June Again (2020) Movie Script

You look a bit chilly.
Can I throw my jacket over you?
Oh, very smooth.
Oh, I wish we could stay here.
Oh, I don't see why we can't.
Well, I guess we could.
I have a tent.
June and Danny, the campers.
A camping adventure.
I think we're winning.
Amazing what
a little touch up will do.
You like that view, don't you,
June? Oh, there you are!
Now, you won't forget about
those tiles upstairs, will you?
There you go.
Good as new.
What about that cup of tea?
Yes, that would be... Yes.
Would be what, Mom?
Would be those.
Yeah. Anyway, he does them
in about two seconds,
but God help you
if you throw them out.
He's going through a bit of a poo
and phallus period at the moment.
Anyway, I thought we could put them
up here somewhere. What do you think?
See you, Mom.
See you soon.
This will get you all going!
Daisy, Daisy
Give me your answer, do
I'm half crazy
- All for the love of you
- Come on, June.
It won't be
A stylish marriage
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet
Upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two
Go, Grandma!
Daisy, Daisy
Give me your answer, do...
Apple. Ball. Tree.
Apple. Ball. Tree.
Apple. Ball. Tree.
Yep. Now, hold on to those
'cause in a moment I'll ask you
to repeat them back to me.
Now, can you tell me
what this is?
Go on. Tell me.
That's alright.
Got something else.
Alright, June.
I want you to try to read this
and do what it says.
That's fine, June. You're doing
better than half my colleagues here.
Now, those three words
I asked you to remember.
Can you share 'em?
Oh, look at you two.
If only you'd spend this much
time with Lilly Hutton.
Might stop her from groping
the male staff members.
Oh, June, you're so sweet.
You're gonna put me
out of a job.
Where... What are the...
Doing another runner, are we?
4322, 4322.
Night, June.
Try again tomorrow, yeah?
Look at me.
You've got something
on the end of your nose.
- It looks beautiful, by the way.
- Don't be silly.
No, I mean it.
You always look beautiful.
I'm supposed to blush now, am I?
Yes, you are.
There you are, lovie.
I've been looking all over
for you.
Where the hell am I?
Looks like someone
had a bad sleep.
Why don't we get you back to
your room, get you all dressed?
Today is Fun Friday.
It's your favorite day.
Well, actually, Becca, we would
rather you just answered my question.
You remembered my name!
I read your name tag.
June, did you do this?
I'm in trouble now, am I?
Did I get one wrong?
It's a pen, isn't it?
Unless it's a trick question,
one of those silly ones
doctors always seem to have.
Now those three words again?
Apple. Ball. Tree.
Oh, marvelous.
Well, hardly.
Now that we have established
I'm not a toddler,
- I'd very much like to go home.
- Just a sec.
June, can you tell me
who's in this?
Go on, just tell me
what you see.
Well, aside from the old
lump in the middle,
um, that's Ginny, my daughter,
who runs the family business.
Her husband Kyle,
who's a venture capitalist.
God knows what he's on.
Their two boys, Casey and Lucas.
My son, Devon, who's studying architecture.
He's top of his school.
His wife, Tiffany,
who is a scream.
She's one of the Forsyth girls
from the property company.
Their boy, Piers. And that's their
lovely home, overlooking Hermit Bay.
Next to the Kobergs, who own
all the seafood restaurants.
June, believe it or not, until today
you couldn't tell me what this was.
It's called aphasia,
that difficulty finding
the right words.
It's not uncommon
with your type of dementia.
The fact that you could remember
your entire family
so thoroughly, it's a miracle.
I'm sorry.
My type of dementia?
That photo. Can you tell me
how long ago it was taken?
Two or three months,
I suppose. Why?
June, five years ago
you had a pretty hefty stroke,
followed by a series
of much smaller ones.
Unfortunately, the result
was vascular dementia.
Since then, more or less,
you've been living here with us
in this dementia wing.
Five years?
I'm having a bit of trouble
swallowing that one, doctor.
Yeah. I know it's a lot
for you to process...
And, as I said before, I would
very much like to go home.
I would like to see
my family now.
We're getting hold
of your children right now.
Thank you, Becca. You can reach
Ginny at the factory.
June, dementia isn't a disease
that'll just go away.
This lucidity you're
experiencing will be temporary.
A few hours if we're lucky.
And the slightest upset could take
you right back to where you started.
So, I know you're not
going to want to hear this,
but the best place for you to be
right now is right here with us.
We're not a bad bunch.
Fun Friday!
Oh, God.
Screw this.
- Oh, the, um...
- 4322.
Now ladies, that's $27,
thank you very much.
- Cheers. Need a receipt?
- No.
- Have a good day. See ya.
- Thanks.
Oh, hello.
Would you mind if we headed off?
I'm in a little bit of a hurry.
- We're not doing a runner here, are we?
- Yeah, we're hoping to, yes.
- June!
- Yeah, look, I don't know about this, uh, you know...
- I could lose my job and I've got kids, you know.
- I've got kids too.
Look where they put me.
Now please.
Please, come on. It's, it's like
a prison in there.
The decor alone.
Fuck it!
Tough luck, turkey!
So, what did they
have you in for?
A crime for which
I am completely innocent.
That'd be right!
- June!
- Come on.
- Okay, madam. Here we are.
- Thank you.
Oh, God. I'm embarrassed to say
I don't have any money.
No, no, it's all good.
It's on me.
- Us old ex-cons have got
to stick together, hey?
You're very kind.
- What's your name?
- I'm Russell. Russ.
June Wilton.
- Lovely to meet you, Russ.
- You too.
Who on earth are you?
Olive Wheatley.
Are you looking for Mom?
Oh, my...
Are you okay?
Uh, what did you say
your name was, pet?
- Olive.
- Olive.
Who knows
Debussy's First Arabesque.
You know it?
Enough to know
it's no easy piece to play.
Olive, could I trouble you
for a glass of water?
Just taking a little tour.
I think we
just made that crack bigger.
I wouldn't be surprised.
I don't really think
you should be in here.
Oh! Oh, you are a treasure.
I'm sorry, I should've told you.
I'm June Wilton.
I suppose you'd say
I'm your landlady.
My parents bought this house.
Thank you.
That's rather special, isn't it?
Oh, God, that has to be Akira.
Olive, do you think that
your lovely mother would mind
if I borrowed this,
just for an hour or two?
I think she probably would.
Well, the designer's
a close friend of mine.
You could tell your mother that I'll have
him send over something from his new range.
Uh... He packages everything
Your mother will love it,
I promise.
- I guess.
- Good girl.
Now, I must remove these rags.
Thank you.
- Olive, you're a gem.
- Are you going?
Oh, sorry, pet. Yes, I am.
I have to have a little word
with my kids.
Mom! Thank God!
Hello, pet.
You know who I am.
I sure do. You sold my house.
Oh, my God! They said
at the home you were like this!
I didn't believe it.
I don't know what to say.
Well, that's nothing new, is it?
Now I know it's definitely you.
Oh, my God, I missed you, Mom.
It must be quite a shock, is it?
I just had one of those myself,
as it happens.
You couldn't wait
till I was in the ground?
Oh, come on, Mom. Don't.
Where did you get those clothes?
Uh, actually, we should probably
get off their property.
Yeah, yeah. I can walk.
What happened to the Lexus?
Oh, I wanted something
more practical.
Where are we going, anyway?
Oh, I thought we could go back
to the home
and have a good catch up.
What do you think?
Don't be ridiculous. I'm not going
back there! I barely escaped.
Well, it's the safest place
for you to be right now.
It, it, it's what they said.
And you need your medication.
Ginny, are you not
listening to me?
- Mom.
- Just get in the car, Ginny. I want to visit Devon's office,
and you're going to drive me.
What's wrong?
Uh, I'm not sure where
Devon's working right now.
Give him a call.
He's kind of blocking my number
a bit at the moment.
- What?
- Uh, it's, it's just nothing.
It's just
brother and sister stuff.
Well, that's terrible.
You're family.
For goodness' sake!
Well, how long's
this been going on?
- Years?
- Months.
- How many?
- Thirty.
Give me your phone.
Who are you going to call?
Tiffany, darling, how are you?
- Is that June?
- It surely is.
Back from the brink.
How are you, darling?
I can't believe
it's you. You sound so good.
Tiff, I'm a box of birds, but I do
need to get hold of that son of mine.
- Is he at work, is he?
- Oh, June.
Um... Dev and I aren't
together anymore.
We divorced three years ago.
Um... yes, I'm here.
I'm, um... lost for words.
- I don't believe it.
- You've tried his mobile, have you?
I, I don't think he checks it
at work is the only thing.
Well, I, I expect he's busy
with his architecture.
Uh, where is he working,
do you know?
I think he's in the Riddiford
Building on Cowan Street.
- It's new.
- Cowan Street.
I must dash, darling, and I'll
try and give you a call later.
We'll have a proper catch-up,
I'd like that.
I don't believe it.
That boy!
- Cowan Street?
- Cowan Street.
Well, how's the factory
at least?
The factory is great, yeah.
It's going really well.
You're avoiding eye contact.
- I'm driving.
- -You know I've always been able to read you.
- How are the numbers?
- Oh, Mom.
Nah, we're not talking numbers.
- It's that bad, is it?
- No!
Mom! God!
Oh, for God's sake! Is there anything
that hasn't fallen apart in this family?
Oh, don't be so dramatic!
We're fine!
It's just you've come back
at, like, a tricky phase.
Well, I think I've come back
just in time.
To do what, exactly?
You let me worry about that.
Now, after Devon, I want you
to drive me to the factory.
- I'm not taking you to the factory.
- Ginny, if I want
to go to the factory, I'll go to
the bloody factory!
Yeah? Great.
Well, good luck with that.
I can't believe
we're fighting already.
You could say I can't believe how
quickly things got back to normal.
Two hands on the wheel.
Mom, what are you doing?
What? Stop. Wait.
I'm gonna find a park first.
This is fine, pet.
I'll see you when I'm done.
Oh, excuse me. You gentlemen
don't know which floor
the architecture firm's on,
do you?
- Three A3s.
- Yep.
- Fix your hat.
- Thank you.
Sorry, madam. Just two secs.
Just gonna send this bad boy
on his way.
- Mom!
- Hello, pet.
Well, say something.
I don't have long.
What's going on?
Are you... Are you okay?
I'm fine.
It's you I'm worried about.
My God! My God!
This is incredible! What...
The fact that you're even here.
You look amazing. Wha...
How did you even get here?
Has no-one been in touch?
I'm not allowed to have
my phone on at work.
My manager's a nightmare,
and I'm on my last warning, so.
Oh, Dev. I don't even know
where to begin with you.
- The fact that you sold my house.
- Oh, yeah.
Or the fact that you and Tiffany
are now divorced.
- Yeah.
- Or that I find you working, you know, what...
What is this, a photocopy shop?
We also scan and print.
What happened to architecture?
You were the top student.
I mean, you got your degree
at least?
Yep. Yeah, yeah. Pretty much.
Devon, you either have a degree
or you don't.
Oh, for God's sake.
- Listen, Mom, can we...
- No, no, no.
This divorce of yours.
Is it final?
Well, it's a divorce.
It's just a piece of paper.
Tiffany's the best thing
that ever happened to you.
Well, I'm living
with someone else now, so.
You didn't tell me that. Who?
Well, her name is Charelle.
- Charelle.
- Yeah.
It's like Rachelle,
just the other way around.
- Okay, this is ridiculous. Come on. We are going.
- Mom.
- I'm not having you working in a place like this.
- You think I'm just gonna
-walk out on my job?
- I do, yes. You're gonna tell your manager
she no longer
requires your services.
- And take this stupid hat off.
- Mom, stop it, please.
- Everything alright here?
- Yep.
- We're just browsing, thanks.
- Mom, stop it.
- Sorry, Steph.
- Oh, this is your mom,
- is it, Devon?
- Mm-hmm.
The one who can't
put two words together?
Yeah. Well, she couldn't.
- Before.
- Right. So, all those times
I let you off to visit
your basically dead mother
in a nursing home,
what was that?
Um, well, this is her,
but she's just
sort of come good.
Haven't you, Mom?
Please, can you tell her?
You told her
I was in a nursing home,
and that I couldn't put
two words together?
Really, Devon, that is
monumentally reprehensible.
And I mean that
most vociferously.
- Alright, Mom.
- Devon, we're gonna have to have another talk.
Yeah. Absolutely. Don't let me
disrupt your professional chitchat.
Devon, I trust
I'll see you... imminently.
Mom, come on.
- I s... I should go after her.
- Should you?
- Yep.
- Be my guest.
It's been a pleasure
working with you.
Alright. Great.
- I won't be a sec.
- No worries.
Can I help you there?
Oh, thank you, no. I'm fine.
Oh, thank God!
A face I recognize.
Oh, this is unreal.
I thought... Well, Ginny
told us things weren't great,
- but you look pretty good to me.
- Yes.
Uh, reports of my demise
have been greatly exaggerated.
Well, where is everybody?
Di and Tracey and Sven,
They're gone, I'm afraid, June.
Ah. Uh, Ange, there's a taxi
waiting outside.
Could you grab something
out of petty cash?
Were you after Ginny?
I, I don't think she's in today.
Oh... Looks like she's
not the only one.
Where's Di and Tracey and Sven?
June, they've left.
Oh! You're gonna have to be more
careful with the registration.
This isn't good enough.
It's been happening
for months now.
We've tried
a million formulations,
had the ink guys in
every other day.
What's going on over here?
Huh? Having a little tea party,
are we, ladies?
- And who are you?
- Well, I could ask you the same question.
I'm June Wilton.
Ginny's mom.
This is a wonderful surprise.
I'm Dave Spinner.
They let you out of the home,
did they?
You're the floor manager,
are you?
No, June, not the floor manager.
Now, I should ask you why
you ripped up one of our rolls.
Because this isn't one of our
rolls. This isn't our paper.
Uh, yes, it's what
we've always used.
- It's Grand Milano.
- If this is Grand Milano
that's your natural hair color.
June, would you mind
continuing this conversation
- in my office, please?
- Oh, what a good idea.
Where's Ginny's office?
Well, we found where Ginny
really shines
is out on the floor.
Ah, Lolly?
Grab a seat.
So, tell me. How are we doing?
Oh, well,
if I can be honest, June,
things have kind of dipped off
over the last couple of years.
Well, maybe you need
to give the stockists
a bit more of a push.
How much are Goodby's
taking on these days?
We don't deal
with Goodby's anymore.
What? What happened?
Tom Gould's a prick,
that's what happened.
Well, there are ways
of dealing with pricks.
Now, I'm sure Ginny
didn't hire you to burn bridges
with our biggest
and oldest stockists.
Well, actually,
Ginny didn't hire me.
Her husband brought me in.
I, I don't even think Ginny
knows how to hire someone.
I beg your pardon?
Look, when I came
into this place,
it was an absolute
fucking disaster,
pardon my French.
I'm the one
who took over the books.
And I don't know how you kept this
place going as long as you did.
We kept it going because we always
put quality before everything else.
This is not Grand fucking
Milano, pardon my Italian.
This is the cheap crap
from Indonesia
they kept trying to push on me.
Now, I know my paper, boyo,
and if I find that you are
continuing to pass this off
for the paper we made a name for
I will have you gone
before you can blink.
Okay, June.
But before I start quaking
in my boots
you should probably know
that all that control
that you seem to think that
you have over this company
you don't.
Your kids took it away.
From a legal perspective
you've got about as much say
as that old fella that comes
around here at lunchtime
flogging falafels.
You really are incredible.
Who the hell is this David twit?
No. No, Mom, no.
I am not going to let you
spoil this time we have.
Well, I'm sorry, pet,
but there are things
- we need to talk about.
- No, there aren't.
Can't you just act like a normal
mother for five minutes?
I have really fucking
missed you, you know.
Come on, aren't you hungry?
Can't we just go back
to my place
and have something
to eat or something?
That'd be lovely.
Listen, um, the house is like...
It's a bit messy at the moment
- 'cause obviously I wasn't expecting you.
- Don't be silly.
- Do you think I care
about that sort of thing?
Oh, sorry about these.
They're Kyle's.
He's in between offices.
Ah, I know, sorry.
We've both been so busy lately.
No, it's not that, it's...
It's the wallpaper. Where is it?
It's gone from here,
it's gone from the hallway.
Yeah, I know, uh, Kyle finally
put his foot down.
Oh, you should've put yours
down harder.
Preferably on top of his.
You let people walk
all over you.
That's my dining table.
Oh, yeah, I know.
The kids did that
when they were little.
It's terrible, isn't it?
They were punished severely.
Where's my dresser?
What dresser?
You know the one. In my bedroom.
No, I don't know. Um,
maybe Dev might've taken it?
Well, could you find out? Now?
Yeah, okay, I'll make a call.
Piers is getting hold
of Dev now.
- Are you okay?
- Yep.
- Are you alright?
- Mm-hmm.
Um, guess what?
Piers is going to come over now.
- Oh.
- He's so excited to see you.
He just can't believe it.
You know he's 15 now.
Are you going to offer me one?
Uh, I don't think that
would be a good idea, do you?
Don't you now?
It's not chardonnay.
I don't know why you insist
on not drinking chardonnay.
So what's going on
between you and Devon?
- Oh, look, it's nothing, really.
- Come on, Ginny, spill it.
You know I'll find out
one way or another.
Yeah. Well, that's true.
But you have to promise not to bring
this up with anyone, especially not Kyle.
Of course not.
Kyle had access to some money
that Dev was looking after
and he borrowed it for this
mining venture he got wind of
because they needed
some quick capital.
Twenty four hours later
we would put it all back
and no one
would be the wiser, but...
Pft... It just all went to poo,
didn't it?
Ginny, that is awful.
And you cannot mention
the mining part to Dev.
You know what he's like
about the environment.
We told him it was a wind farm.
This is lovely, pet.
Oh, it's nothing fancy.
No, I meant sitting out here
with you.
Oh, I know. Isn't it amazing?
I'm just still buzzing
that I can have
a conversation with you.
However long it may last.
We're not going to talk
about that.
- Pet, this factory situation.
- Please, no, Mom.
No, it's all about maintaining
our point of difference.
- Hand-printing has always been the thing that we do.
- Mom.
You don't have to worry
about this stuff anymore.
Oh, don't be silly.
I'm happy to help.
Anyway, it's fine
because I've been putting
a plan together.
A plan? What do you mean?
You're eating off it.
That's Botanica.
Yeah. What do you think?
It's just a sample, but it would
work with so many of your patterns.
We could do mats, table napkins,
crockery, all hand-printed.
I've costed it up. It's really reasonable.
Remember our guy Len in China?
- Our Chinaman? Of course.
- Mom, you can't say that anymore.
- But he's been amazing.
- Ginny, no. No, no, no.
Wallpaper, pet, we make
wallpaper. Not plates.
This is why businesses slow
down, because you lose focus.
- That's not the reason.
- But look at you, wanting to change everything.
You're as bad as your brother. Neither
of you knows how to stick at one thing.
Have you finished?
With which,
my lunch or my point?
Ginny, I'm really sorry.
You're so right.
We should just make the most
of this time that we've got.
Yeah. I'm so sorry too, Mom.
This must be so strange for you.
You know what I'd really love?
Just for us all to be together.
You know, I was thinking,
if it's not too much trouble,
we might have an impromptu
get-together here later.
Yeah, that's a nice idea.
Ah, that'll be Piers.
- Hello? Aunt Ginny?
- He-hey!
Oh, my goodness!
Hello, Grandma.
- What's with the limp?
- Just bit of a bike accident.
Oh, you poor thing.
You know who I am?
Well, of course I do.
Last time I saw you I could rest
my drink on your head.
Did you have any luck
finding my dresser?
Not yet.
Dad's going to have a look.
- You know, Piers comes to see you all the time, Mom.
- Do you?
I made a documentary about you
for film studies last year.
Oh, isn't that lovely?
Yeah, it's on YouTube.
Want to see it?
Well, actually,
that would be terrific.
Perhaps we could watch it while
you aunty goes and gets
my medication from that place.
Oh, shit, yes, good point.
I will do that, yes.
I do worry about your memory
sometimes, pet.
This is June Wilton,
my grandmother.
She's the most
inspirational person I know.
But, sadly, she doesn't know
she's my grandmother.
Hi, Grandma. Say hello.
Do you know who I am?
I am... And all those things.
- What things, Grandma?
- All my things.
And... that we were.
The way we were, like that.
I was...
Wow, well done, Piers,
that is very professional.
Right, we have work to do.
Ha-ha, rather you than me.
But, Penny, truly,
thank you, for this.
Oh, I know he will.
Yep, okay. Bye-bye. Bye.
Take me in your arms
Thrill me
With all of your charms
And I'll take to the sky
On a natural high
Loving you more
Till the day I die...
I like this. What is it?
You don't know this one?
Oh, Charlie Horse.
This is one of my favorites.
We're home.
Yeah, okay, gorgeous.
I'll see you soon.
- See who soon, Mom?
- Oh, you're back.
What's going on in there?
I thought we were having
a nice family get-together.
And we are. I just thought we could
kick it off with a nice family meeting.
Boys, I asked you
to get changed.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, God. What mischief
do we have here?
Come on, boys. Say hello
to Grandma Junie.
- Boys!
- Hi.
Screens down, come on.
Give her a nice, warm hug.
Big hug.
Hello. Hello.
Hey, gang.
Your mom's here.
- Hello, Kyle.
- Hey.
- What's going on?
- Uh, Mom's having, like, a break from her dementia.
- Okay.
- Right. Well, we may as well get started
as Devon hopefully
will be here soon.
Uh, Kyle and Ginny, if you
wouldn't mind taking a seat.
Piers, you might as well
stick around.
Oh, that should be Devon.
Come on in, pet. Grab a seat.
Mom, could you please tell us
what this is all about?
Well, I guess you might call it
an intervention.
Uh, this... Right.
This is not really
how an intervention works.
Yeah. You've kind of got the numbers
around the wrong way here, June.
Well, this is my take on it,
then, isn't it?
You really are unbelievable.
Look, I'm sorry
that I have to do this,
but my time is short,
as you know.
I don't know what
has happened to this family.
Everything was going so well.
Ginny with the factory.
Kyle with all the big deals
that you were doing.
Devon with your architecture
and your beautiful wife
and the big house
that her parents bought you.
You were so happy.
And I come back and...
I find this.
Everything's fallen apart.
Now there are some bridges that
need mending in this family.
Kyle, Ginny, Devon, I think
it's time that the three of you
-just moved on past this whole mining company thing, don't you?
- Mom!
You've got to be kidding me!
Yeah, it was
a mining company. Right.
Come on! I just wanna
see you all say sorry
- and have a big hug.
- Yeah.
Mom, I, I, I reckon
you've done enough
irreparable damage for one day.
- Devon, how can you see...
- No, Mom, no more.
You know I pretty much lost
my job today because of you.
Pretty much? You either lost it
or you didn't.
- Everything is so black and white with you, isn't it?
- Oh, you know what?
I wouldn't be terribly
disappointed if you did.
It was a ridiculous job for you.
- Thank you.
- Anyway, as luck would have it
I happened to be talking
to a friend today
whose sister owns
a drafting company.
I told her about you, and she'd
be very interested in meeting.
Now, it wouldn't be
architecture per se,
but I'm sure if you stick at it,
you could work your way up.
Mm, yeah, you don't just work your
way up into architecture, Mom.
Well, you certainly won't
with that attitude.
Who's that?
Who else is coming?
Oh, my God!
You know I only came
because it's you, don't you?
And you're absolutely sure
everyone's okay with this?
Pet, you are part of the family.
It's very quiet.
Hello, everyone.
Tiff! So good to see you.
Let me take that.
Stop this.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Devon, where are you going?
Devon, stop, please.
Why did you have to come back?
I was just getting
my shit together.
Oh, Dev, you had
your shit together.
All you had to do
was keep going.
You were top of your course,
for Christ's sake.
I was top of one class
for one semester. That's it.
You never told me that.
I made one comment
about a building
and suddenly I'm enrolled
in architecture school.
I just gave you
some encouragement.
Encouragement, yes,
like how you encouraged me
to marry Tiff.
You want to know
about your dresser?
I sold it.
On eBay.
And I got 50 bucks for it.
And that is the address.
And there's your $50.
I was going to offer to go up
and get it back for you, but
I don't feel like it anymore.
And, besides,
it's miles out of town anyway.
Well, at least let me give you
the phone number
for the drafting company.
Oh, Piers, I'm glad you're here.
Hey, Dad, wait up.
You just never stopped working
all our lives, did you?
I suppose you must've thought
I never had a life.
You know this is really a job
for two people, don't you?
It is.
I'll get my apron.
Do you think I went too far
tonight too?
Maybe a touch.
It's Devon
I'm most worried about.
Oh, he'll be fine.
He's just had a rough time
the last few years.
Mom, there's something that
happened just after your stroke.
An accident.
This hasn't got something to do
with Piers' limp, has it?
Do you remember the driveway
that they had?
Well, Piers was sitting in it
just behind
that big stupid
four-wheel drive they had,
fixing his bike
with his headphones in.
- And Devon got in in his usual rush...
- Oh, stop.
God, it was horrible, Mom.
He nearly lost his leg.
I don't think Devon's
ever really recovered.
You know what he's like
dealing with stuff.
That explains so much.
I feel like such a fool.
Maybe we should wrap up now.
No, we're not finished.
I thought this was just for fun.
No, my dear, this is for you.
Oh, what?
Mom, we don't...
I don't need wallpaper.
You most certainly do.
It's for the living room. I thought
if you reupholstered those couches
in a sort of dark blue-grey
to match
and get some bright cushions
to lift it a bit.
Actually, I have a thought.
What if we layer this
over the top instead?
Damascus? That won't work.
Yeah, it's a bit unusual, but...
They're both too intricate.
They'll fight.
Not if I knock it back a bit.
Let me show you.
You can't mix
such similar patterns.
- Why not?
- You just can't!
- It's one of those things.
- You and your rules!
Can you just let me
prove you wrong?
- I guarantee...
- Ginny, no!
Can we just stick to the plan
for once in your life?
God, no wonder...
What, orders would've been
flying out the door
if you'd been here?
No, I didn't say that.
You know what I've enjoyed most
about the last five years?
Not being reminded
every single day
of what a fucking
disappointment I am to you.
Come on, Mom. We need
to wash down the screens.
Pet, those plates of yours...
You gonna stay in there
all night?
Hi, Grandma. Say hello.
Do you know who I am?
I am... And all those things.
- What things, Grandma?
- All my things.
The way we were, like that.
Where are you?
Oh, God.
Don't touch it.
It'll start dripping.
Mmm. Isn't this an adventure?
God, I wish you were mine.
I know, Charlie Horse.
- This is Tom.
- Hello, Tom Gould.
I bet you never thought
you'd hear my voice again.
Bye, boys.
Bye, Grandma.
Tell your mother I'm sorry
when you see her, will you?
Or you could just text her,
I suppose.
Be good.
- Hey, boys.
- Thanks, Piers, you're a lifesaver.
It's no problem, aunt Ginny.
You boys ready to go?
Let's do it.
Don't pull it so hard.
- I'm not.
- You are.
There you go.
- What does it say?
- Oh, you can't read?
"Dearest Ginny, it's taken me
a long time to learn"
what you two both seem
to have always known,
that I'm a silly fool.
I see now that the best way
I can help you
is to simply
get out of your way.
So, that's what I'm doing.
I've gone
to get my dresser back.
I will not be
any further nuisance.
"P.S. I'm borrowing your car."
You know, this place
looks good on you.
Oh, thank you.
Must be all this fresh air.
It's very slimming.
I was thinking we should look
into getting a place up here
one of these days.
Don't you think?
Have you noticed
that you go quiet
whenever we talk about
the future?
Do I?
What the hell is it
about this dresser?
I mean, do you know?
- God, she's a pain in the ass.
- Yeah, welcome to my world.
Oh, you drive around looking
for Mom all the time, do you?
I do spend a lot of time
with her.
Okay. So we're going there.
I'm not having a go,
I'm just saying.
Yeah, I'm not having a go,
I'm just having a go.
Look, we all know that you
take the, the more showy,
high-visibility responsibilities
with Mom, alright?
And, like, you do all the invisible
behind-the-scenes work, do you?
- Yes, I do. As, as a matter of fact, yes.
- Oh, yeah? Like what?
Like the
power-of-attorney stuff.
- I helped with that too!
- No, that's true, isn't it?
I do remember you and Kyle
being very helpful
-sorting out Mom's finances, yeah.
- Huh.
You know, we've almost
put all that money back now.
It just about ruined us.
Well, aren't you two saints?
Holy shit, that's Mom.
Are you sure?
Yes. What the hell's she doing?
Are you okay?
What happened to your feet?
Where's the car?
We need to get her
back to the home.
I really didn't want you
to have to come out here
looking for me.
No, course you didn't, Mom.
Devon, Ginny told me
about what happened.
With the accident.
I can't stop thinking about it.
It's just terrible.
Will you talk to me about it?
I'm sure it's not as bad
as it looks.
- Kyle's gonna have another breakdown.
- -Oh, shut up, Dev!
Mom, you have dementia.
You shouldn't be anywhere
near a car.
- You could've killed someone.
- Well, I didn't.
As far as you know.
And all for a dresser.
Mom, do you reckon
you could drive slowly forward
while we try and push it out?
Okay, Mom, whenever you're
ready, just nice and slow, okay?
- Roger that.
- Okay.
Stop! Stop! Fuck!
I didn't do that, did I?
Well, as fun as this
family outing's been
I need to get back to the city.
- My dresser...
- Mom, please, what is it about the dresser?
Look, it's just not especially
easy for me to talk about.
I'm done.
The... the dresser was made
for me by a man who I...
Was seeing when you were kids.
I made a rather
terrible mistake.
A mistake? That's perfectly
understandable, Mom.
Given everything that Dad
was getting up to.
Thank you, but...
that wasn't the mistake.
Ending it was the mistake.
Devon, I don't know if you knew
this about your father too,
- but...
- He was gay, Mom.
Of course, I knew. I may be
an idiot, but I'm not an idiot.
Who was he, Mom?
Well, it was all very strange.
Your father used to say
I should go out and find someone
just, just to ease the guilt over
all his escapades, I suppose.
But I wasn't interested
in the least.
But this just happened.
He was the last person
you'd expect,
he was a big bear of a man.
Uh, and...
The dresser was something
he made for me.
Built entirely by hand.
His way of expressing his
feelings for me, I suppose.
He was a very
uncomplicated man, and...
it was the one piece
of him that I kept.
I don't know about you, Dev,
but I think we need
to get this dresser, don't you?
Like I said,
I've got to get back.
But we are all the way out here, and
I haven't had a ride, so why not?
Who's the saint now?
Hi. Hi, hi.
How are you?
- Mom.
- Mm?
- Can I have a word?
- Sure.
- So, I just...
- How's Tom?
Please, don't cut me off.
Tom's good.
- Good.
- Mom, how dare you take my stuff? And...
- Tom Gould?
- Ginny, I only did it
because I have a relationship
with Tom that you don't.
We go back a long way.
And I thought maybe
you never would.
Darling, the plates
are wonderful.
You were right. This could be
what gets us back on top.
Do you know how hard I've worked
on this? It's so you.
Just come along just before I'm
done and take it away from me.
No one is taking anything
away from you.
Ginny, that studio of yours
is one of the most
beautiful things I've ever seen.
But you cannot hide away
in there.
You think I'm hiding?
They're not ready.
We're not ready to go into production.
I'll never have them done in time!
- You're going into production?
- He wants 10,000 of the damn things!
Oh, darling, that's wonderful.
Oh, Ginny.
Yes, it's wonderful, Mom,
but I turned him down.
You what?
- He wouldn't meet my price.
- Oh, Ginny, God,
Tom Gould doesn't meet on price.
Tom Gould
doesn't meet on anything.
The man's a bulldog.
Oh, God, that's it,
that's that then, isn't it?
Well, you're the one who's always
telling me to stand up for myself.
Yes. I know.
So you should, ordinarily.
Look, it's up to you now.
It's your show.
I'm just the one
cheering from the sidelines.
Oh, is that what that noise is?
No sign of life.
Oh, there it is!
- Oh!
- Oh, God!
What are you doing?
This is breaking and entering.
Oh, God. Help me.
Oh, Devon!
The back door was open.
Country people.
They're not gonna miss it.
They're not even using it.
- What do you reckon? Yeah.
- It's stealing!
- It's my dresser, pet.
- We sold it.
- Shut up and help move it.
- Come on.
Feels good, doesn't it?
Okay, we should go.
- Come on, let's go!
- Just hang on. I've just got to check the windows.
Back in a sec.
You guys
have got to come and see this.
- For God's sake! Devon!
- Just...
Come on!
Okay, Dev, yep, it's our paper.
We do sell the occasional roll.
These are my books.
And that's my coffee table.
What is going on?
We're in his house.
I named this wallpaper
after him.
Charlie Horse.
It's what I used to call him.
How did he even get my stuff?
- We had a garage sale.
- Had a bit of a garage sale.
Take me in your arms
Thrill me
With all of your charms
Oh, my God.
You used to play this
all the time.
Now you know why.
Oh, my God, I have never seen
you look so happy.
Where do you think he is?
Oh, God, we should go.
- You don't want to see him?
- Absolutely not.
Well... of course I do, but...
I don't know that I want him
seeing me.
- Oh, Mom.
- Look at me.
Something tells me
he will take you as you are.
Hey, it's still warm.
- That's not him, is it?
- No.
God, I hope not.
- Hello.
- Hey!
Excuse me! Excuse me.
- Hello!
- Hi!
Hi! Oh, I'm looking for Daniel.
I don't suppose you know
where he is, do you?
Um, he's a bit
of an old flame of mine.
Oh. Well, you've probably just missed him.
He'll be working today.
- Do you know where?
- In, in the city somewhere.
Um, he catches a bus there
to go into town.
He'll be probably catching, uh,
- the 11.30, I'd say.
- That's ten minutes.
If you'd left a few minutes ago,
you'd probably just catch him.
Come on.
Dev, come on!
Shut up! I'm trying.
Okay, my phone says 12 minutes.
- We've got seven.
- Yeah, well, your phone
hasn't met Devon Wilton.
- Which way? Come on.
- Um...
- Come on, come on!
- Wait, wait, wait, wait!
- Left.
- Left.
- Most likely.
- Oh!
- I think it's the left.
- Alright.
- I think it's just up here. See where that ute is coming out?
- Yep.
Mom, did you hear me?
Did you hear me, Mom?
Uh, I missed that. Sorry, pet.
- Time check.
- Uh, three minutes.
- Yoo-hoo! You alright?
- Yeah, I'm alright.
- I just... I just got
a bit distracted.
Come on, Mom.
Stop! Stop!
Stop the fucking bus!
- Huh, okay, come on.
- You are a lunatic.
Look, sorry, mate.
It's just two minutes.
We're trying to find someone.
It's a bit of an emergency.
You're alright.
Thank you.
You after a seat?
Thank you.
He wasn't there?
I think I'd like to go home
now, please.
Oh, Mom.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
No, that's alright.
I wouldn't have known
what to say to him.
So, Mom,
I was just think... well,
Charelle and I were just
thinking that maybe after this
you might like to come over
to our house
for some food or whatever?
Ginny and Kyle too,
if they want.
- That would be lovely, Dev.
- Thanks.
Can you see what this is? It's been
buzzing against me ever since we got in.
Oh, oh, that's mine.
- Oh.
- Hello?
Oh, Tom, hi.
Oh, yes, sorry about that.
Uh, June was on the phone.
Oh, okay. Yeah, sure.
Thanks. You too, Tom. Bye.
He met my price!
Oh, pet!
Oh, you! Aww!
- Nice.
- Wow.
- He met my price!
- Yeah, we heard.
Tom Gould, suck it!
I need to do a wee. Can we stop?
Oh, I don't know. You.
I do worry about you.
Well, don't, 'cause I'm fine.
Mom, seriously, I haven't been
this good in a long time.
You should meet Charelle.
She's amazing.
- Dev, this accident...
- Mom, leave it alone.
Well, I can't.
We should go.
- I've got to get back.
- Devon. Please.
If you don't wanna
talk about it, fine.
But at least
let me give you a hug.
- Oh, God.
- Who taught you to hug?
You did.
Alright, we done?
- Oh, pet, this isn't a hug.
- Alright, are we done now, please?
This is ridiculous.
- Come on.
- Let the fuck go, please.
Oh, darling.
Oh, darling. Dev.
I'm so sorry.
- I didn't even see him.
- I know.
- I didn't see him.
- I know.
I didn't see him.
- Just chop them.
- Well, tell Picasso
to hurry up and finish painting.
You made it.
Lovely place.
Stop it. Come here.
Come and meet Charelle.
So, Mom, Charelle.
Oh, June, it is so lovely
to finally meet you.
And you.
- And my sister Ginny, of course. Charelle.
- Hello.
- Oh, hello.
- Hi.
So grumpy.
What's the matter with you two?
Mom took our iPads away.
Oh, there you are.
Mom, I got you a chardonnay.
- Oh, I'll just pop to the bathroom.
- Okay.
Thanks, mate.
How's things?
Um, what's that?
- Just wondering how things are.
- Oh. Yeah, you know.
- You?
- Yeah, no. Things are...
Definitely very good.
That's good.
- Just one sec, mate.
- Yeah.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hey, have you got a second?
- Yeah.
Come here.
Stop it! No!
No, no, no, this way.
- Hey, where'd your mom go?
- -Uh, Mom?
Uh, she, she should be
in the bathroom, I think.
You don't have
to look so worried.
- You're not in trouble.
- What's up?
Listen, I just wanted to say
I was speaking to Mom,
my mom, and, um...
I realized
I'd never spoken to you...
about the accident.
- Dad.
- I just wanted to say...
that, in case you don't know...
I really am sorry...
for what I did to you.
I know you're sorry, Dad.
I've always known
you were sorry.
I just...
don't understand why
you stopped talking to me.
You don't even realize.
You hardly even
look at me anymore.
Oh, mate, come here,
come here, come here.
Tomato sauce. Really?
Mom's going to love that.
- Can you get rid of these?
- What?
Quickly, please,
before she comes back.
- Apparently, our illustrious
will think they're uncivilized.
Here we go, guys. Lasagna.
In Italy they call it lunch.
- Dev.
- Yes?
Oh, I'll take those,
but I want a kiss as well.
Thank you. Alright. Here we go.
Alright, everyone. Grab a seat.
- Kids.
- Sit down, guys.
- Come on, boys.
- Come on.
Come on. Quickly.
Can I have some salt,
if you don't mind?
Well, I think we're gonna need
tomato sauce, aren't we?
I'd like to say well done
to the hostess.
- Clearly a valuable addition to the Wilton family.
- Yes.
- You're a lucky boy, Devon.
- I am.
To Tiffany.
That's Charelle, Mom.
- That's why I said Charelle.
- Sure, yep. It's alright.
Alright, everyone, let me know if your
lasagna's still cold in the middle.
I'll pop it back
in the microwave.
Alright. Here we go.
Great. I'm gonna put some salt.
Anyone want salt?
- Oh, no.
- No, thanks.
You want some of this?
Hey, we should get
a family photo after this.
- Yeah, I think that's a great idea.
- -It'd be nice.
- Yeah.
- -Would you like some salad, June?
No, I don't think so.
Well, I will. More for me.
- It's a good one that one.
- Bacon bits?
Do we really have to have this
on the table?
Can people not go one meal
without dousing it in the stuff?
Mate, it's fine.
Well, eat up, everybody.
I didn't make it to go cold.
Are you okay, Mom?
Mom. It's Devon.
You know who I am?
Of course.
I think we'd better get back
to the home.
Mom, we're going to take you
back to the home now.
Can we just... Please,
just let her finish her lunch.
- Hmm.
- Right, let's go then, okay?
We didn't get the shot.
Are you serious?
It's important.
It'll take five seconds.
Okay, guys? Come over here and
we'll get a photo with nan, okay?
Here we go.
Gather around.
Okay. Get in this way.
Come on. Everyone make sure
they can be seen.
There we go. Alright.
Mom? Look at the phone.
Just look at the phone, Mom.
There you go.
Three, two, one.
Let's go inside.
I'm very glad to see you back,
my dear.
I was getting worried.
I think that's the first time
in all these years
we've missed our cup of tea.
Ugly thing, isn't it? Huh!
I think...
those were your exact words...
when I gave it to you.
You gave it, did you?
Please, June.
It's Danny.
Isn't this an adventure?
Charlie Horse.
Charlie Horse.
It's a long, long time since
you've called me that, June.
Charlie Horse.
Please hold my hand
Please kiss my cheek
Please promise me
It's only weeks
If it can't be
That happy thing
For you no more
I set you free
I set you
If I cross that river
Bye! Love you, Mom.
Will I lose all fear?
Love you, Mom.