Jungle Shuffle (2014) Movie Script

[soft music ]
Come on!
Follow me!
Come here!
- Manu!
Whoa! Whoa!
[grunting, laughing]
Come on!
- Wait up!
[night ambience]
[intense jungle rhythm ]
[engine approaching]
[panting, whimpering]
Huh? Oh, no.
Let's give that furball
a new home.
What kind of monsters are they,
my king?
Humans; the most dangerous
species in the jungle.
[chuckling, whimpering]
Enjoy that, eh?
Shut up!
Throw him in a truck.
- Yes, sir.
My king, what can we do
to protect our tribe?
We must build a statue
of the Great Guardian.
A statue?
We need the Guardian.
He's the only one
who can protect us.
We need to build a monument
in his honor.
And when I say we,
I mean you.
Certainly, my king.
May I humbly ask
for something in return?
Anything you want!
Wait, what'd you have in mind?
Your daughter's paw
in marriage.
[truck engine rumbling]
[tribal music ]
Pick up that vine!
[overlapping grunts]
It's almost finished!
C'mon, hurry up!
Forget the ropes.
We need to finish it.
Stay away, you little rascal.
You know you're not
allowed anywhere near
the Great Guardian.
Says who?!
Our king.
In fact, he made it a law.
Hey, that looks just like me.
Oh, no.
Manu, get back here!
Humidity rising.
Hey, guys, you better
tie down the ropes!
It's going to...
Get down immediately,
or I will call the guards,
That does it.
Wait 'til I inform
the king about this.
I was only trying to help.
You helped enough.
Maybe if you
hadn't've rushed us,
the Great Guardian would
still have a nose.
[grunting, chuckling]
Get this out of here!
Move it!
That's very impressive work,
[clearing throat]
Why, thank you, my king,
and thank you for gracing us
with your presence,
and for bringing
your lovely daughter along.
My princess.
I'm not your princess, Artex.
Not yet.
Isn't that right, my king?
That all depends.
As soon as the Great Guardian
is completed,
we can discuss your reward.
Allow me to get back to work,
knowing that one day,
I'll get to smoochie my reward.
[thunder crashes]
- It's starting to rain.
- Okay, let's go.
What was that all about?
Fasten everything down.
The Great Guardian
must be protected.
Nobody ever listens to me.
[birds chirping]
Here, come on!
I love the jungle.
It's like a friend
who's always there four you.
A friend?
Yes, an old, wise friend
with a lot of green hair.
Isn't it wonderful up here?
Sometimes I wish I could
grow my own wings
and just fly away.
To a place where no grown-ups
tell us what to do?
Oh, Manu, you're the only one
who really listens to me.
I wish my father would see
how special you are.
And how cute.
- Let's just do it.
- Grow wings?
Run away with me.
Who knows what kind
of adventures are waiting
for us out there.
But, what about the humans?
I can protect you from humans.
One of them comes near you,
I'll break his tail.
Huh? Hmm.
What you got?
That is just the most
beautiful thing I've ever seen!
What is it?
A promise
that one day, I'll prove
to your father that I'm
good enough for you.
You believe in me, don't you?
I do.
[stomach growls]
[both laugh]
Ah! Ah!
Where are you?
Quiet. Quiet.
[stomach growls]
Ouf. Ouf, ouf, ouf!
[laughing, groaning]
I can see you.
Now what?
When all else fails,
fling something!
Come on.
My necklace!
Whoa! Whoa!
Looks like one little boy
just ran out of tree.
One more step!
And you'll do what?
[branch cracks]
Wh-what are you doing?
Hey, stop that now!
My Princess!
Thank Great Guardian
you're all right.
I can't believe
that rascal kidnapped you.
What? No!
Manu would never
just take me away.
When's the last time
you took a bath?
I hate that coati kid.
- Huh?
- Gotcha!
More. More.
It has been done!
After years of hard work,
our village is finally safe.
Grab what coati!
I have the company
breathing down my neck, Doc.
You've been experimenting
with these animals for months!
When can we see some results?
[man on radio]
As soon as you bring me
my gene fusion
booster device!
Gene fusion booster de-what?
And the right selection
of animals.
I need one coati,
one lizard,
one toucan bird,
one spider monkey,
and ein jaguar!
What are you doing in that lab
we built you?
Opening a zoo,
or creating a new species
of super chicken?
And make sure
the coati's a female.
The female coati's DNA
is imperative to our success!
One female coati.
You got it.
I'm serious, Doc,
to meet our annual
profit projections,
we need that super chicken
in stores before the end
of the quarter!
Doc, are you there?
Don't ignore me again, Doc.
I told them they'd get
a super chicken
to sell in supermarkets
for super profits.
[maniacal laugh]
It'll be as big as a jaguar,
as healthy as an eagle,
and lay more eggs
than an alligator!
And when it is done,
no one will ever call me
Crazy Loco again!
[maniacal laughter]
[electricity zapping]
That coati
is nothing but trouble.
He tried to kidnap
the princess!
Artex saved her!
Artex is so great!
Manu, you kidnapped
the princess, my daughter.
You jeopardized her safety.
You put all of your
fellow coatis in danger.
Now, what do you have
to say for yourself?
At least no one got hurt.
Uh, too badly.
Father, listen to me!
Manu didn't kidnap me!
He just took me
to our secret spot
in the jungle!
Your what?
Not helping.
I don't care!
It's the truth.
And now that I finally
have your attention,
I want you to know
that I love him,
and one day,
we will get married!
Father, Manu is a good coati,
and if you gave him a chance,
he'd prove it to you.
Hey, that's enough, Princess.
You shall marry the one
that I choose, and that is it.
That is the way of the coati.
It's not my way.
Hey! Whoa!
I'm okay. I'm okay.
Just a little tumble.
Tail's still there.
Oh, no!
Without the Great Guardian,
we are doomed!
My king, what we need now
is a strong leader,
a decisive ruler,
who's not afraid to take care
of a little, furry problem.
You're right, Artex.
Manu, I hereby banish you
from this village.
You are never to return, ever!
Take him away.
- Hey!
- Let go of me!
Stay there.
Father, please!
So... our arrangement
is still in place, my king?
Of course, it is.
As soon as you
rebuild the statue
and make it stronger this time,
and bigger!
Much bigger!
Come on, guys, don't leave me
here all by myself.
Just following orders.
Besides, it's not so bad
out here.
[low growl]
[thunder crashes]
[thunder rumbling]
[stomach rumbles]
[flies buzzing]
I guess it's just you and me.
Oh, Sacha.
I still believe in you, Manu.
Tell my father
not to worry about me.
Huh? Huh?
[wicked laugh]
Ah, yeah.
Ha ha!
Aw, are you all tuckered out?
Oh, you ain't goin' nowhere.
Here, kitty, kitty.
[gunshot, gasp]
Oh, help me.
What a strange looking bee.
Black jaguars
are extremely rare.
What are we going
to do with her?
Deliver her to the lab
and cash our checks.
I'm shaken' in my boots.
I only need one of you mutts,
so get off my truck!
That gringo's gonna hit
that coati like a piata.
Let the coati girl go!
[whack, groaning]
Told ya.
Ay, caramba.
That coati's got a death wish.
I like it.
It's called romance,
you walking, talking
out-of-style handbag.
Get me outta here!
We'll show those hairless apes
who's king of the jungle, okay?
Sacha, are you all right?
Don't worry, Don Juan.
Your jungle rose
is just asleep.
Probably dreaming about you.
And when siesta is over,
the real nightmare begins.
I have to get her out!
Oh, yeah.
Bring on the bad guys.
You stopped me
from saving my mate!
Our mattes aren't lost.
We can still try
to get them back!
The humans took them!
They'll never come back.
Um, you okay down there?
This isn't over!
If you ask me, it's all bark
and no bite.
Who are you?
Name is Chuy,
jungle ninja
of the monkey dojo,
and you are my new sensei.
I have no idea
what you just said.
What I'm saying is
we are bonded for life.
You freed me,
now you get to keep me.
That's a ninja code.
Uh, that sounds great,
but I don't have any use
for a crazy monkey.
Chuy knows 15 kung fu
moves of death!
[gibberish karate cries]
Good for you, Chuy,
but I'm better on my own.
Is this the only tree
in the jungle?
Where is Sacha?
Good question.
I don't know.
But I'm gonna find her.
The humans captured her,
didn't they?
Define "captured."
Sacha heard a gunshot
and ran away from our village
to make sure you
didn't get hurt,
when they took her
against her will.
So it's your fault.
Why don't you go back
to sucking up the the king,
and let me rescue the princess?
You know, you're on your own
out there,
but then, you're used to that,
Thanks, Artex.
You should be
a motivational speaker.
Now, as soon as you
let go of my tail,
I can go save Sacha!
Oh! Hmm.
Ha, you couldn't save
a coati girl
if she was captured by humans.
Which is...
exactly what happened.
Huh, paw prints.
Hwee! Hey, wait up!
Where am I?
On the road to perdition.
Don't pay any attention
to Mr. Wrinkly Tail over there.
He's got nothing but bag juju.
I love your fur coat,
by the way.
Si, it will make a great rug.
You okay, honey?
That boyfriend of yours, whoo,
he has some spirit in him.
Oh, l l!
Where is he?
Tried, and failed.
If Manu knows that I'm here,
he will come for me.
Hmm, well, chica,
he better hurry,
or Day of the Dead
comes early this year.
How dare you speak
to a princess like that?
You're a princess?
Nice palace you have here,
Your heart is as dry
as your skin.
Ha, and your feathers
are out of fashion.
How dare you!
Where am I?
In the jungle, boss.
Maybe I need to remind you
that I'm better on my own.
I'm better on my own!
Ninja code says you and I
are one, now.
Chuy is like your shadow.
I hate to break it to you,
but you're not a shadow.
Shadows don't talk back,
and they don't smell funny.
You're a monkey.
A very annoying monkey.
You're still there,
aren't you?
Come on, boss.
It's a jungle out there!
Chuy can help you find
your coati girl.
I saw tracks
back in the bushes.
Why didn't you say anything?
Chuy silent warrior
of the jungle.
I talk, people die!
You're talking now,
aren't you?
Come on, show me those tracks
before I change my mind.
Oh, hey, boss,
you gotta wait up.
It's a ninja code!
Sacha has been taken?
Yes, my king.
I tried to prevent it,
but I was too late.
It's all Manu's fault.
My poor Princess,
all alone in the jungle,
with those animals!
My king, I understand this is
a moment of crisis.
You need an heir to the throne,
and I'm just the one
for the job!
Thank you, Artex.
Oh, please,
it would be my honor to--
Thank you for venturing
into the wild
to bring my daughter
back to me.
Say what?
If you succeed,
you will have Sacha
and the throne.
Okay, may the spirit of
the Great Guardian be with you.
Huh? Huh?
Admit it.
You didn't see any tracks,
did you?
No, I sure did, boss.
I remember the tree root...
right here,
and then there are
the really dense vegetation,
and then I saw
a lot of the foliage!
This is useless.
You are useless!
I still got 15 kung fu moves
of death at my disposal!
Ready to strike enemy
in a flash!
Like a lightning!
I'm a lightning in a monkey.
You're lightning.
What happened
to being a shadow?
Oh, hmm.
The monster's tracks!
What I tell you?
Chuy never lies.
It's a ninja code.
Keep your eyes open.
Eyes wide open, boss.
Big as a papaya.
Hey, you got me.
Good one.
I lost Kam because of you!
And now you will lose
your head!
Not on my watch.
Oh, yeah?
Bring it kitty cat! Bring it!
- Run!
- Ninja running!
You think we lost him?
Lost him?
I thought he was
running away from us.
Only, um,
in the same direction.
He's a big, dumb cat.
This way!
Looks like we're stuck
on a rock, boss.
Oh! Ah!
That was a close one!
Sayonara, kitty cat!
That's anise ninja move, boss.
You luring him
onto the crocodile.
Oh, um, all part of the plan.
- Oh!
- Ah?
We made it!
We got us some nasty bugs
on the windshield.
Go clean 'em off.
Hey, everybody,
I need you to wake up.
Wake up!
Good, you're awake.
Que pasa, your highness?
This better be good.
We need to leave
something behind
so Manu can track us down.
That's a fabulous idea!
Like what?
I don't know, um...
Something he would recognize.
I'm going back to sleep.
Come on!
Stop playing with them bugs
and get in the truck.
We got a long ride ahead of us.
I'm sorry, Sacha.
I'm afraid there's nothing
we can do.
When all else fails,
fling something!
Oh, what's up, boss?
Okay, I was not sneaking away.
Having said that,
this is where,
um, every warrior
finds his own path.
Ninja code.
Don't do that.
It's just, I can move faster
on my own.
Oh, puppy dog eyes
is not working.
Okay, it's kind of working.
Not that jaguar again.
I'm telling ya,
there's nobody here, bro.
Who'd be stupid enough
to cross into our territory?
Oh, a walking shrink head,
that's who.
Ha! You found me!
Okay, now you go
and I seek.
I smell coati.
Either there's
somebody else here,
or you are one
twisted little monkey.
What happened to the 15
kung fu moves of death?
I got these guys
right where I want them.
Yeah, right.
[tribal music ]
[monkeys chattering]
Okay, great show,
but I have a princess
to rescue,
so let's get this over with.
Just wait 'til the end
of the dance.
Chuy digs a musical number.
These monkeys know
how to bust moves.
Oh, yeah?
Then why don't you join them?
Hey, get back here!
Shrink head's trying
to get away!
Get that coati!
I'm dancin' here!
Gotcha again!
Gotcha this, you big link!
Who dares to disrupt my
daughter's birthday ceremony?
Forgive me, sire.
We caught an intruder,
trespassing with his servant.
I am not his servant.
Oh! Look how cute he is, Daddy!
Can I keep him?
Oh, you're so adorable!
Looks like you found yourself
a new partner, little guy.
Silence, coati!
You shall only speak
with my permission!
you have my permission.
sorry we stepped on your turf.
But I'm trying to catch up
with some humans
who captured
the love of my life, so...
Ah! Ah! Humans!
Watch, watch watch.
Click, please, Watchy.
Watchy, work, please.
Ugh, calm me.
What's the ticking sound?
Were those humans driving
a German made, modified
Type 82 Kuebelwagen?
Were they riding a large,
noisy monster?
You know them?
Yes, regretfully so.
Oh, Watchy.
The mighty Quartz god says
it is time
to punish you
for disrupting the ceremony!
I said I was sorry.
The mighty Quartz doesn't want
your apology!
He wants your soul!
[drums beating,
monkeys chattering]
Oh, no, boss!
Hush, cutie pie!
The mighty Quartz gets
easily ticked off.
Hey, Mr. Ninja Code,
you wanna pay me back
for freeing you?
Now's the time!
Oh, my little pet.
Don't worry.
This will be long and painful.
But when it's over
your soul will be with
the mighty Quartz god!
High Priest of the Mighty
Quartz, I summon you
to make this offering!
Oh, my cutie pie needs air!
I'll breath life back into you!
My lips can heal you!
The mighty Quartz god
demands an additional soul
to join him in the underworld.
But Daddy, I love him!
I'll get you a new one.
Sorry I failed you, boss.
No, I'm the one who's failed.
At least we'll be
trapped together forever
in the underworld.
Spirit of the underworld, arise!
He does not look friendly.
[crying out]
I'm sorry, Sacha!
Guards, get rid of the beast!
I gotta go.
Hey, this way!
Come on!
What do we do now?
Sorry about that!
Easy, easy.
My bad.
[gasp, growling]
[crying out]
Do something!
- That did it.
Stay close to me, sweetie pie.
Don't touch me, please!
I don't like you!
Hey, wait up!
Don't kiss it. No, please.
I'd rather be eaten
by the panther!
Oh, my!
All right!
[men shouting]
Almost done!
Oh, no.
You saved me!
Please don't!
Not too tight!
I don't like you hugging me!
No, no, please.
That belongs to Sacha!
- Oh?
- Huh?
Take these supplies to the lab,
and make sure the doc gets
his gene fusion booster device.
It's the big box in the back.
And don't take the old bridge.
It's on its last legs.
These tracks are still fresh.
They can't be too far ahead.
Right behind you, boss!
Guess we got ourselves
our own big noisy monster.
No, no, don't!
Let me go!
I'll be waiting for you,
cutie pie!
Don't wait for me!
Be brave!
[rock music playing ]
You know, Seor Jack,
my Mayan ancestors
built this road
over 1,000 years ago.
You'd think they could've
made it a little wider.
You're with cubs, aren't you?
I- I don't want my babies
to be born in captivity.
Manu is gonna find us.
I believe in him.
You know, Princess,
you're a little spoiled,
brash and demanding,
but your heart is in
the right place.
Um, thanks, I guess.
Thank you... for giving me hope.
You know, I was thinking,
we make such a great team,
we could start
a business together.
Animals get captured
all the time.
Chuy and Manu, jungle rescue
ninja style!
It's got a nice ring to it,
doesn't it?
Has anyone ever told you
you talk too much?
All the time.
There they are!
Oh! Oh!
Oh no, we're goin'
the wrong way.
Hey, Seor Jack,
we better back up.
You don't know Jack.
Ay, caramba!
We're all going to die!
We all gotta die some time.
How can you be so calm?
Hey, bird brain,
I'm an endangered species,
I'm used to staring death
in the face.
Oh, honey,
isn't that your knight
in furry armor?
And Chuy?!
[laughing, making noise]
Keep it down back there!
Sacha, are you okay?
I am now.
I'll take care of the humans.
No, Chuy, wait!
Ooh, look who's back.
[all shouting]
Hang on!
Oh, no!
Bridge fall apart!
You hear, bad driver?!
Got ya!
Hold on!
[crying out]
[all screaming]
- Sacha!
- Manu!
Seor Jack!
Hang on!
Manu, come on!
You're almost there!
You're almost there!
That was close.
Makes you feel alive, don't it?
My princess!
What's Doc's gene fusion
booster device
still doing here?
It's not enough I have
to build a chicken factory
without any chickens,
now I have to play
messenger boy
to Crazy Loco?
[loud flatulence]
Caw! Caw!
It's fun to hang with you
and everything, boss,
I'm beginning to lose feeling
in my arms.
[crying out]
[bats squeaking]
[crying out]
Oh, boy, I don't like the bats!
There must be a cave
down there.
You think?
Hmm, a dark cave full of bats.
There's gotta be a better way.
Oh, right, I forgot.
Chuy the big hero.
Go ahead, hero.
Climb up the cliff.
I'm going through the cave.
Um, boss, you're not upset
with me, are you?
You had to jump on the cages,
didn't you?
But I was only trying to help!
Well, you helped enough.
For the record,
I'm not your boss,
you're not my partner,
and we are not a team!
I will always be a loner.
So leave me alone.
But, I thought we friends!
[cries out]
We have to slow them down
so Manu can catch up!
Dios mios,
will you give up already?
Give up on Manu?
Honey, he tried,
and... he was very brave.
But we're moving way too fast
for Manu to catch up.
Well, yeah, that,
and he fell down a cliff!
I'm not giving up on him!
If only I could get my claws
into those strange big paws.
Claws! That's it!
Don't ever say
I did nada for you.
Thank you, Tuana.
Now, Louca, you have
to toss those claws
at the big paws.
Think you can do that?
Ha! Can toucan birds fly?
Okay, we prefer to hop,
but we can fly!
[nails clinking]
How am I supposed to get it?
This is going to work.
Yeah, right.
One left.
He shoots...
...he scores!
[both crying out]
Hmm? Huh?
[steam hissing]
[forlorn music ]
I... I can... do this...
I can't... do this...
...help... me...
Come on!
I wanna make it to the lab
before sunrise.
I get paid to be your guide,
not your mechanic.
Oh, yeah?
You guided me into this mess,
now guide me out of it.
Keep workin', Paco.
My name is Pacal.
- Huh?
[crying out]
Good jaguar.
Nice jaguar.
Please don't eat me!
I'm a vegetarian!
- Balaam!
- Look out behind you!
Shoot, you sissy!
What are you waiting for?
[echoing voice]
I am Cusumba...
...guardian of the jungle.
The sun has given us life,
and though we all
look different,
its light connects us all,
and we all feed off its energy.
Thousands of different species
coexist in the natural balance.
None of us is ever truly alone.
Not even you, Manu.
The jungle was always
there for you.
Now it is time for you
to be there for the jungle.
But you cannot do this alone,
and you don't have to.
The jungle is not
your only friend out there.
Is it?
Go, find Sacha.
But to truly save her,
you must also save the jungle.
The gene fusion booster device!
It's the only one in the world,
and the brush with which I
will create my masterpiece!
We're talkin'' about a big,
fat chicken here, Doc.
Yes! How fantastic!
I love it!
Um, is this dangerous?
[electricity zapping]
[cries out]
You call that a super chicken?
I guess I need to put a bigger
organism back into the mix.
Does that thing even lay eggs?
That is one
weird looking chicken.
Now, did you get the female
coati that I asked for?
Right here, Doc.
There is nothing more elusive
than the female coati.
I believe she is the key...
...to my formula.
Ah, we are the jungle.
I just wish Chuy was here.
[monkey sound]
Did you really think Chuy
would break ninja code?
I think you just
broke my spine!
We need to save Sacha
and the jungle.
But we can't do it on our own.
Way ahead of you!
Huh? Huh?
Back off!
My friend here knows 15
kung fu moves of death.
Huh? Uh?
I didn't mean to scare you,
Any friend of my future
son in law...
...is a friend of mine.
Oh, no, please.
- You proposed to her?
- Uh-huh.
Well, she made
the puppy dog eyes at me.
And her dad had a machete.
Chuy, check.
Army, check.
Now, how do we find the humans?
I will lead you to them!
For I, too,
was once their captive.
[electricity zapping]
They gave me
super intelligence.
Taught me their language.
They also gave me
unimaginable pain...
[crying out]
...a way to speak
to the mighty Quartz...
...and awful sugar cravings.
Ah ha!
I managed to break out.
But I paid dearly
for my freedom.
Maybe if I can help you
save the love of your life...
...I will gain back what
the humans took from me.
Your arm?
[thunder crashes]
My dignity!
Oh, yes, that was
my next guess.
[suspenseful music ]
Okay, come on.
This way.
We must keep the element
of surprise.
Sneaking ninja style.
Come on.
Hey, let me out, please!
What is this place?
This is where they kept me.
Quick! We need to hide.
I told you we needed to keep
the element of surprise!
- What the--?
- Huh?
You don't wanna eat us!
We're poisonous!
You never heard about
the jaguar that ate
the spider monkey?
He died a few hours later.
True story.
You... were right.
Kam is still alive.
I should have never
given up on her.
Hey, easy mistake to make.
Things looked pretty grim there
for a moment.
That's right!
You better back off, kitty cat!
[door rattling]
Monkey catch coati for master.
Good job, monkey!
What are they saying?
I don't speak human.
But that lying future
father-in-law of mine does!
Bring the female jaguar
and the coati girl into my lab.
- You want some?
- Lolly!
Where are they taking her?
To my master's lab.
Next time you see her,
she'll have a jaguar tail.
[crying out]
Please, let us out!
Hey, Paco, get over here!
This ain't no day at the zoo.
Si, seor.
My shoe is untied!
Too dumb to tie
his own shoelaces.
Get out of here!
I know I will.
Adios, amigos!
I guess not all humans are bad.
Let's get our mates back.
What do you say, big guy?
But we can't do it alone.
[animal noises]
Come on, friends!
You're all free!
Chuy, don't pull that...
[alarm buzzing]
[crying out]
What a nightmare.
Get away from me, you--
What are you, anyway?
Never mind.
[Artex struggling]
[crying out]
Quick, get out!
I'll deal with the--
What are you, anyway?
Hey, I'm right here!
Oh! Oh!
[crying out]
Please tell me that's
the gene fusion booster device
doing its job.
Something is draining
the power!
Go out there now
and check the generator!
Probably just some lousy rodent
that chewed through the cables.
It's the crazy driver!
Come on hide!
[cries out]
No way we're going down there.
Hey, genius, do something!
[karate cries]
Wait, how do you open
this thing?
Somebody call pest control?
Hey, get back here!
Stop monkeying around!
Get him, big guy!
I'll get our mates out!
Big monster's eating
master's lab!
Well, I guess it's fair to say
that my first stab
at creating a super chicken
went a little wrong.
Get him out of there!
I will retrieve
the gene fusion booster device!
Don't worry! I got this.
[birds squawking]
[crying out]
That's the meanie who tried
to hurt my cutie pie!
Get him!
[monkeys growling]
Get away from me!
The mighty Quartz god
commands you to, um...
...take the rest of the day off.
Don't listen to him!
- Kam!
- Balaam!
Your king is in cahoots
with the humans
who pay him in candy!
Isn't that right, sweet tooth?
You have no proof of that!
Give me that!
That's my sugar!
Oh, Daddy!
[helicopter approaching]
Need a lift?
Get off me,
you darn dirty monkeys!
Hey, boss,
what happened to Sacha?
I lost her...
[karate cries]
Balaam, wait.
He may look different,
but he's one of us.
I know what it's like
to feel unwanted.
You feel angry and alone.
But none of us...
is ever truly alone.
[grunting sounds]
Chuy, we much stop the humans
from destroying the jungle!
Ninja code!
Ah, whoa!
[animals shouting]
We have to protect ourselves.
We are the jungle!
We are the jungle!
We are the jungle!
That's my fianc.
He's a ninja.
You know, Doc,
one day you gotta explain to me
why you need a spider monkey
to make a super chicken.
What happened?
What is that?
You made that?!
Why don't you give that
ungrateful creation of mine
something to chew on!
Feedin' time, huh?
Hope your creation likes lead.
[spits, laughs]
Watch out!
[animal sounds]
Ha ha ha!
[men panicking]
Human look out!
[karate cries]
You are too late to back off.
[karate cries]
No problem.
[overlapping shouts]
[animals cheering]
Where'd they go?
Doc, what are you doing?
Turn around!
That way!
I will land this aircraft,
take a boat to Puerto Rico,
and have a pia colada.
What does it look like
I'm doing?
Let go, you loon!
- Are you crazy?
- Imbecile!
If I'm the crazy scientist,
you're a crazy--
Let's add injury to insult!
Now, what's that
supposed to mean?
Time for Jack Helms to take
matters into his own hands.
Here comes a jackhammer!
[crying out]
[Sacha screams]
Oh, no!
Are you okay?
Let go!
Look what I got.
Let's finish this.
Mucho stylin', Tuana!
Those are prescription glasses!
I can't see anything!
[alarm beeping]
You're fired!
Hey, you can't fire me!
We got a contract!
Watch out!
You saved me!
Let go!
No, you let go!
You really are crazy, Loco!
I'm insane,
but I'm a genius!
Is that a fire ant hill
down there?
[both scream]
[animals cheering]
Ha ha!
- Chuy.
- Huh?
Are you ready for this?
Right behind you, boss!
Oh, yeah.
Boy, you got moves.
My beautiful daughter
is married!
[music fades out ]