Jung_E (2023) Movie Script

[vehicle passing]
[distant explosions]
SHELTERS NO. 8, 12, AND 13
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music continues]
[labored breathing]
- [mechanical footsteps approaching]
- [gasping softly]
[footsteps approaching rapidly]
[grunting painfully]
[loud mechanical whirring]
[exciting music playing]
[sighs deeply]
[music fades out]
[man] Team 45, Team 45, do you copy?
[panting] This is Captain Yun Jung-yi.
[man] Captain Yun.
After that explosion, are you still alive?
How else can I be answering?
[man] How is your team?
Did you reach the fuel rod?
I don't see anyone else.
[sighing] It's not looking good.
What is that?
[man] We have intel that
the Adrian's new ZIMBO is there.
Ugh, maybe lead with that?
[man] The e-battery is attached
to the rear of the ZIMBO.
That's where you need to attack it.
The rear.
[heavy gunfire]
[dramatic music playing]
[ships taking off]
[man] Backup forces will be there soon.
- When's that exactly?
- [mechanical whirring]
[wheels screeching]
[air hissing]
[alarm blaring]
[loud cracking]
[exhales sharply]
[digital trilling]
[low suspenseful music]
[ominous mechanical humming]
[ragged breathing]
[digital trilling]
[breathing nervously]
[powering up]
[crying out painfully]
[buzzer sounding]
[digital trilling]
[mechanical droning]
[woman] How many times has it been now?
Stay focused, all right?
- [man 1] Check on the rail gun.
- [man 2] Yeah, on it.
[sighing] She keepsfailing
at the same point.
[woman] That's what I'm saying.
Should I send the data to the lab
for a detailed analysis?
- [man 1] Yes, send it over right away.
- Okay.
[man 2] Team Leader Yun.
[man 1] Why does this keep happening?
[woman] I don't know. But I see why
she was considered a legendary mercenary.
Did you see how many robots it destroyed
on its way to the fail point?
[man 1] Seriously.
[woman] You don't think it's because
the enemy's been poorly programmed?
[man 2] Oh, we should tweak
how the simulation starts next time.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Listen, we have to keep
the start the same.
The simulation has to match the real life
situation in order to map the brain.
Let's all call it a day.
- There are important guests arriving soon.
- Yes.
- Of course, ma'am.
- [woman] Yes, ma'am.
[tablet beeping]
Oh man.
- Here you go.
- [woman] Thanks.
[devices beeping]
[man 1] Let's get moving.
[tense music playing]
Should I send this
to the Technical Support Team?
Yeah, looks good.
[dramatic music rises]
Before we go, we'll finish things up.
[music ends]
[calming piano music playing]
[muffled recorded announcement]
Excuse me.
Come here.
Does this look fresh to you?
Directly from the boat.
I can see...
it appears to have a rotten expression.
You shouldn't be shocked.
I'm kidding.
A joke.
[exaggerated laugh]
Keep up the good work.
[exhales nervously]
Right. Let's get a move on.
You all know how important today is.
Oh, Team Leader Yun, you're here.
[dramatically] Thank you
for your hard work.
Is all of this
preparation really necessary?
They're a different generation.
Our elders valuethese things
more than you think.
I hope you aren't nervous. Are you okay?
Or did you not sleep well?
I'm fine.
Should I be concerned?
Because you seem to be on edge.
This guy?
[scoffing dramatically]
Presentations need showmanship,
so what you're sensing is my focus,
Team Leader Yun.
I won't be blandly reading
like some presentation amateur.
I intend to be humorous also.
And treat our honored guests
with cocktails and delicious food as well.
This guarantees our company
their full support.
You get it, right? Hmm?
[nervously] Hello, Mr.Kro... [gulps]
I'm the proud director of... of Kronoid.
Kim Sang-hoon is my name.
Please enjoy the show.
[computer beeping]
- [Sang-hoon in video] Year 2135.
- [dramatic music playing]
The rising sea level, depletion
of resources, and the pollution of Earth
forced mankind
to look for a new way to survive.
Humankind found refuge from
the uninhabitable environment
in shelters they built in space.
However, only a short time later,
space shelters number 8, 12, and 13
declared themselves the Adrian Republic,
which started a civil war that threatened
Earth and peaceful life in the shelters.
I did the narration on this myself.
[narration] And this war
between the Allied Force
and the Adrian has been
going on for the last 40 years.
I put this edit together
and I also picked the music.
- Whoo-whoo!
- [narration] ...combat AIs for the war.
Founded in the year 2130 CE,
with a team of top researchersutilizing...
We know this already.
How about we get to the point?
All right.
Just go on, skip it. Skip it.
Skip to the end.
[narration] ...legendary mercenary
of the Adrian Civil War.
The pride of Korea.
Captain Yun Jung-yi.
Captain Yun Jung-yi
led Team 45 to victory in Squadron 8.
After countless successful missions,
she secured her place
as the war's greatest hero.
Shall I fast-forward more for you?
[narration] Thirty-five years ago,
Captain Yun Jung-yi joined the mission
to blow up a fuel rod
in Adrian's Shelter B-25.
But the mission was a failure
and she ended up in a coma.
Kronoid, with permission from her family,
spared no expense on state-of-the-art
treatments to keep her alive,
then mapped her neural cortex
and converted it to data.
With this, we will develop
the most advanced combat command AI ever,
equipped with the tactical
and combat skills of Jung-yi,
as well as her great loyalty
and determination.
This new program is aptly named "JUNGE."
[dramatic music ends]
We developed it so that
the spirit of Captain Yun would live on.
Ah. The daughter of Captain...
The daughter of legendary Captain Yun,
Dr. Yun Seo-hyun,
is leading the project's team.
And now,
I'll allow the team leader to explain.
You're up.
Don't be nervous, okay?
Whoo! Whoo! [coughs awkwardly]
I'd like to show you the data
copied from Ms. Yun's brain.
We are developing an AI
comprised of the real-life Captain Yun
on her final mission,
focusing on her combat skills
and experience
using the data collected from her brain.
To achieve this,
the android operating from the collected
brain data completes a simulation.
The behavioral pattern
is stored and analyzed.
From our simulations, we have activated
the network of neural pathways shown here.
[inhaling] Hang on.
The pathways should be in green instead.
Because our projects are so easy
to green-light. You know?
[mimics bell ringing]
Can you be serious?
That was one of my jokes.
We will use a simulation
to isolate these areas of the brain,
and extract the combat memory data.
The goal here is to create an AI
with unmatched performance.
So, how did it do?
Did the robot escape in the simulation?
Not at the moment.
We have to remember,
if Yun Jung-yi completed
the final mission,
we would have won the war.
Her failure is why the Adrian Civil War
is still going on after 40 years.
The Korean mercenary...
She was popular at the time.
But sentiments have changed.
A lot of citizens
think she's the main reason
the Adrian Civil War
has dragged on for so long.
Ah, that is still up for debate.
Still, our combat AI is an improvement.
We are only taking the greatest parts
of Captain Yun
and extracting it all to be used...
Then why does it keep failing to escape
when it's in the battle simulation?
Why on earth would you model
a combat AI off her?
I would prefer a soldier
who can complete the mission instead.
[Dr. Yun] She will.
I am certain.
Captain Yun Jung-yi will succeed in her
original mission very soon.
On that, you have my word. Furthermore...
Her lost glory as an Allied Forces hero
will be reclaimed.
[sighs deeply]
[classical string music playing]
That's an original Park Ho.
Yun Jung-yi warrior edition.
Beautiful, right?
Speaking of beautiful,
look at that sunset.
[sucks in breath]
You came early.
It's adorable.
I learned that the people of the past
thought that a product's design
was just as valuable as its usefulness.
And that would make sense
in a time of such abundance.
I really admire the passion
you showed them.
[exclaiming proudly]
Unbelievable passion, really.
Those geezers were overwhelmed.
You pretty much sealed the deal
for the project.
They pulled me aside and said it's
a green light if we clear the simulation.
That's good news.
Please, have a seat.
Cold brew, Doctor?
Only the best from the past.
No, thank you.
I'm processing 17
before we destroy the data.
Processing them?
Do you find that that's valuable,
Team Leader Yun?
Does it help us define the brain analysis?
Good question.
Having more information
improves our chances.
For you.
I hope you feel accomplished.
The greatest thing we've built
is in your mother's name,
and it might bring an end to the war!
It's the chairman's victory.
Wow, he truly is a great man.
The chairman and you
go back a long time, right?
It's only been ten years
since I've started working for him.
You've known him since you were young
because of the history with your mother.
Well, it's more like
he's looked after me since I was young.
The JUNGE project is definitely back on.
Forget what that old fart said before.
Captain Yun Jung-yi was easily
the greatest combat soldier in her day.
She only failed in that one
measly mission. [mimics people blabbing]
He's just jealous.
He wants to be beloved.
The only reason your mother is still alive
is because of our great chairman,
who has expectations for the project
that are so high
that I...[exaggerated crying]
I get emotional.
You have my full support.
Don't worry, Director.
And now... I really must go.
- To begin processing.
- Oh yes, of course.
The chairman will be visiting any day.
So keep up the good work.
Go get 'em!
[soft electronic humming]
[powering up]
- [buzzer sounding]
- [frightened gasps]
- [man] Uh, Ms. Yun.
- [exclaiming painfully]
Ms. Yun, just relax now please.
- [grunting]
- Ms. Yun, can you hear me?
The mic is working, right?
I think she can hear me.
Ms. Yun?
[horrified screams]
[screaming continues]
[relieved sigh]
There, that should ease your pain, okay?
[JUNGE panting]
Now let's calm down and talk.
What am I? I can't feel my body.
Listen, just stay calm, okay?
- Um, uh, Ms... Ms. Yun?
- Where... Where am I? Where am I?
What have you done?
I don't... I don't understand!
[shouting] Who the hell are you?
Let me go, you monsters!
What in the hell have you done?
I think she's unresponsive. [chuckles]
I'll get you bastards!
[screaming] I'll kill you all!
Destroy the brain. Unable to process.
[clunking, powering down]
[electronic trilling]
[man] It seems like a waste
to destroy them every time, though.
You did well, for your first time.
[chuckles modestly] Really?
I didn't really do all that much.
[Dr. Yun] So I hear
you wanted to move to our team.
Ah, yes.
Truth be told,
I'm a big fan of Captain Yun.
[laughs] When I was young,
she was a real-life superhero.
[Dr. Yun chuckles] Superhero?
The real reason
that my mother kept fighting in the war,
it was to help me.
When I was young,
they found a tumor in my lungs.
The treatments were expensive, and...
we were poor.
To help pay for my treatments,
my mother became a mercenary.
I was terrified that one day,
my mother would die fighting in the war,
trying to save my life with hers.
Every time she fought, I cried.
The day I got the surgery...
was the last day she went into action.
I always wondered...
does my mother regret
sacrificing her life to save her daughter?
And does she resent me because of it?
[inhaling sharply]
So why haven't you asked?
[melancholy music playing]
There in processing, you could ask.
If it fails a simulation,
you could ask it then.
If it ever resented its daughter.
[inhaling sharply] You're right.
I could do that.
Excuse me, Jae-kyung,
I have the ethics test today.
So please finish up the report
on 17's processing.
[groaning] Oh, the ethics test.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am. For sharing your story.
Honestly, she really was my hero!
[laughs awkwardly]
Don't be scared to tell me more!
[chuckles excitedly]
[automated announcement]
Train approaching.
Please watch out.
The doors are opening.
The Central 09 train is self-driving.
The doors are closing.
The train is now departing.
[melancholy music playing]
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Here.
[civilians continue chattering]
[girl] Mom, you'll come back. Right?
Of course. Now you be good,
and listen to auntie while you're there.
[mother] Don't cry, it's nothing.
- Come on. Don't cry.
- [train braking]
[mother] It's not like
you won't see me again.
Mommy has to go on another mission.
So I can't be at your side
when they perform the surgery, honey.
You have to stay strong, okay?
You're mom's brave girl, right?
[melancholy music continues]
will you hurry back?
After the surgery, will you be here?
Oh, of course.
I'll be gone, but honey,
I swear I'll come back in no time.
When I finish the mission,
I will be right by your side.
All right, sweetie?
Now give me a lucky cheek rub, okay?
[chuckles] Yeah.
[sighs] I love my girl.
- [laughs]
- My baby.
[both sigh]
[both laugh contentedly]
We'll take good care of her.
[playful growl]
[both laugh]
[Captain Yun] I'll see you soon.
You can do it. Okay? Okay?
[blowing kisses]
[music fades out]
[woman] This is the eighth ethics test of
Team Leader Yun Seo-hyun of Kronoid Lab.
Ms. Yun, have you ever had a pet?
I have not.
[woman] Have you ever felt attached
to a product or an object?
- Yes.
- Have you ever named the object?
[woman] Have you ever composed poetry
longer than three lines
looking at the sunset?
Have you ever bought an original artwork
at a price that is
too expensive for your means?
I have not.
[doctor] Okay, the test results will be
sent to the company in two to three days.
More importantly, the cancer has
metastasized from the location
where you previously had surgery.
I'm afraid it's not good news.
Ms. Yun, the cancer
has spread to your major organs.
As I told you before, this area here
will inevitably continue to spread.
It's impossible
to perform surgery at this point.
[hollow laugh]
It was always going to happen.
That surgery I got as a kid
was for nothing.
[doctor] Pardon?
It's nothing.
how much time do I have now?
You have three months.
The best course of action
would be to copy your brain right away
and transfer over to a prosthetic body.
These days,
the law guarantees equal human rights
to those who choose this procedure.
Assuming you choose Type A.
But it does come at a steep price.
Type A.
It's too steep for me.
It includes a cerebral storage backup
before we transfer the brain.
Also secures your human rights
and covers a single body prosthetic.
There are other options available,
like Type B,
but rights like marriage,
freedom of movement,
and adoption are prohibited.
With Type B, the government requires
compliance that you will allow them
to access your brain data.
And then, if both of those options
are too much, there's Type C.
- And that...
- With Type C,
you don't get treated
as a human being at all.
Honestly, it's really not all that bad.
The main difference with Type C
is you surrender ownership
of your brain data,
allowing certified companies to own it.
And since countless clones
will be created with it,
you will no longer be an individual,
so that is...
The main upside being,
the Type C prosthetic
is free of charge though.
A data use credit
covers the transfer amount.
The contract your mother,
Captain Yun Jung-yi, signed with Kronoid
was for Type C.
Let me think about it.
Since I'm here,
I hope to see my mother before I go.
Yeah, please, of course.
And I'm always close by
if you have any questions.
[powering down]
[thunder rumbling]
[somber music playing]
[man] Ms. Yun barely made it out alive.
She's in critical condition.
But you must decide right away,
before her cerebral cortex is damaged.
There's still time to save the brain.
If you choose to sign the agreement,
we'll cover Ms. Yun's treatment
and her daughter Seo-hyun's
education and living expenses.
Please place your palm here
when you've looked it over.
With Ms. Yun's brain data,
we can make a product
that will end this war, once and for all.
We'll let the company know that you agreed
to go forth with the project.
And I'll make sure that the money
for your living expenses is sent soon.
Hi there, Seo-hyun.
Guess what?
I have a present for you.
Your mom will be a hero forever.
Would you like that, Seo-hyun?
[thunder rumbling
- [beeping]
- [mechanical whirring]
[somber music continues]
[music fades out]
[digital trilling]
Eighteen is good to go.
How's our connection?
The connection looks good, Team Leader.
[exhales deeply]
[woman] Number 18 is in place.
- Min-jae.
- Yes?
- Labs A, B, and C, double check them.
- Yes, ma'am.
Can you repeat those number again?
A clear check on all numbers.
The docking is complete.
[man] Okay.
Prepping simulation.
[snapping] Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
Isn't it time we try something different?
Let's shoot it through
the leg before starting.
[ominous music playing]
You heard him. You better do it.
[tablet beeping]
Doing the simulation the same each time
is only slowing us down.
Go ahead.
Now we can begin the simulation.
[music ends]
- [buzzer sounding]
- [gasping]
[JUNGE breathing raggedly]
The same thing happened when 17 was shot.
This is the neural area for pain.
I want you to color the pain area red.
Change it to strawberry.
Humor. Humor.
[sighing] I'll show you strawberry.
- [straining]
- [mechanical footsteps approaching]
[intense music playing]
Green light, green, full speed ahead.
[crying out in pain]
[shuddering breaths]
Her red is spreading rapidly.
I fear this one is over.
Great. That was disappointing.
[woman] Something is happening.
[groaning softly]
What happened?
[JUNGE yelling]
- What part is that?
- [woman] One second. I'll check.
[woman] The mobility here's higher
than the green brainwave signal.
[man] It's a new area.
No, no, not the head!
Now that brain is useless.
[inhaling angrily]
[shouting] Hurry up!
Go in there and retrieve it!
- I need to see the replay.
- Yes, sir.
There, which part was that?
[man] Analyzing now.
That's a new area of activation.
It's something, right?
Well, from what I see,
we just found our combat AI.
The color should be...
yellow as a pineapple.
[yelling] Huh? You hear me?
A pineapple.
[sighs deeply]
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
I need you at 100%.
The HQ briefing is tomorrow.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Sang-hoon] Kronoid.
The director of Kronoid.
Hello, I'm Kim Sang-hoon,
the director of Kronoid Laboratory.
[automated announcement] We will soon
arrive at your set destination,
Kronoid HQ.
[music fades out]
[automated announcement]
Welcome, everyone, to Kronoid HQ.
Under the vision
of moving forward into the future,
Kronoid is endeavoring to develop
technology in diverse areas
and provide quality experiences
so that future generations can...
Has the chairman arrived yet?
[woman] I'll check, sir.
[laughing continues]
His schedule was full today.
How are you? You're Director Kim.
Lee Se-yeon, Managing Director.
I'm the new head ofKronoid's
Product Development Department.
It's so nice to finally meet.
The chairman won't be here?
Won't he want to receive an update
on the research we've done?
He's asked me
to see your presentation instead.
And I assure you,
I will relay the information.
This comes from the chairman?
[chuckles awkwardly]
Could you tell me your name one more time?
Lee Se-yeon, as I said before.
I'm the head of product development here...
Since when do we have
a product development department?
Kronoid's a military AI development firm.
What products are you working on?
[laughs heartily]
It's so funny.
You can't hide your feelings either.
Am I right, huh?
Pardon me?
Oh, never mind.
Due to a conflict, unfortunately
the chairman can't be here.
However, I'm excited to see it.
He said he'll be
visiting the lab very soon.
Don't worry. No need to be nervous, hm?
[tense music playing]
Such simple minds.
After all the money the chairman invested
in developing a combat AI,
they're going to downsize
weapons development now?
I will keep his dream alive.
Don't you agree?
That vapid woman knows nothing.
Knows nothing about the chairman.
Nothing at all.
[tense music ends]
It's pretty cool, right? Look.
Yes. This latest version is a marked
upgrade from the previous test body.
So how well
do the AI implement the yellow area?
The test version mapped it well.
After today, we'll know more.
I'm so excited! So excited!
The chairman has just arrived.
He's in your office.
He's here? I'm on my way.
Is it okay if I take this one?
I think the chairman would like it.
Go ahead. Of course.
Team Leader.
Team Leader Yun.
When did you last take the ethics test?
The ethics test?
You know, the test that
identifies humans from our friend here.
A couple of days ago.
I make it a point to never skip it.
The chairman was wondering.
He must be worried about it
because Yun Jung-yi was your mother.
He's very thorough man.
The chairman as alway...
[electronic beeping]
[gasping softly]
[giggling] Surprise.
Hello, Mr. Chairman.
What brings you here?
We weren't expecting you.
I came to check on the operations
of our lab, among other things.
And I have news for you.
The JUNGE AI is close to being completed.
We are currently verifying
previously unknown neural sectors.
- A final simulation will...
- Yeah, yeah, the combat AI.
HQ has the combat AI data already.
Our head researchers
have made improvements.
[Dr. Yun] Oh...
Of course, sir.
We'll do our best here as well.
[chairman] Seo-hyun.
It's not necessary anymore.
- Sir?
- The age of weapon contracting is over.
It looks like
the Adrian Civil War is coming to an end.
There's a treaty between theAllied Force
and the Adrian Republic.
I remember the old munition companies.
They all did the same thing.
They made heaters
from all their raw materials.
[sighs] We will do now as they did then.
Our research up to this point
wasn't useless.
The massive strides in brain replication
allowed us to explore other sectors.
Combat AI?
[chuckles] Won't serve us
on the road ahead.
We need to develop housekeeping
and service worker AIs now.
Tell me...
was Captain Yun experienced
at something other than combat?
Because that would prove useful.
So our time here at the lab...
is coming to an end?
Uh-huh, so use your time wisely.
It's depressing.
I know it all too well.
I used to be obsessed
with brain replication.
[groans] Rich people like me
seem to think about nothing else.
The moment that brain replication
was discovered,
my first thought was...
"Yeah, now I can live forever."
I really thought so.
So my first experiment
was brain replication.
To create a version of me
that was immortal.
It led to my first robot.
Prototype Sang here.
And then it happened.
After the brain replication,
I had to transfer over and couldn't do it.
You know why?
This guy right here. This wire shell.
It didn't feel real.
It's alien.
It just ends up being hollow.
No matter how close we get.
It's like...
having your mom's voice
on an electric rice cooker.
[imitating steam]
"Honey, come get your rice.
I made it just for you."
A robot can't make it like Mom's rice,
I can guarantee you that.
It's not funny?
I'm just joking. Joking. [laughs]
Sir, if I may,
allow my mother's project to go on.
- Give us the opportunity to finish...
- There's no need.
The project is already done.
After you wrap it all up,
switch over to household android AIs.
I'll tell Sang-hoon that too.
He'll most likely be a wreck.
He's the type
who won't easily admit to failure.
I know that better than anyone.
Be nice to him, even if he's on edge.
I'm going to dispose of him anyway,
once the project is wrapped up.
I'm going to talk to Sang-hoon all right.
Understand? Hm?
Seo-hyun, give up this obsession.
...always two steps...
Hello, chairman, when did you arrive?
Did my portrait birth you here?
[stifled laughter]
[laughing hysterically]
your sense of humor is the best.
In all of Adrian.
[continues laughing]
- That is all. Goodbye. [laughing]
- Aren't you going to speak to both of us?
Oh, I saw her. That's good enough.
Now, enough joking around.
- Fill me in on JUNGE.
- Yes, sir. This is our latest prototype...
- Yes, you did well, you did.
- [Sang-hoon mimicking robotic beeping]
- [buzzer sounding]
- [yelling] Why!
How come she always dies in the exact
same place! [shouting hysterically]
During the simulation,
did the brain show any yellow?
[clears throat]
No, sir.
Sorry. It hasn't showed up
since that first time.
After all these tries,
you've failed to isolate the area?
We are limited by the current technology.
It will take a while.
The process is complicated.
Team Leader Yun.
Are you happy with
how the AI is progressing?
[man] Um, Director, uh...
[clears throat] Sir, uh, Kronoid HQ,
they seem satisfied with how the current
combat AI is performing...
Well, I'm not, all right?
[yelling] I'm not satisfied!
Did you know HQ is trying to
haphazardly wrap up our project?
[sighs] They're clearly
disappointed in us,
and now all of you want
to prove them right?
Get it to Termination Advisory.
We will isolate this mysterious area
at any cost.
Keep the arms and legs. I want 22 whole.
Yes, sir.
[Sang-hoon muttering] Unbelievable.
[door closes]
Hello, Director.
Suspend motor functions.
Yes, sir.
- Hello, everyone.
- Hello.
Turn it on.
Yes, sir.
[powering up]
- [buzzer sounding]
- [exclaiming painfully]
[breathing raggedly]
[JUNGE panting]
[panting continues]
Who are you people? Who are you?
Cut off its arm.
[man] Sorry?
- Um... Um, like... Um, cut?
- [ominous music playing]
Did I stutter?
Cut the arm off. The arm.
[yelling] Arm, arm, arm, arm, arm, arm!
Yes, sir. I'm on it.
[JUNGE] Who are you people?
What is this? [gasping]
[saw whirring]
[panting frantically]
- [whimpering]
- [Sang-hoon] Did it activate?
The yellow part?
[man] No, sir.
That area is not responding.
The first time it was shot
in the left leg, right?
[JUNGE breathing raggedly]
Who the hell are you, you son of a...
- [grunting]
- [gunshots continue]
[powering down]
Get it back online.
Sir, it's not turning on.
I took over administrative control.
No more for today.
[exhaling angrily]
- [intense music playing]
- [all gasping]
You better turn that thing back on.
- [sternly] We're done.
- [yelling] Do it now, Team Leader Yun!
The chairman has requested
your presence at HQ.
[exclaims in frustration]
Um, ma'am, are you okay?
The director has completely lost it.
What a lunatic. Crazy.
Everyone can go.
Assemble all the data we collected.
Let's finish up the combat AI project.
As for the data...
send it to me right away.
- [all grunting in assent]
- Of course, ma'am.
All right.
Let's go.
[door closing]
[breathing shakily]
[sighs deeply]
[tablet beeping]
[labored breathing]
[breathing deeply]
[upbeat dance music playing in distance]
[man whooping and laughing]
[doorbell ringing]
- Hello, ma'am.
- I've copied and exported 22's data.
Uh, uh... Good!
[nervous laugh] That's great.
I was just prepping 23,
making improvements.
[flustered laugh] Uh... No, wait!
Oh, wait. Wait, ma'am!
[desperately] Hang on. Oh, ma'am.
Just a second. Wait!
[Jae-kyung sighs]
[ominous music playing]
[breathing shakily]
[nervously] Listen, ma'am.
Oh, please don't, uh, get the wrong idea.
I swear this isn't what it looks like.
[angrily] You pervert!
If I could explain,
it would clear things up, I swear.
It's not what it looks like?
Uh, yes. Orders from headquarters.
It's a product development
for Captain Yun.
They told me to test it out.
It came from HQ.
[stuttering] It's true. I promise.
Product development?
Yes. Well, she was a war hero.
Sort of an idol.
And headquarters, um,
they think there's value in exploring
a product with a sexual application.
That it will make serious money.
[laughing uncomfortably]
She was popular!
[Jae-kyung straining]
I'm sorry, but the bereaved
gave their permission!
Oh, she's Type C. Type C!
It's a product
that can be used for anything!
[music becomes melancholy]
- [rain falling]
- [thunder rumbling]
[crying softly]
[Jae-kyung] It's... Ma'am?
[Jae-kyung sighs exasperatedly]
[melancholy music fades out]
[powering up]
[light humming]
HQ gave the order.
The simulations
will only go on until tomorrow.
Our time's up here.
They told me that our combat AI
was just a trial.
But that the...
The company will be using
what we developed in a different way.
Household AI bullshit...
[laughing incredulously]
Could it be...
I've lost the chairman's trust?
[door opening]
[computer beeping]
[digital humming]
Hello, Captain.
Can you hear me okay?
Where am I?
You made it out.
Captain Yun, listen...
You're injured.
You were captured
and the enemy tortured you.
[exhales sharply]
So what's my condition right now?
I'm numb everywhere.
I can't see, either.
We were lucky to get you out of there.
The damage from the torture is critical,
and you will die any moment.
[shuddering breaths]
You will pass peacefully.
[somber piano music playing]
Almost like you're sleeping.
Just breathe.
Pass away calmly.
[choking back tears]
[JUNGE] Wait.
[labored breathing]
One second, please.
There's something
that I need to know first.
It's just...
my daughter had surgery today.
The surgery, did it go well?
[shaky breathing]
[crying softly]
All I wanted was to be there by her side
after the battle.
[shuddering breaths]
Your daughter's cancer...
is in remission.
She's feeling better.
Seo-hyun's okay?
[sigh of relief]
Oh, thank God.
Oh, that's such a relief.
My baby.
[JUNGE crying]
This morning...
my daughter gave me a doll as a gift
right before she went into surgery.
[sighs deeply] It reminded me of her,
my sweet girl.
The doll,
it was supposed to bring me luck.
[young Dr. Yun] I made
a special wish on it.
It's going to protect you.
[Captain Yun laughing] What?
Oh, wow.
I'm going to take good care of this,
I promise.
The doll. I lost it while I was fighting.
I couldn't believe I lost it.
I couldn't let it go.
My little girl...
she gave me that doll, and I lost it.
[powering down]
[choking back tears]
[dramatic music playing]
[music fades out]
Oh, Team Leader.
Hello. Today's the final simulation,
so I'll handle it. Okay?
[laughing nervously] Of course, ma'am.
- [electronic humming]
- [intriguing music playing]
Captain Yun, can you hear me?
It may feel like you're listening
to my voice in a dream,
but I assure you, this is no dream.
Stay alert.
Hear my voice, and listen closely.
you will be in a coma-like state
immediately after this battle.
Researchers will replicate your brain,
extracting the data.
They want to model a combat AI after you.
- [man] Director Kim.
- [woman] Docking completed.
[music fades out]
I'm ready if you are. Let's get started.
Good luck, everyone. Here we go.
[inhales deeply]
[buzzer sounds]
[distant gunshots and explosions]
[robotic footsteps approaching]
[intense music starting]
[gunshots and explosions continue]
[system beeping]
- [music ends]
- [buzzer sounds]
[in bored tone] The end.
Okay, everyone, thanks so much
for all your hard work.
[woman] Undocking now.
Uh, Director.
The results are odd.
I see here the brain's response
is weaker than before.
It looks like our Captain Yun
has a very feeble mind.
[noncommittally] Good work. I hope
all our paths cross again in the future.
[muttering angrily] All that hard work
from our chairman.
Those simple-minded assholes
will never understand him.
[suspenseful music playing]
[man sighs]
Let's get this paired.
[woman] 30% complete.
Oh, the director's back.
Hey, you. Pull up the replay again.
Yes, sir.
Right there.
Now zoom in. Hurry up.
Come on, come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.
The head, zoom in more.
It missed her head.
Sound the alarm.
[alarm blaring]
[automated alert] The emergency alarm
has been activated.
All facilities will be shut down shortly.
All personnel, move quickly
and safely to the panic room.
- What's that all about?
- No idea.
This never happened before.
[automated alert]
The emergency alarm has been activated.
All facilities will be shut down shortly.
All personnel...
[Sang-hoon] Min-jae,
tell me we have its location.
Not yet.
Have the police been alerted?
The alarm was triggered
so they're on their way.
How long will that take?
They'll arrive in five minutes.
That's more than enough time
for an escape.
I say we test out the combat AI.
- [powering up]
- [steam hissing]
[people clamoring]
[automated alert] Running could lead
to accidents such as trampling.
So do not be alarmed
and go to your designated panic room
in a calm and safe manner.
[people chattering]
[suspenseful music continues]
[door opening]
[alarm blaring]
[robotic footsteps approaching]
- [grunting]
- [exciting music playing]
- [breathing raggedly]
- [wires tearing]
[alarm sounding]
[police siren wailing]
[robotic voice] We have arrived
at mission area. Starting mission.
[groaning painfully]
[music fades out]
Captain Yun, listen to me!
Do you remember my voice?
You heard it in a dream.
We're in this together.
[robotic voice] Approaching strike point.
[keypad beeping]
Entry attained. Beginning search.
Target eliminated.
Injured found.
Emergency team support required.
Target to be retrieved. Over.
[dramatic music playing]
They'll be coming soon. Let's go.
[automated announcement]
Kronoid 08 Train has arrived.
The doors are opening.
[powering up]
[music fades out]
Run away.
Run as far as you can.
[Sang-hoon] Team Leader Yun.
Remember that ethics test you took?
I wanted to know where you had it done.
[dramatic fake crying]
Team Leader Yun.
After everything
the chairman has done for you,
how could you double-cross him like this?
[yelling] Take another step
and your daughter will die!
I erased all the data about her daughter.
[Sang-hoon] What?
- Why?
- She's free!
Yun Jung-yi has a fresh start.
Good point.
[grunting painfully]
[Sang-hoon straining]
- [gunshot]
- [screaming]
- [groaning]
- [Sang-hoon exhaling sharply]
[mechanical whirring]
I... I... I'm a...
You're just the...
chairman's little toy.
I'm a joke.
[unhinged laughing]
[yelling angrily]
- [train speeding up]
- [groaning]
[exhales deeply]
[digital trilling]
[robotic voice] Civilian detected.
[steam hissing]
[whooshing, clanging]
[Sang-hoon panting]
[intense music playing]
[metallic screeching]
[Sang-hoon straining]
[frightened yelp]
- [music fades out]
- [brakes screeching]
[powering down]
[Dr. Yun groaning]
The bullet went straight through.
We need to stop the bleeding.
- [police sirens]
- [Dr. Yun panting]
[Dr. Yun] Go.
You need to go right now.
The police are coming.
What about you?
I'll take care of myself.
Don't worry about me.
[melancholy music playing]
I don't have much time left anyway.
[crying softly]
- [JUNGE] What you said before...
- Please...
I'm begging you to go.
You should only worry about yourself.
You're free now.
Leave me.
Go now.
[yelling] Please.
[sirens approaching]
[crying softly]
[melancholy music continues]
[Dr. Yun] I wish you...
the best of luck, Mom.
[wind whistling]
[music fades out]
[downbeat electronic music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[music fades out]