Junga (2018) Movie Script

Inspector Manimaran reporting, sir!
- Manimaran? - Yes, sir
- We have a confidential matter to discuss. - Yes!
Why are you so loud? This is confidential, man!
We've decided to take out Don Junga by encounter.
You're in charge of it!
Why so shocked?
Don't handle it alone. Take Duraisingam with you.
He talks way too much, sir.
For the sake of conversationalism, man!
Take Junga over to Tada and bump him off...
...and report it to the local precinct.
Got it, right?
Take your gun and leave!
Intend to talk him to death?
Why ask for it as if it were a temple offering?
Reporting from temple duty, sir!
Take the gun!
- Call me after it's done. - Yes, sir.
Make sure the news doesn't go to the press.
- You won't understand it. Now go! - Thank you!
Get over here.
The hell are you doing?
He's sleeping soundly, sir!
Sure! Why don't you go join him?
Why insult me like this, sir?
Go wake him up!
Sir...please sir
It's me, Duraisingam. From the police force.
Please wake up.
Kick his ass to wake him up!
From past experience, cane charging to wake him up is risky!
Do something to wake him up!
My first encounter killing, man!
'To us all towns are our own everyone our kin'
He really gets these tunes, sir!
If I get my hands on you...
He's sleeping while sitting up, sir!
I'm meditating, man!
You're being transferred to another prison.
I like this place!
It is very peaceful.
Has a lot of positive energy.
Thank the government for me.
The same government ordered the transfer!
- Is that so? - Yes, sir.
Come in plainclothes, I see. Looking very nervous, I see.
Then it's confirmed.
- Confirmed, right? - Yes, sir!
If Duraisingam says so, it must be true!
- Shall we go? - Yes, please.
A new India is born.
- Yes, sir. - Let's go.
Don't rush. Wait for him.
Checked if you both were alert.
You can be trusted. Let's go.
Who's going to kill me? You or him?
The man seems very stiff.
His eyes are lingering.
His gun will linger, too.
If it misfires and hurts me bad, I'll be pissed!
You take up this project. You'll have my full co-operation.
I say this as a friend to the police. See for yourself.
I've relied on him, too!
Your eyes are lingering, sir. Control them.
German made, right? Has an auto-lock?
It will get jammed. Definitely German made!
With the same gun, I set out to kill a guy.
It got jammed. They all surrounded me.
I talked my way out of it and convinced them.
What if you pressed something...
...and end up wiping him out?
Please keep that aside.
We'll do it when it's time. Control yourself.
We're here for an encounter killing.
He's so easy-going about it!
He's got us spooked!
- Who is this guy? - Let's ask him!
He is a Manickam.
A 'Basha' story, eh?
Hello, police guys
Did I ever tell you that?
Don't needlessly try to hype things up!
He is historic!
I am iconic!
Got your tickets, everyone?
Won't you come and give it to us?
Can't you come and get it? Little weak in the heels?
Blue shirt! Rose shirt! Baldy! Bucket head!
You haven't bought tickets!
He's got really sharp eyes!
He just saw it once, but got it exactly right!
You haven't bought one either, white shirt!
He got you, too!
Starts cheating as soon as he wears a white shirt!
Take it.
Why is the bus going left instead of straight?
You're new, eh? The bus is heading to that Telugu girl's place!
He gave tickets all this time sitting down, yes?
Now watch. He'll go up to her house, issue the ticket and pick her up!
"I love you very much!"
"Why do you make it so hard for me?"
"You are my East! You are my West!"
"Only If I win your heart, I will be very, very fortunate!"
"Look here, my dear!"
"Look this way, sweetheart!"
"I need you by my side, in the path I go!"
"I'm a native guy! You're a Nellore girl!"
"Wed you, I shall! Tell me you accept, fast!"
"Look here, my dear!"
"Look this way, sweetheart!"
"I need you by my side, in the path I go!"
"Blow a whistle anytime I see you, I shall!"
"The bus becomes a flight, when you come on board!"
"I won't smoke! I won't drink!"
"I won't drink Pepsi! But, I do have one bad habit!"
"I enjoy you every day in my dreams, my darling!"
"I swear upon your mother! I swear upon your father!"
"I swear upon your grandma! I swear upon your grandpa!"
"I swear upon your uncle! I swear upon your aunty!"
"I swear upon your sister! I swear upon your brother!"
"I swear upon your mother! I swear upon your father!"
"I swear upon your grandma! I swear upon your grandpa!"
"I swear upon your uncle! I swear upon your aunty!"
"I swear upon your sister! I swear upon her husband!"
"Why are you so happy?"
"Why speak to me like so?"
"You're one with my heart!"
"Have a seat and enjoy the ride!"
"I don't know Telugu! I don't know Kannada!"
"I despise Hindi, my dear!"
"I don't know adult jokes! I don't know bad words!"
"I only know one thing, my darling!"
"I know you, very very well!"
"I swear upon your mother! I swear upon your father!"
"I swear upon your grandma! I swear upon your grandpa!"
"I swear upon your uncle! I swear upon your aunty!"
"I swear upon your sister! I swear upon your brother!"
"I swear upon your mother! I swear upon your father!"
"I swear upon your grandma! I swear upon your grandpa!"
"I swear upon your uncle! I swear upon your aunty!"
"I swear upon your sister! I swear upon her husband!"
"You and I are stuck as one!"
"Why is that so? The bus is speeding away!"
"Come forth, my dear boyfriend!"
"Filled with wonder and spirit!"
"Drinking is a habit! Porn is a pet peeve!"
"A party animal, I am not!"
"Accused of being a psycho-sadist, I am not!"
"But, there is one crime I will commit!"
"Covertly enjoy things, I do!"
"I swear upon your mother! I swear upon your father!"
"I swear upon your grandma! I swear upon your grandpa!"
"I swear upon your uncle! I swear upon your aunty!"
"I swear upon your sister! I swear upon your brother!"
"I swear upon your mother! I swear upon your father!"
"I swear upon your grandma! I swear upon your grandpa!"
"I swear upon your cousin! I swear upon your brother!"
"I swear upon your sister-in-law! I swear upon her mother!"
He looks like a frog!
Looking for me?
What is it?
- You were looking for me! - Why must I look for you?
Admit that you were looking for me and tell me you love me!
Why must I tell you that?
Because if you don't, this bus won't move an inch further!
What does me saying that have to do with the bus moving?
My bike is standing in front of it like a bull!
So, the bus won't move!
Are you kidding?
Think you can barge in and try to woo me? What do you expect me to do?
Expect me to love you?
Forget it! Now get lost!
Get the hell up!
Think you can watch a 25 year old film on TV for free...
...wear the same shirt, play the same music and expect her to reciprocate?
Think I can't go in reverse, if you park ahead?
Your bike is behind you, man! Look!
A series of action films are airing on TV this week!
If I don't watch five of them and get my revenge...
Hey! You watch films to get revenge?
Indeed! If I don't rip you apart...
You don't mind me, do you?
(An old Tamil song plays)
Hey! Stop!
Hold this.
Hold this, too.
He assaulted a don like that?
Did the don not strike back?
- Who did it? - I've told you four times already.
When, where and how many of them hit you? Don't they know I'd come if they touch you?
What's the point of showing up now?
Said you knew a gangster! Where is that guy?
Yes, I did say that.
Told you to get him if I'm in trouble, yes?
The guys who hit me are well-etched in my mind!
We're going to meet that don, and beat the crap out of those guys!
He only works with major players!
- What? - Okay.
With this budget, we'll make this a major project!
- If they hit you, they hit me! - I'll get my vehicle!
- What vehicle? - Scooty!
If we take your vehicle, the emotion will reduce. Take mine, it'll exceed!
It has seen a lot of chasing and fighting!
Let the action begin!
What happened?
The clutch is gone! So is the chain bracket!
Air filter is toast. Carburetor needs changing!
The shock absorber must be changed!
How long will it take, Sekar?
Pay 15,000 bucks. I'll finish it in three hours.
Couldn't you say this earlier? Here!
Emotion will go down, if we wait around for too long!
In the time we have, shall we drink three beers and keep our spirits high?
Check if the bottle's empty.
What is it, bro?
- Is the bike ready? - It'll take two more hours!
- It'll take two more hours? - Yes!
In that time, we can have three more beers!
Call me once you're done!
Don't worry about a thing.
I'll see to it that this fight will be as awesome as possible!
One 'podimas'!
It'll be awesome!
We'll share it, okay?
'Except the license plate, they changed everything!'
'And I'm this dog's chauffeur!'
Put stickers on bikes, do they?
Why think of spent money? I'm thinking of your attackers, okay?
The bike is new. The kids here might try to dent it.
Watch it for me. I'll go in and meet the boss.
Then, we'll rip apart the guys who beat you limb by limb!
Please just go. I can't take this anymore.
- What is it, Yo-Yo? - My friend was attacked.
Call the boss!
He's gone to Tirupati, man!
Why are you screaming it out?
Said he'd come with 'laddoos'. Told him your problem. He got emotional!
He said as soon as he comes down from that hill, he'll help me out.
It'll just cost you a bit of money. That's it.
"Check out this game!"
"Dig that style!"
"Who can ever stop you?"
"Remember the name! He is one of a kind!"
"Look at that swagger!"
"Everything he touches, turns magnificent!"
"Look at our guy go!"
"A fan of his fans, is this leader! Come forth, O Pride of the People!"
"Come forth, O Face of Victory!"
"Is there anyone who can defeat you?"
"Come forth, O talk of the town!"
"Come forth, O Pride of the People!"
"Come forth, O mighty lion!"
"Come forth, O pure bred Tamilian!"
"Come forth and soar to new heights!"
- I... - Are you okay?
I'll meet you later, okay?
Greetings, boss!
I met this mongrel because of you!
He emptied all my money before the fight began!
- Who'll pay up my money? - Yeah! Who will?
- You will! Emptied it, didn't you? - Me? I'm sorry.
The bike and the shades are mine!
I ever see you in that place...
...you'll lose your head! - Why?
Don't talk
Just a minute! Wait for me!
Your grandson Junga attacked someone!
Junga attacked someone?
Junga attacked someone?
You reprobate!
You are proving to be born from a blood- splattered legacy, eh?
For the whole town to quake in fear...
...you've come back as such a vile gangster!
To make sure you didn't know that you were born into a family of dons...
...we brought you here from Chennai to raise you!
We stayed away to avoid violence, bloodshed and rowdyism!
You've rendered all of it meaningless!
What are you saying, mom?
I'm from a don family?
It is don blood that runs in my veins?
Yes, dear boy.
Don Linga is your grandfather!
Don Ranga is your father!
The infamous Don Linga is my grandpa?
Yes, my boy...
The infamous Don Ranga is my dad?
Oh dear God, yes!
All this time, I've lived without knowing my lineage, granny!
Shut up!
They're not popular dons, man!
They're problematic dons!
Why do you say that, my dear?
I should've killed you that day! Be quiet!
In those days, when they were paid 4,000 rupees to kill a guy...
...they'd spend 40,000 rupees to finish the job!
Assuming that the Tata Sumo car was invented for your dad and grandpa...
...they'd drive forty of those to Trichy, just to beat up one guy!
They'd have ten guys in each car!
And those guys would needlessly yell all the way from here to the destination!
They wouldn't have crossed even the first tollgate.
Their throats would be ruptured by then and they'd spend 4,000 rupees on Vicks!
If that wasn't enough...
They wouldn't return from Trichy, either!
Because, their target wouldn't even be at Trichy!
While waiting for him, they'd stay at hotels and booze all night...
...gamble, watch movies, head to burlesque shows...
...and pretty much blow away every penny they had!
The flashback is escalating!
Only with the money I got after pledging my nuptial thread, could those two return!
I can even forgive all of this.
But the success party they throw once they come back?
Good grief! I just can't stand the sight of that!
"O lass of Pattukottai!"
"Got you in his sights, he has!"
"Smiled with his eyes! Held in you an embrace!"
"And dumped you without batting an eye!"
"O lass of Pattukottai!"
"My girl is within me!"
"Quite the shrew, she is! Entice you with she charms, she will!"
"Dig your grave, she will!"
Our family pissed away our wealth with success parties!
- We had wealth, mom? - We did.
In those days, we owned a major theatre called 'Cinema Paradise'.
It was a family property in my name, given as dowry.
The film 'Basha' was a huge hit all over town!
But, in our theatre? An epic flop!
'Basha' flopped? - How could it not be?
They put up banners of your dad and grandpa that were bigger than Rajni's!
How could people come?
Your dad cancelled the evening screening, to start his partying!
When asked, he'd say it was don culture!
With that horrible laugh of his!
With such splurging, they sold a theatre worth 40 lakh rupees...
...for a mere 4 lakhs to some Chettiar!
Bunch of pride hogs, those two!
It's okay, mom. It's nothing.
- There is nothing! - Okay...
It's all gone!
Know what's the height of your dad's tomfoolery?
The name he decided to give you. Good grief!
Remember how in your childhood, you'd always ask me...
...what the word Junga meant?
I never once told you what it meant. Why?
- Why? - How could I do so?
One day, after your dad came home, he said, totally wasted...
My dad is Linga! I am Ranga! My son will be Junga!
When I went what the hell does that even mean?
Linga, Ranga, Junga! Times & rhymes well!
Keep it that way. Junga'll work out great!
So he said!
How can ever tell such a pathetic story to anyone?
Don't get into this mess, Junga. The don business isn't profitable!
You'll lose all your money by spending your savings!
Don't become like your dad and grandpa!
Dad and grandpa conducted business in the wrong way, mom.
Like how you succeed in education and politics by doing it right...
...I'll become a role model to youngsters by showing them that it can be profitable!
The same theatre in Chennai that we lost because of family business gone wrong...
...if I do not reclaim it by means of the same line of work...
...I am not Don Linga's grandson or Don Ranga's son or Don Junga!
I swear upon you!
My grandson chewed up and spit out Don Linga and Don Ranga!
My heart is no longer broken!
A water-can costs 35 rupees!
Want to wash your face? Do it after we get the Cauvery river!
My grandson will make it great.
"High class ladies and gentlemen"
"Introducing the brand new fresh gangsters in the town"
"Totally new trend"
"He'll make you grand"
"Watch he gonna do"
"Tell us! We're all ears!"
"We are the Chennai Gang!"
"Shut up and back off!"
"At the heart of Chennai..."
"...imbibed himself, he did!"
"To reclaim his turf!"
"Who can ever defeat him?"
"In sheer agony, are the police!"
"Scared out of their pants, are the ruffians!"
"He provides discounted service!"
"All of Parrys quakes in fear!
"Why does the rainbow need seven colours?"
"Only two colours. Get lost!"
"Why take a Tempo truck to kill a guy?"
"A cycle will suffice, my boy!"
"Why craft elaborate plans?"
"He can punch faces much faster!"
"Why flip the switch?"
"In the moonlight, he will strike the match!"
What's the problem?
Kittu of the Sand Mafia raped and brutally killed my sister.
No help from the legal side!
Only upon killing him, will my sister's soul be at peace.
Upon enquiry, we learnt that you charge the least for this kind of work.
Put it in the locker.
- For the theatre. - I know.
Go get the change.
Go on.
Let the money come.
Care for a drink, sir?
What habit is this? - Nothing.
Just that we could have drinks at his expense.
Just Rs 500
He doesn't want anything. Just buy for us.
Okay, bro.
You sinners!
How could you misunderstand me?
For the theatre.
Go get the change. Hurry.
All standard don procedure! Go.
Hurry, my boy.
Care to have some lunch, sir?
I have no money, dear boy.
So you don't want lunch?
50, 10 and 20 rupee notes, as well as coins. Everything!
That's all the change available!
- They said they didn't have any more. - It's okay. Sit down.
- All there? - Yes, sir.
- Thanks. Come again. - Move fast!
Why, dad? - Just hurry!
Do you really want to leave without eating, sir?
- All for the theatre. - Open it up, man!
So much for theatre. What about murder?
For the murder...
...let's see what fee God quotes.
He is watching, man!
God quotes 500 rupees!
Oh, man! Even if take a share auto from Royapuram to Oragadam...
...at 50 bucks a head, it costs 500!
How about the return trip? Want us to get caught there?
Or will the dead guy give us money?
What is this, bro?
Even if we go by bus, we'd have to take three of them!
Lot of expenses! Please provide more cash!
After working with me for so long, do you assume we need a share auto or bus?
Get that jeep!
Going by jeep totally rocks!
As opposed to embarking and disembarking cycles and share autos!
Going by jeep to murder someone, truly befits don culture!
- Isn't it, Senthil? - True!
- How far from here is Oragadam? - About 60- 65 kilometers.
- Should we be idle? - What do we do?
Parrys! Palavaram! Tambaram! Padappai! Oragadam!
Come on! Fast! Quickly get in!
No customers if you're in the front. Go back!
- Why? - Riding free, aren't you?
Head to the back! - Don't get in the way, ma'am. Sit here!
Where else are we going to go?
Get the fares from everyone! Properly!
Will do!
- Move aside! - I'm going to Palavaram, man!
Nothing wrong with going to Padappai! Sit! Paid up?
Hold on, sis! Don't step on my feet! Move aside!
We're the only don business that travels with the public!
Hold on, sis! Please move your leg!
Think 10 bucks lets you take 4 spots?
Be nice to customers!
- Talk cordially with them! - I am!
- Be sure to collect the money! - Collected
Sit down, blockhead!
Just sit down, damn it!
- Do you do return trips? - No, man.
Reached, haven't you? Get down!
Here's the fare. - Be kind to customers!
- Climb down, dear. - I've paid!
- Hey! - What is it, bro?
Ones in the green sari, yellow t-shirt, black jacket and blue striped shirt.
- They left without paying. Go get it! - Really?
Collect a fine for this trickery, too! - Okay...
Yo, stripped shirt! Black jacket!
Stop right there, lady!
- Pay up! - Here you go.
Pay up, I said! I'll whack you!
- Here. - I'll beat the hell out of you!
- Got everything? - How can that ever be?
- Get the one on your left. - Sorry.
- All for the theatre, okay? - I know.
That is our ambition! - Totally!
Here you go.
Arrive. Kill. Leave. No more.
Don't waste bullets like James Bond. Have him stand still and take a head shot!
Leave soon after. Work within the budget!
- Got it? Go. - Okay...
Use a 'Jio' SIM, do you not?
- Yes. - Give it to me.
Take my phone.
Give me a missed call when you reach. I'll call back. Go!
Thrift is what provides meals. Now go!
- Go! - Only for you, it does!
The target's asleep, bro.
You don't pop guys in their sleep. What do we do?
Is he fast asleep?
Yes. He's sleeping soundly!
Let him. Wait a while.
How long do we wait around?
Why idle away? Does he have a USB charger?
- He does. - Put my phone on charge and wait.
- What is it? - Charge it.
This is totally not fair, man!
Is the electricity bill going to be that high?
Having us charge his phone at a murder hive!
When is he going to get up? When will we kill him?
We broke down the door and he didn't even budge!
Yo, baldy!
That's it!
Who are you?
Who are you? What do you want?
Tell him
Raped someone, didn't you?
We're here to kill you for it. That's all!
Please! I'll give you anything you want!
Please spare me. How about 1 lakh rupees? 2 lakhs?
How about 5? 10?
I'll pay 25 lakhs!
What do we do, bro?
The guy who asked us to kill, paid 500 bucks.
The target offers 25 lakh rupees.
Shall we join the baldy?
- I have. - Is that so?
Any number of you can join!
I'll call the kids. We'll all join!
- What, bro! - Hey!
I spent 500 bucks for you to kill that Sand Mafia guy!
You both will carry this out, at no charge! Complimentary! Got it?
It's nothing, bro. The baldy was asleep.
We kidded around just to wake him up.
- The city laughs heartily at your humour. - Thank You!
- Finish him off quickly! - Okay!
One small thing. - What is it?
We're going to shoot him in the 20th floor.
Big trouble if security sees us getting away after we kill him.
So, get the jeep started. Don't worry about fuel expenses.
We'll jump right in and escape! What do you say?
- Stop it! - Why?
- What floor did you say he was at? - The 20th, man!
Would anyone shoot a guy in the 20th floor?
- Left your brain in your ass, eh? - Why do you ask?
Just toss him off the balcony!
If we toss him from the 20th floor, his head will explode. It'll be brutal!
Those who rape brutally, deserve to die brutally.
- That's the verdict! - Okay, bro. We'll handle it.
Hold on a second! - What?
I checked around. There is no family mess hall in the area.
Your health is important to me. Here's what you do.
He'll have something to eat in his refrigerator. Bring it, too!
Sure thing!
One more thing!
What is it now?
Get any cash and jewelry he's got with him.
A dead guy has no use for them!
Anything he's got can be of use to us. Take them. It isn't wrong, okay?
Enough with your list! Get him up!
- Get up, baldy! - Remove the jewelry!
He's taking off his valuables! Good grief!
Take it off! The watch, too!
Take it off of him!
- Least let me keep this! - Sorry, he's too stubborn!
- Please spare me! - Please co-operate! You can do it!
- I haven't eaten all day! - Come along!
I thought he is huge weight
Don't do it, bro! I'll be good from now on!
Please brother
Quite the miserly don, he seems!
"For years in thrift, letting nothing go adrift..."
"...lived this lion!"
"My almighty grandson..."
"...is about to crank it up!"
"The son of Ranga!"
"The grandson of Linga!"
"Here comes Junga!"
"The scenes turns a mirage."
"Dreams will come true!"
"When the heart feels hunger..."
"...your dreams will be its sustenance!"
"When one has a goal..."
"...sleep simply fades away from the eyes!"
"Why the yearning?"
"Shackles shall fly apart!"
"Fight! Fight! Fight!"
"At the heart of Chennai..."
"...imbibed himself, he did!"
"To reclaim his turf!"
"Who can ever defeat him?"
"In sheer agony, are the police!"
"Scared out of their pants, are the ruffians!"
"He provides discounted service!"
"All of Parrys quakes in fear!"
Why do you come here often for selfies?
If we like something, we must take a selfie with it every day!
Looking at the selfie heightens the urge to attain it!
Every brick in this place bears my name!
But, legal papers bear Chettiar's name!
My dear fellow?
The market of the other dons would've dropped since your arrival, yes?
It's wrong to think we can make others step down...
...so that we can reach the top.
After you climb up, if you tell them, "No space around here!" delicately...
...they will do that, on their own.
What is this, sir?
Junga's guys slice ears off for a mere 400 to 500 bucks!
They've lowered the rates of this business...
...and made it worthless!
Look at that picture! You look so badass!
But, now...
...you're as soft as a bun dipped in tea!
Get lost before I say something nasty at you!
Ask that Junga chap to come to our don union meeting!
I'll put him in his place, right there!
The boss wants to meet!
Tell him I'll come when I'm free!
The boss wants to meet you!
Tell him I'll come tomorrow!
He wants to meet you today!
Tell him I'll come in the evening!
He wants to meet you right now!
I'm coming!
You can use the bathroom.
Who is your boss?
My boss is Mr. Soppraj, man!
I don't care if it's Soppraj or Surfraj!
Fight's over. Now leave!
Get lost!
Back in the day, when Mr. Soppraj walked this way...
...we'd move aside to give way.
That is respect.
Boss, Mr. Ponmani used to ask...
...where we were.
And we would ask where he was.
That is respect.
Only after that, would we all head out.
But today? A bunch of puny kids...
...have got into the business and are ruining it!
How neatly did we use to conduct business then?
Yesterday, because the boss said so...
...I sent one of our guys to meet Junga.
Told him that our boss wanted to see him. He responded: "Who's your boss?"
'Soppraj, man!', proclaimed my guy.
'Mr. Soppraj asked for you', said my guy.
"I don't care if it's Soapraj or Surfraj!" After Junga said that...
...he messed up my guy's face!
What language are you speaking, dear?
Who named you Soppraj, sir?
They could've named you Sathyaraj or Anandraj or even Selvaraj!
Look at the size of the wound he gave me!
You might end up spitting on me, man!
Was I the one who named me Soppraj?
My dad named me that while rocking me to and fro in a cradle!
What can I do about that?
I told him about the don union meeting and asked him to come.
He said he can't waste his time on such things.
He asked if I could provide a conveyance fee, if he did come!
Imagine just how arrogant he must be!
Junga is here!
Can everyone see my greeting?
Yes, Junga.
- Why not respond in kind? - Greetings!
Why did you call me here?
Hold on!
Why are four fans running for eight of you?
Who's paying for it?
You're the don of Sowcarpet, yes?
Saw you in the salon, yesterday!
Can't self shave! How'd you ever become a don?
How do you hold a razor?
Does it shake?
Look at this goof!
As I bare my soul, he's eating biscuits!
A don must smuggle gold biscuits. Not bloody eat dog biscuits!
You're softening it by dipping it in tea!
Why get so angry? I'm a diabetic don.
- Roll with it. - I'll whack you!
Listen up, Junga.
There are many problems, here.
We came together to talk it all out.
Want to talk? Why not use a phone?
Isn't that why it was invented?
Plenty of new schemes, too! Talk for free all night!
Set up a conference call with everyone!
- Get the hell up! - Why hit me?
Why this so called union meeting?
I've seen a thousand people like you, Junga.
You talk so much.
What happened to 'Pullianthope' Kumar?
What happened to 'Welding' Ravi?
What happened to 'Pootu' Kanthan?
What happened to 'Gym' Ezhumalai?
What happened?
What happened? Tell me what happened!
They died, dear boy!
Threatening me, are you?
Listen up, Junga.
Everyone must conduct business.
But, you take up every game in town.
How will the others survive?
Murder. Kidnapping. In the don union, there's a fixed rate for everything!
And you choose to tackle every job for no charge?
Everyone is now after you.
Change your ways.
Split jobs with us!
So you think I'm in the mango farming business?
Pickling them and setting up shop to sell them?
Listen up!
I worked really hard to get here.
I will step down and do all I can for those who seek me out!
If you can, you step down, too.
If not, I'll just keep soaring!
Next time, if anyone from the union seeks me out...
There was once a man named Soppraj.
What happened to him? It'll end up like that!
Start the car!
Didn't we walk here?
My foot is my call taxi, dude!
Union sponsored, yes?
Take your share, man! He's a member, too!
- Yes. A basic member! - Come!
Unlike us, he doesn't have any wives.
Nor does he have concubines.
So, why is he so obsessed with money?
The 'Cinema Paradise' theatre is his ancestral family property.
He's raising money to recover the place from Chettiar.
That's why he doesn't let us conduct business.
- So it's the theatre he wants, eh? - Yes.
Okay, we'll run this film in that theatre!
That Korean guy asked for land to build a multiplex, right?
What if we directed him to that Chettiar?
Even if I lose one eye, he'll lose both. What do you say?
Old property, right? That's why you're slicing it meticulously.
Eat the savouries!
Hey! Ever since your story began, it's like I stepped into the men's room!
So damn icky, with only men about!
Didn't you talk about a lovely Telugu lady?
- Any appearance after that? - Why is she missing?
She did come.
I got a call from her.
Mr. Junga! We need to meet.
If I get married...
If I get married, it's only to you.
Great decision, dear!
You've proven that women are sharp!
...would your family and relatives ever accept a don like me?
I know how to deal with them!
How? Tell me. We'll do it!
- You're a major don, now. - I know.
In a Taj Mahal like wedding hall, with assistants in a 100 cars...
- How many cars? - 100 cars.
As your assistants wait for us in a 100 cars...
...we'll arrive with real swagger by helicopter.
All my relatives will be spellbound!
Not just our wedding.
If you were to finance my sister's wedding, my mom will be impressed by you.
And my younger brother. That idiot!
Oh, man! He's good for nothing!
What about that?
In T-Nagar, if you set him up with a ten floor jewelry store...
...he can get into advertising and cinema! Pick up leading ladies, too!
We'll nail him, too!
Finally, to impress me. That's no biggie at all.
I'll be a don's wife, right?
I won't wear the same sari twice.
If you buy me 365 saris every year, I'll be really impressed by you!
Oh, you wretch!
Thought you'd elope with just the sari you wore.
But, you say you won't wear the same sari twice!
If you fulfill small wishes like that...
...everyone will be fine with our marriage!
How about that? Your girl will throw a feast!
'Laddoos' for everyone!
Huge 'laddoos'!
You claim that you'll floor everyone!
But in the end, you've pushed me several floors down!
After that, I turned off that phone.
- I blocked her number. - My goodness!
Changed the SIM card.
Some story this is!
Even if it was me who broke it off...
...I can't get her out of my head, Duraisingam!
Listen up, guys. Trusting Junga is not worth it.
He's really cheating us!
- Let's celebrate his birthday first! - Okay.
I've invited a poet to sing his praises.
We can raise money through that!
Uncle, once you see an opening, poke your nose in!
- What is this? - An entrance, bro!
- Why didn't you mention this before? - It's okay.
How do I handle these guys?
He's a poet. Bound to be a bit eccentric.
- Step up, man! - No thanks, bro.
Let me be one with the people.
Good gracious! Look what this country's come to!
Creeps like him talk politics!
Come forward, douche-face!
Walks like a chick!
Top chick, bro!
A gangster and a poet! The combo seems off.
It's not like that, bro. Composers turn to acting.
Don't actors compose music, too?
- I'm in that category. - With that hair? Knew it!
Sure you'd say that. Introduced you, didn't I?
He has a really proud face!
Acting really weird!
He won't suit our team!
He even thanks me after I chided him!
He's a pure traitor! His body visibly oozes with venom!
- He's even got a snake on his shirt! - Forget his personal taste!
He has epic poems! I'll make him recite them!
Hey, wolf face! Give me a poem!
It's time to rock
"Up north, is River Ganga!"
"Down south, is Bay Vanga!"
"That guy in the middle? He is Junga!"
- Poet Dinesh! - He practiced for a week!
He's perfect!
You call that a poem? -Yes, bro.
After writing it, you sign your name at the end?
Awesome! Really trendy, bro. I'll be sure to do it!
- Really cool. - Have it outside your door!
When you're with us, you're not a poet. You're quiet!
Listen carefully.
Pride, morality, sense and honor are most important to a gangster!
You have none of it. Toss him out!
You're missing out on a good resource!
I'll leave. But one day or another, I will prove myself!
Punch his teeth out!
Why humiliate him like this? He has poetry for everything...
You take selfies in front of a theatre, yes?
It's being torn apart!
The hell is this? Get out of that vehicle!
Get down from there!
Who gave you permission?
- How dare you destroy my property? - Why cause a ruckus? Stop!
You... come with me!
My boy...
Aren't you...
...Ranga's son? - Yes!
Linga's grandson?
Ranga's son has to be Linga's grandson, right?
Right. Father and grandfather!
They look like me with wigs on! Thus, you figured it out easily. Next!
Do you know of the many good deeds that your dad and grandpa have done?
They gave money to so many people!
Your father was the one who gifted me a house!
Your dad gave me this chain, too!
I still keep it as a memento!
Eight sovereign Even in those days!
By splurging on guys like you, he left me homeless!
Charity saves all...
Yes, charity saves all! But enjoying charity from others...
- Cool down! It's okay... - What becomes of the charitable?
- I'm respecting your age, okay? - Right!
I'm saving up money to buy the theatre. Rushed here because I heard about this.
Can't wait anymore! How do I meet that guy?
You can't meet Mr. Chettiar without an appointment.
The thing is, a Korean company and Chettiar are building a complex here.
Here's what you do. I have a visiting card for the Korean company.
With it, you can meet Chettiar.
- See to it this place isn't demolished. - They won't do that.
I'll send a letter to the Pollution Control Board...
...and delay this by two months.
By then, buy the theatre back from Chettiar. But don't bother me.
- See you. - Okay.
Just a minute!
Intend to go like this?
Buy a new shirt and go well-groomed!
Don't take him along!
They won't let him in.
Thank Goodness he stopped with the chain.
He forgot about the house his dad gave me.
He maybe a real big shot, but must he build such a large hall?
Take care of yourself
Good morning, Chettiar How are you?
I assumed you'd be a fat, dark and pious like Chettiars are in old movies!
But, you look like a trim and stylish expat Chettiar!
Who is this guy?
- They're here to talk about the theatre. - Get the documents!
Sir, documents please
Think I'd come without the docs? Shall I read them?
Boozing so early?
Document of Agreement.
I, the President of Chettiar Groups, a resident of 1 Pradanai Street...
...set forth to Junga, son of late Ranga, grandson of late Linga...
...resident of 9, Fakir Sahib Street, Royapuram...
...thus in this document.
The 19,310 square feet 'Cinema Paradise' theatre building.
Save for the canteen in the building which is reserved for the public...
...I solemnly declare that the theatre's benefits can be reaped...
...wholeheartedly by Junga and his descendants!
To that end, an advance payment of Rs. 1 crore...
...and the rest of the sum within the next year...
...or depending on Junga's assignments, I agree to accept the rest...
...in instalments patiently over the course of one year.
As long as you fulfill these terms...
...I will not do you any harm.
Here you go, Chettiar! Sign away at the required spots!
Let's finish the deal! Thank You!
Why flinch your eyes?
He doesn't seem to buy this. Bring out the cash!
I'm diligent with money, sir!
- Bring it out and show him! - Alright.
- Have a look, sir. - One crore in its entirety!
Use counting machines, right? Run this into it!
It's got coins. Careful with the machine!
Don't need the money. You keep it.
Consider it my gift for renovating your theatre!
- Before he changes mind, put it away! - Okay!
Zip it up and close it!
Give it to me. Now go!
I deceived his dad and grandpa to buy this theatre.
Now this boy came by with such puppy dog eyes!
Since you returned back that one crore as a respite to this...
I'll tell you one thing. You can have it inscribed on stone!
I haven't said it to anyone before.
You're the best guy I've ever met in my life!
- Sit down, man - It's okay
- How's my English? - Awesome!
Shall I tell you something about corporate culture?
Asked if you understand what I said.
The only difference between the rich and poor
...is how they successfully use the time
Speaking of time, that reminds me!
Sign it before the auspicious time. I'll take a quick selfie, eat lunch and go.
I'm cool with vegetarian!
Sit down.
I'll explain in a way you'll understand.
Where did you buy that shirt?
Do you like it?
I knew it!
Knew you'd ask me about the new shirt when I wore it! Tell me what it costs!
Take a wild guess!
Have a feel of the fabric and tell me!
No...no, sir Please understand
He'll know only after feeling the fabric, right?
Never mind.
About three to four thousand rupees?
Did you get fooled?
Just four hundred bucks! Got it at Kumar & Co.!
Need a new shirt for a festival? Park outside my hood and call me!
Your car won't go in. Take how much ever you want!
Good! -What?
Let me tell you a story.
A story for me? How about that! Go ahead!
The shop you just mentioned.
A shop something like that
A boy went into that shop and had a salesman pick out many shirts.
He was totally confused!
When the shopkeeper asked him why...
...he said that he came there with his dad 20 years ago for a fluorescent green...
What? - Fluorescent?
Parrot green, sir?
Yes! A parrot green colour shirt!
He had tried to buy it for 100 bucks. As he couldn't do so that day...
...he returned on this day to buy it with the same 100 bucks.
Who is he, sir? Seems like a real doofus!
Don't bring him to the store, sir. The owner will lose his mind!
In a town, there was a well.
A boy over there, used a glass to try drinking all the water out of it.
When asked why...
...he said that 30 years ago, his grandpa tossed a stone into the well...
...and he's looking to use the glass to empty the well completely...
...and retrieve that stone.
Even today...
...a stray dog happened to waltz in here, just because the door was open...
You needn't stoop down to stray dog.
Where the hell do you guys come from?
What are you glaring at?
Think you can threaten me because you're a don?
I've dealt with your dad and grandpa!
Because the both of them dealt with you, I'm meeting you today as a don in poverty!
The most mis-used word in the dictionary!
The poor are the curse of this nation!
We can't bring about any development!
Try building an airport? Affects the poor!
Try building a pipeline? Affects the poor!
Try taking up a hydrocarbon project? Affects the poor!
What the hell is all this?
For India to become a developed country, there is very simple way.
Round up all those in poverty in one place and burn them.
A load of cash, it seems!
Does my face look like it has never seen a crore before?
With that same face, can you see just what I did to earn this crore?
Drinking in broad daylight, are you? Rascal!
Attacking me with henchmen! Am I a rogue or are you?
Ripped the new shirt? They're dead meat!
Hey! Let go!
Let go of my hand!
My shirt...
What did you say?
The poor are worse than vermin to you?
Say you'll burn them!
Isn't it because the poor use them, that you can sell your stuff in bulk for cheap?
Why don't you charge much higher?
The rich just keep digging for cash!
Try recharging a phone for 10 bucks, we lose 3.5 more. It hits hard, man!
Tried respecting you as you own my family property...
...but you come off as an entitled prick.
I'll fry your ass!
What the hell were those stories you said?
The boy wanted to buy a parrot green shirt for 100 bucks?
For the love he has for his dad, he will definitely get that shirt!
That boy who was looking for a stone?
Never mind a glass! He can empty out that entire well with a mere spoon...
...and with his hard work, he will get that stone!
The last thing you said? That creature who waltzed right into an open house?
That stray dog!
You will soon beg at the dog's feet!
Beg to return the theatre back to it!
Mark it down! You'll return the theatre back to me!
Get the bag!
- Got the documents? - Yes!
- Got the pen? - I have!
- Don't! - Let me go!
I'll tell you another thing. One I've also never told anyone else.
You're the worst guy I've ever met in my life!
I'm sorry about this, guys!
Come on
- We got everything, right? - Yes!
Useless fellow
What happened? Why's the shirt ripped?
- What's wrong? - Let it go!
- I'll drive! - Start!
Call that theatre manager!
In this day and age, who gives a missed call?
I'll give a missed call, too.
Why give me a missed call, my boy?
Chettiar has a daughter, right?
Yes, he has a daughter named Yazhini.
Only child, right? -Yes. Why do you ask?
Tried talking nice with him about the theatre and he insulted me.
This'll only work if we do it my way.
We're kidnapping his daughter!
Don't do this, dear boy.
Swear to God, I can't help with this.
Say goodbye to this idea!
The house you got for free from my dad? Say goodbye to it, too!
Don't tell anyone about this, my boy.
The girl is studying in Paris!
Start driving to Parrys!
Hello? -I've reached Parrys!
So quickly? How?
Taking the Central route would waste fuel. So, I went through many alleys!
Tell me where she is! -My house is gone!
Tell him to hurry! We have to grab her right away!
Which street? Moore? Harmony? Thambu Chetty? Linghi Chetty?
I didn't mean that Parrys!
What? Not this Parrys? Which one, then?
Hey! This is Parrys! They're tricking us! Take a look!
P-A-R-R-Y-S. It's here!
I meant Paris, France!
Paris is in France?
This one's abroad.
- The hell are you saying? - This Paris in Europe!
The Paris in Europe?
- A flight will get you there! - Oh no!
A Paris accessible only by plane?
"My darling! Please control yourself!"
"My darling! Let's break the barriers!"
"My darling! He's coming in search for you!"
"My darling! He's going to abduct you!"
"Parrys to Paris!"
"He's taken a budget flight!"
"He's changed eight flights!"
"He brought a stash of home-made rice!"
"He's gone out of control!"
For the theatre, man!"
"In the mighty empire of entertainment..."
"...the uncrowned queen, she is!"
"No need for a request or an order..."
"With a mere glance, she makes the skies part!"
"Born to be an achiever, he was!"
"Success itself, is struck with fear!"
"He takes not a call taxi..."
"...but considers his feet a cab and orders you to walk!"
"He filled just a jug of water!"
"He saved a bit for bathing as well!"
"He's taken it to another level!"
"Even the foreigners are floored!"
"He is the don's don!"
"Who can ever measure up to him?"
"A hero that Europe has never seen!"
"His single gaze gets the cash registers ringing!"
"Desires fill her world!"
"What she seeks, she snags!"
"Will a billion bucks speak?"
"But here, even her money will scream out loud!"
"He's lived a life with principles!"
"He's taller than the Eiffel Tower!"
"He's dipped a bun into tea!"
"And that wraps up his dinner!"
Think we'll go broke if we stay here!"
The theatre guy said you can see her only if you stay here!"
We'll stay for two days and grab her!"
It'll take two days to warm up. Don't you want the theatre?"
"He's slipped on a suit!"
"He's got a whole new look!"
"He's fixed his target!"
"He's concocted a master plan!"
Truly awesome!
I can see the glow! Candle lighting, huh?
You hesitated spending 15,000 bucks for all this?
It's worth the money!
Quiet! What is worth it?
Back home at Parrys, I could get this for 200 bucks!
For lying face down, why such gaudy designs? How stupid!
Why such a theatre-like door, in a room for two?
Ever thought about this?
Is my dad the carpenter who made this? Get lost!
Hey! Where are you going? Stay here!
I'm hungry. I'll go eat.
I brought you here. Ask me for that stuff.
I know what, when and how much to feed you.
What are you going to give?
Open it up!
What did he buy without my knowledge? He sold all the tamarind rice on the plane.
I've seen dons who hijacks airplanes.
Never seen one who hijacks free stuff off a plane!
This is our food. This is all we'll eat here.
Eat conservatively!
This is food?
Hey! Isn't this all that you gave me on the way?
These are just buns!
What's up, mom?
I've reached here and found a place to stay.
What the hell have you done?
What's wrong, mom?
Oh! You got the text of the bill for my new clothes?
It cost 25,000 bucks. I'm pissed about it, too. What to do?
Buddy! Mustn't one spend money to make money?
Tell your mom I said that.
Profit can only come from investment, right?
You damn buffalo!
You didn't spend 25 thousand bucks on clothing, man!
You spent 22 lakhs and 25 thousand bucks!
What are you saying?
You've spent in their currency, man!
Those thugs multiplied the amount you spent by 78!
What are you saying, mom?
Why buy clothes worth 10-12 lakh rupees?
The clothes?
They're worth 12 lakhs?
The first thing you bought came up to around 1 to 1.5 lakhs.
The next 3 items you bought came up to around 10 lakh rupees!
10 lakh rupees?
As if leaving us broke by buying clothes isn't enough...
...why did you book a room for 10 lakh rupees?
With that money, you could've easily built a damn house, Junga!
In the end, you've done the same crap that Ranga and Linga used to do!
This is why I begged you repeatedly to not go overseas!
Did you listen to me?
Just come back, Junga! Come back home!
You can make a living as a bus conductor!
Blow whistles to make money!
My sweet darling, Junga! Please come back home!
Hang up the phone, mom!
Just hang up!
From now, I won't even spend 5 pennies! Hang up!
Why is he worked up?
Save the family, man! Don't leave us homeless!
Hang up the phone!
How much is the coat? How much does it cost?
4,000 bucks for the bottom.
4,000 for inner wear.
- 5,000 for the lion hair. Okay? - "Lion hair"?
- What does that mean? - Mane, man!
- How much in total? - Just 13,000 bucks, man!
That's in their currency! Know how much in ours?
- How much? - 10 lakh rupees!
It cost us 10 lakhs, man!
Oh my Goodness!
Despite being so careful, I got deceived!
10 lakhs is gone, man!
Hey! That's a golden bowl!
Break it and they'll charge you high! Don't hit me for it!
Right! Let's not do that!
Get the suitcase! Get the damn suitcase! - Okay!
Get the suitcase! Good gracious!
I haven't even seen the girl and all my money's gone!
My money!
How hard I worked to earn it? It's all gone!
How much money? So much of it!
Tossed away everything you've earned to the white guys, Junga!
Shall we take a sleeping pill?
Sleeping pill, you say?
I just asked a logical question!
Such a pill puts one to sleep for 3 hours.
I strike, one won't wake up for 3 days!
We knock her out and restrain her! Let's go!
We buy the theatre back today!
It isn't nice if a don is in tears when he's heading to kidnap a girl! Stop!
The sorrow of the lost money makes it flow by itself!
I'm going to knock her out, break her teeth and finish her off!
I've never seen you this angry!
If you kill her with this rage, they'll arrest both you and me!
Then, there'll be no one to save you. Please listen to me!
Given how mad I am, that girl is...
Crime against women won't go unpunished.
We'll think about it over a meal in that room!
- Don't piss me off. - Dons like us mustn't get mad!
- Listen to me! - Just come along!
Knock! You knock, she opens, I knock her out and we get her out of here!
Knock on the door! Knock!
- Bought a 10 lakh rupee coat! Knock! - Sorry!
We'll knock and demand! Knock!
- Ask them who they are! - What, man?
- Room service, huh? - Never mind. Knock!
Four guys are here, man.
Just four, right? We'll handle it. Now knock!
Eight of them are here, man!
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
No matter how many, I'll take care. Now knock!
It'll become sixteen, man!
Shall we apologize to them and leave?
Think we'll lay back just cause they're foreigners?
- I'll show him who's boss. Knock! - Okay.
'Now Paris will quake in fear.'
Look at the way he ogles, despite the guns!
We need to go to the fourth floor.
Accidentally came to the third.
Hey! Are you guys Tamilians?
- Where from in Tamil Nadu? - Chennai.
Chennai? Where in Chennai?
You're from RA Puram. We're from Rayapuram.
Y & A are missing in the middle.
I apologize for that.
It's okay
Why have you come to Paris?
We are production managers. We came on a location scout!
What's your name?
Nice name
And I really like that hairstyle
Thank you
Put the guns down They are from my country
Okay. Lower your guns!
He's not helpful in the least! Just keeps ogling!
He's still pointing his gun at me.
Put the gun down, John Woo!
Their faces look suspicious!
It's okay. Lower your weapon.
Put it down. Had this been my 'hood, you'd be screwed!
I am so sorry
This week is my birthday celebration.
My dad has appointed these security guys for my safety.
To go to the fourth floor, take a right. Elevator's there. Got it?
Thank you
Her dad betrayed us hard!
Totally! Eight armed security guards!
Not that! You know about this, right?
Anytime I see a thing, it gets imprinted in my mind.
Even when I saw her photo at her dad's house...
...it didn't seem that great. It was okay.
But, when I saw her in the flesh...
Her eyes, man!
You call those eyes?
By fathering such a girl, he did us in!
After doing us in, he sent her abroad!
Hey! Our goal is the theatre!
Yes! The theatre is my goal!
My focus will never waver from it.
...if I were to divert...
...that's it.
Now, as I barely consider you human, I ignore your opinions.
But, don't stop giving them!
Ask me to be steady and I'll be ready.
Here's a test. The girl's over there.
I get distracted by her.
Now say it.
- Steady, Junga? - Ready!
Who teaches him this crap?
Oh, you're here!
Hey! This dress looks new!
When did you buy it?
It's the hotel's, man! Got it in the bathroom. It's free!
If so, fine.
A born splurger!
Dear Lord, save me from him!
Who is this disturbance? Come yaar
A guest came in search of you.
Hi, Junga Welcome to Paris
Nice to see you
How are you?
If this keeps up, I'd be great!
Let go, Junga!
He's not Junga. I am.
You're the first lady to ever hug him!
Why didn't you tell me right way that you're not Junga?
Anytime he misses his timing, I seize the opening!
He's my assistant.
- I'm Kalki. - Hi!
Greetings! Tell me!
Manager Sukumar sent me over.
He's my dad's close friend.
What kind of help do you need?
I'm here for a film location scout. Need your help for it.
You're a director?
Production Manager.
If a production manager gets such a costly hotel...
In Tamil cinema, production managers rule the roost!
- Excellent! - Alright...
I'll fix the plans tonight and fill you in tomorrow.
Carry it out, accordingly.
Locations will keep changing. You need to be alert. Got it?
Follow whatever the manager says. Okay?
Shut it!
Alright, Kalki!
I don't like you!
Why don't you like me?
As if dark guys are filthy!
Hi everyone, its my birthday next week
I have a great plan
We gonna celebrate it right from tomorrow
At the grandest place in Europe and that's Paris Opera House
So join me Let's have a blast
See you there...muah
I need smoke bombs for the production. Shall we check them out?
Good morning! We're looking for some good smoke bombs. Have some?
May we see some, please?
Put that down, sir. You can't touch that.
- Put it down! - Put that down!
Listen to me!
Ask them the price.
- How much do they cost? - 5000 Euros.
Four lakhs, in Indian currency. That okay?
This won't work. Shall we go?
I can get you a 5% discount. Shall I do it?
Stop talking to me like that.
Know how much I spent on the film?
Know its budget? Don't dare talk about low end discounts to me!
Do you know my family?
- Go wait in the car! - I'm sorry!
Let it go. Why blow our own trumpet?
Shaved your kid bald, did you?
Ask him how far will it cover.
When this blows up, how much area will the smoke cover?
Can't get what he's saying!
Probably wants to know how far the tear gas can spread.
19 cubic square metres.
It can cover the size of this room!
It'll cover the entire room? -Done!
You pay first
I am here Don't worry
Money will come Don't worry
- Take two of these! - Give it to me.
I'll take another two.
Open one up and spray it in the eyes of the guy who asked for money!
Say something, man!
Let's scoot
The Paris Tamil Association proudly presents!
The lion of the 'Gaana' world!
"The one-song wonder! The YouTube thunder!"
"The genius behind the hit single 'Lolikiriya'..."
"...that made him an overnight sensation, here comes Poet Dinesh!"
We proudly welcome Poet Dinesh onto the stage!
Stop the car
Open the door!
We have no time. We need to go to the Opera House. Please listen!
Please don't go!
I have to go
It's my favorite song Lolikiriya
Listen to me, ma'am!
We're accountable to the agency! Please don't go! Your dad will be mad!
Don't follow me, okay?
"Yesterday, in North Madras..."
"...I composed this music bit!"
"Today, in North Korea..."
"...my talent is a viral hit!"
"A mere teaser was his Gaana tune!"
"The heart-throb of hot Aussie girls, it has become!"
"I never had no coach!"
"Over seven large shots of booze, my song was born, at Ennore Beach!"
"From Anna Nagar's Arch, Mumbai, it has reached!"
"Did it stop with that? Borders, it has breached!"
"Lolikiriya! Will you show me?"
"Lolikiriya! Trolling me, are you?"
"Lolikiriya! Is that chicken curry?"
"Lolikiriya! Making a yummy deep fry?"
"Lolikiriya! Laughing, are you?"
"Lolikiriya! Glaring, are you?"
"Lolikiriya! Have it, will you?"
"Lolikiriya! Tear it, will you?"
"Struggled for a 'idli' and a roti, then! Now, Italy's pasta in my den!"
"A starving singer, I was! A star in Paris, I am now!"
"Kissed up for nickels and dimes, then! Money flows, now!"
"Insults and brickbats, then. Accolades and praises, now!"
"Not a girl glanced my way back then!"
"Girls can't get enough of me now!"
"In the North, is River Ganga! In the South, is Bay Vanga!"
"So said, brother Junga!"
"Made me live like a king, he did!"
What's the matter?
Come on! Come, dear boy! Come!
- You have so much wisdom? - Yes, bro!
My darling!
He's trolling you!
He spoke the truth!
Sing, man!
"Lolikiriya! Can you show me?"
"Lolikiriya! Trolling me, are you?"
"Lolikiriya! Doing well, are you?"
"Lolikiriya! A little dull, are you?"
How do I ask this?
Who kidnapped her? Where did he take her?
If anything happens to that girl...
- An important thing... - What?
- I'm hungry! - What?
- What? - It's okay!
- What? - I'll just have water!
If anything happens to that girl...
How hard I worked!
I've packed everything.
Like your mom said, let's save money, at least.
Let's book a ticket to back home!
Once we get there, we don't need the theatre.
We'll survive by getting into the cable TV biz.
First, let's head home!
Telling the right thing, aren't I?
Get Chettiar on the phone!
Call him!
Sir, call from Paris
Hello, Chettiar bro!
Recognize the voice?
Who is this?
Junga from Paris
As your daughter looked like sweet butter...
...I whisked her away!
What are you saying?
Why get tensed while talking business?
I tried to be nice and you came off like a prick, yes?
Didn't I tell you? Spelt it out loud and clear, that day?
That you'd return the theatre to me?
Put my daughter on the phone!
That's old style, Chettiar!
If you want to talk to your child, I need to talk to my mom!
'Junga dear boy, he returned the theatre. Return his daughter!' she must say!
Then, you two can talk all you want. It doesn't concern me.
You and your nasty theatre! Take it!
Put my daughter on the phone!
The registration comes first! Then, you get to talk to her. Got it?
Friday evening here! How can I register?
Take the weekend off.
Sign over the theatre to my mom on Monday morning. Sound good?
Also, you only have two days.
Don't waste it by bringing in cops or press. Be a responsible dad.
You don't know about my power, Junga!
Give the phone to my daughter
Listen up! Sign the theatre away to my mom, first!
Until then, take good care of my mom. I'll take care of your girl. That's it!
You didn't realize the seriousness of the situation
Why this constant blubbering? Hang up!
Hey! What are you saying, man? We don't have the girl!
It's okay.
I said we don't have her!
- He doesn't know that, does he? - So?
He's asked for two days time.
We'll find her by then.
We just heard from the Indian Embassy, that they suspect someone named Junga.
The father of the kidnapped girl, also suspects him.
He kidnapped that girl!
The French police force have confirmed that Junga is the kidnapper.
Cops are surrounding the hotel!
Hurry up! Let's go!
Take this! Open the door!
Rig it to go off!
- Wait! It's not opening! - Come!
Come! Catch this!
- O King Napoleon, only you can save us! - Just come!
Relentless, aren't they?
Get lost!
My dear darling sweetie pie!
Are you well?
Listen up! Put your affection aside!
I've abducted Chettiar's child! He'll register the theatre to us in 2 days!
What do you mean, 'two days'?
It's Friday, right? He'll handle it on Monday!
Go stay at his house. Oversee the theatre registration process!
Be thorough about it!
Where is that old lady? Junga kidnapped Chettiar's daughter!
My grandson is a mighty lion!
Call him on Skype! I'll give him a kiss!
As promised, you kidnapped Chettiar's daughter!
I didn't kidnap her! But, I told him I did!
- What are you saying? - Believe it or not...
...I swear to you, I came to kidnap her. Someone beat me to it!
- How? - Don't keep asking questions!
Do what I say. You'll be scared. Have granny with you!
She'll do it right and do it boldly!
Don't tell her that I didn't abduct that girl!
She'll get rattled and screw it up!
Come what may, see to it she doesn't lose confidence. Confidence is key! Got it?
How would Chettiar believe any of this?
He already believed it! Why can't you? I'm in France, now. So is she!
She's abducted! As I said I was in France, he believed I did it!
Won't believe your own son? Hang up!
He eats 3 kilograms of buns in one day!
Hey! Where are you going?
The cops are chasing us! Let's scoot!
I won't move an inch!
- Why? - Said I was hungry since I got here!
You keep feeding me bread and piss me off!
Even on those golden toilet seats, couldn't take a single dump!
- Thus, I ask why? - Why do you think?
As the stomach was filled with bread, it got locked!
You go abroad, eat their food.
Didn't I give you their buns?
Those dads of yours, here? Give them those buns!
Listen up! Don't you dare insult my family.
That's exactly what I'm telling you!
That theatre may be the goal of you and your family.
Food is my family's primary drive!
You're a don! I'm an assistant don!
Alright, I admit it.
What is your problem?
I'm hungry!
Tell it straight! Why beat around the bush?
I'm telling it straight. I'm hungry. There, I said it!
What are you going to do?
Get it. Get the cash!
Paper money. Not coins!
Go eat! Pig out all you want!
Save this for tonight. Now eat!
It's okay if the cops catch us. Eat!
Despite all I said, you still give me a bun?
A chewed up one at that!
I'll see you later!
Where are you going, assistant don?
- See that big restaurant over there? - Yes.
I'll pig out big time there!
Diligently pay the bill! If not...
...we'll meet at court. Food court, that is!
The money!
Don! Assistant Don!
What happened?
It's a church, not a restaurant. Eatery's here. Quickly come pay the bill!
- Let go! - Please listen! Don't make me beg!
- Cops are chasing us! - Get lost!
- We have no money! - I hate you!
You're my darling, aren't you?
Let go or I'll drop it! I will drop it! Let go of me!
Your hunger's blinding you from your friend!
Where are you, waiter?
You look really dapper, man!
I mean it.
The whole city knows that!
I'm trusting you with this, man.
Don't let a friend down, man.
This doesn't look like an eatery to me! It's just a place that fleeces money!
You're hungry and want to eat, right?
- Yes. - Come!
I'll take you to a place down the street. Fresh food! Eat all you want there!
The cost doesn't matter!
Have a bun or a bun and a half.
Taste one of these buns I bought!
Don't kill a friend by eating!
Let's bail before the waiter comes!
Waiter! Over here!
Kill me with buns, will you?
- Welcome! - Hi Bruce Lee!
Please look at the menu.
(explains menu in Chinese)
Where is he off to?
He went to pee, man.
I need a Chinese guy for the film.
Think he works for the security company 'ANSSI'.
- Shall we have a look? - On my way!
- Please hurry. We don't have much time. - Okay!
Sir, your bill...
- Full bill? - Yes.
Any jobs available?
- Good day! - Good day!
We're looking for a Chinese guy from your agency.
There's no record of a Chinese person in our agency.
Maybe they're referring to John Woo!
Yes! That sounds about right!
Do you have a description of him? A photo, perhaps?
Not sure what folder it is in. Let me check!
- Patience, Junga! - Get down from there, sir!
That's him!
Is he here right now?
You can't meet him right now.
Owing to personal reasons, he resigned this morning.
He didn't tell us anything.
He resigned from his job, this morning.
Ask them where he'd be!
Ask what locality he'd be in!
Stop! Stop!
Get out of the way!
Who do you think you are? Come on!
Why'd you break that vase, man?
Bring it on!
Jeez! Come on!
"No matter where he is..."
"...a leader will always step up!"
"No matter who opposes him..."
"...a Tamilian will always find victory!"
"Step up and win, he will!"
"Step up and win, he will!"
Where is Yazhini?
With the Italian Drug Mafia!
At the Chambord.
Come here, my dear.
Take care of the umbrella.
Italian Drug Mafia!
For the Indo-French relationship to remain intact...
...the French police must rescue the Indian girl we abducted.
The French government will have no choice but to listen to us!
They must give in to our demands!
If they want the Indian girl alive, they must release our leader!
I'm a don mom.
She's a don grandma.
You may have a million worries.
Don't worry about anything.
All will be well.
We raised the boy right! No harm will come to your child.
As long as nothing happens to us...
...no harm will come to your daughter.
She's subtly implying that.
If anything happens to us, my grandson will go out of control!
All downhill from there!
You mustn't blame us for that.
Get them out of here
Get going, ladies.
Let my daughter return.
They're dead!
- Hi Junga - Hi
How do I reach Chambord from here?
By airplane, it would take forty minutes.
I mean, how much would it cost?
300 Euros.
How much would it cost if we took a bus?
200 Euros.
That won't work for me. How much would it cost, by boat?
By boat? 150 Euros.
Oh no!
How about if I swam there?
- Really? - Yes, really
Not a chance! The water's at minus 5 degrees!
For God sake!
The media's reporting that someone else kidnapped that girl!
'Yazhini, the daughter of Indian tycoon Kumaraswamy Chettiar...'
'...was abducted last night. An Indian man named Junga is behind it.'
This game is very interesting!
So, Junga kidnapped that girl.
We'll use him as a scapegoat...
...and achieve our demands.
Junga is...
...our trump card, now.
My dear!
What's on your mind?
The thought of Chettiar beating us to death flashes before my eyes!
I usually drink almond milk!
And you brought regular milk?
- Get going! - Go change it!
Hey, kiddo!
What the hell is this? The air-conditioner doesn't seem effective!
If it's set at full blast, can your body take it?
Come here! Come, dear boy!
Come in front of me. Sit down!
The girl is with us!
Remember that!
Poison that milk!
Get lost!
- Dear boy... - Yes?
Put some 'vadhumai' seeds in that milk and bring it over.
You might accidentally put wheat seeds!
What do you mean by that?
Walnuts, dear boy!
The hell are you staring at?
Junga, don't give up
Hard work...Hard work
Who are you?
I am fine What about you?
Which group?
Junga group
Only two of us came here.
Budgetary problems.
He made me walk from the airport!
Which country are you from?
Hasn't seen 'Indian', I suppose.
Which place?
Not Kashmir! Kasimedu!
Fish fry!
We let the nets loose at night, catch fish, fry them at dawn and eat it. Delicious!
Where is your passport?
That's a long story, sir!
My leader, Junga?
He put my passport into a cover that holds buns!
All the oil from the buns went into my passport.
After that, I put it out to dry on a towel.
He folded my passport and took it along!
I don't think he's Indian.
He must be from Africa or something.
Are you a Somalian?
Oh! You provide samosas, too?
Give me two, please! I'll have it along with tea!
I can't understand him.
- Bring the girl we arrested, to translate. - Yes, sir.
'It has come to our knowledge, that the kidnapper...'
'...of the Indian girl Yazhini, is an Indian named Junga.'
'The kidnapper demanded the release of the Italian drug mafia boss in exchange...'
'...for Yazhini. If this doesn't happen, he threatened that she'd be killed.'
'Through this, it has been confirmed that Junga is the key point person...'
'...of the Italian drug mafia, to whom France is a base of operations.'
Hey, old lady! Who does Junga think he is?
Did I not say I'd register it on Monday morning?
Why this talk about releasing my girl if the Italian drug mafia boss is released?
You all playing games with me?
Patience, Chettiar!
My grandson's travelled far, hasn't he?
Can he handle just your business?
He would've run into other stuff, along the way.
Those must be handled, right? Travel costs, yes?
Look at me, Chettiar
If you return our property...
...your property will automatically reach you!
If anything happens to my daughter...
Mind it
Can't you keep your mouth shut?
Why the arch villainess act?
Least if you're popped, you'll die quick!
I have to withstand all of it!
Why are you getting worked up?
My grandson's on his route to victory over there!
When will this coat warm up?
When will I save that girl?
You hooligans!
Poured cold water all across the city...
...and made a don shiver!
Thank God! Come, good lady!
Is this the girl you asked for, sir?
Do you know him?
Tell them I'm a nice guy!
Yes, I know him.
Translate what he says!
Kalki! I don't get what they're saying. They don't get what I'm saying.
Please save me by telling them that I have nothing to do with his.
You creeps! Deceived me, did you?
No matter how much they hit you...
...just say this.
'Oui, je le kidnappeur.'
- Will they let me go if I do say it? - Yes!
Once I get out, we'll get married! I'll take care of it.
Come along, boys!
Come close
Oui, je le kidnappeur!
Are you the kidnapper?
That's exactly what I said! Yes, I'm the kidnapper!
You're the kidnapper?
Yes, I'm the kidnapper!
You're the kidnapper?
Why is he worked up, as if I kidnapped her?
Just say it with a brave face!
You said it, right? Now watch my bravery!
Yes, I'm the kidnapper!
Hey buffaloes!
Look! My voice
Yes, I'm the kidnapper!
Hitting on me, are you?
What is it, guys?
Oh! You give water to Tamilians?
Beat him up!
How dare you speak like this?
Stop hitting me!
Is anybody there?
Someone please help!
Good day.
Good day everyone!
Good day
Stop that girl!
Hey, stop!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Please stop!
"Arrived, did a golden lass!"
"Millions of treasures, she gave!"
"Arrived, did a golden lass!"
"Millions of treasures..."
You know
Good day!
I've been kidnapped! Please help me!
'Merci' (Thank You!)
- Do you know French? - Just know 'Merci'. Must learn the rest.
Put on your seatbelt.
Put it on.
Drive faster!
Split up and pin them down!
Watch out!
Fast...fast Hurry!
Step out of the car!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
I'll tell you the route.
Right again
Now go right.
Hurry! If you take a left here, they won't follow.
- Really? - Yes!
Take a left
Stop the car!
How did that happen?
Pull over!
Stop here
- Any of your relatives work here? - Yes!
The French police!
The BRI Headquarters! Now, we're safe.
Get on the ground, now!
Nobody shoot! You might hit the girl!
Come! Come! Give me your hand!
Shut the door!
Put all units on alert!
Block that car!
Don't let them escape! Block them!
Do not let it go! Surround it!
Careful! Don't let him get away!
We can't let him get away! Follow him!
- Why are the cops shooting at you? - I don't know!
No clue why did the mafia abducted me or why the cops shot at me!
You don't know. You know nothing!
When in trouble, would one go to the cops?
Running to them like sheep, eh?
Moron! Should've never fallen for you!
You filthy, moronic wild animal!
Trying my hardest not to yell at a girl!
You and your stupid yellow gown!
No one has ever scolded me before in my life!
I didn't scold you, either!
Shall I give you some advice?
Try to understand me! You'll be safe and happy!
If you're tense, feel free to lean on me. Go ahead.
Now take a left! I'm definitely sure of it!
I'll kill you! Be quiet!
Junga and the girl we nabbed are being chased by the cops. What do we do?
At any cost, I want that Indian girl!
Got it?
Stop the vehicle!
Pull over! Stop the vehicle!
Stop the car, I said!
Don't move
Step out of the vehicle!
Let that girl out! Hands in the air!
- Good morning, sir. - Have a seat.
The government's decided to release the mafia leader.
This is a mistake! That drug mafia has affected many students...
...and has killed many of my team members!
Just give me a day's time. I'll catch Junga and his team!
He abducted that girl before your very eyes in front of your base!
You've done nothing so far and now you ask for time?
Let's kill him in prison and declare it an accidental death.
The minister can do nothing about it!
It isn't that easy. If we kill him, everyone will suspect us!
The minister will suspend the BRI team. All our work would have been for nothing!
Are we releasing him, then?
He and his gang must die!
- Mr Junga - Yes
Is it nice?
Everything's just right!
Is it?
- Shall I buy one more dress? - Sure.
But, be sure to buy something loose like this. It'll be cool!
Why thank me?
You're paying, right? I was quiet because pals don't thank each other.
- I'm paying? - Yes!
How can I have any money?
They kidnapped me, right?
You didn't bring your wallet?
No, I left it behind.
Left it in the car? It's okay. Go get it.
No, I...
- Left it in your hotel room, then? - Yes!
It's okay. Go get it.
Meanwhile, I'll shop some more!
I left it in my room in India!
Shall I leave one of these dresses behind?
Having decided to make a run for it, why leave behind any?
We're running?
Don't sound so shocked. Play it cool.
- We're making a run for it? - Yes.
Come, let's go.
What is all of this?
What the hell are you doing?
I'm stretching. All this running gave me cramps!
After escaping the cops and mafia...
...it will be shameful if we're busted by these guys!
Just come along. Keep smiling.
It's okay if you get cramps. When I give you a count of three...
Stop right there!
You know something
For the first time in my life, I've stolen something!
With motivation like this, we can do a lot more! Come!
Good girl
Oh my God!
Nobody's here! What do I do?
Junga, I need your phone.
- Why? - I need to talk to my dad right away.
He'd be very upset if he doesn't talk to me on my birthday.
My phone's on flight mode at the moment.
If I activate it, they can use the signal to track us down!
Try this. I'll give you my phone. Record a voicemail.
- Give me. - I'll go further ahead and send it. Okay?
She's got a suspicious look!
Nah! She's a good girl!
Make it fast!
The battery might run out!
Send it quickly.
One more thing. Happy Birthday!
Is that how you wish a girl a happy birthday?
Why? What's so special if it's for a girl?
Just go.
Why? Did I make a typo?
Does foreign norms indicate hugging?
Please. Just go!
Make it fast!
Have his mom and grandma ready for the registration!
Soon as my daughter's back, kill that entire family!
"We're getting the theatre back!"
Keep quiet until the registration's done!
- "We got the theatre..." - Stop that! Junga didn't kidnap the girl!
Junga didn't kidnap the girl?
Keep your mouth shut just like that and step out!
Why didn't you tell me the truth before?
He didn't do it! What's the big deal?
How could I tell you? You were in way over your head!
My heart skipped a beat! Is there a hospital nearby?
There's a cemetery nearby! Want to rest there?
For trusting you and your godforsaken son...
...I deserve to end up at the cemetery!
When Linga and Ranga were around...
...I was just cruising!
Just thinking about that Chettiar...
...I'm freaking out big time!
Shut up! Got two other guys with us, right?
They'll take care. All will be well!
Who must die for whose property?
Such a dangerous family!
Chettiar's going to kick my ass!
Where will the car stop?
Is this a bus? It'll stop at the registrar's office.
We'll finish registration! I'll buy you lunch!
- Bro? - What?
When the car pulls over, I'll make a run for it. Real fast!
If you can, come along!
I'll be way ahead of you by then!
Hey! What are you guys talking about?
What's over there? All good stuff happen at that office, right?
Listen, good fellow.
You're a well-to-do man.
I'm saying this for your own good. Today is an inauspicious day.
- Let's not register today. - What?
Heard what she said? Quiet!
Don't sign this property over to us ladies.
Sign it over to Junga!
What the hell are you talking about? Junga will scold us!
Look what your grandson sent!
If we don't register it today, he'll kill my daughter!
What is this, dear boy?
Turn down the volume a bit.
Saw the photograph, didn't you?
Saw where the gun is, yeah?
Your girl won't stick around for long!
I'll punch your face!
Go ahead and take care of the registration, my good fellow.
Look into that camera.
Move aside, ma'am!
Look into the camera, ma'am!
How did you get me to a place like this?
They said entry was free over here. So, I took it.
"Who might you be?"
"You became my everything!"
"Won't this day prolong for long?"
"A road less travelled, a golden evening..."
"Lush new skies, never before experiences before the eyes!"
"Who might you be?"
"You became my everything!"
"Won't this day prolong for long?"
"A road less travelled, a golden evening..."
"Lush new skies, never before experiences before the eyes!"
"When you stand close and gaze at me..."
"...the drops of time gently roll by, hands held in embrace."
"These clouds abroad, shiver and yearn away."
"Days where time stands still, I desire!"
"Take me with you, as you cross the skies!"
"Take me with you, as you journey to deserted islands!"
"Take me with you, as you travel to uncharted shores!"
"Take me with you, as you traverse to uninhabited lands!"
"Who might you be?"
"You became my everything!"
"Won't this day prolong for long?"
"A road less travelled, a golden evening..."
"Lush new skies, never before experiences before the eyes!"
"As I walk with you..."
"...I yearn to lean against your shoulder!"
"Anytime you bloom within my deepest feelings..."
"...an unfelt fragrance comes to life!"
"Take me with you, as you cross the skies!"
"Take me with you, as you journey to deserted islands!"
"Take me with you, as you travel to uncharted shores!"
"Take me with you, as you traverse to uninhabited lands!"
Dad, I escaped!
What are you saying, dear? You escaped?
- Just a minute! - Two more signatures needed!
Where are you off to?
- Yazhini, are you okay? - I am now safe, daddy
Thank God
A group is blackmailing us, over here!
Said they'd release you, only if we sign our theatre over to them!
I am in the registration office right now
Cancel the registration! Give them nothing!
You be careful!
I'll take the next flight and come pick you up! Okay?
Okay daddy
- You take care of yourself - Yes, I will
- Who did you talk to? - I spoke to my father!
What did you tell him?
To cancel giving the theatre to the kidnappers!
Cool, right?
Give me Hi-Fi Yes
What is it?
What? Your daughter ran away abroad.
My son's gone abroad and is struggling. What can be done about it?
Two signatures, right? Once you finish, I'll take the papers and leave.
Our work would be done.
Today's an "inauspicious day", eh? - Not at all!
Head down and enjoy an all- meat feast!
Without signing, one mustn't start the feast!
Take them out
What is this?
What happened? Please tell me!
Ruined it, right?
Making an international call on my phone has been my dream! You ruined it!
Do you know a theatre in Chennai called 'Cinema Paradise'?
Your family property! Do you know it?
I have property worth 2,547 crore rupees in my name.
If you bring up such a small theatre, how can I recall it?
Small? Yes, small! Isn't it?
If you have property worth 2,547 crores, this is indeed small, right?
But, that is our only property!
My dad and grandpa splurged away, sold the theatre to your dad...
...and put the debt on my head!
I swore an oath to my mom and grandma.
That I'd retrieve the theatre back to them!
After I arrived in Chennai and began a career as a don...
...do you know the first case I got?
A nurse had complained that her dog went missing!
A dog was a don's first assignment!
You know, that white breed of dog usually seen in rich houses.
Like a cross between a dog and a cat. It runs in circles.
You probably sleep with one on your bed?
- A Pomeranian? - Yes, that one!
A complaint that such a dog was missing!
Rather than wonder what kind of test this is...
...I chose not to avoid it and took up this case!
When I set out to do the job, my team wanted to take an auto rickshaw.
Figured that would cost money, I rode a bicycle to this house.
There it was. Built like a cow. Weighed about 160 kilograms.
So, I tried to drag it out of there, but neither the animal nor my cycle moved!
So I lifted both above my head...
...and went from Minjur to Amanjikarai. Carried them for 27 kilometers!
After earning a crore rupees from hard work like that and I give it to your dad...
...and guess what? He just squints his eyes!
Was I wrong to give it to him? You have 2,547 crores, right?
Would that lower your status?
That Kumar shirt costs 400 bucks! Even at discounted price!
Ecstatic over the registration, I wore a new shirt to that meet.
The Hindi-speaking security guy tore my shirt pocket!
So, I tore his mouth!
That day, I understood something.
When one has something that is ours, the only way they'll give it back...
...is if we take something of theirs!
Understand? Do you understand now?
You won't get it!
Then, I called that manager and asked where you were.
He said you were in Paris. So I got to Parrys right away!
He said not that Parrys, but this Paris!
Know what it cost to get here from there?
They said it will be cheaper if I took eight economy flights.
I was ready to fly even more, but they said it that's the cheapest deal!
After spending a load here and there and ending up in front of you...
...do you know how you were?
- Ask me how? - How?
Was anyone crying for you to be born pretty?
Okay, so I didn't want to be distracted by you and got back to work.
But, do you ever stay put in one place? Always running from one place to another!
Can't you co-operate?
Listen up!
When anyone will be smitten by you, how will I be the exception?
When I planned to abduct you for cash, someone else beat me to the punch!
I called your dad and made him believe I abducted you!
That moron believed it, too!
I swam freezing waters to save you from the Italian mafia!
French cops couldn't get near them! Would your dad or anyone do what I did?
I reach and you run off from there, too!
Thanks to probably some good deeds by my ancestors, you got into my car.
Do you know what that moment was like to me?
It was as if my dear theatre had lovingly returned back to my lap!
And what godforsaken thing did you do after that?
You go straight to the French police!
French cops on one side. Italian mafia on another. Good Grief!
I was exhausted!
I told myself that it's almost over and just hold it all in for five minutes.
Just as I was holding on to those feelings for you, until I became a theatre owner...
...you go for a bloody duet?
Listen up!
Remember this clearly!
The infamous Don Junga of Chennai...
...came here just for you...
...and spent 28,47,000.38 rupees in the process! All for you!
All to save you from the Italian mafia!
Don't forget him!
You do not know the struggles of guys like me.
Live happily.
- What do I do... - Just go!
Now I can lock you But I've fallen in love with you
I learned one thing from all this.
Dons and dalliance don't mix!
For if a don does so...
...I'm a living example of what will happen to him.
Go on!
All is lost!
Hey Yazhini!
Wretch can't stay in one place, can she?
She's worse than her dad!
Dad! Let me go, please! No!
My father will give the theatre back to you!
You just told me you were safe!
Junga recaptured me, dad!
Let her go, you imbecile!
Don't insult him like that, dad!
Mr. Junga!
I'll return your theatre! Please let her go!
I'll do it now! In five minutes! Nothing will happen to you!
I'm almost there! They're with me!
Don't hit us!
We need to register! Bring them!
- What happened? - Junga recaptured my child!
Bring them upstairs!
Junga is no slouch!
Lift me up, you clowns!
Quickly bring them up here!
I'm heading back up there, now!
Fast, dad
I'm here, dear!
We are ready for registration make it fast
- Sir, are you okay? - I am fine
Signed it, dad?
Fast, dad
Almost done, my dear!
- Done - Don't kill me
I've signed, dear!
Have you finished, dad?
They have to sign next. All done after that!
Here you go! Sign it!
She's signing it, too!
Want anything else?
They're done!
Put her on the phone!
Here. Talk to your son!
Junga! This is your mom speaking!
How are you? Had your breakfast? All well?
Is this the time to talk about meals? Tell him you got the theatre!
The Chettiar has signed all the documents!
The Chettiar is a very nice man! Nothing like we imagined!
Don't do anything to that girl!
We got what we wanted, right?
He'll listen to me. Don't worry!
Yazhini, are you okay?
- Forget it! Is the registration over? - All done!
He released me!
Dear Junga!
You delivered as promised, my darling!
Shall we wash our hands, sir?
My God!
Hi Junga! Congrats!
Call the BRI and tell them to hand over our boss...
...and pick up the Indian girl!
What was that stylish thing he said?
Once he gets his boss back, he ordered them to kill you!
Thank You!
The focus of the mafia squad would only be on their leader.
As soon as we get the Indian girl...
...I'll uncuff the mafia leader.
In that moment, our sniper must shoot the Indian girl.
This will shock the mafia!
For shooting the Indian girl, I'll shoot the mafia boss!
Then, all the mafia guys in the hideout will step out to attack us!
We must use the opportunity and take out the entire mafia!
I'm not scared of the fact that they'll kill me.
Only scared of what my mom and grandma will do with the theatre after I'm gone!
I have lofty ambitions in life, as well!
Build three theatres named 'Ranga', 'Linga' and 'Junga'.
Crowds must come in droves into them!
Put in more effort, I could build 'Mini Junga', too!
Is this important right now?
'Mini Junga' is very important!
Stop blabbering!
Are you angry with me?
Sorry I grabbed your hand.
Listen up!
Look at me! Not my mouth, but my eyes!
Listen carefully.
Tell my grandma that I told you an important thing before I died.
Is he concocting an escape plan?
He's discussing something important!
If she charges more for popcorn than for tickets...
...tell her my spirit will come kill her!
Tell her exactly that!
That's all!
Do you like me?
No time. Tell me quickly!
Setting aside my ambition, I chased after you, didn't I?
Something formed, dear! Here, in my heart!
Get it? Something's formed!
Telling you this because I'm about to die. If not, I'd carry it to my grave!
I'm a man!
You won't die! Soon as I'm safe, I'll tell the cops that you saved me.
You'd just blubber some crap over to them!
He'd give you a couple of 'Merci's and let you go!
Then, he'll shoot me over again and again and go about his day!
Tell my family that I don't want them to cry.
Tell them to take care of the theatre and have a shrine for me before it!
Even if Junga dies...
...his theatre will live forever! Praise be to India!
This isn't part of the plan!
Who do you guys think you are? I will not spare you!
Kill every last one of them!
Get that girl out of here!
Don't spare the man who killed our boss! Kill them all!
Kill them all, boys!
I won't spare you!
Hold it right there!
You won't leave here alive!
You'll die at my hands!
That's it! Both you and my theatre are safe!
Small glitch in giving you the theatre.
- Why? - It can't be parted with, individually.
- It's formed for you too, huh? - Yes!
Excuse me!
Why did you shoot the mafia boss?
Yazhini believed that the cops would keep her safe.
The cops planned to shoot Yazhini.
The mafia gang planned to shoot me.
If the mafia leader is shot, his gang would fire at the cops.
The cops would return fire.
Then, it's their problem.
Yazhini and I backed off.
The French Police didn't file any charges against you?
Yazhini clarified everything with the French Police.
For my killing of the mafia boss, they got an award!
And, they released us.
Any more doubts?
None? Great!
Tickets are much cheaper here than in any theatre!
Popcorn comes free with tickets here!
You've aced it, Junga!
Everything went well so far, right?
After escaping the French Police and the Italian mafia...
...you got caught by us?
Every empire gets destroyed...
...by a single act of betrayal.
Looks like he has no more stories left.
Seems he's giving a lead-in for a sequel.
Just let it slide.
Nothing like that, sir!
Once I got back from Paris, the boys asked for a success party!
You could've given one!
You had all the money and property at the time!
I did give one!
- What is this? - 'Upma' (boiled rice), man!
We did all this just for an 'upma' party?
Despite all the new luxuries, you still go with 'upma'?
Had you added some sugar or cashew nuts in this dish...
...we'd be glad that you gave us sweets, and would've eaten it happily!
But, all there is, is a ton of this flavourless crap!
- Do I not know to add sugar? - What do you know?
What happens when you eat sugar? Diabetes!
That leads to blood pressure!
You think only for yourself! I'm thinking for your whole family!
We thought about it, too.
- Thought what? - Thought about it!
Thought about what, I ask!
Both of us thought about it!
Yes, we did think about it.
Over 'upma', they became informants!
Despite earning so much, if you actually served just plain 'upma'...
...it isn't wrong to kill you!
Sir! Junga is missing!
The phone in my pocket is missing, too!
What is this? I'm getting a call from your phone!
- Give it to me, sir! - Left your phone at home?
Are you okay, bro?
We're fine! Who am I speaking to?
Don Junga, a friend to the police!
Where are you calling from?
You guys tried to kill me illegally, bro.
I'll face it legally!
Don't! Just come back! We'll talk and get it over with!
I'm running, bro!
Junga running successfully, bro!
A film by Gokul, bro!
Thanks, bro!