Jungle Cry (2022) Movie Script

Why do we strive to Win
What inspires us to
scale the unimaginable?
Is it a platitude to say...
Where there is a will,
there is a way.
This is a story... of
young tribal boys.
Of the Kalinga
institute in India.
Who got an opportunity to
play a rugby Cup in England.
It was a unique challenge.
Both the game,
and the land of the competition.
Were foreign to them.
How did they cope with this.
Did they manage to rise above
these impossible circumstances?
Along with these boys
There were others who
embarked on this unusual journey.
What is their story?
What was their glory?
Come, let's hear it from them,
in their own words.
Congrats! You finally showed up.
- Are you in the mood to play?
- Dr. Samanta?
- Paul! Welcome...
- Sorry, I am late.
No no it's all right. Please come the
match is becoming very interesting now.
- Saw some amazing things on the way here.
- You did?
Come on... Come on this way...
This Way.
Shoot... To the net.
Come on... pass it here.
You got a problem? What do
you think you're doing, Huh?
What is happening? Stop it.
Stop this nonsense.
I am really sorry Paul. Let's
go... Let's go to my office
Barial... Rajkishore... Stop,
What are you guys doing?
Yes exactly.
Speak up.
How will you play if
you fight so much?
This is the last time right?
OK... you may leave.
Rudra, one second please.
Rudra, meet Paul. From UK.
He is a rugby Coach who is
here looking for new players.
UK will host the junior rugby
world championship in 4 months.
He will pick our best players
who can represent India.
- Hi Paul.
- Hi, Rudra.
Sorry about that,
they are not usually badly behaved.
Don't worry about it,
it's perfect!
So you mean to say that
you can train these kids.
For a world
tournament in 4 months?
They have never heard of rugby.
They are not aware of this sport.
- How is that even possible?
- How does that matter, Rudra?
Your overthinking
is a big problem!
Look I don't know for sure,
but they have a natural ability.
They have speed,
they have strength.
Trust me they can learn.
Exactly... Why don't you
sit down? Sit down please.
Ah, well I know for sure.
And those abilities,
required for football as well.
why don't we just stick to football?
Well, we all know where India
ranks in football in the world.
this is not about football or rugby.
It's about our children
getting an opportunity.
To play in a world tournament.
We all know where India
stands for rugby as well.
Sure, but we can try!
we have a football tournament coming up.
And we need to focus on that.
May be next year
we can consider this.
- They won't be juniors next year!
- Exactly, that's why we need to do it now.
I have to be on the
field. Nice to meet you.
Don't worry... I'll handle him.
1... 2... 3 Down.
1... 2... 3 Down.
1... 2... 3 Down.
- I think the punishment did not work.
- Good evening sir.
- What happened? Did you sprain your leg?
- No sir.
Lie down.
Ah sir!
You take rest tomorrow.
- Sir, should we rest as well?
- No!
Good evening.
He is sir Paul Walsh,
from England.
Hello kids.
My name is Paul.
And I am here to teach you.
A new game...
from my country.
Called RUGBY!
It's going to be a lot of fun.
Learn everything
about the game from sir.
Why don't you get to know each
other. I will be back in no time.
Who can take the
ball off me? Yeah?
Come on... Anyone else?
Namaste, how are you all?
We are all good. How
are you?
We are all good
as well. Please eat.
I came here because
you inspired me brother.
I left my house,
job and city for your mission.
So that I can change the
lives of these kids with you.
I promoted football in a country
where cricket is everything.
I got players from places that
did not even have electricity.
Players who haven't seen the world,
the bus or a train.
And I am very proud
of you for all that Rudra.
But what's next?
Next? What do you mean?
Will they keep playing
local tournaments for life?
We are getting an
international chance Rudra...
Think what that means
for these children.
We should not deprive
them of this opportunity.
You think these kids will be able to
compete the world cup in 4 months?
And that too in London?
Just because Paul
said... and you'll agreed?
- You don't even know Paul.
- Why are you getting all worked up Rudra?
If Paul is making a rugby team,
let him do that.
It's only a matter of
4 months. Let's try it.
You are just
wasting time brother.
I have invested everything
in creating this team.
I can't just let
it go like this.
A team is not owned
by an individual Rudra.
If someone can create one team,
you can do it again.
We have thousands
of kids in our institute.
Make another team
for your tournament.
I felt like quitting
the institute.
I was upset at Samanta sir.
What nonsense... these
football kids will now play rugby?
But now when I look back,
I know I was wrong.
I was only seeing
the kids and football.
But he was seeing a
completely different picture.
A dream was buried
somewhere in his mind...
that I wasn't able to
see or understand.
It's true I found the players
and made a football team.
Simply because I
trusted their guts.
When I started scouting for players,
it was a different world.
There were villages
within villages,
houses within houses.
Divided by food,
divided by caste...
How will football connect them?
Not only did they play football but
they played other games with each other.
I had to recruit kids for a
football team for the Institute
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi
When I saw Bikash,
there was hunger for victory in his eyes.
First eye on the
opposition team.
He introduced me to Narashing,
Babulal and Niranjan.
I wasn't even able
to race with them!
Although poverty was
intact within these villages,
There was a sense of community
and familiarity in their fields.
And the rope bed
made me feel at peace.
The food had the
aroma of hard work.
The rivers and ponds had
trained the kids to jump!
When I first saw Ganesh
doing his acrobats,
I decided he will
play forward position.
My search continued
Journey and the floor
were starting from one
After countless hours of
travel in government buses...
and scouring the
dust of highways.
I saw the two,
who I think I started this search for.
Barial and Rajkishore.
He has come with a cycle...
His cycle is like garbage.
Let's have some fun.
But the problem was,
they disliked each other.
But it made no difference to me
I was only there to judge
their skills in the game
I was looking at
their feet... bare feet.
Cut... bruise bare feet.
Making the ball
dance to their tunes.
When I had started playing football,
I had shoes.
I was shocked to see how
fearlessly they still played,
even though they had nothing.
You play really well.
- Thank you.
- Rudra Singh.
I am a football coach
at Kalinga Institute...
Am putting together
a football team...
Will you come with me?
I don't even have
shoes sir! How will I play?
You will get the shoes...
a house, food... and a better
playing field everything...
Who was that?
Who scored the goal?
He? He couldn't score,
I allowed him to score a goal.
- Can you take me to his place?
- No, no... I don't want to.
- I can show you his house.
- Why?
They are different. They eat everything.
We don't eat everything. Got it?
my mom says I should not go to their place.
Okay! Just show
me where he lives.
Give me a hand.
I also asked Barial,
your food is different,
mannerisms are also different,
Then why do you play together?
He said everything is different,
but it is also true
that there is no good player
like Rajkishore in the village.
I love beating him
because it is a challenge.
It's no fun to compete
with weak players.
Unfortunately, a great player
was a prisoner in his own home.
Kids in the village have
so many responsibilities
that they miss out on
their own childhood.
Rajkishore... Are
you Rajkishore?
Yes Sir... You?
Rudra Singh... You are good at
football Would you like to join a school?
- Will I get food there?
- Food, clothes, a house...
My younger brother Chittranjan
will also come along, is it okay?
That's fine.
- Run sir run...
- wait!
Stop you moron! Stop,
who will feed the chicken,
It was not easy taking
Rajkishore away from his family.
But it is what he needed
and it is what I wanted
I could not let his talents
go to waste in that village
- Dad is never going to agree.
- So then?
We've left home already
so I guess we'll keep going
Let's go!
Sometimes, I used to feel
guilty... Am I doing the right thing?
Sometimes we have
to lose something
precious in order to
gain something priceless
Hey Ganesh,
have you applied
face cream today?
What cream? For what?
To look white like
the "English Man" Sir...
If you can get fairer
by applying cream,
why don't you apply it?
Let it go... even a cream
couldn't help him get fairer.
You wanna bet?
- Good morning children.
- Good morning Sir.
It's your first
day of training...
in rugby with Paul Sir.
Not every kid in this
country get this opportunity.
But you are getting it,
so make the most of it.
isn't Rudra Sir joining us?
Are they missing Rudra?
Doesn't matter. Please continue.
Do any of you...
speak a little English?
Sir, I try...
What's your name?
Sir, Bikash Chandra Murmu.
- Bikash...?
- Bikash Chandra.
Ch... Chandra Mumu.
Great, thank you Bikash!
Today, I am going to...
time you running...
as fast as you can...
50 meters.
Chittranjan Murmu...
Sir, Rajkishore Murmu.
8.72... 5.97...
Wrestle some more...
See you got left behind.
Did you stretch?
- Barial Bessra -
I know... just go.
This is a rugby ball.
The ball is in oval shape...
It can be kicked like a
football or passed in hands.
Rugby's field is
like a football field...
The field is marked in half line, 10 meter,
20 meter, dead ball, try line etc.
Rugby is played
between two teams...
and each team can
have 10 to 15 players.
When you place the
ball on the ground...
behind the goal line
of your opponent.
You score a Try...
You get 5 points
Like other games,
Rugby is a team sport
Which creates a sense...
of solidarity in the
mind of the players...
Okay... Got it?
It's basically like Kabaddi...
but with a ball.
Okay... So I am gonna select...
the best 12 players of you.
I am going to make a team...
to play in the Tour Aid...
World Junior Rugby Championship.
Did you understand?
No Sir.
Sir is saying this...
is just like kabaddi...
with a ball.
Another important thing.
He is going to
select 12 of you...
who are the best...
and these 12 will go to London
for the world championship.
understand this game very clearly.
will we take a bus
or a train to London?
He is asking...
will we take a bus
or a train to London?
- May I come in Sir?
- Come in...
- Good evening.
- Good evening, Sir.
What happened?
please cook some noodles for us...
Wow Sir!...This is awesome!
because this is the
last of noodles with me.
Sir, are you really leaving?
now you got to learn rugby.
And that should be your focus...
- Okay?
- How can you do that Sir?
We came here only for you...
You came here
to change your life.
And you should be
happy for this opportunity.
Sir we cannot
play without you...
You were sportsmen
even when we hadn't met!
But Sir, rugby?
A player shouldn't
be scared of the game.
Whatever is the game...
You just need the
will and courage.
And no one can then stop you.
What happened?
Done with the noodles?
The whistle!
Next time you hear the whistle.
I need you to stop,
listen and react quickly...
Today we are going to practice
what we've seen in the video.
Okay, so you explain to them.
We are going to practice,
what we've seen in the video.
- Okay Sir!
- Yup.
Sir is saying...
We are going to practice,
what we saw in the video yesterday.
- Yes Sir.
- Ya?
Okay... We are going to learn...
passing and catching techniques.
So, please come and get a ball.
What are you doing?
- I don't want to play.
- I don't care.
You haven't even tried the game.
Give it a go!
Thank You.
Let's go!
Let's go! That's good,
keep going.
Okay... One hand here...
here, Spin.
1... 2...
3... 4...
6... 1...
2... 3...
Up you get!
Go 1...
2... 3... 4...
5... 6...
7... 8... 9
Pass the ball backwards...
That's good Up to the try-out,
with the ball down...
try and back you go.
So the ball has
to go backwards...
Pass it backwards.
Please listen...
Pass it backwards.
I think we will die today.
Shut up! Wait and watch!
OK that's good...
Look boys,
I can be here all night,
I have nothing else to do.
I know you understand?
Get in front...
and pass the ball backwards.
Good... We will be here
until everyone has got this.
What's happened here?
Alright, alright,
Practice over for today.
Rudra Sir is leaving us,
and this "Butter
Ball" is after our lives.
We have to get rid of "Butter
Ball" and stop Rudra Sir.
How will we play,
when there are no balls.
Whose idea was this man?
Everyone has ideas...
but I executed it.
The "Butter Ball" is coming.
OK, good morning.
Hope you had some
good rest yesterday.
Today we are going to do
something a bit more fun.
We are going to do
some touch rugby,
we just need a coup...
Ohh, what has happened...
Balls are punctured.
Very funny...
The "Butter Ball" is going back!
It's a day off... Wohoo!
I found some other balls...
Let's play.
C'mon boys, quicker.
Your idea bombed big time.
Get out of there
Today the "Butter
Ball" won't turn up...
He will, he is never late.
You wanna bet?
He was busy...
killing crickets last night.
Shut up, Samanta Sir is coming.
Be seated...
If you continue
with this behaviour,
you will be all sent back
to where you came from.
Got it?
Go pack your bags...
Do you want to go home?
Paul, they are all yours.
I'll see you later.
The kids did not want to play.
And even Rudra
wasn't interested at all.
But they were just naive...
They did not understand
how big an opportunity it was.
An opportunity that
can change lives.
I didn't even know
myself. How would I?
I never played or saw the game.
I started this institute
with 2 rooms...
The rain water used
to seep in from the roof.
I have fought many battles
to get this institute where it is.
But nothing will
happen... if we don't try!
Unless we dream,
how will it happen?
Very good.
Ibn Batuta, wore his shoes...
Took off in the storm.
A little wind entered his nose.
A little entered his ears.
My family's financial
conditions were not good.
We were 7 siblings.
And some days,
it was difficult to get two meals in a day.
Apart from this mom fell ill.
So we had to stay
with our aunt...
And even our aunt...
This is all we have,
share it amongst yourselves.
Ah! Paul
Paul... come here.
Hello Rudra.
- Dr. Samantha.
- Good to see you.
Let's talk.
Nice dance.
So, are you leaving?
You very well know why
we celebrate this festival.
These trees, the soil,
the animals...
they are all a part of us!
That's why we worship them...
And we should worship
one who gives selflessly...
What do you think? You have
made them great footballers?
You are mistaken!
You made them good humans.
How mischievous Hadi was...
you company has made him,
what he is today.
Come with me,
I want to show you something.
Do you see these paddy fields?
When the farmer
is scorched by heat,
he takes shelter
under these trees.
Now think what happens if
these trees are uprooted one day.
If possible try and
rethink your decision.
Krishna... brother?
How are you?
We are going to make
some people very happy...
Well they are really good!
They have worked really hard.
Namaste kids.
How are you all?
We are fine Sir... How are you?
Very good...
I call out names,
please line up.
First name... Niranjan Biswal,
Barial Bessra,
Narashing Kerai,
Ganesh Hembram,
Chittranjan Murmu,
Rajkishore Murmu,
Burkai Hasta,
Shadev Maji,
Khetro Uraw,
Gaurang Jamuda,
Babulal Melaka,
And the last name,
Hadi Dhangada Maji.
the last name is Rudra Singh.
It's Okay... It's Okay...
Welcome back!
Thank you.
To understand rugby,
I started reading books.
I haven't played rugby before.
But I knew that
it's like football,
rules were different,
and I had to understand.
We had less than four months.
In the mean time
teach these kids all the
rugby rules in their language.
First I thought why
Paul got me into this.
I consider him as
East India Company.
Who wants to spread his
game all over the world.
But I was wrong, everything
shouldn't be seen through ideology
Paul was passionate for rugby.
He didn't have any agenda.
He loved rugby from his soul.
The field looked the same to me,
but it wasn't the same.
I learnt some rugby by
the markings on the field.
And then Paul
taught me the rest.
- Rugby post.
- Goal?
Rugby post.
Okay, we need a good scrum...
This is how we restart the game
if the ball gets knocked forward.
Okay? Down you
go... strong binding.
Come on full energy push.
Stop huddling like humans,
push like bulls!
Catch it...
Looking for the man, good pass.
Yes out! Pass... Pass... Pass.
Quick, quick, quick.
It's a tackle.
Out wide, out wide.
That's good.
Keep going, keep going...
Yes! Well played...
Okay... Jungle Cats!
As you know a try is 5 points,
You can score an extra 2 points
if you drop kick the ball...
though the post,
above the crossbar.
It's called a conversion.
You understood Try?
Yes Sir.
You get 5 points for Try...
Conversion is right after Try,
for which you get 2 more points.
Who wants to go? Chitto?
Keep your head down
and follow through.
Ohh! Who's next?
Yeah, you had a good technique.
You can do it Barial...
hit it hard Barial.
Hit Barial.
2 Points.
That's a Conversion.
Okay boys into two's
Let's try it... scrummage!
Come on...
Move, move, move faster.
You can do it, come on.
- Come on.
- Niranjan, quick.
Run, come on.
Well played... Well done.
Come on Hadi, roll it down.
Full speed... show them.
Niranjan, well done.
You know some of these boys,
don't have a father.
Some don't have a mother.
Some don't have a
father or a mother.
Yeah, they are tough kids.
They are.
I didn't have a dad
when I was growing up.
Sports was really
a big thing for me.
I hope you are right about them and rugby.
I am not offering
any guarantees.
But we have a chance Rudra,
we have a chance.
Our first test was
the qualifying match.
But I knew whatever it is...
It will be something
new... and different.
The team went on to the field
under Rajkishore's leadership.
Along with it went my hopes...
- Heads... Kick or receive?
- Kick!
On on side was the
champion team of Sri Lanka
and on the other hand
our new fledgling team
who had just learned to play.
The players from Sri
Lanka were screaming,
Paul told us it's
called a "War Cry".
Every team comes up
with their own War Cry
to showcases their
capability and prowess.
Let's play.
My heart was beating hard
when the match started.
I was watching
rugby for the first time.
I did not even
know the rules well.
Paul told me how and where the
ball has to be touched for 5 points.
And that's called a Try.
And the team that does the Try,
get a drop kick.
If the ball goes above the cross bar,
you get 2 more points.
- Let's go...
- That's called a conversion.
Good tackle.
Rugby rules are important
to know to avoid penalties.
Sri Lankan players knew all
the rules and using them well,
that is why I was a bit worried.
Scrum is an important part of rugby,
it's how the game is restarted.
Both the teams try to
push the opponent away.
And get the ball on their side.
Sri Lankan players were
professionals in the game.
Our kids were a
cake walk for them,
Our kids were too busy
arguing with each other.
Sri Lanka was moving ahead,
while we were at zero.
Our kids were not able to do anything,
despite of having the ball with them.
Sri Lankan players had a
counter to all our moves.
And the result was we had
not scored until half time.
It's a knock on by Sri Lanka,
we will go for a half time now.
Come boys...
well done. let's go.
Really good boys... really
good at the end of the first half.
We are getting it together,
Good passing, good tackles. You
are going to get back in this, Okay?
Just lost concentration
in that early bit Okay...
- We need some leadership Rajkishore, Okay?
- Yes Sir.
Big tackles,
Okay? Follow Rajkishore on that.
- Barial, pass it out wide.
- Okay.
Let's get it wide,
let's get it quickly out to Ganesh.
- You can do this boys... yeah?
- Yes Sir...
- Alright... All hands in.
- Yes
We are a team,
we are Jungle Cats 1... 2...3
Come on have
fun boys... Let's go.
Paul charged up the
team in the half time.
And the kids went on to
the field with new vigour.
The Sri Lankan players,
were still leading.
They were not allowing our
players to even touch the ball.
Time passed quickly...
and the match was
now in the final moments.
I was losing all hope,
our children were unable
to move with the ball.
It seemed like Sri Lankan players
had surrounded them from all over.
And there was no other
way to pass to each other.
Wide release stay on side.
Okay wide release, get on side.
And then game took a turn.
Rajkishore did a Try and
Barial got a chance to drop kick.
This is your mark.
In my mind I was telling Barial
that this is our chance don't waste it.
His conversion helped
our scores on the board.
Barial and Rajkishore together
changed the stance of the game
For the first time
they played like a team
we needed 7
more points to win...
Get the ball out wide. Well played Hadi,
well played yeah.
Really good,
have a seat, have a seat.
Come on boys,
it's the last minute.
My confidence
found its way back.
Then I saw Ganesh leaving
everyone behind as he ran.
For a moment it felt like he
wasn't just running for himself,
but for the
thousand tribal kids.
For a moment,
everything stopped!
Like a kid I started asking Paul,
what now?
Then Paul told me,
all depends upon Barial's drop kick.
But Barial's expertise in conversion
led the game to a victory, we won!
These kids had
won their first match.
And this win was
very special for me.
And then after all that time, energy
and effort and training I couldn't go...
I got bitten by a
mosquito... caught dengue.
I am so sorry...
Looks like life's
got other plans huh!
Don't be... it's not your fault.
You know, you gonna have to take
them by yourself now Rudra don't you?
I realize that... and
quite frankly I am scared.
Fear is a good thing Rudra,
it is helpful.
The fevers
gone to your head.
I am a soccer coach.
Not rugby...
- I am not qualified.
- Qualifications don't matter Rudra.
You inspire those
boys. You know that.
I am just an outsider to
them and always will be,
they need you Rudra.
Paul had put me into a huge
dilemma. I wasn't able to sleep that night.
Me and a World Cup?
Taking these kids to England?
Forget winning,
how do I manage them alone?
I was surrounded
by lots of questions.
But then I remembered my dad.
I thought here is a
chance to lose the tag...
of a coward
conferred by my father.
How could I lose
this opportunity?
You are watching Kalinga TV,
this is Priya Goswami.
At 6 this morning,
a deadly cyclone rocked Gopalpur,
At the sea coast of Orissa.
It is raining heavily...
We will continue with the live
images and telecast of the storm...
Hello... Yes! I am coming,
I am coming.
We gotta work here as well,
there might be no network. Okay.. Hang Up!
Yes Sir, how can I help you?
Sir how can you do this?
How can you stop the funds
sanctioned for our children?
They have to leave for the world cup Sir.
So many arrangements have to be made.
Look at this... passport,
visa there are so many other costs.
And you are saying the
funds have been blocked.
the funds haven't been blocked.
It has been diverted,
towards the cyclone relief fund.
Do you know what is the priority
of the government right now?
Relief fund,
rehabilitation and all of this!
We will get your work done,
and you will get the money.
But by then the
world cup will be over.
Okay Sir, you go get the world
cup and maybe you will get the funds.
- Hello Sir.
- Hello.
- Good evening Sir.
- Good evening.
Sir, Jayant was saying we
are not going to London?
Sir, is that true?
No... You all are
going to London...
But Samanta Sir has
paid a huge price for that.
What price Sir?
Samanta Sir has given the
school ground as a collateral.
What's a collateral Sir?
It means he has mortgaged the
institute land to send you to London.
If so,
then we don't want to go to London.
Yes... we don't want
to go Sir.
No... You all will go to London.
But Sir, what if we lose?
But Sir, if we lose,
we will lose the ground as well.
Don't think about
winning or losing...
He trusts you all,
that's why he did this.
And that's why we cannot
let him lose his trust in us?
Yes Sir...
Pandit ji.
- Sir, one picture.
- Yes,
Thank you Chandan.
- Bye Sir...
- Bye, bye, bye...
Make us proud,
take care of yourselves.
Why did you take the jacket off?
Why are they making us
wear this? everything itches!
You thought you were
stylish when you tried it on.
You guys will always remain
tribal. This outfit makes us look rich.
We're going to London.
Get your standards up.
You! wise guy...
your fly is open.
Please scan your bag.
Do you have gold in your bag.
- Mom said don't give it to anyone.
- They won't allow you to go.
Hand me the bag.
Yeah... mom said!
Our team physio Roshni
welcomed us at the airport.
Little did we know that she was
going to be our biggest support.
When I first met the boys,
as cute as they were.
I was a bit apprehensive on how
they were going to face the big guys.
I still remember that
journey like it was yesterday.
- Hi.
- Hey.
And the black one into the orange,
Ah! Roshni good you are here.
Uhm, this is everything that
you will need on the Jungle Cats.
I am pleased to welcome you on board.
Me too. Thanks Tim!
Uh, Dale this is Roshni,
she is a physical therapist.
- This is Dale.
- This is Dale Krueger, of course.
Who hasn't heard of your reign
with The Midland Marauders.
I mean back to back
title championships...
and a double win
at the European Cup.
It's a pleasure to
meet you Mr. Krueger.
Nice to meet you Roshi.
You seem to be very young.
It's Roshni and yes,
in fact I just graduated so...
I feel lucky that I will be able to
bring the latest therapy to my team.
And what team would that be?
Roshni is managing the Indian team.
Uhm, bunch of boys from...
And yes,
it's their first time here.
Yeah they play first against us.
I hope you are a good physio Roshi.
Some big units on my team.
we do have the support of Paul Walsh So...
maybe it's your physio
that should watch out.
Thanks for the information Tim.
It was nice meeting you, Dale.
- I will see you on the pitch.
- Yeah, for sure.
Rudra Singh?
- Hi...
- Hi Rudra...
I am Roshni your sports physio from
the Junior World rugby Nations Cup.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Uhm, meet the boys.
- Hi...
- This is Chittranjan.
- Yeah, this is Chittranjan.
Ganesh, Gaurang,
Bikash, Niranjan,
- Hi.
- Say hi.
Hi Ma'am.
Come on, the bus is waiting.
Sure. Let's go.
Just put your bags in here.
- Oh, Sorry.
- Sorry.
Boys, Listen!
I am your sports physio so
whenever you're in pain, let me know.
If you need any medications,
let me know.
If you're having any muscle spasm,
let me know.
Oh yeah... and if it's nothing
major then... just go to Rudra.
- Let's go.
- Formations boys.
Yes! Go, Come on.
That was really impressive.
- You know, knowing all their names.
- Oh! Thanks.
Do you also know what
position Ganesh plays?
You mean our physio
doesn't know this?
Ganesh is your winger!
What about Babulal?
Uhhh, prop!
- Uhhh -Aha!
- You used to coach football, right?
- Um hmmm...
who won the last 6 UEFA Champions league?
Oh please!
And won player of the
year in each of them.
2007 Kaka,
2006 Ronaldinho,
2005 Steven Gerard,
Okay... Okay... I get it!
Boys these are the Langa Lions
Junior rugby champions from last year
Are these rugby
players or wrestlers?
They will uproot us
We are not carrots or
radishes to be uprooted.
Speak for yourself.
- Hello Roshni.
- Nice to see you again.
- Nice to see you.
- He is Rudra Singh, our coach.
- Hi.
- How's it going?
Let's go.
Kids stay right there.
It was nice to meeting you.
- I will see you soon yeah?
- Thank you.
Thank you. Bye... Bye...
- So, these are the beds for the boys.
- Okay.
And your room's that way.
- Okay, Thank you!
- Thanks.
Barial, Barial.
That's the captain's bed,
right next to my room.
Rajkishore... Get up!
- What happened?
- Sir this broke.
- Are you hurt?
- No Sir.
- Boys come in, look -surprise
our sponsors from the rugby
tournament sent you guys rugby boots.
Take a look.
Check your size.
what is the meaning of adidas?
At school we used to say
"All day I dream about sports."
This is your first tournament,
My first rugby tournament,
not my first tournament.
Well that is so wrong.
I must speak to the officials.
Lining up my big guys
against your tiny little guys.
It must be very
demoralizing for them.
My tiny guys will be just fine,
thank you.
I am glad you two have met.
Looks like some good competition this year,
Yeah! This is tournament.
Some very strong teams.
Ignore him, he's just like that.
Khetro! Please lie down.
Welcome ladies and
gentlemen to the first...
match of the Junior
Rugby Nations Cup.
It should be quite a
crunching opening encounter.
Here at the Brewery
Field in Bridgend.
As the current champions,
the Langa Lions of South Africa...
What are we doing now?
We are doing exactly
the same as they are.
Ganesh, tuck in your jersey.
Pull up your socks.
Boys, bring rage in your attitude,
look at them,
Looks like they've
starved for a year.
Like this?
Boys team play 1...
2... 3... JUNGLE CATS!
Now they're almost
ready to get under way.
It's taken by Shadev.
He feeds Barial...
into contact but he
loses the ball here.
And now a chance
for the Langa Lions...
to go wide.
And Japie Peterson
to Towa
with the long ball
out to Temba Dabula.
Oh! And this guy is
quick. There he goes,
we could have, yes! We do have opening
try of the tournament for the Langa Lions!
Five nothing to the Langa Lions,
with a conversion to come.
Lines up the conversion,
the conversion is successful.
7 points to nothing, the worst
possible start for the Jungle Cats.
Barely a minute gone.
And they are behind
on the score board.
Little bit possession for
the Jungle Cats of India.
Good hands trying to get
the ball wide to Ganesh.
Who I am told is a speedster!
Nice little step.
But he's lost the ball
forward which means a scrum.
Langa Lions have the feed on...
Come on...
What's wrong with you Hadi?
And the penalty is
awarded by referee.
Why is that a penalty?
You are not the captain,
stop talking to me like that.
You are not the captain,
too much talking. Back you go!
Great play once again,
clean possession, beautiful switch
and in comes Tinus De Plessy and
he is under the sticks for the second try
for the Langa Lions.
Easy work for the
South African team.
Conversion is successful
by Temba Dabula.
Fourteen points to nothing.
Tinus De Plessy picks
and off he sets straight through
Barial's attempted tackle... third try.
And conversion
for the Langa Lions
the half time whistle
goes 21 points to nothing
a lot of work for the
Jungle Cats to do.
What will be said at half time?
You guys are
playing individually.
how can you miss such a simple pass?
And Hadi... you
gave up in the scrum?
- Sir...
- Where is your focus?
Keep eye contact and
communicate with each other.
The game will
become easier for you.
As we get ready for the restart.
Barial, will take that.
Barial oh! It is a high shot he's
been in trouble in the first half already
This is clearly a high tackle...
What did I do wrong?
- Back you go... No... Come on.
- I am tackling Sir.
Back you go.
What did I do wrong?
Captain, come here.
Barial stop it!
Come here.
I spoke to this player in the first half,
about the way he's speaking to me.
He is not the captain, Okay?
I speak to you not him,
if he carries on, he is going off!
Simple as that, Okay.
Back you go, High tackle.
If you continue this way,
he will throw you out.
Play properly!
You can see
looking at both sides.
Differential in weight is huge.
Massive advantage at scrum time
and contact time for the Langa Lions.
Go, Go, Go.
And here goes Tinus De Plessy.
The Langa Lion looking
for another score going wide
Good tackle by Ganesh.
On the Dabula in that field
but here come the
forwards around the corner
Japie Peterson! The Captain!
Wow! What cover from
the Indian defenders
like skittles on
the bowling alley.
35 points to nothing.
This is the last play.
But the Langa Lions of
South Africa want more
Going wide they go again
completely dominating.
Great tackle from Rajkishore.
This lodges the
ball Ganesh to Barial
Barial stop it.
What are you doing?
Match is not over yet.
Hooves the ball in to the stand,
the final whistle goes
35 points to nothing.
It's no surprise that
the current champions
The Langa Lions of South Africa
have beaten the tournament
new boys the Jungle Cats
from India. The Lions,
they can celebrate...
Come on.
Come on.
You Moron! Couldn't
you just pass?
Who are you calling a moron?
I will do as I please,
and what good would a pass have done?
Something could have happened.
You just let it be man!
You're not suitable to
play on our team anymore.
We will speak to Rudra
Sir to substitute you.
Really? You're going
to substitute me?
- Yes!
- You will substitute me?
He was not playing well.
We should tackle better.
Hadi was not playing up to the mark,
that's why we lost.
Losing is a part of the game...
Don't overthink.
Focus on the next match.
Now have your dinner and sleep.
What the...
We fought so hard on the field today
and we can't even get our proper food?
How is this going to fill us up?
At least we're getting food.
We should at least try not to lose
our meals like we did our game.
What are you talking about?
What does our loss
have to do with our meals?
I warned you guys...
Don't get these big ideas
of what they'll do for us.
They just made us rugby
champions in their minds...
And now we are
the ones suffering.
When Roshni told us
about the plight of the boys
and the conditions
they were living under...
we were really quite appalled,
weren't we?
At first I was reluctant
to have them to stay.
I know that sounds horrible...
But I was worried about the
feelings it would awaken in me.
Actually, it was very healing.
- Nice to see you, how are you?
- Very good, thank you.
This is Rudra by the way.
- Hi Rudra, this is Richard.
- Hi
- Nice to meet you.
- And you.
These are the boys.
Hello boys this way, Come in.
Jungle Cats, formations walk...
Don't scrape the
bags on the ground.
And don't touch anything
without permission.
This is Rudra.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- I am Nicola, welcome.
- Nice to meet you.
Namaste. Please come in,
come in out of the cold.
- Hello.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much
- What are they doing?
It's an Indian tradition
to touch an elder's feet.
They are seeking your blessings.
Oh! They already
have our blessings.
This is the kitchen as
I was telling the boys.
Sorry Sir.
That's all right.
We didn't like the lid anyway.
So this way boys, there is
room for 5 in that room over there.
Further 3 in here...
And there is room
for 5 in here as well.
So, uh, come in...
Help yourselves.
Choose where you
would like to sleep.
Okay, you can go there.
Well I am glad that
you all like your rooms.
Now which one of you
has the best English?
Me Sir.
- What's your name?
- Ganesh
Ganesh! Shake hands.
You can tell everyone
it's time to settle in.
Maybe freshen up and then we will
all go down to have something to eat.
Thank you, See you later.
From when did you take my place?
From now on,
I am the Englishman here.
Okay, so what did he just say now,
tell everyone.
How would I know?
Then why were you
nodding in the affirmative?
I have been doing
this since school.
If questioned in English,
I just bob...
And things just
miraculously happen!
Bikash, he is a dud in English!
I know, he is just a big mouth.
This is the porch.
Wow! They have
a really nice view.
Yeah! It's beautiful here...
What do you think about giving
the kids some time for themselves?
Some space...
What do you mean?
I mean...
you shouldn't stay here with them.
You are kidding, right?
No! I am serious.
I thought about it
after yesterday's game.
You can't watch over them 24x7
They have to learn how to get
along and stand up for each other.
Without you and I
playing good cop-bad cop.
Well they would be much
more comfortable here.
Yeah... I agree with you...
Is this your son?
Yes... Daniel!
He's handsome...
And he has been to India?
- Yes...
- Where is he now?
Uhm... that's actually how
I met Nicola and Richard.
We were all on a
group together to...
Actually he is working
away at the moment.
I thought,
maybe the boys would like something to eat.
- Would you...
- It's all ready for them, yes.
Oh great!
Would you like to
have some fruit?
The same food again?
- Is this pickle?
- I don't know.
I thought they would be hungry.
So did I...
Why don't we take them out
to Indian You know our usual...
Alright I'll book a table for...
A fifteen... seventeen
- See if they can fit us in.
- I have bit of work to do.
Could you take
them for an outing.
You go do your work,
I'll look after them.
You are not the only one
who does their research?
- What are you talking about?
- That job offer you turned down...
the one with the
professional athletes,
for my group of ragtag boys.
I... uhm... I once
had a brother...
about that age.
He loved rugby.
Had once?
We were in a car accident and...
I was driving...
Very good!
What's the song about?
Ma'am he sing one
beautiful girl going on the way
One boy see to her,
He want one time
talk to something
but girl ignore him.
He embarrassed.
He want one time
talk to something
he will get happy
Thank you.
Hey Jungle Cats...
Jungle Cats... formations.
Can we just avoid these
formations for today?
Can we just go inside the
restaurant and eat like friends?
- Come on boys...
- Let's go.
- At ease...
- Come on.
You still feeling cold?
Even in here?
You want to take
off your gloves?
And there is spinach as well.
Crispy Duck?
Yes... a duck from a pond.
Duck... who eats a duck.
I think we should order 3-4
vegetable dishes with butter naan.
Rudra... I want a Biryani.
Biryani... me too!
We will also have Biryani.
- Biryani -Why not!
Well, Biryani for everyone.
- Is he always like this?
- Yes... always.
See... don't you think this
formation is much better.
You're right... the
kids do look happy.
And I think they would be better off
without me at the Bennett's house.
I hope you have a nice sofa.
I do... I just don't know if
it's long enough for you.
Mogambo Hi!
Sorry, he gets a little excited.
You didn't mention
your little buddy here.
- I didn't?
- No.
Yeah well... he's a rescue.
- Cute.
- Come in.
Come Mogambo.
- You like Hindi film music.
- Like?...I grew up with it.
It's an influence of
my grandparents.
You should play one.
- Yeah?
- Yeah...
All I have is a sofa. If you need anything
from the kitchen, just help yourself.
Don't forget to close the windows
at night. It's gets really cold here.
But of course you have
Mogambo to keep you warm.
- You all set for today?
- I hope so...
- Do you want to discuss the match?
- What about it?
Well, players 2 and 6 on the
Namibian team are key players.
They are constantly communicating
and they work together really well.
Jungle Cats need to keep their eyes open.
- Especially when they are defending.
- Wow... you noticed all that?
I know you've had your hands full,
so I just wanted to mention it.
Especially since every
game has to be a knockout.
Thank you... I'll...
I'll take your advice.
- Good morning boys.
- Good morning Sir.
Today you will play against
Namibia which is a brilliant team.
But you must focus on your game,
Communicate with each other,
listen to each other.
One wolf for the pack,
and the pack for every wolf.
you will need to rest today.
Hmm! Narashing will
play instead of you.
And Khetro will
play instead of Barial.
Exchange your jerseys.
And good luck.
Hey... don't worry, be patient.
Well, what will we see from
this young Indian team today...
An improvement hopefully...
No Barial in the team...
Khetro taking his place.
Deysel Collects,
that's gone forward it's gonna be a scrum
And we'll have the
opening scrum of the game.
Game... Set.
They are putting
for the Indians.
It's been a much better
performance by the Jungle Cats.
They are looking to go wide possibly
looking to get the ball to Ganesh.
- He is the speedster.
- Run... Ganesh run.
He's running... This man,
is he gonna get into the corner...
Could this be an opening score and
it is a fantastic try for the Jungle Cats.
Scored by Ganesh...
Tremendous play by the Indians.
This will be a tough conversion
attempt for the Indian captain.
- It's on its way... what a conversion!
- Well played.
And it makes it India 7,
Namibia nothing.
Good one.
Catch Kishore.
First try score for Namibia
by hands of Fredricks.
That was the conversion.
Not successful,
so it remains Namibia 5. The Jungle Cats 7.
Namibia with possession
again Deysel carrying
It's the same play.
What's this Byron Mushimba
flashes against the grain
long ball over to the
hands of Fredrick's
and he strives in
for his second try
and the second try for Namibia.
Conversion is successful
and Namibia are in
front by 12 points to 7.
Well played... don't worry.
The game is still with us.
Sir I need help on the field.
Player 2 and 6
are tough to crack.
If you need help, ask for it...
Keep talking to each other,
keep your eyes open.
Khetro and Ganesh mark
2 and 6 number player.
Have the Jungle Cats
learnt anything at half time.
Rajkishore remember.
Watch Deysel... he's gonna carry
it up the middle as he does there.
Mushimba's going to
try and find Fredrick.
But look who has
intercepted that...
It's Rajkishore! Can
he go all the way?
This would be a
remarkable score.
Oh! he is under the pole,
Namibians couldn't get to him.
And the Indian
captain has crossed,
That's put him tied at
the moment with Namibia.
With a simple
conversion to come,
What dramatics here
at the Brewery Field.
Rajkishore taking his time...
Twelve points
apiece at the moment.
This will seal victory for
the Jungle Cats of India.
There we have
the final whistle...
which means its victory
for the Jungle Cats.
Look at the Indian team,
they are celebrating.
Like they have
already won the Cup.
Well they can celebrate tonight
But on to St. Helens they will go...
where they will face Romania,
but congratulations to the Indian team.
How do I say it... "Badhai Ho!"
well St. Helen is
all ground today
Famous rugby ground also
a famous cricket ground.
Where Sir Garfield Sobers
hit 6 sixes in an over...
As India face Romania.
- Good Luck.
- Yeah... you too.
And there we have the opening
score of the match for Romania
- Good job boys.
- Well played.
What happed Ganesh?
Get up Ganesh.
- Can you put your hands up.
- No?
You feel Jungle Cats of India would be
in big trouble without this man Ganesh
Deep breath
Ganesh is leaving the field.
He will be sorely missed.
Crouch... Bind... Set
Run... Run... Run...
This could be the winning
score for the Jungle Cats.
Wow glory continues...
Great try by the
Jungle Cats of India
they have beaten Romania.
Well played boys...
Ganesh... Rajkishore.
Hey, well played.
Where is everyone, Rajkishore?
they don't tell me where they are going.
We were supposed to
meet in the locker room.
Sir we won,
so these people asked us to join them.
Having fun? Tomorrow
is the semi final...
We missed the debriefing.
You are the Captain of the team.
Uh oh... Daddy's upset.
Let's go.
Rajkishore... Jungle Cats...
In the locker room, NOW!
You barely won...
Or have you scaled
the Everest? Huh?
You have won just
2 matches! Got it?
Sir we have won...
can't you see it?
You missed losing is what it is?
Romania was not on their game, otherwise
we would have been out of this tournament.
And you are counting your wins?
If I count your mistakes,
we will be here all night!
What world are you living in?
Sir you only count the mistakes.
Our achievements matter in this world,
Is that the way to talk?
I don't want to talk at all...
Most coaches are strict.
But Rudra did have a temper.
I know his intentions were good.
He just had a bit of a problem
managing his emotions.
I was really worried when
the boys wouldn't eat.
I thought I was
failing them somehow.
How would they play
properly if they weren't eating?
Hey, that was Nicole.
Rajkishore and some of
the boys haven't eaten yet.
- Hey... you okay?
- Yeah... I am fine.
Where are you going?
- I don't know... just.
- I am coming with you.
- There you go Sir.
- Thank you.
Hey, Thank you.
- Hey... Can I have a Merlot please?
- And yourself?
- The same.
- Same... Alright.
Look Rudra,
can I just be honest with you?
Sometimes, there are better ways to
make your point than being so harsh.
Okay... There are more tools in
the tool box than just a hammer.
Or, maybe you are teaching
the way you were taught.
- How do you mean?
- Your father! I am guessing.
We are going there now?
Yes my father was hard on me.
But that's because life is hard.
He was only trying
to make me stronger.
And maybe you are right.
But then I know, the other teams
have been practicing much longer.
My boys have been
practicing what 4 months?
They are bigger than them,
they are stronger.
They could be
intimidated by that.
The only asset they have is
their belief that they can do it.
Exactly, but they have to know
that you believe in them too.
Okay, but what about yourself?
I am good in analysis too.
I bet for your parents the
sun rises for them, with you.
That accident with your brother
which you have mentioned, I am sorry.
You know I don't know if my mom were
to look at me the way that she used to.
I think...
you need to look at
yourself... the way you used to.
Okay, so we're
both are dealing with childhood issues
and we are very hard on ourselves.
And we are supposed to
be dealing with these boys...
hear you have some hungry boys in there.
Thank goodness you have come.
Well, Chef Rudra is here
to take care of the meals.
And with me is Sous Chef Roshni.
- Please come in.
- Thank you.
Wow!...smells delicious.
I bet they won't turn this down.
- Oh No...
- It's a good thing we found these.
What does Annapurna mean?
In the Indian culture Annapurna is
the goddess for food and nourishment.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
Oh, Rajkishore, Ganesh... Come.
Ma'am was asking what this is?
Yes, what is it called?
- Jalebi?
- Here... eat.
It's Jalebi, bro!
I have cooked fish
and rice... Will you eat?
- No.
- I am hungry... I am going to eat.
Crouch... Bind... Set
For the Jungle Cats of India
it's been all Germany so far
so what can the
Jungle Cats doing
their possession here go wide,
Ganesh back in the team...
Rajkishore is being
fantastic for Jungle Cats...
Big man,
Hadi carrying strongly as he always does...
They are doing well with so
little possession in this game.
Line out for Germany,
they have dominated this first half.
Possession is clean
through Hubert.
Lovely move, back on the inside.
Two on one against Chittranjan.
Are we going to have the
opening score for Ludic Peters.
He crosses under the pole
just what Germany deserved.
They have been far the
better side in this first half.
Pretty straight forward
for Klaus Schneider.
He should make it 7 points
to nothing to Germany.
Some substitutions happening
for the Jungle Cats of India.
Bikash is leaving
due to a hip problem.
He is replaced by number 12,
As it stands at half time,
it's Germany 7 India nil.
India's tide is turning
I feel in this semi-final.
Ganesh now at the scrum half.
Feeds the scrum, that comes out.
Khetro, he gets it.
Wide Chittranjan,
change of direction.
Hadi and Ganesh
combine once again.
Here they go wide, trying to get
the ball to the Captain Rajkishore.
He's got it,
he is heading for the corner.
He scores!
One last glance at the
pole and it's successful.
We have tied up in this semi final
Of The Junior Rugby Nations Cup.
7 points apiece between
India and Germany.
Thanks to another score
by the Captain Rajkishore.
What happened to you?
The match is tied now
We can reach the final.
There is a lot of time left.
Germany will score
2 try in that time.
No they won't,
we will win. Wanna bet?
No bets... I don't
care if you win or lose.
Strong defence once
again by the Germans.
Is there a chance to go wide.
Goes through the hands Babulal,
to the Captain Rajkishore.
He is going for the corner. What
a dramatic finish this could be.
- Yeah!
- Oh! He has entered the corner.
Pressure from Hahnes, Willis,
Schnieder but the try is awarded.
Which means that the Jungle
Cats are through to the final...
Of The Junior Rugby Nations Cup.
Wow... what drama!
But as I am saying that,
their Captain Rajkishore is on the floor.
What a travesty this would be,
If he was to be injured
and not make the final.
The physio is on looking after
him that does not look good.
Jungle Cats you are through to the
final Of The Junior Rugby Nations Cup.
The X-ray shows he has broken
a major bone in his forearm.
We have treated him
with a plaster cast.
He's gonna make
a good recovery...
but he is going to be out
of action for several weeks.
You telling more jokes Raj.
How are you feeling?
- Sir I want to play tomorrow.
- You can't play tomorrow.
You got hurt.
But don't worry,
every good sportsman gets injured.
Maybe afterwards we
could go to the cinema.
Oh that would be a good
idea. Would you like that?
- No.
- Wait I have surprise.
- Hello Sir.
- Congrats Cats!
Keep the winning streak going.
And tell Rajkishore
not to worry...
injuries are a
part of life. Hmmm!
Babulal, you look fairer!
It's the effect of
London soaps aunty.
- Do you get food there or no?
- Mom, we do get food.
Missing your home made
and miss that satisfaction
Don't worry about us,
we are all fine here.
Just focus on the game.
And all the best for the finals,
- All the best.
- Yes Sir.
Sir Barial...
What happened?
- Nothing.
- Something is wrong.
- I am missing my mom.
- Then call her.
I haven't spoken
to her in a year.
Then you should definitely call.
It's not that simple.
We have drifted
ways from each other.
Grandma used to say...
it's never too late to realize
your mistakes and make amends.
At least you have Mom,
I don't have one.
Here... call her.
Mom... hey! Yeah it's Roshni.
Mom, I am so sorry.
I know... I didn't mean to...
I missed you so much. It's
been really hard on me too.
I've been meaning to call
you for a really long time, just...
I just didn't get the chance.
I am sorry...
To be honest I
couldn't believe...
when I heard they
got to the final.
I just really wanted to
be there for them
and see if I could help.
Another score by the
star Timba Daboola.
I don't know how they will
manage without Rajkishore.
How much longer are you going
to punish your team's best kicker.
Until he understands that
he is not bigger than the team.
Perhaps there is a better
way to make your point.
Oh! What a tackle.
Not a single try till now.
Hey boys... boys...
That's Colin Jarvis, former world's
Captain, British and Irish Lion.
You gotta see how the other sides
play. It's important to watch rugby, yeah?
Learn the tactics.
The Ox man carries
How are we going to
get past that defence?
- They really do have a strong defence.
- Yeah...
Almost as good as their attack!
Super tackle once
again by Tinus De Plessy
So physical the Langa Lions
Oh that looks bad.
Got some homework
to do before tomorrow.
Come on boys,
let's get some rest.
Let's go.
The boys are gonna have to
play the game of their life tomorrow.
What are you thinking?
Physically they are
much stronger than us.
The Lions, they are too big,
too strong.
Yeah, but we can use our
speed to wear out their big guys.
Not let them dictate
the tempo of the game.
They are going to be expecting
to beat us like last time.
Sure, they'd be over confident.
We could use that
to our advantage.
kind of like thriller in Manila.
You know, rumble in the jungle?
- You guys... Mohammed Ali v/s Joe Fraser.
- Hmmm...
He outsmarted his opponent
who was bigger and stronger.
And then he just wore him out.
- Yeah -Yeah
We need to run that
team off the pitch.
For which we need Barial.
I'll talk to him.
- This should work right?
- Yes.
Good evening Sir,
I want to talk to you.
Sir... I want to play tomorrow,
Even Rajkishore is out now.
- Why don't you let me play?
- There are other players, they will play.
Why, am I not a good player?
No, you are a good player. But
you think only you are a good player.
I just wanted to ensure a win for us.
If you wanted to win,
then why did you give up?
Why did you stop playing
before the game ended?
Sir, because we had lost...
- How does that matter?
- There were other players as well...
Why did only you give up?
- Are you any different than them?
- No Sir...
But it just felt like it is the
end of the tournament for us.
And we will have to go back.
And for this you expelled
me from three matches.
I punished you because
you are different.
No one has the amount
of passion that you have.
But you lose self-control
when instigated.
Sorry Sir.
Play for your team tomorrow,
not for yourself.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
Okay boys listen
up... focus! okay?
We are going to
stick to the plan.
Avoid those big hits. Strow the man,
pass the ball.
Use your skill,
use your speed, okay?
Gauranga, do you remember
where you were about a year ago?
- Sir...
- You were fixing tires, right?
And Chittranjan... Rajkishore
you two were working in the farms.
I'm sure you remember
how that changed
And me? I was a football coach!
We were all football players... but
things didn't go as planned with football.
And today we are here,
in a year and a half.
We have come so far... from our homes,
our problems...
Today on that field,
just remember that...
Where you have come
from and where you are now.
Okay boys, it's over to you now.
Yeah? Get out there...
express yourselves.
Enjoy yourselves and don't
let them intimidate you boys!
Remember Jungle Cats...
All the best
All the best
All the best
Play well Ganesh
Against all the odds,
the Jungle Cats from India.
Have made it to the final of
the Junior Rugby Nations Cup.
Here at Parc Y Scarlets.
What a journey it has been for
this young group of men from India.
And today they will face
once again The Langa Lion
the current champions
from South Africa
but before we get
the rugby at the way
Something else happening out on
the pitch and lets have listen to this.
Yes I believe that was some
form of cultural challenge.
I will call it an Indian haka.
Let's get this Junior Rugby
Nations Cup Final underway.
No Rajkishore,
Narashing takes his place in the team.
Barial is also returning
to the Jungle Cats.
Surprised to see him
there after the tournament.
And Ganesh will captain
the team in the final.
Forwards waiting on that big
boy Japie Peterson their Captain.
Here he comes
hitting the line of peace
Take him low... take him low.
Under the sticks; He slides...
for the The Langa Lions
opening score of the final.
A simple conversion
for Dino Dabula to come.
7 points to nothing
to the Langa Lions.
Barial with the restart
for the Jungle Cats.
Long hanging kick
taken by Bobby De Wet...
Good defence by the Jungle Cats
You are playing really well,
come on.
Today in this final is defend,
defend for their lives
in the opening match the Langa
Lions have already scored about 3 trys
You are playing really well,
come on.
Obviously been working on the
Jungle Cats and that man Barial
throws his opposite
number yes it is Pretorius
Something tells me that this is going to
be competitive even with this man Japie
Go, go...
Human wrecking ball but he's
eventually dropped to ground
Langa Lions dominating possession
but not breaking through like they did
in the opening match at the
Brewery Field Andre Du Toit.
Shovelled the ball Temba
Dabula. He is floored by Khetro
- Well played boys,
- You can do this.
Possession first peer
possession for the Jungle Cats
Oh! In two steps from Barial
to Khetro out it goes to Bikash
Are we going to have a try here
for the Jungle Cats in the final?
- Yes. We are.
- Yeah.
Khetro, taking his time.
All points will be
important... in this final
And he is successful.
We are all tied up in the
Junior Rugby Nations Cup Final
7 points apiece.
Well this is a scrum for the Langa
Lions A great attacking scrum.
At scrum half.
Feeding the scrum...
he finds Pretorius to fly half.
In comes Dina Dabola
against Chittranjan.
He did not stand a chance and
Temba Dabula crosses under the sticks.
Let's see if Temba Dabula
can convert his own score.
Which will put the Langa
Lions 14 points to 7 ahead.
He is successful.
The half time whistle has gone In
this Junior Rugby Nations Cup Final.
Wear them out,
make them run use the entire ground.
I know we are down on the score board,
but the plan is working.
Sir have you seen their
size? They are so BIG!
Yeah and they are
getting tired okay?
Now the hard work really starts.
Yeah! You are
gonna dig really deep.
You've gotta give everything
you got until that final whistle.
You have an opportunity here today,
to do something really special.
Something that will make you
proud for the rest of your lives.
Make your families proud.
Make your country proud.
Make us proud! Okay?
Now go on,
go out there and finish this job.
The players are ready Nigel Owens,
the referee is ready.
Well the Jungle Cats of India have come
out and I can see already that they are...
trying to change things
in this second half.
They are turning the opposition,
the Langa Lions.
Making them work
hard in defence...
And also looking to stretch
them across the park a little bit.
Come on Cats.
Come on... Pass.
Possession for the Jungle
Cats. Little kick there... woah!
Hey, hey, hey... That's enough.
You stay out of it. That's
not acceptable in the game.
Late tackle, off you go!
I will deal with the foul play,
okay? Back you go.
Come on
The Jungle Cats
looking to take advantage.
That the Langa Lions of
South Africa are down to 9 men.
After that yellow card for Calvin,
the Ox man Smith taking it on.
What will be his
approach Barial...?
Here goes a high
ball from Barial.
It's Dabola... Temba Dabola under it
Oh he's knocked out on under pressure.
Is there a little momentum
swing in this game?
Ah! the Jungle Cats still alive in
this Junior Rugby Nations Cup Final.
What will be the approach.
Wow! They are
looking to go wide.
Getting the ball to
Ganesh and he has got
in a way goes speedster.
Woah! He is breaking through...
Run... Ganesh... Run
Jungle Cats what
a score for Ganesh.
With a conversion to
come we could be tied...
at 14 points apiece in this
Junior Rugby Nations Cup Final.
Khetro, taking his time.
And he is successful.
The Jungle Cats of India
are right back in this match.
The pressure now is on the
Langa Lions of South Africa.
They are looking very tired
As the Jungle
Cats of India look.
Woah! What would be a winning
score glorious step by Barial!
He is through, he needs support
on his shoulder...
But decides to kick Can
he collect his own kick.
It would be a miracle if he can!
Oh! He collects it. And Barial
is going to be the match winner.
For the Jungle Cats of India
in this Junior Rugby
Nations Cup Final
The final whistle has
gone! Unbelievable...
And it means of course
that the Jungle Cats of India...
are the Junior Rugby
Nations Cup Champions.
I will say that again
because it's my favourite line.
The Jungle Cats of
India are the Champions.
Chamatkar! It is a miracle.
And there is Phil Bennett
the former llanelli and Wales
and British and Irish Lion will
present the trophy to
Ganesh and Rajkishore
The Junior Rugby Nations Cup
Champions are the Jungle Cats from India
Well, thank you.
You have been a big help in
a really short period of time.
I have to admit... you know.
You helped me as much
as you have helped my team.
You know honestly when I
signed up for this physio job...
I had no idea how much
your boys and you...
would help heal me.
- So... thank you!
- You are welcome.
And if you ever decide to come to India,
you are welcome to my home.
And I promise you,
you will fit into my sofa just fine.
Yeah well, now I have 13...
Sorry 14
Reasons to visit India...
So hopefully soon.
- Soon!
- Have a safe trip...
I don't like to analyse
victory too much.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
From me all the
players are equal.
But this team I
had a connection.
They reminded me of my
brother and maybe Nicola her son.
Bennett and I were part
of a grief support group
And the healing these boys
provided was the answer to our void
Whenever anyone asked about Daniel
I always lied about his whereabouts.
Daniel died... in an accident,
in India.
He had been working
for an NGO in Calcutta.
That supports
underprivileged kids.
I never quite understood
his fascination for Calcutta.
Or working for those kids.
When those kids
came to stay with us...
we got a chance to understand
the joy that Daniel had felt.
We go to church...
we say our prayers.
But how can one really
understand the joy of giving,
without actually
experiencing it.
Rudra... Well done... Well done.
So proud of you... So,
so proud of you.
A win is not an
individual achievement...
It's belongs to all,
like a bunch of wooden sticks.
And this was one type of
a win. What is real victory?
We started Kalinga institute
of social sciences with 30 kids.
Today there are
30,000 kids here!
And when I see the kids have
dinner and sleep in peace...
I feel pride that no one
sleeps hungry in our institute.
That is the real victory.