Junglee (1961) Movie Script

Everyone in the world laughs.
And that's what makes life cheerful.
But this is the story of this
strange man who never ever laughs.
This is Shekhar, who is
returning from abroad.
This is the old mansion. A place which
has never known what laughter is.
The moment he arrives, his staff
spring to attention.
Meet the unmoving rock in the family.
The lady who has borne with volcano.
This is Shekhar's mother.
Here's your son, Shekhar. He has
returned successful from America.
I remember your words. "Feed the
children gold, if necessary"
"But see that they grow up
like lions"
That's the principle we have been
following in this family.
You were so very right.
Laughter makes our children like
any other people. They turn cowards.
Leading businessmen abroad were
astounded by my business acumen.
They asked me the secret of my success.
I replied...
it was the training my
mother had imparted to me...
the principle of "no-laughter"
that runs in the family...
and my father's blessings.
When I went abroad, chances of a
thriving business were zero per cent.
But I did not cry. I fought till the
chances were 100 per cent in my favor.
What you said last smacks
of self-praise, Shekhar.
Isn't it also wrong to hear
people praising you all the time?
Praise is what praise should be.
- In that case, I withdraw my words.
"This was the loving union between
mother and son after three years"
"Love, which this unfortunate mother
never got in her life"
"From her husband, she got principles,
children and a famous family"
"She gave her children everything too.
But love, she could not give them"
There's a beautiful girl
in this family...
"who happens to be Shekhar's sister".
"Her disposition is exactly the
opposite of her mother and brother"
"She's going through the
tribulations of youth..."
"she's in love with someone"
"Love, the birthright
of every human being"
"She laughs. And she loves.
On the sly, however"
"She's afraid, that should her
brother and mother get to know..."
"she'd land in major trouble"
Why have you come here?
Why does a young man seek out
a young woman?
My brother's arriving today.
If he sees you here...
he'll shoot you.
- I'm ready to die.
For how will we meet
clandestinely like this?
Why don't you tell
your brother we're in love?
That we want to get married.
- The day he gets to know...
that I'm in love with a man
who's a mere clerk in his office...
our heads will roll.
- I'm not scared of death, Mala.
I may look like a weak man.
But at heart, I'm a brave king.
My courage is like that of Salim's.
And my temper is like Changiz Khan's!
Brother is here.
- Goodness!
Changiz Khan indeed.
Brother's really here. Now what?
- I must hide.
Brother! You have arrived!
How are you?
What's up? You look worried.
- I heard laughter in this room.
Who'd laugh here? Maybe someone did,
200 years ago...
when this house was built.
- Dead!
Have you forgotten my name?
- Isn't your name Mala?
You fondly call me Maala.
Not Mala.
I'm dead!
I was prepared for death.
Not for this ordeal.
What could I do? Your brother's
going to be my brother-in-law.
Is this any time to arrive?
- I'm sorry, sir. I'm 10 seconds late.
I don't want anyone here to be
late even by a second!
Neeta who?
- Your secretary, sir.
My boyfriend has met with an
accident, sir. I'm at the hospital.
I want leave for a day.
No! Come to the office immediately.
Or you get leave for good!
This office has nothing to do
with your boyfriend.
Quit the job, if you wish to romance!
The poor girl has made a mistake.
Forgive her.
Who'll make up for the work
lost because of the delay?
The two of us will.
- How?
We'll stay back this evening and
leave after the work is over.
I don't want anyone coming late or
working a second beyond office hours.
Get me the Hong Kong file.
Call the Calcutta office and have
the dispatches sent to Singapore.
Very well.
It's like this, Shekhar.
You have played in my lap
as a child.
You always used to call me "Uncle".
Should you...
You can say that. But I've always
considered it to be my own home...
You had better consider it
to be my office. And get to work.
He doesn't even have
the manners to talk properly.
Who'd work for him, if it
wasn't for sheer helplessness?
The manager slogged days and nights
to make this company a success.
And this how he treats him.
Where are you going?
I was only taking a walk...
Not a walk. It's fishy.
Or you would have worn the slippers,
not carried them in your hands.
Mother, I took them off because
I was getting a shoe-bite.
Know when you get a shoe-bite?
When you wear a smaller size.
- No.
You get a shoe-bite when
your feet grow too big.
When you start taking the wrong path.
Try to sneak out again...
and your legs will be broken.
Go to your room.
- Madam?
Without my orders, no one
leaves this place.
As you say, madam.
"You have wonderful eyes,
my love"
"You're the one I'm in love with,
my love"
"You have wonderful eyes,
my love"
"I fell in love with you.
Was that a bad thing to do?
"I fell in love with you...
was that a sin?"
"For a gesture from your eyes,
I could ruin myself"
"I'm responsible for all this too"
"You have wonderful eyes,
my love"
"You are the one I love,
my darling"
"Whatever you are, you are the one
I love to behold"
"Whatever you are, you are the one
I love to behold"
"Into my life,
you bring Spring"
"You're the one I desire,
my love"
"You are the one I'm in love with,
my darling"
"You have wonderful eyes, my love"
"You are the one I'm in love with,
my darling"
"You have wonderful eyes, my love"
"You are the one I'm in love with,
my darling"
My father, the King, sends his
greetings. He is indisposed.
Should Shekhar come over
and meet the Princess...
the marriage could soon be fixed.
- Tell the King...
Shekhar will surely marry
the Princess.
It's our duty to fulfill the
promise Shekhar's father made.
But Shekhar is leaving for Kashmir
for some important work.
You may therefore await him
on the 15th of January.
15th of January...? Could we
advance the date by a few days?
Once we have decided, we do not
advance things in our family.
The date shall remain unchanged.
It's a custom in our family
not to return without giving a gift.
My father has therefore
sent this sword for Shekhar.
Please accept this.
It's not our custom either to let
the bearer of a gift go empty-handed.
Please give this necklace to
the princess on my behalf.
And distribute the money among the
poor as a gift from the Princess.
As you wish.
I forget... how much do we owe you?
- 40,000 Rupees.
Here you are. You will get the rest
after the marriage.
Only 4000?
- How about me?
Here you are. The rest of it...
- After the marriage?
And when is the wedding?
- On the 15th of January.
Remember the date. If you don't
repay every penny by then...
we'll be the worst yet.
- Why get worked up?
I'm a Prince too. Your debt,
I will clear. Sooner or later.
Keep this for the time being.
...and you take this.
Hey mister... at least
return my wrist-watch!
Here's your necklace.
I might need it again.
The rest of your money
I'll pay after the wedding.
How much did the sword sell for?
- Hats off, Dad!
That idea of the sword really worked.
- Wasn't that a genius touch?
My father, after all.
Even before the wedding,
they give us gifts worth 25000.
Imagine how much of money
the family must have!
The wedding has been fixed
for the 15th of January.
Our worries end once that happens!
15th of January?
- Yes. The 15th of January.
Will our creditors remain
silent till then?
I've silenced them for the time being.
And look at this.
Shekhar's mother has sent
this necklace for you.
It's beautiful!
I wonder how many necklaces
I'll get after the wedding.
May I see it?
- Sure.
It can't be worth less than 15000.
I'll keep that necklace, father.
- No!
As your father, I have
every right to it.
Haven't you kept some
money for yourself?
I'm going to lose it if either of
you has it. I'll keep it with me.
- What she says is right.
If the wedding does not take place,
we'll land in prison.
For need of funds, several
companies have closed down.
I have summoned you here to apprise
you of the condition of our company.
Do you know what state
our company is in?
- My foot!
In view of our condition, I have
decided to give all of you a 3-month...
A 3-month notice?
- Without the job, we're dead.
I'm busy.
Call me after 2 minutes.
So where was I? Do you know what
state our company is in?
- You will never know.
In view of our condition, I've decided
to give all of you a 3-month bonus.
I have decided to open an office.
I might have to go there.
Where's your turban? Your turban?
- I'll get it at once, sir!
Insolent man! I'll kill him!
The turban, sir.
- On the head. Go on!
Put it on the head!
Whenever you serve us, make sure
you're wearing the turban.
Or we can't digest the food.
Mala, suppose I told your mother
that you and I are man and wife...
what will happen?
- Nothing.
There'll be a gunshot.
And you'll lay suffering.
Because I'm a poor man?
I wish I were a millionaire! I wish
I had a bungalow and servants...
I'd say it loudly...
"Mala is mine"
Mala is mine!
Jeevan, what are you up to?
- Stretching exercises, dad.
Mind what exercises you do.
Lest you stretch out too far.
Maybe you'll never regain
your breath again. Understand?
Well? What do you want to say?
Mala is going astray.
I mean, she's still very young.
- We don't keep a count of age.
After the age of 5, children
and old men are all alike.
State clearly what you
are trying to tell us.
Your sister is treading on
grounds not worthy of her status.
She has fallen in love with someone.
- Love? In our family?
We can forgive anything.
But this crime we will never condone.
Who is it?
Tell me the name!
Your father had laid down
certain rules in the family.
He said we must not keep anything
a secret. We must reveal it.
But we must take no names,
lest it be considered a complaint.
You will have to tell us the name.
Do I have the permission? Am I to
break the rules of this family?
Not till I live will you break
the laws laid down by your father.
So how are we going
to decide this?
The onus of taking a decision lies
with the one who reveals the secret.
- Very well, madam.
You are going to Kashmir in any case.
You had better take Malaji along too.
And advance the trip to an earlier date.
- How early?
Say the day after tomorrow?
- Oh no. We leave tomorrow!
Having spent a few months in Kashmir,
Mala will forget all this. For sure.
Who has asked you for an explanation?
Keep words to a minimum when
you say something to us.
Have you called me?
Manager, book two tickets on the
flight to Kashmir tomorrow morning.
Mala and Shekhar are going there.
- Kashmir?
Kashmir. 200 miles away from Jammu.
- But why will I go there?
Have I gone out of my mind?
People from all over the world go to
Kashmir. Are they out of their minds?
But what wrong have I done? Tell me!
This is a personal affair!
I wish there isn't
a sunset tomorrow!
What is it?
- Mr. Shekhar is waiting for you.
What for?
- We're going sight-seeing.
Tell him that I'm not going anywhere.
- Kashmir's a place...
aptly described by a poet. "If there
be a heaven anywhere on this earth..."
"it is here, here, here"
What if the heavens
all turned into hell?
What if the snow catches fire
and flowers take to the feet...
with just one voice resonating?
- What voice?
"Run away! Shekhar is here!
Escape from Shekhar"
Insolent girl! Why did you
throw a stone at me?
Wasn't a stone. It was a snowball.
- All right. Why did you throw it?
It was intended for the monkey
but it hit you.
Please forgive me.
- Forgive you, my foot!
Looks like your parents have
taught you no manners.
I made sure when I flung it.
- So how did it hit me?
Oh yes. It must've been confused
between you and the monkey.
Do I look like a monkey to you?
- How can I say that to your face?
You'd think I'm praising you.
- Insolent girl! Wait till I...
I told you not to mess with monkeys.
It has bitten you now, hasn't it?
I ran into an ape today.
- An ape?
How did it get to Kashmir?
- It has been brought here.
What a waste of money!
They bring an ape to Kashmir?
- To each his own, father.
You're wearing the old suit again?
- To each his own, dear.
My doll's getting old, father.
You promised me another, didn't you?
I now want to bring
a monkey into the family.
A monkey? What for?
You're growing up too, aren't you?
"Go away, O childhood..."
"Go away, elsewhere"
"Go away, O childhood..."
"Go away, elsewhere"
"My journey is now
getting difficult..."
"the storm of youth is
waiting to happen"
"Go away, O childhood..."
"Go away, elsewhere"
"Leave me alone, O childhood"
"Go away, elsewhere"
"Life is now getting colorful"
"Flowers are blossoming"
"Leave me alone, O childhood"
"Go away, elsewhere"
"Life is now getting colorful"
"Flowers are blossoming"
"Leave me alone, O childhood"
"Go away elsewhere,
O innocence"
"This journey is now
getting difficult"
"The storm of youth
is waiting to explode"
"Leave me alone, O childhood"
"Go away elsewhere,
O innocence"
"A strange feeling now
overcomes my heart"
"It torments me...
but I love it"
"A strange feeling now
overcomes my heart"
"It torments me...
but I love it"
"Go away, O childhood"
"Go elsewhere, O innocence"
"My journey's now getting difficult;
a storm is about to happen"
"Go away, O childhood"
"Go elsewhere, O innocence"
"My veil is now beyond my control"
"It flies away with me...
and touches the skies"
"My veil is now beyond my control"
"It flies away with me...
and touches the skies"
"Go away, O childhood"
"Go elsewhere, O innocence"
"The journey of life
is now getting difficult"
"A storm breaks out
in my heart"
"Go away, O childhood"
"Go elsewhere, O innocence"
Where's my brother?
- I have telephoned him.
He'll arrive with the doctor any moment.
- Who asked you to telephone him?
You weren't keeping well...
- Bloody ass!
Where are you going, madam?
- To hell!
Please don't go out in this state.
The boss will be angry.
Nothing much. Everything
is normal.
Why do I feel the pain?
- It happens.
3 months more to go.
- What do you mean?
Looks like this is your first baby.
What happened?
- Nothing.
Rest for a while and
give me your address.
I'll have your brother called here.
- No. I'll go on my own.
Do not be stubborn, dear.
Rest for sometime.
You can leave once
you're feeling better.
What is your brother's name?
Why have you saved me? You ought
to have let me die.
Oh yes that was a mistake.
Come along, and die.
Stop joking. How long will
the truth be hidden.
Till I am alive.
You don't know my folks.
My brother won't let me live.
- And I won't let you die.
Why is your brother staying?
- At the guest house in Gulmarg.
I see. It isn't for you
to handle him.
But I'll straighten out
your brother. Just you see.
Any news?
- No sir.
What had I told you?
Don't stare at me!
Find out where she is!
Go on!
May I come in?
Why have you come here?
I'm so much in love with you...
that I feel like looking at your
handsome face again and again.
As for your smile... my God!
You must be quite
a lady-killer.
Get out! Else, I'll drown you
in the lake!
Deadly manners, all right! But
could you repeat what you just said?
Aliju! Throw this mad girl
out of the house!
Aliju! Send that madman
to the institution in Agra!
He doesn't even know that
his sister had passed out...
and was about to die. I took mercy
on her and took her to the hospital.
Ask this mad girl which hospital
my sister is in!
Tell the madman to first learn
how to treat women!
It isn't visiting hours.
- What time then?
At 4 p.m. Ask him to be at
Chinar Baug at four.
Rajkumari will wait for him.
- Rajkumari (Princess)?
Which state are you a princess of?
- I'm no princess.
My name itself is Rajkumari.
She's no princess, sir...
- Aliju! Get out!
What is it?
- Flowers. Beautiful flowers.
I don't like flowers.
- Buy some for your sister.
Whoever they're for, I hate flowers!
- Think it over.
You have the opportunity... and that
is what keeps the world going.
- No?
All right. I'll sit here then.
Come with me without any fuss.
Or show me the way to the hospital
The flowers...
The rose! Not you!
Give me some flowers! Hurry!
Mala, you are yourself responsible
for what you have done.
Had you listened to me, you
wouldn't have to see this day!
Flowers for you.
- You brought flowers, brother!
Your brother seems to be an expert
at picking flowers.
Look at the beautiful flowers
he has chosen for you.
Lovely flowers.
- I'm sure he was a gardener...
in his earlier birth.
- Nonsense!
What has happened to you, Mala?
When will you recover?
We'd have to ask the doctor.
- Where is he?
He's out...
in the other room.
I'm now convinced you will
straighten out my brother.
Not just one. I'd straighten out
a dozen of them.
No. You must straighten out just one.
- Why?
You can love only one man.
- Love? That stone?
You could melt the stone
if you wish to.
You haven't told me how much
time she will take to recover?
She's very weak. It could
take a month, or even three.
What could have
caused the weakness?
You forgot what is
most necessary in life.
Two vital ingredients:
Laughter and happiness.
Here you are.
2000 Rupees. My sister
should have no trouble.
Why are you paying me so much?
I will need just 500 Rupees.
Please take back the
rest of the money.
I don't take back what
I have given away, doctor.
Mala, the doctor has told me everything.
- Everything?
Yes. He says you're weak.
But you will be all right.
Please don't write to Mom.
She might panic and rush here.
I can't waste my precious time
writing silly letters.
I'm leaving. See you tomorrow morning.
- I've told you...
you're not allowed before 4 p.m.
- Mala, this girl...
this girl is a fly, Mala!
She's always flitting around!
I don't like her company at all!
- She has saved my life.
Your life she has saved.
And mine, she will claim!
Get rid of her!
I'm leaving. I don't want to see
this girl here tomorrow. Okay?
See you.
- At 4 p.m.
You're here again!
- Flies, you see.
They always come back.
But you aren't angry to see me today.
You wear the same jovial look,
and talk so sweetly.
Which girl wouldn't die
for such simplicity?
He slays without a sword!
How will I go? My feet are aching!
- Why ask me?
You didn't ask me before coming!
- No one in this world...
seeks permission
before coming or going.
"I'm a budding flower in Kashmir"
"Do not be angry with me"
"I'd never blossom
if I withered away..."
"Never, never, never again"
"I'm a bud in Kashmir;
do not be angry with me"
"I'd never blossom
if I were to wither away..."
"Never, never, never again"
"My heavens lie
in the Spring"
"A fire but rages in my heart"
"My heavens lie
in the Spring"
"A fire but rages in my heart"
"Say something to me..."
"so I like it
among the roses"
"Say something to me..."
"so I like it
among the roses"
"I'm a bud in Kashmir...
do not be angry with me"
"I'd never blossom if
I were to shrivel"
"Never, never, never again"
"You're angry with me,
because I love you"
"But I love your temper too"
"You're angry with me,
because I love you"
"But I love your temper too"
"This sure is killer-stuff...
it has felled me"
"I'm a bud in Kashmir...
do not be angry with me"
"I'd never blossom if
I were to shrivel"
"Never, never, never"
"I'm a bud in Kashmir...
do not be angry with me"
"I'd never blossom if
I were to shrivel"
"Never, never, never"
"Forget your anger;
Break the silence"
"What state I'm going through,
you will never understand"
"I'm a bud in Kashmir,
do not vent your anger on me"
"If I were to wilt,
I'd never blossom again"
"Oh no, never again"
"I'm a bud in Kashmir,
do not vent your anger on me"
"If I were to wilt,
I'd never blossom again"
"Oh no, never again"
I'm coming!
No need to worry. The problem will
be over in a couple of days.
Have you no way of telling whether
she'll bear a baby boy or a baby girl?
You don't know
what to say and when.
I think we ought to
lock the lion into its den.
He's a mosquito, daddy.
But why send him away?
Because we can't hide
Mala's condition anymore
Sooner or later, Shekhar will
discover. What happens then?
My brother is a strange man, doctor.
If he's asked not to do something,
he'd leave everything to go after that.
Lion or crow...
I've have him where I want him!
My child! Listen!
My child...
- Child?
Aren't you ashamed to call
a grown up man, a child?
We don't take offense at what
people in the world say, my child.
Child again! I could be
your father, understand?
But I consider you no older
than a teething baby.
Hey midget! Why invite trouble
so early in the day?
I'm here to warn you, my child.
Your sister's stars are
at loggerheads.
She's seriously ill.
Do not try to hide it from me...
or you will go blind!
How do you know?
- Calm down, my child.
Your stars are fighting
between themselves too.
There's this girl who keeps
haunting you all the time.
Remember, she's going to make you
eat out of her hands.
That's impossible!
- Do you want to fight God?
So what's going to happen?
Let me have some money.
I'll give you a solution, my child.
Not this much!
I want only Rs. 1.25
That's like a good boy.
Now listen. You will have to
go to Sheshnag, my child.
In the old temple there, you will
have to pray for 15 days.
What happens then, Holy Sire?
- You will be redeemed, my child.
Here I go then!
- Wait... where to?
Pay your respects to this first.
You now have it made, my child!
Lion or crow, I have him
where I want him!
My child! Sit up!
You have it made, my child!
Where is the doctor?
- He's away the big hospital.
The big hospital?
What for?
Sheshnag is said to be reeling
under a severe storm.
A lot of people have died.
- God! How could this happen?
Raj! Listen!
My child! Stop there!
There's danger ahead.
Holy Sire! Is that really you?
Or is your voice echoing in my ears?
I'm always with you, my child.
- So why don't you come before me?
I will, when the need arises.
Right now, you can only
listen to my voice.
Do not go to Sheshnag now.
The stars foretell that a
storm is going to break out.
Your life is in danger.
Should you venture forth even then,
you will never return.
Return immediately.
So it's you, my child!
I'll surely go ahead now!
And you will go with me too!
I will show you the consequences
of playing such a joke!
I'm sorry about that. But there's
really a great storm in Sheshnag.
Please don't go there.
Your life could be in danger.
You aren't letting me live in
peace here anyway! Let's go!
Let go of my hand!
You're a decent man.
You know I can't go with you.
But you can throw snowballs
at a man, can you?
You can make his life miserable...
- Why don't you understand?
I'm my father's only daughter.
What would you get out of my death?
So tell me you're a coward!
- Okay, I'm a coward.
My dad's a coward. And my
grandfather was a coward too.
Listen to me, please.
I'll never misbehave again.
Let's return now.
Or the two of us will die.
I beg at your feet.
- Go ahead.
Remember! Those who laugh,
also have to cry.
Get it, "my child"?
Get up and have some tea.
- Go out first... go on.
I don't want any tea.
I want food.
This is the limit! Aliju hasn't
packed any spoons with the food!
What do you want to eat?
The food? Or the spoons and plates?
You're misbehaving again?
I won't eat with you!
Don't. I'm hungry.
I'm going to eat.
Why stand there and look at me?
Eat, if you're hungry.
Do you think I'll die
if I don't eat for a day?
Chances of surviving are bleak.
Death is more likely.
Wow! Great pancakes!
This potato-dish...
it's fantastic!
I think I could die for this.
Do you mean it? Aren't you
really going to eat anything?
If not any food, have a chili
and drink some water.
Good God! What ways
of the gentleman!
They will starve to death,
but dine in style.
Who asked you for your opinion?
- I was talking to God.
All right. You'd better
take some rest now.
Poor guy.
Thanks a million, God! You have
finally shown him the truth.
Spare the food now.
There's no saying how many days
we'll have to spend in the storm here.
So eat less, and
have more water.
Where did you pick up
that word from?
"What havoc this sight
of the morning wreaks"
"Her pillow lies somewhere,
her hair is scattered..."
"and she's oblivious of her beauty"
Have you gone crazy?
I was afraid, I'd go crazy.
You went out in that storm?
I'm already surrounded by
a storm which I can't escape.
I know.
- You don't know anything.
You say you're a brave man.
And you can't survive a storm?
That's what I'm trying to do.
- What?
Go away, please. I'm not
not used to such things.
What things?
What will my mother say!
- What?
You can explain that nobody
can prevent a storm.
We were caught together.
What could we die? Die?
Go away! You're so childish!
What are you reading?
- Poetry? You! Great!
That there were so many storms
in my heart... I didn't ever know.
Does the book say that?
- Yes.
Here's a couplet.
"She now reads what's
written in my heart"
"She now reads what's
in my heart..."
"in every sentence she
finds the word love"
Here's another couplet.
Very well written.
Somewhat like the storm outside.
"Do the gushing winds get
their strength from the storm?"
"Do the gushing winds get their
strength from the storm?"
"Or is it because you are
beautiful... and I'm passionate"
"Love and beauty often cause a fire"
"Whenever the flames leap..."
"the fire-fly gets
burnt in the fires"
I used to hate this girl
till yesterday.
But she's so beautiful,
so innocent, so naive...
Till yesterday I took him for a beast.
And now... what am I feeling for him?
Is this how love happens?
Is a cruel man like him
capable of loving?
I end up falling in love
with the one who tormented me?
Love? This stone-hearted man?
But I could melt
this stone-hearted man.
Those eyes could
surely do things to me.
What injustice!
Great pancakes!
I could die for this food!
- Let me have some...
The storm is not to be trusted.
Go slow on the food,
and have lots of water.
- Nonsense!
Where did you pick up that word?
I'm terribly hungry!
- Really?
Have a chili.
- Don't misbehave! Give that to me.
Is that a request, or an order?
- It's an order.
Looks like this storm
is going to claim our lives.
And I will never forgive myself...
for you will lose your life
because of me.
No. It isn't your mistake.
It's mine.
You have given me everything,
except love.
It isn't right for You to take it back,
now that You have given it to me.
Save Raj, Lord...
Stop this storm. I swear, I will
seek nothing from You ever again.
I will seek nothing again.
"Call me a beast, if you will"
"Call me whatever you will"
"I'm caught in a storm of love...
what can I do?"
"Call me a beast, if you will"
"Call me whatever you will"
"I'm caught in a storm of love...
what can I do?"
"Call me a beast, if you will"
"I have a heart too.
And I have some desires"
"I'm not stone-hearted...
I'm human too"
"I have a heart too.
And I have some desires"
"I'm not stone-hearted...
I'm human too"
"I follow the path
the world has trodden"
"Call me a beast"
"Call me whatever you will"
"I'm caught in a storm of love...
what can I do?"
"Call me a beast"
"For ages, this storm
was suppressed in my heart"
"How can I hide it anymore..."
"now that our eyes meet?"
"For ages, this storm
was suppressed in my heart"
"How can I hide it anymore..."
"now that our eyes meet?"
"How can I be patient anymore?"
"Why should I be
scared of anyone?"
"How can I be patient anymore?"
"Why should I be
scared of anyone?"
"Call me a beast, if you will"
"Call me whatever you will"
"I'm caught in a storm of love...
what can I do?"
"Call me a beast, if you will"
"I take a deep breath..."
"and I wonder what fire this is"
"Life has woken up
from its deep slumber"
"I take a deep breath..."
"and I wonder what fire this is"
"Life has woken up
from its deep slumber"
"It's me all the way..."
"like the skies"
"It's me all the way..."
"like the skies"
"Call me a beast, if you will"
"Call me whatever you will"
"I'm caught in a storm of love...
what can I do?"
"Call me a beast, if you will"
"Call me whatever you will"
"I'm caught in a storm of love...
what can I do?"
"Call me a beast, if you will"
Is this the way we came, Shekhar?
- It is. But it has another name now.
When we set out, it was with hatred.
And now we're in love.
I don't know why I'm scared.
I wish I could fly home.
I'm doing my best to
keep you in good spirits.
What do I make of my mood then?
You must realize that
when you are in love...
your anxiety gets worse
when you try to relax.
That temple there is one of
the most famous shrines of Kashmir.
- You get whatever you pray for.
God has given me
what He had to.
What does He have now?
- You say such things for God?
Are you drunk?
I'm drunk on your charms...
and you ask me if I'm drunk?
Those eyes of yours hold all
the intoxication of wine.
So I'll shut my eyes.
Her lips are so tender...
they're like rose-petals.
I couldn't even imagine you'd
change into such an interesting man.
Praise the one who has changed me...
you have melted a stone.
I've begun to feel scared of you.
- Scared of me?
Now that I've turned human?
- As Dad says, a human being...
is the most dangerous creature.
- What nonsense!
You spent so many days with me...
weren't you scared?
You weren't human then.
- Don't be under the wrong impression.
Actually, I'm still not human.
- What are you then?
A lover!
Mala! You're such a darling!
- Where did the two of you disappear?
First tell me... was it
a baby boy or a baby girl?
Tell me! Go on!
It's a baby-boy.
- A baby boy?
You must distribute sweets, Mala!
- What sweets? Whose baby?
When she was at the hospital,
there was a woman about to deliver.
Mala said she'd have a baby-girl
and I said it would be a male child.
I've won!
And I think, I've won.
Mala, you must distribute
double the amount of sweets.
The two of us have
returned alive.
Think about it. Had the storm
not abated, we'd have died!
Brother! Are you actually laughing?
Three things you need to live, Mala.
Laughter, happiness... and flowers!
Don't go there again, brother.
Lest there's another storm.
The biggest storm in my life,
I have already weathered.
Who's scared of lesser storms?
- I am!
The two of you are grown ups!
You ought to be ashamed!
Have you thought of what
people will say about you?
But it was a co-incidence, doctor...
Doesn't make it a co-incidence
just because you claim it was one.
I'm a gentleman. You ought
to trust me.
That isn't something you can
make out from somebody's looks.
Suppose I say, I'm in
love with your daughter?
I'd shoot you!
Suppose I say your daughter
is in love with me too?
She's still a child. She doesn't
know what's good for her.
Suppose I say that the two
of us... want to get married?
I'll have to leave for Bombay then.
To talk it over with your mother.
Mother? That's not necessary.
I'm going to Bombay anyway.
I'll talk it over with her and
send you a wire to come over.
What are you feeling shy for?
Telegram for you, sir.
It's a telegram from mother.
- What does she say?
She asks us to return immediately.
- Then we must go.
Have those tickets
booked for tomorrow.
I'm not going away forever.
- I don't know why, I'm very scared.
What does that laughter mean?
- It means you're in love.
When you are in love with someone,
problems of the heart increase too.
You won't understand how I feel.
I've suddenly got all
the happiness in the world.
I'm so scared...
I don't trust my luck.
But I do trust my luck.
No one can snatch these joys from me.
- Really?
- Swear it on me.
On your head, I do.
Let me see you smile now...
Go on.
You're leaving tomorrow.
And you ask me to smile?
Yes, Raj. Because today is the
biggest day of my life.
I have you this day.
On such a joyous day,
why must you shed tears?
Come, let's spend these few moments
before I leave, in peace and joy.
"All day I have spent
in your company"
"Let me go home now, my love"
"Good bye, my love..."
"Good bye, darling..."
"Good night, darling"
"So easy it is to walk
out of a gathering..."
"but how will you ever
leave my heart?"
"Good bye, my darling..."
"Good night, my love"
"My love, ask me and
I could block your path"
"The night of separation is here...
what am I to do? Tell me"
"I'm going to remember
every word you said..."
"And I will pine for you"
"Good bye, my love..."
"Good night, darling"
"All day I have spent with you"
"Let me go home now"
"Good bye, my love..."
"Good night, darling"
"I'm the earth...
and you're the skies"
"You have cast a shadow on me"
"I'm the earth...
and you're the skies"
"You have cast a shadow on me"
"In my heart, you have come to be"
"Let my eyes be"
"Let them dream"
"Good bye, my love..."
"Good bye, darling"
"Easy it is to walk out
of a gathering"
"How will you ever leave my heart?"
"Good bye, darling..."
"Good night, my love"
"If only this beautiful,
mischievous night were not"
"It comes after day after day...
had it only not come today"
"You wouldn't have
gone away from me..."
"and life would be made"
"Good bye, darling..."
"Good night, my love"
"All day, I have spent with you"
"Let me go home now"
"Good night, my love..."
"Good bye, darling"
"Good bye, darling"
"Good bye, darling"
What will happen of my baby?
How will he manage?
You are my daughter now, dear.
Wherever I go, the baby
goes with me.
When you come to Bombay,
do bring the baby along.
That's my first duty. The other
duty is to unite this idiot...
with his father!
Aren't you ashamed?
In three months, you forget
the principles of your family?
When did you arrive?
- Right now, mom.
When had you promised to return?
When had you promised to return?
- Yesterday...
we're late by 24 hours.
- Forgive us.
Go to your room.
How could you forget that you've
got to leave for Ramgarh tomorrow?
Look. The King was scared.
He has sent an urgent telegram.
- Your father had fixed the alliance.
What if I don't like the girl?
- She's a princess, Shekhar.
That's okay. But if she turns out
to be ill-mannered?
She will still remain a princess.
I can't understand how you
have forgotten your principles.
You don't know mother.
Your son almost died!
It's true. I was caught in a storm.
The worst storm I've seen in my life!
I felt as if I'd never see
my mother ever again.
I prayed every day and said...
God, let me see
my mother once again.
Didn't you feel anything, Mom?
That I was caught in a storm...
and I was missing you?
Only you, Mom...
Only you.
My son!
- I have you, Mom...
and I have everything!
Did you see your son's behavior?
A few days he spends in Kashmir,
and he's a changed man!
He laughs like any other man.
He sulks like small children.
He hugged me tightly
when I was angry with him.
His behavior, I didn't...
I have a complaint
against myself too.
I don't know why,
but I liked what he did.
The way he cried "Mother"
and hugged me...
I liked that so very much.
But it won't happen again.
For your principles and
my children's future...
I will sacrifice my feelings.
Jeevan, I can't bear this anymore.
How long do you expect me to
stay away from my child?
I'll have a word with Mom today.
I'll tell her that we...
Don't do that. Don't you know
what a lady your mother is?
We won't be able to live if
our child comes to any harm.
How long then? No one would
remain silent in such a situation.
But we must maintain our silence.
For the sake of our child.
Have patience, Mala. God willing,
everything will be all right.
Stop it, guys...
the dictator is about to arrive.
There aren't so many restrictions
during a curfew...
as there are when this
beast arrives in the office.
I'll take that in.
Give me a salute!
Go on.
Ask them to stop laughing.
It's time for the boss to arrive.
Laughing isn't a bad thing, sir.
Why don't you make the boss see reason?
I could make him see reason,
if were human. That beast...
Sir! You?
You will no longer remain the
Manager of this company.
Please don't do that, sir...
I've children to feed.
I don't care! I have decided!
- But, sir...
No buts! You are no
longer the manager...
you are my uncle!
Not sir... call me Shekhar.
Yes. You've worked hard to make
this company a success, uncle.
- Yes, uncle...
My word! That beast has
turned human!
Wow! What aroma!
Sit down, uncle. Never insult food
by getting up while you're eating.
That's tasty food, mister...
your wife cooked it?
Oh yes. She has personally cooked it.
Well, well! Your wife cooks for you,
and you ogle at 'em all!
That looks nice...
home-made, I think.
Oh yes! This surely is homemade!
I liked him the way he was earlier.
He ate up half my food!
You aren't eating alone today!
We're going to enjoy your food!
Why did you walk away?
After all the hard work, if you still
can't manage two square meals...
it's I who should be ashamed,
not you.
Those tears, I must shed.
Not you.
No, boss. You pay me enough.
It's just my bad luck.
Nonsense! I pay you nothing!
That's why you starve.
From this month... you get
a raise of 200 rupees.
You even thank me with
tears in your eyes?
Who's that?
Manager? Why hasn't Shekhar
come home for lunch?
He ate here today.
Where is "here"?
With all of us.
Looks like he has gone mad!
I'll call the doctor immediately.
Bring Shekhar home at 5 p.m.
And book a ticket for Shekhar by
tomorrow morning's train to Ramgarh.
Very well, madam.
The lady called to say that
Shekhar has gone mad.
What has he been doing?
- Nothing much.
It's just that he bites.
What?! He bites?
- Yes.
He bit a servant on the cheek
this morning.
The poor guy went with
his left cheek missing.
I'm meeting you after ages!
I'm not letting you go today!
Now look, son. It's bad to bite.
And you know...
man goes mad after a dog-bite!
- What you don't know...
is that you die when you're
bitten by a madman!
Oh no!
- Oh yes!
I'm trapped then!
- Has a madman bitten you already?
Not yet... But I'm afraid...
- He might bite?
- Strange man you are, uncle!
You go to places where...
- I'll never come here again!
- I mean, I'll never go there again!
What's this, uncle?
- Nothing!
It was lying on the table.
I happened to pick it up.
Remember how much I loved you
when you were a kid, Shekhar?
I used to give you lollipops
without your mother getting to know!
Oh yes. And I used my little teeth
to fondly bite your fleshy cheeks!
So what if I've grown up? I still
feel like biting you!
No! Don't! I suffer from a disease.
A terrible disease!
I have a rash... even on my cheeks!
- No point in screaming, uncle.
You've contacted the disease
from a madman.
Relax for a while. You'll be all right.
- No. I want to go home!
Come on... move!
Sit down.
Lie down... go on!
Now shut your eyes.
What're you scared of?
No madman can come here.
Because I'm the maddest of them all.
My bite could even kill a madman!
Good God!
Look, uncle... I have yet to complete.
Lie down for a while.
You will be all right.
Lie down properly.
I'll be back in a moment.
Strange man! The doctor's in a
bad way, and you're laughing?
I played a joke on him.
I told him that you've gone mad...
and that you're biting everyone.
- What?
What? Gulmohar?
- Yes. We owe Sajju 50,000 rupees.
I asked him to forget the money
if he didn't arrange for the stay.
Did he agree then?
- Like hell he did!
But how do we manage the car?
I've taken up a job
as a chauffeur yesterday.
Well done! You are truly my son!
You'll pleased to know that I've
invited all our creditors to the party.
They'll attend our party
in their best clothes.
Just wait and see what a
grand celebration we have!
That's just what
I expected from you.
"I attend a celebration at hers,
and what do I see?"
"I attend a celebration at hers,
and what do I see?"
"The stars are all in the sky..."
"but she's the dazzling Moon
here on earth"
In honor of the Moon here...
Ms Suku will present a song.
"What am I to do?"
"What am I to do?"
"I've lost my heart"
"What am I to do?"
"Some call me carefree;
Others call me crazy..."
"and yet others call me a firefly"
"I have a desire;
Oblivious of the world..."
"I march ahead...
my destination is my beloved"
"What am I to do?"
"I've lost my heart"
"What am I to do?"
"Do not be shocked, my friends"
"Do not be afraid of me"
"Do not take my love
for a fancy"
"I have taken her hand...
for a lifetime"
"It's true... not a story"
"What am I to do?"
"I've lost my heart"
"What am I to do?"
"In the way I look, in the way
I talk, I appear to be drunk"
"I've gone awry without
even drinking"
"My desires make me helpless"
"I'm anxious every moment"
"But why would I lead a life,
bereft of any love?"
"What am I to do?"
"I've lost my heart"
"What am I to do?"
He seems to be mad, father.
Looks like a family of madmen.
I don't want to marry a madman.
- And I always pray, my dear...
that God gives every girl
a rich madman for a husband.
Manager, you may leave now.
- Very well.
Sit down.
Did you like the Rajkumari (Princess)?
- But of course, Mom!
She dazzles in the night...
and soothes by day.
What kind of eyes does she have?
- Eyes? By God!
A blind man could see again,
if she ever cast a look at him.
A Princess, after all.
- Certainly.
How are her folks?
- Folks? No. They're angels!
That's exactly how the
blue-blooded Rajahs' are.
What did they think of you?
- They liked my looks...
they found my height and features
appealing, but by behavior...
they said I was somewhat...
- Somewhat?
Somewhat mad.
In 25 years, I could
never understand you.
And they see through you
in a few hours?
What do you mean? I'm mad?
- They must've said it fondly.
Can't you see that?
- Nobody calls me mad all the time.
They called me mad when I ate.
And called me mad when I walked.
In fact, do you know what they said
when I was about to leave?
- They said...
"Yours is a family of nuts"
- Why didn't you shoot them?
Shoot them? If I could help it,
I'd have given them a medal.
Bright guys. They got to
know me in just a few hours.
Shut up!
- Don't be angry, Mom!
They must've said it in fun...
can't you see?
People who say such things in fun
ought to have their necks twisted!
I thought as much.
And I was about to do it.
But the Princess's neck, Mom...
it's lovely.
She's one of the most beautiful...
You've got to play a doctor.
- Yes.
And no ordinary doctor. You've got
to be a very competent doctor.
Every word of yours, every mannerism,
must make a mark on her.
Oh sure! Just don't worry.
The entire family will
have had enough of me!
A very high fever.
- Fever?
His body's cold.
- Cold?
You're right.
Foreign fever, you see.
Cold to touch.
But hot within!
Just like you.
Would a thermometer reveal it?
- Oh yes, yes!
We use our own thermometer.
Bhola, get the thermometer.
- What could I have done?
Some water, please... water.
104 degrees!
- What disease is this, doctor?
This is the first time I've seen
such a disease in India.
It's called Love Fever.
- Love Fever?
How about a cure?
- Tangled cures for tangled diseases.
No one must give the patient any love.
Go nowhere close to him.
That includes you too.
You ought to be very strict
with the patient.
What happened, doctor?
- Maybe I haven't examined something.
The fever seems to be coming
from the knee-joint.
How about hitting me some more?
Lie down, son... relax.
Who asked you to bring all that food?
- You did, doctor.
Did I? Oh yes.
I'm fond of it... it's great.
Is all that food, for him?
- No. I'm going to eat it.
So he can watch me eat!
That's how his disease is.
And this is the cure!
Some vegetable, eh?
All right.
What else?
- Some halwa, please.
Not some, I'll eat it all!
- Mom! I'll have some too!
- Who the hell are you to stop me?
The doctor...
- Doctor, my foot!
D'you think I'll go away
if you insult me?
Mom, pay the doctor his fees.
- No, madam. The money isn't...
Halwa, eh?
I ordered all the goodies for myself.
No cure for you, if you eat that.
To hell with the cure!
Gulab jamun!
- I'll have some...
No, you won't!
Such humiliation! Such injustice!
I'm not going to play doctor!
What are you talking about?
Lt'll ruin everything!
Agree with him, son.
Let's compromise.
- What compromise?
You eat one half. And let him
have the other half.
- I'm leaving!
I'm willing to settle for
two pancakes and a gulab jamun.
I won't give you a single piece!
- Really? Here I go then...
Where will you?
She sends a wire that
they're arriving.
But when, how and what for?
She makes no mention.
Wow! This is good news, brother!
Sweeten your tongue!
Whenever they arrive, she'll
surely come to meet us.
Oh sure. And if they meet Mom first
and say discuss silly...
the cookie crumbles!
- Here you are, Shekhar.
And I took the doctor to your room.
- I'm absolutely fine, Mom.
I'm even going to the office.
Doctor, you may go.
You need to rest.
You lose a month's salary, okay?
Really? So I'll invite them over
and fix the date of the wedding.
I think you should follow
the doctor's suggestion, Mom.
I'm leaving.
- What do you suggest, doctor?
Very good news! Marriage is the
best cure for every disease!
Madam, I wanted your advice too.
Doctor! You may go!
They are here. And I'm going
to finalize your alliance.
Forgive me, Raja Saheb. I was
talking to Shekhar on the telephone.
That's okay.
Mala, take the Rajkumari (princess)
Around the mansion.
I have something important to
discuss with Raja Saheb (King).
Very well, Mom.
This way, Rajkumari.
I'm a bit apprehensive.
What did Shekhar do...
that you said he came from
a family of madmen?
Pardon me?
Oh, not at all.
He must've been joking.
Nothing of the sort ever happened.
He was all praise for Rajkumari.
- She's like your own daughter.
May I take the alliance for real then?
- Certainly.
But why are you
calling me Raja Saheb?
Because you are Rajkumari's
(the Princess)'s father.
I see... thank you.
Would you mind leaving Rajkumari
here with me?
Not at all. You may keep here
by all means.
You are beautiful.
Very beautiful.
Why did you hang your head?
Do you think I'm lying?
You are really beautiful.
Very, very beautiful.
- What does that mean?
Do you agree, or do you disagree?
- I agree.
Agree to what?
- I'm beautiful...
very, very beautiful.
Follow me.
You have given her your blessings?
I'm satisfied.
Take a look... doesn't our
daughter-in-law have beautiful eyes?
Apart from good looks, she shows
the grooming of a great family.
She's as illuminating
as the Sunrise.
Whichever household she marries in...
she'll bring glory to it.
Shekhar has recovered
as soon as she arrived.
Such a blessed arrival.
- Very much so!
Did you hear something, dear?
- Yes, I did.
I know, my Lord... we'll always
remain together in soul.
Because, a soul never dies.
To keep your souls alive...
laughter is very necessary in life.
I realized that after I died.
- Was it your voice?
It was Dad's soul,
speaking through me.
Shekhar! Naughty boy!
Go away!
You aren't just going
to be his wife.
You are also going to be the
daughter-in-law of this family.
You must consider it your good
fortune that you're the chosen one.
Not true, Mom. What makes me happiest
is that I have found a mother.
Bless you.
- I've come at Mr. Shekhar's bidding.
But Mr. Shekhar isn't at home.
- No?
I was told that he
is not keeping well.
Any idea where I can find?
I have a feeling he has gone to the
bungalow at Juhu to meet Rajkumari.
Well, well! Who is Rajkumari?
- Don't you know?
She's the one he's going to marry.
Thank you very much.
You ought to understand.
You're a doctor!
I can't go to sleep,
thinking of the child.
Give him a sleeping pill, dad.
- Why don't you understand?
I'm here to take the baby home.
I'm his father! He's my son!
I will naturally crave for him.
What you must do, young man,
is to go and talk to the lady.
You don't know her, doctor.
If she gets to know...
my child won't be spared.
- And you don't know me either.
This isn't just a
question of Mala's honor...
it's a question of my life
and my promise too.
No harm will come to the child...
even if I died.
Just what we feared. Shekhar's using
deceit to get married.
Her mother will think that
the bride is a Rajkumari.
Whereas, she's a mere
physician's daughter.
The two of them are
conning the old lady.
We must delay this no further.
- We belong to a royal family, father.
What we don't get easily,
we have learnt to snatch.
You're right, my dear. We must
meet Shekhar's mother immediately.
She should know who's fake
and who's the real Rajkumari.
- Hello!
This way, please...
I'll show you to the drawing room.
When did you arrive?
I'll tell Mother...
- Who are they?
this is my mother!
How are you?
Haven't you recognized me?
I'm the Raja of Ramgarh.
This is my daughter.
Shekhar visited our place.
They liked each other very much.
Is this the Rajkumari?
So who's that girl?
- Pardon me?
Please be seated.
I'll be back in a moment.
Hurry up...
Who is this girl?
- Rajkumari.
Rajkumari of which place?
Which place, I say!
I'll explain, mother. Please...
- Mother...
I think you have
misunderstood something.
I'm no princess.
My name itself is Rajkumari.
How about your father?
- He's a doctor.
Where did you first meet Shekhar?
- In Kashmir.
When Mala took ill.
- I see.
Using Mala for a bait...
you started dreaming of spending
your lives in high palaces!
What dreams?
That which the poor dream
of becoming rich.
Hear me out, Mom. I'm the one
to blame, Mom. Not this poor girl.
How many rich households have
been ruined by such poor people!
Forgive me. I maybe poor.
But I have a decent upbringing.
Is that why your father
gave you the name Rajkumari?
So that you could deceive
everyone in the world?
My father is a doctor.
He saves lives. He deceives no one.
Neither does he invite people home
and humiliate them.
You gave her your blessings...
and I was satisfied.
"How beautiful are
my daughter-in-law's eyes"
"Apart from looks, she shows signs
of grooming in an elevated family"
"You aren't just going to be his wife,
but the daughter-in-law of this family"
"Any family she marries into...
she'll bring glory to it"
- Chandrashekhar is dead!
In his place is a man...
not a stone!
Human beings have principles.
They do not stoop!
Man falls. Principles are compromised
and families are ruined!
But hearts in love have never
surrendered... they never will!
Tell me the whole story.
What actually happened?
Should I go and clear
your misunderstanding?
No point in going there
anymore, dad.
If you ever go there,
you'll have to cope with me.
My God! You're so angry?
Just angry?
I feel like killing Shekhar!
Here I am... please yourself.
Dad, ask him to get lost. I don't
even want to set eyes on him!
Dad, you must ask her
what mistake I have made.
My mother had fixed
my alliance elsewhere...
and those folks showed up suddenly.
What could I do?
He's right. What could the
poor chap have done?
Poor chap? Such poor chaps
ought to be poisoned!
Like a coward, he just watched.
He couldn't even tell her that
he loves me and wants to marry me!
Raj, calm down and...
- I'm leaving.
It's between the two of you.
Call me, if anyone of you
has a cracked skull.
Listen to me, Raj...
hear me out!
- Go away!
Go away, I say!
- Why don't you understand?
Won't you leave?
- I won't!
What misbehavior is this?
Stop this childishness!
"I'll consider it a favor..."
"if you will let me
tell you how I feel"
"I'm in love with you"
"Let me remain in the
shelters of our love"
"I'll consider it a favor..."
"if you will let me
tell you how I feel"
"I'm in love with you"
"Let me remain in the
shelters of our love"
"I'll consider it
a favor to me..."
"You are the one who
taught me to laugh"
"You are the one who
taught me to laugh"
"I'll cry...
if you ask me to"
"For my tears, do not grieve..."
"they flow, let them flow"
"I'm in love with you"
"Give me the shelter of our love"
"lt'll be a favor to me..."
"Make me, if you will.
Or destroy me..."
"Even in death...
I'll wish you well"
"Every fleck of dust from
my remains will say..."
"this heartburn in love,
let me bear"
"For I'm in love with you"
"Give me the shelter of our love"
"A favor it will be to me..."
"let me tell you
what's in my heart"
"I'm in love with you"
"Let me remain in the
shelters of your love"
"I'll consider it a favor..."
Mom... haven't you gone to sleep?
Maybe I will never
be able to sleep again.
How can a mother go to sleep,
when the son she has brought up...
tells her that he's dead for her?
Why don't you understand, Mom?
I'm in love with that girl.
I've promised to marry her.
How about the promise your father
made, when you were still a child?
I can't sacrifice my love
for that promise.
And I will lay down my life to see
that the promise is kept, Shekhar.
You can't do that, Mom!
In which case, you will
not marry this girl.
You will have to forget her.
- Do not be stubborn, Mom...
If you love that girl more
than you value my life...
remember something, Shekhar.
You will be marrying the girl...
and my body will be
taken away from this house.
- I have decided, Shekhar.
Why are you bent on snatching
my happiness, Mom?
You won't really do that, will you?
You said all that in a
fit of rage, didn't you?
Shekhar, I will do
what I have said.
All right, Mom. If you have decided,
I will not marry that girl.
But I swear, I will not marry
any other girl either.
"I'll consider it a favor..."
"if you will let me
tell you how I feel"
"I'm in love with you"
"Let me remain in the
shelters of your love"
"I'll consider it
a favor to me..."
"if you will let me
tell you how I feel"
"I'm in love with you"
"Give me the shelter of our love"
"lt'll be a favor to me..."
"Make me, if you will.
Or destroy me..."
"Even in death...
I'll wish you well"
"Every fleck of dust from
my remains will say..."
"this heartburn in love,
let me bear"
"For I'm in love with you"
"Give me the shelter of our love"
"A favor it will be to me..."
"let me tell you
what's in my heart"
"I'm in love with you"
"Let me remain in the
shelters of your love"
"A favor it will be to me..."
What happened, father?
I've just met Shekhar's mother.
The situation is grim.
This wedding could be held up
for a long time.
What for?
- Any reason?
I think she has a valid reason.
She says she's doing her best...
but so long as
Shekhar loves that girl...
this wedding will not take place.
- We will be ruined by then.
Our creditors will not wait!
We will be imprisoned.
If we could somehow make Shekhar
hate that girl...
our task would be easy.
- What?
Hate that girl?
That's just what I wanted.
Let's go.
- Where are the two of you going?
To improve my lot.
And others' too. Let's go.
I have telephoned Shekhar.
Come with me.
I gain nothing. I'm suggesting this
only for your own welfare.
But it isn't my daughter's baby!
How can we say it is?
Or I'll be compelled to tell them
whose baby it is.
Whose is it?
- The one who bore it. Mala.
What will you gain by defaming
a decent girl?
Not much gain. But I'll get to see
a couple of murders.
The old lady will be enraged.
She will kill Mala.
She will kill the baby
and maybe Shekhar too...
No! That will never happen!
You can't do such a thing!
I'm capable of doing such a thing.
I sure am.
You're a mean and despicable man!
No. I'm only mean and despicable.
But I'm no man.
Looks like the old lady has arrived.
Remember... it's your baby!
Only yours!
Tell me the truth.
Whose child is that?
What do you think?
- Rajkumar says...
it's your daughter's child.
- And you believe that child...
belongs to this innocent girl?
- That's what I'm here to ask.
What brings you to Bombay?
And what does the child mean to you?
- It means a lot...
what I regret is that
I can't answer you.
So you agree that it's
your daughter's child?
Why don't you give us an answer?
You cannot!
You must concede that you tried to
ensnare my son for our riches!
But God and the principles
of my family have saved us!
Or else, this loose-morale girl
could've been my daughter-in-law!
Our family would've been
wiped out!
By God! I can't remain
silent any longer!
No, father... don't.
I'll give her an answer.
Yes, this is my child.
Hear that, Mother?
I already knew it's your child.
And now I realize what
brought you here!
Wealth! Your lust for money!
Here's a hundred thousand rupees.
Take it, and get lost!
Look at this girl, Shekhar!
She's the one you were
leaving your mother for.
The one you were severing your
relations with the family for!
She's the one who was seducing you
for a fistful of gold!
This immoral girl is
the mother of a child!
Lmpossible! It can't be true, Mom!
- She has already admitted it, Shekhar.
Ask her if you wish to.
I've already said it.
This is my child.
No, Raj. You're hiding
something from me.
Tell me the truth, Raj!
Why can't you believe it, Shekhar?
I believe more in Raj than
I believe in myself, Mom.
No, this can't be Raj's baby.
- This is my baby, Shekhar.
Take my hand and swear it on me!
Is it really your baby?
Why don't you speak?
Why are you quiet?
Why don't you look at me?
Don't do it, Raj. No false oaths
on the one you love.
Tell them whose baby it is.
How will a decent girl like you
say anything ill for anyone?
Mother, this is my baby.
What? Your baby?
- Yes.
It was born of your false pride...
of your misplaced notions
of inequality and status!
Which means you have brought
disgrace to the family name!
Without even marrying,
you bore this bundle of sin!
It isn't born of sin. The two of us
were secretly married.
We kept it a secret because
we were scared of you.
But we have to tell you today that
it is our child. I'm the father.
You're lying!
- I'm not. I'm speaking the truth.
Take a look at this marriage
certificate, if you can't believe me.
We were married two years ago.
Mala, you got married secretly!
That too, to such a
poor and lowly man!
There are decent people
even among the poor, mom.
They are human too.
They have dreams and aspirations.
Had you not weighed decency in the
scales of wealth and status...
Mala would have had a grand wedding
in our very house.
There would have been
a band playing, Mom!
Amidst the music, the principles of
the family would have been killed.
Our reputation would be
rendered to dust!
I will never forgive Mala
for what she has done!
She has made no mistake, Mom.
You have!
You were blind! All your life, you
spoke only about your principles!
You gave the misplaced rules
of the family...
a more exalted place
than even the Holy Texts!
You must have realized today that it
isn't your family that is principled!
It's these poor folks! To save
your family honor...
they were sacrificing
their own happiness!
And look at this girl!
She knows I don't want to marry her.
She knows I hate the sight of her.
But for money...
only for the sake of money,
she's ruining our lives!
Nobody moves.
Else, you'll regret it.
You were right, Shekhar.
Everything we did was for the money.
This one hundred thousand is the
compensation for breaking the marriage.
You will pay us so much more
for our broken dreams.
Should you not have the cash now...
you may sign this document.
Hold it. It's not our policy
to owe people money.
Here it is. Give it to him.
It's against our principles.
Get him!
Raj, go and bring Shekhar.
Tell him that I have called him.
Give me the baby.
What happened to you?
Get up!
"Call me a beast, if you will"
"Call me what you will"
"I'm caught in the storm of love"
"What can I do?"
"Call me a beast, if you will"