
Not at all, just let me...
And for your information,
he does not get rusty!
Go ahead and tell my mother that!
Why do you keep going on
about your mother?
Where are you going?
- Add oil!
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
What do you want?
Come on! Move!
Don't touch me!
You okay, bro?
- Yes.
Jeanne, stop!
Right now!
What is she doing?
Get back!
Will, stop the ride!
I'm on it!
Jeanne, get off immediately!
Fine, you can have him back.
No need to lose your temper.
- Can we go again, please?
Get the other people off!
And people say I'm the one
who makes trouble.
Ok, everything's fine.
Sorry about this.
What's wrong with your daughter?
Is she ill?
She will be back, you know.
They always come back.
After my wife and daughter left me,
the little one finally came back.
All on her own.
Are you coming?
Why did you smash everything?
You crazy?
Why did you break everything?
Get off me!
- Does it hurt?
Does it hurt?
- Let me go!
You're batshit crazy!
Why did you do it?
What did he do to you?
Tell me what he did to you!
What did he do to you?
Calm down!
Calm down now!
Tell me what he did to you!
Nothing, Jeanne!
What could he possibly do to me?
That thing doesn't exist!
Yes Mum, it does.
It does!
No! It's not real!
I can help you get well,
if you let me.
We'll find a solution
together, I promise.
I'm here, I'm real!
I've spoken to some doctors,
they said they can help us.
Let me go, you're hurting me!
Hold this!
Isn't this real?
It's not the same, Jeanne!
Because it's not real?
Can't you feel it in your hands?
It's cold, it's warm,
it's hard, it's smooth.
It is everything you want it
to be, but it is real.
And it is good.
I have feelings I never felt
for nobody.
No one.
What is it
if it isn't love?
Huh, what is it?
He makes me feel things, Mum!
Like you want me to with boys.
Don't cry, Mummy.
Shut up,
I'm not in the mood.
Please, I don't feel like it.
Are you listening?
I want you out of my head.
And I want to listen to my radio
the way I want to...
if I may!
Stop it,
you're getting on my nerves!
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
Why don't you stop?
No, I don't care!
Say whatever you like,
I don't want you anymore.
Why don't you stop?
I am tired!
Do you hear me?
I want you to get out
of my head!
I want you to get out
of my head!
Shut up.
Anyone in here? Anybody?
Jeanne! What are you doing?
Quick, get in!
This will help.
I don't understand...
it was everywhere...
everywhere, I swear.
You're lucky I was still around.
I don't understand.
Is there any alcohol?
A bit.
Change your clothes,
you'll catch cold.
I'll go back out there tomorrow.
I couldn't see a thing
with all that rain.
You okay?
Are you sure
you don't want to turn around?
Is this okay?
You like it?
I don't want to marry you.
What did you say?
I don't want to marry you.
Maybe we can fuck one more time
before calling the priest anyway.
No, no, no...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
I'm here.
Answer me.
Answer me, please!
Come back, Jumbo!
Don't leave me alone with them.
Don't leave me alone with them.
Don't leave me.
I beg you.
Please don't leave me.
Don't abandon me.
Come on, Jumbo.
I love you.
I don't care about him.
I love you. I promise.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Are you having fun?
Are you making fun of me
or are you just sick in the head?
I'm not making fun of you.
It's a real good one!
Yeah... Jumbo this,
Jumbo that...
Jumbo, I love you!
Oh, I love you so, Jumbo!
That's right, isn't it?
So what was I supposed to do?
Should I accept you having
a delirious affair on the side
shagging that thing?
Go ahead, Jeanne,
Talk to me, because...
I'm not sure if
I understand all of it!
Talk, for fuck's sake!
We are friends,
isn't that a lot?
We are not friends!
Do you fuck with your friends?
There you go!
I'm not doing it on purpose.
That piece of crap is a dud anyway,
it's only costing us money.
Bloody hell!
You need to get help, poor thing,
you've completely lost it!
Maybe you guys
should open your eyes.
Who is it?
Jeanne, is it you?
I hate you.
I hate you so much.
You want to talk about it?
Good evening.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to our annual
end of season party.
Every year, we open the doors
to our modest surroundings
and make sure that entertainment
goes hand in hand with...
Safety! Yes, spot on!
Nice of you to applaud, but
I guess most of you
just want to head over
to the food.
And to the booze of course!
Right, Fabrice?
Your face gives you away.
Maybe you even started
before coming out here.
But we don't mind.
Then again, before
attacking the buffet,
it is my duty, of course
to announce a certain winner.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Without further ado,
please give a warm applause to...
Jeanne Tantois!
Our employee of the year!
Jeanne, please join me on stage!
Go ahead, clap your hands!
Encourage her!
She looks like a Christmas tree.
- Seriously.
Bravo, Jeanne.
I have the pleasure of handing you
the "Employee of the Year" diploma
and a check.
What are you doing?
Sorry, there's something
else I want to say.
As you know,
we've had a new attraction
over the last year.
The Move It.
Some attraction, you might say!
But what you don't know is that,
despite all our efforts,
all your efforts,
not enough of you have taken
advantage of our star.
So it's with great sadness
that I have to inform you
that as soon as it has been
packed up for winter,
the Move It will
definitely leave us.
For a new home.
But it's not my fault
if you prefer to stay
in front of the tv.
It's for your own good.
We had to.
Calm down!
It has been sold.
Calm down.
Why don't we just...
Are you going to open?
Destination Happiness
Marc, what are you doing here?
Is Jeanne home?
I told you to stay away.
Is she feeling better?
- Not yet.
They'll disassemble it
the day after tomorrow.
She'll soon understand that what
we did was for her own good.
If people knew what really happened,
I don't know how they would react.
But we agreed
they would not find out.
Why did you not just put
her in the loony bin?
Why could you not
just leave her alone for once?
And you? How dare you
come out here
after everything you did to her?
Get lost, please.
Leave it, it's nothing,
he's just trying to help.
Help? What do you care
whom she loves
if it makes her happy.
Sure, it's a bit weird
but then again,
it's her thing, isn't it?
And she doesn't
harm anybody, right?
There you have it!
Get lost!
Get lost, I said!
- Okay, okay! Calm down!
Why are you upset? You don't even
know what you're talking about.
Stop treating me like I'm an idiot!
What's next?
Are you going to lock her up?
Like that moron suggested?
I understand now why
everyone runs away from you.
Wait, is it my fault
that she's totally crazy?
Should I let her be
humiliated by everybody?
What good would that do?
A broken heart can be mended.
It's nothing.
- Is it?
Feeling like you
recovered from your ex?
I did.
What are you doing, Hubert?
Don't leave me, please!
I love you!
I'm not the one you should be
saying this to, Margarette.
Come to Mummy, Sugarpuss!
I'm going to see him.
You didn't even put on lipstick!
A wedding must be perfect, right?
Some people believe
in fairy tales, don't they?
You are beautiful.
One for you, one for me
and one for Hubert.
Here we go!
How will I know
if he says yes or no?
Well, wouldn't that be
the ultimate joke if he said "no"?
Mum, please.
I'll tell you when we're good.
Jeanne M. Tantois,
will you take Jumbo here present
as your husband?
Are you prepared to cherish him
and to be faithful
in good and in bad times,
in health and...
Are you okay?
- Go ahead.
In health and in sickness,
go on!
Are you prepared to cherish him
and to be faithful
in good and in bad times...
- ...in health and...
Mum, we're not done yet.
- No, I'm serious!
Hey, Jeannette!
Smile, you're on camera!
I'll take care of it.
Get lost, kids!
- Who's that guy? Another nutcase?
Didn't I tell you a thousand times
to stand straight.
But Mum...
- Jeanne!
Do you want him for better
or for worse
until death do you part?
I do!
You do realise that he cannot die?
will you take Jeanne as your
husband... as your wife, sorry
Jeanne Tantois, in good and
in bad days, in health and sickness,
until death do you part?
Stop it! I tell you to stop!
Do you?
Jeanne, for God's sake, he said yes!
- No Mum, wait!
Say yes!
Go on, Jumbo.
He said yes!
Thank you,
Holy Mother of God!
Fuck! What a jerk! Bastard!
Fuck, it hurts!
Let's catch him!
I love you!
Mum, run!
Mum! Run!
For my father,