Jungle Master (2013) Movie Script

Happy Birthday to me.
( Grunts )
hey, there's a party
and everyone's invited
oh, oh, well, everyone you know
tonight my house is yours...
- Whoo-hoo!
- ...for one night...
- ( Crash )
- ...I open the door...
...so let's get down...
...get down and dance, oh, yeah
- Oh. Oh. Oh.
- oh, eh, oh
let all your worries go
you don't need them no more
( grunts )
let all your worries go tonight
( giggling )
...there's a party
and everyone's invited
- Oh. Oh. Oh.
- oh, oh, call everyone you know
tonight my house is yours
for one night
I open the door
so let's get down
get down and dance, oh, yeah
oh, eh, oh
there's a party and
everyone's invited
oh, oh, oh
( Insects chirping )
Happy Birthday to me.
( Giggles )
( Truck backup signal beeping )
( Sighs )
( Whines )
Not a Happy Birthday for me.
( Sighs )
( Car horns honking )
So working's more important than me?
Well, that's it.
She can tell me to my face.
( Seagulls cawing )
( Phones ringing in distance)
( Phones ringing )
( Door opens and closes )
Hey, chief, the corporate stock is down,
way down. We're in big trouble.
Tell me something I don't know.
It's below the issuing price,
and falling.
Call the Department Heads,
meeting in half an hour.
Yes, ma'am. I'll get right on it.
( Rainie's voice ) Mama, mama, someone's
calling you. Answer the phone.
Mama, mama, someone's calling you.
Answer the phone.
Hello. Hi, Rainie.
Why weren't you home yesterday?
And don't tell me you forgot.
It was my birthday.
Oh, I apologize. I'm so busy.
It's been a disaster here every day.
It's the company stock.
I'll make it right with you
as soon as I'm done with this.
I don't care. There's always
something going on.
Your job's more important
to you than I am.
If not, then come down an pick me up.
I'm in front of your building right now.
Excuse me? You mean, you're downstairs?
Oh, my.
You think I'm kidding around?
I'm your daughter.
( Phone ringing )
Hold on. I have to take this call.
Man: Hey, where's that monkey I need?
Chief: I'm sorry, sir.
I contacted the supply
house this morning.
They promised it would be
arriving here at any moment.
Why is the chief's daughter here?
Chief: Straight to the lab?
Yes, sir. I understand.
( Grunting )
I'm less important than a monkey.
( Sighs )
Sorry, dear. I'll send
Justin down for you.
Rainie? Hello?
Justin, I'm sorry,
could you go down and get Rainie?
She's at the front entrance.
Sure. I haven't seen her for a while.
And don't forget the meeting.
Everyone up here in 30 minutes.
But what about Rainie?
- Please, Justin.
- Okay, okay, I'll take care of it.
- Man: The monkey's here, sir.
- What are you waiting for?
- We need to proceed at once.
- Yes, sir.
I'm the only one with vision.
A bunch of fools.
Dimensional portal experiment 601,
ready to launch.
( Snorting )
I hope this attempt
is finally successful.
I must say, all these failures
have been pretty frustrating.
But no matter, it will all be
worth it, once
I'm holding that new D.N.A. in my hand.
Then I will have saved the company
and everyone will be so thrilled.
Can't you speed it up?
Every minute that goes by
is costing me a fortune.
Failure is unacceptable here.
Oh my gosh, I'm talking to myself.
( Computer beeping )
( Chattering )
Come on now, hold still.
Don't run. Oh.
Oh, brother. This is ridiculous.
What is the matter with you?
Oh, that's it.
You think you can run? You're wrong.
Where do you think you're going?
I showed you.
( Buzzes )
I'll never forgive you, Mama.
Never, ever, ever.
That's what I'm gonna do.
I'll just run away from home.
She'll miss me when I'm gone.
Huh? What in the world is that?
A meteor? It can't be a U.F.O.
Well, whatever you are,
help me get away from here.
( Exclaiming )
She's gone.
What are you talking about, "she"?
What's happening here?
We didn't send the monkey.
We accidentally sent chief Warren's
daughter through the dimension.
I don't care. It doesn't matter to me...
...who we sent through.
I only care that the transmission
was successful.
( Exclaims )
Ouch. That really hurt.
Where am I?
( Birds chirping )
Uh, never seen this place before.
( Gasps )
( Gasps ) Cool.
Hmm? Hey.
( Chuckles )
I hope I'm not imagining all this.
( Gasps )
( Geese honking )
Oh, where in the world am I?
- ( Thud )
- ( Gasps )
( Whimpers )
( Roaring )
( Sighs )
( Knocks on door )
- Where's Rainie?
- I couldn't find her.
All I saw out there was her bike.
Oh, she's determined to upset me.
Where could she have gone?
Don't worry. I found her phone.
It'll be okay.
I was the same way.
When I was upset, I'd go hide.
Usually it was somewhere in the house.
You should go home and check on her.
Go ahead. We'll be fine here.
I'm sure she's someplace safe.
My town's been invaded by a monster!
( Panting )
( Sighs )
Is it gone? It was awful.
This place is turning out
to be really creepy.
( Gasps )
( Thudding footsteps )
( Growling )
( Roars )
( Chuckles )
- Gotta go.
- Oh!
Who are you?
No time to explain.
You run that way. I'll distract it.
That thing's pretty fast.
Don't worry. Just run.
Hey, big mouth,
you think you can catch me?
Well, come on, give it a try.
You have bad breath. I don't
know what you've been eating,
but it isn't gonna be me.
Hey, can't he follow directions?
What's happening?
I thought he was gonna distract
him, not send him after me.
Rainie: Help! Somebody help me!
He would have swallowed me whole.
( Panting )
( Roar )
( Whimpers )
Thank goodness I was able
to get away from him.
Now, wonder what happened
to that strange blue boy.
Watch out!
Rainie: Monsters are
popping up everywhere.
( Chuckles )
- What are you doing?
- ( Roars )
Play time. Let's go.
( Panting )
We should be safe here.
Oh, boy. That was weird.
I haven't run that much in... ever.
I'm walking from now on.
Hey, can you get up?
Hmm? Uh...
Thanks. You're a pal.
( Male voice ) The main course
you brought back last time
was very stringy and tough on the teeth.
But this one looks quite mouthwatering,
kind of small, but I think
there's enough to fill us up.
It was really hard to catch.
Let's not cut it into cubes this time.
I think we should throw
the whole thing in the pot.
- It's so tender and fresh.
- They're gonna eat me.
I think the best thing
we can do is steam it.
I've got to get out of here.
Ah, very good, my dear,
just in time. You finally woke up.
( Both chuckle )
Get away from me! I'm not your dinner!
- I know kung fu!
- You got this all wrong.
I just wanted to tell you that dinner
will be steamed, not fried.
Dinner is served, hot and steamed.
I don't eat meat. I like veggies.
- Glad to see you're all right.
- Wait a minute.
You're the one who knocked me out.
Why did you do that?
You were sort of out of control.
I thought it would be easier.
I used my hunter's training.
Your what? You think I'm some
sort of prey, is that it?
You got this all wrong. He would
never think of you that way.
He's my grandson and he's
shaking in his boots.
His name is Blue.
What's your name, by the way?
My name is Rainie. Are you
sure he's your grandson?
I mean, you don't look very much alike.
So what? I'm Eco-friendly, that's all.
You see, it's just
a question of genetics.
Am I right? There was
a mutation involved?
Uh, that's what happened, of course.
But that's all ancient history.
At the moment we have
dinner on our minds.
I'm sure that many things here
you'll find quite delicious.
( Whimpering )
Plus, today is Blue's birthday.
( Sniffles ) Right.
How nice for you.
I hate birthdays.
Mm, I presume you know
the birthday song.
Uh, of course. Doesn't everyone?
Great. So we can sing it together.
( Clears throat )
Happy Birthday to Blue.
- Sing.
- Oh.
Happy Birthday to Blue.
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday dear Blue
Happy Birthday to me.
- Ahh.
- ( Rainie giggles )
Now you're another year older.
It warms my heart to see
how much you've grown.
Do I hear someone's belly growling?
- Blue, are you hungry?
- Only for the last hour or so.
- Then let's eat, come on.
- Yeah.
Rainie, you too.
You can have your fill
of anything on the table.
You're too polite to eat without
permission, not like some folks.
Hey, don't complain, buddy.
Listen, messing with you is fun.
- I've noticed that. Fun time is over.
- It's just begun.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Guess I showed you. Say what?
Think you're the best eater?
My chopsticks will
leave you in the dust.
( Both grunting )
Time! Thank you.
Those monsters... Were they dinosaurs?
Both: What?
Now I don't know what you ran into,
but I can assure you
they weren't dinosaurs.
They may have looked
like dinosaurs to you,
- but they weren't.
- Are dinosaurs some kind of pets?
They couldn't have been, because
you're not on earth anymore.
What? Not earth anymore?
Then where are we?
There goes the last of the dinner.
We're on the jungle planet.
Not that long ago,
I found a dimensional portal
between here and the earth.
I traveled here to study
the native species.
You can go home in three days.
- Really?
- Don't send me back.
- There's nothing there for me.
- No family?
Robot: Attention, group picture.
Say "cheese."
- Limburger.
- Cheddar.
Oh, I'm in the middle of a cell test.
Go to bed as soon as
the cake is finished.
Don't forget, save me some.
And whether you like it or not, when
the portal opens in three days,
I'm sending you back to earth.
Boss: And then this fool had the nerve
to question my judgment in regards
to the direction of the company.
Once this new strain of DNA is in place,
he won't dare open his mouth.
We'll be so successful, I'll banish him
to our branch office in Siberia.
So when can I expect
to have this DNA avail...?
How often have I told you this?
Stop disturbing me.
It won't be long. I'm nearly there.
Yes, yes. What's that?
You say you're almost finished?
I knew it! You're a genius, doctor!
Let's see. A dash of iodine
mixed with a free agent.
And now a sprinkle of sodium chloride.
That was more than a sprinkle,
but whatever.
Oh, it's reacting.
That tastes like success. It's perfect.
I am a genius! I did it! Yes! Aha!
You did it?
We did it! We did it!
You're the greatest
scientist in history!
It's amazing. This hot sauce
- will take over the world of condiments.
- What?
You made hot sauce?
That's your experiment?
- Oh, boy, what a breakthrough.
- Hey, zip it.
Are you completely out of your mind?
You fraud.
The reason you got funded
is because you swore
you could isolate an entire
new strain of D.N.A.
Instead, you're making hot sauce?
My friend, getting
your shorts in a twist
won't help solve this puzzle.
You need the Seeds of Wisdom.
Then go open the portal. I'll
send my personal bodyguards.
They'll help you gather up these seeds.
No, no, we can't disturb
the balance of nature here.
I'll go look for the seeds
of wisdom tomorrow myself.
By the way, a girl
somehow got in the portal
and was transported here.
You'd better find out how that happened.
Send some men to the portal
terminus in three days.
That's when I'll send her back.
A girl? Oh, so she made it.
Hmm, that means we can control it.
You guys, open the dimensional
portal immediately.
Rainie, Rainie.
Where are you?
What game is this?
Why is she being so mean?
Oh, Rainie,
it's all mama's fault.
( Phone dings )
What's going on?
No, Grandpa, I like steamed
better than fried.
It tastes better.
No, please. Just leave it alone.
Don't touch the sacred tree.
( Exclaims, panting )
- ( Rainie grunts )
- What happened to Rainie?
If not for bad luck,
I'd have no luck at all.
Rainie, what are you doing there?
( Chuckles )
I wasn't sleepy, so I came out here
to watch the moon for a while.
Shouldn't you be looking up then?
That's the way.
Just a little bit more now.
Hold on.
You sure seem to get yourself
in a lot of trouble.
What are you talking about?
I can take care of myself.
You wouldn't have gotten
stuck if I'd been here.
I couldn't sleep.
When I woke up, the moon was so bright.
It was beautiful. So I crawled out.
Tell me, how come this
place has three moons?
Is that weird to you?
I enjoyed watching them with
grandpa when I was younger,
but, you know, we haven't done
that for a long time now.
- How long?
- Three days.
- Gee, you must have been just a kid.
- I was.
Maybe he wants to come now. I'll go see.
Hold on. Don't go. It's late.
So? I'm sure he'd come out.
Are you all right?
Are you tired? Why not go back to bed?
I'm not tired.
I'm worried. I don't want to go.
I don't want your grandpa
to send me back to earth.
You haven't got a clue. It's
"grandpa this, grandpa that."
Have you noticed I never
even talk about my mother?
- Never met my mother.
- Move it.
Why don't you want to go home?
Don't you think your mom's worried?
She's not worried.
In fact, she barely knows I'm alive.
All she really cares about
is work, work, work.
( Panting )
( Grunts )
Yesterday was my 12th birthday.
And you know what?
She completely forgot.
I'm just another chore she has
to fit into her schedule.
Most of the time she ignores me.
I don't even care anymore.
You're lucky. I envy you.
You have a grandpa who loves you.
Well, that's it.
I don't have to take this.
I'm gonna start a new life.
I'm not going someplace
where I'm not appreciated.
But grandpa is determined
to send you back.
Not if he can't find me. I'll run away.
I'll have an adventure.
Yeah, you can be my guide.
Adventure? No, no, no, no.
It's scary out there.
Not as scary for me as going back home.
I'll go alone if I have to. You coming?
Uh, okay. I'll do it.
You are my first friend.
And also, you're a girl.
But listen, we shouldn't
leave here before morning.
The creatures around here
get wild at night.
( Chattering )
I'm not scared of that.
I'm a female superhero.
In that case, welcome to team Rainie.
By the way, Rainie, Happy Birthday.
Huh? Oh, thanks.
( Birds chirping )
( Yawns )
You're up finally.
And we're still gonna
have that adventure.
I came up with a destination
for us on the map.
Whoa, where did you learn that?
Wish I had some hairspray.
I feel all frizzy on top.
- It looks nice. It really does.
- But I'll get used to it.
Excuse me? Did you just say something?
No, I was talking about my dagger.
It's a nice one.
And it'll come in handy.
Grandpa gave it to me for graduation.
Excuse me? What did you graduate from?
- Oh, no, we can't go there.
- Why not?
Too dangerous. You could
die in the fallen forest.
How about the Falls or the Wetlands?
Look, there's lots of wildlife.
You could see a worm with six eyes,
also a moth that flies
upside down, kinda.
- Hmm?
- I'm just saying...
But I suppose we can go
to the fallen forest.
There you go. Now we're
getting somewhere.
There is one problem.
- Which would be?
- The whole area is protected
by a huge bottomless cliff.
We'll never get past it.
Blue, I'm going to the fallen forest
today to collect some samples.
You and Rainie watch over the house.
I will be home for dinner.
That means we have a ride,
so the adventure's back on.
When you put it that way.
Whoa, can't go without my knife.
Will you get it in gear?
Do you have any weapons you can bring?
I'm just asking.
Here we go, my friend.
I hope it's the last time
we're forced to do this.
I have to tell you, we're way too old
to be doing these dangerous
expeditions together.
Why did you make this
secret tunnel so small?
I can barely get through.
Hey, move your tail feathers
before I bump into them.
This sure doesn't seem
like a tree house.
It's more like a big cave.
Blue? Blue?
Yow? Crud, you should be scared.
I need more practice.
Why am I so dizzy?
Surprised, Blue? Let that
be a lesson for the future.
Don't scare girls who know kung fu. Ha!
I'm so scared.
You can't catch me!
Where are you going, smart Aleck?
Where you can't find me, that's where.
Don't hit the face. Anything but that.
I'll give you my desserts for a year.
You can wear my hat a week.
- Just don't hit the face.
- Wow.
This is amazing.
Where are we, Blue?
Blue: This is the heart
of the tree mansion.
Grandpa told me that
when he first saw it,
he couldn't believe his eyes.
He did an isotope test on it,
and it turns out to be
over 1000 years old.
- Kind of cool, isn't it?
- Way cool.
Oh, well, gotta go,
or we'll miss our ride. Come on.
Whoa, how deep does this go?
I can't believe it.
It's like a bottomless pit.
This bridge is kind of shaky.
What if I slip? It's a long fall.
This is nuts. They'll
never be able to find me.
Well, up to you.
But listen, this bridge
is the only way to our ride.
It's part of the adventure.
Great explorers are always careful.
How do you think they live so long?
Out of the way, four ears.
- Move it.
- You sure?
Just be careful.
Rainie, Rainie, use your brainie.
Do you plan to keep going?
Watch out!
Are you all right?
Just fine.
I don't understand.
You're nearly there.
Why are you going so slow?
Zip it, pal.
Oh, we got over. Didn't break a sweat.
I was just waiting for you to catch up.
Less talking, more walking.
We have a ride to catch.
You ready?
( Engine starts )
- Okay, run as fast as you can.
- Gotcha.
Tiny space.
Yeah, kinda. The science
geek has a secret lab.
Grandpa's not really a geek.
He's a respected scientist.
Sorry, that came out wrong. I
didn't meant to insult the man.
This place is interesting...
All these machines.
This is just a little of what he's got.
If we get a chance, I'll
take you to his main lab.
That one's a whole lot better.
I was wondering what my Grandpa does
every time he goes to the fallen forest.
- He never takes me with him.
- Why can't I open this?
Oh, those are sample containers.
The green light indicates
whatever's inside is in good shape.
The red light indicates
something's wrong with it.
Hey, I found it.
Don't mess with those.
You don't know what kind of
trouble you could get into.
I wonder why this is so important.
Hey, what are you talking about?
The things Grandpa's trying to collect.
I think he's after the Seeds of Wisdom.
- Really? What are those?
- Very rare.
Grandpa says they're a special plant
and only live in the fallen forest.
They can think like humans
with knowledge and wisdom.
( Screeches )
( Machine whirring )
Did he make it or not?
Don't you have the results yet?
Coming in now, sir.
We have a signal.
Let me see.
Ah, so that's
the jungle planet, is it? Interesting.
I must say, the monkey seems
very much at home there.
Men: We did it!
Quiet. What are you celebrating for?
I'm the one that made this happen.
You just followed orders.
Now you're dancing around?
Get back to work.
Yes, sir.
You, get the transport ready.
I'm going to the jungle planet myself.
I can't wait to see
our dear Dr. Sedgwick.
( Laughing )
But, sir, the vehicle isn't reliable.
The circuit board still has some flaws.
Then fix the thing.
I want it fixed
and ready to leave in 15 minutes.
Yes, sir. We'll get right on it.
Penny, keep an eye on them for me.
( Hums a tune )
Wow, brainy plants.
Yeah. In fact,
they were so smart, Grandpa
couldn't find them.
- Hey, I've got an idea.
- Ow.
Our adventure will be
to go find those plants.
What do you think about that?
Come on, really,
isn't that a great plan?
- Whoa, easy.
- Whoa, what's happening?
Is your Grandpa any good
at driving this thing?
As far as I know. Whoa!
I never knew this lab
was in the complex.
You're sure this is
where we'll find Rainie?
Shh, let's focus.
Zero, eight, one, zero, two, eight.
Careful, we don't know
who sent you that message.
- ( Panel beeps )
- I don't have time to worry about that.
- Dr. Sedgwick is such a brilliant mind.
- It opened.
Man #2: I agree completely.
I've been following his work
since I was a grad student.
Man #3: Me too. He's amazing.
Man #2: I don't know anyone else
who could have discovered
the dimensional portal
and actually make it work.
What was that?
It's taken the Doctor 12 years
to figure out the portal's mechanics,
and it still give him fits.
And when he gets back
from the jungle planet,
he'll probably tinker with
it for years to come.
We'll have to put in
lots more 15-hour days.
- But what's new?
- ( All sigh )
But wait, I forgot there's a plus
to having those extra hours.
We'll be making lots of overtime pay.
And another thing... I'm so excited
- to try the Doctor's new hot sauce on fried pork.
- ( Penny squealing )
I'm sure glad that
chief's daughter is all right,
or I wouldn't be able to look her
in the eye the next time I see her.
What do you mean?
- What the...?
- What have you done to my baby?
( Yelps )
We're ready for anything.
Here comes the Boss.
Spread out, boys. He's about to land.
( Coughing )
( Laughs ) I made it.
Well, surprise, Doc.
( Laughing )
That's it?
Blue? Blue?
I feel like a used basketball.
We'd better move out.
Don't want to get caught.
Oh, boy.
Why is the floor still shaking?
That was great, way better
than a roller-coaster.
Blue, we should go and do this again.
Are you crazy? Any more
of this, and I'm toast.
Mm, mm, mm.
I think you need to work out.
Mm, mm, mm.
Don't make those noises. I'll be fine
in just a minute.
Hey, Seeds of Wisdom,
where are you all hiding?
Blue's risking intense
dizziness to find you.
So come out. You'll be in a
lot of trouble if you don't.
- That's not nice.
- I can feel them.
They're over this way.
Maybe not. The vibes are
much stronger over there.
Grandpa once said the seeds
like places with lots of water,
so we should look around,
see if there's a lake.
- That makes sense. Let's do it.
- Wait up.
The water... it's hiding
behind those trees.
Stop messing around, smarty-pants.
Let's go.
We've been out here walking for hours,
and so far we've seen nothing but rocks.
Blue, are you sure
we're going the right way?
It's really close. I can smell it.
Just over the Ridge.
( Sniffs )
Looks like it might have moved.
It's this way.
So, any clues?
I know you're here.
I'm being distracted.
I'm having trouble becoming
one with the water.
Is your nose working or not?
( Giggling )
Stop lying now. Where's the water?
- Come on.
- Whoa now.
The fact is, we might be,
nothing really serious,
but a little bit lost.
That's what I thought.
I suspected it for a while.
I mean, we kept passing the same rocks.
I'll lead from now on.
Oh! What are these things?
Don't be scared, Rainie.
Give me your hand.
What's going on? What are these?
Who are you?
Quit hiding. Come down.
It's all right. I'm not
gonna let them hurt you.
Ho-ho! That's a human over there.
Why would the little guy
even talk to one?
- What is this? Why do you want to know?
- What is this? Why do you want to know?
- We're friends, that's all.
- Friends?
That's odd. How can a human
and a lumore be friends?
It makes no sense.
Rainie: You look like
you're related to them.
This is weird.
I feel connected,
like I know these guys.
But wait a minute. You just met them.
- Sedora.
- You don't even...
What are you doing?
Get rid of that thing.
Gladly, kid.
But first, do this.
( Squeaking )
You've been kept in the dark.
As lumores, we were born
with the ability
to summon plants.
You'd know that if you hadn't
been completely brainwashed.
We can dirty up that brain and
get you thinking straight again.
( Rainie mumbling )
Go ahead, tell him, honey.
Blue, you are a lumore like us.
Wait, how is it you know my name?
The heritage of our
ancestors flows within you.
We've been searching
for you for 12 years.
It's time, Blue.
You must take your rightful
place within the lumore clan.
( Mumbling )
What are you doing?
Once you awaken to your heritage,
you will accept the power within you...
The power I will now activate.
I arouse within you
the legacy of lumore.
Attention, photo opportunity.
- Say cheese.
- ( Thud )
( Laughs ) Are you surprised?
Didn't expect me so soon, did you?
You gotta be kidding.
Grab that monkey!
Photo opportunity. Say cheese.
Cheese. Cheese.
Huh? What in the...?
- Stop that robot.
- Sir.
Robot: Stop.
You proved you cheese-heads
are good for something.
Photo opportunity.
Now we'll see what's going on.
- Huh?
- Oh.
It's true... He's been using my money
to make new hot sauce.
Mm, very tangy, not bad at all.
Go find and arrest
our friend Dr. Hot Sauce.
Stupid lug.
I'll be firing you
as soon as we get back.
Oh, wait a minute. He found it.
I should have known.
The old goat lied to me!
Oh, good. The kid's waking up.
Let's see what he's made of.
( Chuckles )
- You're Mulla.
- We now welcome back...
- And you're Tulla.
- ...This child member
who had been lost to us
for so many years.
I don't understand. Why do
I know both your names?
This is wonderful. Your powers
brought him back to us.
And we're so far from the sacred tree.
What sacred tree? What powers?
What did you do? I don't understand.
Oh, my head's gonna burst.
The heritage of the lumore has
awakened within your heart.
And now, Blue, rise.
Try to focus energy
to the palm of your hand.
Great. I'm sure
I can handle it from here.
Now, Blue, just focus
and repeat after me.
( Chuckles )
I just wanted to see if you
were paying attention.
( Clears throat ) Time for
the real demonstration.
Now observe.
Zeevala! Zeevala! Zeevala!
You see? It worked. A mighty tree.
Impressed? I have the power.
Of course that level of sorcery
requires lots of practice.
Might take you years before you're...
Ah, a prodigy.
I think we can suspend class
for the rest of the day.
Blue, you all right?
You don't have to accept this.
But I'm not like you,
not at all. You're a different race.
All the things I know are lies.
Are things that bad? At least
you have someone who loves you,
not like me. You're lucky.
Really, I envy you.
A Grandpa like yours...
That would be wonderful.
Ignore these two. Come on, let's split.
You can't just walk away.
Blue, remember you're part of us.
You're a lumore.
Come on, you don't believe that.
Hey, lumores don't ever lie.
Let's not forget, we still have to find
the Seeds of Wisdom
for Grandpa. Let's go.
Excuse me? You're looking for what?
We are the Seeds of Wisdom.
Are you working for that old creep?
Old creep?
I warned you 12 years ago
when he stole the sprout.
12 years ago? Grandpa did this?
How could he?
Come on, you call that
greedy human, Grandpa?
- Dice me up for salad.
- Mulla.
Don't listen to him.
Grandpa's not like that.
I don't know what to think.
Why do you think of him
as your grandfather?
You're not related to him in any way.
You barely relate to us.
Gosh, I feel so lost right now.
Why is this happening? Tell me.
Blue, come and rejoin our tribe.
You belong with others of your kind.
Don't fall for that.
Why don't we go hear
Grandpa's side of the story?
Stop it. I don't want
to hear from anybody.
- Argh!
- Wait, Blue.
Are we too late?
He thinks he's a kid, not a sapling.
( Rock music playing )
There you are.
Is it okay if I talk to you?
we start shaking
Come on, I know you're upset,
but I just don't believe Grandpa
thinks of you as an experiment.
You're his little boy.
don't hold back
what you're thinking
You could at least go talk to him.
What harm could that do?
What would be the point? He's a human.
How can he be my grandfather?
He can't. That means he's been lying.
I can't believe it. I'm so stupid.
So that's pretty much what happened.
But you don't have to worry.
He was very clear...
She'll be back in three short days.
Here, sit down. You all right?
Everything's under control, okay?
I put it in the text.
I should have gone to her
when she called me.
She was reaching out.
This whole thing is my fault.
I forgot her birthday.
I'm a terrible mother.
Oh, come on, please don't cry.
- Send me to that place.
- What?
Send me there. I'm gonna
find my daughter.
I'm gonna bring her back.
Please, please, there's a lot involved.
We'd have to ask the Boss first.
Don't forget, Dr. Sedgwick is
sending her back in three days.
Stop it. I'm bringing her back.
And you're sending me over right now.
We really should involve the Boss.
Chief, we get it. And we're
concerned about this as well.
But there are rules and
we have to follow them.
We'll ask the Boss.
And after that, we'll
bring her right back.
I hope we gave the kid enough
ammo to fight the old man.
In the end, he is one of us after all.
So if his heritage kicks in,
he'll give him the old one-two.
Hmm, yeah.
But what if he wimps out?
He might need us to come and help.
( Spits )
You know what? We should
check on the boy.
Oh, yeah. I mean, what could it hurt?
He might need to be protected.
What if they...?
That human's a smooth talker, I'm sure.
He could probably talk the rough
edges right off this rock.
Ouch. That poor kid could
be fooled by him again.
Oh, no. What a terrible
fate he could suffer.
You have to slow down, dear.
Come on.
Okay, but I'm worried.
He was raised by that human.
His brain could have been damaged.
I have finally found it.
- ( Laughs )
- ( Bone cracks )
Oh, my back.
Well, you're not gonna
get away this time.
He now knows
the only family he has is us.
Hmm, hope so.
But they might try to convince him
his skin turned blue from too much sun.
- Watch out!
- Mulla!
So the same old trick?
But you shoot like a man
wearing a blindfold.
Ooh, see what I mean?
Mulla, be careful. He's coming around.
Let's get out of here.
( Laughing )
I'm telling you, he can't see
past the end of his nose.
Okay, but don't get cocky.
I hope he's aiming at rocks and plants,
'cause that's all he's hitting.
- Ha.
- You all right?
Oh, yeah. He's way behind this race.
We don't know what he's got
in the way of weapons.
- Just watch yourself.
- Ha-ha!
This ammo looks strange. Why
shoot these projectiles?
He's up to something.
Hold on. I can feel danger nearby.
Mulla, drop that thing right now.
Mulla, say something, will you? Mulla!
Don't worry, you'll be all right.
You're an evil guy. Keep your distance!
Don't you dare come any closer.
I'm warning you.
( Grunts )
Sorry, my dear.
( Sighs )
So you won't talk?
If you won't, I will.
Hey, my knife.
Why did you do that?
Have you lost your mind?
Why in the world do you
still need a knife?
Don't you just use magic now?
You are a mess! Argh!
You're not even listening.
You know what?
I'm done. Do whatever you want.
Keep this.
I don't understand you.
You've been with Grandpa your whole
life and you have no faith in him.
You're not gonna solve the
problem by hiding out like this.
I wish I could switch
your Grandpa for my Mom.
The one smart thing she used to say was,
running from a problem
isn't going to solve it,
no matter how fast you run.
So let's go back to the tree house,
and figure this out together.
What do you say?
All right.
Is your mom really that bad to you?
Much worse than your Grandpa.
What happened here?
Look at this.
Look. I think she's unconscious.
Tulla, are you okay?
Grandpa made this.
Tulla, Tulla, talk to me, please.
I'm not hearing her heart.
Please wake up. Come on, Tulla.
Can you breathe for me?
Come on now. Come on.
That C.P.R. Course in school...
What did they say?
( Gasps )
You're awake.
Thank heavens. What happened to you?
Take your hands off me, human!
( Growls )
- Argh! Leave me alone.
- Tulla, no!
- Blue.
- Rainie, you okay?
Yeah, thanks to you.
Stop helping her. You're
a traitor to your race.
Her kind came here and took Mulla away.
Now move. The girl has to pay.
You want to save your
friend, then let's go.
Come with us. We'll get him back.
Tulla, listen to her.
We can still save him,
but you have to trust us.
It's the only way this can work.
All right, I'll take a chance,
just this once though.
Let's go see that old creep.
Hmm, now let's see.
Where is my good friend Dr. Sedgwick?
Aha! There he is.
Well, Doctor, it's time to
settle up on your promises
over the years. No more excuses.
Bring the old guy here at once.
Bodyguards: Yes, sir. We're on it.
( Chattering )
( Panting )
Oh, these old bones of mine
aren't used to this kind of exercise.
Don't worry, my friend.
It won't take long.
Let me just prepare the experiment.
I think I'm ready. Nothing
can be allowed to go wrong.
( Grunting )
( Chuckles )
Who are you?
Long time, no see. Right, Dr. Hot Sauce?
My bad. I messed that up. Of
course I meant "Sedgwick."
What? You opened the portal?
Didn't think that was possible.
( Laughs )
Isn't it nicer to talk in person, huh?
Much easier to be understood,
you have to admit.
( Clicks tongue )
We've spent so much money
on you over the years,
and yet your lab looks so shabby.
Well, I promise you,
by the time we've improved it,
this lab will be state of the art.
You'll love it.
Please take your troops
and get out of here.
I'll send you the D.N.A.
You want us to go? For what reason?
So you can keep up this fraud?
Well, I wasn't able to
capture a donor until...
Just stop the charade.
You think I'm brain-dead?
Well, I'm not.
You found your sample donor
a long time ago.
It was when I first arrived.
I rescued this poor
wounded seed of wisdom.
They call themselves lumores.
The first serum I developed
was based on the research I did on him.
Calm down.
The fact is, you were
duty-bound to tell me all this,
Dr. I'm-gonna-keep-a-secret.
In case you've forgotten,
I am your Boss.
I know.
At first he was just a testing object.
But he grew so fast every day.
He was so cute, so kind.
The first word he learned
to speak was "Grandpa."
He'd wake up each day
with a smile on his face.
Well, I no longer saw
the lad as an experiment.
After a while, we got so close,
he was like a real grandson.
How poignant. Your behavior makes sense.
I won't allow anyone to hurt the kid,
especially not me.
- Grandpa.
- ( Boss laughing )
Why are you so convinced
we're gonna hurt him?
It's all just research and nothing more.
And anyway, you appear to
have something new for me.
Who might this specimen be, hmm?
He's a new testing object.
Where is my grandson?
- I have to help Grandpa.
- Wait.
I was hoping we could come
up with a plan, but...
Release Mulla! I won't let you...
Tulla, are you all right?
Great. The lumores are
now just dropping in.
You spent 12 years raising one,
and now there are three
available for your work.
You should really be...
Enough! Tell your men
to put down their guns.
Okay, okay, you get to be the Boss.
Oh, it's all Grandpa's fault.
I shouldn't have lied.
It was wrong of me.
But mostly, it was wrong
to have kept you so long
with me, very wrong.
And I'll understand if you hate me.
You're willing to overlook
what I've done?
No matter what,
you're still my Granddad.
That's great.
Please. Not that this isn't moving.
However, we're not here
for a family reunion.
You have an experiment waiting.
Right. I'll begin the experiment.
When it's done, take
the results and get out.
I don't want to see your
face anymore after this.
I'm fine with that.
Once I get what I want, I'll go.
Just give me that D.N.A.
After I have that,
it will make everything right.
They might elect me
chairman of the board.
Grandpa, don't hurt Mulla.
Don't worry. The procedure
won't take too long.
He won't feel a thing.
Busy signal. But don't worry, Chief.
- I can connect right to the lab.
- Then do it.
The light... It just went on.
- Does that mean we're good?
- Couldn't be that fast.
D.N.A. extraction
should take twice as long.
Very strange.
Well, was it successful?
There's your daughter.
( Giggles )
Said she's okay.
Who are they? Why do they have weapons?
I've never seen them before.
- Sweetheart, sweetheart.
- Hey, Boss.
- It's mom. Can you hear me?
- Are you able to hear me?
- Boss.
- Rainie.
That's it? Give me a break.
You're done? So fast?
I've been waiting 12 years,
you're done in 30 minutes?
You wasted 12 years of my life, mister.
Give me that tube right now.
I paid for that.
First let them go.
Blue, you have to get out of here.
I'll catch up with you once
I get rid of these men.
No way. Forget it. We're
not leaving you here.
I don't trust them. They
won't keep their promises.
Oh, yes, they will. I'll see to that.
Rainie, take Blue and get out of here.
What about you?
Don't mind me. Take him and leave.
Blue, let's go.
No, I don't want to do it, okay?
Don't worry about me, my boy.
I'll be just fine.
You go.
Come on.
Are you ready to hand it over?
I'll give it when you and your
soldiers are ready to leave.
You'll find the rule of nature
is stronger than your ambition.
I thought it was the answer, but you
can't harness conscious plants.
Enough. These plants are
destined to save the earth.
I know I'm right. I wouldn't
spend all this for nothing.
It's very clear you're committed,
but I have finally come to realize
that we've been wrong
for these last 12 years.
You may be wrong, but I'm not.
I've never been wrong in my life.
Oh, let me go. What do
you think you're doing?
( Chuckles ) Easy, Doctor.
Just making sure you don't
accidentally drop the tube.
Give it back to me.
We'll keep it safe. I'm going
to be very influential.
( Laughing )
- Give that back to me.
- Keep an eye on him.
- The rest of you, come.
- You monster.
I have an assignment for you. We're
going to round up our specimens.
What are you pulling?
You said you'd let them go.
Come back here. Come back.
This is not happening.
They're arresting Dr. Sedgwick.
I have to get there,
no matter what's involved.
Gotta save my daughter.
I'm coming. Never knew the
Boss was such a monster.
Thank you for offering,
but I'm her mother
and I have to do this myself.
It's my responsibility.
Hey, you two,
if you're done discussing
this, which one is going?
Me, of course.
There's something
you should take with you.
It's an ultra-molecular freezing gun.
It can instantly immobilize its target,
no matter what the difference.
There's only one little
drawback, and that is...
You only have one shot, so
you have to aim carefully.
I invented this bad boy.
Uh, Chief, one more thing...
A de-boosting chip.
It's the only way to stop
the Boss's big machine.
- Gotta move it. I don't trust that guy.
- Where are we going?
Someplace where we can hide
and wait for Grandpa to come.
Right. Let me think of a place.
He sent his soldiers after
us, and they're catching up.
You'd better think fast.
That little one must have been
on the track team at school.
We've got to take cover.
( Mumbles )
Mulla, that's great... You're awake.
Were we wrestling?
Not everything's quite clear yet.
Oh, hi.
Wait a minute. It's
coming back to me now.
We made a clean getaway, right?
What's your definition of "clean"?
( Roaring )
My dear, your form is just as
effective as ever. Good work.
- Wow, she's great.
- ( Bodyguards yelling )
She's turned the plants against us.
Well, let's see how they do
against this guy.
That's the most horrible
creature I've ever seen.
The machine's ugly as well.
Why are we standing around?
Let's run for it.
You might as well give up now.
You won't outrun me.
Of course, you're welcome to try.
This human's willing
to destroy his own kind.
He's gaining!
Oh, splitting up, are you?
Don't you have someplace to be,
like an appointment with the scrap heap?
We've got to figure a way out,
or we're gonna be toast.
I've got it.
Remember the stone forest
over by the cliffs?
- Yeah.
- We need to draw him there.
- It's too dangerous.
- Shh.
( Rainie whispering )
What if I screw up? What happens then?
Have some confidence. You'll do fine.
Use your powers. Whoo-hoo!
Rainie, wait.
( Boss laughing )
Goodbye. Interesting...
First time I saw a flower with a tongue.
Hey, shorty!
You and me, one on one!
I'm gonna squash you like a bug.
How's that gonna happen?
You're no bigger than a bug.
I float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee!
I dare ya.
To do which... Float or sting?
I'll show you I can do both!
We'd better help.
Diss me? You're a shrimp yourself.
I've got company, have I?
( Yells )
I guess you need some training
- on how to sneak around.
- Blue!
Time for some bug-squashing.
- Go for it, Blue!
- Ready?
- Good work.
- Zeevala!
What's going on?
Both: Yay! We pulled it off!
( Giggles )
- We are definitely the best.
- It was my idea,
but you made it happen. We
make a good team, you know?
All right! Those were some
very excellent moves.
You're definitely a lumore.
I knew you were gonna be
good at this sort of thing.
I could just feel it. And
you as well, little girl.
Rainie: I'm not really a little girl.
Mulla: You're not all that tall yet.
Where are you going?
I left my dagger on that machine.
I have to get it back.
Hey, we could make you
an honorary lumore.
- Blue!
- Don't wear my name out.
Watch out behind you!
( Boss grunting )
You little brats
have the nerve to resist?
You'll be sorry you ever
raised a hand against me.
Oh, dear.
You believe your SWAT team can hold me?
Well, surprise. Blue, I'll protect you.
All right!
Try to harm my grandson, will you?
Kids, get on board.
All the little pests,
together in one trap.
Rainie: Hang on, Blue.
Grandpa, Blue's not on yet.
Lumores don't allow any harm
to come to their clan.
I'm fine. Go ahead and close the door.
Rainie, don't worry. He's safe.
His friends will watch over him.
Ha-ha! You old goat,
you can never defeat me.
Wave the white flag.
He's way too strong. We're in trouble.
You pests are becoming an irritation.
I guess it's time to exterminate you.
( Yells )
- Shield!
- Shield!
You freak, you'll destroy everything.
You've gone mad.
You're wrong, old man.
I'm gonna save humanity.
And you, my friend,
are on the wrong side of history.
( Grunting )
Hurry, he's gonna shoot.
( Laughing )
He's insane.
Mama, I wish I could see you once more.
What... what's happening?
Rainie! Mama's here, sweetheart.
- And I won't let him hurt you.
- Mama.
I'm your Boss. Back off.
Mama, get away from there. Watch out!
Your mom has got a De-boosting chip.
She can power off his machine.
Chief, don't do it.
Your job's on the line!
Mama, the ice is cracking.
There's the port.
Help her.
I'm coming!
That's it. I'm gonna take
out every one of you.
- Get off me, banana breath.
- Mama!
Are you okay?
Rainie, I'm sorry.
It won't happen again. That's a promise.
I'll remember your
birthdays, no matter what.
Sweetheart, I do love you.
Believe me, I know I haven't
been a very good mother.
Please forgive me if you can.
I was working so hard because I wanted
to make life better for both of us.
But I should have been there for you.
I know you love me.
I'm sorry I ran away.
The important thing is,
we're back together.
I won't let anyone hurt you.
There it is.
- I'll do it.
- Don't. It's too dangerous.
That machine has defenses
that can hurt you.
Why am I flying?
We're giving you the power,
Rainie, but you have to hurry.
Nobody messes with my mom.
Oh, please, you people are the ones
who have been messing with me.
Well, that all ends now.
I'm gonna wring your monkey neck.
You are through!
Don't you touch my little
girl, you hear me?
Don't worry. She's fine.
The power of lumore will protect her.
- Tell her. Am I right, poopsie?
- Mm-hmm.
You're gonna be monkey bread.
What are you doing?
Oh, no.
Oh, how about that?
We're a lot more powerful
than we thought.
What have you done to my attack mecha?
I'm losing control!
( Grunting )
Rainie, get off that thing.
The cliff's shattering.
No way.
Please save my daughter before
she falls off that cliff.
Don't worry, Rainie. We'll be
there to catch you. Ready, Tulla?
( Grunting )
- All right! Yeah! Amazing!
- You did it, Rainie!
- Good work, girl!
- We're proud of you, sweetheart.
The knife... I forgot it.
Blue: Let it go!
- ( Boss screaming )
- No!
- Whoa.
- Rainie!
Let go. I have to save my daughter.
You can't. The cliff isn't stable.
Oh, no.
Rainie, where are you?
( Sobbing )
You're alive?
You mean, you're all right?
- Rainie.
- I'm fine.
I got the knife just in time.
Come on, baby, give me your hand.
You showed him. Good work.
Careful now. Just grab
hold and I'll pull you up.
A little bit further.
You can do it. You're
my brave little girl.
Hey, I'm 12 already.
That's right.
Yesterday was your birthday.
And we need to celebrate
all your birthdays
for the rest of your life.
I won't forget again, ever.
Hey, look.
Wait a minute. Of course!
I should have seen this before.
The D.N.A. is tied to this planet,
and can't survive on Earth.
I need to cross-fertilize
a stronger hybrid.
The answer was staring me
right in the face.
There's no time to waste. I have
to get started, chop-chop.
I don't understand
a word he's carrying on about. Oh, well.
Blue, keep this.
I might not be around to return
it if you lose it again.
You keep it.
After all, you earned it.
This was your first grown-up gift
from Grandpa. No way I'm taking it.
Think of it as a late gift from me.
Thank you, Blue.
I'll take good care of it.
Do you figure we'll see
each other someday?
It's possible, but...
Gosh, Blue, I'll never forget you, ever.
- Don't forget me either.
- I won't,
really, never, not in a million years.
Maybe they'll let us come visit.
That'd be great.
Until then, best friends?
Yeah, you and I will be...
Best friends forever.
Robot: Say cheese.
Tell me, what is that?
Some ritual, hmm? Hello there.
I want to talk to my Mom.
- Is someone hiding in there?
- Mama, Blue told me...
- I see you.
- ...he just graduated, and he's 12 too.
- Careful, dear, I'm very delicate.
- So when do I graduate?
Robot: Photo opportunity.
Smile, everyone.
Too close.
if it's true that boys don't cry
why are you looking at me
with a tear in your eye?
tell me why,
tell me why, tell me why
if it's true that boys don't cry
why are you looking at me
with a tear in your eye?
can you tell me why?
if it's true that boys don't cry
why are you looking at me
with a tear in your eye?
tell me why,
tell me why, tell me why
if it's true that boys don't cry
why are you looking at me
with a tear in your eye?
can you tell me why?
you don't need to hide your tears
everybody's got their fears
everybody lets their pain
show sometimes
you don't need to look away
everybody has bad days
everybody needs to feel
the sunshine...
I'm not finished yet.
Just wait, I'll show them all.
I'll save humanity.
People will bow down to me.
No matter what anyone says,
I'm not a worthless fool!
this time you can
let your feelings go
here with someone that you know
you can let your guard down,
show yourself
keep your brave face
for someone else
just to mask your heart behind
the truth is bare to find
put your arms around me
you're safe
if it's true that boys don't cry
why are you looking at me
with a tear in your eye?
tell me why,
tell me why, tell me why
if it's true that boys don't cry
why are you looking at me
with a tear in your eye?
can you tell me why?
you don't need to hide your tears
everybody's got their fears
everybody lets their pain
show sometimes
you don't need to look away
everybody has bad days
everybody needs to feel
the sunshine
you don't need to hide your tears
everybody's got their fears
everybody lets their pain
show sometimes
you don't need to look away
everybody has bad days
feel the sunshine
if it's true that boys don't cry
why are you looking at me
with a tear in your eye?
tell me why,
tell me why, tell me why
if it's true that boys don't cry
why are you looking at me
with a tear in your eye?
can you tell me why?
boys don't cry
( Instrumental music playing )